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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Canadian tourist raped in Fiji

An elderly Canadian couple who came to Fiji to have a short holiday have left the country after they were robbed and the woman raped. 

The assault has NOT been reported in any Fiji media as the Fiji Police has refused to comment or confirm the attack.

Coup 4.5 has, however, been given details of the incident, which happened three days ago (Monday March 10) at a private villa in Rakiraki called Starfish Blue.

The Starfish villa is located in an area where several other hotels and back-packer accommodation is available. 

Villa attack by three men on 53 year old Canadian tourist.

Reports say the couple, who are in their fifties, were asleep when three Fijian males forced their way into the villa. Two of them used a cane-knife to threaten the man and pulled him outside the villa.

The third male then raped the 53 year old woman. 

According to reports, police have been investigating on a 24 hour basis but have no leads.

The couple were so distraught, they decided to leave Fiji and return home. 

The woman refused to stay in the country telling police she can't go through the trauma of waiting around to identify the rapist, if, and when he is caught.

According to our sources, the Fiji Police has been told there cannot by any publicity on the assault because it will harm Fiji’s image overseas.

The couple had arrived in Fiji on February the 24th.


Anonymous said...

AG's standing instructions as Minister of Tourism. The lies and deceit continues.............for how long?

Anonymous said...

Fiji is coup country under a dictatorship . There is no real Rule of Law. Worse still it has become a country lacking in RESPECT both for its own citizens and for visitors.
This is an henious crime that has been reported to police but not reported in the local media. That must say a lot about what kind of country Fiji is currently.
It is not a safe country - not for its own people;not for tourist.
How many other rape cases go unreported because toursit victims just want to get out of the country?
This trio thugs who carried out this rape - is this their first?
I don't think so. I think they have been preying on tourist who come here and let their guards down thinking why worry - we are in paradise.
My heart goes out to the Canadian woman who was raped and her partner for the trauma they have suffered visiting my home country.

Anonymous said...

Kerekere ke rawa mada ni dua na sotia biuta mada e dua na sicini na qavokavoka nei Khaiyum...sa dua dina ka Kaidia lasulasu ka qai viavialevu! Sa vakadomobula saraga na nona dokadoka!

Anonymous said...

Nothing new here. I remember during Qarese government even Australian ambassador was beaten and robbed. Maybe its about time the so called greater then god himself Fijian Christians be told to go and wank instead of raping their mothers, sisters, helpless child and tourist.

Anonymous said...

It is very sad that this has happened but most tourists would realise that this is something that can unfortunately also happen anywhere.

This does not make it acceptable or any less serious or less newsworthy. In fact it is the media's responsibility to report this to make others aware.

What is especially sad about this happening in Fiji is that for such a small population who continuously boast their religious Christian ways and followings they are a total bunch of dumb hypocrites.

Rape of children by parents and relatives is a daily occurrence in the media so is it any surprise that these bible bashing cult followers have raised and bought up such disgusting trash that consider 53 year old female tourists fair game for rape as well as children?

Snouts in tough galore at USP said...

@why USP should sack VC Rajesh Chandra, you are spot on about oversized bureaucracy at USP. One example of a pig with snout in tough is Esther Williams. Rajesh Chandra extended his friend's fat contract.

All she does is greet and meet visitors. Another Rajesh Chandra lackey, Jai Kumar, the unqualified director of marketing and development, publicises Esther's meet and greets to give a semblance that all is well. Can a third world university afford a full-time greet/meet position? Why can't the salary be used to create another lecturer position?

The trend in USP since Rajesh took over is more admin and less teaching staff ratio. It is beyond a fucking joke, how USP is run.

Anonymous said...

@Snouts 2:12 PM

Obviously another failed student or staff member with an anti USP fetish.

Get over it and move on.

Anonymous said...

What else can we do about crimes when the “MAN HIMSELF”, a Christian,THE Prime Minster of Fiji and the high Chief of Kiuva, Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama, is still free outside after he committed very very very serious crimes of Treasons and Murder in Fiji ?

Anon: March 13, 2014 at 1:22 PM, Anon: March 13, 2014 at 1:28 PM
Anon: March 13, 2014 at 1:41 PM

Stop right there, Hindu rape Hindu in India, Islam rape Muslim in Afghanistan, Pakistan, Bhudist rape Chinese in China and so on. One day you all will rape your daughters respectively the way you condemning other Christian in Fiji. Stop being so rude during this difficult time because. You are leading our peaceful society with that kind of evil thinking when the bad situation comes in.

