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Monday, December 16, 2013

NFP decides to go it alone in the 2014 elections

The party is the first to formally reject the idea of a coalition with SODELPA, the Peoples Democratic Party and the Fiji Labour Party. 

Is it doing the right thing? 

Read the speeches from its recent 50th Jubilee to get a feel of where its thinking is at. 

Editor's Note: Coming up soon, some of the other political declarations that have been made recently which we haven't covered.


Anonymous said...

NFP is dead horse .

Anonymous said...

I will now vote for NFP. All other parties, including Bai's and Khai's party, are not very clear on their manifesto.

Anonymous said...

NFP .... NOT for Parliament .. this si why the army is ruling because no unity amongst Indians and Fijian political leaders .. idiots !

Anonymous said...

The fact that i'taukei came from India is undeniable - their liking for roti-curry is second only to Indians; when i'taukei girls comb their hair straight, their indian features really come out; i'taukei are natural at bollywood dancing, in fact better than the bollywood dancers themselves, judging by some of the school and festival performances.

kamlesh Kumar said...

Why do we need a nationalist Indian party in a multicultural Fiji? Hasn't NFP learnt its lesson from past coups? Why cant NFP amalgamate with SODELPA? We also don't need FLP? We need multiracial parties in Fiji? Both FLP and NFP should become part of SODELPA. We would like to have two parties in the next election, one led by Bainimara and the other led by SODELPA. NFP and FLP were the cause of past coups in Fiji. We want united Fiji for the benefit of our children and for the sake of our country.

Anonymous said...

Regime supporters try to pretend that the issue is race and that the democratic opposition consists of I-Taukei chauvinists who want to turn back the clock. Oh, really? Is Dr. Brij Lal an I-Taukei chauvinist?

The real issue is treason. Face it now, or face it on the gallows.

Anonymous said...

The military in interfearing with politics because of the fear of its commander on the police investigation against him and follow officers for his participation in the 2000 cop and the killing of the CRW soldiers and secondly because of his mental weaknesses not knowing his primary roles and functions towards the civil society and civilian government.as mentioned earlier Bainimaramas weak mentality taken advantage by some political losers and businessman and the Muslim elite group as a common knowledge to every body. Bainimarama may be regretting what he has done but its too late now. The 2013 fake constitution will not save him as it will be subject to change after the election. The mess that his regime had done after the illegal take over in 2006 will be blamed on him. He will be answerable to all financial discrepancies in the government as he is the minister of finance and PM. Those who were killed by his soldiers in the process of his coup will also be blamed on him..On top of all that the treason. There is a lot of answering Bainimarama will have to do .The military take over in 2006 is not justifiable.. Problem for Ratu J.V. Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

"Are Davis and Walsh still publishing? I had no idea...." Here is the answer::::Laisa Digitaki told some few friends that Davis had told her from behind that Bainimarama had ordered him not to read and write on C4.5 including Walsh....

Anonymous said...


i-taukei said...

Apart from the Cakobau Family the only dynasty that is on record to have ruled many parts of Viti Levu [Vanua levu excluded] in ancient times is the clans of Nadurucoko and Naduruvesi.There is no other record after that I believe that we the i-taukei may have colonised Fiji in the 12th-13th Century. about 5-600yrs ago.not a lot of time.I believe that the original inhabitants of Fiji were Polynesians or the Lapita people.They were outnumbered and outmuscled by the new migrants since a lot of bones and pottery were found in the Yasawa Gp,Sigatoka sanddunes,Koro Island and Laucala Island-Qamea.A team from USP recently did excavations there and havent published their findings yet so it would be interesting to read.As stated previously we base findings on history through archeology,legends,myths and common folklore.The Carthagians on their sea travels with the Phonecians wrote many stories about their encounters.E.g They told a tale about how they caught and killed a giant sea vulture or hawk that was feeding on the inhabitants of the island.It could pick an adult male with its claws and flew to its nest to feed.This shows the physical dimension of the vulture.They stated that this happened on a far away island. The people of Yasawa has a fascinating tale of how a Giant Bird which used to live on a nearby Island used to feed on their ancestors long ago but was later killed.[Published on the TV Programme- Noda Gauna]They only have the nest and the Giant birds droppings on the side of a huge mountain as evidence, could this be the Giant bird the Carthaigians and Phonecians were talking about.Interesting to note that the markings on a rock found on an Island in the Yasawa Group has recently been identified as Phonecian by two tourist who took photographs of the markings and took it to an expert in England.The expert identified the markings as Phonecian.This was published in the Fiji times. There are similar stones,rocks actually in Tunuloa,Cakaudrove that bore marks that are yet to be identified.Common folklore stated that a Great Warrior from Verata brought the Rocks with him,I have seen the rocks they are so huge and cant be transported by Drua.

Anonymous said...


"""The military in interfearing with politics because of the fear of its commander on the police investigation against him and follow officers for his participation in the 2000 cop and the killing of the CRW soldiers and secondly because of his mental weaknesses not knowing his primary roles and functions towards the civil society and civilian government.as mentioned earlier Bainimaramas weak mentality taken advantage by some political losers and businessman and the Muslim elite group as a common knowledge to every body. Bainimarama may be regretting what he has done but its too late now. The 2013 fake constitution will not save him as it will be subject to change after the election. The mess that his regime had done after the illegal take over in 2006 will be blamed on him. He will be answerable to all financial discrepancies in the government as he is the minister of finance and PM. Those who were killed by his soldiers in the process of his coup will also be blamed on him..On top of all that the treason. There is a lot of answering Bainimarama will have to do .The military take over in 2006 is not justifiable.. Problem for Ratu J.V. Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

All the self-praise and chest thumping by NFP cannot hide the fact that the party had become out-dated and out of touch. That's way it received the thumping of its life at the 1999 elections. Judging from the speeches, it is still a derelict party clinging to old leaders and old ideas.

