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Friday, December 27, 2013

Third coup plotter accused reported to have gone AWOL

All and sundry from the military dictatorship seem to be making a beeline for Australia - some of them with official approval, others not.

The illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, is in Sydney this week and is said to be heading to Melbourne after that.

It's claimed the former chief of staff, Brigadier Colonel Mohammed Aziz, is also in Australia, after doing a runner.

Insiders contacted C4.5 several days ago to say Aziz has gone AWOL over the Pita Driti case.

They say he had left Fiji with the Minister of Defence for China and from there had gone to the Golan Heights but has not returned to the country or kept the regime informed of his movements.

They say news has come out of the illegal prime minister's office and camp that Aziz changed his travel plans and is now in Australia.

Insiders also say there are whispers Frank Bainimarama has ordered Aziz to be arrested and tried as Driti was last month.

Driti was found guilty and sentenced to five years in jail for inciting mutiny and uttering a seditious comment.

He and Mohammed Aziz were revealed as plotting against Bainimarama but Aziz was spared after telling all.

The other high ranking officer implicated in the failed plot, Roko Ului Mara, escaped to Tonga where he has become private secretary to King Tupou VI and has been given an island which he is developing for eco-tourism.


Anonymous said...

This story seems to good to be true but alas many dictatorships will unravel at one point or another.

Anonymous said...

Since Canberra's Fiji policy doesn't seem tethered to any real principles, it's easy for it to do a volte-face and welcome Aziz and Khaiyum to Australia, as it did Roko Ului, for the purpose of embarrassing the Bainimarama regime.

The two could hang their shingle as law partners "Khaiyum and Aziz, Attorneys at Law" and fit right in with Australia's many other shyster attornies who can argue out of both sides of their mouths.

Anonymous said...

Prepare to race to Government House, bringing warclubs, cane knives, prybars, gasoline, matches, flashlights, and long rope!

Close the air and seaports!

Don't let the other rats escape!

Time for revolutionary justice. Sooner or later.

Anonymous said...

anon 12.36 PM your take on Canberra's Fiji policy is spot on.

Anonymous said...

Dont worry about rajesh and rajen.they fighting regime with the real name but we have heaps of puffters who write like anon.
keep fight for truth rajesh/rajen.you guys have guts .

cagi ni tokalau said...

commodore bainimarama's xmas message to his army boys reveals a lot about the increased restlessness, suspicion, resentment and agitation within the ranks. it is not a message of confidence and trust but rather one that demoralises and belittles a soldier's intelligence.
to see these proud soldiers with heads bowed and hands clasped in front of them, others with eyes quizzed in shame whilst
being told off by this liar and crook is tantamount to a fully equipped platoon surrendering to a person with a .22 rifle less the magazine.
bainimarama should be commended however for having survived a legal writ, international smart sanctions, a constitutional review, a plot and lethargic army. as we face 2014, there is one thing that he will not survive tough, when the end to his dictatorship is up.

Anonymous said...

please let the melb-democracy movement know. we will do a cceromony of elcome to him. 4.5. pls give more details.

Anonymous said...

"For all Kaiviti to know and be prepared for"

Members of Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board named
Publish date/time: 26/12/2013 [17:09]

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The members of the independent Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board (TSLB) have been named.

The board will oversee the new Tertiary Scholarship (TOPPERS) and Tertiary Education Loan Scheme (TELS) programs and award scholarships to hundreds and tuition loans to thousands of Fijian students along with living allowances.

A government statement said all scholarships and loan programs will be reorganized into one overall scheme and the new independent board will administer the new scholarship and loan scheme efficiently, transparently and with fairness.

The Chairman of the Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board is the President of the Fiji Hotel and Tourism Association Dixon Seeto.

The other members are the Vice Chancellors of the University of the South Pacific Professor Rajesh Chandra, Fiji National University’s Dr Ganesh Chand and University of Fiji’s Acting Vice Chancellor Professor Chandra Dulare and the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Education Dr Brij Lal.

"This is what the Indians want" - with snakes like Rajesh, Ganesh, Dulare and Brij Lal......and now the fun begins.

Anonymous said...


The fun begins "again"

Anonymous said...

As an Indo I agree Qarase was to harshly judged and treated. He was doing for Fijians what mahen was doing for Indians. Qarase was never hateful or abusive towards Indians like George Speight or his godmother, Mere Samisoni. Qarase moved too fast on some things, like mahen had done. but in the end he did the right thing with multiparty govt. As elected PM, Qarase is allowed some mistakes without having to suffer a coup. In the long run Fiji would have been better off without coup under Qarase govt. His pro-Fijian policies, fair or not, was an attempt address a key Fijian grievance and bring stability. Not all Indos disliked Qarase; many could see what he was trying to do. Of course not everyone will agree, but those are my views.

Anonymous said...


The fun begins "again" and the cycle "continues": civil unrest and the lot are part and partial of the cycle.

Vilimoni Natewa said...

I thought the affirmative action was started in 1987. This was the reason Rabuka did the coup. In my opinion Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara started the affirmative action from 1970. Please note that only 10% of Fiji-Indians own businesses in Fiji. About 80% are farmers. Qarase destroyed lives of many poor Indians. Some are now living in sacks and are below poverty line. Qarase, Rabuka and Speight are responsible for the demise of Fiji Indians in Fiji. When Mahend was PM he did not do anything wrong against iTaukeis. Majority Fiji Indians have been very good to iTaukeis. But it is the nationalist and SODELPA members who have used race to again power in Fiji. In Australia and New Zealand 99.9% businesses, land and the economy are owned by the Whites and their ancestors migrated from UK. They are regarded as either Aussies or Kiwis respectively in their countries. Everyone is equal.

Anonymous said...

Tamata sona levu sa kua mada na lasu tiko
How come no kai viti in scholarship committee and no Taukei Affairs scholarship??
Bai caiti tamamu sona levu ,,,,sa voleka sara mai na gauna mo moku kina drau vicai vilimoni

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
"For all Kaiviti to know and be prepared for"

Members of Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board named
Publish date/time: 26/12/2013 [17:09]


Anonymous said...

Don't know if this story's true?

Aziz was present during xmas service at Nabua. When did he flee to Australia?

Ki-Bau said...

Another ploy used by nationalists and SODELPA members to discredit the multiracial Baini government. It doesn't matter if Kavitis are on board or not. What matters is that Kaivitis should get at least 50% of the scholarship? If not then Kavitis should complain. During Qarase's tenure there was only one Fiji-Indian Cabinet Minister and two Indo-Fijian Permanent secretaries. Inspite of the constraints and limitations they did well. Don't use race to advance your fights. Once Fiji-Indians will leave Fiji will become like South-Sudan.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! I see VC Professor Chandra Dulare's name in the Members of Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board. I was a UniFiji student. Believe me, this guy is a complete idiot, a chain smoker. Half the time he is grog-doped. How the fuck is he in the board? What kind of merit selection is this? This is favouring kai-india, plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

Aziz has too much to lose. He would not give up the good life he has in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 6:21 PM

So a chain-smoker and someone you deem to be grog doped (not sure what qualifies you to make such a visual determination) is incompetent? This person has a PhD from a tier 1 university (obviously overseas). Those qualifications don't come through anything aside from sheer effort mate.

You say you're university-educated? I'm surprised and pity you for your so-called university education seems to have been wasted on you if this is how you think!

Anonymous said...

The person to beware of is USP VC Rajesh Chandra. Take it from me, an indigenous USP staff here at Laucala Campus. No other VC has reduced staff and student benefits in the systematic manner that Rajesh has done. Rajesh Chandra is USP staff and students number one enemy. Lately he was behind moves to dilute medical insurance for staff. We regard Rajesh Chandra as a self-serving sycophant. He is a real monster. I really feel for i-Taukei scholarship applicants.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know where Tony Gates is at the moment? I don't want him to get away. I want to be the first to strangle his scrawny neck.

Anonymous said...

Ganesh chand has indianised FNU. Sa leqa na kitau kaiviti.

Anonymous said...

UniFiji student is correct...Chandra Dulare took time from USP for his PhD and absconded. He hasn't published anything so I do not know how he is a professor. since his PhD he had been unemployable, except by default at UniFiji, which is not a real university. Now he is on the scholarship loans board. How much more ridiculous can it get? have you paid your debt to USP Dulare? Why isn't FICAC investigating you?

BC said...

@Vilimoni Natewa,
You stupid brainless idiot!

This coup by Bainimarama was ÄRRIMATIVE ACTION"for Indians.
Even he says that and all Indians know that.
So why do you keep blaming Qarase for Indians poverty.
It's been 7 long years since 2006 when Bainimarama took over ABSOLUTE POWER" and yet dickheads like you keep blaming Qarase.

Why don't you open your farking eyes and shut your farking mouth you stupid brainless asshole!

What the fark is your brain for?
Use it man and THINK THINK THINK!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:44 PM

Welcome to the real world !

Aziz said...

Dont worry about rajesh and rajen.they fighting regime with the real name but we have heaps of puffters who write like anon.
keep fight for truth rajesh/rajen.you guys have guts .

December 27, 2013 at 1:57 PM

Cunt, you wrote anonymously so what the fuck are you talking about cunt?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.04. Since you obviously are the smart one on this blog please tell us what exactly has Frank done for Indians since he came to power aside from allowing us to call ourselves Fijians. This is a no brainer anyway since people born in any particular country adopt the nationality of the country.He has not done us any favors but implemented an international norm.
Aside from that the affirmative action continues for the "kaiviti". Look at the news paper sometimes. All the money is being spent in the development of villagers. Just today $160k was given to a village in Rewa for flood protection. Another village got a freaking excavator for the youth program run by the Methodist Church.90% of his government is i-tauikei. The civil service is 80% i-taukei and they have just received a hefty pay rise.
You think the free education is for Indian students think again fella. It is for the i-taukei. I am in the committee of a school and the largest defaulters are the i-taukei in so far as school fees is concerned.I will guarantee you this is the same story across the country. The kids parents prefer the church soli or the grog bowl to spend their money on instead of school. My father earned $35 a week and he still paid all the levies to make sure i got a good education. I am not anti -taukei. By best friend is a taukei and half my family are of mixed blood. I am merely stating facts. I am sick and tired of some of you assholes continuously bring race into the picture. Well hear this Frank is going to win the election with a landslide victory. He wont get my vote nor most of the Indians with any brain as we have seen past his bullshit. Post election the stats will say that the majority of the folks who voted for him will be rural i-taukei because he is buying their votes left right and center. I am of Indian decent and i can say categorically that Frank and his minions have done nothing for me nada nada nada. Savvy asshole.

Vilimoni said...

BC at 8.40 you are a damn racist. I am an iTaukei and I believe in development for all. Tell me how the Indians in Fiji have benefited from the multiracial government of Bainimara. Bainimara government has benefited everyone especially the rural iTaukeis. In NZ there is a Maori Party very similar to your SODELPA party. The Maori party only gets about 3% of the total votes. This will also happen to your nationalist SODELPA party in the coming election. Come to my village in Namosi and I will show you my village support to Bainimara. My villagers may also club you because you only spew racism and hate. Do you know why as an itaukei I went against the GCC. Because the GCC used us for their financial gain. Bainimara had to do this coup because of Qarase's corruption and racism. He limuried the Military and this angered us in the Military.

