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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Smuggling ring goes undetected

The Fiji Revenue & Customs Authority have to be commended for acknowledging they are not equipped to fully protect Fiji’s points of entries.

Those living in Fiji would have seen on Fiji One’s Close-Up program last Sunday how a container full of smuggled liquor and blank DVD’s had gone past FRCA’s border security systems and had been cleared and taken away by an importer.

The program revealed the liquor alone was worth 1.4 million dollars.

In today’s Fiji this is an eye-opener for authorities, especially for FRCA who are in-charge of all points of entries like the airports and wharves.

One of the FRCA managers admitted in the program that they are not fully prepared and that people are taking a chance to smuggle goods into the country.

This particular case, according to the Close-Up report was detected after a member of the public telephoned the police to complain black label alcohol was being sold in a place at a price that was much lesser than the market price.

FRCA said if it wasn’t for the tip-off, they would not have known about the smuggled liquor and the DVD’s.

The Fiji One program said the case was detected in June and at the conclusion of the program it was reported the investigations were on-going. 

One only hopes people will be charged as it seems there is a smuggling ring out there who are involved.


  1. So what's your point. Protecting Fiji from smuggling is not FIRCA's job alone but every citizen of Fiji. That's our job to report and get authorities onto it if they slip through. It's all man made procedures and can be exploited by man.

  2. Yeah, just have to know the right
    people and pay them well? We'll
    all make profits? Stop been a whiner and think about helping out the poor? Bai & Khai don't
    really care they've stealing your
    Taxes and are having a good time at it? So why not lets beat the bugger at their own game?

  3. Missing out on taxes to pay for government services there. You don't report it, you don't get the taxes to look after you. Who suffers in the end??? You!!!

  4. Again symptomatic of the level of corruption, unaccountability and sheer mismanagement of the current illegal Govt.

    If it is OK for EyeArse and Beanimarama to defraud Fiji with their unaccountable salaries, failure to publish Annual Reports on Govt activities....etc, the rest of the country are doing a good job imitating the self imposed leaders

  5. Rajend Chaudhary we have smuggled Aiyaz to Sydney Aus to see if you can transfer your hated and your continuos provocation to we Fijians living in Fiji towards Aiyaz personally! If you cannot do anything while he is in your back yard, stitch your mouth and comments forever as it will be evident that you are simply a user!!! Also let your friend Nikil Singh know.

    Rajesh Singh we have smuggled Aiyaz's partner in crime Faiz Khan to Auckland New Zealand, you also do the needy as you bark on C4.5 or shut your trap forever.

    RPC and Rajesh Singh were the supporters of this regime and now bark from the sidelines like soar losers!!!

    Merry Xmas to all C4.5 readers!! Pray for sanity is the best advise to all!

  6. So much for the clean -up, it's all cover up!
    Look closer the regime is all corrupt.
    The roads, the water, the planes, the election build-up, the constitution.
    All blame games, everybody else was at fault, but not them.
    When this regime that got us into this mess and took us 50 years back.

  7. I have the guts to write and fight the regime when i was in fiji and aboard.
    I was taken to the army camp 3 times and visited by SIS in NZ.
    What you have done anon ? You cant even put your name and comment like a pussy.
    Time have come that people have to be united to fight the regime .we have done what we can but its time for people who want democracy/freedom to stand up and be counted.
    Drit/Mara /Me/RPC/MPC/LQ/Sam Speight/Mere /Baba/Others still fighting .we cant fight alone we need support of peoples power. and worst is fiji armies are supporting the regime with guns.
    god blesss
    Rajesh Singh

  8. Rajesh Singh - all you are being told is that you have the enemy in your territory.....show the size of your balls chode!!! Or stop ranting about being taken to the camp...for what, giving mis- information to the military to harass innocent citizens!! You, MPC, RPC were the initiators of our current problems, you openly supported the Coup in 2006, now as expected you turn your coat...something you are known for!!!

    P. Chand

  9. I know who you are writing on blog using other people name.
    I support the clean up not the coup.
    Same as our PMLQ said in 2000.
    I remind you Frank wanted to do coup in 2003/2005 i was not even in SDL govt.as we all read that in news media.
    Anon you are like Frank/Khaiyum blame others but cant stand up for justice/democracy.
    So anon you talk to much but no guts to put your name god bless you my bro.

