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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fiji's air head welcomes new airbus

Weekend humour about Fiji's cheapest imports from Australia, Shazzer and Grubby and their vacuous friends
 Darling Grubby,
I woke up this morning and I was amazed by the silence that greeted me. I was puzzled for a moment and then I realized that today really was first day of the 1,000 Year Banana’s Rule. There were no politicians making noise in the papers or on the radio. I know with my censorship they could not make much of a sound but you would be surprised how noisy they all were with their constant moaning about Poverty and Human Rights.

Grubby this is an exciting day. For the first time in its history as an independent country there is not one single Political Party. We have won and Frankly Bananas has already jetted off to celebrate for a Valentines break with Merely in Paris. He is in fact flying to France to be measured for his seat on the new Airbus. As he will be using 1st Class more than anyone else they are going to build a seat especially to his measurements. He sent me a picture. 

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Constituent Assembly key to Fiji regime's cunning plan

More analysis on where the regime may be going with the Constituent Assembly and the Constitution.

There's growing belief the boffins behind the scenes are drafting a Constitution based on the Singapore model.

The most pertinent provision in the Singapore model is the role of the Constituent Assembly in appointing a new president and others to Parliament.

Sources tout elections will be held for the Parliamentary seats but as per the Singapore model, the president will appoint a prime minister and cabinet ministers, not the Parliament.

International union welcomes Pflieger's departure

The big hurrah over the departure of the despised David Pflieger from Air Pacific and the shores of Fiji continues with the International Transport Workers Federation also hailing his exit as a blessing.

The ITF's civil aviation secretary, Gabriel Mocho, says Pflieger's resignation will hopefully herald a better era for Air Pacific and its workers.

“The departure of CEO David Pflieger is about more than just reversing the damage that has been done to morale and conditions at the airline; it’s also about Fiji’s hopes for democracy. Pflieger was intimately connected with the country’s infamous Essential National Industries (Employment) Decree, a major tool used by the illegitimate military government to cling on to power.

“Air Pacific, like Fiji itself, has been suffering from a deficit of democracy. It is to be hoped that the opportunity for change and progress will be grasped by the incoming CEO. He or she will certainly receive a warm welcome from the embattled workers if they make that their first priority.”

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

FLP launches eleventh hour appeal to thwart political decree

The Fiji Labour Party is filing its appeal against the regime's political party decree this afternoon.

Sources have confirmed the party is also re-registering but under protest, so it doesn't prejudice the court action. 

The Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Decree requires all of Fiji's political parties to re-register with a required five thousand members, spread across the different divisions. 

Rajendra Chaudhry, the son of the FLP leader, Mahendra Chaudhry, had said earlier the appeal was being filed on behalf of the parties.

Chaudhry said he was engaging the services of a senior counsel to argue the matter on behalf of FLP, SDL, NFP and UPP, along with Fiji Islands Council of Trade Union.

The UPP has since disbanded with the president, Mick Beddoes, opting to join the SDL party, which has been renamed the Social Democratic Liberal Party, also as a result of the new decree.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Scandalous vengeful Fiji court decision over offshore comments

".... there is (....) a real risk that their effect will be to undermine the authority of the courts and discourage citizens from relying on the judiciary to settle their disputes. They represent a real risk of interfering with the administration of justice in Fiji."

The judgement of the secretary of the Oceania Football Confederation, Tai Nicholas, for scandalizing the court makes for interesting reading

He was fined $15,000 after pleading guilty to contempt of court and we suspect it could have been much more had he not donated $25,000 to Frank Bainimarama's disaster relief fund.

Still to come: the contempt proceedings against Reverend Aquila Yabaki, and that of Fred Wesley of the Fiji Times, who interestingly is now both publisher and editor.

State v Nicholas, ex parte Attorney General [2013] FJHC 29;
HBC364.2011 (8 February 2013)

ACTION NO: HBC 364 OF 2011

Mr S Sharma with Ms R Mani for the Applicant
Mr D Bahadur with Mr W Pillay for the Respondent


[1]. On 25 November 2011 the Attorney-General (the Applicant) sought leave ex parte to apply for an order of committal against Tai Nicholas (the Respondent). The application was made under Order 52 of the High Court Rules.

[2]. Under Order 52 Rule 2 (2) the ex parte application for leave must be supported by a statement setting out (1) the name and description of the applicant; (2) the name, description and address of the person sought to be committed; and (3) the grounds on which his committal is sought. The application must also be supported by an affidavit verifying the facts relied on.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Special office for triple by-pass Fiji minister

Back in Fiji but no climbing stairs
A new office for Filipe Bole will cost the Ministry of Education a considerable amount on money.

The aging illegal Minister for Education returned to Fiji on Friday after a triple heart by-pass surgery in New Zealand.

His current office is located on the third floor of Senikau House, next to the Fiji Women's Crisis Centre Headquarters, and opposite Tanoa Plaza.

The building has no lift and the ailing Bole would have had to walk three floors up to reach his office.