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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Third time lucky for Fiji Airways?

Troubled Fiji Airways gets a third flash plane but operations continue to be less than average.

Dave Pflieger may have left the national carrier in haste but his legacy lives on in the number of huge blunders and decisions that has brought Air Pacific trading as Fiji Airways almost to its knees.

As news spread through the local media and trumpeted with much fanfare that we own the 3 Airbus A330s, it has since been revealed that the ridiculously overpriced priced aircraft are on loan from a company called Waqavuka Financing.

News of another big blunder has just surfaced.

Sources within the airline have revealed that our local pilots and engineers were right all along – the Airbuses do not have the ability or capacity to carry passengers and cargo to Los Angeles.

Since Fiji Airways began servicing the Nadi-LAX route, utilizing the AS-330s from August this year, it has also had to push cargo through Air New Zealand.

In fact, business has been so brisk for Air NZ that they have upgraded their aircraft from a Boeing 767 to a B747 aircraft, just to ferry Fiji Airways cargo that cannot be taken on the ‘brand new’ A330s!

The added cost, of course, is borne by our exporters.


BC said...

The definition of stupidity is to keep doing the same thing and expecting a different result.

I guess if 2 planes don't work then lets just dig a deeper hole, by adding another plane.

Congratulations to Nalin Patel for gross stupidity.

Anonymous said...


PM reassures iTaukei through Constitutional provisions

Avinesh Gopal
Wednesday, November 06, 2013

THE 2013 Constitution expressly recognises the iTaukei, says Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama.

He said it also recognised the ownership of iTaukei land and the unique iTaukei culture, customs, traditions and language.

"For the first time, the Constitution and its Bill of Rights provide express protection for the ownership of iTaukei lands, which shall always remain with the customary owners and which shall, under no circumstances, be permanently alienated, whether by sale, grant, transfer or exchange," he said.

"The Constitution goes further to state for the first time in our history that any iTaukei land which is acquired by the State for a particular pubic purpose must revert to the customary owners if that land is no longer required by the State for that specific purpose."

Commodore Bainimarama made the comments while opening the iTaukei Land Trust Board's annual strategic corporation planning workshop at the Warwick Resort yesterday.

He said these provisions in the Constitution would ensure iTaukei land could no longer be converted and sold as freehold land, as was done under the previous governments, without objection from TLTB, in the case of Momi and Denarau.

"Also, for the first time, the owners of customary land and customary fishing grounds are entitled to receive a fair share of royalties with respect to any minerals extracted from their customary land or fishing grounds.

"But we also now have socio-economic rights built into the Constitution which fulfil our objective to mainstream Fijians who are marginalised too."

Anonymous said...

The comment by BC shows a sharp mind not fooled by all the glitter surrounding the new purchase.

Rusco said...

Internationally respected Professor Yash Ghai clearly stated that 2013 Constitution provides no protection to Fijian land rights and he also stated that Bainimarama does not fully understand nor fully familiar with his own constitution.

It does not say that the indigenous land owner will be consulted and agree to the conditions of the leasing of his own land. Land in the Land Bank will be leased or utilised on conditions that do not take into account the desires of the land owners.

So we as land owners will not believe all the lies EyeArse and Bhaini are pontificating.


All of that traditional land that has been sitting pristine for years keeping Fiji beautiful can now be put to use. Plastic factories and heavy polluting industries. Maybe a new shopping mall. Your traditions and ancestral lands are now lost forever.

ANYONE who supports this illegal regime clearly does not know what is going on.

Let me sum up Aiyaz's new constitution. The public acquisition of traditional lands and IMMUNITY for the thieves.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

How much Khayium was paid in kickback in the purchase of the plane!

Anonymous said...

If an election happens which looks doubtful.

i Taukei and Hindus a vote for Bainimarama is a vote to Khayium.

So vote for any party but NOT Bainimarma.

Anonymous said...

Never vote for Bainimarama.

What is the debt for Fiji now?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Tomasi said...

Agree that the future of the Fijians, Indians are rooted in Fiji and absolutely reires all of us to get out of our way and confort zones to know, understand, respect and love each other as brothers and sisters.

Our common enemy is dictatorship. criminals, and forces such as terrorists i.e. Muslim fundamentalism which is raising its ugly head in Fiji through EyeArse and his circle...may not be now showing Muslim fundamentalism colours but they are conduits or stepping stones of Muslim extremism into Fiji.

Kamlesh said...

Yes Muslim fundamentalist and extremism is crawling into Fiji as suggested by that idiotic Muslim mullah who under authority of EyeArse's brother spoke on Radio Fiji against Christianity on Easter this year.

I saw him back on a Muslim TV programme in NZ...he looked rough, spoke like an uneducated waif and escapes me how he could talk to the Fiji public with authority...some boys who live on streets in Suva speak better English

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

by the way who got the tender for Nadi Airport ??? Feroz Jan or Taj Jan this time

Anonymous said...

Whatever the right, this regime constantly does nothing but pay lip service to it, even as it moves systematically to deprive us of it. The land issue will be like all of the others -- constant assurances of respect until the time it's completely under the regime's thumb. After all, Bainimarama is an inveterate liar. The more assurances he gives on a subject, the more likely he will renege on them.

As for the frequent characterisation of Professor Yash Ghai as "internationally respected", that may have been the case when he first came to Fiji, but it shouldn't be the case now. Every Fijian should bear witness to how Ghai foolishly and naively allowed himself to be used as a tool by the illegal dictatorial regime in Suva to feed our people false hope, to mollify our righteous anger, to play for more time as it consolidated its illegal hold on power. Ghai ignored all of the warnings, from Dakuwaqa and others, that his virtue would be demanded of him, but decided to lead what he knew from the beginning was an illegitimate and deeply flawed process. Ghai knew the "constitutional dialogue" was really an unconstitutional monologue, but he lent his reputation to it anyway, even as the regime packed his team with its toadies and pressured Ghai to incorporate amnesty into the draft constitution despite the manifest objection of most of us to its inclusion.

