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Monday, December 30, 2013

Bano Ali Sydney apartment sells for close to $3 million

Regime spoils: Nur Bano Ali's sold Sydney apartment
They've refused to open the books and show what they're paying themselves but every now and then information comes along that reveals the excesses they're indulging in.

This Sydney apartment was bought several years ago by one of those handling the purse strings for the military dictatorship, Nur Bano Ali.

It sold four months ago for $AUS2,885,000.

Greenbacks thanks to links to regime.
Nur Bano Ali is of course the aunt of the illegal attorney general and it's her accounting company that handles the secret salaries of the illegal government and its ministers.

It's work that no doubt sees her pocketing a handsome commission, allowing her to buy top property outside of Fiji.

It's not known how much she paid for Level 12, 155 Kent Street at Millers Point but the luxury apartment is estimated to have set her back at least $2 million.

The Georgia is in prime Sydney location and was marketed in the real estate blurb as 'one of the city's most exclusive buildings.' 

In the money: Nur Bano Ali cashes out.
It has three bedrooms, three bathrooms, two parking spaces and boasts views of the Sydney Harbour, the Sydney Opera House, and is just moments from Observatory Hill, King Street Wharf and the Rocks.


Anonymous said...

Great this Coup Government and its thugs are just ripping into the Fijian people ,What'!' are you all to Lazy and stupid to let all these Thugs just take what they want and you let them.Wake up and make a stand its your Fiji and its your lives .
Frank knows how to play the Game and most Fijians dont . You all need to wake up to this Regime as he will fall and it will be the Indians that do it not the Fijians . Fijians you talk about its Fiji .Well stand up and show the world you care . Or just go on drinking your Kava and stop crying or Stand your ground with pride and crush this Foolish Regime .Wake up Army and protect your home land from this Regime.

Anonymous said...

Sa kua soti na mataboka! To all military personnel please open your eyes and see whats happening around you. You're all being misled by a dictator who is selfishly using each and everyone of you to safeguard his own survival. Voreqe doesn't have the power you all do and you can take it away from him! He is depending on you to prop-up and safeguard his own interest and that of the regime!Na levu ni nona lecaika sa da vakaloloma tu kina. Sa sau levu na kakana kei na i sau ni ka kecega, sa ra viavia levu mai na tamata, sa rere na lewa ni vanua na vosa cake....na cava mada sa yacovi keda! Hitler did the same thing to subdue his opposition and to garner the support of the people and in the end the destruction of Germany! Isa ni lomani Viti mada!

Anonymous said...

A single push is all it will take. And after it's taken, a lot of people will lead the rest of their lives ashamed for having waited so long to do something for Fiji and their children that would prove so simple.

TURUKAWA said...

Now as Bainimarmas shit is started to crumble,AG aunty is already selling up assets she had gain illegally not to be caught when a new elected govt is running in 2014..Bainimimarama will loose this election.

Just watch those labour party to join Bainimarama team..Sotia ulualala ni yadra mai,cava tale me tukuni vei kemuni??? come on bring in the election Bai!! You should have listen to ur military council & Pita driti qai follow Kaitum to Naboro..Ulukau!!

Anonymous said...

Your military council is a load of shit and craps. They have no idea what Aunty Nur Bano ALi and the rest of the gang are upto.Wake up Fijians and do something about the rot before its too late. Organise protests and block these guys leaving and coming back freely as and when it pleases; Most of the big deals are done offshore...

Julab Dean said...

These must be Rajend Chaudhry's apartments from the money from Haryana.

Namoto said...

This is pure and naked corruption. This illegal Govt is saturated with frauds, criminality and every vice within reach of dictatorship.

This fraud must be investigated post democracy reinstatement and must be done with assistance of the Australian Govt as part of anticriminal fund transfer.

We have been shafted in all directions by this illegal Govt.

Colour of furnishings is Muslim colour..GREEN.. and testifies the increasing muslimisation of Fiji..we traditional FFijians must take appropriate actions to resolve and eradicate the scourge in Muslim ingress into Fiji, our country

Anonymous said...

Ficac can you investigate this case of Bano /Khaiyum/Bai .
Did bano paid tax in fiji for the profit she made .
Time ficac proves fiji public that its neutral or just another khaiyum kiss foot staffs.
Corruption at highest level.this must be khaiyum apartment under aunty bano names.thats why he was sydney to bank his loot .
Why people pointing fingers at pm qarase amnd sdl when we didnt loot any tax payers funds.
god bless fijian to open the eyes.

mark manning said...

Assuming the purchase was made with the proceeds of the criminal act of High Treason, it could also effectively, given the Regime's history of torture and murder, be described as "Blood Money"!

Anonymous said...

We read in Fred Wesley the Fiji Times chief editor's new year eve commentary (FT 31/12)that the police have warned that "anyone [meaning of course the members of the public]planning to take the law into their own hands will be dealt with".
Perhaps the police need reminding that they have not yet dealt with the mob who took the law into their own hands and grabbed power 7 years ago !
But we all know its easier for the police to warn and threaten the unarmed civilian population then to take on the armed military thugs who provide the gun power to sustain the rule of the usurpers.

mark manning said...

