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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Laptop found but fallout continues

Growing pressure on the chairman of the Electoral Commission to ensure neutrality after attempts by the illegal attorney general to have an employee sacked when a laptop was stolen from her home.

Too close? Khaiyum and Bunn Young.
The laptop, which C4.5 has been told has been recovered, contained the names and details of voters for the regime's September elections.

It's understood a 17 year old was being questioned yesterday afternoon for trying to sell the laptop to a taxi driver.

It's also understood IT manager, Rejieli Lesione, took the laptop home with the permission of the Permanent Secretary for Justice, Mohammed Saneem.

The fracas over the missing laptop continues, though, with political parties questioning why the illegal government has not made the soft copy of the register available to them, despite official requests.

Khaiyum has admitted the 'sensitive data' on the laptop included an electronic copy of the national register of voters and 'statistical analysis' of the information.
Ghai: Broken after police burnt copies of Constitution.

There is today further condemnation about Khaiyum suggesting the political parties had a hand in the theft and saying the Electoral Commission should not tolerate senior staff engaging in what he claimed were 'political activities'.

The United Front for a Democratic Fiji says Khaiyum's interference is unacceptable.

"Chenn Bunn Young and his commissioners must be prepared to rebuff any attempts by the government to dictate to them and control their work. 

"As we have previously stated before, the independence and integrity of the Commission was questionable and more so now with this incident."

The UFDF says the Commission should remember what happened with the constitutional commission led by Kenyan expert, Yash Ghai. 

"It complained of massive interference and pressure from both the interim Prime Minister and Mr Sayed-Khaiyum. The commissioners and their staff must resist such interventions.

"They are responsible for conducting a free and fair election, not Mr Sayed-Khaiyum."

Chenn Bunn Young has told media the theft of the laptop is with the police and an investigation is underway. 

He says the theft does not compromise the elections and the employee involved has not been dismissed.

Editor's Note: Is regime interference in newsrooms rearing its ugly head again? A Fiji Times journalist was recently suspended after posting on Facebook about the pay rises for the permanent secretaries while the West was suffering continuous floods since last year, ending with: 'What's happening Fiji.' She has been reinstated but has since been moved to another department. 


Anonymous said...

People of Fiji must know if their is no interim government the election will be rigged by Khayium.

Khayium's removal is very important otherwise their will no free and fair election.

Anonymous said...

It is all evident that Khayium cannot leave power.

This is common with the Muslims.

They are more concerned about themselves and their brotherhood.

Fiji is now a truly Muslim state.

Anonymous said...

Fiji has no freedom of expression and speech.

Media is totally controlled by the regime.

How can Fiji have a free and fair election in this environment.

Anonymous said...

The elections will be a sham. That was guaranteed from the moment Aiyaz was put in charge of them. He's one of the two most deceitful people in Fiji today.

No points for guessing who the other big liar is.

Joselph D said...

We must be careful about fraudulent voter registration in Fiji for next election as writers/bloggers above have allude to.

We have lately in Auckland NZ had an example of registration election fraud with hundreds of voters by Indians (mainly Sheiks(with Singh surnames) who carried out a large scale fraudulent undertaking. The farud has never been experienced in NZ ever before.

A candidate named Singh stood for the election for Papatoetoe Ward in the last Auckland Council election.

To boost his (Singh's)support, he with support of Sheik community and friends got hold of 100s of Sheiks (others may also been involved)organised for voting support for candidate Singh from throughout Auckland and other towns and Cities in NZ to register as living in Papatoetoe to enable them vote for Singh the standing candidate for Papatoetoe Ward in the Council election.

After the election, despite his huge support base, he lost against another candidate for the Auckland Council Ward.

The election office then studied all the list of the participating electors and found 100s of voters with same name (Singh)who voted for failed candidate Singh registered under name of Singh and all registered as residing in the failed candidate's residential address. Mr candidate Sigh was taken to Court and found guilty of fraud and sentenced accordingly.

If the number of registered voters for Fiji which have been obtained from the Election Office lost laptop indicate or raise possibilities of frauds with likelihood of more names registered than the demography in Fiji could possibly allow....then the overseas voter registration could be suspect ...could be imitation or repeat of the fraud perpetrated by Mr Singh of Papatoetoe, Auckland NZ.

Overwhelming majority of registered overseas overseas registered Fiji voters are of Indian origin...they could include Indians born in India and diseased Fiji Indians and other variations of similar frauds.

Who says it cannot be done...what these people can do are limitless, with the head of voter registration touring NZ and Aussie being and Indian (Muslim) organising and visiting NZ and Aussie to register Fiji voters...faudulent activities should be expected. We all know that Indians in Aussie and NZ are mostly Bainimarama supporters. So we expect plenty of frauds already imbedded in the past and future election processes and EyeArse is the unethical dictatorial illegally appointed AG ma Minister responsible for election,,,in charge of election which up to now is acting in such a way in FULL SUPPORT OF BAINIMARAMA..

we must all not vote for Bainimarama and his party.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2:01pm Thank you, that's what we natives have always been scared about with you Indians, the things you are capable of!! If you guys convert to Christianity we'll stop hating you!!

