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Monday, February 10, 2014

Heads start to roll as police force prepares for new commander

Joseph Penjueli during at a police workshop in 2012.
What has happened to Fiji's Chief Administration officer, assistant police commissioner Joseph Penjueli?

Word coming in says he was sacked this morning to pave the way for the announcement of the new police commissioner.

Penjueli was brought in by the former police commissioner, Ioane Naivalurua whose contract was not renewed, and was later given the post of assistant commissioner.

There are murmurs Penjueli's departure is part of the clean-up campaign preceding the arrival of Naivalurua's replacement and that other senior officers will follow him out the door.

Talk that acting police commissioner, Ravi Narayan, will leave the force also continues to persist. 

Intel also insist a military officer is due to assume the role of new commissioner: the thought is security for the illegal prime minister will be a key issue after this year's elections. 

It's being said that for the position of new commander, Bainimarama is relying heavily on his trusted fellow navy officer, Esala Teleni, who has finished up as ambassador in China. 

Intel suggests Bainimarama's speech yesterday about officers who left the army - and those who stood by him - in events from 2000 and 2006, hints at a return in trust to the core group of officers who led the 2006 coup against the SDL government of Laisenia Qarase.

It is no secret in the army Teleni was the man behind the planning and execution of the 2006 coup and despite Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum's differences with him, has since 2011 helped secure much needed funding for the regime. 


Anonymous said...

What has happened to people like Isikeli Ligairi etc?

Anonymous said...

God help Viti.

Anonymous said...

Daven Prasad-lawyer and mortuary proprietor is crooked.He paid a big sum of money to corrupt magistrate Syed Mukhtar Shah to let him off a serious criminal traffic case.He conned Sun Insurance into paying him a large sum of money-shame on you Lolesh.Investigate this payment.The bugger now is bribing Neil Sharma.Daven Prasad is also an ambulance chaser--has his agents in CWM(doctors)who push unsuspecting accident victims to Daven.Daven Prasad should be investigated-how come he is running all the mortuaries-?and Neil Sharma is an abortionist-was sued once

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's LIE NUMBER 3:


And people still believe this lying bastard.

Anonymous said...

Neil Sharma filled his pocket by doing abortion.

Why he has not be investigated for carrying abortion?

These are type of people running the country!

Anonymous said...

This so called lawyer Daven Prasad--does he have a degree in law or degree in mortuary running ??

Anonymous said...

Premilla Kumar CEO Consumer Council of Fiji had gone for her abortion to Neil.

Why is she keeping quiet. She is the evidence herself.

Ask the receptionist who was working with Neil.

Anonymous said...

Niel Sharma aur Daven Kumar dunno dunno apaan lund ke mailha bhator-khe Premila khawailo. the bitch loves the aroma hi!HI!HI!!boci.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama giving Teleni this role would fulfill another Dakuwaqa prophecy made right here on C4.5 nearly two years ago.


mark manning said...

Sounds like they are all beginning to shit in their own nests now!

Anonymous said...

Neil Sharma should do the honorable, resign in the death of Anthony

Anonymous said...

Expect to see heads rolling in the RFMF, too. That's what dictators do. They eventually turn against everyone who helped them seize power, out of fear that they might get too powerful or popular and use that to overthrow him in turn. They don't need evidence. They don't even need to suspect anyone. They just do it as a precaution, acting out of intuition. If Teleni is going to be Bhai's successor, then expect his axe to fall extra heavily on the army and not the navy.

Anonymous said...

But how about Asiz? Gayumi already told Bainimarama that Asiz must be Comander

Anonymous said...

Panjueli ex helicopter pilot from the army made money from suva book shop,Padam Lala, and Bachu of Vinod Patel by renting their buildings ,its first months rent and ongoing 25% comm malo Panju

Anonymous said...

Neel should resign ,but he cant,roti ke issue hai,its braed and butter for breakfast on his table ,the guy was broke and all bribes kept in aussie in Rohits name and he R is going to show him is back

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Baini doesn't trust Aziz .

Can't say I blame him.

But as a Persian and Muslim, Aziz isn't likely to become very popular. He doesn't have a large natural constituency. He is mostly a creature of his benefactor, the diktator. These qualities make him appear less threatening to Baini.

Anonymous said...

See Rajendra Chodory's photo on Facebook. He has been impregnated by Suliasi Daunitutu in Austarlia. He is about to give birth and is hoping that his baby called Da from Suliasi can be registered in the VKB. He has beaten Jese Sikivou who still hasn't given birth. Jese was impregnated by Rajendra Chodory before he fled to Aistralia before Jese claimed maintenance for the baby called Dalevu.

Anonymous said...

Ouch! Another slap in the face of the army, if it's true. Our navy is waaaay smaller than our army, so why is it our commanders are never from the army any more? It's the army that is always putting itself at risk in our UN deployments. It's the army that provided most of the muscle behind the coup. This isn't just unfair, it's insulting!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:04, how do you know so much? Because you were sloppy second? Their baby would still look better than Dharam Lingam.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:14

There is something you guys are missing the point that army does more work than navy. Maybe you are just comparing Infantry units to navy because army ( is all)!

and history has proven that navy guys are more intelligent and up to challenges that infantry. see seal teams or marines of US.

PM has to get his trusted man for the job because he needs to cover his back. Otherwise people like Aziz, Mossese will coup PM anyday or cause mutiny in camp.

Capt. J ( Army) said...

well if what i am reading is true that Comdr. teleni will take up commander position, well i think its a good choice by PM rather than Aziz or Land force commander who are crap and non leaders.

Army now needs a good leader to stand together and in my view as captain at camp, all the best sir.

we look forward to welcome you soon.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Captain.

The army is full of crap commanders. Let them do the work, take the risks, shoulder the blame. Our naval officers are much smarter. Let them do the thinking, give the orders, sail away if things fall apart.

PM can trust a navy guy more than an army guy any time.

After Teleni, then Francis Kean should be next in line. A whole generation of navy leadership, promotions, extra equipment, perks, prestige, etc. Maybe make it two generations.

Go Navy!

Anonymous said...

Sorry to say navy guy but you are all idiots. what kind of people when his country is not under military threat joins the military? Those who can't get a useful career job like doctor, nurse, teacher, engineer, lawyer, accountant etc. Apart from that their minds are still in the cowboy and indians mode, immature. Waraka when my children are under military threat then we the smart people will have no choice but to protect their own using any means possible. Then the smart people will take you kids to military school. Remember many kawa ni Bati in Fiji. It runs in our blood.

Anonymous said...

you know the kind of people that stand by liars and thieves? Liars and thieves. Have a good life, enjoy it but just keep the knife under your pillow in case your trusted friends of bad character go awol when they want more power or money then you can give him. Then the kaidia businessman will hire him to remove you.

Anonymous said...

Soldierman have you read the constitution? Do you know that the first draft had no protection for itaukei iyau? Second draft after public outcry then Khaiyum reluctantly put this useless pretend to protect clause? “Na I naki raraba” mentioned in this clause 27 & 28 means parliament can decide on itaukei land. Now there are no communal seats, indian businessman that use to fund itaukei party election sees no need to fund itaukei candidates campaign. So in 2 elections time or less all 50 parliament seats will be indian members as they have money to run election campaign. Then they have a oaarty in parliament making laws and passing bills to take everything. Economic power and political power now both theirs and iko lesu I koro, oh no you landless. Side of the road with your children and explain to your children why he has no future.
28.—(1) Na qele ni iTaukei mera taukena tiko ga na itaukei ni qele, ena sega tale
ga ni rawa ni volitaki, soli, tokitaki se veisautaki, vakavo ni tauri Vakamatanitu me vaka
e virikotori ena tikina 27.
(2) Ke dua na qele ni iTaukei e taura na Matanitu ena dua na inaki raraba ni oti na
kena taurivaki na Yavunivakavulewa qo me vaka e virikotori ena tikina 27 se ena dua na
lawa tabaki, me na vakasukai tale vei ira na kena itaukei ke sa sega ni vakayagataka na
qele na Matanitu.

27.—(1) Na tamata yadua e tu vua na dodonu me kua ni kauta tani na Matanitu na
nona iyau vakavo ke vakatarai ena lawa tabaki ka virikotori ena wasetiki (2), ka sega ni
dua na lawa me vakatara na kena tauri vakaveitalia se na kena kovei na iyau.
(2) Na lawa tabaki e rawa ni vakatara na kena tauri vakalawa na iyau, ni—
(a) vakayacori e dua na inaki raraba; kei na
(b) kena saumi vakadodonu na itaukei ni iyau ena isau ni iyau sa
veidinadinatitaki, se ke sega ni yacovi rawa e dua na veidinadinati, me dua
ga na isau vakatautauvata me vaka e sa vakatulewa kina na mataveilewai se
mataveivaqaqai, ni oti na kena raici na veika kece e kovuti kina, oka kina
(i) kena rawati na iyau me vakayacori ena dua na inaki raraba;
(ii) itukutuku ni kena rawati na iyau mai vua na itaukei ni iyau;
(iii) isau ni iyau;
(iv) tamata yadua e tiko na nona gagadre me baleta na iyau; kei na
(v) nona sotava na dredre o itaukei ni iyau.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Piss off, you weakling cowards.

