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Monday, December 9, 2013

UFDF: 'We can draw strength from Mandela for our own struggle'

As we in Fiji share the grief of the Mandela family and people of South Africa at the passing of Madiba, we also celebrate the extraordinary life of this great freedom fighter, unifier, reconciliator, statesman and founding father of the rainbow nation of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela succeeded in liberating his people through his defiant, persistent and disciplined approach towards the repressive apartheid regime that subjected millions of black South Africans to many indignities and much suffering by stripping them of their rights, freedoms and basic humanity.

The suppression of basic rights and freedoms continues here in Fiji, under the repressive Bainimarama regime, which represent all that Nelson Mandela spent his entire life opposing.

We can draw strength and inspiration for our own struggle from Madiba’s willingness to forfeit his own freedom and liberty for the greater need and good of his people.

After sacrificing 27 years of his life in prison he became, at 76 years of age, South Africa’s first democratically-elected President. His choice of weapons for unifying a divided people was forgiveness, compassion and reconciliation. He embraced his enemies despite decades of harsh and inhumane treatment. Although he could have remained in his job for life, as many leaders try to do, he relinquished power after just 5 years. 

Nelson Mandela shows us that outright rejection of any form of imposed rule and fighting for people’s rights, freedoms, humanity and dignity is not only just and moral. It is also a responsibility and obligation we all have towards each other.

By endeavouring to adopt the same persistence and discipline of Mandela, and armed with the courage of our own convictions, we can and must restore our peoples’ freedoms, rights and dignity.-United Front for Democracy of Fiji.

SODELPA statement:
We join the people of South Africa, indeed the whole world, in mourning the passing of Nelson Mandela.

He was one of the great figures in human history. A man of great courage who paid a price for standing against cruel oppression.

But in the end he triumphed and went on to lead South Africa to freedom.

He awed us with his grace, compassion and willingness to forgive his oppressors.

We shall remember him always and seek inspiration form his life and deeds.

Farewell Madiba. Go to God in peace.


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Utonivesi said...

Not a single Fijian has not heared this kind of smart talk.
What is your point and what is this piece of shit supposed to achive, Sodelpa?
Is there any one within your ranks who is willing to go down Madiba`s path and lead our Fiji`s oppressed people to freedom ?
...or is this just another recitation ?

Anonymous said...

Utonivesi, I've heard this loud and clear. The point is only lost on cretins such as yourself.

Glad that you will at least admit that Fiji's people are oppressed and denied their freedom.

Anonymous said...

You guys are totally deluded. Mandela stood for racial equality. You stand for winding back the clock for the cannibal baboons.

Anonymous said...

Mandela inspired Rabuka and Speight.

Anonymous said...

Good one Sodelpa. We had PM LQ/Chiefs /Driti been jailed by regime for standing up for his people .but regime is scared to face the court for treason.
Keep the fight the regime..
god bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Mandela stood for racial equality, yes.

Did he stand for giving away South Africa's land to others? No, he did not. Did he seize and hold power illegally? No. Did he disenfranchise anyone? No. Did he take away their rights? No. Did he enrich himself at the expense of his country? No. Did he censor the press? No he did not. Did he torture and kill others? No.

Does Bainimarama stand for racial equality? Only when it helps him achieve and hold power. He didn't seem to feel that way when he masterminded the 2000 takeover of the Parliament, designed to overthrow Chaudhry's government and to put himself in power.

Anonymous said...

Mandela stood for racial equality, yes.

Did he stand for giving away South Africa's land to others? No, he did not. Did he seize and hold power illegally? No. Did he disenfranchise anyone? No. Did he take away their rights? No. Did he enrich himself at the expense of his country? No. Did he censor the press? No he did not. Did he torture and kill others? No.

Does Bainimarama stand for racial equality? Only when it helps him achieve and hold power. He didn't seem to feel that way when he masterminded the 2000 takeover of the Parliament, designed to overthrow Chaudhry's government and to put himself in power.

mark manning said...

If Frank stand for equality, why aren't there far more Indian and Chinese Soldiers in the RFMF?

Temesia said...

I agree that we in Fiji are suffering under dictatorship but all of you traditional leaders and those opportunists wanting to climb up the political ladder are far from Madiba's example of courage of conviction to jump into battle and lead the fight from the front for freedom.

We have heard of too much talk but no action.

Nelso Mendela first followed no violence struggle but chose and lead from the front in armed struggle when that failed...any example of such leadership in Fiji????

We just see a lot of traditional leaders with tails between the legs and some even in bed with Bainimarama.

paula raqeukai said...

Madiba is a man of principal, integrity and peacemaker no man in Fiji can be compared to him...our current illegal regime is the opposite of all what Madiba stood for...we the right thinking people of Fiji should always tell the truth...because the truth will set Fiji FREE from the oppressors...

Rajen said...

Mandela had big brass balls, he took on the best military force in Africa and won. Do we have leaders like this in Fiji? Is there anyone in Fiji who would sacrifice anything to fight against oppression by Khaiyum and his military thugs? No SODELPA, I don't think so! Fiji is the country of the Bainimaramas, Dritis and Maras, all wannabe leaders afraid of their own shadows.

Anonymous said...

a little bird told me that Santa Bainimarama will be rewarding himself and his cronie soldiers a $24000 each for the leban trip in the 80's and 90's...vacava that for vote buying...sa yawa..

ghekko said...

There are two types of leaders. One that command the respect of the people and the other who demand the respect of the people.
The former reflect an inclusive, selfless personality who will stake ones life and principle for a greater course. there is always a show of humility, justice and fairness in ones attitude and words. lifestyle is simple, sharing, has great respect for others, unassuming and will always live by
his words, i mean honest.
a leader who demands respect on the other hand are most often selfish, self centred, liars, pretentious, manipulative,
has little respect for others, devious and dishonest. they exist on confusion, corruption and lower citizens moral values and standards. this leadership typology surround themselves with 'yes' man and rule with an iron fist rather than by the people. oppositions are silenced and supporters hands greased to keep the machinery of dictatorship moving. Bainimarama regime fits well into this model.

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji would like to know the salary and peaks of Khayium and Bainimamrma.

Is it true they are getting salary over $1 million?

What is their assets and liabilities?

Why they have failed to declare all the above. l

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:29 AM

a) Of course it's true you read it on the web.

b) Loads more than your's I suspect.

c) They don't need to, others have supposedly done it for them.

Anonymous said...

would mandella have taken advantage of his position and bought A class Fijian Holdings shares for himself and his family and leave B class shares for the provinces?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, the high one with all knowledge, wants to know why there aren't Indians or Chinese in the Army. Let me tell you, Mark Boci Mannings, one also needs to enrol with the Military which the indigenous Fijians are doing. The races which are not enrolling are less represented. Okay, you obviously did not understand...let me put it more clearly: the military in Fiji does not kidnap Indians and Chinese to become soldiers. They will have to apply first...jeez! some people!!

Anonymous said...

this one is for the chiefs of fiji
"Racism is a blight on the human conscience. The idea that any people can be inferior to another, to the point where those who consider themselves superior define and treat the rest as sub-human, denies the humanity even of those who elevate themselves to the status of gods." - Address to the UK's Joint Houses of Parliament, July 11, 1996, by Nelson Mandela

Anonymous said...

Good point anon 12.43pm, SODELPA should not jump on the Mandela bandwagon. SODELPA is the former SDL, which was full of corrupt elites like dealmaker Jale Baba, FHL Kingpin Sitiveni Waleilakeba, that goon Navitilai Naisoro, the fraudster Keni Drakuidreketi, and disbarred lawyer Qoriniasi Bale – a cabal of conmen and tricksters involved in various get-rich schemes. The Fijian Holding A-Class share was the tip of the iceberg. These people just there to fill their pockets, using us indigenous as a front and exploiting us. So please do not insult Mandela's legacy by comparing him to SOLDEPA and Qarase.

Anonymous said...

Lord is there any honest person out there that can bring us back to you so that you can bless this land again, and its people?
Bainimarama, Kaiyum and their supporters blame the previous government and church leaders and chiefs as the worst scums on this earth, while the other side show proof of the same view for B&K and their supports.
"Blessed the meek for they shall inherit the earth." And please make it soon. Amen!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:23 PM

Sounds like no one is listening to your pleas.

Perhaps it's time everyone started looking more at themselves rather than looking to blame others or expecting a fairytale character to provide an answer.

Bai is a pinhead said...

For every corrupt person in previous governments, there are at least five in the Bainimarama government.

Ali Mohammed said...

Majority SDL members who are now SODELPA members are racist and corrupt members. They useai racism and use divide and rule policies.

Anonymous said...

Dr Ashwin Raj, usurping power by the barrel of the gun, staying in power unelected for seven years on the pretext of democratising the country, passing laws to stop media criticism on the pretext of media responsibility, torturing your critics – all this is undemocratic and anti-freedom of expression. what kind of blind academic are you madachod?!

Ropate U said...

Corrupt people like Jale Baba who manipulated Forestry Dept to ban other Brands of portable saws except the brand that he had operating. This enabled him monopoly on the portable saw business to hang around the necks of land owners with forest resources for a long time.

His logic was that Other brands had thicker blades which were inefficient causing wider log cuts and wastage. What a flimsy excuse.

Such corrupt people should be banned for life from public life.

Anonymous said...

Ropate U. Show some respect for the Itaukei! It seems that deep hatred for Itaukei party that will win outright the next electionn if not rigged by Baini! Good luck to SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.50pm stop trying to twist Ropate U's words. He has not shown any disrespect to the i'Taukei. he has just exposed the well-known crook Jale Baba. Seems lime old habits die hard. SODELPA using typical SDL tactics of masking their get-rich schemes in the name of iTaukei.

Ali Mohammed said...

Madiba was for equality and against racism. SODELPA is for racism,terrorism and against equality. The real Madiba of Fiji is PM Bainimara. He was given the mandate by late President to get rid off the nationalist government and to bring about equal citizenship in Fiji. A task he has done very well. Ask Father Ken Barr.

Anonymous said...

Ali Mohommed:Do you know what muslims are doing in Central Africa now. They are attacking and killing christians. Bainimarama is being influence by muslims that is why his regime is against the I taukei and very soon something will happen.Bainimarama is no way near Mandela. Mandela is a man of principal and he standby and face the consequence of what he believes in and that is freedom for his people and and no discrimination. He did not take over the government like Bainimarama as you said using the senile president. Bainimarama is a coward, He is not a man, not even a soldier because a real soldier has the gutt to face the consequemnce of any wrong he did.Bainimarama is trying to hide behind the illegal constitution immunity provision.Mandela triumphed despite all the odds he face but Bainimarama will never succeed and he will be a looser and will end up in prison his final destiny and you Mohommed Ali you better find another place for your safety

Anonymous said...

Just because Qarase was not on a level with Nelson Mandela doesn't mean that somehow Bainimarama is.

Anonymous said...

ANON 8.21. Just blew your cover didn't you. A racist pig full of hatred for anyone who thinks differently to you. Just what are your proposing against Ali Mohammed or Muslims in Fiji. Your deliberate threat of violence is exactly what Madiba stood against. He once famously said that he would rather die or go to jail for 25 years then hurt innocent people. By that he meant he would not hurt white folks in general. He did not paint all white people as his enemy despite the fact that they had done everything to destroy him and his struggle. People like you are no different then Frank and Khaiyum. Christians by name but drowning in a cesspool of once own hate filled shit. You praise Madiba in one breath and threaten to do exactly what he stood against. It is exactly what you do when you go to church. Worship Jesus the one true light of love and unconditional acceptance and than come out and hate others because they are different or are more successful then you. People like you make this world what it is today a pool of hatred misunderstanding and intolerance and you don't have to be a Muslim to be riding this boat of hate. The Muslims you point a finger at in Africa.Guess what they are exactly like you. Why do you think they are violent. They think they are better then everyone else and that their way is the only right way. This is exactly what your mindset is like. Fundamentalist physcos all over the world are the same no matter who they call God.
As a Kaiviti and a Christian i am truly ashamed of people like you.