I will tell you this to understand the seriousness of your leading statements placed publicly and so as my reply to you all. Can you stop me if I forced you to rape your only daughter under my threats and torturing in your own house during racial bloodshed and wars in Fiji, if it happens? You do not have any more strength to face 50 of us bastards inside your house, some raping your wife and sisters, grandmother too, maybe? Please be sensible and refrain from attacking religious bodies openly here.

The only people who committed crimes are the one who lost their faith in their God, they are backsliders, never read their Bible, Koran and Ramayan, never go to churches and temples but they believe and worship the devil Satan and other local demons inside night clubs and hotels.

Ask Kaiyum why he extended the hours of the night clubs until morning 7 days a week?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:27 PM

You are obviously someone that recognises your own failings and problems and just hates to hear the truth.

Anonymous said...

@Amonymous 2:27 PM

It's the ones outside of the night clubs and hotels you need to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.27

We not talking about India or Muslims here.

We talking about morons who hold bible Sunday morning and commit rape in the afternoon.

Hindus and Muslims are just as bad but don't hold their holy book in one hand and steal from the other.

USP School of Education Lecturer said...

@snouts in trough, you are right, school of education needs overhaul. Problem is VC Rajesh Chandra wants improvements but he keeps shrinking budget. He is too chicken to ask regional governments for the budget increases needed to improve things.

There is no budget limits for Rajesh's office, though. Yes, he is wasting money by reappointing Esther Williams. Rajesh Chandra is not concerned about future, he is only concerned about his term.He is doing all he can to make himself look good but is all very superficial.

Rajesh has bought off our staff union president Govind Lingham with promotion to Associate Professor. None of us think Govind is not academically fit to be associate professor. Neither is Angela Johan. Both were rewarded for arse licking and loyalty to Rajesh. Just like marketing and development director, Jai Kumar.

This is the kind of skulduggery happening at USP, as reported by FijiLeaks.

Anonymous said...

Anon 02.27

What's your point, you seem to talk about apple while rest are talking about orange

Anonymous said...

To the idiot who is writing about USP and VC.

you seem to repeat same thing day in day out, this is not forum for USP complaints. You have made your point.

If you have nothing new to say, then fuck off.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:44 PM

Well said.

It's like a stuck gramophone record repeating the same old regurgitated squeal every day.

Talk about making a spectacle of yourself, this moron wins all the prizes.

Anonymous said...

To the person writing about USP, keep it up please. We never saw USP in that light before. Keep shining the the light in the dark corners. The information and analysis you are proving is gold. Why isn't the media doing anything? Don't worry of some people are getting uncomfortable. Probably friends of the VC. Ignore them. This is an open forum.

Anonymous said...

@ USP fetish 3:52 PM

"" The information and analysis you are proving is gold.""

Obviously written by someone that finds USP of more use for their schoolgirl gossip fetish than learning.

So where's this proof moron?

Anonymous said...

I guess those writing about USP would have not done the same if there was a iTaukei VC. Sour grape!.

As about rape case, such behavior should not be tolerated and shame on police for not acting fast.

Anonymous said...

Anon:March 13, 2014 at 2:36 PM

You dead right,I am a former rapist,drunkard, robbery with violence, prowler, killer,a bloody notorious criminal with over 100 previous conviction. Jesus Christ and His Bible saved me from Prison. My fellow brother inmates Muslim and Hindu experienced the same with their Koran and Ramayan. We love to see bloods from women's pants and bleeding from men's faces and comments such as yours carry us back to our evil memory lanes. It is easy to do it and going back to Prison is not a problem.

Namela Ratu said...

"because it will harm Fiji’s image overseas" my foot, what a bloody excuse AND reason not publisize the crime on an elderly women who has saved a long time to visit Fiji...worrying more about the Fiji reputation as priority over the safety, welfare, and quality of the life of our elderly visitor from overses????IS this the principle, morale, and respect of a human being Fiji upholds?? If so I am ashamed to be a Fijian...I think the Policeman is an idiot, does not value human life. Bugger the reputation of Fiji which is bottom low thanks to the Police and Military who have demonised local population with murders, tortures, lies, fraudulent unaccountable governance and pure criminality. THEESE REFLRCT Bainimarama's ILLEGAL RULE ON FIJI.

This is why we need to return to democracy quickly to bring back human values into Fiji law enforcement and administration in general


Anonymous said...