Anonymous said...

It's shame that Kaiyum the illegal AG pulled out of the ACP meeting in the Solomons.It is an indicator that he can not face up with the reality check that he wiil get from other Pacific member country. This illegal -AG is hiding behind his lies but for how long.Mate lies can not hide th truth. Finally the truth will prevail so Kai and Bai the four walls are squeezing in on you slowly and surely. Where is your destiny ?

Anonymous said...

What? Qarase dumped by SODELPA? Sa qai cava tu o eda? Sa veivalataki nai tutu ni veliutaki!So sa kauta mai na nodra kila kei na vuku ia qai laurai ga ena gauna ni veidigidigi.Dou veilamu na SODELPA!!

Anonymous said...

I'm concern in the manner ACP Tudravu speaks in the Fiji Sun in regards to the police investigations into an e alleged muder case in Nabouciwa.. It clearly indicted his lack of experience and limited know how.. He is saying that there will be a PR drive I first the the murder investigation will follow.where in the world do we do that. A major crime of murder has been committed .Are we going to wait for the PR drive .? Or investigation has to start straightaway ? Does Tudravu know his CPC on police powers and Police Duties and guidelines in regards to crime investigations ? Now instead of him appealing to the people of Nabouciwa to help police in the investigations he is warning them not to interfearing with police investigation..Tudaru should know that he is a policeman not a soldier .and he is dealing with civilians. Being an operational man he should learn to present himself in such a way that is acceptable to the people and gain their confidence..because police need to get the cooperation of the members f the public to be successful and police are also accountable to the people .

Taukei Moderate said...

I commend NFP for their vision and leadership, even if the country has many a time rejected their ideas.

However, to govern you must win elections and NFP has not been politically significant since 1999.

I read all the speeches mentioned above and not one of these modern NFP leaders advanced convincing ideas on how to capture the next elections.

Could it be that the Party is still grappling with how to win voters beyond the its coalition of Indian elites who are fast dwindling in numbers and power day-by-day.

What is the NFP doing to become competitive for the Taukei majority vote beyond hunting for the youth vote and talking about its role in the enactment of ALTA?

Of course the beauty of NFP's agenda is its vision and historic correctness but it would seem that the Party is lacking in practical solutions to winning elections?

Of course the elections are still sometime away and I look forward to seeing how the NFP can solve its electorate issues.

Good luck NFP!

Anonymous said...

Laisa Digitaki knows jack shit. A big viavialevu. Graham Davis is a hero. If it wasn't for him, Fiji wouldn't be where it is now. His Fiji Sun articles were read by everyone and really got people thinking. A shame he has stopped writing but it doesn't matter. Frank has already won.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.49pm, your views are very insightful and proves earlier point about derelict NFP clinging to old ideas. Tired, old fart leaders monopolising the leadership for their own glory. They have done nothing to groom young leaders. After being in hibernation all these years, they are awakened by the scent of elections and prospective of parliamentary seats. As you pointed out, they not even thinking of becoming competitive for the i'Taukei vote, the most obvious things to do! Majority of speeches are boastful and lazy and harp about the good old days. No new and innovative ideas, just the same old shit over and over again, ears tired of hearing it. If this this the quality of NFP leaders, party is doomed to remain in the pit toilets of politics and history. I mean think about it: do you want Raman Pratap Singh Parliament for another term?? Give us a break!

Mere said...

Glad to see the NFP didn't succumb to the foolish suggestions of some that it become the party of the regime. That would have been the kiss of death for the NFP, as in permanently.

I seldom agree with Kamlesh Kumar, but I do agree with the poster writing under his name that it's time for all of the parties to unite behind a single ticket in order to fight the regime in the elections, if there will even be any.

I personally think the best ticket would be Ro Teimumu and Attar Singh. Both are leaders of courage and principle. Don't think for a moment that Bainimarama would allow their free rlection, but when he robs them of office, these two would be the best pair, I believe, for the country to be able to rally around.

Don't ever be misled into thinking Bainimarama will give it to us. We'll need to take it.

The NFP should sublimate its partisan interests to the larger interests of the country. Unite with SODELPA and the FLP.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis alert at 2:23 PM.

Isn't it funny how one no sooner mentions "Jack Shit" than Jack Shit arrives!

Davis is only a hero in his own eyes. To the regime, he's just a lackey. To the rest of the world, he's now nothing but a joke.

Anonymous said...

I would agree with Mere at 2.34pm, an opposition divided is an opposition weakened.

It would have been better for the NFP to contest the next elections in cooperation with the UFDF.

NFP has made a huge strategic mistake in deciding to leave the UFDF because the UFDF is the best chance by which NFP can help in nation-building given the past 7 years.

Also, the NFP's departure will only raise the spectre of in-fighting between SODELPA and FLP either before or after elections.

Bad move by NFP overall.

Anonymous said...

So, Bainimarama ordered the Goebbel Twins not to write on C4.5 anymore? So much for press freedom, eh?

