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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Permanent secretaries to get thousands for annual leave

Months after receiving a huge pay rise under a new contract, permanent secretaries serving the illegal Fiji government are to pay themselves for annual leave not used under their old contract. 

Though never confirmed officially, all current permanent secretaries, including the Police Commisioner and the Prisons Commissioner have received a pay rise as high as $220,000. 

And now comes the confirmation they will be paid for any annual leave not taken under their old individual contracts. Though no amount is available, it would be in the thousands of dollars. 

According to Public Service Commission circular obtained by C 4.5, all permanent secretaries are advised they qualify for this payment immediately. 

The circular reads: “Further to PSC Circular 54/2013 of 29/8/2013, you are hereby reminded that all Annual Leave which respective Permanent Secretaries have accrued prior to 1/9/2013 must be compensated based on their previous salary grade on US01. 

"Please note that there should not be any pending/outstanding leave carried forward to the new leave year effective from 1/9/2013 upon the commencement of the temporary contract.”


  1. Hey, can someone tell us when the Usurper will appoint the Supervisor of Elections?

  2. Bai bribing his PS's. Meanwhile the people of Wailoku are neglected.

    Fiji Times:

    Engineers order closure of vital link for 600

    Nasik Swami
    Wednesday, January 08, 2014

    Wailoku resident Ioane Duvula and his namesake son, walking near the broken portion of the closed Vunidilo bridge at Wailoku in Tamavua yesterday.

    WITH the new school year about to start, residents of Wailoku outside Suva are hopeful the Vunidilo bridge — their only link to the main road — will be repaired soon....


  3. Nice salaries, but just remember, the wages of sin is death.

  4. The problem is the Wailoku bridge has been like that from the arsehole Qarase and Arsehole Mahendra Chodory's times. And watch it get repaired by the man Bainimarama. That's not politics but the need to get it repaired unlike past politicians who only did things for their constituencies. Salaries for permanent secretaries are good. Why don't you stop complaining and apply. You were more worried about travel sanctions rather than service to country. Cry all you want but people committed to Fiji will be paid accordingly.

  5. Thankj you for that idiot arsehole comment.Bainimarama is in a vote buying mode he will even repair a toilet for that matter and he is using governments money not his own is his campaign.Why are you still bklaming Qarase and Chaudry.Bainimarama has been illegally running the country for 8years and you are trying to shift the blame to those who were before him.you also mentioining the increase the PS salary increases. What do you think Is that your
    fathers money or Bainimaramas fathers money where you decide what you do with it yourself? That regime have no right to use any governmemnt money as they do not have the mandate of the people. they were not democratically elected.Qarase and Chaudry were democratically elected by the people and they do things according to the development plan not vakaveitalia like that idiot Bainimaramas is doing b ut he must remember that he has to accountable to all he had done.

  6. Corruption at the highest level under Bai/Khaiyum .
    Who gave them the mandate -no one the army fools
    Fiji will be f up more under regime thugs same as 1987 ,2000,2006 coups.
    Army asholes are no school idiots.who want to run the country but by the power of the gun but scared to contest the free/fair election under legal 1997 constitution.
    People shouldnt blame SDL/FLP Govt but these ashole thugs .who are ripping tax payers dollars.
    time fijian wake up .
    Dont Vote for Bai/Khai party.
    Vote -Sodelpa.
    god bless

  7. Cancel the elections,supporters of the Govt will and should ensure that there will be no elections held.We dont need corrupted souls in Govt.Our next meeting will discuss ways to ensure no election is held.

  8. Churches and church leaders plus chiefs should support offensive actions against the Govt so that the elections would be deffered to 1874.All supporters of the Govt rise up and ensure that no elections is held.The operation of obtaining signatures for those who oppose the elections didnt go well as planned so the next course of action is to support those members of J.Uludole's men who burnt the canefields.Join them and burn churches and church run schools to cause civil riot and disturbances so the Govt would have to defer the elections.Some smart bastard knew about this and warned J.U's men to stop the burning for they were working right into our plans.Get up stand up!Stand up for your right to defer the elections!

  9. Noqu Kalou Noqu VanuaJanuary 9, 2014 at 8:03 AM

    @ 7:46

    You are such an ignorant, dumb and idiotic individual. How can you say such things. Did u not realise that you are actually supporting the biggest corrupted souls in Fijian (BK & Co.)

    Can't wait for the day when u will choke in your own words.

    Get real!!!!

  10. All Hail BainimaramaJanuary 9, 2014 at 8:12 AM

    Yes, cancel the elections. We know what's best for Fiji. You can trust the army.

  11. It takes qualifiedexpatiate consultants to make hard decisions about our infrastructure e.g. bridges being unsafe and therefore closed.
    I would like to know what action has been taken against our local pwd engineers whose incompetence and neglect allowed the infrastructure to deteriorate into such disrepair in the first place.
    While were at it just look at the pitiful state of covet buildings right across the country. So shameful.
    I remember the colonial days when these building were in perfect condition with scheduled maintenance always carried out.
    Oh poor Fiji we have failed so badly.
    Those responsible in the former PWD should be in jail.

  12. Bainivuaka and Squealer hold multiple cabinet portfolios so that they can wield power more directly and rake in multiple salaries, a practice illegal around the world. They don't/can't really do all of the work the positions require, so they must rely heavily on their permsecs to do most of the actual work. They need to compensate them well because the permsecs are doing most of the work. Also, they need the permsecs to stay loyal to them personally, so that they don't spill the beans regarding the illegal, immoral and treasonous activities going on behind the scenes.

