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Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Illegal leader's happy pictures bely cracks with son

LABASA FAREWELL: No Meli Bainimarama.

The RFMF is preparing what is promises to be a 'grand farewell' for the country's self-
 Formal pictures two years ago.
appointed leader but one key person from Frank Bainimarama's family is unlikely to be at his side.

Soldier son Meli is on the outer and was not part of the 'happy families' pictures taken last weekend at the illegal leader's Labasa farewell.

Once the pet, the relationship between Bainimarama and his wife Mary and their only son, Meli, is stone cold.

C4.5 can confirm Meli has been banned from the family after he swore at his mother at a family meeting, following a discussion about his relationship with former teen beauty queen, Hosannah Kabakoro.

FATHER AND SON: Both implicated in brutality against citizens.
It's understood Mary did not approve of the relationship or marriage. After a heated argument, Meli is reported to have sworn at his mother using the F word and Bainimarama ordered him out of the house.

Neither Bainimarama parents nor those of Hosannah Kabakoro were at the couple's wedding last month. (see earlier story Coup leader at hotel as son marries)

Bainimarama is expected to step down as commander in nine days (February 28). 

The military chief operations officer, Lieutenant-Colonel Aman Suliano, says the same celebrations will see the RFMF announcing its new commander.
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Anonymous said...

Hosannah is pregnant and he is with her. What's your twist. Very desperate are you C4.5.

Anonymous said...

The twist came after son did not bring the mother of his 1st son to attend the kids birthday... When Mary arrived she saw that Hosannah was with the child and Meli had no courtesy of even inviting the biological mother.. such a low life person this Meli ..a reject from the Army training school as he failed the 1st one.. 2nd well was just need to be given,,

Discombobulated Bubu said...

Yes they all love swearing. Wonderful examples of humanity.

Dharam Lingam said...
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Anonymous said...

How many kai viti got Toppers scholarships.....WHY NO PUBLICITY TO DATE?
How many Kai Viti businesses were running before 2006 and how manu NOW?
Sauma mai na taro qo kemudou na matanitu sonalevu dou cici tiko qori.

Anonymous said...

How many kai viti got Toppers scholarships.....WHY NO PUBLICITY TO DATE?
How many Kai Viti businesses were running before 2006 and how manu NOW?
Sauma mai na taro qo kemudou na matanitu sonalevu dou cici tiko qori.

Anonymous said...

Hey youre right,Waqavonovono's blog article lasted two days only when normall blog articles stay for 5-6 days.They made a big mistake.This will reduce his chances of being elected by the people,since we are more educated and more informed about wannabe parliamentarians.

Anonymous said...



KIEV (Reuters) - Ukrainian riot police battled protesters occupying a central Kiev square after the bloodiest day since the former Soviet republic, caught in a geopolitical struggle between Russia and the West, won its independence more than 22 years ago.

Police said 14 people, including six of their own officers, died on Tuesday during hours of violence between security forces and civilians who have staged protests against President Viktor Yanukovich since last November.

The devastating scene of Kiev where deadly clashes between protesters and government forces are taking place. Photo: AFP/Getty.

Despite Western demands for restraint and dialogue, the state security service first set a deadline for the demonstrators to end disorder or face "tough measures", and then the police advanced into Independence Square, the centre of the protest campaign.

Protesters responded with petrol bombs, fireworks and stones, as police moved slowly forward. Live television footage showed officers throwing stun grenades at the protesters separated from them by a line of burning tents, tyres and wood.

A firework explodes in the middle of the violent protests. Photo: Reuters.

Earlier, one of the opposition's leaders, Vitaly Klitschko, reacted defiantly, telling supporters on the square: "We will not leave here. This is an island of freedom. We will defend it."

However, the world champion boxer-turned politician later arrived at Yanukovich's office for late night talks, Klitschko's spokeswoman said. He and another opposition leader, former economy minister Arseny Yatsenyuk, were still waiting to see the president an hour later, she added.

Injured people walk away from the violent clashes. Photo: Reuters.

A police spokeswoman said seven civilians and six policemen died in Tuesday's clashes, some from gunshot wounds. A representative of the protesters said one other civilian had also died.

Earlier the State Security Service (SBU), in a joint statement with the interior ministry, signalled the government's intentions. "If by 6 p.m. the disturbances have not ended, we will be obliged to restore order by all means envisaged by law," they said.

The riot police moved in hours after Moscow gave Ukraine $2 billion in aid for its crippled economy which it had been holding back to demand decisive action to crush the protests.

Nationwide demonstrations erupted after Yanukovich bowed to Russian pressure and pulled out of a planned far-reaching trade agreement with the European Union, deciding instead to accept a Kremlin bailout for the heavily indebted economy.

Western powers warned Yanukovich against trying to smash the pro-European demonstrations, urging him to turn back to Europe and the prospect of an IMF-supported economic recovery, while Russia accused them of meddling.


Adish Narayan...