What Ghai did was unconscionable, dishonest, and disreputable. Fie on Ghai!

mark manning said...

Looks like the people supporting the coup, are now having to burden the cost and pass the increased charges on to the end user.
So much for supporting an illegal entity!

Anonymous said...

Another FBC type renovation is looming at Nadi terminal building, remember the $22 million to renovate that building in Carnavon Street [FBC]in Suva?, from $7 million, $12 million, $17 million to $22 million.
There sitting, the house is not even worth $10 million, ask a valuer up the road. FBC conned FDB while the fake getaway relatives are laughing to the bank in NZ, waiting the next time dad falls sick and needs NZ treatment.
Watch out for the Nadi terminal building,the sickness is contagious.
The Fiji taxpayers will pay the bill while the overseas contractors will do the same as the FBC contractors.
Let's hope for the best, and not to fall into another scam which has plagued us for some years.
Just outside the Nadi terminal buildings the Fiji Airways new planes are coming in and out, which appear to be also part of some overseas contractual ownership agreement.
We can build our own terminal buildings, FBC buildings, own our own planes, run our own banks, no need for foreign contractors, as we have had 43 years of experience as a nation.
Remember the localisation policy of the 70s, we are going back to the 50s and 60s for foreign and expatriate help.
That's the coup mentality.

Anonymous said...

The Fijian Military seems to be turning a blind eye to the discrimination of I-Taukei by the kaiyum. I have said this before and am saying this again-Fiji is being taken over by the muslim thugs. On a daily basis, we can see the influx of arabs and fundalmentalists muslims in the burka etc. Kaiyum has got an all muslim contingent lined up in ministries he controls. Very good examples are Saneem, Nur Bano, Nazhat Shameem, Naushad Ali, Sareem and the rest in the justice ministry. He is also selling government properties to muslims(Dairy farm to Tebara Halal Meat) and giving tenders to his muslim brotherhoods in A Jaan's and rest. He is hoodwinking the I-Taukei's into believing that he is loyal to Fiji but is slowly aiding into turning Fiji into a muslim state. The dumb fijian military should wake up and stop him from ruining the future of the I-Taukei's. mahen chodory was a snake but kaiyum is a python.. He is silently commititing a muslim coup under Bainis and the dumb militarys eyes. Wake up and stop the muslims from running their mob in Fiji. Lets work with other races and keep Fiji free from Talibans.

Ramesh said...

Totally agree with the Muslim menace cloud over Fiji.

EyeArses' tiptoe into iTaukei psyche included marrying a Fijian women and wearing sulu.

His management of Islamisation efforts cannot be hidden by the recruiting of Muslims into key posts and even diverting the people's money...Govt funds to his Aunty to pay him. Bhai and other underhand payments he wants hidden from public scrutiny.

But surely some employees in Govt Finance Dept know about the nature of this huge illegal revenue leakage. WE REQUEST THESE CIVIL SERVANTS TO LEAK OUT TO BLOGS WHAT THEY KNOW ABOUT THIS.

we will not vote for Bainimarama and his team

Koolaid said...

Discrimination is no longer creeping back into Fiji Airways, its now full blown in effect. And not by the foreigners either. Since Pflieger left the discriminatory practices he installed are now being enforced by the local managers themselves. And by locals I mean the iTaukei. And arent the natives getting very restless.

Oh what shall we do with a drunken sailor?

Anonymous said...

Peter Bale at Fiji Airways engineering is discriminating staff based on racial lines. He discriminates indo fijian engineers and fires them at will. He sits around and doesnt do a work and claims credit and tries to project good image to his managers by claiming credit for job done by others. He is the son of Q Bale from SDL government and is a known hater of AG Khaiyum. One has to only talk to engineers at Fiji Airways to learn the gross insult he hurls on people based on racial lines.

Mosimalua said...

If indeed Bale is racist, and he should be investigated in normal accepted transparent way, then he should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Peter Bale
Sick and tired of Diwali anyway

Anonymous said...

One would have hoped that Rajend Naidu would have learnt a very simple lesson in his life and that is that if you want to continually criticise and at the same time be abusive and disrespectful about others it has it's consequences.

He is dumb enough to actually believe that this is his right but unfortunately has not yet fathomed out the difference between criticism and abuse.

He simply suffers from small man syndrome and cries like a baby when he does not get what he wants.

Anonymous said...

whats the big deal with Pita Bale...
Everyone called fijians but all prefer not to mix.....its all a charade bullshit....
kai viti still prejudiced against kai india and also other way around......
oil & water will not mix however hard you try

Flaming Sword said...

@ 11.31am

I just wonder when the current fixation on muslims and talibans as the sole cause of Fiji's problems goes out of fashion, who will be next?

As you so rightly began your post: "The Fijian Military..." therein is where it all started and ends... oh but for the love of $$$$$, eh.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It smell fishy about the $22 million spend on FBC.

The value is not $22 million but $2 million.

What is so special about this building!

I had someone who did the fit outs at FBC and at the same time did work at CEO - FBC Khayium's home - FOC.

Wake up Fiji to these thugs Muslims.

A vote Bainimarma is a vote to Khayium.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Rajend Naidu managed to convince the Americans in a one minute face to face interview the sort of character he is.

Most of us only get to make the decision after spending at least two minutes reading his ramblings each day.

Vilimone Natewa said...