  10. The madness of some of the contributors here is indicative of the wave of frustration sweeping anti-government ranks as the Bainimarama vision comes together. Fiji is flying high and some of you just can't stand it. Look at the evidence: The economy is having an even higher rate of growth than during the disgusting rule of Qarase. The election is happening and 540,000 people are registered to vote. This compares with 479,000 for the 2006 election. The international community is engaging with Fiji again and the sanctions have been eased, so much so that Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is visiting Australia. No-one in Fiji doubts that Frank Bainimarama will have a landslide victory because he deserves it. The whole tenor of the country has never been better, everyone is getting on, people are investing, the roads are being fixed etc etc etc. So happy New Year, you selfish, racist bums. You've lost! Stay wherever you are and leave the new and better Fiji to those who remained behind and have had enough of your pathetic negativity. Long Live Bainimarama! Long live his Revolution! God bless the new Fiji, where every citizen is equal and is moving forward together!

  11. This is a predictable outcome in a Society where its leaders are corrupt criminals with no accountability. this is how organised crime works. It will reach a stage where these activities just will not be investigated because the criminals responsible for these activities, are a part of the Government of Fiji. Organised criminals suck the life blood out of the community, they don't pay taxes and they offer inferior products at higher prices, competing with legitimate businesses who are unable to sell their goods. Organised crime is a cancer and only a few will benefit.

  12. Bai is doing lot of road works on 3 times the normal price of what SDL govt paid 1 million for 1 km now 3 million for 1km road?
    Go check the public account reports and AG reports2005.
    Frank have put fiji in huge debt of 5 billion .
    what was SDL debt less than 2 billion.
    Frank have paid millions in salaries to himself/ministers .
    Frank have made education free -good.
    who will pay for it Frank/khaiyum or Tax Payers for all these free education/roads/others .
    Fiji tax payers still paying for NBF/Marine ship yard/NMA/others f up scam of 1987 army coup.
    You are real fool that been taken for a ride by regime.
    I rest my case
    god bless fiji

  13. Seven years after the "clean up"coup shit continues to happen in the "new Fiji". wow!what a "Revolution"!
    wonder what else is sneaking past our "border control"?

  14. Frank deserves to be locked up in maximum security jail and for a long time for treason, murder, and perpetrating a fraud on the nation with his "clean up" coup.But that is not likely to happen. Because the man is currently protected by State sponsored guns.
    The man does not have right on his side although his supporters try and make out he does. what he has has is guns by his side. and he is using that - gun power - to install himself as the democratic leader of Fiji after having installed himself as the self appointed Prime Minister. He is desperate to cloak himself is the garb of legitimacy and international respectability and the international mob love it when a dictator pledges himself to democratic reform.
    We have seen that bullshit time and again in international politics.

  15. Anonymous 8:55, you've been at the punchbowl too long, mate. Talk about "flying high"! You've definitely drunk the Kool-aid, as they say.

    But glad to hear you think our Fiji is such a utopia now under its dictatorship, er, I mean "revolution". Keep that Aussie tourism paisa flowing in. I guess the reports of rapes, muggings, suicides, and smuggling are just hype. The regime promised to end those completely in 2009, and if ya can't believe Teleni, who can you believe, right?

    What about the Ghai Commission? Turns out, that was just hype, too, wasn't it!

    Remember the Consultative Commission? Right, more hype.

    Remember the 2009 election? Neither do I. Gee, why would someone who expects a landslide victory postpone election for five years?

    Remember the Leaders of Political Parties Process "mandated" by the President? Funny how the President's "mandate" didn't matter that time.

    We've heard of Frank having visions alright -- psychotic episodes where he runs onto his lawn in the middle of the night arguing with Fiji's traditional gods.

    Also so glad to hear that racism is now a thing in the past. Maybe now Frank will open the ranks of the RFMF to Indo-Fijians and stop texting them that they "worship Tavoro [sic]”.