Just Situational Logic said...

The reason why elections were postponed in 2009 was because Bainimarama and company knew they'd be beaten in a fair election and were too freakin stupid to know how to steal it. That was a big disappointment to the Western powers who just wanted to pretend all was fine and go back to business as usual. Canberra has just signaled again that it would accept the outcome of a rigged election as long as it passed the most minimal international standards.

Yet, here we have Bainimarama and his numbskulls again, still too incompetent to properly rig the elections in their favour.

The election outcome remains in too much doubt for Frank's taste. That's why he's dragging his feet all the way. If he's going to pull the plug, he'd rather do it before standing as an official candidate.

No good to stage a coup after losing an election. Better to do it before starting the campaign, so you can claim altruistic motives and deny the opposition time to mobilise.

That's why Frank's had his people do extensive election canvassing, to figure out where to put his efforts or even if he should expend any effort.

In fact, he probably shouldn't. He can't win. It would just be a waste of time and resources.

ASK and his other supporters are simply too stupid to pull off an election with even the most minimal credibility.

So, time for another half-coup. Expect a postponement announcement, followed by a crackdown against the opposition and the arrest of a few army officers now deemed too threatening -- unless those army officers are smarter than that and become proactive. Little hope for that, as they've already been part of Frank's brain trust, and we can all see how foolish they've been to date.


Anon 2.18pm, don't be naive. Everyone is equal in the Christian God's eyes, regardless of race. The Christian God is a god that grants free will. You pay for he choices you make. There is of course the issue of false Christians. I am talking abut christians in name, not in deed. A false christian is worse than a non-christian. In other words, being a christian is not a licence to rob or rape people, not to be a racist. These are sinful deeds, christian or not.

No need for natives to scared of Indians now. WE do not have any power. You have more to be scared of your own kind. Your kind holds true power. You know deep down what your kind is capable of. How your kind has been screwing you. Fijian Holding A-class shares, sale of native land by Qarase government ring a bell? The problem is you just look beyond the Indian scapegoat. The Indian scapegoat is an easier target than confronting your own kind. In you culture you can't confront your own leaders. It is taboo. you go for the easy target. it's the bully in you. It will be the cause of your demise. Why? because bullying is unChristian. So you may be a christian convert. whether you are a true christian is another matter.

Anonymous said...

Sure, the police can find the laptop, but they can't find the men shown on cell phone around the world torturing the prisoners in their custody.

Anonymous said...

OF SCAPEGOATS makes many, many good points. But I wonder why the mention of Qarase's supposed transgressions when Bainimarama's worse deeds are left unspoken. It leads me to wonder whether he is amongst the few remaining kai idia brothers who are still duped by the man's rhetoric.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that Graham Davis has also made an about turn and has been whispering behind Frank's back when he is in Nadi catching up with the expat and local kai valagi business people. He has had nothing good to say about Frank and calls Frank an idiot who has no clue. Very interesting indeed.

mark manning said...

Aiyaz should know about due process, the presumption of innocence, slander and defamation and innocent until proven guilty!
The man has proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that he has no self discipline and is quite frankly, a blithering idiot!
Attorney General, my arse!

Non Arsey said...

Agree fully with you M Manning with your above post .."Attoney General, my arse on EyeArse

Scapegoat said...

Anon@2.56pm, I have never supported this regime. Qarase govt, for all its faults, was better. Multiparty govt was working well until mahen and bainimarama destroyed it. But current situation is a blip.

Indigenous Fijian will, in the end, prevail. They hold the power. Indos will have to rely on Fijians Christian beliefs to get fair treatment. Or indos will be scapegoated and blamed and punished, even though many have bravely spoken out against coup while some Fijians were qalu. (Only good Indian is dead indian).

when this is over, we will see whether fijians really have big christian hearts, since actions speak louder than words.. so far we have heard threats and warning on this blog.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2.18pm

Kerekere sarauta mada na veivakacacani tiko va qori. O tukuna mera lotu io tukuna tale ga ni ko sevaki ira. Na cava ya????? Hate doesn't normally go with being a Christian last I looked.

The reality is indigenous Fijians will find some other group of people to hate if all Indians converted to Christianity or if they all left for India.

More likely indigenous Fijians will fight among ourselves. You have only to look at the Rabuka Govt between 1987 and 1999. There was a lot of in-fighting and divisions among the elite indigenous Fijians along provincial, confederacy lines. All that in-fighting for control of Govt safe in the knowledge that FLP or the NFP could never win Govt under the 1990 Constitution. Do you also know that indigenous Fijian politics was also fractious even before Indians arrived? It's in our blood to differ and divide ourselves. What's wrong is when we use the Indian question as an opportunity to deflect solving our divisions.

O ira na wekada e levu talega na nodra malumalu me vakataki keda. Does that mean that they all convert???

Ratu Mara once wrote in Bula Vakavanua (2000) that even among indigenous Fijians there is a lot of diversity and that we should treasure that. I would add to that there is need for greater acceptance among ourselves before we blame Indians for our own problems.

Au kerea mo raica lesu tale na nomu vosa icake.

Anonymous said...


