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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

No election can ever legitimise Bainimarama

He's standing down as commander in chief but does it mean free and fair elections?

Frank Bainimarama has announced he will relinquish the all- powerful-role military role next month but has made no details available yet about his new political party or who his running mates are.

As has been his practice, he has drip fed the miserly information to citizens when and how it suits him and his agenda to keep a right rein on the country, this time via the ballot box.

Anyone who thinks the grand gesture to give up his stripes should be applauded are kidding themselves. 

Bainimarama and the military officers who intend to run in the September elections do not have the mandate of the people and no sham of an election will change the fact they committed a coup and have held the country to ransom since 2006.


Anonymous said...

Bribery works every time, eh Fiji soldiers???

By MAIKA BOLATIKI, Managing Editor/News

Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama, looked relaxed when he spoke to members of the forces yesterday in Nabua, Suva, yesterday.
On February 28 he steps down as Commander and embarks on a political career, carrying with him the expectations of many people that he will find success in championing the cause his Government has chartered for the new Fiji.
Under his watch, the RFMF has grown from the political turmoil of 2000 to a robust organisation with a crucial role in national development.
Its younger officers are now well trained to be able to handle issues outside of the military. Military engineers have become the unsung heroes, working with various communities to help build roads, bridges, footpaths, homes, schools, nursing stations, health centres, churches and community halls.
Military personnel also serve in important positions in Governmnent and their influence is evident in the efficient way projects are being completed. Discipline and no-nonsense focus have driven many projects from start to finish. The completion rate of many of these developments is remarkable given the challenges like unfavourable weather and tight budgets.
Fiji’s contribution to the United Nations peacekeeping commitments is widely recognised. It continues to grow.
He should look back with satisfaction with his achievements. And he would not have been able to do it without the support of his wife, Mary, and their children. Commodore Bainimarama is a devoted family man.
This was reflected in his address to the RFMF members yesterday. He told them to use their money wisely for the benefit of their families.
Stressing the importance of family wellbeing he said: “School is restarting and I am hoping that our children are being prepared well to begin school this year. We all know that Government will pay for the school fees. But the parents are responsible for nurturing the children at home.”
His simple and down-to-earth approach to life, reinforced by strong family values, makes him an excellent leader.
He is going to be missed by the RFMF, and the families of all who serve, when he hands over the reins to his successor.

Anonymous said...

Do not be manipulated by politicians, troops urged


Prime Minister and Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama says the forces must ensure there is no repeat of the 2000 events.
He was addressing the First Quarter Parade at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Nabua, Suva, yesterday.
Commodore Bainimarama said the events triggered by the political turmoil led to the death of forces’ members in the camp .
“ You should not allow it to happen again in this camp,” he said.
He said the takeover in 2006 was the culmination of events that began in 2000, and marked the beginning of a new journey to build a new Fiji.
He said politicians used the military to try to achieve their own sectional interests in 2000. He said the forces should be aware of this type of politicians who thrived on negative and divisive policies.
“It’s beginning to resurface in the discussion over the new Constitution. I urge you to study it thoroughly and be familiar with its provisions and the Charter,” he said.
“See that political discussion is consistent with the Constitution and the Charter.
“They should form the core values of all political parties because they encompass the belief, desire, hope and aspiration of the people of Fiji
“Many thought that the idea for a takeover in 2006 was born the same year.
“For those of us who were there in the military in 2000, it was clear to us that 2006 was the end of a journey and a beginning of a new journey for our country.
“ Debate will continue and there will be fingerpointing but our conscience in the military is clear. We did something that was right and which would bring a greater good for the country.
“The outcome of all these discussions is that we are now going to hold a general election this year.”
“We are beginning to hear the politics of old again in campaigns.
“I wish to advise all members of the forces to be firm and not be influenced by negative and destructive politics.”
He said politicians should be responsive to the needs of the people.
Be wise in voting for their representatives in parliament, he cautioned.
He said beware of politicians who were not genuine and only wanted to be in parliament for their own self interests.
He called on everyone to protect the integrity of the forces and the camaraderie they had built and enjoyed.
He said they should look after the facilities and equipment provided by the Government. He said those in leadership must not abuse their positions.

Anonymous said...

Officers praise Commander
January 21, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

The Commander of the Fiji Military Forces will step down on February 28 but military officers are sad to see him go.
Sergeant Kameli Radoa said they would miss his leadership because he treated everyone equally and was always there to help them.
“He is a good man and he is the first commander who thinks about our welfare and continuously reminds us of the importance of families.”
“He emphasises the truth and transparency of our service and now that he is about to leave, we wish for a Constitution that states he can be the Commander and at the same time the Prime Minister.”
The Commissioner of Corrections, Lieutenant- Colonel Ifereimi Vasu, said Commodore Bainimarama gave his time to enhance the military.
“He always comes to the members and tries to improve the military and he always does what he says, he walks the talk.”
“I always admire him because he always wants us to put our families first and he gave his time to the force.”
Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, said Commodore Bainimarama did not only have good manners but had been an outstanding leader.
“He has kept the RFMF together in difficult times and the fact that he maintained the cohesion of the RFMF to what it is today is a testimony to that type of leadership”
“He has very good leadership; very honest, transparency is a trademark of a good commander and he loves his people.”
The RFMF’s chief operations officer, Lieutenant- Colonel Amani Suliano, said he was a good leader and treated everyone equally.

Anonymous said...

I don't watch fiji news anymore. sick of hearing about 'dirty politicians' from the filthy mouths of Bainimarama, Tikoitoga, Khaiyum etc etc. Anyone who believes this crap has been brainwashed

Piglets at trough again said...

The oldest of the piglets, Litiana Loabuka, is to stay on as the Chief Executive of the Fiji Sports Council. What a surprise. This levulevu screaming mee mee will lead victory parade through

BC said...

He talks about dirty politicians involved in 2000.
What were their names?

This is another bullshit story by Bainimarama.

Was it Qarase?
Well, Didnt he put Qarase there in 2000.

Who the fark is he talking about?

Was it Chaudry?
Then why did he invite Chaudry to do the coup with him in 2006.

So who the fark was it? Who are the dirty politicians?
Can you give us the names please Bainimarama.

This arsehole is lying through his teeth again.

Either that or he is just so farked up in the head he is confusing himself.

We all know that he himself arranged for the soldiers to do the coup in 2000.

There is no one else.
Only Bainimarama instigated the coup in 2000
And then did it again in 2006 to try and avoid jail.

Well. Come 2014 and you'll be hanging from the gallows.

This liar should be got rid off once and for all.

IF YOU COMMIT TREASON, then you get the punishment you deserve.
Hang the bastards!

Anonymous said...

