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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

UFDF: political parties should've had a say on electoral commissioners

The coalition for a Democratic Fiji says it welcomes the appointments of the Electoral Commissioners as a first step towards credible elections, but says it's a pity the regime did not seek recommendations from the political parties.

The UFDF says including the input of the parties would have been in line with best constitutional and democratic practice. 

"Consequently these appointees, some of whom it holds concerns about their independence, are all handpicked by the interim Prime Minister and Mr Sayed-Khaiyum. 

"This will place an additional burden of responsibility on each of them to ensure that they act with absolute impartiality and reject any attempts at interference in their work."

The UFDF says the Yash Ghai Commission is a good example of another non bipartisan appointment that was supposed to be independent but it did not stop the regime from attempting to influence its deliberations and directly interfering with its work. 


Anonymous said...

Party commends grassroots people

Mere Naleba
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

PDP spokesman Nimal Singh. Picture: FILE+ Enlarge this image

PDP spokesman Nimal Singh. Picture: FILE

THE People's Democratic Party (PDP) believes it is the perseverance and goodwill of grassroots people that has seen the country through turbulent times.

In a statement sent to this newspaper by the political party, its spokesperson Nirmal Singh says Fijians who are under the "grassroots" category should be commended for enduring hardships brought about by past governments since 1987.

"Our journey as a nation since 1987 has not been smooth and has been full of challenges," Mr Singh said in the statement.

"It has tested our resolve as a multiracial nation, it has tested our tolerance for each other and it has tested our ability to preserve. It has tested our nation's ability to endure hardship and national integrity."

He said people needed to take responsibility for the state the country had been in since 1987 and that "we the people are guilty of where our nation is today".

"We urge people to exercise your rights and be part of national development.

"Our people are our strength and together we will move forward to reclaim our country, our freedom and determine our destiny," he said.

He added that if the party was voted into parliament, they would be an inclusive government that would strongly subscribe to democratic values, rule of law and respect for people's liberty.

"We believe in unfettered press and respect the rights of people to differ with us. They are equally as important in the governance of the nation.

"We will protect and enhance the rights of workers, both unionised and non-unionised and the rights of farmers who have shed their sweat and blood to make this country what it is today."

snuka said...

ITS CALLED A DICTATORSHIP - so it does not care about the peoples opinions, its looking for a way to legitimise its corruption and criminal acts against the people of Fiji.

Stop asking for decency and integrity and treat it for what it is - a dictatorship!

starve it of its power!

Anonymous said...

As usual, the UFDF raises a very valid point. The PDP's statement, too, sounds fine, as far as it goes, but that isn't very far at all, is it?

Whatever happened to the "Loyal Fijian Resistance"? They had the Dakuwaqa Hushmail account, took strong, well-reasoned positions, and had a very articulate writing style, like Dak's. It seems they suddenly vanished, just like the enigmatic Dak on the eve of Operation Jericho, just before he manoeuvered Bainimarama into canceling his UN trip.

Disappointing. I wish the LFR or something like it would come back to stay. I think Fiji needs such a group -- seemingly moderate, principled, militant.

Like so many other national liberation movements, we need something like an "armed wing" of the UFDF in order to put real pressure on these goons masquerading as a government.

These statements by the opposition are all very fine, but unless they're combined with action, they're not likely to have any effect on the present despotism.

Anonymous said...

PDP will bury NFP in the elections. NFP should have done the honourable thing and folded up after 1999 elections, like the SVT. But NFP has no honour. As someone wrote, old leaders still clinging to power, and so-called young leaders like professor Biman Prasad and unionist Attar Singh have nothing new to offer. I would rather vote PDP. Even PM's party is better.

The Prophet said...

Check out the new method that members of elite fratenities have adopted in their campaign to reduce the worlds population: CHEM TRAILS.Yes folks they are spraying poison onto our atmosphere.They are now using airplanes that travel at such high altitude that you could only spot the chem trails to recognise it as an airplane.
the CHEM TRAILS are so thick that they linger for several minutes in the air when the plane has passed.

The Prophet said...

The Polar Shift or Polar Vertex as the American News Media call it have frozen parts of the Niagara Falls.Americans are flocking to the Niagara Falls to watch this amazing event unfold before their eyes.This has not occured for years.

Anonymous said...

Police Force achieves all 8 KPIs for 2013
Publish date/time: 15/01/2014 [13:20]
For the first time ever, the Fiji Police Force has achieved all of their Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for 2013.

Speaking during this morning’s fourth quarter Police Parade in Nasova, Acting Police Commissioner Ravi Narayan said they managed to reduce complaints and disciplinary offences by 58%, reduce crime by 23% and serious crimes by 17%.

Narayan said for crime against women, the Fiji Police Force recorded a major reduction of 88%.

According to Narayan, from the 2,115 crimes against women cases reported for the fourth quarter of 2012, they reduced this to 1,903 for the 2013 period.

He said they also managed to reduce crime against children by 82%.

Narayan also said out of the 4,406 registered crimes last year, they solved 3,095 cases.

Narayan credited the achievement of the Key Performance Indicators to their resources.


Anonymous said...


Fiji Airways to appoint more locals
Publish date/time: 15/01/2014 [12:57]

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Five expatriates have left Fiji Airways since the new CEO and Managing Director Stefan Pichler took up the position.

Pichler said his aim is to appoint locals to the positions if they can do the job.

Fiji Airways has also set out a strategic plan to increase the number of local pilots flying for the airline from one third to two thirds.

Pichler said Fiji Airways is aiming to hire 14 new local pilots soon to start off this process.

He said two thirds of their pilots are expatriates at the moment and he is focused with his team to change this over the next five years.

Previous heads of Fiji Airways had earlier said that they did not have more local pilots because they did not have enough qualified pilots.

Pichler disputed this as he said people should just see the number of Fijian pilots flying for other airlines.

Anonymous said...

@ 1.42pm

Not a fan of dictatorships either but if your immature comment represents the sentiments of SODELPA then Fijians would be well advised to keep away from your thuggish party.

Anonymous said...

Police arrested any one yet for the fire-bombing of former Fiji Times editor's home?

Anonymous said...

For someone to write: "I would rather vote PDP. Even PM's party is better" shows that there isn't much difference between the PDP and Bainimarama.