Koro chief dismisses claims by UFDF
Publish date/time: 07/11/2013 [16:10]
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A chief from Koro, the Tui Nasau, Ratu Sake Kaunisela Matavesi has dismissed claims made in a statement by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji that the itaukei community of Nasau were being misled by the government.
A statement issued earlier this week by the United Front spokesperson, Mick Beddoes to the media here and abroad and to a number of anti-government blog sites claims that a letter being taken around to support the government and not to have elections was not prepared by the Tui Nasau and anyone in Koro.
The Tui Nasau has today stressed to Fijivillage that he prepared the letter of support to the government and elections not to be held next year.

Vutaki Meo said...

It is not only the indo Fijians are supporting the Bainimara Government it is also well being supported by majority chiefs and people like Sir Jim Ah Koy. eg.
Koro chief dismisses claims by UFDF. Go Baini you will win the election easily.

Ki-Bau said...

PM receiving support from all quarters in Fiji. Oilei Maria.

The iTaukei Land Trust Board (TLTB) has endorsed the Prime Minister’s warning for the TLTB to avoid being politicised.
TLTB general manager Alipate Qetaki said they supported Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama’s sentiments because TLTB was a statutory body and had to focus on its core role as stipulated under the iTaukei Land Trust Act (Cap 134).

Anonymous said...


Koro chief dismisses claims by UFDF
Publish date/time: 07/11/2013 [16:10]

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A chief from Koro, the Tui Nasau, Ratu Sake Kaunisela Matavesi has dismissed claims made in a statement by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji that the itaukei community of Nasau were being misled by the government.

A statement issued earlier this week by the United Front spokesperson, Mick Beddoes to the media here and abroad and to a number of anti-government blog sites claims that a letter being taken around to support the government and not to have elections was not prepared by the Tui Nasau and anyone in Koro.

The Tui Nasau has today stressed to Fijivillage that he prepared the letter of support to the government and elections not to be held next year.

He said he then took it to the people of Nasau.

Ratu Sake Kaunisela Matavesi said he never forced anyone to sign however everyone signed the letter of support except two people.

He said the politicians who are saying that the villagers of Nasau are being misled, are incorrect.

He said they have taken the stand based on the developments in the Nasau area and it is their right if they freely agree to support the government.

The Tui Nasau said the letter of support includes the proposal not to have election in 2014 however he knows that the government has decided to have the elections and they welcome that.

We contacted Mick Beddoes about the statement made by the United Front for a Democratic Fiji which is made up of SODELPA, the Fiji Labour Party, the National Federation Party, the United People's Party and the Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions.

We asked Beddoes to reveal to us where the United Front got information that the government was behind the letter as the Tui Nasau has clearly stated that it was his decision to write the letter of support and seek the support of the people of Nasau.

However the statement released by Beddoes had said that this was an attempt by the government.

The Tui Nasau said this is clearly not the case.

We will have more later this afternoon.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Fiji Media have become regime second wife now.

totolo said...

I think the budget announcement on Friday this week will be an interesting one as the overall national debt is no doubt well above the acceptable margins. So, if Fiji's debts are now higher then its total revenues and "net worth" how will the loan be repaid? I understand that the FNPF has been used as the conduit for managing the debt which indirectly means that you, the taxpayer will be shouldering this for a very long time to come - along with your children and their children.

Aircraft depreciation will set in long before the debt is paid off which would mean that Fiji would eventually be paying a lot of money for "zero value" (on the books) airplanes.

It certainly will be an interesting time for Fiji over the next few years if the revenue generated is insufficient to cover just the interest portion and I'm sure a loan of this size if govt. guaranteed.

Anonymous said...

Worst of all is that the iGov knew of the deficiencies in freight capacity and passenger load especially on the long flights but because they put all their eggs in the plieger basket (or rather sieve) they chose not to admit their failings but rather sugarcoat all the crap to make like all is going swimingly. Epic fail by iGov. Pflieger got all he wanted, using the national airline to gain millions in commissions. Oh and im sure a few in iGov also had their hands greased.

Anonymous said...

Tui Nasau is only a chief of Nasau villaige in Koroi Island Like wise Sir conman Jim Ahkoy. There is only a handfull of people who are talking and aer showing their suppport to the illegal regime but the hundreds of thousands are silent.These are the people who knows the truth and are not moved by the propagandas.They will talk but the illegal regime would not like what they say. That is the very thing Bainimarama is scared of and has prompted him to seek the support of the i taukei to object to the election so he can continue to run the government and fill his pocket and avoid prison Now the regime is forcing Tuinasau to admit that he did draft that letter but the fact is the regime or Bainimatama himself does not want the election to be held because he know that the authority,fame and wealth he has been enjoying in the last 7 years is slipping away from his hand.

Anonymous said...

Native Fijian and Hindus. It time we hold hands forget the bygones and brace eachother to face the illegal muslim based regime that is holding our country at ransom.We can not afford to allow them to continue running our country. There will be no election the indicator is what happened in Nasau Koro Island.We should look at the next cause of action.United we stand and devide we will fall

Anonymous said...

@ Ki-Bau 4.46pm

I'm afraid it's all too little too late for this lot now, they've already outdone their corrupt, manipulative predecessors.

Anonymous said...

To the native Fijians who are holders of high positions in the military.Have you ever pause and think and consider the fate of your own people ?Have yourecon or realise what is happening in the government as all the critical pisitions are taken up my muslims. Kaiyum is throwing his weight arround and he has vision and mission for his own kind but he will succeed because Bainimarama is blinded and mesmerize by the educated muslim elite who are sourrounding him. They are able to do what ever they want because they know that the military is on their side. The military did the coup but the muslims are running the government and slowly turning our country to a muslim state.Our hope is with the military and if the military do not act now than our beloved country Fiji with our race will sink and never surface again so Fiji Military this the Native Fijian SOS Call for survival Please respond.

Anonymous said...

au sa tukuna oti dick tators don't believe in elections, constitutions, democracy,human rights, democratic freedoms, accountability, and transparency and all that.
the only thing they believe in is power - power concentrated in their hands so that they can loot the nationally kitty with impunity.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8.59pm

So how do you want the military top brass to respond to your SOS survival call?