  13. C4.5 you and your loser anti government bloggers can huff and puff,fart and shit but Fiji is moving forward with or without you
    Long Live Saviour Bainimarams
    Dharam Lingam

  14. Like Adolf Hitler, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama have found it very easy to buy the support of various people, villages and clans.
    All it takes is a few dollars splashed about and repair here and there, but then the Regime can do this easily, because it has used the public Purse to steal from or borrowed money from Chinese Banks. but no mention of how these projects are funded and what the repayment schedules are and how and who will be repaying those loans.
    I guess that the difference between a Legitimate Government that is accountable to its constituents (The Citizens of Fiji) and a Dictatorship where there is simply no accountability.
    The Annual leave for Permanent secretaries is just hush money.
    The people who continue to support this illegal Regime, in so doing, have doomed their own families to a life of poverty and misery.
    Let's see what their reactions will be, once the honey pot has dried up and evaporated!


    Island woes

    Repeka Nasiko
    Thursday, January 09, 2014

    YAWINI Island — an isle off the coast of Yasawa-i-Rara Village — is at the centre of controversy after the villagers found it was offered for lease on an international website without their knowledge.

    Following an enquiry with the iTaukei Land Trust Board, The Fiji Times was told that the board, which has the exclusive right to lease iTaukei land on behalf of the iTaukei landowning units, knew nothing about any lease of the island. And the tourism department of the TLTB also confirmed the island was known to be a conservation site and had a marine protected area.

    TLTB general manager Alipate Qetaki says the island is owned by the mataqali o Natalau from Yasawa-i-Rara Village on Yasawa Island. Mr Qetaki said only the TLTB could lease iTaukei land on behalf of the mataqali under the iTaukei Land Trust Act Cap 134.

    "No individual member of a unit can authorise the leasing of his or her unit's land," he said. "The consent of the majority of members is necessary. TLTB has the final say on whether to grant a lease of any iTaukei land."

    Mr Qetaki said it was illegal to deal with traditionally-owned land without the consent of the board.

    Also confirming the ownership of the island was Yasawa-i-Rara mata ni tikina Siona Ratulevu who said he'd heard about the alleged leasing of the island.

    "The best thing for the Natalau people to do is to go to the necessary authorities to seek assistance," he said.

    The 93-acre land mass was featured prominently on international real estate website which provided detailed information about the island's location and natural reserves.

    Expressing disappointment, Natalau member Atunaisa Tauvoli claimed mataqali members were not consulted on any plan to lease the island.

  16. editor,
    Senator John Mc Cain the man who contested for the US Presidency told us yesterday with a wide grin that the basketball star Dennis Rodman was "an idiot.A man not very intellect".(ABC news 8/1).
    The idiot sang a birthday song for the North korean dictator Kim Jong Un (smh 9/1).
    We have our own idiots singing praise of our own tinpot dictator.
    All the dictators have to do is to throw some crumbs in their direction to get the idiots going.
    Rajend Naidu

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. you sure Senator McCain was referring to Rodman as "an idiot" and not Dharam Lingam!!

  19. To rajen naidu and the likes who profeSs democracy,God forbid if others are not singing the same tune as them.you guys are a laughing stock.
    Long Live Bainimarama
    Dharam Lingam

  20. To rajen naidu and the likes,god forbid if anyone is singing a different tune than them..you guys profess democracy...what a fucking joke
    Long Live Bainimarama
    Dharam Lingam

  21. Neo-cannibalism?

    After all, chiefs of the past have sold vast amounts of land in exchange for mere bottles of whiskey, two or three rusty rifles and a box of stale cigars, to mercenary ship-wreckers, stowaway ex-convicts and pirates 'trading' in the isles.

    "Island woes.

    YAWINI Island — an isle off the coast of Yasawa-i-Rara Village — is at the centre of controversy after the villagers found it was offered for lease on an international website without their knowledge.

    Following an enquiry with the iTaukei Land Trust Board, The Fiji Times was told that the board, which has the exclusive right to lease iTaukei land on behalf of the iTaukei landowning units, knew nothing about any lease of the island. And the tourism department of the TLTB also confirmed the island was known to be a conservation site and had a marine protected area.

    TLTB general manager Alipate Qetaki says the island is owned by the mataqali o Natalau from Yasawa-i-Rara Village on Yasawa Island. Mr Qetaki said only the TLTB could lease iTaukei land on behalf of the mataqali under the iTaukei Land Trust Act Cap 134.

    "No individual member of a unit can authorise the leasing of his or her unit's land," he said. "The consent of the majority of members is necessary. TLTB has the final say on whether to grant a lease of any iTaukei land."

    Mr Qetaki said it was illegal to deal with traditionally-owned land without the consent of the board.

    Also confirming the ownership of the island was Yasawa-i-Rara mata ni tikina Siona Ratulevu who said he'd heard about the alleged leasing of the island.

    "The best thing for the Natalau people to do is to go to the necessary authorities to seek assistance," he said.

    The 93-acre land mass was featured prominently on international real estate website which provided detailed information about the island's location and natural reserves.

    Expressing disappointment, Natalau member Atunaisa Tauvoli claimed mataqali members were not consulted on any plan to lease the island.

    "I did not know about it until guests at Yasawa Island Resort were talking about it when they visited last November," Mr Tauvoli said.

    "I was surprised when they told me about the website and how the island was being offered on lease to interested persons overseas."

    Mr Tauvoli said after several inquiries with other clan members, it was discovered that most were also in the dark.

    On the website, Yawini Island was described as an "awe-inspiring spectacle of beauty and seclusion".