"When my children are under military threat then we the smart people will have no choice but to protect their own using any means possible."

Bwahahaha.You are funny!

Maybe you didn't notice that we've overthrown your government, taken away your petty rights, and installed ourselves as your overlords.

So much for you "smart people" protecting yourselves by any means possible! You're so paralysed with fear, you can't even manage to lift a finger. Bwahahaha.

They say that power tends to corrupt, but hey, absolute power feels kinda neat. We've tasted it, and we're not giving it up. We're using it to take Fiji forward.

Anonymous said...

Sa toso na ka qo……….dou mati wavoki tikoga mai na keba…..sara lewa na kena wase na nomu qele!

New Decree, decree UNIT TITLES (AMENDMENT) DECREE 2013 (DECREE NO. 38 OF 2013) says
Section 2 amended
2. The Unit Titles Act (Cap. 274) is amended in section 2 by deleting subsection (4).
President of the Republic of Fiji


This is section 4
Fiji Laws
(4) This Act does not apply to or in respect of –
(a) Crown land; or
(b) native land as defined in the Native Land Trust Act.


New Decree

Fiji Unit Titles Act (1985)

Anonymous said...

All hail Bainimarama....being smart i don't just react to persons manoeuvring to get ahead. Why should i? Let the tea brew and boil over on its own. You may have brought in personal arms from overseas to protect yourself by paying people in the regime.But when the boilover happens and the desperate rush and madness comes and the ugly cannibal/warrior legacy awakens and returns......well you just lock down in your house with your gun and good luck!

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Yeah, yeah. Nothing but big talk, but never any action.

If you were going to do something, you'd already have done it by now. Your chance for Operation Jerico came and went.

After watching as we fucked your wife, you won't object now as we put a ring on her finger.

Anonymous said...

All Hell Bainimarama, gloat all you want, but tomorrow is a new day. They say to beware the anger of a patient man. We Fijians can be dangerous when we turn quiet. Just because it hasn't happened yet don't mean it won't. One little spark is all it needs. Maybe we don't want to start the party now because we don't want to give your hero another phony excuse for canceling elections. Maybe a patriotic RFMF element will decide to act after it hears your hero's nomination of a successor, or maybe we'll all rise up in unison when he cancels the election again. Or maybe a humiliating rugby finish will be the last straw. You never know. It ain't over till it's over.

Francis Kean said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

All land at Tax Free Zone in Valelevu illegally sold to a foreigner. Baini collected huge offshore bribe in the deal. Corruption at it worst in Fiji

Anonymous said...

Commodore Teleni is an inspired choice. He will turn the RFMF into Christian soldiers. They will march to cadences based on gospel music at parades to praise the Lord.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:29, vinaka vakalevu for your posting. This is exactly how ASK and crooks operate. They pass these illegal decrees full of legalese that most citizens haven't the time or patience to decipher. Then they turn around with a new decree that amends an arcane provision in an earlier decree, completely changing the nature of the earlier decree in a way that they hope no one will notice. Then they rape the country and gaol their opponents and perceived opponents, claiming they're only following "the law".

In this case, it looks like ASK is deliberately and sneakily clearing the way for the subdivision of mataqali-held land. Can a Fiji-trained lawyer please confirm this interpretation and explain the significance?

Thanks for your sharp eyes, Anonymous 5:29. It looks to me like ASK has just exposed his hand. He's using the colour of law to lead a land grab against indigenous Fijian interests.

mark manning said...

It seems to me, that Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is pulling the strings. He must be whispering in Frank Bainimarama's ear, telling him that if he gives up the Military Leadership, that he will be at risk. The tactic is for Aiyaz to have Frank put in place before leaving, people who will support Aiyaz and the illegal Regime.
At some point, Frank Bainimarama has to realise the reality that is about to confront him, to no longer trust Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum or for someone within the RFMF to take back control from Frank Bainimarama and to arrest all involved in the coup.
There is one opportunity here for some within the RFMF to retrieve its once respected reputation.

Anonymous said...

over 900 amputation of legs at CWM alone ,300 in Labasa ,wow Neel should now resign as people who make it up to private hospital and overseas are saved .where is our health services going or hired incompetent doctors and nurses who after 6 weeks of training are given jobs . The curse will give sleepless nights to some, as ask any one who has lost a foot or both feet ,how is this person surviving

Anonymous said...

Teleni is the right choice....Noone else good

Anonymous said...

Why the doctors involved in treating Lawernce Anthony have not been taken to task.

Who are these four doctors?

What is their experience?

Where is the Fiji Medical Council?

Devils in Christian disguise said...

Anon 1.04am@Rajendra Chodory's photo on Facebook, what kind of sick, diseased, warped mind would write something vulgar like that? you are disgusting. you have an extremely dirty mind. so do some others on this site. if you want to hear the devil talking, this is the site. some people positing comments here come across as the sickest in the world. You won't find such filth in any other blogsite in any other country. makes you wonder about their upbringing. is this what their parents taught them? Is this what they learnt in sunday school. The worst thing is these same people claim Christ as their saviour. most bullshit christians in the world. hypocrites of the worst order. devils in disguise. you will all burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

Medical degrees are very easily available in Fiji.

The two medical institution are in the game of making money only and not producing quality doctors.

The medical services have gone to worst in Fiji with basics medicine not available in hospitals.

All good and experienced doctors have left or are leaving due to poor working condition.

But the government gives the P.S for Health $260,000!

What a joke!

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo would make a good commander seeing he constantly talked about Admiral's Rear.

Anonymous said...

Is this the same Commodore Teleni who promised an end to all crime in Fiji by the end of 2009? He's an inspired choice, alright. A perfect idiot to do what Frank tells him, just as Frank is the perfect idiot who does whatever Aiyaz tells him.

Anonymous said...

Ragend look like a pedophile

Anonymous said...

Teleni was in charge of military purchasing where Auditor General discovered millions mis used via illegal purchases and dealings......same case as Pol Com.
Has no idea of accountability etc ...just annother treasonist criminal

Komai said...

School children escape injuries

Update: 11:25AM SCHOOL children travelling in a taxi involved in an early morning pile-up escaped injury and are safe.

The accident occurred after a bus rolled backwards and crashed into two taxis travelling in the same direction.

Police divisional traffic officer Western ASP Mitieli Divuana said the brakes of the Lautoka General Transport bus had failed causing it to roll backwards down the hill at the junction between Tavakubu and Sukanaivalu Road.

The bus was towed away to the Lands Transport Authority base at Natokawaqa for inspection.

Lautoka General Transport is the worst buses in road. The owner Piyara Singh owes Lautoka City Council money for the use of bus stand since past 15 years or more. Yet Bala has not taken any steps to collect the past payments. You will see on daily basis that their buses are broken down on roads. LTA has turned blind eye because Eric Vilsoni LTA Manager West is paid off by Piyara. If the buses are inspected by and independent inspector, none of the buses would pass the inspection. LTA's corruption starts from CEO and flows down to field level. I thought that the present regime had made a commitment to eradicate corruption. Since this government has taken over Fiji has the highest corruption in the world.

Anonymous said...

Devils in Christian Disguise, how do you know Anonymous 1:04 isn't Hindu or Muslim? Please don't let your personal prejudices lead you into slurring another's religion.

On the other hand, since most Fijians purport to be Christians, you might also be right. The poster of that juvenile nonsense might well be a church-going hypocrite. He's got church but doesn't have Christ.

There's little hope in shaming someone who knows no sense of shame. I think Anonymous 1:21's rejoinder put him in his place without sinking to his level. Remember, too, that he could well be a regime troll who gets paid to distract and discredit us by stirring up trouble on this site.

The posting you find objectionable really does lack any redeeming social value. The blog administrator has been doing a fairly robust job lately of expunging such comments, to his credit. I guess this one must have slipped past.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:06 PM, you sound like a regime troll, aka traitor.

You don't like the guy? Fine. Don't be his friend on Facebook.

But such postings have no business being on this site. You're just trying to take the discussion off-track.

Go crawl back under your bridge.

Anonymous said...

@All hail Bainimarama,
You made a very brave statement but let me remind you. There are dry river beds all over Fiji and in particular in the colo part of Viti Levu and Vanua levu and these are normal channels made for them naturally during any over flow from Colo and in the process these dry river channels will suddenly be flooded because it is just natural that the flooded river will not contain the overflow from Colo because of intensity and power of mother nature.

