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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Khaiyum in Australia on humanitarian grounds

Khaiyum: In Australia for family medical reasons.
Coup Four Point Five can confirm today that Australia is allowing the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, to visit on humanitarian grounds.

The visit is not as a result of a formal change in stance by Australia towards the illegal Suva administration as touted by regime supporters.

Sayed-Khaiyum is in Australia to get medical treatment for his son, Ibrahim, who has a blood disorder.

It is the Khaiyum's second visit on humanitarian grounds.

On December 20th the Fiji Sun newspaper reported “Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum left the country yesterday on a private visit to Australia. This is another indication of warming relations as the new Australian Government seeks to rebuild ties with Fiji. Well-placed sources confirm that this is not Mr Sayed-Khaiyum and his family’s first visit to Australia this year. 

"A spokesman of the Australian High Commission said: “The High Commission does not comment on visa issues.”

If there was indeed a considerable 'warming of relations' between Fiji and Canberra, new Foreign Affairs Minister, Julie Bishop, would have taken the initiative to meet Sayed-Khaiyum while he is in the country.
This hasn’t eventuated so far, suggesting the Tony Abbott government isn’t rushing to recognise the illegal Fiji regime, contrary to wishful reports by the Fiji Sun. 


Anonymous said...

Hahaha than what is the sign of warming relations??? Very sad ah C4.5, you seem to be loosing not only the battles but the whole war. Sour grapes C4.5!! Pote!!

Anonymous said...

Moron, that's precisely the point. There is no sign of warming relations. Australia is simply letting ASK avail of its humanitarian visa programme. Let's just hope ASK develops a little humanity.

Anonymous said...

Who cares..............is this the best on offer at the moment?

mark manning said...

As harsh as it may sound, I personally believe that the same standards the Regime applies to Fiji's Citizens, in regards to Medical Care, should also be applied to the Regime and its supporters. Inadequate Medical Care in Fiji, is the result of the Regime and its supporters.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning you continue top prove what a dunce you are. inadequate medical care in Fiji has been a plague long before the 2006 coup. One Qarase crony who ran a law firm was given state assistance for overseas treatment while the parents of dying indigenous fijian boy were no money send him overseas.

Vutuki Bolatiki said...

Die you pig!

Vutuki Bolatiki said...

Why that pig taking his piglet to aussie? take the piglet to china

Anonymous said...

How did Nur Bano buy the Sydney million dollar property in the first place ??---did her brother accountant Kurban Ali have anything to do with it ??

Anonymous said...

I am still waiting for Premila Kumar to give some directions on how meat should be advertised this festive season.She can get help from jai Karan who can get help from Rajesh Chandra who can get help from Ganesh Chand who can get help from Proff Satendra None-Done who can then get f----d !!!

Anonymous said...

Humanitarian Grounds...won't be surprised if he uses this to seek asylum in Aus when the dust settle here in Fiji. This pig should never be allowed into the country but instead be sent Manu to await trial for his crime. This is the cunt that is now trying to turn Fiji into a forbidden country of the Pacific by building his dynasty decrees after decrees. Even Vore the eunuch, had his balls sliced off this wanna be King who is probably using all the tricks up his sleeve to escape the impending judgement. Aus should have cancelled his visa.

Anonymous said...

Australia should not have allowed a terrorist to enter.

Ordinary innocent Fijians have been denied visa.

Khayium will pay his price.

This shows that Fiji has deteriorating health service!

Come on Australia wake up to the reality in Fiji by this thug who should rightly be in prison for treason.

Anonymous said...

Reserve Bank of Fiji should no tell the people of Fiji if exchange control requirements were breached!

FRCA should tell the people of Fiji rather then going for poor Fijians to collect tax.

Will Reserve Bank keep quite like in Sada Reddy's case who took his funds to N.Z. before the devaluation.

Anonymous said...

Premilla Kumar got her job when Jai Kumar's brother Maharaj from Lautoka was the chairman of Consumer Council.

Jai Kumar got his job without an advertisement by USP.

Both are con artist who talk only but are most corrupt.

Jai Kumar was fired by this government for corrupt practice.

Premilla is to cover him up.

Go and sell kava where you both belong.

Anonymous said...

Premila Kumar's hubby is Jai Kumar-cousin of Swani Maharaj .Swani(SWine) is the biggest con artist in the west.He was once the head of the one man Liberal Party ofFiji.Premila is in good company--she is a regime supporter and arse licker of Bai--Kai--Saneem-and the rest of the goons.

Anonymous said...

Why dont you bothis Swine and Jai collect the dirt from your kulina and smear premilas face with it.

Anonymous said...

The little piglet Ibrahim is more equal than other youngsters in the Fijian animal farm.Australia is a bigger animal farm where bigger pigs rule . Bainimarama and Khaiyum are both hogs amongst the pigs in the greater animal farm .

Anonymous said...

You guys really need to take a chill pill. We don't help our cause by advocating the murder of young children. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

It's perfectly sensible for Canberra to maintain a humanitarian visa policy and to allow Squealer to avail of it in order to seek potentially life-saving medical treatment for his son. I share your despise of ASK and understand the impulse to regard his child as the spawn of Satan, but let's not visit the sins of the father upon the son. ASK is guilty as sin, so punish the father, but not his innocent son.

With any luck, perhaps ASK will contract something during his visit in Australia, like a deadly virus or, better still, a conscience.

Sounds like some of you could use one yourselves. It makes me wonder whose side are you really on.

Ex Navy said...

Thanks to the Australian Goverment for showing the IG bastards that there is something in a democracy society called humantarian ground.It is through the same humantarian ground that the big pig Bainimarama and all the small piglets in the IG will be judged by murdering the democracy in our beloved Fiji.Hats off for who ever caught out Nur Banos sale of assets in Australia.These are some of the things that justice needs when its time to throw the bastards to Naboro.I wish that 2014 will bring prosperity to Fiji in exposing more evidence of those crooks for us to gather for the justice system to work on our advantage.Happy new year and long live the democracy system of our beloved Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.29am, you fucken lowdown bastard, ape, you savage, you seem fascinated with kulina, you need some mouth and arse too, you magaitamamumu.

mark manning said...

Fijians should demand equal treatment and challenge the Elite who would otherwise misappropriate Public Funds, no matter who they be.
All I'm saying is, if the Medical Care is bad, fix it, if it's adequate as this Regime purports it to be, then use and utilise it as everyone else in Fiji has to.
the arguments that Mr. Qarase did this and they did that, are just so pointless and mute.
A new year has begun and Fijians need to start thinking new.
Otherwise your in for more of the same for another 8 years.
I'm left wondering 3 things :-
Does Aiyaz' son really have a blood disorder or is Dad just using him to get sympathy from Australian Immigration, a concept I wouldn't be surprised he'd use, given he was cunning enough to marry into an Indigenous family to fool the Fijians?
If he was still in Sydney last night, was he here simply to enjoy the World's largest and best fireworks?
As someone here quite rightly pointed out, why didn't he take his son to China or India if their Medical Facilities and Treatment is so renowned?

The general consensus is that he is in fact planning his exit strategy for when the Regime goes belly up come 2014 fake elections, that doesn't even deserve a capital letter!

I hope the dopey Soldiers have implemented a strategy to arrest their arses, detain their supporters offshore and declare Martial Law while the GCC is reconvened, The Military Commander sacked and replaced and the pretend President and others taken into custody, preferably off the Islands and a Neutral Prime Minister Commissioned in accordance with Fiji's own Court of Appeal's Ruling of April the 9th. 2009 a
nd legal Elections declared..

Anonymous said...

investigating journalists should after Bano....when Ministry of Finance paid to her millions for the Ministers' wages up to 2014, she used 2 millions to purchase the Aussi apartment. She sold now to cover the money she used...but another source indicated that the $2 millions she charged to review FijiDiary was used to do the apartment buying---after recomending to sell to CKPatel--CKPatel gave Bano undisclosed bribe....... And than the husband bought $195000 LandRover...Minister of Trade kaiyum gave the contract to review RewaDiary to his Aunty Bano... and AG said that is transparency and accountability and not corruption....Ficac should investigate

Francis Kean said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BC said...

This arsehole because of his decrees has caused the Fiji Ministry of Health to deteriorate to its lowest level EVER.

This has affected thousands of lives in Fiji.
Last year alone 400 babies were admitted to Fiji Hospitals due to malnutrition. In most cases their parents who were sacked by this regime could no longer find employment.

Mothers that had no money to buy medicine for their babies.

And some of these babies have died for this reason.

And here Australia has become part of the problem by allowing this arsehole to continue his stupid decrees.

Are Australians so blind?
Are Australians really this stupid.

Are they going to help save a baby so that his father can come back and torture 400 babies here.

Come on Aussie! Come on mate!
Fair shake of the sauce bottle mate!
Give these battlers a break and stop pampering this Kaiyum arsehole!

Anonymous said...

He is slowly killing fijian babies and the dumb soldiers at Delainabua cant even see it.

BC said...

The Fijian soldiers too much vutulaki. That's why they have become blind to a lot of things. Can't see what Kaiyum is doing to them and can't see what Bainisona is doing to them.
These mataivalu ni solisona are too blind to see what BaiKai have done to this beloved country.

Kemuni na sotia.
Qo sa sega ni gauna ni moce.
Qo sa kena gauna meda yadra mai me rau valuti o rau nai lala vutulaki qo Kaiyum kei Bainida.

mark manning said...

Does anyone know Aiyaz connection with Tappoos?

Anonymous said...

Yeah they're business partners.

Anonymous said...

how can anyone in his right mind regard the treasonist-murderer-human rights abuser Frank Bainimarama as a "teacher" - a guru?
one Fiji Indian idiot from America has just done that through a letter to the Fiji Times (1/1/14).
as if America did not already have enough idiots we now have Fiji Indian idiots swelling their numbers!!
you take as a teacher/guru someone who is knowledgeable and full of wisdom.
Bainimarama is full of shit! school-dropout!!

Anonymous said...

isn't everyone "equal"in the "new Fiji", the "better Fiji" build by Khaiyum and Bainimarama?
why then does Khaiyum need special treatment for his son?

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 12.47pm... are you retarded or just a pure ignorant piece of crap.. stick you finger on where the shine doesn't shine(your stinky) and rub in your nose for 15 mins.. I guess you will smell shit..

Nagatalevu said...

People of Fiji , relax , all of us will have our day. judgement from GOD . individual accountability to GOD as creator and owner of Fiji.

When sickness come or hardship or even death , then all hidden things will be explained to GOD.

Those not saved will be thrown to HELL according to bible.


Anonymous said...


FHL Share Scam said...

