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Monday, January 20, 2014

UFDF wades in on FRU 'stooges' and Indonesian 'interference'

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says the problems at Rugby House must be investigated with a view to prosecuting those involved in the mismanagement.

It says the suspension of all direct funding support to the Fiji Rugby Union by the International Rugby Board is a national shame not only to rugby followers but to the people of Fiji.

"It has been seven years since the illegal Fiji Regime placed its stooges in leadership roles at Rugby House. The objective, we were told, was to improve and transform rugby and its administration in Fiji. 

"Instead, from what we can gather from the IRB statement, the IRB audit report would suggest serious flaws in the management of funds and in the administration of rugby in Fiji. This state of affairs is totally unacceptable and must be rejected by the people of Fiji."

UFDF says the current FRU Board has been quick to disassociate itself from the IRB audit outcomes but "it must now take decisive actions to hunt down those responsible for the mess and bring them to justice without delay."

"The debacle at Rugby House is not surprising. Similar problems have surfaced in all areas where the illegal Regime has interfered in their management and activities." 

UFDF says the problems at FRU are "mere extensions of the illegal Regime’s mismanagement of the nation’s affairs which has resulted in our critical financial position, weak economy, high unemployment, low income, extremely high poverty level, high inflation, rampant corruption, nepotism and rising crime rate".

Indonesia tries to 'buy' support
UFDF also says interference by Indonesia is not unexpected.

It says such interference has also occurred with the outgoing Indonesian Ambassador, Aidil Chandra Salim, stating in an interview with the regime’s Fiji Sun on Dec 8th last year that ‘Commodore was a strong and transparent leader, urging Fijians to vote for a strong leader, saying Fiji was lucky to have a leader like the Commodore’.

"In the same interview Ambassador Aidil Chandra Salim also said that the ‘Indonesian government was totally behind Commodore Bainimarama’s bid to become Fiji’s elected Prime Minister’ and that Bainimarama’s Pacific Islands Development Forum [PIDF] was stronger than the Pacific Island Forum, even though the PIDF is still being set up."

UFDF says while such utterances from a Head of Mission contravenes diplomatic protocols, it demonstrates a consistent pattern by Indonesia to try and ‘buy’ its way with the MSG and others to avoid facing the issue of the West Papuan’s Campaign for independence.

"The call for Independence of West Papua is a matter that not only the MSG group should take up and support, but the Pacific Island Forum members, including Australia and New Zealand should unite and support the West Papua’s people’s call for independence, just as we all sought our Independence from colonial rule many decades ago."

UFDF says the West Papua people must also realize that the Commodore is Prime Minister in name only and his support base comes from his use of the military to intimidate and threaten his own people, just as the Indonesian government is doing to the West Papua people. He does not represent the Chiefs and people of Fiji


  1. Salim must have made that statement after coming out the toilet.
    His nose was still smelling shit and I think he was confused.

    Saying something was stronger, even though it's non-existent when comparing it to something already in existence.
    Who the fark talks like that?
    Even little children dont talk like that.

    I didnt think there was an ambassador more moronic than Leweni
    ( former Fiji ambassador to China)
    but this idiot Salim takes the cake.

  2. The MSG should demand Indonesia out of West Papua. But Bainimarama's government won't dare criticise Jakarta, because it has been bought off by Jakarta.

  3. Salim's election year endorsement of Bainimarama violates Article 41 of the 1961 Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations, which enjoins diplomats not to interfere in the internal affairs of the receiving state.

  4. FRU past board members should be investigated by Police and Ficac for abuse of funds.
    Govt did put in 5 million tax payers funds in 2011 RWC.
    Irb funds been abused .good on irb to make a stand.
    We need big clean up in FRU/FFA/OTHERS.
    When FFA will be cleaned up ?
    FRU/FFA need to be audited by external overseas auditors.
    We need expat from overseas to clean these org.
    god bless fiji

  5. Frank : Boss...you think they suspect us?
    Khaiyum : (furious) Shut the fk up and sit there in the corner. I thought you took care of it with that stupid no-school daughter of yours.
    Frank : She's a hard head, boso. Just like the mother.
    Khaiyum : Well...you better hope this thing blows over. (slapping Frank upside his head).
    Frank : Ouuuuuuchhieeee......

