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Monday, January 6, 2014

Are officers pulling strings to get their kids into the police force

Is nepotism at work in the Fiji Police Force with the latest list of about 300 rookies showing some are likely to be kin or the children of senior police officers?

Check out these all too familiar names: 
• C202 Henry Brown & W819 William Brown (Any relation to ACP Henry Brown?) 
• C519 Benedito Bolabiu (Any relation to Inspector Iliesa Bolabiu?)
• C524 Selema Ligairi ( Any relation to Deputy Commissioner Ilisoni Ligairi?) 
• C119 Sekove Vuniwaqa (Any relation to IG Isikeli & SSP Unaisi Vuniwaqa??) 
• W720 Samisoni Ralulu (Any relation to Deputy DPC West Jope Ralulu?)
• C407 Rosha Odean (Any relation to Sergeant Odean at CPS?)

With un-employment prevalent in Fiji, no doubt senior officers see the Fiji Police Force as a potential place of employment for their children.

Maybe the illegal Prime Minister, with all his promises of transparency, should order an investigation into this latest recruit list and if any of the candidates named above are indeed related to the senior officers with the same name.


Anonymous said...

Feel sorry for Hossana marrying into one fucked up family.


is this the same Hosana that was anti coup from the first day? She used to be totally against voreqe and the coup......hahahah if you can't beat 'em ....join 'em
Maybe she will assasinate voreqe from inside the home afetr getting Meli's gun off the bible where he keeps it

Anonymous said...

in coup country shit will happen.
and shit has been happening in fiji since the bainimarama coup.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dictator abuses taxpayer funds

Dictator begins new year with more lies

January 2, 2014 |
The dictator Voreqe Bainimarama, in his New Year’s message to the oppressed people of Fiji, outlined his new political direction. The reality/truth behind what bainimarama is saying is enclosed in [brackets].

On this first day of the New Year, we [he and khaiyum] stand at the doorstep of our [their] Parliament under [their] new Constitution [that was forced onto you and your children]. Now the future belongs to you [but khaiyum and bainimarama will control your future as they please. Remember their thugs have the guns, and our warriors are waiting for a leader to emerge]. (read more on: http://www.truthforfiji.com )

Anonymous said...

Hosannah is a classic case of a Vasu blonde!!! All beauty but brains between the legs!!! She knows very well Meli has a kid from another girl who he has been seeing only recently as November 13!! She rode the sprinter Tabakaucoro so hard that the poor guy is still breaking records! Hopefully Meli will get a ride also that will drive sanity into him to redeem himself for his families evil deeds!! Hosannah - you are a user, I know you are pregnant, Meli - do a DNA, who knows whose kid it is!!! Anyway you deserve to be with a user you idiot!!

SEMI MEO said...

...o..k...so what's the topic here..seems topics south of the equator tend to receive more attention.

Seriously!...what's the topic...important topic worth visiting this highly esteemed cyber village!!

Anonymous said...

Who the fuck is this hosana bitch?
...and what has the cunt got to do with the topic of possible nepotism in the selection process of new police recruits?

Anonymous said...

this type of info can only come from a cop workin in the police academy.

Lailai na dina said...

This should be investigated.This is corruption of Nepotism.All the Police Officers related to the rookies should be investigated.Now the whole of Fiji knows who these corrupt cops are.Shame on their family names.No wonder corruption is rife in the Police,it begins from the Academy.Did they pass the tests and exams,that is the question?

Anonymous said...

Teleni did it. Naivalurua did it. The current Rotuman Police CAO did it.

Why is it that the Police is hell-bent on going after its junior officers for sundry offences but turns a blind eye to senior officers doing nepotism and corruption???

Police corruption is alive and well folks no matter their PR efforts.

The real heroes here are the cops that spill the beans on corruption but too bad they have little chance of reaching senior positions coz the corrupt ones always do.

The Heckler said...

Q: What do you get if you mix Meli Bainimarama and Hosanna Kabakoro?

