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Friday, February 21, 2014

Narsey: powerful FNPF voting block up for grabs

Election Issue for voters: Fiji National Provident Fund
by Professor Wadan Narsey

The Fiji National Provident Fund, (FNPF), is the largest financial institution in Fiji in terms of assets, bigger than the commercial banks combined, and the largest lender to the Fiji Government.
The members of the FNPF (current contributors and pensioners) number around two hundred thousands, or roughly 40% of all the voters for the coming elections in Fiji. They represent an extremely powerful “voting block”.
The Bainimarama Government recently defended their extra-legal policy changes at FNPF.
They claimed that previous governments had used the FNPF as their “piggy bank” (Fiji Sun, 7 Feb. 2014).
This last statement is certainly correct, but that criticism can equally be leveled at the Bainimarama Government itself, with more serious criticisms, including their massive reduction of pension rates from 15% to 9%.
Further, despite being in control for seven years, this Bainimarama Government has done nothing to ensure that future governments will not be able to control and use the FNPF as their “piggy bank”.

Mismanagement of FNPF
Pensioners fund being sucked dry
This Bainimarama Government is an unelected government which seized power through a military coup in 2006.
Marginalizing both unions and employers who used to nominate their representatives to the FNPF Board, the Bainimarama Government appointed all the FNPF board members, some of whom have been non-citizens, and some who have Permanent Residency in other countries.
By military decree the Bainimarama Government and the FNPF Board, forced through a massive decrease in pension rates of all pensioners.
The FNPF propaganda has focused only on those who used to enjoy admittedly over-generous rates above 15% (to as much as 25%)- but even these were voluntarily offered by FNPF as legal contracts and accepted by those pensioners.
But the official propaganda ignores the more significant reduction of future pension rates from 15% to 9%, with grave public doubts about the fairness of the 9% rate.
Existing pensioners who chose not to accept the 9% pension rates were forced to withdraw their original sums, despite a clear legal contract being in place between them and FNPF.
These reductions were forced through, despite the fact that the pensioners’ had mounted legal challenge, which had been accepted for hearing by Fiji’s High Court.
The FNPF  management, against all rules of good corporate practice, have arrogantly assumed the right to state and justify major changes in FNPF policies, which should properly be the domain of a lawfully appointed Board.
Even private expatriate consultants from Australia and NZ, have justified the policy changes through the media, implicitly supporting the unlawful military decrees.
The FNPF Board has mismanaged a number of major investments, in particular those at Natadola, Momi and the GPH, resulting in the writing down of hundreds of millions of dollars in assets. Undesirable loans have also been made, such as to Fiji Sugar Corporation.
The FNPF Board and Management have refused to release any of the reports of inquiries into the mismanagement of the investments, making a mockery of the frequent claims of transparency and accountability made by the FNPF Board and the Bainimarama Government.

Voters in the coming elections must make the governance of FNPF an important election issue.
Voters must ask all political parties, including any party that Commodore Bainimarama might set up, what their policies will be on a thorough reform of the management of FNPF, including the following:
(a)       Two thirds of the  Board of the FNPF (and the Chairman) must be elected for five year terms by the members of the FNPF.
(b)       The legal case that pensioners had in the courts must be reactivated, with the judiciary requested to hand down a lawful solution to the case, which could include (c) below.
(c)       The FNPF Board commission a thorough independent review that recommends a fair pension rate that is consistent with the long-term sustainability of FNPF.
(d)       To strengthen accountability and transparency of the FNPF Board, all reports into the mismanagement of FNPF funds as well as the reports that have justified the recent changes in pensions, be made public.

Readers may wish to refer to some of my previous posts on FNPF and its activities in the Fiji economy here:
and in particular
or the full Report for the Burness/Shameem case:


Radiolucas said...

A great article.

Another example of the lies and hypocrisy that Frank and Aiyaz like to live in.

Anonymous said...

Great job Wadan. You put the sorry bunch at USP to shame. This includes VC Rajesh Chandra, USP's emperor with no clothes, and that scheming, backstabbing bitch, Dr Esther Williams, a hopeless deputy VC if there was one.

Dr Sahista Shameem said...
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mark manning said...

I think that there is a vast difference between stealing from the FNPF or never reinvesting its funds back into the Fiji Economy, such as the Regime is doing and borrowing at a nominal interest rate, thereby ensuring the FNPF makes money from that interest. this "Management" of home grown Funds, ensures all monies made, are kept in and spent on, the Fiji People and Invested back into the Fiji Economy. It would also I imagine, ensure that the FNPF Funds are invested more soundly and guaranteed a return, thereby strengthening its position while stabilising Government. This must mean that there was more money to reinvest in infrastructure! The Regime on the other hand, is not accountable and no audits have been done since its illegal coup d'etat!

Anonymous said...

What's happened to the quality of C4.5's editing? This article is about the FNPF, not something called the NFPF.

Anonymous said...

There is no FNPF voting bloc up for grabs, only a POTENTIAL voting bloc of pensioners and future pensioners who first need self-awareness and then must coalesce around the same leadership, the kind of leadership that will best defend their interests. Professor Narsey is the most logical person to provide such leadership.

Kamlesh said...
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Ganesh said...

Fiji's pensioners were robbed of nearly half their pensions without any due process.

An arbitrary decree doesn't constitute due process. It is the very antithesis of due process, especially since there is no legal basis for the decree, and the regime issuing it has already been ruled illegal.

The decree has no standing in law. The regime has no standing in law. Every time a court in Fiji recognises the jurisdiction of this illegal regime, it is committing an illegal, unconstitutional and treasonous act.

The decree is a breach of contract and act of theft. It cannot possibly withstand a fairly considered legal challenge.

This is a potent issue. Even The Abominable Shaista Shameem can't stomach what the regime is doing.

Anonymous said...

anon 2.55pm
your stupid comments on wadan is not backed by evidence moron.....
his publications and research are unsurpassed hence jealousy from arseholes like you.......rajesh , esther etc....

by the way:
Methodist Church will vote SODELPA
Kai Viti will vote SODELPA
Kai Dia will vote Labour
Kai Loma will vote SODELPA
Soldiers and police will vote SODELPA

So who will vote for Frank as no voters are left to vote....
Conclusion - the prick will cheat or cancel elections.....

Anonymous said...

One of your constituency Presidents former Micro Finance Manager in one of the provinces will soon be investigated for fraud and theft of Mirofinance funds....
SACK HIM BEFORE HE IS EXPOSED (see todays Fiji Sun news article on Micro finance fraud & missing members funds). Files will be handed to police soon.

Mere said...

Many good comments already. Apparently most of the regime trolls haven't started their shift yet.

Our friend Dakuwaqa used to argue strenuously and, I believe, persuasively on this blog -- as have others -- of the need for a unified front against the illegal regime. The UFDF was an important first step in that direction and has already made many positive contributions.

In my view, the NFP decision to distance itself from the united front is an act of political self-destruction and stupidity.

The FLP brand has been hurt by MPC's early collaboration with the regime and other issues. It clearly has a dedicated following and has since April 2009 made many good contributions of its own.

The PDP is in danger of moving from the margins into total oblivion. It would do well to stake strong positions on the issues that matter and jump into the united front with both feet.

SODELPA is the strongest leg of the opposition. Ro Teimumu has courage, wisdom and other fine leadership qualities. Pita Waqavonono is the most outstanding youth leader in Fiji today. Mick Beddoes' participation has broadened the party's attractiveness.

Dr. Wadan Narsey has also made many great contributions. He's been courageous and outspoken. I am not a SODELPA member, but I would love to see SODELPA now recruit Narsey and other Indo-Fijians.

SODELPA has a strong base amongst the indigenous population. It should continue to broaden its appeal with a Big Tent approach.

In view of the grave threat posed to Fiji by this treasonous regime, we need a united front. SODELPA is its centre of gravity. SODELPA needs to recognise that. SODELPA needs to do its best to maintain, broaden and strengthen the united front.

Coup 4.5 said...
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Coup 4.5 said...

anon@2.41pm Comment noted and typo fixed

Anonymous said...

analysis is crap. The fact is that the FNPF was unsustainable. Drastic intervention was needed. The Binimarama government took action. but wadan conveniently ignores all this. what a fraudulent and dishonest academic.

Rajesh Singh said...

Wadan Narsey and his failed NFP. Please Waden go give some advice to your dying party. Moce Jo

peace for fiji said...

Hahahah regime trolls and supporte3rs having to do 24/7 shifts on c4.5 to drown out the truth.

great article and sound argument wadan - don't be fazed by the nameless thugs and bullies.

democracy is too important to give up on.

Political economy of Wadan Narsey said...

Hahaha, wadan narsey is angling for more international consultancies by posing as human rights champion. He used USP and now he is using the 2006 coup to make money. wadan narsey is never one to miss an opportunity to make $$$$$$!

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey needs a bog vudi. If he knows so much then stand for elections. Nobody believes armchairs critics anymore but hand on people.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey rocks!!!!!!!!

Rhank you for your contribution, it certainly sheds some light on the this subject.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Timoci said...

Who is corrupt? SVT/SDL/SODELPA or Madiba of Fiji.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama has warned voters against politicians and hangers-on responsible for the infamous National Bank of Fiji (NBF) scandal.
“They are treating you as if you are stupid. I urge you to call their bluff and consign them to the political dustbin of history,” he said.
Launching the Home Finance Company Bank and its corporate branding, in Suva, last night he said:
“This is a time for celebration but also a time for sober reflection about the sorry history of our first 100 per-cent Fijian-owned financial institution – the debacle of the National Bank of Fiji. The NBF, as you know, was owned by the people of Fiji through the Government.”
He said when it was launched in 1976, there were the same high hopes that it would be a people’s bank that would create a new level of prosperity in Fiji. Instead, he said a greedy elite – after the two coups of 1987 – used the people’s bank as their personal piggy bank.
“With their noses stuck firmly in the trough, this elite – aided by a grossly irresponsible management and board – raided the National Bank of Fiji for loans that many had no intention of repaying. They ripped off their fellow Fijians,” he said.
“When the NBF finally crashed in the late 1990s, it had debts of $220 million or eight per cent of Fiji’s gross domestic product. It remains the biggest financial scandal in Fiji’s history and must never be forgotten or repeated.
The Prime Minister said ultimate blame lies with past governments which presided o

Anonymous said...