Anonymous said...

@ Vilimoni Dec 27 10:36pm...viavia koi Namosi tiko evai?..kaisi bokala..luveni vuaka o koko..kawa ni liumuri. Qarauni koko tiko vakanakwa, na siga osa tarai ia , ena leu i tuba na yaloka ni matamu.

Tamai Voreqe said...

Suli and JB FDM of Canberra...look for that bastard Aziz......Mark Manning pls hire some Australian terrorist and gun that muslim down for sake of us in Fiji

Anonymous said...

Too much talk from Suli and JB and FDM who have been urging uprising and someone to kill Kaiyum and Bainirama here in Fiji. Now Kaiyum is in your court so lets see you do something. Too much hot air and no action.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Include Ratu Epeli Ganilau in your list......

Anonymous said...

Good play, Aziz. Frank definitely had you marked. You were going to be arrested and sentenced for just a few years, but you were never coming back out alive.

Time now for you to disavow the regime, debrief with the AFP, and make a few pro-democracy statements, but say nothing self-incriminating, promising only to "tell all" in the future, without giving any precise date.

Next, pretend to make peace with Roko Ului, but safer and more beneficial in you do it under the auspices of the AFP.

Then off you go to a Doctor of Laws programme at an Aussie university. If you keep the money you've secreted away hidden and claim you've no means of support, they might even give you a scholarship! Heck, with your notoriety, you might even land a teaching job. Since you're in the legal profession, the fact that you're a lying, sneaking thief and a cowardly traitor will actually redound to your credit.

Ex Navy said...

Vilimoni Natewa yadre vaka muailiu ni bavelo.......gusu vakavu......gone karokaro ni o se gone luveni duka levu vakai nomu bu,,,luveni cebo levu

Anonymous said...

how come the british government allow a murder in their military camp,this was last week they allow Napolioni Naulia in to their camp in Episkopi,Cyprus Island.I think he is still their enjoying the hospitslity of the British Government..Come on Democracy movement,what's going on.Is'nt he no t suppose to leave Fiji ,is'nt he on the Balck List..

Anonymous said...

Please, explain who this Napolioni
Naulia guy is?? Was he supposed to be in the RFMF?Was he involved
in any Delainabua fiasco?
Did he killed someone in Fiji?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Muslim pigs are protected buy aziz/khaiyum with 100% support of bai/army.
Aziz /Khaiyum with elite muslim are running fiji and milking million from tax payers funds and contracts.
fijian armies and police are so dump they supporting these pigs.

Ali Mohammed said...

Aziz is in fiji so dont be over carried. He will be the next Police Commissioner of Fiji. He has been interviewed and has accepted the position. In 2014 majority scholarships are marked for
Fiji-Muslims. Fiji will become mini Brunei. After the elections ASK will become the PM. Sharia Law be implemented and all nationalists will be prosecuted. All ladies in Fiji will have to wear Burqa. Muslims will be given preferential treatment in Civil Servant jobs. This is Allah's plan for new Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Ali Mohammed. I am a Muslim and i certainly don't agree with you. The majority of the Muslims in Fiji don't want anything but to live in peace with all other faiths in Fiji. They certainly do not have any supremest views. You are an idiot with a nasty sense of humor. Dumb asses like you only make things worse in an already delicate situation in Fiji. If you don't have anything good to say then i suggest you shut up and stop writing crap.

BC said...

@anonymous 10:04 and Vilimoni 10:36
Sounds like one and the same person
Thank you for responding to my post at 8:04

This is the response I was trying to elicit.
Because I want you Indians to THINK.

I want you to realise that a coup is never good for you.
and it is also never good for the fijians.
The Shameem sisters encouraged Bainimarama to do the coup and the stupid farkhead fell for it.
Shaista Shameem as head of Human Rights International unashamedly flooded the media with her TOTAL SUPPORT of the Coup and that the Coup was good for downtrodden Indians.

So where the fark is Shaista now , the farking stupid bitch!
What does Shaista now have to say about this farking coup which she unashamedly endorsed?

And then the stupid Womens Rights dickhead Penny Moore.
Where the fark is she now?
Why is she not standing up against the unfettered rape of fijian women and children.
Where the fark is Penny now?

And ALL THOSE INDIAN PROFFESSORS FROM USP with their wholesale support of the coup.
And Mahen Chaudry who gave initial traction to the coup.
And that dickhead who wrote the CHARTER.

These are the farkheads that have driven Indians to poverty.

So don't blame Fijians. Dont blame the GCC. It is these farkheads that have brought us to where we are now.

IF ALL THESE PEOPLE SPOKE OUT AGAINST THE COUP- I can almost guarantee you that Indians wont find themselves at such level of poverty with which they now find themselves in.

So my message to all you Indians is next time they say Lets do a Coup against a Democractically elected government You say NO!
And even speak out against it.
This is what the GCC tried to do and the Methodist church tried to do. And that is why Bainimarama muzzled them.

So lets all learn to never support a Coup in the future.


I'm looking forward to 2014 when we will kick some butt either through the Election or by whatever means.


Anonymous said...

Napolioini Naulia is one of those soldiers who killed Rabaka in early 2007 end of 2006 at Nadi. He was charged and convicted.

Anonymous said...

If we kick butt in 2014, it won't be by elections. It will need to be by some other method. Our elected and traditional leaders need to coordinate, and we need to organise. We'll need an Operation Jericho with teeth.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, but the elections will need to be postponed until Aziz returns to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The problem is that we are in Australia and Australia is a democratic country where human rights are strictly adhered to and the rule of law is supreme. Aiyaz Kaiyun committed offence in Fiji and not in Australia. It is you people in Fiji who should take care of hin .The FDFM Australia and world wide are speaking out on behalf of ordinary people in Fiji who are frighten to speak against the regime and even the media who are unable to do balance reporting.so it is you people in Fini should stand up and protest physically but peacefully against the regime.That is the obnly way you can take down the illegal regime including ASK and Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni; Au sega ni vakabauta ni o mkemuni e dua na turaga ni Namosi baleta o ira na turaga kei na marama ni Namosi e ra dau veivakaturagataki e ra dokai ira nodra turaga. Na vakasama ni nodra saqati na noda turaga e basika mai vei AS Kaiyum e na nona i vola ni vaqara koroi ka tukuna kina me talaraki laivi na i vakarau ni bula vaka i taukei me rawa ni qai bula kina o Viti. A qai curu mai na vakasama o ya ki na mataivalu me vakayacora na cakacaka lolovira ni ke na taurivakaukauwa na noda vanua ka bokoci laivi kina na Bose levu vakaturaga ke na i sau me vakatuburi na kemuni i sau na sotia ka vakasinaiti na taga nei Bainumarama kei ira na lewe ni nona matanitu suguraki. Its 8 years now the regime has never proove any case of corruption Qarase or any of his government members. Its you and the military are full of lies and propaganda to poisoned the mind of the people but that will never happen the people have known the truth and people like you who have no brain and pretending to know something and include youself in the uncertainity you will regreat later.You are known now and you are just unecessary puting yourself into problem because i taukai are angry and that anger will fall on some people soon or later.

rajend naidu said...

We learn from the Canberra Times (28/12) Zimbabwe's ambassador to Australia Jacqueline Zwambila has defected and is asking the Australian government for asylum. She says she fears for her safety if she returns to Zimbabwe.(She was nominated by the pro-democracy Opposition leader Morgan Tsangerai)
She lashed out at the regime of President Robert Mugabe saying he "stole the last elections".
How come Mugabe is still in power for so long? It's not because the people of Zimbabwe want him and it certainly isn't because he has ruled the country well.
His real strength and staying power is derived from the backing of the military top brass who are the beneficiaries of his dictatorial rule.
The Zimbabwean ambassador knows this all to well. This is why she has decided to seek political asylum in Australia.
Well one thing is clear from this defection: Australia is a better country to live in!That's why many people seek to stay here then in their home countries which are ruled by tyrants and tinpot dictators who have scant regard for the rule of law and for democratic governance.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Good time to arrest Bai and lock him in as his top guns are out of Fiji

mark manning said...


It's my understanding from a conversation with a Fijian yesterday, Friday the 27th. of December 2013, who has just left Fiji on a holiday here, that indeed, Aziz is in Australia as we speak.
Nearer My God to Thee seems appropriate as the Regime finally begins to sink!

Anonymous said...

@ MM

And the band played on... so sad yet beautiful at the same time. The world misses that caliber of gallant, brave, unflinching, true gentlemen who were nothing short of gracious to the very end as they accepted the inevitable.

On Aziz - how long had he been there in Oz? Sources reveal that he was at the Fiji military church service just last Friday. Perhaps he flew to Oz after that.

Anonymous said...

If we stand up to protest physically but peacefully in Fiji, it will be against the law. We will be taken to the camps and beaten for sport. Some of us might even be beaten to death. If you protest physically but peacefully in Australia, nothing will happen to you. It's not against the law for you to protest. At worst, you might be fined because you ignored a police order. So, what's stopping you? In fact, you could smash ASK's brains out and plead temporary insanity or diminished capacity and claim no premeditation, a jury would probably let you off with just a couple of years of prison, with good behaviour. You'd be a hero in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@ 11.41am

"The FDFM Australia and world wide are speaking out on behalf of ordinary people in Fiji who are frighten to speak against the regime and even the media who are unable to do balance reporting."

While I appreciate the work that FDFM Australia has done in highlighting the oppressive nature of the Fijian regime to the world, I absolutely detest ethno-nationalists like Nacanieli Rogoimuri of "FDFM USA" (for a while there I thought he had moved to his motherland, Africa) trying to represent the views of Fijians IN FIJI. That coward just needs to get a life for himself and his family.. Fiji does not need him and his ilk.

Anonymous said...

@ 3.25pm

I totally disagree with your violent suggestion.

I'm beginning to think FDFM Australia has done the right thing in leaving regime key players holidaying well alone.

Clearly, the Fijian junta is still standing despite the absence of its iAG, so its existence can't be wholly dependent on him.

ST. PETER said...

Merry Christmas and a Proposed happy new year to all the citizens of Fiji,of all colours and creed...stop hating and start worshipping the Lord thy God for any tangible answers...HE WILL GIVE YOU ALL PEACE AND PROSPERITY.

Don't cause yourselves heart ache and blood pressure...things happen because the Lord thy God has a will and a plan..HE sometimes uses SATAN to get the desired results.
Let him be the judge, jury and executioner...not Mark Manning or the angry young Taukei...this country is a whole lot more than some disgruntled peolple...Mandela suffered for 27 years in prison by satanic whites but int the end ,South Africa is better for it...SO just sit back ,relax and feed your family...for your days of fruitfullness is just over the horizon without the need for violence.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:46, of course you disagree, because it throws the ball back into your court. You don't have to do anything violent. But if you're going to do nothing, where it's safe to do so, then don't go telling us to do more, where we're in real danger.

rajend naidu said...

Isn't it ironical that 7 years after the Bainimarama "clean up" coup we have people complaining about "the despicable state" of the public toilets in their local communities?
One writer has gone as far as to suggest " we need more visionary and caring administrators" to fix the public toilet problem so that the toilets are available for the use of "citizens of Lautoka at night".(Fiji Times 28/12).
In the "new Fiji" being designed by Bainimarama and his military government people still need to go to the toilet at night, no?!
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Hello there @ scared 4.25pm

I also happen to be sitting pretty here in Fiji. Suli Daunitutu & co have done much, and I don't think it's fair to expect them to do everything for us here in Fiji.

