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Saturday, January 4, 2014

Time for 'messy' accounts of Fiji Airways to be audited

By Professor Wadan Narsey
Good Governance, Fiji Airways and Auditor General 

As the 2014 election approaches, voters (and tax-payers) must not forget that governments must also be assessed by the performance of the public enterprise (PE) boards appointed by them. Are they  transparent and accountable to the tax-payers?
Only fools would vote for Bainimarama. pic Truth for Fiji

Take for example, Fiji Airways, half of which is owned by tax-payers, and which is also the recipient of a large Fiji National Provident Fund loan, serving as collateral for the purchase of three Airbuses.

In theory, boards  are ultimately responsible for the overall performance of the public enterprise (including the appointment of senior management), with the “buck” ultimately stopping with the Board Chairman. There should be no ministerial influence or interference whatsoever.

If the PE performance is poor, an accountable and ethical Board (and especially the Chairman) should resign.

When Dave Pflieger was appointed CEO of Air Pacific, the public was informed that the airline had made a $90 million loss.  Pflieger listed (Fiji Times, 16 July 2011) his long list of challenges: ensure the airline had the right skills and expertise; improve on airline basics such as safety; be on time;  ensure great customer service; fix the infrastructure, fleet, schedule, network; bring costs under control; and  renegotiate every contract from the cutting of the grass to staff contracts. 

Pflieger stated he needed lots of external consultants to reform the airline, and he wanted to end the Qantas co-ownership of Air Pacific.

Even to a layman, Pflieger’s statements were a serious indictment of the Board of Air Pacific.  But Mr Nalin Patel and his board did not resign.

Under Pflieger, Air Pacific bought three Airbuses to replace the Boeings.  While some local pilots and other senior staff resigned, there took place an extraordinary barrage of advertising hype by the Board and management of Air Pacific, joined in by Government ministers and Permanent Secretaries, about the expected revolutionary impacts of the new planes, the change of name to Fiji Airways and the painting of new colours and a tapa motif on the planes.

Any Tom, Dick and Harry would know that the overall impact of the paint jobs, on actual aircraft and airline performance would be minor, although lots of Fijian women got paid to dance around when the planes arrived, while a few writers of Letters to the Editor announced how proud they felt as “Fijians” to see the newly-painted planes flying over-head (they apparently did not before).

Fiji also saw a new trend of Government ministers and Board members flying to France to “approve” and “receive” the Airbuses, when they had no technical expertise whatsoever to assess their suitability, and most of them would have difficulty flying a Fiji kite.

Then, to the surprise of many, and surely a “first in corporate history”, Pflieger flew the coop before the newly purchased birds flew a single commercial flights. 

With not a single public complaint from the Board, Pflieger was allowed to retire to a “win-win” situation: if Fiji Airways succeeded with the three new Airbuses, he could attribute it to his insightful “game plan”; if Fiji Airways did not succeed, it would be because the Fiji Airways team “did not follow his game plan”.  Fiji has seen this wonderful logic many times from our national rugby and soccer coaches when their teams win or lose.

Then, along came another CEO, Pichler, who pointed out (Fiji Times, 7 Nov 2013) that although Fiji Airways had bought the new aircraft, they did not have enough qualified pilots; facilities were not ready on the ground, and flight delays and cancellations cost the national carrier about $1 million per month.
Pichler’s internal taskforce found 40 different causes for the low on-time performance: management processes and structures had to be reviewed in all areas, as well as what routes to fly; there was a need to leverage skills and experience of existing staff and not rely on external one-man show consultants who drained the airline of millions of dollars.  Pichler advised “If the manager needs a consultant to tell him how to do his job, fire the manager". What about the Board, some may ask?
To the relief of many, Pichler informed the public that he would maintain the links with Qantas and not break them as the previous Board and management had proudly and publicly proclaimed.  He honestly admitted they were trying to address a major problem that the new Airbuses could not service the existing export cargo demand without extra flights.   Pichler’s bombshell was that Fiji Airways needed a five year development plan .
Even a fresh business graduate would be puzzled: how could the Board of Fiji Airways have approved the purchase of three planes costing one billion dollars (with hundreds of millions of FNPF money thrown in as collateral) without a business “development plan” which at least covered the lifetime of the new planes, certainly more than five years?
In summary, Pichler pointed to a comprehensive litany of problems left behind by the previous CEO, with many of the new policies (presumably with the approval of the same board) clearly reversing policies of the previous CEO (and the same Board).
Fiji taxpayers should ask the Fiji Airways Board to explain what has been their role these last seven years, while policies have been reversed backwards and forwards.

Fiji taxpayers should ask why the Board and the Chairman have not already resigned or why they have not been sacked, given the litany of fundamental and comprehensive problems pointed out by the two CEOs, Pflieger and Pilcher?

One clue is that Mr Nalin Patel (Fiji Times, 6 Nov 2013) commended Commodore Bainimarama for “his vision and support” which allowed the national carrier to turn around from record losses, to purchase brand new wide-bodied aircraft, and for suggesting the third Airbus name (Yasawa i Ra)  "that will be seen by millions of people in airports around the world and will bring millions of people to Fiji.”  Oh really?
Is it the case that to survive in Fiji’s current political climate, all that CEOs and Board Chairmen have to do is attribute their successes (fictitious or real) to the “vision and guidance” of the Great Leader?  

Perhaps starting with the FSC CEO, readers can start a list (which will no doubt grow longer as September 2014 approaches).