America has some of the top economists and yet its struggling with its finances. Mr. Narsey’s point may be valid however to run a country to need to make correct decisions. Reading theories and becoming a PHD is one thing and doing practical is another. Top Economist doesn’t necessarily mean best decisions. Mr. Narsey’s article sounds more like the big mouth / big tommy Beddos and the chor Chaudary. If you think you are that good, why don’t you provide solutions rather than being negative to the efforts of the government. Isnt it typical kaindi stuff “danda koucho” a friend Rajesh Singh?

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wadan, FNPF needs to stop wasting our fken money...bloory shit... when they going to put that Keni D in Jail for that mess at Momi and Natadola..

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey is a conscientious academic. USP VC Rajesh Chandra and his deputy Esther Williams are sellouts and gutless traitors only concerned about their positions.They give academia a bad name.

Anonymous said...

Once again Narsey demonstrates his total lack of living in the real world.

"" The FNPF propaganda has focused only on those who used to enjoy admittedly over-generous rates above 15% (to as much as 25%)""

What would be excellent is if Narsey can tell us where else in the world can you receive such ridiculously high pension rates on your lifetime contribution pot when you retire. Including the newer proposed rates.

That would give his whining some substance !

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the Wadan Narsey's of this world only say what they consider people want to hear.

Exaggerating for some is an ego booster.

Anonymous said...

If Wadan Narsey was the supposed expert he makes out to be and with an honest intention of doing good for the people of Fiji why does he not tell them where they can get a better return on their pension pot than 9% per annum?

Then on retirement everyone could take all their money out, invest it in a better scheme and have a greater standard of living.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

So you take the government to court and win. Win what?

You can't have what's not there and why should others have to pay to support your fairytale pension.

Anonymous said...

And of course there's the price of grog, the price of beer, the cost of taxis to church, the cost of supporting these parasitic preachers, and the list goes on......................

Anonymous said...

And then there's the fact that a high percentage of the supposedly poor spend 20% of their earnings in mobiles...................

15% reduction in bandwidth prices said...

kanua (cockeye) mahen reddy kuch kare hai!!

Fiji's Commerce Commission today announced a 15 per cent reduction in wholesale bandwidth data prices. The new prices will come into effect from 1 January 2014.It will be further reduced by 23 per cent from 1 July 2014. Commission chairman Dr Mahendra Reddy said the reduction follows a decline in prices offered by capacity networks providers via SCCN. The change will affect all net cafes, government ITC centre, call centres, banks, large businesses, and education institutions. "Then we expect, given the drop in wholesale rates, a reduction in retail rates. This implies individual users who procure data from Vodafone, Kidanet, Unwired, Digicel, etc, will also see a reduction in their rates," Dr Reddy said.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Good point.. also can you start investigating the use of FNPF money by ATH... buying FINTEL cable and wireless shares.. not sure what has that become of... Also big failed projects by TFL... and than the massive 4G change in VFL.. very soon ATH will own Vodafone full rights like FINTEL and all 3 companies will merge.. back to monopoly.. via the brains of the Sri Lankan from CJ Patel.. FNPF will tend to loose more money by ATH... than we have the Momi bay.. and lucky that failed deal of B-mobile never eventuated.. Think FNPF can just make advise on the hiring of the BAND and sigidrigi... part and partial of investment..

Anonymous said...

Kayumhole said on TV that there is a new degree of freedom of information act. CAN WE USE THAT FREEDOM OF INFORMATION ACTS TO GET INFORMATION OF FNPF ACTIVITIES SINCE 2006? I DOUBT THEY WILL RELEASE ANY AUDIT INFORMATION????????????????

Anonymous said...

Why was Graham Davis' anonymous posting deleted? Just because it was snarky?

I prefer reading his comments. That way I never have to smell his breath.

Boycott Fiji Sun said...

Friends I would like to start a Boycott Campaign against Fiji Sun. Fiji Sun is not giving an independent news coverage. They are the mouth piece of the regime. Furthermore the Publishers of Fiji Sun gives encouragement to their employee to defame anyone that could be perceived as non regime supporter. The regime patronizes Fiji Sun and gives them preferential treatment without getting tenders for publication of public notices.

I would suggest that we the public boycott all those merchants, service providers and anyone that advertisers with Fiji Sun. We should also stop buying Fiji Sun. Keeping mind that it is not the sale of news paper which is main source income for the company but the revenue generated by advertisers. So we need to hit the advertisers where it really hurts them and stop using Sun for marketing their product. We should demand that the advertisers stop running their ads with Fiji Sun. If they do not stop than we the consumers should not buy their products. Our goal should be to bring Fiji Sun down to it's knees and stop acting as if they can use and abuse the public funds. I would like to get feedback from the public via this forum and will further make the Action Plan.

Anonymous said...
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Julab Dean said...

Bible says thy shall not commit adultery, commit crime, practice homosexuality and not hate thy neighbors. Corinthian 5 verse 52 page 98.

However Rabuka and Ro Kepa have committed adultery, Qarase has committed crime, Pita is gay and majority SDL/SODELPA members hate indians/muslims. Majority members of this racist party are supposed to be Christians and yet pratice unchristianity.

Lord Jesus may peace with SODELPA and their racist members.

Anonymous said...

Had a chat the other day with a nurse from CWM and got this disturbing information. Of the 160 new nurses recruits 30 something were iTaukei the other indos. And on the inpatient information board iTaukeis are classified iTaukei while indos are classified Fijian and others as Others. How ridiculous is this. This has been the grand plan all along for total deprivation of iTaukeis and to usurp the orignal Fijian. These principles in the charter are wolves in sheep skin which are starting to bite now. If we dont do anything now then all will be lost.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 9:10
Yes I've noticed the same thing too.
I was reading the newspaper, Fiji Sun, the other day showing photos of The Arsehole visiting Draiba Primary school.
There was a photo of the students and captioned. "Draiba students performing iTaukei meke"






So apparently, in Fiji everyone is called FIJIAN except the indigenous population!

Na tamata magaitinana qo o Bainimarama me vesu, dou lai viritaki koya i Naboro me lai taki da tu kina.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 9:10
Those numbers have to be reciprocated after September 2014 inorder to bring the balance back.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous Feb 21st 10:39 PM

Do you think it's clever to demonstrate such a low level of sense and such a high level of unnecessary profanity?

Or can we assume you do not realise how pathetic you are?

Sotianisolisona said...

@Anonymous 10:32
I think he has every right to be angry if the authorities are stealing the money he worked hard for. And absolutely nothing he can do to stem the tide.

Anonymous said...

Julab Dean, maybe you should try reading the Bible before you preach from it.

It also says not to bear false witness. It says not to steal.

Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.

Anonymous said...

It also says thou shalt not kill, so why does Julab Dean support a murderer?

Anonymous said...

Kua Na Rere you have a very good point there. I also agree that since we are all categirised as Fijians there is no harm in calling the idiginous meke a Fijian meke. Why is there a strong emphasis to remove completely away from the original owners of the name Fijian from the rightful owners the indiginous "Fijians". It is for some sinister reason this move was made and it is manifesting itself.

mark manning said...

@ Setoki
I agree.
I doubt that he even understood the ramifications either, but then what would you expect from someone who is mentally deranged and so far removed from normality?
Frank Bainimarama has been manipulated by Aiyaz and his Moslem friends, "some" indo Fijians, for want of a better description, have just gone along for the ride, despite and oblivious to, the damage another coup could do, not only to the Indigenous population but also to themselves and their own clans!
I suspect that the majority are regretful, while only a handful of Indo Fijians and a handful of Indigenous Fijians, have and will continue to benefit.
I suspect also, that as the tide of discontent begins to turn, those responsible will begin their campaign to push for a "Truth and Reconciliation" instead of real Justice under the 1997 Constitution and the Rule of Law.
All Fijians, must be mindful of these attempts and see them for what they are, a blatant attempt to avoid prison terms, by the very people who have themselves, by their selfish and ignorant actions, kept the Community itself imprisoned since December the 5th 2006.
All Fijians, must be steadfast, determined and resolute and make all those responsible, pay for their actions.
The alternative is:- a cycle of coup after coup after coup after coup!!!!!!
If nothing else, this coup d'etat of the demented Frank Bainimarama and his despot partner, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, has taught every Fijian the importance of a true Democracy, the need for constant vigilance in regards to protecting one's Rights and Freedoms under the Law and the need to hold those responsible, accountable for their actions!
Now, it is time, to begin to recall and remember, to create within the minds of every Fijian, all that has been done to them and their Community and by whom and the dates on which those things took place and where and under what circumstances, because if we hide it, ignore it, choose to pretend it hadn't happened or to forgive and forget, then we won't be able to find the will and courage to bring them those responsible, to Justice!
Nothing less than the full weight of the Rule of Law under The 1997 Constitution against the perpetrators of this coup d'etat, will suffice.
Truth and Reconciliation is a veiled attempt to avoid responsibility and punishment for those crimes.
It will and is now already, being used to circumvent Justice, yet again.
It was done in 1987 and subsequently by changing the Constitution for Rabuka and it was done or attempted at least again, in 2000.
Frank and Co. want an each way bet, if they succeed, all Fijians, Indian and Indigenous, can shove it up their jumpers and if they don't succeed, they want forgiveness and reconciliation.
Be very suspicious of anyone recommending a Truth and Reconciliation Commission or anything similar!
Fijians need to begin this time, to support a real Democracy and all it entails, but at the same time, they must demand of that same Democracy, all that it promises to deliver.
"Eternal Vigilance is the price of Liberty"!
This doesn't mean we sit around drinking Kava and forget about values we cherished yesterday, or that we all pat each other on the back and say "don't worry mate, we'll call for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission and deal with these matters the old fashion way"!
Begin as you intend to continue and don't be swayed by the big blue eyes and smiles!
Behind each recommendation for T & R Comm. is someone responsible and accountable for this coup d'etat with their hand up someone's Sulu or tongue up someone's butt or in their ear!!
Let's take a moment to recall the innocents who have been illegally detained, tortured and murdered by Frank and his Regime and to remember the Families and loved ones left behind, the Mothers, the Fathers the Brothers and Sisters and others.

