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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Electronic copies of voting register kept from political parties

The regime has confirmed the theft of a laptop from an election official saying it contained the names and details of voters, revealing it has withheld crucial information from the political parties.

C4.5 revealed yesterday the laptop was stolen from an election official's home but kept quiet.

Raman Singh: Parties being fed 'scraps.'
Illegal attorney general Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum was forced to tell media the laptop went missing ten days ago. He blamed the official, Rejieli Lesione, for taking it without authority and failing to report the theft quickly.

He also tried to suggest political parties had a hand in it saying: "We are very concerned there may be some people with political inclination or maybe even political parties who may be involved to access that information."

But as noted by the National Federation Party his explanation shows the illegal government has, despite protestations, continued to try to give Frank Bainimarama's as yet unannounced political party the edge.

Khaiyum told media the laptop contained the 'entire nation register of voters in soft copy, the statistical analysis of the date including division by age, gender and distribution etc.'

NFP president, Raman Singh, says it proves the regime has deliberately kept the information to itself despite official requests for the release of an electronic copy, to give Bainimarama's party an advantage.

Revealing electronic copies have been withheld from  parties
Singh says the regime has been feeding political parties 'scraps' and they've had to settle for bulky hard copies of the Register.

"This in itself is not a level playing field and undermines the conduct of free and fair elections."

NFP says it wrote as recently as January 30 to the Permanent Secretary Responsible for Elections asking for an electronic copy of the Register but has never heard back.

Singh says the regime has also clearly been using taxpayer funds to analyze the Register for statistical date for its proposed political party.

Khaiyum has tried to suggest there was a political motive to the theft and senior staff with 'political leanings' should be sacked.

Singh says 'the staff and set-up the Commission inherited was under the direction of Mr Sayed-Khaiyum in his capacity as Electoral Commission.' 

And he says Khaiyum’s assertion political parties may be involved in the theft is a 'figment of his imagination'.

"He must furnish evidence, if any, to police and not taint political parties by his ludicrous theories."


  1. Khaiyum maichod f you and your election and constitution.f liar con man mf.
    stop blaming political party

  2. I wonder what auss/nz will say now refer free/fair election that been preached by bai/khaiyum choro/
    nothing under bai/kai will be free/fair .biggest choro people.

  3. By the look of things we're heading for NO election.

  4. As has been said, the truth may sometimes hurt for a moment but the pain you experience from a lie can last forever, God Bless Fiji,the Land and the People

  5. This iis calculated to delay the election. Delay Bai's resignation. Gives them a reason to manipulate the data. Once satisfied that the vote is on their side then they form their political party. More dog tricks comming.

  6. EVERYTHING DELAYS::::::::::Commander RFMF handover parade postponed due to weather...............
    Due to the prevailing adverse weather conditions, the scheduled Commander of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces handover parade and celebrations for Friday has been postponed to another date.

    RFMF’s Land Force Command's Chief Operations Officer, Colonel Amani Suliano said Prime Minister and Army Commander, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama will remain the Commander until the handover parade and celebrations are held.

    The new date will be known after the weather clears up.

    Commodore Bainimarama had earlier announced that he will step down as Army Commander this Friday and the new Commander will take over from March 1st.

    The Prime Minister will also announce his new political party next month after resigning from the Army Commander’s post.

    He has to resign from the Commander’s position as those holding office in the RFMF are also classified as public officers.

    Under the Political Parties Registration Decree, public officers cannot publicly show support for or oppose any political party.

    They also cannot hold official party positions.

    Story by: Vijay Narayan

  7. Khaiyum reminds me of a monkey. Big ears, small eyes and carries banana. Which tribe does he come from?

  8. Bainimarama will scare the cyclone away if he don't resign.

  9. There is a big hall waiting for Bai. What is he scared of. Just resign and go to your village. See if planting is easy as hes been preaching to everyone.

  10. Khaiyum...you motherless pig. Its time for you to run for your life. Because your house in namadi will be burnt to ashes...you pig fucker

  11. Thats right'

    in Naboro.

    while waiting for his Execution.

  12. Why Bai? Why? Just step down. Dont wait for the weather. Your delay will only delay my party too. Now I have to put away the keg fpr another day. Now that you've lied once again you owe me your last pay packet.