How did the rape merit the anti-Christian comments? You assume the thugs were chuch-going Christians, but that's purely an assumption on your part.

If a tree falls in the woods, but there's nobody there to hear it, does it make a sound? The regime seems to think that by preventing the publication of such news, it will all go away. They don't want the world to know how fucked up the New Fiji really is.

The same will happen with the elections. The regime wilk rape the voters and then order us not to complain. The outside world will remain oblivious and things here will only get worse.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Everyone shoukd applaud FJtv and FJ1, for the love lust sequels they have daily from 10am to 230pm. Way to go

Anonymous said...

The CRW asked for it with their rambo-like behaviour in camp. They began to believe all the bullshit media was writing about them - crack forces, Mr White, invisible man and other rubbish.

Bit it was not a movie.

Sorry, they, CRW started it. They became feral and turned on their own kind. The anger among loyal troops was uncontrollable after they shot a fellow kaiviti soldier in his sleep - a traitorous, cowardly and most low-down action on the apart of any soldier - kill a sleeping trooper in his sleep.

CRW destroyed FMF unity and brotherhood. if they had not committed cold-blooded murder, they would be alive. After they killed a brother, there was no holding back. It became an eye for an eye. In the heat of the moment there was no time to reconsider. For the first time in history, our base was under attack - by traitors from within. Some bastards on this blog can see only one side: CRW started the whole thing. that's the only reason they died.

Anonymous said...

When you point with one finger, four other fingers point back at you.

Anonymous said...

The idiot above talking about the PM salary needs a VUDI. The PM's pay is not less than other ministers but less than the permanent secretaries. Boci read what he said. Don't worry when he is required to reveal his salary etc as required when he registers his party all the documentary evidence will be presented by ministry of fiancé. All people like you,Teimumu, Chodory and the likes will then be the idiots for rumour mongering and plain bullshit. Pd having bigger pay than PM is normal and has been the case in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

just to balance the reporting. In India today, 50 women in rural areas were raped. In Australia, Daniel Morcombe's killer was found guilty of his attempted rape and subsequently murder.
mark pls comment.

Anonymous said...

moron23.32pm. you say.."Hindus and Muslims are just as bad but don't hold their holy book in one hand and steal from the other". Yeah, they get their fathers to do it. racist prick.

Anonymous said...

@ March 13, 2014 at 7:32 PM - Anonymous Commented on : canadian tourist raped in fiji

Soldier that is why you are supposed to be disciplined forces. Especially when you are in your own country. Turning it into a battle field. Escalating the issue. This is what leadership comes into play in moments like. Peacekeeping forces especially. Sorry you are all just like the CRW. Thugs and men of unbridled violence

Anonymous said...

There seem to be some misundersanding going on between the Ministry of Education and the AG's office with regards to prayers/ devotions in Fiji schools.
This is because, the constitution 2013 says something else and the AG is saying something else.
This country accepted Christianity in 1835 well before any government or other godesses arrived here. That is the Christian God that Fiji, and its ancestoral people place as number here in this country.
All other godesses have been given room to be worshipped but not to be elevated to the Most High God of All.
A vote for the Bainimarama government is a vote for the confusion of the God of these islands, whose chiefs dedicated their lands and people to years before government were formed, trade and economic relations started.
Who is the AG to try and define for the God that we want to worship and where we want to worship. What he is trying to do is to relegate God Almighty to be of the same level as Mohammed, Rama, Vishnu, Sai Baba etc, etc,,
They can be worshipped here in Fiji, but the God of. God, King of Kings, and Lord of. Lords, reigns supreme not only for Fiji but for the greater world.
The illegal 2013 constitution is too small for this Great God. Greater constitutions and nations have testified Jehovah the Alpha and Omega, what is this illegal regime trying to definine for our country and young generations in schools?
It is better for the illegal AG to privately seek how he could harmonise his muslim belief with the greater. Christian belief in Fiji where his fmily has been allowed to worship feely for years, rather than trying to reduce religious expressions to be private acts whereby the Christian faith of the majority of the Kai Viti is relegated.
Christianity in Fiji will continue to heard from rooftops, schools, villages, homes, military camps locally and overseas, war zones, and no illegal constitution is going to stop that.
The faith of thousands of years of GOD's people and nations is just too great to and too big for an illegal constituion to relegate.
The Holy Bible in the Book of Exodus 20 :3 The Lord God said ' Thou shall have no other gods before me'

People like Bainimarama, Bole and Khaiyum should understand this verse and follow it for the people of God that they claim to be leading.

mark manning said...