Kadavu Development Company: $50,000 shares.
KJY Investment: $100,000 shares.
Taoi Investment: $200,000 shares by

KJY owned by Qarase Minister Konisi Yabaki.
Taoi Investment owned Jesoni Vitusagavulu and Ulaiasi Taoi.

Anonymous said...

What if another Fijian child was in similar situation!

Will he / she be given the opportunity to go to Australia for treatment.

Whatever good or bad thing is done by parents come down to children!

This is a typical case.

Anonymous said...

i taukei how you feel all the f--- you all got from Khaiyum since 2006.

You all can only get in group and hassle the innocent.

Go and drink kava while Khaiyum is at his best.

Anonymous said...

Anon@3.22pm, funny you ask what would happen if another 'Fijian child was in similar situation!' Another Fijian child from poor background was indeed in a similar situation. Qarase govt rejected parent's application for overseas evacuation. Instead an SDL crony with a law practice was given State assistance to go abroad for medical treatment. The state fund was set up for poor families, not for people who run law firms. But that is how things were in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

so khaiyum is on a personal private visit to Australia to seek professional specialist medical treatment for his son.
how much public money has he used for his private visit?

Anonymous said...

mandela can be regarded a teacher
martin luther king can be regarded a teacher
Mahatma Gandhi can be regarded a teacher
Aung Sung Sui Kyi can be regarded a teacher.
Bainimarama can never be regarded a teacher.
How can a man who swore at and abused a respected Christian priest be regarded a teacher?
shame on anybody who regards such a man as a teacher.

Anonymous said...

Since ASK is here on a personal visit, can someone supply his address so we can pay him a private visit & sevusevu?

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Happy New Year to all my fellow Fijians, Fiji Indians, and all in Fiji and in overseas. May peace be with you. Let us all destroy the evil in over-selves for the betterment of our country and our children. Let us all get united for the new Fiji and democracy be the winner in 2014. Let us all throw our nationalistic and racist views and replace with multiculturalism. This is my prayer for new Fiji.

Francis Kean said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anon 2.36pm, hahaha, first Lau, now we hear Kadavu Provincial Council and people were also screwed by FHL Share Scam.

Qarase govt minister Konusi Yabaki and family on their own held twice as many shares as entire Kadavu province. Qarase govt crony Jesoni Vitusagavulu owned four times as much shares!

Now, if people can;'t see what's wrong with this, they are either as dumb as fuck, or they were part of the gravy SDL train.

Haha, blueprint was in name of Fijian people but most benefit went to Qarase and Co.

rajend naidu said...

I once caught an interview of Jay Naidoo the former head of South Africa's trade union movement and Minister for Development in Nelson Mandela's government. He said the ANC had failed to deliver on its many promises to the people of South Africa because of the presence of "a predatory elite" within its fold.
When I hear this or that greedy local elite in Fiji positioned himself to grab more for himself without regard for the public good I am always reminded of Jay Naidoo's concise description of this selfish and greedy mob.
For a small island country Fiji has a disproportionately large number making up this unscrupulous mob.
That's why the country has not prospered the way it should have by now given its wealth and resources.
what a shame!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

I fail to understand why this jelous sucker is bothering about the shares to the FHL.Those Fijian natives who have big shares in the FHL were able to pay for their shares through legal means either loans from FDB or from commercial banks or from the proceeds of the sale of their assets.but through those shares the FHL a native Fijian own company was able to thrive at least one Native Fijian was able to compeet with all the Indian companies who are monopolising the business sector in Fiji.We are wondering if the FHL is still a viable company after the coup because Kaiyum and his muslim group were determined to take the company down by changing the board members nand the staffs puting in non i taukei.Now you are trying to make a propaganda out of this i taukei company by pointing out that some members have more shares than others. That is a non issue because everybody can have equal share. It varies depending on huw much they can afford so stop trying to create a gap amongst the i taukei. The only issue is the illegal existance of the Bainimarama regime, they are making mockery of the Governmemnt of Fiji. They are illegally paying themselves high salaries which they are not qualified to receive and have no coloure of right to get and they are abusing their powers and authorities.Very corrupt Bainimarama illegal government.

Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for the baby but sins of the parents are honting him.

Rajesh Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dr Nil(Kneel) Sharma should explain why ASK's son cannot be treated at the state of the art hospital CWM.ASK should lodge a complaint with Premila Kumar.Jai Kumar should also be concerned about his disorders.

Anonymous said...

@Rajesh Kumar, this is a Fijian, not an Indian, commenting on FHL shares. Your language is disgusting. Your parents did a very poor job bringing you up. You need your mouth washed with soap.

Anon 8.33pm, your desperate attempts to justify FHL scam on the basis of competing with Indian companies sounds pathetic. Please stop insulting the kaiviti's intelligence by trying to hide FHL scam behind Bainimarama regime.

Qarase, Konusi Yabaki and others represent the predatory elite Rajend naidu mentioned. So does the Bainimarama regime. It is one predatory elite against the other fighting each other. whoever holds the lever of power exploits their position for own pecuniary benefit, whether Qarase or Bainimarama, they are the same. Poor and ordinary fijians get screwed by one leader after another. because of a predatory elite within our fold, Fiji can't prosper. TOur leaders are no different than corrupt African leaders, and our country is looking more and more like failed african banana republics. That is the undeniable truth, like it or not

Anonymous said...

What about the more than $1million Kaiyum is ripping off Fijians and paying himself annually.
That would be more than FHL Fijian shares all put together.
And this guy has been paying himself for 7 years.
Then ontop of that are his commisions for other deals eg Fiji Airways, Chinese Companies & workers, Tapoos etc etc etc etc etc. The list is never ending . The amount of money this fella is ripping off the Fijian people is unbeliavable.

Why are you people talking about Konisi or Qarase when Kaiyum is the biggest thief of all.

Anonymous said...

@10.47pm is spot on. Bainimarama/Khaiyum use guns/force to exploit. Qarase Mafia use legal loopholes, insider trading, with-holding information and other cunning means to exploit people. They are all predatory elites filling their pockets. They just using different tactics to achieve same aim. They competing with each other. Anon 12.22pm is actually complaining that Bainimarama regime made more than Qarase Mafia! Haha! that's how big a farce this has become. Meanwhile we poor Fijians keep getting shafted. Add insult to injury, all this is done in our name under blueprint, hahaha, kaila, joke's on us, we still treated like kaisi bakola by our own kind.

Namosimalua said...

@anonymous 12:30
Since you call yourself a "poor Fijian" I will ask you one question:

Me vaka ni o kaya tiko qori ni leqa nei Qarase Mafia nona veidabuitaki keda, ia cava o sa nanuma tiko qori me sa mai kena i wali ni leqa e da sa mai sotava tu qo.

Sex fiend get what he deserves for assault on five-year-old said...

Fiji Times
Wednesday, January 01, 2014

A MAN who sexually assaulted a five-year-old girl spend his New Year's Day in jail. Tomasi Masiga, 50, of Vatuwaqa in Suva pleaded guilty to one count of sexual assault. The court heard that on December 16, Masiga followed the girl to the toilet and called out to her. He then grabbed and forcefully kissed her on the lips. The court heard the girl ran back into her house and informed her parents. The police were notified and Masiga was arrested and charged. In mitigation, he said he was 50 years old and separated from his wife. Masiga added he spent Christmas in remand and it was a lesson he had learnt the hard way. Magistrate Alipate Mataitini sentenced Masiga to 12 months, of which two months would be spent in prison while the remaining 10 would be suspended.

Anonymous said...

So you are the fucken Indian who are trying to draw the wedge between the i taukei and their polotical leaders on the issue of FHL shares. Sorry bro we i taukei will never get carried away by your propaganda. Affirmative action blue print by the Qarase government was a possitive step to lift the native Fijian participation in business and contribute towards the economy of our counrty,However the Binuimarama coup supported by mostly Indian business poeople cut short that desire of the native Fijian to narrow the gap between GFihjian and Indian in the business field.As I had said Qarase,Weleilakeba <Vitusagavjulu ana a few others are native Fijians who have are able to get good shares in the FHL in their endevour to enhance their chances in business but you are trying to pull them down again instead of encouraging them.You are trying to create an atmosphere where other native Fijian will hate those few you have mentioned because they have bigger shares. You can tgake your idea and jump with it in to the sea.Native Fijian have learned from our mistake and are determine to support each other for the batterman of our race in our country and the feature of our children.

Sexy Sadie said...

So, Bainimarama is a guru?
Who knew?

Maharishi, what have you done?
You made a fool of everyone.
You broke the rules.
You laid it down for everyone to see.
Maharishi, you'll get yours yet.
However big you think you are.

Anonymous said...

2014 Frank - Commander never resigned.-Liar
Next will be No election.
BKC is forced on people of fiji and police and army told to read bkc just trash it and read legal 1997 constitution..
Time people of fiji and world knows that frank/khaiyum are great liars and never will give up power .they scared to end up in jail.
2006 DEC till Jan 2014 all lies and con jobs.
United we stand divided we fall.
god help fijians and fiji.

Anonymous said...

since the departure of the white colonialist from Fiji the local predatory elite have been taking turns screwing the Fijian people.
it doesn't matter who is in power. filling their own pocket has always been the norm in Fiji politics with the local economic elite teaming up with the local political elite to fuck the Fijian people.
Remember Bainimarama's back pay? Now that is a good example of the filling your own pocket phenomenon that characterize Fiji politics.

Anonymous said...

PRESIDENT VISIT TO DRITI AND RT INOKE IN NABORO:..........inside source indicates that Bai is angry at Pres Nailakitau for spending time at Naboro on Xmas Day with Driti and Rt Inoke..."why you went there? why you tlked to Driti and Rt Inoke? why Vasu accorded you and them crimnal a fiji protocol? I need to have you replace with a Indian man to be President of Fiji, you idiot Preisdent"

Anonymous said...

fiji's illegal president Rat U Epeli Nailatikau is a classic example of the "predatory elite" who have been sponging on the people of Fiji

Anonymous said...

Nai wali ni noda leqa me cu o bainimarama, kaiyum kei bolatiki me ra qai vakacaiti ratou na kaijaina.

Happy new year.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Anonymous 2:25 PM, but I would go a step further by asking the Blog Administrator to enforce some minimal decency standards. Those who insist on using the language of the gutter bring down the quality of this blogsite without contributing anything. C4.5 should be a forum for news, analysis and debate, but too often instead what we read is juvenile vulgarity and name-calling, on both sides of the political divide.

It's your website, to do with as you please, but it doesn't serve the interests of free speech to provide a megaphone to those who would use it to shout obscentities.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.40am

Speaking for yourself and those "predatory criminal sons of Fiji who conned their own people in order to enrich themselves at their expense? Sobo...

