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Monday, February 24, 2014

Bainimarama taking to tweets as 'PM' before he even announces his political party

No political party yet but he's already dubbing himself 'PM".

Dirty dealing: and paid for by taxpayers.

Fiji's self-appointed prime minister has been kissing babies and asses since it hired Qorvis and started the Fiji Ministry of Information - his office is now unashamedly sending 'vote for me' tweets.

Bloggers will see the tweets also pre-empt the supposed decision at the ballot box: @Fijipm.

Frank Bainimarama made himself leader after he couped the country in 2006 so no surprises about his audacity and the propaganda machine to keep him in power.

The campaign to bring chiefs onside is also not new but even media are noting that Frank Bainimarama's office and MINFO are also now releasing pressers about chiefs who support the coup leader.

The chiefs are passing on Bainimarama's campaign messages.

Encouraging to see that political parties and officials are not
STRIKE BACK: Reply from Waqavonovonovono.
giving up the fight: SODELPA's newly appointed interim youth leader, Pita Waqavonovo, was quick to jump on the tweet and to fire a letter off to the Fiji Sun.

The fight for democracy in FIji is not over and Bainimarama could be in for a few surprises - if he ever has the guts to allow the elections to be 'clean'.

News, today, too that a laptop containing some very important information for the upcoming elections was stolen during the weekend. 

The laptop was being held by one of the election officials at her home and contained crucial data.

The media has not been alerted yet: we wonder why?

Waqavonovono's letter to the Fiji Sun:

Bula Vinaka 

It was with great interest that I read your newspaper's piece by MAIKA BOLATIKI, titled 'Chief denies SODELPA Support' 

 I am amazed that I have never come across the name of Wainunu district chief, Ratu Orisi Baleitavea, in any SODELPA news pieces. A question of SODELPA support, posed to the Wainunu Chief by Mr Bolatiki that was 'furiously' denied, is said to have come from the Party. 

One thing is for sure, Wainunu like many other Villages around Fiji have been given considerable attention over the recent months. A flood of so called development for a public endorsement of the PM's unannounced Party. 

One thing is for sure, there are SODELPA supporters in Wainunu and throughout the nation. SODELPA supporters do not blindly follow Chief's, or the type that decide to publicly turn a blind eye to 

- the failing economic situation we are in as a Nation
- the poor Human Rights Track record of the Regime 
-  the corrupt misuse of public funds and unaccounted use of tax payers money since 2008 
- the full militarisation of the State 
- and the development of a few Villages, while Villages that don't support the Regime are left to Suffer 

So do persons like Ratu Orisi of Wainunu or any other Chief that supports Frank Bainimarama really have the best Interests of Fiji Citizens at Heart when they raise their hand's to Support Bainimarama? Or are they just interested in developing their own Village and getting some prime time media attention for doing so?

Well its great news that Wainunu's Ratu Orisi Baleitavea, is good friends with the Prime Minister anyway. I guess in the end, its all about who you know! 

Peter Waqavonovono


  1. Vinaka Peter for your letter, but I think you on the loosing side... we'll give you points for trying anyways!!!

  2. Pita na kubu kei na politiki rau warai ni qai vata.

  3. I think Amb. Larry Dinger had it right. In Bainimarama's case, "PM" stands for "Psychological Mess".

  4. @Pita Waqavonovono.

    Don't let all these negative comments demoralize you. Just continue to do what's right without fear. People who negatively make comments against you and use demeaning words against you are afraid of you and your capabilities.
    Continue to humbly pray to God for strength and help and he will always be with you.
    We are with you and God bless you.

  5. Keep it up, Pita.

    First they ignore you. Then they mock you. Then they fight you. Then you win.

  6. I thought Frank was trying to do away with bloc type voting. Now, he mentions the chiefs who support him to intimidate the average villager.

    Fijians have never considered the national interest. It is self-interest then village interest. The nation does not matter.

    If Ratu Orisi Baleitavea loves Khaiyum so much, then that is his problem.

    Hey Wainunu village. You will be remembered after the election is KhaiyumTown. I am sure he will build you a nice Mosque if you ask nicely.

    Wainunu = Khaiyumunu

  7. Wainunu loves Khaiyum

  8. Era lewe vica sara mada na tamata era vakarorogo ena ruku ni vakatulewa nei Orisi Baleitavea ? Kusa mai Seviteba...me macala nai soqoni ni vika veikerei sa cakacakataki tiko qoka !!!!...edra dau 'ovola ga mai Lau 'a meca i a fika ga'

  9. Sa vakarorogo ko Orisi Baleitavea vei Bainimarama me rawa ni boko kina na nona kisi ni veilewai so Bainimarama is fucking Orisi and he is sucking Khaiyum dick!