Firstly to all those who keep scapegoating Muslims in general i am a Muslim. Aside from the obvious fact that Frank and his looney brigade are totally illegal and corrupt as hell their are many other reasons some of which i will try and highlight as follows:

Removal of the GCC. While i agree that this body had become too political cleaning it up and maintaining it as a Guardian of the native people of this country or as a moral compass for big decisions on land etc would have helped a great deal in keeping the i-taukei happy in the knowledge that they had a cultural voice. This in my opinion is the single most dumb thing that Frank has done.

Since coming into power here are some of the things that have been done that makes our lives very very hard. Increase in duty from its highest point of 27% to 32%. Introduction of exercise tax 0f 15% in addition to the already high rate of 32% on most items ranging from shoes to biscuits and chocolates etc. This was done to protect a few already rich fat cats who don't manufacture much in Fiji but import in bulk and pack it here under the made in Fiji bullshit.Devaluation of the dollar by 20% and the increase in Vat to 15%. As a country that imports most of its food and other products these changes by this dumb ass government basically increased our prices by about 40% overnight. They then brought in Price controls so that riots don't start in the streets. No prosperous country has price controls. The market must be free for economies to prosper.Small business in Fiji don't make decent enough profits and only large monopolistic corporations in Fiji owned by family dynasties are making any money. Despite this they still pay meager wages by lobbying the idiots in power and keeping wages low. This economic model is designed to keep people in power and a select group rich. It is outdated and ancient.Modern economies depend on the spending power of their people to keep the economy healthy and you cannot achieve that if they earn pittance.
It does not create a large middle class and continues to push people below the poverty line.Official Ministry of labor figures confirm that 68% of Fiji's population earn less then $180 a week. Shame full to think that some people can spend that much at a wine and dine restaurant just between 2 people.

Our Health department is a Joke. I do not have anything against the Doctors and nurses who generally do an admirable job with outdated equipment. The MRI machine for example is too small for Pacific people. It can barely fit a teenager let alone a fully grown men. Bad Decisions and no accountability. Old boys club running the system.

Our roads while being repaired is being done at a cost far more then it should. With companies like Higgins housing their staff full time in Hotels what do we expect. They will pass on even their freaking food bill to the Fiji tax payer.

The Chinese are coming to Fiji in Bucket loads since they have been given Visa free status into Fiji. They are buying land in large parcels everywhere in Fiji. The Chinese are the rats of the world. These people are the reason the African Rhino Elephant and the Tiger is endangered. Tiger Penis somehow gives this idiots sexual prowess. They could not care less if these magnificent animals become extinct that's how low life these people are. Bribery and corruption is a way of life for them. They will bastardize this place beyond recognition.

I could go on and on with this. The bottom line is no race is to be blamed for what Frank and his minions are doing. We need to stick the blame to who is involved. Lets not make this a race or religion issue. We all love this country and we have to find a way to get out of this mess together. The stakes are too high for this petty squabbling. We must unite and take our beloved mother back. Their is no other way.

Anonymous said...

@ Scaoegoat Feb 27, 3:38 PM.

Even an Indo Fijian can go to a an Indigenous Fijian Chief for fair treatment. Mahend will never treat anyone fairly because he is only for himself.

Anonymous said...

Laptop found but democracy still missing.

The 'Jews' of Fiji said...

Indo-Fijians are the Jews of Fiji - the perennial scapegoats for all that's wrong in other societies and in the country. Like the jews, there are calls for expulsion and even extermination of indo-Fijians. It is the prices to pay for success.

Anonymous said...

If we put an Indian beggar in front of a taukei and an Indian the beggar will beg the taukei instead of his kind.
That's honest reality in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Chinese coming to Fiji in big numbers.

Investment Fiji and Immigration department is responsible.

Most of the chinese are coming and opening small shops around the cities and town.

Not to name massage parlour (prostitution), night club, small shops, farmers etc etc.

One massage parlour (prostitution)at Salato Road in residental area near cake shop.

All chinese running maasage parlour.

This is the Fiji which Bai/ Khayium wants!

Soon casino is coming!

Anonymous said...

Haji A S Khaiyum you went to mecca in 2005.
2006 you join interim govt so your plan is to take control of fiji with your muslims brotherhood.
money depoist in dubai/hongkong/china banks.
Khiyum want to rule fiji for ever by divding the fijians.
Dont worry you will rot in jail and hell.
God is stronger than your muslim brotherhood/Bai army.
Warning already rain more flooding and people suffer when wicked rule.
Time to get rid of kai/bai.

Anonymous said...

Media freedom is still a myth in Fiji. All media companies co-towing regime demands to stay in business. No media freedom means No free and fair election.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is high at Immigration Department and Investment Fiji as no checks and balance are done.

No minimum investment for chinese investors.

They come pay Investment Fiji and free for all!

Anonymous said...

The chinese government does not all chinese to take money out of china so where all the money is coming from so called investment!

These are all illegal money made in Fiji by the chinese!

Bastards have never contributed to the growth of the country.

This community should be taken to task!

Anonymous said...

I was shocked when we went to MAYA DABA for dinner last week.