The NFP is so bad that this guy would rather vote for traitors, thugs and thieves? What kind of reasoning is this? And what about the other parties?

This kind of strange thinking is usually indicative of a regime troll or another desperate PDP propagandist.

Anonymous said...

Police ever figure out who called the death threats in on the Australian HC James Batley?

Anonymous said...

Police ever figure out the identity of the torturers whose images were caught on cell phone, shown around the world, and named by C4.5?

Anonymous said...

What we have in Fiji is Keystone Cops and Ravi has his head stuck up Bais arse.

Vutuki Kamlesh said...




Uniforms a concern

Samuel Berenyi
Wednesday, January 15, 2014

THE cost of school uniforms continue to be financial strain on some Fijian parents buying school supplies for their children.

Despite the government implementing a new budgetary allocation to help cover the costs of tuition fees, some parents say they are still feeling the pinch of expensive school uniforms.

Tailevu dad Joeli Seruiratu, who was shopping in Suva yesterday, said he spent about $80 on his son's school uniforms of two sulu and two shirts.

According to Mr Seruiratu, "the price of uniforms is going up"......

Anonymous said...

What is the birth registration's all about? The AG says that he was giving people a last minute to register?
what is the deal here?
If you're over 18 years of age and your parents have not register your
birth then something is definitely
wrong with your parents?
If khaiyum is claiming that some
people in Fiji do not have their name in the birth registration,then
we definitely can see where this assole is going? he's already got
Indians registered in New Zealand &
Australia to vote in September,they
are already in the data,that will
be counted as Bai votes.All the Fijians he'll claimed were missing
in the birth registration & can't
legally vote? In Fiji three quater
Itaukei will suddenlly not qualified due to no birth registrations?
Bai will then be
declared the election winner due to unregistered&unqualified electors?

Anonymous said...

Good job by government to bring down fuel price. Keep it up AG Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and
Commerce Commission chairman Dr Mahendra Reddy. Bainimarama Government is continuing to focus on developing alternative fuel sources so that Fiji was less exposed to the price fluctuations of the international markets.

Anonymous said...

you sound like a regime cronie already lamu of the naboro mavolos........no where to run and hide regime crony........time is up!!!

Anonymous said...

What's with this talk about four electoral districts being set up? Has Bainimarama finally realised he doesn't have national support?

Anonymous said...

What the hell is wrong with people
especially the so-called Politicians? People, you know what
is going on with Bhai&Khai? They have no intention of having a clean
election? They've done this bullshit before,where they picked
out commissioners&Chairman of the
The minute they realized the commission was getting
too powerful, it was time to cut-off their power?
Also time to throw
all of them out & burnt the constitution?
come-on people,the same crap will also happen before September bullcrap election?
It's time to
totally refused to participate in
any of their program? Refuse to registered and lets startup an
armed opposition?

Anonymous said...

3.50pm regime a licker
its due to international price fluctuations not those 2 treasonists who we gonna mavolo soon in Naboro with you!

Anonymous said...

anon 4pm
you fool!
this is not iraq or syria for armed opposition.
wait for the regime to implode and then to do your part ie block roads and arrest kaiyum etc for treason trial.
no armed uprising please ....dont destroy fiji

Anonymous said...

The police commissioner promised to eradicate all crime in Fiji by the end of 2009. How did that work out? Why are there more crims than ever, and the biggest ones are running our government?

Anonymous said...

How are we going to man roadblocks if we don't have weapons?

Of course we need an armed opposition. The traitors who have seized our government are armed. Why shouldn't those who would defend Fiji also be armed?

It's been eight years, and the regime hasn't imploded yet, despite Bainimarama becoming more despotic, Khaiyum more brazen, and the Military Council more irrelevant. Our rights and liberties have been stripped from us, every honest judge chased out of the country, the Constitution rubbished, the press muzzled, our churches kept from meeting, our chiefs mocked and arrested, our institutions abolished, our pensions stolen, our flag rejected, our friends insulted, our borders opened to criminal elements, and our land used against our will. We've watched this regime betray, torture, murder, kidnap, maim, steal, lie and lie again.

Just one empty promise after another. Einstein said the definition of madness is doing the same thing over and over again, yet expecting different results. It's madness to sit and do nothing. And it's also cowardice.

Let's use this forum to debate plans of action. Action! And then let's follow through this time.

Anonymous said...

I used to take please in reading blogs on this site but recently they have deteriorated into depraved comments from some people who seem to have a kinky strange interest in the male genitalia.
Just shows how far Fiji people need to develop. Still acting like monkeys! Honestly who cares if a man is circumcised or not.
Some people should realise that more than 80% of males are not. Whats the big deal? With this sort of mindset I fear that there is no real future for Fiji except embarrassment.

Ex Navy and BC said...

We totally agree with Tui Nadi's comments.Three prominent chiefs in the Western Division have come out in support of the Bainimarama Government.
Newly-installed Tui Nadi Ratu Sailosi Dawai, Tui Nawaka Ratu Asaeli Driu Naevo and Marama Tui Ba Adi Laite Koroirua say that they agree with many of the policies of the Government.
Free education, better roads and investment in the agricultural sector have been some of the key issues these chiefs endorsed.
The Tui Nadi Ratu Sailosi has pledged his allegiance for the Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama-led Government.
He said he would support the Prime Minister for his affirmative action over the years to address the needs of the people.
“I support the Prime Minister now and even in years to come, I will continue to support him,” the Tui Nadi said.
“That is why wherever he will be I will be there also. We even had the Climate Change meeting in Narewa.
“For the last 18 years there were governments that came in and went but they did not resolve this title dispute of Tui Nadi or listened to the plight of the vanua o Nadi. It took some determination on the part of the Prime Minister to sort these issues out.
“Other governments just kept on pushing it or it seems they did not care. Now the vanua has a head. If there was another government I am not sure whether they would solve this dispute or not.”
Marama Tui Ba Adi Laite said Government’s determination to provide free education to villagers and n From
all Fijians was an initiative worthy of praise.
She said they had always pledged their support for the PM and they would continue to do so.
“There are many things done by this Gov
Tui Nawaka Ratu Asaeli Driu Naevo.
Tui Nawaka Ratu Asaeli Driu Naevo.

ernment. Roads leading to the villages in this area have been repaire

d. Lives of our people have become better. Improvements in the heath care systems have also been noted.
“All these things have made our lives better- those who live here and in this country,” Adi Laite said.
Newly-installed Tui Nawaka Ratu Asaeli said he too supported the initiatives of the Government.
He said his focus was on educating his villagers and he was adamant to change the mindset of the people.
“We have to look forward and move ahead. There is no use being stuck in bad history. People need to adapt to change and move forward,” Ratu Asaeli said.