  10. You are in for a big surprise Bainimarama.

    Ena je dra ga mai nomu cobo!!!

  11. Mr. Peter you are an ass hole. Go back to school again. Don't you see the developments brought up by this Government? I wish you were blind. Let me tell you one thing you idiot, no Government in this world can convince everyone at one time. I you can use your common sense then try to understand what this means. People like you, Chaudry, Qarase are backward.

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  13. @Anonymous 6:24 PM.

    Yes. You're indeed so very scared of Pita Waqavonovono. That's why you have nothing to say but plenty of filth which are evolved in your small mind and then spurted out of your mouth making it as stinkier than a skunk.

    Do not be sidetracked by many who will try to dissuade you from your noble goal. Be a beacon of hope to the underprivileged and the unfairly treated. Na psy-ops boidada ga era cakava tiko mai na i lala nei Bai kei Khai...toso tiko ki liu, my brother, kua na bale i muri.

  14. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  15. Good on you peter for questioning the prime minister and that of the Bua chiefs supporting franko despite what the critics may say (most of them supporters of Frank Bhai).

    Truly a determined youth who won't let old timers and know-it-alls stop him from fighting for whats right as surely this is just what the country needs in order to slowly but surely rid Bhai and his regime straight to Naboro.

    I'm sure you're not going down without a fight and you just showed that. Hopefully the Fiji Sun itself ended its propaganda campaign since its not publishing what the regime don't want the people to know, like Frank Bhai's dark side perhaps

  16. E vinaka ni sega ni je dra na cobo nei Pita Waqavonovono baleta sa je icegucegu makawa tu. Na cobo drasa makawa iko vi muruka kei Pita.

  17. Has Peter ever worked a 9am to 5pm job?

  18. Na ka ga o sa rawa ni tukuna qori @Anon 7:37 PM. Ni sa sega na ka e tu e na loma ni nomu qavokavoka e sa na rawa ga ni tukun mai na vosa era sega ni rawa ni vola na vakayalo. Na levu ga ni nomu vosa ca na na levu ni qaqa nei Pita...lol.

  19. Fiji must know that if their is no INTERIM GOVERNMENT then the election will be rigged by KHAYIUM.

    No use writing time for action!

  20. Thank you Pita for standing for what is RIGHT.

    Bainimarama is a TREASONIST CRIMINAL and its obvious the type of people that support him have the mentality of a cockroach. ie Always afraid of the light.

    These are people who know NO SHAME.

    As a Fijian its embarrassing to hear the filth coming out from some people above.



    Kemuni na vosaca taki Pita tiko, Vakaloloma nomuni bula.
    Ni sega ni madua na totaka tiko na lasu.
    Nomu bula e na vakaloloma ka gogo. Ira na luvemu era na ulukau tu ga. Nomu i yau e na yali vakasakasaka ka na vakatawayagataki.


  21. 2 anon 8:02 PM

    Who would be in this IG? Chaudry, Qararse, Beddoes????

    SODELPA WILL WIN AND THEN JUSTICE WILL BE DONE. New faces new leaders and new prisoners at Naboro.

  22. Bravo P. Waqavonovono.

    Carry on being truthful and truth will triumph.

    We all support SODELPA and you. Orisi from Wainunu is a loser and a nobody...never heard of such a chief..


  23. Vinaka Pita.Iko na tagane sega ni ra tagane na tauri dakai...Keep it up Pita and be brave,donot reply to these idiots lifeless people who uses vulgar language to bring their points across,be brave my man,you are a hero.We might not win the fight yet but at the end we will win the war Pita.Kua ni rere se yalo lailai tagane vakaraitaki iko ni o tagane dina ena vakayagataki ni vuku sega ena vosa vosa ca ra cakava tu na luveni cebo laqwa ra vosa tu qo.Vinaka tagane

  24. Iko na tagane Pita niko taura vinaka na mosi ni matanidemu ni dau veisugusugu kina na boci. Vakaukauwa tagane. Vakavinaka taka mada nomu bula vakayaloleqa o na raica kina ni mateni demu e dodonu me biulaivi mai kina na da sega ni curu cake kina na qala. Luveni maga bona.