@ pretend st.peter

Stop being an idiot. God does not need your hero Satan for anything.
Satan as we all well know (unless you were never taught growing up) is the "Father of Lies" and foments division where unity is needed.

The Evil one(Satan = Evil) is the cause of man's downfall each time and every time man decides to give him leeway (temptations such as theft, accepting bribe etc).

You see, God has made each of us in his own image and likeness, endowing each of us with a FREE WILL, that separates us from animals. His ONLY SON, JESUS CHRIST came into this world in humility. He became one of us, so that in Him, we might become like Him.

So a son of the Father of Lies (Satan) will be hard pressed to pull wool over our eyes that we're unable to see through the lies and con. And we must remain vigilant at all times, for these "willing sons of the chief liar", unfortunately, exists on both sides of the fence, hence, the seemingly long, long road to Jericho.

Can the sons of the Father of Lies (Satan) take a chill pill, have a good lie down and seriously reflect on your moronic selves?

I'm off to the movies to watch the life of the inspirational great Madiba.

Anonymous said...

Aziz is not in Fiji - show us the pictures of him in the church service.

Bullshit - someone from army IT is trying to just confuse you people ... stop bullshitting you idiots.

Aziz is trying to run .. he has bought a house in US for 340,000 USD .

Anonymous said...

with all the visionary leadership in the coup government they have not been able to get the tatti ghar in order in the country and they are talking about building a "new Fiji"!!
when was the last time anybody in the Bainimarama government used any public toilet in Fiji?

Anonymous said...

God uses Satan as a tool of His discipline upon disobedient people.

And Bainimarama as a tool of His discipline upon the cowardly and apathetic.

Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

To anonymous Dec 27th 4:46pm.
Who are you? Name your self and debate my values.
How can you say that I hate Indians what facts do you have???
I challenge you and say that, because you do not have the guts to come out of your dark miserable corner and name yourself in this debate. You prefer to remain anonymous like a narcissistic (full of self admiration with a personality disorder to abuse) bully. Have the guts to defend yourself and your beliefs and your negative weaknesses in you power play, like you are doing now - hiding behind a disordered personality PEN.
FYI my family adopted an Indian boy who is now in his 40's. If he thought I was anti-Indian like you describe, he would have broken our mother child relationship a long time ago and returned to his father and people. He has not done so because he is loved and comfortable with this love.
Otherwise, if he had been treated badly, like you, he would be bad mouthing me.
I have always told my son the truth. He knows who his biological father is, family and community. That is his right as a human being which I have always respected as a mother. He has the freedom as an adult to know, associate and choose. The key word to his rights to information and knowledge.
I also have the right to know who is "bad mouthing me". Or don't you believe in human rights to know the truth of who you are????. So, step out or zip up narcissistic bully.
FYI and interested Others, PM Laisenia Qarase is well respected by the Lauan Community from childhood till the present day. He remains the President of our Trust Fund and no one or Interim Regime, can take that trust away because it is owned by the people who gave him in that role.
Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni.

Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

Viliame Natewa Dec 27th/13 5;16pm.
What is the source of your statistics where you stated 10% of Fiji Indians own business?
This is the problem with blogs anyone can say
anything they like and even cook the number to support their biases and personality disorders.
Look around you Viliame and from basic observations by walking through Suva. If you count every 5th shop to remove bias to come up with a sample population. You will certainly not find that 10% of that population is Indian by ethnicity.
Statistically measured the population distribution of business by ethnicity is 53% Indians, 27% Others and 20% Indigenous Fijians and Rotumans (Samisoni 2009).
Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Mere Samisoni: All atention is on Indians, but proportionally, Others are at the top of the 'heap'. If you account for businesses owned by Gujaratis, where does that leave non-Gujarati indians? Not too far ahead of Fijians, even if their control of business is often exaggerated. Fijians are gaining experience and catching up, which is good. More fair and even distribution of FHL shares, scholarships etc, rather than elites greedily monopolising economic goods, will see more Fijians moving up, including more initiative, thrift and commitment on their part without departing too much from their valued cultural norms.

Anonymous said...

at M bainimarama,
How can you say we are indian, it seems you are from lau supporting your KAI.
Why will I go to india. This Land belongs to me as you.
The last one standing is the owner.
by the way things are it seems its not gona be you kai lau influence any more , fucken half tongans.

Anonymous said...

after indians we will put all lauans in leaky boats on one way trip to Tonga. they have dominate government and keep all goodies for themselves like FHL A class shares. we have not forget.

Anonymous said...

Poison spewing, an old habit of yours seems to be well and truly ingrained eh “Dr” Mere?

You like to label others as “narcissistic” but are quite content to use your Dr salutation in a discussion where qualifications are non-central. I’m afraid this pompous and vain display does your own credibility no favors. Perhaps this is a consequence of the correspondence style PhD offered by a second-tier university such as the The University of Sunshine Coast which offers PhD studies via correspondence (!), like yours and offers no dedicated training on titular commencement and use like others do (mine does!).

Why am I bringing this point up? Because in a subsequent piece, after you have foolishly attacked the credibility of another while revealing yourself to be no better, you quote some obscure citation (Samisoni, 2009) with no bibliographic linkage that would allow readers to examine the credibility of your citation. Is Samisoni, 2009 an unpublished thesis (zero-ranking), a newspaper article (peer-unreviewed, thus worthless), a technical paper (some value) or something conducted by Samisoni through an oral interview?

Why is this second point now relevant? You are parading figures that seem to be plucked out of air. Any academic would tell you that point blank! Present statistically-verified, peer-reviewed and published figures, and we’re all ears. Otherwise, get in line and wait for your turn at baying nonsense.

It’s a little ironic isn’t it that you write yourself “This is the problem with blogs anyone can say
anything they like and even cook the number to support their biases and personality disorders”. And then quite laughably, you present figures yourself! Again, any academic would tell you, “make your mind up!”

Before you start attacking my anonymity, I will reassure you I do not intend to bite. Don’t even waste your time on this moot point.

Thank you

P.S I'm an "other" as you like to tag us.

Frank Bainimarama said...

I don't mind sending Lauans to Tonga because they have historical ties, they are Pacific islanders..BUT you Indian cunts originated from a place far far away from the pacific. The sooner you black cunts return to India, Fiji will be back to normal. Go away you scumbags. Moce mada bocis.

Anonymous said...

To frank Bainimarama
Ok I am a black cunt, what are you?? you son of a TRIAL wife of a white settler considering yourself white.
I am proud in my black skin. I will stay in MY Fiji and you can bark as much as you want.
come to my area in the west and we will ship you to your destination you kawaca bucobuco.

Anonymous said...

Phew!!!! I had steak for dinner with my i-taukei brother who is really my neighbor. We had fun talking about the old days over a basin of grog. Although we are of different races we are like family. Anyone care to join us as Fijians. The chow and grog is on me if you can let go of the hate and petty prejudices. Any takers.

Anonymous said...

the caiti tamamu maichod using Frank bainimarama's name, you fuck off to africa first, than we will think about going to India. you belong among your ugandan and rwandan brothers; you look like them and behave like them, and have very similar traits, including penchant for coups.

Utonivesi said...

@annon9:25pm Dec28...Land is the only thing worth living for !!!
Land is the only thing worth fighting for..!!Land is the only thing worth dying for...!!! `cause Land is the only thing that remains for ever !!!!so youre serious about taking from the indeginous Fijians their ancestral inheritance..in your words `the last man standing will own the land` Make my day !!!..and I hope you will be able to back your words when action begins...in mai boy !!!.

Anonymous said...

finished 3 baisin with my karua next door.WASH down time,
enjoying GODS country FIJI.
go fuck yourself aka frank Bainimarama as you kawaca can not find any.

Anonymous said...


you like playing Rambo yeh, land is gods gift. you can make the best of it or leave it covered with bush and KEREKERE.
read history and see who gave way their land without a fight and who made the british leave with the tail between their legs.
so stop being a wanabe Rambo and chill out.

Keep The Faith said...

Whoever pulled the xenophobic, nationalist & provincialist triggers in here has achieved their objective.

Utonivesi said...

@ annon10:19pm Dec28...paisa bhator khe apan family overseas laikhe challa jhao. Save your wife and your children while there is time. when hell breaks loose in midst of the ugandans and the rwandans,you will hate bieng Fijian big time !!

Anonymous said...


was born in Fiji and will die in Fiji, god has planned my exit from this planet as he wants, so come want ever.

Utonivesi said...

@annon10:38pm Dec28.. its good youre updated with history. Well just like your mother land.. the group of islands called Viti and its indeginous population also have a rich history before the girmitiyas were hauled in by the whiteman to work in the sugar industry !!...now when and where did this land ownership issue of the girmitiya decendants ever appear in Fiji`s history ?

Anonymous said...


I agree, can you convince bai to expel all kai india as that's the most short part to get rid of the kai idias.
other than that you are stuck with the us.

Utonivesi said...

@annon 11:16pm Dec28...No one needs to convince him my friend !!.. he is destined do that in the not too distant future,...so you really trust him..dont you ? I hope you dont have all your eggs in one basket..just saying !!

Fijian Land Bogey said...

Haha! noqu kai Utonivesi working himself in a lather over the old land bogey. If land is only thing worth fighting/dying for, than we have nothing to fight or die for taciqu! Fijian land is safe from Indians - they are simply not interested and have been moving out of farms. At current rate, in 20yrs indians will be down to 27 per cent population, in 40 yrs down to 17, and continue to decline. Indians are politically spent force. there is no way they danger to fijian land anymore. if anyone is a danger to your land, it is your own kind. Remember it was Qarase govt that cleverly and cunningly use legal loopholes to convert native land to crown than freehold. Indian haven't taken one inch of native land. If any fight over land in future, it will be fijian-Fijian, or fijian-kai China, as they breed faster than indos and are more aggressive and deadly, not afraid to use chopper or karate kick.

Judging by what they did with FHL A class shares, I would be very afraid of my own kind, especially educated ones like Jale Baba, Navitilai Naisoro, Keni Drakuidraketi, Qoriniasi bale - they will screw you over so well, you won't even know you been screwed. No one knows how any more scams these conmen have pulled. They used indian bogey to fool you. Do not look back, look ahead, study the statistics. Let go of stereotypes. you old indian 'enemy' has defeated. you have new enemies to look out for. take the kanikani out of your eyes, and go easy on the grog. then you might be able to think and see better.

childrenOfFiji said...


Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@anonymous 12:38
Boso o Mere gona sa rawati koya toka.
Vavei e keri?
Iko beka dua vei ira na sotia ni viti butabutako, kana loto.

Anonymous said...

Kua na vosa ca tiko sona levu vaka I tamamu. O iko vata kei tamamu e na auvutu nomudrau sona Magai tinamu Sotia lamulamu..Kawa ca.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Looking around at businesses in Fiji, I'd say that Mere Samisoni's percentages sound about right.