  13. As soon as the new Government comes in we need to amend legislation and send all coup apologists and perpetrators to jail.

    Me ra vakamalumalutaki kece na keda meca era sa butakoca na noda galala, dodonu kei na tiko vinaka ena 8 na yabaki sa oti.

    We all need to mobilise you guys from overseas NOT that ship wreck boci from Lakeda.

    Kai Viti will need to take control again.

    This land was given to us by our fore fathers.

    Toso Viti..ni support mai na mataivalu.

  14. E dua na timi nei Voreqe e ratou wavoki tiko oqo e Vanua Levu.
    Ratou a gole mai ena noqu koro ka ratou mai vakamacala. Sa dua na ka nodratou beci keda na kai Viti ka ratou sa ga me ratou vakalolovira taki keda ka beitaki ira na matanitu sa oti.

    Qai dua na cauravou e mani qai taroga se taqomaki tu na noda qele kei na yau bula.

    Qai tuvalaka yani na cauravou oqo na constitution ka ni sega dina ni taqomaki na qele baleta ni sa kautani na entrenched legislation ka dau taqomaka tu na qele. Oqo na cakacaka nei Kaihum.

    E mani taqacece na turaga gusu matata ni Yasawa balabalvu.

    E da sa qai raica ni ra tamata NO SCHOOL ga o ira e ra tokona tiko na Matanitu ni Vore oqo.

  15. My advice to Bai and Khaiyum is never ever lie to people. Stick to your words to earn their trust. Making excuses for everything will not help in their situation. Npw I cant trust you two. This secures my vote away from you two. Done deal.

  16. Kahiyum is indeed a retarded monkey, and believe it or not, him and Baimagasona are brothers from a different mother.

    The bastard is worried and I'm not surprised if he is crippled by a stroke before the elections.

  17. Maumau nodra dau mai vakamacala vei keda ni da kila vinaka tu na vanua era mai lasutaki keda tiko kina. O ira kila ga na vanavana baleta era vulica. Sa rauta mera dau veilecayaki


    Just look at John Howard or Kevin Rudd or Julia Gillard.... You just cry a little bit and say Goodbye to the people then you go back and become like any ordinary citizen.

    Lako sara i nakoro lai tei tavioka.
    Cava wale ga kena dredre ya?

  19. Bai do the right think. It is time for you to bye, bye. Whey are you trying to prolong your departure?

    I also want to know why are we having Sharon Jones as PS? Don't we have any qualified locals to fill the position? I hear she the Permanent Beach for the Ministers of the regime. She gives good personal services to the ministers.

  20. Bai do the right think. It is time for you to bye, bye. Whey are you trying to prolong your departure?

    I also want to know why are we having Sharon Jones as PS? Don't we have any qualified locals to fill the position? I hear she the Permanent Bitch for the Ministers of the regime. She gives good personal services to the ministers.


  22. Thanks to RFMF and Rabuka for our weather man he is doing a great job running around in circles and diverting the cyclone and bad weather from Fiji. Just in time must be superman. Very intelligent and precise with his bredictions. The way to go bravo Rabuka, Banimarama and RFMF. Wont tell you the longer version for that will I.


    1. I'm not an old elite but a new voter that just hate coup tp the core. Nice try Bai. Sorry.

  24. Weather excuse... Running short of excuse so weather is gpod enough.

  25. Who ever Fukwit elected or not comes to be leader, please outsource weather office to Nadraki and have kaivalagi in charge cause Indians and Fijians will keep on fighting till they fuck each ada till they fuck this nation.

  26. Rerevaka na Kalou ke na Coka na TuiFebruary 26, 2014 at 10:26 PM

    All people inconvenienced by the false and fuck all Celua report can claim money from Director Meteorological Services in his personal capacity as advised by a government lawyer but than again we were told that due to some lumson scenario especially around Domain and Nabua area the weather pattern changed in lot of homes influencing the Directer Mat report to reschedule the handover parade as lot of wet weather is predicted for some time especially in the rectum area's of the above named places followed by some strong wind's and disaster management of running without clothing as uniforms will be off. The next prediction will be after the full analysis of the soft copy of laptop handed over by the impartial staff of c elections committee.

  27. Rerevaka na Kalou ke na Coka na TuiFebruary 26, 2014 at 10:29 PM

    CELECTIONS dats a new word to RFMF vocab.