    "Presiding over 93 acres, Yawini pushes the boundaries of both explorative opportunity and grandeur presence, rising from the water's edge as one of Fiji's finest ocean oasis," the website stated.

    "Being situated in the Yasawa Islands means that it gains exposure to some of Fiji's most spectacular weather, as Yasawa is in the sunniest and driest part of Fiji."

    Meanwhile, the police have confirmed receiving a complaint from a landowner and were investigating."

    By Repeka Nasiko, Fiji Times
    Thursday, January 09, 2014

  22. Director SecondaryJanuary 9, 2014 at 12:21 PM

    Does that mean that internet/online PHD holder Brijlal who cant even speak professional English will also get the Leave Pay - which he does not deserve at all.

    Education Ministry is the most pathetic Ministry and that is because of brijlal.

  23. interesting to note that the the private car of VRB now has police flashing lights installed. I thought only official government vehicles were allowed that? some might try to day that VRB's car is a government car, then why does it not have standard govt plates?

  24. How can PS be receiving an increase in salary and being compensated for over due leave when PWD workers are protesting after being made redundant.

  25. These hectic pay rise are for the bastards who are going to do the dirty jobs for Kaiyum and Bainimarama.These big pay rise are for those PS to shut their mouth and do all the evil work for the IG.(O cei e cata nai lavo ragone)Behind all these big pay rise are the the two big thieves of all time Bai and Kaiyum.Its simple mathematics which one can easily work out that thousands are payed to the PS and millions are going to the two big thieves.So people be careful of all the PS in Fiji they are working for the two big devil Bai and Kai.THE LOVE OF MONEY IS THE SOURCE OF ALL EVIL THINGS TO COME TO FIJI.E da sa voli enai lavo nai iTaukei da qarauni keda vinaka

  26. Sorry, Dharam Jock Itch Lingam, but it is obvious that you have about as little understanding of Fiji as Dennis Rodman has about North Korea.

  27. For that idiot who still blaming Qarase about the Wailoku's bridge.There is a thing "call wear and tear" and secondly everything created by man in this world will one day come to rest if no upgdrade or something of that sort is done to it to extend the life of the bridge.So why you are so fond of blaming someone who is long gone ...luveni baku.. blame the one who thinks that he is clever enough to lead a country of this size (Bainimarama drau vei cara).If it was Qarase's problem than leave it to him to repair the bridge.Now Bainimarama wants to repair the bridge so ask him and dont blame Qarase...you idiot

  28. It's only fair for the permanent secretaries to be given a pay raise. After all, shouldn't they receive extra compensation for the likelihood that they will spend future years behind bars for treason, criminal conspiracy, abuse of office, and other crimes? Shouldn't they receive extra pay to compensate for the damage done to their reputations and for the pain and mental anguish their loved ones will suffer because of the shame and humiliation they're bringing onto their families and their family names?

  29. @ January 9, 2014 at 6:02 AM

    To point the finger 'only' at Qarase and MC re the problem with the Wailoku bridge is quite hilarious. So, you say FB will repair it, but only now that it is actually 'kaput' after ruling for the last 7+ years. How is that different to your assessment of LQ and MC? I do not get what you are getting at....lol.

  30. Banimarama is treating the government of Fiji and its people as his own personal property.He think he can do what ever he want.Kiuva got no land and Bainimarama got no land also but he is using the military to threaten people and the public of Fiji as a whole so that he can have want he want He suddenly become very ritch earning more than million dollars and recievivd bribe from all anqle,getting commissiomn from government contracts.Now he is trying to justify his own salary by increasing the salaries of PS. What a mess he is creating. Who is going to pay all these debts that he is making ?May be the military will have pay cut to repay all Bainimaramas government debt for many years to come.

  31. What are the criteria that a PS need to meet to become a PS and how can their pay increse be justifiable. Did Kean the illegal PMs brother in law meet tbhose criteria.How can he be a PS in the government when he was convicted for klling someone where is the justification Now Qarase was convicted for a misdemenour not even a criminal case yet he is not elligable to contest the up comming election.Bainimarama we want to hear from you to explain.

  32. Thanks for the correction-Shamima is from Nawaka-not Sabeto.But one thing I dispute--Nadi was full of very pretty girls during Shamima's hey day.Nadi is still full of very pretty sexy girls. Please dont insult them.Shamima's "beauty" was mediocre at best .

  33. There is a connection between Nirmal Singh, PDP and CIA. His campaign strategy is influenced by Americans. Try to analyze his pattern,it has strong American political slant.

  34. FNU offers new MBA programmeJanuary 9, 2014 at 2:47 PM

    January 9, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom

    Fiji National University (FNU) has developed an Executive MBA programme to assist undergraduates gain a practical knowledge of general business management. This reflects the increasing interest in this field domestically and in the region.
    The Dean of the College of Business, Hospitality and Tourism Studies, Dr Mahendra Reddy, said those that have graduated but have not done practical practice in this area can apply.
    “This programme is to cater for professionals who have graduated with an undergraduate degree in their respective fields but do not have theoretical grounding and practical knowledge of other areas of managing an office,” Dr Reddy said.
    “This programme will provide a transition from functional specialisation and middle-management principles to comprehensive corporate visioning and decision-making.
    He said it would equip students to gain skills in finance, human resource management, information systems and business laws.
    “Students will learn to identify and mobilise talent across an organisation with the view to maximise business opportunities. This programme is viewed as a terminal degree or as additional preparation for more advanced study,” Mr Reddy said.
    The programme is headed by Dr Rohit Kishore who will be assisted by distinguished Professors from outside Fiji as well as highly qualified executives from the industry to provide in- depth industry perspective and realities.
    Vice-chancellor Dr Ganesh Chand said the professors from outside Fiji have approved to be part of the FNU family.
    “Professor Susan Kelly and Hon Dr Drew Allbritten have agreed to work for FNU,” Mr Chand said.
    Professor Kelly said she was impressed by the work FNU had been producing.
    “FNU development has been phenomenal as it is important to move Fiji forward,” she said.
    Hon Dr Drew Allbritten said working with FNU would give him an opportunity to give back to the community.
    The programme will be offered on a face-to- face basis at FNU Nasinu Campus.