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

foreshore land doesnt include the beach,sand and sea.it is only the land that is closest to shore.Nanuma tiko oya na e sega ni wili kina foreshore land na matasawa,na waitui.Na i taukei ni qele e tu vua na dodonu me taubale e matasawa,sisili e waitui kevaka era viankata na taukei ni otela me vakatabui na sisili i waitui se taubale e matasawa,ia,dua tale na lisi oya,me na solia na veivakadonui e sivia e 21 na lewe ni mataqali sivia na yabaki ni bula na 18yrs.E so na otela sa veicemuri tiko mai matasawa na security,tukuna vei ira na lisi e cava ga ena vanua e tiko kina na qele.Mai na nuku ki waitui oya e na Gadrevi tale me dua na lisi,mo ni vakadonuya.Na matasawa kei na waitui qori sai noda qoliqoli,dua tani na lisi oqori,me tukuni tiko vei ira na security dau cemuri kemuni na taukei ni qele, sa dodonu talega me vakacakacaka taki kemuni na taukei ni qele na otela,oya e tiki tiko se conditions e tiko e na lisi ni fore shore land.E dodonu me vakatorocaketaka [develop] o taukei ni otela na foreshoreland me vaka na salisali ni wai,gaunisala,seawall etc.Kevaka e sega ripote kina FICAC,NLTB,OVISA,MIN ni QELE,Valenivolavola ni yasana.Na foreshore land o ya na qele e tiko tarava na matasawa kei na waitui,o qori na qele sau levu taudua e vuravura,mo qarauna na nomu volitaka na nomu qele,me dua na nomu loya,ke kai nomu sa qai vinaka sara.Ni sa freehold na qele guilecava na kena lesu vei iko se nomu kawa,sa tu saraga na kaukauwa vua na taukena tiko me volitaka tale vua e dua na dau ni bisinisi. E ra se tagi tu ga oqo e vuqa na i taukei ka volitaki vakadua [freehold] na nodra qele.E so sa rogoca na Kalou na domo ni tagi ka sega ni lekaleka na ligana me kanakuitaka na vakailesilesi ni NLTB e veidabui taka na noda qele nai taukei.E sa veilewai tiko oqo e lewe rua na i vakailesilesi e liu ni NLTB e na nodrau taura vakatawadodonu e udolu vaka udolu na i lavo ni lisi ka dodonu me wasei yani kina taukei ni qele.O ya na vuna sa vaktauca na nona lewa na matanitu me sa wasei na lisi vakatautauvata taucoko vei ira na lewe ni mataqali.Sa dri yani.

mark manning said...

Well, most of us use profanities, in that most of us have something in common with Frank and his son, but it's not acceptable for a man to swear at his Mother, no matter who she is and what she represents.
So here we go again, wasting money from the treasury!

Anonymous said...

Why army celebrate coup leader.Time some army f kick this ashole and lock him for destroying freedom and democracy in fiji and use army to rip country tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

anon@4pm don't be dumb. this is not the last you will see of peter do your part and get busy rallying your own people to support peter and sodelpa and vote against this illegal regime.

Anonymous said...


Hindus unite for first celebration

Felix Chaudhary
Wednesday, February 19, 2014

THE first ever gathering of Hindus to celebrate their contribution to the country will be held in Nadi in April.

And organisers of the event — the Vishva Hindu Parishad Fiji or World Hindu Council of Fiji — emphasised that the first Fiji National Hindu Conference was not a religious or philosophical meeting but rather, a community conference.

"This conference is not a religious or philosophical event, but a community conference," said president Jay Dayal.

"The theme is "the contribution of the Hindu community in strengthening and building Fiji" and it will cover economic, health, environmental, social and cultural aspects.

"Basically, the conference will provide a platform for all Hindu organisations, temples and like-minded groups to showcase their contributions to Fijian society in general and Hindu society in particular."

The conference will be held on Saturday April 12 and Sunday April 13 at the Tanoa International Hote

Anonymous said...

what the fuck does a hindu gathering have to do with native land sold by Fijian SDL government? What a pathetic attempt to shift blame.

Anonymous said...

@"what twisted thinking ----you just get your lazy fat ugly ass up--and do something for yourself...we are not lazy like your ass bastard

Anonymous said...

the salusalu on the Bainimarama family is higly unique and rare.The people of Macuata has provided the highest Royal treatment to them,you hardly see kuta used in salusalu,it is reserved for the Queen only yet to see them on the 1st family shows great respect by Tui Macuata.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

yes see his face smiling like a vampire, sucking blood

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Tui Macuata is a BOCI,,,,only a BOCI chief will be blind to the weakening of his rights as an indigenous,,,,
sa sona na kai viti mataboko sona lelevu mera tabetabe tu va qo veu vuaka

Anonymous said...

Yes, Meli used the F Bomb on his own mother. Very disrespectful. Not only did the Commander order him out of the house, but he rescinded his plans to make Meli his successor as Commander. That's why the regime pulled the announcement. He even threatened to write him out of his will. I can't say I blame him.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Oh my, a lot of people anal cavity get tickled by Meli Banimarama. Even C4.5. So what if Meli wasn't there. Is it really of national importance??

Anonymous said...

Probably the farewell church ceremony from those kai Vitis in Labasa has really touched the Bainimarama's with thier beatiful smile.Kai Viti people nowdays are clever and they will not be fooled by this idiot Bai. I have been asking people in the Koro's about the coming election and I was suprise at some of thier reply.Most of them started mentioning SODELPA who have been telling them to kindly receive all the development from the IG but donot vote for them.They hate Kaiyum because of SODELPA tactics of winning their hearts are more convincing then the IG development

Anonymous said...

Fiji's First Family . . . in treason.

My advice to Meli is to keep as far away as possible from this brood. Therein lies your only hope of salvation.

Aloha! said...

Meli B is missing from the family potrait because he and Hossana are having their honeymoon here in Hawaii on Waikiki Beach.They are guests of a former local who is now a wealthy businessman here.George FJ Veikoso is entertaining them at dinner right now as I blog.We the Fijian Community here are hosting them and would extend our blessings to you all at home in FJ,we wish you all the best in the coming elections.Many University students are sharing stories with the newly weds.