Sairusi Gole said...

Thank you W Narsey for your article above.

This all add up to the reasons WE SHOULD NOT AND NEVER VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA in coming general election.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Can illical Bainimarama and AG Kayuim confirm to the PEOPLE OF FIJI THAT that they will not rigged the Election?

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, I've been at he forefront of calling for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission. I've also been callng for us to honour the 1997 Constitution and to impose the death penalty for treason. Those are not mutually exclusive and certainly doesn't mean I've got my hand up someone's sulu.

You're becoming too loose and irresponsible with your opinion and your accusations for your own health. You can disagree with me, but when you start using that kind of insulting language against me, I will take you down even if we're normally battling the same enemy.

Tamata Rerevaki said...

There is no corruption committed if the Govt. utilises FNPF money for its investments and projects.. CORRUPTION OCCURS:when the project isnt completed on time and within the budget allocated,as this is one of the many indications that money has been diverted elsewhere and pocketed as in the Momi Bay caase,Natadola Bay which this Govt. had to refinance to keep the project afloat and now [thanks to PM] both projects have been completed. The NBF SAGA 'water under the bridge' more than 230 million,did you observe that soon after 'the water went under the bridge' houses sprung up all over Bayview Heights,are these houses built from that 'water under the bridge'? If there was no coup in 2006 Fiji would have been bought or sold by now,and the sad part it was due to the greed of those Fijians we trusted and voted.Some are trying their luck once again.THE INVESTMENTS BY THIS GOVT USING FNPF MONEY HAVE ALL PROJECTS COMPLETED WITHIN THE TIME FRAME AND ALLOCATED BUDGET.REVENUE IS COMING IN AND THE LOANS ARE SLOWLY BUT SURELY BEING REPAID.VINAKA PM.YOU HAVE MY VOTE AND I PREDICT THAT YOU WILL WIN IN THE ELECTIONS. 16 VILAGES IN DAWASAMU HAVE SHOWN SUPPORT FOR YOU SO DO I.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Tamata Rerevaki
Then how do you explain the FNPF loan by the Bainimarama government to get new planes for Air Pacific.


Tu na DA.

Tamata Rerevaki or Tamata Mataboko Butabutako. Drau veicai kei Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Tamata Rerevaki.... Dont believe anything the Fiji Sun writes! It is all crap! It's written after all, by Maika Bolatiki; another Bainimarama ass licker exactly like you!

Furthermore, Bainimarama would 1,000,000,000 times be better off losing the elections than winning! Even without opposition, as the situation is today, he mumbles, too slow to think, speeches have to be written for him, cant put his point across etc etc etc.

Imagine, if he were to face 'live' opposition in a democratic and open parliment - He will be roasted alive and the poor man will be shivering, shivering and wished he hadnt been born!

O iko vata kei Maika, drau mataqali Kai Viti kana loto ka voli tu vakarawarawa ena i lavo.

O Maika qori, vica ga na free trip i valagi kei Bai sa vaka sara tu ga e dua na koli dau kana da - vakaboboi wavoki tu ga e rukui Bai!

Ia, sa voleka ni oti na veivakabobulataki kei na veivakalolomataki ni matanitu qo!


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Raj Ali - Nadi said...

Fiji Election result 14th September

FLP -8%
Madiba Party -64%

Madiba Party wins the election. Madiba becomes the democratic PM of Fiji.

Boycott Fiji Sun said...

Friends I would like to start a Boycott Campaign against Fiji Sun. Fiji Sun is not giving an independent news coverage. They are the mouth piece of the regime. Furthermore the Publishers of Fiji Sun gives encouragement to their employee to defame anyone that could be perceived as non regime supporter. The regime patronizes Fiji Sun and gives them preferential treatment without getting tenders for publication of public notices.

I would suggest that we the public boycott all those merchants, service providers and anyone that advertisers with Fiji Sun. We should also stop buying Fiji Sun. Keeping mind that it is not the sale of news paper which is main source income for the company but the revenue generated by advertisers. So we need to hit the advertisers where it really hurts them and stop using Sun for marketing their product. We should demand that the advertisers stop running their ads with Fiji Sun. If they do not stop than we the consumers should not buy their products. Our goal should be to bring Fiji Sun down to it's knees and stop acting as if they can use and abuse the public funds. I would like to get feedback from the public or the citizens of Fiji too scared for this?

Let's do it said...

@Boycott Fiji Sun I suggest we keep it simple and just ask people to stop buying the Fiji Sun. The campaign will be more successful if people are asked to do one thing instead of also having to write to the paper or advertisers. We either support the paper and it's twisted politics or don't, in which case we stop buying the paper

Anonymous said...

Raj Ali, dream on. If those were the projected results of an honest election, the regime would have allowed it to be held years ago.

Anonymous said...

raj ali... we are watching you, even right now...make sure you check your green prado before you drive...you low life ...

Anonymous said...

raj ali, what happenened? u always step maths classes? check your figures!

mark manning said...

@ anon 556 p.m.
Good on you for your stance, but my comment is a general one and intended for those unaware of Frank's true intentions when he has them doing his beckoning.
You seem to be an exception, which is heartening to know.
I thought that the death penalty was withdrawn from the Statutes as a possible sentence!
Now I'm wondering why your taking an open and general comment, so personally.

So Much More said...

"There is no corruption committed if the Govt. utilises FNPF money for its investments and projects."

What about the fact that this regime has been ruled illegal? It is an unelected government that seized power through a military coup in 2006.

What about the fact that it appointed all of the FNPF board members, some of whom aren't even Fijian or vested in Fiji's future?

When the regime arbitrarily imposed a massive decrease in pension rates of all pensioners, where was due process for the pensioners?

What redress do pensioners have for the breach of contract by the FNPF? None, because the regime illegally decreed that it won't allow for it.

What about the write-off of hundreds of millions of dollars in assets at Natadola, Momi, etc., and blaming it on previous governments, but without an outside independent audit?

What about the FNPF board's fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders not to make bad loans, such as to Fiji Sugar Corporation?

What are we to make of the fact that the FNPF now refuses to release any of the reports of inquiries into the mismanagement of its investments?

Why hasn't the regime released any of the Public Auditor's reports since 2006? Isn't that prima facie evidence that it's got something to hide? In fact, since the regime is illegal in the first place, doesn't that amount to gross obstruction of justice?

Wasn't Bainimarama's lump sum payment for a lifetime of claimed accrued leave without legal precedent?

Why is it that accounting functions have been diverted from our public institutions and instead given to the illegal AG's Aunty Nur, where everything is kept secret?

Are you willing to say here and now that Bainimarama and Khaiyum are not being paid multiple cabinet salaries?

What ever happened to the financial disclosure statements ASK promised us a year ago?

What about the irregular loans Khaiyum has received for his property deals?

What about the inflated price Tappoo paid for Khaiyum's home?

What is Bainimarama doing having private banquets with Chinese human smugglers?

Is it just coincidence that the regime released Chinese businessmen at the time it was also alleged to have received from the Chinese embassy envelopes stuffed with cash?

What are we to think of the containerloads of narcotics brought in under the protection of senior army officers or the preferential loans given their wives?

Or the way drug evidence goes missing from the police station?

What about the shell companies established off-shore by Aunty Nur? Does "Waqavuka" sound like a Gaelic name to you?

How about the regime's Yellow Ribbon campaign? Do you suppose that might have had anything to do with Bainimarama's desire to release and reinstate his murderous brother-in-law ?

How is it that Bainimarama's decidedly unathletic daughter got on the sports council? Do you suppose nepotism might have been a factor?

What about the contracts this regime has awarded to favoured companies without tenders being called as required under the Public Service regulations?

Why is it that road projects are so much more expensive under this regime?

Why did the regime choose to borrow huge sums at inflated interest rates, when it could have received much lower interest rates? Is it because it was thereby also able to avoid independent scrutiny and accountability for how it used the borrowed funds? Gee, why would it care about that, if it was using the money honestly?

Wasn't this the regime that promised full transparency and accountability? Then why is it that Transparency International finds its dealings so murky that it cannot even conduct sufficient research with which to rank Fiji?

And why, then, doesn't the regime provide any accounting of the money in the PM Flood Relief Fund?

Where is the accounting for the $5 million grant given to Bainimarama by the Chinese government for his discretionary use?

Oh, too bad. I've run out of space. There's so much more . . .

Anonymous said...

Mark Mannng, am I the exception? How do you know?

Why should I take your "general comment" personally? Well, you paint with a wide brush, to be sure, but I advocate a Truth &Reconciliation Commission, and you're making some very personal and unfounded allegations against anyone who does.

Capital punishment was lawfully removed from the statutes, but this regime has since purported to abrogate the Constitution. By the regime's own reasoning, Fiji is now under revolutionary justice. It can't have it both ways.

I'd leave it to a duly-constituted Truth & Reconciliation Commission to decide, but I believe hanging is certainly justified for treason of this seriousness and scale.

In short, Truth & Reconciliation does not equal Whitewash and Mollycoddling. More like Nuremburg.