  35. A Govt that hasn't been audited since they've taken over.Do you think that is a GOOD Govt?
    Coup done to clean up!
    Just think of the basic stuff that should be done for transparentcy.
    Since when has salaries of these PS been this high.
    Where in the world do they have a 3rd party setup to pay wages for Ministers?Finally,when is VB GOING TO RETIRE/RESIGN FROM THE ARMY TO CONTEST THE ELECTION?

  36. The connection is that Nirmal Singh used to work for the US government but it kicked him out. The CIA also used to work for the US government, but on 22 November 1963 the CIA kicked out the government. Both the US and Fiji are under coup governments. The Americans just don't know it yet.


  38. Bloody FNU trying to get free publicity on Coup4.5 with fake MBA copy USP.

  39. Wow,really Ben Ryan volunteered
    to run the Fiji Rugby 7 team for 3
    months free?
    His house is still to
    be paid including his insurance etc,etc?
    Problem in idiots running
    the Government is that they try to
    run the administration like the Military, and installed idiots like
    Mosese as chairman of the Fiji Rugby Union?
    First of where are the
    money from the IRB world 7 Fiji cuts? The 5 top teams are 1-NZ,2-SA
    are the 5 top teams that shares most of the stashes from all the games? Is Voreqe taking the money
    too to use it for his illegal Government program?
    Don't believe
    his story about the loan approved
    by the Chinese Government?
    not stupid to continue giving the
    money to this idiot without payments to the loan?
    They are stealing from Peter to Pay Paul?
    Ministry Secretary getting over $220,000raise?
    Who're you kidding, there
    is no money and the Media are not
    permitted to say anything nagative
    about this bullshit?
    2014 Election
    in September is another con game by
    the Regime in manipulating the
    international community to funds the idea, like the Ghai Constitution deception,in which they'll drag things on till the very end, then they'll back-off and
    claimed interfearence by NZ & Aussie?
    I am to damn sure that Bai
    will call off the election right
    before September?
    Figure it out,he
    hasn't resigned from the Military?
    He hasn't formed his new Party?He
    ha not declared his finance etc
    He's not even campaigning for the
    Obviously, the money he will makes from donors to
    the bullshit election he'll use to
    possibly pay-off Ben Ryan?

  40. FNU is poor imitation of USP.

  41. Anon 3:50, glad to see I'm not the only one who can read the writing on the wall.

  42. Rajnit Singh aka thakurji tum qori .go suck regime ass why dont you ask your friends johnsami,john prasad,francis narayan and sada reddy to ask frank to declare his salaries and auditor general reports and how fijis debt is.
    If not just shut the f up you ashole.
    What happen to your takeaway shop in suva .closed down or you trick your business partner and ran away with funds.
    Charles wakham told us about the commission he paid you/chandu .ficac will investigate you soon.

  43. Anon 2.40pm.

    There is nothing bad about Nirmal wanting to bring some American political maturity to Fiji's political process. It should in fact be welcomed.

    Get real.

  44. The only question that we should be all asking ourselve with: is about the up coming election.Will it will be done fairly?With the amount of money being paid to these PS who control our Goverment departments.This evil man Kaiyum know exactly who to bribe so he can shut their mouth and use them to do all the dirty work for Bainimarama to win the election.He already gave those monkeys at the army barracks thier share of peanuts whom they are enjoying now.Due to those monkeys in the army barracks lack of education ,ulukau and ululala,bavulu etc,etc they cannot derrentiate the peanuts they are paid with and the thousands and millions of dollar other people are getting.Bainimarama ,Kaiyum,IG and even the PS are reaping the benefit and sweat of those idiot at the army barracks.Good on them by supporting an immoral act by an evil man.

  45. Late Madela fought election after spending 27 years in prison.
    Why LQ not allowed to stand in election?
    Why treasonist Frank wants to stand election with Rabuka?
    Rabuka/Frank have committed treason highest crime in the country.so they shouldnt be allowed to contest the election.
    How can election be free/fair under illegal BKC.
    Some ans needed.

  46. FNU is a con university starting a Law degree and MBA without even a proper library and quality classrooms. Facilities are pathetic and staff are mostly uncircumcised.
    Typical con kai dia leadership.

  47. Anon 4:28, get real? You're saying Nirmal Singh will bring American political maturity to Fiji, and you're saying WE need to get real?

    Here's a dose of reality for you: whatever political maturity America has, or better HAD, Nirmal Singh isn't bringing it.

    I will add, though, that Nirmal is not CIA. Otherwise, why would the American embassy have given him the old heave-ho?

  48. There is no upcoming election. Bainimarama isn't lifting a finger in preparation for elections. He's just stealing as much as he can, buying as much popularity as he needs, and salting away the rest.

    Elections, phooey! When are you people ever going to wake up!

  49. The SODELPA power base of church and vanua is still strong and Frank knows it so there will be no elections. Instead a series of sabotages etc will be carried out as a pretext for a state of emergency and cancellation of elections. This is in military doctrines to counter threats and insurgents who blend into villages and cannot be identified.
    The planning is underway now. There is no supervisor of elections, no Electoral Decree and no Frank Political Party.
    All plans are in place for the S of Emergency.
    However, there is a high probability that matters will go out of control.