  28. Isa sa mai ulubaletaki na draki. Kevu mai ki ra Sakiusa. Lakolako ga o moce mai cake qori o qai lutu o mavoa.

  29. Bhai and EyeArse's track record make me expect the Weather to be charged in their Kangaroo Court for sabotaging Bhai's proposed resignation staged vulgarity.

    I thought the Resignation could easily be acted out indoors with naked dancers doing the Muslim prayers.

  30. News is Bai hates Rabuka Hall.

  31. Rerevaka na Kalou ke na Coka na TuiFebruary 26, 2014 at 11:24 PM

    After the full analysis of the elections office report supplied by reliable government sources it can be confirmed that the imminent rigging of elections will back fire on those who are working on it as the basis of the above analysis can confirm that whatever follows will have a wet rectum effect on two of the guys trying to run the show. PS to elections you have also made a deal with you know who and its on the table for negotiation. She meem WATS your real qualifications big talker or walker. Sleep well cause your life sleep is disturbed with whatever you manifested and we even in your house including your beloved. THE NEXT STOLEN ITEM IS THE FINANCIAL DETAILS FROM GOVERNMENT AND BANO already secured will be released in a time convenient to us like the handing over.Bano or Banao whoever you are and your sugar boy (Sugar Mummy) you are under observation but not to be harmed as you are just business people and we the warriors accha unty.


  33. This regime used the same flimsy pretext of interference by the political parties to scrap the Yash Ghai constitution.

  34. FROM BBC::::::::::::Ukraine's acting interior minister has said the elite Berkut police unit, blamed for the deaths of protesters, has been disbanded.

    It is unclear what will happen to Berkut officers but Arsen Avakov said more details would be given in a briefing on Wednesday.

    The unit had 4,000-5,000 members stationed across Ukraine.

    Meanwhile, there are reports that that a new cabinet may be announced on Wednesday afternoon.

    Parliament had officially delayed the formation of a unity government until Thursday.

    The delay was to allow further consultations, interim President Oleksandr Turchynov said, adding that "a coalition of national faith must be elected".

    Also on Wednesday Mr Turchynov announced that he had assumed the duties of the head of the armed forces.

    Ousted President Viktor Yanukovych fled Kiev at the weekend and his whereabouts are still unknown.

    Interim authorities have issued a warrant for his arrest, and on Tuesday parliament voted in favour of trying him at the International Criminal Court (ICC) in The Hague.

    The fugitive president is accused of being behind the deaths of more than 100 protesters at the hands of riot police.

  35. The elections must be postponed due to the adverse weather conditions.

  36. Today's RFMF is so cowardly, it's even afraid of the rain!

  37. Viktor Yanukovich is lucky he doesn't live on an island.

    Otherwise, he might have been lynched in a public square and his body mutilated by now.

    That's the problem with being a dictator on an island. Nowhere to run.

  38. Cyclone, Flood or what have you, the new Army Commander will make sure Voreqe stays in power for the next 8 years or more...if you want to protest..it's now or never..

  39. The elections must be postponed due to the adverse political conditions.

  40. tavasa kei na kida may be the order of the day in the corridors of powerlately.Qaiqai eso e mai cavuka wale nodra i cegu ni se bera ni yaco e dua na ka gonei !!!!
    NA WAQA ME SA KELE me sa ia na vakavodo ena waqavuka.

  41. Mighty Frank Bainimarama is afraid of rain?

  42. Why is the regime so worried about election data? It's not like this stuff is TOP SECRET or holds state secrets.

    And what election secrets is this regime trying to hide?

    Whoever has the computer should consider having its contents examined by Freedom House, the U.S.-based non-governmental organization that conducts research and advocacy on democracy, political freedom, and human rights.

  43. The fucking regime is scared because a lot of the names on the list are fictitious lol.

  44. Who verifies the names on the roll are accurate and that they actually exist? Governments says five hundred thousand and something people have been enrolled, hard to believe let alone trust anything it says.

  45. the whole "voter roll" for Fiji is contained in one laptop.


    The Minister responsible in a democracy would be forced to resign for gross incompentence.

  46. Prepare now for the regime's announcement that it is postponing elections.

    Keep your pantries well-stocked with supplies.