Anonymous said...

Sunday Sun(8-12-13) Dr. Satendra Nandan is given a page and a half for his usual bullshit--a country too far.-it's unreadable,unbearable shit. And None-Done says Australia is his,his wife Jyoti,his children and his grand children's "home".When in Fiji the hypocrite Nandan(none-done)was saying Fiji was his home !! Next time he is in Fiji his nephews from meigunyah should chase him if he comes there to drink their whiskey and eat goat meat-should be told to seek all this in Canberra--the mango chutney self seeking ,number one kanjoos arsehole.--was a spy with Ghai-now supports the Bai-Kai constitution--the great Sri Yukt Sat-yonder Prrrrrrrtap Non-done--poet laureate of Mei-gand-yahhh !!!!

Anonymous said...

"Only free men can negotiate; prisoners cannot enter into contracts. Your freedom and mine cannot be separated."
-Nelson Mandela

1) The 1997 Constitution lives. We've a duty to defend it. You cannot impose a new one against the people's will. Prisoners cannot enter into contracts.

2) Just say No to immunity for treason. The way to end treason is to punish traitors.

3) Return the RFMF to barracks. Court martial its traitorous leadership.

4) Hang its commander. Capital punishment for capital treason.

5) Repudiate the illegal debt.

6) Anti-disestablishmentarianism! Defer indefinitely all illegal actions, such as dissolution of the GCC and the illegal sale of national assets, until constitutional government is restored.

7) Return democratic governance to Fiji. Mandela served a single term in office.

8) Restore Fiji's international standing. Return us to our former role of regional leadership.

9) Establish a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to adjudicate all coup-related grievances since 1987. Mandela formed such a commission when he was President.

10) Active resistance, not passive acceptance or accommodation. Mandela formed the armed wing of the ANC to carry out acts of sabotage in ways that avoided loss of human life. It's time we did the same.

Prof Satenda 'Kutta' Nandan said...

Prof Satendra Nandan's wiki reads he provided his support to the newly established University of Fiji. In truth, UniFiji supported him by giving him $50k job when he was retired in Australia. UniFiji also provided his unemployable and dim-witted wife a 50k job. and the kutta saten says he supported UniFiji!

Utonivesi said...

@ Annon 3:58am Dec 9...I am just a simple man who has been under oppresive rule in my country.
Na ka walega au via dusia tiko, oya ni sa dua na ka na neimami waraka tiko na tauvanua edua na neimami i liuliu vakataki Madiba....e dua beka e tiko ena kemuni maliwa na bau vuli vinaka cake, vakabibi vei kemudou na veiliutaki ena i soqosoqo vakapolitiki ni taukei ?
Rabuka/Speight/Qarase...eratou lausua taucoko mai dakudratou mai veikemuni na turaga kei na marama vuku dau volavola matau ka gusu matata.

Anonymous said...

Utonivesi, caiti madiba mada
se butuka na sona nei Bainimarama?
Kua soti na lamusona, could you not lead?
why not? are you scared?
get it together Utonivesi,
it's now or never, we've
gotta do it man?
Why call on the people that
put us in the current compromissing situation? Bainimarama couldn't have succeeded had these people
what they were doing? Qarase,Rabuka Geoge Speight they're all to be blamed for
our current problem?
This shouldn't have happened? Don't bring them
back to the current fight-as we're
trying to move forward without adding more weights to our load?

Just saying said...

Qarase and SDL wrongly accused of racism when they were only trying to lift up itaukei.Shame Bainimarama supporters can't see through the crimes of this regime - exorbitant salaries, backhands for business deals, corrupt business practices, illegal rule including the abrogation of the constitution, illegal decrees to shut down the rights of citizens. Indians think their whole world has improved but can they be happy knowing it is a charade and has come at the price of the rights and freedoms of itaukei?

Bainimarama said...

Ali Mohammed, you filthy cunt.

Madiba said...

Mandela's death should have brought us all together to remember a person we will never have in our midst again.

Instead, the comments here have only shown that we as humans, are so petty that we've gone to the extent to use his death to advance our petty squabbles.

Sisa said...

Inside News: The Campaign group of the Bainimarama Party, are now using the web for Election campaign. First is to pin down C4.5 by degrading and rubbish the old politicians and other parties. Interesting isn't it? They say that this is one way to get to the younger generation who are digital natives to vote for them.

Anonymous said...

Qarase is Fiji's Mandela. He went to prison fighting for his people, same as Madiba.

Beanimarama is Fiji's Mugabe, too scared to face the truth hence going to prison.

Anonymous said...

The struggle to restore constitutional law and freedom to Fiji is not a petty squabble.

We, the people of Fiji, are just as entitled to our rights as the people of South Africa.

Mandela's revolutionary example should serve as an inspiration to those of us struggling for justice and a reminder to our oppressors that the worst tyranny can be overcome by men and women of courage and conviction.

Anonymous said...

Utonivesi, you're a simple man alright.

Anonymous said...

Hey those Chinese calmed ith money to start off with we o not have that,. We look up to the government for support and the QARASE ovvernment was just comming up with some help when Bainimarama took over the ovvernment. Sega ni Ava o iko o vosa vaviaevu tiko Qo bu dua a a e tu vei iko se dua ga na Sotia macawa anawaca voli ga qai viavia.vaka rerevaki tiko. Sona Levu. Biuta mada a dakai
O na qai kila a ca ni ca

Anonymous said...

Hey those Chinese calmed ith money to start off with we o not have that,. We look up to the government for support and the QARASE ovvernment was just comming up with some help when Bainimarama took over the ovvernment. Sega ni Ava o iko o vosa vaviaevu tiko Qo bu dua a a e tu vei iko se dua ga na Sotia macawa anawaca voli ga qai viavia.vaka rerevaki tiko. Sona Levu. Biuta mada a dakai
O na qai kila a ca ni ca

Anonymous said...

ANON 9.56. Please elaborate. I hear this tirade of BS about indigenous rights and freedoms removed and somehow the Indians have benefited. Can you please highlight to us in detail what Frank has done for the Indian community which in the process negates the rights of the i-taukei. In fact if you look very carefully at the 6 year history post 2006 coup the majority of the development done in this country have been for the i-taukei and the rural Fijians. The only thing that the Indians have gotten out of this is the right to refer to themselves by the name of the country they were born in. Nothing else. Other then that the freedoms of every citizen of this country has been curtailed not just the i-taukei's. If you think otherwise please explain.

Ali Mohammed said...

SODELPA is ex SDL ex SVT party. It is a racist party led by some paedophiles and adultress." I thought Rabuka used the same excuse in 1987" to improve the living standards of itaukeis." Did Rabuka or Qarase or Speight improve the lives of iTaukeis? Answer is no. Only Madiba of Fiji, PM Bainimara did that. Support Mandela of Fiji, PM Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

99.9% Fijians support SODELPA

Anonymous said...

Tell Baini to have fair contest in election, only jhantus will vote

Anonymous said...

"No matter how loud and harsh you curse others who do not agree with you, and no matter how terrifying and destructive the bombs and guns you use to destroy them and their land, the little flowers will continue to grow and bring happiness to the people with their beautiful colours and sweet fragrances."

"The meek shall inherit this country!"

Anonymous said...

Ali Mohommed : You seems to be an anti i taukei.You are condamning Fijian Political leaders saying that they are adultrers and paedophiles On that note you are beccomming racist and you are prasing the most idiot Fiji wannabe prime minister Bainimarama. What has Bainimarama did to help the itaukei NOTHING. All he has done is depriving the itaukei their freedom and rights to raise their views and concern on what rightly belongs to them their land and iqoliqoli and he has taken out the itaukeis tdaditional leadersa their chiefs from the important role as members of the GCC with their role of appointing the President the executive authority of Fiji. He hass killed some native Fijians in the cause of his coup and has violently abused Fijians natives and has jailed Fijian political leaders for very minor offence compare to the to the capital offence he has committed and he is trying to evade justice.Bainimarama has done muillions of negative thing against the itaukei and nothing possitive that would enhance the lives of the itaukei yet Ali you are are saying the he is the Fiji Madiba my foot. Bainimarama even swear at Father Kavuin Bar anbd is filling his pocket with the gpovernment money which he is not entitle to . You are just holding Bainimaramas balls and be informed that if the election is done as promised to the whole world by the dictator, the SODELPA will have a landslide victory.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5.43pm, it is up to the people to support whichever party they want. You should respect that. Whether it improves their lives or not is beside the point. FLP has been promising improvement for more than 20 years, yet it improved shit except mahen's bank balance by more than $2m from siphoned overseas donations. when mahen got his chance, he fucked up big time, renovating private property with state funds, appointing son Rajen to cushy job, and in-law sachida to senate. our indo leaders are no less corrupt and inefficient. mahen has zilch to show for all the support he has received - farmers are up shit street because of him. As an Indo, I believe SDL did far better than FLP, Asha and mahen's private party for enriching chaudhry clan. Your condescending attitude stinks. It is typical of many indos unfortunately, this unbearable superior, sun-shines-out-of-my arse, we are god's gift to Fiji attitude. my naive indo brothers and sisters can't even see or understand their stupid, uncouth behaviour; to them its being clever; that's how fucked up, dumb, naive, unaware and inward looking some of them are, not all of course, one should not stereotype.

Anonymous said...

They can't even live with themselves so what chance is there to live with any government?

' FIJI has scored one of the highest rates of physical and/or sexual partner violence over a woman's lifetime, when compared with 20 countries around the world which have used the same World Health Organisation methodology calculation.

This was revealed at yesterday's launch of the country's latest National Report on Women, in which emotional, physical and sexual violence tendencies were all documented and evaluated based on a sample population of 3193 women.

"Of all the countries where the methodology has been followed, Fiji is quite high — on the higher end at about fourth, just after Kiribati, Peru and Ethiopia, so it's really quite high," remarked Fiji Women's Crisis Centre executive director Shamima Ali, who launched the report on behalf of FWCC.'

Anonymous said...

I think you are ignorinyg the fact that Bainimaramas coup was supported by the Indians.who said this? Bainimara himself, Why did the Indians support Bainimaramas coup? because they do not want a native Fijian to lead our country and secondly they are against the GCC and the culture and tradition of the native Fijian. Who said that ? Kaiyum in his thesis he statede that the the native Fijian traditional structure need to be change if Fiji is to progress. Why Fiji was progressing but now becomes standstill because of the coup. Now sinve the coup the Fijian affairs ministry has been reduced to just a small departmenrt,Native land s responsiblities has been change and the passed on to the government lands department Why? Laws that govern the administrations of native lands has
been change so the return or renewal of expired lease is now determine by the government not the landowner.Where is the right of the land owner ?Even the name Fijian was the name refered to native Fijian has been taken out to be the name of everyone in Fiji. There is a lot of things which if explained will take ages to complete.

mark manning said...

Is anyone having trouble connecting to matavuvale.com ?

Anonymous said...