One wonders what Bainimarama is saying in his speach to the soldiers.He has been saying this on many occations the lies and deceit of old poloticians.Tghe old politicians wre genuinely in parliment and were uillegally force out by the the biggest lier Bainimarama for the reason he stated on the evening of 2/12/2006 a clean up campaign. Since then none of Qarases member of parliment have ever been charged or convicted of corruptions. Instead Bainimarama and his regine have become very corrupted, He pay hiself million plus with Kaiyum in salary. TGhey appoint their relatgives to hold high positions in the government ans statuory bodies.No Auditor Generals report been released because it will show the misuse and abuse by the illegal regime. To our soldiers remember you are accountable to the people of Fiji. Bainimarama will be gone from the 28th of Mar ch the military institutioin remains. OInce Bainimarama is gone you have to make ammend to mistakes Bainimarama had made and he has been dragging the whole military institution with him to achieve what he himself want not the military and that is wealth,power and fame.The military have lost some of its loyal soldiers who tried to put things straight but the hand out made by Bainimarama in the form of salary increase was hard to resist and as such our soldiers loyality was actually bought by Bainimarama and his muslim elite group.Most importantly the law should be seen to be followed by every citizen of Fiji and no one is above the law. If Speight and his colnspirators were investigated, arrested, charged and sent to prison for treason, Bainimarama wityh those muslim elite group and some politicina loosers should also be incvestigated, assested, charged and prosecuted for treason BUT NOT the soldiers as they were following orders from Bainimarama their commander and as such Bainimarama is responsible for all criminal and civil breaches done by the soldiers.Looking back to the last 8u years uin Bauinimarama illegal reign what have we achieved NOTHING, NIL Only Bainimarfama had achieved a lot,he has bout some properties,where did he get the money from mistry ? He has appointyed his brother in law and his daughter and his son to his position like wise Kaiyum his brother and his Unti.Bainimarama has actually built for himself some bases to try and convince members of the public that he is a genuine capable person worth to be trusted but the truth is that he has been full of lies and deceit. He is very corrupted. He has abilished the GCC now the Provincial council will be abolished which meands that there will be no districh council and no village council It will be a total destruction of the native Fijian race. Bainimarama constitution has open the door to the government to grab native lands and decide what ever they want to do with it even when the lease is expired the government will extend it without the concent of the land owner.WHO IS TELLING LIES AND FULL OF DECEIT ? The old politicians or Bainimarama ? Definetly Bai nimarama,To the Military let Bainimarama Go as he want be a politician which will benefit himnself and his family and the Militry Institution will not benefit from it. One he resigned he is no longer in the military.but the military will continue even without Bainimarama.Let him fight a fare battle with other politicians in a level battle field if makes it good on him if he fails thehn he bite the dust every politician should be given equal chance in a fair, free and democratic election and there shouldnot be any interfearnce from Police or Military or Electoral Commission.

Anonymous said...

The statements written by Maika Bolatiki and Wati Talebula are all praise for the traitor, Bainimarama. This is understandable because any information that may be critical of Bainimarama and his last 14 years of dictatorship will land anyone in Naboro (just ask all his critics including Driti).

One just has to observe similar dictatorships such as Hitler, Gaddafi,Saddam Hussein,Kim Jong-un and Mubarak to see that regime media machines work tireless to cover up their sins and to beautify their sordid personalities.

This is similar to money laundering where criminals attempt to wash their money into and a legitimate financial system. Unfortunately, Bainimarama is not money because a mere propaganda machine can never wash away the countless crimes he has perpetrated on the citizens of Fiji.

Bainimarama is under pressure to step down because he cannot afford to con his troops forever. His claim to raise the standards of the military is false. The military is divided and morale is at an all time low. Officers cannot trust each other and anyone who attempts to question illegal orders are thrown in jail or out on the streets.

What about Bainimarama's so called glorious government. Lets look at the characters involved. Corrupt individuals such as Inoke Kubuobola, Filipe Bole, Jim Ah Koy, Epeli Nailatikau and others are not exactly the "new politicians" one can trust.

Bainimarama is just like a known pedophile warning kids in church to be vigilant against other pedophiles who may be corrupt. sinners.

Keep bullshitting Bai because this will be good practice for the penal system.

Anonymous said...

Ha,ha so true when you see video clip up at QEB.

Bai is a pedophile warning his abused children in green that if they listen to anyone other than him, they will certainly be misled and corrupted.

Anonymous said...

why can"t Bainimarama just resign and concentrate in his political ambition because that is his own personal desire and nothing to do with the military as an institution.Why is he telling soldiers to watch out for old politicians lies and deceit.He Bainimarama has been telling lies throught out the 8 years of his illegal reign and everyone knows the truth.Is Bainimarama telling our solders to step in if he loose the election.? He will definately loose the election. He can not compeet with those well educated and far more experience politicians.The only two ways he can beat those season politicians are by rigging and military interfearance otherwise he Bainimarama stand no chance of winning the election. To the military you are an a political I nstitution and should not in anyway interfear with politics your role and responsibilities is important deefending the people of Fiji from agression not defending the politicians for some favour.

Anonymous said...

Frank is liar and cannot be trusted .he keep changing tune.he is too scared to give up the commander post bec he is will end up in jail.
He turn 60 in april.retire anyway from rfmf.
Election will be rigged so frank remain in power.
All military benfiting from coup .lies more lies .never stop.

Anonymous said...

Litia appointed ceo FSC.
C4.5 pls try to get the break down of 20 million spend on national satdium upgrade.
I have spoken to my building contractor mate.
he said the upgrade shouldnt cost over 10 million.
Why 10 million extra spend? another Scam.

Anonymous said...

Peter Mazey/Litia tell the fijian tax payers .how 20 million was spend on national stadium upgrade.
Peter is a failed insurance agent of heath fiji ltd with george speight.
He was sucking with all elected govt now sucking regime and bano.he is a crook need bigtime investigation .how he got YWCA building to convert it in JJ IN THE Park Hotel?
What sports back ground he comes from to head BOTH FSC?
Ficac and police should investigate peter.

Viti Vou said...

Dear All,

People migrated to Viti thinking that they will make wealth out of our land like in any colonized nation/settler nation. Now a new form of migration namely the International Investors are using corrupt governments to access wealth from the disadvantage and disenfranchised people like the indigenous people. The rich men's logic is that they create wealth in the name of development so that every one will get the trickle down effects. This is BULL SHIT, excuse my language but I still maintain that is the right language for stupid people like you,

When a culture of a people is disturbed and the fabrics that connects and define the totality of its existence have been broken, complexities of social problems begins to emerge as we see today.

While growing up in the village I have not come across any of these modern sickness (high blood pressure, diabetes,cancers etc brought by the so called wealth creation strategies mediated through Government DP4, 5 and 6 etc. All these development strategies have one single goal ....to remove the ownership of land from its traditional owners and as a result our natural and pristine environment is now being contaminated and destroyed for ever.

Do not take me wrong.Development is good but NOT by controlled and manipulated by external forces.

The lies and deceit by the current regime can not penetrate the inner core of the Kaiviti solidarity and this can be effectively used by the Kai Viti dominated party for election campaign.

Again leave our land alone as warned by the Turaga na Tui Lau sa Bale. Mahen was trying to promote his Land Use Project and he was bitten by a snake.

People that argue that wealth can be generated through land access.

MY question is,

Who benefits from this?