    As soon as the postponement is announced, bring a meal, a torch and a whistle to Ratu Sukuna Park.

  47. what is Fiji population around 600k so 500k registered. does maths tie so Fiji has appx 100k under 18..something is wrong

  48. Bainimarama taking tweets . . .

    Khaiyum explaining the regime's views about the missing laptop . . .

    Classic case of the tweet-taking twit
    and the sweet-talking nitwit!

  49. ASK is in charge of elections.

    So, like Qarase v. Bainimarama et al and the Yash Ghai debacle, the missing laptop is another ASK cock-up.

  50. You can tell when Aiyaz is lying, his lips are moving!

  51. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  52. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  53. "vere vakabau"
    is what is going on. the old fijian myth.

  54. We must be careful about fraudulent voter registration in Fiji for next election as writers above allude to.

    We have lately had an example of fraud in NZ with hundreds of voters with Indians (mainly Sheiks(with Singh surnames) who carried out a large scale fraudulent undertaken. The farud has never been experienced in NZ ever before.

    A candidate Singh stood for the election for Papatoetoe Ward.

    To boost his support, he with support of Singh community and friends got hold of 100s of Sheiks (others may also been involved)organised for voting support from throughout Auckland and other towns and Cities in NZ to register as living in Papatoetoe to enable them vote for Singh the standing candidate for Papatoetoe Ward in the Council election.

    After the election, despite his huge support base, he lost against another candidate for the Ward.

    The election office then studied all the list of the participating electors and found 100s of voters with same name (Singh)who voted for failed failed candidate Singh registered under name of Singh and all registered as residing in the failed candidate's residential address. Mr Sigh was taken to Court and found guilty fraud and sentenced accordingly.

    If the number of registered voters for Fiji which have been obtained from the Election Office lost laptop indicate or raise possibility of frauds with likelihood of more names registered than the demography in Fiji could possibly allow....then the overseas voter registration could be a repeat of the fraud perpetrated by Mr Singh of Papatoetoe, NZ. Overwhelming majority of registered overseas overseas registered Fiji voters are of Indian origin...they could include Indians born in India and diseased Fiji Indians.

    Who says it cannot be done...what these people will do, with the head of voter registration touring NZ and Ausie(a Muslim) being and Indian (Muslim) organising and visiting NZ and Aussie to register Fiji voters...faudulent activities should be expected. We all know that Indians in Aussie and NA are mostly Bainimarama supporters. So we expect plenty of frauds already imbedded in the past and future election processes and EyeArse is the unethical dictatorial illegally appointed AG ma Minister responsible for election.

  55. Singh's sad song is sung.

    Singh's new songs will be sung in Singsing.

  56. Yes I agree Joseph D. You can not trust an Indian because they are cunning and they can do whatever it takes to get what they want. See what they did in NZ?

    Just recently I was told of a case where the father of an Indian girl in Auckland forced her daughter to marry her cousin in Fiji so that he can go to NZ. How fucked up is that?

    So I'm sure there's more to it than just a laptop.

  57. Never trust Indians especially father and son Chaudary. Rau na tamata lawaki ca

  58. There's an Indian brain behind Frank :)

  59. No there isn't an Indian behind Frank, it's a monkey.

  60. I used to work for Sydney Buses and was asked one day to take Ballots for the Union. So I would ask the men their names and as they put their Ballot Paper into the Ballot Box, I'd strike out their name to show that they had already voted. As each man came up to the table I would ask "what is your name" and many would reply "sing" so I'd belt out a tune! After about 30 minutes of this I started to get a bit impatient, so I asked the guys if they could stop making requests so we can get through the voting more quickly!

  61. why are people so obsessed about Bai and khiyums tellin lies..isn't dat what politicians are known for,,,is there an honest politician in the Labour or Liberal party in Aussie,,,a honest Republican or Democrat in the US,a honest Tory or Labour in Great Britain?

  62. Anon 3:53 AM, it's just that, in those countries, the press can report the truth, revealing the lies. Reporters aren't arrested, or newspapers closed down, for telling the truth. Not so in Fiji. It's mostly only Coup4.5 filling that important role.

  63. People should be made aware and educated on how to vote and be able to select whoever they want, represent their electorate in Parliament, without being easily mislead by reports they read or hear on newspapers or other media outlets.


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