Rape on anyone, is a sexual act, an act of violence and intimidation.
It is a crime in any Civilised Society.
I'm not sure which is the more frightening, the torture and killing of the unarmed CRW Soldiers or people's justification for it!
It seems nothing has been learnt from the tragedies of the past, so let's just drag it with us, into the future!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:45 PM

You must be reading things into the posts that are not there.

There's not a single 'anti Christian' comment.

What there is are comments regarding the fact that for a country that has so many boasting and grandstanding their Christianity it's amazing such behaviour is a daily occurrence.

That is not 'anti Christian' it is questioning the supposed Christianity that so many boast but manage to spawn such lowlife.

Ratu Vore said...

Rape is an individual choice of people and we all do not agree with such a violent act. We must all condemn this act rather then blaming Christians.

The Vore raped the nation and imposed his authoritative decree on the Citizens of this nation.

No body must vote for this kind of wannabe leaders.

Vote for the grand coalition and you vote for justice and anti corruption.




Commodore Frank Bainimarama said...

I've raped Fijians since 2006.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:41 PM

"" Vote for the grand coalition and you vote for justice and anti corruption.""

Are you referring to the imaginary one that a certain party is suggesting as fact to help it gain support?

Anonymous said...

anon 7.32 pm....a question for you...did you ask the CRW's WHY and WHAT'S the reason behind that makes them started mutiny.? if you know nothing then JUST SHUT UP....must b a regime supporta..eehh

Anonymous said...

well said 8.41 pm....fed up of seeing this parrot nose PM ...plus his mongoose look alike daughter @ sports council....

Anonymous said...

A 20-year-old woman has been raped in public by as many as 12 men on the orders of tribal elders in a village in eastern India, according to local police....In India if girls look sexy, boys will rape!

Anonymous said...

That was ages ago and besides what has what happens elsewhere got to do with Fiji?

Mereisi Mate said...

Another prisoner tortured TO DEATH in prison and officers blame the death on Dengue fever.

Authorities here in Police and Military care less about human lives as they did to the elderly lady from CANADA VISITING fIJI

A healthy looking Viliame Tawake before going to prison.

Families of Mr Tawake said that the injuries on his face and body are inconsistent with what the Authorities are claiming as the cause of death.

A CONVICTED inmate who died in his prison cell on Sunday 02nd of March and buried last Saturday 8th of March at the Nasinu Cemetry has been claimed to have been severely beaten due to injuries found on his body.

The deceased Viliame Tawake, 38, was sentenced to nine months imprisonment by Magistrate Chaitanya Lakshman on January 18 this year.

Tawake's wife, Makarita Maria, told Fiji Times that what saddened her most was that those responsible for her husband's welfare at the Suva Corrections Centre did not try to contact her when her husband was ill.

"Sa rui rarawa valevu na yaloqu ni sega ni dua me bau qiriti au mai, ni ratou tukuna ni a kau i valenibula o koya," Ms Maria said (I am so disappointed that the prison officers did not try and contact me because they said they took him to the hospital).


Ms Maria said she was only notified of her husband's death on Monday morning by three officers who visited her home in Raiwasa to convey the news.

She said the officers told her her husband was taken to hospital on Friday and Saturday but was only given ORS and that he could have died of dengue fever.

Claims received by Kacivaka Na Dina from his relatives said that the injuries seen on his face and body were inconsistent with what the Authorities are claiming to have been the cause of death.

"The injuries clearly showed that Vili was severely beaten. They said that he died from dengue fever but he's body was badly bruised and the family had to change his orange overalls with his body bits stuck to it", said a family member who wished to remain anonymous.

The Fiji Times reported the death in it's Saturday edition where Ms Maria said her two daughters had visited her husband on a Saturday two weeks ago and he appeared fine.

The family members are still waiting for the post mortem report.

The photos supplied below shows assault marks on the deceased, Viliame Tawake's face.

Anonymous said...

Didnt Lynda Tabuya speak at AGs conference and is also escaping charges of fraud in the US with her hubby (or ex)? Can someone investigate?
Some people on SDL list are parasites and shud be kicked out.
1 member of SDL Youth Committee in being investigated for micro finance fraud.
SDL - screen properly or suffer

Anonymous said...

So what is there is a rape - fail to understand why it here in blog,,,,,

Anonymous said...