  50. Its really sad that the murderer Kean earns $200,000 plus this back pay of thousands and hundreds of kai viti pwd workers earning $3 - $5 an hour are sacked.

  51. Electoral Commission members appointed
    Publish date/time: 09/01/2014 [16:59]

    Print this page
    Email this page The 7 members of the Electoral Commission have been announced today after being appointed by President Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.

    Those who will make up the 7 member Electoral Commission were revealed by the Attorney General and Minister for Elections Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum this afternoon.

    The Commission is made up of 7 prominent citizens from various walks of life headed by its Chair, leading legal practitioner Chen Bunn Young, who is a former President of the Fiji Law Society.

    The other members are academic Professor Vijay Naidu of USP, the tourism industry leader and marketing expert James Sowane, accountant and financial advisor Jenny Seeto, the filmmaker and media specialist Larry Thomas, electoral expert and priest Father David Arms and the educationalist and civil society leader Alisi Daurewa.

    Sayed-Khaiyum said each member of the Commission brings a unique perspective and set of skills to the task of supervising the first genuine democratic election in Fiji’s history.

  52. I see that alisi waqanika daurewa suguraki koya still at it. tsk tsk, a mere token.

  53. Vili Natewa thank you very much for the valuble information and do you know much they are paid for for sake of this topic of discussion?
    Now, what we have been suspecting all along is coming....no one from the military or even an ex military personell or military background in there.The next institution Kaiyum is aiming for is the military to be wiped out.To many Itaukei in it and its a thorn in his site.He thinks that the military has done its job to put them into power,guard them day and nite wipe their back side and polish their balls and the military days are numbered as they are longer needed.He will reinforced the police force to take over the security of our country and get rid of the military which will also paint a very good picture all over the world that democracy is in the making.To prove my point the brutality in the police force has given Kaiyum enough signal that they can also carry out special operation like those idiot at the military camp .This will be done after they've rig the up coming election.But he didnt realised that theirs a hidden power sleeping beside him and that is the VANUA.The big question is when will the VANUA rise up and take back whats ours which have gone to the pigs

  54. New graduate programs being offered by FNU, can someone take a few good close up shots of classrooms, library, study rooms and general facilities, and post through C4.5?

  55. What is intriguing is why the military hasnt touched Nirmal Singh to date. He has gone to the extend of putting "Bainimarama Government on notice" in one of the media interviews. If any one of us say half of what he says we will be taken to camp but he walks freely on the streets. Why? Who is protecting him?

  56. I think you are right Ex Navy.
    I think the aim is to make Fiji a Police State.

    Bainimarama does not know the strings being pulled behind his back.

    Bainimarama and his poofter boys from Delainabua will get well and truly farked.

    I wonder who is behind the new MSG Police Academy in Nabukavesi.

    Wouldn't surprise me if America is behind this move.
    Just check the money trail and you'll get the drift.

  57. BC and EX-Navy, both of you suffer from delusional thoughts. Go and get admitted to St-Giles.
    Both of you are farked in your heads. Both of you are racists and hate Indo-Fijians. Both of you only scaremonger and try to put fear in iTaukeis head. Vanua will not put food on our plates. Those days of brainwashing have gone.

  58. @ Ex Navy 6.53pm

    I do not question your statement on the political power of the Vanua and it is no secret that there has been distrust between Delainabua and ASK over some of the corruption he has been linked to but I do wonder whether what you say about ASK's agenda for abolishing the RFMF is stretching it a little bit.

    I say this because that is what NFP, FLP, and SODELPA have stated publicly. I would think that this would be enough for ASK to do exactly the opposite of what these parties want.

  59. What would the lawyers coming out of the FNU factory do ??---hundreds are already jobless or working for a pittance!--and what an environment they work in !!---the intimidation,threats,complaints at a drop of a hat,bullied,---oh !--it's a dog's life !!----ask them .

  60. What would the lawyers coming out of the FNU factory do ??---hundreds are already jobless or working for a pittance!--and what an environment they work in !!---the intimidation,threats,complaints at a drop of a hat,bullied,---oh !--it's a dog's life !!----ask them .

  61. Vilimoni Natewa caitibumu bledy kulina

  62. How come the lackey Proff Satendra Pratap None-Done is missing from the Electoral Commission ??---He should have been the chairman instead of Chenn Bun Young(the yup yup yup lawyer !)--hope he doesnt start his meetings with a 10 min prayer.-hmmm Proff Vijay Naidu needs the prayers.They are all regime supporters and coup apologists--unlike the bold Narsey.

  63. Kaiyum and Bainimarama have now realised that no one else is a threat to them except the Fiji Military.Those idiot up in the camp are f....in the head.Read below the FT today about that idiot gospel singer who is also a soldier.His singing and praising God and also singing about the goverment.This shows how deep the coup has gone into this block heads numb brain.

    Apart from being a loyal servant of this country, soldier Panapasa Yaluyalulala also believes in administering the Word of God to the world through his talent. Or at least to some parts of Fiji, especially in the North.

    And as such, a talent, singing, has helped him spread the message of the Gospel.

    Even though Mr Yaluyalulala failed in his previous two attempts to record gospel albums, he kept on trying until he recently managed to record one.

    The name of his new album is — Oh Holy Spirit (I Yalotabu) and the tracks were performed by the Soul Winner Gospel group.