  25. What 9-5 jobs has Bainimarama ever held? Or Francis Kean?

  26. They served in the navy rescuing people during search and rescue operations when people were lost at sea. They have both served in the Sinai in Egypt on peace keeping duties. They held 24 hour jobs in the navy doing cyclone rehabilitation works and transporting government and other workers to outer islands. They patrolled Fiji's EEZ and apprehended illegal fishing boats. Now what have you done for Fiji??

  27. @Annon 12:36 am
    You are definitely a pig from the same pigstye. For all the paid hours they did during their watch while thousands of Fijians did theirs as well along side them still does not not justify Bainimarama's actions and his running the country like a family bussiness...dark dark days ahead little piglet !!

  28. Go for it Pita....dont get distracted by comments made by some idiots and numbskulls who cant make civilised comments to rebut your views but finds it fit to use profanities to express cow-dung in their heads..sa vakaloloma dina na i tautau ni vosa e ra cavuta tu e so na tamata me baleta Pita....vakaukauwa tiko cauravou..you have the right to say whatever you want to challenge this unelected government!

  29. Go for it Pita Waqavonovono. Solia Vakalevu na mumu. Luveni sona karo o tamamu ka qara bona o tinamu. Me distract vakacava ni qauri sa soli ga nai cici sa sega tale ni dua na ka e madua taki.

  30. Vakaukauwa cauravou!!!!! Ke via totaki Pita ia drau lai vakasotarawa vata na nomudrau icici kei na nomudrau boci. Me solisoli toka me rawa ni nara ruarua nomudrau sona.

  31. O Pita na Luveni kawa ca mai vei. Sega gona ni vakavulici koya rawa o tamana kei tinana mai soli sona wavoki tu kina. Caiti tamamu.

  32. O tamai pita ga a matai ni tamata a vutusona taki koya.

  33. Na tamata rere ga e vosavosa ca tu qo,You lifeless people with no guts.Pity to the womb that bring you into this world and shame to the man who fathered you.Qo ra luveni sala sara ga mai nodra vale ra sega ni vaka vulici vinaka ra matavuvale kanakana da tu beka mai nai benubenu mai Lami.Sa rawa toka na cakacaka sa bau mai kaukauwa toka na vosavosa ca ni luveni kawa ca.Keimmi sa wawa tu qo na kai vesu e Naboro me mai biu i tuba na nomuni wawa.

  34. Ex Naboro iko leqa taka ga na levu ni qala vaka mapolo va veisugusugu toka qori e matanidemu nomu toka qori mai loma. Wawa toka mai keri ka vakayagataka kece sara na vei mataqali boci ra tu qori me yacova ni yavu na nomu sona. Ke sega lako lai suaniu taka mada na boci nei tamai pita Waqavonovono.

  35. Ke ko sa suiniu ex Naboro, sua niu ga vaka dodonu. Kua ni moqeta vakalialia na boci vaka of dau cakava toka mai loma ni lako vata toka na veisisiyaki ni mavolo. Bawahahahahahahahaha

  36. Anon 6.05 and 6.16 - talking from experience e. vakaloloma na nomu bula ni sa i matai kei na kai otioti ni ka o vakasamataka tu, o ya na veivutusona. Bau gadi mai i taudaku ni keba, mo bau laki veimaliwai tu kei ira na noda marama totoka era bini tu qo.

  37. This guy has lost his mind !! definitely consumed with rage .
    God bless his soul !!

  38. Sa vakaloloma dina na vovodea kei na lialia ni vakamacala e ra tauca tu qoka na mataivalu...sa vakaraitaka saraga na vanua e ra dui yavu tu mai kina.....sa sega tale ni dua na ka e vinaka me ra tauca...ke sega ga ni veivutusona na vei vana....lolovi ra dina.....sa vakaraitaka saraga na vanua sa vakanamata tu kina na noda vanua lomani o Viti....Go help Fiji!

  39. Na cava mada e ra sa rerevaki Pita Waqavonovono kina na mataivalu...He is just the youth leader and obviously will not stand in the September Elections......what did he do to deserve all these profanities being dished out at him.....baffling! E rairai e tukuna tiko na gone qo na ka dina ka vakavuna me coqai sara kina vakalevu mai veira na mataivalu. Da nanuma ga ni sa rarama ko Viti kari bagi se warai saraga! Isa ko Viti!