On a separate matter, why do some people keep harping about Qarase's purchase of Class A shares or his help in converting a piece of land? The Class A shares were undersubscribed. Purchasing them was a risk; Qarase took it when others could have but chose not to. It was perfectly legal and ethically sound. As for the land deal, everyone involved benefited, except for Qarase. Again, his actions were helpful and perfectly legal and ethically sound.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

You guys have no idea what is going on. The Attorney General is not going to Melbourne. Mohammed Aziz is not in any bother at all. So what is the basis of this article? A big fat nothing. Seriously, you have been wrong so many times before that we shouldn't be surprised. But at least you could make an attempt to report the facts rather than these fantasies. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

Muslim /Guji rules fiji with dumbo army commander.

Anonymous said...

So Qarase bought A shares FHL,I
did the same thing even though
Navi Naisoro disagreed and try
to get me to invest in China or
India? But all in all i'm having a great time with my A Shares &
my dividend is doing what it was
supposed to do??? Thanks Qarase
for those early years. OK people
Qarase was not the only native
Fijian that bought A Shares? Most
overseas Fijian investors have A
shares whats the big whiff?

Anonymous said...

Yes, you guys on C4.5 have been wrong so many times. Like the time you thought the government would be cleaned and elections would be held. Or that the RFMF would return to the barracks. How about when Teleni said Fiji would have no more crime? You fell for the Leaders of Political Parties process, the People's Charter, and the promise that the Constitution would be honoured. Some of you even think elections will be held next year!

Some people are so gullible, they'll fall for anything.

Tatti Singh said...

Qarase was a very good PM. He improved the lives of 90% iTaukeis. He was very good to Indians also. The economy under Qarase prospered.The multi-party cabinet was a shinning light. He was wrongly sentenced to the prison. There was no need for the coup in 2006. All coups have put Fiji back. Now the ordinary fijians and indians are struggling. Fiji is a small place.
Why cant we live peacefully? why cant Indians accept the political right is important to the Kaivitis. If the political right is taken Kavitis become threatened. Before 1987 everyone used to live peacefully. Racism was not widely common. There was understanding between the major two races. Why cant we live like before?

Anonymous said...

fbc new forclosure of sustainble mahogany industries ltd didnt pay tax to frca.
hahaha another f up deal from khaiyum/bai like larry casino/mahogany buyers both were given licences by khaiyum/bai and brooker was aunty bano .
what a joke.

Anonymous said...

all should be sent to prison
as for the one in tonga..all a lie
do you really want to know whats
he doing in tonga..same ole same ole..
women and greed...so much for thumbs
up democracy...god will sort him out

Anonymous said...

@ 12.38am isa boy sebera nio tauca e dua na vosa mo vakacacana e dua...nanumi ira na tinamu,ganemu,tacimu,luvemu,ni o ira era na lai sotava na dredre baleta na ka macawa e lako tiko mai gusumu. lomani iko mada e liu qai kere veivosoti vei na Kalou

Anonymous said...

Aziz went AWOL? Technically, you can't go AWOL from an illegal and treasonous command. It is an enemy of the state, and a soldier's duty is to resist it.

Anonymous said...

@Voreqe 3.12pm, you are a nasty piece of work. I won't stoop to your level by insulting your good mother, although you are definitely an insult to both your parents, your church (if you belong to one) and your people.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:19 PM, nice statement. Hard to believe you'd author such nastiness as at 10:01 AM.

In fact, it looks to me as though "Voreqe" is simply stooping to the level you plumbed in that earlier comment.

I wish you'd both desist.

Anonymous said...

Voreqe Bainimarama. I am just wondering which white vagina did you spring out of. I am sure yours was blacker then a hundred year old pots bottom.I just read the Bravado being displayed hear and laugh. This has got to be the most ridiculous anti government website ever. Normally on other anti government blog relevant to other countries people are united and are talking about campaigns and mobilization etc here we have the thickest heads that we can find in Fiji and abroad with a deep rooted fascination for sodomy and rough sex using this site as a means to let go of their frustrations. Voreqe for all we know you are a full time gay geek who is trying to act tough just because you can do that online. You probably are afraid of your own shadow and behave like this because you are some big guys bitch.Oh!! the frustration oh!!
The rest of you racist bastards from all sides i certainly hope their is a hell after we die because i would love to see you sons of motherless goats get roasted in hell.

Anonymous said...

Tatti Singh! By the way nice name. Being an Indo Fijian I tend to agree with your statement. I still think that after all is said in done Qarase was a good men. I have met him once or twice and conversed with him and can say that he is a good man. Was he a good PM. That i believe is the million dollar question. I just think that he fell prey to the politics of the nationalists and showed his weakness as PM when he agreed to do their bidding. I voted for his SDL then and would still vote for SDL if he was leader. I also believe that the i-taukei needs to be comfortable about the political leadership of this country. For that to happen the GCC needs to be reconvened with a handful of high Chiefs only and the body be maintained as the King maker and the custodian of all Native land in Fiji. In other words the GCC pick the commander in Chief the President. The president should have wide reaching powers and he/she should always remain a i-taukei. While this may not sound democratic i don't think Fiji can model it self on the Western democracies. Our reality is different and we must find what works for us. The PM however can be anyone from any race and the 1 men one vote system must be maintained to pick the party running the day to day affairs of the country. I believe if the head of the country remains an i-taukei picked through customary channels in time and the GCC remains the custodian of all land in Fiji the i-taukei will see no threat from other races and we will have a popular Indian PM voted soon enough for his record and hard work rather the his race. Likened to a company this would be like a Board Chairperson and a CEO. The Chair being the President and the CEO being the PM. Fiji has the potential for great things. We just need to all get humble and we Indians have to recognize the fears of the i-taukei however much we think them to be unfounded. Dialogue and the Pacific way will work wonders for Fiji not the barrel of the gun.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.58pm, our ethnicity is attacked in vile and nasty manner; sometimes you think enough is enough, give in to your impulses, and try to fight with fire, but but you right, it is both wrong and unfair to retaliate in like manner. Fighting fire with fire can create an inferno that will burn everyone concerned.

Fijian Land Bogey said...

Haha! noqu kai Utonivesi working himself in a lather over the old land bogey. If land is only thing worth fighting/dying for, than we have nothing to fight or die for taciqu! Fijian land is safe from Indians - they are simply not interested and have been moving out of farms. At current rate, in 20yrs indians will be down to 27 per cent population, in 40 yrs down to 17, and continue to decline. Indians are politically spent force. there is no way they danger to fijian land anymore. if anyone is a danger to your land, it is your own kind. Remember it was Qarase govt that cunningly use legal loopholes to convert native land to crown than freehold. Disbarred lawyer and AG Qoriniasi Bale was artichect of the deal. Indian haven't taken one inch of native land in over 100 yrs. If any fight over land in future, it will be fijian-Fijian, or fijian-kai China, as they breed faster than indos and are more aggressive and deadly, not afraid to use chopper or karate kick.

Judging by what they did with FHL A class shares, I would be very afraid of my own kind, especially educated ones like Jale Baba, Navitilai Naisoro, Keni Drakuidraketi, Qoriniasi bale - they will screw you over so well, you won't even know you been screwed. No one knows how any more scams these conmen have pulled. They used indian bogey to fool you. Do not look back, look ahead, study the statistics. Let go of stereotypes. you old indian 'enemy' has defeated. you have new enemies to look out for. take the kanikani out of your eyes, and go easy on the grog. then you might be able to think and see better.

Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

To anonymous, 28th Dec, 9;33pm
For a self proclaimed educated person you should be able to go the the USP Library for Samisoni 2009 where you can find the statistical analysis for the numbers given. This is how it is written.
FYI the University of the Sunshine Coast was given and National award last year for being the Top Top. I don't know where you got your info that it is a 2nd Rate one. How ignorant. Obviously, you do not know how to find information in the Library to explain your long-winded bias as opposed to your facts.
Unfortunately the blog culture is about bias and subjective hate. The evidence is right here swearing and running people down. You add to this negative energy.
Fiji and the World would be a better place if the blog administrators promoted standards and values for mature debate objective facts, truth, human dignity and solutions.
Sad for Fiji
Dr. Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni (for human integrity and authenticity standards).

High Tea said...

Tatti Singh, I think your comments are moderate and constructive. Thank you.

I'm also grateful to 5:30 PM for his candor and remorse. But that more of us would exhibit such teachable, penitent spirit. We all give in to dark impulses from time to time, and it's especially easy to do when dealing with those who seem to make a profession of it. But if we're to make Fiji the way the world ought to be, we need to resist those dark impulses.

Anon 4:12 might well be a regime supporter/traitor, for all I know, but he does, regretfully, have a point about this being a ridiculous "anti-government" website. Never mind that what we oppose is itself a ridiculous "government". But he is right that we should be striving for unity and talking about campaigns and mobilization instead of sodomy, rough sex, etc.

Let me add at this point that we know full well that many such comments and race-baiting is actually penned by paid regime agitators and are calculated to sow division, smear oppositionists, and bring the website in repute. But not all such comments. And those of you who allow yourselves to stoop to the level of the regime do us all a disservice.

We don't need to speak graphically and insultingly of others' colour, parentage, eating habits, religion, etc. It's already enough to say that Hell exists, and those guilty of treason should hang for their crimes, full stop.

I'm a strong proponent of free speech, but I agree with Dr. Samisoni that this website should have certain standards. I wouldn't expect the blog administrator to weed out "objective facts" from the subjective, but I certainly believe foul language should be barred, at a minimum.

I also believe racist hate language should be prohibited. Anger and disagreement about issues involving race can be discussed without resorting to epithets and hate language.

My young son recently asked me to read to him from this blogsite. I couldn't, not because the discussion was too mature, but precisely because it wasn't mature enough.

In my view, the blog administrator should set out clear ground rules and enforce them without fail or favour -- not with a view, of course, to stifling free speech, but to enhancing it. Posters will need to adapt, or they simply won't be published.

Anonymous said...

Mere, while I must commend you for a sensible reply in this hate-filled forum (thank you), I think you missed the point somewhere.

The point (notwithstanding its seeming irrelevance) was that when you cite a source, you MUST state its origin (full bibliographic record) before the last fullstop of the entire discussion/dissertation/paper/essay.

To ask the reader of any content including a citation to go all over the place seeking the source is rather childish and over simplistic to say the least, is it not?

Thank you again though attempting to engage through maturity among the rest of the psychotic, embellished, homophobic and racist ranting we see here on a daily basis.

Anonymous said...

High Tea, you views are very refreshing, we need more people like you to counter hate mongers on this blog and help bring people from both sides to the centre for the sake of the country and mostly our children. As for Mere Samisoni, I do not a agree with all her views, but she is a smart woman who makes some very constructive contributions, if only we Indos would consider her views carefully before shooting the messenger.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering what kind of gahering was Bainimarama addressing at the military camp that was widely televised.
I heard it was a church service, but his address sounded like one for a propaganda.
It was a political address, delivered from a military platform during a so called church service, attacking Fijian chiefs, politicians, and former leaders.
The tone was nothing short of a hate speech.
He said that ' the Great council of Chiefs was not coming back.....' Not knowing that the institution is going to be around long after he is gone, as he did not know how it all began. As long as all the chiefly positions are in existence, their institution will continue to remain. No single individual could erase that, not even Governor Imthurn during his term some one hundred years ago.
Happy Great Council of Chiefs!!! People come and go, institutions live on.

Wake up Mere said...