The recent Bauxite Mining in Nawailevu, Bua is a classic example of how this government have manipulated processes using Land Bank which up till to date the land owners have only received not even a percentage of what the Chinese have stolen. Another sad thing is the environment damage that have been cover up by the Bua Provincial Office. But thank God for the Tui Wainunu who have been very vocal against mining in Bua.

Ask the Land owners of Vatukoula, Mt Kasi, Suvavou, Savusavu, Levuka etc?

International investors is like a creature without a soul. Look at what is happening to all indigenous tribes all over the world...their land, resources, etc are slowly being destroyed by the so called wealth creation strategies by international investors.

Our land connects us us to our identity, traditional culture, heritage etc and etc.
This current Regime is trying to destroy our identity.

This regime is an enemy of the I taukei ni Vanua o Viti.

Do not VOTE this Government.

Anonymous said...

Very soon Fiji Inteligence unit will uncover a plot to assisnate Baini and Kaiyumy and will delay the election.A men who blood in his hand will never hand himself up to go to jail.please don't believe anything until it happens.All his reign as a Dictator us narked by lies and then some.

Anonymous said...

Fiji biggest problem is the Army goons
GCC/Church/Vnaua/Voters are to vote this army thugs out.
We dont need this Army crooks in parliament.

Anonymous said...

Frank is a nationalist and supported his faceless boss to coup elected govt.
Frank will liumuri khaiyum soon.he made millions and got his hands dirty.
fijian liumuri will start soon like rabuka was liumuried .history will repeat itself soon.

mark manning said...

The critical question now would be, what happens if Frank doesn't accept the will of the people? How much more of his foolishness are Fijians prepared to endure?

mark manning said...

I wonder when Frank wrote this speech, was he looking at himself in the mirror!
So Aiyaz has successfully removed another obstical to his own push toward total control of Fiji.
Watch what you drink and eat Frank!

Anonymous said...

I've known Bainimarama personally for years, and he is completely opposite to how Tikoitoga portrays him. The man is not polite; he's an uncouth, boorish thug. He hasn't given good leadership. He is a treasonous, toxic leader who has created most of our nation's unrest since 2000. The man isn't honest or transparent in the least, as is plainly evident in his suppression of the Public Auditor reports and much more. He doesn't love his people; he's a user. He used the CRW as his pawns in 2000, and then he betrayed them.

He's betrayed us all. There is no leadership, courtesy, honesty, transparency or love in the man. It's all a lie, from start to finish.

Anonymous said...

Before admonishing the soldiers to familiarise themselves with the contents of the Charter and the "constitution", Bainimarama should do the same. He insists that all political discussion be consistent with the constitution and charter, but how is the BKC inconsistent with the Peoples Charter, which pledged, after all, to uphold the 1997 Constitution? He is the biggest violator of both the Constitution and his own phony Charter.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, blog administrator, for exercising your right and responsibility not to publish postings full of vulgarities and with no redeeming social value, from whatever side of the political divide they might originate.

Wake up Fiji said...

Good manners and leadership! Hahaha these idiots would say this because they good pay and are treated well as supporters. No one wants to admit Bainimarama is a thug who is doing anything he can to hang on to power.

The Commissioner of Corrections, Lieutenant- Colonel Ifereimi Vasu, said Commodore Bainimarama gave his time to enhance the military.
“He always comes to the members and tries to improve the military and he always does what he says, he walks the talk.”
“I always admire him because he always wants us to put our families first and he gave his time to the force.”
Land Force Commander, Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga, said Commodore Bainimarama did not only have good manners but had been an outstanding leader.
“He has kept the RFMF together in difficult times and the fact that he maintained the cohesion of the RFMF to what it is today is a testimony to that type of leadership”
“He has very good leadership; very honest, transparency is a trademark of a good commander and he loves his people.”
The RFMF’s chief operations officer, Lieutenant- Colonel Amani Suliano, said he was a good leader and treated everyone equally.

BoB said...

The Commander says that he wishes to advise us all to be firm and not be influenced by negative and destructive politics. But one man's "negative and destructive" is another man's "positive and constructive". We shouldn't be in politics at all. That is not the place for our RFMF.

Our officers should not be in government ministries. We have no business issuing decrees. We should not be asked to break our own laws.

Who are you to talk to us about integrity after you've brought us into disgrace with your corruption, lies and treason?

Anonymous said...

"Military personnel also serve in important positions in Government and their influence is evident in the efficient way projects are being completed."


Like the FRU, for example?


Rajesh said...

Why is the AG protecting Larry Claunch casino licence ?
Years have gone no sign of casino project starting.-Licence not cancelled, why?
How did the govt grant casino licence to larry/Mahogany licences without due diligence?
Ficac should investigate AG/Nur Bano company in conflict of interest.
Bano was the accountant and consultant of Caino and Mahogany company project.
Corruption at the higest level.
Why the media is not asking hard question to the regime ?
We have seen Auditor General govt account from 2007-2013.Why?
Here we read that PM govt will weed corruption out and give good transparent and accountable govt.
Time to take action and walk the talk.
Rajesh Singh
New Zeland.

rajend naidu said...

It is good news to hear that "Commodore Bainimarama [has]confirmed he would be stepping dowm as military commander on February 28 and would be handing over his role to his successor on March 1" ('Army chief to exit' Fiji Times editorial 21/1)
Anyone acquainted with Fiji politics would know the Commodore had already overstayed his term as commander of the Fiji army by staging a military coup in December 2006.
It is good that the Commodore is voluntarily stepping down to pave the way for elections.
Let us hope the elections return the country to the "true" democratic rule the Commodore had promised when he grabbed political power and that it is NOT business as usual - the kind the people of Fiji have been subjected to over the past seven years.
That would be a shameful tragedy for the people of Fiji.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

We don't want any soldiers to die, like in 2000.

But a sailor or two, maybe yes!

just saying said...

Fiji's fate was sealed when the Constitution was abrogated and decrees issued one after the other. Fijians now lethargic and without will power to overthrown illegal government. After almost 8 years of military dictatorship and evidence of a separate class system, they have succumbed to propaganda and the politics of punishment.

Anonymous said...

The question that has been in everyone's mind since the 2000 coup is why did the CRW soldiers revolt against Bainimarama when he was the same commander who ordered these men to assist Speight in taking over Parliament?
It must have been that Bainimarama had turned his back on them when they realized that the 2000 coup itself had failed, but the main culprit (Bai himself) had escaped scott free. In turn he allegedly ordered the slaughter of those CRW soldiers whose families have since become widowed and orphaned.
Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes was ready to prosecute Bai for his treasonous role when Bai executed the 2006 coup to escape the charge.
But Bai will not escape this time around because God has summoned him to his fate. Bai is coming to the end of his tether.

mark manning said...

Perhaps many within the military are just waiting, biding their time, for frank to lose his authority over the military, once he has resigned his Commission, before they retaliate and arrest him and Aiyaz and the illegally appointed Judges.
Prepare for a period of Martial Law, a slow painful return to Democracy and the appointment of a neutral caretaker Prime Minister and fresh legal elections in accordance with the Fiji Court of Appeal ruling of April the 9th. 2009 and re-establishment of the G.C.C.
This might explain why Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has been in Australia, not his sick son, as reported.
I think he's ready to jump ship and hope he will be arrested before leaving Fiji again.
I agree that Frank has no socially redeemable features and suspect that his son is the same and that Meli's new wife will discover this within 6 to 12 months also.
She should escape to America to give birth to her new offspring.