  40. Sa dina sara @ 1025 AM & 1030 AM. Era sa mai rerevaki Pita Waqavonovono tiko o ira na "noda sotia momoqaqa cola dakai kei ira na dau vala e waina navy yaloqaqa ni Viti". A cava era sega kina ni rawata mera toboka na waqa ni navy no Toga e na nodratou mai kauti Roko Ului kina? O Pita e dua walega na gone ka a mai buturaki vakaukauwa e na keba ni mataivalu e naTiseba 2006.
    Era mai tabaka na vosavosa ca ka lai tini sara e na vei rulaki. Me yaco mada i vei? Na levu ga ni vosa ca, na levu ni qaqa nei Pita kei na levu ni nodra rere!!!.
    @Pita Waqavonovono.
    Kua sara ni rerevaki ira qo. Biuta tiko vei keimami me keimami veiqali sominiwai tiko kei ira e na buturara ni veivosaki qo. Na levu ga ni nodra vosa ca na kena vinaka. Sa tubu tiko na cudru nei koya na Kalou mai lagi.

  41. Pita...tovolea mada mo tei tavioka kei na dalo. Tovolea mada mo segu ota se cici niu. Tovolea mada na nunu bogi se vaka kilivaji se qito rakavi mada...tovolea mada na cakacaka ni tagane dina...koya o cakava toka mai qori..o vakamatavulo taki keimami tu ena levu ni nomu veivakaisini. E matata sara tu ga na nomu sasaga...10 na yabaki sa oti o sega tu ni kila e dua na ka baleta na cakacaka ni matanitu...qo o sa mai vakacalai tu vei ira na so na tamata era vakayagataki iko voli baleta ga na nodra "own interest and gain"..kua ni ko lialia mo sikalutu ki na nodra sasaga...

    1. iko se gone sara ke laurai vaka yabaki ni bula..
    2. na soqosoqo ko lewena e sa rui sui mate
    3. na tamata era vakayagataki iko tiko era sa "has beens"..sa oti na nodra gauna..era sa sega tale ni cakacaka rawa..na ka ga era saga tiko na easy money
    4. Iko se gone dramidrami sara ena na bula vaka politiki...veitalia ga na koroi se i vola o tube wavoki tiko qori.
    5. Ira na youth...era kilai iko dina vakavinaka???..sa vaka matata taki vei ira na nomu profile se status??? sega...

    E vinaka ga mo cakava ga na ka e dodonu mo cakava...sai koya mo qarava galugalu ga na cakacaka ko saumi kina vaka cakacaka mo cakava...kua ni lade ena politiki...

    Baleta qori saraga na vanua o na vakaloloma taki kina...au kaya la!!

  42. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha haha haha ha

    Reading comments on this blog makes one realise the typical kai fijian...........

    no wonder the kai fijian indian and kai fijian loma and kai fijian chinese and all others have benefitted from your Fiji. You kai Fijian continue to abuse, rage and attack each other like you always have done. Your history is quite interesting and your back stabbing ways....Boy oh boy....when will you kai fijians ever learn anything.

    By the way...its 2014 now - 7 years after your beloved PM kicked out another kai Fijian and ran the country.

    Why dont you guys just pray and thank your Dakuwaqa that your PM today is another kai fijian.

    Maybe you guys want democracy and perhaps a kai fijian indian or kai fijian loma or kai fijian chinese should be the PM of your country. Cant wait to see that happen and see how you guys react. Oh I forgot, your in the vola ni kawa bula and this is your divine right....just like the dove from SDL days that flew down and built all your churchs....Whooooo......

  43. To Annon about Teitavioka and cici niu,
    Cici niu teitavioka kei vakilivati e job ni tamata sega ni vuli kei na na vaqara i lavo...sega ni tagane qori,qori na nomu digidigi ni o sucu mai na dua na vei loga niu o kawa ni dau cici niu..lasulasu.
    1.Sega ni gone o Pita,youth na vosa vakavavlagi ululala o Pita ena bula vaka itaukei esa wili vaka qase....ya gona na kemudrau duidui o iko sa qase io se gone tu nomu rai baku.
    2.Sui mate...na ka vinaka kece e tekivu mai na sega na dredre na vosataki me vak sa vaka tiko qo vei Pita O kemudrau kei Bai drau taura na matanitu ena dakai drau sega ni bunotaka kina e dua na da drau mai PM sara.
    3.Sega ni vakayagataki o Pita o iko ga e vakayagataki iko o Bai me rawata kina na nona bula...ulukava
    4.O vuvu taki Pita tale qori mudrau.Rairai e sega vei iko na ka e tiko vei Tu Pita na vuli...o kilikili vati tu ga mai na Koro op mai via vakamavala boi dada sara eke.
    5.Na Profile nei Pita e vinaka ko la ko tiko qori vei kemudrau kei Bai drau dalaga la mai sa kune kina na tamata dau cici niu kei na vakilivati nai tautau ni nomudrau vosa..drau yavu gusu bona.