Anonymous said...

Y wudnt the chiefs support the regime.They are getting funded to do its and maybe thru FDB as more muslims are coming in power .Latest Deve has been told to go on leave soon and saiyad is taking over as ceo and zakia as the HR manager and tevita is also sent on leave pending investigation the best way to oust them as the muslims are taking over
they will be soon mergeing wit bank of taliban from Pakistan . fiji will be breeding them soon with chinese mixture. LKike 80% people are not cicumsised kip in mind lots of muslims eat pork also.

Anonymous said...

@ 4.32pm

Who's so desperate to see 'action' before the promised national elections but the BK regime and partners desperate to hold on to their ill-gotten wealth. Tragic lot since they haven't learn a thing in the last 8 years except to find ways to 'legitimise' their rule.

And the SODELPA thugs in here plays right into their hands. SODELPA officials should issue statements condemning any form of violence and distance themselves from the thugs in their midst making immature statements on their behalf if they are to come across to the nation as a stable and credible party.


Nothing could be further from the truth. And do you confirm then that you're from SOLDEPA?

Anonymous said...

these 3 chiefs in the West are tamata lialia.....
blinded by superficial things.
they will be abandoned by their people by making stupid political statements.
chiefs should remain neutral and let people vote on their choice....
yavu bavulu!!

Bond defaulter and absconder Dr Chandra Dulare's dirty legacy said...

Nice article in Fiji Times about Chandra Dulare's legacy at UniFiji. The departing vice chancellor of said a very emotional goodbye to the school that has been his second home for the past year.

Leaving behind a legacy and lots of memories, Dr Dulare reflected on his past and how the university has been a crucial part in his life.

But he did not reflect on how he absconded from USP after completing his PhD and still owes the country money. FICAC should catch him before he runs away overseas. He was a shit acting vice chancellor we are glad to see him go.

Anonymous said...

what's this nonsense we hearing about 3 chiefs supporting Bainimarama's government? Didn't Bainimarama make the chiefs redundant after he took over and told the chiefs to go drink grog under the mango tree ?
If chiefs are supporting Bainimarama then it is a confirmation that chiefs are indeed political opportunists who have been parasiting on their people - which is how Bainimarama himself described them.
Chiefs in Fiji are mostly intellectually handicapped people. They should not be allowed to make any statement on behalf of anyone else.They just have one vote like everyone else. Or, are they going to go and vote on behalf of their villagers?

Vaka Viti said...

Vei kemuni mai na yasayasa vaka ra, na matanitu oqo e sa volitaki keda oti na i taukei baleta ni sa kauta tani na Bose Levu Vakaturga o koya e dau tarova toka e an Seneti na kena rawa ni na cawadru ta nin mai vei keda na lewa ni noda qele. Na yavu ni vakavulewa vou oqo e sega ni na maroroya na qele ni taukei vakauasive vei kemudou mai na Mua i Ra.

Kemuni na noda oni sa bau vuli ka koni rawa ni wilika ka vakadewataka na yavu ni vakavulewa, au kerea mo ni laki vakasalataki iratou na Turaga kei na Marama ka ratou sa vosa oti ka ratou sa tokona na matanitu usuraki oqo.

E nanumi tiko ni na qai dabe na Bose Levu Vaka Turaga ni oti na nona saga me na digitaki ira na Turaga ka ra na rawa ni tokoni Bainimarama kei Kaihumu.

Ke 75 ga na pasede na lewe ni Palimede era na vakadonua na veisau ni lawa ni qele esa na OTI vakadua na noda taukena na noda qele.

Ia baleta ni sa dua ga na "constituency" kara sa na veidigidigi talega na vulagi kara tu mai Valagi, ena rawa ni saga ko Kaihumu me na veisautaka eso na ka se lawaki taka na macala ni veidigidigi baleta ena gauna oqo e rauta tiko ni 90% na i taukei kei na 60% na India era tiko e Viti era na sega ni tokoni Bainimarama.

E dodonu na gauna oooooooqo me sa tekivu tiko na vunau "underground" me na tababokoci kina na lasu nei Kaihumu.

E dua na ka vakaloloma ni ra sa mai voli kece tu oqo o ira na Senior Civil Servants ka levu na CEO's i Taukei sa mai vesu tu oqo na gusudra me baleta saraga na i sau ni madrai.

A sa vakamamsu vei keda kece sara na i Taukei me da vakadewa taka yani na i tukutuku oqo.


Professor of Kamasutra Dr Mahendra Kumar said...

Unfair attack on Dr Dulare. As VC of UoF, he left a better legacy then Professor of Kamasutra, Dr Mahendra Kumar, who was caught mounting a female in his office and performing oral sex on her. Dr mahendra kumar disgraced the family. he is no longer beloved son-in-law of Bainimarama arse-licker, Davendra Pathik.

Anwar said...

Ravi Narayan afraid of losing his polcom 200+k salary, he's making all sorts of news nowdays the brown noser.

Anonymous said...

Im not sure if Ravi Narayan has the capicity and capability to run the Police Force. acadamically he is not qualified. Leadership wise,he has no leadership quality.He is an anti Fijian and he he has a history of backstabing others for his gain and he will do what ever it takes to please his boss in return for some benefits. That is the hidden story of the current acting commissioiner of police

Anonymous said...

Chiefs were never made redundant. Only the GCC was scrapped. The chiefs are still chiefs in their chiefdoms withour interference. That's the difference. Oh and people complaining about cost of uniforms please stop the bullshit. Nobody coma plains about the cost of rugby boots and track shoes come the coke games and deans trophy competition where the latest and most expensive are flashed.

Kajia na Papai said...

China railway Boss committed Suicide, Kaihum will be next.