A: Hosanna Banana!

Anonymous said...

You get Meli Kabasonna

or Meli Bainisonna

Hosanna Bainisonna said...

What's dressed in white and does not know its head from its tail?

A: No, its not a chicken. Its Voreqe.

Why did Voreqe kiss the statue in India?
A: Because the statue demanded to see whether Bai's arse was big enough.

Was it?
A: Yes it was.

Why did the chicken cross the road.
A: Because it wanted to

Why did Bainimarama cross the road
A: Because the chicken was stuck up his arse.

Why was the chicken stuck up Bai's arse
A: Because he was looking for his aunty, Nur.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

The Mugabe of Fiji (Qarase) should become the next President of Fiji and the adulteress Ro Kepa should become the PM. This will please the nationalists and racists.

Anonymous said...

Qarase bears little resemblance to Robert Mugabe, but Bainimarama certainly does to Idi Amin and Samuel Doe.

Anonymous said...

Yes, you get Hosanna Banana, Miss Teen Dictator Fiji.

First runner-up is Meli's other baby-momma.

Miss Congeniality award to Asha Lakhan.

Best in Evening Gown Competition to Tony Gates.

Best In Sulu Competition to Sayed-Khaiyum.

Miss Guidance Award to Graham Davis.

Miss Quote Award to Smith-Jones.

Miss Chief Award to Peter Foster.

Miss Management Award to Pflieger.

Miss Carriage of Justice Award to Qarase.

Miss Creant Award to Bainimarama.

Miss Erable Award to Fiji's cane farmers.

Anonymous said...

so if nepotism is happening in the shit Fiji Police force tell me mada what happened to the "clean up" coup?

GL said...

Ms Hossana Kabakoro is a very preety, beautiful and intelligent lady.She won several beauty contests in the USA.She was the anchor in FBC TV so is fammous i n Fiji and the US .So some jealous hearts out there envy Mr. Meli.You go boy, go get her and do your thing.For those losers common guys theres plenty of fish in the sea,stop whynning.The lady has accepted Mr. Meli's request,grow up and move on maybe you could get her on the rebound. For the time being go and 'KARI SASA'.hAPPY NEW YEAR TO THE NEW COUPLE.

wadana said...

good one GL.

kari sasa!!!....moku koli!!!!lol

BC said...

Hopefully these new Fiji Policemen will have better eyesight than their fathers, and able to identify those Corrupt Police from that bashing video.

They still haven't been able to identify those police from that video.

Wow , how many policeman in Fiji?

And they cant identify them?

May be they should show these new recruits a porno video as warm up as to what to look for.
Is that "warm up" or "curtain raiser"
I'm sure these new recruits will have very sharp eyes and can pick out who the culprits are.
Show them the Prisoner-escapee-bashing video pliz!
Let them catch the corrupt policemen.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

What is wrong with some of our iTaukeis children getting jobs? Qarase is Mugabe of Fiji because he took the lands away from Indian farmers. Now those lands are full of
Johnson grass.

rajend naidu said...

Kelvin Anthony is right in reminding us that " 2014 is election year" and our thinking should be directed to "this important event " rather than the "trivial matters" which he says should be "sidelined for the next eight months" (Fiji Times 7/1).
But I can't see that happening because the mob in power want people to just continue with their lives as if all is well in Fiji under their "benevolent" leadership(read dictatorship) and the mainstream media in Fiji are happy to propagandize this for the regime.
The Fiji Sun editorial comment (7/1) that this is election year but no one in the north are talking elections is a good example of this media pro-regime slant.
In fact the regime at one stage had got its cheerleaders to pop up in various places to declare there was no need for elections in Fiji because the usurpers were doing such an excellent job in running the country! And the media was dutifully presenting this as "news".
I suspect discussions on the quality of Fiji fruitcake, the number of people Udre Udre chowed, etc etc will continue to be centre stage in Fiji politics right up till election day!
Rajend Naidu

mark manning said...