Kerea mo kakua ni o vakaraitaka mai ike na kawa ni lasu kei na butabutako o ni a tuberi mai kina. Sa matata tu vasigalevu vei keda kece (except for you rotten scoundrels!) ni na leqa e tara tiko noda vanua e a sega ni mai tekivu tiko ga ena vuaviri ni 2006.

O kemuni saraga na i lala dau 'vakarokoroko vakanace' ka dau butabutako lo qori o ni tauyavu taka mai na i tovo veibeci eda sa mai sarava tu nikua vei ira era sa mai liutaka tu vakaukauwa na noda matanitu.

Ia, ni sa wilika tale toka mada yani qori vakamatailalai na i tukutuku, ke sebera tokaga ni kasa ena nomu qavokavoka-lala na mataqali tovo veibeci ka ratou a vakaraitaka na i lala butabutako qori. Vinaka.

"How the Fijian Provinces were looted and betrayed by the Fijian Initiative."

How Fijian Provinces Were Betrayed/Looted By Fijian Initiative said...

Lomaiviti Province: only $55,100 shares
Bakani Family: $100,000
Mataitonga Family: $100,000

Anonymous said...

@ 4.40am

"Native Fijian have learned from our mistake and are determine to support each other for the batterman of our race in our country and the feature of our children."

Please don't insult us by trying to drag the rest of the innocent i-taukei along with the "unique clique of predatory 'sons of Fiji' who systematically tried to fleece their own people in their greedy bid to keep up with the Jones" (i.e. Gujeratis and a few non-gujis who were granted monopolies by previous govts).

What do you mean they've learnt from their mistake?? They never learnt from their "deliberate mistakes" and sat smugly pretending all was well until the coup ousted some of them out.

To learn from one's mistake begins first with acknowledging the mistake, their wrong and repenting. Showing remorse.

Did Qarase display that in this FHL saga OR did he try to play the victim under the shield of the 'overthrow of a lawful coalition government', hoping that would help draw sympathy from Fijians? tsk..tsk. It's insulting.

People all over the world sympathize with the unlawful overthrow of a legit. govt and in Fiji's case, one that was beginning to display signs of being properly headed by him (aligning itself to the spirit of inclusiveness and unity embedded in our 1997 Constitution), BUT NOT for his shameful conduct, nevermind that it was from nay years ago but that he couldn't even defend at trial with an adequate explanation, simply because there was none!

Shame on you 'birds of a feather' supporting his "inexcusable conduct" in here and keeping the spotlight on him. You're doing him and his families no favours at all..

Anonymous said...

@4.40am dirty mouth, congratulations, you sound exactly like corrupt African leaders who exploited their people, and brought down their country through their greed and and cunning; you feel you are entitled to get rich at the expense of the provinces; you are the kind of person who joins with rich indian businessmen and makes money off them on one hand, and curses and swears at indians on the other; you, sir, a typical example of how money-face leaders cause animosity between the two races to make money and hide their activities. double-faced, liumuri, self-serving, exploitative, predatory elite of the worst kind! You should be ashamed of yourself.

Anonymous said...

This God-forsaken country should be called a country of many lost opportunities because of poor leadership right across the board. Their in-adequateness stems from FEAR - fear borne out of ignorance, arrogance and selfishness that began with an extremely poor upbringing on the values that really matters most in life, that governs your interactions with others.

Those with their own families i.e. married with children should take heed... because a good solid and healthy society is indicative of good family values instilled in those who eventually take the helm and share responsibility at the nation's steering wheel.

There are as many wolves as there are sheep in this world so one must be as wise and shrewd as a serpent but innocent and gentle as a dove - so the good book says.

Anonymous said...

Someone asks why bring up FHL Scam. Milan Kundera, the Czech novelist, once wrote that the struggle of man against power is the struggle of memory against forgetting.Very profound words.

Mahen Chaudhry Predatory Elite extraordinaire said...

Predatory elites can be found in both indian and Fijian communities. The common thing about them is they pretend to be serving the poor while serving themselves and their families.

Fijians have their Qarases and Konuai Yabaki's and keni Drakuidreketi's. Indians have their mahen chaudhrys, motibhais and Tappoos and C J Patels. One of the smartest predatory elite is mahendra chaudhry who for decades styled himself as champion of poor, until exposed for diverting donations to his personal account.
This predatory elite is thought to have netted a cool $AUD3million, if not more, in the name of poor farmers.

Son Rajen and is in sydney enjoying fruits of daddy mahen's dirty dealing. mahen gave his daughter 50k. Fiji's Robin Hood did not give a cent to the poor, or donate a penny to a temple, or charity.

Common thing about poor indians and fijians is that they have been let down badly by leaders they trusted and put in power. But then, you deserve the leaders you get. if someone fools you once, shame on him. if someone fools you twice, shame on you for being so stupid.

Anonymous said...

that quote from the Czech novelist is a good one. one of the "struggles of memory against forgetting" is to keep alive the memory that the Bainimarama coup was deemed unlawful by a court of law in Fiji.
Let us not forget that.

Kainoqu said...

The USP has evolved from an admired learning institution to a haven for self seeking individuals who peddle lies and deceitful ploys for the junta. It should not surprising that recruitment is going to be shabby in that place. It comes with a cultural trend of sidelining dissenting voices we have seen in that institution over the recent years. Its no longer a place to expect free academic debate because the tone has already been pitched to promote what the junta stands for and what it expects society to believe is opinionated by people like Graham Davies and the sorts. How that learning institution has become a fort for regime propagandists and not a hub for independent thinking and critical debate is the interesting question to explore! The sad thing however is that these self-seeking individuals are the worst intellectual hypocrites in the country….they teach good governance but acquiesce in the abuse of human rights. They teach transparency, accountability but say nothing about the absolute absence of it in practice in the Fiji government bureaucracy. It makes a mockery of the whole institution and taints its professional image! As for the Kumars, they may have done well for themselves given the shabby way things are done in Fiji today. They are merely benefiting the reward of ardently peddling the regime line, despite the illegality of the junta rule and it would be amusing to see their change in tone when the tide swings the other way! They simply represent the lot who have make their career from peddling the lies of undemocratic and unlawful governments.

Anonymous said...

Na butako levu ga --me sivia e $1M NAI SAU KEI PM.
AUST PM madaga e sega ni veimama taka na kenai sau.
Sa dua dina na "clean up" vinaka e caka tiko

Anonymous said...

@ 12.55pm

That's hardly a struggle imo since the unlawful deed is recorded in the Fiji law reports and available to all and sundry online.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.21pm

Then there's this round of pigs with their snouts in the treasury trough. Dina sara.

Anonymous said...

For those continually harping on about FHL shares do you actually know how lucrative these have been?

What have been the financial returns on this investment for those owning the shares?

I do not know.

Anonymous said...

Mai viavialevu tu na vosa nei Voreqe ena gauna qo-ia na tamata e loki na buina ni sa dau curu yani o Mary(watina)me vakaqarai koya yani ena vanua ni party.
Voreqe,tu vakatagane mo vakadodonu taki na watimu,tmata lamusona.
Levu ga na gusumu.
Au na lewe ni navy,au donuya vakavica ni dau vaqarai Voreqe mai o Mary.hahaha

Anonymous said...

Of course at the top of the predatory elite heap at the moment is Bai/Kai, with their ridiculously high $1m salaries, further evidence of the africanisation of Fiji, with their Africa style coup and clean-up campaign. These two also personify greedy african dictators who pillaged, robbed and destroyed their countries.

BC said...

I think the dividends these people recieved from FHL is nothing compared to $1million annual salary that Kaiyum is stealing from the people and ontop of that all the other Bribes from other deals, Chinese companies; Tapoos, Vodafone, FBC etc etc etc


I think you people are concentrating too much on the little fish while the big fish gets away with murder.

Either you are all lost in your petty arguments or you are all too blind to see the big picture.

@anonumous 4:40am
Au tokoni kemuni.

Anonymous said...

@anon 1.30 PM
The Holocaust is well documented but there is no shortage of Holocaust deniers.
with the Bainimarama government propaganda and the collusion of the Fiji media it can easily be forgotten that this gang to power through the barrel of the gun and have been deemed unlawful.
I would contend it is not sufficient that "the unlawful deed is recorded in the Fiji Law reports". More needs to be done to keep that Fact alive especially among the people of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.04pm

E cava kina nomu baigani ke dua e vaqara yani na watina?

You sound like a serial wife-basher and that in any language, is the REAL QAURI in the eyes of the world.

Anonymous said...

@BC 2:20 PM

Sometimes 'knowing' is way better than 'thinking'.

It's useful to have facts and then you can actually determine the difference between the small fish and the big fish.

Anonymous said...

BC, everyone should be named and shamed, Qarase Mafia and Bainimarama regime. So-called little fish should not hide behind big fish. They are not really little fish anyway. Both the Qarase Mafia and Baini regime make up the big picture. Picture not complete unless all the big-time crooks, including mahen chaudhry, are repeatedly named and shamed. Social media has made this possible. Now they can't hide. Thank God for c4.5.

Anonymous said...

@ BC


You're the petty one who tries to defend the indefensible - trying to use the big picture to hide your heroes' scandalous misdeeds.

Ia, na levu ga ni nomu saqata mai na FHL scandal qori that stinks with you to the highest heavens - na levu talega ni kena talauraki yani vakamatailalai e matamu!

Anonymous said...

Bullshit! Even if whatever Qarase and the Board did with the FHL shares was wrong, there is no moral equivalency between Qarase and Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Na ka ga eda sa mai sarava eke na levu ni ulukau, lialia kei ujiuji riva da se qai raica vadua ve ira era se tokona toka ga na lasu kei na butabutako eratou a cakava lo na "SDL beach boys" vis-a-vis FHL share saga.

Give it up you stubborn mules!

Anonymous said...

@ 3.08am

What moral equivalency? Between a thief and a thief?

Their only difference is HOW MUCH (in volume) they stole in breach of trust of the public offices they held.

Give it up stubborn mules.

Anonymous said...

Typo error, my comment at 3.14pm was to 3.08pm.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.24pm

Interesting. Why do you say the law reports are insufficient?

Any suggestions on what more needs to be done, and how?

Anonymous said...

We're not saying don't bring up FHL. We're just asking why, when Qarase has already been convicted for it and gaoled?

Why keep harping on what was a misdemeanor at worse dating from years before the man was even in public office?

What is it you hope to gain when Qarase cannot be tried a second tume for the same crime, and he's now prohibited from running for office?

Why are you equating Qarase and Bainimarama? Qarase ddn't commit treason or murder or anything one little bit as the crimes Bainimara perpetrated.

I think you're tools of the regime. The only question is whether or witting or witless.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.30pm

You're a hell of a stubborn FOOL if you can't seem to see the forest for the trees.