Students might want to google “psychology of brown-nosing” and read what comes up, starting with this:
Students in economics or business management could easily write a PhD thesis on the recent goings on at Air Pacific/Fiji Airways, by simply examining the relative responsibilities and performance of the boards, the senior management and government ministers.
But Fiji voters need to worry about the increasing Public Debt which must be paid by future generations, especially when a part of it has been needlessly created to cover failed public enterprises like the National Bank of Fiji, the Agriculture Scam, or the Fiji Sugar Corporation.
The “good news” is that Fiji Airways now appears to be on a better trajectory, with the latest Fiji Airways inflight magazine indicating moderate profits of around twenty million dollars.  But could the profits have been higher, or could past losses have been avoided or reduced with better board management and direction?

To protect their own current interests and that of future generations Fiji taxpayers must demand the public scrutiny and accountability of all public enterprises in which large amounts of their money is invested, not just Fiji Airways.

Can the Permanent Secretary of Finance please inform the public: is the Auditor General’s Office auditing the accounts of Air Pacific/Fiji Airways and are the audits publicly available?


Anonymous said...

another example of the failure of the "clean up" government to deliver clean, accountable and transparent governance in a major public entreprise.

Anonymous said...

Need to audit your Guji friends, Wadan. They have been embezzling money out Fiji since 1987. They say are loyal and patriotic towards Fiji than why have profits shifted to their overseas accounts.

Anonymous said...

The airline board is a rbberstamp, no more and no less.
Its members have not resigned, because they like their perks.
Yes, praise the dictator as visionary and you have job security.
The Public Auditor might still be doing its job, but the PM's office will never allow the release of its reports.
Does that answer Wadan's questions?

Anonymous said...

Ranjit Singh Thakur maichod can you comments on bainimaram and khaiyum chor regime
time fijian wake up and ask for ag reports from 2007 -2013.
F guji/muslims crooks running boards and government.
All fijian ps should start compiling evidence to charge regime thugs and ministers after 2014 election for fraud.
Ranjit singh how many SDL Mnister been charged for past 7 years .none expect trump up charged against legal elected pm Qarase.
So Ranjit singh you will be charged for fraud with charles wakam in add time billboard scam with umaria.
So keep prasing the regime bai/kai crooks..

tomasi said...

A new birth for Fiji—2014

January 4, 2014 | Filed under: Entertainment,Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom


Dr Satendra Nandan is a distinguished Fijian academic and writer.He was a member of the Bavadra cabinet in 1987 and of Fiji’s Constitution Commission, 2012. He lives in Canberra and travels frequently to his ancestral village in Nadi. He has written a series of books featuring Fiji and Fijian issues.

2013 will be remembered for many events but none more remarkable than the death, at 95, of Nelson Mandela( 1918-2013). Mandela had become a mandala in the minds of many in our contemporary world that has so many mediocre leaders leading their nations. He stood out like a cathedral surrounded by pubs.
Many were present at his funeral– the sheepish in sheep’s clothing: Government representatives whose previous leaders had supported apartheid and its ugly survival for decades.
There’s no limit to human hypocrisy but luckily our humanity is also limitless. And

Anonymous said...

Ranjit Singh snake was also trying to get in NZ election labour party .he was seens everytime with Rajendra Prasad .

Namila said...




Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

When you look at a leader like Nelson Mandela you realize what a mediocre leader the likes of Dr Satendra Nandan has been .
Nandan is the kind of leader who aspires for political office for his own aggrandizement.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

It's not unknown for national airlines to go bust and for governments to fish them out of the poooh. In Fiji's case there is the added complication of the books being fiddled to make the former Air Pacific and the regime look good.

Anonymous said...

ps it is the standard modus operandi of Bainimarama and Khaiyum ... cook the books so they look good and get popular support.

Naulia said...

The many times since Christmas till now Fiji Airways fllghts btween Nadi and Auckland cancelled is pathetic. Just when FA should be putting up extra flights to exploit higher travels demands it has been doing the opposite in cancelling flights....ONLY IN CORRUPT FIJI.

How can FA compete with the super efficient airlines such as Air NZ and many others.

Anonymous said...

Great article as usual by Wadan but not sure why he and others still calling for something that won't ever happen under this regime. Narsey would be better to put his energy into a different subject, something new.

Anonymous said...

since 2006 you guys have been labelling the current Govt as corrupt,inefficient etc.7-8 yrs has passed but the country's economy has strengthened,local businessman have invested lots more in the country,Suva is now a Capital City made up of three more cities,MHCity,Tapoo City and Darmordar City,I again ask the question wheres the corruption?.If this govt was corrupt it would have shown years ago but this is not so,I have friends in the Banks and they dont agree with a lot of stuff stated here.One recently told me it is because of the coming elections that causes these types of accusations to surface.Sa levu ga na lasu kei na vesu mona!!!

Anonymous said...

Ranjit Singh wanna be Thakur is a chamar that licks the govt. od the day's butt. This Maichhod is unwelcome is Auckland by Indian community. Time will soon come when he will get his welcome by barrage of chapples on his face.

Anonymous said...

ha ha ha !!---Proff Satendra None-Done often visits his ancestral village in Meigunya so that his nephews can feed him goat curry and give him black label.When he visits he does not even bring cheap aussie chocolates for the nephhews children. And Thakur Runjeet Singh visits his ancestral village in Rarawai,Ba-and writes in the papers falsely that all the ladies are watching TV-and are not able to give proper welcome to the great Thakur !!--Satenwa and Runjitwa---two of many run away idiots trying to be experts on Fiji !!

Anonymous said...