  44. Esa tini tale na tei tavioka kei na cici niu na veitalanoa ike...lol...welei na kai Viti ululala.....sivia na vosa.......Sa rauti keda me noda PM ko Frank....

  45. Toso Pita. Kua ni kauwai nodra vosa na qauri ra vei ru tiko qori.

  46. Peter Waqavonovono walks the walk and talks the talk. From day one he has remained unmoved even after he was taken to the camp, beaten up and abused. To this day he continues to fight for democracy and is never afraid like many of you Kai Fijian talking crap on this site. Take a leaf of courage and bravery from Peter's page and do as he does. Join him in numbers in protest not curry flavouring and encouraging Peter in the comforts of your home scared as cats and afraid to be seen or heard. Peter is the beginning of a new generation which will replace the old ideals. Frank is removing most of these useless good for nothings and people like Peter will step in to replace them in the future. Peter is the man. The rest of you encouraging Peter with words but not being there to support Peter during protest and all other activities, think about it.

  47. Tweet..Vote Peter Vote SODELPA Vote DEMOCRACY.TWEET

  48. Fiji has been brainwashedFebruary 25, 2014 at 4:23 PM

    This is so hilarious from Fiji Sun's Leone Catenabua about biased journalists:

    Poll candidates
    Interesting to note that not only retired civil servants have indicated their interest to contest the upcoming general elections.
    Dickie Bird said some who used to be journalists have joined the SODELPA queue. Makes you wonder how unbiased their journalism was.

  49. Some who used to be journalists have joined SODELPA? Like who, Graham Davis? He USED TO BE a journalist.

  50. Bainimarama's "9-5 job":

    9 AM: conference with the AG.

    10 AM: morning tea

    11:10 AM: meeting with staff

    11:15 AM: Finance Ministry business.

    11:20 AM: Strategic planning.

    11:25 AM: National Development & Statistics or the Public Service or iTaukei Affairs or Sugar or Lands and Mineral Resources or Information.

    11:30: intel briefing on Meli, Hosanna, Kepa, Naivalurua, Tikoitoga, Chaudhry, Beddoes, the Methodists, Waqavonovono, etc.

    12:00-2:00 PM: grog ceremony and statement for evening press

    2:00-4:00 PM: executive nap

    4:00 PM: afternoon tea

    4:45 PM-5 PM: stomp pregnant woman

    He keeps a grueling schedule.

  51. Ni veicai kei Pita Waqavonovono wili kina na kawa ca I tamana kei tinana drau yavu tubu tubu sona drau sista mai dua na qauri vakilakila.

  52. It's amazing how you can spot two different types of people here. The educated and civilised and the mentally retarded uncivilised individuals. The reason why Fiji has not improved. Eradicate the latter and their leaders and Fiji will be in a better place.....

  53. Anon 09:38pm Rairai dua na ka mosimosi a cakava vei iko o Pita kei nona i tubutubu. Wilika tale na ka o vola qori qai lai raica ira nomu i tubutubu. Ke se mosi ga vei iko kabata na nomu dela ni vale qai lade sobu, ulumu i liu baleta ni sa sega ni yaga na nomu bula.

  54. @ Anonymous Feb 25, 2014.

    Sa rui vakadomobula tale na nomu vakanananu. Au rawa tukuna vei iko niko sega ni rawa ni lai tukuna vei Pita kei rau na nona i tubutubu na ka o vola tu mai 'qori.
    Vakaraitaka tu ya e dua na ka; na ravarava vakaitamera sa tu vei iko.

    @Pita Waqavonvono.
    Au kerea vakabibi vei kemuni moni vosoti ira era volavola tu mai vakalialia va 'qo. 'O kemuni mo ni toso ga ki liu ka kakua ni kauwaitaka tale no nodra vosa ni veibeci kei na veivakalolovirataki mai tuba.
    Ni kalougata tiko.