Both Qarase and Bai are not even fit to polish the late Mandela's shoes.

The Fiji duo are both perceived as corrupt and unworthy of the leadership mantle - a trait they both share with SA's current President Zuma.

Anonymous said...

Interestingly close parallels to draw between SA's President Zuman and Fiji's corrupt leadership - both past and present.

"The ANC no longer has leaders," laments Justice Malala, one of South Africa's most respected political commentators and newspaper columnists, in a ferocious attack.

"It has zombies who mindlessly follow this one leader and do his bidding."

"The ANC is compromised. It has lost its moral compass and its leadership of society."

"We will remember the reign of Zuma not for its achievements but for the cowardice, callowness and bankruptcy of the leadership that he brought with him."

"We will remember his lackeys for their bowing and scraping and their destruction of the continent's greatest liberation movement."

"What an ignominious end for the party of Mandela."

President Zuma soon to be exposed in a so-called "Nkandla Scandal", involving the spending of the equivalent of £15 million of taxpayers' money to enhance Zuma's luxury private home in rural Zululand.

A so far secret report - expected to be damning to Zuma - by Thuli Madonsela, the public protector, or anti-corruption watchdog, is forecast to be ready for release by mid-January.

When South African newspapers published photos of Zuma's James Bond-style retreat, the government warned editors that they faced arrest for breaking security laws.

One newspaper responded with the headline "So, arrest us" above yet another photo of the house. There has been no action so far against the papers, who are hugely concerned about a controversial media bill that has been approved by the lower house of parliament and awaits endorsement by the upper house.


Anonymous said...

I disagree with you. How can you say that Qarase was corrupted.Since the 2006 coup untill now there has been no case of corruption proven against Qarase or any member of his political party.Unfortunately Bainimaramas personal haterate against Qarase because for refusing to renew his contract and the biase judiciary put Qarase in a very awkward situation and they did it all investigate,fabricate,prosecute and judge. Bainimaramas case is clear as crystal Treason. History and feuture will judge him and all his conspirators.Of these two Qarase is similar to Mandela, humble,educated and front up to face what the situation was thrown at them patiently with a lot of courage.Keep it up Qarase you the man.

Anonymous said...

Seriously people. We really are comparing Madiba to Fijian leaders. I mean "Really". Half the fuck wits on this site don't really know what democracy means and yet they are happily commenting on a pro democracy site. The other half stereotype every body hate just for the sake of hating and this goes for all races on this blog. Some dump asses are still trying to hold on to the old ways knowing at the back of their minds that in this digital world culture and tradition are fading away slowly but surely and change is inevitable with or without Frank. And before someone insults me with being culture less yes i hate culture and dumb ass traditions. They mean nothing in this modern world the sooner we get rid of them the sooner we can be free people and start appreciating each other as humans instead of some primitive monkeys fighting over our petty differences. Grow up people. Robots are performing surgery in parts of the modern world and we in Fiji are still fighting over each others differences our land our sea things which none of us will take with us. We need to grow out of these petty squabbles and build a strong nation based on sound human principles which invests in science and technology and moves with the world. Granted Franks coup and government is crap but what we are doing here is just as full of crap. Enough said.

Anonymous said...

I luv 4.5 cause every now and then I come here and say:

bai - drai vicai kei kaiyum!

Anonymous said...

Fijians are most coward people and can only talk rubbish. Big corruption is happening before their eyes and same people are going to public and educating to eradicate corruption. What a joke??????

Anonymous said...

@ 8.57p.m. Unfortunately Qarase did not have "clean hands" which the public accurately "perceived" OR they would have come out in great numbers to protest against his overthrow in the immediate aftermath of the 2006 coup.

Then we all find through his court case that Qarase had been more interested in building his personal empire at the expense of the i-taukei whom he claims to champion.

He never denied the existence of shares, only that he had disclosed the conflict of interest which he obviously did not.

Kangaroo court or not, Qarase's claim as genuinely representing i-taukei interests or the national interest for that matter has been shot through and through.

Please stop clutching at loose straws, it's disgusting. Fiji don't need politicians who are in there for themselves. Qarase is not so different from Bai and MPC.

Anonymous said...

"I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. Your Christians are so unlike your Christ."
~ Mahatma Gandhi

Mahen Choddo banau with Asha Lakhan said...

Anon 9.26pm, you right Qarase/mahen birds of same feather, difference is that Qarase was not as callous as mahen, who had us hoodwinked completely. since he built his whole career around criticising others for nepotism and corruption; i fondly remember his favourite terms, 'feathering your nest' and 'lining your pocket' when criticising others; but the maichod beat everyone at it – $2million-plus! As finance minister he started a crackdown on tax evaders, while evading tax himself. have you met a bigger maichod than mahen?? the hypocrisy is breathtaking. Qarase was crooked, but he did not shout from the rooftops he was clean, or accuse others, unlike maichod mahen. In developing country, it's now accepted some corruption is the price we have to play for development and progress, that's the unpleasant, harsh reality. we could have even 'forgiven' mahen as he seemed to be doing good as PM, but his sheer lies and hypocrisy is too much to take – Fiji's Robin Hood my arse. Qarase was taking some on the side, but doing a lot for Fijians to ensure future stability; country was stable; he did get multiparty going, which people supported. Qarase was to Fijians what mahen was to indians. coup was unnecessary; all we got is a more corrupt and more unaccountable lot; classic frypan to fire situation.

Anonymous said...

@ 9.48pm

It's an unpleasant exercise having to compare the shades of corruption in Fiji's recent leadership although it is necessary if Fiji is learn from for mistakes of its leaders and ensure a non-recurrence... which is why I disagree with this statement of yours:

"In developing country, it's now accepted some corruption is the price we have to play for development and progress, that's the unpleasant, harsh reality."

Though a reality in many developing countries, corruption is UNACCEPTABLE and should be perceived that way. Fijians must REFUSE to have this as a price to pay for development and strive to build a zero-tolerance culture against corruption. Exposing corruption through a fair, free media and demanding an effective and accountable public watchdog, not the compromised FICAC headed by a military goon, would be a start.

Anonymous said...

@10.45pm, one day a zero-tolerance corruption might become reality, as in Singapore, indeed that is what we should strive for; but reality, even if hard to accept, is there of often a trade-off between corruption and growth. The world's two fastest growing economies are an example. In China and India, there is a positive co-relation between growth and corruption. They now see corruption as a necessary evil. They are trying to deal with it; they make incremental gains and losses, they do not see quick solution, but see corruption as a small price to for the monumental levels of growth achieved. In Fiji a democratically-elected corrupt Qarase Government based on multiparty would have been much better than corrupt military government. Under military govt there is wanton corruption, under Qarase, media, independent judiciary and auditor general, public accounts committee, would have out a break on it.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.28pm

You're starting out on a slippery slope by tolerating corruption.

I prefer to start off on the premise that corruption is UNACCEPTABLE.

CORRUPTION IS THEFT. And theft is criminal. Period.

And that's how it ought to be perceived in a small country as ours with limited resources and a young population that deserves the best. Corruption denies them and us opportunities and hope and ultimately, robs people of the chance to live their life spans to its natural end.

Of course, no system is perfect or fool-proof (even Singapore's) and I'm under no illusion that some people (due to our fallen human nature) can and will find gaps and 'loopholes' in the system to capitalise upon and enrich themselves unethically instead of OF PLUGGING THEM.. The dark irresponsible side of our human nature.

Still, I'm an optimist and I have faith in the collective inherent goodness in people to strive for greatness instead of settling for the mediocre - to put their country's interest first instead of their own self-interests.

Thanks but no thanks: China and India are hardly two role-models if you care to look carefully at the gross inequalities existent within their societies... as well as the increasingly obvious environmental hazards and
P O L L U T I O N - with its devastating consequences on the people.

The high price they're paying for the so-called rapid (and reckless) pace of economic development that you seem to admire in them.

There is no such thing as corruption being a necessary evil, except to the "small-minds" who are prone to indulge in such practices. The BaiKhaiyum regime and their cronies comes to mind.

Anonymous said...

“My faith is brightest in the midst of impenetrable darkness.”
~ Mahatma Ghandi

Utonivesi said...

@ANNON 8:41am Dec 10...I cannot lead `cause I am not that well educated as I clearly stated that I am just an ordinary citizen and also I am not a politician,
Furthermore my friend, I am not a scared man as you seem to think..I have been doing my bit work in the restoration process of basic human rights to all citizens of our beloved Fiji and I will tirelessly commit myself to that calling till my last breath.
As for you my un-scared friend, ou could begin by quitting that annonymity shawl you`re constantly covering your transparent skull with.

Anonymous said...

Btw does anyone have more details or can offer some insight into Driti's mitigation hearing at court today?

Anonymous said...

@ Utonivesi

I think you're doing great. What do you mean by well-educated? Do you mean tertiary-level educated? If so, that would help tremendously (and its never too late to acquire knowledge/skills that are required to lead a nation) although academic achievement on its own cannot substitute for experience, maturity and wisdom which are equally imo essential traits for leadership. Keep up the good work that you've just described.


well us kailomas love to comment ,so here's my piss ,I mean piece ...se gai ,this shit from Sabeto is good maaaan, did I say Sabeto?? I mean Soweto barrrr barrchod,,huh huh huh watchu mean Mandela hanh? vacave via moge ?? huh huh au via ....via oilei sa rauta..oyau sa poofter tiko qori...hehehehehehheehe....my anus itchy !!!!

Anonymous said...

If SODELPA is ex SDL ex SVT party, then Bainimarama is ex Hitler, ex Ivan the Terrible, ex Attila the Hun.

Anonymous said...

To Ali Mohamed---if Bainimarama is the Mandela of Fiji, I believe he has to go to jail for 27 yrs than he will come out as Mandela...What you comment?

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes is a pumped up nobody and the sooner the election proves this once and for all, the better for everyone. The sole reason he keeps crapping on about "democracy" is that the end of racial voting means that he is finished. He cannot win anything, except the prize for being the world's biggest bore. For the first time, we are going to have a real democracy in Fiji and Mick the Mouth will be gone.

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum said...

You cunts should cease using Mandela's name. No one will ever emulate Mandela, so you uneducated filthy cunts, stop it. As for Ali Mohammed, we all know that he's a product of incest so just ignore this filthy stinking cunt.

Rajesh S. said...

FIJI has scored one of the highest rates of physical and/or sexual partner violence over a woman's lifetime, when compared with 20 countries around the world which have used the same World Health Organisation methodology calculation.

This was revealed at yesterday's launch of the country's latest National Report on Women, in which emotional, physical and sexual violence tendencies were all documented and evaluated based on a sample population of 3193 women.

"Of all the countries where the methodology has been followed, Fiji is quite high — on the higher end at about fourth, just after Kiribati, Peru and Ethiopia, so it's really quite high," remarked Fiji Women's Crisis Centre executive director Shamima Ali, who launched the report on behalf of FWCC.

"Intimate partner violence is extremely high in Melanesia, although the highest prevalence is in Kiribati with 68 per cent of women experiencing physical and/or sexual violence in their lifetime," the report claimed.

"Current rates of physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence are also extremely high in all Pacific countries, particularly in Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Kiribati and Fiji."

The report claimed that intimate partner violence affects about two in every three women in Fiji.

No wonder Bainimarama is willing to resettle people from Kiribati in Fiji. Similarly, his friends from the MSG featured highly in the stats.


Anonymous said...

If TRUTH be known, and it rarely is, this applies particularly to the study of history.