I do not understand what you are trying to prove .Qarase has been delt with in court for a trivial matter and he was framed up by the Bainimarama regime and judiciary to be convicted for 12 months so that he does not qualify fo stand in the election. As that was the condition set by Binimarama .Qarase has served his time but the whole world is waiting to see the treason isn't and all his accomplice to serve their time. Qarase Is a real man.you and Binimarama are poofters looking dangerous,talk too much but asshole..God bless Qarase.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

O cei gona e lasu tiko? O Bainimarama e a tukuna ni I na ki ni nona coup me vakasavasavataka na corruption e na matanitu nei Qarase.sa 8 na Yabaki qo e se sega ni du na lewe ni matanitu nei Qarase e veilewaitaki se jajitaki. E a tukuna talega ni na sega Sara ni dua na lewe ni mataivalu e na benefit e na coup ,Qo Sara tawa na mataivalu na vei tutu cecere e na loma ni matanitu e ra sega mada ni qualify kina, Na corruption sa caka tu qori .o Bainimarama e kauti lucena me CEO ni Sport council, o Kaiyum na tacina sa CEO ni FBC,o Noor Bano na nei nei Kaiyum sa saumi tiko me veisaumi aki ira na ministers ni mata ni tu me rawa ni gaunusala ni kena kaulaivi na I Lavo ni matanitu ki Vanua tani , na projects ni matanitu e contracted out. Sa sega ni muri na kena gauna saa dina. Sa vakatau tiko ga vei PM kei AG o cei me soli kina. They are paid commission( corruption) whe the dust sattle and things are normal there will be a huge investigations where everything will be revealed and necks will b on the line. Now people are frighten to talk or say anything against th regime or else they will be victimise by the military and police. The truth will be revealed later. Since 2007 no auditor generals report been released by the regime why ? No body knows. Because that is where the truth lies in regards to the finanicial position of the government and economic status of Fiji can be gaged from so those bank officers friend of yours do not know anything about the economic situation on Fiji so the question here is Who is telling lies ?


Rajesh 'free of charge' Singh is discrediting Ranjit Singh and Rajendra Prasad. He sees Thakur as a political rival in NZ and Fiji. He is also jealous of Thakur and Rajendra Prasad's standing in NZ Indian community. The rat a rajesh is now abusing them on C4.5. your game is up conman rajesh.

Aslam King Shit Khan said...

Entire Fiji Airways Board is shit but the shittiest of the shit or king shit is Aslam Khan. The bastard only knows how to run a monopoly under layers of government protection. Maichod made obscene profits by price-gouging and milking vulnerable vodafone customers. This arsehole thrived on protectionism and underhand dealing to block competitors. Everything was ready made for Aslam. He can only work according to a template. He has no experience in a bonafide commercial environment. King Shit Khan will never survive in a truly commercial environment. He has nothing to contribute to Fiji Airways. So how the fuck did he become a board member of Fiji Airways?!! Shit board members equals shit company. Fiji Airways is living example.

Anonymous said...

Instrad of Ranjit Thakur Singh, his name should be Ranjit Fakir Singh. And Professor Satendra Nandan is one of the first examples that springs to mind when I hear the word 'mediocrity'. He's distinguished, alright, distinguished as an opportunistic self-important poser, regime sympathiser and traitor to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Corruption in Fiji is unbelievable. police dept, LTA have full of corrupted staff. I came to know that vehicles are transferred without the consent of the owner? Can someone throw some light on this.

All the crooks, Muslims head the front line in govt, GUI on board, look at tappoo, investing and investing, who is the chief guest, Frankie, look at their expansion, now rentals, vehicle sales, anyone had a look at the budget? All in favour of tappoo.

Wen you see all. Suckers around baini, you know they are there to fill their pockets, I hope to see the tribe coming out of Sigatoka valley and doing exActly wat they did to Thomas baker, start fm bano first, khaiyum,

We are sick to see the country is down the tube, wake up Fiji

Anonymous said...

Has Wadan Narsey ever looked after a company or has he been a text book freak all his life. Fiji Airways is still flying and is making a profit despite other world airlines making a loss. Go shove your books where the sun don't shine Wadan.

Anonymous said...

Ranjit Singh never fought any election because he didnt get any party seat for election.No part wanted the conman.
Thats why he is rubbishing MPC/LQ/Rajesh .
Those giuys were elected mp not like baininimarama and khaiyum force line ministers doing coup on elected govt.
Ranjit was fired by daily post and made money in scc with umaria and charles wakam .
he is supporting bainimarama coup and wanted to be minister justlike his nephew Vijay Narain who is buttering Regime .
So no one give a fuck to Ranjit Singh thats why he ran away from fiji.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.34 PM
I again ask where is the Auditor-General's report for the entire period of the illegal Bainimarama regime?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama Khaiyum and all regime supporters, provide the public with the public accounts committee report from 2007 onwards and you`ll be good...at least for a while longer .

Anonymous said...

Khiyum and Bai Caino and Mahogany deal all got f up like them.
So why they didnt cancel the licence of larry casino?
Aunty bano collected commission already from larry/mahogany buyers.so cant cancel the deal.

rajend naidu said...

I came across this article 'Autocrats in eastern Europe are threatening democracy' in the Guardian 23/8/2013 when I was in fiji recently.
See from the extract below whether you notice any parallels.
"...These leaders have been democratically elected and are careful to operate within the letter of the law.They exhibit similar characteristics and often resort to identical tactics.Opponents are reviled as extremists and traitors,paranoia about foreign plots are invoked to disarm critics. Nationalist rhetoric brands opponents as puppets of foreign powers.
If Orban,Erdogan and others share an intolerance of dissent and an aversion of pluralism,these tendencies are most sharply felt in the MEDIA.The instruments of control range from regulators packed with political cronies, state media homogenization, private media in the hands of loyal businessman and oligarchs who discourage critical reporting. Other instruments wielded to punish dissidents include series of tax inspectors, and the awarding of government contracts and licences".
My reading of Fiji politics since the Bainimarama takeover suggest these tendencies of the eastern European democracies are likely to be the new order in the new Fiji being shaped by Bainimarama after the return to democracy elections are held.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

yep, you can bet your bottom dollar Fijian democracy after the return to democracy elections is likely to look more like the democracies of eastern Europe then the democracy the British gave us.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:06 PM

Sounds like you are not just a high school drop-out but one of the many loud mouth dumb idiots trying to be tough hiding behind a keyboard.