I hope that all criminal acts, not only Treason, Torture and Murder, are pursued by Fiji Authorities, long after the Regime has gone.
We need to ensure, as have the Jews of World War 11, that everyone who committed the slightest of criminal acts against the Sate of fiji, is brought to justice, long after this coup d'etat has collapsed.
No-one, and i mean not even chiefs, should be allowed to escape the long arm of the Law this time.
It's been 68 years since WW11 finished, and still the State of Israel pursues the criminals responsible for the persecution of its people of that time.
The Fiji Government, once Democracy is restored, "must" establish a Legitimate Body comprising of Independent and Impartial Lawyers, Police and Justices, whose sole purpose is the detection, arrest and prosecution of all responsible.
But for now, somebody can begin establishing this body, hand picking those likely best to implement the concept without fear or favour and others should begin to record all atrocities and those suspected of being responsible for them.
Not one person, no matter how trivial or serious their crime, should be allowed this time, to escape the net of Justice.
Anything less will be a blight on Fijian Democracy and Freedom, the Constitution and the Rule of Law and The People of Fiji.
The Australian concept of confiscating the proceeds of crime, should also be implemented against all responsible and who have gained financially from this coup, including assets sold, given or gifted to relatives and others, both close and distant.
Those who have suffered, deserve nothing less.

Anonymous said...

it's amazing how people from third world banana republics can come and buy expensive up market properties in Sydney - one of the most expensive cities in the world.
how do they manage to amass such wealth?
that is the big question.
Is it the product of honest labor?
Or, is it the ill-gotten gains of the kind of wheeling and dealing one associates with Gunnar Myrdal's "soft states" which have too little accountability and TOO MUCH corruption?
your guess on this is as good as mine.

Anonymous said...

She's smart to sell the apartment now, because once Fiji has a legal government again, the Aussies will immediately accede to Suva's request to impound all regime assets. This means the apartment would be sold off by the Aussie government as criminal proceeds from racketeering. The sale proceeds would then be used for compensating claims against the regime.

Fark Fanning said...

@mark manning

Poor Mark. Still refusing to acknowledge Israel's crimes. Read up, dude.

The increasingly pariah status of Israel is obvious. Just recently, the American Studies Association voted overwhelmingly to boycott academic meetings in Israel despite heated objections from the usual suspects, among them Abraham Foxman and Larry Summers. The fraying of support for Israel in the academic world is an important indicator that elite opinion is turning against the Jewish state.

Also noteworthy is the recent Counterpunch interview with Roger Water, of Pink Floyd, where Waters states “The situation in Israel/ Palestine, with the occupation, the ethnic cleansing and the systematic racist apartheid Israeli regime is un acceptable. So for an artist to go and play in a country that occupies other people’s land and oppresses them the way Israel does, is plain wrong.” Waters also calls attention to the intimidating power of the Israel Lobby and its influence in the U.S. media.

The Israel Lobby has also suffered some serious setbacks, both on Syria and Iran. (I am proud that my article on Syria drew the ire of the ADL.) The Obama administration has resisted the most extreme calls for war by the Israel Lobby (bombing Iran), and popular opinion was dead set against bombing Syria, despite the desires of the Obama administration, despite the support of much of the mass media, and despite the strong support of the Israel Lobby.


Fark Fanning said...

@mark manning

Poor Mark Manning. Still doesn't know that NAZISM (WHICH HE DECRIES) AND JUDAISM are Mirror-Image Group Strategies.....

From Chapter 5, National Socialism as an Anti-Jewish Group Evolutionary Strategy: There is an eerie sense in which National Socialist ideology was a mirror image of traditional Jewish ideology. As in the case of Judaism, there was a strong emphasis on racial purity and on the primacy of group ethnic interests rather than individual interests. Like the Jews, the National Socialists were greatly concerned with eugenics. Like the Jews, there was a powerful concern with socializing group members into accepting group goals and with the importance of within-group altruism and cooperation in attaining these goals. The National Socialists enacted a broad range of measures against Jews as a group, including laws against intermarriage and sexual contact, as well as laws preventing socialization between groups and restricting the economic and political opportunities of Jews. These laws were analogous to the elaborate social controls within the Jewish community to prevent social contact with gentiles and to produce high levels of economic and political cooperation. As in the society depicted in the Tanakh and throughout Jewish history, the National Socialists regarded people who could not prove the genetic purity of their ancestry as aliens with fewer rights than Germans, with the result that the position of Jews in National Socialist society was analogous to the position of the Nethinim or the Samaritans in ancient Israelite society, or converts in historical Jewish societies, or the Palestinians in contemporary Israel. As with Israel, the state had become the embodiment of an exclusivist ethnic group. — Kevin MacDonald, "Separation and Its Discontents: Toward an Evolutionary Theory of Anti-Semitism." Westport, Conn.: Praeger Publishers, 1998.




Anonymous said...

If this story article is TRUE, then FRCA should take its share of the profits in taxes. Poofter CEO TickTick Tok should put his money where is mouth is ( or his arse)and go for the Regime supporters who owes the people of Fiji Taxes. But then I will not be surprise he will not and continue to target small businesses due to desperation.

Anonymous said...