Anonymous said...

AG will not be around after the elections. will make a quick departure for Australia so as to ensure proper medical treatment for son. Has just bought multi million dollar property in sydney.


mark manning said...

@ anon 1236 p.m.
Where abouts? Address, street, number, suburb?
Fiji needs to get an extradition treaty with Australia and New Zealand so these thieves can be returned to face the courts in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama will not allow free and fair elections. Even Semi Meo must understand that by now. If Bainimarama permits elections at all, they will be window dressing for yet another farcical exercise designed to give an aura of legitimacy to the perpetuation of his tyranny. What we should be doing now is not just campaigning against him politically but laying concrete plans for actions to be taken as soon as Bainimarama pulls his next big betrayal. Don't fool yourself into thinking that Teleni, Tikoitonga or Aziz will take any action against Bainimarama if they become Commander. The people must lead before the army will follow.

Anonymous said...

Let us not forget that the Commodore stepped down from being illegal PM after the decision of the Appeals Court finding his coup illegal. Then the next day he scrapped the Constitution and reappointed himself .
He undoubtedly has some trick up his sleeve this time too. It will be interesting to see who he appoints as his fake successor in the Army. Will it be his brother-in-law or which other of his loyal cronies.

Kamlesh Kumar said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Trues Up Man! said...

Fiji received a total of $409 Million Dollars in remittances last year, 2013.[source:Reserve Bank]The people of Fiji who live overseas are showing their support for the Govt. by showering it with money.Who knows? Maybe next year it will be 1 Billion dollars!Thank you overseas fijians,keep it coming,guys.Turn your support into votes by voting for PM.Word on the street says that other Political Parties are alarmed about this show of support towards the PM.

Anonymous said...


Chiefly title concerns

Luke Rawalai
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

A Bua chief has raised his concern on the installation of the "Ai Sua Levu" a chiefly title in the village of Nawaido in Bua.

Tui Wainunu Ratu Orisi Baleitavea claimed the processes followed to install the current title holder was not proper.

"When a chiefly installation takes place the installers inform the Provincial Office who then inform the chiefs within the vanua," he said.

"I am surprised that we were not even informed of this installation and I raise my concern as the secretary of the Bose Vanua o Bua."

The current title-holder is Ratu Filimoni Ralogaivau who was installed in December last year.

Anonymous said...

@ MM

No one really believed that the treasonous iAG was in Aust for his son's 'medical condition.'

Fiji has extradition treaties with most of her Pacific neighbours but even so, which ever country these traitors choose to hide in, the long arm of the law will reach them and root them out along with 'their' hidden assets.

These are different times that we live in..

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning 12.24pm

You scenario seems accrurate. Most of the international organisations in Fiji are on alert fron next month and reviewing their emergency procedures. Bai and Kaiyum are not in control of situation and we are moving to some event which will culminate in an explosion and martial law.

Anonymous said...

Anyone seen Khaiyum in Fiji?Has he
return from Aussie land yet? Wasn't
he running? Or did he went there to
assure Aziz to run further, far&wide away from Fiji? So has the
AG came back home? Or was the trip
a special mission to manuever AZIZ
back with a promise to put him as
head of the RFMF and gave him the
title of General AZIZ?Last i heard
that AZIZ saw Khaiyum in Quee
nsland from afar, story was he
immediately turn around and ran
some people in Queensland have blames all the wild fires happening in the
Northern Territory on this Terrorist run for his life?Can you
imagine whats going to happen to
him if he's stupid enough to listen
to Khaiyum?

Anonymous said...

The quicker the Commander of the FMF leaves, the better. Why make so many announcements, just leave, just leave please, and get out of the way!

Anonymous said...

I recently visited NZ for a short holiday. Although i have traveled to NZ many times it never seems to amaze me how different a country can be just 2 and half hours away by plane. Politics and coup aside we in Fiji don't even know how to keep our country clean. When something so basic alludes us everything else will always be a challenge including our choice of politicians and democracy.Oh and Viti Vou isn't it a bit too late to go to the stone age.You can either except the way the world is moving including the technologically that allows you to blog namelessly or leave everything and go live of the land. Sadly this is also a choice that most i-taukei have to make. The world is moving to fast for most indigenous people and excepting and adjusting is the biggest challenge faced by native people. The truth is you cant aspire to attain the trappings of the modern world and hope to live like your forefathers. Get your head out of the sand.

Anonymous said...

OMG the Fiji Police force illegal
arrested a Citizen of Fiji Stefan
Ali for slur against the PM? Man you can't even say PM mata va sona?
or PM is an assole? How about PM you are an idiot? Or PM you're definitely a total loser? How about
say it in the Vernacular,hey PM you
Cicilevu? wow can't say that too?How about PM vutuki tukamu? Man some
people just can't take the heat?definitely he shouldn't be the legal PM!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 4.15pm
the indigenous people will soon be consulted on what they want to be the way forward guided by the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People.
Obviously you are confused and dont really understand judging from your very mediocre and un intelligent reasoning

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There was a man trapped in the snow miles from civilization. He prayed for God to deliver him and save him. Within 1 hour a helicopter hovered above him and a rescue worker descended on a rope ladder. The rescuer asked the man if he needed help. The man said "no thanks I am waiting for God to help me".

Good people of Fiji it is time you started to put your faith into action. God will not appear in person to help you. He will wait until His people get up off their arses and move. Then his strength and guidance will come. God will help those who are prepared to help themselves. We must start then He takes over.

Good people must rise. The military will then follow. You cannot expect the military to start the ball rolling. It must be people power.

Who will put their hand up. Who will risk everything to lead Fiji?

Pray without action is useless. The two go hand in glove.

Anonymous said...

If election is called off then action time. In the meantime, keep praying?

Anonymous said...

Trues Up Man, the amount of remittances sent home by Fijians doesn't reflect well on the regime. It indicates that more Fijians than ever live abroad. It shows that more locals than ever are economically dependent on handouts from overseas relatives.

Praying for Fiji said...

Thousands may have enrolled at home but hardly any of the thousands living in New Zealand or elsewhere have put their names down to vote. Looks like the Gumboot Brigade will win.

BC said...

@Anonymous 6:37
I agree with you.
I think though we should wait until after the promised election in September.

I have a feeling that if we do something now or before the Election, he will have a legitimate reason ( to OVERSEAS COUNTRIES) to post-pone the election and prolong military rule.

I think we wait until after September.

If by September he post-pone the election for any other reason then we nail the bastard.

Anonymous said...

Is the RFMF as fit and healthy as it should be??? Looking at some of the soldiers shown in the FBC news, they are either apathetic or tubby, if not slow-looking. Some officers look fit and ready but not so much the ordinary Jo Moce. Is this what the RFMF has come to with all the gold and silver in their pockets to turn the other way?

Bainimarama a liar said...