Anonymous said...

Police have broken the Prostitution ring in Nadi.Good job well done kemudou na ovisa!Charge the culprits!Fantasy Island Resort was used as a brothel as I have revealed earlier.THe proprietors of this Motel include former Air Pacific Pilot Rajend Singh Abbas Ali.Surprising that some senior Civil Servants i.e Doctors are involved.What could be the Doctors role in the Prostitution ring? I'll tell you guys: 1] Provide prescription if any client or female asset got infected with STD.2] Provide abortion should any of the girls got pregnant.The clients dont know that video footage of their sexual exploits are secretly filmed and sold to clients overseas.Thank you Inspector Dass for the good work1

Anonymous said...
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Casanova said...

Anon@10.39am. No you're wrong, Meli was busy running around looking for whoever impregnated Hosanna. Hint hint lol

Just Saying said...

The twist is there's shit in Bainimarama's life because of the split over the new wife - hello!

Split within the family ranks shows division, shows the illegal leader is hurting, which I say is good news for those of us who want rid of his despotic rule.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Does the break-up of the prostitution ring mean the closure of the Fiji Sun and the expulsion of Qorvis?

Anonymous said...

Kudos to the family, thank you Mr Prime Minister for leading Fiji for the last 8 years or so. We have enjoyed your steadfast leadership and have now seen the fruits of your labour, free education, free bus fare for our kids and elderly... the list goes on.. This are the kinds of things promised by past politicians but never seen the light of day..Vinaka.

You will surely be remembered as one of Fiji's greats or the Greatest...Steady on and God Speed.

Anonymous said...

Aloha don't bullshit. They were shopping at New World Damodar City here in Suva yesterday. Must be the other Meli Bainimarama [Voreqe's older brother] you're hosting in Hawaii.

Casanova said...
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Noqu Viti Lomani said...

The main election issue is the Kai Viti's natural resources which is now clear to all the kai Viti that their land in particular is NOT protected under the Regime's sponsored constitution.

To all the pro-government and regime supporters, can you answer my questions below.

Is the Kai Viti Land managed by the ILTB and the newly established Land Bank safe under the cureent constitution?

If yes, tell me how -when we all know that all the entrenched legislation and Kai Viti institutions have been conveniently put a side through Khaihumu's advise.

Veikemuni na luvei Viti oni sotia tiko ni kua, au kerea moni cakava mad nomuni dui "research" ka tovolea moni kila na dina ni taro oqo?

Na digidig e nomuni ka neimami talega na lewe ni vanua ia ne noda taukena na vanua kei na qele ena vakatau tiko na noda tiki.

E so na noda turga e sa kilai tu oqo era turaga yalowai ia su na sega ni cau yaca kina. O ira na turaga oqo e ra dui vaqara ga na nodra dui bula ka sega ni ra taqomaka na vanu akei na kena tamata.

Vei keda eda sa vuli toka vakalailai sa noda i tavi na tukuna na dina ....baleta na yavu ni vakavulewa oqo.

Vei au ena noqu rai, Na yavu ni vakavulewa oqo e sega dina ni taqomaka na noda i yau nai taukei ni vanua lomani qo o Viti.

Oqo na vuna.

1. E sa kau tani na lawatu ka dau taqomaka na vei ka era dau taqomaka na tukada-oya na Qele, Qoliqoli, i tovo (culture),tradition, inheritance, identity etc.
2. Traditional governanance (veiliutaki vakai taukei)

3.Lotu kei na Vanua

4. Vuli

Na yavu kece e cake qori sa talaraka tani kece ko Khaihumu. O Bole e a dodonu me bau wanonova toka na Vuli. The Na top 600 e lewe vica wale sara e i Tukei. Ia e kilai vinak tu ni ra dau copy na gone ni Idia ka ni ra kila vata toka kei Qasenivuli.

Ni kalougata tiko.

mark manning said...

@ Anon 1211 p.m.
With 3 coups previous to 2001, it's any wonder progress up to 2006, took so long.
Each coup d'etat, takes Fiji back 10 years and it takes 10 years to recover.

However, Frank's coup, while looking impressive on the outside, was funded initially from Mr.Qarase's Governments good work and initiatives, all funded, and then from soft loans from the Chinese Banks, not funded!
In due course, very soon, all Fijians will begin to feel the pain these "unfunded" loans will cause!

It is already being reported that each person in Fiji is being burdened with an increasing debt of $7,500!!

These debts are not funded, which means there is nothing in place, to repay the loans nor reduce the debt.
The consequences are that Fijians will have to repay the loans with their land and resources and by reducing their labour costs.
With a minimum wage of less than $3 an hour and forced retirement at age 55 and things getting worse, i don't understand how you can be supporting such "negative" progress!

Unless of course, you are being paid to support the Regime or are apart of it.

The consequences of Frank's loans is not only the loss of land, the loss of resources and reduced wages, but it also means that Hospitals, Roads and Bridges, Schools and Universities, Prisons, courts buildings and other infrastructure, isn't being improved, maintained or built to acceptable standards.
Basically, every Fijians future is stuffed as a consequence of Frank and Aiyaz' extravagance and attempts at buying votes.

rajend naidu said...