    Since everything in Fiji is now so hunky-dory, why doesn't Frank step aside and allow a caretaker government to take us to elections? Why does he still feel the need to divide up most of the cabinet positions between himself and Khaiyum? Why doesn't he loosen up on the media restrictions and stop paying rotund, pasty faced, carpetbagging, washed-up ex-journalists to lie on his behalf -- even going so far as to send anonymous postings in to Coup 4.5?

    If we're all equal here, how come the laws apply to us but never to the regime?

  16. World bank reports on road construction cost from 90 countries give alarming cost figures.
    1KM New Road Construction Cost is from 566-868k per KM .
    Why Fiji Regime Govt road cost is -3 million ?
    Example Bua/Dreketi high way road cost for 70km is 210 million comes to 3 million per 1 km?
    Navosa 15km road cost is 45 million cost per 1km is 3 million..
    Can c4.5 ask Frank/Khaiyum and Minister for works /PS to clarify the cost.
    Some one is ripping the tax payers and filling the bank account.
    God bless

  17. Rajesh Singh - boi ca nomu vosa! Galu mada!! Boci
    We are here in Fiji, you are in NZ. You had the opportunity you fxxd up by lying to the people and to Frank about the SDL Govt! You need to apologize to the people of Fiji to redeem yourself! People of Fiji may forgive but not forget.


  18. Tabakau boci rajesh never accepted appointment as minister in franks government.so cut you bullshit off .flp guys accepted ministers post with sdl vakamocra minister in franks government.naiasiri supports mr singh.

  19. All I can see from that Close Up program is that Trade facilitation is well and truly underway...contrary to predictions from anti Government critics, the Fiji economy is booming again...and if I can remember correctly the Close Up program did say that the smugglers would be dealt with under the Customs Laws...which means that criminal charges under the Customs Act will be activated...this is a more serious charge then those charges under the Crimes Decree, because the penalty under the Customs Act is valued into millions of dollars (read section 139 and 155 of the Customs Act...it is a Criminal Charge with double effectiveness i.e. recording of guilt and conviction plus payment of the full duty owed plus penalties, whereas penalties under the Crimes Decree will be an imprisonment term and a fine of a few hundred dollars only but no recovery of any duty/revenue.

  20. Frank : (Bursting through the doors)...Dammit...they found our stuff.
    Aiyaz: You stupid fk, I told you to send those boys on leave.
    Frank: (Starting to cry...)But I did, boss...i did!
    Aiyaz: Ok, dont cry, just dont let it happen again. (Raising his voice).I am tired of fixing your fuck-ups.
    Frank : (Running for the door)...Ok, boss. I'll do my best.

  21. This will be just like the new fiji dollar bills ($1 million) that went missing at the wharf.
    ie they will never find the culprit....Only because they themselves did it.

    Bainimarama rolling in his millions but the stupid Army privates in Delainabua get paid $200 a week to keep him there.
    What a bunch of fuckwits.

    Kemuni na sotia sa so na sotia ulukau.
    Ni se tokoni Bainisona tiko ga.
    Sa caiti kemuni tu ga qori e veisiga ia ni se totaki koya tiko ga. Ni yavu qara levu.

    Kemuni na sotia ni viti na i murimuri ni sotia.
    Ni veivutusona. Yavu ulukau levu.

  22. Qarase was the illegal PM from 2000 to 2002. SODELPA members didn't say a thing then. Qarase limuried the military and sided with Speight. He rigged both the elections otherwise FLP would have won both the elections. ASK is in Lakemba Sydney.
    Rajend go and protest. Rajesh Singh why did you migrate to NZ. You should have stayed in Fiji like George Shiu Raj and fought the regime from here. You, Jai Ram
    Reddy, Shiu Sharan Sharma, Shiu Charan, Lekh Ram Vaseyhnoi are all users.

  23. Prof Yash Gai summarizes it quiet well

    " As in the case of all dictators, He (Bai) suffers from self-deception"


  24. Surely someone had a clue why all these sham Chinese shops were popping up everywhere.

    Did the increase in liquor sales applications by the Chinese not give a clue ?

  25. @Vutaki Meo
    What seems to have bypassed your pea-brain is that all these charges were brought up by Bainimarama against Qarase and found to be false.

    And yet fuckwits like you go on C4.5 to continue with your stupid assertions.
    What the farks wrong with you?
    Do you have a brain at all?