Anonymous said...

Take note Voreqe at what happened today in the Ukraine.

Anonymous said...

@Tamata Rerefaka---SONALEVU--READ THESE THINGS BELOW TO OPEN YOUR ASS WIDE NAMUSONA :::::::::::::What about the FNPF board's fiduciary responsibility to its shareholders not to make bad loans, such as to Fiji Sugar Corporation?What are we to make of the fact that the FNPF now refuses to release any of the reports of inquiries into the mismanagement of its investments?Why hasn't the regime released any of the Public Auditor's reports since 2006? Isn't that prima facie evidence that it's got something to hide? In fact, since the regime is illegal in the first place, doesn't that amount to gross obstruction of justice?Wasn't Bainimarama's lump sum payment for a lifetime of claimed accrued leave without legal precedent?Why is it that accounting functions have been diverted from our public institutions and instead given to the illegal AG's Aunty Nur, where everything is kept secret? Are you willing to say here and now that Bainimarama and Khaiyum are not being paid multiple cabinet salaries? What ever happened to the financial disclosure statements ASK promised us a year ago?What about the irregular loans Khaiyum has received for his property deals?What about the inflated price Tappoo paid for Khaiyum's home? What is Bainimarama doing having private banquets with Chinese human smugglers?Is it just coincidence that the regime released Chinese businessmen at the time it was also alleged to have received from the Chinese embassy envelopes stuffed with cash?What are we to think of the containerloads of narcotics brought in under the protection of senior army officers or the preferential loans given their wives?Or the way drug evidence goes missing from the police station?What about the shell companies established off-shore by Aunty Nur? Does "Waqavuka" sound like a Gaelic name to you?How about the regime's Yellow Ribbon campaign? Do you suppose that might have had anything to do with Bainimarama's desire to release and reinstate his murderous brother-in-law ?How is it that Bainimarama's decidedly unathletic daughter got on the sports council? Do you suppose nepotism might have been a factor? What about the contracts this regime has awarded to favoured companies wi..."

Anonymous said...

@Tamata Rerevaki, caiti tamamu.
Sauma mai na taro tarogi iko tiko kina o Anonymous 1:17

Dodonu me yacamu o Tamata Ulukau!

Steve Tui said...

To Anonymous 23Feb 7.57 AM.....

You questions are very valid to ask Bainimarama, EyeAese and their brainless blind supporters.

There are many, many more relevant questions on this illegal Govt's evil deeds that need raising for answers from the illegal PM and his cronies.


Raj Ali said...

Update: 9:40PM THE country's revised forecast growth rate is 3.6 per cent, surpassing that of our bigger neighbours Australia and New Zealand.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said this while launching Paper Power's new head office in Nadi earlier tonight.

Commodore Bainimarama said the launch is both a vote of confidence in Nadi and in the Fijian economy as a whole, "which is enjoying a period of steady growth."

KUA NI RERE said...

PM: Fiji's revised forecast growth rate is 3.6pc

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Update: 9:40PM THE country's revised forecast growth rate is 3.6 per cent, surpassing that of our bigger neighbours Australia and New Zealand.

Prime Minister Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama said this while launching Paper Power's new head office in Nadi earlier tonight.

Commodore Bainimarama said the launch is both a vote of confidence in Nadi and in the Fijian economy as a whole, "which is enjoying a period of steady growth."



Now I know that the guy is a complete idiot.

Must have been written on one of Paper Power's new products; otherwise called the TOILET PAPER.



I'm sure he must be talking about NEGATIVE GROWTH.
What a dickhead!

I look around Fiji and all those developments including Roads & Bridges cost about $1 Billion.

So I want Bainiamarama to tell me where the rest of the farking $5Billion have gone to?

We could have built a brand new Hospital with Equipment, Medicine and Bedsheets for less than $1Billion.



Anonymous said...

Get over it losers. The Fijian economy is growing faster than Australia and NZ and that's a fact. 3.6 per cent forecast for 2014. As Bill Clinton said: "it's the economy, stupid". No other issue really matters With this stellar performance, Bainimarama is going to romp home come September. And all you naysayers are going to be covered in veka. Have a great Sunday! Losers!

Anonymous said...

It is the comments like the one above that cause concern. Look at the figures since December 2006.

It is easy to have growth when you have taken the country so far backwards in the first place AND no one can look at the books to see if the growth is real.

Frank will not win the election. The muslim population and a few scared public servants will vote for him. No one else will.

Frank and Aiyaz will be living in another country enjoying their ill gotten gains come December 2014.

Frank and Aiyaz have helped unite Fiji. The people are united in their hatred and disgust of these two criminals. They orchestrated the coup on grains of equality. Time has shown it was conducted by Frank out of fear of prison. That much is clear.

Anonymous said...

The National Bank saga happened when the current Colonel of the Regiment of Army, Colonel Paul Manueli was then Finance Minister!!
What does he know about banking and finance?

mark manning said...

@ anon 117 a.m.
All I'm suggesting is, Fijians, all Fijians, should be mindful of the Regime's probable attempts in manipulating others to avoid prison by having them, on the regime's behalf, push for a so called "Truth and Reconciliation Commission" such as South Africa had years ago.
But of course there are others who are not only mindful of this agenda of the Regime's but bravely still push for one, believing it to be the only way forward or a way out of the present mess.
I respectfully disagree however.

The problem I have with a Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Fiji is, the "Truth" aspect of it!
Given most Fijians are related through blood, clan or Village, it would be a very brave man or woman who confesses or even admits to assaulting, abusing or even killing one of their own. It would be impractical and almost impossible to achieve the desired outcome and would pretty much only serve to protect the guilty and keep them from facing Justice.
It is a dilemma and it is only Fijians who can decide and determine the course of action.
I'm just trying to give my views, as an outsider.
Whether you choose to take notice of them, is a matter for you.
The expression regarding having your hands up someone's Sulu, is meant to shock, to get your attention, but it's also meant to make you think. It's similar to saying "he has his hands in their pocket"!
I assume rightly or wrongly, that you are a more mature Fijian and Indigenous, this would explain your anger toward my comments. But may I suggest that instead of wasting your time advocating a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, which will never get to the truth anyway and will only serve to protect Frank and Co. that you put all your resources into supporting the New Youth Leaders of Fiji, because it is their future, it will be their Country and because your generation it seems, has done a very very poor job of taking care of matters.
Frank Bainimarama should have been arrested the very 1st. time he threatened the Government and wasn't that way back in 2001?

By the way, your threats don't scare me, except to say that I am scared for you, if you think that is the way to behave. From your response, it leads me to wonder if you have it in you to forgive, given you are advocating reconciliation in the 1st. place!

But we are both wasting time over semantics here.
Our argument I think you'll agree, is with the Regime and our goal is, a return to a Legal and sustainable Democracy based on Human Rights for all, the 1997 Constitution and the Rule of Law.

Anonymous said...

The regime accepted no blame when the economy went into a tailspin after the 2006 coup. Now it wants all of the credit for Fji's recent economic growth.

Sometimes you go so far down that there isn't anywhere left but up. That's where the regime has led us for all of these last eight years.

It will soon forfeit those late gains and put us back in the cellar when it reneges on its pledge of free elections.

Anonymous said...

Mark, stick to general remarks and refrain from personal insults, and I will leave you alone. But if you instead continue to make sweeping generalisations that anyone who endorses the idea of a T&RC is ipso facto "someone responsible and accountable for this coup d'etat with their hand up someone's Sulu or tongue up someone's butt or in their ear", then all bets are off. I'm scared for you if you think anyone who disagrees with you on this issue is a traitor and/or arse-licker. That's not a matter of semantics. That's a matter of narrow-mindedness.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:14pm put out your real name like Mar Manning otherwise STFU.

mark manning said...

@ anon 1214 p.m.
Please differ, that's what Democracy is all about. You accused and attacked me here and because I've responded to your attack, you accuse me of being personal. Pot, kettle, I suggest!

Inadvertently or deliberately, you have missed, avoided or ignored a crucial part of that comment "Behind each recommendation for T & R Comm. is [someone responsible] and accountable for this coup d'etat"!
Perhaps I should have said "In some cases, behind each recommendation for T & R Comm. there might be someone responsible and accountable for this coup d'etat"!
I am fully aware that a lot of learned, educated and intelligent Fijians are vying for a solution which will bring an end to this and future coups, and I hope they find that solution. If it needs to be done in the Island way or through a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, then so be it. But I'm sceptical, because most parties involved, can't be trusted, I suspect, despite the efforts and best intentions of many.
It still reminds me, the call for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, of the goading done by the Romans when they went among the crowd encouraging them to chant "crucify him"!
Many ill informed Fijians may succumb to the call for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission, without realising that they are doing the Regime's beckoning. Now, if you have any complaints about my comments, please take it up with the Moderator and let's respect his ruling.
By the way, in my above comment, I never said, wrote nor implied that anyone was a traitor, that is your assumption! The topic was in regards to a Truth and Reconciliation commission versus due process and justice and the Rule of Law under the 1997 Constitution and Fijians being tricked into supporting a Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Your view is obvious and I respect that, but respectfully disagree with it.
Who is pushing you to introduce a T& R C, are they with the Regime and why won't you use your true identity?
Are you attempting to discredit me with your attacks in order to convince other Fijians not to take my views into account?
Instead of wasting your time coming after me, why don't you promote your own proposal so we can all see it for what it is?

And if you took the time to read the links I provided, you will note that a T&RC does not have the same intention as the Nuremberg Trials to which you alluded in one of your earlier responses!

Rudolf Hess (Mark's biological father) said...

Mark Manning, I just saw your wife on the train with Suli Daunitutu,heading towards the city !!! very cosy they were.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12pm

You're right. There's all this news of economic recovery since 2010 but they do not show whether recent recovery has recuperated the decline that followed 2006.