Nardeo Mishra wants to know if I expect him and other employers in Fiji "to pay $20 or $30 an hour" (Fiji Times 20/2).
No, I don't.
Such a wage is clearly unrealistic for Fiji especially given its coup afflicted economy.
I should think it equally unrealistic to be paying a minimum wage of $2 an hour in Fiji today.
I note many public spirited citizens in Fiji think likewise.
As someone who had spent over two decades working with the poor including the working poor in Fiji I know just how hard it is for them to make ends meet on that income.
Nardeo Mishra is correct in pointing out that there is big time corruption in Australia and it's not only by unions but business and politicians as well.
The cases of corruption here in Australia are dealt with by due process of law regardless of a person's status. And, more often then not corrupt people go to jail.
I am not sure if Fiji has the same standard of application of the rule of law when it comes to dealing with corruption.on
I gather from news reports especially on blog sites that it's done very selectively in Fiji at the present time.
If one is politically onside then he is virtually untouchable by the law no matter how corrupt he is.
You can't be very proud of that, can you?
Rajend Naidu

Coup fourpointfive said...

New officials elected to FDFM:

February 9, 2014
The Fiji Democracy and Freedom Movement (FDFM) was established in April 2009. The key objectives of the FDFM are to operate and function as an umbrella organization to coordinate and actively advocate a campaign for the restoration of democracy in Fiji under the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of the Fiji Islands.
The Movement exists to ensure that the restoration of democracy in Fiji is put at the forefront of discussion, debates and other engagements at all levels from political to the grassroots people and organizations. The movement has been actively engaged and lobbying the Australian Government to pressure the current illegally established Fiji Government into conducting fair elections as specified under the 1997 Constitution of the Republic of the Fiji Islands.
Current FDFM memberships spread across Australia, including affiliate groups across the United States and New Zealand.
On Saturday 1st February 2014, a Special General Meeting was held at the Revesby Workers Club, NSW, Australia. At this meeting the following were elected as the office bearers of the movement.
National President – Usaia Waqatairewa
National Vice President- Sera Laveta
Treasurer: Joseph Raga
Secretary: Mereti Qaluma
FDFM extends its gratitude to Mr Suli Daunitutu for his leadership from 2010 to 2014. During this period Mr Daunitutu fought difficult and complex issues in attempting to engage communities abroad to understand the severity of the illegal Fiji Government. During this time, under Mr Daunitutu’s leadership, he actively pursued engagement with the Australian Government participating in dialogue that was pertinent to the people of Fiji. FDFM acknowledges the work Mr Daunitutu undertook and the exemplary leadership displayed to all FDFM chapters throughout this period. The movement wishes him well in his future pursuits.
The Executive National Board of the FDFM looks forward to continue working with its chapters in 2014 including with our partners and supporters. The new National President Usaia Waqatairewa said that ‘this is an exciting time for the movement in our fight to returning Fiji back to its rightful democratic rule. We cannot give up and we must keeping moving forward in honoring the voices of those that continue to suffer under this illegal dictatorship.’
Mr Waqatairewa said that ‘the FDFM is first and foremost apolitical. We are not here to progress self-interest. We are here to stand as a united front with the United Front for a Democratic Fiji (UFDF) in the 2014 elections. FDFM has commenced its engagement with UFDF to assist in the process from overseas. Although we are not at the forefront in Fiji, we, as the Fiji people abroad, are able to assist in the elections process by supporting those that share the same vision as the FDFM. This vision is to expedite the exit of Frank Bainimarama through an election process.
Furthermore Mr Waqatairewa said, ‘Frank Bainimarama’s leadership needs an expiry date. He needs to come to terms that his leadership is no longer needed and irrelevant, as the country has been bought to its knees through corrupt practices and bad economical decisions that affect the livelihood of every day Fiji people who are struggling to get by. It is time for a change and Bainimarama is not that change.’

Anonymous said...

1. the Kai Viti are with the Lotu
2. the Kai Viti are with the Vanua
3. No Kai Viti is with Frank and once he finishes as Commander he is just another dickhead politician in the street ie a treasonist criminal failed politician waiting to be arrested

The late President of the Methodist Church of Fiji Rev Dr Tuikilakila Waqairatu will be laid to rest in Davuilevu today after the funeral service at Centenary Church.

Prime Minister and Army Commander, Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama led the Government delegation and the Military to present their reguregu yesterday.

Speaking on behalf of the Government, Assistant Roko of Tailevu, Joji Banuve said the Methodist Church should thank God for the appointment of a church leader who made some changes for the sake of its members and the church.

The Tui Moala, Ratu Irivi Draunidalo while acknowledging the presence of the Prime Minister and the Government delegation said elections is coming up this year and the Methodist Church and the Government must work together and support each other in the coming years.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, other cabinet ministers, Acting Commissioner of Police Ravi Narayan and senior military officers were part of the government delegation

Anonymous said...

The kanua commerce commission chairman mahend reddy, the one eye assassin, approved the $2 per hr minimum wage. This shows that he is a rubbish chairman, a bekar (useless) economist and a tati (shit) professor.

Anonymous said...

Meli's absence from a function is hardly news C4.5. You know what would be news? Writing a process story on the four political parties as they are formulating their policies and election strategies. Getting party insiders to give their views on their internal policy formulations would be a good news piece by itself. They don't even have to give their real names, they can just be described as "anonymous sources". Heck if the 4 political parties were smart enough they would even assist you. But alas you can never expect such kinds of stories from your site or from any media company in Fiji for that matter.

Anonymous said...