The number of chinese prostitutes and activities on Victoria Parade after 8 p.m. was not only shocking but of great concern.

Where are all of them coming from!

Anonymous said...

Khayium is using i taukei to divide and rule in Fiji.

Bainimamrma is the greatest fool and loves money which Muslim brotherhood is feeding him!

Anonymous said...

Who controls Fiji military controls Fiji.

Anonymous said...

My experience with the Chinese.I wanted to lease a 2 acre block of land from a popular Mataqali in the west. A fair sum of $60k was agreed plus employment when available and a decent lease payment every year.This was agreed after following proper traditional protocols after which the land owners and i have become friends.
The land was to simply be used as a warehousing facility by my small firm. Turns out on investigation by the land owners that a corrupt official at the TLTB in cohorts with a con artist real estate agent (i-taukei at that) leased the entire 22 acres from which i wanted 2 acres to a Chinese businessmen from Lautoka for only $45k. Apparently a large amount of money changed hands between the agent his co conspirator at TLTB and the Chinese fella. Investigations are continuing. The word is that the Chinese guy was going to sell the 22 acres again to a another incoming Chinese from China for $2m when the scam was unraveled.This is what we are up against. I am sure many such scams will surface soon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.03pm, they do give a decent massage with happy ending though. For that be thankful, haha!

Anonymous said...

The Chinese firm Fulluck Travel Services is bringing many of the Chinese illegals in. Bainivuaka gets a sizeable percentage of the haul, in return for which he allows them to operate with impunity.

Anonymous said...

The responsible Perm. Secretary should resign if not be sacked. The buck stops with him.

That's what happens when the AG puts his little ass kissing cousin in to a position of power.

That job should never have been given to a little boy in the first place.

king of China said...

massage very good for the health. we want to promote good and wealth in the communities of Fiji. make you all strong like horse.

Anonymous said...

Can people from Customs enlighten us on the alleged Bainimarama/Driti/and Qiliho and cohorts on allowing drugs to be entered /access into the country. At one stage they turned a blind eye on Chineses shipment from Hong kong through Vanuatu. On one occasion army intel traced all calls to Bainimara.

The story from the West is a good example of how the Chinese do business and that is part of their commercial culture.

kung fu master said...

anon6.03pm..you say the chinese fella leased the land, then you say he was gonna sell it. How can he sell leased land? Stop your bullshit right there kaidia. You get no sympathy from us. You say the land belonged to a "popular" mataqali? So now we rate mataqalis do we? Devious kaidia at work here. Piss off with your bullshit story.

Anonymous said...

anon5.40pm...why were you shocked? you need to get out more

Anonymous said...

I notice the kaidia attacking the chinese much here. I reckon its good to have the chinese balance and neutralise the corrupting influence of the kaidia in Fiji. For too long the kaidia have controlled Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.10 Are you stupid or something. When a title of a Native land is issued for 99 years or whatever is agreed upon the land lease is as sale able as freehold although the land never really belongs to the buyer. The correct term is the lease is sold. You obviously don't get around much boci.And yes some Mataqali's are well known particularly in the west and perhaps you can classify them as popular because they are well liked and don't live in the fucking 18th century. By the way why don't you call up TLTB in Lautoka i am sure you will find my account of these events very factual.Oh and Anon 8.27 the kaindia only control the money in this country because some not all know how to make it. The Chinese will Change your identity. They are the most aggressive country in the world right know and will remain so in the foreseeable future. they just bought 7000 acres in Lautoka to build a city. Everything that you think Indians are well multiply it by 10 or 20. Most of them are Atheists zero belief in God therefor almost devoid of moral convictions. Most Indians believe in God or a higher being. It may not conform to your beliefs but the fact that they have a moral compass is better then not having one. Good luck with the balance you are talking about because the Kaiindia are leaving as quickly as they can and those "massages" most of you are talking about will soon not be so enjoyable. Solomon's and Tonga are good examples.

Anonymous said...

Fu Kang from Fullack Trade is the one who brings chinese.

He works into the Immigration office without any appointment while locals are made to wait for hours.

Is this the clean up!

Fu KANG owns several properties in Nadi and Namadhi Heights.

Where is FIRCA or it targets only poor locals.

Unknown said...

I strongly challenge any Fijian that the period we going through here in Fiji is worse than other politicians .
Bainimarama enjoyed the rich lifestyle he only dreamed off but the soldiers can't stand it anymore

Timoci said...

Anon @8:27 PM

There is a BIG difference between the Chinese that recently migrated to Fiji and the Kai-Idia that you are talking about. These Chinese have only come to Fiji recently. Kai-Idias have been here for generations.

It only shows your naive mentality. Compare apple to apple and not apple to oranges.

Anonymous said...

My nephew was the falla who tried to sell the lap-top. I got a copy of the hard drive before the falla got caught. Who wants a copy?

Anonymous said...

I'll bite. What's on it?

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 9:23
Yeah, unfortunately my brother @8:10 does not understand that you can on-sell your lease.

Also I tend to agree with you,the Chinese are a different animal altogether compared to Indians.

Bainimarama convinced people everywhere that he did the coup to get rid of CORRUPTION.