I can well comprehend Fijians, in their desperation for employment for their loved ones, to do whatever it takes.
It would interesting to know however, which of these new recruits' relatives already in the Fiji Police Force, are Military personnel.
I'm sure that the irony has not been lost on some Police Officers, especially those with a long history of employment in the Fiji Police Force.
Hopeful over time, many of them will turn against Frank and Co. if indeed they haven't already.
When the time is right, I'm sure many will support a return to Democracy and all it entails. they may well be the very people who will be doing the arresting, post coup!

Meli B. said...

Rajesh,when are you going to give back the money you stole from innocent people in Fiji before you fled the country? Thieving bastard.

Biswa said...

PDP will struggle in the elections but will do better than NFP and FLP. Partly because its new and there is no politics of the old.

SDL or sodelpa will also struggle as it was bank on racial politics, emotionally charged issues such as gcc, religion etc.

Anonymous said...

Agreed PLP will do better against FLP because it is a chor party, and against NFP party of old farts.

Anonymous said...

We don't give a fark about Kabakoro or Kabawaqa.
As far as I'm concerned he can go fark meli or fark voreqe as much as she likes.
All we want is for this farking criminal family to be sent to jail for farking up so many Fijian lives.
And stop the kana loto from the sweat of other Fijians.

This farking treasonist family need to be dealt with properly in October 2014.

Dad said...

So, if a priests son/daughter wants to follow in his father/mother's footsteps and become a priest to serve the almighty/community, does that also make them [parents] guilty of nepotism?

Just as we all worship the ground our parents walk on and aspire to be just like them [in most cases!], I'm sure those children who chose to follow their parents for the same reasons...

Croc hunter said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Being a policeman like your dad,mom, granddad is simply like being a doctor, or nurse, or a teacher following mum and dad's career.
that's the way it is as we call it.

for new rookies and children of police officers, there has to be a way to set their mind and see the future of the force in correct order.
we can't do anything at the moment because our nation is currently so so farked by the militarization in general.
but for children of the military... that's another story,,,
A Military Family and an Inidian Family is currently farking up the Fijian nationals.
Fark the Elections,
Grow more grass and drink more kava... that's more like it...

Anonymous said...

@ Dad 3.03 PM
the officers of the Fiji police Force who have failed miserable to discharge their professional duty of care to the people of fiji since coming under the thumb of the Fiji military dictatorship how can they be models for any one to follow!
Dad you know you are lying about why the sons of police officers are getting into the police force.
It's nepotism - pure and simple!
So if the police officers where university lecturers their sons would automatically follow in their footsteps? Bullshit!!
the sons can only follow their fathers in the Fiji police and the Fiji military because there is no merit based system there.

Anonymous said...

Rajend, if you have lived in Udreudre's days, he would empty your pockets, cut your baku and roast you for 21 nights to eliminate the indian scent. then..... there you go mate!!!

enjoy your days in Aussie. never in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Boreqe banimagama madarchod....salah....kutar....chutia....

kamlesh kumar said...

Update: 2:03PM MORE rural roads will be upgraded this year.

That is the focus of the Fulton Hogan Hiways as they had safety training for their staff members at the Samabula Depot today.

The government contractor contracted to carry out maintenance works on the roads said while some rural roads were upgraded last years, more attention will be given to it this year.
Company general manager Peter Watts said they will also continue to upgrade roads in the Suva CBD and do improvement works along the Queens Road.


$1mil to fight poll: Party

The People’s Democratic Party (PDP) estimates it will need $1 million to fight in coming elections. Party spokesperson Nirmal Singh said they were counting on their supporters to help with party finances.

Mr Singh said people are out there showing their support for PDP. “To raise that money is not easy but we have that goodwill there so we are going to ride on that goodwill.”

After the party’s annual convention in early February, the party will be calling for expressions of interest. The party maintains that a minimum of 30 per cent women and youth will make up the 50 candidates for the polls.