It always amazes me how Kai Viti publicly display their hatred towards their fellow Kai Viti. I was in Natovi Jetty when the first Clan departed for Nabouwalu. People were all waiting for the official party to arrive with all his top military officers. I managed to snoop around and trying to hear what people are saying.This is what I heard.

A young by about 17: "look..look...who's that

A middle age person: Who cares...

Another men: All of them..PM and family.

Another Fijian man: He controls every thing ...like Hitler.

Another Fijian Man: Shh not too loud.

Three Fijian men just turn their back and pretend to talk about something.

Overall: I have not seen the level of hatred and public condemnation of any past leaders as what I have witnessed from the Kai Viti against Frank.

A Dictator always end up copping all the hatred, judgement,curses etc of the people.

Anonymous said...

Anon@4.02pm. Are you surprised by what you heard and witnessed? Bainivuaka thinks that the Fijians like him, it's the opposite. He's making himself richer but the percentage of people living under the poverty line is increasing. Who would support an asshole like him?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous 12:11 PM, February 20, 1942 said...

Never mnd their criticisms. You are our leader. You are a great leader. You will always be our leader. We have enjoyed your steadfast leadership for eight years and have now seen the fruits of your labour. Our triumphant forces march through the Arc de Triomphe in Paris. Our ever-victorious air force is batterng London. Our armed forces are liberating the Balkans and the Ukraine. We are settling the Jewish question once and for all and removing the Bolshevik menace for all time. Our allies are sweeping across the Orient. . . . The list goes on.

Mein F├╝hrer, you will certainly be remembered as one of the German Reich''s greats or the Greatest. . . . Steady on, and Sieg Heil!

Anonymous said...

Mahen Reddy kanua (cockeye) minimum wage issue ke ghar mar ke rakh dis (fucked up minimum wage issue). mahen is another useless, over-paid PhD. he is nothing but Khaiyum's puppet. Wadan Naresy took mahen reddy to school on the minimum wage issue. The chamber of commerce ran rings around mahen. he is no match for the shrewd businessmen as he has no real life experience. He is just good for classroom theory. he should stick to being a school teacher at FNU where the overweight ganesh chand is looking after him.

Anonymous said...

Who is the very ugly man seated at the bottom left of the photo? And why is he wearing a dress???

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Nice photo. Looks like a happy family.

The Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels had a beautiful family. Angelic-looking blond-headed children. Even battle-hardened Soviet soldiers wept at the haunting sight of their bodies laid out on the ground, after Goebbels poisoned them all before he and his wife committed suicide in the bunker.

Guess you could say that Goebbels stayed too long at the ball. And Goebbels had more warning than most.

Happy times now, but the last few minutes of a dictatorship can be pretty brutal.

Anonymous said...

shut up anon@3.35pm another smart ass good at ordering but can't do themselves

too many smart asses said...

c4.5 has served the people of fiji far better than any other blog or media in the past four years, if they've had enuff i don't effing blame them

Anonymous said...

@"Nice photo. Looks like a happy family.The Nazi Propaganda Minister Josef Goebbels had a beautiful family.------------------------- but the last few minutes of a dictatorship can be pretty brutal. ..."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I bet Bainimarama wife and children and grandchildren are innocent.

Rajesh said...
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Anonymous said...

I wonder who paid for ALL the expenses of the Bainimaganas on this PR/Political Campaigning trip?
Us people people by no stretch of the imagination I guess!!

Anonymous said...

Boy, oh boy, oh boy!!
Voceke is so THICK in the head and the skin to show up at Rev Waqairatu's funeral today!! The bloody cheek of him!!
Anybody in their right frame of mind would just STAY away, especially after what he did to the Methodist Church!!
He must think that we Methodists have very short memories and have forgotten the humiliation he caused us.
His attendance today shows only ONE thing - being the largest christian denomination in the country, he has now come BEGGING for our votes. Talk about swallowing your pride. The man is desperate to stay in power and in the process , the fijian saying " E sa lesu na koli me kania na nona lua" comes to mind.
You will NOT receive ONE single Methodist vote you DOG!!

Anonymous said...

The Rev Dr Tuikilakila Waqairatu was THE MAN who cares and shares his love to all races now taken the lead back home to where we all came from in Heaven where God our Creator is.

The problem here that our journey back to Heaven is at our own choice because of Evil Satan, whom we met on earth, has already created Hell.

Rev Dr. Tuikilakila Waqairatu was suddenly became sick and I suspected that he was poisoned because of his good public standing and have a huge supports in Fiji and overseas. His standing for the indigenous rights, Vanua, Christianity, Lotu, and unity for all races were never easily shaken. He was later arrested, charged and prosecuted until his untimely death by Bainimarama on the advices and orders of Muslim Kaiyum.

Bainimarama and Kaiyum now you know how powerful this MAN OF GOD was and is today. And was this the reasons you ordered your evil soldiers/ agents to poison him? To you secret agent who did the final evil action of poisoning, YOU MADE A WRONGFUL ACT TO THE MAN OF GOD. YOU, BAINIMARAMA AND KAIYUM AND 4 GENERATIONS WILL SOON HARVEST CURSES AND EVIL THAT YOU SOWED TO THE MAN OF GOD.