For those people who have made Viti their home DO NOT TALK ON THINGS THAT ARE BEYOND YOUR COMPREHENSION. Let me remind all visitors to our shores that during the over flow or waluvu it is just natural that these dry river beds will be filled up and there will be no escape.

You guys may choose to say what ever you may say against our culture and tradition but remember guys, any thing can happen any time and it is just natural that the over flow flood water will do its jobs without any question ask.

Muslim Chamars said...

Col Aziz is not a Persian Muslim, he is a muslim chamar from India whose ancestors came to Fiji as coolies. This is the case with most muslims in Fiji. LIke the Indian.Pakistani muslims, they fantasise that their ancestors came from Arabia, Turkey, or Iran. In reality they are Indian converts. But they have an inferiority complex, and pretend to be what they not. Only Indian muslims are in denial. muslims from other countries like Malaysia and indonesia are not ashamed of their heritage. The funny thing is that iranians and arabs laugh at such claims by indian muslims. They treat muslims from the subcontinent like shit. Yet these muslims are forever trying to win their favour by, among other things, blowing themselves up. It's demeaning. These indian muslims have no pride. They are weak. be proud of who you are without being a bigot about it. I am comfortable with my chamar/coolie heritage mainly because I do not believe in stupid caste system. I am not below or above anyone but equal.

Anonymous said...

"DALEVU" haha

Anonymous said...

@1.06 Give you Rajend

Anonymous said...

Nah nah bra his got 'DALEVU". Sa rauti koya ga o Jese vata kei Rajesh

Jon Holmes said...

I wouldn't mind having a go at Rajend.

Anonymous said...

I hope Teletubby will right the wrongs of beanimarama

Fijiwala said...

All Muslims that came to Fiji were from India. As at that time there was no Pakistan. Now when a Muslim from Fiji or from India goes to Pakistan are called " Kafar." Pakistani Muslims have false sense of superiority complex. There are more Muslims in India today than the total population of Pakistan. It is safe to say that the population of Muslims in Indian army will surpass the total Pakistani population. It may take less than 24 hours for India to march into Islamabad and retake the country.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 10:41
I'm reading that posting too for the first time and its quite sickening to me what Aiyaz is doing.

My interpretation :

Clause 28.—(1) Na qele ni iTaukei mera taukena tiko ga na itaukei ni qele, ena sega tale
ga ni rawa ni volitaki, soli, tokitaki se veisautaki, vakavo ni tauri Vakamatanitu me vaka
e virikotori ena tikina 27.

ie NO ONE CAN TAKE YOUR LAND FROM YOU "EXCEPT" in a situation as specified in CLAUSE 27

27:2 says "No one including Government cannot take your land EXCEPT in the situation where they see that there is something valuable for everyone ie "Na i naki raraba".

And we know that LAND of itself is valuable.
It doesnt have to have Gold,Copper,Bauxite.



Au sa tukuna oti tiko vei kemuni na sotia ulukau tiko qori mai Delainabua na lasu levu e kitaka tiko vei kemuni o Bainimarama.

Sa rui levu vei kemuni na vakilakila.
Vinaka sara me taura o Kaiyum na nomuni qele mai nakoro.
Ni yavu ululala.

Anonymous said...

Who will replace Teletubby in Beijing?

After all, Bainimarama needs someone he can trust to keep the flow of Chinese slush money secretly coming his way.

Anonymous said...

Who will replace Teletubby in Beijing?

After all, Bainimarama needs someone he can trust to keep the flow of Chinese slush money secretly coming his way.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how much longer the RFMF will allow itself to be manipulated by Frank as he tries to keep the land force subservient to the much smaller navy.

Anonymous said...

Sa mate or Viti. Isa Isa Isa noqu Vanua.

Anonymous said...

My Condolence goes to Taltala Waqiratu Family .
The Church have lost a great leader.
May god blessing rest upon his family.
Rest in peace.
god bless

Anonymous said...

Those soldiers are dumb farks. It'll be too late by the time they realize how far up their arse Kaiyum's vudi is.

Anonymous said...

Na leqa vei keda nai taukei sa rui sivia na tawase,ni veiliutaki mai o Mara,tawase tauyavu taki na SVT,ia ni veiliutaki o Rabuka,baci tawase tauyavu na VLV,mai tawase, tauyavu na SDL sa baci tawase tauyavu na SODELPA.Sa qai vinaka me ra mai veiliutaki na ulu tawase ni sa sivia na nomuni vakavuna tiko na tawase.o ni kilai kemuni vinaka tiko,baleta o ni sa rawaka mai na 'Red Carpet' treatment.E dua na i taukei e vakavuna na tawase sa dro i Toga,kera sega ni qarauna ena vakavu tawase mai kea.Sa rauti keda vinaka me wasei na noda qele,nai yau kei na qoliqoli,baleta ni sa sivia na tawase.E da kaya ni da tamata lotu,ia na veilimuritaki kena vakatagedegede i cake e caka tiko e loma ni lotu.Na qaravi tevoro sa vakayacori tiko e loma ni valenilotu,qai kenai ubi na necktie kei na sote vulavula,ia,i loma na bulubulu boro vulavula.e lewe levu vei kemuni na lotu wesele, ni vakavuna tiko na tawase.Sa rauta vinaka,wasei yani na qele,nai yau,na qoliqoli,baleta na kece oqori eda na sega ni kauta i lomalagi ni gauna da mate kina.Wasea yani ASK baleta walega keimami kaiviti sa levu na tawase.mai vosa vaka matau eke ,e valenilotu,e vale,e nakoro ia na tamata sa tawase na lomana baleta na vuna levu keimami sa sega vakabauta oqo na God sa kauta mai ko Misi Peka.Keimami sa lotu walega 1 hour oti qai kitaka na gunu yaqona 7-9 hours,walega oqo sa tukuna ni keimami worship na yaqona vakalevu,ka vakalailai na Jesus God.Sa raica Jesus sa raica sa cudru sa volitaka na qele,na i yau,na ika,na naqio,na qoliqoli baleta keimama sa worship bullshit tiko na Jesus God.Walega keimami sa vola eke na vosa vakarerevaki,ia,sa segairere na luve ni kadi,ia walega sa kitaka na vosaca vei Prime Minisita walega oqo sa sega betena baleta o Bainimarama sa sega wili tiko na blog oqo.Sa raica na lialia,foolish tiko ,basketball ni kai viti.Ia na sotia sa quard tiko na PM, ASK kaukauwa sara, sega rerevaka e dua natamata whole world,sega rere oqo na vanua Amerika,sega rere na Queen,sega rere australia walega NZ talega.oqo sa dina sara.Baleta na kai i viti tawase tiko,sega lotu vinaka oqo sa kaci oqo na Idia na 'Boso' io oqo ira na Indian sa 'Boso' sa moce kei na yalewa kai viti na hotel,sa sauma na ilavo walega $10.00,io sa sau rawarawa,sa sau levu tale e dua na bundle na dalo.walega $10.00 sa moki na koki sa marau tiko.

Anonymous said...

full chow teleni will take rfmf to higher levels of corruption. everyone knows of the commission he gets from police building rented off business man and any deal he makes with anyone
cock eyed teleni will lead Fiji's new coup and oust frank.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh and Vayeshnoi at the top of this list the dickheads

New Zealand to deport 771 illegal Fijians

Nasik Swami
Tuesday, February 11, 2014

FIJIANS residing illegally in New Zealand could soon face deportation.

And the New Zealand Government has identified a total of 771 Fijians staying illegally in New Zealand.

Responding to questions from this newspaper, Immigration New Zealand said overstayers, regardless of nationality must appreciate that if there were no special circumstances that called for the grant of a visa, they were expected to leave NZ or face deportation.

"In 2012/13 Immigration New Zealand deported over 790 people whose visas had expired were unlawfully in New Zealand or who had committed offences and were deported directly from prison," Immigration NZ said.

"Immigration NZ advises that all individuals residing in New Zealand unlawfully have a legal obligation to depart."

Immigration NZ said those residing unlawfully in New Zealand should contact them to discuss their circumstances and determine the best option available.

"If an individual has any information about the whereabouts of people unlawfully in New Zealand, we encourage them to contact us."

The highest number of Fijians living illegally in New Zealand was 1055 in the year 2011.

Pacific Island countries, Samoa and Tonga top the illegal immigrants list with 2686 and 2889 people respectively.

Anonymous said...

anon 4.49pm
sivia na da e loma ni nomu qavokavoka,,,,,,
tamata kawa ca wasea ga na qele nei tamamu no qele

Anonymous said...

Sat Narayan also former police office and now PDP General Secretary having sex with his farm caretaker's wife. Husband no choice because he from Labasa so no job here so let him fuck his wife. One day Labasa wala churi bhai!!! Wife basher, sexual harassment of Staff @ Saraswati College. Got AUSAID money and hired his daughter as finance officer and son as project officer and paid them five digit salary. What happened to bee farm aid Mr Sat Narayan Chorowa? And want to be in parliament to lead Fiji hahahaha! Big time corruption saraga! Where are you Ficac???