If you're from the SDL camp (hoping to make a comeback and that's their right btw), then the party has very good reason to be worried with the likes of you 'liabilities', inadvertently burying Qarase in here.

Answer these Q's:

1) Why do you do that to him?

2) Hasn't the man already suffered through a much publicised trial and served his time in jail?

I have already answered your question on WHY in one of my previous comments, probably on another thread where I said that if one of you fools try to portray what he did as 'legal and ethical', then you will get a response from me.

If you stubbornly persist - then I persist. Is that simple enough to understand?

I'm not a tool of the regime. I don't work for them, paid by them or associated with them in any way. Understood?

Anonymous said...

Can someone give Khaiyum's address in Sydney/Melbourne or wherever he is?

Totolo said...

I just wonder how far the negative commentators [on this post] would go to save their child's life if the same thing happened to their family's?

I suppose the pain and anguish will be felt when it happens to them. Those who wrote/write such suggestions that the child should be killed or have something nasty happen to him obviously have not been reading the religious scriptures. It is a clear indication that some people have mentalities lower then the lowest living scum on this planet

Anonymous said...

@ 5.03pm

Wrong naba. We're kaivichi botobotos.

Kerea me vakaraitaki mai na "accounts" kece meda rawa ni dikeva vakamatailalai, dou ... bula! :)

Anonymous said...

Totally agree with Totolo.

Is that why they want Khaiyum's addy in Oz? Bunch of shameful wimps who have children of their own I'm sure. Killing ASK or his child is not going to bring down a military dictatorship.

What it will do instead is give you a jail term in Australia that will rival Mandela's - that's if you can survive it.

The problem with these "fake freedom fighters/bloggers" is that they are slaves to PRIDE - the top sin of all sins!

However, only they can will themselves out of it by crowding out the devil's corner that's slowly eating up their poor souls by filling it up with light - genuine repentance and an absolute trust in God's divine mercy! Life's journey is as simple as that.

We should all take heed of the wisdom shared by of one of Russia's most famous of political prisoners who was recently freed after 10 years in a russian freezing jail, Mikhail Khodorkovsky who wrote:

"Vengeance cannot be recognized as a worthy and socially significant objective.

Only the achievement of a national consensus will give Russia a chance at survival.

But this consensus has to be achieved on a foundation of respect for the rights of each person and of each minority in that society.[i.e. respect for human rights - the most important of which is the "Right to Life". Not our call to take someone else's!]

It is imperative to acknowledge the principles of a law-based state [i.e. meaning the rule of law and parliamentary democracy] and an aspiration for social justice.[now this stems from the universal principle of a "Love for God and Neighbour". Do you understand that peeps?]."

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ totolo & annon 6:16pm...how special is the Khaiyum piglet amongst the other todlers in this country ?..his abba can afford it, right ?...the children of people who lost their jobs as the result of decrees formulated and imposed upon the advice of the khaiyum swine deserve to die in pathetic conditions in our hospitals here at home because their dads cannot afford to send them abroad...pig rule sure is !!

BC said...

@anonymous 5:37
Boso, o Qarase sa veilewaitaki oti. Sa curu oti i Valeniveivesu.
He has paid for his crimes

If a man has been punished for his crimes, that's it.
It is finished.


So please stop bringing it up cos it only makes you look stupid.

If it is a new crime then of course by all means let us all know!

Anonymous said...


Khaiyum's child is as special and is as important and unique, as any other toddler or child in this world. Period.

That said, I really do sympathize with all you say about the suffering children in Fiji - as a direct or indirect result of the Baikhaiyum regime because it is most likely to be TRUE. And to be fair, children have suffered in Fiji due bad policies of previous govts.

It's probably the most painful thing in the world for a parent to watch their child suffer needlessly simply due to bad govt. policies or inadequate medical facilities/resources. Worse still if these innocent kids succumb to diseases that are entirely curable in the modern world that we're a part of - all because of inadequate medical resources since tax funds have been diverted to paying soldiers and bodyguards.

But will hurting another's child (in this case, ASK's) make your life any better?

Let's not give in to the Evil One for we all know better..

Anonymous said...

@ BC

Boso, please take a walk to clear out the fog clouding your eyes and cobwebs in thy head.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:23 PM

"" Can someone give Khaiyum's address in Sydney/Melbourne or wherever he is? ""

Are you going to send a get well card?

BC said...

@anonymous 7:27
Which part of my posting did you find "cloudy".

If you can tell me so that I can explain it a little more simply to you, so that even a child can understand it.

Which part of being "justified" you don't understand?

SEMI MEO said...

A blessed Election year to every one!!..what?...no elections?

Why not we keep the innocent Aiyaz kid out of the mud and mucus slinging in this highly esteemed column,kerekere!

This would be an opportunity for AG to conclude negotiations for Pacific seasonal workers scheme in Fiji's favour. Just that Vanuatu managed did, as recently as last week, negotiate over 45 yrs to be part of the scheme.

Tomorrow night Brisbane will farewell a group of 20 men from a village Church in Labasa who paid their owe airfare to Australia, hence,concluding a month of very fruitful fundraising for the village development projects.

Hope the good will is extended to again open our participation in the Seasonal workers scheme soon!Why should our unemployed wait till after the election or when diplomatic flirting progres further to sanity.

Anonymous said...

No one will shed a tear if kaiyum or his son die tomorrow, Fijians will relive recent festivity.

Anonymous said...

Sigh! @ numbskull BC.

You're not making yourself useful in this blog with your stubbornness, are you? Is your name Francis Kean?

Or were you pretending to be him @ 5.03pm? Not only an imposter but a fat idiot you are.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has been running our country since the illegal take mover n Decemmber 5th 2006. This is the 8th year of his illegal reign yet people who are supporting him and his regime still blaming Ratu Mara, Qarase and Cahudry and Rabuka. Why ? Those 4 were legally elected by the people democratically and they are genuine leaders and have proven records of academic achievement and ledership qualities.It rather funny that soldiers and some supporters of the regime are trying to compare Bainimarama against those 4. What has Bainimnarama got to be compared with those genuine leaderss ? NONE ! Bainimarama is not educated,He has no leadership quality.No experience in civiliam administration, because of his lack of intelectual capicity Kaiyum is running all over him and he Bainimarama is just agreeing to everythying Kaiyum proposed eventhough most of Kaiyums proposals are against native Fijians desire but Bainimarama is agreeing to him at it is too complicated for him to understand.All he need is a good imnfluencing explanation from Kaiyum and that is fine too him. That is the kind of leader the military and his supporters i.e. Fiji Sun want

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:39, you are definitely a tool of this regime, whether you're paid by them or not. A tool and a fool. A one-string violin. You keep fiddling on it while Rome burns.

Anonymous said...

BC, we understand you even if some obstinate lout persists in being obdurate.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.00pm

Isa you really wish, don't you? lol.

Anonymous said...

The fool with a smile on his face.

Anonymous said...

This guy going on ad nauseum about FHL is like a dog with his bone. Qarase was already jailed for it. What more does he want?

It's just a left-handed way to affirm Bainimarama's phony clean-up justification for the 2006 coup, and thereby to abet his treason.

Anonymous said...

So true. Were this the United Nations and North Korea were attacking across the 38th Parallel, he'd be insisting we discuss calendar reform.

Taukei Moderate said...

Anon Jan 3 12.59am

I'm no supporter of VB but Qarase's deeds regarding FHL are a matter of public interest just as events since 2006 are a matter of public interest.

The people talking about FHL have as much right to talk about the FHL matter as you do on VB's coup.

If as I suspect you are pro-democracy then you should welcome the discussion on Qarase's FHL deeds as much as you would like to talk about VB. A free discussion on things like FHL are as much a promotion of democracy in Fiji as you would talk about VB.

Then let the followers on this blog decide for themselves who is in the right come election day (which I hope and pray will eventuate).

Anonymous said...

AFP has been following Kaiyum in Aussiie. He has been meeting with some IMAM, and other extremists from Pakistan...

rajend naidu said...

I am surprised to learn from Floyd Robinson's letter (Fiji Times 3/1)that the Kinoya sewerage treatment plant is still enveloping residents living in that area with an unbearable shitty smell some 8 years after the Bainimarama "clean-up" coup.(I know the shit smell from the plant because we used to get it at Laucala Beach Estate where I use to stay)
Someone clearly forget to tell the coup maker that he should start his clean up campaign at the Kinoya sewerage treatment plant.
what kind of treatment is the shit getting at the plant?
I once went to a shit processing plant in Nagoya Japan whilst attending a world student conference in Tokyo and I didn't even realise it was a sewerage processing plant!!
This letter by Robinson is a good reminder that shit was happening before the Bainimarama takeover and it continues to happen 8 years after the construction of his "new Fiji".
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Taukei Moderate, you just don't get it, do you?

The FHL issue is now moot. What's there left to prove, since Qarase was already "proved guilty"? And he was convicted. And he did his time. Qarase cannot be charged with this "crime" a second time. And Qarase is disqualified from running for elected office. So it's not like he will be part of the choice allowed us come election day, if that day does come as promised (again).

Sure, you can talk about FHL all you want (yawn), just like you can talk about the price of tea in China, but how germane is it? How will that help us unseat the thugs in power and restore democracy?

On the other hand, I can see how that will help the thugs remain in power, by diverting our attention away from their many crimes -- all of which are more serious, by the way, than anything with which Qarase was ever charged.

"Let the followers on this blog decide for themselves who is in the right come election day!?" Are you for real? Do you really think FHL is important enough to build a platform on for the elections? A bunch of trumped up charges based on misdemeanors allegedly committed 20 years ago by a private citzen, for which he's already been punished? Okay, you do that. See how many votes that gets you.

Maybe that will be a major part of Bainimarama's political platform, too. Why don't you see if you can be his running mate? You sound very sympatico.

The real issue is treason. Bainimarama and others need to hang for it.

"I'm no supporter of VB but . . ." "But"? "But"? But nothing! That very telling "but" of yours can get you hanged with him. Not a threat but a fact.

In the end the elections won't matter, because they won't be honest anyway, in the unlikely event they happen at all. That's largely because people like you keep letting VB off the hook by refusing to confront the real issues or deliberately misdirecting our attention, so that everyone focus on moot cases and petty distractions instead of the central issue, which is treason.

Anonymous said...

Too much talk from Suliasi Daunitutu and other so called pro demon movement in Australia. He is there in your front yard and you can't do a thing.

Anonymous said...

To all anonymous who against the the Fijian bloggers defending their country and leadership etc I am warning you to be careful this year. This is the year of revolution all over the world where the indigenous people are taking back what were stolen from them by their own illegal government or otherwise by any other means.