What steps would you expect them to take?

Anonymous said...

@ anon 8.16pm

Sobo... only Native Fijians and Hindus? What about the rest of the Fijian population?

Anonymous said...

premila kumar is again making noise in the papers--but says nothing about jai karan getting a usp job thru the back door--not her area??--well what about her comments on meat ads during diwali !!-and what about her bro's illegal grog sales to consumers !!--c'mon parmila==tell us jai karan ka kare hai.kon karan hai tum chup hai ? karan ke usp me badmasi karan do.

Anonymous said...

Faiz Khan will give the tender to Abdul Khan who will sub tender to Rafiq Khan who will sub tender to Feroz Khan who will sub tender to Mahmood Khan who will sub tender to Altaf Khan who will sub tender to Molana Khan who will sub tender to Barkat Khan who will sub tender Khan Khan & Khan.........get the drift!!!!! AFL money spent wisely!!!!

Anonymous said...

Io boso the two major races are Hindu and Native Fijians. if the two major races are united than other small races will blend in easily.
On the actions to be taken by military. I can not tell them what to do its up to them but to at least evaluate what they have done and the impact to the very people whom they should serve to see equality and not one sided as what is happening now the Native Fijian are being deprived of what is rightly their. their chiefly system of which the regime has abolish the GCC the only Native Fijian institution that at least participate in the appointing of the President the executive authority of Fiji and their tradition and culture otherwise native Fijian are not recognized in their home land.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka boso @ 10.56pm. Hindu is not a race but a religion (Hinduism) although they originate from and are predominant in one continent.

I think we need to spend more time mulling over the "unity issue", I mean really thinking it over deeply so that people don't feel they're only being used to meet certain agendas that may serve only one segment of their society - as dominant as they may be. I'm quite happy to remain on my chuchu train for a wee bit longer. There's no need to rush as things don't feel and sound right to my ears right now.

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Rajend Naidu Bainimarama is following Putins style of running government.Any one who is against is taken to task either physically abused or mentally and physiologically tortured by fabricating case against them and prosecute them and even put them behind bars for very minor misdemeanor or procedural breach.But the big shark who commit the capital offence is swimming freely and trying his best to evade the cage.

Anonymous said...

It is always the case that dictators do not want election because they have tasted power and know how sweet it is to rule and dictate things and most importantly the love money and fame.Once they grab it they will hardly let go.

Anonymous said...

I hope I'm not misinterpreted by saying that the native Fijian race have been deprived of what is rightly theirs, i.e. chiefly system,culture and tradition. This does not mean that native Fijian race is superior then other races. It is the recognition of who they are in their home land to at least be observed and realized. As I said earlier the GCC was the only native Fijian institution that was entrusted with a huge responsibility to appoint the executive authority of Fiji.At least native Fijian were proud that their highest institution the GCC has some say i n the government. so why abolish the GCC.

Anonymous said...

Premilla the people of Fiji is waiting for you to send someone in disguise to find out how Jai Kumar got a job at USP.

Then come on thew T.V.

Do not forgot to show your fingers.

People of Fiji just see her fingers.

It has a witch like look.

Anonymous said...

Rusco comment on 6/11/13 at 6.11pm should be read very clearly by the land owners before any consideration is made to either give or not to give your land to the land bank.It is because once your land is in the land bank you have no say in its lease and utilization. Everything is determined by the government.When you will get it back and how much you get from the lease is the government prerogative.another rip off

Anonymous said...

Vinaka boso for correcting me that Hindu is a religion likewise Muslim is also a religion.however I could see that that there is a separation between these two religions as people who are members of the two religions are of Indian origin or I may say they are Indians. The fracture with the Indian race is caused by the two religions Muslims and Hinduism.To be fair there are Fiji ,Indian ,Muslim,christian and Hindu who are supporting the illegal regime and are vocal likewise majority of those races and religions do not support the coup but are quiet for fear of being victimized by the military and police.We need a very good and strong bandage to wrap the fracture and tie it up properly to hold the two sides together i.e. Fijian and Indians and what ever religion and race you belong to so that we can peacefully derailed and dismantle the illegal regime.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Some people do not understand what they are saying. Tuinasau is being used by the illegal regime as a treffic of their hidden desire to sabotage the 2014 election. nothuing to do with SODLEPA

Anonymous said...

RUM is comming back to Fiji and he will be the feauture leader of Fiji.Wheather you like or not he will certainly be back as a chief and as a leader.

Anonymous said...

Army /Police took oath to uphold the legal 1997 Constitution and support the elected govt not conmen commander and dictator.
Time for army/police to mend it wrong now.

Anonymous said...

Frank have put fiji in huge debt 5 billion plus
SDLgovt had less than 2 billion debt. in 2006.
So which govt was better ? .be the judge.
tax payers and people are suffering cost of living is up wages low.
Time frank resign enough of lies.

Anonymous said...

The new Fiji Airways CEO is saying a lot. His revelation that over the last two years millions have been spent on consultants. And his very poignant statement: If a CEO needs consultants to tell him how to do his work then sack the CEO. David Pfleiger - take note. And Sharon Smith-Johns take note ... if you need Qorvis to tell you how to do your work then you should go!!!

Anonymous said...


Coup 4.5 said...

Luvei Viti Think Tank at VUW: Fiji Sun Steals Noqu Viti from our Luvei Viti Think Tank Forum Name?

