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Thursday, November 14, 2013

Regime keeps doing the dirty on Fiji people

Bainimarama and Khaiyum to sell off state assets. Illustration: Truth for Fiji blog

Economist and academic Dr Wadan Narsey and the Social Democratic Liberal Party are in unison over the flaws of the regime's latest budget.

Narsey's full assessment of the budget is on his website (http://narseyonfiji.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/2690/) and excerpts from a SODELPA statement follow on.

Government Asset sales
By no stretch of the imagination could selling off public assets have been part of the Bainimarama Government’s original justification in doing the 2006 coup.  Yet they are planning largest public asset sale in Fiji’s history (previous largest one: $253 millions from ATH sale to FNPF).

The $475 millions from Asset Sales (Budget Estimates, p. 373) are expected to include:
$200 million from sale of government investment in economic services (Air Pacific, CNB, FHC, FSC., etc);
$184 million from sale of government investments in infrastructure  (AFL, ATH, FINTEL, FSHL, FTL, PFLL, PTL, etc), and
$40 million from sale of Fixed Assets ($40 million).

Note that private sector investors will very naturally “cherry-pick”, buying only the shares and assets which are profitable, and rejecting the loss-making public enterprises.

Which sensible person would at all think of selling the good assets while retaining the loss-making ones?  Yet that will be the inevitable outcome of the Bainimarama Budget plans.

To repeat, the Budget estimate claim of the Net Deficit being a mere 1.9% of GDP will be achieved only if FRCA can raise the required revenues and Government Asset sales do realize $475 millions.

Note however the inherent deception in presenting this Net Deficit figure of a low 1.9% of GDP to be achieved by the 2014 Budget.

No responsible accountant ever claims a good profit result by including the proceeds from the sale of assets.

Without the Asset Sales revenue of $475 millions, the Net Deficit in 2014 would be $639 millions and 7.7% of GDP, requiring a large increase in borrowings and Public Debt.

Few will notice or remember the sale of public assets.

A deliberate strategy?

In any case, if there are any revenue shortfalls in 2014, they will be covered either by higher borrowings than estimated (thereby increasing the Public Debt which the future generation will pay) or by cutting back on the expenditures (which the public have already joyously welcomed).

Either way, the public will not know the facts until after the planned September 2014 Elections, when the next Budget is delivered in November 2014.

Any broken 2014 Budget promises are unlikely to influence the outcome of the September 2014 elections (unless by some miracle, the media is extra vigilant till then).

The 2014 Budget also explains partly why the Bainimarama Regime rejected the Yash Ghai Draft Constitution which would have required them, once the 2013 Constitution was approved, to give way to an Interim Administration which would take the country to elections.

Had they done so in September 2013 (when the President “assented” to the 2013 BKC), the Bainimarama Government would not have been able to use the 2014 Budget to enhance their chances in next year’s election, by distributing tax-payers’ money  throughout the  country over the next ten months, clad in salusalus.

(To get a good idea of how geographically strategic the 2014 Budget has been, just mark on a map of Fiji, all the place names mentioned in the 2014 Budget Address).

Lack of accountability and transparency
This will also be the seventh year when the Bainimarama Government has refused to make available to the public, the Auditor General’s Reports, which might be able to verify whether the numbers presented in the budget documents are reasonably correct.

No one knows whether this government has been misusing any of the public’s hard earned money for the last seven years, or how accurate are any of the important numbers given in the Estimates.

When asked at the FBC panel discussion for the missing Auditor General’s Reports,  Khaiyum suavely beat around the bush, while the docile panel and audience refused to exercise their taxpayer’s right to demand a clear answer.

For several years now, Bainimarama and Khaiyum have also refused to answer whether some Ministers have been receiving multiple salaries, and why through a private accounting company owned by Khaiyum’s aunt (Dr Nur Bano Ali) who frequently fronts up to the media justifying Government policies.

Also setting a trend now, the public could not get the detailed budget estimates on the day of the budget or even three days later, thereby discouraging informed commentary on the day of or after the budget. 

Salaries of Permanent Secretaries and Ministers
Given that the Government was going to increase public sector salaries in the 2014 Budget, why did they increase Permanent Secretary salaries just three weeks before, and that by more than 100%?

Of course, if the increases in PS salaries were part of the 2014 Budget announcement,  the Bainimarama Government would be asked to explain why the increases for the Permanent Secretaries were of the order of 100%, while the Deputy PS’s and others, were restricted to 20%.

Labor market economists would point out that the damaging human resource “leakage” from the Fiji Public Service is far more serious at the technical and professional levels, than at the PS level- none of whom have ever resigned because of a better job in the private sector.

[Tax-payers will remember that the current PS Finance went along with the ANZ-led “scheme” for borrowing F$500 million dollars in foreign bonds at 9% interest, when an IMF loan was available at 3%, thereby costing the Fiji tax-payers an extra $30 million in interest per year (which we are currently paying in hard-earned foreign exchange).]

As the September 2014 election approaches, more and more voters will be asking the Bainimarama Government to explain what their ministerial salaries are, and why some of them have been paid through Nur Bano Ali’s company.

Of course, it will be easier to justify high ministerial salaries, if their Permanent Secretaries are also on high salaries, somewhat closer to them than their old salaries.

In a statement the Social Democratic Liberal Party notes that the regime last year sold government assets to the value of $25 million and that further sales in 2013 are expected to bring in $19 million. 

The party's general secretary, Pio Tabaiwalu, says the 2014 Budget asset sales will boost government revenues by $475 million from the sale of Government’s shareholding in Airports Fiji Limited, from the partial sale of government’s interests in Ports Authority of Fiji and Fiji Electricity Authority.

"All three entities were created by previous elected Governments and the Bainimarama regime had no hand in them.  However, their operations were severely affected by the impact of the military coup on 5th December, 2006.  Their improved performance today has not been due to greater efficiency but by exorbitant charges levied against the people of Fiji."

Tabaiwalu says in the absence of a democratically elected Parliament the proposed sale is likely to be decided by the Attorney General and the Prime Minister and then rubber-stamped by the regime’s cabinet.  

The party also says a lower tax rate for companies listed on the South Pacific Stock Exchange will not necessarily persuade private companies to turn public.  Instead, this company tax reduction is likely to make the rich richer.

"Most of the companies on the SPSE are owned by locals who are already very wealthy.  The huge reduction in this tax rate will give them greater wealth, via higher dividend payments.  The 2014 Budget will therefore make some of our wealthy people richer."

The party says said the seven years from 2007 have been
characterised by:

·         high unemployment
·         high inflation
·         very high prices of goods and services
·         alarming increase in the number of people living below the poverty line
·         static wage levels; and
·         increasing number of people living in squatter settlements.

The party says the 2014 Budget for pay rises for civil servants of 4% to 23% will not compensate for the loss in their purchasing power due to inflation of more than 30% over the period. 

"In fact, even after the wages adjustments in 2014 the position of civil servants will still be worse off than their position prior to the coup of 5th December, 2006.  The allocation of $22 million for social welfare payments in 2014 has remained more or less the same for several years, even though people living below the poverty line has jumped from 32% in 2006 to about 50% of the population in 2013. 

"The allocation of only $5 million in the 2014 Budget to assist the more than 11,000 families now living in squatter settlements is ridiculous, reflecting a lack of respect and care for the poor."


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Anonymous said...

contrary to the false claim made by my several attackers I am not a know-it-all. I find it hard to understand the broader implications and ramifications of any national budget. so to acquire a better understanding I go to more knowledgeable people to guide me. I value the guidance of an economist like Prof.Wadan Narsey . His is the analysis of a more independent academic and as such more reliable.

USP what a waste of an institution said...

Another Wadan Narsey masterpiece. Why aren't we seeing this kind of analysis coming from USP? What are we paying them for? What a waste of an institution!

USP what a waste of an institution said...

Another Wadan Narsey masterpiece. Why aren't we seeing this kind of analysis coming from USP? What are we paying them for? What a waste of an institution!

Anonymous said...

who at USP will do that kind of analysis - Esther Williams? Prof. Rajesh Chandra? Jai Karan?

Anonymous said...

I really thought Anonymous was a know-it-all, but I guess I was wrong.

That just leaves Rajend Naidu and Graham Davis, I suppose, as the last two self-styled geniuses.

Anonymous said...

Question is who is in his right
mind that would want to buy
these assets, from the Bainimarama Regime?
Look guys, Bai is a bipolar,
he'd take your money today
but when you come in to take
your assets tomorrow?
The man could be in a bipolar state of affair, and he'd
already had the goal post moved ?
What you gonna do???
I think
that anyone from the private sector, would have to be totally
stupid to but money into these
public assets?
Especially when you're buying
it off, from the illegal hands of the Bainimarama Regime?
Guys come on, haven't you learned
anything from these thugs past

Sobalaune said...

Problem with USP so called expert is that their opinion will largely be controlled by their fear of being booted out of their jobs pressure from the illegal Govt if they criticise the illegal Govt's budget. Their fear and lack of professional ethics under such an environment has forced them to remain silent..symptomatic of those surviving in a low down 3rd class institution.

Anonymous said...

What about FNU expert Dr Ganesh Chand--his mouth and arse are also shut.The bugger is in the pocket of this illegal govt.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is a Minister of Finance for a reason. To look after his interest. And with power on his side he is just doing that. This budget is heavily intertwined with propaganda and as such will never be right.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey is protecting the public interest.
USP is protecting the regime's interest.
Rajesh Chandra is protecting his own arse.
Esther williams is only looking after number one.

Anonymous said...

Good work doctor but no one will listern .Frank and Khaiyum will sell fiji assets and fiji too .
they have no moral ethics.fijians need to wake up kick this idiots out.if not we will keep paying the debt for generation.
example rabuka sold marine ship yard/NBF/others
what happen now all finito.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey is a proven idiot. When was he last right about anything? He promised us that the Government would eventually implode. What happened? It is stronger than ever and is a shoe-in to win the election. Why don't you just shut up, Wadan, you drunken know it all. We need your "analysis" like a hole in the head. You are living proof that economists are a total waste of space.

Anonymous said...

Does 'Regime keeps doing the dirty on Fiji people' mean the Bainimarama regime is still pooing on the people of Fiji? Pooing for 7 years?
That's TOO MUCH pooing man!
The people of Fiji need a break before the regime drowns them in its poo!

Anonymous said...

anon@ 5.11 PM yours is the kind of noise that comes out of an empty vessel - a pseudo intellectual.
"economists are a total waste of space"! wow!
you are a total waste!
a rotten fart!

Anonymous said...

Isa noqu Viti.Sa da loloma vakalevu,ewna yaco i vei???????

Anonymous said...

why is esther williams looking for lambha one!

cebe said...

Even if miraculously $5 trillion dollars fall from heaven to Bai and khaiyum still not enough to get them out of GUILTY CONSCIENCE!!!! A total merry go around!

Womanpower said...

If only a group of brave women could take over the Queen Elizabeth barracks and overthrow the government!

Anonymous said...

Elite muslims and guju business people are having lunch and dinner with bai/khaiyum now.
They have forgotten Qarase and others.
Guju and muslims are only supporting those people who runs the govt.
shame on bachubhai/punja ,tapoos ,lodia,iqbal janif/hafiz khan /yp reddy all sucking on regime with bano the brooker..
Time next govt come inpower .
kick these idiot out and lock them up in prison with bai/khaiyum.

Good Night Fiji said...

It is a buyer's market for government assets. The price will be so cheap because what right minded corporation would buy from these clowns UNLESS it was a bargain basement price.

Why are they doing it now? To ensure their escape plans are fully funded.

This is a tragic time in history. Not only does Fiji have its most evil dictator (Khaiyum) this despot is selling off the very country before the elections.

Fiji will now have no choice but to mine out of the ground and ocean anything it can, to survive financially.

If these assets are sold Fiji is ruined. Destroyed. His very name Baini will live throughout the generations as that of Fiji's most dangerous and greedy animal.

USP MAFIA said...

USP is looking more and more like a Mafia organisation with Rajesh Chandra as the Don and esther williams the hitman.

The USP mob is trying to discredit Wadan after being embarrassed and exposed yet again for not fulfilling obligations to the people.