The World’s Evil Criminals of the New World Order , Freemasons, Illuminati etc have been identified to be the main causes of divisions between families, tribes, races, nations, governments, religions, churches, faiths, leaders, chiefs, workers, marketing, businesses etc.etc.etc. Their evil motto “ Divide and Rule” with secret plans of World War 111 and other criminal activities including the depopulation of 6.7 billion of the world is speedily coming to surface this year The Year of Revolutions. It must be noted seriously too that the Laws and Regulations, Constitution, Rules and Policies etc.etc.of all 247 Nations of the world including Banks and major Financial institutions were enacted by these Evil Satanic people and groups.

Please Bloggers,I beg you all to stop the onslaught on races, faiths, FHL etc.that will cause more divisions amongst us because that is exactly what this minority group of Evil Satanic criminals of the Freemasons in Fiji wants. Do not forget they are in full control and manipulative right NOW. TURN AROUND ! TURN AROUND ! TURN AROUND ! and hunt this bastards down. They are converting Denarau Island to be their communication centre for smuggling and other criminal operations in the Pacific Region and Asia including drugs and prostitution.

Let us hold hands and love each other and fight against the Evil Satanic Freemasons in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The issue of FHL shares has been used extensively by pro-regime supporters as a justification of the 2006 takeover. For the record those shares were made available at the time to whoever wishes to PURCHASE them..yes "purchase" is operative word. There are of course conditions to be fulfilled and one of which is the purchaser must be an Indigenous Fijian and registered in the Vola i Kawa Bula (VKB). Qarase has been taken to task, not because he had shares but because he allegedly did not declare his interest. He did no more than what Weleilakeba would have done, i.e applied for the shares and a due diligence would have been carried out by management (Weleilakeba) to make sure that he met the requirement (registered in the VKB etc etc). I presume a Board paper would follow recommending the share issue. All that would have been on record. For Weleilakeba who also had shares to then say Qarase did not declare his interest is hogwash he himself would have prepared the Board paper which I presume was circulated to the Board members. He clearly did a deal brokered by his wife to witness against Qarase. Na dina e na dina tiko ga Siti. Weleilakeba had shares under Stik Investments, why was that different? The long and short of it the shares held by Vitusagavulu, Bakani, Joe Mar and whoever else are purchased. They came with their own risk. The Fijian however is expected to look after his family and his community whereas everyone else is free to look after themselves only. That is just the nature of being a Fijina and I am damned proud of it. The only problem is the liumuri that is rife and there are those that think the whole country owes them a living!! And of course this that believe anything they are told.

Rajesh Naidu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Strange how Australia and NZ looks humanely at a someone who looks inhumanely at others by decrees that persecutes and strangles their rights.
In the end God will judge as he said, "VENGEANCE IS MINE".


Anonymous said...

Bringing up the FHL non-issue isn't treason, per se, but it is if it's done for the purpose of justifying the coup or pulling attention away from Bainimarama's treason.

I really appreciate how every time regime supporters try this sneaky tactic, Fiji's democracy activists respond by shining the spotlight back where it belongs -- on Bainimarama's ongoing record of treason, effectively turning the table.

Anonymous said...

For a few individual families to hold many more shares than entire province is plain wrong in any language, including Fijian.

Anonymous said...

"" ONE hundred and twenty cases of violence against women were recorded in the past eight days.

These were the disturbing statistics revealed by the Fiji Womens Crisis Centre today. ""

So there's your reason there has been absolutely no resistance against the present government. Perhaps there would have been if the ones at the top were women !

Anonymous said...

I find interesting the many comments still defending Qarase & cronies' corrupt-to-the-core FHL share dealings... because any objective, reasonable bystander looking in can clearly see "it" for what "it is".

Of course, it does not need to be said but I will say it (again) for the benefit of those that need to have it "spelt out" - that we all know that these corrupt dealings was no justification for the coup d'etat of 2006.

However, let me say this too: For someone like me who only came to know about the FHL Class A share saga post-2006coup, and then had been wondering why these thieving, corrupt so-called 'sons of Fiji' were not dealt with earlier... I am NOW beginning to reaally wonder, that given the kind of persistently stubborn and digging-of-heels-in-comments from those still trying justify the corrupt acts re FHL Class A shares - despite the court (including unanimous assessors) ruling against and jailing Qarase... whether this unique "clique" of corrupt 'sons of Fiji' and hanger-ons scratching each other's backs, had become SO EMBEDDED in our Fijian administration particularly, and in the general society competently selling into Fijian psyche that:"we can do just as well or even better than the Indians at business) - that it became NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE for the reasonable-minded, decent Fijians to break through and break down this WEB OF DECEIT that had been carefully guarded and spun over the years, by Qarase & cronies and others with 'vested interests' linked to these 'clique' who had become well established at the helm of Fijian society.

Now what do you guys make of that thought? Mmmm??

Anonymous said...

@ 12.43pm

Rest assured that objective and reasonable-minded bystanders can see separate from themselves "the wheat from the chaff" - "the real Fiji democracy activists from those also on our bandwagon trying to whitewash Fiji's sordid past pre-Dec06, as if it didn't happen.."

In other words, the depth of corruption in the present regime does not in any way lessen the gravity of corruption pre-Dec06.

Anonymous said...

Excuse the typo error, should read:

"... bystanders can separate for themselves ..."


Anonymous said...

ANON 10.45 Boy you sure forgot to take your medicine this morning. This blog is getting more and more hilarious every day. Better then watching reality TV. A bunch of misfits stabbing at each other with plastic swords. Get a life people.

SEMI MEO said...

One very simple explanation may be Fiji's post modern caste system inadvertently built into the Fijian society way back in 1948!!..for goodness sake!

Oh, you did not know? Ratu Sukuna glorious and sometime ruthless pen, depends which blood line you fall in,rudely obliterate or exemplifies who ever is an charismatic fast talker or properly a few who possess a years of academic "vulilevu" excellence under they belt and could, with some western acquired logic explain away rightful ownership of land and titles...no these special breed of fijian later had preferential treatments in the scholarship distributions,FDB Agri,Taxi etc loans, then FDB incentives...then...then...the modern day Fijian elite race was in place milking the system away right under trust!!

Oh...but the Coup..nearly forget that bit..yes now yet another new class, shall we call it the Sotia elite..but...but...it was only for a while when nearly every Fijian house are desirous to have a prestige linck to Delainabua through primary military participants, marriage or what ever connection we could trace one to the Military Council and even the Vice Admiral..just recently it was a prestige to be linked to a semi-god in Delainabua once feared Military Council....yep...then the Vice Admiral started to chase and jail his comrades in arms the once new Military elite who had phone call away from getting relatives a loan, Gov tender,Reserve Bank clearance and export incentives,Foreign Investors pointed your way, Grown and local Government land at under UCV, Scholarship for the failures, Overseas Medical costs for the elite..etc,etc,etc...

I bore you now further...can anyone just tell us who Fiji's new elites are????...and when are application open toy all those who may have missed out on the goodies since Independence???

Our hearts of gratitude and deep respect goes out to those who toil silently over the years and even their lifetime, doing the right thing accepting no crooked favor, and still managed to send their children from kindy to a career and food on the table daily!
Paradoxically though, these are the masses who would again enter the election both yet again in September with the hope to elect leaders who will not "legally" steal from the next generation!

Anonymous said...

Another coup supporter-Ratu Veiwili
Komaitai bite the dust at 72 years
old? Remember last year when the
ist inline to the Vunivalu-Ratu
Jioji Cakobau,Ratu Epeli Ganilau
and Adi Ateca Mara made a public
apology on behalf of their family
to the people of Fiji? Veiwili Komaitai over-stepped his position
by attacking the apologies as unauthorized,unFijian,over the medias and tried to
belittle the first inline to the
King's of Fiji title?By saying that
he was the rightful medium to do such an apology? I had said it
then and i'll say it again, Jioji
Cakobau is the rightful heir to the
Tui Viti title as well as the Vunivalu of Bau!
Oppose this at your own peril
and i'm sure our
ancestors will only be more than
happy to take you out?

Anonymous said...

@ 10.45am and 12.04pm

Sadly, u've both lost the plot and will become liabilities in the struggle for a return to parliamentary democracy and respect for human rights in Fiji - unless you work on quitting your self-denials.

SEMI MEO said...

(Vosota..posted wrong one)
One very simple explanation may be Fiji's postmodern caste system inadvertently built into the Fijian society way back since 1948!!..for goodness sake!

Oh, you did not know? Ratu Sukuna’s glorious and sometime ruthless pen, depends which blood line you fall in, rudely obliterate or exemplifies whoever is an charismatic fast talker or properly a few who possess a few years of academic "vulilevu" excellence under their belt and could, with some western acquired logic explain away rightful ownership of land and titles...now these special breed of Fijians later had preferential treatments in the scholarship distributions, FDB Agri, Taxi etc loans, then FDB incentives...then...then...lo and behold the modern day Fijian elite race was in place milking the system away right under trust!!

Oh...but the Coups!! Nearly forget that bit. Yes, now yet another new class, shall we call it the Sotia elite class..but...but...it was only for a while when nearly every Fijian household are desirous to have a prestigious link to Delainabua through primary military participants, marriage or whatever connection we could trace one to the Military Council and even the Vice Admiral himself. Yep.. to a semi-gods in Delainabua once feared Military Council. The the Vice Admiral started to chase and jail his comrades in arms the once new Military elite who had phone call away from getting relatives a loan, Gov tender, Reserve Bank clearance and export incentives,Foreign Investors pointed your way, Grown and local Government land at under UCV, Scholarship for the failures, Overseas Medical costs for the elite..etc,etc,etc...are now more!!!

I bore you now further...can anyone just tell us who Fiji's new elites are????...and when are application open toy all those who may have missed out on the goodies since Independence???

Our hearts of gratitude and deep respect goes out to those who toil silently over the years and even their lifetime, doing the right thing accepting no crooked favor, and still managed to send their children from kindy to a career and food on the table daily!
Paradoxically though, these are the masses who would again enter the election both yet again in September with the hope to elect leaders who will not "legally" steal from the next generation!

cagi ni tokalau said...

anonymous 2.15PM

Mmmm??... ni sa leka tu i nomu cebo na idusidusi nei bainimarama. o sa sega ni wasea rawa na dina mai na lasu.

kua na viavia vuku kei na vakilakila.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.08pm

Kakua na vosa ca kemuni, baleta na ka ga ena cakava ena vakadei taka "na noqu vakanananu" au sa toqa toka ya e cake. Tobo tale tu o van damme. Sobo.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.08pm

Na nomu vakanananu ga na kana karasi o cakava tiko sa rauta, sivia nomu calacala. Cegu mada na kuvu barasi mada na bati..waisere ! nomu vosa la nomu s###.. sa yabaki vou, stale valevu nomu news..FHL my arse !