Telecom introduces ‘Noqu Viti’ package

Exclusive to public servants

Telecom Fiji Limited has come up with a new and innovative package service dedicated to civil servants.
‘Noqu Viti’ officially launched yesterday at Telecom Fiji’s headquarters in Suva, is seen to recognize Government employees as a gesture of goodwill for their contribution to the development of the country.
The ‘Noqu Viti’ is a iTaukei term for ‘My Fiji’ was launched concurrently with Fiji Day today. The promotions will run until October 31.
The 100 per cent-owned Government company has heavily discounted the services and product available in the package.
Telecom Fiji’s newly-appointed group chief executive, Mothilal De Silva said the package is a revolutionary one that is expected to provide unparalleled service for the targeted market.
“We are creating a community of the fellow worker and they can talk to them freely in an unrestricted manner,” he said.
“We give a lot of benefits and I think as a responsible corporate citizen and this company is a fully-owned Government company we have the responsibility to give something back to the community.”
Company head of Strategy, Marketing & Business Improvement, Sanjay Maharaj said ,the promotions and plan is very competitive in the market for Telecom Fiji so far and even for the other operators.

De Silva’s two-year plan
Meanwhile, Mr De Silva, who was appointed in September, for his post will focus on four strategies to build Telecom Fiji’s services.
These are for:
q Revenue Maximisation
q Cost Optimisation
q Integration of Business Units
q Effective utilisation of existing resources
He said: “What I found is that TFL staff have a lot of capability and determination to do new things. I’m a facilitator, so I will get the maximum use of these people mostly Fijian staff.
“My plan is to focus on a few areas like revenue maximisation and then the cost optimisation and integrating different business units because we have different business units like TFL and connect and others.”
For effective utilisation of resources, Mr De Silva explained that he will use these to its full potential.


Coup 4.5 said...

ILO Governing Body adopts report of the Committee on Freedom of Association

The Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA) draws special attention to three serious and urgent country cases.
Press release | 31 October 2013

GENEVA - The Committee on Freedom of Association (CFA) drew the special attention of the International Labour Organization’s (ILO) Governing Body to the serious and urgent cases of Cambodia, Fiji and the Philippines.

The Committee’s procedures define serious and urgent cases as those involving human life or personal freedom, or new or changing conditions affecting the freedom of action of a trade union movement as a whole. The CFA is a Governing Body committee, composed of an independent chairperson and six representatives each of governments, employers and workers.

The case of Cambodia concerns the murders of three trade union leaders over the last decade and the continuing absence of concrete steps to institute independent investigations into these murders.

In this context, the Committee welcomed the definitive acquittal of two individuals who had been serving sentences for the murder of the trade union leader, Chea Vichea, despite serious irregularities in the judicial proceedings.

Nevertheless, the Committee stressed that it remained the responsibility of the State to promptly institute independent judicial inquiries in order to fully uncover the underlying facts and circumstances surrounding these murders and more recent acts of violence.

The Committee asked the Government to reopen the investigation into the murder of Chea Vichea and to ensure that thorough and independent investigations into the murders of Ros Sovannareth and Hy Vuthy are carried out expeditiously in order to bring an end to the prevailing situation of impunity regarding violence against trade union leaders.

In the case of Fiji, the Committee dealt with allegations of acts of assault, harassment, intimidation, arrest and detention of trade union leaders and members, ongoing interference in internal trade union affairs, undue restrictions on trade union meetings and the issuance of several decrees curtailing trade union rights.

The Committee noted with deep concern the new allegations concerning the Political Parties Decree which bans persons holding office in any workers’ or employers’ organization from membership of a political party or the expression of support for a political party, as well as the allegations of threats and intimidation by the military against trade union members and the arrest of trade unionists for demonstrating against the new Constitution. It urged the Government to provide its observations on this matter without delay.

Taking note of the October 2013 letter from the Prime Minister of Fiji in reply to the ILO Director-General, the Committee strongly regretted that the ILO direct contacts mission has not yet been allowed to return to the country and urged the Government to accept its return without further delay.

Coup 4.5 said...

ILO statement continues:

The case of the Philippines concerns a number of serious allegations made in 2009 relating to restrictions on freedom of association and anti-union policies in the Philippines economic zones, including assaults, threats, intimidation, harassment, blacklisting, criminalization and militarization at a number of enterprises in the zones going back many years.

The Committee observed that some of the specific cases had been resolved in the meantime and requested the Government of the Philippines to continue to keep it informed of the developments and their final resolution.

Finally, the Committee was pleased to note a number of cases in which its recommendations were followed. These include the conclusion of a collective bargaining agreement in Colombia (case no. 2955), the inclusion of discussions on email use as a subject of collective bargaining in Peru (case no. 2910) and the dropping of all criminal charges against the officers of the TMPCWA union in the Philippines (case no. 2652).

These developments were welcomed by the Chairperson of the Committee who encouraged other Governments to continue their efforts to find rapid and effective mechanisms for ensuring greater protection of trade union rights.

BC said...

Now that Air NZ is making the money from the freight that Air Pacific used to make, How come Nalin Patel and the rest of the American motherfuckers did not know this before they ordered the farking planes.




Unknown said...

Nasau Petition

The advantage that someone like Vijay Narayan has as a reporter is that he can use whichever part of an interview he feels will best deliver the news item in the way he wants, which is not always about balance and fairness.

In his introduction to me when requesting an interview, Vijay said that he had to check our claims out in order to give a balanced report [Something the Fiji Media has consistently failed to do despite Schedule 1 - Sec 1, 2 & 21 of the Media decree requiring them to be –impartial-fair-balanced when reporting] he said this was why they had not run the story?

He then proceeded to aggressively pursue the angle that the UFDF had misled the people by trying to accuse the regime of preparing the petition when the Tui Nasau had confirmed he had prepared the document.

Vijay did appear at all interested in establishing the motive behind the Tui Nasau’s decision to prepare such a petition [if indeed he did] and get his people to sign, which aside from demonstrating he and his people’s support for the regime, was a call for the regime to deny the rest of the people of Fiji their right to elect a government of their choosing and instead calling for the continuation of a Military Dictatorship beyond 8 years?