Mr Singh said the voting public in this election was different. “People understand what is going on. I have a strong feeling that most people have already made their decision about whom they are going to vote for.”

kaba vei Kamlesh said...

Kamlesh kumar..you cant even spell Fulton Hogan Highways mai chod..go suck ur own boci u idiot!! All u do is bark like a dog with boils & lice in his arse & kani2 body u baku!!

This story of police sons & daughters joining the police or following their parents into the army or police,has been in practice since Fiji got independence, so its nothing new C4.5. I have seen it happen whilst at the police academy@nasova

Anonymous said...

Nepotism is not only in the Fiji Police Force but its all over the place.

For more than a year, executive management staff in FIRCA are pushing through their families/relatives as Temporary Officers and attachment staff. And even more interesting, most of these people are eventually taken on in permanent positions. It will be interesting to see the results if an audit is done of all the recruitments at FIRCA in the last 6 to 12 months.

Anonymous said...

Q: So, if a priests son/daughter wants to follow in his father/mother's footsteps and become a priest to serve the almighty/community, does that also make them [parents] guilty of nepotism?

A: No, because they'd be serving God, not themselves and their families. If, on the other hand, the priest's son/daughter became a shill to serve the dictator/treason, that does make them [parents] guilty of raising a shameless traitor.

Anonymous said...

Yes, people understand what is going on. That's why Nirmal Singh and the PDP are struggling to raise any money. They don't really stand for anything. When your only platform is "we are new, and we are not the NFP", you're not going to raise much money, much less win elections.

That's why the PDP began its miserable existence by opportunistically trying to entice the dictator to run under its banner. It seems that the people in this party are only united by their common desire to hold public office, not by any principles or concern for the commonweal.

Anonymous said...

The Labour Party under Mahendra Chodory and his arsehole son Rajendra Chodory were same that government would change in 2013. Rajend fuck your father Mahen, it's already 2014.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.27am, what a stupid comment. Not only PDP, every party and politician is united by their common desire to hold public office, otherwise why enter politics and form political parties? To lose elections?. Can you name one party or politician who does not want to win public office?

Mahen Chaudhry has already sold out his voters for $$. He will sell both his grandmother and grandfather to win the next election. He would sell his mother and father to become PM.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:12, the moronic comment is yours. Of course, parties and politicians want to hold office, but for what purpose? Is it because they have an agenda, like limited government, tax reform, social justice, etc.? Or is it because they crave publicity, want a title so they feel important, or want to feed at the public trough? In the case of the PDP, Nirmal Singh and company aren't showing us the former, so we have to assume it's the latter.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.59pm, don't be naive. politicians also want to hold office because they crave publicity and want to feel important and feed from the trough. All these are strong reasons for wanting to enter politics. Just think chaudhry and donations scam, or Qarae and FHL share scam. where have you been all this time? Hibernating? you sound too idealistic. too much faith in politicians. PDP is new party. it is still formulating plans. even old parties haven't got their plans fully worked out. be realistic.

kamlesh Kumar said...

Qarase the Mugabe of Fiji has FHL scam, agricultural scam and qoliqoli scam under his belt, yet SODELPA members worship him.

Anonymous said...

Or Bainimarama and the election sham?

You're the one who's naive if you're putting any faith in the PDP to make a difference.

Obviously the larger point is lost on you. There are a few who would place themselves at the service of the nation, but there are many who would place the nation at their service. You don't seem capable of discerning the difference.

Anonymous said...

To all you Qarase haters, it must be remembered that the so called FHL scam(??)he has been one time too many penalized for occurred way way before voreqe requested him to take the leadership role of our nation. It really is very clear now, after all that has happened since 2006 to this day, that a very unsettled few who have benefited greatly from the spoils of this illegal regime are now clutching at straws! The writing is on the wall...your days are numbered...to those opportunistic benefactors.

Anonymous said...

Shamima Ali--Happy Birthday---62--still going strong.remember the famous mango tree in Natabua High ??---the beautiful late 1968-9-1970-71.