Recalling the monumental drubbing they continually received here from the pen of Dakuwaqa and others, we shouldn't be the least bit surprised. It was enough to make even a brazen dictator blush.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.12pm. the perennially grog-doped, card-playing NFP bunch have no idea how to be strategic. Do you remember how FLP 'stategizd' the pants off them in 1999?

Anonymous said...

NFP product is ASK another f looser just free rider and big mouth mf AG.cant contest election and win but ride on army coup.

MUSTAFA said...



Yes, Professor Brij Lal, you not here because you engineered you own expulsion from the country by criticising the regime. it was calculated move to create some drama and dhamaka around yourself; get some international attention; win brownie points with your university and foreign governments as a fearless political dissident; something to brag about around the grog bowl and cocktail circuit in canberra and impress people. It was your way of dealing with the mundanity of your life - add some Bollywood drama. Birju, you knew very well that if you criticised the regime you would be deported so it's hypocritical to say you regret not being here. like eating your cake and wanting to keep it too.

Anonymous said...

the NFP financiars such as Vinod Patel, Tapoos etc are already licking Bai's arse.....that gives you an indication where these loser NFP barachods pakalas are going.

Anonymous said...


Hundreds attend Mandela memorial service in Suva
Publish date/time: 16/12/2013 [17:11]

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Hundreds of people from all walks of life attended the national memorial service for the late former South African President, Nelson Mandela at the Centenary Church in Suva today.

President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau who spoke on behalf of the government and the people of Fiji shared his experience when he met Mandela on two occasions when he represented Fiji at the British Commonwealth Ex-Servicemen’s league meeting, and during his state visit to London when he was the Ambassador to the United Kingdom.

Ratu Epeli said he encountered a humble man of great presence and an infectious personality and those moments will be cherished in his memory.

He added there was something profound about Nelson Mandela that resonated with Fijians and that was his amazing capacity for forgiveness.

Ratu Epeli Nailatikau has reminded all Fijians on our own path under the new Constitution for everyone to remember Madiba’s words and for Fiji to embrace his way of thinking if we are to build a nation that is more just, more equal, and more united.

Ratu Epeli stressed that discrimination and inequality of any kind no longer have a place in Fiji, just as they no longer have a place in South Africa.

However, the President said for Fiji to move into a new era we should all commit ourselves to following the path lit by Madiba and embrace each other for a new future.

Anonymous said...

Haha, this post has really awakened the FLP trolls who are in full attack mode against NFP. This time they are really lamu sona as they know their days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

Mandela is great icon of the world.He fought for democracy and freedom.
Frank/Khaiyum are the biggest thieves of the world supresssing fijians with its boot army thugs.
they have robbed people democratic govt and supress GCC/Church.
Whay a hyprocrite of loosers and con artist .Shame
the only way forward for frank is to ask for forgivness from gcc/church/people and elected mp.
god bless fiji

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.57pm, Professsor Brij Lal comes cross as a Walter Mitty character in the fictional story by James Thurber. Mitty is an an ineffectual dreamer who indulges in fantastic daydreams of personal triumphs, a wartime pilot, with a devil-may-care attitude.

Birju, a dull professor, perhaps saw himself as a brave, daring, death defying political dissident. he deliberately got himself deported from Fiji to add some reality the fantasy, Bollywood style.

Anonymous said...

A typically great speech from Professor Brij Lal I thought. It was brief yet lucid. Love this statement: "there are NO SHORT CUTS in public life; means are just as important as the ends you seek;" How profound.

Vinaka vakalevu Professor. May the peeace and blessings of the season be yours always.

Anonymous said...

"PEACE" sorry, the problem with posting and trying to rush off for evening xmas shopping when its a bit more cooler.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.14pm, what so 'great' about "there are NO SHORT CUTS in public life". I expect more than just motherhood statements from a professor. Birju is losing his touch, if he ever had it in the first place!

Anonymous said...

The two professors, Canberra-walas Brij Lal and Satendra Nandan have really milked the situation in Fiji to build their profiles. They may be on opposite ends of the political divide, but the grapevine has it that Birju and satendra none-done enjoy a strong friendship. They are great grog-drinking mates in canberra and enjoy each others company in the colds of the capital territory.

Anonymous said...

On Dec 16 - Anonymous
"Are they publishing? I certainly haven't seen either of them opine on this blogsite for a long time. It's no wonder, considering how they end up looking so foolish every time they do...."

On Dec 16 - Anonymous Commented on 2014 -
"Graham Davis alert at 2:23 PM.Isn't it funny how one no sooner mentions "Jack Shit" than Jack Shit arrives!Davis is only a hero in his own eyes. To the regime, he's just a lackey. To the rest of the world, he's now nothing but a joke."

THE STORY WENT ON THAT THEY WERE TOLD "NOT EVEN READ C4.5"...AND THEY WERE GOT BY BAI SPY READING C4.5---COMPLETE TERMINATION--THEY NOT LOYAL TO BAI'S ORDERS...next will be Mrs Shalon MOI...ha ! ha! ha!you sapportas fall in your own sword...ha! ha! ha!

Anonymous said...

hahaha... @ 7.28pm. Now, now, don't be mean.

The "great" in the good Professor's statement lies in its simplicity - which is so appropriate for the idiots in Fiji who have a tendency to make things unnecessarily complicated, such as carrying out coup de'tats for a multitude of reasons none of which is ever sufficiently justified.