How are all these Chinese getting through?
How did drugs disappear from police custody?
How did the Chinese drug-runner got off scot-free in Court?
Corruption even in the watchdog FICAC.
Corruption in the Law Courts.
Corruption in the Police.
etc etc etc.



No kaidia mataqali said...

kaidia@9.23pm.. kaidia do not believe in God..stones, monkeys, elephants, trees, 5 legged cows and cobras who they worship are not God. You talk about having religion as giving one a moral compass. So why is India the rape capital of the world and consistently comes up as the world's most corrupt nations together with Nigeria and pakistan? Self righteous prick. Uncut one at that. For your information, there are over 300 million Christians in China. almost the population of the USA. how many monkeys are there in India? Over 1 billion I think.

Anonymous said...

1 billion monkeys in India makes every person a God.

Anonymous said...

Not really sure if there are any smart people anymore contributing on this blog-site.
Stupid ideas/hear-say/hate messages and anything but sensible positive contribution. Cannot even point out east from west.

Anonymous said...

Please lets leave racial overtone aside and get back to the issue at hand HOW CORRUPTION HAS MULTIPLIED UNDER FRANK'S REGIME.

Anonymous said...

No Kaidia Mataqali you are obviously so clouded with your own self worth and stupidity to see reason. Some of you Christians act like you have actually met and seen God.The condescending nature of your posts seem so. Just because a book says so does not make things the truth. I am not a Hindu but guess what had the kaivalagi not imposed his beliefs on you your religion would not be too far off from Hinduism. What do you call worshiping a Shark an Octopus a 8 headed snake called Degei a Rooster. It looks an awful lot like Hinduism. So until you can actually prove that your faith is the only true faith in the world i would suggest that you show a little respect to other beliefs. Whatever it may be they do provide a set of moral guidelines for people.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A Fijian man who needs a kidney transplant has been given an extra week to leave the country.

Sanil Kumar has been facing deportation if he didn't leave New Zealand today, after overstaying on a work visa which expired last July.

Immigration New Zealand says it's best for him to go voluntarily so he can apply for a visitor visa to come back and get the treatment he needs.

If he was deported he'd be banned for five years.

Labour MP Rajan Prasad has taken up Mr Kumar's cause.

"Give him a week to get matters in order, then have another discussion.
"They're very clear they're not of a mind to extend his time."

Voceke, where's the world class facilities at CWM?

mark manning said...

Things have changed since Idi's days! http://www.nytimes.com/2003/08/16/world/idi-amin-a-brutal-dictator-of-uganda-is-dead-at-80.html

tumeric pounder said...

kaidia8.09am... no I am not a kaiviti as you assume. I am happily married to one though. And no I do not believe in snakes like you. You reckon I am condescending yet you blatantly accuse the chinese of being without morals as you assume most are non-religious. Hypocrisy here? Ok for a monkey to judge others yet want to act self righteous? You think subscribing to a religious faith gives one a moral compass. So why are the snake worshipping monkeys in India so corrupt? Many multinational companies, while seeing the market potential in India, refuse to go there knowing how corrupt things are there and the redtape involved in getting things off the ground. China has thousands of MNC from the USA and Europe. Perhaps they like the "lack" of moral compass of the Chinese. Stop deluding yourself into thinking religion equates to having a moral compass. As for your condescending view of a "fair" transaction with the "popular" mataqali, how do we know it was fair. I know your type of kaidia, sitting around the grog bowl, munching curry goat, complaining about the "stupid' kaiviti and how easily the kaidia will cheat them. If you want to talk about personal dealings with kaidia, let me give you two examples.
A i-taukei employee of mine was left some life insurance money when his son suddenly died. He bought a house in Kinoya from a kaidia who promised him the contents of the house, furniture and the likes and the car. when he went to take possession, there was nothing. Moral compass?
Another example. My accounts clerk made a mistake and underpaid $200 of FNPF to a worker over a year who complained to the Tax dept. the tax dept called me for a meeting and the kaidia inspector told me he wanted to "help" me. Just bring $5000 in cash the next morning and meet me downstairs. I told my lawyer who quickly sorted this matter out. Just because the kaidia have been in Fiji for longer than the new chinese migrants does not make them any better. lesson - judge not lest the monkey in you make you howler.

Anonymous said...

Tumeric Powder phew you sure are filled with hate. I guess you never met an honest Indian in your life. Sad.How do you know that my dealings with the land owner was fair well because they agreed to the final price and were very happy with the value offered.
When 2 people or groups agree to something amicably in my books it means they are both happy with the deal. It must be different the way you do things.
You have highlighted a couple of personal incidents which mean squat. I deal with the Government departments everyday in my line of work and the $5000 you are talking about is requested by all the races working in the service more so by the natives then anyone else. My point has simply been that you should not be demonizing others beliefs just because you think yours is correct. Oh and by the way point taken that China does have some 300m Christian's and i am sure they have many millions of honest hard working people just like any other race in the world. Has it occurred to you though you that it is not the Christians who are coming into set up massage parlors and whore houses.At least the Indians came as slaves to work in the cane fields and not to set up whore houses.
The point of my post is simple it is not about the race. It is the type of Chinese coming in.Oh and by the way i sold my house to a Rotuman family some time ago and as promised i left everything that was agreed upon and more and to this day they still owe me money which i have written off. Do you want the number of this family to verify because maybe you will realize their are good Indians and bad Indians in Fiji and your negative view of them is a little naive at best. Example 2 I am buying a property in which their is a tenant who is i-taukei. He is a very religious men with both him and his wife working. They have not paid any rent for over 4 months and completely trashed the place when asked to leave by their i-taukei landlord. Point is their are assholes in every race just look at our prisons.
Again stop with your condescending holier then thee bullshit.