    Before you write anything, Put some farking thought into it, you fuckwit.

    You are worse than a bloody repetitive mynah.

  26. Bai / Khayium are the biggest thugs. They should be in Naboro.

    All previous coup makers including Rabuka should be charged of treason.

    Then only coup culture will stop in Fiji.

    Otherwise Fiji be ready on another coup when someone from the military has ran out of money.

    All the coup makers particularly from the military must be send to Naboro.

  27. The only democratically elected Prime Minister was Mahendra Pal Chaudhry.

    This has to be respected.

    Bainimarma /Khayium are no match to him.

    Both are stealing from the taxpayers of Fiji being not elected.

    Why they have not declared their salary, peaks and assets.


  28. Australian government should not have allowed a thug like Khaiyum to travel to Australia.

    He should be locked up in Australia.

    What a joke from Australia!

  29. Vutaki Meo. Qarase wad elected by the people from 2000 and again in 2006. He did not side with anybody..he was the legal and is still the leal prime minister. Bainimaraa is illegal and the most idiot wannabe PMn

  30. @Anon 11.09am

    Naitasiri does not support lying f***k heads! Rajesh Singh lied to Frank and was the Labor element in SDL in 2006. He went against SDL in 2006 and supported Labor and MPC.

    He was the Marketing Manager for Fiji Sports Council appointed by Rajen Chaudhary in the current regime. He was trying to become CEO but did not have the needed grey matter. He was never asked to take a position as Minister in the illegal Govt as Frank never trusted him.

    All of a sudden he wakes up to go anti Frank trying to drum support of Naitasiri!!

    Rajesh lai vutulaki, sona levu!!


  31. Public debt isn't the issue, it's the inability to address the Public debt which has become the issue, especially under a Regime which is incompetent, illegal and not accountable to anyone.
    It is Fijian's future, Fijian's Taxes which are continuing to be squandered by these thieves and thugs.
    As each day goes by with them being unopposed, it will get worse.

  32. Word is, even Frank's staunches supporters are beginning to see the light!
    Once the Soldiers find their Mojo and begin a concerted resistance, it will be game over, perhaps this is what we should be praying for for 2014.
    I strongly suspect that the talk around many a Kava Bowl this Festive Season, and perhaps even among Indian Dining Tables, will be how to best over power Frank and his Regime in order to restore Democracy in Fiji, for the 5th. time!

  33. the last I know is Khaiyum stating publicly that his salary and that of the Frank Bainimarama would be made public in 3 months time.
    Has not the 3 months come and gone without the salary being made public?
    what a bunch of lying, dishonest cheats and thugs!

  34. Massage with happy endingDecember 26, 2013 at 2:27 PM

    Chinese were introduced by Rabuka who wanted them to replace Indians. Indians producing less offspring than all other races in Fiji, and also leaving, so Chinese numbers growing in proportion. Chinese only race that multiplied faster than Indians in India. Give them another 50 years and they will own Fiji. By than Indians will be less than 20 per cent of population based on current trends. Right now they operating restaurants and massage parlours (indigenous fijians are best customers). hey are even better at business than Indians, so sit back and watch them takeover.

  35. Na lialia ni kaiviti...watched the kaiviti lialia singing xmas carols to vore in the fiji sun website...cant the fucken understand that vore...has sold Jesus Christ for a mere 20 pieces of silver in his BKY constitution...na cava dai lagata tiko vei dua na tamata e caki taki Jisu e matamudou...io baleta ga ni sa vaka tubura tiko na sau ni sotia me dravuadravua kina o ira ra rawata dina nodra vuli ka dau caka2 dina...sa sega madaga ni yacamu ni na Fijian..sa qai vakaloloma dina...


  37. Wait a minute. Haven't the Aussies always been the ones urging the Americans to take a harder line against the regime? Then why the hell would they issue a visa to the likes of ASK to visit Australia? The Americans have never issued a visa to ASK.

    Why can't the Aussies settle on a consistent policy approach like the Yanks?

  38. Anonymous 11:25, they have to be caught first, which is unlikely to happen because they're probably a favoured Chinese entity like Fulluck and paying bribes to avoid duty.