GL said...

If the new recruits [Police relatives] underwent all the tests and exams and passed,then theres is nothing illegal about it.There is no law or decree that forbids or prohibits children or relatives of Police Officers from joining the Fiji Police.

Anonymous said...

jan 8 10.33am
whats your act with shamima ali under the mango tree in those pre historic days got to do with the topic?
stop wet dreaming and get back to reality moron wanker!!!

Ex Navy said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

premila kumar has witch like fingers.

too much make up!

She is empty but just barks.

Go and sell kava!

Investigate how your husband ( Jai Kumar) got a job at USP without it being advertised.

Send one your staff to investigate this!

Party of Old Farts said...

Oldest fielding the young
|Fiji News |

Fiji’s oldest political party is looking to field young candidates in the upcoming general election. National Federation Party (NFP) president Raman Pratap Singh said: “I can assure you that there will be a lot of new young faces.”
Mr Singh spoke about the challenges he personally faced regarding the possible extinction of the party.
“For the start, we are looking at younger faces in the party which we will announce at the appropriate time,” he said.
Through its working committee, the party will decide about the number of candidates to field for the general elections.
This is expected to happen after the annual general meeting in March.

D N SINGH said...

Shamima Ali is NOT a Natabua High school graduate..she went to Nadi Muslim....didn't have enough brains to make the Natabua grade....that mango tree must be at Nadi Muslim school.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous in CAPITAL LETTERS wrote family tradition in services are common.

These days, this is true..in democracies this is called family tradition to serve your country but in a dictatorship like this fyked up Bainimarama regime this called breeding mgaitinana kawa ni coups.

This is similar to fyked up families we see illegally ruling over Syria and North Korea.

And this stupid girl Kabakoro.Why is she coming all the way from the land of freedom to marry a fyked up kawa ni coup Meli and joining a fyked up family like Bainimarama?

Kabakoro are good people, could someone please tie her ankles together and take her back to USA before she gets infected with kawa ni coup poisoni.

Bainimarama name is shittiest name on the planet!!!!

Anonymous said...

Q: "Can you name one party or politician who does not want to win public office?"

A: "Sure can. Frank Bainimarama -- a politician who doesn't want to win public office; he just wants to seize and keep it."

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1.53PM.

A bit rich calling Bainimarama a politician.

He is a failed military officer who katukatu for his life under fire.
He is a traitor for criminalizing his oath of allegiance as a naval officer to commit reason
He is a liar for bullshitting everyone including his own stupid soldiers.
He is a murderer who will face murder charges in the future.
He is a thief obtaining illegal wages and perks from innocent tax paying citizens for him and his fyked up family members to benefit.

I can go on till I fill this forum of his shit but I am finding it hard to find decent words to describe this....mgatinana, boci, motherfucking,sonalevu@@@**%%$$

Anonymous said...

Ok,OK Anonymous 2.09pm

Very sorry about labeling Bainmarama in class of politicians.

Rephrase question should be:

A. Can you name a dictator in Fiji who wants to be a politician in the next elections?

B. Let me see..mmmmm...you right anon 2.09..this bokola from Kiuva..mgatinana,bothy..lasulau,luvei Setani,vutusona,lamusona $$##@@**!!

Tweiiii..ksivita na matana..baststi!!!!

Phew :) now!!!

Anonymous said...

Wow, someone would really have to be a despicable POS if the label "politician" is too good for him! But in Bainimarama's case, I certainly take your point.

Anonymous said...

The PDP platform: "Vote for us. We're running for office. No particular plans if we win. But we could sure use the salaries and perks!"

Anonymous said...

Why can't the Keans and Bainimarama marry?

Their kids would be too lazy to steal!!

Why can't the Kabakoro's and Bainimarama marry.

Oh shit!!! The devil just whispered in Hosanna's ear...eat this apple!!!

Ex Navy said...