Will Bai doing campaign rallies in NZ and Australia? Guess he can't take in his cheap sewing machines and gumboots to bribe the people, so what will be use as the carrot? His good manners and leadership?

wadana said...

90 TFL workers sent home today Wednesday 22/01/14!!!
????? is going on here!!!!

Anonymous said...

ANON 6.03. It appears that you are the intelligent one i will admit that i am not too smart although in my dumbness i did manage to start a business from next to nothing and grew it to employ 50 people today. Maybe in my dumb stupor i somehow stumbled upon somebodies good brain perhaps yours and used it for a wee while. You are typical of the few remaining idiots in Fiji walking around with the "world owes me a favor" chip. I am simply asking the questions that is the greater issue for native people all over the world. How do you find a place in a world where technology and the way of life is making the old ways more and more irrelevant. Since you are obviously a full blood i-taukei and i am a "kailoma" why do you want the UN to decide. This is a free blog. Why don't you tell us what you want for i believe once the i-taukei decide how they want to live the next 100 years of their lives most problems in this country can be solved. While Franks coup is the obvious point of contention i don't think it matters much because most i-taukei were happy with the other coups. It is his ideology that bothers many. If his ideology is genuine or not remains to be seen.I am also asking the obvious hate mongers out there please tell us what is that you want for Fiji. OK we have all heard about don't vote for Frank blah blah blah. We know what we don't want. What i would like to know is what type of Fiji do we want because believe me our problems are far deeper then Frank and Khaiyum.

BC said...

NOW I KNOW THAT FIJI POLICE IS TRULY FARKED UP under Commissioner Ravi Arsehole.





Fiji Times:
Ali out on bail

Shalveen Chand
Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Businessman Stefan Ali at the Suva courthouse yesterday. He faces a charge of disorderly conduct in a public place.

Businessman Stefan Ali at the Suva courthouse yesterday. He faces a charge of disorderly conduct in a public place. Picture: JONE LUVENITOGA

A MAN charged with disorderly conduct in a public place was yesterday granted bail by the Suva Magistrates Court.

Stefan Ali was presented before Chief Magistrate Usaia Ratuvili and the charge read to him. Mr Ali indicated to the court he understood the charge.

He is alleged to have made comments regarding the Prime Minister.

His defence counsel told the court they would like to defer the plea and asked he be granted bail.

Police prosecution told the court they would not object to bail as it was a minor offence but wanted Mr Ali to surrender his travel documents.

The defence counsel said since it was a minor offence, he saw no reason in Mr Ali surrendering his passports.

The court was told Mr Ali frequently travelled abroad.

Mr Ali was allowed bail after he provided a surety.

His case will be called again on March 7.

Anonymous said...

Check this bull shit, same as the master banana, OILEI, Must be from his mates from USP.



Mr Chandra Kant Umaria has a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Marketing. He represented the National Federation Party in the 1993 municipal elections and won a seat in the Suva City Council. He was Deputy Mayor from 1995 – 1996. He was later elected Lord Mayor of Suva and served from 2000 – 2003,,,blah blah blah,

No wonder Karma in action in Sydney, Vinaka, Bhut Vinaka

Coup 4.5 said...

[No 7 /2014]
[JAN 21 2014]

The UFDF said today that statements attributed to Lt Col Netani Rika as reported by the Fiji Sun and Frank Bainimarama as reported by Vijay Narayan and Mohammed Feroz show clear breaches of the Civil Service Standing Orders [2011 revision] and abuse of office.
The UFDF says the Civil Service Standing Orders on Campaigning Sec 1222 states quote ‘ Campaigning or political activity by a Civil Servant while on duty is forbidden. Civil Servants must not be canvassing or by any other means attempt publicly to further the activities or aspirations of a political party, or the election or return of an individual (whether a member of a political party or not) in any election to the House of Representatives or to a local Government body including Provincial Councils unquote

The UFDF says Lt Col Rika’s comments are political in nature and breach The Civil Service Standing orders 1222 that disallow quote ‘canvassing or by any other means attempt publicly to further the activities or aspirations of a political party’ unquote. There can be no doubt that Lt Col Rika was canvassing for Bainimarama’s party and as Commissioner Eastern he is abusing the privileges of his office as well as Sec 14 (1) (c) (d) of Decree 4 of 2013.

The UFDF says in the case of Frank Bainimarama he remains Commander of the Military and according to his Regimes own decree No 4 of 2013 he is in breach of the following provisions-


Restrictions on public officers in a political party

Sec 14 (1) A public officer shall not-
(c) Engage in political activity that may compromise or be seen to compromise the political neutrality of that person’s office; or
(d) Publicly indicate support for or opposition to any proposed political party or a political party registered under this decree or candidate in an election
(2) For the purposes of this section, ‘public officer’ means any person-
(c) Holding any office in the public service, the Fiji Police, Fiji Corrections Services or the Republic of Fiji Military Forces.
(4) Any public officer who intends to be an applicant or a member of, or hold office in, a proposed political party or a political party registered under this decree, must resign from the respective public office prior to applying to become an applicant or a member of, or hold office in, a proposed political party or a political party registered under this decree.

(5) A public officer is deemed to have vacated his or her office mentioned in subsection 2 immediately before the time at which he or she applies to become and applicant or a member of. Or hold office in, a proposed political party or a [political party registered under this decree.
The UFDF says the Commander’s repeated statements about forming his own party and contesting elections is in clear breach of Sec 14 (1) (c), (d), (2) (c) and (4) and (5) of Decree 4 of 2013. Just as Lt Col Rika’s statements are in breach of the Civil Service Standing Orders.
The UFDF says Lt Col Rika and Commodore Bainimarama have broken the law and the Acting Commissioner of Police and the Civil Service Commission are obliged to uphold the laws that govern these public office holders and appropriate and immediate action should be taken against them just as they would apply it to any other citizen.
The UFDF says if the newly elected Electoral Commission is serious about ensuring free and fair elections and remaining impartial and independent then it cannot ‘look the other way’ when clear abuse of office and breaches of the law as reported are committed by their employer.

Authorized By: UFDF

Anonymous said...

mark my words..there will be NO election this year and Bainimarama won't step down from commander..never ever ever coz he knows he will be the most popular bitch in NABORO PRISON and Driti is licking his lips right now as he can't wait and wishing if it could come any sooner...kaila! kaila! kaila!

Anonymous said...

@ anon 745pm.....and another 150 will be send home too at the end off next month...all managers boci...no guts to stop this redundancy....lamusona...

MR DEAN said...

Finally Deve the CEO sorry cocked eyed ceo of fdb has summonered Zakia and saiyad and all invloved in the sex drama to gve an explanantion
Seems the board under the guidance of bob lyons want an explanation in regards to the matter so hail hiltter now lets see wat happnes
FDB fijis next NBF saga and dnt b surprised to see deve having and sided lots of moni and also tevita m buli the seventh day bastrd

Anonymous said...

Simply criticising Bainimarama is now disorderly conduct?

But torturing prisoners goes unpunished?

Fiji has now reached the stage of ultimate inversion of which Ayn Rand warned:

"The stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases,
While the citizens may act only by permission;
Which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history,
The stage of rule by brute force."