  39. Yash Ghai is right that dictators suffer from self-deception, but Ghai, too, has shown a capacity for self-delusion. Did he really think the dictator was going to let him play law-giver? How does he feel now knowing that his former student Sayed-Khaiyum was just playing him all along? Unfortunately the whole sorry saga went just the way Dakuwaqa warned him it would. Amazing how so many seemingly intelligent people are so easily duped by this not-so-bright dictator!

  40. Professor of Kamasutra, Professor of Kamasutra, Dr Mahendra KumarDecember 26, 2013 at 6:33 PM

    Anything latest on sacked UniFiji VC, Professor of Kamasutra, Dr Mahendra Kumar? When I was a student at USP, I remember how this pervert used to stalk my friend, a female samoan student, who did not appreciate his advances at all.

  41. anon 4.46 PM
    I is agree with you full 100 per cent.

  42. editor,
    People complaining about Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum getting a visa to visit Australia and the inconsistency in Australian policy need to get a broader perspective. The visa to Khaiyum is a relatively minor matter when placed alongside what else Australia does on the international stage.
    See Jan Carroll's letter 'Tragic farce in Iraq' in Sydney Morning Herald (26/12)for an insight into the later.
    Carroll writes:
    "Thank God. Perhaps I should just thank Tom Switzer, someone has had the courage to tell Iraq like it is today.("Iraq devastation outlasts Saddam", Dec 24).We helped turn the Middle East and Iraq into the appalling mess it is today by invading that country on the basis of a lie. The West had aided and abetted Saddam Hussein in his war against Iran - who remembers back that far? - and Iraqis did absolutely nothing to the US or Australia. And now we refuse asylum to the hundred of refugees we created who seek our help. Peace on earth to all men of goodwill. Where are they?"
    This is but one example to which Carroll draws our attention of the perverse policy of the Australian State.
    There are heaps more. See the works of John Pilger to gain a better insight.
    The Khaiyum visa issue is a bugger all issue.
    Rajend Naidu

  43. ASK will be in banks Town mall from 10 to 1 p.m.On Saturday he will be black town before he goes to Melbourne. Where is Fijian Movement for Democracy in Sydney? Why aren't they protesting? Where is big mouthed Rajesh Singh? Why is he hiding in Auckland? Why cannot he go to Sydney and protest? Where are Jale B, Ted Young, Kaitani and others? Only big talk.

  44. Anon@4.46pm Totally agree. Like a self-deceiving woman Ghai thought he could change the thieving conniving Bainimarama and Khaiyum. Instead, he was screwed royally and forced to leave country with tail between legs. Lesson? You can't trust a military dictatorship.

  45. since u have been to hawaii already u can go for fiji because they offere special package for honeymoon ..try searchin specific hotels

  46. I'm saddened that C4.5 did not put this story into its proper perspective. The fact of the matter is that thousands of containers come into Fiji every year and Customs, like its counterparts in other countries - do not have the time, manpower, finances, and equipment to check all incoming cargo containers. The best they can do is rely on outside assistance to catch the illicit goods and perpetrators.

  47. Fiji Airways,,,Fiji Airpathetic continues to trundle through mud failing to extricate itself from mismanagement corruption of its ruling illegal government during what it should be experiencing its most profitable period of any year,

    Just when it should be putting on several flights during the very very busy time, on Boxing Day PT CANCELLED flights to Auckland for technical problems creating chaos amongs travelling public in Auckland,

    Brand new planes, needing all the income to pay off its humongous debts cancelling flights for technical problems on busiest holiday period is pathetic.

    This is again symptomatic of a corrupt administration which cannot tell us the truth about how the whole Fiji Airpathetic is managed and ruled by the illegal Government,,,,there is more than just mechanical problems hundreds of disappointed travellers were told at the Auckland Airport.

  48. Classic Rajend Naidu. So typical of him to protest Canberra's policies towards Saddam Hussein and yet do sweet bugger-all to protest ASK's visit nextdoor.

    Yes, the invasion of Iraq was based on a lie, but that lie was Saddam Hussein's. He deliberately misled everryone, even -- or especially -- his own people, into thinking he had gone back to reconstituting his weapons of mass destruction programmes. Had he just let the inspectors back in, the war could have been avoided.