no curry muncher said...

religiousmonkey8.09am... the millions of "religious" monkeys in India continue to practice a "morally-based" system of caste prejudice. Wow! Just because you had a bad outcome in your land dealings and reckon you got screwed by a chinese fella gives you the right to condemn a whole race, does it? Look at your own race first. How many kaidia do you trust? Do you trust Raju down the road to sleep over at your house tonight, especially with your yummy teenage daughter around? Most kaidia I know do not trust their fellow kaidia because they know exactly what each is capable of.
When you judge another person or race, what sort of moral guideline are you going by? Hypocrite. many chinese are unscrupulous, devious, cunning and cheats. But don't we have that in all races? perhaps even more so with kaidia?

monkeybasher said...

religiousfanatic12.07pm..you say "Again stop with your condescending holier then thee bullshit". But you reckon you are holier than the chinese migrants. How do you know many of the migrants are not honest, hardworking, decent people. case in point, the chinese farmers in naitasiri, navua, etc. Not all are setting up whorehouses. Self righteous judgmental prick. How do you know many of chinese coming are not Christians. You make too many assumptions kaidia. You reckon my personal experiences with Indians mean squat. Your land dealings, probably dishonest anyway, mean even less to me. Wow, true colours coming out here. the "natives" you refer to are who exactly? You are probably quite right when you say I have never met an honest indian. I am in the process of selling a property also. the real estate agent and lawyers on both sides are all Indians. I have never seen such dishonest, self serving behaviour in my life. I hope they will prove me wrong soon.

singh's curry test better said...

monkey@12.07pm..you say.."The point of my post is simple it is not about the race. It is the type of Chinese coming in". Contradiction here. Your comments are all about race. You talk about not being holier than thou. But you make so many assumptions about the "type" of chinese. Wow, you are one confused, self righteous person. From what I understand, kaidia did not come to Fiji as slaves as you claim but indentured labourers. free will was involved. They came here for personal gain and profit. Stop lying yet again.

You say.."My point has simply been that you should not be demonizing others beliefs just because you think yours is correct". well by the same token, don't judge another race simply because you have these simple assumption, one-off experiences and prejudices in your head. acha?

Say no to stereotyping said...

Too many racial prejudices - indians are no more sly, cunning monkeys than Fijians are dumb, lazy apes. This kind of name-calling get nowhere.

Jesuit said...

You all need to watch 'Russel Peters' and get rid of the HATE! You all need help and I assume that you're all Parents/Aunts/Uncles etc etc and am sure have intermarriage in your families. Personal attacks shows cowardice!

Anonymous said...

For crying out loud, you two, get a room!

No more PDAs . . .

as in Public Displays of Asisinity.

Anonymous said...

religiouszealot@12.07pm...you complain about how, many of the Chinese migrants are setting up whorehouses. At last count there were around 25 million prostitutes in India, many of them children forced by their parents. The bulk of the children forced by their parents into this line of work in fiji are indians. Why not focus on that? Go along westpac bank at night and see for yourself. The bulk of patrons in Chinese brothels in Fiji are Indians, mainly impotent Gujis and deviant madrajis. Need I say more? The chinese are simply responding to the demands of the Indians.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.09. To start of with i really do not give a rats ass about India. I have no identifying characteristics with these people other then possibly my looks. I have lived in Fiji all my life. I will not last a day in India. And that's a fact. My comments have never been about India so why are you bringing facts about India. Most Fiji Indians have nothing in common with people from India.My concern is and always has been whats happening in Fiji.This is my home like it or not. Lets talk about what is happening here. every time their is a discussion about race some asshole brings in India. If you are so preoccupied with India why don't you go live their you obviously know more about it then most Fiji Indians. Oh while on the topic of children forced into prostitution well its happening in Fiji right under our noses. Police report a few days ago. Stop calling the pot black dude. ANON 12.52 Kaindia did come as indentured labors but worked under slave conditions. Read the literature.

Fiji is the motherland said...

kaidia4.06pm...you say.."Oh while on the topic of children forced into prostitution well its happening in Fiji right under our noses. Police report a few days ago. Stop calling the pot black dude". Exactly my point,Hypocrite. You focus on Chinese prostitution in Fiji but Fiji Indian child prostitution is probably an even bigger problem. Black pot indeed. some of your distant rural nieces may even be victims. You say you want to focus on issues in fiji, how about starting with corruption in the unions and civil service by corrupt Indians. And corruption by big Indian businesses. There you go, a Fiji-centric topic for you. So let me start with you, have you ever bribed a govt official apart from trying to con a "friendly" mataqali to transfer land to you cheaply? $60k is cheap, real cheap for two acres.
You reckon Fiji Indians have nothing in common with motherland Indians, what about religion, language (ok some parts differ), food (curry just about everything), saris, looks and cunning ways. The list goes on.