Anonymous said...

Pepole whoa are using Land as their IDENTITY, CULTURE are all LAZY and EAT AND SLEEP PEOPLE. They are just after unearned money. They know they are not capable to work and if the land slips away they will have to eat dogs...Vinaka

Anonymous said...

anon 8.01pm
you dont seem to understand simple english and as you deem yourself intelligent, please do read the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples - that will be a good educational start point for you. There is no need to explain and you yourself seem to be literate.
Also read how that Declaration was developed over 30 years before finally endorsed by General Assembly.
Stop being a moron, read and understand becos it will not go away as 70% of Fiji is indigenous and 90% of land is indigenous owned.
So dont dream that just becos Baini kaiyum is in charge the issue is dead because it is not.

Anonymous said...

@ 10.30am

Chandu Umaria doesn't have no USP credentials, l will be surprised if his even a Form 6 pass, probably one of the Toorak fellows can confirm this.
You know how you can go on websites and say you have this and that such as Linkedin, so that's what he has done...given himself all the titles he doesn't have. Purple haze and Merchants club might just shut down because business will be slow without this rascal. Very surprised that he hasn't rapes Maimun's 2 adult daughters.

Anonymous said...

This might not be the best time for action, it's true, since we all know the tyrant is looking for any excuse for postponing the election he never wanted in the first place. But it's not too early to begin planning for action. The sooner, the better, in fact.

Anonymous said...

UFDF Statement 7/2014 using the regime's own rules against itself is brilliant. Bainimarama and his senior officers are in clear breach of their illegal Decree #4 of 2013. The Electoral Commission should critically review these officers' electioneering statements as a matter of priority. Its failure to do so will be a clear signal to all of the regime's firm intent to defraud Fiji again in the upcoming elections.

Anonymous said...

Some say that it isn't enough to be against something, but we also have to be for something. For some, it would seem that it's not enough to be opposed to treason -- they also ask what the parties would offer in the current regime's stead. For my part, I would suggest that all democratic parties should support some variant of Dakuwaqa's 10-point programme for national redemption:

1) Uphold the 1997 Constitution.

2) Enforce the laws against treason.

3) Return the RFMF to barracks. Court martial its leaders. Hang its commander.

4) Institute capital punishment for capital treason.

5) Unequivocally restore all civil liberties.

6) Repudiate the illegal debt amassed by the regime.

7) Anti-disestablishmentarianism! Defer indefinitely all illegal actions, such as dissolution of the GCC, until constitutional government is restored.

8) Return democratic governance to Fiji.

9) Restore Fiji's international standing and former regional leadership role.

10) Establish a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to adjudicate all coup-related grievances since 1987.

I endorse this positive programme of action and reform to the attention of the members of the UFDF, both jointly and severally. Whether explicitly or tacitly, I respectfully submit that some variant of Dakuwaqa's 10-point progamme for national redemption should serve as the point of departure for a common agenda by a united democratic front.

Anonymous said...

Frank : Boss, you think they might suspect that we're getting ready to flee the country?
Khaiyum : Who's we? (slapping Frank upside his head).
Frank : Ouchhh...oso, boss. I thought ga we going to Oz together.
Khaiyum : Yea..i'm going to Australia...however, you, my little bitch...are going to Oz. Yea like...Dorothy. So, click your heels 3 times and say..."there's no place like home". Do it!
Frank : (clicking his high-heels) There's no place like home...theres no pla....
Khaiyum : (furious) SHUT UP! And take my high-heels off. Man...get out of my office.
Frank (sniffling like the little biatch that he is)...You dont love me anymore.
Khaiyum : Sighhhh......

Radiolucas said...

Seeing the truth with your own eyes is not weakness.

The only deceitful dirty politicians the RFMF should be worried about is Frank and Aiyaz.

Frank organised the 2000 coup. They are the dirtiest politicians in the South Pacific. They are also the biggest liars, thieves and criminals in Fiji's history.

Anonymous said...

I, too, like Dakuwaqa's programme. But how to get there from here? Any ideas?

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

VB is a failed commander. His men mutinied on his watch wherein soldiers murdered other fellow soldiers of the same regiment.

This misfortune had never happened with commanders before him.

Anonymous said...

The body language of these military men in this video is saying it all...Get ready to go into prison Frank cos I doubt that these men are going to vote for you....

Anonymous said...

Why don't they just have terms for an Army commander, like 4 years or something..

I have never heard of a US Military commander in office for more than 4 years.

Fiji sounds like a 3rd world country, oh sorry we are!!

Anonymous said...

Francis Kean is the one most qualified to follow Bainimarama. He's a known traitor and murderer who will look after Boss Hawg's interests.

Anonymous said...

We will see the fun once bhai-ni resigns from the army. I, for one really believe that whoever takes over will not allow bhai-ni to continue his ravaging of the country. The new commander has already seen bha-ni's and khai-yum's destruction and will definitely put an end to this debacle. May God help him carryout this task successfully without fear.

Anonymous said...

Listen, whoever Baini puts in charge will be just as dirty and guilty as he is, and still answerable to Baini. That's why he's getting the job and the only qualification he needs.

Anonymous said...

The kai Viti dina are not so gullible as the Voceke thinks!!
They know that if they do not go to bed with him, then they will be left on the sideline in as far as developments are concerned!
Voceke has not realised that that it IS the responsibility of ANY/ALL governments to provide for the nation.

Anonymous said...

The kai Viti dina are not so gullible as the Voceke thinks!!
They know that if they do not go to bed with him, then they will be left on the sideline in as far as developments are concerned!
Voceke has not realised that that it IS the responsibility of ANY/ALL governments to provide for the nation.

Anonymous said...

The kai Viti dina are not so gullible as the Voceke thinks!!
They know that if they do not go to bed with him, then they will be left on the sideline in as far as developments are concerned!
Voceke has not realised that that it IS the responsibility of ANY/ALL governments to provide for the nation.

Anonymous said...

The kai Viti dina are not so gullible as the Voceke thinks!!
They know that if they do not go to bed with him, then they will be left on the sideline in as far as developments are concerned!
Voceke has not realised that that it IS the responsibility of ANY/ALL governments to provide for the nation.

Anonymous said...

Annoymous 2.52pm


Anonymous said...

Trues Up Man :- I hope you are aware of the rift between the chiefs and the people.Most of the chuiefs who have given their support to Bainimarama are speaking for themselves and not their people. Bainimarama and his regime have been sucvcessful in citting off the chiefs from the people.Those chiefs who have thrown their asupport behind Bainimarama are the stand alone once who have no followers but the real recoganised chiefs have 99% followers from the native Fijians and 35% other races. Those percentages are indicator of the comming elections result .Vote _SODLEPA people for democracy, Freedom, Prosperity and Honesty.Bainimaramas Party have blood and criminal elements in their hands that need to be cleansed. Do not allow criminals to run our country.Their rightful place is Prison. Do not be blinded in what they have done as those were done from government money and as they are forcefully took over the leadership of our country the burden shift to them to ensure that all those developments are done.They have no option but obligated to do them. As a matter of facts they do nnot deserve any credit as that is their duty and have been paid a millioin dollar plus for nothing.