    "I have always wanted to preach the Word of God through singing and I have never backed down on recording an album," the Valeni native from Cakaudrove said. "For me, using my talent to spread God's Word is something I work towards fulfilling. We all have a purpose in life and God has made us to discover that purpose for his kingdom.

    "It's a blessing for me to record this album because I believe the 10 songs recorded will make a positive impact to those who will hear it," he said.

    Mr Yaluyalulala, also a pastor of the All Nations Christian Fellowship (ANCF) church based in Labasa, said the album was worth listening to.

    "I have also included a song of this country and the government of the day. The song elaborates on how the nation is led by a band of military brothers who dedicated their lives and sacrificed a lot for the purpose of saving our land.

    "This album wouldn't have been possible without the help of my two female singers, Litia Yalayaladonu and Serafina Vosamana.

    "I would like to dedicate this album to the ANCF church and its members, the government and especially to my family and relatives for their support," he said.

    Mr Yaluyalulala has encouraged everyone to work together, fulfil God's purpose in their lives and be at peace with one another.

    Sa lai yaco ena nodra vakabauta na coup nei Bainimarama eso na sotia ululala vakataki koya qo na coup qo ni dina.

  64. Vilimoni Natewa qavokavoka lala...who said that the vanua will put food on the table even your soul mate Bainimaranma will not put food on anyones table.Food comes from the sweat and not from stealing from the goverments coffer you idiot.Brainwashing my friend is well and thrieve in Fiji especially the military camp and people like you who can go down and lick Bainimaramas backside if no one is looking.All the bulshit crap on the media and radio from the IG is also a brainwashing technique...who you are fooling....luveni ulukau vavaku.

  65. @ Vilimoni Natewa
    I know that you are not an indigenous fijian.

    The lack of logical thought in your postings makes me think that you are either a brainwashed person like Dharam Lingham or you are a pigheaded dickhead like Davies.

    or you may be just a clueless idiot like the fijian soldiers in Delainabua.

    If you have been up with the news in the last week you would have noticed that PNG & Indonesia promised millions of dollars for a new Regional Police Academy in Nabukavesi.

    These are 2 of the poorest countries in the region!


    $600 MILLION for the last few years!

    Now Mr Viliame Natewa , if you had any brains at all, right about now you'd be asking some very serious questions

    THERE IS SOMETHING NOT QUITE RIGHT THAT IS HAPPENING and the stupid Fijian soldiers in Delainabua have no clue at all.

    Nothing. No clue.
    Tamani lala ni qavokavoka levu.
    Nahi Sako!

    Vakasamataka sara vaka vinaka na ka au seqai talaucaka yani qo ni o se bera ni o sauma mai va ulukau na noqu post.

  66. Ex-Navy, something not quite right is happening and most soldiers haven't a clue. But something right is also happening. A few of us know about that. And all will see it when the day comes

  67. Do not mention FNU and USP in same breath. FNU is kaiindia uni made up of USP rejects.

  68. Sorry, BoB, but I don't track you.

    What do you mean?

  69. So the Election committee has been
    formed by Khai! Yippi hi ho!
    he also set up the Ghai constituation commission and appointed the commissioners
    and promised that the
    commission will
    do a heckva job with no
    Regime interfearence?
    Only after they made sure the money has already been spent
    in Fiji?
    Then it was time for Bhai
    to tell Ghai that he was a bad influence to the Fijian people and
    it was time for him to leave the
    That was the first scam
    the second scam follow exactly the
    same patent!
    I won't be a bit surprise
    if they con another UN unattached consultant to be the electrol commisioner?
    Someone they can fire
    before September without creating
    too much controversy?
    Yes, money is currently flowing
    from all the democratic allies
    the Regime are using these dough
    play caught-up with Fiji Civil Servant back pays,repairs of crumbling Bridges,repair roads,water, electricity etc,etc?

  70. editor,
    We read in the Fiji Times (10/1) that Attorney-General and Minister Responsible for Elections Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum has hired a seven member team for the Electoral Commission.
    Can the Honourable Minister give an assurance that he or the dictator of Fiji Frank Bainimarama will not be firing them at their whim?
    Hiring and firing in such a manner has been a hallmark of the Bainimarama-Khaiyum regime since the "clean-up" coup of 2006.
    Needless to say this is not consistent with good governance - and good governance is what the regime pledged to justify its takeover.
    The hiring and firing gives the impression the regime only wants to surround itself with people who are prepared to quietly toe the regime line.
    That does not do the regime's credibility any good and in facts casts serious doubts about its intentions.
    Rajend Naidu

  71. We're not fools like Driti and RUM. We will not reveal ourselves beforehand.

  72. TO ANON about....BoB... ALREADY HINT FROM ONE OF HIS POST THAT......something not quite right is happening and most soldiers haven't a clue. But something right is also happening. A few of us know about that. And all will see it when the day comes...........yeah whatever Bob dont tell them Sa voleka tale eke na tuva i mau BoB...lol