Yes, there are no shortcuts to Utopia. And no public officer is ever gifted with a "magic wand" to attain the impossible in the shortest time - where "all and sundry's" competing interests are joyfully harmonised to the point where everyone happily joins hands in the world's biggest ever "ring-a-ring-o'rosie, a pocket full of posies..." and so the merry-go-round rhyme goes.

Yes, I quite like the way Professors Brij and Narsey cuts to the chase. They both feel and know their fellow countrymen very well indeed.

Anonymous said...

@ 8.20pm.

Quite an amusing thought of the two milky-white hairdos of sorts sharing an icy cold grog bowl in Canberra. Brrrr.... although I don't see anything wrong with it.

Anonymous said...

While it's true that Fijians have a great capacity for forgiveness, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau et al also should know better than to take advantage living off taxpayers funds all their lives, as if they're entitled to it. What an amazing lot of free-riders.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.40pm, we here in canberra are very well organised and prepared. We make the grog in hot water and keep from the thermos. Very god for sex life in winter.

Anonymous said...

@11.04pm, no wonder satenwa and Birju are still going strong. WE should be deceived by the 'milky-white hairdos'.

Anonymous said...

How can "Birju" Lal be "deported" from his own country?

And how is it his fault he was physically and verbally abused by the regime when he was simply exercising his God-given rights and patriotic duty as a Fijian?

Also, Fijians, like South Africans, have an amazing capacity for forgiveness, it's true. But not for treason. No forgiveness or amnesty or immunity for treason. No statute of limitations on treason, either.

Qarase didn't even commit a crime. Where was the forgiveness for him?

Driti is being imprisoned just because he tried to cajole the illegal PM into sacking the illegal AG. Where is the forgiveness there?

Where was the forgiveness for Mac Patel?

Ratu Epeli's plea for forgiveness is better addressed to a court of law.

The regime's best opportunity for amnesty was before 26 September 2012. It's not our fault if the regime chose to abuse Brij Lal or to pass up its last chance for amnesty.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka became champion of Fijians for committing treason. No talk of forgiveness there. Rabuka asked for forgiveness - not for executing the coup, but for the injuries caused to people by the coup: there is a difference. I believe rabuka did what he felt he had to do. Watch Speight become crowned as king when he comes out after serving his term. In fact, sepight would have been in parliament today had the Qarase govt been still in power. To clarify, I am not a bainimarama supporter. I think all coups was wrong. many in our midst do not. Too many double stnadards.

BC said...

The Muslims are going to liumuri Bainimarama, and he will end up in Naboro.

Bainisona sa waraki iko tiko mai o ira na cauravou mai Naboro.

Na i tovo ga o vakarautaka sa na lai vakarautaki tale ga vei iko.

Anonymous said...

NFP full of defuncts ie fuck all party

Ganesh said...

I agree with Mere. No cogent reason for NFP splittism.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of fuck-alls, since the regime's immunity did not apply to Driti, it's hard to see how it could apply in the future to anyone else.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Those with indo-nationalistic views like NFP and Fiji's Mahatma Ghandi (Chaudhry) should contest Indian election under BJP or Congress next year. In Fiji we want politicians who have overcome racialism and have the country and the people at their hearts. The people of Fiji have suffered since 1987, our children's standard of living has nosedived. We want multicultural and multi-ethnic politicians who have the country at its heart. Mahen should contest the election in Haryana not here. Our childrens future is at stake.

Anonymous said...

tralier trash marc edge is more a sewer rat than moose. he is trying to sabotage usp journalism program.

Anonymous said...

To the army officers reading this,take note Jolame uludole and his band of criminals were responsible for burning cane farms in Western Division during harvesting season.The man who led the burning in West was Cinavilakeba
dockworker at suva wharf.They are planning more terrorist acts and travelling around in a black twin cab with tinted window glasses all around. The registration number of that twin cab is LEWA.They are planning more and are well armed.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama didn't only forbid Davis and Walsh from reading C4.5. He forbade all of us.


Totolo said...

All the speakers agree on the same thing: that the NFP came to life around 50 years ago. So, the mentality and ideology hasn't changed much - divide and conquer on racial lines, conservative views to prevent the advancement of the economy, cronyism and the general rule of governance based on outlandish and unachievable theories concocted by the like of Biman, Lal and co.

Just like the SVT, the NFP has become a faded black and white picture that can be restored but needs a real professional touch to bring it to life, i.e. a new set of people who are young and do not share the rather skewed and narrow views of the current old farts who's ideas are so far-fetched and on a very different tangent to the realities facing the people of the nation and particularly the youths who are ultimately the future leaders and should be our prime focus: grooming our children to be [true] leaders who do not need to use the power of a gun to usurp power simply because they believe the country should follow their views.

Anonymous said...

Marc Edge, bellowing canadian moose, sewer rat, trailer trash...I say let the sleeping dog lie. we were already sick of his tantrums and so-called witticism. Let's not invite him back. Like a noisy, quarrelling mynah, he doesn't know when to shut up.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:30, are you on the right blogsite? We welcome Marc Edge's well-founded criticisms of Fiji's pseudo-journalists and captive media. Now, even fascists like yourself are welcome to blog on C4.5, but don't expect many of us to agree with you.

Party of Old Farts said...