Watch out you shadows behind you !

S.Vaka said...

Wandan N. urges business graduates to do a full assessment on good governance relating to the Air Fiji board of directors and management.

Conducting research is a bit like getting ready to explore a new cave. First details are gathered at the cave entrance in relation to any dangers before any further exploration is taken.

Similarly in the case of Fiji Airways, red flags have sprung up since 2006 where the board has been compromised by coup appointees who either know nothing about business or put the fear of God into other directors if they speak out. Corrupt individuals like the CEO mentioned have their appointments rubberstamped by a corrupt board. Coup appointed CEO's know that boards like Fiji Airways have no real public accountability in regards to public funds borrowed so they gorge themselves before taking flight.

In addition, there are many red flags appearing when one considers the decision to purchase the new aircrafts. Company investment funds are preferably sought from the profits made internally or through equity raised with debt sourcing as the last option in a growth market. But this is not a growth market and it is common knowledge that Fiji Airways has previously suffered consecutive financial losses since 2006 and staff morale is at an all time low. So the billion dollar question is, why buy new planes only on serious debt in a gloomy economic and internal company environment?

Any Suva market vendor knows that when times are tough, particularly in a ravaged coup affected economy where growth is negative and effective Foreign Direct Investment reduced to zilch coupled with a worthless Fiji dollar, the best management policy is to trim internal costs and use existing budgets wisely until a rainy day.

It seems that the Fiji Airways board and CEO have been affected by the disastrous Chinese disease affecting Bainimarama which is delusions of economic grandeur. China's so called property boom bubble was fuelled by corrupt government officials and businessmen who have gorged on billions of yaun in public funds to build super cities that now lay empty and decaying to ruins.
The new air Fiji deal reeks of the same corrupt conspiracy. All the wasted dollars in marketing hype around a new name, logo and new paint job (really crap) to cover a corrupt purchasing deal worth countless millions that the public has now been burdened with. Corrupt coup officials and business men have profited and Fiji now has new planes without proper maintenance infrastructure and in particular a major debt in a failing economy.

What about the claim of recent profits? The reason why this sounds too good to be true is because profit can be an accounting illusion. By adding the new planes to the books as an asset coupled with a shady accounting policy can immediately give the impression that the company is making real profits. This is a common and unethical practice by corrupt CEO's out for personal gain. A profitable ledger makes him look good and he can depart with a golden parachute courtesy of the suffering tax payer or shareholder. It is no coincidence that David Pfleiger has taken flight after a short stint with Air Fiji.

Pfleiger, the board and Bainimarama’s personal dealings in the plane transaction saga needs closer scrutiny in the future because it bears all the hallmarks of shady kickbacks in a nonsensical major China type business investment scandal. Note this as a future Fiji scandals hall of famer.

Anonymous said...

Weleilakeba needs now to be investigated over the multi million dollar deals he has made with mahogany exports to the US . Land owners are being ripped off again. Wake up people !!!

Toso Viti said...

Ok.good point no report from the Auditor for the last 7yrs,my point is corruption would manifest itself physically on the economic frontlines,e.g. badly damaged roads unrepaired,water shortages,no rural and urban developments like new bridges,new roads,upgraded roads,etc.but the frontlines inform us that it is the opposite,there are many developments on both rural and urban, this is daily reported on all`news media,e.g Nadarivatu Dam,only the Alliance Party built a dam,after that no dam but lots of Damns!!!Roads all the major roads in the North are being upgraded i.e tarsealed.Nabouwalu to Dreketi and from Natuvu to Savusavu what were the previous Govts doing about the road,I tell you,NOTHING AT ALL!!!.Rome was known for its roads because it improved eveything for the people-economically and otherwise e.g. A fiji times or fiji sun article recently higlighted how the business for market vendors and shopowners in Nabouwalu spiked due to the improved road conditions and how the villagers are now able to market their produce in labasa and NaBouwalu due to the improved roads[just one glaring example if I include the rest it wont fit the blog site]Education-free school fees we now only pay for books,that is huge load off the back of those in the village,those of us working and living in urban areas dont realise how hard it is for villagers to send their children to school,many articles on the fiji times have shown farmers who werent able to pursue their dreams in school because of the burden of sch.fees,now it is a thing of the past, a challenge to all political parties!Free-bus fare for those earning less than 15K,I earn twice more and was oncetold by a sch. teacher to apply but I refused,let those elligible benefit,i dont want to be the obstacle or deny another child who is entitled,yet I know of several senior civil servants benefititng from this scheme despite being not entitled too,they dont realise that this greed would later be a stumbling block to their children education in the future.Inc in salaries of civil servants,new dormitories,internet services provided for schools in rural areas,new libraries,again I begat the question where is the CORRUPTION that should have prevented the Govt implementing a few of what i have stated???where?i vei?kon hai or ka hai?? corruption if practised would prevent development and projects from being built,there would be a lot of FALSE PROMISES no delivery,sounds familiar with past Govt.s.If PM and AG are really overpaid and corrupt then it would have shown or materialised in false promises and unimpleme nted planned projects or porjects put on hold but has this occured?? if it is so it would be the cause of civil servants who opposee the Govt delaying paperwork etc.as usual!!.More so, as I have stated the local businessmen would have fled the country and not invested their money,time and wealth in the nation but look at Tapoo City,MH City,Darmordar City that have made Suva the Capital of Cities,yehdo!!Look at the Town and City Councils upgrading the turfs,these are healthy economic signs my friend!! the citizens are wllingly paying their rates because they are reaping the rewards of Good governance.Show me ,show us the effects of corruption, you are all gossiping only,has the Fiji Airways lost millions, what about this ,this Govt has to work hard to turn Natadola,Momi Bay projectts into goldmines,these are just two of the many false and failed projects of the SDL-[Soqosoqo Dau Lasulasu] govt.I rest my case and wish you all a Happy New Year.