  73. BC-Boi Cici and Ex Navy arent thinking right ecause of hatred towards eveything aout this Govt.The Bible which contains the Word of Jehovah the God of all Gods including Islam and Hindu states that He makes Leaders and Govt rise and fall according to His will.So He made the Qarase fall and Bai to rise.If Bai wasnt from God he will lose the elections or will disappear from Earth according to Gods will.The question is what did "Q" do that made God reject him? Yes he had servred time for it -'Q' became corrupted. If Bai follows "Q" he wont last either.Never has any predictions made by the Bible ever failed,Never! Check it out.So Aust gave Indonesia Millions,Yes that was payment for their joined effort in Subjugating East Timor-both these two countries are siphoning millions of barrels of crude oil and gas from East Timor and are reaping the benefits.It is sad to note that our Current and past govts were silent on this act of International Enslavement of the East Timorese people.Read an article in the media a few days ago again we are forced to be silent because of the Millions Aust and East Timor are willing to give to Fiji if we turn a blind eye,if we do, this could be the end of Bai's Govt.The soldiers who returned from East Timor talk of natural gas seeping from all the land,crude oil is present in more than 70% of land and 60 % of sea.Most of the extraction,infact ALL is done in Aust and Indonesia.Indonesia is in fact one of the most wealthy Asian Economies,I dont know where you got the statement the it is a very poor country,check it out it is a very very wealthy nation.They were already trading with large economic countries before Fiji became a British Colony.Aust and Indonesia are also reaping their rewards for their injustice to the people of East Timor- they are both encountering some very extreeme and hazardous weather like record heatwaves,record ice falls,tsunamis,extreeme record rain fall and flooding,earthquakes (check it out) etc [Kalou sa raica, sa sauma tiko] [remember their leader, Gusmao attended our South Pacific Islands Development forum]Remove the hatred from both your hearts to allow your eyes and mind to see the FACTS.

  74. Prophet, if Bai follows 'Q' by being corrupt? Bai is already 100 times more corrupt than Q. You must be the proverbial 'blind prophet' if you can't see that!

  75. FDB and PS are Bais mates so they all are ripping the benefits and fucking FIJI as a nation up wat a thng
    all mke moni so as they say go wit the flow so dats wat is hapenning

    god bless fiji

  76. Hi Mr Prophet Gulum Muhammed, In your comments you’ve said that we are not thinking right in what we said about this government. Yeah you are right about what we said but thinking right?.no ,you must be one of those idiot who has been brainwashed by Bainimarama man!we are thinking right but you are thinking upside down
    As you’ve claimed that God make leaders rise and fall according to his will…….yes, may be some where else but not in Fiji….what a crap mate…Don’t ever try to turn the word of God to suit your point of discussion you hypocrite!.....I did not see God’s holding the gun back in 2006 but what I saw was Bainimarama’s soldiers. Do you think God killed Verebasaga or Rabaka…No……Those soldiers did you egg or are you blind or an ignorant nut .Why you want to justify your point with God words. God never tell Bainimarama to take over the Government it was Bainimarama’s own decision.
    You talking about Qarase been rejected by God, wrong God never reject anyone except the devil, another lie.The biggest corruption of all time is for someone to overthrow a government.To prove my point, Qarase as you’ve said was only sent to prison for a few months but for Bainimarama if his convicted he will be sent to prison for life.There you go who is God sent here luvena ulukau vavaku. Tamata beka qo e leqa na uluna nai vakavakadewa ni Vola Tabu e tukuna tikomai.waia kua mada na viavia Kalou drau bavulu levu vakataki nomu i liuliu o Bai.
    This brainwashed by Bainimara has gone deeper into some of these peoples brain.

  77. The Fiji Rugby Union is the face of current Fiji.Money misuseds,power abused.Run by the Fiji Military.Disorganised and fail.No wonder Fiji is now ranked with third tier nations.

  78. If Bainimarama say's he's god these stupid assholes will believe him.


  80. editor,
    In his article 'Into Melanesian minefield'in the regime mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun (13/1)self proclaimed independent journalist Graham Davis displays some journalistic dexterity of his own to avoid taking the bull by the horn on the West Papua question.
    If as Davis states "Put simply, the indigenous people of West Papua regard themselves - quite rightly - as being as Melanesian as their kin across the border in Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands,Vanuatu, New Caledonia and Fiji - the existing members of the MSG" shouldn't it then follow logically that the West Papuans should be accepted into the MSG without any let and hindrance?
    And,if each of the existing members of the MSG is sincere and honest about Melanesian solidarity - which is at the heart of their banding together - they should then see their way clear to accept West Papua's request for membership.
    There is no need for anyone - including Ratu Inoke Kubuabola of Fiji - to show their diplomatic dexterity to do the right thing by the West Papuans.
    But why aren't some members prepared to do that?
    Why the lack of spine when it comes to doing the right thing by the West Papuans?
    I wonder why the Davis article makes no mention of the $500,000 handshake the Indonesians gave to the self-anointed Prime Minister of Fiji?
    Still Davis' article is in my view a reasonably good article. However the article in the Fiji Today Open Forum on the same topic is a whole lot better and more illuminating.
    Rajend Naidu

  81. If Rt. Epeli can talk about moral education and serving the nation, and Bainimarama can talk about human rights and liberty, then I suppose Graham Davis can now talk about foreign affairs.


  82. Rt Epeli is a boor fala.

  83. Davis is more qualified to discuss foreign policy than he is to lecture on media ethics.

    That's sorta like Driti lecturing about celibacy.

  84. I've no real problem with Graham Davis' article except his final statement claiming that the leitmotif of Fiji’s foreign policy under the Bainimarama Government is to "be friends to all".

    What a lie!

    This illegal regime has gone out of its way to alienate our traditional friends and allies -- often needlessly. It repudiated the Commonwealth and deliberately aimed to splinter the Pacific Islands Forum. It expelled numerous diplomats who were friends of Fiji, even though they'd done nothing wrong, just because their governments were rightly concerned by the actions being foisted by this regime upon our people.

    The "friends to all" policy seems only to apply to mischief-making countries like China, Russia, and Iran, but certainly not to our old friends Australia, New Zealand and Samoa. And it certainly doesn't seem to apply, either, to the suffering people of Fiji.

    Under the regime, Fiji's "friends" only seem to be the carpetbaggers and opportunists seeking suck, not those who genuinely wish us well.