Anonymous said...

what the fuck is esther Williams still doing at usp when the hubby is overseas???
useless bitch!!!
finally got into fru after years of trying and result? ex CEO will sue fru for wrongful dismissal.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

People should sign up petition on stop of fiji asset sale.
We need to have elected parliament or people approval to do any legal sale.
These regime sell govt companies and make commission through aunty bano.

Anonymous said...

Amena Malai is sucking the pigs ball

Anonymous said...

Dr Ganesh Chand sued Fiji Times for defamation.His lawyer was Vipul Mishra(lives in the same town as Dr Sahu Khan who now in exile in NZ).Ganesh Chand lost--court said Ganesh had nothing that could be defamed-only those who have good reputation can be defamed.Appeal was lost too.Dont know if VM has been paid-dont think so-heard him swearing at Ganesh and his wife in a club.Ganesh is hated/abhored at FNU-same as Rajesh Chandra at USP and Premila Kumar in Fiji.

mark manning said...

To be Frank, pun intended, I doubt that any sale of Fiji's assets is intended to be profitable.
I suspect, as does blind Freddie, that the sales are deliberately designed to fail. the purpose, to enable those buying the assets, a back door into destroying the final vestiges of Fijian society. Own the Wealth, you own the people and the Country. Fijians are on the doorstep of becoming the new indentured labourers, in their own Country, at their own hand, well thanks to the RFMF!

natena boy said...

Iam related to Voreqe through blood and also traditionally, but not related to the Verebasaga,
Rabaka, any of the CRWs. Election time comes I still will not vote for him, and this budget do not change my mind at all, because I know its fake, and was purposely done to change our thinking towards this illegal group.I like the person,but not the way he works as it is not transparent at all. He talks about CLEAN-UP ,but all I can see is a trail of dirt.He told us that the Army and his team will not benefit in any, way, but its the other way around now. SO, VERY SORRY TAUKEI NABINIVONU.

rajend naidu said...

Someone has commented here that Wadan Narsey has done an excellent critical analysis of the Budget but it is not likely to have any real impact because the power holders will ignore it and continue with their political agenda.
And after they have held an election the regime will be readmitted into the democracy club and it will once again be business as usual in the family of democratic nations.
We see that happening now with Sri Lanka. Sri Lanka is being "engaged".
But how come two significant countries India and Canada have decided it is not right to "engage" with Sri Lanka on account of its human rights and anti-democratic record while for other major western democracies like australia and Britain it is okay?
It just goes to show that after all years and so many ritual CHOGM meetings and so many member countries having coups and other blatant violations of the democratic norms the Commonwealth has NOT developed any definitive,unambiguous guidelines on what the Commonwealth would do with regard to renegade members and what each member of the democracy club is expected to do.
As it stands each member can decide for itself what to do as has happened.
What is the point then for being in the democracy club when there is no uniform standard of adhereance to democratic principles and values?
When democratic nations can go and "engage" with Sri Lanka then there is no reason why anyone in the international community should not be engaging with the regime in Fiji - no matter how vote buying their budget is or how abusive their human rights conduct.
Let us have consistency and not hypocrisy and political expediency.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Fiji will soon be the new Nauru, with everything of worth sold off. No bat guano here, just Bai guano.

Anonymous said...


rajesh singh said...

I urge the people of fiji to protest against asset sale by the regime govt .
Price will sky rocket up for water/power/telecom./others.
We have to learn from Auss/NZ to stop this asset sale to overseas companies.
I urge the political and church leaders to protest and march against this illegal sale of our govt assets.
How will poor people pay for the power and water bill when people live in poverty already and low wages.
I urge the regime not to sell our asset don't make the mistake of the past.like NBF/Marine Ship Yard/others.
God bless Fiji
Rajesh Singh
Auckland . NZ.

rajend naidu said...

We read in the article 'Fighting to win the peace'by Amanda Hodge in The Australian 16/11 that:
James Packer had not long finished his defence of why a high-end casino resort would be a boon for Sri lanka, a country recovering from 26 years of civil war, in Colombo this week when an audience member stood to complain about the country's persistently "bad press".
" What would be your advice about how to change the perception of Sri Lanka in the Western countries like Australia?" he asked the casini tycoon, during an interactive session at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting business forum.
I don't know what advice the casino tycoon offered. Many people in Australia don't think his casino business and other casino businesses in Australia are a "boon" to the country.
But returning to the question the answer is very straightforward : Sri Lanka should start behaving like a good democracy and stop its human rights abuses and repression of pro-democracy activists and journalists.(The same is true for Fiji)
I am surprised to hear there was an "interactive session" because just yesterday a BBC report highlighted that no journalist could be "interactive" with the country's President because the hordes of security men would not allow it.
But I suppose all kinds of allowance is made for business at the business forum of CHOGM because that is the real bottom line: How we can all get back to BUSINESS as usual!
Rajend Naidu

Just wondering said...

What sort of cargo is going from Fiji to the Middle East???

Fiji Airways signs agreement with Emirates SkyCargo

Fiji Airways and the Emirates SkyCargo, the freight division of Emirates, have today announced a new interline cargo arrangement.

The new agreement will see both airlines offer rates for seamless carriage of cargo between Fiji and the Middle East and Europe.

People will now be able to send their exports to these markets from Nadi on Fiji Airways to Sydney or Auckland, and then onto Emirates SkyCargo’s global network.

Anonymous said...

Oh go to hell, Rajesh! Stop telling us what to do. Recently you were teaming up with some company to con people of Fiji again! I think that is water under the bridge at the moment. You go jump in the lake! And God Bless You too!

Frank Bainimarama said...

Rajesh you thieving cunt, come to Fiji and say those things you asshole. By the way, a lot of people are still waiting for their money you stole.

Anonymous said...

Anon 07:16PM, You racists son of a bitch. Whats your facination with muslims and Gujrati all about. Are you jealous that these communities have become sucessful while you have been grog doped awaiting for freebees from the government all these while. Just for your info-YP Reddy is neither a muslim nor a Guju. Have not not seen I-Taukei benefitting under Baninmarama's rule. It seems you are one of those fuckheads who are either blind or a racists SOB. Go and fuck yourself and your whole community.

Anonymous said...

ASK Plan Carried Out by Puppet Bainimarama & Puppet Kai Viti Soldiers (- all part of a pre planned Master Plan by a select group including Kaiyum, Gates , Naz etc plus kai viti wanting to short cut their way to wealth and leadership)

1. Coup (DONE)
2. Purge civil service and disciplined forces (DONE)
2. Implement ASK Plan ie sunset clause on indigenous structures and institutions; (IN PROCESS)
3. Adapt constitution and laws accordingly (ie take away GCC vetoe power on native land laws)(DONE);
4. Make Deed of Cessions claims illegal (DONE) & eliminate memory of Ratu Sukuna (DONE);
5. Make anything pushing for indigenous racist and illegal (DONE);
6. Control media to dumb down the population (MOSTLY DONE);
7. No public debate on issues (DONE)& flood media with good stories and superficial analysis, festivals, parties etc etc to distract population - DONE)
8. Use public funds to bribe and brainwash people (IN PROCESS);
9. Weaken indigenous structures and chiefs & DIVIDE & RULE (DONE);
10. weaken methodist church (DONE);
11. distribute state land and foreshores to friends and cronies (IN PROCESS);
11. control minerals with friends (IN PROCESS);
12. control all native lands (IN PROCESS - legal framework done);
13. eradicate any indigenous controls and advancement (DONE);
14. eliminate all indigenous scholarships (DONE);
15. Total control of subjugation of kai viti (indigenous) and control of their resources (IN PROCESS);
16. Enrich the coup makers in process (DONE);
17. A Fiji where indigenous are in name only ie nameless and worthless - totally dominated by the immigrant cultures, wealth and business connections (80% COMPLETE).


Anonymous said...

cargo going to the Middle East is live pig
the demand for pork has grown there since the kafir Khaiyum tookover here.

Anonymous said...

ASK Plan Carried Out by Puppet Bainimarama & Puppet Kai Viti Soldiers (- all part of a pre planned Master Plan by a select group including Kaiyum, Gates , Naz etc plus kai viti wanting to short cut their way to wealth and leadership)

1. Coup (DONE)
2. Purge civil service and disciplined forces (DONE)
2. Implement ASK Plan ie sunset clause on indigenous structures and institutions; (IN PROCESS)
3. Adapt constitution and laws accordingly (ie take away GCC vetoe power on native land laws)(DONE);
4. Make Deed of Cessions claims illegal (DONE) & eliminate memory of Ratu Sukuna (DONE);
5. Make anything pushing for indigenous racist and illegal (DONE);
6. Control media to dumb down the population (MOSTLY DONE);
7. No public debate on issues (DONE)& flood media with good stories and superficial analysis, festivals, parties etc etc to distract population - DONE)
8. Use public funds to bribe and brainwash people (IN PROCESS);
9. Weaken indigenous structures and chiefs & DIVIDE & RULE (DONE);
10. weaken methodist church (DONE);
11. distribute state land and foreshores to friends and cronies (IN PROCESS);
11. control minerals with friends (IN PROCESS);
12. control all native lands (IN PROCESS - legal framework done);
13. eradicate any indigenous controls and advancement (DONE);
14. eliminate all indigenous scholarships (DONE);
15. Total control of subjugation of kai viti (indigenous) and control of their resources (IN PROCESS);
16. Enrich the coup makers in process (DONE);
17. A Fiji where indigenous are in name only ie nameless and worthless - totally dominated by the immigrant cultures, wealth and business connections (80% COMPLETE).


Anonymous said...

The problem is: accountants thinks they know development economics; so as lawyers and military. Fiji is currently operating as a consumer economy, in simple terms, a labourer butdget line is dependent on the amount of work he/she recieves, if it work disappears, so as his spending power. An assert is an assert, I wonder where AG, PM and financial and macro-economic planners think that selling an assert will result in long term gain. On the other hand, who is buying these asserts: FNPF, ahhh???? who is FNPF selling it too??? freaking half wits, weak links ...

rajend naidu said...

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said from Colombo Sri Lanka that Australia coming to the CHOGM was "the right thing to do" and that "they are not there to lecture Sri Lanka" (7 News 15/11, 11.30 AM).
Why not?
Doesn't Sri lanka deserve to lectured on the need to abide by the democratic values of the Commonwealth democracy club?
In the same news segment Amnesty International said going to CHOGM in Sri Lanka was NOT the right thing to do. AI said "a clear message has to be sent that what's happening in Sri lanka is not consistent with the democratic values".
If Australia is "right" to attend is Canada and India wrong not to attend?
Who is to judge who is right?
Julie Bishop?
Why was Fiji lectured to by the Australian State when it failed to stick to the democratic values of the Commonwealth?
Isn't it time in light of the "engagement" with the anti-democratic Sri Lanka state that the stupid "smart-sanctions" be removed and business as usual restored with the Fijian State?
Why the double standard?
Rajend Naidu

worried citizen said...

Wheres the proof that Govt is planning to sell off its assets?Convince me I have been supporting this Govt all along,and I dont agree with selling off assets.Rich companies overseas will purchase them and rates would increase,this happened to a Govt in Europe.It is now in tatters.Prove the plan!!

Anonymous said...

Remove restriction on freedom of speach, media freedom, right to assembly, and volunteer to set off your self made high horse ... freak!!

Anonymous said...

Dou veitauri Kau mada voreqe , brij lal kei khaiyum
Dou Lai vinakata Sara me auditaki na vei koronivuli , Dou sega mada ga ni se release tka na auditor general report

Game Over said...

a worried citizen

The Interim Government has made it clear that it plans to sell state owned entities to balance the budget in part. This is a one of cash injection then it is all over. No more money making entities belonging to the people.

Worried? You should be more than worried. Every country has paid a high price for privatisation, but it is inevitable.

The problem for Fiji is that the value of the assets is minimalised due to an unstable and corrupt interim government.

Bai and Kai will make commissions off the sale. They will be sold way under true market value. Game Over.

If the IG waited until after the elections, about three years of stable democracy, the value would be many times higher.

This is the illegal government's last nail in Fiji's coffin. You should be very worried. Fiji's children are about to lose their future. Fight them or emigrate.

It's funny I always wanted Fiji to be coup free. The sad thing is we need one more than ever right now. We need a caretaker government who are honest and capable. Therein lies the problem. We don't know if such a creature exists in Fiji.