Frank lies will never end .now he saying he is less paid than ps.
why was he paid leave pay when it was not owing.
What police/ficac doing. why cant they charge frank on this illegal leave pay corruption at highest level.
shame on this crook who promised good transparent,accountable govt .
go to hell frank/khaiyum liars mf bitch bajaru sonalevu.

Anonymous said...

Isa, May God comfort the family of Mr Tawake. Brings tears to my eyes reading about the kids.

I hope Frank gets behind this and truth comes out. 2 weeks for an autopsy is mighty long.

Frank our vote is counting on you investigating this..

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.06pm still much happening in ur motherland KAIDIA,tell ur KAIDIA,KAI MUSLIM,before you condemn someone else for a wrongful act, check your behavior and see if you too, have committed an act similar or even worse than the act that person has done. Then you won’t be in a position to judge...Viti Noqu Viti

Anonymous said...

mpc should tell the public why did he pay frank the leave pay ?
frank shouldnt contest the election bec he told fiji public no one will be allowed to contest election who are in interim govt of 2006.
why frank couldnt resigned and fought election in 2006.-lamu .no one would have voted him.
biggest liars are frank/khaiyum mf.

Anonymous said...

AG Haji khaiyum must tell fijian people that he plans to built big mosque in nasese reclaim land .
which will be funded by UAE.
Khaiyum dont beliver in christ but allah boci.

Anonymous said...

First rape democracy and the rule of law and the norms of good behaviour. Then rape the citizens of the country and any foreigner who objects to the rape ( eg phucking off the ambassadors of Aust and NZ). Then rape visitors to the country.

nah said...

get chodory mf cause of all evil in fiji for his own gains and his family

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

so what it has to do with the government of the day... During Qarase's time shit was happening. And to make it worse us I-taukei are on the top list.... So if u are a I-taukei keep it to ur self.

Sheik Sabir said...

Caesar, beware the Ides of March!

Anonymous said...

Bai reinterates that the people of Fiji are to make a clear choice in this election. Haven't we made that choice before the coup. This man is insane!
It is the army who made the choice of governement for the people, it's constitution and it's cabinet since the coup. So how can we citizens be reassured that it is going to be different this time?

Anonymous said...

Why are the regime supportas now defaming Christians?

How can they say in one breath "there's not a single anti-Christian comment" and then in the next that "supposed Christianity . . . spawned such low lifes"?

Where in the news story did it say that the rapists claimed to be Christian?

This regime has no fear of God. No fear of the coming judgment.

No wonder Fiji has come to such a pass. What else can we expect when its self-appointed leaders are godless?

Anonymous said...

You can expect more of the same and even worse. After all, Bainimarama's is the party of treason, debt, despotism and atheism.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry I will be able to pass on the report to all the Canadians and British tourists as I hold dual Canadian and British nationality. It is important to know you might be robbed and raped by thugs with big cane knives if you are an innocent tourist.

Anonymous said...

ASK promised full disclosure of salaries and assets nearly a year ago. It doesn't take THAT long to move assets to family members, numbered offshore accounts, and overseas shell companies. And since Aunty Nur is the accountant, what's to stop the regime from temporarily changing Bainimarama's salary in order to hide the fact that he's paid much more in the form of several cabinet salaries? They must have a lot to hide if it's taken them this long!

Anonymous said...

Go to India if you want to see rape. The world's rape capital. They do it as hobbies.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Mereisi Mate
Its a sad story.
I'm sorry for Mr Viliame Tawake's relatives and friends for their loss.

The System failed Mr Tawake at many levels.
Amazing that we are still waiting for the autopsy report and yet the authorities say he died from Dengue Fever.
Dont the doctors in Fiji have other diagnosis to consider?
I was just reading that a young healthy woman died in Lautoka Hospital last week trying to deliver her baby.
The doctors again said it was Dengue.
Dengue fever has now become a convenient excuse.
I wouldnt be surprised if this was an outright lie to throw off any attempt by the relatives to sue for negligence.

The Health System in Fiji is farked.
The doctors are shocking .
Honesty is very important in a doctor.
ie LIE and DENY.

In Mr Tawake's case the Prison System's lack of integrity is glaring.
There was much talk by BAINIMARAMA about his PINK RIBBON project and how the Prison System had undergone great improvement.
May be it was just for his criminal brother-in-law to escape jail.

This should be a lesson to everyone.
The Health System under SDL was so much better than what we have now.