FRCA Next is C.J Patel and their greedy family lead by Sandeep. When a new Government gets in; all the friends of ASK and VB should be audited by international auditors.
If they break any laws; the directors and owners should do the time in Naboro like Motibhai.
This will discourage Businesses to engage with Dictators and their hooligans.

rajend naidu said...

We read in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun that a Chinese couple has been caught trying to bring in a large sum of foreign money without declaring it to the Immigration authorities.
There are 13 other similar cases.
Why such a large number of such cases at this time in Fiji?
Who are these people coming to Fiji with such big money?
Why has Fiji become an attractive destination?
Does it have anything to do with the fact that Fiji is currently a coup country?
One can't help but wonder how many have got through without being detected?
Are these the people walking around in Fiji with briefcases full of cash trying to buy properties?
Are they the reason property prices have sky rocketed in Fiji?
rajend naidu

BC said...

Where is that stupid woman from anyway? The one that is running FRCA.
She's a dickhead.
And the rest of the Fijians and Indians working there are BRAINLESS IDIOTS.

If Bainimarama says that Nur Bano did not do anything wrong, then FRCA wont investigate it.
That's why I call them BRAINLESS IDIOTS.
They cant think for themselves. They are worse than kindagarten babies.

Just like the rest of the Fijian soldiers in Delainabua.
If Bainimarama says Its Right, then to them it is Right.
Even when they know that what is happening is wrong.

Ira na Sotia ni solisona sa qesa tu nodra qavokavoka. Sa sega na brain cells,. Sa tu ga na ulo kei na ukomu ena qavokavoka tawa yaga era tu ya.
Sa levu ga nodra vutulaki tiko kei na veitono i cici ra kitaka tiko vasigalevu. Koya sa mai lala tu kina nodra qavokavoka.

mark manning said...

A nice way to close 2013 :- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nf0vJiyeLIo

Anonymous said...

iTaukei working hard, sweating , planting the cassava n dalo. Indofijian planting the sugarcane and this Nur Bano stealing their money.
I thought one village in Tabia Labasa looking for money and complaining in the Fiji Sun wanting a water-dam.
Harrre yarrr, where you gonna get the paisa from?
Fiji govt no more money.
I wonder where it went.

Francis Kean said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Francis Kean AKA Frank Bainimarama. Just one word you are the optimum of what a human being should not be. I really think when Satan was taking a shit he popped you out.Go back to the hell you came from. Fiji is no reflection of the kind of vile person you are. May the flees of a thousand camels in heat infect your groins and your armpits.

On the issue of FIRCA. Jitoco and his goons like to pick on honest hard working people and fleece them of all they have. He is very good at penalizing honest hard working people. I run a small business and always try and do the right thing by paying all my dues to government but the goons always find another new way of taking more.

paula raqeukai said...


Is it possible to get the official copy of this sale transaction from Australia or the Sydney City Council to verify this sale deed?....am interest in getting the facts of the sales data because it would contain lots of info such as:

1. date and amount of sale;
2. parties involved in this sales deed;
3. previous owner (s) of the subject strata unit;
4. current capital valuation of the strata unit by the SCC;
5. Capital transfer tax % by SCC;
6. Sales tax % to the Australian govt

if she bought the property before 5/12/2006, then I think there is none of our business to inquiry about this sale deed....

Anonymous said...

Poor Fark Fanning. Not only an apologist for Frank Bainimarama but for Adolf Hitler also. How proud your mother must be!

While you were reading and forwarding anti-Semitic literature, I read the following in Geopolitical Weekly by George Friedman. He might not be a rock guitarist, but he is one of the most well-known strategic thinkers in the world today. His piece titled "Israel's New Strategic Position" was published by Stratfor just a few days ago:

"Israel's current strategic position is excellent. After two years of stress, its peace treaty with Egypt remains in place. Syria is in a state of civil war that remains insoluble. Some sort of terrorist threat might originate there, but no strategic threat is possible. In Lebanon, Hezbollah does not seem inclined to wage another war with Israel, and while the group's missile capacity has grown, Israel appears able to contain the threat they pose without creating a strategic threat to Israeli national interests. The Jordanian regime, which is aligned with Israel, probably will withstand the pressure put on it by its political opponents.

"In other words, the situation that has existed since the Camp David Accords were signed remains in place. Israel's frontiers are secure from conventional military attack. In addition, the Palestinians are divided among themselves, and while ineffective, intermittent rocket attacks from Gaza are likely, there is no Intifada underway in the West Bank."

Sorry to rain on your goose-step, but far from becoming more of a pariah, Israel is in a stronger position than ever. And it isn't going away.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Blog Administrator, and good riddance to "Francis Kean". This is a blogsite, not a latrine.

Coup 4.5 said...

@paula raqeukai. the property was bought about two years ago

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mark mannings conscience said...

mark manning should stop misinterpreting articles he plagiarizes from various Internet sources and try to come up with something original.

A little knowledge is a dangerous thing but in mannings case, a little knowledge is as useless as his existence.

Anonymous said...

Frank/Khaiyum and Elite Muslims cleaning very well tax payers dollars bunch of crooks.

Vilimoni Natewa said...