We are so screwed.

mark manning said...

Fiji is a Dictatorship, not a democratically elected Government. there is no comparison between the thugs running Fiji and a legal government Sri Lanka or any other country.
You are trying to compare apples with peaches, not apples with apples.
As a Democratically elected government, Sri Lanka has an obligation to abide by Human Rights issues.
The Regime currently controlling Fiji, is a lawless rabble, answerable to itself.
A vast difference.
Diplomacy is the best way to go, the Sri Lanka Government will benefit more in the long run.

rajend naidu said...

Fiji is a Dictatorship and Democracy is a mirage in Sri Lanka according to people who know the true character of of Sri Lanka regime of President Mahinda Rajapaksa and his brothers and relatives.
There is a clear comparision between Fiji and Sri Lanka but the politically naive might not grasp it because they tend to judge the book only by the cover.
A rather superficial way of making an appraisal,isn't it?

Namosimalua said...

Illegal Govt's Policies on Fijian Land is Failing. Polocies that were imposed on land owners by Decrees without Consultation.

Concern over land lease fund distribution

Luke Rawalai
Friday, November 15, 2013

THE Bua Provincial Council meeting will inform government of its stand of reverting lease distribution to the old method.

Bua Provincial Council chairman Alipate Radrodro told members of the council the new system in which members of a landowning unit are distributed equal amounts of the lease money was failing.

Anonymous said...

How much did coup supporting universities USP and FNU get in the budget for their loyalty to king bainimarama and prince khaiyum?

Anonymous said...

All those picking on Jaindra Karan's apppointment at USP - while you've been clamoring on this, Rajesh Chandra has snuck in yet another unadvertised appointment. That is of expatriate indian Dilawar Grewal who has been in consultant capacity for over a year, and is now poised to take over the position of Michael Gregory who resigned because of his inability to stomach any more of this nonsense. Grewal is not about to be appointed DVC, has already been given accommodation on campus and an expensive Toyota Fortuna.

USP sour grapes said...

All those attacking Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams are jealous and sour grapes. Rajesh and Esther should get medals for getting USP through a very tough period. USP is in good financial position and the future looks bright. critics should shut up and disappear.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.07 PM
Is that the best defence you can mount for your USP idols ?
That the critics are "jealous" and "sour grapes"?
How pathetic is that?
The critics have raised procedural concerns regarding appointments at the university.
And come to think of it concerns have also been raised on the manner in which some staff have been got rid of from the USP.
It has been pointed out that the VC Rajesh Chandra has been acting like an arsehole megalomaniac and his deputy ether williams is a slack arse.
I think there is a lot of merit in what is being said about the USP and its paltu kuttas of the regime.
When some anonymous arsehole comes to the defence of the Bainimarama regime you can bet he is getting the goodies from the regime. The same is the case with the defenders of Rajesh Chandra and esther Williams.
Prove me wrong if you can

USP sour grapes said...

ANON 8.09PM YOU ARE A SOUR GRAPE. RAJESH AND ESTHER'S RECORD SPEAKS FOR ITSELF. FACTS AND FIGURES, NO SPECULATION PLEASE, LIKE THE FOLLOWING REPORT: Uni predicts $5m surplus: Fiji Times, Thursday, November 14, 2013: THE University of the South Pacific has predicted an operating surplus of $5million, a net cash flow of $2.1m and projected net assets of $229.1m in their 2014 annual plan and budget

And the university also says there has been impressive growth in student enrolment numbers over the years from 20,078 in 2010 to 27,000 in 2013 — exceeding the 2013 target.

In his report to the council, vice-chancellor and president Professor Rajesh Chandra said the university had achieved a number of targets during the year.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.23 PM
a university is not about profit and growth only, yours is a very narrow yardstick for assessing the performance of the university leadership. it is typical of someone with a marketing or management mentality.
now go and find out what other things a university is suppose to stand for and tell us how the USP measures up in those core areas.

mark manning said...

In time, people will be held accountable for Human Rights abuses and in that respect, Fiji and Sri Lanka do indeed have something in common!

Anonymous said...

Just what is the cause of this obsession certain people have with USP?

Any institution or company has problems and those that always think they know better criticise them.

Obviously the obsessed morons have reasons for this massive chip on their shoulders. Get over it, you were not good enough and someone better than you recognised it !

Anonymous said...

@obsession USP moron, I am very keen about the discussion. Of late USP has been a closed shop. All we know about it is from propaganda on its website and what we read in our unreliable media. The discussion on this blog is very revealing. it's unprecedented. USP insiders are spilling the the dirt. As a taxpayer and parent of students at USP, I am very interested. After all, USP is a key institution. Lately it has been siding with the regime in breach of academic protocols. Nepotism seems to be creeping in. Certain staff are being victimised. Some people in high places are abusing their powers. USP has even been compared to the mob. All these are matters of concern. You can be an apathetic moron if you choose to, but do not dictate to us.

Anonymous said...

USP sour grapes said...

If all is so well with USP, and that those complaining are sour grapes, why don't you write under your real name? I know the rest wouldn't as they would get the boot. If you are such a vociferous proponent of the good leadership at the university, please write under your name for you have nothing to fear! So how about it chief?

Anonymous said...

5 million surplus? And care to share how that was achieved? Do you want to begin with the reduced budget rendered to each section of the university resulting in them cutting back on essential teaching to make do? Or the new medical scheme that now limits the medical care staff are entitled to, without any option for staff? No choice for those who already have been and are bound to other more preferable providers such as BSP? No, there is no choice under your tata Rajesh and your nana Esther! How about that? Or would you like to comment on the dilapidated state of the University infrastructure (driven on campus lately without sinking into a pothole?). Walk the talk you bloody lackey!

Anonymous said...

Does USP still have a staff union? I remember many years ago when I was in Fiji USP had strong union. Ganesh Chand was president. They seemed very strong back then. If USP staff are being persecuted, why isn't the union doing anything? Or is there no longer a union? Perhaps staff should form a union, although the climate is not very healthy for unionism under this government.

Anonymous said...

An earlier blogger noted that USP is a CROP agency. The chancellor of USP is the king of Tonga, right? He should ask for a review by the PIFS for presentation to the PIF Leaders Meeting.

Anonymous said...

an idiot said that eilte muslims and business people (gujus) supports Frank and hid govt. Such a racist comment and again sterotyping and defaming certain sectors of the community. We need to stop using race card and work towards objective and constructive comments. To quite clear the organisation that really supported the coup was FLP, Sanathan Dharam,some well to do Academics and some failed politicians. Again, nothing wrong it is a democracy and everyone has a right to pick sides. Let us debate outcomes of the choices we make rather than sensationalising with racial comments

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:36 PM

Obviously you are one of the morons, hopefully not an example of education at USP.

So your logic is that anyone criticising anything is fine to remain anonymous but someone questioning the criticism from an anonymous person must use their real name.


rajend naidu said...

In an interview on 7 sunrise news this morning(16/11) the Editor of the Sri Lanka Daily News tried to defend the Sri Lankan State by making out that all the accusations of human rights and civil rights abuses were lies.
He couldn't do a good job of lying himself. It was so apparent that he himself was lying pathetically.
A calm and confident Dr Sam Pari who was on the same interview said there was overwhelming hard evidence of the abuses and atrocities and it was far fetch to deny or ignore it.
So there you have it. Just because someone carries the title of an Editor does not mean he is an independent, impartial newsman.
He can very well be a Government mouthpiece. As this Sri Lankan media wallah was.
We have our own Editors and news journalist who belong to that breed in Fiji.
Rajend Naidu
Ps I thank Mark Manning for revising his view on Sri Lanka. In doing so he displays a mature,intelligent open mind = a mind open to new argument, information and evidence to review and RETHINK one's position.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.53 AM
the position you take is intellectually dishonest. the people who criticise the Bainimarama regime and its puppet leadership at the USP have good reason to be anonymous. you should have enough intelligence to know why.
But people like yourself who maintain all is good at USP should have NO REASON to be anonymous.
The critics however know why you wish to remain anonymous. You don't want to expose yourself as a known lackey of the regime and the USP fat cats Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 3.03 and others. Let me tell you something that perhaps you don't know and don't want to know. Fiji has such honest creatures that you describe i know i am one of them. the problem in this country is that everybody likes to hear bullshit and horse manure. I employed a i-taukei lady once who became very close to my family and still is. She could not have put it better. She Said Boso "keitou na kaiviti sini va sui". I asked her what she meant. She simply gave me an example. If you walk into a village with 12 loaves of bread and $40 worth of grog everyone in the village will say or agree to give you their votes. If the next guy walks in with 20 loaves of bread and $100 worth of grog he is the new champ. It does not matter what your character is how good you will be as a leader etc. This statement coming from a humble housewife has a lot of gravity and depth. In short we as Fijians don't want good leaders otherwise Dr. Bavadra would have ruled for a very long time. We are prejudiced with race color religious ideologies etc. The fact is their is good people in this country in all races and religions. People who are not corrupt and self serving and truly have Fiji at heart. The million dollar question is will the people of this nation see past the prejudices they hold and recognize honest leaders as fellow Fijians and fellow human beings with the same needs and wants as everyone else and vote them in to power and then allow them to rule without mobilizing the taukei movement and other nationalistic organizations. In my opinion all Fijians native and otherwise have huge racist prejudices. Any one who disagrees with me just looks at the results of all the elections we have had particularly the more recent ones. The parties who fought on a Multiracial platform never worn a single seat. What does this say about us. I am putting my neck out on the board when saying this. I have a lot of interest in seeing this country reach its full potential as a nation. i love this country as much as most of you do. I would love to form a party to fight these guys, I have the financial resources and the people who will do this with me young successful and from all races. The problem is i am of Indian origins and even if i won will not be accepted as PM by half the population simply because i have Indian origins. Race is Fiji's greatest challenge. It is not Frank. The day we truly accept each other as fellow human beings and fellow Fijians Frank will not be an issue. We will stand up together and get rid of all who deny us our freedom.

Anonymous said...

We need active resistance, not passive accommodation, to accomplish the following programme:

1) The 1997 Constitution lives. We've a duty to defend it.

2) Just say No to immunity for treason.

3) Return the RFMF to barracks. Court martial its traitorous leadership. Hang its commander.

4) Capital punishment for capital treason.

5) Repudiate the illegal debt.

6) Cancel the illegal sale of national assets by this illegal regime.

7) Anti-disestablishmentarianism! Defer indefinitely all illegal actions, such as dissolution of the GCC, until constitutional government is restored.

8) Return democratic governance to Fiji.

9) Restore Fiji's international standing. Return us to our former role of regional leadership.

10) Establish a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to adjudicate all coup-related grievances since 1987.

Samisoni Bitu said...

Anonymous @ 10.45 AM
Totally agree with you about the racist attitudes in all the communities across board in Fiji.

The problem is rooted deeply in all communities.

The prejudices were cultivated further during colonial days, however the huge differences in culture, tradition, history, religion and in most other aspects of life are inevitable background to such inter-communal prejudices.

Similar differences, relationships, prejudices exist in all countries in varying degrees even in India, Ireland, Shri Lanka and Muslim countries especially where they have been erupting into violent conflicts between communities of different origins, faiths and political orientations for ages or centuries.

But still we can resolve the problems. However the use of examples you gave of the loaves of bread and yaqona is an example of over simplification and stereotyping that incite and cloud thinking. I AM VILLAGE BORN AND RAISED and am intimately aware of Fijian villages thinking and feelings.

Whatever we do the native Fijians as the original people will have to be assured of their place and security of their traditional land for all of us to sort out the other issues.

All indigenous peoples all over the globe have this connection to their ancestral country. It is a very natural global attachment.

If we can resolve the inter-communal prejudices, we would have resolved the biggest hurdle to Fiji's prosperity and stability.

Avolosi Drua said...

@ Samisoni Bitu

Of course we can resolve community prejudices in Fiji.

We will resolve our communal differences , if we have high quality visionary leaders in whom all have faith, trust, who are not corrupt and live for all the people not for themselves only.

The changes must be brought about by free and democratic agreements, give and take, goodwill AND NOT BY DICTATORSHIP as are being done by the current dictatorship who are forcing us to adopt the common Fijian label, supressing Fijian identity and culture and is characterised by extreme corruption, brutality, murders, totures and deception.