@Totolo, well said about NFP's backwardness. Three-quarter of Biman's speech was about the past, not future. Should have been the other way around. Shows party and its leaders caught in a time warp; a rut it can't crawl out of. Not surprising if you look at old-fart leadership unwilling to budge for young generation. Why wasn't Attar Singh given a platform? Who knifed him? Attar, more than anyone else, represents the new face of NFP. I know Attar. He is a sincere man. A true multiculturalist. He is courageous. He is a great speaker. As an NFP voter, I wanted to hear Attar speak. And Wadan Narsey, who like Attar is on the ball. These are the kind of dynamic speakers we need. People like Biman are boring and repetitive. They from the past. Biman has no balls. Our grog group has noticed how Biman speaks from both sides of his mouth. He makes one criticism of the regime, followed by three praises, just to cover his black arse. Attar risked his life to oppose the military. But he was sidelined. Why? Are we seeing same kind of dirty politics in NFP that we see in FLP? Is this the work of the Labasa Mafia? I am angry at the way Attar has been treated. Unless we see some major changes and honesty, NFP, like someone said, is destined to remain in the pit toilet of Fiji politics, which has been its home since 1999.

Anonymous said...

Marc Edge is an arsehole who chewed up his students and spat them out. Good riddance. BTW, If Graham Davis is old and tired, it sure doesn't look that way. Struts around Suva with certain attractive women who shall remain nameless. Known to be charming though he chewed up a prominent feminist who had the balls to take him on there one night. She can identify herself. I guess the point is that you can wish this guy away but he is very entrenched and not exactly the bad guy some of you might expect. But dream on.

Anonymous said...

Hehe. Nice try, Graham. You're the dreamer.

How pathetic you've become!

Anonymous said...

@party of old farts, well said. I have just read Raman's speech. it was a blank. it said virtually nothing. will Raman get an NFP ticket? I hope not. When the going was tough, these so-called party leaders were hiding like cowards. when in came to getting in the limelight, they surfaced like the balolo, posing siting in front, posing for cameras and holding court. Throw the whole damn lot out. they dragging the party down.

Anonymous said...

No, nice try you, anon. I am not Graham Davis. But dream on.

Anonymous said...

Hare Mani CEO ATS spending $10,000 to buy two FRU Centennial jerseys-WTF! Shouldn't FICAC investigate him and his Chairman Filimoni Waqabaca who is also chair of FRU. Wonder if ATS workers were consulted as they also own ATS. Shame

Dr. Seuss said...

Graham and Croz
were wanking in the closet,
even after Frank
told them to pause it.

At Coup Fourpointfive
they couldn't stop a-peeping
till Aziz caught them,
soon they were a-weeping.

Dutifully to Frank
Aziz he went a-running.
When Cranky heard,
for them he went a-gunning.

The Goebbel Twins begged:
"Frank, spare us please our asses,
We'll stop wanking
When we need new glasses".

Frank replied:
"No, no. That will never do,
Coup Fourpointfive
will make a mockery of you".

The Goebbel Twins
had not a clue of what to do,
cuz for the first time ever
what Frank had said was true!

A lie is something
they both knew
how to varnish.
But the truth and nothing but the truth
can't so easily be tarnished.

And polishing their cicis
was what got them in this mess
Polishing their cicis
was what they did the best.

Well, they both went back
to reading their own blogs.
But they just weren't as exciting
for tugging at their dogs.

So from time to time
as Anon they like to post
on the website they like
wanking to the most.

Now, when next you read
Another Davis self-ovation
You'll know he's back
To one-handed masturbation.

It isn't that he won't
listen to old Frank
It's just that Dharam Lingam
is always such a wank!

Anonymous said...

NFP's 50th anniversary reminds me of the phrase 'flogging a dead horse'.

Anonymous said...

Crosbie and Graham wanking in the closet to C4.5 postings by Dharam Lingam. Now, THERE'S an image!

Anonymous said...

Davis now "struts around Suva with certain attractive women", does he?

It seems that some people don't mind being seen publically in the company of prostitutes.

These women should be more discriminatng in their choice of companions. They shouldn't consort with men of such ill repute.


Rajen naidu where art thou? We miss your news snippets and incisive comments, which aded quality to C4.5.

Anonymous said...

The guy who used to run with prostitute in Suva, male and female, and make them rich, was samoan government lapdog terry tavita.

Anonymous said...

Coup Leaders shouldnt be allowed to stand in election and lead any political parties.
All coup makers should be brought to justice to face the court of law for treason.
No one should be above the law .
Coup will never stop if we dont bring those coup makers of the past to face the rule of law/court.
No immunity .

Anonymous said...

anon@7:36am...Yes, i would vote for hanging and i'm willing
to pull the rope on Bhai&
Khai's necks?
Hanged till dead,dead,dead! or stoned till dead?
I would be demanding to passing a new law
to hanged these bastards including
RUM,Driti,AZIZ,All senior officers
at the time of the coup?hanged them all and burnt their carcases?

Shanta Sharma Gosai said...

How come majority ex NFP and FLP politicians are living in overseas countries? eg Jai Ram Reddy, Rajend Chaudhry, Harnam Singh, Shiu Charan, Harish Sharma, James Shankar Singh, Pratap Chand, Shiu Sharan Sharma, Lek Ram Vashenohi, etc. Aren't they supposed to serve the poor people? As politicians they used gullible poor Indians for their self interest. These politicians never had Fiji at their heart nor the welfare of the people. A lesson to be learnt.

Manasa said...

This must be a joke....never seen any PM or head of Govt anywhere before receiving PSC award.