PM - The man of the Year.
The Fiji Sun has chosen Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as Fiji’s Person of the Year. And how could anyone else even be considered?
It follows a remarkable year of gains, successes and recognition for the PM at local, regional and international level.
This was without doubt the Year of our Prime Minister. It underscored all he is doing leading his Government in building a new and better Fiji. A Fiji where all are equal and governance is truly democratic.

Locally one of Commodore Bainimarama’s highest priorities as Prime Minister was to ensure that the Government delivers services to its citizens efficiently, equitably, and enthusiastically.
Better transport (such as the roads), education, health services, and power and water supplies are amongst his priorities.
The long list of service delivery successes this year is truly helping build a better nation. Nowhere was this better illustrated than in the dramatic free education reforms. These are designed to give all our young people a chance to grow in a smarter Fiji.
Everything in fact the Prime Minister did was designed to be in best interests of Fijians and to give them a lift up in life.
He was same time very much a Prime Minister of the People, travelling constantly, especially in the rural areas, He met the people and listened to them and their concerns in his “talanoa” sessions. Then he made sure there was follow up.
Rural people – so long used and then neglected by politicians of the past – responded. Some called for Commodore Bainimarama to just stay in power and not hold elections in the year ahead.
But that is not going to happen. Those elections are something the Prime Minister is also determined to deliver in 2014 – as promised.
The Constitution is in place. Voter registration is a continuing success. Structures are steadily taking shape. Even the most diehard of doubters in the international community are now believing.

Anonymous said...

@ Vili N... Tabetabe... sona levu, you comment is full of CRAP @ BS..
Hope U have a slow @ painful death...

Fark Fanning said...

@ Fark Fanning

I've posted a number of posts under the assumed name of Fark Fanning.

You, sir, are an imposter posting under my pen name.

The original Fark Fanning

Kai Nakelo said...

Sa sivia na butako !!

Sab sale chor hai

Bunch of thieves, how do they live with themselves ???

So many poor people in Fiji, yet these thieves only enriching themselves.

Nadera Boi said...

Contact for Aiy-arse.
Let them know how you feel...

Suva Address:
7th Floor, Suvavou House,
Victoria Parade
Suva, Fiji Islands
Telephone: +679 330 9866
Facsimile: +679 330 5421

Postal Address: P.O. Box 2213,
Government Buildings,
Suva, Fiji Islands

Anonymous said...

To all Kaiviti!

Guys! this exemplifies an Indian way of life...we shouldn't blame them...paisa all the way..whether by hook or the obvious (crook)...it is a norm.

Anonymous said...

The regime propaganda paper the Fiji Sun has picked the self-appointed Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama as Fiji Person of the Year.
Is anyone surprised by Fiji Sun's pick?
The Fiji Sun has been branded the regime newsletter not without reason.

Anonymous said...

@Vilimoni Natewa
you sure it's the Fiji Sun pick or is that something that has come from the Ministry of Information?!!

Anonymous said...

it is a common characteristic of tinpot dictators to accumulate a lot of fancy titles and awards and medals. some they give to themselves and others are given by their sycophantic supporters.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has already built a "better Fiji" where everyone is "equal"(even if the gang in the military are a little bit more equal).It's just a matter of time before he starts turning water into wine and the Fijian people will all become giddy with good wine and blissful joy. the Fiji Sun has already spotted him walking on water but they are keeping that top secret until the Ministry of Information gives the all clear.
Fiji's saviour has arrived . Everyone in Fiji can rejoice!

Anonymous said...

Someone should get the details of purchase and sale to verify the owners of the property?

When the property was bought?

Can Reserve Bank of Fiji investigate where this funds came for the purchase?

Vilimoni Natewa said...

As my boss (the PM) says "Show me the evidence." By writing a story and showing pictures doesn't mean Nur Bano has apartments in Sydney. Show us the legal evidence. By the way happy new year to all including SODELPA Nationalists.

Anonymous said...

..The ordinary Fijian`s new year message to Voreqe Bainiyalewa or Bainimaga or whatever...

How many bottles will you down tonight to celebrate your achievemens in 2013 ?.....
remember the Babylonian king Nabuchadnezar and the hand that wrote on the walls of his ballroom....MENE!!MENE11 TEKHEL!! UFARSIN!!..`You have been weighed and have been found to be wanting` !!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is Fiji Sun's Man of the Year.

Hitler was once Time Magazine's Man of the Year.

The difference is that Time Magazine had a choice in the matter.

Anonymous said...

"Mark Manning's Conscience" should try a little knowledge himself. Or does he get all his "wisdom" from Pink Floyd?

Anonymous said...

Fuggedabuttit.Those farkin numbnuts in green will keep praising the baiyums while they live off bread crumbs falling off their table. Kaiviti dogs.

Vutuki Bolatiki said...

Koksarker of the year goes to MAIKA BOLATIKI

Anonymous said...

To all Kaiviti 5.43pm,

what exemplifies an Fijian way of life...look for easy money and good life without working or saving for it? drink grog all night and sleep all day and expect money to fall from sky? Stand around town wearing 3/4 shorts and choke people money? Or break into homes and shops and steal what other people have built or worked hard for?