  6. FRU past and current board was run by army fools like bai/mosese thats why fru is in a mess.
    Now they have mess fiji army fools think they are MR Fix but they are MR Mess.
    Why will people vote for Frank bec he lied and never gave us good transparent/accountable govt.
    He is the biggest crook and conman.

  7. That's probably why they call it the Officers Mess.

  8. @ 8.36am hahahahahaha!! very True! I hope his daughter gets a spanking from their boss as well

  9. Cranky Franky expelled several diplomats from Fiji for much less interfering with Fiji's internal affairs than what Salim did.

  10. Ripper you are talking like Bainimarama trying to weave and duck in trying to avoid issues and do not want to admit his weaknesses and short falls.The whole world knows the incompitantcy due to lack of capicity and capability on Bainimarama so ripper it is good to look at critics positively rather then trying to be defensive.

  11. Mick, take a break Bro, no one is listening to your one man band anymore.

  12. More verbal diarrhoea from the struggling self opinionated UFDF cause.

    If only they could put the same effort into getting Fiji on track rather that taking the no brain route of simply criticising everything. They are an embarrassment to the political parties.

    When are we going to hear what the political parties are going to do when THEY get into power or is it that they have no idea?

    Come on guys, kick this UFDF into touch it's doing you no favours.

  13. Col.Tikoitoga is another coward no guts and clumsy .Praising Bainimarama as a honest and good manners.the question is: Was he honest to his country and its people?Answer: No,He is a traitor ,a dictator,a corrupt and a bully full of lies and deceit. Question :Is Bainimarama a good mannered person? He may be good to his soldiers but to the people he served he s a mean,careless , dumb,rude and show off. He swear at chiefs,talatalas and anybody who disagree with him even his friends like Father Kevin Bur he swore at him.He lack respect and does not listen or have any curtesy to consider others views and ideas. He is Mr.right. He disregard the Military Council views and plans and accept Kaiyums ideas because his pockets has been filled to its full capacity and the surplus has been siphoned to overseas banks accounts through Noor Banos Chattered Account.. He is a criminal who is yet to be tried for the capital offence of Treason of which the whole world is the witness.This is Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama .

  14. The UFDF are doing a fine job checking the moves of the illegal regime and informing the people.its very powerful and will have a lots of impact in the outcome of the election because the people are now shown the true picture of what is going on as the media are bias and pro regime now the people are able to see both side of the coin. Thank you UFDF well done Vote SODELPA everybody for Tukei.

  15. I agree. The UFDF has been economical but exactly on-point with its criticism of the illegal regime. It has deftly punctured the regime's pretenses move by move, laying bare its deceit and hypocrisy for all to see. The ineffectual attempts at criticism by regime trolls above is itself a reliable indication of regime frustration with its own inability to counter the UFDF's trenchant comments.

  16. Kamlesh Kumar
    Why dont you send Rajesh document and prove that he owes money.if not stop your lies.
    Kamlesh you are another liar like bai/kai so shut the f up .

  17. Umaria die the crook bastard .His bitch Mamuna husband poor Rafiq died of cancer .
    Chandu /TRSwas paid commission by charleswakeham .

  18. Frank and Rabuka taught fijian coup culture .
    Time fijian army are taught to study hard and work hard and be honest than they will progress.
    Not coup.


  20. Compol Ravi go charge frank/khaiyum for treason than chatge other people.
    Ficac and police should charge frank for corruption for his leave pay and treason.
    Police cant charge frank than they should f resign.

  21. Friends of this regime are not friends of Fiji.

    We will remember those who chose to empower our captors!

  22. History willl repeat itself.
    Frank you will end up like Rabuka on the street asking forgivness from Indians/Fijians..
    Frank/Rabuka both nationalist .
    khaiyum ./bai will end up like scape goat and faceless man in white houses both Epeli controlling bai/khaiyum.mark my word.
    Epeli both want to be rulers and clean all the mess they have created and dinau,regiment funds,nbf scams/others. fijian liumuri at its best.