Some people are out and out to curry favour with the Dictator.


PSC presents excellence awards to PM

Tevita Vuibau
Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is pictured with Aminiasi Katonivualiku and Josefa Serulagilagi after the Public Service Commission presented its awards to the PM yesterday. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU+ Enlarge this image

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama is pictured with Aminiasi Katonivualiku and Josefa Serulagilagi after the Public Service Commission presented its awards to the PM yesterday. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

THE Public Service Commission says constant attempts to improve its service

Anonymous said...

when the shit hits the fan NFPF will know now your on your own.....unite now or you will be sorry...

Anonymous said...

If Graham Davis can get the Walkley Award, Frank Bainimarama can get the PSC Award. And Adolph Hitler can be Time's Man of the Year.

With two more Luger rounds, they could share the same end.

Anonymous said...

No one mentioned about how Koya was denied PM's position when NFP won in 1977.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 12.29pm

Yes and how they fought and squabbled like alley cats on ALTA in 1976 and the emergence of the Dove and Flower factions in NFP or the slow demise of the party leading to its failure to win any seats in three successive general elections; this is how academics distort history. Just as well most of us still remember the shameful in fighting and squabbling that brought about the downfall of NFP - so much for the glorious 50-year picture of the party painted by Biman!

Anonymous said...

So the NFP is going to do it alone
first off-why hasn't the Bainimarama regime disallow this party's to use it's name?
The party is known nation wide as one established & backed mostly by Indians?
Yet the SDL was forced
to shutdown by the Regime on the same ideals?
Bai you need to shutdown this NFP
if you want to be seen as a fair
refree & judge?

Anonymous said...

The only party that has been consistent right from day one is Peoples Democratic Party (PDP). They did not join UF, they said they dont like several provisions in the constitution but will contest election under this constitution and change these provisions in parliament, they said they will contest the election alone and have been clear on their policies. PDP will form the next government!

Rajesh S. said...

Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa what a fucking cunt of a PM receiving the PSC award bwahahahaha. Only in Fiji hahahahahaaaaaaaa.

Anonymous said...

Agree with anon 1.37. PDP is the only party that is viable at the moment. All other parties are following its foot step and policies.

Mary Bainimarama said...

These NFP fuckwits are there for their own interests only, it's an Indian trait, so don't vote for these old cunts.

Dharam Lingam, Graham Davis, kamlesh Kumar and Rajesh Singh are former lovers. They often meet for anal prodding and vutulaki sessions, weird but true.

Anonymous said...

Looks like NFP old farts backstab Attar Singh. NFP should be ready for another good walloping by the FLP next year.


NFP is a derelict party, with derelict ideas and derelict leaders. It belongs to the graveyard, with FLP. It's boasting about having survived for 50 years. What's the point of surviving only to become a dinosaur? In fact NFP has been a dead duck since the 1999 election annihilation. In recent years it has been fossilising. Look at the leadership lineup. Old farts, wealthy business owners like Raman and one washed up academic in Biman. We were hoping to see fresh faces and new messages. Instead we greeted with same old craggy-faced old farts sounding like a broken record. It was maddening not see young faces. Maybe the old leaders reflect a dying and decaying NFP slowed by age whose time is getting nearer and nearer. NFP has learnt nothing of its time in political exile. Old power-hungry leaders still want to monopolise their positions. Unless they give way to younger generation, party is fucked, to put it bluntly. We do not need old parties with old ideas. We need young people with new thinking. PDP is the new, fresh, young party. It can work with other races and other parties. Jus that it does not want to be tainted with discredited old parties by association. With more supporter and more young, qualified and experienced people joining its ranks, PDP can go a long way.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.39pm, Biman Prasad is not old. neither is raman. NFP was reflecting on its 50th anniversary, hence reference to past. Clearly you are a PDP and FLP supporter playing dirty politics and character assassination.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.39pm, Biman and Raman may not be old but thy are certainly bankrupt of ideas, just like the NFP. In that I have to agree with anon 3.39pm.

Anonymous said...

I dunno about you, but the PDP has thoroughly impressed me as a party of the future . . . at St. Giles. Looks like Nirmal Singh is pathetically trying to drum up support for his do-nothing, done-nothing party through the usual anonymous postings. The PDP's embrace of the phony BK Constitution is treason. Under its own terms, it's virtuallly impossible to amend the BK Constitution. The PDP consists of nothing more than a few rank opportunists and parvenus with no integrity and no record of achievement.

Anonymous said...

I am surprised to hear Biman still with NFP. Is it true? Last time I was in Fiji, I recall he became leader of NFP but resigned the next day. Is the one day leader making a comeback? Is that why Attar Singh was shafted? Can someone confirm?

NFP Titanic sinking said...

Hahaha, it is laughable NFP thinks it can win elections on its own. It was already on crutches when FLP lifted it in 1987. In 1999, it sank like the titanic. Too much grog drinking and card playing. Party can't think or strategise. Ageing and arrogant leaders out of touch with reality. they still have inflated idea about popularity, even after thrashing from FLP. Dumb, stupid oldies still want to run the party even though apart from their families, no one wants them. Like the captain of the titanic, shit leaders like Biman and Raman are leading NFP to another sinking and death by drowning. Throw Brij Lal in the mix, and you have a recipe for disaster. Birju spends his time in canberra, and in libraries and archives. he has no idea what's happening in Fiji. Birju is good for looking back in history, not forward in time. With an advisor like him, NFP is doomed. Leaders should have resigned after the huge embarrassment of failing to win single seat in 1999. In this election the mango tree will be chopped down and used as firewood for NFP's cita (pyre). Unless young turks in NFP stage a coup and take over.