No point blaming C4.5. We get to have our say on this blog so have to take the good with the bad and use our common sense to see through the regime trolls. BTW is is not the first time, nor is it likely to be the last that Mere Samisoni and other leaders, especially previous govrnment SDL, will be criticised or maligned such is the battle for truth and control of this blog and therefore the 'debate'. Someone also use their brains and come up with a way to get rid of the lying, greedy bastard Bainimarama. That is the best and most convincing way to shut the trolls up.

Ex Navy said...

Ko ira na i taukei kora vosavosa ca taki Dr Mere Samisoni qo na mataqali vakataki Bainimarama...lalala na taga kei na qavokavoka da qai mai suguta na matanitu me bau tawa kina so na ka ena taga....ko na ka me liu na tawa ni qavokavoka ni yavu uklulala ka ulukau.Da wilika na volavola nei Dr Samisoni kei na nomuni volavola da via lua ena levu ni lala ni ulu...qo bai dua sara ga vei ira na ululala mai na keba ni mataivalu...sa mosi mai na gusu na cavuta tiko ni koni tamata bavulu ,ululala...na cakacaka qori e i otioti ni cakacaka meda qai curu kina...sa da fail kece mai na vei cakacaka qori na mataivalu sa da qai lai curuma ni cakacaka ni ululala...ni yavu ulukau..vacava moni vuni la ka volavola vakavinaka vaka e dua na tamata ni sa vakaraitaka tikoga nai tovo ni vuaka vakataki nomuni boso o Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Ex-Navy. Oqo sa so na tamata macawa sega ni vakavulici vinaka mai vale. Vosavosa ni tamata kaisi tawa vanua!

O Mere e sa rawata na nona itavi ki na matanitu, vanua kei na bisinisi. Bau laki yaco me rawata sara na koroi cerecere ni vuku.

Vosavosa ga ni tamata vuvu, vaka taki ira kece ka ra sa vuaviritaka tu na noda vanua lomani ko Viti.

Mary Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Mary 10.50pm

Coup 1 - Perpertrators - Ratu Mara & Rabuka, victims - innocent Indians and Fijians
Coup 2 - Perpettrator - Rabuka - victims - Indians and Fijians
Coup 3 - Perpertrators - George Speight & CRW - victims - Indians & Fijians
Coup 4 - Perpertrators - Frank and Aiyaz - victims - whole of Fiji

Common denominator in all coups are the military. Military composition - 90% Taukei, mostly victims - Taukei.

Sad you blame Indians for current day problems. I don't support any coup nor do I support Frank!!!

The enemy of Fiji is the 90% Taukei in the military, stop playing ignorant or living in denial!!

I am an Indian born in Fiji and I hate coups!! I have more Taukei relatives and friends than Indians, this should send you a message.

If this simple message s beyond you, God help you.

Indian Fijian.

mark manning said...

Whoever gets the blame for the 2006 and all the other coups, it doesn't really matter.
All Fijians should begin as you intend to continue?
Isn't it time for a fresh start, or you can continue as you have been since 1987.
Everyone in Fiji has suffered in some form or another under this Regime. Some have had family tortured, others murdered and all have suffered financially.
It's time to pull together and in the same direction and turn Fiji's fortunes around and it can't be done by attacking one another.
If you do do that, the Regime wins, in more ways than one.

Anonymous said...

It amazes me that some bloggers still cling on to the false belief that Qarase's manipulation of the FHL Class A shares was perfectly legal and ethical.

Legal perhaps at the time, since leadership & political will did not deem it fit to plug the obvious loopholes in the law if it was not to their advantage.. but ethical?? Only to the delusional, perhaps.

Interestingly, Qarase has never apologised or shown remorse todate. Perhaps he believes that he and his clan were more entitled than the scores of i-taukei that comprise the 14 provinces around them.

Well, I'm very grateful to the article (link below) authored by Thakur Ranjit Singh that I read online in late 2007, or I might not have known about the Qarase scandal until his trial.

"How the Fijian Provinces were looted and betrayed by the Fijian Initiative."

A brief exchange on Crobie's blog between Singh and a blogger "Corruption Fighter" on FHL shares scandal.

Anonymous said...

@ MM

Well, if only you had realised that ages ago instead of that stupid article on Indians stealing land you were posting over and over again...

But on second thoughts, I'm really glad you persisted with your stupidity then since Fiji was NOT READY to move on then, or now, given the stubborn divisive comments we keep reading in cyberspace and its obviously not only coming from the goons who have a vested interest in keeping the nation divided.

Stick with that theme song from the "Titanic" and it just might make a difference. lol.


Anon 12.02am thanks for revisiting FHL scam. I hope person blaming 'black indian cunts' stealing fijian land reads it. Someone said educated Fijians are screwing their own kind so softly and nicely that they not not even aware. Thakur Ranjit Singh's article proves it. Plundering of FHL shares is analogy of cannibalism surviving, evolving and emerging in modern form: financial cannibalism for lack of a better term. Today's chiefs are fijian elites, such as those heading FHL, NLTB, Development Bank, and run the government. Think Qarase, Bakani, Waleilakeba, Keni Drakuidreketi, Navitilai Naisoro, Qoriniasi Bale, Jale Baba. They have truly roasted the bakola, ordinary Fijians, in the lovo and made a feast of them. Indian is readily-available, convenient decoy and red herring. This is why Fijians can't prosper, even though they have held government for 45 of the 44 years of independence: strong Fijians still eating weak Fijians. When you have friends, leaders and protectors like Qarase et al., you don't enemies. You own kind are doing you in nicely enough. Indians come nowhere close.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1026.

You must be in the BK Fiji Army. You need to open your eyes and widen your mental horizon to understand what is right n wrong in today's democratic world.

Seems you worship FB

Empty drums makes a lot of noises.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.32am

The FHL scandal (as well as the MPC tax evasion) should never be forgotten - both draw invaluable lessons for all Fijians, esp. the younger impressionable generation already out in the workforce who must learn from these mistakes of their past leaders and the named prominent sons of Fiji who've long held positions of trust...

I for one would love to know why did they do it?? There I was hoping to hear something from the Qarase trial, but disappointingly nothing except a blanket denial of the charges which the assessors unanimously found him guilty of.

Anyway, here's another interesting op-ed on the enemy within -

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:07, I think it is you who are missing the point. Demanding Mere Samisoni give a full bibliographic citation for any statistics she cites is pure pedantry. This is a blogsite, not a peer-reviewed professional journal.

If you want the full reference, why not simply try politely asking for it first, instead of acting like fully anotated bibliographic citations are a blogsite norm, when most assuredly they are not.

Rajendra Chaudry said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mark manning said...

@ anon 1224 a.m.
Though I kept posting that article, i didn't right the replies, only the initial comment which was my own point of view. It was the replies themselves which made the article pertinent at the time and seems to have come to fruition since then.
now that we are close to defeating the Regime, we don't want to allow ourselves to be distracted by infighting.
United we stand, divided we fall.
We don't have the luxury of another Syria and avoiding bloodshed and the blame game, is paramount now!
There are many who will have us distracted if we don't keep a lid on recriminations and retaliation for retaliation's sake.
If we turn on one another, the Regime will remain in power.

Bedesi Prasad said...

Can racist comments be deleted from this blog. We want comments that are constructive and those that will bring development and peace in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The vulgar rantings of "Mary Bainimarama" are a prime example of why this blog's administrators should adopt some basic standards along the lines High Tea has advocated.

Anonymous said...

@ MM

And as I had said to you at the time that those the replies could very well have been from you, in your miscalculated attempt to 'stir up the frogs quietly sitting in the pot, on low heat'. You didn't understand us.

But even if those replies were genuinely not yours, the far-reaching implications (acting upon the misguided belief that Indians were about to steal all our land despite the watchful eyes of an armed and dominant i-taukei military), would have been devastating for all of us here in Fiji. And we've already seen that reality during the 2000 coup unrest. And we've learnt. Or so I hope.

It is not in anyone's interest - both Fijian and Australian taxpayers, to have a RAMFI (RAMSI equiv.) in Fiji, as we see in the Solomon Islands. No thanks.

No one ethnic group or minority needs to leave this country, we've brought the problems that we have upon our ourselves, and so we need to find our own solutions, solutions that will work, and within REASON. That's the only way out of this quagmire we're in. Even the wise Buddha foresaw the need to be responsible for our own fate many centuries back.

On Syria - I seriously doubt that Fiji will move in the direction that Syria did - there are obvious differences..

I leave you here with an excerpt from a very interesting and enlightening op-ed by Russian political prisoner and dissident, Mikhail Khodorkovsky, two months back...

"When a regime that has unknowingly entered a stage of irreversible degeneration, and is highly reluctant to give its opponents the space for real political competition, the only hope for change lies in the success of a broad-based, peaceful protest movement.

The movement must take inspiration from Nelson Mandela of South Africa, who was able to rise above personal grievances and racial and class prejudices to lead his society along a difficult road from civil war to social peace.

Mr. Mandela’s genius lies in the fact that when he came out of jail, instead of shutting the door in the face of his jailers, he left it open, so they could come out together with him.

Vengeance cannot be recognized as a worthy and socially significant objective.

Only the achievement of a national consensus will give Russia a chance at survival.

But this consensus has to be achieved on a foundation of respect for the rights of each person and of each minority in that society.

It is imperative to acknowledge the principles of a law-based state and an aspiration for social justice."


Anonymous said...

Many have made references to i-taukei elite basically hood winking their own race. I was talking to a long serving board member of TLTB who also happens to be a high Chief and a very good men. He basically confirms what many are saying. 98% of recorded complaints of shady land deals done have been made by i-taukei. The complaints they receive all come from uneducated land owners who have been royally screwed by their own people. I know of at least 2 such individuals who have made deals that are heavily one sided in favor of the lessee who is usually Chinese or some white men usually with huge cuts paid to them by the lessee. What i am saying is public record at TLTB so this is not fabricated. No matter how any government structures the land lease system Indians have simply wanted to lease the land and pay a fair premium. What is fair should be negotiated by the
parties concerned. Anyone who says that Indians have tried to steal the land is either plain dumb or playing the race card for some illicit gain. Show me one instance on record where someone of Indian heritage has tried to swindle "kaiviti" land and i will take my statement back. Either put up or shut up. Its time we grew up and stop creating this false statements to create hate, distrust and paranoia. We all want the same thing for Fiji. A just and democratic society accountable to the law of the land where people live in peace and die with dignity. Nothing else matters.


Lau Provincial Council - $50,000 shares:
Stiks Investment - $150,000:
Q-Ten Investment – $200,000:

Stiks Invest: owned Sitiveni Waleilakeba family
Q-Ten: owned by Qarase Family.

Qarase Family hold THREE TIMES more shares than entire Lau Province.
Waleilakebla Family holds FOUR TIMES more shares than Lau Province.


Anonymous said...

Funny to see Crosbie Walsh and Ranjit Thakur Singh mentioned on this blog. I don't know who would do that, except for either member of that mutual masturbation society consisting of Crosbie Walsh and Ranjit Thakur Singh.

Also funny to read their admission that what Qarase did was legal at the time. So there was no crime. I'm not an Qarase supporter per se, but it's quite obvious to me his trial was a kangaroo court. Glad to see even these detractors of his, some of whom are paid propagandists of this traitorous regime, concede this essential point giving the lie to all of the regime's proceedings.