For the UFDF however:-

· The fact that the Tui Nasau confirmed to Vijay there was in fact a petition telling FB not to hold elections in 2014 that his people were asked to sign confirms that our source was credible.

During the interview Vijay also said that in response to our claims the document was likely prepared by the regime, the Tui Nasau said he had a home in Suva with facilities to write the letter for villagers to sign.

· This for us is a 2nd verification that our source was correct in saying the document was not likely prepared in Koro.

The incident took place on September 24th so until we released our statement Vijay and the rest of us would have been none the wiser that such an incident took place.

We have since been informed by our source that 64 signatories to the initial petition, who thought they were signing a request for a seaweed farming project, had their names scratched off the petition. So while the Tui Nasau may be right in saying that all but 2 villagers signed. However as soon as the real intent of the petition was discovered 64 villagers scratched their names off the petition so even if the petition was sent, it was not totally supported by the people of Nasau as Vijay's story implies.

Obviously the people of Koro was unhappy with what took place that they made contact with the UFDF to register their complaints and being satisfied that the complaints were genuine[Vijay's report confirms what our sources said] we issued the statement.

Our source has reinforced their anger through the following comment to us after Vijay Narayan’s news item: - QUOTE

I heard Vijay Narayan's account in Legend FM 5pm news. The statement by Tui Nasau that all except 2 signed is an outrageous lie.
The statement that Tui Nasau explained the letter to the villagers is another outrageous lie. The villagers signed because they were misled that their consent was for seaweed to be grown in their qoliqoli. Which raises the point, has the Tui Nasau any signatures from the Nasau villagers to support his allegations? This is just a con job. Vijay Narayan was very biased in his presentation: UQUOTE

The UFDF stands by our belief that this incident is possibly part of the regime's strategy for the 2014 elections and we encourage our people to be alert and to question the regimes activities at all times.

Mick Beddoes

rajend naidu said...

Just received a message from Human Rights First in New York on its on going efforts to close down Guantanamo.
"... Detainee abuse, imprisonment without charges, unjust military commissions: Gitmo is a frontal assault on American ideals.
We've been fighting to close it since the beginning. We've never stopped, even when the issue was out of the headlines and we won't stop until we succeed.
In this effort we've teamed up with a coalition of retired generals and admirals, who know firsthand that respect for human rights is a national security asset. they were standing with President Obama in 2009 when he promised to shut Gitmo down, they're working to hold him to it. At the same time they're calling on Congress to help him make Gitmo history".
I have forwarded the message and petition to my friends and contacts in the US to join the Human Rights First effort.
I hope some of my fans here on C4.5 don't mind!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Lmao says....Thank you Mick Beddoes for clarifying those issues with Tui Nasau's statement.

What is obvious is there will not be any elections in 2014 and I know you realise this Frank. We all hope there will be elections but what is the point when Fiji is oppressed and subjugated and the outcome if there is one, will be obvious.

Fiji is no longer a Democracy and there is no voice for the people.

The people need to exercise their rights to take freedom back instead of living in fear and suspicion.

Anonymous said...

Lmao says to Mick Beddoes...

It is interesting that most people who initially supported Frank, the likes of Rick Rickman, Prue Rouse and many others have realised they are dealing with another tyran.

Rick has been quite outspoken with his views on Frank lately and in particular Government policies being implemented by Frank and his side kick Khaiyum.

A large number of Indian businessmen have been withdrawing their FNPF completely and moving vast sums of money out of Fiji. They have a contact at FNPF who helps arrange this for them over 24 hours and the kick back goes all the way to the Military.

The state of the economy is obvious and the Hindoos are feeling threatened by the Muslim influence in Government and taking action to safe guard their assets, which is a normal reaction.

Will be an interesting 2014.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.20 AM
you spot on!
there is indeed no democracy in Fiji and the people have no REAL voice.
they are under despotic rule.
That is the reality in Fiji and it matters not a shit that some in the international community have FAILED to recognize this reality.
Two reasons for this FAILURE:
They don't give a fuck about what's happening in a shit country like Fiji. Just a bit of cliched commentary about a return to democracy and then ... this where we come to the second reason ... a return to business as usual in keeping with their own vested interests.
It's really up to the people of Fiji and decent people in the Fijian military and Fijian Police to do the right thing for their country.

Anonymous said...

in Fiji there are 1 village chiefs, 2 village chiefs, 5 village chiefs, provincial chiefs and confed chiefs (ie 1/3 of Fiji).
Tui Nasau and others supporting Frank are 1-3 village chiefs. These are the ones drinking homebrew with frank totally bribed unaware that decisions on their land are now with Parliament (accountable only to party leader and not GCC/ chiefs).
Hope i have enlightened all you morons on 4.5
Merry Christmas
From Peter Forster

Anonymous said...

So, Fiji Airways recorded a loss in the period Pfleiger was the "knight in shining armour". Now, where's Pfleiger? Fligging himself that he's been caught out for his lies? Or has he already paid his consultants in advance from Fiji Air funds to counter what the new CEO is saying? Nalin Patel should hang his head in shame and resign for also lying to the people of Fiji. When you sell some of your assets to cover your losses that type of profit is called "paper profit" - money on paper but nothing in the bank!!!!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Rajen. Keep it up. Fight fire with fire. That's the way you deal to deal with bullies, who are usually spineless cowards, and resort to vulgarities and personal attacks. These are vile creatures who even attack your family. That alone proves that they are scum, and their views are shit. From my reading these bitches are mostly indo-Fijian supporters of the regime - gharphatu keyboard warriors.

Anonymous said...

Vote buying budget 2-8 billion ,robbing from peter to pay paul
tax payers /duty paid by people than given back in vote buying tactics.
free education and pay raise to civil servants.
fiji going in more debt than legal govt in 2006.
god bless fijians

Anonymous said...