What we know as history is mostly not that at all. It is a carefully crafted facsimile of the TRUTH but different enough to serve as bold LIES. There are bold LIES to be sure, but much of the craft of LYING is more subtle.

Sometimes the real story is exaggerated to the point of foolishness but repeated so often that people come to believe at what they would once have scoffed. Blatant omission is a common tactic. Misdirection from the important TRUTH to an unimportant triviality is another.

Covering up or minimizing certain facts works towards the same end. Like a salesmen selling you bad insurance, the trick is in the presentation of falsehood rather than the search for TRUTH.

The liar has a bag of tricks with him wherever he goes. He employs the art of cultivating phony relationships so as to pursue his goals. He practices the art of persuasion rather than the craft of diligent inspection.

He will pose as your friend while relentlessly undermining you. Should you express doubt, he will be quick to accuse you of betrayal and unkindness. These very tactics are woven into the propaganda that has been presented to the unsuspecting as history; stories that you dare not question. We are fed facts that cannot be questioned, and stories that undermine our morale.

The giveaway is that you cannot question the official story, and right there you know or should know you’ve been had.

Those who practice the Arts of Deception get away with it time and again because most of us would never conceive of doing such a thing. Of course, people tell little white lies, mostly to protect themselves, but the really big lies take pros.

So what you will find inside what I said here may be different from others in different subjects of history that present the unknown facts, along with exposing some of the blatant lies. I hope you find them food for thought and stimulus to continue your own search for the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Mudou,did you see the fears in Driti's picture which
appears in the Fiji times & other
medias today?
A tu na da!pack a dawa up yours
Driti,no one is feeling sorry for
your ass from here?
You're all broke our Laws-same as your Boss Bainimarama,you're all should be charged for treason?
You're all should have been hanged
by the neck till dead,dead,dead!

Anonymous said...

hahaha!@ 7.35am. Good one:D

Voreqe and Mary Bainimarama said...

Perhaps Ului Mara will stay in Tonga and return to Fiji after 27 years. Or even Rajesh masturbate in his dairy in Auckland and return to Fiji after 27 years.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.09 pm Voreqe and Mary Bainimarama.

Drau yavu cici duka maga boi kei ira kece nomudrau kawa. Our curse will be with you and your filthy descendents for 27 generations to come.


Mr & Mrs Aiaz Sayed Khaiyum said...

I will rule Fiji for the next 27 years, so get used to it.

Mahen 'the chorwa' chaudhry said...

Tax-evader and FLP leader Mahendra Chaudhry was on Radio NZ calling for transparency and release of financial information. This man is shameless. We have yet to see full disclosure of donations FLP collected on behalf of poor. So his call is hypocritical. We do know he shamelessly diverted over $2m in donations to his personal account in Australia. His son Rajen is living in luxury on that money in Sydney. Mahen also gave $50,000 to his daughter. But the champion of the poor did not donate a cent to the poor. He just uses them to feather his own nest. Mahen is also using FLP money to pay for the love nest he shares with his concubine Asha Lakhan, the pioneer of skirt journalism in Fiji. Mahen is suspected to have even stolen more donations. The FLP Party is run like Chaudhry Khandan's business arm - it is there to enrich mahen's family. The party is controlled by mahen, his son rajen, his in-law Sachida, who was nepotistically appointed a senator, and mahen's de-facto, Asha Lakhan. It is truly a sick, self-serving, exploitative, incestuous arrangement. Mahen destroyed the FLP. Most FLP executives are gandu, ghar phatu, lamusona, spineless, yes-men of mahen chaudhry. they have no balls. mahen is described as pro-democracy campaigner in Fiji. Haha, did mahen not lend support to regime in crucial, early days and serve as finance minister? he turned against the regime only after given the boot because the stink from his tax evasion and stelaing donations was getting too much. Mahen is a treasonist and a cunning thief; an immoral self serving opportunist who will hopefully he will join Driti in jail soon.

Commando said...

If you're not concerned about Mick Beddoes, then why are you coming on C4.5 to write about him? If you're so sure he can't win an election, then why don't you hold one?

I'd vote for Mick -- not because he impresses me so very much, but at least he has the courage to speak out against the treason and corruption gripping the country.

Mary Bainimarama said...

Mahen Choudery is a typical Indian, egotistical and lies for personal gain. Just like that asshole Rajesh in Okaladi.

Anonymous said...

Satish ,Raju,Rajesh are all supporters of flp and sdl.we need them in fiji.

Anonymous said...

"An expert in transitional politics, Paul Buchanan, says the Fiji regime has until the end of January to announce key election machinery or risk next year’s polls being seen as illegitimate.

The regime’s leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama has promised elections by the end of September but his critics says he is stalling on preparations like announcing the Electoral Commission to enhance his chance of winning."


Fiji's thieving, exploitative Chaudhry Clan said...

Gali gali me shor hai Mahen Chaudhry bardqa chor hai!

Anonymous said...

Driti sentenced to 5 years imprisonment.
Non Parole period 4 years.

Anonymous said...

@Mary Bainimarama, it can also be said Qarase was a typical lazy Fijian parasite preying on hard-working Indian tax-payers, and exploiting his own kind (Fijian Holding A case shares). That disbarred lawyer Qoriniasi Bale was a typical Fijian fraud; or Navitilai Nairoso and Jale Baba were typical Fijian crooks and goons. Mahen is a sardine compared to many corrupt African and pacific islander politicians. He is nothing compared to those wall street sharks. My point is, stop racialising. People are greedy, whether indian or Fijian, some more than others. Fijians are humans, not angels. None of that 'we fijians are so perfect' sun shines our my arse bullshit please.

Anonymous said...

We are willing pay US 50,000 to anyone who can assassinate paul madigan

Anonymous said...

Madigan next should be frank/khaiyum /cj/you all willl face the same fate .when legally elected govt will come in power.
No immunity will apply bec driti is jailed now that opens up a can of worms for future court case against you thugs.

Zorro said...

It's been said that the traitorous clowns posing as Fiji's present government have no sense of irony. They showed it again as they withdrew from the Pacific ACP (PACP) meeting in Solomon Islands organised by the Forum Secretariat. They claimed it was "as a matter of principle, ” but we all know the real reason is because they didn't want to subject themselves to the deserved censure of our neighbours.

Never mind that ASK called off participation in the meeting with the excuse that the Pacific ACP countries need to be prepared and coordinate their approach to the ACP in advance, when of course that's precisely what the PACP meeting called by the PIFS was designed to accomplish.

Instead, I'm referring to how ASK referred to what he called "the Fijian Constitution, assented to by the President on September 6, 2013". Again, set aside for a moment the fact thiat this "president" was not constitutionally appointed, or that the supposedly "unprecedented socio-economic rights" said to be provided by this new "constitution" in no way guarantee any of our most basic rights, hostage as they will remain to these thugs pretending to be our military. No, the real irony to me lies in how everything ASK decries in the EPA negotiations applies doubly so to this phony "constitution" this criminal regime is trying to shove down our throats.

Why should Fijians "be pressured . . . into finalising a deal or . . . moving into an agreement [i.e., a constitution] that is less than favourable and could have detrimental long term impacts"? Doesn't Fiji's Constitution have "enormous ramifications on our policy space, sovereignty and development" and so is "not something to play with or decide on the trot"? Doesn't a real constitution require ratification by the people to show the nation's political will from the highest level? Why is it that the Fijian people "have been left out of the major developments in the [nation's direction] and the "constitutional" negotiations that were promised to be a dialogue. If "the PACP leaders need to meet and provide the mandate to ministers and officials on the way in which the EPA needs to be progressed", as ASK says, then, by the same token, don't the Fjian people need to be able to assemble freely and provide Fiji's ministers and officials (i.e., government) a mandate on the way the country needs to advance?

I find ASK's comments rich in irony. He also states: “We are, and have been from the start, a strong advocate of regional solidarity, which, perhaps has been to the chagrin of the Forum Secretariat and our detractors,” knowing full well that this regime's policies have aimed deliberately at fracturing regional solidarity, especially at the PIF. ASK's statement is another irony but not so much ironical as it is just a bald-faced lie.

Anonymous said...


Driti sentenced to 5 years imprisonment
Publish date/time: 11/12/2013 [16:05]

Print this page
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Former Land Force Commander, Pita Driti has been sentenced to 5 years imprisonment by presiding judge, Justice Paul Madigan.

After highlighting the facts of the case in the packed court room, Justice Madigan told Driti to stand up.

He said inciting to mutiny is a very serious offence.

Justice Madigan started the sentence at 6 years and then added four years for the aggravating factors.

He then deducted 5 years off the sentence.

Justice Madigan said that Pita Driti is sentenced to 5 years imprisonment and has to serve 4 years before he is eligible for parole.

Stay with us we will have more in the next hour.

Anonymous said...

ANON 3.38 Totally concur. Some contributors have this holier then art thou attitude on this site in so far as race is concerned.They conveniently forget that 90% of all decision making positions in this country are in i-taukei hands. If you say Indian people are corrupt then who is receiving the "paisa" that they are paying out. I also find it strange that all the kaiindia are branded as thief's and dishonest and yet our jails are filled 90% by the i-taukei. Is the prison not designed for thieves? As much as i don't like Khaiyum he really has been in government for 6 years working under a i-taukei. The country has been run by the indigenous for over 42 years since independence with the exception of one year. Corrupt business people have been getting away with murder in this period. Why was no one getting angry then and who were benefiting than. My point is all races have thieves and dishonest people. Rather getting all racial its time honest people say enough is enough.

Anonymous said...

Fidel Castro was seen shaking Obama`s hand and they were amongst the leaders of almost every nation... that Bainimarama and his team have visited in the last 4 years...during the celebration of Nelson Mandela`s life and his achievements and also there were the NZ and Aussie Prime Minister and Opposition leaders.
Bai and Kai`s claims of fighting against racism to justify the forcible removal of a democraticaly elected government and their absentism from the covergence of the world`s recognised leaders speak volumes of the true colour of their existence.

Anonymous said...

@ annon 11:54 pm...they are certainly recognised worlwide by individuals [profesional vultures] in their own countries that occasionaly fly in to feed on dead meat in the Fijian treasury and fly off once they`ve had their fill.

Anonymous said...

Madigan /DPP can he explain fijian public.
why DPP /Police didnt bring Aziz to court.?
Frank and cronies have commit treason.
why they not been charged and produced in court by Police/Dpp?

Commando said...

If Madigan thinks incitement to mutiny is a serious crime, and it is, then how much more the commission of treason?

In my view, Driti merited death by hanging or at least life imprisonment for the treason he committed together with Bainimarama, commuted to 15 years in view of his alleged attempt to restore constitutional government (what Madigan calls 'mutiny'), which should be considered a mitigating factor in his favour.

For Madigan himself, a very special fate awaits. I'm not saying he should be assassinated. Perhaps like Judas he will take his own life out of guilt. I do believe a special place in Hell is reserved for corrupt judges who do the bidding of despots.

Anonymous said...

Sung to the tune of Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer:

Madigan the brown-nosed yes man
Had a very shit-filled nose,
And if you ever saw it,
You would ever say it grows

All of the other judges
Used to laugh and cast him blame
Now each has fled from Fiji
Rather than lose his good name.

Then for one special case so lame
The despot came to say
Madigan, to preserve my might,
Won't you lie for me tonight?

Then how the despot loved him
And he shouted out with glee
Madigan the brown-nosed yes man
You are going to hang with me!

Rajesh Singh said...