Anonymous said...


The most violent and dangerous country is Papua New Guinea.

The most unstable monocultural country is the Solomon Islands.

The most stable country is Vanuatu.

The most unstable multicultural country is Fiji.

The richest territory is New Caledonia ( GDP of US$36,376 )

Where would you orefer to live then?

Anonymous said...

Neil Sharma is quietly killing citizens..Fiji is becoming a huge killing field. If you going to present yourself to hospital, say your prayers and make sure your will is secure. Health services in Fiji is comparable to squeezing "wa bosucu" over minor cuts. Better resort to proven traditional medicine than go risk yourself dying in the hands of rookies

BC said...

Ro Kepa to lead SOPELA party. She
is a known racist and will legislate goli goli bill although she doesnot have goli herself. May be she will use Rabuka or Baba's golis to further her case. What a party SOPELA is?

KUA NI RERE said...

@BC 8:31
From your postings we can say that you are the one with "no goli".
Ro Kepa makes a stand and everyone knows her stance.


You criticising Ro Kepa and Rabuka and Baba.

You call her a racist but give no reason why?

You obviously have the brain of a snail.

At least snails dont mouth off like you.
So you must be lower than a snail.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 5.22pm,sa rauta vinaka me wasei tani yani na nomu qele,tamata lotu vakavo o iko qai qaravi tevoro kaukauwa;me wase na nomu qele.Kevaka ko via valu,valu yani me dave na nomu dra,keimami sarasara,kevaka ko qaqa,ia da na qaqa vata,keimami na taura talega na uro ni qele,kevaka o ciba ka veka ia keimami na dredre lo ka vakaisaisa.Isa o Da Levu,levu na gusuna,warai ni dua na ka e rawa.A ya, ra baku, na yalo ni kai viti dina sa bula tu edai,ocei e via mate? Sa!, me qai dua tale e nona na uro! Na noda kitora gona na lotu vaka karisito sa mai kune i kina na leqa.Wasea na qele ASK,Sainitaka Pres. E sega ni dua na qele e na kau ena gauna da mate kina,6 ga na fiti e na vakarautaki vei keda kece,wili kina o Da Uso e qaravi tevoro tiko ena 5.22pm.

Anonymous said...

Whats going on between the mortuary ambulance chaser lawyer Daven Prasad and the abortionist Neil Sharma,the fat arse ??-can FICAC check this out please? How much did Dave Prasad give to Syed Mukhtar Shah for his traffic case?-and why did Sun Insurance make a big payout to Daven Prasad and his sister when Daven Prasad was the guilty party?=can Lolesh of Sun Insurance answer??

Anonymous said...

Luveni boci o iko.qori na ka o nivinakata tko na sotia ni yavu ulukau.ni vevutusona kei bainimarama

Anonymous said...

BC @ 8:31, you're such a deceitful douche bag that you even try to impersonate another poster to this website.

Ro Teimumu Kepa is no more racist than you are BC.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 9:42
Boso kena i balebale na Kalou e na taura na qele mai vei ira na Luvena ka na solia vei ira na Musulomani.

Au rogoca dua nai talanoa ni dua na gone cidroi lai vakasabusabutaka nona qele kei na i lavo nei tamana, ia e tukuni ni cici gutuwa o tamana me lai mokoti koya, ena gauna e a lesu yani kina.

I think the God , Jesus was talking about is not the same one you are talking about.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:21 AM is exactly right. Dictators do that all the time. They turn against the people who helped them achieve power. They simply use them up and throw them away, like tissue paper. Napoleon got rid of the Directorate. Stalin eliminated Trotsky. Hitler executed Strasser.

Bainimarama has already kicked the Military Council to the curb, arrested some of his top lieutenants and caused many other supporters to flee the country. This regime is certainly hard on its friends. Just ask MPC, John Samy and Yash Ghai.

The pins aren't done falling yet. The next purge is on the verge.

Hey, oblivious Bainimarama supporter, if you haven't heard by now just how you're going to fit in after the transition, it probably means you won't. So, get a clue, Sherlock!

You'd better consider all of your options immediately, whilst you still have any.

Please don't misconstrue me. I don't give a damn about your or any other traitor's welfare. Nobody will lament your passing any more than we've lamented any other regime ass-licker shown the boot.

I'm just saying that if you stay on your current trajectory, you'll go down in history as a traitor who allowed himself to be used as a dupe before being swept -- by the very same monster he helped to create -- into the dustbin of history. We'll all say good riddance and end of story.

And I'm just asking if that's how you're willing to go down. 'Cuz that's exactly where all this is headed right now.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 9:42
Why did God say to Abraham " I will give you ALL this LAND...." in Genesis 13:15.

Obviously "LAND" is important to God.

Why do you say that only 6ft of land is important?
I'm sure God did not mean just 6ft of LAND when He was talking to Abraham.

Anonymous said...

Chorodhary, Umaria ka levu chooro big time, rajend small nuni wanna be Bai Arse sucker for the surva, etc etc you all are full of shit and actually believe in all these crap as well. WTF you all chodus are mai chods anyway and there is no diff between you crap lot and the kafars from the new Pakis alias khaiyuuuums'

All are madarchod, go F%^& your self sooner the better mai chod, ben chod and all the other chods you deserve. MF you lot have screwed FIJI for good

As for the sri Lankan pimps, they will be the lubs

Leh Bhada

Anonymous said...

Another Bainimarama government supporter bites the dust!! Tuikilakila Waqairatu, the head of the Methodist church in Fiji has died and was a strong supporter of the current government. Moce Jo!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

THe death of Rev Waqairatu has again confirmed my assesment that assasins are working behind the scenes to terminate supporters of the Govt.Rev.Solo Vakaliwaliwa, Ratu Veiwili Komaitai are those who died recently,again I warn those Chiefs,Reverents,Civil Servants,Businessman,NGO's ,Lawyers who support current Govt.to take heed of my warning.You dont have to be shot for we assasins are trained in the art of eliminating people by use of all possible methods and the easiest and simplest of all is food,drink poisoning.Dont frequent one restaurant,cafe or Bar only but keep changing the Bars or cafes where you drink or eat.How about eating at home or buying your drinks and drink at home.When drinking in Bars drink from the bottle,preferbaly stubby dont drink from the glass,never,never,never accept drinks from strangers or a friend who you havent met for years but appeared next to you and then offered a glass of wine.Take heed this is not a joke.They will be swearing at me for revealing this.On the other hand the Military Council take note: The Methodist will elect a new President who will oppose your Govt.and that Sodelpa if it choses Rambo or RoT these two are already known to be anti-Govt, so the stage is set for Sodelpa and the Meth Church to oppose you 'physically' if the elections are cancelled or you prefer to remain in power despite losing the elections.Be aware of the warning given by those Church Ministers years ago,they gave you time,so time is up and the ball is beginning to roll now.

Anonymous said...

O iko ga o da uso,How can you say that its good for our land to be shared ? You mjust be a real idiot.SWho are you anyway ?Are you one of those no landless people like Bainimarama thats why you want our land to be shared ? Leuta mada na malamala mai na matamu ni o bera ni leuta na malamala mai na mata ni wekamu.No one is perfect except you may be ni o kaya tiko ne keimami lotu vakavo.You are a parasite and a coward you will bite the dust very soon

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:16am, so which nightclub or bar was Rev Waqairatu drinking his beer, whiskey or wine when you poisoned his drink? Boy you sa yawa sara ga your assassin. So who is next, please tell us gang.

Anonymous said...

But I thought Rev Waqairatu was totally against Bainimarama's government and spoke out against it and was involved in meeting with some chiefs to go against government and some people who were sacked from Their jobs long before Bainimarama for corruption like Isireli Kini.

Anonymous said...

Let the Rev rest in peace, he was a good leader and did what was right at the time.

Anonymous said...

anon 9.42pm
isa tamata no qele na vinakata me wase vua na qele...
vavei? sega ni volai ena vola ni kawa se rairai susu madrai tu ga yaco yani ki nakoro sa oti na qele.
Kai Viti macawa duadua au qai raica!!! Sona Levu.....lako sara me vutuki iko vinaka o Bai, Kaiyum, Allah kei na hanuman na kalou maqe

Anonymous said...

Seems to me that Waqairatu was
eliminated by the Bai Military assassin team to ensure clear
path to Bainimarama's election win
in Septemeber?
If you were Bai enemy at one time, follow Annon@ 6:16am direction?
Don't drink Yaqona in public,no beer,wine,hot stuff in public?
These assassins
are trained to poison you instantly?
If they take you to the
hospital than doctors will kill
you in there too?
If the Roko Tui
Dreketi wins the Sodelpa Leader,
please hire a security person to
ensure her safety?
I'll be willing
to pay for her safety if we must?
Let's protect our leaders from
these muderous bastards, and lets
keep in mind that after we've won
this war, some people will definitely face whats come to them???