Jesuit said...

@ 4:24pm You're a VERY sad person! Stop & look around you (read the NEWS!) most children being raped are from Fijian families who are been raped by their own relatives i.e. Grandfather, Father, Uncle etc.. Every person in the world belongs to a particular race and the fault of a minority, YOU can't blame a nation for BUT you definitely HAVE ISSUES! You seem obsessed with the Indians and you definitely need HELP!!!

Anonymous said...

AS Anon 4.58 said you obviously need help. You are really obsessed by race particularly the Indian one. For your information undeveloped native land in the middle of no where is not valued much. Its not like we are running out of land. Close to 90% is native and the value asked by TLTB was only 30k. I agreed to pay the additional 30K as a gesture of goodwill and to maintain a healthy relationship with the Mataqali. You conveniently ignore the fact that the land i was going to lease was already taken for 45k and not 2 acres but the entire 22 acres. A deal brokered by a fellow i-taukei for a Chinese business men who you so vehemently defend.I can give you names and facts if you really want to know.
As i said you need help dude. One thing is for sure at least we both don't agree with Frank and Co despite the fact that you obviously hate me for being Indian. I am an Indian Methodist and just as i have been taught i forgive you for your hate and may God have mercy on your hate filled soul.And by the way i did mention Physicality of the Fiji Indians are similar to Indians from India. How many Indians do you see wearing Saris around town. Their are some customary practices still held onto but on the whole even our methods of cooking is totally different and that includes language. We have almost become a subspecies.

mataqali champion said...

@anon5.46pm...so you finally tell us you are a Christian. But you are still a hypocrite whether you say or not. You call the Chinese as mainly atheists and pass judgement in saying they lack morals? Are we as Christians to judge? The lesson here is do not judge lest ye be judged. You reckon i defend the Chinese, so what? You pass judgement on the whole race because of your one experience and condemn them as a whole. You even start your first blog contribution by referring to it as your experience with "the Chinese". One bad experience with one Chinese person and the whole race is condemned. Does not your Christian teachings tell you to love everyone, even atheists, and not judge them. How do you think racial predjudice starts? From frigging assumptions like yours. You criticise my holier-than-thou attitude. what do you call yours? You hate my focus on your race, yet you attack another race. HYPOCRITE.

You also talk about your dealings with a "popular" mataqali and compare them to others as living in the 18th century. Which mataqalis fall into the latter catergory, you judgmental so-called Indian Christian? You will always be a judgmental kaidia first and foremost, then if you really try, a token kaidia Christian.

You reckon I need help? Start with yourself. Love everyone, and do not judge.

You say.."Just because a book says so does not make things the truth". I assume you are referring to the BIBLE which you as a Christian are supposed to believe as the truth. Are you a Christian or not? Oh thats right, you are an Indian first. You are the perfect example of why indians simply cannot become Christians. i suppose you celebrate Diwali too.

Deepak Chauhan said...

And this is why Frank should stay in power, So Indians can wash his feet after he use's toilet.

ramble on said...

@land-dealing-kaidia..you say.."For your information undeveloped native land in the middle of no where is not valued much. Its not like we are running out of land". Typical kaidia thinking,land only has value if you can turn a profit on it. The land is valuable to the landowners who are the custodians of the land inherited from their ancestors. it gives them meaning and has great cultural significance. Another judgmental spew from the great one.

Anonymous said...

Hail Muslim rule in Fiji!

Hail Muslim rule in Fiji!

i taukei go to Koro or convert to Islam!

Many i Taukei in Nausori have converted to Islam!

Anonymous said...

Ramble on' I am so of this argument as it appears that opinions are like backsides everyone has one. I will however say this to you fella. I am a businessmen. In my daily work i get offered lots of land by Mataqali to lease. If this land was so valuable culturally landowners would not be trying to lease them almost desperately.It turns out you cannot eat land. The reality is my learned friend that as much you demonize profit it is what pays the bills like it or not its what makes the modern world tick. The choice for most indigenous people all over the world is simple the flat screen TV and smart phone or live of the land the old way. I am not qualified to even suggest to anyone how they should live their lives nor am i going to judge anyone but this a choice our indigenous brothers and sisters have to also make. Judging from what i witness everyday i think the struggle to balance these demands of the modern way of life in which cash is king with the old ways has started a long time a ago.This in my humble opinion is the greatest challenge faced by Fiji.