The following people should be charged for treason either for inciting or carrying out past coups: Sitiveni Rabuka,Ratu Inoke, Filipe Bole, Jim Ah Koy, Apisai Tora 1987 coup Bainimarama, Mahendra Chaudhry, Mohammed Aziz, Kaiyum, Nur Bano, Shaista sisters, Judge Nazhaat Shameem,2006 coup.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh - what about the 2000 coup, you weasel? Too inconvenient for you to include?..you'll never change.

Once a boci, always a boci!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:22AM You ga the boci. 2000 coup perpetrators are in jail or have served sentence in jail.

Mary Bainimarama said...

Rajesh, you thieving slimy boci of a man, you conveniently left out your name you cunt. You licked ass and became a minister, then you conned people out of thousands of dollars then fled Fiji. A word of advice you filthy cunt, keep masturbating in your dairy as that's the only thing you're good at. Bitch.

Africanisation of Fiji said...

If SODELPA does come to power, hopefully they will provide cleaner government this time. From the start, the SDL Government acted like the government of a corrupt African State, e.g. the Agriculture Scam, springing coup convicts from jail, including them in cabinet, reconciliation bill, deporting a prosecutor who was getting too many coup convictions, raiding best Fijian Holdings shares, and many more happenings you won't find in civilised countries, only in corrupt African states. Unfortunately SDL ministers were behaving like corrupt african leaders. Bainimarama completed the Africanisation process with his coup. Only time will tell whether we have learnt any lessons or not.

Tamai Voreqe said...

Driti kauyalewa tiko i tuba i loma o na kau tagane.Vinaka ga ni sa matau tu mai na keba ni mataivalu na kau tagane,,,,,,lol

Anonymous said...

Driti, vakarau na quru bisikete. Na qai laurai dina na levu ni nomu sona ni sa na vodo e vicavata na ua lelevu vei iko. Taura ga vakatagane me bau malumu kina vei iko!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Driti should apologise to the husbands of wives he had affairs
with. Why didn't they also show up to support him during his courtcase when he needed their support most?

The scorned husbands who are happy to see Driti jailed should also bear in mind that it takes TWO to tango. Hmmm...

Anonymous said...

Yeah, many of the 2000 coup conspirators are in prison, except for the biggest culprit of all, Frank Bainimarama.

Commander Francis Kean said...

Frank is untouchable, except when Aziz pokes his fingers up his asshole. I did the same thing and see where it got me?

Commander Francis Kean said...

Anon@2.38PM. Brother, don't you know that this bonking in the army is part of training? They used it to assess your stamina. I took part but sadly I failed after my second one as my little boy wouldn't wake up again. Needless to say Driti passed with flying colours.

Anonymous said...

to the real Commander Franis Kean,

you were ass-farked instead in the barracks. We also gang banged your sister marykean when she was a young bitch in suva. she liked it up her dirty asshole. luveni sona levu kawa ca.

Dipesh Raniga said...

biggest crook is neil sharma and dharmesh prasad.

they are the worst of the whole lot!!

Anonymous said...

Na domo memela e laki rorogo mai
Sa moce na wekaqu yalowai

I will only vote for Bai and Kai if the elections will really happen in September 2014 (ie. in 9 months), and also if only they will reveal their true salary.

I will know if they're lying.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

@annon 10:35 PM December 12

yeah !! not suprised one bit...
it preached from the pulpit by our pastor last Sunday..men of the cloth have a very reliable source. You can bet your bottom $ on it !!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the election will need to be postponed again because of the foul language encountered on this website.

Next Year, Suva said...

BANGUI, Central African Republic (AP) — African peacekeepers fired into the air Thursday in Central African Republic's chaotic capital, trying to disperse a mob bent on hunting down and killing Muslims taking refuge in a church compound.

The unrest in Bangui underscored the rage and uncertainty that remains in the capital of the Central African Republic, despite the arrival of 1,600 French soldiers and patrols by regional African peacekeepers. The two forces are seeking to stabilize this impoverished, now lawless, country after more than 500 people were killed last week in sectarian bloodshed.

In March, an alliance of mostly Muslim rebels from the north tossed out the country's Christian president in a coup that brought President Michel Djotodia to power. Rage has mounted recently against the men who took part in that coup, known as Seleka, who have also been accused of carrying out scores of attacks on civilians since then.

On Thursday, several thousand people stood by as a group of young men lobbing huge rocks tried to break into the compound of the Saint-Jacques Church in Bangui, looking for an ex-rebel general they believed to be inside.

The crowd began chanting "Kill him! Kill him!" as others placed a large felled tree in front of the gate to prevent people from escaping from the refuge. "He has attacked everyone and is responsible for many abuses here in Bangui," said Jonny Clevar, 18, as he and his friends stood near the entrance to the church. "We want to kill him."

Suspected Seleka have come under growing threat in Bangui since massive bloodshed erupted in the capital on Dec. 5. Christians are a majority in the capital — and in Central African Republic — and months of resentment toward the mostly Muslim leadership have been unleashed in a series of attacks on people affiliated with Islam or with perceived links to them.

One crowd earlier this week stoned to death a suspected Seleka member in front of his house and then set his two cars ablaze as onlookers watched.

Pita Driti said...

Why did you remove my post from 8pm yesterday?

Commander Francis Kean said...

to the real Commander Franis Kean,
To the cunt who posted this, my name is Francis NOT Franis asshole. Well my sister is a bitch anyway so I'm not surprised when she was bonked here and there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the election must be postponed again as a gesture of mourning in solidarity with the people of South Africa in sympathy for the passing of Nelson Mandela.

Commander Francis Kean said...

We can't blame people for using profanities in here, the people have had enough and they're simple venting. SO WHAT?

USP gives pay rise to junior staff said...

December 12, 2013: By ZAFIYA SHAMIM
The University of the South Pacific signed a memorandum of agreement with Permanent Hourly Paid, Intermediate and Junior Staff Union (PHPI and JSU) for a salary increment at their Laucala Campus on Monday. USP’s vice-chancellor and president, Professor Rajesh Chandra said he was pleased to sign the agreement with PHPI and JS Union. “We want the university to continue to work closely with its staff and I’m very pleased that the members will receive a salary increase,” Professor Chandra said. He thanked the president and members of the union for the constructive manner in which this agreement had been reached.
President of the union Josefa Wata said they were thankful to the university for granting them a salary increase.

Anonymous said...

@USP gives pay rise, Jai Karan, stop spreading USP propaganda. USP Staff have C4.5 to thank for the pay rise. My USP friends tell me VC Rajesh Chandra had been holding out on the pay rise and was a tough negotiator. He only gave in after C4.5 exposed his exploitation of staff. If not for C4.5, no pay rise. Why Premila not investigating how her husband Jai Karan got the USP marketing job when he is not qualified. Jai Karan was sacked by government for helping his brothers kava business. Jai Karan is is a ForumSec reject. Premila investigate everything. Why is she not investigating USP? Premila is very arrogant. She mistreats her staff.

Anonymous said...

Anon@11:54pm...Fidel Castro wasn't
anywhere near Obama in South-Africa! The man you refer too is
Fidel Castro brother Raul Castro!
Obama made a peaceful gesture in
shaking his hand. It's time for America to show leadership to the
free world?


After damaging and corrupting USP, Dr Esther Williams is playing same dirty politics at FRU. She is behind sacking of hardworking official. Dirty tricks she learn at USP, she is applying here, the lying bitch.

Anonymous said...

People are biased to blame siti waleilakeba for Qarase's sentence. To recap, Qarase failed to disclose his interest in the three companies: Cicia Plantation in which Qarase was financial adviser (400,000 A shares); Mavana Investments where Qarase and his wife, Leba had 200,000 A shares, and Q-Ten Investments in Qarase family had 200,000 A shares. One family, three companies, 800,000 shares. I mean, come on. when will we fijians open our eyes? it seems we can't handle the truth even when it is staring us in the face. The Qarase family's greed denied other eligible provincial and tikina councils, FAB and the indigenous Fijians a fair share.Qarase had a duty to safeguard the interests of the Fijians but he deprived eligible indigenous Fijians of their entitlements, applied for shares for companies in which he had a private interest and continued to receive dividends from these shares. qarase and his family benefitted from the crime, not siti waleilakeba. Let's stop this nonsense of making qarase into a martyr and elevate him to Mandela status. its both stupid and foolish.

Anonymous said...

@ 7.11pm

Agree with you although there is no need to 'flog a dead horse' since it's clear Qarase had "unclean hands" to begin with. Weleilakeba is no better, he was complicit but had cut a deal with prosecution. These were our educated i-taukei's whom all looked up to to ensure that the spirit with which FHL had been established was adhered to and safeguarded.

Instead they pursued their selfish interests - the idolatry of money. Bai's regime is no better - in fact, they're worse than the previous lot.

BC said...

If you don't like a Politician , you vote him out.
In fact I don't know why I have to explain this to you, because this statement is so basic and almost moronic, and I know from your posting that you are an intelligent human being.

You don't have to do a Coup to get Qarase out.

If someone has committed a crime you get the Police to investigate it.
There is no need to do a Coup.

That is why Bainimarama's excuse of doing a Coup to get rid of corruption is TOTALLY MORONIC and STUPID and only idiots believe him.

So if you don't like Qarase, IT Is Very Simple. JUST VOTE HIM OUT.

Even a Kindergarten child knows this.
I don't know why Army Generals and Attorney Generals and Magistrates etc etc cant seem to grasp this basic concept and yet a Kindergarten child knows this.

BC said...

Bainimarama as a human being will never reach the status of Qarase.

Bainimarama will never reach the status of Ratu Mara.

Bainimarama will never be a Ratu Sukuna.

Bainimarama is nothing but grovelling and snivelling little termite that was not man enough to face the punishment due for his crimes.

Rajesh Singh LAWYER nz said...

There was no need for 2006 coup. After 1987 for the first time a multiracial cabinet was chosen. The only person against the multiparty government was Mahatma Gandhi of Fiji- Chaudhry. Imagine what fiji would have been today if there was no coup in 2006.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the elections will need to be postponed again until C4.5 readers learn to stop arguing.

Anonymous said...


Qarase did declare his interest through the process of declaration which was to fill an application form for the purchase of shares and stipulate the share holders! This was the manner all declaration of interest was done at that time. Weilelakeba knew this was the process however blatantly lied in court. Jo Mar testified through video conference confirming that the adopted process of declaration was followed. Weilelakeba got Qarase into prison through his lawyer
Ceaser Lateef who made a deal with Aiyaz and FICAC!! If Weilelakeba is investigated he will be
behind bars and he knows this!! It is Weilelakeba's
conscious that is eating him up!!! God says repent
son.....on this Earth as there ain't no other repentance
after Earth!!!! Weilelakeba repent while you can, ask
for forgiveness while you can, admit the truth and
redeem yourself before you completely become
confined to a wheelchair or bed!!!!!! Suva WATER Blasting.......Sydney (Cheques made by me to SWB)!!!

Anonymous said...

There is to much talk (empty vessel makes more sound). Mandela fights and his followers died. He didn't talk much on Blog site and things happened? E buno and send to life in prison. He lives in Africa and fight not living abroad and fight for his people?
Sodelpa please don't just like the koli ni kaidia....only bark in its own yard.

Anonymous said...

Coup was of course unnecessary. Corrupt Qarase govt better than corrupt military govt any day.

But we should hold Qarase accountable also. Looking after yourself and your kai vata at the expense of the wider community is umbilical, even if you go to church every sunday.