Police intake are a little better than those big ulukau's at the Army barracks.Their intake are much much worse than any other displine forces on this earth.They employ murderers,rapists,molester.pedophile.bullies,abusers,thieves.ulukau,ululala,vuli vakavo,no school and mostly gays.

SDL said...

Fiji has lost one of its true sons at the Suva Private Hospital at midday today.The former PM and leader of the SDL passed away after a short illness.He will be buried in his village in Vanuabalavu. Moce Sir!You have served us well!

Anonymous said...

Io dua na ka na veivutusona caka tiko mai Kalokolevu.

Komai said...

Fiji Police is second to LTA in corruption. LTA takes the Gold Medal and the Police get Silver in the 3rd place is iTaukei Land Board.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's police are not pulling strings.

They are the puppets.

Ex Navy said...

Komai I think its the military that supposed to be given the gold medal because of the vuli vaka vo,form 4.ulukau and ululala.no school......Ive run out of words in describing those dick heads at the military boot camp...

Anonymous said...

Another golden opportunity for the PDP to give us its best pitch about why we should vote for them, but what do we get? Nothing but a popcorn fart!

Anonymous said...

Shamima Ali is from Sabeto,Nadi--but she did attend Natabua.She has a very nice younger sister.Her good mother worked for Hunts Travels in Ltk-opposite the then Sea Coast restaurant.She was a good lady-not like the abusive husband.All schs have mango trees.-Natabua had a famous one-DN Singh used to send his prefects there quite often --and not to pick mangoes,of course.Happy Birthday,Shamima-memories-memories--the trees,cars,roads,the smell--!!

Anonymous said...

Some people still having nightmares over Mr Qarase. The world has moved on. Focus is on the thieving, murdering, conniving, corrupt bainimarama now.

Anonymous said...


Fiji Times:

Workers lose jobs

Maciu Malo
Wednesday, January 08, 2014

Terminated project staff workers protest in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH+ Enlarge this image

Terminated project staff workers protest in Lautoka. Picture: BALJEET SINGH

ABOUT 100 PWD workers in Lautoka are concerned about their future and that of their families after receiving termination letters.

Some of the workers approached the media out of concern for the welfare of their families and children.

With the new school term to start in two weeks, 48-year-old Joeli Gucake said as a sole breadwinner, he was very worried.

He said he had worked for the PWD as a mechanic for 23 years.

"One of my children will be in Form Seven, one in Form Six and the youngest is in Class Eight," Mr Gucake said.

"I am worried about where to get the money to support their education........

Anonymous said...

@ Popcorn farter, I am lost about about why to vote for larger parties - NFP, FLP, SODELPA, etc. I have not heard their 'best pitch' yet. Maybe you can enlighten us?

Anonymous said...

Anon @9:43 PM

You stand to be corrected. Shamima is from Nawaka, Nadi where her dear mom still resides. Shamima attended Andrew's Girls School and than went on to Natabua High. Her sweet mom worked for Parsad's Pharmacy in Nadi town.

Shamima is her hay days was the most beautiful girl in Nadi.

Nadi Mayor said...

"Shamima is her hay days was the most beautiful girl in Nadi.

January 9, 2014 at 12:33 PM"

you mean Nadi town??? there are still a lot of beautiful girls in Nadi town ...only some turn out to be boys when naked !!!

Anonymous said...

The NFP, FLP, and SODELPA/SDL all have long records spanning many years. They also have made scores of statements against the present tyranny and regarding a wide range of other issues. By contrast, all the PDP has shown us so far is a traitorous and opportunistic attempt to get Bainimarama to run under its banner -- also silly platitudes about it being "new", and so somehow better, and ready to take Fiji "forward".

Oh yeah, its propagandists also said we should vote for it, because it's "not the NFP". Following that criterion, I guess we could vote for the Nazi Party also.

Hmmm, I think I just figured out what party banner Bainimarama IS going to run under. It's the one with a swastika on it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.13pm, you really are a dunce. NFP's Vinod Patel and Chandu Umaria in bed with regime. People like Biman Prasad are neither here or there. They make one critical statement about the regime, followed by three statements praising the regime, confusing the voters.