rajend naidu said...

here's another extract from the same Guardian Weekly paper of 23-29/8/2013 which followers of contemporary Fiji politics will be able to relate to.
The Rise of Europe's new autocrats.
"The bounty suggests that Hungary's bussinesmen are eager to please their strongman prime minister who enjoys an elecoral mandate other leaders in Europe can only dream about but is also broadly seen to be abusing that mandate to establish a system perpetuating his power."There is a very clear tendency of concentrating power and deciding everything on his own" says Peter Molnar, a civil rights activists and former associate of Orban. "They're very seriously weakening democracy in Hungary".
Hunhary's leader is not alone in east and northern Europe, where democratically elected populist strongmen increasingly dominate, deploying state power and instruments of intimidation to crush dissent,demonise opposition, tame the media and tailor the system to their ends.
Fiji politics has acquired the same character under Bainimarama's dictatorship and it is not likely to change with the "return to democracy elections" to be held later this year.
Rajend Naidu

Taliban said...

SDL - soqosoqo dau liumuri

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey is only academic writing hard-hitting, incisive articles about the regime. Most other vagakoro USP academics have gone quite. Only know how to talk big but lamusona when they should be speaking out.

Anonymous said...

@Toso Viti
you show how little you understand how corruption works.
you have assumed that all the developments taking place is a sign that there is no corruption. In China there is rampant corruption running parallel with all the development taking place in the country. A lot of the development is just for show to glorify the Chinese communist state.
Do you know why our system of governance made it imperative that an Auditor- General's report be prepared to uncover any rot in the system?
We have not had any AG's report for 7 years. So we do not know - AT THIS POINT IN TIME - the true measure of the rot during Bainimarama's military dictatorship.
But eventually the shit will come to the surface. It always does.
All dictators know that. That's why they do everything to hang onto power - to keep the shit from coming to the surface!
Finally Toso Viti are you a paid propagandist of the regime?

Dykehead Toso Viti said...

Toso Viti,
your claims to new development miracles by the illegal junta shows your stupidity because it implies that any development in Fiji only came about since 2006.

Where were you born idiot? In the bush under a mango tree?

Oh yes, there must have been a hospital, equipment, medical staff, a road to get your mother there, a vehicle to transport her past hotels, business centers, industry. All for free because your father was probably Bainimarama who receives his illegal wages for free including everything else in his miserable little lowlife.

There is something called the Stockholm Syndrome. This affects coup apologists like you who after a while in captivity and depravity thinks that a little piece of bread produced by their captors is the first and best thing in the history of the world. Doce!!!

Anonymous said...

USP is a corrupt set-up. Wadan Narsey is working in the public interest but sacked by the VC Rajesh Chandra. USP does not represent the public interest anymore. It represents the interest of the regime. Premila Kumar's husband Jai Karan is appointed by VC without advertising. Jaiis appointed on who you know basis. Premila Kumar can Consumer Council investigate corruption at USP? Premila Kumar has witch fingers. She mistreat her staff. She is a witch. Jai Kumar is a brown noser who does not know his job. Premila please investigate USP.

Anonymous said...

Why people just focusing on PM LQ /MPC but not talking about biggest corruption happening under regime boss khaiyum/bano/bai.
Tappos city,Caino deal,Mahogany ,China railway road work,Damodar city ,Fnpf scam and Fijiairways
Selling Govt assets ports building to sun insurance and ports shares to aitken sri lankan company.
So people biggest corruption under regime .
NO AG Reports from 2007-2013.
stop blaming past govt atleast we had AG Reports and freedom/democracy not dictatorship.
Wake up.

Anonymous said...

SCC never put up tender for billboard advertising given to Charles Wakeham -Go advertising ltd by Umaria and cronies.

Anonymous said...

Chandu Umaria is a known money hungry thief who swindled big money from SCC as mayor to fund his drinking, whoring and gambling lifestyle at Merchant Club and Purple Haze. He tried to steal the family property also. He got kickback from Charles Wakeham. That is how this male bitch operates.

sotia lialia said...

Everything ganesh chand and prof Chandra always wanted is in kaiyum thesis,,,,and now being implemented by the ulukau kai viti sotia

SEMI MEO said...

...and all we do wonder...are the prayers said in ALL various Christian Churches today and in the Sundays before September election would be??

Corruption and unrighteousness in a Nation may not be cleaned up by greedy politicians nor lording chiefs..but...but...probably the calling and execution of cleaning up rest with the leaders of the Churches!!

..and of course, that can be achieved if prayers wailed from and gospels preached from these varied churches are poles apart with no common purpose and intent to clean up the very Nation they claim to serve and are prophets and priests to.

Why do churches exists anyway?...to built land marks around the countryside and make the masses feel good about themselves ?..or to make a mark in history for the better and for the good of ALL citizens!

..or is the God of the Old Testament totally different from the God of the New Testament??