Qarase was after personal interest and the interests of relatives, extended family, village and province only.

What he had done was both illegal and immoral – said the judge.

In a profitable company like Fijian Holdings, looking after yourself and those around you while keeping other stakeholders in the dark is corruption.

The fact is Qarase used his position to benefit his family and other Lauans, at the expense of other Fijians, who weren’t able to obtain those shares.

Simply put, it was a betrayal of the interests of all I’Taukei for the benefit of a few.

Anonymous said...

- "Coup was of course unnecessary. ELECTED Qarase govt better than corrupt military govt any day...Elected by the People is legal. Uelected forcing yourself by gun is trison--got it dumb head writter Anon December 14, 2013 at 1:43 AM?

Anonymous said...


You don't have to do a Coup to get LEGALLY ELECTED Qarase out.If someone has committed a crime you get the Police to investigate it.There is no need to do a Coup MOTHERFUCKER.

That is why BainiSONALEVU's excuse of doing a Coup to get rid of corruption is TOTALLY MORONIC and STUPID and only idiots believe him.SO YOU ARE IDIOT FOLLOWER OF BAINISONA.

So if you don't like ELECTED Qarase, IT Is Very Simple. JUST VOTE HIM OUT.

Even a Kindergarten child FROM HOLY TRINITY knows this.

I don't know why Army Generals and Attorney Generals and Magistrates etc etc cant seem to grasp this basic concept and yet a Kindergarten child knows this...."

Anonymous said...

I'm not an Qarase supporter, but anyone could see that the regime was at a loss to show how Qarase ever committed any crime or any fraud. The idea of convicting him of abuse of office for acts committed before he was even a public officeholder shows how phony and unfair his trial was. All that he did in purchasing the shares was legal and above board. Remember, too, that the share offering was undersubscribed. He risked his capital; had he lost money on the deal, would people still be crying foul?

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the 2014 elections will need to be postponed due to the predicted El NiƱo weather patterns.

Anonymous said...

- ""@ANONYMOUS 7:11If you don't like a Politician that ELECTED by the PEOPLE , you vote him out, YOU DAMN STUPID DOG WHO KEEPS SMELLING YOUR OWN WATERY FART, LISTEN CLEARLY: You don't have to do a Coup to get LEGALLY ELECTED Qarase out.If someone has committed a crime you get the Police to investigate it.IF YOU HAVE FILFY AND DIRTY GUT YOU GET THE POLICE TO INVESTIGATE TREASON COMMITTED BY BAINIFILFYSONALEVU IN INCITING ILOILO TO SIGN THE ABROGATION OF 97 CONSTITUTION, AND ORDERING DRITY TO MURDER THE CRW. YOU DAUGHTER-FUCKER INCEST MOTHERFUCKER There is no need to do a Coup MOTHERFUCKER.That is why BainiSONALEVU's excuse of doing a Coup to get rid of corruption is TOTALLY MORONIC and STUPID and only idiots believe him.SO YOU ARE IDIOT FOLLOWER OF BAINISONA.So if you don't like ELECTED Qarase, IT Is Very Simple. JUST VOTE HIM OUT.Even shoeshine boys in Suva know this.I don't know why Army Generals and Attorney Generals and Magistrates etc etc cant seem to grasp this basic concept and yet a Shoe Shine boy knows this...."..."

Anonymous said...

@ 9.50a.m

"He risked his capital"

Yes, and it seems to me that that became more important to him than the political capital which should have mattered more to him... and he found that out a little too late in the day when people did not come out in large numbers to support him when he was ousted and I believe, during his trial as well.

Qarase is not naive, inexperienced, unintelligent or uneducated - the buck stops with him. He knew Bainimarama was on his back wanting to take over power (just to ensure he didn't hve to answer to his crimes).

Qarase had it within his power to ensure there was no excuse to oust him (not that anything could hve stopped the desperate dictator), by cleaning up the FHL share saga which by then was publicly known in political circles, and making amends to retain what political capital he had gained in office.

But unfortunately, the usual vices of greed, pride and a sense of invincibility at having gotten away with it for so long got the better of him...

Anonymous said...

Qarase had so much going for him but for this FHL saga that tarnished his image. His story is a lesson that we can all learn from.

Anonymous said...

Qarase and chaudhry same-same. They fill own pockets in the name of the people - the bloody cunning mongrels.

Anonymous said...

Koli ni kaidia or Rajesh Singh kei Rajend Chaudary. Barking from abroad. Kulina's

Anonymous said...

Qarase and Ratu Mara same-same. Just do things for the benefit of Lau.

Anonymous said...

At BC said,

I have no qualms with what you say but "Attorney Generals" should be "Attorneys General" to indicate a plurality of persons with such a position.

On sara with the entertaining verbal duels.

Anonymous said...

Driti knows he will face the CRW and prisoners he abused during the 2000 coup.it is clearly shown in his face,the FEAR FACTOR.Isa they will fuck his arse for good,he is 53yrs incapable of defending himself against 10-12 criminals.Word received from prison is that speight and his supporters are planning are welcome ceremony for him,10 convicts will beat him and fuck his arse till its loose like an old sock.

Anonymous said...

Qarase and chaudhry supporters same-same. They still in denial about their leaders despite proof that both are self-serving opportunists.

Anonymous said...

Roko Ului has his kai working for him,all from Lau.Jolame Uludole is his operations manager.He plans,monitors all acts done by men under his command ,men like Cinavilakeba = the Suva dockworker who has returned from Nadi,Lautoka and Ba burning cane farms with his group.They are responsible for the numerous cane farms burnt during milling season.Uludole is recruting more supporters for activities against the current Govt.Their targets include burning Nadi International Airport,Hotels and violent acts against tourists visiting Fiji then post them on blog sites to inform the whole world and reduce tourist arrival.This is operation Jericho already being implemented.

Lau Power said...

Lauans own Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Tonga conquered and owns Lau.Kua ni mai lasu taki keimami,tiko.Thats why your asshole and cowardly chief Ului fled to his masters in Tonga.

Anonymous said...

The theft of gravel, land sand, minerals etc continue at faster pace today ,,,,,,theft by foreigners from real Fijians who signed Deed of Cession with Queen Victoria.
Too many fake Fijians today at FBC and Sun Insurance - go makachod yourselves.
Kaiyum has decreed no Deed of Cession case can come to courts.
Soon arms will be the legitimate course of action for the real Fijians.

Anonymous said...

Again, what was Qarase's crime involving the FHL shares? That he made a profit?

Fijians didn't turn out to support him, not because of his "tarnished image", but because of cowardice. It's the same reason Fijians did nothing during the trial and sentencing. It's the same reason Fijians do nothing today.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that you are one of those who are against native Fijian in their endevour to porogress in the field of business.That is where the problem lies the jeleousy and greediness of you people who do not want native Fiji to prosper and you manipulate and convince Bainimarama with all the lies and fill his pocket to turn against his own people.Now Qarase did not commit any crime he was just working under the policy in place where loans were made available to those who are eligable on the normal process of loan with security process by ;loan officers from FDB and approve by the board if the applicants are eligable. Most importantly there was no default in the payment of all those loans and they have been paid.Even if the loan was given to Qarases village or Mataqali or his family and was properly paid back what crime or offence has been committed ? Nothing.If any crime was committed then the board should have been charged as they approve the loans not Qarase.Now you are saying that Fijian did not take any action when Qarase was convicted becase they know he was at fault. That is not correct. Native Fijian did not take any action because they know the truth. and the truth is that the military regime is illegal and secondly native Fijian are educated a nd they do not want to ruin thier own country but that is not quaranteed because everything has its limit. when its full it will overflow.Non native Fijian like you are talking too much because the military is supporting you are saying things to try and provoke native fijian to react. If you succeed then you have to run for your life also.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is thriving because Fijians are silent. You'll be silent if you are happy with his leadership or you just have a fearful arsehole

i-taukei said...

Africa was first inhabited by people living on the or close to the source of the river nile.then they migrated down river as civilisation proressed.That is why those nations on top of the nile river have ruins older than those down river.The Egyptians consider Cush or Nubia as their elders.Cush or Nubia consider Somalia their elders and Somalia consider Ethiopia as their elders.On hte map these nations are next to each along the river nile.they didnt have machinery but used rivers as the main form of transportation,evident up till today.the last ancient civilisation was Egypt which is close to the mouth of the river nile.The oldest who are considered grandparents [this is common folklore in Africa till now]are Tanzania,Kenya and Nigeria.All these nations worship the same Gods and partake in the same festivals till now.but recently in the 16th Cenntury the Arabs -nomadic tribes, grew stronger and their newly adopted faith Islam enabled them to conguer most African Nations who in turn adopt the practice of Islam but still cling to ancient century old myth and belief evident till now.I have lived and worked in Africa for more than 12 years and know this well.You can determine the history of a nation more through their religious practice and belief and guesswork through archeology.The people of Tanzania,Kenya,Sudan,Ethiopia and Somalia even sone Egyptians cant speak the Arabic language because it is foreign and they hold their conguerours with contempt.Evident till now,they are only tie with Arabs is the faith of Islam and it ends there.They still hold ancient sacred tradition like festivals that are non Islamic in nature up till now.eg.festival of Mut or Mun the Sun God.They dance and present their crops to the Sun God whom the Egyptians call Amun-Ra or RA.Why isnt this taught in schools,because most archaeologist [ who are whites] would never want to reveal the presence of Black African kingdoms more advanced and superior than Egypt becuase of racism.It is just recently that the world has come to know that pyramids also exist in ancient Nubia and Cush.These two nations are mentioned in the book of Genesis-the bible.Cush once had a King namely Tirhaka [english spelling] but pronounced Taka or Taoka[i-taukei spelling].He is also mentioned in Genesis when he assisted the Hebrews against Ancient Assyria.The Nubians had a Great Gueen namely Candice [english spelling]pronounced Kedise or Kadise [i-Taukei spelling] also mentioned in the Bible-old testament.Then there is another Black Queen named Sheba[english spelling]but pronounced Siba or Seba [i-taukei]she was from Ethiopia and visited King Solomon [Hebrew King]who is as shown in numerous ancient paintings but not published as dark skinned.There also lived a Nubian King namely Tanua or Tanue Tamani who ruled most of North and South Africa in ancient times.He is mentioned by the Egyptians in several old rock paintings.Ancient Egyptians royalty wear clothes made from the bark of trees similar to Fijian Masi and also worn in the Fijian fashion i.e wrapped around the waist or loincloth style.Ancient Nubians and Cush Royalty carry handclubs very identical and similar to Fijian hand club [i-ula]depicted in the 10cent coin.Ancient Egyptians,Cush and Nubians use ships similar and identical to Fijian drua,lashed together with use of coconut fibre [fijian-magimagi]The sails are made from Tree bark similar to Fijians using masi or tapa as sails.[more to come]

i-taukei said...