Anonymous said...

Teleni will be good commander. He has the balls to go against Baiyum and put them behind bars if he becomes commander.

Anonymous said...

Being a foreign observer, I have one question for you "locals":

In case your current leader is not elected later this year, will he be forced to stage another coup?

I think this is the most important question, as I wonder if our taxes will be wasted against in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

No one is "forcing" Bainmarama to stage a coup. He attempted his first coup in 2000 out of thirst for power. His coup in 2006 was to avoid paying for the crimes he committed in 2000 and since. If he decides to commit another coup, which is likely, it will be because of these two motivations.

Yes, your tax monies are completely wasted here, except as gestures of good will that will go utterly unrequited.

Anonymous said...

Waqairatu assasinated? What a joke. Seem to me that some people still think from their ass. For fxck sake get real man.

The Heckler said...

Yes, we are slowly poisoning you.

The poisoning is gradual and insidious. You may not notice at first, but eventually you will see its toll as your frame withers, your hair grays, and your vitality slips away.

All of you will perish from this gradual process within the next 70 or so years.

Take a long look at yourself in the mirror tomorrow. The process has already started!

Don't say I didn't warn you.

Anonymous said...

Mahen next on the hit list. Assassin will mix his whiskey with contaminated piss.


1. The five-year agreement with Vodafone consortium is not worth $40m;

2. The deal is VAT inclusive. So actual net amount received by Rugby House is $34m;

3. The deal is not even worth $34m because included in Vodafone’s contract is a clause that allows them to spend $2.5m per year (or $12.5m over five years) on their own Vodafone marketing and advertising spend, and put it against the sponsorship cost of the FRU. So each time Vodafone creates an print, TV, radio or billboard advert using a Fiji rugby reference, or produces and distributes a T-shirt branded with Fiji rugby, Vodafone claims the whole cost against the FRU’s sponsorship as marketing or ‘activation’ spend (including all costs of production). So $34m minus $2.5m per year for five years ($12.5m) is $21.5m

4. The deal is not even worth $21.5m because it will certainly also include at least $500,000 per year in Vodafone handsets, talk time and SMS usage. So $21.5m minus $.5m per year for five years is $19m

5. The cash component of this deal is suspicious. When the Vodafone consortium deal was originally announced on February 6, the FRU chairman Filimone Waqabaca confirmed it as $3.6m in cash. Multiplied over five years this would be worth $18m. In the Fiji Sun of February 8, Vodafone CEO Aslam Khan detailed how the annual $3.6m also included bonuses for the 7s team - $10,000 if they were beaten semifinalists in an IRB Sevens event, $15,000 if they were beaten finalists and $25,000 to be shared between the team if they won any of the nine tournaments. By that logic, the “about $3.6m in cash” is in fact a best-case scenario/maximum receivable amount, including up to $225,000 per year in 7s bonuses (9 x $25,000) which would only get paid out, to the FRU and from the FRU to the team. So the $3.6m in cash is more likely to be a base payment of $3.375m, or $16.875m.

$16.875m is not the same as $40m.

KUA NI RERE said...

I thought people were saying that Filimone had a degree in Economics.

Looks like he and FRU got tricked big time.

KUA NI RERE said...


Fiji Times:

State approves proposal

Luke Rawalai
Wednesday, February 12, 2014

CABINET has approved a debt relief proposal to pay the $5million debt incurred by bankrupt northern road contractor Blacktop.

And creditors, who submitted claims to Fiji Roads Authority for consideration, would be notified in the next four to six weeks.

FRA CEO Neil Cook said over the past two months, they carried out independent verification to determine the validity of claims by creditors who had been owed money by Blacktop.

"The relief package targets sub-contractors and other local suppliers of road building materials and services," Mr Cook said.

"As noted on many previous occasions, Blacktop left debts in excess of $5million in Fiji, both in the North and on Viti Levu.

CAN WE HAVE A BREAKDOWN OF WHO IS GETTING THE MONEY or is it going to Mr Cook's pocket?


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

@anonymous 1.57

Thank you for answering my question, which supports my perception, even though I would like to get "facts" about your leader's role in the 2000 coup. I am not familiar with the Fijian culture, but I have heard countless stories about treachery. I've always found difficult to believe that your leader would have once being a racist nationalist man, then turn 180 degrees and become "the savior of Fiji" and listen to an Indo-Fijian as an advisor 6 years later. It seems far-fetched to a foreigner's ear! On the other hand, I can easily believe that he would have committed crimes against those who tried to kill him, which somehow is understandable I dare say...That is not the thing that bothers me really.

So what I really need to know about your leader is basically this: is it true that he was a nationalist racist who was involved in the 2000 coup whose position as a leader became threatened by other nationalists? If the answer is yes, then he is a miserable man. If the answer is no, then I actually understand what he did (which is different from saying that I support what he did!!!) We need to know the truth, the facts here and only those who have been closely around your leader over the last decades can enlighten us I presume.

Anonymous said...

who made the money as GHOOSE or BRIBE in the initail contracty to the NZ company,why no due diligence was done ,'WE WILL GET RID OF CORRUPTION 'Bai said this some good years back, all chor,Butako

Anonymous said...

Sloppy reporting C4.5. Penjueli is an assistant commissioner of Police (ACP) because of his job as CAO. He was not made an assistant commissioner because of Narayan. Please get your facts right.

Anonymous said...

A powerful four-wheel drive is a deadly weapon when placed in the shaky hands of a frail old man in his 80s.

Proved correct in the recent tragedy where it flicks out the life and light of a sweet four-year girl whose life was just starting out.

Rest in peace Georgina.

Anonymous said...

Looks like FRU was tired of digicel or someone is pocketing from this deal.

Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere, $5m is nothing compared to how much Vuakamarama and Aiyarse have in their bank accounts. And the Airbus beneficiaries. etc etc.

Professor of Kamasutra Dr Mahendra Kumar said...

Professor Richard Coll (NZ) is new VC at UniFiji. C4.5 readers will recall UniFiji has struggled to find the right VC. Previous VC, Dr Mahendra Kumar, aka Professor Kamasutra, was caught mounting a woman dog-style in his office. Being the son-in-law of former High Court of Fiji judge Devendra Pathik did not save Mahen's job.

Then UniFiji appointed nagonchi, kanikani, and sleepyhead Dr Chandra Dulare, who absconded from USP after doing is PhD, and not held a real job for a while.

Maybe Professor Coll is the answer to UniFiji's problems.

Anonymous said...

anon 5.29pm
Barachod - sick and tired of your kamasutra comments,,,,,you go and bend over to Mahend as he is at least not gay like you.
2 questions?
why still no successor to frank? what the fark are they planning?
why no figures on 2014 scholarships ie how many i taukeis???
Yes - hide and hide but explosion is coming ,,,run run but airports etc will be closed

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:41, at heart, Bainimarama does seem to be a nationalist racist. Regrettably, this sort of mindset is quite prevalent in Fiji. This is changing but slowly. Some of Bainimarama's policies are helpng to effect this needed change, but other of his policies appear designed to perpetuate it. His multicultural rhetoric is somewhat heplful, but his constant resort to the race card and his assaults on indigenous institutions are deeply polarising.

We now know Bainimarama was the mastermind behind the 2000 coup attempt. This was an attack on Fiji's FLP-led democratic government. It was designed to appeal to chauvinist indigenous interests opposed to the predominantly Indo-Fijian FLP. Bainimarama's primary motivation in launching the coup was not indigenous rights, however, but supreme personal power.

Bainimarama used George Speight and others as stalking horses to mask the nature and extent of his own involvement.When it became evident the coup would not succeed, Bainimarama posed as the Man on the White Horse who would crush the coup to save the nation. This allowed him to be the Hero of the Hour and also to suppress evidence of his own involvement.

The soldiers who participated in the 2000 coup attempt were apparently misled by Bainimarama and his handpicked lieutenant into thinking they were merely participating in a mock counter-terrorism drill. Bainimarama issued them their weapons and ammunition and saw to it that they continued to receive full pay during the "drill".

Embittered by their betrayal, these soldiers understandably attempted to capture or kill its author, Bainimarama, in a "mutiny" a few months later. The "great hero" survived by abandoning his command and fleeing pell mell through a cassava patch to the nearest naval base. He was so terrified that he shat himself. He later retaliated by having some of those he thought responsible beaten to death.

Bainimarama has rewarded several of his co-conspirators from 2000 with high-level commands and cabinet seats. He continues to regard Indo-Fijians as devil worshippers. As commander, he makes no effort to recruit them into Fiji's armed forces.