Is for eg Fiji's GDP in 2014 larger than it was in Dec 2006?

Until such time there is proof that the recovery has recuperated the decline recorded since 2006 then we will believe that the VB folks have led Fiji out of the economic doldrums they took Fiji into in 2006.

At anon 11.05am sure Bill Clinton said "it' the economy stupid" but are you comparing Bill Clinton's economic miracle to VB's? Bill Clinton created upward of 20m jobs during his presidency and increased household pay. The same cannot be said of VB, never mind that Bill Clinton was democratically elected and had to work with the then Republican US Congress. Compare that with VB - undertook a coup, failed to hold elections in 2009, oversaw a period of many job losses, increased poverty, declining take-home pay and passes his budgets without Parliamentary approval while racking up a big deficit. Not good.

You can't sugarcoat that.

mark manning said...

@ Rudolp Hess330 p.m.
You infantile gay lord! Get a life dick head!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

O keda na lotu Wesele kei na kai Viti e sa so na tamata liumuri!!
Lako mai o Rt Mara da tabeya, lako mai o Chaudary da tabeya, lako mai o Rabuka da tabeya. Qo se baci so vei keda sa da baci tabei Voceke!!
Sa rauta ga me veilecayaki tu na noda vanua.
O keda e da tamata ni liumuri e na kena vakatagede i cake!
Rairai ni ni buki na neke tie , roqo na i vola tabu, vola ni sere e na siga tabu. Iya vinaka cake o ira na masuta tiko na matakau.
Vakamadua o keda!!

Anonymous said...

Ahre!! Kemoudou kai Viti banao tiko na coup! Keitou kai Idia sarasara tiko.
Beka, au nanuma, very soon, kaiviti kemudou fight keitou sarasara.
Bheka, oqo best solution.
Peace sega ni rawa ke kemudou "ghan maro tiko".
Kemudou kai Viti sivia liumuri, bastard lokh!!

Anonymous said...

Hah yare! Kaiviti owner lok jameen!
But e chis, kai viti lokh kali bhat. Kooch faida nahi!!
Abi Muslim lokh banao!! Kai Viti lokh??

Boycott Fiji Sun said...

Let's Do It thanks for your input. Whatever it takes we need to get this show on the road. Let's drum up support from all sectors in Fiji. You my E-mail me at FijiAtHeart@Rediff.com

Anonymous said...

Areh! Kaiviti kali bhat!
Kooch na sa ko bano!!

Kai Bau said...

Mark can be sometimes be sarcastic in his comments because he donot have any culture conscious.He is good in our fight for democracy but sometimes his comments are beyond his understanding of culture and how to talk to that line of consious.But anyway we are not here to guide him on culture wise but as he is involved himself in Fijian politics he should do his home work to keep his mouth wired correctly

SNIPER said...

Warden Nazi has rightfully stated that the FNPF Board had mismanaged FNPF Funds for Major Investments esp. Natadola and Momi but cunningly omitted to mention the Year because the FNPF Board he is reffering to was the Board prior to 2006.Also implicated in that scam were several Senior Executives of FNPF e.g. Mrs.Foana Nemani- she fled to NZ before her case was called in the Suva Courts.Those Board members were selected by SDL Govt.Most of the Board Members and FNPF Senior Staff involved now live in NZ and Aust.They have multiple properties in those Countries-Average of 3-4 properties.Their properties in
Fiji have been seized by Govt.Once the current PM's Party wins the election and forms Govt. it will pursue all legal avenues to have these white collar criminals brought to justice and their properties sold off and the proceeds returned to Govt. coffers,I believe that these are reffered to as Proceeds of Crime.The Aust and NZ Police Unit is called Anti Money Laundering Unit aka Proceeds of Crime.ONCE ARRESTED THE CRIMINALS WILL REVEAL WHICH SDL GOVT OFFICIALS BENEFITTED FROM THE NATADOLA AND MOMI BAY SCAM.AND GOVT WOULD SEIZE THEIR PROPERTIES IN FIJI.SOMEONE RIGHTFULLY POSTED THAT FIJI WAS ALMOST SOLD BY A FIJIAN GOVT. PRIOR TO 2006.

NEO said...

The SVT Govt fell when several Fijians Chiefs led a campaign of falsely potrayal of SVT as being Anti-Fijian,their major trump card was the 1997 Constitution- as being Anti Fijian and doesnt protect Native Lands.Now they are at it again,labelling current PM and his party as being Anti-I Taukei.Whats ironic was when a new Fijian Govt was formed they kept the 1997 Constitution. My point is that the advisers of Govt pre and post are responsible for these upheavels,Yes the men and women behind the scenes,Lawyers and other professionals who spread false doctrines,twist words,bend the rules,lead to ruin those Voted to Parliament.Beware of these advisers,they are Lions in sheeps clothing.They led SDL led by LQ down the 'rabbit hole'.They did the same to SVT.Now they are at it again,read carefully Wadan Narsey's article in this blog and check the facts and then you will see what I am reffering to.The Matrix of life is determined by their hidden agendas.

Anonymous said...

@ Sniper

You see it doesn't matter who gains power in Fiji, they all get their hands dirty.

Frank and Aiyaz are corrupt beyond repair. Sodelpa officials in the past were corrupt. Mahen and the FLP were corrupt.

What hope do we have. It doesn't matter who we vote for - we are going to get a politician.

Oilei! said...

Administraitor remove the anti Meli-Hosanaah blogs ,we are tired of it.Have some respect for the new couple.The blogs are getting personal which indicates that there could be 2 categories of people-young people involved,1] Males who have dated Hosanah but missed out and lost 2]Females who vave dated Meli but missed out and lost in the end.Reason: 1]Hosanaah is very preety and beatiful.Very intelligent.Any Male would want to marry this lass ,but she has opted for PM's son.2]Meli is the PM's son.Lets get back to real world and discuss about our future and what cards are on deck and whats shuffled to us by fate.

Anonymous said...

@ Oilei 6:31pm...so true, the whingers are nothing but a bunch of jealous and cold hearted low lifes !!!!,,,,anyway is it true that the whole of Vanua Levu and rural Viti levu are all for Bainimarama ?

Coup 4.5 said...

oOilei@6.31pm The 'new couple' as you put is fair game just as their treasonous family and supporters are. The comment has been removed , however, in respect of regular bloggers who manage to post their views about Bainimarama and co without resorting to profanities.C4.5 Editor

Anonymous said...

@ Rudolph Hess
oh!! poor you !!!another name to the list of Daunitutu's ditched lovers, maybe you're too slack.
You know what I mean ?

Anonymous said...

Yes,VanuaLevu and most of Viti Levu support the current Govt.An analysis done recently by an expert from Aust revealed that between 80 -90% of the people of FJ support the current Govt.Several members of The other Parties have had their time in Govt but didnt fare as well as expected.We are more educated now,we were students during 1987,and 2000 but are now members of the labourforce,we are the computer generation,we were in school when Computer Games were invented so we are more well informed,intelligent,more educated and would want the best for this nation.If this Govt. was all bullshit as alleged would the Aust. and NZ Govt visited it,no!they know that PM eventhough he may have shortfalls, is truly keen on leading us to a real Democratic Govt.

Anonymous said...

According to Rajendra Chodory, the government of Ukraine conceded to the will of the people after they protested, burned buildings, shot and killed members of the security forces.

Thank so much Rajendra Chodory for conceding on behalf of your father Mahendra Chodory and his Labour Party to the will of the itaukei people and George Speight and the CRW in the year 200 in Fiji.

The government in Ukraine was democratically elected and so was the Labour Party in 2000. People didn't like Rajendra and Mahendra Chodory's arrogance and meddling with itaukei land by trying to automatically extend ALTA thus they protested just like in Ukraine? Thank you Rajendra Chodory, for once I agree with you on this one.

Kai Bau said...

If the surveyed was carried out by an Australia expert than Iam sorry to say that its totally wrong.People from the western societies sometimes think that when we respect them due to our customs we are weak.Sometimes they think that when we are quite it means yes but to any ordinary Fijian keeping quite can mean several thing.One is to get off my face you idiot or I will respect you for the sake of you as my guest or vulagi.The way we treat these tourists and vulagi does not mean that we are good hearted people because that same smile on anyones face can also mean that you are on the brink of being clubbed.So when someone smiles or quite or show respect to our guest like those people who carried out the survey he has to keep gussing on what the outcome might be.

vere-vaka-bau. said...

@ Kai Bau 10:56pm.. I sincerely hope
that for this one time your vessel will hold water. The Fijian custom is unique in itself but the your attitude and ways has on numerous occcasions been proven to be one of deciet, cut-throat and of a aback stabbing nature.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:14, you're posting anonymously, so why don't YOU STFU? How's THAT for a case of the kettle calling the pot black?

I choose to remain anonymous because I live under a dictatorship that I am seeking to overthrow. I'm anonymous because I live under the rule of traitors I seek to hang. I'm not posting from the safety of Australia.

Mark Manning, you attacked me first. I am a proponent of a Truth & Reconciliation Commission for Fiji. You wrote that I am therefore "responsible and accountable for the coup d'etat". You also wrote that I "have my tongue up somone's butt".

You say I accused and attacked you here because you responded to my attack. No, you are the one who started this. It was I who responded to you, not the other way around. And saying I've got my tongue up someone's butt is getting pretty personal, wouldn't you say?

You claim you never said, wrote or implied that anyone was a traitor. What the hell, man? You wrote that those of us who support a T&RC are "responsible and accountable for the coup d'etat" against our constitutional government! That's an accusation of treason. You can't accuse someone of committing a crime and then claim you never implied he was a criminal.

I respect your views regarding a T&RC. I'm not trying to discredit you. In fact, I've defended you on this forum many times. I'm just defending my honour against your attacks.

What if the shoe were on the other foot? What if I had written that anyone AGAINST a T&RC is a coup supporter and arse-licker? Does the shoe fit?

