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Sunday, February 2, 2014

PDP founding member quits after 'fundamental disagreements'

Party members narked at Singh pre-empting party policies to media



This morning I informed the Interim President of the Peoples Democratic Party, Adi Sivia Qoro, of my decision to resign from the Peoples Democratic Party and relinquish my position as the founding member of the Party. 

Since actions of this kind are always the subject of rumors, gossip and speculation, it is only politically prudent to make the reasons for this action known to the people of Fiji. My reason for resigning from the party is based on a fundamental disagreement with several issues.  

As you would have noted, there have been several conflicting statements released from the party in recent times and this does not augur well for the reputation, well-being and unity within the party. We have been in the news recently for all the wrong reasons and this is affecting PDP’s profile and credibility among our people.

I am dispensable – the party is indispensable! 

I must admit here that the policies of the party expressed so far in the media were mostly articulated by me and this has not gone down well with some founding members and this was done in absence of party having any firmed up policies. I take responsibility for uttering those policies and will leave up to my promise to the people to deliver on those policies once I decide my political future.

I strongly believe that we have to serve the people of Fiji and not one segment of the society, no matter who was instrumental in forming the party. We must represent the interest of all the people of our country.

For sake of unity in the party, for the sake of consistency in the party and for the sake of the interest of the people we serve it is important for me to step aside, which I am doing so with immediate effect.

For my part, I intend to remain politically active and continue to serve my country as a grassroots citizen.  

We all individually and collectively as the citizen owe it to our country, our people and our future generations to serve in the national interest of Fiji.  For me personally, I have been brought up by my parents under extreme poverty and struggle.  

Today we, as a family, have achieved a lot and I give all the credit to my parents and my motherland and they have brought us to where we are today. My parents have departed this world and it’s my moral responsibility to give back to my land without any self-interest so that our children can have a better future than us.

I have also spent seventeen years of my life working for the greatest democracy in the world – The United States.  I have been in the forefront of promoting US Foreign Policy on Democracy, Human rights, freedom and rule of law.  These values are very strongly engrained in me.  

I also strongly believe in the rights and aspirations of our indigenous people and will work towards reforming and strengthening their institutions. 

I will continue to speak up on issues important for our country and strive towards the goal of encouraging a new generation of leaders to take the political leadership of this country.  

We, as a nation, are guilty of what our nation has been going through since 1987. We collectively have to take responsibility and we collectively have to address this situation.  We need to move forward as a nation. Let’s learn from the past events but let not even think about going to those days again. 

I will disclose my future political plans in due course.  I thank the media, people of Fiji, political, community, business leaders for your support and encouragement during my term as the member and spokesman for the Peoples Democratic Party. I will continue to serve you with the best of my ability. 

I wish the Peoples Democratic Party all the best in its future endeavours.

Nirmal Singh


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Anonymous said...

Damn! God damn mother f....r Nirmole!
Ain't gonna happen baby!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Nothing is going to happen to the government of the day; there will be no elections until 2020. Our biggest problem is that there is so much greed and backstabbing within the i-taukei race. Division in politics, division in church, division at home and division in the village. If you truly want to remove this government, you have to be truly united. Otherwise don't bother wasting your time trying to garner support through c4.5. For those trying to sound macho on this blog, "quit that shit". You are all paralysed with fear. If you weren't you would have done something by now. Some of you may have calling on ancestral forces to help you but they are not responding.......why is that? Because they are already part of the what's been happening since 2006. That's why your curses on Bainimarama, Khaiyum and the military have not been working.

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