Francis Kean said...
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Anonymous said...

What is the fuzz about the shares of Qarase and Weleilakeba. They have sacrifice to pay their shares to FHL what is wrong with that? Thae problem here uis people started getting jelous.They are native Fijians. The very few native Fijians compare to the many other wealthy people from other races. It that one of the reasons why Bainimarama wanted to push Qarase out ? Very chidlish.Qarase earnede his shares through legal means. Bainbimarama earned his money illegally through treason,corruptions and bribery

Anonymous said...

To Annon: December 29, 2013 at 10:26 PM

How long will you be there in the ARMY carrying gun and swearing at the very people who pays for your foods on the table, to feed your family, to have a good Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year?. Shame! Shame! Shame! on you Soldier boy. Duna siga ena olti mai na cola dakai wavoki ka lesu tale ki na Koro mo laki sotava na leqa ko a colata tiko ena gauna saraga oqo.

You do not have to tell me who is right or wrong about the Bainimarama government leadership. Abusive languages is a simple identity of what I am saying here about the government leadership.

Kerei iko Ratu mo qai nanuma ga ni sa oti mai na nomu gauna ni nomu SOTIA dauvosavosa ca ka sa na qai vesuki iko tu na yabaki ni npmu QASE ka sa sega na kemu qele, yaubula kei na i qoliqoli mo bula kina.

I feel that 98% of the Soldier Boys joined the RFMF are there only for foods on the table and not for the elimination of their GCC,Native Fijian Structures set by Ratu Sukuna,Lands and Resources as a whole like what you are doing right now.


Anonymous said...

@1.59pm, only a Qarase or Waleilakeba family member or crony could make such an outrageous statement. We are dealing with bare-faced corruption. The facts and figures are starring us in the face. We kaiviti ignore it at our own peril.

As Manu Korovulavula told Parliament , these bastards withheld information. They DID NOT advise the 14 Provincial Councils that they could borrow from the Fiji Development Bank to purchase more shares.

They deliberately did this to keep the shares for them and their families. they bought shares on the quite and sly. by the time it became public knowledge, it was too late. the dirty and filthy deal had been done.

Your comment that they sacrificed to buy their shares is part of ongoing attempts to fool Fijians. It's an insult and a slap in our faces.There was no sacrifice or risk by Qarase and Waleilakeba families. they easily got loans, and like sharks, devoured premium stock. there was virtually no risk or effort for very high rewards so do not add insult to our injury.

We are not getting jealous, we are fucking outraged at how we have been fooled and cheated by leaders who are wolves in sheep skin that Christ had warned against.

Fijian Holdings Limited is a farce as it allowed limited liability family companies to buy shares without the knowledge of 14 Provinces. It gave elite families preference over provinces, but what do you expect when a crook in a suit, waleilakebla is CEO.

It a farce no matter which way you look at it: a province has only $50,000 Class A shares while a family private company has $200,000.

Fijian Holdings was created to be owned by the Provincial Councils, Fijian people and Fijian institutions, NOT the elite limited liability family companies. These families have raped and owned Fijian Holdings.

In 1992, 14 provincial, NLTB, and Fijian Affairs Board hold only 30 % shares while the elite family companies held 70% – this is a fraud on the common indigenous people plain and simple!

Anonymous said...

Have the shares that were obtained by Qarase and others been confiscated by the Court?
If not they should be as they are proceeds of crime.

Anonymous said...

Why are you bloggers ranting on about a past issue regarding FHL...focus on the present, ask bano and ask how much we the people of Fiji are really in the soup for??? debt wise that is! how many billions have been taken now for us to pay for very soon, in the very near future??? this is the concern for one and all right now!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:13, from what crime are they the proceeds? Seems like nobody can explain this simple question. Because there was no crime.

Anonymous said...

I see the regime trolls are back in force. Nobody reads their blogsites anymore, so they apparently feel the need to post here in order to have their views heard. They claim they've "won", but they're still trying to sell us on the lie that Qarase committed some crime in buying Class A shares few others wanted. They think that if they can repeat the lie often enough, people will believe it.

Pathetic. It obviously hasn't worked yet, and it won't.

Anonymous said...

The real "FHL scandal" is how Bainimarama illegally came to power through naked force, claiming his coup was for the purpose of "cleaning up" Qarase's government, but even after creating FICAC for the purpose of politically motivated prosecutions of "fraud", he couldn't find any real examples of it in Qarase's government that wouldn't also incriminate his own key supporters. So he ended up putting on a show trial charging Qarase with clearly inapplicable "crimes" and vague misdeeds, with a "case" that would have been laughed and hooted out of a real court. He then had the judge, infamous as a Bainimarama toady, impose sentence on Qarase that, coincidentally, was just long enough to render Qarase ineligible to run for office.

The real lesson of FHL is that the traitors who stole our government are still in power and using their lucre to buy the services of shameless ex-journalists and other hucksters to lie on their behalf, bury the truth,

Anonymous said...

New/Real coup and/or Khaium supporters are coming out slowly. See to and his Chinese Mafia are running behind the scene while AG is making arrangement for his getaway cabby. Mr FB is now remenising his roots as his eternal retirement plan. Election then looks bright but until every card is above board.

Ului Mara said...

People of Fiji, regime change coming soon, people of Fiji.

Thumbs up for democracy

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, the beneficiaries of crony capitalism trying to justify and cover up plundering of FHL shares by Qarase Mafia. Convininetly blaming regime trolls as a decoy. Must be Laisa Digitaki, wife of crook in suit, Sitiveni Waleilakaba. Pathetically trying to excuse immoral behaviour of Qarase et al in FHL scandal on basis of 2006 coup, or Nur Bano. Yes, there is no crime in the legal sense. But a big crime in the moral sense.

These educated Fijians used the system and their education to swindle ordinary fijians. Greed for money is not a crime. But it is a sin in the bible. It is a moral crime committed by powerful elite Fijians against less sophisticated ones. same elite Fijians who supposed to protect indigenous explot the system for own benefit. It is not a lie. The share distribution tells the full story, despite pathetic attempts at sweeping this issues under the carpet. Cannibalism still exists in Fiji. strong eating weak by stealing their financial entitlements.

BC said...



Anonymous said...

@ 1.51pm

Why did you find it funny to see the name of Thakur Ranjit Singh mentioned in my earlier post (@ 12.02am) since he authored the referenced article:

"How the Fijian Provinces were looted and betrayed by the Fijian Initiative."

Or Crosbie, since it was good 'ol Google that pulled up his blog given the discussion on TRS' article.

You'd be happy to know that I've only visited Crosbie's blog twice this entire year since I have found him much earlier on to be patronising, irritating and condescending, as if he knows what's best for us here in Fiji.

I'm not associated with either gentlemen (CW or TRS) though. Nor do I work for the regime or associated with them in any way.

Now to Qarase. You spoke too soon. So did I since I must now take back that statement back re 'lawfulness' of Qarase's actions.

What Qarase did at the time was both ILLEGAL and UNETHICAL, then, since then and now. He and his cohort held positions of trust i.e. fiduciary duties which they abused through their monopoly on critical information
that should have been disseminated to the provinces - whose benefit FHL as an investment company had been established in the first place.

My understanding is that government's $20 million loan to the F.A.B. (converted later to a grant by you know who), was the guarantee for the purchase of shares by the provinces from FHL.

Why then did FHL end up in a position where $2 limited liability companies with nil trading history owned by single families, were able to purchase 5 times more the shares held by the provinces?

And what's more, these were Class A shares, compared to the Class B shares held by the provinces that fetched less dividends - from investments in companies, businesses that were being monopolised by FHL under the halleluiya slogan "affirmative action". They really gave a bad name to what was meant as a constructive and development tool for the "under-privileged" in Fijian society.

Just mind-boggling when you try to figure out just how did they think they were going to get away with it: abuse of office, insider trading, conflict of interest, breach of their fiduciary duties and to sum it up in one word: CORRUPTION.

This distasteful FHL saga just makes me sad as an i-taukei.

Ganesh said...

The regime must really be feeling the heat to have to stoop once again to trying to drum up anti-Qarase sentiment. Anything to distract us from the real issue, which is treason.

Let's just concede, for argument's sake, everything these regime supporters are claiming. No doubt there is a kernal of truth in some of it, anyway. But let's suppose that everything they're saying is true. All of the crimes -- real and supposed -- that they lay at Qarase's feet still pale to nothingness by comparison with the monstrous misdeeds of this regime.

Qarase and the board didn't publicise the Class A shares properly? Leave aside for a moment the question of why, then, Qarase only, and not the board, was prosecuted. Also leave aside the question of what law this violated. Instead, ask yourself how does this alleged conduct stack up against the practices of this regime to award itself cash for accrued leave, to collect multiple government salaries, to prevent the publication of Public Auditor reports year after year, to give itself sweatheart loans, to sell property to its cronies at Tappoo at grossly inflated prices, taking red envelopes under the table from the Chinese, etc. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Any one of these financial ireegularities is more serious than everything Qarase was charged with -- for activities that took place before he was an elected official, by the way. Yet, why are the blog crawlers suddenly preoccupied with FHL holdings again but don't even mention the far more serious financial irregularities involving the regime? One simple, obvious reason would be that they're shameless regime supporters, and likely many of them are even salaried workers actually paid by the regime to troll this website.

The financial irregularities alone are enough to put Bainimarama and some of his chief henchmen behind bars for a very long time, but they are nothing compared to the regime's violent criminal conduct. We're talking treason, baby, a capital crime with no statute of limitations. We're also talking Murder 1 here, cold-blooded and premeditated, another capital crime with no statute of limitation. Add to those torture, mayhem, sedition, kidnapping, conspiracy, etc. and you begin to see why the regime leaders demand immunity as though their lives depend on it. They do. These are heinous, despicable crimes that are a quantum level more serious than anything attributed to the Qarase government.

That brings us around to the original point. Why the sudden campaign to re-prosecute Qarase for his alleged "crimes" involving FHL, especially since the man humbly served his time? Why no sense of indignation against the man who usurped his position at gunpoint and has committed -- and continues to commit -- real crimes many magnitudes more serious by proportion? Why the attempt at distracting us from the main issue, which is treason . . .

. . . unless, perhaps, they are traitors themselves!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:26, yes, you are a sad I-Taukei, indeed, if you think the FHL saga still worthy of your preoccupation.

Ganesh stole most of my thunder. And he raises an interesting point. Why do you feel the need to re-litigate this matter on this blog? Qarase was tried, convicted and served his time. He was clearly railroaded for political reasons, in my view, but either way, he did his time. Why the sudden outrage, and wher is your outrage against the far more serious crimes even now being perpetrated by this regime?

Anonymous said...

@ 3.44, 3.50 and 3.53pm

Glossing over FHL saga and trying to convey Qarase as an innocent lamb is doing NO FAVOURS for the fight to get back to democracy and rid us this military dictatorship.

You're all so blinded by your fury
that your invincible hero was caught out in his shameful, illegal act (through retrospective legislation that convicted him - which btw, is not unique to Fiji)... that you're willing to sacrifice the ideals and freedoms of all Fijians who also want to live in a free, democratic society. SELFISH. SELFISH. SELFISH.

