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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Fiji coup leader at nearby hotel as son ties knot

WEDDING PARTY: Frank Bainimarama was not at son Meli's recent wedding.

Nuptials but no parents at wedding.

Not the wedding of the year but certainly a most controversial one.

Meli Bainimarama, the soldier son of the country's self-appointed prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, recently tied the knot with former teen queen, Hosana Kakaboro.

The nuptials were sealed at a beach resort near Namatakula but neither parents of the bride or the groom attended, although Frank Bainimarama was nearby in Naviti.

Bainimarama junior is marrying for the first time and has children to his previous partner; this marriage doesn't appear to have the blessing of his coup leader father or spend-up large mother, Mary.


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Anonymous said...

whose the blackie on the third from left and whose the whitey on the xtreme right. are they body guards or body bags?

Anonymous said...

So fella bloggers wat is the latest around the FDB saga Zakia Dean n Saiyad seems no action has been taken or only action in Waterfront and other hotels around. Seems that the top executives are taking a blind eye on everythng around this and also Me Zakia Dean has done the wonders sitting on bosses and fucking them surely dats y notiung no action or reaction???????????????

Anonymous said...

@ 5.07pm

"Misery acquaints a man with strange bedfellows"
~ The Tempest (1611) act2 sc2.

Anonymous said...

Komai there is no such thing as a good Muslim. All Mullahs are same pigs. The best thing to do is to get them all on a island and do a bomb test. Let's see how many will survive.

FDB Suva said...

FDB boss has asked for a explanation on what all is happenning and his other executives have told him that he has no right to ask for personal stuffs so poor deve is lost in his own world.Dont kno who is covering whose ass here.

Ex Navy said...

To the gossipers,to the jealous people and to those old pervet and loosers I love you all .Peace be with you and good luck to Meli and his beatiful wife.Meli looks handsome than some of the old monkeys commenting here.The wife looks beatiful compared to your ugly daughter Fijiwise and that is why you are jealous.Go and grow some hair you ugly bald head.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Would really like to see the blog administrator bring some of these serial potty-mouths to task. Stop trashing this blog with your puerile gutter language!

Anonymous said...

ExNavy/BC@12.45pm...At least you
speak the truth and the truth shall
set you free? In case Khai become
the PM or Pressy-please remind me to sign over my FHL "A" shares to
you guys to pull the coup?

rajend naidu said...

Jalesi Nakarawa of Hamilton,NZ tells us that when he took an "express" bus recently from Suva to Nadi he was "told explicitly that [he] cannot get off in Namaka because the express bus stops only in towns"(Fiji Times 15/1).
Then to his "dismay" he found the "express" bus actually picking and dropping off passengers "in all places along the way"!!
Perhaps Jalesi got special treatment because of the special relationship he has with the mob in power in Fiji currently!!
Rajend Naidu

Kamlesh said...

Who says Bainimara is not a good PM?
Free education a win for families

Samuel Berenyi
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Dinesh Prasad assists a customer looking for school bags yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA+ Enlarge this image

Dinesh Prasad assists a customer looking for school bags yesterday. Picture: ATU RASEA

THE new education budget aimed at waiving school tuition fees for families through government funding has proven to be a real hit among many parents with children attending school.

With many expenses associated with going back to school such as books, stationery, uniforms and backpacks, the relief that comes through not having to worry about school fees is a real godsend.

Seini Rauca from Kadavu has a daughter in Form Four and she said she liked the new budget and thought it was a great thing for her family.

"Especially for us from rural areas, we are happy we have the government's help," she said.

Taina Tikotikoca, a single mother of Vuci Rd at Nausori, also expressed gratitude for the new education budget.

"I'm a single mum, and they (the government) have helped me a lot," she said.

Education Minister Filipe Bole said there was a big budget for schools this year.

""We have a big budget for this year, $541.5million for our ministry for both primary, secondary and also a loan scheme for the tertiary institutions

Anonymous said...

I think "Rajesh Singh" above is actually Graham Davies.
Upto his old tricks again.
What a dickhead!





Uniforms a concern

Samuel Berenyi
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

THE cost of school uniforms continue to be financial strain on some Fijian parents buying school supplies for their children.

Despite the government implementing a new budgetary allocation to help cover the costs of tuition fees, some parents say they are still feeling the pinch of expensive school uniforms.

Tailevu dad Joeli Seruiratu, who was shopping in Suva yesterday, said he spent about $80 on his son's school uniforms of two sulu and two shirts.

According to Mr Seruiratu, "the price of uniforms is going up"......

