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Saturday, February 2, 2013

What's up with ..... ?

What's up with the pretender president official vehicle having those blinking lights and tinted windows - was there some kind of fire he was rushing to this morning on victoria parade at 7am???  And why a vehicle in front and at the back?? What a waste of taxpayers money!
Idiot pretender PM and idiot pretender AG also have the same flashing emergency vehicle lights and tinted windows - are they just putting their shirt on that ordinary people can't see them when they're in (or not) in the vehicle?

What’s up with no draft (military) Constitution and no Constituent Assembly?
Can we expect the Military Regime to announce it all - two days before the Constitution is due, and then bulldoze it through?
And will the Constituent Assembly reflect the demographic and political realities of the People of Fiji (FLP and SDL)?

What's up with the Fiji Sun closing the comments to their news stories? Looks like the Fiji Sun has taken on the job of smearing Union officials and then some ... 
To Jyoti Pratibha - shame on you!! 

Friday, February 1, 2013

Fiji Labour Party defies regime decree and signs up the stipulated 5,000 members

Hope yet for Fiji's political parties. 

Despite the regime campaign to kill them off, the Fiji Labour Party has told us it has signed up the required five thousand members and then some.

FLP is believed to have registered at least seven thousand members, across the country's different divisions as required by the new political registration decree.

A party source has confirmed the numbers to Coupfourpointfive saying they are aiming for 10-thousand members, adding they had functional offices in all districts so were able to complete the membership drive fairly smoothly.

The Political Parties Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosure Decree says parties must have five thousand members to be able to re-register on February the 15th - two thousand of them from the Central Division, 1,750 from the Western Division, 1,000 thousand from the North and 250 from the Eastern Division.

Fiji regime 'ready to party' over demise of political parties

Friday humour with Fiji's favourite crooked Aussie couple, Shazzer and Grubby!

Dear Grubby

I am so excited I am holding a Valentines party and I hope, Grubby, you will come as my Plus 1. There will be lots of Cab Shaz, Shirazzer and I have been promised French Champagne. The very short French ambassador Mr Gilles Mountaineer, so called because getting into a chair for him is like climbing a mountain for normal people, has become rather fond of me lately. I hope you noticed but he was making very positive comments about Fiji’s push towards democracy in marked contrast to those other petulant, petty and pissy Western nations. Well he has promised me some Champagne for the party. Or at least I think he did, I could not quite hear him as his voice got lost somewhere between my twin peaks...ah oui oui!

The party is “The Party to end all Parties!” Do you get it? I had to explain it 5 times to Commodore Frankly Bananas before he got it. Do you see Feb 14th is when all the existing political PARTIES will cease to exist? Now do you get it?

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Regime misses 'deadline' as parties fight for their lives

From the C4.5 archives: the unchanging times in Fiji.
Can't meet the deadline or changing the goal posts yet again? A combination of both, and driven of course by the concerted campaign to kill off the country's political parties.

According to the illegal leader's speech on January the 10th when he dumped the Constitution Commission draft, his legal team would have a replacement by the end of January, the Constituent Assembly sitting by February and the new Constitution in place by March.

We quote Frank Bainimarama: "The new draft should be available for deliberation by the end of January 2013. Prior to that and upon my return from the G77 meeting, I shall send out invitations to various individuals and organisations to participate in the Constituent Assembly. The Constituent Assembly is to have its first sitting in February 2013. We expect, as announced last year, that a new Constitution should be in place by March of this year."

Because of the enormity of the decision to chuck out the draft Constitution, Bainimarama's big spiel earlier this month was more for show than anything else, but there's obviously a lot of effort going into engineering the demise of the political parties and seeing out the process.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Air Pacific accused of trying to steal traditional i-taukei designs

i-taukei designs: campaign pic
Is Air Pacific aka Fiji Airways making another greedy grab?

It looks like it is. 

The national airline, under the hands of CEO David Pflieger and Tourism Minister, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, siphoned FNPF dollars into the airline last year, propping up its profit margins to make its books look good, despite the fact it had been losing huge sums of money.

The duo had before then hatched the vicious Essential National Industries Decree, which robbed both workers and the union movement of rights.

The company is now trying to patent  traditional i-taukei designs for its own exclusive use.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Fiji's UPP winds up and urges supporters to join SDL, FLP or NFP

Beddoes urging UPP supporters to join SDL, FLP of NFP.

The regime's latest decree has forced another political party to wind up.

The United Peoples Party's national executive committee announced a short time ago via a statement it has shut down the organisation as required by the political decree.

SDL, the last party elected as government, resolved last week to wind up, settling on Social Democractic Liberal Party as its new name.

The UPP statement says the party will not be re-established, but as part of its strategy of continued political representation for its members and supporters, the NEC is urging supporters and members to join one of the three other main political parties, namely the SDL, FLP or NFP as direct individual financial members. 

Singh denies FBC reports and says he will contest elections

The General Secretary of the Fiji Council of Trade Unions, Attar Singh, says FBC reports have incorrectly created the impression that he is putting his political career on hold.
He says the FBC TV and radio reports since Saturday have suggested that he will 'not contest the 2014 elections.'  

Singh, who has stood for the National Federation Party in previous elections, says this is wrong.
"I made no such statement during an interview with FBC yesterday.

"This will be obvious from the edited grabs the FBC has used in the story. In fact, I said that I would like to contest the elections to represent the interests of my members."

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Rewa chief: we must restore Fiji as a shining example of democracy

Ro Teimumu Kepa: Leading the way for SDL
"We have huge plans but first we must meet the registration requirements and for this we must be prepared to work and restore Fiji as a shining example of a progressive democratic and peaceful country respected by Pacific nations and the international community."

The last political party to be voted in democratically as government in Fiji, has settled on a new name: Social Democratic Liberal party. It was mooted by the party's patron, Ro Teimumu Kepa, at Friday's special meeting of the National Assembly in Suva. We print here some of her speech to the party, which started with salutations to party president Solomoni Naivalu who was unwell and party leader, Laisenia Qarase, who is serving his year term in Korovou jail. 

Last Meeting of the Sogosogo Duavata ni Lewenivanua  Party

Today's meeting is a very  important one for our party.It will be the last time that we will be meeting  under the banner of the SoqosoqoDuavataniLewenivanua as a Political Party.We have been issued with a decree by the Military Regime (Decree No.4 of 2013 titled ,Political Parties (Regisration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) which among others things, compels us to change our name into an English one. This means that no party including our own, can be registered under a Fijian name.