Well, so be it... some one us have by now perfected somewhat the famous patience of OT prophet Job, in this long, long, long walk to Jericho.

Reason being that I would not want to see the seething corrupt and vested interests who'll readily fan racial flames; or religious fundamentalists "take over" Jericho - as they did after the successful Arab Spring rally in Egypt in early 2011. No thanks. We'll just have to suffer together...until y'all can get over your hurt (false) pride and arrogance. lol.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.51pm and Ganesh

Follow the thread on FHL scandal and u'll see that I didn't start it. Why should I? Unless defenders of the FHL scandal continue to defend the indefensible and attempt to portray fiction as fact - the whole FHL saga is actually unworthy of my time.

As history as shown both here and abroad, key players in the Bainimarama regime will also have their day of reckoning sometime in the future.

Anonymous said...

@ Ganesh

Wouldn't even think for a sec. of defending the indefensible i.e. illegal overthrow of a lawful govt, illegal abrogation of 1997 Constitution, and this ongoing status quo under military dictatorship.

But ask yourselves honestly, how the hell did we get to this stage? I had no idea about the FHL saga until I read Thakur Singh's article well after the Dec 2006 coup. Then I wondered if that was the reason why the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY OF FIJIANS did not protest as much as I expected them to. They believed the 'corruption card' the Bainimarama cohort was selling to them. Why didn't you people protest then? And why now? Was it because you were all protecting your vested interests at that time and did not want to rock the boat?

And now, that you've been thrown overboard, you're happy to shout from the rooftops about the illegality of this dictatorship that we all well knew from day 1?

Anonymous said...

Qarase will go down in history as the first man who was able to circumvent Sir Arthur Gordon's policy that Fijian land in unalienable. With the brilliant legal mind of disbarred lawyer Qoriniasi Bale, Qarase was able to alienate native land by converting it to crown than freehold. This is something that had never been done before. Only Fijian can try this because any other race try it we will lovo them. If you cover up one scam, the scammers become braver and try another one. FHL scam wasn't only one, Remember the agriculture scam? All these scams one after another because Qarase mafia through it had got away with FHL scam. maybe our eyes will only open when we lose everything except our trousers and sulu to cover our balls .

Anonymous said...

imagine of mahen chaudhry as PM had converted native land to crown, than private, and sold it. We would have burn all of fiji to the ground. How come when Qarase and Qoriniasi Bale use loopholes in law to alienate native land, we defend and make excuses for them? Remember the land sold by Qarase has been lost to natives forever. But we still defending his actions? where is noqu vanua, noqu kalou? Maybe the rules don't apply to certain fijian leaders? they sell our land, we look the other way? we are a confused race contradicting ourselves all the time.

Ganesh said...

Whether you syarted the thread or not, I don't know, because I don't know who you are. And it's immaterial anyway.

The real FHL scandal is how a thoroughly compromised justice system was mobilised by a dictatorship against the country's last legitimate prime minister for purely political reasons. The rest of it -- the facts of the case, ex post facto prosecution, "abuse of office" by a private citizen, due process -- we can all argue about, but why? He was convicted and served his time.

Qarase is not my hero. He doesn't have to be to deserve justice and fair play. I don't see how your drumming up this fresh campaign against the man in any way advances "the ideals and freedoms of all Fijians who also want to live in a free, democratic society".

Sounds like a bunch of hooey to me. If those are your aims, then vent against the man who has taken away our freedoms and robbed us of our democracy, who did it to avoid accounting for his crimes, who brutalised us and still has us under his thumb -- not the guy who we democratically elected but allegedly benefited from insider trading whilst a private citizen.

You say my defence of this man is motivated by selfishness, and speak of my hurt pride and arrogance. What are you on about, mate? You don't know a thing about me. I've never had any financial interests vested in Qarase, and how arrogant of you to make such an insinuation! I haven't been "thrown overboard" because I was never onboard in the first place. So, call me "selfish, selfish, selfish", if you like, for defending this man who you continue to villify, even though he's already paid the debt to society you claim he owed, but most of us still know it was all a lie.

And you still haven't explained why it's more important that we rehash FHL than to figure out how to end and punish Bainimarama's treason and other crimes.

As for your fear of an Egypt-like Arab Spring in Fiji, Suva isn't Cairo. The army is not a stabilising force here. Fiji's version of the Muslim Brotherhood is already in power. For my part, fear is never a good enough reason to shrink from the duty to oppose treason, and the Hibiscus Revolution couldn't get here soon enough.

Anonymous said...

You got a case against Qarase for converting native land, then sue him. Otherwise shut the fuck up.

Anonymous said...

@ Ganesh

No one knows who you really are either, or which posts belong to you from the rest in here - same thing with me posting under 'anonymous'. But as you said, 'it's immaterial'.

On rehashing the Qarase FHL saga - as I had explained earlier, my earlier post (can't make the same claim for the rest of the anonymous bloggers) was to refute what another blogger had claimed on Qarase's behalf, as "perfectly legal and ethical."

Did you expect that claim to go unchallenged? What you could ask is why did the blogger would make such a claim, as false as it were? It's not the first time I've seen that attempt in here to gloss over the Qarase FHL saga.

As for "venting against Bainimarama regime"... Sigh! And do we know what you've really done since Dec 2006?

As for this statement:
"As for your fear of an Egypt-like Arab Spring in Fiji, Suva isn't Cairo. The army is not a stabilising force here. Fiji's version of the Muslim Brotherhood is already in power."

I respectfully disagree with your assertions but will leave it there.

Have a good evening and my apologies if I came across as rude.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ganesh, it is perfectly ok to bring up FHL and native land alienation issue again. These are gravely serious matters that were not aired in properly in the public because of a slack media.

Lot of information I am reading on this blog is new to me. It is a major public interest issue that people should be fully made aware of because many still have no idea of gravity of the issue. Sweeping it under carpet and downplaying it like you doing will only embolden perpetrators in future.

I do not know why you are so desperate to see this issue die a premature death. No one has anything to lose if this issue is discussed except the perpetrators. why are you protecting the perpetrators? Despite your denials, you actions suggest of a connection with the perpetrators.

I agree that this regime is also doing a lot of harm and needs to be brought to account. But why are you using this regime's shortcomings to shield and excuse the Qarase mob's behaviour? why are you erecting smokescreens? you spirited efforts to bury this issue is very strange.

Anonymous said...


The year of elections..to all fijians, indians and fiji citizens..honestly we are now a day away from 2014..I have however made peace with all races with Fiji..but cannot do with Bainimarama & Khaiyum ideology and ruling in Fiji..there are nice things and praises from most people about Bai..however till to date I still cannot come to terms of accepting his leadership as PM or for that matter to be our government..as for Khaiyum its the same..I still find them cunning, something evil & cold in their eyes and when they speak..its though they are possessed...they do not possess any mana..to me I feel that the wrath of GOD is nigh..something will be done..

Sitiveni Waleilakeba Crook in a Suit said...

Crook in a suit is a very good description of sitiveni waleilakeba.

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Anon 6.36pm, there is no legal case against Qarase for converting native land. He can't be sued, but he can be named and shamed. Qarase and Qoriniasi Bale used loophole in law to sell native land which is now forever lost to native owners.

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Ke sa tuba jina ko Aziz ia esa na tailasa ko Aiyaz ni sa na sega bau a meca e bosei mai Delainabua ena vakadewataki mai kina..esa na tawa kila me bulia vakaivei a poidi me daini Bainimagana kina !!!
Nu yalo vakatagane a sojia, mo nu valata edua a meca me vesu rawa ko Aiyaz Kaiyumu ni se bera ni seuta a nuku.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 6.36pm, there is no legal case against Qarase for converting native land. He can't be sued, but he can be named and shamed. Qarase and Qoriniasi Bale used loophole in law to sell native land which is now forever lost to native owners.

No legal case means no laws broken.

Named and shamed for what? He helped solve a land problem that allowed new investment and development to come to Fiji. Did he financially benefit frim the deal himself? No. Did he break a law? No. Nothing shameful there that I can see.

Land . . . now forever lost to native owners? This was a land swap. The native owners were fully compensated with other land. That's why you don't hear them whinging.

But why are you? I can only surmise that those who say some of you are regime trolls are probably right, meaning you are traitors to Fiji.

Ganesh said...

I'm not "desperate to find a premature death" for the FHL saga. Nothing "premature" about it. Bainimarama dragged this issue out for years, and here you are, trying to resuscitate it again!? And for what end? Qarase was tried, convicted and sentenced in it, so what more do you guys want? He can't be tried twice for the same "crime".

I am desperate, however, to resist tyranny and treason in order to restore freedom and democracy to Fiji. But it seems you'd rather distract us with non-issues like Qarase and FHL whilst we try to direct folks to the main one, which is Bainimarama and treason.

I never voted for Qarase and never made a penny off of him, so the poster who dosn't even know me but yet continues to question my integrity can go fuck himself.

The rest of you had better get your heads on straight because 2014 is going to bring things to a head. When Bainimarama postpones elections again, are you still going to be dragging up FHL? My guess is yes, more than ever, because that's where your own bread and butter comes from. Treason

The Heckler said...

So, you read Crosbie Walsh's blog twice this year. That accounts for two visits. Now if we could just figure out who the other visitor was!

rajend naidu said...

I wish to publicly declare that I got my reading of the removal of the Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi wrong.
His removal I now realise in hindsight had nothing to do with enhancing constitutional democratic rule. It was a military takeover pure and simple aimed at re-entrenching military rule in the country.
The Egyptian military takeover was not dissimilar in that regard to the Fiji military takeover in 2006.
I had I must admit also got my initial reading of that takeover wrong.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@ the heckler

Sorry, u've lost me there. Pls explain yourself.

Anonymous said...

why do rups, chinese kai dias etc own all crown leases in suva and suva nausori corridor?
because they bribed the alliance ministers in the 70s - 90s .....
meanwhile suvavou people as always left fucked on the side...
today kaiyum and frank cont what the alliance ministers were doing ie fucking up the kai viti resource owners.
kaiyum even came up with a decree declaring the deed of cession as no basis for land claims.....moce tiko ra sotia ni veicai

High Tea said...

The comment by "Francis Kean" is a perfect example of the kind of posting that ought to be banned from this and every other blog. It has no socially redeeming value whatsoever. It dishonors the blog, the reader, and the poster -- not that he has any concept of the meaning.

Anonymous said...

@ rajend naidu

I don't disagree with your assessment in that the Egyptian military takes care of their own.. except to add that Morsi and his muslim brotherhood played right into their hands.

Anonymous said...

For goodness sake, a 10-year old could understand The Heckler's joke.

Somebody go fetch this guy a 10-year old!

Anonymous said...

John Samy and Yash Ghai are probably both headed to Cairo at this very moment, looking to cash in again.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.04pm

Good word, you need to lighten up yourself! hehe.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.07

And I wonder who'd be the idiots "funding" them this time.

Anonymous said...

Ke sa dro dina ko Aziz, a tamani vala meca levu era valata tiko na sotia kai viti ka sa dro rawa kina na sotia kaidia ni viti. sa wacava na boi dada ni keba ni se vakayacori tu ga qo na vala meca. sa sega na tamata me vakacicivi me vaka na kena se qai tauyavu na vuaviri ena 2006. sa vaka e sa stale mai na nodra wanonova tiko na matanitu na sotia ni viti ka sa na tekivu vakalutu makamalua kina i tuba o ira sotia e tawa tu nodra qavokavoka. o ira na wawa tu ga na gauna ni veisaumi era sa vakania tu ga na sore2 kei na m... me toso tu ga kina na bula.
sa sega na masi boots kei na dakai, sa na caka tu ga masi sore2 qai salavata tu na kata2 ni draki.


