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Saturday, February 9, 2013

NFP meets decree rules but key unionists forced out

The National Federation Party is holding a special general meeting tomorrow to discuss the way forward for the party, now that they have met the requirements for registration under the draconian Political Parties Decree.

Key speakers at the meeting will include FICTU General Secretary Attar Singh and the Bank Union's Pramod Rae, the only two trade unionists targeted by the decree. 

Both are expected to retire from their political party positions.

Sources say economist Professor Biman Prasad is also to address the meeting on the role played by the regime to drive Fiji's economy to a standstill.

Singh is expected to blast the regime and its current and past supporters for the dire situation Fiji is in. He is also likely to criticise the international community for failing Fijians in their hour of need.

He has already criticised the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs, Bob Carr, for dumping the Ghai Constitution.

More to come.

Despised Air Pacific CEO leaves in a 'huff'

Pflieger: greener pastures
Bouquets now and no doubt for some time to come as the regime plasters over the warts but many know the truth: Dave Pflieger was widely hated because of his role in 'overhauling' Air Pacific and many will be pleased to see the back of him.

As tipped by Coupfourpointfive two weeks ago, Pflieger is departing these shores although there's no mention of what venture he's heading to apart from returning to the United States; judging from the number of pages he's dedicated to his 'accomplishments' on the internet, he's aiming high.

Wilbur F Foster
On the surface, he's getting a warm farewell by the regime with the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, praising Pflieger for producing 'a paradigm shift' at Air Pacific and 'transforming its fortunes.'

"When he came to Fiji, the airline was in crisis and facing extreme financial difficulties. With skill, determination and his experience, he turned it around and made it profitable. He also built the much needed team spirit with all the Air Pacific personnel that turned it into a highly effective team.' 

Friday, February 8, 2013

Fiji's illegal leader 'off the meds'

Friday satire with Fiji's favourite cheap imports, Shazzer and Grubby

Darling Grubby, 
Thank you so much for the lovely sexy see through clothes you gave me. I look absolutely gorgeous in it don’t  I?

Talking of being seen through, we have excelled ourselves lately and completely kept the more stupid decisions of the regime hidden from the people of Fiji. They can talk about them all they like on the Internet and in the coffee shops of Sydney but they are not going to be talking about it in Suva.

I was in Washington this week for a meeting with Qorvis and we had a workshop on how to hide information but not be seen doing it. It had some clever name like the “The Opaqueness of transparency”. It was pretty good but I can tell you the tax payers of Fiji paid through the nose for that workshop and first class travel and hotels does not come cheap any more. 

I just want to give you a refresher on the best ways to hide the truth from the people of Fiji.

1. The Long Bullshit Explanation.
Aunty NURvous ALIen explained it me why it was not necessary for the Government to release any figures. A Democracy is like a public listed company and you have a duty to inform shareholders of the numbers. A Dictatorship is like a private company and the public have absolutely no rights to see how their money is spent. It’s not as if we expect KountTheCash Pooh City to tell us his true salary and similarly we should not expect Frankly Bananas to reveal how much he is paid. 

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Who will unite the democracy movement for 2014?

Which leader will step up to unite Fiji? And will the political parties, trade unions, NGOs, chiefs and church leaders unite and fall behind them?

  "If the chiefs and leaders cannot act today and rise up, they may hold their tongue and not speak ever. For when today becomes history tomorrow, they themselves will either be the reason to be applauded or ashamed by their children."

There are questions aplenty about 2014 but one fact is undeniable: the regime wants to stay in power and will do everything it can to achieve that.

What are the possibilities and what is it going on in the minds of Khaiyum and his cohorts?

The regime’s plan is obviously to demolish political parties which in turn allow them to reduce the number of opposition members in the constituent assembly. Hence, we can safely assume and, of course, with no surprises that the new constitution will be based on the needs of the regime and military.  The new constitution will surely have the immunity clauses and certain advantages for the regime for the upcoming so-called election, if it ever happens at all. However, the announcement that one has to give up military portfolios if they are to form a party or join as a party executive, rings alarm bells for the future of Bainimarama.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Pedometers in place but more Fiji police officers die

Police moles say another three officers have died and that they were quite young.

They say they died last week and were aged about 27 to 34.

Insiders say 40 officers have died in the past two years and are blaming the deaths on stress and overwork. 

Figures used recently by the Fiji Times say 37 officers have died over three years - 31 of them reportedly from a non-communicable disease.

Pedometers were introduced for police just over a week ago with Commissioner Ioane Naivalurua saying he wants officers to be assets instead of liabilities.