Anonymous said...

fark free education free busfare...people don't feel any difference

rajend naidu said...

In Bangladesh the people belong basically to the one same ethnic stock and religion.
And yet we read in the article 'Bangladesh - the deal breaks down' by Gwynne Dyer in the Winnipeg Free Press (14/1)that in the recently held elections more than a hundred polling stations were set on fire, and 200 killed in political violence.
Bangladesh was" a country where poverty was endemic,famine an occasional visitor,political turbulence was permanent,and there were frequent military coups".
The last election "has no democratic credibility.(The European Union, the Commonwealth, and the United States all refused to send observers to monitor polls).
The incumbent powerholder refused to follow the established policy of stepping aside and allowing a " neutal caretaker" government to conduct the elections.
So why do we have such "political turbulence" in Bangladesh where people share the same "race" and religion?
Dyer provides a very perceptive answer : "The problem is politics".
Now, although Fiji is made up of people belonging to different races - predominately ethnic Fijians,Indians, Chinese and Part Europeans (or should that now read Part Fijian?) - how many polling stations have been set on fire and how many people have been killed in any election violence?
And yet we have opinion makers like CCF's Akuila Yabaki telling us that Fiji like South Africa "has to struggle against the curse of racism" and that "the South African success in its struggle against Apartheid, has yielded lessons for Fiji as we seek to build a fully multiracial society" (Fiji Sun 15/1).
I thought Fiji was already a successful multiracial society in 1986. Isn't that why the Pope on his visit to Fiji said "Fiji the way the world should be"?
Yabaki is unwittingly accepting and perpetuating the myth of "ethnic tension" to explain the political fuck-ups happening in Fiji.
The reality in Fiji like in Bangladesh is that it's not race but politics that is the problem,
And the problem is political scoundrels trying to hang onto power or to grab power unlawfully by manipulating the military and by playing the "race card".
Race is just a pretext in Fiji used by power hungry leaders to serve their political agenda.
Politics and power struggle is the real issue.
We need to grasp that reality and not get side tracked by the fiction of "ethnic tension".
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

who the heck are all those uncircumcised bocis in the photo....??
a bunch of village less cultureless idiots!!

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh, who says Bainimarama is not a good PM? I do, and so will most voters, which is why he's afraid to have free elections.

Anonymous said...

A nice picture of this newlywed couple: Bainimarama's Son and Kaiyum's daughter. What a Union !!!

Anonymous said...

Rohit Latchan, gravelling tarseal roads since 1977

Anonymous said...

All the Best to the happily married couple....this is a wedding nothing more nothing less....

Anonymous said...

She just found a shortcut in her climb up the social ladder.

Hosanna Kabakoro said...

1. Hosanna married the man she fell in love with.
2. Her parents couldnt attend because the date was changed at the last minute and tickets/work shcedules could not be changed. We were able to participate "via Skype."
3. The Bainimaramas were not present at the ceremony because the couple wanted keep their special day small and not have it politicized. Frank did attend the lakovi and presented lovely tabua to Ratu Jo, Hosanna's great uncle. He has been very loving and supportive of their attempts to live and give-back to the nation they both love.
4. Ive been a Permanent Resident of Fiji since 1989. There has been no revocation of my permit.
5. We love and support our daughter and Meli in their marriage and hope we can serve to encourage them with wisdom just as our own parents did for us.
6. I have spent 25 years establishing rural health care, early education and literacy programs in Fiji. Ive worked with Rabuka, Speed, Chaudry, Qarase, Ratu Sir Kamisese Mara and others, without becoming entangled in political issues. As a guest in Fiji, this is the only correct response. Hosanna loves her nation. She holds no bitterness toward those who erred back in 2000. We have all moved on and hold nothing but love for Fiji and its people, ALL of its people, in our hearts.
Viciousness, vulgarity and hatred are reflections of broken spirits, weary hearts and jealous minds.
Meli is working hard to suuport his family and frankly, the charge that he has millions of dollars is ludicrous. He works hard and so does Hosanna.
May God continue to bless Fiji and those who live there.
Mrs. Summer Kabakoro

Anonymous said...

Meli Bainimarama is a criminal and he was outside Qarase's house during the coup, laughing.
He is not a child.
He knew what he was doing.

If Meli wants to do the right thing he can come out right now and declare that what he did was wrong.
And that his father is wrong.

Meli and his stupid father will be taken to court and hopefully get the right punishment for TREASON
ie hang from a tree in Sukuna Park.

Anonymous said...