Only genuine people with balls in NFP Attar Singh and Pramod Rae but they have been sidelined. You talk about NFP record, hahaha latest record is losing three elections in a row.

FLP record: Mahen Chaudhry supported the coup, evaded tax, stole donations. FLP is nothing but family party run by dictator mahen...hmmm very impressive record. SODELPA is remnant of racist, corrupt SDL Party involved in Agriculture and various other scams. The list of SDL failures is too long to mention, but perhaps this is what you mean by distinguished record?

You talk about "propagandists" but you a very talented propagandist yourself for failed and corrupt parties and their leaders. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:43, where did I write of their DISTINGUISHED records? I didn't.

They have some accomplishments, but they've done sordid things, too, and probably everything you say about them is true.

But your problem is this: everything I said about the PDP is also true.

Anonymous said...

I did'nt know that Ilisoni Ligairi was in the police force..or are you mistaking him with Isikeli Ligairi? Please get your facts right..

Anonymous said...

EX Navy: You sounds like an idiot. Who said that 1987 and 2000 coups were good. I wonder why you are saying that those coups were good? Is it because you want justify that 2006 is also good ? Now 1987 coup conspirators were pardon because the president interveen. The 2000 coup maker which Bainimarama is also a party were prosecuted except Bainimarama because he back stabbed the CRW soldiers.2006 coup Baiimarama will be prosecuted later when the dust sattles for the 2000 and 2006 coup. Equality only from the mouth nothuing in reality. All coups are illegal and ethically wrong.

Anonymous said...

All the people in Fiji respect the constitutioin except the Military. The very institution who suppose to uphold the cobnstitution they always tear down the constitution and they do not have respect for the law and order in our country,The whole institution should be abolished then Fiji will be free and safe.

rajend naidu said...

Australia has today enacted its first national whistleblower protection law.
That can only be a good thing for democratic governance because it further strengthens the accountability and transparency regime in the country.
I am sure Fiji will also adopt such a whistle blower protection law when it returns to democratic rule.
Right now transparency, accountability and public scrutiny are not high up in the governance model of the Fijian military dictatorship.
It is not a democratic model.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Amen! @ Rajend Naidu.

Esp. in public institutions and particularly in law enforcement bodies such as the Fiji Police where nepotism and cronyism has become the rule rather than exception.

Anonymous said...

@ Rajend Naidu whistle blowing, what about corruption and nepotism at Consumer Council. Premila Kumar is not investigating corruption at USP. Premila's husband Jai Karan was appointed marketing and development manager without advertising. Jai Karan is unqualified. But he is USP VC Rajesh Chandra's friend. Jai Karan, Rajesh Chandra and Premila support illegal coup. Premila is a witch. havr you seen her fingers? She is arrogant to staff. Go and investigate your husband at USP you witch. Clean your own backyard.

Anonymous said...

Albert : Your comment is just showing us who you support and that is Bainimarama. Do not be mislead by what one person said.All native Fijian hate Bainimarama and that is the fact and you will witness that if the election Bainimarama will be luck to win a single rep otherwise it will be a white wash for SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

True Up Man :What kinds of development are you talking about. Who approved that development?That is taxpayers money not Bainimaramas money but he is using the governments money in his favour to gain political milage and buying votes.Bainimarama is messing up the governments fund. He has no development plan.He is building houses and school to attract voters but do not be blind by that look beyond your nose Bainimarama is trying his best to hold on to power.If you vote for Bainimarama you are contributing to the destruction of the native Fijian race.If you want peace in Fiji then DO NOT VOTE For Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

PDP haters...take a chill pill. PDP has never once said that it wants frank and his goons to run its banner. Remember PDP was formed by FTUC and in reply AIARSE banned all unionist from running for election unless they resigned from thier union jobs.
Lets call a spade a spade...

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