    The real lesson of Iraq for Fijians is how badly dickhead megalomaniacal dictators suck at brinksmanship. They tend to overplay their card hands, suckered into believing sycophantic supporters and their own propaganda, which tell about how "great" and "infallible" they are. So often they bring their countries to a sad end that could have been avoided had someone on the inside had the balls to take him out

  49. Classic Rajend Naidu. So typical of him to protest Canberra's policies towards Saddam Hussein and yet do sweet bugger-all to protest ASK's visit nextdoor.

    Yes, the invasion of Iraq was based on a lie, but that lie was Saddam Hussein's. He deliberately misled everryone, even -- or especially -- his own people, into thinking he had gone back to reconstituting his weapons of mass destruction programmes. Had he just let the inspectors back in, the war could have been avoided.

    The real lesson of Iraq for Fijians is how badly dickhead megalomaniacal dictators suck at brinksmanship. They tend to overplay their card hands, suckered into believing sycophantic supporters and their own propaganda, which tell about how "great" and "infallible" they are. So often they bring their countries to a sad end that could have been avoided had someone on the inside had the balls to take him out

  50. @ Anon 4.46pm and 9.57pm..at least Ghai made an attempt to help the silent majority, instead of the senseless screaming and swearing going on this blog and elsewhere. Ghai was not in anyway duped by this dictator, he hit the nail squarely on the head :

    "immunity will only come into play if Bai and the army admiited they were wrong and apologise,... it has to come from his mouth, not the courts"

    That is what I call "Ghai brilliance" and is an attempt to strike a balance..
    The ball was in Bai's court to accept or reject this proposition..he chose to reject it, why? because he is self deceived..he thinks he is right and everyone else is wrong!

  51. The injustice in Fiji under its dictatorship is not the same as the injustice within true democracies

    “When you live in Fiji even the very illiterate are very aware that they’re living in a corrupt system.They’re not fooled by ideologies. What keeps them in their place is the gun to the head ….. brute force.

  52. the whole world knows who lied to justify the Iraqi war of invasion.
    shifting the blame to Saddam Hussein will not alter the facts.
    but it's not hard to figure out why some prefer to do that.
    they are not prepared to put the blame and the lie where it rightly belongs.

  53. dickhead megalomaniac dictators have often been propped up by the great democracies of the world. that is what we get from well documented history.
    Saddam was sustained in power that way.
    Bainimarma is in a way also sustained that way by the great defenders of democracy not doing what they should be doing to end his arbitrary, dictatorial rule.

  54. what will protesting Khaiyum's private visit to Australia achieve?
    Australia laid out the red carpet for the Sri Lankan President Rajapaksha who according to the UN has blood on his hands!!
    Khaiyum is like chicken shit from a banana republic by contrast!!

  55. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  56. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  57. Ghai was not in any way duped by this dictator. He knew his draft constitution would be burnt. Ghai just wanted the money and publicity.

  58. Still posing as anonymous whilst writing in support of himself. Another Rajend Naidu classic.

  59. Kai Bau; Yes ASK qwill be in bank town to collect the millions of dollars sent by Noor Bano to be banked into another account that is the reason he goes to Australia.Kai Bau ASK is making fool of you people. The government money is being slowly and surely drained out by ASK,Bai and Noor Bano to their overseas banks through ANZ. Continue toi support the regime soon or later government financial position will collapse then yoiu people will look like a fool

  60. Rajend Naidu, what about YOU? Aren't YOU a great defender of democracy? What are YOU doing to end Frank's dictatorial rule? You're too lazy to protest ASK's visit, but you want non-Fijians to go further in ridding us of this regime than you're willing to yourself.

    Still the total hypocrite. Yes, classic Rajend Naidu!

  61. the anon fuck talking about the WMD inspectors... this is what the chief UN weapons inspector said more recently @
    "Hans Blix : Iraq War was a terrible mistake and violation of UN charter"
    -By Hans Blix, Special to CNN
    March 19,2013.
    Now if you don't know what Blix had said at the time of the time of the war of invasion then nobody should waste his time with a fuck like you!