Save the Children Fiji to fight malnutrition

Dawn Gibson
Sunday, January 12, 2014

A TOTAL of 420 children below the age of five died of malnutrition last year, a Save the Children Fiji study revealed.

And this year, the organisation will aim to halve the current statistics....

Anonymous said...

If you do the crime, you do the time.
Isn't that what they say in America?

Arent they still taking Holocaust War Criminals to Court.
And that crime was 68 years ago.

So what about these 2 arseholes.

Anonymous said...

"Viciousness, vulgarity and hatred are reflections of broken spirits, weary hearts and jealous minds."

Vinaka Summer. You've just aptly described your daughter's beloved father-in-law who's kept a nation under siege the last 8 years.

Why keep an unarmed people under duress, threats amid draconian decrees which deny them of a host of civic and human rights - rights that you undoubtedly enjoy back there in the States?

What's more, its equally ludicrous that you'd presume that your new son-in-law does not stand to benefit from his father's ill-gotten wealth - the sum and details of which has been denied public scrutiny the last 8 years.

Some things t mull over?

Anonymous said...

I commend you, Mrs. Kabakoro, for trying to put a brave face on your daughter's tragic choice of husbands. It must be difficult to know your daughter is married to a traitor and now has a father-in-law who is a tyrant, traitor and murderer. Perhaps worst is having your family name linked to treason down through the generations.

As a parent, I pity you. Must be tough for you. Very tough!

BC said...

Hopefully after the honeymoon Hosanna will wake up to the truth, that all is not well in Paradise.

And I hope she has the courage to walk out.
It was a stupid mistake.

Anonymous said...

what did hosana see in a drunk, alcoholic, womanising, immature guy like Meli? Hosana used to sound so smart. how can she do such a dumb thing? Meli is a notorious pub crawler seen lying drunkedly on Suva city streets in the early hrs of the morning after the clubs close. real trouble will start after romance wears off. will he go back to the pub and ladies of the pub? let's hope for her sake he changes and becomes real man.

Anonymous said...

Yes, now go pray for them.

Anonymous said...

Summer Kabakoro
Thanks for your explanations which are lousy not even acknowledging that Meli was armed outside Qarase's house and committing treason.
He will go to prison like his father.
Good Riddance.

Fiji News said...

Prime Minister Commodore Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama announced today that his son Meli Bainimarama will succeed him as Commander of the RFMF when he steps down from this position on 1 March.

"Meli Bainimarama has the leadership qualities to ensure the integrity of our military as an institution and to see that we finish what we have already well begun", PM Bainimarama told cheering officers and soldiers assembled at Queen Elizabeth Barracks. The Prime Minister added: "He is an experienced soldier. He has his own successful security company. And he will provide the continuity our forces need during this time of transition to true democracy. I expect each of you to give him every support".

An audio file is attached to this story.

Prime Minister Bainimarama has announced his intention to run for political office after stepping down 1 March.

"Commodore Bainimarama is Fiji's greatest Prime Minister ever", said Gen. Mosese Tikoitoga. "He is transparent, honest, and polite. He is taking us forward. I wholeheartedly support his decision and will support our new Commander to the utmost".

Fiji News said...

At the request of the Ministry for Information, we wish to retract the story related to Prime Minister Bainimarama's announcement of a successor as RFMF Commander. An official announcement will be made in due course. We regret any misunderstanding caused by the premature release of this story.

Anonymous said...

Meli will be Commander of the RFMF.

Hosanna will be Commander of Meli.

Anonymous said...

She got hers today.

He'll get his tonight.

They'll get theirs tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hossana marrying this prick has really devalued her local celebrity status.

I doubt she would've said yes to Meli if his dad wasn't appointed military commander, carried out the coup, became pm (illegal).

Anonymous said...

Our beloved fiji wil only change if the mentality of its citizens change.. what I can conclude from the comments above is that fijis future looks bleak

sue said...

cmon people can change let us nt point fingers we all make mistake,i lie steal,gossip,etc...so as you...its easy to point at others and cant realise our own mistake...let us love one another...when theres no LOVE in the country there is no PEACE...lets not bring past years coup and all but instead let us thank what Bainimarama is doing in our country today...

Anonymous said...

Gee some people are ignorant. the beach house is not even a luxury resort. It's a backpackers/budget type accommodation. Yavu ulukau

Anonymous said...

Congrats Karua Meli. E ra Lasu Kece. Make Sure Ga Chandus Banana Recovers intime for the Upcoming Election.

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Unknown said...

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