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Monday, December 9, 2013

UFDF: 'We can draw strength from Mandela for our own struggle'

As we in Fiji share the grief of the Mandela family and people of South Africa at the passing of Madiba, we also celebrate the extraordinary life of this great freedom fighter, unifier, reconciliator, statesman and founding father of the rainbow nation of South Africa.

Nelson Mandela succeeded in liberating his people through his defiant, persistent and disciplined approach towards the repressive apartheid regime that subjected millions of black South Africans to many indignities and much suffering by stripping them of their rights, freedoms and basic humanity.

The suppression of basic rights and freedoms continues here in Fiji, under the repressive Bainimarama regime, which represent all that Nelson Mandela spent his entire life opposing.

We can draw strength and inspiration for our own struggle from Madiba’s willingness to forfeit his own freedom and liberty for the greater need and good of his people.

After sacrificing 27 years of his life in prison he became, at 76 years of age, South Africa’s first democratically-elected President. His choice of weapons for unifying a divided people was forgiveness, compassion and reconciliation. He embraced his enemies despite decades of harsh and inhumane treatment. Although he could have remained in his job for life, as many leaders try to do, he relinquished power after just 5 years. 

Nelson Mandela shows us that outright rejection of any form of imposed rule and fighting for people’s rights, freedoms, humanity and dignity is not only just and moral. It is also a responsibility and obligation we all have towards each other.

By endeavouring to adopt the same persistence and discipline of Mandela, and armed with the courage of our own convictions, we can and must restore our peoples’ freedoms, rights and dignity.-United Front for Democracy of Fiji.

SODELPA statement:
We join the people of South Africa, indeed the whole world, in mourning the passing of Nelson Mandela.

He was one of the great figures in human history. A man of great courage who paid a price for standing against cruel oppression.

But in the end he triumphed and went on to lead South Africa to freedom.

He awed us with his grace, compassion and willingness to forgive his oppressors.

We shall remember him always and seek inspiration form his life and deeds.

Farewell Madiba. Go to God in peace.


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Anonymous said...

Yes, diet and lifestyle can change one's appearance dramatically. Someone mentioned the former journalist Graham Davis. He's a case in point. Just look at what his rich diet and life led in dissolution have done to him. A sad object lesson.

Anonymous said...

No need for the PIFS to explain anything. We all know how this illegal regime operates. We see through the regime's lies. We know why it didn't want to join the PACP meeting, so any meeting where it would meet with neighbours who might hold it to account. Yes, very unPacific of the regime to back out of the meeting without real cause or warning and then to throw a hissy fit, criticising the meeting and the PIFS with a tirade of lies. But that's the regime's now-standard operating procedure, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Regime supporters don't want to see the publication of any expositions regarding the origins of the Fijian race, because in the post-racial, post-democratic New Fiji, we're all Fijian, so long as we're sitting in Fiji. That applies doubly for carpetbaggers from Australia.

Just make sure you're sitting, because anyone who stands is a marked man, to be sure.

Anonymous said...

So, Walsh is still living? Really?

Who knew!

Anonymous said...

Walsh and the other weasel have long since lost all credibility.

If they won anything, it must have been long ago, or given as a token of thanks by the dictatorship in return for their propaganda efforts and obsequious support.

Anonymous said...

Are they publishing? I certainly haven't seen either of them opine on this blogsite for a long time.

It's no wonder, considering how they end up looking so foolish every time they do.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Graham Davis no longer reads TS Eliot to Tony Gates. Now it's James Thurber instead. Tsk!

Anonymous said...

Davis is stil publishing but not a lot. His latest posting is very funny. He describes Marc Edge as a bellowing Canadian Moose and totally shreds him. Shame he doesn't do more. Whatever I feel about his politics, I enjoy his writing.

Anonymous said...

Marc Edge as a bellowing Canafian moose. I'm sure it was quite amusing. Yawn.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis could only get away with his attacks on Marc Edge in a dictatorship like Fiji's. Anywhere else, Edge would have the right of response. Anywhere else, our Letters to the Editor would be edited fairly and published routinely. Anywhere else, Davis would be dismissed as the dictator's shill that he is -- Suva's very own version of Baghdad Bob. His column wouldn't be published on the front page of the newspaper but in the funny pages where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

As his friend, I ask you please, please leave Graham alone. He's not a well man. He used to be a lovely guy, but defending this government hasn't been easy on him, and the years are now taking their toll. Your criticisms wound him deeply. He's only human after all. I now find Graham is often out of sorts and his halitosis is only getting worse, so enough already. He needs his rest. Please respect that.

Dr. Seuss said...

Graham and Croz
were wanking in the closet,
even after Frank
told them to pause it.

At Coup Fourpointfive
they couldn't stop a-peeping
till Aziz caught them,
soon they were a-weeping.

Dutifully to Frank
Aziz he went a-running.
When Cranky heard,
for them he went a-gunning.

The Goebbel Twins begged:
"Frank, spare us please our asses,
We'll stop wanking
When we need new glasses".

Frank replied:
"No, no. That will never do,
Coup Fourpointfive
will make a mockery of you".

The Goebbel Twins
had not a clue of what to do,
cuz for the first time ever
what Frank had said was true!

A lie is something
they both knew
how to varnish.
But the truth and nothing but the truth
can't so easily be tarnished.

And polishing their cicis
was what got them in this mess
Polishing their cicis
was what they did the best.

Well, they both went back
to reading their own blogs.
But they just weren't as exciting
for tugging at their dogs.

So from time to time
as Anon they like to post
on the website they like
wanking to the most.

Now, when next you read
Another Davis self-ovation
You'll know he's back
To one-handed masturbation.

It isn't that he won't
listen to old Frank
It's just that Dharam Lingam
is always such a wank!

Anonymous said...

ATS chief executive Hare Mane says they did not even hesitate in buying two jerseys.

“We have one old Fiji Rugby Union jersey in the office. This one will probably go in and replace it. For us rugby is Fiji, it is the nation and it keeps us united you know like Mandela did in South Africa.”

He and his chairman PS Finance Mr Waqabaca should be investigated by FICAC for conflict of interest as Mr Waqabaca is also chairman of Fiji Rugby Union.

rajend naidu said...

WE learn from an expert in 'Talking Psychos' ABC news 24 (22/12) why some of our great leaders have qualities typically attributed to psychopaths.
These include qualities such as :
no conscience, no guilt, no impulse control, ruthlessness,no moral integrity, being superficially charming, masters of manipulation, tendency to violence, not particularly smart, motivated by higher purpose for themselves, fearless dominance.
Mandela clearly does not fit the profile.
But people would not have too much difficulty in identifying leaders who have the right fit.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Mandela was a leader who could be described as a Man of the People.
Dr Bavadra could also be described that way.
Ratu Epeli Nailatikau was,is and will always be a privileged elite who has had things come his way on a sliver platter by virtue of his inherited chiefly/aristocratic position. He can never be a Man of the People as the Fiji Times (28/12)attempts to portray him. That is part of the myth making and mystification by the third rate local media which is bending over backwards to cast the illegal Bainimarama regime in a positive light.
Remember it's the same media mob who tried to sugar coat that ex-British soldier Ligiari fellow who was a key player in a previous by coup by calling him Mr White and all that.
The local media has gone yellow with moral cowardice.
It's a good thing we continue to have C4.5 and other blog sites which give us the true picture of the personalities and politics in Fiji under the Bainimarama military dictatorship.

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