Anonymous said...

or loot governments coffers in the name of removing corruption @ 8:52

Anonymous said...

i taukei keep drinking kava and the Muslims are everywhere making money.

Anonymous said...

Bolatiki mata vaka-i-cici ni koli se qai veka oti !!! happy new year my tau !! hi !! hi!! hi !! hi!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mark manning said...

@ anon 737 p.m.
I don't profess to know too much, I just read the blogs and speak to friends and dignitaries like everyone else and formulate my own opinions based on a reasonable intellect and my own perceptions of what I think might be occurring.
But one need look no further than ancient and even more recent history and the Rule of Law to know that any coup is illegal, that no Army is meant to rule, but obey, and that corruption is rife in every Country the Regime has engaged with. Sri Lanka, reeking of corruption and whose Leader potentially faces one day, The International Court of Justice for Human Rights abuses and a murderous Regime against the Tamils, India, though the World's most populace Democracy, also reeking of corruption and probably the most racist Country on Earth, New Guinea whose present Leader's honesty and past practises have been brought into question and whose previous Leaders now face possible jail time, if anyone there has the balls to pursue them and their corrupt behaviour and the blind obvious, that a coup d'etat is illegal in any language and Country.
My wisdom comes from common sense and a proper upbringing, I don't have crystal Balls, no, just looked and it's definitely a scrotum and 2 testicles!
I'm guessing that's one more than the Soldiers in the RFMF have!

mark manning said...

And of course, The People's Republic of China, also reeking of corruption and as in Fiji a self imposed and not an elected Regime of thugs and murderers who are prepared to rape every country around the world in the guise of Free Trade with the World.
The expression, "birds of a feather, flock together", comes to mind.

mark manning said...

I have to say I'm surprised Frank hasn't yet employed the Syrian Regime to take care of Fiji's internal affairs, as it seems, it may have done with China and India!
Spying on your own people using other countries to do your dirty work, is typical of this Regime.
I'd be interested to see if Aiyaz has increased his Security detail!

Anonymous said...

why is Maika Bolatiki the editor of the Fiji Sun being given so many unflattering names?
is it because there is a clear perception that he is a regime lackey?
he has in that case earned the various titles he is being given - including that of a ...

Nagatalevu said...

citizens of Fiji must no worry too much as GOD is watching everything. we need to pray harder for justice . current government will account for resources under their rule.

have patience and be loyal to GOD

Nur Bano said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

ki vei kemuni kece nai Taukei kei Viti mo ni namuna tiko na yaca oqo Maika Bolatiki kei na nona matavuvale... The one & only the great Judas Iscariot who betray his own friends & families for a few piece of CRAP..

Anonymous said...

Bano made millions when she did the review of Rewa Dairy.

No tender process!

Bano was paid $ 2 million for this work.

Then she got paid by Sandeep - C J Patel to buy Rewa diary with all concessions for importation of powered milk!

Where is FICAC!

Sandeep hides in Sydney.All his companies must be audited as huge tax has not been paid.

Kamlesh Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rajend naidu said...

The Dictator and his grandiose schemes.
We read in Yahoo!7 news 2 Jan that the North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un on Wednesday called for the construction of 'world class' structures, praising the speedy completion of his pet ski resort project. He praised soldiers and builders for setting up 'numerous monumental stuctures',including the Masik Pass Ski Resort in a short time.Thousands of soldiers had been mobilized to complete it.
The resort made headlines in August when Switzerland blocked a $7.6 million sale of ski lifts to Pyongyang calling it "propaganda project" for the impoverished Stalinist regime.
The young dictator has shown a fondness for expensive ,high -profile leisure projects in and around the showpiece capital Pyongyang including a massive new water park, an amusement park and a luxury horse riding club.
No doubt one of the "numerous monumental structures" will include a giant size statue of the young dictator as well.
Big time Dictators love that sort of thing to give expression to their megalomania.
Tinpot dictators of course have to settle for smaller grand projects to sing their own praise.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Rajend @10.57am..the Chinese visitors caught with excess cash have usually had 10- 20k over the limit. Hardly enough to buy a lean-to shack in Nadera. Stop exaggerating dickhead. Its the madraji landlords like Raghwan, YP Reddy and your numerous girmitiya descended relatives who have long controlled the real estate market in Fiji and continue to do so. The "they" you refer should be the greedy relatives you have. Moron.
I took a break from this blog and was pleasantly surprised to see you had limited your verbal diarrhoea. But looks like you are back to your crap.
Stop pretending to be smart. lets wait for the moronic attacks from the mighty Rajend, ruler of Premila.

Anonymous said...

how many foreign Chinese have bought properties in Fiji since the Bainimarama takeover?

Anonymous said...

probably way less than the foreign whites..but thats ok right, Whitemen are good, honest and righteous? Peter Foster and Graeme Southwick come to mind

Anonymous said...

moron@2.58 PM should consider taking a break of a more permanent kind. he only has shit to say so he will NOT be missed!

Anonymous said...

let us remember lest we forget that the whitemen have been an integral part of the history and culture of Fiji society since first contact. we speak their language, wear their clothes, play their sports, follow their religion, love their music. In short we have basically adopted the whitemen's culture.Some of us especially the especially fair ones - like Khaiyum and Bano - might even carry white blood in their veins.
So the whitemen is not an issue. We have had very decent white folks with us throughout our history and we have had white scoundrels.
what is at issue is the influx of Chinese foreigners since the Bainimarama takeover. What is the Chinese connection in the Bainimarama regime?