Anonymous said...

You must be a very anti native Fijian person. You are really degrading the native Fijian race saying about their kava drinking,when they have the largest number of prisoners in prison and native fijian woman involving in prostitution. thieving,rape and asmoking marijuana and you ended up condamning their going to church in nice clothing on sundays but are hipocrates.and you are bringing in the 2000 coup irrelevant.You are a real asshole fuckan bastard idiot.Who are you. The door is open if you can live with native Fijian in their own country. 2000 coup is irrelevant because the law has taken its corse on that issue .2006 coup is the talk of the world now.The world is watching and curious of what the law will do at the end so if you are one of those involve in the 2006 coup get ready to face the reality.

Mary Bainimarama said...

This NFP is a fucking racist party, and I told my husband to destroy it once and for all. It's a party of Indians for Indians and if this isn't racism then what is?

As for Biman Prasad, he was a gay fella when he was a student at USP, he was caught in a compromising position with another Indian male student. So there you go.

Vutaki Meo said...

I totally agree that NFP is a racist party. Likewise I also believe that SODELPA is a racist party. These two racist parties should not be allowed to exist in multiracial Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The RFMF is a racist party. The RFMF should not be allowed to exist in multiracial fiji.

Anonymous said...

Who are the ordinary Fijian your are referring to that Bainimarama and the FMF are saving? oridinary Fijian are now crying for high cost of living,and their voice are not heard no one is listerning to them everything is forcefully shoved down their throats to swallow wheather they like or not.It must be notexd tghat Bainimarama is supported by only a hand full of people who are in his illegal regime and some members of the military. Most of the military are there for the sake of bread and butter issue only they are just going with the flow when crunch time comes they will turn against the Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

anon@12:29pm...The main concern when the NFP won in 1977 was the
Fijian Nationalist Party-Fiji
for the Fijians manifesto!
Had Koya went to the Governor General to accept the appoinment
as PM ?
lots of innocent Indians would
have been slaughtered around
country, and the first coup
would have happen right there&then? KCRamrakha new this by first
and thus the reason of his
to give the PM to a Fijian
in the party?
Moses Tuisawau,Julian Toganivalu etc was some of the names put forward by KC but there was
just too much infightings?
Hence the
reason for GG reapoinment of
the Former Allaince Party?

Party with no seats said...

NFP has alway been a hotbed of skulduggery but tries to mask it. The latest is how the old guard sidelined Attar Singh because they are jealous of his popularity. Attar has more guts, intelligence and credibility than the entire NFP leadership put together. The party with no seats is fucked, pure and simple, because of derelict leaders bereft of new ideas. Fat-arse leaders who are well past their prime but like to grandstand, give speeches, and bask in the limelight. NFP is trying to rise from the trash bin of politics, but that is impossible with trashy leaders. PDP is the face of the future. Smart, young, agile and genuine multiracial outlook, so vote for us as you are very much part of out vision.

Anonymous said...

@NFP 1.15pm, I totally agree with you. The sight of the ageing leaders still holding to power is enough to make me vote FLP. whatever you say about mahen, he is not a slack arse like the NFP lot. Biman and Attar are probably the only leadership material in NFP. Who is Raman Singh? I have hardly heard of him. As a young voter, I don't know Raman at all.456

Anonymous said...

You call the NFP the Party of No Seats, but how many seats does your PDP have?

Answer: None.

You ask us to support your PDP, but why the hell should we? Name one fucken thing you've done, other than make kissy face with Frank.

The NFP has Attar Singh. Who does the PDP have -- Nirmal Singh? Is that your version of "smart, young, agile"? So agile he got fired for cause by the American Embassy?

I'm not an NFP supporter. I think they're stupid for bucking the United Front approach for contesting the elections. But the PDP doesn't impress me at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.31pm, you first question has revealed what a dumb fuck you are: "how many seats does your PDP have?" None, you idiot, because it is a new patty. It has never participated in any elections, so how can it have any seats? Are you retarded or what? NFP is the oldest party in Fiji. In the last three elections it did not win a single seat. Now that;s fucked up. Attar Singh has been backstabbed by NFP and should join PDP. People get hired and fired all the time, you dork. Nirmal Singh is PDP party worker. he has been on the political scene for only a short while. But he is proving himself, unlike the old NFP farts who couldn't win a single seat in three elections - what a disgrace. NFP should the honourable thing and commit harakiri - a form of ritual japanese suicide to preserve honour. the political equivalent is NFP should dissolve itself to save face. A party that cannot win a single seat does not deserve to be called a party. in reality it is not a party, just bagful of old farts. Give PDP time and a chance and you will see.

Anonymous said...

Yasa Ghai came on the request of Bainimarama ans his illegal regime as he abrogate the 1997 constitution aand intend to make another new one as such overseas country willingly contribute to the cost of making a new constitution and the expert is Yasa Ghai.He came in to help draw a viable constitution but unfortunately Bainimarama nand Kaiyum had decided reject the draft because they were frighten that tyhey might end up in prision so the new constitution is merely the imunity provision the rest a cut and paste.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:57, you're the dumbfuck, idiot, retard, dork, if you think that calling people by such names is going to win your new party any votes. Nothing could be more calculated to alienate voters than such arrogance and disrespect.