Anonymous said...

The Regime wants to sell Govt assets-bad. Praneel Dass of Inglewood real Estate wants the sheiks from Dubai to buy prpperty in Fiji--so he can make his commissions.So Fiji assets will be sold to Dubai by Praneel Dass--price of property will sky rocket-locals can continue to squat or become tenants of Dubaians--Praneel Dass will make his millions.This nonsense must be stopped.Praneel can try wrestling like his father!!

USP sour grapes said...

@11.08pm, cost-efficiency is good for every organisation, even USP. taxpayers do not want wastage. rajesh chandra is making necessary saving. before too much waste at USP. all signs are that Rajesh/esther nurse USP back to health. Problem is too much jealously and racism at USP by low-level academics and plotters who can't bear USP's success. Those attacking Jai Karan are jealous. He is excellent marketing development manager. Action speak louder than words: SPSE rewards organisations: Fiji Times:
November 14, 2013: FOUR organisations took out top honours at the South Pacific Stock Exchange annual report competition awards last night in Suva. The central bank was named winner of category A, University of the South Pacific took out the category B award while Fijian Holdings Unit Trust and Amalgamated Telecom Holdings Limited scooped the awards for categories C and D respectively.

Anonymous said...

cost-efficiency is a necessary but sufficient condition for good governance especially for a university.
a university must live up to the higher ideals of academic freedom, intellectual discourse and independent analysis and appraisal.
The USP has failed to uphold these high ideals because its leadership is bum sucking the dictator and his cronies.

Anonymous said...

Samisonu Bitu :- I do agree with your comment however,The situation currently prevailing in Fiji is such that people are well aware of the truth but do bnot want to speak up for fear of being victimized and some people although they are well aware of the truth they turn their blind eyes and support the regime as they are receiving some advantage and they are too selfish and think of themselves and the worst group are the oppotunist who do not care wheather it is right or wrong as long as they get what they want.Now the regime has been making a lot of propagandas which has created a a wide gap between the major races. This is intentional because the regime leader wants to hang on to the power base to prove tghis the letters that were passsed arround in Nasau Koro Lomaiviti for their signitures to say that they object to the election and they want the regime to continue running the country. What our country needs now are a few strong leaders who can stand up and peacefully oppose the regime by organising rallys and peacefull protest march.Woman have done it can we join them in making lot of noise with mess numbers and more protest especially native Fijians as they become victimns of the regime and interms of rights and democracy all citizen of Fiji should join hand and stand up against the regim.

Anonymous said...

it is a well known fact and no secret that mediocre people and mediocre institutions can get awards of various sorts if you are politically on side!

Anonymous said...

I totaly agree with all tghose who oppose the asset sale proposal of the illegal regime.Those assets carries a lot of weight in terms of the the physical value of the government as they generate money for the government. They serves as security of the loan made by the government.If they are sold than our government will have very less value. Considering the current debt we already have one wonders how much is our government worth currently.

Overpaid USP academics said...

USP academic are grossly overpaid and Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams are controlling salaries otherwise cost will hit the roof. That's why they are being attacked. It's part of a plot.

Anonymous said...

and what fat salary are rajesh chandra and esther williams collecting for the mediocre work they are doing at USP in support of the Bainimarama military regime?

Anonymous said...


So because an organisation produces a glossy report, it overshadows mismanagement practices in it automatically?

USP aside, clearly you haven't heard of the financial troubles of the loss-making ATH (that surprisingly sits in your SPSE list).

You're a perfect example of why a little knowledge is dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:40 AM

I don't see why you should not. If there is academic freedom in USP, which are all posters anonymous? You claim they're idiots, so put your name up and show the latitude of academic freedom existing in your institution. Carry on Sir/Madam. We await with bated breath.

Anonymous said...

Approaching the 50th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy. We know now much more than before. James Shields has confessed to being the Grassy Knoll gunman, and he names the rest of the team. Lee Harvey Oswald was an innocent patsy. CIA spymaster E. Howard Hunt also gave his deathbed confession, which was recorded. He confirmed that it was a joint CIA-Mafia hit sanctioned by Vice President Lyndon Baines Johnson.

LBJ and the Kennedys hated each other. LBJ knew that the Kennedys were leaking embarrassing info about him to the press and that JFK had no plans to run with him in 1964. LBJ wanted the presidency, not political oblivion or prison, so he organized the treasonous conspiracy and led the subsequent cover-up. The killers were all related to the Bay of Pigs operation, which was largely organised by George H.W. Bush, with Vice President Richard Nixon the control officer for the initial planning. The Cuba debacle and the CIA's lies about it convinced JFK to break up the CIA. Ranking CIA members working with LBJ broke him up first and then tried to make it look like the work of a lone gunman.

The United States went seriously off-track 50 years ago, because of the success of what was effectively a coup d'etat. Most Americans still don't understand what happened. They need to wake up.

We Fijians need to wake up, too. Traitors have seized our government. Let's not leave our destiny in the hands of traitors.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.03. The price of real estate in Fiji is already beyond the grasp of many. I noticed today in the Fiji Times a property in Suva selling for $1.15m. How many Fiji Citizens can afford something like that. I have a decent income probably in the top 30 % of the population and i cannot afford something at that price not even half that price . Fiji is fast becoming a country where only the rich have a right to live and the rest need to live on the fringes of society.Looking at the price of properties i sometimes pinch myself to make sure i am in Fiji and not in Dubai.

rajend naidu said...

After the PM of India Manmohan Singh's decision to not attend the CHOGM in Sri Lanka on account of that country's deplorable human rights record and civil rights suppression, I decided I wanted to know more about the man and the leader of the world'd largest democracy.
This is what I discovered in the first paragraph of his "Personal Profile':
Dr Manmohan Singh India's 14th PM is rightly acclaimed as a thinker and a scholar. He is well regarded for his diligence and his academic approach to work, as well as his accessibility and his unassuming demeanour.He earned a First Class Honours degree in Economics from the University of Cambridge,UK in 1957 and a D.Phil in Economics from Nuffield College at Oxford University in 1962. His book India's Export Trends and Prospects for Self-Sustained Growth [Clarendon Press, Oxford,1964] was an early critique of India's inward oriented trade policy...
( Read the rest of Dr Manmohan Singh's personal profile on the Office of the PM of India webpage).
I am now not surprised why Dr Manmohan decided it was the right thing to do to not go to Sri Lanka for the CHOGM.
It's because he is a thinking man!
Indians can be truly proud of their leader, their Prime Minister.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

nothing new! all baseless allegations,as usual against the Govt.no concrete evidence.if all these allegations were presented in a court of law it would be thrown out for insufficient evidence and a waste of the courts time.most allegations are hearsay! just trying to ge my vote,before they get my pocket, like the LQ- SDL led Govt.Nice try SODELPA!

Is USP short changing students? said...

Can someone explain why USP is showing a $5m surplus even though it lacks facilities and it has increased student numbers? It doesn't seem to make sense. It doesn't quite add up. But perhaps there is an explanation? Or is the USP short changing its students?

Anonymous said...

Former Aust PM cried and shed when he announced his retirement from politics,maleka!! sa qai tagi tagi ve!! tale.ha!ha!.he was instrumental in implemmenting and supporting restrictions against the curent Govt. and as a result the Aust public didnt chose him as their leader.I thought that this was some tough guy but when he cried after being FORCED TO RETIRE,I now realisethat he is just like those burning group,full of bravado but no courage.It reminds me of the Lion in Alice in wonderland,no courage!!ha!ha!!and to shed tears sa vakamadua,se via boso tikoga o koya sa removed from power,sounds similar to some people in FJ!!Moce Jo!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:34 PM

"" I noticed today in the Fiji Times a property in Suva selling for $1.15m. ""

So convenient to not mention all the far cheaper properties for sale as well. You quote an unusual and rare sale of one property to base your view on. What a plonker.

Anonymous said...

It is a fact that locals cannot afford houses in Suva.

Look at the prices for houses and the income of locals.

Anonymous said...

Government has no right to sell the assets owned by people of Fiji.

I can recall the Ports Authority of Fiji building at Flagstaff was sold cheap.

The government only needs competent people to manage all government assets.

Some will get commission when government assets are sold.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh USP or someone from USP should tell if Jai Kumar's post was ever advertised.

Can Premilla Kumar ( Jai Kumar's wife - CEO , Consumer Council investigate and advise.

Premilla is good at sending her staff in disguise to business community and discredit them.

Premilla should do this investigation on his husband!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:43PM

Quote "It is a fact that locals cannot afford houses in Suva.

Look at the prices for houses and the income of locals." Unquote

So I just have to wonder who all these people are that are living in the houses in and around Suva?

Strangely it appears 95% look Fijian, either I'Taukei or Indo Fijian.

Perhaps we have to assume the 'locals' you refer to are the ones that have no job and no money!

What is significant is that there are very few houses for sale in and around Suva because there are so many people that can afford to buy them.

Nepotism at USP said...

Anon 6.51pm USP marketing and development manager Jai Kumar's post was not advertised. That is not how things are done at USP under VC Rajesh Chandra. Certain people get preferential treatment. They do not have to go through a fair, transparent and competitive process. Jai Karan would not gave gotten the job had due process been followed simply because he is not qualified. VC Rajesh Chandra knew this. So he scrapped the process and made a direct appointment for his friend. This is known as nepotism. It thrives at USP under VC Rajesh Chandra. At USP there is one set of rules for maharaja Rajesh Chandra and his cronies, another set of rules for ordinary staff.

Anonymous said...

Praneel Dass of Inglewood wants the Mullah Sheiks from Dubai to buy property in Fiji so he can make his commission.Property value in Fiji is ridiculous-beyond the reach of the ordinary people already.It's been amde worse because this regime has introduced CGT-wants 10% to go in its pockets--and all the hassle if you want exemption.-this regime is killing business--too much govt--too much interference!

Anonymous said...

Sumeet TAPPOO calls Amitabh Bachan "icon of icons" etc etc etc--today(16Nov)Fiji Sun. Hasnt this idiot heard of Raj Kapoor,Dilip Kumar,Rajesh Khanna to name a few.?? Many more such "icons" will come in the future,Sumeetji. and also--Tappoo City is not and icon of the Pacific.It's an eyesore of the Pacific.Come down to earth Sumeet-dont kno whether it is talent or money that has landed you in Bombay.

rajend naidu said...

Why has only the British PM David Cameron seen it fit to travel to the Tamil region to get a more authentic account of what the Tamil people had gone through and continue to confront in post civil war Sri Lanka?
Aren't the other leaders of the democracy club equally concerned?
Shouldn't they be?
Should they all have been packed in a bus and taken on a tour to meet the people?
What's the point of fancy "feel good" CHOGM when the Commonwealth is impotent to maintain its own established rules of democracy?
Isn't that why someone like Frank Bainimarama a tinpot dictator from a banana republic could ignore the Commonwealth because he knows the Commonwealth is nothing more than a paper tiger?
Why are the leaders attending the CHOGM in Colombo walking around as if they smell something bad!
I suppose the pomp and parade and touristy paraphrenalia still can't hide the stink of human rights abuse there?
Rajend Naidu

Hidden cowards at USP said...

@nepotism at USP is part of a plot against VC Rajesh Chandra and Jai Karan. Some Indo-Fijian academics who were sacked or demoted for non performance are behind it. Wadan Narsey is the obvious one but there are others who are too cowardly to use their names. It's call 'jaran bhao' or jealously in Hindi. Indians can't see their own kind succeed. We know who these cowardly Indo-Fijian academics are and where they hiding in USP.

Anonymous said...

Hidden cowards at USP at 9:43 PM said:

"@nepotism at USP is part of a plot against VC Rajesh Chandra and Jai Karan. Some Indo-Fijian academics who were sacked or demoted for non performance are behind it. Wadan Narsey is the obvious one but there are others who are too cowardly to use their names. It's call 'jaran bhao' or jealously in Hindi. Indians can't see their own kind succeed. We know who these cowardly Indo-Fijian academics are and where they hiding in USP"

Oh really? If you known so much and are right on this, do tell us why Prof. Susan Kelly was put on a month's house arrest? Why was she asked to resign by the VC? It could not be that she was 'Indo-Fijian' as you claim, because she is Caucasian.