Anonymous said...

what about that Chinaman - who is not sure he is Chinese or Fijian - who took the Chinese saying a time of crisis is a time of opportunity to heart and went around buying cheaply the homes of Indians fleeing political persecution after the first military coup of 1987.

Anonymous said...

Graeme Southwick biggest crook/conman in Fiji's history. Big corruption.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.43pm

I just have one contention with your comment and that is: Christianity is NOT "a whitemen's religion", thank you very much!

Jesus Christ, our dearest Lord and Saviour was a Nazarene from Nazareth, a little town in Galilee!

If you're a bit lost, don't worry, just think of Israel, in the Middle East in today's modern world.

And if you check it out on any global map, the M.E's geographical location is smack bang in the middle of the world!

Now, do you think that was an accident that God chose to have His only Son, our Messiah, to be born there?

Was it an accident that His chosen people at the time, would come from the M.E?

Now check out their skin tone.

Jesus and his people were neither white nor black - they were in the middle - just like their geographical location.

And that my friend is all part of God's divine plan - that our Messiah would not become a "whitemen's religion" as you assert or a blackmen's religion BUT that He would become everyone's Messiah, the world's Messiah - that is fundamentally our Christian message of Love - Jesus founded Christianity through His beloved Apostles (recall how He told Peter, the Rock regarding the building of His Church?).

Yes, it is God's divine plan that Jesus His only begotten Son, would be able to identify with everyone in the world - black and white, Jews and Gentiles, just as the good book (Sacred Scriptures) teach us.

So you see my dear friend, there is no such thing as an accident or a coincidence when it comes to God's perfectly made world.

Look around you, at our natural environment with all its vibrant colours, textures, the plants and their cycle, insects, birds, animals etc - all perfectly thought through by God... down to its tiny, minute, intricate details. Who else!

And that's what we believe as Christians. The good book teaches us that God created the world and when he saw that it was ALL GOOD, he rested. He is after all the epitome of PERFECTION.

Ok, back to the story of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ. Remember the Christmas song on youtube I posted just before Christmas day?

Will repost the link below so you can see the Christmas Story unfold in a nutshell and it's good to watch it again today because incidentally, today, the 2nd Jan happens to be the last day of the 8 day "Octave of Christmas" (a period of celebration of the birth of Our Lord and Messiah)- and ends on the 8th day with the rite of circumcision that the infant Jesus had to undergo (ouch!) but that was the Jewish traditional rite then and Jesus parents (Mary & Joseph) happened to be Jews.


Joseph as you will note from the short video is from the House of David.

And it was foretold in the OT (Old Testament) that the Messiah and Saviour of the world, would come from the lineage of King David.

If you like, I'm happy to post here Jesus' entire lineage all the way from Abraham. It's not a secret since it's all written in the good book.

Ok back to the Christmas Story video as I have one more example re 'accident/coincidence'?.

After Jesus' birth in "Bethlehem" (now y'see why the Jews were so confused and unbelieving! they just couldn't believe that Jesus the Nazarene, could possibly be the Messiah?!

How come?! How could that be?! The old prophets had foretold that the Messiah was to come from Bethlehem.

And Jesus was from Nazareth, the little unknown town in Galilee!

...(pls scroll down)

Anonymous said...


Even if they knew that Jesus had been born in Bethlehem, that still didn't count in their books. No way was this sorry son of a carpenter to be their Messiah!

There were lots of offsprings from the lineage of David so it must be another one, certainly not this Jesus of Nazarene. They probably expected someone of a noble, royal birth since he was to be The Messiah.

Oh! the ironies of Christmas that we sing every year as shown in the Christmas Story video - of how God entered our world in utmost HUMILITY and the most humbling of circumstances He entered our world so that through Him, as He is.. we would become "perfected". Make sense? I hope.

The Christmas Story video shows us how Joseph and Mary had to travel day & night, on a "slow donkey" all the way to Bethlehem in order to register there for census since Joseph was of David's lineage. (pls don't ask me how the constituency boundaries were drawn up since I have no idea).

Anyway, the couple did not plan on having Mary give birth there. We saw how all the inns were full as they desperately looked around for accommodation for the night.

And after being turned away again and again, they had to eventually settle for a barn, a smelly manger full of hay and animals... and that, my friends, is where God CHOSE to have His only begotten Son come into our world, He entered our space and TIME to begin it anew, afresh as He took on His human nature in the form of a little vulnerable baby.

God through His Son came into the world in the same way that we all did (actually His birth was worse since none of you I'm sure were born in a barn, lying next animals).

Now, did you think that this simple, ordinary and uneducated, yet God-fearing couple (Mary and Joseph) would be so calculating that they would plan to go all the way to bear a child in Bethlehem just to match up what the prophets of old had foretold about the birth of the Messiah?

Did you think the 3 wise men from the East would know exactly where the Messiah was born, had it not been for the Divine Light leading them on - in the form of a bright shining star which paused atop of the manger where the infant, Jesus lay?