Anonymous said...

Raj Ali : You are trying to provoke native Fijians or what ? We do not care wheather you are taliban or what. If you are Taliban then go to middle east of Pakistan or Indonesia where you righly belong. This is Fiji and it belongs to native Fijian. You can shove the barrels those guns into your arse with Bainimarama and Kaiyum and pull the trigger to take the shits out of your filthy stomach. Real native Fijian do not want to destroy our country only foreigners like you,Kaiyum and Bainimarama are trying to destroy our beloved Fiji. You will never suceed because we the native Fijians will destroy you to defend of our country.

Anonymous said...

Its embrassing to hear Bainimarama and kaiyum talking about merit. First they should look at themselves. What merit do they have to justify the positions they are illegally occupying. Secondly tbhose military officers who are holding high positions in the government are they quilified foir thoise positions? Bainimarama can you tell us what qualification has Kean got to qualify him to the position of a PS and Kaiyum can you tell us the qualification of all those Muslims you have promoted them to high position in the government ? I hope you two understand the word merit and what it means. Merit is attained after sweat and tears from theory to practical through lots of sacrifice, concentration and hard work and NOT through the barrel of the gun

Anonymous said...

Wow! South Afrika seeking a hat-trick win... Go the BOKS!

No decision on leader said...

January 27, 2014 |

Who will lead the National Federation Party to the general elections is yet to be decided. While the party has a president, there had been strong indication over the past week that economist Biman Prasad would lead the NFP. Decisions were expected to be made yesterday at the party’s working committee meeting in Ba. The committee met but a new leader was not announced. Journalists were not allowed inside the meeting to report any discussions on the leadership. Dr Prasad said he had not made any decision yet on whether to contest the elections. However, long time party member Kamal Iyer has been appointed the acting general secretary. At the meeting, NFP president, lawyer Raman Pratap Singh, said the general elections would provide the opportunity to lead the country. “We are at a critical juncture in the history of this country and once again NFP has the opportunity to provide leadership to move the country ahead as it had done in the past at some critical junctures.” He said to better allow the political parties to prepare themselves for free and fair elections, certain decrees needed to go. He also said: “We call upon the Government to operate in a caretaker mode as soon as the Prime Minister forms his own party.” Also present at the meeting was lawyer Tupou Draunidalo. She sat among the party executives. Ms Draunidalo is increasingly tipped to be a key part of the National Federation Party election team. She comes from a family background strong in politics.

Anonymous said...

Annon@1.38pm, I am someone close to the party, and I can tell you that Biman is a divisive force who created political factions within NFP. He created an unnecessary fight for the leadership with Attar some years back. When he was given leadership, he ducked the responsibility and went back to his well-paid USP job. he should have never contested the leadership if he didn't want it in the first place. How can NFP appoint as leader someone who showed disloyalty to the party and treated it with contempt? Someone who played games with party leadership? How can NFP stab a party loyalist like Attar in the back? Cowardly party and traitorous NFP party leadership is no better than corrupt, nepotistic leadership at FLP.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA and NFP seem to be parties without nominees. Bainimarama seems to be a nominee without a party.

The FLP is a party, but its putative nominee lacks principles. The PDP isn't even a party but a pretense. It lacks both nominees and principles.

What a sad pass for Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Attar Singh should lead the NFP.

Ro Teimumu should lead SODELPA.

Wadan Narsey should lead the FLP.

Ronald McDonald should lead the PDP.

Bainimarama should lead the list of defendants at the upcoming treason trial.

Anonymous said...

If maichod gandu NFP leadership can't be loyal to its own people, how can they loyally represent us? Same way they stab attar in the back they will stab voters. Fuck NFP, party of traitors. Vote for PDP.

Anonymous said...

@ 2.12pm

I've always admired Attar Singh for his courage, candidness and integrity. He's a man for the people, and is certainly your man for all seasons.

Biman Prasad also has an important role to play in the party as well, but not in leadership seat I'm afraid. He and Attar could complement each other very well.

Well that's my observation from the outside as an i-taukei.

Anonymous said...

If Warden Narsey and Tupeni Baba could take over the Labour Party leadership from MPC and really advance what the party originally stood for - I wouldn't even think twice about which party platform I'll be supporting!

Anonymous said...

And add Krishna Dutt and Atu Bain, experienced Labour Party stalwarts, they'll make a formidable team.

Anonymous said...

More than any previous occasion in her history, I think Fiji truly needs experienced, tried and true hands (minus MPC and Qarase) leading her out of troubled waters. Really.

Aspiring 'new' politicians can jump aboard as deck hands and learn the ropes instead of trying to sleep with the dictatorship as we note some currently trying to do - definitely not the way to start a political career.

Anonymous said...

Good point anon 2.28pm, how will NFP stand for justice when it is committing big injustice within the party. No one in the party leadership has a sense of right or wrong, or the balls to make right decisions. NFP's biggest problem is weak leadership. The fate of the party should not rest in the hands of such imbeciles. First to go should be slacker Raman Pratap Singh. Having a political lightweight like him calling the shots is part of the problem. Where are Attar Singh's friends in the party when he needs them? Why aren't they standing up for him? are they scared or what?

Anonymous said...

Raman Pratap Singh and Brij Lal are Labasians who are supporting another Labasia Biman Prasad for the party leadership so they can control NFP.

Anonymous said...

Historically, my family supported NFP but switched to Labour in 1999 because NFP lost its way. It is still lost in 2014. The stupid party leaders do not realise that Biman Prasad will be a big liability in the 2014 election. He made NFP the laughing stock when he resigned as leader after one day. That was part of the reason why NFP lost so badly in 2006. Biman showed weakness when resigned. He does not have backbone to be the leader. But a weak party like NFP deserves a weak leader like Biman. We are celebrating if Biman is leader since we can tell people not to vote for party with leader for one day.

Anonymous said...

Both Biman and Attar come across as very able leaders who can save NFP. The leadership contest is very healthy. Not like FLP which is one man, one family party. For NFP party unity is very important. My best wishes to NFP which is moderate party with a proud record.

Anonymous said...

Biman Prasad is a quitter. Quitters do not make leaders. NFP should think twice before appointing him.

Anonymous said...

Annon @ 4.55pm, Biman is not only a quitter, I notice he is a fence sitter too. Attar on the other hand, is a straight shooter. How can NFP pick Biman over Attar?? There is no comparison. Attar is a far better man by miles.

Anonymous said...

If I were Biman, I'd take the deputy role and wholeheartedly support Attar. It takes a great man to do that and you guys are very lucky, in that you don't need to look any further than your very own JR Reddy (in his proposed partnership with Rabuka after the enactment of the 1997 Constitution). It takes a great man to take on the 'lesser' role.

Anonymous said...

Biman was the USP dean of economics but lose his job for low performance. now he is looking for another job as NFP leader i think.

Anonymous said...

NFP needs need someone with balls and backbone. Attar Singh has more balls and backbone than Biman Prasad any day.

Anonymous said...