If you do know so much why don't you tell us all what Professor Kelly had discovered about irregularities in appointments and corrupt practices in top management at USP. You put on a pretense about how sure you are about your statements so it's time to reveal these details. If you are not privy to them, you're pretty low in the pecking order and clearly unaware of a whole lot more.

I suspect you're Jai Karan. If so, welcome to the forum. Bring Premila too.

The USP plot thickens said...

Hahaha Anon 10pm, you sound like you writing a spy novel! There is no high level corruption at USP. It is just part of a smear campaign. You are clearly part of the plot. You just making outrageous claims. Any fool can see that. Desperately clutching at straws to make a case against Rajesh Chandra. Haha what a joke. Sorry, everything at USP is above board. you won't find anything wrong or improper. Rajesh is too ethical and too smart. If Susan kelly was under house arrest, must be a good reason. Serve her right. She was asked to resign for insubordination. Susan Kelly is trouble. She also had problems at her last university. Now go to sleep with your stupid and ridiculous conspiracy theories.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 10.40 PM
if susan kelly had trouble at her last university and susan kelly is trouble why did USP appoint her?
what kind of screening and appointment system does the USP have to recruit someone who is trouble?
by your own admission the USP's admission system is flawed!
it's that same flawed system that saw the appointment of Jai Karan via the kilavata "procedure".

Anonymous said...

Jai kumar is a failure as he was sacked from government for helping his wife - Premilla's brothers to export to Australia.

The whole family have exported and never brought money into Fiji for exported products.

Premilla should investigate!

But the important question for USP is if Jai Kumar's post was advertised?

If it was not then Rajesh should resign or be sacked.

rajend naidu said...

credit must be given where credit is due. credit is due to the British PM David Cameron for going to the Tamil region and making direct contact with the people impacted by the Sri Lanka States's abuse and brutality.
In so doing he has succeeded in exposing the lies, the fabrications, the propaganda and deliberate distortions of the Sri lankan regime to hide the reality of its abuse and atrocities.
No matter how convincingly any insider - Tamil activist or local journalist - presented the case against Sri lanka it could be and often has been dismissed as smear campaign against the Sri lankan government.
It wouldn't be as easy to dismiss David Cameron's findings in a like manner, would it?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Professor Wadan Narsey speaks the truth.

No academic in Fiji can match him.

Professor you are a man of principle and true academic and not like some who support illegal takeover of democratic elected government.

Some academic are opportunist and will do anything to fill their pockets.I do not need to name them.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, 11.27pm, I agree with your comment. Professor Wadan Narsey is the best economist in Fiji and the Pacific. The Military Junta propagandists are out to attack him because he speaks facts and truth with propositions that the Military Junta do not like. Wadan is a true son of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Professor Wadan Narsey please keep writing.

If we had more academics like you then Fiji would not have coup culture.

When academics (opportunists) start supporting illegal thugs then the trend of coup will never finish.

You are simply the best economists in Pacific.

Anonymous said...

The arms and ammunition has been bought and smuggled into FJ.The FJ Navy and B/Police cant watch all the coasts and hundreds of islands in the FJ GP.We the warriors of i-taukei are ready.We are from church gp's and villages.Our finance and soli wasnt monitored by Police SB because the SB are supporting us.We are waiting for the command to be given by the two high chiefs when to strike.We are physically fit from attending 7's tournaments.Spiritually fit from sermons from our church minister.Mentally prepared from listening to words of encouragement from chiefs and village elders.Our arms were bought from the US and Aust and smuggled to FJ through yachts.

Anonymous said...

Anon@10:49am...Ok smart ass,so you know all the answer to our
problem? Yeah! it's the Fijian
they're to darn racist against
the Indians? They just can't allow an Indo to become PM, you
fukin right we won't allow you
frieken crook to run our mother
country!We almost made a mistake
in 2000 in voting in Mahen Chodory the frieken crook!But we
immediately took him out!You want us to be friend and then vote you
macafaka in? Ain't gonna work,we've live side by side for
far too frieken long, we've come
to know your bullshit,thieving
culture,and your back stabbing ways? All i can say to you is get
the fuck-off and go somewhere and
place that'll like you? I suggest

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6:16 AM...kua mada na vakateratera tiko boy. The arms have been with you guys for a long time now and you still waiting for the right time...fu boy...church can't stoop so low, people are tired of fighting, the village elders just drink grog and sleep whole day...better use those arms on wadan narsey and your analised asshole..biatch.

rajend naidu said...

Nishant Singh of lautoka asks us in letter 'Old bunch' in the Fiji Times(17/11) "Isn't it funny and sometimes annoying how some of these former failed politicians are creeping out of hibernation and giving their views on who should or should not contest the 2014 polls?
No, don't think it is "funny" nor do I think it is "annoying" ANYTIME that former politicians express their views. They have every right to do that, even as ordinary ciizens. Perhaps they might even have more rights then Nishant Singh! They certainly have more sensible things to say than Nishant Singh - in my opinion!
Can Nishant Singh please explain how former politicians have "lost footing during [their] tenure as politicians"?
What kind of person gets "annoyed" by the views of politicians who have been victims of a military coup?
I find that odd.
Perhaps Nishant Singh finds it pleasing ONLY to hear the views of the "new" politicians who are currently parked in power unlawfully courtesy of the Bainimarama takeover.
Perhaps Nishant Singh is even a propagandist for these "new" boys on the block?
I don't know because I don't know Nishant Singh and what his engagement has been in Fiji politics. Someone else will need to enlighten us on that.
BUT his views are clearly not that of a person committed to democratic values.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:16 AM

Hey man great progress in the past seven years.

No doubt we will now wait another seven years for you to learn how to use your arms, then another seven to learn to use your brains.

rajend naidu said...

The British PM David Cameron on his individual fact finding tour during CHOGM went to see for himself a Tamil newspaper printing machine that was firebombed and to speak with the editor and his team of journalist.
He praised the journalists for what they were doing under such oppressive circumstances.
Who would want to firebomb a newspaper factory and threaten journalists? Only people who do not want the truth to get out. And in Sri lanka it is not hard to guess who these people are. They are the SRi Lankan State authorities and their rent a mob gang.
They want to blanket out any democratic scrutiny of their anti-human rights and anti-civil rights conduct.
And that is precisely what an a watch dog newspaper is meant to do : provide that democratic scrutiny.
Hence the persecution and harassment of the journalists.
Now this only goes to further confirm that Sri Lanka is NOT the democracy it pretends to be.
Why then have the Commonwealth mob given Sri Lanka the CHOGM hosting rights and a lead role for the next two years?
What is the meaning of this "arseness" - to borrow an expression from a V S Naipaul character?
I think the expression captures rather succinctly what the Commonwealth decision has been.
It is lifting to note that the leader of the world'd largest democracy did not want to be party to the "arseness".
I have written in to congratulate him on his stance and have received and acknowlegement.
Now if you all will excuse me I must go and drop a congratulatory note to the British PM who has salvage some good from a bad decision.
Rajend Naidu


Ha! USP VC Rajesh Chanda has been caught with pants down. The much vaunted $5m surplus is drawn from cuts in crucial teaching areas, as an insider tells us. Rajesh comes out looking like a hero in public, thanks to his lackey, the nepotistically appointed marketing manager Jai Karan (the advantage of having yes-men in key positions). Rajesh takes the credit, while staff & students carry the burden of the 'savings' which impacts badly on resources and teaching load/pressure. It's false and artificial, just like VC Rajesh and his lying deputy, Esther Williams. It's unsustainable, short-term, quick fix, all designed to make one man look good – Rajesh Chandra – a man who always takes all the credit. Look hard enough, there is really nothing substantive there, its all shallow – the pathetic legacy of a pathetic VC. It's becoming clear that Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams team has been a colossal disaster for USP.

Voreqe Bainimarama said...

It appears the name Rajesh is for assholes, thieves and simply counts. Case in point, Rajesh in Auckland who stole money from people then hightailed to Auckland. Heard he's really scared cos a few people in Auckland are after.

WOT WOT said...

I concur that Sri Lanka and Fiji have to answer for human rights abuses, just like Australia will for stealing aboriginal children from their parents and stealing their lands by uninvited British convicts.....ahhhhh THE PEOPLE IN GLASS HOUSES!!!!
Don't worry your little mind too much, Mark, soon the chinese empire will subjugate you white Australians AND SEND YOU OFF TO BE INDENTURED LABOURERS IN SOME MIDDLE AFFRICAN COLONY OF THEIRS.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chandra has to be careful he does not expose himself as a Naked Emperor. Someone might mistake is face for his arse!

Anonymous said...

Haha, the anti-Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams brigade are at it again. Bark all you want you mad dogs. Rave and rant all you like. Twist the facts as much as you want. You will achieve nothing. Rajesh and Esther Williams have a record to die for. One of the great things they did was get rid of dead wood like Wadan Narsey and trouble makers like Susan Kelly. Rajesh and Esther are not going anywhere. so eat your guts out.

Anonymous said...

Idiot @ 2.17 PM
Don't get ahead of yourself. When the Chinese subjugate the white Australians etc etc etc we will cross that bridge when we come to it.
Meantime we need to pay attention to the modern day mischief of Fiji and Sri Lankan for their abuse of their own people.
Colonialists did it to other people who they did not at that time consider as fellow human beings.
Many of the descendants of the colonialists will be the first to acknowledge what their forefathers did was wrong and inhumane. And, many are today at the forefront of the fight for human rights, social justice, environmental protection and the right to live in human dignity for indigenous peoples everywhere.
But it is truly disgraceful when political power holders in countries like Fiji and Sri lanka and Zimbabwe subject their own people to "colonial" rule - with the same kind of repression and suppression of rights and freedoms.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2.36 PM
Record to die for?
what record?
what record could Rajesh Chandra and esther williams have accomplished in a turd world university like USP - especially as puppets of the Fiji military dictatorship?
Perhaps that is their record!
No other USP vc and deputy ever sucked up to the Fijian regime the why these two have been doing with their smooth tongues!!
What a record!!

For the USP sour grapes to stomach said...

impressive growth in student enrollment 20,078 in 2010 to 27,000 in 2013;
Student enrolment has exceeded the target for 2013;
Financial outcomes are expected to be better than budget;
Development assistance highest in USP’s history;
The AMBA accreditation for MBA has been positive;
Substantial progress on regional campus development;
Successful hosting of high-profile Pacific Science Inter-Congress;
Seven priority areas of Strategic Plan 2013-2018 on track to achieve excellence by USP’s 50th anniversary in 2018;
Increasing visibility of USP in region through Open Days and graduation ceremonies in member countries;
Increasing awareness of USP’s high quality programmes;
Excellent learning environment;
New $6.7m Lautoka campus funded through a 15-year loan FNPF;
Positive feedback of the recent academic quality audit by New Zealand Academic; Quality Agency (AQA);
New Centre for Economic Policy & Modeling;
Joint PhD (Cotutelle) Programme between USP and other universities;

Anonymous said...

Haha, all the Rajesh Chandra/Esther Williams critics have gone quiet all of a sudden. When faced with facts, they have no answer. They only make false allegations based on hearsay. Where you all hiding you cowards?

Anonymous said...

with his record breaking record as chief of USP rajesh chandra should be made an honorary Tui Viti with an appropriate headgear made of salato leaves.
a lei made out of the same leaves should given to esther williams to wear around her waist.
and there should be a big celebration held on campus to honour these regime arse licking leaders for their record.

Oracle said...

Anon at 3.41/4.33

So its all Ok to for you to copy and paste readymade propaganda, but others must respond in 40 min? You must be one special type of idiot!

“Student enrolment has exceeded the target for 2013;”

Thanks to the aggressive, over the top marketing every 5 min on mass media. However, where are the resources to accommodate these students? The entire tutorial block in AusAid lacks seating and tables, at the hour, each hour, students are seen scurrying classroom to classroom asking if there are spare chairs.

“Financial outcomes are expected to be better than budget;”

Of course they will, when teaching and research budgets are so severely slashed that teaching is being done on a handout basis. Want an example? Let’s talk about vendors who do not want to deal with USP LPOs any more, e.g. Vinod Patel (longtime vendor).