Publically, however, Bainimarama presents himself as a champion of multiculturalism. This allows him to appeal to Fiji's affluent Gujerati business community. It helped him to entice the ever-opporunistic head of the FLP into joining his "interim" cabinet after the 2006 coup, thereby lending an early sense of moral legitimacy to his claims of necessity for conducting the coup. It gives his paid propagandists an argument with which to counter human rights and other concerns raised by international do-gooders. And it tends to obscure his leading role in the nationalist putsch of 2000.

Bainimarama made several disparate and uncompelling claims as to why his 2006 coup was necessary. His real motivation is clear: to avoid arrest and punishment on charges of sedition and murder stemming from the 2000 "mutiny".

The fact that Bainimarama relies heavily on Indo-Fijians in his government has less to do with their ethnicity and more to do with their usefulness in perpetuating his rule and expatriating his lucre.

Bainimarama is a deeply insecure individual. He has not turned 180 degrees. He's simply two-faced. He has dumbwittedly manouevered himself into situations where his only way to avoid answering for his crimes has been to act pre-emptively and decisively. But this is where, unencumbered by any scruple, he has shown a certain genius, by acting decisively whilst his antagonists hesitated.

For all his promises, Bainimarama is never stepping down voluntarily. He has decided that the only way to ride a tiger is never to dismount it. And following such logic, he's probably right, because the moment he does dismount the man-eater, he's likely to be torn to shreds.

Anonymous said...

Just who is this Penjueli? Looks like a "new kid in the block"!
Furthermore, quite young and his military medals confirm that he came from QEBarracks!!
Can someone shed more light on the man?

Anonymous said...

anon 6.24pm
u see to know a lot about mahend from your usp days......it looks obvious that he molested you at usp or you offered your arse to him in order for u to graduate hence all the bitterness to today........so sad

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum says in FIJITV news today that EU and comonwealth Observer missions cannot be trusted and they have no credibility. So who has credibility? Melenisian mission?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.14 I totally concur.

Anonymous said...

What, is this ANOTHER ploy and excuse to defer the elections|?
Just who do they trust then? The Cubans? The Chinese?
TALK ABOUT SHIFTING THE GOAL POST!! Obviously there will be no elections now!
In essence, that is exactly what he is saying, the PIG that he is.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

You mean, you actually thought there would be elections?


The people have already decided there's no need for an election. The only people who matter.

The PM is only bending to popular will.

KUA NI RERE said...

@all hail bainimarama

The Illegal PM is bending over to Kaiyum.
Just like how he bent over to the stone statue in India and kissed its feet.

FOREVER COMPROMISING, the stupid dickhead!

He's confused so he doesnt know which God to bend over to.

Bend over to Laxmi or Sai Baba or Aiyazhole or Kulina or whatever.

He's scared.
Cant sleep properly etc etc
Why do you think he's got 40 bodyguards.

Because he's a loser and a scared little pussy and one day, JUSTICE will catch up with him

Just as Ronnie Reagan said "You can run but you cant hide"

In fact I laugh at him all the time, because he thinks he's happy with all that money he is stealing ......but really he isnt.

The only people more stupid than him are the stupid soldiers following his orders. Bawhawha.

Anonymous said...

...Na Manua sa curu cala...Na Manua sa curu cala...Sa mua i vanua mamaca!!!sa mua i vanua mamaca !!!... eeee..iiii haaaaa!!!

raica lewa sarava lewa ...!!!na manua sa vakababa.

Provokateur said...

All Hail Bainimarama is a provocateur - an agitator who deliberately provokes trouble & causes dissension to entice others to commit an illegal or rash act. All hail Bainimarama is an i'taukei pretending to be an Indian. The aim is to incite racial hatred.

Anonymous said...

get the CHAINA as observers mai c...d Khai..yum as you fucken could not run a pizza shop ,remember the one you bought from Gopal Khanna and as you and your old fart messed it up you taking revenge on whole of Fiji ,and to prove your two cents worth messing the country as if you know all ,if you have have guts mnake public your DNA

Anonymous said...

It was reported on the media that PM was away in Europe when 2000 coup occured.He wasnt involved, on his return naval and military supporters escorted him from the airport,as we now know there were some army officers waiting to remove him as Com.but they failed.Now we know who those army officers are, apart from those who fled overseas e.g Tarakinikini.Those hidden behind the scenes exposed themselves recently and one has fled to Tonga.Speight is the only person who can clear this but he knows if he opens his mouth they (senior army officers) will eliminate him.Thats why he is safer to be in prison than outside.In Ligairi's interview by the FJ Times he revealed that he wasnt involved in the planning and implementing stage of the 2000 coup,they brought him in when they ran out of ideas and strategy.
they lost the plot because they didnt remove Com. but they only removed the LabourGovt.Media reports later clarified that they were assisted by Senior Civil Servants and Army Officers who were outside but supporting those in Veiuto.These are the people who are shaking the tree but the question is why was Speight and his group only investigated and taken to court by Police why werent the supporters-senior army and civil servants who supported Speight investigated.Many are still employed in Govt and they (I belive)are spreading false info. about the Govt and PM.Where,How else would all those Min of Finance ,FIRCA and other Govt Dept documents which are "confidential" appearing in the media and blogsites?The supporters who 'as reported in the media' were meeting with GSpeight in Veiuto are still there holding senior posts in the current govt.A relative of mine who was in Parliament during the Coup said that he saw many Civil Servants meeting with Speight and drinking yaqona in Parliament.He knows them now because these civil servants had relatives in Parliament who identified them and shook hands with them and told my relative that the Civil Servants were from FIRCA,Min of Finance,NLTB now I-Taukei LTB and several were Bank Officers.No wonder many confidential information are finding their way to the media and blogsites.These civil servants and staff of the banking sector should be identified and investigated for their deeds.

Anonymous said...

Jim ah koy ,Frank,Speight and Rabuka was behind the coup 2000 with guji business people.
Mpc was f the business people with govt suppliers tenders.
Also mpc was ready to investigate Jim ahkoys /guji business people for dirty dealing with all govt dept with they companies Datec/Kelton /Paperchase supplying all govt dept.
Nata said that in his court case refer CJ Patel /Mark Halabe all involved.

Anonymous said...

anon 8.24am
sound like you are frightened boci.
you committed treason in 2006 just like speight and you are going to prison soon. grow eyes in the back of your head because you never whether your neighbour or work mate is your enemy or friend. Time is soon here that you will feel the frustrations from 2006 to now.

Anonymous said...

watch yourself kaiyum we a reading and watching you very closely. anything happens you the first one to be eliminated everything is ready for you. Only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

Time running out for Bai....as options become limited and doors start closing & so called friends start moving away and nil chiefs will stand by him in elections.
Treason and murder charges are just in front.
Bai is not stupid and my prediction is he will not go down without a fight ,,,,
There will be instability soon (created from within), opponents blamed and state of emergency declared followed by mass arrests.
The usual counter insurgency deception etc techniques

Leaked 2006 Letter Details Police Investigation Against Fiji PM
Bainimarama allegedly implicated in murders during 2000 mutiny

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (Radio New Zealand International, Feb. 11, 2014) – The Fijileaks website has published a confidential letter from the ousted home minister, Josefa Vosanibola, to the then foreign minister days before they were overthrown in the 2006 coup.

In the letter, Mr Vosanibola requested that the foreign minister, Kaliopate Tavola, ask foreign embassies to deny the military commander, Commodore Frank Bainimarama, entry into their respective countries while a police investigation was carried out.

Mr Vosanibola says Commodore Bainimarama failed to attend a police interview on November the 22nd in 2006 because he was travelling to New Zealand that day.

The letter says the police were preparing criminal charges against Commodore Bainimarama relating to the murder of officers at the Queen Elizabeth Barracks in Suva during the mutiny in 2000.

He was also reportedly under investigation for what Mr Vosanibola called seditious statements from the military commander between 2004 and 2006.

Commodore Bainimarma took over the country in a coup a few days later.

Radio New Zealand International: www.rnzi.com
Copyright © 2014 RNZI. All Rights Reserved

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 7:14 Thank you very much for this long answer. Forgive me for being critical, but I always try to be as rigorous as possible when I discuss. You stated that "We now know Bainimarama was the mastermind behind the 2000 coup attempt." I would like to know who are the people who can confirm that. A mastermind couldn't possibly act alone and therefore I'd like to know the most robust evidences to support this view. I know that gossiping, back-stabbing and making stories are prevalent in Fiji. I think it has to do with the fact that living the island life can be extremely boring and people need to make life more interesting by making up stories. For me, this is an absolutely critical thing to sort out, because it then determines the view one has to adopt on the whole situation.

If we can get absolutely robust proofs that Bainimarama is the brain behind 2000, it changes everything. I still have a lot of difficulty to believe how twisted the logic can be in Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Regime cronies trying to gauge evidentiary basis for their treasonous roles. Hahaha....

Registered Voter said...

Phooooh! It stinks of rotten flesh in here!! Fucktards galore ... haha!

Anonymous said...