Voreqe Bainimarama, YOU MADE A WRONG TURN AND YOUR END IS COMING CLOSER EVERYDAY. YOU MURDERED 5 CRW SOLDIERS WITH THE SAME SECRET ORDERS TO THE MAN OF GOD. YOUR PRESENCE IN THE CHURCH SERVICES WITH KAIYUM AND BOLE TODAY “ E KAUTA GA MAI NA CUDRU KEI NA VIA VAKAMATEI KEMUDOU” AFTER ALL WHAT YOU DID TO THE METHODIST CHURCH AS A WHOLE. We thank the Talatalas for recognizing your presences as shows of formality,to those who are watching television coverage and overseas dignitaries and friends in the funeral services, but otherwise WE HATE YOU AND YOUR GOVERNMENT PRESENCE.

Meli Bainimarama is a first sign of your falling down. Meli have seen the trouble is coming and he wants to save his new family not in the name of Satan the devil.


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kai Bau said...

Any goverment that bring development to our Koros are good in a way but they can also be disaster waiting if us the Koro people donot adjust to the development.eg.Roads are good but this will take away our physical exercise which is also the exercise to keep our body in shape to fight heart attack. Electricity are perfect but this will change our diet in eating frozen and unhealthy foods from our freezers and next to that is sickness.Water supply is good but any water borne diesease will spread like wild fire and we are no longer protected.The amount of chemical used in water nowdays are good but can also ruined our life.Roads bring pollution from vehichles running along our villages.I wonder if our collegues at some of our villages living near the main highways do realise how much pollution they are breathing.Please plant more trees alongside the roads and near your houses to cater for the development that has come through to us withno enviromental impact survey was done before all these things comes to us.Think of ways to counter all these or otherwise we will be living a dre

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Ro Teimumu Kepa and Pita Waqavonono are a pair of furry Webkinz. You can play with them online, but in real life we will never let them be elected.

We'll postpone elections until 2020. That will give us enough time to sort them out. If not, we'll postpone elections again until 2025. By that time, Fiji will be as modern as Singapore.

So stop your bellyaching, cowardly numbskulls, because this is for your own good. And you can't do anything to stop us anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sa vavaku talega mai na galegalei Sale Sorovaki ena levu ni uro sa laki dramica tiko ena teveli nei nona momo. ..salusalu beka ni cava e laki tokara tu ? Sa boko mai Kadavu ena i vola ni kawabula me sa vakacurumi ki Natena vua na Roko tui Kiuva..hi!!hi!!hi!!hi!!!

Anonymous said...

@ANNON 3:24am.
e laki tawana tiko vakatawa nai dabedabe nei Meli..oso vovi !!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Those who lost money in the micro financing scheme will be reimbursed by the government. It is now confirmed that PDP General Secretary Sat Narayan was responsible for the micro financing unit when this misuse of funds took place. FICAC should now investigate Sat Narayan for this fraud on innocent people and he should be investigated for misuse of funds in Saraswati Mandali. His son is the project manager and daughter finance officer. Nepotism and corruption of highest order. And he wants to represent us in parliament.

Anonymous said...

PDP Suva Branch General Secretary Lynda Tubuya - Fugitives!!!

Patients seek $4 million in refunds from bankrupt Fig.

Christopher Tritto

Fig., which filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection Jan. 7, is grappling with more than $4.3 million in refunds requested by patients, according to financial statements filed earlier this month with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Missouri. That is separate from an untold number of additional patient claims that have been coming in since the company shut down without warning Dec. 7. Those claims are being filed in court under seal to protect patient privacy.

The cosmetic lipodissolve provider was headquartered in Maryland Heights and had grown to 18 locations across the country, including three in the St. Louis area, when it closed its doors. Just one center, in Costa Mesa, Calif., was independently owned and remains open. The centers provided cosmetic body shaping injections of a chemical compound that destroys fat cells. The cost of a series of treatments typically began at $2,500 per body part.

The company booked treatment appointments and collected money for them up front. Many patients had additional pre-paid treatment sessions remaining when the business closed. Some made payments for future procedures as late as the day of the shutdown and never received treatment, according to former employees.

Fig. also owes its more than 500 former employees a combined $632,331 in wages, salaries and commissions for work performed primarily during the first week of December, bankruptcy documents filed Feb. 6 show.

Additional details disclosed about creditors revealed that Fig. booked plenty of advertising for which it never paid. The company owes nearly $2.6 million to 52 radio and television stations, newspapers and magazines, according to bankruptcy filings.

Among the local outlets that took a hit: KDNL-TV (ABC, Channel 30) was left holding the bag for $64,111 in advertising, followed closely by KPLR-TV (The CW, Channel 11) with $58,999 and KMOV-TV (CBS, Channel 4) with $58,778. WRBU-TV (My Network, Channel 46) is due $18,165, and KSDK-TV (NBC, Channel 5) is owed $17,850 in unpaid advertising bills.

The Business Journal previously reported that additional local creditors include Benchmark Contracting, The MBC Group, Specialty Pharmacy of St. Louis, Interiors Unlimited, Keystone Partnership and Rataj-Krueger Architects Inc., among many others.

Overall, corporate parent company Go Fig. Inc. and its 12 regional subsidiaries, including Fig. St. Louis LLC, listed approximately $9.84 million in personal property assets and slightly more than $25 million in liabilities.

Fig. has given up efforts to sell the business in whole or in part to a third-party buyer, Fig. attorney Spencer Desai said at a Feb. 11 administrative hearing for Fig. creditors. Desai said he hopes to file a plan of liquidation with the court by the end of February.

Scott Christian, Fig.'s former chief financial officer and its corporate controller at the time of its closing, and Marty Moore, Fig.'s chief financial officer at its closing, represented the company at the bankruptcy court's administrative hearing Feb. 11. They, along with Desai, are working to sort through the company's finances and bankruptcy proceedings.