Anonymous said...

anon2.43pm..because poverty is rife and money hard to come by, kaidia like you take advantage and offer a measly $60k for two acres. You are hardly doing it out of the kindness of your heart. You say you get lots of offer for mataqali land, so why all that crying over the two acres lost? You obviously thought you had a good deal screwing the "popular" mataqali.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.25. My post was never about how i felt about the lost acres. It was to highlight the obvious theft of 22 acres for $45K by a Chinese businessmen. Your hate for Indians in general has clouded your ability to understand what i was really trying to say. For people like you as long as it is not your immediate hate group which is the Kaindia it is OK. As long as its not the nasty Indians its OK to be royally screwed.Well good luck fella with your new friend's the Chinese. You know its funny how the internet allows us to create characters anonymously. Creating a personalty and watching the raw prejudices shown against the personalities views is not only amazing but is seriously a concern for Fiji's future.For a country that purports to be very religious this is seriously the devils domain.Moce Mada.

goat curry chaser said...

anon@8.46pm.."raw prejudices" you say. What do you call your taking the moral high ground and calling the Chinese all atheists and morally bankrupt. Is this not prejudice? You call yourself a Christian yet cast judgement so freely?

You say there was a corrupt i-taukei TLTB official and real estate agent. Why isn't your focus on their corrupt practices? Why haven't you cast all Fijians as morally bankrupt based on the actions of the two? One corrupt Chinese fella and the Chinese race has no morals. So why haven't you said the same of the i-taukei?
Because in your small mind, they were also "popular"? Perhaps the Chinese are an easier target and you wish to curry sympathy for your case? You are a hypocrite of the worst type. Judging others yet when challenged, immediately telling me not to judge you. So I am prejudiced against Indians. So what if I am? By your logic, a few hundred rapes in India makes the Indian race all rapists. perhaps they are.

You say.."Creating a personalty and watching the raw prejudices shown against the personalities views is not only amazing but is seriously a concern for Fiji's future". Damn right it is. Kaidia like you who pretend to be morally guided Christians judge others and try to stir racial hatred and prejudice from their isolated experiences are the biggest danger to Fiji. I don't agree with everything frank does but when he tries to eradicate racial crap spewed by cunning Indians like you to create racial tension to ensure the kaidia dominate, we need to applaud.

You constantly contradict yourself and on the one hand talk about how having religion guides your morals, yet judge another race as atheists. 30% of Australians classify themselves as atheists, are they all morally misguided as well? By your reasoning, they are.

the biggest threat to Fiji in the long run is not the Muslims but the pseudo-Indo-Christians who are two faced, hypocritical, conniving and manipulative as you have clearly shown here. Decide if you are a Christian or a closet Hindu.

Anonymous said...

As i said the web allows one to create identities different to who we really are. Long post above. My response.
"Whatever fella. I know who i really am and don't need to justify myself to you or anyone else.
You sound Chinese though. If you are then my apologies for hurting your sensitivities. It will be an interesting 5 to 10 years for Fiji.We will see if your high moral ground on the Chinese is well founded.I certainly think there large numbers in Fiji will create a whole new set of problems for our indigenous people. Call me hypocritical or prejudiced the Solomon's and Tonga are very good examples. As i said enjoy.

web phantom said...

@anon9.12am...no I am not Chinese and no, I am not taking the MORAL HIGH GROUND on the Chinese. You have chosen to do that all along, and judge the Chinese as having no morals simply because you think most are atheists. You simply don't get it do you? I guess most hypocrites cannot see beyond their prejudice.

In your eyes, the Indians are better than the Chinese because most have some sort of "religion" if you can call it that, because they are morally guided as you say. Phew.
Like you I agree that the large entry of a foreign population into a small nation like Fiji will change the landscape and dynamics of lots of things. I don't deny that. It happened when the Indians came in large numbers to Fiji, Mauritius, Trinidad, etc ..whereever the British took indentured Indians to work and live. But to take a swipe at the whole race for the actions of a few, is unfair and simply prejudice. You call yourself a Christian, yet you judge, judge, and judge. No, you do not need to justify to me, what you are. But if you are indeed a Christian, take a stand for your faith, proclaim the Bible as the truth (you reckon it is just some book earlier)and remove prejudice from your heart. I hope you have learnt some lessons. Next time engage the brain before engaging the pen / keyboard.

Anonymous said...

big problem in France where the large Muslim population is predicted to form one-third of the population by 2030. Big problem in the UK where the large Indian population is causing havoc with small British business like corner shops - all wiped out by incoming Indians. Large numbers of Indians enaged in grooming young white teenage girls, plying them with drugs and alcohol and raping them for fun. 12, 13 year old girls. Look at the UK Daily Mail... everyday you hear of 50 year Indian fathers in groups of 10 -15 engaging in this despicable crime. Is the sort of problem you are worried the Chinese will bring to Fiji? the Indians have had a headstart elsewhere it seems.

Anonymous said...

comments made on this site are not helping at all with respect to steering Fiji back to normallacy,,so many hate speeches, colour bars, race tags,and all heaps of bullshit being said,,trying to demoralise the thoughts of those that are hard at work for the good of all,,,what's the point people,,,it's totally useless and very very downgrading when you go through all of these unscrupulous messages you're all using to condemn one another,,,FB and AK's time in Govt is overdue b'cos they are the ones who started all these.Come elections and they will lose, do what is supposed to e done to them,,,if he can put qarase and speight in ,s so too can he and AK be thrown into jail and pay the price for their misleading the people and the country