People waiting too much time discussing Biman and Attar. makes no difference because NFP is a shit party can't even win one seat!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2.49pm, we are Attar Singh's friends speaking through c4.5. Biman was given party leadership but threw it back at the party's face. Now he wants to be leader again for his own glory. He is not a party man or he would never have abandoned the party in the first place. He just wants to use the party to make a name for himself. Fuck off Biman we do not want you.

Anonymous said...

hahaha indian parties famous for khach-khach or fighting. the leadership contest will destroy whatever little is left of the pathetic NFP. haha nfp gaar maro. khalaas!

Anonymous said...

PDP is still green, and Nirmal Singh is a party junior. No big names in PDP. FLP is chor party. PDP and FLP trolls trying to discredit NFP but it won't work.

Anonymous said...

It's very simple. Attar Singh showed loyalty to the party. Now the party should show loyalty to Attar Singh.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Singh must be somewhere behind all this trying to sabotage NFP.

Anonymous said...

As an i-taukei looking in, here's what I think:

A secret ballot could easily settle the leadership issue, by its membership, management board or a special committee assigned to deal with the issue. Both men are capable, competent, have different strengths and weaknesses but are both worthy of the leadership mantle. I don't know why Biman resigned after Day 1 in the post but there must have been a compelling reason for him.

NFP ought to settle the leadership issue decisively and promptly, as that is a hallmark of a solid political party. Then winner and deputy make a joint "brief' statement on TV and print media.

Leadership crisis comes to "The End".

Anonymous said...

Any party with Attar Singh at the helm will prosper. Led by Biman -- not so much.

The earlier poster is right: Biman should give way to Attar. Biman's own prestige would rise considerably.

PDP's strategy seems to be to savage the NFP. Why preoccupy yourselves with destroying such a weak party, and why are you saying nothing -- NOTHING -- against the traitors holding Fiji hostage?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:25, the apparent answer is because the PDP would like "the traitors holding Fiji hostage" to join their party, so that they can get a share of the ransom, too.

Anonymous said...

Biman Prasad demeaned and belittled the NFP leadership. NFP is better off with Attar. He has far more credibility.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:25 and 8:26 are exactly right.

Th PDP has offered several olive branches to Baini, but when have they ever criticised him?

If the PDP won't so much as murmur a protest against Baini's treason, how can they be relied upon to defend ANY of our interests?

It shows they're only in it for themselves, if they're "in it" at all.

Anonymous said...

I would rather pray to a monkey god than be a false christian.

Anonymous said...

hahaha @indianisation of Fiji is one sick devil. The real problem is militarisation of Fiji you dumbo. Can you fight the military? Or are only brave against women and children? Be careful. you and your family will be cursed for invoking christianity todo the devil's work. I pity you. You will be the first in your family to die. You catch a terrible disease and suffer a long and painful death. God hates nothing more than his being used for evil purposes. You are cursed my friend. You days are numbered. you will soon be with your master satan in hell.

Anonymous said...

Angels and demons are real. Angels serve Creator. Demons serve the devil. Jesus told believers to cast demons out in His name because " the thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy, but Jesus came to " give life and life abundantly" Jesus Christ Bible John 10:10.. Matthew 10:1 and Mark 16 are some of the bible verses showing where believers are given authority over all the power of the enemy., and to cast out demons in Jesus name. Do not fear evildoers. do not let them influence you. know that when you receive Jesus the Christ as your lord and Savior you rest in His Grace and it is He who works through you as you cooperate with The Holy Spirit.

Anonymous said...

Only demons would dare to use God's name to justify genocide.

Anonymous said...

In the first seven months of 2013, over 1,000 Swedish women reported being raped by Muslim immigrants. Over 300 of those were under the age of 15. The number of rapes is up 16% compared to 2012 numbers.

Muslims were accepted by Sweden as refugees and given free housing medical, education, welfare benefits but the ungrateful pigs have turned on their hosts are are slowly destroying the country.

Anonymous said...

Beware of BC. He is the double-headed snake. Vile and cunning. Not the moderate he pretends to be. Rather the wolf in sheep's skin the bible talks about. BC is a deceiver posing conflicting views under different guises to confuse people and arouse hatred. BC will lead you astray. Away from God, towards Satan. BC, there is still time for you to repent. Turn away now. Work for God instead of Satan.

Anonymous said...

As an old-timer woith an interest in politics, I have been reading all about the leadership in NFP. The NFP has always been plagued by disunity and quarrelsome leaders. The Alliance Party extended an olive branch but arrogant NFP leaders rejected it. They chose to insult Ratu Mara instead.

I thought the young chap Attar Singh holds some promise. He seems to be respected across all communities. But it seems like the old tradition is continuing at NFP. The same old skulduggery by the leadership. Seems to be no change in the party's thinking or strategy. The party's decision makers still seem to prefer loud, noisy and vacuous leaders. Biman Prasad strikes me as a clone of past leaders whose scheming ways, arrogance, personal ambition and lack of foresight condemned the NFP and the Indian people.

Biman is old school whereas Attar represents the future. A yoing leader like him should be groomed and supported. But NFP has always been slow and afraid to embrace change, that's why it was destroyed by Labour.

NFP thinks it is still in the 1970s. The party has learnt nothing from two crushing election defeats. It will be annihilated at this election again. In my view NFP will not win a single seat again. It is too late for NFP, and indecisive leaders who lack vision are to blame .

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 11:50
Can you please point out the discrepancies in BC's postings.
Otherwise we'll just believe that you are just another regime idiot.

Anonymous said...

NFP, murdabad! FLP zindahbad!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

PDP signals a new beginning? What, in the way Bainimarama signals a new beginning?

Give us a break.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by saying that no election can ever legitimise Bainimarama? Of course it can, if it's a free and fair election, with international observers, a level playing field, full media freedoms, no regime interference, and Bainimarama wins.

Hmmm. Now I see what you mean. Baininimarama would never allow such an election, much less win it!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama can only be legitimized under the 1997 Constitution and when a the Courts clear him of charges that he was to be charged with for his role in the 2000 Speight coup and for the murders of CRW soldiers under his command.

He will never, nor will his conscience, in any life, ever escape these charges until he is cleared by those duly and legally empowered and appointed to do so.

Anonymous said...

What the f..k man Voceke!!
You keep harping and harping about a "free and transparent election"!!
I ask you this: Pray tell us to exactly WHEN did we NOT have a free and transparent election?
I was one of the Assistant Returning Officers, for the counting at the the last elections.
At NO time, and I repeat No time could the elections be rigged. The process was so water tight that there was no way anybody could have done anything sinister! As a consequence of unfounded complaints, we were interviewed by both the Police and an Independent outside body. We were forthright in our answers. THERE WAS NO MEDDLING, THERE WAS NO FRAUD, THERE WERE NO EXTRA BALLOT PAPERS. I COULD GO ON AND ON!!
Consequently both the independent and investigating parties concluded that the last elections were fair, transparent and free.
Bottom line : Voceke has been and is still trying to justify his ILLEGAL take over, at the expense of the country and the damned Army to save his skin!! Period!
When, oh when are people going to see through all this charade and bullshit!!
How can people be so gullible??!!!!