Like many of you we were taught the One and the same God of (All) Ages!!

Now..lets look for and execute real solutions, shall we??...or do we enjoy to continue procrastinate in this blog rut of cyber spews and nothingness!

Fiji's redemption may NOT be September 2014!...many may prefer to be sooner than never in this generation!

Anonymous said...

bainimarama magaitinamu

Anonymous said...

Has Wadan Narsey ever run a company??? Does he own a company?? Is he a millionaire??? Or is he just some academic who thinks he knows it all?? All successful business people were never academics.

Anonymous said...

Proff Satendra None-Done is at it again.He talks about Lincoln's short Gettysburg speech in today's Sun. Yet he waffles on and on in his long boring article. To topit all he equates lincoln's speech to the Bai-kai constitution !!.Was Nandan with Ghai !!--the guy is an idiot-a hypocrite --a nincompooop!

Anonymous said...

Another coup supporter has been taken out?
Veiwili Komaitai- was working for
Voreqe in his attempt to installing the wrong heir, to the King of Fiji & Vunivalu,when the lord Dakuwaqa came
calling last week?
Apenisa Cakobau-
just a warning, you could be next?
Respect the elder-inline,an apology
(bulubulu)may be your only salvation?
Man, the good lord doth works in
mysterious way? Sorry,to those who
knew this once good man?

Anonymous said...

And why are are you ,mentioning Qarases case conteniously when what he uis alleged to have done is very trevial compare to the capital offence committed by Bainimarama. To me you are just trying to make propaganda by diverting the attention away from the truth and that is the illegal existance of the Bainimaramas Regime and all ,the ikllegal activities they are doing.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Chandu giving out taxi base in suva at mhcc for $3000 that's why so many taxis at mhcc ,now taking the second lane on the road Ask the owners and they will tell hoe money had changed hands ,mokai ,nasinu taxis paying Chandu

Pussy Meow said...
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Anonymous said...

I am a coup supporter can you send your god daquwawa my way,please?
last i heard he was being fucked by a god from viti levu.

Girmit said...

In 1987 then later 2006 two elected Govts were illegally removed from power.They were supported by the very people who are now cricising the Govt.Remember the saying what goes around comes around!Well it has come around full circle,and now its our turn to support the Govt.An ancient Hindu saying goes like this,"NO MATTER HOW BIG THE MANGO GROWS, IT ALWAYS HANG UNDER THE MANGO BRANCH" .Bahut daan ya baadh! Bai!

rajend naidu said...

The "dictatorial attitude" of LTA has led Bharat Morris (Fiji Times 6/1) to wonder if "we have two governments in Fiji" and "which of the two governments has absolute control over Fiji"?
There is one government only in Fiji - the illegal government of the usurper Frank Bainimarama - and it is his illegal government that has absolute control over Fiji.
The LTA with its dictatorial attitude - riding roughshod over the people - is merely following in the footsteps of their political masters.
Why is it that some people find the dictatorial attitude of LTA objectionable but seem to find the dictatorial attitude - the rule by decree - of the illegal Bainimarama government quite acceptable?
Is the curtailment of citizens rights and freedoms by the Bainimarama dictatorship less important then the restrictions imposed by LTA?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@Girmit 11.03 AM
where was Bainimarama at the time of the racist military coup of 1987?

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 11:29am..
He was drinking Home Brew with the Hindu priest under that Big Mango tree

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah? Last I heard, Dakuwaqa was fucking the coward Bainimarama out of a visit to the UN General Assembly in New York.


Anonymous said...

USP got rid of some academics because the USP top dogs'political masters in the Bainimarama military dictatorship found their views unpalatable.
all other claims are bullshit.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Satendra Nandan is a vegetarian then why will he eat goat chaser in Nadi.
He should be respected as he is the first indo-fijian Professor.

Anonymous said...

satendra nandan can be respected in his academic field but in his political engagement he has shown himself to be a political opportunist who should only be held in contempt.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.02pm 'dog' is a good description of VC Rajesh Chandra, Esther Williams and other regime cronies like Jai Karan falling over themselves to lick Bainimarama and khaiyum's arses. Only man with credibility and courage is Wadan Narsey.

Camari said...

Michael Field

It is one thing being dictator and army supremo but it is quite another controlling family weddings and what happens on New Year’s Eve.

Fiji coup leader Voreqe Bainimarama has just suffered a mutiny against him and it is personal – his only son and one time army private Meli has eloped with an ex-beauty queen.

The New Year’s Eve wedding, came exactly eight years after big sister Ateca’s wedding was marred when her father’s brother-in-law killed one of the guests.

When Bainimarama seized power in a military coup in December 2006, young Meli was among the dozens of soldiers on the streets. He was on the front line trying to seize deposed Prime Minister Laisenia Qarase.

Whether dad trusted him is open to question; he was given an M16 automatic – but without any bullets or magazines. The commodore’s suspicions about his own soldiers had good grounds; in 2000 they tried to kill him.

In 2011 Meli set up Fijian Solutions Group International – one of the many mercenary companies involved in finding security work for ex- soldiers.

He kept living at home in Suva but six months ago former Miss Idaho Tean USA and now journalist Hosanna Kabakoro, 21, moved into the Bainimarama family home. Her family had originally fled Fiji in the wake of the 2000 Bainimarama coup.

The couple decided to marry on December 21, but a family row blew up and the couple left for Nadi – and a small family-free wedding on New Year’s Eve at a luxury resort.

Fiji media sources say local media have been told not to report any of the drama.