Fig. Chief Executive Rob Semaan, a native of Australia, left the country in January and did not attend the Feb. 11 hearing. Desai, Christian and Moore said they are unsure of Semaan's whereabouts, but believe he and his wife, Lynda Tabuya Semaan, are now living in her home country of Fiji. Desai said he periodically receives cell phone calls from Rob Semaan but has no indication when he will be back in the United States.


Rev. Baker said...

We are methodists and will vote for Bainimarama!!

KAILA said...


Anonymous said...

Why were the students made to sit in the sun,did the church buy their uniform,the Govt is paying their school fees yet the School saw it fit to stop school session and let them sit in the sun.These children have rights,what if some were members of other denomination.This is a good example of Child Abuse committed by the Church,Rev. Tui would have prevented it.

Sa dina said...

The picture in todays FJ Sun shows PM shaking hands with the top hierachy of the Methodist Church,this shows their support towards his Party.

rajend naidu said...

President Obama has signed an Executive Order raising the federal minimum wage from $7.25 to $10.10. Raising the minimum will give millions of Americans a raise, and it's long overdue - because no one who works full time should have to live in poverty. Raising the minimum wage helps Americans young and old.It helps provide relief for those who are just scrapping by, and it helps those saving for a rainy day. It's the right thing to do... (The White House. Wed,Feb 19,2014).
I wonder whether raising our minimum wage from $2 would be the right thing to do for our low paid people for the same reasons advanced by President Obama for his American people?
Rajend Naidu

rajend naidu said...

Nardeo Mishra is right. Fiji can't afford to pay its low paid workers "$20 or $30 an hour" (FT 20/2) . We must remember Fiji is not only a small island developing nation, it is also coup coup country with all that that implies for its economy.
That's why it has set a minimum wage at $2 an hour .
But how is it then that we hear the permanent secretary for health is getting $250,000 p.a and the attorney general and the prime minister are getting over a million - even though neither is an elected office holder?
Can someone - perhaps Mishra - explain how this is possible in the "new" and "better" Fiji ?
The said salary scale is certainly new for Fiji.
I am not certain it's better for the people of Fiji as well seeing as over 50 per cent live in various degrees of poverty.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

sa dina, how dumb can you be? Shaking Baimaga's hand does not mean they will vote for the asshole. Get a life you bitch.

Anonymous said...

Fig. Chief Executive Rob Semaan, a native of Australia, left the country in January and did not attend the Feb. 11 hearing. Desai, Christian and Moore said they are unsure of Semaan's whereabouts, but believe he and his wife, Lynda Tabuya Semaan, are now living in her home country of Fiji. Desai said he periodically receives cell phone calls from Rob Semaan but has no indication when he will be back in the United States.

Anonymous said...

ref lynda tabuya et al
shit - amazing the backgrounds of our so called academics and wanna be leaders,,,,,wonder what their moral standards are and whether they uphold family values?
hmm interesting these revelations......

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes...It was around that time when PDP general Secretary Sat Narayan was with Micro Finance when he bought two large plots of freehold land in Sawani. Must have fleeced the money from Micro Finance projects to buy those two plots of land.
Time for Ficac to start investigating.

Anonymous said...

Rev. Baker, you are an imposter. We ate the real Rev. Baker many years ago.

Anonymous said...

To the person asking about the guy on the right of Bainimarama. You idiot, can't you see its Mick Beddoes? He has liumuri you people and joined Bainimarama's political party. Let to Mick Beddoes !!

Anonymous said...

I ask the simple question: 'Where is the money to refinance the micro f..k up going to come from?'
All the bullshit about taking more pay home, free education and all that is just LIES, LIES AND MORE LIES!
Sure we are taking more pay home, BUT, look at the prices of our basic food items. It has just sky rocketed!
We were better off before !!
The price of lamb neck, the price of Rewa Butter, the airport departure tax , the price of a heap of tavioka at the local market are true testimonies of all the charade at the last Budget address!!

Anonymous said...

Sa dina, Nixon shook hands with Khruschev.

So, following your line of reasoning, that means Nixon voted for Communists.

Anonymous said...

Rajend Naidu, raising the minimum wage would be a mistake for Fiji, just as it is a mistake for the United States.

The raise in the U.S. minimum wage will benefit some American workers but only at the expense of the poorest and least productive. The U.S. Congressional Budget Office, which is nonpartisan, estimated that Obama's action will cause at least 500,000 of America's poorest workers to lose their jobs. Many others will see their work hours slashed. Businesses will delay hiring workers because of the rising hurdle-cost. It's a ploy to win votes. Artificially raising wages creates economic inefficiencies and destroys jobs.

Do you really want to see Bainimarama raise the minimum wage in Fiji in order to get elected at the expense of our poorest workers?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, just because the Americans have a leader takng them to jump off the cliff like lemmings, I don't think it's a good idea for us to follow them. It's already bad enough having a coup government. Fiji needs to become more internationally competitive, not less.

Anonymous said...

Pre December 2006, the Tui Macuata was an unknown entity.
Both Aisea and now Williame have shot to prominence!! Both polishing Voceke's boots and b...s!!
We only knew and still now the Turaga na Tui Cakau as the ONE!!
Vakamalua Williame de o na qai mate dole talega vaka taki tuakamu!!
Sa rauta mada na viavia main boy tiko!!

Anonymous said...