  62. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  63. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  64. The Guardian 16 January 2003December 27, 2013 at 1:11 PM

    Hans Blix, the UN's chief weapons inspector, today warned Iraq that it must cooperate more fully with his monitors if it wants to avoid a war with the US and its allies.

    He warned Baghdad that the only alternative to convincing the security council it did not have weapons of mass destruction was to face the "other avenue" of a military attack.

    "They need to be more active in order to convince the security council that they do not have weapons of mass destruction," he said.

    He said some 130 inspectors were now busy visiting sites all over Iraq. "The situation is very tense and very dangerous. Everybody wants to see a verified and credible disarmament of Iraq."

    Mr Blix's comments echoed those of the European Union's foreign policy chief, Javier Solana, who met with the chief weapons inspector today in Brussels.

    Mr Solana said Mr Blix had told EU officials the cooperation from Iraq is not sufficient at the moment.

    "The war in Iraq can be averted and the responsibility is basically on the side of Saddam Hussein," he told reporters.

    "It is not enough that Saddam opens doors - the position has to be much more proactive."

    Mr Blix is scheduled to travel on to Paris, London and Cyprus before heading to Iraq on Sunday.

    As he left New York yesterday, Mr Blix said he would tell Iraq the situation is "very dangerous", even though it can still prevent war by providing new evidence about its nuclear, chemical and biological weapons programs.

    He is scheduled to present a report to the security council on January 27 on Iraq's cooperation with the inspections.

    The report comes against the backdrop of an increasing US military buildup in the Gulf and a warning on Tuesday from the US president, George Bush, that "time is running out" for Iraq to disarm.

    UN security council resolution 1441, which returned the inspectors to Iraq, warns of "serious consequences" if Saddam fails to fully cooperate.

  65. Like Yash Ghai, it's easy for Hans Blix now to have 20-20 hindsight. Another form of intellectual dishonesty in which hypocrites specialise.

  66. Rajend Naidu knows all about anonymous fucks, from the nights he spent down at Ratu Sukuna Park, trying to scrape together the airfare to Australia.

  67. Its very disturbing when people are saying that Qarases government policy was racist.In reality if you look back about 7 to 8 years back during the reign of the SDL government race issue was not a problem at all all races living harmoniously.The Afirmative Action was merely trying to lift the native Fijian participation and contribution on the economy of Fiji.The fact is Indians are the largest contributor to the Fiji economy as they have running successful business for ages and as such the Fiji economy was thriving from their contributioins i.e.taxes on employees and company taxes, vat and custom duties of good imported and exported. Time and again Indians were complaining that native Fijians were contributing very less to the govewrnment coffer yet development were done in their villages,province etc. That is true.The Qarase gpovernment that came up with the Afirmative action blue print to dragg the native Fijian up to participate in business that is why the FHL and other business ventures were strengthen for Fijians to buy shares. and loans were given by the DB to villager,District,provinces and individuals as shares to the FHL and the dividen is paid to the DB untill the ammount owed is paid off to DB the they have their free share or dividen paid to them . There was nothing sinster about that as loans were paid back to DB.As Qasrase was trying to create something constructive to pull up the native Fijian and at the same time encouraging other races to continue on, he was branded by mostly Indians to racist.What is wrong with what Qarase was doing ? Were the Indian business people feeling insecured as native Fijian business venturtes were slowly comming up and threatening their confort zone.It was on this issue that Indians started jumping some DPPs lawyers at that time one of them was AMAN and other Indian lawyers could not hide their haterate for the Qarase government and were vocal about it with photo of Bainimarama in their offices. That is how the muslim elite group of lawyers including Nazhat, Saister,Kaiyum including the Qay Chief Justice Gates and others started fabricating lies against the SDL government. as they took advantage of the prevailing situation at that time the stand off betweebn Qarase and Bainimarama on the reconciliation bill and the qoliqoli bill.Unfortunately Bainimarama intlectual capicity could not see the reality. That was taken advantage by those muslim elite group as it is crystal todate that they are actually manipulating Bainimarama. They are running the government but using Bainimarama as their mouth piece with power of the military to subdue any reaction from the Native Fijian.On top of that they are filling his pocket and paying the military well to maintain their support.Bainimaramas coup has really damage the racial relations in Fiji. The FBC CEO Kaiyums brother even had the gutts to condamn christian through their TV program on Easter holiday. This one thing Bainuimarama and his regime must clarify. Why did it happen? That in itself is a challenge of the Fijian christian faith and it is not going to die out.Some one will be held responsible for that sometimes later. Kaiyum and your brother and any muslim who was supporting that act of sacriledge you will face the consequence of you act.No christian in Fiji had gone to that extent to condamn islam or Hindu religion in a televised program like you did. I hope that I have hilighted some facts that is worth some food for thought.