"Bai Zhongren, the president of China Railway Group, a state-owned engineering giant behind many of the country's largest railway projects, jumped to his death over the weekend, Chinese media reported on Monday.

China Railway Group, which is listed on both the Hong Kong and Shanghai stock exchanges, said in a short statement on Sunday that Bai died of "an accident", but did not give any details surrounding his death".

So na Jimoni mai Viti era a talai mera laki Kunati koya qo.

Anonymous said...

Na matanitu usuraki qo ena sega ni dua e an digitaka.

Vinaka vakalevu na veivakatorocaketaki baleta ni dodonu ga mo dou cakava ia na digidigi ena tiki ga na Party in Kai Viti.

Anonymous said...

Tukuna vua na jimoni qori me kunati nodatou 'Bai' mada

mark manning said...

I feel sorry for the average Fijian, they just don't seem to have gotten the message yet!
Frank and Co. will continue to fleece them for every cent, fake elections or no!
Time someone had the balls to take a stand on behalf of all Fijians.

Vilimoni said...

SODELPA supporters are hypocrites.On one hand they want the GCC and on the other hand they criticize the chiefs when they support the PM. What Tui Nadi and Tui Ba said are the facts. They are honest in saying in past the governments ignored the people. Rabuka and Qarase governments were busy filling in their pockets, corruption was rife.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9.35 PM
Don't try to bullshit us . It is a well known fact that Bainimarama heaped insults on the chiefs when he took over the country - ILLEGALLY.
there is no such thing as "without interference" in the Bainimarama regime's lexicon. they interfere in EVERYTHING - including manipulating the chiefs to serve their scheme to cling to power.
The Bainimarama gang are doing what the colonialist used to do - use the chiefs to round up the people to tow the official line.
And they are doing the same thing Rabuka also did after his coup. Use the chiefs to mobilise support for his vision of a future Fiji.
We all know what happened to that.
Rabuka was made redundant by the Fijians and their chiefs!
Bainimarama's turn will come to get screwed by the chiefs he insulted.
The chiefs are only acting good boys because they know Bai has the gun power right now.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning,

Surely you don't mean that the regime should NOT be held to their word about the promised elections?! Or do you?

Don't get me wrong, like you I also sympathise with the hardships that ordinary people face everyday and being severely restricted in what they can do about it because it all stems from bad leadership.

Which is why I think Fiji should get to elections asap as a starting point to getting the nation "truly" back on track. So the emphasis and spotlight should remain there (electoral process) to ensure that it is fair, transparent and corrupt-free - that is so critical given the regime's extremely strong interest (bordering on desperate) to legitimize their rule and control over the obvious cover-ups to date.

Political parties, if they're honest with themselves, and are worthy leaders, should know they have more than ample ammunition over the last 7 years at their disposal to 'shoot down' the BK party if and when it emerges.

One of the most pressing challenges of course is the medium through which their political campaign can be hosted since the regime controls all media outlets... and the subtle measures they're bound to engage in in order to keep the playing field "unlevelled" in their favour.

Time to get creative guys.

Anonymous said...

@ Vilimoni

I'm not a SODELPA supporter but I will tell you that there is a distinction to be made between supporting the GCC (as a forum comprising of all chiefs in Fiji which btw is a Constitutional body under the 1997 Constitution); and having the freedom to disagree and even criticism with reasonable justification those chiefs whose hold views that they do not agree with.

I agree with you though that corruption was rife under the Rabuka and Qarase govts. What's to say this one (unelected regime) isn't? Or even worse, given the lack of good governance vis-a-vis transparency/accountability of esp. State funds.

Anonymous said...

Excuse the obvious typo grammatical errors.

Anonymous said...

What is it with all the wannabe pro-SODELPA thugs on this site promising retribution on people who disagree with SODELPA?

You talk big but I bet you'd never even lift a finger until you feel it safe to do anything, ie if an when SODELPA gets elected.

Wise up, people like you give SODELPA a bad name and even less reason to trust.

Anonymous said...

Agree with you 11.09pm.

Which is why I think SODELPA leadership should make an immediate, public and unequivocal statement rejecting any call for violence or retribution outside the rule of law from their so-called supporters. This should take care of the obvious mischief-makers i.e. BK goons.

All parties need to have a fair go at winning elections, let the people decide for themselves.

It's been 8 years of draconian rule for goodness' sake. Sa rauta mada.

Anonymous said...

UNDF is a useless insignificant Mickey Mouse Club. Why would anyone want to give them a prominence?

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:32, which promised elections? The elections promised last time, the elections promised this time, or the elections promised nextdtime?

And don't assume I'm a SODELPA supporter. Or are you saying that the only Fijians patriotic enough to want to defend Fiji are all in SODELPA? I certainly didn't make any statements on SODELPA's behalf.

Rather than asking SODELPA's leadership to renounce violence, shouldn't we be demanding that Bainimarama's people renounce violence? After all, SODELPA hasn't committed any violence, and SODELPA hasn't threatened any violence. Neither has any of the other parties. Bainimarama is the only one who uses violence to achieve his aims.

Why should we give a monopoly on violence to a tyrant who would use it, not to defend us, but to enrich himself at our expense and evade accountability for his crimes?

Anonymous said...

@ 12.29am

"Anon 5:32, which promised elections? The elections promised last time, the elections promised this time, or the elections promised nextdtime?"

Where did I talk of a 'promised elections' in my 5.32pm post?

"And don't assume I'm a SODELPA supporter. Or are you saying that the only Fijians patriotic enough to want to defend Fiji are all in SODELPA? I certainly didn't make any statements on SODELPA's behalf."

You're right, I assumed wrong. My apology.

Agree with you on demanding that the regime refrain from all types of violence including their draconian decrees. I am also a patriotic Fijian but I strongly disagree with your call for an "armed resistance". That's a proven failure and you only have to see where it got Mandela - 27 years of a wasted lifetime - his life story is currently being screened at our local cinema as a reminder.

Anonymous said...

@ 12.29am

Yawn... it must be the late hour, just seen the reference on that earlier post of mine you correctly referred to re 'promised elections'. Can I safely assume that we're all talking about the upcoming 'promised elections' this Sept. Last one in 2009 was a broken promise. Sweet dreams.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.29am - you're forgetting Mandela's lesson - forgive and work with your enemies for a peaceful and better nation. This lesson however also applies to the current lot in power.