Anonymous said...

Rajendra Chodory Luveni caiti tamamu o Mahen. You said 2013 was the year of change but now it's 2014, mai chod!!

The Fijian Gujaratis said...

FHL share scam shows creation of elite Fijian Gujarati Class. It is not about narrowing Fijian-Indian gap in business. It is about a few well connected and placed elites rorting the system. Proof is in the pudding - If scheme was for benefit of ordinary fijians, than rich, elite families won't be holding more shares than entire Fijian provinces. it is very elementary and easy to understand.

Qarase, Weleilakeba, Vitusagavulu, Yabaki, Drakuidreketi are wannabe gujaratis of the Fijian community. Creaming of Fijian affirmative action benefits for themselves and making other deals for their families to get rich quickly be be like the gujis.

January 2, 2014 at 4:40 AM scam creates an elite Fijian Gujarati class

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo, Your analysis is quite intriguing but yet miss-conceptually driven. If you still cannot see the recent elites, than your are one of them, for sure you have accessed FDB funds and may mismanage it, now wishing for anther bite, Seeto now holds the key to scholarship for the next generation with interest maybe he can lead you to the Sino-Indo elites that now making way is increasing the welfare divide.

Anonymous said...

@The Fijian Gujuratis
Your comment is spot on.
the paisa/personal profit before people 'guji' mentality has become the dominant norm for the local predatory elite in Fiji.

The Patels said...

...in all fairness, I should add to my Fijian Gujarati comments by saying by saying Pm should be known as Voreqe Patel and the AG as Aiyaz Patel.

Ganesh Chand said...
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Anonymous said...

Great analysis Semi Meo. Very well conceptialised, grounded in context and history. You absolutely right about "postmodern caste system" built into the Fijian society, "vulilevu" and other special breed of Fijians monopolising scholarship, loans, milking the system for all its worth. And now the "Sotia elite class", once revered and emulated by Fijian household as demi-gods.

Ordinary Fijians have to contend with leftovers, such as class B FHL share. Very intelligent analysis by Semi Meo who has outdone himself.

Anonymous said...

but let us not forget the Fiji Gujaratis also had the foresight to buy property and build community halls , gujirati schools etc for the betterment of their community.
today people from other ethnic communities have to pay the Gujis for the use of their facilities!!

Anonymous said...

Why is it that these dumb halfwits still continue to blame everyone else for their own misfortune.

Look in the mirror looser's and repeat this to yourselves, I had the opportunities but never used them.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that some well educated, travelled, experienced Fijians turn out to be common criminals at the end of the day?

They need to stand in front of a full-length mirror and repeat 150,000 to 200,000 times: I shall never again abuse my office for personal gain or steal from the under the noses of my own people, what had NOT been set up ONLY for my and my clan in the first place."

Anonymous said...

So who are the new Fijian elite?

Anonymous said...

The new Fijian Elite - Kaiyum, Bainimarama, Shameem sisters etc etc etc. All thieving bastards.

BC said...

Qarase has paid for his crimes.
Its time for Bainimarama to pay for his crimes.


BAINIMARAMA has committed TREASON and he must die.

He committed TREASON against the nation of Fiji.

You Fijian soldiers are the soldiers of this country Fiji. Therefore you must defend the country against TREASON.
You must apprehend the Treasonist Bainimarama and be prepared to execute him.

Remember you are Fiji's soldiers. You are NOT Bainimarama's soldiers.

Therefore you must protect the country and not protect the TREASONIST CRIMINAL BAINIMARAMA.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

C4.5 can you now remove this Khaiyum article showing Khaiyum's face?
It has given me constipation.

Anonymous said...

It's quite obvious to me, and I'm sure to most other objective and reasonable-minded bystanders, that:

1) Bainimarama committed treason by launching the December 2006 coup and in his actions since.

2) His claim that the takeover was in order to clean up the government was just a phony excuse.

3) Despite creating and fully resourcing FICAC for the purpose of digging up dirt on the Qarase government, the regime wasn't able to build a case.

4) In its efforts to consolidate power and prevent a strong political challenger from winning the elections promised for 2014, the regime "abrogated" the Constitution, "suspended" the judiciary, created the Media Decree, "abolished" the GCC, and forced political parties to disband or make other changes just to re-register. Some words are in quotation marks, because these regime actions were completely unlawful and had no force of law.

5) Seeing Qarase as a continuing potential challenger, but not having any real dirt on him, the regime resorted to kangaroo court proceedings against Qarase with the help of a judge who had already proven himself a reliable regime stooge. Qarase would have been ruled to have no case to answer for in any fair system of justice. Instead, he was convicted in thoroughly biased proceedings and sentenced to just sufficient an amount of time as to render him "ineligible" to vie for office.

6) In his desperation to hold power in order to avoid accountability for his many crimes, Bainimarama summoned Yash Ghai to draft what he expected to be a new constitution incorporating all of his "non-negotiables". The popular sentiment against immunity proved so strong, however, that Ghai wrote his draft so as to require Bainimarama's apology and other actions that Bainimarama deemed unacceptable. Bainimarama then had Khaiyum write a new version that he has since rammed down Fijians' throats.

7) Also out of desperation, the regime borrowed as much as it could against Fiji's credit in order to undertake infrastructure and other improvements for the sole purposes of padding personal accounts abroad and buying popular support before the promised elections.

8) Now the regime is having its agents, stooges, symps and dupes wave the "bloody shirt" of Qarase's alleged corruption in order to sully SODELPA's image before the promised elections, pretend Qarase's and Bainimarama's actions somehow morally equivalent, and to give credence to its justification for the 2006 coup. The problems are that Qarase's alleged "crimes" pale by comparison with Bainimarama's and have already been severely punished, whilst the Bainimarama's go unpunished and continue to accumulate.

9) If this ploy doesn't succeed, the regime will need to find other ways by which to neutralise the opposition. Failing that, it will again "postpone" the elections.

Anonymous said...

BKC doesnt allow PM LQ to stand in election but allows treasonist Bai/Minister to stand election.
How can be free/fair and demoratic election -not free and fair at all.
BKC is illegal so election will be illegal .

Anonymous said...

"For a few individual families to hold many more shares than entire province is plain wrong in any language, including Fijian."

What balderdash!

That's not plain wrong. That's plain capitalism.

How is it different from the fact that only a small fraction of one percent of the world's population owns all of the shares of Apple Corporation, and only a small faction of one percent of those own most of the shares? A few individual families hold many more Apple shares than entire countries.

Now, why is that? Is it because they robbed us? They exploited us? Or is it because they gambled by investing in a company's stock that they thought would go up in value, when others thought it would go down, and most people didn't think about it at all or didn't want to risk what money they have?

For a few individual families to hold many more shares in a stock than an entire province is not plain wrong. It's plain normal. And it certainly isn't illegal.

rajend naidu said...

Allen Lockington is amazed that such a big item as an excavator got stolen in Savusavu and ended up in Labasa (Fiji Times 4/1).
I know of a bigger item that got stolen in Fiji with a good part of the population not noticing the theft.
This is the theft of the Government of Fiji in 2006 by a small mob in the Fiji military.
Allen is right "thieves nowadays are [indeed] getting smarter and smarter". They can pinch a government and pretend they are the legitimate government and Prime Minister and all that!!
Now that is what you call a grand theft!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Good time for assasination....aust and nz, full of shit, so much for their stance against illegal regime
Bullshit.....all for their own agenda

Dissappointment allowing this evil man into aust...send him to india and his muslim community......

Anonymous said...

Anon you are tru---Baini is a lair...I saw him on TV on afternoon announcing that he gonna change the flag soon????? ....................in my humble opinion, Baini operates as he thinks he owns whole of Fiji including its people...

Kamlesh Kumar said...

I am a Qarse supporter. I will never believe that he stole money from his own people. He is the madiba of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Larry casino not going anywhere.frank/kahiyum/bano cant do anything bec larry paid them million in commission.
Khaiyum cant cancel his licence.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You need to invest in order to own shares. Some provinces didn't own many FHL shares for the simple reason that they buy any. You need to play to win. Pretty elementary stuff.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that Frank really pays himself $1.2million per annum from poor taxpayers money.

Anonymous said...

Excluding kickbacks from gov business dealings

Teresa said...

Sometimes,seeing is believing!!! We are a witness to our own times and time is a great revealer of truths.

The point here is there has been an illegal military coup de tat in Fiji in 2006 and as we speak the coup makers have failed so far to consolidate their misguided objectives. Note that a coup is conducted in three stages which must be successful,
1.Planning and rehearsing

Of the three, stages 1 & 2 are the easiest because these can be internally controlled by conspirators. The hardest is stage 3 because deals with the external environment which is difficult to control in particular as time goes by. The significant factor in the external coup environment is getting the acceptance of the people. This is achievable in the short term when there are a lot of ambiguity in terms of promised objectives. If coup makers spread a lot of bullshit in this time then the saying, "you can bullshit some of the people some of the time but not all of the people all of the time". Predictably, the 2006 coup have turned out this way making stage 3 of consolidation impossible and confining Bainimarama fate to the hangman's noose in due time.

So called mainstream political parties such as FLP,SDL, GVP and others, including new hopefuls should take the legal and moral high road and boycott any future elections being held under the dictator's constitution. Do we want this? Hell no!!!

Political figures should not compromise their standards and stand with the masses of honest citizens who demand a constitution of their free will.

Pirates understand that eventually the law will catch up with them. That from their own suppressed ranks, discontent will continue to grow into an unstoppable tide which will eventually motivate them to abandon anarchy to side with the virtuous and righteous. The green rats up at Delainabua should realize that their mutinous captain and his pet parrot Khaiyum have even managed to cut off their ardent minority supporters of 2006.There is no one on their side except other pirates who have climbed on board.

Keep up the good work citizens and continue to smash their illegal consolidations efforts. Be patient and strong willed because the only thing that will change if you participate in these elections under an illegal constitution is your compromising personal standards.

We are young and want to be truly free and happy of our own collective free will!!!

The Corporate Sharks in our Midst said...

Anon 1.33pm, 'you need to invest in order to own shares', spoken like a true predatory elite. The FHL mafia did nit give the provinces an opportunity to invest. They with held crucial information for the simple reason to keep prime shares for themselves and their families. It's called insider trading, a blue collar crime. it's pretty elementary stuff. It is driven by greed and selfishness and perpetuated by corporate sharks lie waleilakeba, qarase et al.

Anonymous said...