Development assistance highest in USP’s history;

With the advent of two national universities in Fiji, the headquarters of the USP, the Council fears that the largest contributor, Govt. of Fiji will focus more on its domestic providers, leading to an unstable financial outlook for the regional university. Hence, increased Aust Aid and NZ Aid has been released merely as a counter measure. None of you fools have realized this have you?

“The AMBA accreditation for MBA has been positive;”

And how long did this accreditation process take, compared to those at comparator institutions to the USP?

“Substantial progress on regional campus development; “

And what is this ‘substantial’ amount? Merely a declaration that is what it is. And that too is a feeble keep-up attempt to the FNU, that has boldly announced its new campus in the Solomon Islands, the second largest contributor to the USP after Fiji. Vision? Haha, you’re funny!

Oracle said...

“Successful hosting of high-profile Pacific Science Inter-Congress;”

Moron, in case you just woke up, this has been going on from the 1990s. This year was the worst, with parallel sessions comprising of 2-3 people per session, and in two cases, not a single member of the audience except the presenters and the chair of the session. Students were being forced and rounded up to make numbers by academic staff in order to help the university save face. Who failed? Obviously the organizing committee and the marketing (yes, that moron comes to mind again) office. In case you’re not aware, one of the partners of the PSIC, the SPC has expressed their concerns about the organization of the “successful” congress this year. I doubt you were aware of this, being the idiot you are!

“Seven priority areas of Strategic Plan 2013-2018 on track to achieve excellence by USP’s 50th anniversary in 2018; “

Out of? And care to list what these “priority” areas are, instead of copy-pasting? Then we can all see where the university sits.

“Increasing visibility of USP in region through Open Days and graduation ceremonies in member countries; “

Who arranges these? The marketing office. Who spends time and effort actually marketing the university? The academic staff, and that too at the expense of university teaching. This is not visibility you dumb fuck! It’s coercion.

“Increasing awareness of USP’s high quality programmes;”

With the kind of vague, vacuous, desperate and generally lame description as “increased awareness” you use, it is clear you’re a lackey who has run out of brainpower (what precious you do have generally) by the end of your borrowed list. This ‘increased awareness’ is just polite speak for ‘I-really-have-nothing-to-write-hear-so-here’s-a-straw-to-grasp’. And high quality? What programmes are these? Accounting and Economics? Where’s the specialization in response to an international market and competitiveness?

“Excellent learning environment;:

Potholed roads and streets, leaking buildings, fans that don’t work, lecture theaters where audio fails midway during lectures (092-001, 092-003), lecture theaters where fires erupt (U8), lecture theaters where airconditioning has not been working for the last 6 weeks (N11), tutorial rooms with no desks and chairs (AusAid), tutorial rooms with not even a blackboard (FBE)….and the list goes on….is this your definition of a learning environment? You must be a bum from the street of Culcutta for these listed to be defined as ‘excellent’.

Oracle said...

“New $6.7m Lautoka campus funded through a 15-year loan FNPF; “

Read ‘Catch-Up’, and that too six months AFTER FNU got theirs up and running in Lautoka. Oh and this is campus on leased property! Who spends millions on a leased arrangement?

At this rate, USP is set to be rechristened UCP (University of Catching Up).

“Positive feedback of the recent academic quality audit by New Zealand Academic; Quality Agency (AQA); “

No! The feedback noted ‘encouraging’, but room for much more improvement.
Why did you not include the feedback from the Voices survey, which had 75% staff dissatisfaction? Not letting the truth get in the way of good spin?


USP is playing catch up with FNU. The FNU VC Ganesh Chand runs circles around Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams. Ganesh Chand is indirectly responsible for a lot of changes at USP. He should get some credit for keeping USP on its feet by providing competition. As soon as FNU builds or starts something new, sleepy USP will quickly follow. In essence a newer, younger FNU is setting the pace, USP is following. It's a sad indictment on a top-heavy USP. Rajesh Chandra has cit back on teaching resources and staff salaries to build an army of support staff ad advisors. But USP still trails FNU. Rajesh is a bureaucrat. Esther Williams is a librarian. None of them are visionaries or strategic thinkers. Even combined, their midget minds are no match for Ganesh.

Anonymous said...


BC said...

That must hurt.
Vinaka @ Oracle.

USP is farked.
This is what happens when you lose sight of your vision and purpose because you spending all your effort doing masipolo to the Regime.

Anonymous said...

Premilla ( Jai Kumar's) wife CEO - CONSUMER COUNCIL should now go on t.v. and tell how her husband was given post at USP!

Anonymous said...

ANON 8.38. At first i did not want to respond to your idiotic dumb ass shit headed racist comments but then i thought what the hell. Firstly i never said that only i taukei were racist i said all folks in this country hold prejudices. I did not single out any race. Secondly no one in his right mind would want to enter politics in this country and help an asshole like you make your life better. Assess like you deserve Bainimarama and his minions because all you understand is the language of violence and hatred. Last but not least no one is going anywhere. This is the country i was born in and i will stay here no matter what you say. Racist pigs like you from all races don't deserve this country. Oh and another thing no body gives a rats ass who came to Fiji first anymore its been too long and the world has become to multiracial. Racially biased dinosaurs like you should be stuffed and displayed in a Museum.

USP sour grapes said...

haha, is that best you can throw at USP? It's nothing but minor issues you trying to blow up. all institutions have similar problems. haha you fucken people are joke.

The plot continues to thicken. the FNU collaborators have been flushed out. FNU is a pygmy compared to USP. FNU trying to gain prominence by linking with USP. Its trying to look better by running down USP. USP is in a different league. Everyone knows FNU is riddled with problems.

Shitty and vacuous USP critics said...


New Programmes: • Professional Certificate in Education Policy & Planning; • Bachelor of Environmental Science and Bachelor of Arts Environmental Management; • Master of Science in Sustainable Development in Small Island States.

Utonivesi said...

The Bainimarama military regime may want to ponder over this little piece of advice...`FOR WHAT IS MORALLY WRONG CAN NEVER BE POLITICALLY WRIGHT`...Madame Chan.

Anonymous said...

Anon@9:59pm...and who let the dog
out? Yep,see how easy that was...
to flushed you out from all your bull-shit etc,etc,?
You're just a
typical Mahendra Chorro thieving cousins, whose personal agenda
is to get what he wants by hook or by crook?
Look at how you got here,first your ancestor signed a
workers contract, with the CSR to
come to Paradise for a 3 years
stint in the CANEFIELDS which by
the way was owned by the Kai valagi?
Remember, my ancestor the
Fijian Chiefs,they opposed the idea of bringing you here,
on a 3 years temporary VISA,
for which
at the end your ancestor was
supposed to Go BACK TO INDIA???
But typically, after 6 months,in
their new environment,with rich
food resources etc,etc.
They sabotage the Kaivalagi contract &
mutinied to stay permanently!
An old racist Agenda which
they've conducted back home
in Idia, against the Kaivalagi-
to kick them out!
You forced your way in,the-fact of the matter is;
You darn right we have Bainimarama and he's not
Chorro, and the man is doing
all right!He's still the PM
of our nation,
highest paid PM in the world,
and running our country the
way we want!
Yes,we don't want you to enter politics here, please take
your idea elsewhere-Culcata would
be a better spot for you & your
idea(s)just leave us alone in our
beautiful hemisphere.
We've lived and survived here for over
4000 years.
We had clean air,clean
water,clean forest,clean fish,dalo
clean soil and clean grass!
You've fucked-up and soiled all of these god given resources, without any
apology or thank you to US-Kai Viti???
we've At least able to cut your frieken size down to almost half?
I know that you're blogging from abroad-thanks God,don't come back
maybe NOW-you'll be able to find
your ancestors footprints way back home to culcatta?

Anonymous said...


Idiot Bainimarama said...

Hopeless no school Bainimarama to end his chairmanbsip of the International Sugar Council.

Council has no credibility as does Bainimarama .....

The Prime Minister and chairman of the International Sugar Council, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, will hand over the Council chair after the meeting in London later this month.
“The November ISC meeting will be the Prime Minister’s last as chair and after this meeting he will hand over the chair to Jamaica,” Permanent Secretary for Sugar Lieutenant- Colonel Manasa Vaniqi confirmed.
Lieutenant-Colonel Vaniqi said the next ISC chair would be Derrick Heaven, chair of the Sugar Association of Jamaica and a former Cabinet minister.

Anonymous said...

Hewre's another idiot ... Prince Tuku Imran of Malaysia who hasked the Commowealth Heads of Government to reinstate Fiji as a member of the group of nations by mid 2014.

He raised the issue at a sports breakfast attended by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott and other leaders in Colombo on the sidelines of the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting.

Anonymous said...

Gen Musharraf former President of Pakistan is to be tried for treason. This latest piece must be having a terrifying impact the current similarly coup installed PM in Fiji. This should the course to take when we have stable and firm leadership in place. A crime must be adjudicated for common justice to prevail.

rajend naidu said...

why shouldn't Fiji be a member of the Commonwealth democracy club when Sri lanka is with all its well documented human rights and civil rights abuses?
Fiji should be reinstated straightaway.
The other thing that can be done is to scrap the Commonwealth altogether
because it is just a big show thing.

Voreqe Bainimarama, PM of Fiji said...

Rajend Naidu, who the fuck are you to make those comments you cunt? Shut the fuck up you thieving cunt. I don't need assholes like you telling me what to do.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.50 AM
out early fishing, are we with a baca makawa?

rajend naidu said...

Let me give you a good example of a leader "doing the dirty". The Australian PM Tony Abbot has taken out $2 million from Australian humanitarian/development aid to developing countries to provide two patrol boats to the Sri Lanka government to police people fleeing political persecution at the hands of the same government.
Read more in the article'Abhorrent':PM's patrol boat diplomacy in smh 18/11.
... Abbot under fire for giving military hardware to a country the UN has accused of war crimes ... craven and irresponsible...
And Australia was recently given an appointment in the UN Security Council!!
The farce on the international diplomacy front is mind boggling!
Rajend Naidu

nagonchi Dr Dulare said...

re why Dr Dulare the nagonchi (kanikani) VC resigned from UniFiji, he was a stop gap measure. not VC material. he is more at home drinking kava under the sekoula tree with allan and the boys...

Anonymous said...

Taar Mara Taar Mara, Taar Na Laga, Kaiviti Ke Gaandh Mara, Daag Na Chuta..wah wah wah wah

Anonymous said...

Can someone confirm or verify if Aman Ravindra Singh of Peoples Democratic Party is the son of former Lautoka Mayor, Ravindra Singh? If he is, than it explains why there is so much problems in the party. Ask his brothers. He is always driving knives in their backs. In the party, he must be hiding behind unionists and using them to destroy smarter members so that he can surface when time is right. What a shame. Loser!

Professor of Kamasutra Dr Mahendra Kumar said...

Hey, what's the latest on Professor of Kamasutra, Dr Mahendra Kumar, former VC of UniFiji, sacked when he was caught performing oral sex on a woman in his office? Mahen is the son-in-law of coup supporter Davendra Pathik. The sex maniac has not been seen around his usual circles of late.

rajend naidu said...

'Breaking The Silence Journal: London School of Economics'
- Tamil Guardian 17 Nov. 2013
Students at the London School of Economics and Political Science kicked off 'Breaking The Silence',a series of exhibitions raising awareness of genocide and detailing the on going human rights crisis in Sri Lanka.
Any university in Fiji including USP engaged in any similar political awareness raising activism?
I am sure the leadership at these universities would be keen to encourage their students to undertake such political activism for the creation of a better world and a better humanity.
I mean what is higher education for?
I know it's just a passport for a good life for themselves for some, or should that read many?
And that's a great shame.
It's good education wasted on them.
Rajend Naidu

The fossilisation of USP under VC Rajesh Chandra and DVC Esther Williams said...

Hey Rajen, good to see Uni of London taking up plight of the persecuted Tamils in London. In Fiji, University of the South Pacific is siding with the persecutors. You can forget about USP organising exhibitions. USP has done nothing innovative or new for decades. It is doing the same thing it did 20-40 years ago. USP is in a rut. It is a place frozen in time. All current VC Rajesh Chandra and DVC Esther Williams are concerned about is cost-cutting and returning a budget 'surplus'. They are so obsessed with it, they can't lead USP to innovate. We at the Laucala Bay Campus are stuck with shitty leadership. As someone said, Rajesh and Esther have been in the system for decades. That's too long. They have become part of the woodwork. They can only do routine things. Unless they go, USP will not be able to innovate or move in a new direction.