Of course, I know that the PDP is new. I'm just pointing out that you're not in a position to criticise the NFP for not winning any seats before you've won any yourselves.

And don't take it for granted that you will win any, either. Don't ever, ever take Fijian voters for granted.

Your party hasn't proven itself in any way, shape or form. You've flirted with the dictator. You've made appeals for oppositionists to join you. But beyond that, who are you, and what have you done?

Here's your chance, hotshot. Lay out for us your leadership and your platform for Fiji. Make your best case. Impress us.

We know you're against the NFP, because "it hasn't won a single seat . . . backstabbed Attar Singh . . . and is a bagful of old farts", but what are you FOR?

Just because you're a new party doesn't mean your members are younger or have fresh ideas. So, let's hear it -- who are your leaders and what is your platform?

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.33pm, I agree that my party "hasn't proven itself in any way, shape or form". As for NFP, is has proven itself time and again. It has proven beyond doubt that it is an abysmal failure. Not once, but in three successive elections. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

That alleged suicide should be investigated by an independent body not the CID because the mother or relatives of the deceased are making complaint against police so at this time when members of the poblic have no confidence and trust with the Police institution ,it would be advisable that a neutral and independent body to handle the investigations.As a mattewr of fact this is not the first time a prisoner commit suicide in police custody. It has happened in the pastwhere the deceased use the blanket or matress cover but as I said to eliminate doubts and suspicion on police an independent and neutral body to carry out a detail investigations to determine the ccause of death and who is responsible. Vinaka.

NFP the whipping boy of Fiji elections said...

As a neutral observer, it seems to me that National Federation Party has failed to take lessons from past losses, or re-invent itself. It seems to entering this election on the same premise that failed to win it a single seat in three previous elections. Its seems to relying on its reputation and following in the 1970s and early 80s. NFP is stil talking about its 'record'. In other words, NFP is still resting on its laurels, even though its past glory had faded from the memories of most voters as far back as 1999. It is offering nothing new, going by the speeches at its anniversary. Nobody at the party to strategising or thinking. Why is NFP still persisting with a failed formula, one may ask? Well, it is a party led by lazy minds. As someone pointed out, it may be due to the ageing leadership, which belongs to the 1960s era. This leadership is trapped in the old way of thinking. It clearly lacks ideas. The result is that at every election, NFP takes a whipping - NFP might be Fiji's oldest party, but it is the whipping boy of elections in Fiji. When it comes to elections, NFP is strangely green behind the ears. Ironically, the age and experience in the party is actually acting against it. A strange paradox indeed. And of course, NFP has none of the energy, or network, or organisational ability of FLP leader Mahen Chaudhry. mahen alone is more than a match for entire NFP leadership, who think they can sit on their fat arses, make grand speeches, and the votes will flow in. Do not vote for NFP in 2014. It will be wasted vote.

Anonymous said...

I'm not a fan of the NFP, either, especially if they're going to turn their backs on the Coalition and go it alone.

But if the PDP thinks it can win my vote on the basis of what little Anonymous 6:07 has given us, then it's sorely mistaken. It seems to think that we should vote for it because it "isn't the NFP . . . enough said." That's ridiculous and an insult to our intelligence.

Anonymous 6:57 was given a golden opportunity to give us a big pitch for the PDP. He missed wildly.

NFP grog doped party said...

@NFP whipping boy, thanks for your analysis. It is spot on. Why can't we read such analysis in the papers? Thank God for C4.5. By all indications, NFP is a grog doped party.

Anonymous said...

Customs is one of the most corrupt Department.People involved are Principal collectors and down the line. There were major investigation done in the past where the Cubtoms Departmrent lost about 20 millioin dollars in revenue as importers were colluding with Custom officers and were sort paying their duties or in other words the custom officers were charging less duties as
the importers were bribing those customs officers.Now they are saying that they do not have the manpower to check all containers. All conrtainers must be checked either in the customs yard or at the importer premises after being escorted by custom officers and be present there to check the content against the Invoices,Bill of lading and cargo manifest. The execuse they are giving is Bulshit Corruption "

Anonymous said...

NFP party name should be changed to 'taki made'.

Fijiwala said...

That sad time has come for NFP to start writing the obituary. We had good hopes and were under the impression that after 19 years we were going to see the light at the end of the tunnel. But yesterday’s announcement has made us realize that Hon. A. D. Patel’s dream is coming to an end.
We all should be thankful to Raman Singh, Attar Singh, Biman Prasad and Pramod Rae. They have together successfully made this day possible. I am sure that poor Hon Patel must be turning in his grave. I fail to understand how many times it will take to get kicked in the ass by Mahendra Chaudhry before the above mentioned individuals will wake up. Looking at the history of Chaudhry, a seasoned politician would stay as far away as possible from him. It is only a novice that would want to go to bed with FLP and not someone with knowledge and knowhow in politics.
Last year some names were being floated and which gave us some hopes and inspiration to go out on a limb and give that final push to revive the party. Two particular names were mentioned. One of the names was that of a son of a co-founder of Federation Party and the other of a well-seasoned politician. Sadly I do not hear any more about them. That ray of hope is quickly diminishing away.
Raman Singh, Attar Singh, Biman Prasad and Pramod Rae, you have left us no choice so I want thank you for pushing us to go out and vote for Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:33 PM, you lost me at the end there.