Ranjit singh thakur maichod was trying to get seat in 2006 election with FLP/SDL. Now he is trying to get in board and election .he was seen in fiji with khaiyum and riaz. mf rot . Sacked from daily post/scc was sucking up to umaria and doing deals and getting commission from business people.

Anonymous said...

Everyone is carrying on about FHL which is only a holdings company. Me thinks this is petty stuff in corporate greed compare to power greed with treasonous acts on the whole country as with the fyke heads, Bainimarama and his wife Khaiyum.

Get real coup apologist idiots, shares are quite different to a meaningful existence as a human being in Fiji. It is one thing to point the finger at someone in defense of Bai but it is quite the other pointing the finger when Bai is banging your rear end too. Just shows what fyked up mentality you have..or am I mistaken that you enjoy that sort of sordid shyte?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If by "predatory elite" you mean someone who invests in order to make a profit and to allow companies to expand and hire new workers, then guilty as charged.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to prick your balloon guys but if some of you are still in denial about the gross breach of trust by Qarase (and his FHL cronies-u-know-who)... here's what's really "elementary" that traitors like you lot need to come to terms with real fast... lol.

[Part of the sentencing judgment of the Qarase case]:

"You have held a very high office in the public sector.

You were appointed Financial Advisor to FAB pursuant to the Fijian Affairs Act and Regulations.

You were the Financial Advisor to GCC.

You were also appointed a Director FHL to represent Class B shares.

By virtue of these appointments, the government and the public vested their trust and confidence in you.

FHL was established to be the investment vehicle of the indigenous people of Fiji, and to accelerate and broaden their participation in the commerce and industries.

You had a duty to safeguard the FAB and the institutions like Provincial and Tikina Councils and indigenous Fijian people as a whole.

Instead you applied for and facilitated the allotment of shares of FHL to three companies which you had personal interest, without disclosing your interest.

This was done in priority to the said Provincial and Tikina Councils and other eligible indigenous Fijian people.

You thus received gain by abuse of your office.

You continued to gain by receiving dividends from the said FHL shares.

You have breached the trust and confidence bestowed in you.

You have deprived the said institutions and eligible Fijians of their entitlements.

Your actions are not only illegal but against the moral values.

The punishment that you ought to receive must reflect the breach of the public confidence."

Anonymous said...

Putting lipstick on a pig isn't going to change what it is, is it?

You should all read the "Summing Up" of the High Court - it lays out the dirty deed in detail. It's no wonder the assessors convicted him on all counts.

And echoed throughout the evidence presented in Court was the call and high demand (!!) for FHL shares... yet these greedy itaukeis decided to carved out among themselves the the Class A top pie before opening it up to the general i-taukei population.

Another interesting fact to note was that Qarase had been a senior civil servant since 1970, when he was Secretary to the Public Service. So this was no innocent, gullible nakoro kiddo on the bloc!

Shame on you TRAITORS for continuing to defend the indefensible!

Anonymous said...

tsk..tsk... A director who supposedly represented Class B shares (provinces) and yet was advising his own clan and relos to form companies so he could facilitate their purchase of Class A shares.

So why didn't he also get the 14 provinces whose interests he was supposed to represent in FHL to buy out the Class A shares and leave Class B for the individual i-taukeis like him and his family? What a traitor. It's no wonder people were so enraged when he attended church service in his suit and tie like he was so innocent of any breach of trust!

Anonymous said...

friggin shyte why post a pic of a great man like Tietz beside papa oink and baby oink

Anonymous said...

What "call and high demand for FHL shares"? They were under-subscribed! The regime searched forever to find someone who could testify that he'd been in any way harmed by Qarase's purchase of the shares, and even then, they could only adduce a single witness of dubious credibility.

Ganesh said...

Anonymous 9:32 PM, 9:53 PM and 10:05 PM, feeling your oats again, eh? Very well. Keep bringing up extraneous issues like FHL, and we'll just keep bringing the focus back to where it belongs: on Bainimarama's treason.

First, remind us why this issue has become so important to you. You just discovered Ranjit Thakur Singh's writings on the issue, dating from a few years ago, and so now you feel the need to opine about this past case? (Funny how RTS's writings are uniformly accepted by regime apologists as the final authority on all and sundry, whilst everyone else regards him as a regime shill.) Or is it that the "enormity" of Qarase's "monstrous crime" (alleged insider trading) just dawned on you? Perhaps you're afraid that Bainimarama might reverse himself (it's happened many times before) and actually permit Qarase to run for office? These all sound pretty preposterous to me, but what else are we to believe, unless we allow for other, more nefarious, explanations.

Here's one: maybe you're RTS himself and simply riding one of your favourite hobby horses. Nah, I can't believe that even RTS would be so churlish as to write unflatteringly of Crosbie Walsh, when Walsh is one of his most ardent admirers. But it's no more preposterous than the other possible explanations.

I'm just trying to make sense of your FHL fixation. Qarase can't be gaoled twice for the same crime, so why do you keep trying to re-litigate his case?

Is it because you're trying to get us to believe Qarase is somehow on par with Bainimarama? Now, why on earth would you want to do that? Are you hoping to elect Bainimarama? Even if you say you're not, by constantly bringing up FHL, aren't you effectively pushing the exact same excuse Bainimarama used as a pretext for the 2006 coup, and in so doing lending credence to his self-justification? Talk about putting lipstick on a pig! Are you the only one who doesn't know Bainimarama's coup had exactly zero to do with Qarase's alleged corruption and everything to do with his desire to avoid dismissal and arrest for sedition and murder?

And even if Qarase really is guilty of insider trading, as you and the regime want us to believe, how is that anywhere near as serious as the heinous capital crimes of treason and murder? It isn't, and that's why you're wasting our time, and yours, by dredging up FHL, when Bainimarama's real and serious crimes are going unpunished.

Anonymous said...

Thank you C4.5 for the discussion on FHL share scam, which was not aired out properly in the media, which missed the significance of the swindle.I am now much more informed about the issue than a I as previously.

Anonymous said...

@ 6.59am

I'm wondering why can't you compromised fools let this matter rest?

'Under-subscribed' and 'single witness' my foot. I'll explain, but first scroll up and re-read the judgment and let these words sink into your memory back for your children's sake if not yours.

"You had a duty to safeguard the FAB and the institutions like Provincial and Tikina Councils and indigenous Fijian people as a whole.

Instead you applied for and facilitated the allotment of shares of FHL to three companies which you had personal interest, without disclosing your interest.

This was done in priority to the said Provincial and Tikina Councils and other eligible indigenous Fijian people.

You thus received gain by abuse of your office.

You continued to gain by receiving dividends from the said FHL shares."

Now, did you think the Court plucked those conclusions from thin air?

As I posted earlier, do yourselves a favour before you open your big mouths and read the "summing up judgement" of the court that is available online, and from which I highlight the sordid details of the FHL saga for your convenience below:

A. The Court obtained from the 1st witness a bundle of documents consisting of:
- corresponding letters of FHL, Ministry of Fijian Affairs and GCC on the decision for sale of FHL shares to Tikinas and to Private Fijian Individuals; and
- FHL Board minutes of 30/09/92.

1st witness said there was a demand for the FHL shares amongst Fijians.(!) Did you note that?

B. 2nd witness was the key witness. He had joined FHL in Nov 1987 as company Secretary (note that this was soon after Fiji's first coup de'tat to 'save Fijians', lol)

In Feb 1992 he was appointed CEO of FHL.

Btwn Nov 1997 to Jun 2006 he was Managing Director of FHL and also of Merchant Finance and Investment company which is a wholly owned subsidiary of FHL.

From Jul 2006 to June 2008 he was Group Managing Director of FHL.

He said FHL was incorporated in November 1984(!) to accelerate indigenous Fijian participation in commerce and industry in Fiji.

He said that when FHL began as a private investment company, the number of share holders in FHL had been limited to 50. Authorized capital was 5 million.

At the beginning, the share holders were the 14 provincial councils, the FAB, NLTB and Koula Trust.

He said that by March 1991 (Note the date peeps!) the FHL company report 1990 has generated tremendous interest particularly at the Tikina level and also from the private Fijian individuals.(!)

He said that the tremendous interest(!) to purchase FHL shares came in two forms: phone calls and written interest continuously seeking concurrence of FHL to allow them to purchase shares of FHL.(oh wow!)

FHL received the required approval by letters from the FAB and GCC for the widening of FHL shares to Tikina Councils, Wholly owned Fijian companies and Individual Fijians registered in VKB.

The witness advised the board of that approval at the board meeting held on 12 Nov 1991 when Mr. Qarase was present.(Note the date and presence of Mr. Qarase.)

Eight days later on 20 Nov 1991, Mr. Qarase on behalf of Cicia Plantations Ltd. (CPCS) applied for 180000 shares.

Barely 3 months later, on 7 Feb 1992, Mr. Q applied on behalf of Mavana Investments Ltd. (Mavana) for 200000 shares of FHL

Three weeks later on 28 Feb 1992, the FHL board approved the allotment of the said shares to Mavana. Mr. Q. was present at the meeting as a director.

The board approved payment of interim dividend to be paid to 'A' class share holders as at 31 Dec 1991.

...(to be continued)

Anonymous said...


At the same meeting Stiks investments Ltd was allotted 150000 shares.

At the said meeting, Weleilakeba as CEO declared his direct financial interest in Stiks Investments, recorded in the board minutes.

Two months later on 23 Apr 1992, Mr. Q on behalf of CPCS, applied for an additional 220000 shares from FHL.

At the board meeting held on 29 May 1992, the FHL board resolved to approve that the nominal capital under class "A" shares be increased from 5 million to 20 million.

At the same meeting CPCS was allotted 220000 shares. Mr. Q. was present at the meeting.

The witness said that there was a strong demand(!) for the shares and that was the purpose of increasing share capital to 20 million.(!)

At the same meeting, Q-Ten investments Ltd (Q-Ten) was also allotted 200000 shares.

At no time was there "any declaration of interest" by the interest board member or it would have been ON RECORD.(!)

By end June 1992 : CPCS was the 2nd largest shareholder for 'A' class shares holding 400000 shares, the largest shareholder being NLTB holding 500000 shares.

Third largest share holder had been Ratu Sir KKT Mara Edn Trust Fund holding 300000 shares; and the fourth largest had been Mavana and Q-Ten and Taoi Investments, holding 200000 shares each.

He said that the company became a public company on 27th October 1992 and one more reiterated that there was a reasonably high demand for shares for the i-taukei population.(!)

Any more excuses? Or shall we now concentrate on this round of thieving sons of a gun?

Anonymous said...

As for you 'Ganesh', by all means, knock yourself out with the ongoing financial shenanigans of BK regime since Dec 2006, if you find the scandalous FHL saga (among many 'untried' others) spanning over two decades too "heavy and raw" to stomach as well.