Anonymous said...

All races are here to stay..Fiji would be a boring place without a racial mix. I am an indigenous fijian who would love to see all races working together for the betterment of the country we live in. Any indigenous
fijian who think otherwise should go and jump in the lake!

Anonymous said...

Fiji does not belong to indigenous fijians..it belongs to God, so anyone can live in it. I welcome all my indo-fijian brothers and sisters to stay and don't be deterred by losers!

Anonymous said...

USP is in a rut because it is led by a vc who is a gutless old fart.

Anonymous said...

Biu Matavou's arse was fried in open court today. Matavou asked for forgiveness and blamed his outburst on his upbringing and to family life pressure. His affidavit claimed that Matavou had just found out that his wife was sleeping around with an Indo-Fijian police officer and he was arguing with his wife when he saw a police vehicle driven by an Indo-Fijian police officer speed past them. In his anger, he sped to catch up with him and directed insults without realizing the other officers were attending to a job related emergency call. He will be served disclosures in the coming week and has been released on a cash bail. He remains suspended from the Police Force. So there is the real picture behind all the crap that has been written so far. It just goes to show that we have officers in the police force who cannot differentiate business from personal. And this guy is considered to be well educated. Wonder whether he ever learnt morality and ethics during his course or not. Probably was grog doped during the lectures..

Anonymous said...

whahwaaaa that is almost hilarious but it ain't funny coming from a senior officer. The screwing around of his wife does not justify his action, berating and officer in uniform in a public place is not on.

It shows that he is not a trained police officer and his arrogance acquired from his military background and "so called status" is painfully evident.

totolo said...

Somehow most of the comments veered well off course because it boiled down to petty name calling. Nonetheless, Wadan does have an interesting article if you visit his page and read the full article. The recent budget is really a vote buying tactic and revenue inflows do not equal to the capital/operating expenditures that the govt. will incur during the financial year. Even revenue from the IRS will not be enough to cover the expenditure as well as a massive debt that had to be taken for the new airplanes. It is apparent that while the govt. budget does have a few goodies for the average taxpayer, the govt. will leave the finances in a mess - this is almost parallel to what the Bush administration (Republicans) did before leaving govt. to the Democrats and they in turn had to face the American taxpayers with a rather large debt and also the press with answers they didnt really have at the time.

Selling off the govt. assets will not really do much except provide revenue for one year - the question that needs to be asked is what will happen the following year when the debt increases even more and the govt. needs a solution to make the repayments? Obviously there will be nothing left to "barter" and these debts are govt. guaranteed so either the IMF will appear or Fiji will need to seriously devalue its dollar again to get revenue from tourism but a devaluation means interest rates, etc will shoot up to unfathombale heights. In 2012, Fiji's debt stood at 47.9% of GDP which means this years will be marginally higher and pushing it a little over 48%. At this rate, the country will find it hard to secure future loans as its rating decreases and there is an air of uncertainity already about the ability to repay existing interests on debts. For anyone interested, go to http://www.imf.org/external/np/mae/pdebt/2000/eng/guide.pdf to read a little more about Guidelines for Public Debt Management

While financial ignorance or lack of experience managing a countries finances can be acceptable to a degree, admitting that one is ignorant and lacks the capabilities to manage the countries finances is sheer arrogance and it is absolutely wrong of the current govt. to mount such excessive debt levels on to its peoples who will have to repay it for many generations. Debt management needs to be linked to a clear macroeconomic framework, under which governments seek to ensure that the level and rate of growth in public debt are sustainable.

I think it is advisable for the generaly populace to forget their racial differences for the time being and focus more on the fact that in the very near future, it will be very difficult for people to be able to buy things, even locally produced items to an extent because they require resources purchased from other suppliers outside the country. I don't foresee the cost of living adjusting to meet this and salary levels are not tipped to change (exception of civil service) which ultimately means economic hardship for those on the lower end of the salary scale, i.e. you will be paying more for the same amount of resources or paying more for less resources.

Anonymous said...

@fossilisation of USP, as a USP academic staff at Laucala I agree that the two old USP goats, Rajesh Chandra and Esther Williams need to go. It is too late for them to start thinking outside the box. They keeping everyone boxed in as well with their cost-cutting nonsense. The place lacks ideas. We need fresh blood.

rajend naidu said...

Amnesty International report just released confirms the exploitation of migrant, mostly Nepalese, workers under "slavery" like working and living conditions in the building of the stadiums and other construction works for the 2022 World Cup in Qatar(ABC News 18/11).
FIFA is apparently not overly concerned about what's happening in Qatar. Its attitude seems to be "the show must go on". It's a bit like the Commonwealth and CHOGM in Sri lanka. Never mind the abuses the show must go on.
What a shameful state of affairs! And FIFA talks about "Respect" and the Commonwealth talks about "Democratic Values".
Talk we know is cheap.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

yeah you need fresh blood at USP
and they - the he goat vc and the she goat deputy - need to be booted out of USP.

Anonymous said...

Anon 02:55pm

Can you tell if Biu's ass was deep fried, pan fried, wood fried or oven fried. Also, do tell once all the frying was done, was the ass hard cooked, rare cooked, medium rare cooked or cooked to perfection. Did Biu return to earth after all the frying or is he still rumbling from his high chair. Once he is put behind bars, his ass will be further fried by the prisoners whom he assisted in locking up. Lowlifes like Biu cannot serve his wife to satisfaction and wants to serve the general public. No wonder the police force is full of impotent good for nothing rat bags who are overly obese. The criminals are running circles around them as they are busy wasting public money and sorting their family affairs.

Anonymous said...

what the hell is happening with our heads of tertiary institutes?? FUN Ganesh Chand (tyrant); USP Rajesh Chandra/Esther Williams (old goats and farts); UniFiji Dr Dulare (kanikani/nagonchi); and to top it all, Prof Kamasutra Dr Mahend Kumar (oral sex expert)!! All need a good kick on their collective arses!!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 04:01pm, it probably pan fried at medium rare at the moment. once he is in jail, the other prisoners will ensure it is cooked to perfection. One good turn deserves another. Biu's term at the terror factory is over. Time to rot in hell for sona cici levu Biu Matavou

rajend naidu said...

We read in 'Our Constitution: How much input by people?' (Fiji Sun 18/11) Professor Julian Moti's statement that with regards to the 1990 Constitution " To their credit,the Manueli Committee did not ascribe that constitution's authorship to 'We, the people of Fiji". It would have been absurd for the Manueli Committee to ascribe that constitution to We the people of Fiji because it was a constitution that was arbitrarily imposed on the people of Fiji by the architects of the 1987 military coup after they had arbitrarily trashed the 1970 Independence constitution.
Some would argue that the Bainimarama-Khaiyum Constitution has a not dissimilar character with the difference that it purports to be by "We, the people of Fiji" when it isn't - just like the 1990 Constitution.
Atleast the Manueli Committee was honest and therefore Prof. Moti is right in giving it credit for not making a false attribution.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Pervez Musharraf is to be charged for Treason for his military takeover and abrogation of the country's constitution. Musharraf will now pay for doing the dirty on the people of Pakistan.
Aiyaz Khaiyum should contact Musharraf to find out how feels now without unfettered power and faced with a possible death sentence or life imprisonment.

rajend naidu said...

We learn from Deuche Welle news (18/11) that ex-Geman president Christian Wuff(54) went on trial today accused of violating anti-corruption rules before he became head of state.
He is charged with the lowest-level corruption offence, that of "seeking an advantage" while he was premier of Lower Saxony state. The charge relates to Mr Wuff letting a friend pay his bills for hotel accomodation and meals when he and his wife went to Munich's Oktoberfest beer festival in 2008. The total value of the money involved was only about $800.
It just shows Germany has set such a very high standard of democratic accountability and transparency for its state officials.
I wonder how many of our political leaders and state officials would be facing trial for "seeking an advantage" if we had the same standard of democratic accountability and rule of law?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Dr Chandra Dulare grog swiper ran away to Australia after graduation and still owes USP hundreds of thousands of dollars....
VC Chandra is taking no action against defaulters related to him.

Dr Chandra Dulare on government watch list for defaulting bond said...

Dr Chandra Dulare is a common crook. He is a defaulter. He is yet to pay his USP bond which has been outstanding for years. Dulare goes in and out of the country as he pleases. There is no accountability. He should be put on government's watch list and made to the pay back the money.

Frank Bainimarama said...

Rajesh shut the fuck up you thieving cunt. People are still waiting for their money.

Rajen chodo rea said...

Tappooos city in Lautoka another case wea Pravin Bala n his troop AG/PM and t=others will be investigated after loosing the election.How come this was approved and how much who got in the deal because this was njot even discussed in a public forum or the people of lautoka were not asked for. Also the shirly park approval for P Meghji another one with Bala making his cut. This is why he was punished for the accident and yet he is walking around the west with his head high and still sucking ion to the PM . Actually seems he has done his black magic stunt on the PM and AG thats y they cant see anythng at all and Bala is taking full advantage of the Gujis and making moni the madraji kuta and the indian pimp or dalal his exact description. Wake up Pm sack this bastard parasite or u will lose ur fame which u are already losing for hiring scumbegs like Bala. Investigate the deal in tapoos city cos Bala n Ag hve made heaps here again n wil wont get a bite of it. Also bala murderer u wil not be in peace ur mum n family will suffer ur deeds surely ass n u will suffer too . U fucken already look so old and who wud say u are 48 fucken ass u luk 60 . Also one more thing y does PM hire furguts first Ag / Bala and so many pooftas seems he like himself to be sucked lol

Anonymous said...

The property next to Churchill Park should have been put on tender.How come it was sold to TAPPOO by the LCC outright.I smell a big rat here.Can some one dig up the truth??--
And Meghji makes millions by selling liquor--wonder what SAI BABA thinks about this.--liqour is the cause of so much evil in this world--Meghji is contributing to it by selling liqour-and making his millions.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh you are the man of principle.

You were elected by the people.

Keep your fight against the thugs.

We will vote for you rain or shine.

Anonymous said...

The Republicans did leave the finances in a mess to the Democrats, but the Dems' solution was to double the US debt over night, and they're still piling it on.

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Qatar used slave labour to build its stadium. So what? As USP Sour Grapes noted, all institutions have similar problems. The institution of slavery is no exception. USP is now run by slavemasters for turning out slaves. Nothing else will do for the citizens of the New Fiji.

Amenatave Sote said...

The level of Corruption highlighting nepotism by this illegal Regime is breath-taking. Do Mahogany landowners benefit from Mahogany on their land like EyeArses friend??

Fiji News Watch blogsite has revealed that Faiz Khan is receiving $330,000 as CEO of Tropik Woods. Faiz Khan is a close friend of Khaiyum who as Minister responsible for Public enterprises can appoint whoever he likes at whatever salary he likes. Who knows what dirty work he’s being paid to cover up with his hefty salary? What do the landowners whose land is being used to produce the timber get for their contribution? In Frank’s Fiji, who knows?

Ravi S said...



More revelations of corrupt activities by members of the regime inner circle. Torture Watch has received further information got that the Executive chairman of Tropik Woods Faiz Khan got paid $200,000 in bonus payment.

While Tropik Woods remains in debt for $100 millioKhan walks home with cool salary of $330,000 and a cool bonus of $200,000. The loan has been guaranteed by government and Tropik Woods.

Land owners are being ripped off by the Executive Chair and no one has managed to put a stop to this widespread corruption only because the illegal attorney general is part of this scam. Its also revelaed that the board consist of illegal AG's brother Rear-ass Kaiyum who sits on the board was part of the group approved the bonus.

Where is FICAC in all of this? Well FICAC is only there to persecute the citizens of Fiji and is the personal persecution arm for illegal ag ai-arse.