Ancient Cush,Ethiopia,Nubia,Kenya,Sudan and Tanzania all worship the sun God RA but under different names.They also worship the Moon God.Ancient Fijians also worship the sun and moon god. The names of ancient rituals like 'ai kolo ni matanisiga' and 'Dugu ni wawa' [kava ceremony performed early morning as the sun rises] are still practised by some Fijians.some Fijians still worship the Moon god - 'Meke Vula' where kava ceremony and special dance or meke is performed,this is now considered witchcraft when christianity was introduced into Fiji.Circumsicion a practice held by some Ancient Africans and Zulus which originated from the Hebrews or Jews. This is also practised by ancient Fijians and to date.To i-taukei it is the transition from youth to manhood named 'Cili' and the young men are housed in a bure located in the forest ,a practise named 'Kana i Bure' or 'Curu i Bure'Women arent allowed in this enclosure.The young men are taught customs,diplomacy and relationship with other villagers and districts.when the sutures have fallen off they are taught the arts of war and how to use various war clubs.Upon entering the Vilage a huge feast is held when they return.Ancient Africans are known and reputed stone masons as do Fijians who built houses and temples - bure kalou on mounds of stones similar to Hebrews.'Veitiqa' an ancient Fijian sport similar to javellin as practised by Ancient Africans notably Zulu warriors.wearing of cloth made from tree barks around the head by Ancient Africans is also practised by Ancient Fijian espeacialy those who are considered royals or Ratus.Wailing in mourning and lamenting is also practised by Ancient Africans and also Hebrews.Totems like animals,fish and tree also ancient belief held by Ancien Africans and fijians even to date. e.g My totem fish [ika] is Ogo-barracuda; Totem Tree[kau] is Vunimoli-lemon tree;Totem animal[manumanu] is vodre-grasshopper.This identifies i-taukei people similar to Ancient Africans.First Hair cut for a child is considered sacred by some ancient africans on top of the river nile,this belief is also practised by i-taukei.[my point]

i-taukei said...

Now some intellectuals are saying that fijians originated from Asia but arent able to back this with evidence.I have mentioned only a few beliefs,traditions and customs of i-taukei that are also practised by Ancient Africans as evidence of Fijians are from Africa, apart from the glaring evidence of black skin,frizzy hair,thick lips and huge nostrils and big built whereas the Asians differ in all aspects.The close relations of Asians in the South Pacific are the Polynesieans-white skinned,slanted eyes and wavy hair.This is just the glaring evidence that we dont have to dig to find out but is before our very eyes daily since many Polynesians now live in Fiji.[now more]

i-taukei said...

It is commom knowledge in all of South Africa that was a mass migration of many people from the top to the bottom of the Nile river and even down to the West coast now commonly known as the Slave Coast.Causes? Most likely-Famines, Disease and Civil War.The Bible also mentions this and esp that the 12th tribe of the Hebrews are still missing today due to civil war between Judah and Israel in ancient times.When the Arabs adopted Islam in the 15th or 16th century they began conguering non Islamic Nations whom they regard as infidels even today.This caused many Africans to flee down the River Nile and then to the West Coast of Africa.They settled there for a while and nations were formed as such e.g Zimbabwe, Mozambigue these are morden nations but traditions and beliefs are ancient.The Islamic force still was a constant threat so many Africans boarded ships and migrated towards the Pacific Ocean.How did they know that there were islands in the Pacific? It is now known that many Africans worked as slaves or labourers for King Solomon and the KIng of Tyre,these two kings have a naval force whose power and strength would be similar to the US and GBritain today. They travelled across the Pacific Ocean and into America in search of Gold.They are mentioned in the bible as the lands of Tarsish.American Indians still have tales of their forefathers trading with dark skinned men who came on ships in search of gold.Ancient mines are discovered all over USA and South America.These Ancient miners worked for King Solomon and they named Solomon Islands after their master.Ancient mines have been discoverd in Viti and Vanualevu.They bore inscriptions similar to phonecia an ancient writing practised in King Solomons time since he traded daily with the Phonecians who are reputed sailors.They are white skinned and have red hair but employ blacks as labourers.Their colonies have been found in NZ and Americas.The African Kings came to know about these far distant lands from their men and set sail guided by the men who went there.They colonised Fiji,Solomon,Vanuatu,PNG and some sailed on to colonise Jamaica, Bermuda etc.They werent brought during the slave trade as commonly taught[a white rascist agenda]they were already living there before Christopher Columbus "discovered"
the Americas and before the slave trade.[more]

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ratu Mara/Bavandra was the best leader of Fiji
We had another 2 leaders like PM Qarase./PM Chaudary if they both be united .
fiji would be like hawaii.
They were all elected leaders not like Army thugs like Rabuka /Frank. power grabbing idiots and force line leaders.
Time have come for both leaders to lead fiji in 2014 election .
BKC stops PM LQ not to stand election but he will guide and support SODELPA .like wise PM MPC will guide his FLP.
I would support the true leaders than the thug Frank/Khaiyum .
god bless fiji
Rajesh Singh

Anonymous said...

I-taukei, Fijians are descended from whites. The proof is that they play rugby, eat Christmas pudding and buy burgers at McDonalds. Christopher Columbus was an Indian. He was looking for a shorter route to India because he missed his curried mutton. Glad to know blacks are descended from kings and don't have own racist agenda.

i-taukei said...

During the 15th century a Black Queen wrote to the Vatican addressing the Pope that she is a leader of many nations in Africa and included are man-eaters or cannibals.The Vatican [whites] couldnt stomach the fact that blacks are or could run a civilised society so they sent the Spanish Military which conquered and slaughtered the black African nation led by Queen Ra Navalo. They were surprised to learn that other African nations existed led by Queens e.g Queen Ahkenhetah of Kemet [pronounced Akeneta in i-taukei]Queen Candice of Nubia [pronounced Kedese or Kedisa in i-Taukei] There also existed black African Kings like King Nama of Nubia he was a powerful king,the Greeks call him- Nemes and the English- Memphis.in Ethiopia the spanish military also fought and defeated King Haile Sallese whose followers fled to Jamaica and live there todate.It is common folklore among Jamaicans.Back to the migration-caused by wars,civil wars,famine so Fiji and other Melanisian States became colonised.Whilst the rest who fled from the West coast and Tanganyika [Taqani-ika in i-taukei]moved on and colonised the Carrebian Islands of Bermuda,Jamaica etc.But the threat of war has followed Fijians to Fiji.Yes the Islamic Nations know about the ancient migrations so they are enforcing their beliefs into i-taukei society by not war but new sleaze method of removing the Great Council of Chiefs, removing the identity of I-taukei as fijians and legalising new land laws to weaken i-taukei.The AG is the front of a new war which I believe the PM isnt aware about that is why I took the effort to write a brief history of how and why we came here and that the threat still exists todate.[more later]

Anonymous said...

@ i-taukei

Hve you thought of publishing your claims in a book along with sources so we can all hve a proper read...?

Anonymous said...

Osobo! to the bloggers still trying to defend the indefensible i.e. Qarase FHL saga - let that disgraceful matter rest unless you want to see the issue being dissected to pieces at Qarase's expense. Fiji current problems do not revolve around him unless you wish to make it so.

Ex Naboro said...

To annon why Driti should aplogise to the husbands of wives he had affairs
No need because what goes around will come around one day or the other.So the equation will be reversed in such a way that will double the hurt Driti did when he was going around with other women.
Which ones hurts more for Mrs Driti to commit adultry or some one molest the bastards in prison.Your though please bloggers

Anonymous said...

@ Ex-Naboro

Obviously I can't speak for Mrs Driti, Mr Driti, Mr Rabuka at al or all their karua's but from an observer's perspective, this whole notion of raw power guaranteed by the might of guns gives these guys the idea that they are entitled to whatever they want, whoever they want, and whenever they want.

It's actually a very tragic testament of their state of being - their minds and souls are not at peace nor at rest and are susceptible to temptations and dictates of the Evil One (takes TWO to tango remember).

The Bathsheba's of this world are NOT helping either by succumbing to the wills dictated by the Evil One instead of holding true to their sacramental marital vows. It's very sad really.

The wannabe-King David's of this world should take heed from their hero's own story (in the OT) and pray/sing his famous repentant prayer in Psalm 50 or 51 of the OT... esp. during this Advent season as we reflect on the year, REPENT and prepare to commemorate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ... and start afresh on the road to perfection!


Anonymous said...

Here's King David's famous prayer if you can't chant/sing it:

"Have mercy upon me, O God, after Thy great goodness
According to the multitude of Thy mercies do away mine offences.
Wash me throughly from my wickedness: and cleanse me from my sin.
For I acknowledge my faults: and my sin is ever before me.
Against Thee only have I sinned, and done this evil in thy sight: that Thou mightest be justified in Thy saying, and clear when Thou art judged.
Behold, I was shapen in wickedness: and in sin hath my mother conceived me.
But lo, Thou requirest truth in the inward parts: and shalt make me to understand wisdom secretly.
Thou shalt purge me with hyssop, and I shall be clean: Thou shalt wash me, and I shall be whiter than snow.
Thou shalt make me hear of joy and gladness: that the bones which Thou hast broken may rejoice.
Turn Thy face from my sins: and put out all my misdeeds.
Make me a clean heart, O God: and renew a right spirit within me.
Cast me not away from Thy presence: and take not Thy Holy Spirit from me.
O give me the comfort of Thy help again: and stablish me with Thy free Spirit.
Then shall I teach Thy ways unto the wicked: and sinners shall be converted unto Thee.
Deliver me from blood-guiltiness, O God, Thou that art the God of my health: and my tongue shall sing of Thy righteousness.
Thou shalt open my lips, O Lord: and my mouth shall shew Thy praise.
For Thou desirest no sacrifice, else would I give it Thee: but Thou delightest not in burnt-offerings.
The sacrifice of God is a troubled spirit: a broken and contrite heart, O God, shalt Thou not despise.
O be favourable and gracious unto Sion: build Thou the walls of Jerusalem.
Then shalt Thou be pleased with the sacrifice of righteousness, with the burnt-offerings and oblations: then shall they offer young bullocks upon Thine altar."

Psalm 51

Thieving Vodafone said...

CAN the chairman of the Commerce Commission explain to the public why he is not addressing two long-standing blatant examples of gross monopolistic exploitation and daylight robbery of the Fiji consumers.

(a) For years now, Vodafone has been issuing prepaid cards for making phone calls or using flashdrives for internet usage.

Not only has Vodafone thereby enjoyed zero interest financing, but Vodafone brutally confiscates all remaining credit which is not used within a certain number of days.

Why has the Commerce Commission not acted to stop this daylight robbery which has probably netted Vodafone tens of millions of unearned profits?

(b) Why has Fiji Airways been allowed to continue charging prices for the domestic routes far in excess of those prevailing when there was competition from another airline?

Professor Wadan Narsey

Anonymous said...


i-taukei said...

Much about Ancient Africa came to light recently when the Vatican allowed foreigners [non-catholics] to conduct research in their libraries.Ancient maps drawn during the 12th to 14th Century are in the archives.The only book that supports the ancient maps is the Holy Bible since it contains the original names of the nations of Africa e.g the Kingdom of King Solomon is described in 1 Kings verses Chapter 4 verses 1-21.The names of those kingdoms dont exist in any map nowadays but they exist in maps drawn during those times.A map drawn in the 14th Century by a Dutch explorer named the area now covered by Sudan,Ethiopia and Somalia as Judah. and nearby is a desert called Desert of Seth[Adams son?]The only other way to research such issues is through folklore,myths and archeology.

Anonymous said...

@Thieving Vodafone 3:15 PM

A superb example of the an academic at his best.

Whilst wanting to grandstand himself as a professor obviously just does not live in, or understand the real world.

So how is Vodafone showing gross monopolistic exploitation when it's not a monopoly?