The T&RC will be whatever the T&RC tribunal want it to be. The important thing will be to get credible and respected judges on the tribunal. It won't be the South African experience or, yes, the Nuremburg War Crime trials, but it would be a Fijian review of all coup-related matters dating back to Rabuka. And it would include indictments leading to criminal trials and civil proceedings against those involved.

These would all be under the 1997 Constitution. A T&RC wouldn't be counter to the Constitution, due process and rule of law. It would be based on the Constitution. It would observe due process. And it would uphold the rule of law.

Kai Bau said...

To 'verevakabau'.Thank you for the complimentry and the "vere vakabau" comments or otherwise your taggling and twisting tougue doesn't hold any water at all or I did not understandd that bit.Take it as you like my man doesnt bother me at all.I hope that you will understand and take it as a man.Im not here to make friends or enermies but to show support of our return to democracy.

KUA NI RERE said...

After the TRUTH AND RECONCILIATION COMMISSION, another stupid soldier may do another coup, just to avoid jail like the present numbskull Bainisona.

What then????

There will be another coup.Some Individuals will benefit and the corrupt Businessmen will continue to swindle away the peoples money. Meanwhile the people suffer again and their rights to protest is rudely taken away from them. eg one decree put out by this government is that "YOU CANNOT TAKE THE GOVERNMENT TO COURT TO CHALLENGE ANY OF ITS DECREES"

That would qualify as the worst case of Human Rights Abuse.

And yet, The Human Rights Commissioner, Shameem said that this was perfectly OK.

Then to whom do the people look to, to uphold their GOD-GIVEN RIGHT.

What then????

THE ONLY THING THAT WILL REDUCE THE RISK OF ANOTHER COUP is that the TREASONIST CRIMINALS be taken to Court, like any other common criminal and be punished appropriately.

Treason deserves the Death Penalty, because its a total violation of the people's agreed rights.

TRUTH and RECONCILIATION COMMISSION is already happening every weekend in Fiji anyway.

I hear of rapists and child molesters taking Yaqona and Tabua every weekend to do TRUTH and RECONCILIATION with their victims.

But only last week one of the judges in Fiji said that these Truth and Reconciliation meetings are not going to cut it;
and all those criminals will have to face court, regardless of whether they have RECONCILED in a traditional manner or not.

So there, you heard it from the horses mouth.

Lautoka Fan Club said...

FijiFA bosses you have fucked up soccer and Lautoka football well. Its time your appointed administrator be relived off all his duties or Lautoka will be relegated. The elections should be immediately called and Sanjay Prasad be sacked asap. Sanjay do the right thng n resign because you have been the scapegoat and now Lautoka soccer is suffering. Dennis Singh please set down go back to australia because you cant mke lautoka win. Give the team back to the original n elected members by us the council. We demand to be given the team bck or we will now seek help from the PM s office and also Ficac will asked to do investigation on fijifa

Anonymous said...

Fiji Women's Crisis Centre executive director Shamima Ali said the findings of the investigations were shocking.

Ms Ali said while such things have been happening in the country, the law should come down hard on those involved.

She said the centre was aware of such cases and assured that help was available for victims.

"It is sad to know of these kinds of incidents. I hope the victims are sent to the right place and to experts for counselling," she said.

Anonymous said...

"Frank has so many corrupt people with him. Education Ministry is one of it's type.
Filipe Bole is almost rusted now, his next Brijlal runs the show as he wants. Third corrupt in the line is Vasundra Kumar who is the Deputy Secretary for Secondary and Primary. Vasundra promoted a Indian teacher from Primary to Secondary and told her she has to pay for a saree which Vasundra chose in Tappoos. The teacher went and paid $700.00 at Tappoos City for Vasundra's saree.
Third in the row is Director Secondary - Jai Narayan who together with PSC officer Satendra Sharma sets job, transfers and promotions with teachers and makes sideline money.

What a business and unfortunately all these three: Brijlal, Vasundra and Jai Narayan are from Labasa. Doing good business under Franky's government - is this the clean up Frank was talking about?"

Anonymous said...

I'm all for a Truth & Reconciliation Commission to settle scores and hang the traitors. Reconciliation is for the victims, not the perpetrators, especially the traitors.

Anonymous said...

Males and iTaukei top dengue fever cases

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Monday, February 24, 2014

FIFTY-FOUR per cent of the confirmed dengue fever cases are males, says Dr Mike Kama.

The Health Ministry's national adviser communicable disease presented the figures at a general practitioners seminar in Suva on Saturday.




Anonymous said...

Bill Clinton didn't create the jobs. People like Bill Gates did.

Anonymous said...

Yes the whole of Fiji is behind Frank, those rambling here, are those that got sidetracked or got caught red handed in the cookie jar and had to swallow a bitter pill...

Mai Voreqe, you are a man of action...Fiji is behind you.. 110%..

Anonymous said...

You're iTaukei now, so get used to it.

The last real Fijians are gone. They left with the bati.

All that remains now are the lamusona.

Anonymous said...

You supporters of Vore, man of treason, oops, I mean action, why do you choose to post anonymously?

What are you afraid of?

Afraid he won't last?

mark manning said...

@ anon 1257 a.m.
Great, now we are getting into some serious and honest debate.
Well, if Fijians choose to have a T. & R. C. and it is possible under the Constitution of 1997, is done properly and achieves a desirable outcome, then why not?
If my comments have caused debate, attracted attention, some unwanted and engage those otherwise disengaged, then i have achieved one of my goals.
It's always fun to play with the English language, as the same thing can have many meanings and is often taken out of text or misunderstood.
I can't spend my life defending what i wrote, it is up to each individual to interpret it to suit themselves. I've attempted to clarify it and you seem to prefer to ignore it and focus on your original interpretation, as is your right!
Thank you for defending me in the past, now let's move forward and bring these criminals to their knees.

mark manning said...

@ Anon 1257 a.m.
In an attempt to clarify and to find out how you were offended by my original comment, you've had me going back over it several times now and I think I've finally realised your mistake!

"Behind each recommendation for T & R Comm. is someone responsible and accountable for this coup d'etat, with their hand up someone's Sulu or tongue up someone's butt or in their ear"!!

This comment infers that someone from the Regime, has his hand up another's Sulu, is licking someone's butt or has his tongue in that person's ear.
It doesn't say nor imply that people advocating a T.& R.C. have done these things.
you have it back to front, silly!

You might say my language is offensive, disrespectful, warped even and unacceptable, well that's a matter only you can determine, but if you knew me personally, you would comprehend my intentions.
You've taken it as a personal attack, yet you've totally misconstrued my comment.
You've gone off half cocked as they say.
now reread it understanding that it is the Regime who has his hand up someone's sulu and see and hear the difference.
People will be tricked to call for a T.& R.C. if it helps those responsible get off scott free!
Has this happened to you? Are you your own man or is somebody in the background encouraging you to implement a T.& R.C. and if yes, are they associated with the Regime. do they have their hand up your Sulu?

Anonymous said...


The USP Journalism Horror Show said...

I have been following the USP journalism horror story on facebook and fijileaks. Big questions: why was money for the broadcasting lecturer taken away from budget? Why was someone unqualified for teaching journalism appointed? Who is responsible? How did USP allow this? Dr Ian Weber is blaming Sudesh Mishra.

It seems Sudesh Mishra making mockery of journalism. Did Sudesh Mishra take money away and re-direct to his own pet project as alleged on FaceBook? what kind head of school expects staff to teach 5 courses? Is this good practice? Is this normal practice at USP? USP should answer.

What kind of head of school short-change his own journalism student in such a way? what kind of head of school deny students a lecturer in broadcasting? Is this what USP means by commitment to students and quality teaching? Is this example of how premier tertiary institute in the region treats students?

did sudesh give job to his friend who is not qualified in journalism? Is this example of nepotism at premier tertiary institute in the region? To us observers its clear from what we have read so far is that Sudesh Mishra is making mischeif.

It seems he working against interest of journalism students, journalism staff and journalism program. Is he using journalism funds for himself. USP has to come clear on where funds diverted to. whose interest is sudesh working in? His own interest and his friend’s interest?

It seems recent allegations against corruption and nepotism at USP are really true. There is something rotten and stinky at USP. Ian Weber, Marc Edge and Shailen Singh and students are victims. I do not blame Ian Weber for leaving.

Anonymous said...

Tappoos just fired their right hand dealer Krishna Murti and got a S.LANKAN . Krishna was the wheeler and dealer and was handling transfer of funds abroad as a ex banker with his contacts . Health licence issued to this crowed with environ oversights on their new icecream factory in Lautoka ,Stop dealing with C J Patel and Tappoo group

Anonymous said...

Let the truth be known..

Who was the PM when corruption rose in Fiji?...Kai Fijian...

Who carried out each of the coups from 1987 to 2006? - Kai Fijian.

Who is in power and misusing tax payers money? - Kai Fijian

Who is in power and abuses FNPF funds? - Kai Fijian

Who walks around kerekere and talks smooth - bloody good con-man - Kai Fijian

Which race fills the Fiji Prisons - Kai Fijian.

Which race has the highest number of prostitues - Kai Fijian

Which race has the most domestic duties working - Kai Fijian

Who commits 90% of the sadistic vile crimes in Fiji including rape, child abuse etc - Kai Fijian

Who despite owning all the land is the poorest on the land? - Kai Fijian

Who goes to Church on Sunday and sells their soul drinking grog Monday to Saturday and is fluent in politic, sports, you name it they know it - Kai Fijian...

Who back stabs and informs on themselves, are prentenders and has a smile that belies their true intentions - Kai Fijian

And the list goes on and on and on...Arent you guys bored. Shouldnt you guys realise something bigger is going on out there...