SODELPA will gain more brownie points, the way Mandela did if they can show that much class when they form government.

Anonymous said...

Well said and I do agree with you that the way forward is to forgive and also someone has to confess that what he has done is wrong and ask for forgiveness and he should be forgiven from the heart and the bad deed should be forgotten. And the process of reconciliation. Is done then all the problems should be identified and amicable solutions to be found then we can advance otherwise everything will stand still or move backward.

Anonymous said...

Young charges were dropped by FRCA for tax charges. All corrupted guys are in regime commission.
We will never get free/fair election under illegal BKC.
people ahouls vote for bai party bec they are thugs and have cut penson by 13 %.fnpf
Fnpf funds are been used by govt and hotel project where regime makes commission by giving hotel development contract.

Anonymous said...

@ Vilimoni

Those chiefs who have spoken out in favor of baini are looking at themselves only and not at the bigger picture. Just fixing a road here and a bridge there does not, and will not, remove the truth that baini is a murderer with blood on his hands. He is a crook who is using government money without any accountability at all. I agree that SODELPA and SVT had shortcomings, but the fact is, they were elected by the people and did not force decrees on people like baini. Even up to now with a few months left before elections, baini is still not sure of himself. The danger here is that baini is a psycho and can change the rules whenever he wants to suit his propaganda. Elections will be held only when it is actually held. As the Fijian saying goes, sivi na koro qai kalu - you whistle only when you have passed the village.

Anonymous said...

Why people blaming elected govt? SDL/FLP.
SDL/FLP followed the 1997 constitution and rule of law in fiji.
Bai/Kai makes decree and steal from fijian tax payers dollars.
NO AG report
No Salaries/Asset declared yet
Fiji Debt Level/Tenders for road works higher cost.
So go ask regime publish the above reports if not dont blame elected govt .
Dont vote bai/kai party .
Vote for Sodelpa.
god bless

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Times editorial 'Taking no sides' (16/1) is itself taking sides by not asking the hard questions about the conduct of the Fiji police as an handmaiden of the Bainimarama military dictatorship.
The Fiji police has failed to maintain professional neutrality. It has been doing the regime's bidding from the very beginning.
Eight years on it is far fetched to claim the Fiji police will not be taking sides and will be apolitical just because a regime appointed acting Police Commissioner says so.
The Fiji Times editorial is try to sell a lie to the people of Fiji by uncritically accepting the Polcom's propaganda.
The Fiji police force's failure to act in the public interest and for the public good is a matter of public record.
The Polcom's propaganda and the Fiji Times editorial cannot gloss over it.
The Fiji Times is now competing with the Fiji Sun to become a regime newsletter!
They are a disgrace to honest journalism.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh no school man. Go school back learn Englis come back write. ha ha ha

BC said...

HAVE THE POLICE CAUGHT those ones we can plainly see doing the abuse on that video.
What kind of farked up policeman is Ravi?
If he is really "taking no sides" then he should go and apprehend those crooked cops.

Otherwise then kali bhat, only talk no action, levu ga na lasu.


Fiji Times now beginning to talk thru their arse.
No thinking at all was given in that editorial.
Apart from the thought to "save their arse".

BC said...



Remember SDL brought in a good commisioner like Mr Hughes.
He did a lot of improvement for Fijian Policeforce


rajend naidu said...

Someone has said above that those chiefs who have spoken out in favour of Bainimarama are looking after themselves only.
Is the same also true for those people who write in to the local dailies to say "he[Bainimarama]will surely get my vote"? (Fiji Times 16/1). Are they sucking up to feather their own nest? I thought one's vote was secret. That's why a secret ballot is held in elections. Is the Fiji Times propagandizing for the Bainimarama regime by publishing such letters?
The Fiji Times and the Fiji Sun should start a column where every eligible voter can declare who he or she is voting for. If they start now we'd have the election result well before the promised elections! After all Fiji only has some 400.000 voters - just like a village in Italy which probably has more voters!
Rajend Naidu

mark manning said...

It may be the most populace Democracy on Earth, but without the Rule of Law, this God forsaken Country remains a cesspool of inequality and evil :-

Will this be Fiji's future?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 1 AM, you must have been groggy, too, when you wrote "armed resistance". That's a proven failure and you only have to see where it got Mandela - 27 years of a wasted lifetime . . ."

Mandela's? A wasted lifetime? Are you for real? His was the most consequential life in the history of South Africa and one of the most consequential lives of this generation.

If only our lives could be so "wasted" in service to our country!

Mandiba avoided violence as much as possible, but he also founded the armed wing of the ANC and led a sabotage campaign against the apartheid government. His strategy ultimately prevailed. I respectfully submit that we should adopt the same proven approach.

Anonymous said...

Has General Aziz returned yet?

Spraycan Dan said...

When did graffiti art become a "seditious act?" Just a waste of taxpayer money bringing in these chink lawyer friends of this puppet-master, Hey-arse, Kaboom!

Anonymous said...

i don't think VRB will fleece the people of people. he will only give you what HE thinks you the people should get, NOT what the people are entitled to. And this is how if elected his govt will run. He will do as he pleases and there will be no room for questions... pity.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11:49 AM.

No news of Gen. Aziz as yet. His whereabouts are unknown. I am wondering why these onetime elite army officers of the illegal Bainimarama/Khaiyum regime are leaving whilst Bai still remains.

Perhaps there have some heat amongst friends.

Anonymous said...

Isa, mark manning and his simplistic, child-like understanding and analysis. As the most populace Democracy on Earth, and hugely diverse at that, India has many problems. But on a per capita basis, reported cases of rapes in India are far less than in Fiji, or Australia for that matter. That is why there is such a outcry in India when a case of rape is reported, and rightly so.

In Australia women and children are raped, molested and sometimes killed in daylight and in very public places. There was the rape and murder of a Filipino girl in Ipswich last year. For a country of its size, Australia is ais facing big problems with alcohol fuelled violent. King hits or coward punches are a big problem. But Mark manning's peanut and prejudiced mind cannot fathom concept of proportionality. mark, stick to you day job of nursing.