Sa dua na ka na viavia "Royalty" e laurai vei iratou na matavuvale butabutako, dau vei vakalolomataki, viavialevu ka ratou taba tu 'qo!!
Vakasisila ka sega sara ga ni dua e talei taka!!

Anonymous said...

Yep, the same kuta that Macuata is famous for, is being replanted for Williame's funeral, in the not too distant future!!

Anonymous said...

Just who the f..k do the Voceke and Nailatikau think they are by offering other Pacific Island countries who are being threatened with global warming to relocate to Fiji!
Whilst I sympathize with with those being affected, I believe that we should first sort ourselves out first in house!
They cannot relocate to Bau Island, which is not only small, but is also facing the same problem. They cannot relocate to Kiuva, because the Chinese have just built a FREE seawall to mitigate the erosion there.
So, where are these people going to be relocated to.
Both these two [Voceke and Nailatikau] are from Tailevu, and admittedly these is no land in Tailevu available even for us kai Tailevu!@!
So, to the rest of the other Provinces, I say this to you " Q ni wele tiko sa laki yalataki na kemuni qele". Ni kakua ni moce tiko. Ni yadrava and kidava na ka sa yaco tiko.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kai Bau said...

Why come to Bau.Nailatikau dont have any authourity or what so ever for our poor brothers from the pacific who are facing the problem to come to Bau.Theres a lot of idle land in Namuka,Macuata and Navatu,Cakaudrove where Kaiyum will give it to those people.Nailatikau and Bai are just puppets for Kaiyum all the authorities are coming from Ratu Kaiyum.Dont you feel sorry for those pacific kids , womens and mens who are facing the consequences of China polluting the world and never care about these people.There is not much land in Kiuva so the best optiopn for Kaiyum is Vanualevu AKA as the "bigland"

Anonymous said...
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Coup fourpointfive said...

Anon@6.13pm There are better ways to rant and show your frustration with the regime than where you were going, hence comment being removed. cC4.5

Anonymous said...

Rajendra Chodory supports the removal of a democratically elected government in Kiev saying that's it's the power of the people against a government. Well thank you for agreeing with George Speight and all the itaukei who didn't like your democratically elected father Mahendra Chodory and the Labour Party in the year 2000. As long as the people don't like a government they can burn buildings and protests and shoot at security forces. But when the security forces shoot the protestors it is wrong. Thank you Goerge Speight and itaukei for kicking out the arrogant bastard Mahendra and Rajendra Chodory. Thank you SODELPA for all you former itaukei movement and CAMV and nationalists and racists amongst you now.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Frank..proud of your achievements today....keep up the good work...

Kai Viti Proud of the Nation.

For Fiji, ever Fiji...let the voices ring with pride...

Mr Rajendra Chaudhary said...

Why can't people stop attacking me and my father. That money he got from India was for his family not Fiji. My father is a good honest man.

Yes, I like men as much as I like women. What is the problem. We live in a tolerant age. Show some tolerance.

Viktor Yanukovich said...

And thank YOU, Anonymous 9:45, for supporting my efforts to remain in power. Unfortunately, reneging on my peace concessions to the demonstrators and posting snipers to shoot them from the rooftops didn't exactly endear me to the protestors. It wasn't through a cassava patch, and I didn't shit my pants, but I did have to flee for my life.

That's the bad news. The good news is that I'm coming to Fiji.

Sure, you've got your own dictator right now. Some of you might even be thinking you don't need another. But if one like having a dictator now, you'll LOVE having two dictators! When he's asleep, I can be dictating, and vice-versa. He and your Attorney General already have over half of the cabinet portfolios. I can take all of the rest.

You'll love my family. They don't have much experience, but they'd be perfect for running a radio station or serving on the sports council.

Our governments have much in common. We're both corrupt, we both have our internal divisions, which are so easy to exploit, and we both look to Russia for inspiration and support.

I'm your new dictator. You didn't get to choose the first, so you don't get to choose the second, either

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Viktor...Viktor Viktor...

You are doing it the wrong way in your Ukraine. Please come to Fiji so I can show you how to make your people very happy. Last 6 years, my people very happy. The ones not happy, I invite them to the camp for some counselling session. This Kai Fijian people are what you call - bati ni toro. This is the old gillete razor blade that is sharpened on both ends. Very much plenty talk aroud this muddy water they drink but, the muddy water make their head stupid and lazy. I will show you how Viktor to use the corrupt against the corrupted. The Kai Fijian is very corrputed frm the village to the church. You no need to pay. I pay you to teach you. Velcome and hurry up ok Viktor.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Frank...keep up the good work,,,these people are just jealous of you and your achievements. Typocal Fijians mentality...cant do anything but talk about others.

BC said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ Annon 4:46pm Feb 24..Definitely uncle Frank will be justly rewarded for all the good work he has done and for that we are happy.. ,on the underside he may also be judged for all the wrongs has has done and for that, we as family may end up wailing and I have this real bad feeling it's gonna happen soon.

Anonymous said...

Ena suka khubu kho uncle Frank qa biu u mai kho vugona !!
A vakhaloloma levu gona.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 10:33am....wooooooo I bet you have been having that bad feeling since 2006. Me dua ga e feeling taki iko...lol now dont get upset....

@ 10:40am....e vakaloloma ga ni levu ga na vosa e sega ni dua na ka o cakava rawa...

If you cant beat em, join em..... se kuvai

Anonymous said...

@11.44....never mind what you say....about uncle Frankie....shame!!....na ka Vinaka e cakava e ubia na ca e cakava.....luveni sese....

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