I'll remind you again why I've contributed my thoughts on this issue rearing its ugly head again through that of a statement by a compromised fool - that what Mr. Q had done re FHL shares, was "perfectly legal and ethical".

How dare that fool. Did you didn't expect that outrageous statement to go unchallenged? If you did, then I guess "pigs can fly".

And no I did not just discover Thakur Ranjit Singh's article this month, I only posted the link to TRS' article in here. Yes, it was me and I'm neither TRS or Crosbie Walsh. I'm just an ordinary blogger who has her own opinions on issues that are wholly RELEVANT to Fiji!

If my views don't sit well with yours, well that's too bad. We can agree to disagree.

Now, as I've said earlier I came across TRS' article whilst furiously blogging against the illegal takeover back in 2007 with so many others. Those were the days of WFC, RFC, Solivakasama, HydenSeek et al. when Pita Driti was at his bullying best: threatening all and sundry with all kinds of sordid things.

So why are you now being unkind to me - trying to paint me as a 'traitor' when I have not changed my stance ONE BIT since Dec 2006 about the ILLEGALITY of the takeover of a coalition govt, one that had just been coming together despite its shaky beginnings!

And what's more, I know for sure that I'm paying the price for my stance in so many indirect ways, but so damn what? If you didn't grow a backbone when you let go of your mother's aprons, then you'll surely become a jellyfish all your godforsaken life.

So, whoever gets into power "legitimately" in my books does not bother me at all, and that includes Mr. Qarase should Bainimarama change his rules and allow him to run for office.

And no, I would not take back a single word of all that I've post in here re FHL saga. No way. Unlike some of you, I don't change my "stripes" just to please someone in power (and that includes Mr. Qarase), esp. when the issue being discussed is one of critical public importance.

So yes, 'lipstick on a pig' is an appropriate phrase in my book. And so that applies too, to Mr. B and his "non-transparent and unaccountable govt" if he tries to stand.

Now that you bring up Mr. B's "desire to avoid dismissal and arrest for sedition and murder", don't you think that if Mr. Q's hands had been "clean", the whole country would have rallied behind him and his coalition govt in a peaceful protest against the "unlawful takeover" by its own military? Hmmm..?

I also maintain that Mr. B should be man enough to face his 'demons' and let justice prevail over his role in the murder of the CRW soldiers in 2001.

That's the only way to "true peace" for him and his family especially, and not stringing along with him an unhappy, miserable nation all because he had suddenly realised too late that he was simply a pawn in this whole sordid game of power-play between elite i-taukeis! Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Very nice, but since Qarase can't be gaoled twice for the same crime, why do you keep trying to re-litigate his case?

Anonymous said...

Anon@1.36am...Really even though
the goal post has been continously
changes by the Regime? I wouldn't be so confident about that off the
cuff comments? When you live in a dictatorial country you do exactly
what the dictator want you to do or
not do?

Anonymous said...

So, is THAT what this woman is on about? She wants Qarase to go to prison a second time for the same "crime"? Otherwise, I don't see how her continually harping on the FHL case makes any sense.

Anonymous said...

Right. Makes no sense otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but I still don't get it. How does Qarase pose a threat to anyone? And by attacking him, isn't she only helping Bainimarama politically? So why is she doing that?

Anonymous said...

Lol, don't waste your time trying to figure her out. After all, this is someone who quotes the court's decision, chapter and verse. What a joke. As if anyone should believe anything Fiji's courts say anymore! They have zero credibility. Zilch. Nada.

Since Bainimarama illegally dismissed all judges and then hired back only his handpicked bitches, fairness and due process in Fiji have gone out the window. Fiji's judiciary now consists only of overpaid hookers. Every judge and magistrate now presiding in Fiji is flouting the ruling of the high court, and therefore every ruling they make has no real force of law. Every decision will need to be reviewed by real courts once these disgraces are deported or arrested for treason.

Contempt of court? Ya betcha! Also contempt of any argument that rests upon a court ruling going back to April 2009, at least.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey is as self-serving, attention-seeking narcissist with a boorish know it all attitude who likes to hold court. USP sacked him because he was sitting on fat professor salary without producing any solid research. USP did well to get rid of this deadwood. Half the time he was doing private consultancies on USP's time an resources and filling his own pockets.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:10 PM, you're right that Wadan Narsey is a narcissistic know-it-all, but he also has more courage than you and all of the other USP professors put together. I appreciate his principled stand against treason and despotism and his relatively well-reasoned statements peeling away the regime lies and rhetoric that you undoubtedly help to propagate.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:53, why do you say those who defend Qarase are traitors? How is defending Qarase treason? Like the others, I don't see your reasoning.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.36am, 8.30am, 9.05am, 10.04am, 10.56am

Hahaha! Don't tell me you're one and same whiner still clutching at a loose straw! Are you?

A re-litigation? Were you trying to be funny? If not, then why harp on and on about Qarase being tried twice in court for the same offence when we all know that a person cannot be retried for the same offence in a court of law! That's elementary stuff.

So what's really biting you? The truth?

Good. So let it sink into your brains if it hadn't thus far - that the TRUTH can never be sacrificed for political expediency. Not in my books. And that my friend, is what you lot were trying to do in here by whitewashing the FHL scandal as if corruption could only have began in Dec2006. Pathetic.

And look at what your idiotic persistence in defending the indefensible has done? The facts have spoken for themselves. It was all self-explanatory - now that you've all read for yourselves if you hadn't before.

So get over it because your constant whining about some 'retrial' is beginning to sound boring and telling. What are you afraid of?

And 'contempt of court' my ass. That FHL case can be discussed, argued and debated publicly at anytime, anywhere, and by anyone. Got that?

Anonymous said...

@ 12.33pm

Try not to entangle yourself in lies because it's so obvious..

Go re-read my post @ 9.53pm Jan 4 and ask yourself why do you import words like 'treason' that were not in there?

Sorry but I can't waste my time with "twisted minds like yours" who can't seem to come terms with the obvious. Bye now.

Anonymous said...

Lady, you need to get a grip. You're the one who said "Shame on you TRAITORS for continuing to defend the indefensible!"

Or don't you read your own postings?

Did someone "import" the term 'treason'? Well, yes, symantically, YOU did. After all, what is the definition of traitor? According to the dictionary, a traitor is "one who commits treason".

You're calling those who "defend the indefensible" -- i.e., Qarase -- "traitors", meaning they are committing treason.

Elementary enough for you?

How is it treason for someone to defend Fiji's last elected Prime Minister from gratuitous attacks like yours? I do mean gratuitous, because they're unnecessary -- the man has already been imprisoned for the offenses you say he's committed, and he's been disqualified from running for office again.

So why do you keep attacking him in posting after posting? What are you trying to accomplish?

Is someone, by extension, a traitor for defending Qarase because he's a traitor? Is that what you're saying? How else are we to understand you?

If Qarase were a traitor, wouldn't this regime have charged him with treason, instead of with insider trading?

How is it that Bainimarama is notorious for murder and torture, and yet you're more bloody-minded than he is?

What a lucky man your husband must be.

You say that "the FHL case can be discussed, argued and debated publicly at anytime, anywhere, and by anyone". Sounds nice, even high-minded. But why, then, do we read these arguments only on blogs like C4.5 and not in the Fiji Sun?

Again and again, you miss the main point. Sure, you can argue about FHL, but to what end? Why is it more important that we focus on a case that is past and punished, instead of the far more serious crimes that continue with impunity?

Instead of being dismissive and contemptuous, why not try answering the questions?

Yes, Qarase cannot legally be tried in court for the same crime, but then, he couldn't legally be overthrown, either, and yet that happened, didn't it? I wouldn't think that to be part of Bainimarama's plan, but I think the blogger's point was that Bainimarama has no respect for the law and so could choose, as dictator, to disregard the rules against double jeopardy in order to re-imprison Qarase, if he really wants to.

I don't think anyone is "whining about a re-trial". The way I read it is you've just left a lot of us scratching our heads about what you're trying to accomplish, if not a re-trial. Unless you're seeking to have Qarase tried a second time for the same supposed crimes, then why are you attacking him on FHL in posting after posting?

And why should we be focused on that instead of on unseating Bainimarama?

Anonymous said...

"You had a duty to safeguard the FAB and the institutions like Provincial and Tikina Councils and indigenous Fijian people as a whole. etc etc .."

"You had a duty to safeguard the Fijian people and their country ... etc etc .." and yet you betrayed the Fijian people by abusing your office and stealing, murdering and etc etc etc.

One has paid for their crime and the other has not.

Please people let us focus on our current problems and forget the ones that have been dealt with, otherwise we will never progress forward.

Anything else will be dealt with by the one who owns it all.


And everyone says, Amen!

Anonymous said...


SEMI MEO said...

Anon January 3, 2014 at 7:12 PM...man!..you're very smart kid to work that out!!...catch my drift?...dur!

rajend naidu said...

Dennis Rodman the former NBA superstar and big fan of the North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un got angry and cranky when questioned about the jailing of American missionary Kenneth Bae in North korea on Tuesday (Yahoo!7 news 8/1).
Rodman is in NK with several other former NBA players to stage a game to mark the birthday of the NK dictator.
He was upset that the focus on NK's rights record overshadowed the game he was organizing.
Just shows one can be a sports star and an idiot at the same time!
Dictators love such idiots and often spare no expense to entertain them because
human rights and things like that are far less important to such idiots then their sports outing and entertainment.
Rajend Naidu

Fr. Shinman said...

"Khaiyum in Australia on Humanitarian Grounds"

On humanitarian grounds for the people of Fiji, the Australians should keep him there!

Anonymous said...

Me thinks, this is wishing thinking that SK sona is going to Australia.

He is in India for medical treatment then on to home town Islamabad his see fellow family members of Osama Bin Laden.

The only thing getting warm in Australia is Julia Bishop farting in her panties every time she hears that shittiest of name on the planet..Voreqe Katukatu Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha,ha.ha..laughing so hard!!What Khaiyum going overseas for medical treatment??

No..this cannot be true!!! All Bainmarama/Khaiyum cocksuckers in this forum been telling me since 2006 that Fiji is very advanced now with best facilities in the Pacific courtesy of Glorious Leaders and his band of bum chums.

Ha,ha..tobo na lasulasu nei boci mai Kiuva.

Khaiyum too scared to go to CWM de tini i na bukawaqa mai Vatuwaqa...ha,ha..dro yani kulina!!

Anonymous said...

The man should be in prison

on humanitarian grounds.

Anonymous said...

he is using poor public money to visit here nd there. Government people get vip treatment whereas normal people struggle He is a terrorist who was involved in bomb attack