Frank is a gift to you Kai Fijian for your evil acts in 1987 and 2000. Look in the mirror and you will see a twin. Rejoice for Frank is your twin, commintting the same insane acts you guys committed and he is delivered to you, to set you free from your stupidity.

Like King Solomon said ...it is all pointless. Give it up and look after your children.

Anonymous said...

If you're living under a dictatorship and strangers come to your door claiming to be doing a "survey" regarding your views towards the dictatorship, who wouldn't say they support the government?! I know I would.

But really, I think that many of them deserve to hang.

vere-vaka-bau said...

@ Kai Bau ....we are on the same page bro'. Ke rawa ni da sa tucake mada me sa cakacakataki na vosa taucoko e sa cauraki tiko.

Anonymous said...

Meli committed treason against Fiji. He's the despot's son. He's almost surely been on this website many times to defend the illegal regime. Why wouldn't he be fair game?

Fark Fanning said...

Mark Manning, it wasn't his mistake but yours.

You didn't imply that behind every TRC recommendation was someone FROM THE REGIME who's a coupist with his hand up your sulu. You said that anyone who advocated a TRC was that way.

That would mean whether they're from the regime or not.

You say he has it back to front, but it's the other way around. YOU do, silly!

Anonymous said...

kai viti kali batt.
abhi muslim gad maro kaiviti aur sab julum jameen convert karo native se freehold.
kaiviti bano muslim slave.
sab ratu liumuri karo vanua aur paisa leo muslim see.

Sotia ni solisona said...

@anonymous 11:54
You sound like Frank himself.

Frank used to talk like this in 2006-7.
Are you his son Meli or his other son Kamlesh?

You were going well there until you revealed your stupidity at the end.

Anonymous said...

@ annon 11:54am Feb 24...

I take that on the chin as a full blooded Kai Fijian as you put it . Your observation however reflects the undeniable truth that the Kai Fijians live in their God given land called Fiji and have been used and misled by people who have been blessed to have lived along side them.

rajend naidu said...

New York Times breaking news (22/2) 'Ukraine President Flees Palace as Protesters Widen Control'.
The Ukraine President made a very fundamental mistake. He underestimated the will of the people. History has demonstrated time and again that dictators and autocrats do that at their own peril.
Never mess round with Peoples' Power!
They can kick you out with the vote or the boot.
Ukraine's President got the boot.
This must again serve notice on other autocratic leaders elsewhere.
Beware of the Power of the People.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Let the truth be known says..

Ohh I forgot to add very important bit...

- Who has misled the Kai Fijian in all these atrocities - Kai Fijian.

- Who does the Kai Fijian blame for the position Fiji is in today - Anyone else who is not black, has maji hair...shocked...dont be..if your from lau - your Tongan...if your fair skinned Kai Fijian, your a kai loma.

- Typical Kai Fijian rhetoric, 'It is not the Kai Fijians fault because this land is God's gift to a Kai Fijian....and I thought it was a gift to the human race.
Kai Fijians live in their God

- If one asks, who wrote this blog to a Kai Fijian, he will most likely respond, someone who is not a Kai Fijian.

God Bless you and your hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Take a chapter out of whats happening at the Ukraine and perhaps the Kai Fijian may grow some nuts and call themselves Kai Viti.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:54am.....really...are you really a full blooded Kai Fijian. Please explain what that means to you to be full blooded Kai Fijian. Do you mean to tell me the blood of a Kai Fijian is different from any other race. Or perhaps the smell or the way it flows. Please do exlpain your full blood benefits that make you...a full blooded Kai Fijian. I must be missing something here. FULL BLOODED KAI FIJIAN...WOW ITS 2014 AND nothing seizes to amaze me anymore about the Kai Fijian. Oh by the way...tell me Kai Fijian, what did you have for breakfast this morning. If you already had lunch, tell me what you had for lunch. I really need to establish my pride to call myself a Kai Fijian because Im lost with the blood thingy and skin color, hair type issues that will make one entitled to Full Blood status...

Anonymous said...

@ Soldier who gives his arse

- ahhh another Kai Fijian here and he calls his blog gie me your arse.

Is that how you traslate your blog name...Sotia ni Soli Sona.

Sotia is translated soldier
Soli translates to give
Sona is your arse...

If you stop giving your arse around and speak from your arse hole..perhaps you will make some sense or perhaps, the fart that blows through those cheeks will smell different and reveal your true origin....You definitely should examine your moral.....or have ll you Kai Fijian lost it.

Anonymous said...

Glad to learn that the kai idia have no blame whatsoever for Fji's problems. Glad to know none of them are co-treasonists with Frank. Let the truth be known. Right!

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 4:35pm...here we go again..another Kai Fijian throwing it at the Kai Indian again...gotta pass the buck dont you. Look through the hole created by Soldier give his arse and you will see first yourself than the Kai Indian standing beside you...you know the truth stop pushing your agenda of fault because;
- I did not see any kai Indian looting
- Kai Indian raping
- Kai Indian thieving
- Kai Indian murdering
- Kai Indian - sabotaging

and the list goes on...once you look through the soldiers arse, it will reveal itself...

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, don't piss on my back and tell me it's raining.

I interpreted your writing just as it was written. I didn't infer anything except what was implied.

I didn't go off half-cocked. You sent posted comments full of thoughts only half-baked.

I didn't misconstrue your comment. I gave it the most logical construction. If you meant something else, then it means you mistated yourself in the first place.

Who's talking about setting up aT&RC for the purpose of letting the guilty off scot-free? Who? Give me one name.

A T&RC isn't going to reconcile anything if it let's the guilty off scot-free. I'm not making a case for leniency here. What I want to see is justice, which is supposed to be the true end of government in the first place.

Nobody is "behind me" encouraging me to call for a T&RC and "with a hand up my sulu". I'm just listening to my better angels. So what you say about tongues is blasphemous.

You're not Fijian, and yet you don't hesitate to prescribe what's best for us. Be my guest. Sometimes people on the outside can see more than those of us next to the problem. But it's the height of arrogance for you to imply, again, that I might be a dupe or worse, when all I'm doing is calling for a special tribunal to review every case stemming from Fiji's coups, in search of truth, justice, reconciliation, and compensation!

Or am I misconstruing you yet again? Maybe you meant to say that it's your tongue in the butt. Yes, as I re-read it with the understanding that it's your tongue in the butt, I see and hear the difference.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:45, if you don't see those things, it's because you're not reading any newspapers.

Before you criticise the mote in your neighbour's eye, better remove the plank from your own.

Anonymous said...

@ Annon 3:28pm..the answer to your q's in the simplest of terms is this..I am registered in the 'Vola-ni-Kawabula'
My personal details as recorded therein and as it appears on my Birth Certificate indicate that I have a village that happens to be my Father's which consist of 5 i- tokatokas that make up our Mataqali, 5 Mataqalis which form our Yavusa all living in one village. All this extended family ties is very much part of my existence and that includes my rights to land ownership which is mine by birth..!!!now that the description of a full blooded Kai Fijian as I see and mean.
Unfortunately you see skin colour/hair texture and what not which make you sound like an ass.... or a racist maybe would be more accurate.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning Luveni maga bona o tinamu

Nepotism at USP said...

Rajesh Chandra recruited Jai Kumar as director marketing ( husband of Premilla Kumar – Consumer Council) without any advertisement.

Jai Kumar has no relevant qualification.

This is nepotism and corruption.

Premilla Kumar talks a lot but see these thugs.

Why can’t she talks about this nepotism at USP.

Jai Kumar is not even qualified for this post.

Jai Kumar was sacked by government.

USP has no creditability under Rajesh Chandra.

Chaos at USP said...


USP’s suddenly departing journalism head Ian Weber has taken to Facebook to try to justify quitting just as the new year begins.
Once again USP journalism students suffer as staff come and go.
Meanwhile, over at the growing Fiji National University there is much more stability. FNU’s journalism programme is getting increasing placement of its students in industry jobs.
Wonder why that is?

mark manning said...

@ Fark Fanning 251 p.m.
You are mistaken!
"Behind each recommendation for T & R Comm. is someone responsible and accountable for this coup d'etat with their hand up someone's Sulu or tongue up someone's butt or in their ear"!!

"BEHIND" being the operative word.
I did not say that everyone making a recommendation for a T. & R. C. has their hand up someone's Sulu or has someone's hand up their Sulu

You silly!!

mark manning said...

@ anonymous 503 p.m.
No pissing!
If you can pull it off successfully, that would be great, but I still have my doubts because there are just too many variables etc.
You are right, it's not my place to tell Fijians what to do and if everyone wants me to stop contributing, I'm more than happy to stop contributing on all the blog sites and with the FDFM!

Samu Domo said...

Mark Manning....please carry on blogging. Many of us Fijians agree with your posts...you fight for truth, justice and fai go,

Carry on....YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO HAVE A VOICE and fight for freedom for Fiji.

Kai Bau said...

Mark Manning stop defending yourself,its a sign of weakness on your part.You are the one who started the poking game so whats now?when you are poked back you seems to give in a lot of excusses.If you want to poke than take it as well like a good democracy advocator .Take the war to them dont bring it onto you.I was thinking of voting you as our PM but you are crumbling by the first wave of attack.But anyway thank you for fighting for my freedom all this time and I wish you well for your future endevour.Last but not least just cover your backside and fight back.Dont turn your back to the enermy or they will poke you from behind very badly my friend

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning, no one asked you to stop contributing, you silly. They invited your contributions. They just asked you to stop making rash statements impugning their honour and then offering up half-hearted apologies and lame excuses in your defence.

Shit happening too often at USP said...

The USP must be enjoying its reputation for having their internal mismanagement woes making headlines every so often?

This is symptomatic of a senior management team doing everything EXCEPT manage the institution.

Heads should be rolling from the very top because the credibiity of this institution of higher learning depreciates with every drama. It is getting embarrassing.