People have choice of other companies to use and the ones with common sense will manage how they buy and use prepaid services. The academics may not understand this.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wadan Narsey for being a thorn in the side of exploitative companies like Vodafone who have been price gouging in Fiji for decades, milking customers for every cent possible. Thank you exposing the useless Commerce Commission. If you want an example of an academic who had no idea of what's happening in the real world, look no further than commerce commission chairperson, mahendra reddy. The ineffectual badia bail or castrated bull mahen reddy should spend some time under the Sekoula Tree with Allan Lockington and his mates to get a better understanding of how to do his job.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:52 PM

Good luck to Vodafone if they are able to get gullible customers that allow themselves to be milked.

But is paying $5 for a prepaid top up that lasts three months and gives the customer connection and access to mobile services unfair? I think not.

Digicel user.

Anonymous said...

Thakur Ranjit Singh stop call other people badia bail; you are the biggest badia bail, all talk no action from Auckland.


Anon 8.33pm, your condescending and contemptuous tone in reference ti Vodafone customers tells me you are a Vodafone employee, not a Digicel user. Vodafone employees arrogance towards customers is typical of a monopolistic company. that's why is is so easy to pick you out. It is Fiji customers bad luck to be stuck with a company like Vodafone with a CEO like Aslam Khan, a piece of shit who only way of making money of gouging customers. Vodafone would have been a better company under some other CEO. customers have little choice but to buy vodafone products. Do not mistaken this for brand or customer loyalty. Aslam and his team have no idea how to build that. So do not flatter yourself. your customers actually hate you. Keep that in mind.

cagi ni veisau said...

well, we will be voting along the bainimarama, aiyaz & nailatikau constitution. we all know that this constitution never received the endorsement of the people of fiji. it was a farce, revised once after it was signed by tu nai.
so, when they will not form the government after september 2014, as bainimarama regime will loose the election, they will have to be tried in court,the whole bang lot of them including their supporters, direct and indirect.
they cannot be tried under their own constitution, so most likely they will tried under the 1997 constitution.memudou sici, dou veivutu!

Anonymous said...

@Drama Queen 8:57

Sounds like you have been sacked by Vodafone. Or is it that you are one of the suckers that spends 20% of their wages on mobile devices so blame everyone else for your stupidity?

As for you assumptions, sorry but both are wrong but is that really surprising?

Disbarred lawyer Qoriniasi Bale said...

The man most responsible for SDL's downfall is disbarred lawyer Qorinisi Bale. He came up with all those stupid bills to pardon the 2000 coup plotters. That's what angered the military the most. Government backed off, but too late. It was a fatal mistake. Qoriniasi was also behind the deportation of the 2000 coup prosecutor. They should have let the law take its course but behaved like African despots who ride roughshod over rule of law. Very costly mistake for the country. A crook like Bale should have stayed in retirement. History will hold him most responsible for SDL government's downfall and giving cranky franky the false pretext for the coup. Bale's advice was shit. He thought he was in Africa.

Vutuki Bai said...

@disbarred 12:23
Even if Qoriniasi made a mistake, it does not give the arsehole bainimarama the right to do a coup.

You coup supporters are so far up bai's arse you are all blinded by shit.

Anonymous said...


Fiji Times:
Strongest Force

Ruby Taylor-Newton
Sunday, December 15, 2013

THE acting police commissioner said some thought provoking comments at the Southern Division Crime Prevention Watch Council Thanksgiving dinner reported on page 5 today.

He was really talking to the community at large, and about the community at large.

His message was simple and straight to the point.

"The people need the police, and the police need the people."



Anonymous said...

I still think Teleni's promise of no crime in 2009 was the stupidest remark ever uttered by a police commissioner, especially given the highly criminal nature of the regime he represented.

Anonymous said...


hey writer of above---FYI our current PCom is not really a man; he is falling in love and making love with male figures--walk like a female and talk sound like a female...

Anonymous said...

To Anon--December 16, 2013 at 12:23 AM@disbarred 12:23

Bale did not do the 2006 coup. U dumb-head.He was the AG under a legally elected Gov...and whatever he did was legal...If you do not like him, YOU VOTE HIM OUT, U DIDKHEAD LIKE fRANK...

Quite Right Vutuki Bai

"Even if Qoriniasi made a mistake, it does not give the arsehole bainimarama the right to do a coup."

You coup supporters are so far up bai's arse you are all blinded by shit and piss,,,,

Anonymous said...

One full week without a post on Coup 4.5. It tells us something. Davis and Walsh have wound back because they have won. You have wound back because you have lost. Seven years of struggle followed by defeat. Fiji powers on without you.

Power to Fiji Blogs said...

Anon@7.48am Really???? If anything it speaks about the power of C4.5 and the commitment of Fiji bloggers to a full return to democracy. C4.5 may not have updated its stories but people are still making their opinions and views known about the bullshit government that won't give the people its freedom. People are sill revealing the weaknesses of the regime leadership and its supporters including Walsh and Davis, bottom feeder who are part of the regime's well fed and well-resourced propaganda machine.

Anonymous said...

Poor deluded fool. When the history of all this is written, you guys will be an obscene postscript. This last post says it all, a preposterous attempt to steal Nelson Mandela's shine to bolster your own pathetic campaign to seize back your privileges in Fiji. We are not stupid. Everyone in Fiji knows you are finished and this proves it. A bunch of faceless cowards. Dead meat.

Anonymous said...

Must say I came on this morning expecting something new and there's nothing for a whole seven days. When the opposition goes quiet, I'm afraid it does say something. That there's not much to oppose? Suva right now is in a fantastic mood. New Raiwai movie complex and shopping centre is amazing. The roads are being fixed all over town. Happy crowds everywhere. Families down at the new park in Nasese. Don't like the government either but you have to admit they are getting a lot of things right. Never thought I'd say this but think of giving my vote to Frank. Don't care how much he gets paid. I'm better off and so are most people I know. Happy Christmas everyone!!

Long Live the Resistance said...

At 8.06am and 8.14am If we dead meat why you rush here in the morning to rubbish us? Looks like we the first thing on your mind, eh. Before you even wipe the sleep from your eye and brush your teeth. The resistance in Fiji is still strong despite your venomous post and bullshit praise of Nasese.

Mandela for Fiji said...

Oh by the way if anyone trying to get the shine of international events, it's your no school coup lead Frank Bainimarama who sends unwanted 'congratulation' messages to world leaders. Mandela stood against oppression and is an international icon who will continue to represent the fight against the injustice of illegal governments, such as that of Frank Bainimarama. He has a place on this page just as he does on the The Sowetan.

Anonymous said...

History of migration of Itaukei?
But, I think, that you need to make the connection from Mainland Africa to
the Island of Madagascar?
The Queen of which you mention in your
note-Ra Navalona,I believe was actually from
Madagascar and she wasn't as ancient as we'd think-1828-1861.
Also there were 3 other Queens of
the same name in different period
in Madagascar?
Ethiopia in ancient time, was called and refered to as Africa
and it was the First Human major
Civilization on the planet-that was no doubt?
Actually, the Egyptian Civilization was built from Ethiopian technology & by & large by people from Ethiopia?
Even India at one stage of our civilization, was also referred &
describe as Africa,especially south India, due to the facts that
people who lived there has African
Black (qiloiso)features & curly "Afro" hair, to this very day?
This Afro people were said to be the original migrant to India, before the edvent of Middle
easterns power, to the Indian continent!
Io dua tale mai Keri?

Anonymous said...

i-taukei. Interesting read. I will go one step further though and say that the evidence via DNA sequencing links us all and i mean all current inhabitants of this planet refereed to more commonly as "Homo Sapiens" to one tribe in the Kalhari desert. The evidence suggests that all of us are related to this particular tribe. They are regarded as the first of our kind. Migration form this tribe to all parts of the world is how we are all here today. The food climate and other factors determined our current facial and physical features. Evolution is marvelous and for those who care to notice i will urge you to look at photos of our ancestors and then compare them with ours. you will notice marked differences in our features. Amazing how diet and lifestyles change us.

Anonymous said...

This discussion about where the i'Taukei came from is really boring. Who the hell cares? The only i'Taukei who are interested in this live overseas. The rest of us sitting in Fiji know that we come from here and don't give a damn about the past. We are looking to the future and the new Fiji that we are all building together with our brothers and sisters from the other races. Long live the new Fiji?

Anonymous said...

Long Live the Resistance? Doesn't look like it when 4.5 says nothing for a week. Your struggle is over, losers. Fat pay cheque ga in Sydney, Auckland or wherever. Have a nice time !!

Ball watcher said...

It's time the Secretariat grew some balls!

STATEMENT BY THE PACIFIC ISLANDS FORUM SECRETARIAT Clarifications on the article published by The Fiji Times,

“Fiji pulls out”, by Tevita Vuibau on 11 December 2013

12 December 2013

In response to the article titled “Fiji pulls out” published in The Fiji Times on 11 December 2013, the Pacific Islands Forum Secretariat rejects the alleged contravention of an agreement by Pacific ACP member states and wishes to clarify the serious and erroneous allegations being made on the role of the Forum Secretariat.

The Secretariat said that the special meeting of Pacific ACP Trade Ministers and Fisheries Ministers convened in the Solomon Islands was duly notified to Fiji and other countries and freely agreed to and attended by the Pacific ACP States (PACPS).

Following the impasse in Economic Partnership Agreement (EPA) trade negotiations in Brussels in October 2013, the European Union (EU) Trade Commissioner wrote to the Pacific ACP Lead spokesperson proposing that he could meet with as many Pacific Ministers as possible in Honiara, Solomon Islands, on 12 December. The Trade Commissioner’s proposal was circulated to all PACPS via an official circular in the normal way.

Until Fiji’s unheralded withdrawal, there was no dissent and not one objection to the Honiara meeting from any PACP country, including Fiji.

The Secretariat clarified that the meeting with the EU Trade Commissioner is not a negotiation session but a special meeting that was convened to clarify issues and to take stock on the status of the EPA negotiations, before formally resuming the negotiations with the EU.

Except for Papua New Guinea and Niue, all PACP countries are represented in the meeting in Honiara. Eleven countries – not six - are in attendance, with 10 Pacific Ministers participating.

The Secretariat said that the suggestion from Fiji that the Secretariat is acting for the EU and that it is putting pressure on the PACP states or dictating directions to PACPS is simply not true, and hardly deserves a serious response.

The Secretariat is the technical advisory body to the EPA regional negotiating machinery, and that the Secretariat has very diligently and professionally executed its responsibility.

The Forum Secretary General, Tuiloma Neroni Slade, responded in the meeting to counter the allegations from Fiji. He said that the Secretariat is a service organisation that is proud of its competence and professional behavior, and that it remains ready to be of assistance to all Pacific island member states.

The Secretariat said that the Fiji walk out from a Ministerial meeting is simply not done, and was an extraordinary display of unwarranted and un-Pacific behavior.

Anonymous said...

You gang are seriously crazy trying to equate the struggle in South Africa with the struggle in Fiji. Can't you see the irony here? The struggle in South Africa was for racial equality. Your struggle is to put the i'Taukei back on top! Surely you can see how mad this is. But perhaps not. You are obsessed with where the i'Taukei came from? Doubly mad. We already know. They came from India, which makes every i'Taukei a kai Idia. How's that for irony?

Anonymous said...

What I like about C4.5 is that it pisses the regime and its supporters off even when it's not doing anything.

Mohammed Ali said...

Isa Lei Qarase quits SODELPA. It is very sad that SODELPA no longer wants Qarase. They have used him and now thrown him like mud.
I have lots of respect for Qarase and the sacrifices he has made for the country. He should NFP now alongside with Sitiveni Rabuka. I wish him all the best. This is start of downfall for SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Are Davis and Walsh still publishing? I had no idea.

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