The daily Fiji Times instead devoted its front page to the Boxing Day wedding of a Fiji clan leader, Anare Peni, 71, to one Merelita Canauvi, 20. Dictator's son

Despite the 51 years between them, the Times reported, there was a lot of feasting and dancing.

On New Year’s Eve in 2006 – just three weeks after staging his coup – Bainimarama gave his daughter Ateca away in marriage.

At the reception at the Suva Yacht Club a guest, John Whippy, was said to have been drunk and insulting.

Bainimarama’s brother-in-law, navy Commander Francis Kean, beat and punched him, killing him.

Initially charged with murder, it was dropped to manslaughter and Kean kept his rank and full military pay.

He eventually got 18 months jail but served less than a month

He is now head of Public Works and was recently given a civil medal for services by Bainimarama.

Its been a hard year for the dictator; a court trial in November revealed several top officers had planned to kill him at one point.

The coming year might be better: Bainimarama has promised democracy restoring elections and he’s said he is running for office.

5 January 2014

Sunday Star-Times

Anonymous said...

We vare noit defendingh Qarase but we are defending truth and justice..Bainimaramas illegal regime is full of injustice and lies. and the militarya and people supporting this illegal regime are comming up with a lot of craps to try and justify the existance of this illegal regime.Its a pity that some higly educated people,lawyers juges who should know better and role model of truth and justice in Fiji have done the total opposite of what is expected of them. The question is are we showing a good example to our feature generations? Its time we ask ownself the question Am I fighting for the truth and justice?

Anonymous said...

If you are coup supporter looking for Dakuwaqa ,He is gone. Only the person you support is the Bainimarama. He will be too happy to fuck your ass and you will like it because you support him.

Anonymous said...

Qarase becomes threat to thw illegal regime because his legitmate government was taken out without any justification but through propagandas and lies of the illegal regime.He was use as scapegoat by Bainimaramas personal intrest and his acomplices agendas. Everything rthey alleged against Qarase aer false and not true, his is why Qarase is a threat to the illegal regime In Fact it is not Qarase. IT THE TRUTH AND JUSTICE THAT QARASE STANDS FOR IS THE THREAT.

Julab Dean said...

Was Bainimarama anti or pro indian in 1987. What was his views about the coup in 1987? Was he supportive of the coup then.

Anonymous said...

Julab Dean, the one thing known about Bainimarama is that there is no record of him ever fighting for democracy in Fiji or standing up against the racism of the 1987 military coup.
Bainimarama started to make noises about "true democracy" and race free Fiji ONLY after his arse saving coup of 2006.

Anonymous said...

Women from Bainimarama's village have receives free bras (basket belong tutu in Pigin English) to uplift their breasts...wow wow kudou!!! These village were spruced up because Bainimarama comes from Kiuva like the Chinese gift of sea wall to the same village. He must have approved it.

The Dictator does not understand that both women's and men's critical need now is to get rid of him from his dictatorial pedestal to jail and return Fiji to Democracy rather then having their sex drive pumped up.

His Mary's boobs must be highly lifted well pointing horizontally with all the free bras.

Smiles for bras

Monday, January 06, 2014

Update: 1:59PM Women in Kiuva and Viwa villages were all smiles over the weekend when they were presented about 2000 bras by the Uplift Project.

Kiuva Womens Club secretary Lusiana Marama said the Uplift Project will help in the health of the women especially in a part of their body which they neglected.

Uplift Project Fiji coordinator Naomi Roberts said their objective is to give rural women an opportunity to have proper-fitted bras for their own wellbeing

Anonymous said...

Francis Kean, even when I fully agree with your sentiment, I thoroughly deplore the vulgarity with which you express it.

A liitle, nay, a LOT less potty-mouth, please.

The Heckler said...

Next he needs to supply breast pumps so that his soldiers can all milk each other.

Ki Bau said...

Qarase should be nominated as the Head of Confederacy of Kubuna. He is the best man for the job.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.57am, you friend Biman is fence sitter with no guts. Only makes noise and deliver empty and repetitive speeches. Your friend Mahen Reddy supports the regime. Both Biman and Mahen come nowhere near Wadan who is courageous and outspoken.

Anonymous said...

Bless you Wadan for continuing to remind us of this rotten government's actions through your excellent observations.

Contributors to this site are beginning to be sidetracked by less important issues that have been dealt with and should be forgotten, e.g. the article on Khaiyum and his son has turned into a free for all for the FHL and Qarase and co.

Anonymous said...

Oh Boy! FB and his government is sending shivers down some spines already!! This blog is so fucking funny, man...! Die, you haters!!

Animal Farm said...

Baini/Khaiyum have been called pigs but people like Anon 5.59pm convince us that Qarase Mob were no less pigs with their Animal Farm philosophy that "All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others", and deserve more A-Class shares. In the end hey are all vuokas, wolves in pig skins..

Anonymous said...

Wadans article is spot on. His assessment of Fiji Airways is right on the money. The Bainimrama government is no different from others Fiji has had. They do some good but mostly bad. As a nation our single greatest weakness is producing decent intelligent and most of all honest leaders. For me personally the election is about picking one pig to vote for. Make no mistake they are all pigs every single politician current and past. They all have huge skeletons in their closet. What i have to decide on is the size weight and color of the "vuaka" nothing else. Fucking assholes the whole lot of them. We the tax paying public have suffered to long under all governments. Oh and by the way somebody commended the level of investments we have had in the recent years namely Tappo City Damodar City etc. I can guarantee you one thing. The owners of these assets that you have mentioned are all PR holders in foreign countries. They borrow locally and make money. If the shit hits the fan they leave everything and walk. Their real money is offshore.All is not it seems.

Anonymous said...

What happened to the "gumboots" for every primary school kids.