  85. The military's more in the Fiji Rugby Union is the corrupt bitch from USP, Dr Esther Williams.

  86. @anon 5.22 PM you too right.
    Davis is indeed perpetuating a lie when he claims being "friends to all" is the leitmotif of Fiji's foreign policy.
    but perpetuating lies is what a paid propagandist like Davis is meant to do.
    that's why he is there - to bullshit for the illegal regime.
    that's an open secret!

  87. Ex Navy. You sound like a woman if not you are a gay or qauri .you think that beauty is a factor to be seriously considered when choosing your life parter ?may be to some people.like you but most people like honest decent and humble woman or man to be their partner for life. Be because beauty,wealth and fame are weapons of deception and destruction if illegally obtained and misinterpreted. Congratulation to the newly wedded couple and I hope that it is a lifetime commitment.

  88. Idiot, two faced crooked con afrtist Esther Williams is destroying Fiji Rugby Union and with Berlin Kafoa and board members needs to be booted out. Esther is incompetent like her boss USP Vice Chancellor. They both have one thing in common - big egos and liars

  89. Peter Mazey is heading both FSC (fijisports comm/Fiji sports council) -WHY?
    Also National stadium upgrade cost 20 million .
    where is the break down of cost? and FSC Audited account for past 7 years?
    Why did he approved FRU Funding when IRB have stopped funding ?
    We need answers from mazey on this.
    C4.5 pls get a team to investigate Peter Mazey corruption with regime thugs.
    Peter was speight insurance agent partner in 1999.
    How did he got YWCA building and started JJ in the part.who are directors?
    We need to expose all these crooks.

  90. editor,
    Alanieta Naqiri wants to know "who is to blame" for the FRU losing its "funding from the IRB over its administration" (Fiji Sun 15/1).
    I think the "old politicians" and "past politics" is to blame.
    I am sure Fiji Sun's managing editor Maika Bolatiki will agree!
    Rajend Naidu

  91. To all native Fijians. The commking elections result ewill be determined on the number of turn out at voting stations and iui will be on racial line. Most of nthe Indian will vote for Bainimaramas party and if Native Fijians want to reclaim their rights in their home land thgen they must turn out in big numbers and vote SODELPA. I have no doubt that we will be supported by our cusions from the part Europeans and other Pacific Islanders who are citicen of Fiji.

  92. No specific exit date by junta head, only a weak 'soon' promised. Be gone already!

    Exit date for commander

    Mere Naleba Fiji Times
    Tuesday, January 21, 2014

    MILITARY commander and Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama yesterday asked his officers to give their full support to the next army commander as he will resign from the post soon.

    However, he has yet to announce who will succeed him.

    About 200 military personnel participated in the first military parade for this year, where Commodore Bainimarama announced he would step down as military commander on February 28, this year, and will hand over the commission to his successor on March 1.

    "Ni sa mai rogoca tiko, sa kila taucoko tiko na lewe ni vanua ni sa na mai visau tiko na veiliutaki vaka mataivalu ena yabaki qo. (You might have heard talk of the change of leadership in the military this year)," Commodore Bainimarama said.

    "Au gadreva meu vakadreti keda tale ena mataka nikua, ni sega ni visau nai tosotoso ni mataivalu, vakaga na vica na yabaki sa oti, na veigauna kece e visau na liuliu ni mataivalu, na mataivalu kei na kena veiqaravi kei na kena vakanananu e sega ni visau, ni solia na nomuni dina keina cecere ni nomu ni veiqaravi au a donuya mai vei koya na noqu i sosomi (I would like to reiterate that although you will see a new leader that does not mean that the plans and objectives of the military have changed. I am asking you to show your full support and commitment to the next commander, just as you have shown commitment and support to me)."

    Commodore Bainimarama said some officers who had worked with them in trying to bring about a better Fiji for all Fijians had decided to work on other agendas.

    But, he said, this should not be a hindrance to the work of making Fiji a better place for all Fijians and to protect the different races that call Fiji home.

    He reiterated that there was a need to maintain the military as well as the relationships officers have formed between themselves.

    He said they should be grateful for the small things the military, as well as the government, had done for them.

    "Kivei keda na veiliutaki mo ni qarauna me kua ni vakasabusabu taki ka vakayagataki vaka veitalia na noda lewa (To us the senior officers, do not misuse or take advantage of our authority)," he said.

    "Kivei kemuni na leweni mataivalu ni maroroya na nomuni veiliutaki, ni veimaroroi vakataki kemuni ena veika vinaka ka me rawa ni kune kalougata kina na mataivalu, ni maroroya na mataivalu (To you officers, maintain your leadership, look out for each other and maintain the peace in the military)."

  93. Filimone Waqabaca you thieving, lying, arrogant SOB.

    How did you figure out the illegal and crooked pay raise you approved for your boss the PM and PS?

    Your cells are being prepared at Naboro and you will regret the day you stole from the people of Fiji.

    The boyz @ Max Naboro will get their "pound of flesh" - vakarau tiko, they are waiting eagerly.

  94. Well the CRW soldiers involved have been charged and are npow serving their time for the ctime they commit. The quiestion now is :- What about you Bainimarama ? The crime you have comitted. When are you going to face the music. CRW soldiers were also murdered under your instructions it was because of you. If you had were honest with your deal with CRW there would have been no mutiny and no soldier would have died.It is not the military and not the CRW. It is the Commander Bainimarama LIUMURI that causes all the problems faced by Fiji today so Fiji do not vote Bainimarama He is a back stabber .He has liumuri the native Fijian race,He should be prosecuted.

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