Nobody has gone after Tarakinikini who earns his living in the UN. He is one of the brains behind the 2000 takeover. He worked with Shane Stevens to execute the mutiny? he was a member of the original CRW. He allowed the CRW in parliament to be provided rations and their pay after presenting Bainimarama the bullshit explanation that they were protecting the hostages and if pay was stopped they would go execute them? he was the one that told CO LSU and 3FIR to allow the weapons to go out the fence at the CRW complex rather than through the main gate after 3FIR and Logistics Units were moving in to stop it. You people blaming Bainimarama don't know anything about what we went through. Tarakinikini is the person with blood on his hands with what he planned and failed I. It's execution. He went around telling junior officer that he has been recommended to be the next commander of the RFMF and when he didn't get close to it he cooked up this plan with his CRW mates. He worked with Shane Stevens in Lebanon when he was the commanding officer and Shane Stevens was his adjutant and this was where the plan was originally planned. They were both ambitious. They thought that because they went to the Sandhurst Military Academy they were better than all Fijian army officers. No one who has graduated from there has done well in the army except Naivalurua. The rest have failed military courses and have had serious disciplinary issues. Bring back Tarakinikini and start investigation with him.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.44pm
Right - so both Tarakinikini and Bai should be thrown into prison for treason - one in 2000 and the other in 2006.
ok with me

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:44 PM.

Then why did Bainimarama not get these allegations, as you purport, together and endeavour to prove his innocence in a proper court of law instead of instigating a coup in the name of cleaning up the government? These people have made the country and the people suffer unnecessarily by illegal means, hindering progress and development and taking us back a many years.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11.01am,frightened you say? Sona levu,sa kilai na nomudou moku kaivesu tiko sa qai dro mo tawana na Gov. quarters for your safety.A cava sa qai rere?Kakua ni da cakava e levu na ka ni da KAWA NI TAMATA SONA LELEVU.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the reasons Bainimarama kicked out the SDL government because they were freeing George Speight supporters and people like Tarakinikini were not not brought back through Governement to government arrangements when he was asking them to bring him back to answer charges. ask Qoroniasi Bale and Qarase why they didn't want to bring back Tarakinikini as Bainimarama had asked them.

Anonymous said...

According to Nazhat Shamimi, no public officer should be engaged in activities of a politicla party or a peoposed political party,.

What is the illegal PM now doing?, going around telling people that he is going to form a politicla party, and stand for election, and criticising old politicians, etc....

N Shamimi should talk to her boss, about the law, instead of lecturing the people.

Anonymous said...

F..k you SaMIMI! Go tell that to your male boars in Arse and Voceke, who have shafted you!!
Also, what about the PSs who are OPENLY campaigning for these ILLEGAL thugs!!??
You must think we are ALL so gullible you sow!!
You must think your m.m. and arse never smell you stinking sow!!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Ok, people, here is the long and short of things.
When Voceke got wind of the FACT that his Commander's contract would not be extended, he decided to go into 'FIRE FIGHTING MODE'. You see he knew that if that happened, he was Naboro bound!
He would have been, to use the common lingo now, "taken to task".
Taken to task for all the killings, beatings and liu muri in 2000!
For the thug, it was 'either or'.

Anonymous said...

Let's not beat around the bush Arse and Voceke!!
I ask this question as a consequence of you two now saying that the credibility of the EU Observers is now questionable.
You cannot for one moment point a finger when the rest of other fingers are pointing at you.
Is this ANOTHER ploy NOT to have the promised elections, for the very simple reasons that you do not want to join Driti and things are RICH and cosy for you?
The other question I ask is : Who then would be credible [to you]?? The Chinese? The Cubans? The Taliban? The Russians?
Give us f....n break!!

Anonymous said...

We have HONESTLY had enough from you ILLEGAL thugs and thieves!!
Tell you one thing! Defer the elections and THEN that is when the proverbial "SHIT IS GOING TO HIT THE CEILING".
That is when things are really, really going to get NASTY!
Can you people, in your blindness not see this?
What arrogance, what cheek, what viavialevu!!

Anonymous said...

All this just to save the skin of ONE thug?
We and Fiji deserve, demand and expect better!!
Ke o TAGANE dina Voceke, iya solia mai vei keimami na galala me kei mami vei digidigi!
O na kurabui ni O NA DRUKA!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

E na druka dina!! Tamani druka!!
A kai Kiuva where the Voceke is from was so drunk at the Nausori Club, was recently heard yelling and cursing the Voceke at the top of his voice!!
That was coming from a fellow villager of his!!
Can you imagine how the rest of Bau Tikina, and us members of Tailevu Province feel?
Well the kai Kiuva summed it all up!
We the people of Tailevu owe you all heaps and we hang our heads in shame!!
I pray that when the dust finally settles, we the people of Tailevu will be able present our Matanigasau to all of you.
Please understand that we the Tailevu people are not ALL behind this THUG!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dhanyabhat Tailevu! Like us, because we are kai Idia does also not mean that we support the Muslim suwarr ke bacha Arse!!
Us madarasi consider us more closer to you our itaukei families. Worry nahi karana!!

Anonymous said...

Mai, mai Voceke. Give us the internet, the computers, free education, water, electricity, roading, sea walls and the rest of the hand outs. We will take it with open arms. After all, that is what ANY government is supposed to do!
BUT, let me tell you something you nitwit, we will never, EVER sell our souls and what we hold dear to save you from going to NABORO!! Kawa ca o iko!!

Anonymous said...

You are right that is what any government should do but they have never done it. The issue of franks contract not being extended when he had not reached 55 was genuine as they didn't offer him any alternative. The SDL government was duty bound to employ him as he had done no wrong but saved Fiji from shit in 2000. They offered him the ambassodor to NZ to stop him from prosecuting those who were involved in parliament in 2000 and wanted the mutineers not to be court martialed. Who would agree to that after they killed innocent soldiers and a policeman. Frank stood his ground and made sure those who did were taken to task. You talking about Kean being paid whilst in prison, yes he was being paid all his outstanding leave. The SDL did that to Naiqama Lalabalavu who was receiving his ministerial pay whilst in prison. He was not paid leave Naiqama was actually being paid a ministerial pay whilst being a prisoner. Kean got no more than his leave pay whilst in prison. The SDL government which is now SODELPA brought this trouble on us all. What would you do if you were in franks shoes. Turn and walk the other way??? Of course not as every right minded human being would do as he did. SODELPA need to call a spade a spade and be honest and stop their bullshitting as they created what we are in now. Teimumu Kepa was in parliament providing support? Fijitv still has CD's from the days in parliament and it will be replayed when we get to campaigning. The majority of SODELPA who were than SDL were in the CD providing support in parliament. Wait and see!!

Anonymous said...

Isn't it amusing to read the regime apologists spluttering their lame excuses for Bainimarama's treason?

The government Bainimarama had tried to overthrow a few years before was "duty bound" to employ him? I would have thought it duty bound to arrest and imprison him, if not hang him.

Yes, Qarase's government deserves some blame. Why didn't it simply divert Bainimarama's returning flight to a different airport where a large squad of police could be on-hand to arrest him?

Anonymous 2:25 is right. Everything Anon @7:14 wrote is corroborated by evidence already adduced on this and other websites.

No point in trying to litigate the matter here. If Bainimarama wants his day in court, we're only too happy to accommodate him.

This is just a foretaste of what's to come. Bainimarama's supporters will be stumbling all over each other as they try to distance themselves from their guilt.

Anonymous said...

The problem is the evidence adduced on websites or blogs are rumours and not facts so for you smart ass lawyer above, you need to differentiate between facts and fuckts which you are disseminating. If you are so confident then take Frank to court but all you bush lawyers talk about international criminal court and so on but rumours are in admissible there. Go find facts bush lawyer and stop being another rumour monger.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12:22pm...Yes you're right
Qarase Government is to be blame
for Bainimarama coup success?
Qarase main job was first to assure
the physical protection of Fiji and her constitution?
Did he do that?
I don't think so,and as much as i'd like to vote him back into
parliament,i'll only do it, on one condition,
that he remain only as a member of that honorable house?
I will only trust him to be a minister of Finance or labour& industry?
I will not entrust him
with foreign affairs or local affairs?
As leader of a nation, you really ought to be able to at
least, kill a flie & mosquito too?
Thanks Qarase you've done an excellent job, but when push comes
to shove, we need you to stand up
and be counted?
You need to learn a lesson of leadership from Fijian Chiefism,
yes, it means that you have to
eliminate decisively your enemies before they get to you?
had you done that, than you would have done your duty in protecting
our country & our constitution?

Anonymous said...

Dimwit treason apologist @ 4:08 AM.

Either you're blogging from another country or you're so blerry and sleep-deprived that you don't even see that you're making the previous blogger's point. This is a blog. No point trying to litigate Frank's innocence (ha!) or guilt on a blog.

Better to save it for his murder and treason trial.

You can go on trial together.

And hang together, too.