Anonymous said...

"With reasonable men I will reason. With humane men I will plead. But to tyrants I will give no quarter, nor waste arguments where they will certainly be lost."

Vilimoni said...

To people who always rubbish Bainimarama."

He is a messiah and madiba of Fiji.

Prime Minister and Army Commander Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will resign as Army Commander in March this year.

Commodore Bainimarama has confirmed this to people during the talanoa session in Nakorovatu, Wailevu, as he continues his Northern Division tour.

Commodore Bainimarama confirmed that he will resign from the Commander’s post in March to concentrate on his new political party for the general elections to be held later this year.

Under the 2013 Constitution, the Army Commander is appointed by the President after advice from the Constitutional Offices Commission.

In the transitional period, the Prime Minister will recommend the name of the new Army Commander to the President for appointment.

Under the Political Parties Registration Decree, any member of the RFMF is classified as a public officer.

It states that a public officer shall not be eligible to be an applicant, an official or a member of a proposed political party or a political party registered under the Decree.

Based on this, Commodore Bainimarama has to resign from the Commander’s post.

The decree makes it clear that a public officer must not engage in political activity that may compromise or be seen to compromise the political neutrality of that person’s office; or publicly indicate support for or opposition to any proposed political party or a political party or candidate in an election.

Public officer means anyone holding any office in, or as member of, a statutory authority, a commission, an office of a judge, a magistrate or an office of any court or tribunal, public service, the Fiji Police Force, Fiji Corrections Services or the Republic of Fiji Military Forces; or a person who is an elected or appointed officer of a tradeunion or of any federation.

Anonymous said...

vilimono you are a regime bajaroo admit it this instant!

Anonymous said...

Luveni Ulukau - he is already breaching the constitution by engaging in politics from 2006 .....u have shit in your head.
Once the army rolls him out of the gates this dickhead is finished .....word from the QEB is that they will celebrate when the d head resigns.
You Vilimoni will also be mavolod after wards in Naboro

Anonymous said...

Guys get ready! As soon as this coward resigns from acting PM, all must perform a citizen arrest for treason.

It is clear to all the people of this nation that Bainimarama is GUIILTY of Treason and MUST face the long arm of the law.

Bai why can't you just take it as a man like Spate you bloody poofter.

Levu tikoga na nomu vosa . Boci and Baku.

Mohammed Julab Dean said...

Major contributions of the following governments:

Rabuka Govt.
-1987 constitution.
-Building of Kings Highway from Nausori to Tailevu.
-Increased funding for Poverty alleviation funding.
-NBF scam.
-Renewal of some land leases.
-two military coups.
-High crime rate.
Qarase Government
-Rise of nationalistic feeling.
-Indirectly supported 2000 coup.
-Supported in eviction of many indian farmers.
-Collapse of the sugar industry.
-Huge spending on the number of cabinet ministers salaries.
-Agricultural scam
-Qoliqoli Bill
-Collapse of the economy.
-Increased corruption and nepotism.
Bainimarama Government.
-Increased investments eg Damodar City, Tappo City, MH, Casinos, Bauxite mining, Natadola and Momi Developments, Fiji Airways.etc
-Free education up to secondary school.
-Free text books and bus fares
-Increased welfare benefits
-Loan scheme for Tertiary students.
-Establishment of FNU
- Upgrades of hospitals, roads.
-Rural development
-Establishment of anti-corruption unit
-2013 Racial Free constitution
-Salvaging the sugar industry
-Decrease in crime rate
-Bainimara achieved most of the above without overseas aid and with sanctions from Australia, New Zealand and European Unions.

Anonymous said...

Dean You Makachod
Qoliqoli is indigenous right and you will be farked by it very soon

Anonymous said...

FDB wats the story there . Seems the talk has been takenly to no light and there is no hasity. well another bomb just bloggers would like to kno official hours of work between branches as worker are seen before township before closure hours walking around just a thot

Anonymous said...

Anon @5:14PM

Boci what indigenous right you talking about? Who is indigenous? You are from Africa. You are a guest in Fiji. Got is Sona levu?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

FDB once again . Its hpuld not be regarded as a bank but a sales agency as some branches doing door to door sales all over fiji So wat next . If bosses can get themselves sucked for promotions y cant branches do door to door sales and sell the bank n wrkers wat a joke fiji's financial system has made of itself. RBF should cancel the licence of fdb as there are too many uneducated pple wit paper on the wall but no common sense n Pr cos they havce a cock sucking HR acting person .

Wes said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
BC said...

@Mohammed Julab Dean
This is the problem with you Regime Mouthpieces.
You are out of touch with the common people.
You have no concept of reality.

If things are so rosy, then why has there been an increase in Poverty in Fiji since 2006.
Why was there increased death from Malnutrition in Fiji like never before.

Poverty has increased from 26% of the population in 2006 to now 60% of the population.



AND REDUCE POVERTY BACK TO 25% when SDL was running the government.

BC said...

@anonymous 7:36
OK Class:

Indians are indigenous to India.

Japanese are indigenous to Japan.

English are indigenous to England.

Fijians are indigenous to Fiji

I teach this to Class 1 students and they give the right answer every time


If you don't know the correct answer then its obvious you don't have enough brain cells to make Class 1 in Fiji.

The Heckler said...

Vilimoni and Mohammed Julab Dean,

If ignorance is bliss,

You must be orgasmic!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama your hero is criminal and must be tried in a normal court of law.

Julanamu ...your are so blinded by your one sided ego.

This country will always belong to the Kaiviti because ouir right is above the Bai/Kai constitution.

You better building your boat or you will be swimming back to India.

Anonymous said...

The English derive their name from the Angles, a German tribe that invade Britain nearly 2000 years ago, along with the Jutes. The indigenous people of England are the Celts.

Anonymous said...

Ten reasons why Bainimarama should not be Fiji's Head of Government:

Reason 1: His overthrow of Fiji's lawful and democratically-elected government in 2006 constitutes treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Reason 2: It is now clear that Bainimarama masterminded the 2000 hostage-taking in Parliament and coup attempt. This constitutes treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Reason 3: Bainimarama forced President Iloilo to abrogate the Constitution in 2009, the Constitution Bainimarama was sworn to protect. This constitutes treason, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Reason 4: Bainimarama allegedly ordered the murder of CRW soldiers in his custody. As prisoners, they were no longer combatants. At least one had no part whatsoever in the CRW mutiny. This was murder in cold blood, for which there is no statute of limitation. This reason alone demands Bainimarama's removal from government and trial for what is normally considered a capital offense.