We the citizens of Fiji ask the illegal Prime Minister the following:

1. What is the basis of bonus determination? 2. The Basis of the board appointee? 3. The basis of the payout? 4. What was Khan's key performance indicators which qualified him for such huge salary and bonus? 5. Under corporate governance how can it be approved with Faiz Khan sitting on Board? 6. Was the payment authorised by the minister in-charge? 7. Is this the ways to run a government and land owners company? 8. Is Fiji Pine group a family business of AG, FK and FBC Ceo

A lot of questions need to be answered. The Minister for Agriculture Inia Seruvatu has to check all this other wise he is answerable to the pine land owners of Fiji. Torture Watch asks the Minister to intervene and answer to the pine land owners if he has any sense of honesty in him.

Torture Watch also requests the land owners to wake up as the regime is ripping them off in a huge way. This sorts of corrupt activities have been widespread since the regime with Bainimimi and Ai-Arse came to power. People of Fiji, do not be fooled with their lies and deception, bullshit budget and smooth talk!!

Anonymous said...

Faiaz Khan gets $330,000.
Landowners get $3,000.
Years of hardwork & then only get $3,000.
Very sad.

Unknown said...

I am with on that Natena boy , how on earth are we Fijians so blind folded in not reading between the lines.we need to understand the importance

Anonymous said...

Fijian landowners should march to Faiaz Khan's office and burn his muslim arse off.

Fijian soldiers at Delainbua are too stupid.
They cant see what's happening.

Corruption , millions of dollars being stolen from fijian people but the useless army just standing there & vutusona.
That's all the soldiers know, eat bread bacon & eggs then vutusona each other.
Meanwhile Aiyaz and Bainimarama selling the phucking country.

Fijian soldiers are not like the old soldiers.
These new ones just know how to do facebook and masturbate all day.
Too much giving the arse to Bainimarama. Thats why they cant see what's happening.

Unknown said...

We have easily forgot the need for a true democratic government and an effective opposition that debates for the budget .

Mataivalu ni solisona said...

Fijian soldiers are clueless idiots.

Half of them wont even understand what "clueless idiot" mean.
They are all phucked in the head.
Even their children are phucked in the head too.
Can any soldier whose child came first in his or her class give us your name so that we can verify it.
Most of them would be first from the bottom of the list.
I guess it doesn't pay to turn a blind eye to corruption, because at the end of the day even your family will pay for your stupidity.

Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh said...

The person instigating religious hatred against Muslims is one Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh, formerly of samabula, now in auckland. A liar who tricked people into voting him in parliament by promising he would serve for free if elected, but went back on his word. rajesh is an opportunist of the highest order. if the regime gives him a post tomorrow, he will accept with open arms. This man has no morals. He is an unintelligent nobody who is forever trying to be somebody. He became an MP by fluke cause the SDL needed an Indian face. There is no bigger sellout than rajesh 'arsehole' singh.

Anonymous said...

ANON@1:29AM...Bhai, no need to be
nasty to a Democratic principled
individual, like Rajesh Singh.
Actually,if I was asked to compare
you to Rajesh i.e what you had
personally accomplished in the
1990s, i would have to say that
Rajesh had you beaten a miles apart!!!
If Rajesh were to come
back and run against you-next year
2014, he'd probably takes all the votes-including mine-no doubt?
I'm sure you're only pissed at this Fijian, because after he offered you his assistant,and got
to the door, what he saw wasn't
too pretty & he quickly turned
around and disappeared? Yeah,you're just pissed-off that
you were unable to manipulate this
particular principled Fijian man?
Yeah, why don't you invite him
to come
back and run against you-i'm
he'd be very pleased????

Anonymous said...

mata va sona anon 01:29am,

Bakulevu, we already know that muslims are the most pathetic race of the world. aiyarse has opened our eyes that muslims are opportunists pigs who cannot be trusted as they will jump ship at the first opportunity. This parade with sonalev u baini and his fuckwids at the military wont last long. when we will get our country back in the hands of people we trust, we will ensure that all you fucking pigs are burned and your marama's maga is rooted to such an extent that you never have the ability to betray other people again. Wait for judgement day as it is not long now.

Anonymous said...

Frank nameused to comment against me .
1.Pls can you justify your bs comments .i urge you to stop making false claims and allegation against me/others.
If you have prove send it to media and c4.5.if not just shut up.
I was in fiji why didnt Ficac/Police charged me bec there is no case and allegation are malice and bs.
I know who you are ..shame on people like you using others name to comment .be a man and use your name .cowards are like pussy.
god bless
Rajesh Singh.

Anonymous said...

Bored with all this Kai Idia personal crap. Rajesh, Rajen blah blah blah.

Isn't there anything better on 4.5 than it being a boxing ring for egomaniacs and losers.

rajend naidu said...

Another good example of "doing the dirty"...
See interview given by former diplomat Richard Broinowski on ABC News 19/11 : Former diplomat criticises 'dismissive response' by Australian Government to spying allegations. Broinowski was very forthright saying the intelligence community has got above itself and we need to have an open discussion on how Australia conducts security matters. Under the existing regime Australia is doing what NSA asks it to do and that is spying on "every man and his dog". That he said was no acceptable and it was not acceptable to then turn around and say we do not discuss matters relating to information gathering.
that kind of response he said was outdated.
People committed to democratic accountability, transparency and good governance in international politics in today's world will agree fully with the former diplomat's candid views and draw inspiration from it to continue their own pro-democracy activism wherever there is a departure from the norms of democratic good governance - Fiji, Australia, America, Britain, Sri Lanka - whereever...
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

when I read what former diplomat Richard Broinowsk said I immediately thought of our diplomats Robin Nair and Sir James Ah Koi. They are clearly made of the same diplomatic mould - they kind of people who speaks their minds freely and honestly.

Manivusi said...

Bala on death drive charge

Felix Chaudhary
Thursday, November 14, 2013

LAUTOKA and Ba special administrator Praveen Bala has been charged with one count of dangerous driving occasioning death.

He appeared before the Lautoka Magistrates Court yesterday before magistrate Peni Dalituicama.

Mr Bala was bailed for the sum of $1500 and will appear again in court on December 3, 2013.

The administrator, who is also responsible for Tavua Town, allegedly hit a 48-year-old man at Teidamu near Lautoka last Thursday.

The man was rushed to the Lautoka Hospital but died three hours later.

Anonymous said...

lol @ 2.12pm

And unfortunately, so very "irresponsibly" as in the case of James Ah koy.

Anonymous said...

Senior police officer charged with antagonism released on bail
Publish date/time: 18/11/2013 [17:05]

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A senior police officer charged with antagonism has been released on bail by the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon.

It is alleged that Biu Matavou swore at a junior officer in Suva on the 24th of August this year.

Charges were read to him today and Matavou’s lawyer informed the court that his client is yet to receive the disclosures.

Magistrate Sufia Hamza released him on $2000 cash bail, ordered him to surrender his travel documents and not to interfere with witnesses.

He will reappear in court this Thursday.

Story by: Watisoni Butabua & Ronal Deo

my family said...

faiz khan is ag kaiyum bro in law...all in the family

rajend naidu said...

We read in the Fiji Sun 19/11 that the final statement from CHOGM 2013 said "Fiji had not done enough to have its suspension from the Commonwealth lifted" and therefore Fiji cannot be reinstated as a "full member of the Commonwealth family".
Perhaps Kamlesh Sharma and the rest of the mob in the Commonwealth has not noticed that the "Commonwealth family" includes a member who the UN has accused of war crimes and where human rights and civil rights are routinely violated.
I wonder how they have managed to grant this same "Commonwealth family" member the right to host CHOGM this year?
It's hard to take seriously the noise coming out of the Commonwealth about its commitment to "democratic values" and "human rights" and all that.
I am no fan of Ratu Inoke Kubuabola who I have previously described here as a key player in the first military coup in Fiji in 1987 but I must admit he has a point when he says the Commonwealth has become "irrelevant".
We have different reasons though for coming to that same view.
rajend naidu

Vilimone said...

Driti is charged with uttering seditious comments and inciting to mutiny.
While appearing as the first prosecution witness, Tagicakibau who is the Director for National Disaster Management revealed that Driti had spoken to him about plans to dissolve the government and to remove the President if he did not agree with the changes.
Tagicakibau said that Driti voiced his concern about the government and stated that he has lost confidence in the Army Commander.
He said that Driti claimed that the Commander has lost the anointment from God based on advice from prayer groups.
Tagicakibau told the court that the plan to remove the government would take place when the Prime Minister takes his trip to Sudan to visit the troops there in late October 2010.
According to him, Driti had claimed that he and Brigadier General Mohammed Aziz would go to the President and seek the dissolution of the current administration.
Pita Driti had allegedly told him that after the dissolution, an interim government made up of SDL was supposed to be set up who will be tasked to take the country to elections.
Tagicakibau revealed to senior prosecution counsel from Hong Kong, Audrey Campbell in court today that Driti had also said that the Great Council of Chiefs and the Methodist Church would be called into the barracks and the military would apologize to them after the planned dissolution.
He also said that there was a plan to include the two bodies in the interim administration.

Tora said...

How come Mohammed Aziz is in the army?

Eroni Matawalu said...

Shit Driti and Ratu Uli Mara wanting to throw the government in 2010. Driti will rot in gaol for his attempt to overthrow the government.

rajend naidu said...

Australia is a full member of the "Commonwealth family". Will the Commonwealth be having a word with Australia for behaving inappropriately (read badly)by spying on Indonesian leaders who are also members of that special family?
Incidentally Australia is also a member of the "UN family" - a member who recently even got appointed to its Security Council. Will the UN sanction Australia's bad behaviour - behaviour not in keeping with the democratic values of the world body?
Rajend Naidu

Agent Vinod said...

Spying is part and parcel of the international order, like trade. Unlike trade, it is not legal. But countries have always spied on each other, and they always will. Friends will spy on friends, foes will spy on foes. Even Australia and NZ have spied on each other! That says it all. It's a tradition. Sanctions, punishments, embarrassments have a temporary effect. Soon after its back to the usual business of spying.

Ulawi Mate said...

@ Eroni Matawalu

I just hope Driti and Ului succeeded in overthrowing the illegal Govt. Would have solved a lot of our current mountain of problems.

There is still hope that soon some inspired soldiers will attempt the same and succeed with the peoples kelp

Anonymous said...

Driti and Ului were part of the mob..but at least Bainimarama stuck to his guns!
Driti cannot be trusted and so he deserves to rot in gaol.
Bainimarama is the lesser of the 2 evils,but he has almost achieved the unachievable - "one man past the post" even though it will surely take a while for some quarters of the community to embrace multiracialism

Anonymous said...

Amenatave Sote @ November 18, 2013 at 11:42:.

Faiz Khan was a failed attorney until his sudden rise to stardom courtesy of ASK. Upon finishing from high school, he studies law at Bond University (same as his sister). His sister, Natasha Khan is a year older than him, so returned earlier and established a law firm in Lautoka (Natasha Khan Associates). Faiz Khan joined after his graduation and was always in Jiji's shadow, who was building a successful career. FK never got anywhere in life as a lawyer,until something happened in Fiji on 5/12/2006. This saw a sudden shine of favor from ASK and since then, Faiz Khan has never looked back.

Incidentally, Natasha Khan is know to all in Rakiraki as a high school prostitute who had slept with almost all her male teachers, and a few taxi drivers. A horny little cunt, it looks like lips in the Feroz Khan (owner of BP bowser in Rakiraki) family are never closed. Whether it's Natasha's vagina or Faiz's mouth - the lips are always around a cock.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.45. Please for Gods sake get your facts right. Muslim or Islam is not a race. It is simply a belief like any other religion in this world. The original converts were Arabs their are Chinese Muslims, Russain Muslims, European Muslims, African Muslims, Indian Muslims and yes i-taukei Muslims. Their are good and bad Muslims just like their are bad Christians and Bad Hindus. People are bad or good. That's the way the world is. Painting every body with the same brush is ludicrous and down right stupid. It is more indicative of ones own short comings then anything else and your reference to raping Muslim women is clearly an indication of the animal you are. I don't know who you are and what religion you practice but i can tell you this with a guarantee that whoever you call God does not condone what you write and say. Their is a common Golden rule in every religion and that is treat others as you want to be treated. I will also guarantee you this when you are dead your actions on this planet is what you will be judged by not how many times you sing your hymns or go to Church or Temple.

Anonymous said...

Too much liumuri in fiji military....ra sona lelevu kecega.

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