  23. Fijian armies and muslim talibans will go in fiji history book for ripping tax payers

  24. BC : Your comment against Peter Waqavonovono is not at all justifiable. Why are you asking Peter ? Is it because he has come out firing at Bainimarama and the military for their intimidating talk against other politician.Peter has got nothing to do with the 2000 coup and what ever happen during that political upheavel.The way you charging against Peter and against native Fijian indicate that you are a rac ist .You are against native Fijian.That fact is you should ask Bainimarama why did he allow the CRW soldiers to participate in the 2000 coup because the rest on the incident that happen in the 2000 coup were just follow up or over flowing chain of actions after the parliment was overthown and members were taken hostage. Ask Bauinimarama why did he do that ?

  25. Bainimarama and Naivalurua should be arrested and charghd for compounding felony and Obstructing Police Officer in the Due Execution of his Duties:TYhey stop police from inestigating that criminal offence of Assaulting Prisoners and Causing Them Grevious Bodily Harm.I hope that all the documentation of that incident with all the evidence are preserved and once things are normal the process of law should take its normal directions

  26. @ Anon 9:05am

    You are criticizing UFDF for speaking out but gave no suggestion. What more do you think they should do under this repressive regime? Even up to this point with elections only six months away, bhai-ni has not even resigned from the army, has not formed a party, has not declared his assets, has been breaking his own decrees and openly campaigning using government money and whilst still a civil servant, what else do you think we should do? I can see you are a regime sapota.

  27. Why Sodelpa taking lot of time to elect the leader.
    Time to act quicky friends and start campaigning to beat Franky cranky party.he is using tax payers funds to campaign and that morally wrong but what can we expect from the dictator and his band of robbers.
    Sodelpa and FLP should be united to fight the election.
    United we stand divided we fall
    Rajesh Singh

  28. Frank /Khaiyum are muslim devil advocate .anti christ.
    Any vote for frank means voting for satan and taliban state.

  29. Frank warning army officer of corrupt old politician .
    These mp were voted in paraliment .How many past mp are in jail -none.
    who voted frank -army coup .
    So frank stop talking like a kid you have the worst past politican in your govt.
    Nationalist and coup makers RT Inoke kubu bola and Filpe Bole.and Your Chinaman Jim Ah koy.
    So stop your f bs.

  30. @ Anonymous January 25, 2014 at 6:26 PM.

    This shows that Bogus PM is frightened of "old politicians".

  31. Frank is afraid of old women (Samisoni, Kepa), politicians (Q, MPC), gods (Dakuwaqa) and demons (Speight, CRW).

    He should be afraid of ASK and the Chinese, who will be his undoing, and Jehovah God, for he will answer to Him by and by.

  32. Fijian army and police are slaves to khaiyum and his muslim cronies.
    army and police been used as personal guards to threatern fijian and elite fijian army and police are benfitting from the coup with muslims/gujis
    Khaiyum rules with decree and bkc with 99% fijian armies .
    fijian armies are judas selling themsleves for money to destroy the fijian cultures and lotu. madua.

  33. Poor Indians are here to stay and work hand in hand with fijian brothers.Fijian and indians been living in harmony for years .divide and rule will not work in fiji.
    Indians been holding 90% of economy.
    F elite muslims/guji are to f off of fiji.They been ripping poor fijians/indians .

  34. Frank and minister and trade union leaders .
    when you guys will declare your salries and assets ?
    I am ready to see how much these bastards are paid .
    F liars talk about clean up or pocketing tax payers dollars and cleaning the finance coffers.
    Fiji media doesnt have guts to ask this question why?

  35. India is the world largest democratic country and super power and world economy leader.
    Where is Fiji? Coup ridden country by ashole fijian armies.

  36. Fiji coup culture will only stop when we have good commander who respect and uphold the rule of law and constitution. we dont need thugs.
    we had all worst local commanders .all coup makers leading rfmf and all rfmf commander benfited from the coup and mess our lovely fiji up.
    I hope we will find expat commander and compol to clean rfmf/fiji police force and teach them to uphold constitution and rule of law .
    god bless

  37. Coup culture and liumuri have entered some sporting org in fiji.
    No accountabilty and transparancy .they just want funds .dont care about spending it and dont care to account for it like the current regime.
    Only talk but no action of accountabilty.

  38. Fiji want demcracy .or
    Fiji want dictatorship .
    simple choice-Democracy.
    No army thugs as leader again.
    we dont have to be scared of army anymore.i
    Frank is like Osama .



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