  68. keep bringing in those Chinese businessmen,they'll do anything to make money.

  69. worse than indians

  70. Hold up. The fact that Fiji's borders are porous STILL even when the military has infiltrated the border security role (eg Homelink) is something FRCA should be commended for?

    Naw. Taxpayers pay these fools to keep Fiji's borders secure and have enough intelligence (fat lot of good that's doing) to know what's coming through. If they can't do that then questions need to be asked and heads need to roll.

  71. Are you people serious ? Custom officers are the most corrupted people in the country. They get shipping agents and custom agents to give them stuff or pay money to allow these things to happen. The custom officers know this very well as it is traditional. and suddenly when things go wrong, they like to conduct investigations & impose fines but always cover up their own corrupted officers. They are the biggest bribers along the bordercontrol area.

  72. Anon 3:22 is correct, and now the military is getting a piece. It's the camel's nose under the tent. It will certainly lead to bad things.

  73. Thanks C4.5 for cleaning up this site with bad mouth bloggers from RFMF.Those shit heads talk about shit coming from their rear instead of their brain like thier master Bainimarama.
    Thank you veru much indeed

  74. One wonders why it is a coincidence that Kaiyums trip to Australia on Humantarian ground coincides with the sale of his untis property in Australia and Aziz also there after diverting his trip. Noor Bano has sent millions of dollars to Australia through ANZ Bank and the sale of her property if to launder that money and make it genuine Can we have investigative journlist to foillow this up. When did Noor Bano purchase that property and how mush was it purchased for. Thei money trail should be followed from Noor Banos Companys, and Trust account and to the Government how much do they deposit to Noor Banos account fortnightly or monthly for the salaries of all ministers and PM with AG in the illegal regine. The in vestigations should go further to the all companies who are gi ven government contractas as the proper process are not followed it is up to PM and AG .How much commissions they have recieved. Voda Fone also to be investigated as they are also giving handouts in cash to PM and AG. so many business owners Richard Evanson of turtle island to be investigated also How much did he gave to Bainimarama before and after the coup.Tapoo and Punja, Vinod Patrel, FEA,Telecom,Water Authority.FNPF, Housing Authority,FSC these are all government own institutions run by boards and we should know how much are they paying the government every year and if that money is reeally going into the government pool. Its time we start digging before some people runs away

  75. "Smuggling Ring Goes Undetected".

    Here's another headline they didn't print:

    "Treason Ring Goes Unpunished".

  76. Ha,ha good on the smugglers for getting away with it. FIRCA staff should also pocket some of the duties being raised and feed their families and friends.

    This is better than revenue being abused by motherfucker Bainimarama and his lowlifes.

  77. The whole truth is not coming out in this story. There are a number of unanswered questions that FIRCA is dodging.

    1. When containers are unloaded at importers premises, the unloading is done in the presence of at least one Customs officer. So who was the Customs officer in this case and what action, if any, has been taken against this officer?
    2. The was a time lag from when the container was delivered and when the raid was made - how much of the container was sold of moved during this time lag? Does anyone have any idea?
    3. This case was detected because someone dobbed in the matter? Does FIRCA know how many other cases like this would have gone undetected? The whole investigation team at FIRCA should be sacked for this laxity.
    4. A few years ago, govt approved around $15M for the purchase of container x-ray units. FIRCA Chairman Ajith Kodakoda and CEO Tikolevu toured a number of overseas destinations to study these machines. Nothing eventuated after these holiday trips overseas at the expense of taxpayer money.

    FIRCA needs a big cleanup right from the board and down the ladder. This is long overdue.


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