Reason 5: Bainimarama rules Fiji without sanction of law and at gunpoint. All Fijians are effectively his hostages. This demands his removal from government and a criminal sentence no less severe than that accorded to kidnappers with aggravated circumstances.

Anonymous said...

Reason 6: Bainimarama's 2006 coup invalidated Fiji's last lawful election. He then disenfranchised all Fijians, promising elections in 2009 and reneging. This demands his removal from government and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Reason 7: In 2009, Fiji's Court of Appeal ruled Bainimarama's government illegal and prescribed specific remedies. Instead, Bainimarama sacked Fiji's entire judiciary, forced the abrogation of the Constitution, and suspended all civil liberties. This demands his removal from government and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law.

Reason 8: Under Bainimarama's economic mismanagement, Fiji has experienced the worst economic performance in its history, with sustained zero or negative growth. His 2006 coup damaged Fiji's tourism. His reneging on promises are directly and personally responsible for Fiji's forfeiture of $350 million from the EU for the reform and modernization of Fiji's sugar industry. He did not properly monitor the expenditure of $84 million in loans to the sugar industry from India, leading to the project's failure. He saddled Fiji's taxpayers with the FSC's huge debt, illegally cut pensions in half, substantially devalued Fiji's currency, caused the displacement of many farmers, borrowed huge sums at inflated interest rates, created a hostile business environment, caused greater poverty, leading to increased suicides and lower life expectancy, etc. The longer Bainimarama mismanages the economy, the more Fijians will die or slip into poverty.

Anonymous said...

Reason 9: Bainimarama is at the centre of a web of growing corruption. He illegally receives multiple salaries for the multiple cabinet positions he awarded himself. He illegally routes all payments through the accounting firm of Khaiyum's aunt, Nur Bano Ali. He prevents the publication of all public accounting reports, which are presumably damning of his management and operations. He is a close associate of Fulluck, which is the biggest Chinese human smuggler and prostitution ring in Fiji. He uses government agencies such as FICAC to harrass and punish his political opponents. He is the main cause for Heritage Foundation's downgrading of Fiji on its economic freedoms ranking. His regime's dealings are so murky that Transparency International cannot even conduct sufficient research with which to rank Fiji. He illegally awarded himself nearly $200,000 in leave pay going back 30 years. He provides no accounting of the money in his PM Flood Relief Fund or of the $5 million grant given to Bainimarama by the Chinese government for his discretionary use. The list could go on and on.

Reason 10: Bainimarama has squandered much of the good will and international reputation Fiji has built up over its history by spurning Fiji's friends and embracing those who do not share its values or respect its interests. Because of Bainimarama, Fiji is the only country ever suspended from the Pacific Islands Forum. Because of Bainimarama, Fiji is also expelled from the Commonwealth. As a result of the military coup of 2006, the United States prohibited assistance to Fiji's military and joined with other countries in imposing various travel restrictions on those officials involved and their key supporters. He uses the Melanesian Spearhead Group as a tool for wedge politics designed to impair regional unity. He regularly denounces the very countries who have been Fiji's allies and defenders throughout its history, whilst courting countries whose influence could tip the regional security balance against Fiji's long-term interests. He aligns Fiji with totalitarian and repressive regimes notorious as state sponsors of terrorism while maligning Fiji's largest trade partners and most reliable aid donors. Etc., etc.

I've now listed ten reasons why Bainimarama should and must go, and I've only scratched the surface on these. And apart from these ten, there are many other compelling reasons as well.

I hope you think long and hard about the wisdom and morality of supporting such a man.

Anonymous said...

to those who keep saying Bainimarama has done good for the kaivitis, let us be reminded of what he did and will do...'
he got rid of their chiefs.
he controls their right to have their church meetings and dictates the terms.
he controls their right to practise their religion and dictates the terms.
he controls their provincial councils and choses who and what is best for them.
he controls their right to governance and dictates the terms.
he controls their right to chose and how to use their lands and dictates the terms.
he denies them their right to name their political parties in their own language and dictates the terms.
he got rid of a constitution that protected their land rights, customs and traditions.
he dictates what constitution they will have and its terms.
he controls and dictates when and how their customs and traditions will be practised in the future under his constitution.
he can change their land laws whenever he wants to like any other law.
AND all these he has done and will do WITHOUT EVEN HAVING TO CONSULT THEM.
His supporters think hes done great for them???
this is not politics. THIS IS GENOCIDE guised as legal law making and governance.
Only in Fiji. I am not Fijian but I support my brothers and sisters. Because this is the truth and it is right, legally and morally.
FIGHTING FOR your indigenous rights is not being racist, the racists are the ones that deny and refuse to acknowledge your rights.
that's why the kaiyum constitution is a racist one...not the ones before.

Viti Vou said...

The current opinion poll is that 90% of the Kaiviti DO NOT support this regime.

Only 20% of the Fiji's rural population supports the regime.

Labour and SODELPA will form the next government.

The next PM will be the Marama na Roko Tui Dreketi and Deputy PM will be Mahendra Chaudary and Dr Baba

The next President will be the former PM, Sitiveni Rabuka.

The new Commander will be someone young, well respected and well educated within the the ranks.

FNU will be dismantle and revert back to the old arrangement.

Bainimarama and all his close cohorts will be tried for treason by the International Court especially on the ground of crime against humanity. The corruption charge against the AG will be dealt separately as this involved a complex web of networks from drug, money laundering involved Chinese nationals and some senior military personnel.Nur Bano and the Shamim sisters will have their own day in court.

The GCC will be reconvened Chaired by the Turaga Bale na Tui Cakau.

The Military will be slowly and progressively phasing out supervised by the US and Australia.

The Qoliqoli Bill will be reintroduced just like the Maori Sea Bed claim that is now recognise by the New Zealand government and the MABO Legislation in Australia.

This is the path to new Fiji, the Way the World should be.

Oqo na Viti Vou.