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:49 PM

"" why do rups, chinese kai dias etc own all crown leases in suva and suva nausori corridor? ""

Are you totally dumb or is it that you just believe others are?

Who OWNS crown lease land?

Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

I would like to respond to Anonymous December 28th 9;33 pm.
The source is me, Samisoni (2009) as I was awarded my degree for the research carried out in the Fiji Market where the sample population was statistically analysed after bias was removed.
The example of bias removed is all this swearing and running down of people witnessed in this particular subject matter and blog.
In my research they were removed in order to expose the truth for human values and diversity towards unity.
Obviously anon 28/12 9;33pm, you do not know this academic style of writing hence your comment. As the saying goes "where ignorance is bliss it is folly to be wise".
Anonymous 29/12 7.07pm, 7:18pm and 30/12 6:28 am, thank you for contributing to the positive dynamic of this debate.
I believe like Ann Franks that in life and the bigger picture, there are more "good than evil people" in this world to drive and make "peace". Lets do it in Fiji from experience.
God Bless Fiji.
Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni.

Anonymous said...

@Mere Samisoni (2009) I am sure is an interesting study. Can you make it available somewhere online where people can access it? USP and its library are still 20 years behind, and very slow to react to requests.

Anonymous said...

@Mere Samisoni!

Was it PhD or DBA?

mark manning said...

Suva is already looking like Sudan,messy, alot old builidings that need to be renovated or re painted-Tapoos has blocked the breeze that the market vendors used to enjoy-it's all hot and humid around the market due to bullies like
Tappoos who didn't put alot of thinking before selfishly extending their building.when you arrived at the airport ,immediately after immigration,the very first shop you come across is Khaiyum's shop" Tapoos"...Cost of leaving is way too expensive for the locals,things are more expensive than most oversease products...Vodafone is a big reap off...They have systems that suck money out of the locals...Why is it too complicated to recharge a voucher through Vodafone fj when it is so simple to do it through Vodafone Australia .
Re Citizenship: Australian Citizens are are still reffered to as " Greek Nationals,Indian Nationals,Chinese Nationals etc!! in Aussie land.Suva Cityi seems very backwards during my recent visit!!

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning 6:07 PM

Sorry to hear that you were unable to afford the quality and price of the goods in Tapoos.

We are sure that with the time you had in Suva you found well cheaper alternatives to suit your pocket offered by the numerous majority of other stores .

As for Tapoos, they would not stay in business and employ so many staff if they did not have enough customers.

It's called variety and choice, perhaps you are not accustomed to that?

Anonymous said...

Variety and choice, or cronyism and corruption?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:53 PM

Has anyone ever forced you to go into Tapoos and spend your money?

Anonymous said...

Why, as a matter of fact, yes.

My wife.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vinaka Ganesh, putting all back into track.

The FHL saga is it enough to justify the overthrow of a democratically elected government? Don't think so.

Is this the cause of the coup in 2006? Maybe not.

I remembered FB announcing that the reason behind the coup was to get rid of corruption. "A cleaning campaign" Has he achieved this? Maybe yes.

Remember there was going to be an investigation by the Police post coup 2000. FB was responsible for the death of individuals during that period. He knows he was to be tried for this and this scared the shit out him.

He gathered his Military Council (MC)and tells them of his intention to topple the already elected Government with the "cleaning campaign" slogan.

Later on ASK steps in influenced FB, FB ignored Military Council (MC) & listened to ASK more and that is why we are still at this stage.

Crimes have been committed under FB's watch he is worried that it will bite him in the butt so he leaned on AG's shoulder because he is the LAW expert...not the MC hence why some of the MC are disengaging themselves from FB. AG advised FB if he wants to save himself he needs to abrogate the constitution, rewrite( well not him) a new one and insert the immunity clause in it.

From Lt Col Tarakinikini, Rt Ului and now Driti and many more have all disengaged themselves from FB because as they all mentioned FB is not listening to the MC. Be aware most of these guys have past experienced with Rabuka so they know how to deal with this sort of situation swiftly and painlessly as possible.

Now AG has tied FB at the end of the string like a puppet. With all that AG had done for FB surely he will want some sort of benefits out of it too. See for yourself.

In hindsight FB will not let go until he is rest assured by ASK that he will not be legally held accountable to any past and present crimes. FB have lied before so we hope that he will keep his word for the 2014 elections.

Happy New Year to all and hope to see you in the poll next.

Anonymous said...

Dear Editor,

Please delete all AG text and insert ASK @ post 1:25AM


Anonymous said...

@ 1.25am

"The FHL saga is it enough to justify the overthrow of a democratically elected government?"

I don't believe so too.

The Fiji Court of Appeal has already spoken. There was no justification for the unlawful takeover in Dec 2006 coup. However, that does not justify Qarase's conduct either in the FHL saga.

Incidentally, if you re-read the Court of Appeal ruling which is available online - you'll find that the Court in their judgment stopped short of calling for the reinstatement of the Qarase administration, but directed the interim regime in power to take the country to the polls ASAP.

Back to the FHL saga: I'm curious though as to why not much effort was taken by those "who knew about the FHL saga" to protest against Qarase's suitability as a national leader since he actually stood for elections twice!

Though I've never voted for him in the past, with what I'm now aware of, I would never vote for him if he ever stood again.

It's interesting to note though that there are those in the present regime (and their families) who were "undeserving beneficiaries" of Qarase's govt. policy on 'affirmative action')
Why did they LIUMURI Qarase?

Did they suddenly see the light (I seriously doubt it!) or are they opportunists unjustly enriching themselves whichever way they can - 'the ends justify the means' pathetic excuse?

I also wonder if Bainimarama knew about the FHL saga when he recommended him as interim PM after the 2000 coup?

Mere Tuisalalo Samisoni said...

To anonymous December 31, 2013 at 4:56pm, USP and the University of the Sunshine Coast (USS) have e-copies of my Dissertation, that you can download to read. I am surprised at your ignorance on how to get information from any library.
To anonymous December 31/12/ 5:39pm, I was awarded a DBA.
DBA's were designed and agreed to by leading global Universities to address the increasing social problems inherited from the old central economic order, to the new information economy. These are financial recession, greed for power, money and status, sustainable development, climate change, terrorism, gender balance, growing food and energy prices, poverty, nuclear proliferation, HIV and Aids and new infections and diseases from a "smaller world" which demand answers.
From ICT and the Internet technology, information becomes capital, starting with customer human values. The PHD programme, known for its theory were redesigned to accommodates the new information where innovation and creation using market information was structured into the Doctor of Business Administration (DBA). Here, information is researched from respective markets and consolidated using strategic business planning and exit strategizing, to collectively link and balance the entrepreneurial ‘gold’ of the 21st century economy. The entrepreneurial gold is authentic integrity and the human moral compass that cannot be melted down. Fiji needs to make this transition through the people of Fiji when democratic elections occur in September 2014, making this transition and leadership issue.

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous @1:25 AM (aka Gen. Mohammed Aziz?),

Of course the FHL saga was no reason to overthorw the government, and if Bainimarama was so concerned about it, then why did he make Qarase PM in the first place?

Is this the cause of the 2006 coup? Of course not. We all know by now that Bainimarama launched the coup to avoid arrest and imprisonment for murder and sedition. You and other officers enabled him because you sought his personal favour.

Has FB achieved a cleaning campaign? Well, he cleaned out the regimental funds, then he cleaned out the treasury. Now he's using Fiji's sovereign credit to borrow money against our future, effectively cleaning out our children's financial futures. But he brought in unprecedented corruption that Fiji's homegrown media dare not expose for fear of firebombings, the loss of operating licences, visits to QEB, and imprisonment.

Obviously, Tarakinikini, Roko Ului, and Driti did NOT know how to handle the situation, as evidenced by where they are now.

ASK cannot give FB a reliable assurance he won't be prosecuted. Not even the BKC can do that, because once FB is out of power, all bets are off.

That's why FB plans to hang on to power for life. He'll never stand for election unless he's certain he will win. So if there are polls in 2014, you can be certain they'll be rigged.

Anonymous said...


Duhhh - Warning against Corruption?

Fiji TImes:

Warning against corruption

Serafina Silaitoga
Friday, January 03, 2014

THE 280 staff members of the LTA have been urged to be honest and accountable with their work this year.

Authority CEO Naisa Tuinaceva yesterday warned he would not tolerate corrupt workers in the organisation.

"We want an honest day's work, we want accountability and transparency in the authority.....

Hahahahaha lol lol lol .

rajend naidu said...

At 6pm on 5 December 2006, Frank Bainimarama, the future dictator of Fiji, declared his takeover of the SDL-FLP multi party government of Prime Minister laisenia Qarase. The bleary-eyed Bainimarama, who had been drinking heavily in the RFMF's officers Mess before appearing on TV, claimed he was taking over the Qarase government under the Doctrine of Necessity, a legal doctrine deployed elsewhere, most notably in General Pervez Musharraf's Pakistan"... ( from Victor lal's 'Frank Bainimarama used Pakistan as his model for Fiji' May 25,2012).
Where is Pervez Musharraf today?
What has become of his Doctrine of Necessity?
If it was a valid doctrine to justify his military takeover why is he facing a treason charge (Aljazeera news 5/1)and possible jail sentence for life if not a death sentence?
Where does that leave our own dictator?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Just went to get road fitness for vehicle in Nausori LTA.

Drove up to Nasinu with inspector in passenger seat who after praising Bainimarama said he felt thirsty on hot day and needed cigarettes to calm down.

After buying some grog and packet of BH for HIM..voila!!! Drove back and got fitness passed straight away!!

Vinaka Voreqe!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 3.09 PM
Good one!
We need to hear more stories of the "clean up" government of Bainimarama doing the same thing it accused past governments of doing.
In other words corruption continues 7 years after the Bainimarama takeover...

Anonymous said...

Vilimoni, e vacava e lauvutu nomu icici vei Bainimarama. Yadra mada mo raica na veivakalolomataki sa yaco tu veikeda na Itaukei. Sa sega na scholaship ni taukei, sa usa na qele mai vanua levu i Jaina ka ra sega ni saumi vakadodonu na kena itaukei ni qele. Copper mai vei kedatou i Namosi ratou via lai sova na kena benu e Nasovi, iko moce tiko beka. Yadra mada tamana, o Bainimarama na puppet nei Khayum. Au duavata kei na kena vukei vakatautauvata na veimata tamata. Io ke sa vaya, e na dodonu e so na ka me na laveti cake tale ga. Ratou na vasu ratou sa tasoro e na cicivaki bisinisi kei na vuli mai na 1904 ki na 1907 na yabaki io o kedatou datou se qai tekivu wale tiko ga me datou tasoro mai na 1966. E na gadrevi me na so tiko na mataqali veivuke baleti keda me da rawa kina ni laveti cake. Au dredre e na nomu lecaika. Ke ka solia mada nomu maimuri vei Khayum me vutuka.