The USP Council needs to sort this shit out or else Pacific Forum leaders need to wade in. Fiji can no longer continue to hold the rest of the USP members at ransom just because it is the host country & has the largest numbers.

Anonymous said...

Hello!!! Annon @ 3:28pm...are you satisfied with my answer to your questions in my 6:15pm post.
Can you give me English word or intepretation of the Kai Fijian word Kawa-i-Taukei ?

Anonymous said...

Ukraine's deposed PM Viktor Yanukovich has fled Kiev and is now hiding out to avoid prison for the mass murder of protestors. He's presently shacking up with Peter Foster at Pacific Harbour. He's our back-up dictatot in case something happens to this one.

Shit happening at USP said...

Venezuela : Students take to the street to demand change .
Fiji : USP students beg for more shit to be dumped on them!
the university students should not waste their time listening to Dr Kedreyaki or anybody from the USP establishment.

They should march up to the VC office and grab hold of the VC and take him to the USP swimming pool for a dip !!

true Banana Republic deserves a Banana University.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 1:57am and 3:28pm


A bonafide human being laying claim to a property that neither belongs to him or his ancestors.

Being a kai fijian...I am sure you are a God fearing man or woman and go to church.

I am sure you believe that God has given you the right as a created, to use his creation for your benefit and to respect his creation and that includes all other living creatures, for the very very very short period you have been given life.

Vola ni kawa bula......all Kai Fijian's need to be allowed to have your history and roots identified because you my friend, are possibly one of the many kai Fijian who is confused with the whole situation.

- You lay claim to a land you do not utilise.
- Most kai fijian today do not know their history so they do not know who they are
- cannot perform the simple fijian protocol of sevusevu.
- call themselves a man from such and such village but speak Bauan.
- 70% of your women do not have afros....man I like afros and ironing hairs look ridiculous especially for maji hair.
- 99% of all villages have experienced urban drift.
99% of all villages are arguing who should be chief and who owns a piece of land.
- Majority of villages in Vitilevu relying on the Hotel Industry and this includes Yasawa and Mamanuca prefer to buy tavioka and fish from the market than plant their own.

I can carry on and on and tell you why you have no real pride in being called a kai fijian other than this political belief that you are the natural landowner but it will serve no purpose. As it is, you have been up till 1:57am late at night wasting your time on this site and probably drinking kava. Your probably asleep right now and will wake up soon to read my response, get offended and right something stupid as in the case that has been happening on this blog.

Want to do something productive...
- you wont find it here...

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

The truth is your God has given you Frank as your salvation.

Just thank your God that he has given you life.

You too will perish and speaking evil shows the evil you have in your own heart.

The truth...lol..you refuse to look at the truth. You looking at what you believe is the truth.

Anonymous said...

Can FNPF also advise what's the stance on staff having affairs amongst themselves.. especially Admin section Team Leader Frank Ryland having it with the Manager.. just that they have just been to the North and West and also shared the same room as it is a cost saving for the FUND... Good FNPF you have church service and yet people leading it are a scam with it just covering their wrong doing.. Both have been also spotted working late @ night..

Anonymous said...

Frank is our salvation? Hahahaha!

Woohoo! Did someone ever drink the Koolaid!

Listen, I've got a bridge I'd like to sell you . . .

mark manning said...

ok, but I need to be controversial in order to get the responses I need to gauge what people really think on different topics. I'll try and be more sensitive to Fijians sensitivities, sensitively!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:54PM what's wrong you jealous. Was someone raped?? If they are two consenting adults than let them be. Or if you jealous than give yourself to the guy to bang you too.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11.35pm, so in other words you condone the act.. No wonder we proclaim to be Christians but our actions due defer from the actual.. instead of trying to put a stop to it, you offer yourself to be humped by the guy.. We @ FNPF don't like what we see, and since we are custodians of the peoples fund our actions should be of good reflection too.. Why do you think CEO has asked us to have group church service.. To repent and lead the organization towards the betterment.. Securing Our Future...

mark manning said...

By the way, a good leader knows when to acquiesce, which is different to capitulating. Fiji's circumstances have only ever been able to sorted, by Fijians. a good leader knows this.

mark manning said...

A anon 1131 p.m.
You are an infant with an infants thinking!

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning...an infant tells it like he sees it and unfortunately most times, infants speak the truth...

If you have so much passion with the country and despite being abused and what not...mate take it to Fiji and in Franks face. You know for yourself that most of the Europeans and other races that once supported Frank when he executed the coup in 2006, have made an about turn realising Frank is a loose cannon. Rally your support from there. Start with the likes of Rickman, Harness, Eastgate, McElraths etc...These guys and many more have realised how stupid Frank really is. They need a Chief like the Kai Fijian needs real Chiefs. Most of their Chiefs are useless and have no guts and lead from the Tanoa and table. So the Kai Fijian how it should be done and they will follow you....Just like they followed Georgie...

Sudesh Mishra's Big Man Crush said...

The joke among USP journalism students is that Sudesh Mishra has a big man-crush on Doctor Matthew Thompson, who was hired without any consultation with Ian Weber. As Dr Weber says, Mathew is a creative writer with no journalism degrees or media studies degrees.

Sudesh Miishra is giving jobs and Fiji holidays to his Australian buddies at the expense our education. Everyone know he is VC Rajesh Chandra’s pet boy so he can do as he pleases.

The USP Circus said...

Hahaha, USP is such a circus. One drama after another. This Sudesh Mishra chap has been in the news before for the wrong reasons. He is damaging the USP brand. The VC should cut him loose to save his reputation and USP's reputation.

Colonised Mind said...

We had people like Professor Sudesh Mishra at a regional institution I used to work at. We called such people colour blind. Such people can see the achievements of white expatriates but are blind to their faults. They can see the faults of local people, but are blind to their achievements. This condition is the outcome of a colonised mind.

An embarrassment and a nuisance said...

From the outside, it seems USP has a disaster-prone head of school in Sudesh Mishra. Apart from a nuisance for students, this professor is an embarrassment for USP.

Anonymous said...

It seems he is not am embarrassment for VC since everything Sudesh does has been ignored. Unprofessional behavior :ok by vc, multiple harassment cases against him:ok by vc, threatening staff:ok by vc, swearing at SMT including vc in public:ok by vc, poor management :ok by vc, getting incompetent white academics:ok by vc, firing pacific academics:ok by vc,no planning:ok by vc,disrespecting Pacific Islanders: ok by vc, coming drunk and late to meetings:ok by vc. Wonder what hold does this fork and knife idiotic, psychotic has over vc.

Anonymous said...

Anony@ 3.39pm, USP VC Rajesh Chandra is scared of Prof Sudesh Mishra. Or they could be related? I have no other explanation for why he tolerates this nuisance.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.39pm, I have to say that our head of school judges people by their skin colour, not by their record. For him, white is right. I have witnessed this as a junior USP SLAM staff in recent years.

For Prof Mishra white skin will always have an advantage over brown or black skin.

Prof Mishra is always praising white members of the staff staff, but he won't even glance at us junior staff who have wrong skin colour. For him we are invisible.

For Prof Mishra if you are white, you must be better. This has resulted seen some disastrous appointments in journalism.

Poor professor Mishra does this without realising it! So in a way, he is to be pitied.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget when Sudesh sees himself he thinks he is a white.his 1st wife was a white, then he committed adultery then married another.he wants so much to be a white that he is scared to talk or be friends with any non white.so why would he recognize you junior ones.for him all of you are useless nobodies. Me believes he thinks he is a Brahman from India and all Pacific Islanders are untouchables. Even your shadow can pollute him. He can't think straight without alcohol or ganjhaa. Maybe vc and he are good drinking buddies or sth. thats why he gets away with all torture and crimes.

Sardhar of USP said...

Sudesh Mishra has beome legendary at USP for his largess towards white academics. He is the Sardhar of USP. The good professor has successfully re-colonised the school of literature and language.

USP Leaks said...

Anon Feb 27, 3:39 PM I was I was at the USP function where a drunk Prof Sudesh Mishra swore at senior staff, because, I believe, he did not get some award. What a dork! We were all stunned. I have been informed that Prof Mishra has since apologised with his tail between his legs, and the VC has forgiven him. The question we staff are asking is why didn't prof Mishra face a disciplinary hearing? Would VC Rajesh Chandra have forgiven other staff had they behaved this way? I am now becoming more that Prof Mishra is the VC's blue-eyed boy.

Anonymous said...

For as long as VC is around, he will keep licking puppies like Sudesh around. Sudesh has no where else to go. No universities recognized his work-poor bloke. No one made him a professor until he came to FNU. He didn't last there long too. Like everywhere else he created trouble,was totally a useless bugger and fought with everyone. Heard he beat someone up after drinking. At USP he has fought, bullied,harassed and sworn at everyone . But being blue eyed licking puppy helps. One wonders if his tongue will be good enough for the purpose it is gifted to a human after all the licking he does. Keep up the good work Sudesh. VC needs people like you around him-after all he doesn't have many around him.

USP VC Rajesh Chandra a.k.a regime goli said...

USP VC Rajesh Chandra is a regime goli (genital), a weak man who sold out USP and betrayed academic freedom. he uses people like Prof Sudesh Mishea as a crutch. Bt Sudesh Mishra is a disaster who id giving rajesh a bad name.

Cowardly University of the South Pacific Pro-regime policy behind student threats said...

Student activists were warned and threatened at Fiji's University of the South Pacific ahead of a lecture series presented by the Indonesian government on Tuesday night.

Fiji Women's Crisis Centre Director, Shamima Ali, said USP security guards, prompted by Special Branch officers, warned students not to wear or carry anti-Indonesian material.

An activist said today students were told they "can be kicked out of the university" if they protested.

The revelations came as Fijian artist Seru Serevi launched Rise Morning Star, a single calling for Indonesia to leave West Papua.

It also calls for Pacific islanders to rally behind the people of West Papua to push Indonesia out.