The entire Sacred Scriptures tells us of an amazing journey of an amazing people...

Jesus lived a fully human life, he grew up just as we did: from an infant to a toddler, young child, teenager, young man and as a fully mature adult. He was 30 years old when he began His Ministry. He died at 33 years old.

And guess who was by His side through thick and thin, all His life to the very bitter end on Mount Calvary?

His Blessed Mother, Mary.

And that's why many others like me, totally adore and love her because she was the most blessed of all women (and we acknowledge her pivotal role in God's grand design for humankind as we recite the Hail Mary prayers every day).

Mary is also all our divine mother too - Jesus Himself gave her to be our mother (through St.John the Apostle) as they stood at the foot of His cross enacted up at the place of the skull called in Hebrew, Golgotha, on the hill of Calvary. Remember this little story when Easter season comes around.

Ok, one final example of an 'accident/coincidence'? before you snooze.

Recall how King Herod (who beheaded John the Baptist because he didn't like being told by John that he was wrong in having an affair with his sis-in-law), was furiously jealous when the 3 wise men travelling from the Far East en route to Bethlehem, told him that they were going to visit a King that had just been born in Bethlehem?

And King Herod told them to come back and tell him exactly where in Bethlehem was the new born King so that he might go worship Him too?

However, after the 3 wise men visited the infant Jesus, they took another route back to their homeland instead of going back the same way.

...(pls scroll down)

Anonymous said...


King Herod waited and waited in vain for the wisemen's return... then realising he had been 'tricked' decided to order the killing of all infants up to two years old (and here we have in Fiji, the modern 'King Herods' wanting to kill ASK's son and ASK in turn depriving other kids of affording the same medical help, through their oppressive policies.

Now back to the story. An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph and told him to take Mary and baby Jesus to Egypt and stay there until he gave the clear to return.

This was to fulfill the prophecy foretold in the OT by God through his prophets that: "Out of of Egypt, I called My Son."

Now, did you think that this simple, ordinary couple would think up this whole plan just to bring all that was prophesied in the OT about the Messiah, so that they could become famous?

Both were instrumental in God's Divine Plan for Humankind (yes, the Messiah is for the whole world)... simply because they said YES when God made His request.

For God made us all "in His image and likeness with a WILL of our own" (that separates us from animals), to say either yes or no, to make choices as we deem fit... Aren't we so blessed!

And that dear folks, is the end of my "tukuni" (a short night story) as yours truly is now hungry yaar! Oh dear @ dear 'ol noodles poodles staring happily down at me in my little kitchenette :(
Darn that Aiyaz and his stupid dictatorship of 8 years... so totally unnecessary.

Fark Fanning said...

Speaking of "reeking of corruption" what about New South Wales, Australia, with all the dirty deals of Eddie Obeid now before ICAC?

Anonymous said...

Taukei Moderate: Judging from your comment you are a pro Bainimarama. inspite of the fact that Bainimaramas existance is illegal as he grab the powers illegally now he is hanging on to that power for almost 8 years paying himself with AG million plus a year. Now you are saying if we talk against Bainimaramas coup then we should talk about Qarases deed on the FHL shares. The question I wish to ask you. Can you tell us what did Qarase do wrong about the FHL shares ? How can you compare what Qarase do to what Bainimarama did ?The proiblem is jeolousy. Not every native Fijian can have equal shares. It depend on those who have tangible assets as security to their loans but at least some native Fijian are able to buy good shares in which the FHL thrives on in buying shares from other existing companies as investment.

Anonymous said...

Christianity will always be regarded as whiteman's religion because it always accompanied white colonialism.
who introduced Christianity in Fiji?
Not some brown bugger from the Middle East! white fallas brought the religion.
that's why it is perceived as a whiteman's religion.

Anonymous said...

Gifts belong to the receiver who truly receives.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.42am

Your perception is wrong... and it stems not from your ignorance but from your arrogance in trying to belittle 'some brown bugger from the Middle East' - that will undoubtedly be your downfall.

Christianity was first introduced in Fiji through two Tahitian men who ventured into the Lau group to spread the faith. They belonged to the London Missionary Society. However, it was the Wesleyans (who sailed from Australia), William Cross then joined later by David Cargill, Hunt and other missionaries who really got the faith to spread and grow roots in Fiji as they moved from Lakeba, Lau to mainland Fiji, first to Rewa then to Viwa which was next to the seat of power at the time in Cakobau's Bau Island. This was quite a feat trying to introduce a peaceful, loving religion among cannibals who frequently engaged in tribal wars.

Anonymous said...

where did the two Tahitian men get their Christianity from?
Not from brown skinned buggers from the Middle east!

Anonymous said...

Vote for the People's Democratic Party people, this is the only party that will take Fiji forward.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.37pm

Of course not.

If you have not been properly brought up in the faith, then for heaven's sake, LEARN IT so that you don't repeat the vicious cycle with your kids. God knows the world is already complicated with silly buggers like you who still haven't come to terms with a properly formed authentic identity in Christ.

Anonymous said...

2014 Twin pot Dictators RULE!

Anonymous said...

the authentic identity of Christ is still being debated even by Christian scholars!