Anonymous said...

Funny how this Kai Idias bash each other. I know that Ranjit Singh is unwelcome in Auckland and his unwanted sexual advancement towards Indian women is nothing new. Ranjit wanna be Thakur is at best a "Aachood" the lowest in Indian caste system.

The only gutsy is a Gujji who comes out openly and tells it like it is.

Someone needs to find out how much commissions were paid for the sale of 3 Airbus aircraft. Who were the beneficiaries of the commission?

Anonymous said...

China Railway Group president commits suicide

The death on Sunday of Bai Zhongren, president of the state-owned industrial giant China Railway Group, was suicide, Chinese media reported Monday. Bai, 53, jumped to his death after suffering from depression, colleagues of the businessman said. His company has been suffering from debt problems, with some branches of the group having trouble paying wages at the end of last year. The Chinese railway industry is in turmoil in the wake of the dismantling of the country’s Railway Ministry and the sentencing of its chief, Liu Zhijun, to death over corruption charges – a sentence later suspended and de facto changed to life in prison. Several senior railway officials and executives have committed suicide since the graft allegations came to light three years ago. However, there have been no direct links between China Railway Group and the corruption cases.

Anonymous said...

China Railway boss's suicide associated with high corruption is no surprise as we had witnessed how they operated in Fiji hand in hand with equally or worse corrupt partners in Fiji the illegal Fiji Govt.....and how they treated Fiji and Fiji labour force...they brought their labourers and workers to Fiji despite the record high unemployment in Fiji.

The company must have Bribed Fiji the corrupt illegal PM and the equally corrupt AG AY-ARSE.

Anonymous said...

Lately travel on Fiji Airways has really been pathetic.I support the local company so much but the hype of the change in image,etc,etc,etc.But to date,travel on Planes of Fiji Airways has been pathetic both for locals & tourists...From day 1 2014,delays in flights have caused misery for visitorss who have to wait in International Departure lounges for hours & hours.......Speaking to an Air New Zealand official,she mentioned that the pilots are pissed about the admin that they do not care.Some get knocked out after a days booze and results in Delay.Some delays are because of admin who do booking without proper consultation if plane is full....this is worser then before....what a shame....Fiji Airways..too much talk....

Anonymous said...

A $90 million loss sounds scary! Was the board sleeping? How much profit does Fiji Airways make? How many years will it take to cover the loss? Remember, this is our pension funds. Board can be held liable if found to have neglected their fiduciary duties. Can Nalin Patel front the public and answer these questions?

Anonymous said...

How sad to see this lovely young woman marry so far beneath herself when the Mafia still has some vacancies for molls.

Anonymous said...

last i heard from word on the street,daquwawa was being fucked by moro of beqa and their offspring was sodelpa [sodomy]

Anonymous said...

Hey, Anonymous 3:12 AM, I saved your life today.

Yeah, I killed a shit-eating dog.

Anonymous said...

Be very afraid bainimagana, your days are numbered.

Biswa said...

Another used by date comment by no longer Prof. Narsey

Anonymous said...

Thank you Warden,

The Airbus planes are horrible!
They are always late..very late!
They are not spacious!
They cannot take all the cargoes needed for the US flights!
They are not even owned by Fiji Airways but by some shadowy figures hiding behind an Irish company!
These planes are just good for the Nadi -Auckland -Brisbane- Sydney - Tonga - Rotuma - Apia flights..
From Boeing 747 to leased Airbus.
Thanks for the free rides from France to Fiji!!!

Anonymous said...

Chandu Umaria is already paying for his sins - he has had a major stroke attack in Sydney and is currently admitted in a critical condition at the hospital.

Money earned from illegal means don't take you a long way.....

Anonymous said...

Kamlesh Kumar :- Qarase was elected by the people on free democratic elections. The Qiliqoli Bill is for the benefit of the itaukei for waters surrounding their land which you are
occupying and getting your free fish from. Qarase is a morden leader. Down to Earth, modrate and firm in his decision.He was wealth of experience and very educated compare to Bainimnarama the real Mugabe no education no experience dictator and currupt with millions of lies and deception cant even lead the military as he is buying their loyality

Anonymous said...

S. Vaka is correct!!

Air Pacific was established market brand with distinct colours you can recognize from the ground when you look up in the skies.

Now you cannot recognize the stupid Fiji Airways logo at international airport overseas or on the planes when they are flying.

RED FLAGS!!!!!Air Pacific has been hijacked by the corrupt and fucked up Bainimarama rubbish for millions in FNPF dollars.

Anonymous said...

Dakuwaqa was right when he compared Bainimarama to Samuel Doe. And the beach is just a short frog-march away!

Anonymous said...

True Fiji is moving foward with or without the opposition but the problem is Where is Fiji moving foward to ? To a bottomless toilet pit where you and Bainimarama will drown in the shit and piss of the Fiji public

Anonymous said...

FA is owned by Waqavuka investments a company registered in Ireland. This Company is owned by Bainikhaiyum and managed by aunty Bano Ali. With the help of Plicker friends and all necessary payoffs have been done to set up this fraudulent Company

Anonymous said...

IA KATIA!!!!!!!!!!!IA KATIA!!!!!!!


sa cici LEVU ko Khaiyum!!!

sa tonoka nona SONA ko TIKOITOGA!!!!

BOICA !!! koteme!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dr Esther Williams is the regime's bitch from that corrupt place USP. Now she has bring corruption from USP to FRU. That's why we lost IRB finding, too much interference from Bainivuaka. The bitch Esther is behind the sacking of FRU officials who work hard at USP. Rajesh Chandra madachodo can you take your bitch esther williams back please. we don't want her here.