No, Rajend, we don't mind, so long as the Gitmo inmates get released into YOUR neighborhood!

Nadera Boi said...

The Prime Minister today announced that the new Airport Departure Tax will be $200 & free Education for next year in all schools...Amazing on how or where we can get the money from to cover the free education & also tourist looking at the highest departure Tax ever in the world $200 bucks..Is this one of Bai's carrot dangling to the mass to vote for him coming election time?? Of course why not borrow money from China or FNPF or push the tariff up more on duties or increase the tax on everything when their is so much poverty now since they took over in 2006!! Suki time for tobacco now..beer & cigarette price going up now..

Anonymous said...

You people who want Frank to resign are deluded. He can't resign because he was never elected in the first place. just force line on everyone, big joke he is. He must just get the Fuck OUT!

Anonymous said...

Amenatavi Malani is threatening in todays Fiji Sun that they working on catching everyone blogging on c4.5.....whats thew technology they using and is that possible? At least here we engaged in free speech as the fiji media is fucked.

Anonymous said...

To claim they have intelligence is an insult to our intelligence! Just wasting tax payers money, the bunch of illegal thieves! Everyone can see it clear as day!!

Anonymous said...

amena malani the dick head is unemployable and spends all day writing letters,,,,,THE FNU RAPIST

rajend naidu said...

wow! I didn't know such brilliant minds were my fans! knowledgeable in Sanskrit and Urdu.
And full time jattus!

Anonymous said...

the jattu with no name in the Baun dialect is tamata vutusona. now go figure out the equivalent in sanskrit and urdu
you ulu kau!

Anonymous said...

How is it that C4.5 doesn't publish my comment about Rajend Naidu, Urdu and Sanskrit, and yet it did publish Naidu's response? How is it that Naidu had a response to something C4.5 didn't publish? Is Naidu now on the staff of C4.5? Has this blog really fallen so low as to hire Rajend Naidu for filler and then to act like the Fiji Sun by airing one side but not the other?

Anonymous said...

anybody got Fiji Airways Annual Report....?

right now there is just good news until creditors come calling...can Fiji Airways confirm if its cash flow can sustain its operations with increased expenses & the huge loan repayments.....

Anonymous said...

the Sanskrit-Urdu idiot should not be given any space here on C4.5 to spread his bemari!!

Anonymous said...

The previous anonymous posting brought to you by the hypocrite Rajend Naidu.

He fully approves of using the same tactics as the Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

Are you surprised? Raj is a totalitarian masquerading as a democrat.

Anonymous said...

Does any one the names of the 4 shareholders of the loot of $46M in commission for the purchase of A330?

Anonymous said...

OMG and the PM thinks that people
will change?
Check it out, Pita Bale is been accused for been nasty to Indo-Fijian only?
Well,well,well and where's Your
I happen to know Pita
Bale since he was a kid and he's
to my estimation, a pretty decent undiscriminatory,happy and very
smart person!!!
He is a qualified Engineer
and is very great in what he does
with his work?
Sound like he FIRED
some under-qualified con artists
with faulty certificates Mechanics etc,etc,?
Thanks Pita you keep doing a great
job and keep all them planes safe in the sky!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:33,

Of all the posts you seem to be the only one coming to the defence of P Bale. That in itself says something. Others that work with and under him obviously feel different. But discriminatory practices at Fiji Airways are not limited to just him. It is rife throughtout the business. Pilots, cabin crew and admin. But as long as government keeps it head in the sand and refuses to acknowledge, and for which it is also largely to blame, then all must be right. Right??


Anonymous said...

Ask any engineer at Fiji Airways. Pita Bale never does any work. Hides and mucks around at work and when the job is completed by hard working engineers he rushes to his bosses and claims credit. His managers need to monitor him and then they will know what we are talking about. He doesnt even deserve the pay because he doesnt do any work and rides on the back of his colleagues and subordinates. You question him and you are fired. He is the reminiscence of his father!

Just saying said...

So we now know from local media that Fiji Airways is stuffed thanks to past management of Pflieger.

Managing director and CEO Stefan Pichler has revealed flight delays and cancellations had cost the national carrier about $3million (US$1.6 million) for the months of May, June and July this year.

The airline, however, managed to stem the losses by appointing an internal taskforce focused on strategies to reduce costs and improve on an area that drew widespread public criticism.

Unlike his predecessor, Pichler does not believe in the hiring of consultants who he says drained the airline of millions of dollars over the past few years.

He emphasised the need for locals to be consulted and groomed for top jobs at Fiji Airways.

The recently appointed airline boss said a special internal taskforce set up to address flight issues had improved on-time performance from 50 per cent in May to July to 91 per cent in September — and more than 91 per cent last month.

“If you have on-time performance of 50 per cent, you have costs of up to $1m per month in re-accommodation and other costs. So if you perform on time, these costs go away,” Pichler said.

He explained the on-time issues faced by the national carrier were largely because of teething problems.

“We got new aircraft and did not have enough qualified pilots and things were not ready on the ground.

“The internal taskforce team has found 40 different causes for this low on-time performance and is working on all of them and we hope to finish this by the end of the year.”

He said he did not support the practice of hiring high-priced consultants.

“In the last couple of years millions and millions of dollars have been spent on all kinds of consultants — legal consultants and business consultants — and I am not a supporter of that. I think we need a strong manager and a strong manager is strong because he knows how to do his job. If the manager needs a consultant to tell him how to do his job, fire the manager.”

Pichler said the acquisition of three state-of-the-art Airbus A330 aircraft, the last of which arrived yesterday, marked a new chapter in Fiji Airways' history.

Meanwhile, Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) will provide the $75million (US$40.8 million) funding for the Nadi International Airport modernisation project.

This was confirmed by AFL chairman Faiz Khan during the groundbreaking ceremony of the refurbishments at the airport Wednesday. : Fiji Business but same story was everywhere in local media.