  55. Rauti ira me ra mai vosa ca taki Pita tiko i loma qo, era sonalevu na vosa e matana de qai vaculaki ira hi! hi! hi!

  56. All you kai Fijian abusing Peter can say what you like but a person like Peter is a thorn on Frank's side. He will never go away and he has never gone away. He is a true Freedom Fighter, unlike most of you verbal fighters on this site. Kai Fijians are a Proud lot of people but when it comes down to rumble...I dont see any Proud or Warrior race...whats the warrior term, Bati leka...Must be Bati Lutu....C'mon Guys, stop watching Peter and encouraging him from the sidelines. Even Laisa Digitaki has stood up tall against Frank challenging him for the physical abuse and whatnot done to her and a number of others including Peter. What are you guys on this site waiting for, someone to bring you a whales tooth to ask you to join the fight...By the way..all the whales tooths have been pawned. No Pride Kai Fijians - Hopeless Situation for you guys.

  57. Au nanuma sara nai talanoa me baleti koya nai "Vakatawa" mai na dua koro mai Gau, Lomaiviti, e na nona cudruvi 'ratou eso na gone era vosavosa ca toka e yasani valenilotu "waiya!dou veicai, kakua ni dou vosa ca tiko eke, qo na vale ni Kalou!" sa dri yani...isa ko Viti Lomani!

  58. Dina sara ni ra na tukuna e matai pita Waqavonovono, ena taura o pita na qaladra ka domidomilaka vaka e dau cakava vaka wasoma qai vacuvaculaka kina na nona sona. Hahahahaha segai suaniu tale ko Pita.

  59. Ni veicai kei pita Waqavonovono. Na tamata dau soli icici qori ka cava ni mai via taqomaka tiko kina. Vaka vei au ni dau soli sona talega na tovaka koya tiko baleta ni dau vakaisoqosoq taka. O tamana kei tinana e rau wili kina ni rau susu ga mai edua na tamata sona ena kawa itaukei. Ratou Luveni kawa ca kece. Sega ni macala ratou Kai vei. Sona levu o tamana ka maga bona o tinana.

  60. @Pita.

    I know that you are reading all these profanities and obscenities against you and I hope those failures and losers who are writing against you will not be able demoralize you because of your courage and fighting spirit.
    Those people are no better than any of the lowly cowards that are trying to hide their own evil deeds just like their boss the devil and Bai and Khai.

  61. Totally agree Pita has already shown himself to be an effective political operator and must stay above the S.H.I.T. regime trolls and supporters are trying to hurl.

  62. @ Kai Bau....

    o kemuni na tamata ulu lala. e vaka drau tautauvata tiko kei pita. O pita e sega ni kilai e viti taucoko...e kilai ga ena soqosoqo e lewena tiko...kaya mada vua me lai vosa i Bau yanuyanu se na koro veivolekati...cautata...namata..o ira era sega ni kilai pita waqavonovono...ya na ka au kaya kina ni se gone o koya...ke laurai vaka yabaki e se gone ga..se youth cava o kaya tiko mai qori...cava sara mada na yabaki ni bula nodra na youth??...au kaya talega ni ira vakayagataki pita tiko o ira na so me rawa kina na nodra i le...ena vakaloloma ga kina o pita.

    Ko pita me se tei tavioka mada...tei dalo se cici niu...me qai rawa ni vosa vakadoudou vei ira na youth ni vei korokoro...me sotava na dredre era sotava mai na susu vaka nakoro...

    teri macala mada o iko...o sa bau lesu mai Bau se warai...se ko sa susu madrai tu la o qai mai kanaka tiko niko kai bau..gonei na yanuyanu sa tekivu nunu baleta ni kemuni sa yali vaka dede mai kina...drau lesu tale me lai caka e so na tei tavioka se dalo....o vosoti au sara...e warai tu na qele ni bau....

  63. The bastard, Voceke is in for a HELL of a surprise come election time!!
    H e is gonna lose BIG time the PIG!!

  64. Kai Bau drau veicai kei Pita Waqavonovono. Duatani me ka vou vei kemudou na Kai Bau na veivutusona!!!!!!!

  65. ALL of these Villagers who plant Dalo all day and Grog all night. They dont pay taxes, than you have those of us in SUVA who work all day, go home and work again to feed our families and than get hit by high taxes.
    Than we open the FijiSUN and see our taxes been used as political mileage by Bainimarama on the very people who dont pay taxes !! What an unfair system - where all these villagers and overpaid military officers are going to able to vote ... just so that I can pay more taxes so you can get more development and get high wages !! unfair system
    hat's off to people like Waqavonovono for talking about the TAX issue in all of this. And shame on the losers at Berkly Cresent who will do anything to call Pro-Democracy supporters the most ridiculous claim's while they get paid through our hard earned taxes.


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