Anonymous said...

Wrong again. Yawn.

My post reads: "...a properly formed authentic identity IN Christ."

Anonymous said...

Fijian Gujis:You are trying to divert the issue and make propaganda out of it.The Affirmative Action blue Print is for all native Fijian and not as you said are the few gentleman you mentioned.Not every native Fijian could buy share from the FHL similarly not every native Fijian can take loan from the FDB as there are criteria and conditions to be met so fortunately for those who were given loan and unfortunately to those whose reguest were denied or could not meet the criteria and conditions but the bottom line here if for native Fijian to participate in business and contribute towards the economy of the country.so the intention was by 2020 a level playing field for business partuicipation would have been created where all races in our country would have work hand in hand to create a better Fiji for all. That vision or dream was short lived as jeolousy crop in and Bainimarama took over the country after being brain wash by the elite Indian group to destroy the native fijian races culture and traditional system which Bainimarama and his military did .so Fiji Guji your comment is a non issue as you are just trying to personalise and create animosity amongst native Fijians.Sorry the time has come for the native Fijian race to bind and ensure that their voice is heard in their country.We have been pushed arround far too long and our kindness has been taken for granted.Now we have learn to say no and enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.25pm

You're responding in the wrong thread. But now that you're here with your whining that nobody wants to now hear about, tell us what was the $20million govt. loan to FAB for? the loan that was later converted to a grant prior to 2006?

You don't know when enough is enough, do you?

Anonymous said...

raj boy @5.05pm...anon again to defend your dickhead self..wow. Premila would be proud.How's your son at Dilkusha by the way? When's the last time you visited your illegitimate son? Don't be shy now.

Anonymous said...

You must remember that FDB is a statory lending institition of the government for business purposes and as such it is funded by the government at the same time the government is also making money from it. They take loan and pay it back with intrest. Now you are asking the $20 million dollars loan to FDB which was later turn into grant prior to 2006. The issue here is those Native Fijian individuals ,family,village,district and province that bought shares from the FHL most of them took loan from FDB. The most important question that one should ask is DID THEY PAY BACK THOSE LOANS TO FDB ? OR NOT because it was a grant? or did FDB gave the 20 million dollars freely to those native Fijian as their share to FHL.To my knowledge all those who took loan from FDB as their share to FHL have paid them back on time with intrest.so what are you harping about. You are a very dirty hearted person.Your are bringing this issue up because you dislike or you do not want native fijian to compeet with you Indians in business"JEOLEOUSY "

Anonymous said...

how can anyone form an authentic identity IN christ when Christ own authentic identity is far from established. that's the reason for the scholarly debate.
blind believers are not expected to engage in that debate.

Anonymous said...

Believers know Christ and will spend eternity with him in Heaven. The "scholars" will have eternity to debate his identity in Hell.

Anonymous said...

PDP will take Fiji "forward"?

Isn't that the same thing Bainimarama says he's doing?

You've been challenged repeatedly on this site to explain why we should support you.

"Because we're not the NFP" so doesn't cut it!

Anonymous said...

Believers believe in illusions. why take that away from them! have a good time in Heaven. If you lucky you might even get a place in the Muslim section with all those virgins !!

Anonymous said...

@ 8.18am

Let's hear your arguments then. Lay it out.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:47 PM, I was once like you, cocksure in my disbelief. I pray, before it's too late, that God touches your life as he did mine.

Anonymous said...

While we sit with our grog bowl and laugh our lives away the others (Vasus) are taking control of our God Given rights to our land our resources. We are the second citizen now, who is laughing now. Yadra mai Viti

Anonymous said...

It takes a lot of faith to be an atheist!

Kichimpopi said...

Ha,ha..wananavu Bano!!!

Show all those fucken stupid Fijian soldiers up in Delainabua who their masters are..You make the money and they veivutusona and masi each others dakai under their lamusona from Kiuva.

At the end of this coup you Bano will live overseas in luxury but all of them will go back to na koro with no gare!! Dou veicai Fiji army!!

Anonymous said...

Ni bula vinaka na wekaqu, veitacini, ni vakaitikotiko mai delainabua, au bau kerea ga mo ni qai veinanumi tu mai, vei ira na tuakamuni, tacimuni, eda sa mai vakaloloma taki tu, ena vuku ga ni so nai tukutuku vaka oqori, na nodra vakai yau na vulagi ki na noda vanua, mai na nodai yau. Me nomuni mada na vakacegu, veivakauqeti ni noda Turaga vata kece, ka tiko mai lagi.

Anonymous said...

Looks like her condo was painted by the same chap who does her eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

It is very frustrating and confused that civil servants are going arround on the official visits paid by the government and doing campaign for the illegal regime.Civil servant are not suppose to physically involve in political campaign .They can vote for what ever party they want but noity campaigning. Now the Commissioner Eastern Lt.Col Netani Rika on official
visits to the Lau Islands and warning them to be on the look out for other political parties who mwill be campaigning against the regime. Now the regime is doing the campaign and using civil servants of official capicity but other political parties are not allowed to do any campaign. Netasni Rika if you want to join politic then resign do not use that civil servant position for political milage gain as that is wrong and unethical and breaching Electoral Act requirement.