Anonymous said...

These comments re Pflieger's legacy should be directed to Silver Airways, at:


Burntheconstitution said...

WE had taken away the Boeing 747 and add 3 much smaller plane..our export will be slow because these 3 planes combine is no match for a Boeing 747 capacity.

Anonymous said...

There is so much fantasy on this site it's unbelievable. Bring on the election? Yes but it will be a landslide. In favour of "Bai". You idiots have no idea. If you were in Fiji you would realise that the Government is going to win next year by an overwhelming majority. Why don't you all take a reality check and do something worthwhile? Like drop dead.

rajend naidu said...

We read in the Fiji Sun Editorial (12/11) by West Editor Jyoti Pratibha that a platform at a new Nadi restuarant collapsed " from the combined weight of those who were attending [a special]function" there. Must have been some real heavy weights attending that function!
But it's a good thing not too many were seriously injured.
Now Jyoti Pratibha wants a full investigation into the incident to "unearth the truth and answer questions" people have.
I didn't know she was that committed about getting to the truth and having questions answered.
She is not known for applying those same journalistic standards to questions regarding the Bainimarama regime.
Is she?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@ Rajend Naidu

No, she isn't. Though it may just put the brakes on her fast-fading credibility as an editor of the regime's news rag if she would follow through that story to its bitter end, leaving no stone unturned.

Who knows where it might lead her - with the many instances of building construction standards being compromised and $$$ xchanging hands. Perhaps all the way 'up the ladder' to where her journo-antennas ought to have been beamed in the first place!

As Elvis Presley croons:

"Truth is like the sun.
You can shut it out for a time,
But it ain’t goin’ away.”

Lynch Mob said...

Thanks, Rajend, for writing about Fiji this time.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.56
Barachod ,,,,u say Bai will win from your superficial observations....
kai viti are misleading him with their rsepct culture....
watch what they do in elections ,,,,drink grog, laugh , say nice words etc ,,,but watch them block vote against Bai Kaiyum.....
inside they hate these bastards but happy with the goodies.....
barachod - u need to look behind the smiles and ceremonies to understand but u cant becos ur a arse leaking barachod

rajend naidu said...

The Fiji Times has today published four pro- Bainimarama budget letters titled Awesome budget,PM for the poor,Good budget and Investment (FT 13/11).
These writers of course have the democratic right (even in a dictatorship, or perhaps more so in a dictatorship) to write in their support for the dictator's budget.
I wonder if in terms of journalistic balance the Fiji Times received any letters critical of the Budget. Perhaps they didn't because critics of the regime know it is a waste of time submitting them to the local newspapers.
Only one letter writer Abel Nand of Lautoka cast a more reflective mind on what he called an "ambitious" budget and he hoped the budget "walked the talk".
Time of course will tell whether it does.
rajend naidu

rajend naidu said...

The Fiji Sun too has published 4 pro-regime budget letters in its 12/11 edition.What a coincidence! one is even titled 'Champ PM'!
This of course is not propaganda; only independent,balanced journalism- the kind one associates with a regime mouthpiece newspaper!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Perhaps it was a typo and was supposed to read "Chump PM".

rajend naidu said...

Dami-Im won the Australian X Factor 2013. She came to Australian from Korea when she was a young girl.
She was VOTED the Champ by the people. She is a true People's champ.
She can be proud of that.
And the people can be proud of her.
I am proud of her. I voted for her.
I hope my fans on C4.5 don't mind my saying so !
I hope too people on C4.5 would be able to see the difference between this authentic champ and that other Fiji Sun manufactured "Champ"!
Rajend Naidu

Rajend Fan said...

but rajend, I thought you were the only champ. You must be, you should have entered Aus X Factor, you have the X factor.

rambo said...

From a source in Investment Fiji. More foreign owned companies are closing shop and moving businesses and operations away from Fiji than foreign investment coming into Fiji. But alas we will never hear this truth from IF.

Anonymous said...

Does any one the names of the 4 shareholders of the loot of $46M in commission for the purchase of A330?

Anonymous said...

Does any one know the names of the 4 shareholders of the loot of $46M in commission for the purchase of A330?

Anonymous said...

anon 2.01 PM 13/11
some people flatter themselves by thinking they think

Anonymous said...

yep, they should do themselves a favour and stay away from thinking. that activity can damage their thinking apparatus!
by causing a circuit overload!!

Anonymous said...

Anon@ 1:56pm...i am one of the
people you're looking for, but
although i'm flithy rich but sorry
can't give you my name?
Good luck for your search, all is
just an investment?

Anonymous said...

Where did the number of 46 million come from?

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:38 and 4:08 are quite right. Just look at Rajend Naidu -- a case in point!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10:08 PM It seems you may have another figure. So what is your figure if you doubt $46m

Anonymous said...

Anon1008, its not that I doubt the 46mil figure, hadnt heard a figure before and was just wondering where it came from and its accuracy.

Anonymous said...

Still nothing more on the 46mil figures??

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Pita (Bale), detractors must not derail you. Why, i just can't understand, has Pita's old man QB been brought into this saga? Reeks of jealousy.

Anonymous said...

it's all god's fault that Fiji got such a humiliating beating by Australia. where was He loafing around when Fiji was playing? why wasn't He sitting with the Fiji supporters and showering the god loving Fiji team with good luck?
very bad for god to abandon the Fiji team in that way.

Anonymous said...

I heard $30million in "gratuity" by Airbus to Pflieger, AG, PM, Nalin Patel

Anonymous said...

"A rose by any other name would smell as sweet". Nalin is a blight on the board of Fiji Airways. We know about the deficiency in integrity in VRB, ASK and DP. Add Nalin to that. Unfortunately Fiji Airways and New boss now have to dig themselves out of the crap these guys put them in. Rigamoto