Anonymous said...

A gem from the pen of Dakuwaqa, nearly two years ago:

"Bainimarama is taking the country forward alright -- straight to the abyss.

"The best PM in Fiji's history? I know that some of Fiji's PMs have been rather disappointing, but really!

"Let's review the record, shall we? Please correct me if anything I write is in error or in any way an exaggeration.

"Your hero led a band of traitors in seizing your elected government and now holds the entire country at gunpoint. Indeed, we now know that Bainimarama was behind every coup attempt back to and including the 2000 attack on Parliament.

"Bainimarama rubbished Fiji's constitution, took away your vote, censored your press, sabotaged the economy, plundered your pension fund, forbade gatherings of three or more, arrested and harassed human rights activists, stomped pregnant women, firebombed and tortured political opponents, dismissed the entire judiciary, hired mercenary magistrates from abroad, closed parliament, sold the country into ruinous loans, opened the country to organized crime, forbade church meetings, abolished Fijian cultural institutions, got the RFMF blacklisted from future peacekeeping operations, punished those who spoke the truth, appointed and promoted those who lied, etc., etc.

"Your man is known far and wide as a bald-faced, inveterate liar. He's less than a grotesque mediocrity playing the part of a hero; he's a villainous traitor who subverted Fiji's imperfect democracy in order to avoid accountability for his crimes. He violated the trust reposed in his command, soiled and sullied his uniform and disgraced the RFMF by leading it in bullying and torturing the very citizens it is supposed to protect -- your neighbors and countrymen.

"He denies you your right to elect your own civil and religious leaders, to voice your opinion on the street as freely as you do on this website, drink grog with mates of your choosing, petition this government peacefully for change, address labour grievances through collective bargaining, receive impartial justice from the courts, or expect accountability regarding the expenditure of your tax money. By disingenuously justifying his actions as necessary to achieve racial justice, he's severely harmed race relations in Fiji.

"What other PM has so dismal a record?"

BC said...

@Anonymous 9:00pm
And the Celts came from Halsttat (Austria) and these originally came from Asia (Mongoloids)+ a mix of Caucasians ie North Africans + Indians.

You can read it on Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

the criticism of the Fiji Times editorial 'Taking no sides' by rajen naidu (I think he forgot to add his name) is spot on.
Is it a coincidence that both the Fiji Times and the Fiji Sun have sung praise for the acting Police Commissioner's toothless warning to police to be politically neutral?
the acting police Commissioner is just a regime puppet who pretends he in control of law and order in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

If the police are politically neutral, then why isn't Bainimarama under arrest for his many crimes?

Anonymous said...

So, the English used to be our neighbors in Tamil Nadu?

Anonymous said...

Viti Vou,

I do not agree with you on all your points but at least someone, anyone is talking about what SODELPA (or any other political party for that matter) will stand for in the next elections, even if SODELPA has yet to release its manifesto.

At least you are enriching debate on this forum by talking about REAL stuff and not like others here DUMBING DOWN the debate to simpleton talk about retribution and other vulgar talk.

I will say though that Fiji needs to bring back laws that give Parliament powers to confirm vanua solidarity in light of the destruction Fiji's many new churches and cults are inflicting on the day-to-day workings of the vanua.

I maybe biased on this issue but I think that is a debate we all deserve to have on this forum and nationally.

Anonymous said...

You people are more naive than Pollyanna if you think Labour and SODELPA will form the next government. Sure, Bainimarama would probably lose a free election by a wide margin. Sure, the Gone na Marama Bale should be our next PM. But Frank is never going to let any of that happen.

What more will it take before you WAKE UP?

Frank isn't going anywhere, until we send him to Hell.

BC said...

@anonymous 12:34
Not only were the English your neighbours, but its most likely that you and the Celts came from the same stock.

If you trace what Anthrapologists say, they say that Celtics (English) came from Proto-Celtics and Proto-Celtics came from Indo-European background.

The "Indo" part is obviously India.
And early "Europeans" are what we call Caucasians.
And Caucasians are basically from Africa ie black people.

Anthrapologists say they originally migrated west from North Africa.

That is what scientists say.

Anyway I find it all interesting.

This basically means that Indians and the English had similar Ancestry, most likely Africans ( or North Africans more accurately).

There was another finding reported last week in the Scientific Journals last week about skin colour, which I'm so excited about...but I wont bore you with it.

Anonymous said...

anon 7.36
Sona levu......u a real moron when you dont even know what indigenous right is ...
Read the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People ,,,UN website
That will be incorparated in constitution after frank is thrown into prison with you ....& u will be mavolord in prison by speight and crw....

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

anon 11.42am
give it a rest dickhead at least Mahend is not a regime arselicker or gay like you

Anonymous said...

BC, then why did you write that the English are indigenous to England?

Anonymous said...

@ BC 9:54 AM Jan 17th.

1. White is not a primary colour on its own. It is the sum of a myriad of colours which are the colours of the rainbow. Red, yellow and blue are the real primary colours.

2. We are all descendants of apes and monkeys who were the previous inhabitants of all nations of the world before man came into being, as taught by science which I do not believe. Hence, to lay claim that we are indigenous to our mother land is categorically wrong if we are to believe this science.

Just two pieces of tavioka to provoke our thoughts.

Anonymous said...




BC said...

@anonymous 4:44
You are obviously a dickhead.
Before you come and unload your bullshit on us, first go and read up Melanocytes and how they make skin colouring.

Now that is a bit of Scientific Knowledge you need to familiarise yourself with.





United We Stand said...

SODELPA and FLP for next election.

Anonymous said...

Combine the colours of the rainbow, and you end up with a murky brown colour, not white.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 4:44
Must be one helluva shock to find that one of your grandparents was a monkey.
Fark. That would really freak me out man!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:28 AM, we know that. That's why we withheld that from you all these years.

Anonymous said...

@Anonmous 1:47
Is that why you worship the monkey god Hanuman.

Anonymous said...

Speak for yourself, monkeybite!

Anonymous said...

Rajesh iko sega class 2. Iko volavola class 1 material tadina

Anonymous said...

It's simple physics. If you shine a beam of white light through a a glass prism, the white light is refracted into the colours of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 4:52
So you saying that these white people have these different colors under their skin.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

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