V for Vendetta said...

Anonymous 10:15 sounds like the notorious murderer Francis Kean himself.

Didn't even do a full term for manslaughter because he's a co-treasonist with the traitors now in power.

He's another one who should hang -- not for the manslaughter but for the treason.

Anonymous said...

feb 13 annon 6.03pm
sona levu,,,io dina au na ovisa ni vale ni veivesu ke au tiko mai naboro se i tuba au na samuraki iko tiko ga boci
rere tiko qori?

Anonymous said...

Wararasa Tailevu. Kedatou qori.

Anonymous said...

Nazhaat Shamimi is seeing the country with only one eye, just the one looking at trade unions leaders.

Just like the one-sided 2013 con-stitution, in which everybody else is wrong but the coup sympathisers. No compensation can be claimed by those sacked, overthrown, killed, tortured, etc.,but for coup sympathisers - immunity!!
Come on Shamimi!, the world is much wider than the tunnel view of the regime's con-stitution which you are trying to define for the people.

Anonymous said...

For coup sympathisers, immunity -- until they're no longer favoured by the regime, when they get the Driti treatment, instead.

Anonymous said...

The Commander is trying to improvise a system to ensure his ongoing control even after he seems to relinquish command to a trusted successor. Problem is, none of his supporters is completely trustworthy. And some of us will be workng to defeat his controls in any case.

Anonymous said...

Kai Tailevus......dont forget Nailaticeke......sa dua na turaga macawa dau namu gunu bia vitau ose,,,,,,,,
sega ni via kila na leqa na tu qo....

Anonymous said...

This government has had eight years in which to plan the election. So why the need to make it a snap election? February is half over. Where is the election planning?

Anonymous said...

"Heads start to roll . . ."

I'm sure this won't be the last time we read that headline in connection with this regime.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Islands Council of Trade Unions General Secretary Attar Singh is still asking for a fair constitution as he said the current constitution is denying trade unionists from contesting the elections. Singh presented some of these issues to the Pacific Islands Forum Ministerial Contact Group during a meeting today. He said the contact group has noted these issues. Singh has also highlighted that he is not part of any political party at the moment although he has spoken at National Federation Party meetings.

rajend naidu said...

Greg Sheridan's claim that it is "Right to bring Fiji back into fold" ( the Australian 17/2) is wrong. It is simply a rationalization for Australia's impotent policy to get Fiji back on the straight and narrow track to democracy after the military coup of 2006. The Australia government failed together with the rest of the regional and international community to strictly adhere to and uphold the ideals and principles of good democratic governance that they had established in the various regional and international protocols, declarations and conventions for membership of the "fold". They remained only on paper.
What are we talking about when we say " bring Fiji back into fold"? What fold is that? Isn't it the world community of democratic nations? How can it be right - at this point in time - to bring Fiji back into this fold when Fiji is still a military dictatorship?
It sounds so much like bringing Sri Lanka back into the "fold" and giving it the right to host the Commonwealth democracy club meet last year even though there was solid evidence that the Sri lankan regime had committed war crimes and crimes against humanity.
That decision had nothing to do with "common decency" and everything to do with political expediency.
The same is true for Fiji.
Rajend Naidu

rajend naidu said...

I agree with Amenatave Yaconisau that nothing could be more unreasonable and unkind than the water cuts in Delainevesi, lami and other parts of Suva and Fiji (FT 15/2).
The arbitrary imposition of a government on the people of Fiji would no doubt come a close second.
I agree also with Amenatave that the people "should not suffer in silence" as it is "your constitutional right" to have a government of your choice.
I am sure the people of Fiji have not made the choice to be governed by a military dictatorship which is what the Bainimarama government is,notwithstanding all its propaganda about being an "interim", "civilian". "government" that is now (after over 7 years of dictatorial rule) preparing the country for its "first", "truly democratic" elections.
We will know when dictatorial rule in Fiji has ended.
It has not ended yet.
Let us keep that in mind and not get taken in by all the regime propaganda and all the superficial international pronouncements.
yours sincerely,
Rajend Naidu

rajend naidu said...

In her appropriately titled coconut wireless column in the Fijian military regime's mouthpiece newspaper the Fiji Sun Jyoti Pratibha the paper's foremost regime propagandist says she hopes the prominent Australian journalist Rowan Callick who is covering Foreign Minister Bishop's fact finding visit to Fiji " will open his eyes and see the real Fiji today rather then the same tired old long distance views". (FS 14/2)
We can count on Rowan Callick to get a proper handle on the ground realities in Fiji given his journalistic professionalism. He has even been able to get a good grasp of the realities of military rule in that country over the past 7 years from "long distance".
We of course can't say the same for some journalist in Fiji who can't seem to see anything wrong with the military rule right under their nose!
It is not hard to see why particularly in the case of journalists like Jyoti Pratibha and the rest of the mob in the Fiji Sun.
They are regime propagandist who have abdicated their professional ethics.
Everyone in Fiji knows that.

Anonymous said...

This news reporter JYOTI PRATIBHA who is also admin for several forums in Facebook and many fake profiles. She/ it is most commonly as as "Whale" in the forums because of her weight. Some of the fake ID which she uses are Shyster Babs, Champa Naidu amongst many others. She has to be the most unprofessional and unethical journalist in Fiji. Two of our friends, Roshika Deo and Shamima Ali are being victimized by the whale. As a woman, I am embarrassed by her action. Some of us gals from USP are planing to travel to Nadi and pay this whale of gal a visit. It would be interesting least to say. There will be some arse kicking for sure to make our trip worth it.

Jyoti you may run but you can't hide.

Anonymous said...

Transfer of Native Land directly to Freehold Land IS ILLEGAL, E TABU QO.Why transfer when they could just have it leased?A cava e transfer kina na qele ni rawa ni lisitaki na qele ni taukei e dau kilai tu ena native lease.Were the landowners correctly informed about the terms and conditions of the land transfer?Do they understand the documents they were signing?Era kila deivaki,vakavinaka nai balebale ni vola era sainitaka na taukei ni qele? You said that the landowners were happy with the deal but why did they report the land transfer to the Police,Ficac and the media.Ke ra marau na taukei ni qele ia a cava na vuna na nodra ripote kina vei FICAC ,na ovisa kei na Fiji Times/Sun.E rogovinaka na nomu vakamacala ia e sega ni matata ka dodonu.The NLTB has a clause in the NLTB Act that enables them to sell or engage in any land dealing on behalf of the landowner.This law has been there since 97.E vakayagataka tiko na NLTB e dua na lawa ka solia vei iratou na dodonu kei na kaukauwa me ratou volitaka na qele ni taukei ena vukudra na taukei ni qele,ni se sega madaga ni kerea na veivakadonui nei taukei ni qele.E ra na vakadinadinataka na vakailesilesi ni NLTB na tiki ni lawa oqori.ia e sega ni ratou vunautaka na lawa oqori vei keda na itaukei,ia ni vakayagataka na vakasama vata ga o ya na Matanitu oqo,sega ni bera na staff ni NLTB vunau sara vei ira na leweni vanua.O ya gona 'nai naki raraba' ka da mai mosoya toka oqo,e levu sega ni kila ni sa tu makawa nai naki raraba oqori vei ira tou na NLTB.

Anonymous said...

Baleta sa lialia na Taukei ni Adele......Qarase sa sini transfer na lease, na liu liu ni NLTB o Presidenti Iloilo sa Digitaki na transfer......matata!!!! Sona levu

Anonymous said...

The Police needs a young energetic leader and not a retiree like Narayan who has make a lot of money by defrauding government. He has a lot of pending leave which he wants to be paid whereas other officers are not.

Anonymous said...

I am not a commentator and don't waste my time on this blog site but just to set the record right, Assistant Commissioner Penjueli resigned from the Fiji Police Force. Whoever the dickhead who posted that he was sacked does not know shit. For all of you would be commentators who want to say something the Police Force needs support not ridicule and criticism

Anonymous said...

Penjueli should never have been a Police Commissioner. He does not know anything about police system or police work. When Teleni came in he militarised the police force..then naivalurua came and tried to complete what Teleni had done except for the LOTU part...they both brought senior military officers with them...nepotism at the highest order..there were a lot of senior police officers who can do a better job then penjueli.

Anonymous said...

to captain j...you dont know TELENI well.he is a dangerous,selfish and a backstabber. .hundred of police officers were terminaed because they did not fell after been prayed by this selfish man. without any investigation and now they rejoined.The army will have to close its Mess because Atu will convert it into his church. start learning action song for army -Atu crusade. be warnedd.

Anonymous said...

What is latest on Dr Mahendra Kumar aka Professor of Kamasutra and daddy pathik? Need some fun and laughs? post the story of nagonchi kanikani Dr Dulare and Dr Mahendra Kumar. Is he in hiding now? Anyone with information please write about Mahendra Kumar and Chandra Dulare.