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Friday, February 22, 2013

Scandalous free junkets for Qorvis

I am not happy with you and your boso at Qorvice. It seems to me that you are all just having one big holiday enjoying yourself at my expense. Just look at these pictures which show you all just partying and getting drunk.

And as for you spending Valentine’s Day with that jumped up little cocktail waitress, Brandy Alexander. That is beyond the pale. You are my little Gwubby and I do not want to see you ogling girlies in short skirts.

It seems to me that Qorvice are sending out their most junior interns to Fiji for a free holiday instead of having to pay them. Look at Benny Someone’s Baby. He can’t be more than 17 and the only time he has ever used a razor is to cut the coke in college.

New York human rights lawyers condemn Fiji's political decree

A report by a group of international lawyers confirms what locals already know - that Fiji's new political parties decree is far more extreme than anything found in most democracies and general global practice.
The International Senior Lawyers Project has conducted an  analysis of Decree 4, using International Instruments and Precedents.

It has found the requirement for political parties to register 5000 members within 28 days unreasonable and a breach of international protocols such as the ILO Convention.

It also found the blanket ban on “public officers” to stop them from becoming a member of a political party, disqualifies approximately six percent of registered voters from political party membership.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

FLP recruiters remanded over alleged registration fraud

Two Fiji Labour Party registration officers have been  remanded after appearing in the Lautoka High Court for alleged fraudalent registration.

They have been named as Krishneel Chand and Shiri Chand, both of whom are confirmed FLP activists. 

Chand and Chand have been remanded in Ba and their case will be called on the 27th.

Police are also understood to have started investigating similar fraudulent registration allegations in Labasa.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Outrageous fine for Fiji Times and its editor and publisher

Wesley with former publisher Dallas Winstead
Fiji Times has been fined $300,000 editor, Fred Wesley, given a suspended jailed sentence of six months and publisher, Brian O'Flaherty, fined $10,000: Both to pay $2,000 each also to Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who brought the case. All to be paid within four weeks ...... and all over 24 words that were published in a New Zealand newspaper.

"You should be aware that with no judiciary there, his case has  been reviewed by one Australian Judge. It's not a court per se".

Brian O'Flaherty: fined

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amended political party decree shows desperation of Fiji regime

Confirmation the political parties decree has always been about killing off Fiji's established political networks because they pose too much of a threat to the unelected government.

The amended decree (see copy below) continues the campaign to annihilate political parties with the provision existing names and even acronyms are unacceptable.

The amendments in section three also warn off media from repeating the names of political parties (and their acronyms!) the regime outlaws, with threats of a $50,000 fine or five years in jail.

The newly-gazetted decree was released yesterday and come well after a decision and public announcement by the SDL party to rename itself the Social Democratic Liberal Party.

The regime cannot say it didn't know about the name change or deny the intent to ensure it doesn't have any rivals for any so-called elections it is planning.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fiji Labour Party rubbishes claim it cheated to get numbers to register

The Fiji Labour Party is dismissing the claim representatives fraudently obtained signatures for the required re-registration.

A key source says they have 8673 signatures 'so why would we try and defraud?'

The source also says Wailiailai has 'always been an area of tension for NFP and FLP' , rejecting the claim of irregularity with the comment "It's nothing."

Police spokesperson Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri has told Fiji news teams they are investigating claims of irregularity in Ba, but has not officially named FLP as the party in question, despite it being common knowledge.