All you Viliame Tawake's friends and relatives should vote SODELPA.
Lets get rid of this arsehole Bainimarama.
Bainimarama took money away from the Ministry of Health and put into the Army Budget.
And that's why the Health System is farked.

Anonymous said...

Pastor, do you seriously think that the police will tell you about the rape asshole? Stick to the pulpit and stay out of things that don't concern you asshole.

Furthermore, a pastor calling a party Soiled Diaper Party tells me that you're a fucking fraud. Pastors don't use that kind of language, so you are indeed a wannabe. Bastard.

Anonymous said...

Satan's pastor. Liar!

KUA NI RERE said...

Yes, I think this is Pastor Bainimarama.
This is the pastor we saw bowing his face to the Stone god in India and showing us his ugly arse.

He's going on again about his developments in Fiji.
His developments speak for itself.
More Poverty.
More malnutrition
More Rape
More Drug running.
More Corruption.


And now he's trying to make more Godless children at Suva Grammar School.

Pastor Bainimarama, you are a lying , pathetic, lowlife.

Anonymous said...

frank bainimarama is a compulsive liar and so is Aiyaz Khaiyum and the other regime cronies. they are birds of a feather flocking together.
watch them form a political party so that they can continue to party at public expense.
they want to continue in power to enjoy the perks, the paisa, and the privileges of power.
it's all a lie their claim to be concerned about giving the people of fiji good governance.
Don't vote for the bastards.

Anonymous said...

Why we hear no more about Yellow Ribbon now that Kean is out of prison?

Why no Yellow Ribbon for Shane Stevens or George Speight?

Anonymous said...

What the F did Neel Sharma say on Radio Australia about health system and Dengue,now the Aussie has put a tourist alert ,warning into visiting Fiji ,Ass Khaiyums work on tourist promotion down the guggler . so No tourist from overseas until Nell Choroa sorts the Dengue

Anonymous said...

He Neel sucker is opening a piss machine in CWM today and Bai is opening a wellness centre tomorrow.Who worries about dengue 22 deaths and mostly Native Fijians .shame on the Health system ,vote for Bai and die of dengue

Anonymous said...

Ni yadra mai na I Taukei!!!!..na vesu mona ga sa caka tiko oqo!!!...eda sa vakaloloma ena veika sa caka tu oqo...kemuni na noda Turaga..ni liutaki ira vinaka na nomuni lewenivanua!......

Anonymous said...

Who are committing 85% of violent crimes in Fiji...the Kai Fijians.

What a laugh...

In one voice you Kai Fijians preach the bible and pick verses ouf of the bible like the you pick your dirty noses and in the same breath, you rape, steal, murder, brutalize, home invade, domestic abuse, violate children and the list goes on............
If anyone is the downfall of your country, its you the Kai Fijian and all your actions, prententions and liu muri tion.

Anonymous said...

Propagating Islam in Fiji - The African Model:

Islamic propagation is rife in Fiji using African Model and before long Fiji will head towards becoming an Islamic State if Voreqe Bainimarama is elected in this election. When Islam was first introduced in African countries it was very well targeted and funded through middle eastern countries. Islam mostly targets countries run by dictators as is the case in Fiji. They will initially make friends with the dictators and start funding them to run their county without foreign aid and trade. This will help the dictator to survive the sanctions and Islam to get stronghold on the dictators. Millions of dollars are pumped into the economy mostly targeting poor people. These funding is provided by the Muslim world to propagate Islam. The dictator would be provided funding to every project that is for grassroots as these people are easily targeted and easily converted. Same method is being used in Fiji through Khaiyum who is the link to the Arab world. If Bainimarama returns after the elections then you could bet that Fiji will be a defacto muslim state. Please read history of how African countries have been converted to Islamism. It will resonate with what is happening in Fiji. The Fijians have to look at the agenda of Khaiyum and not blindly support Bainimarama for few good things that they are providing. They will soon have mosques than churches in Fiji. A vote for Bainimarama is a vote ofr Khaiyum. A vote for Khaiyum is a vote for Islam. A vote for Islam is a vote for Tabliban and a vote for Taliban is the end of Fijians and Christianity in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Very True Anon 12.30. I remember Khaiyum's brother playing a Muslim program on FBC TV to promote Islam during our Easter celebrations last year.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 12:30pm ... what a load of rubbish...probably cut and paste this article.

Why blame the muslims who make up 15% of Fiji's current population. If a Hindu or Chinese was Frank's side kick you would continue to play the race and religion card game. If a dumb kai Fijian was Frank's side kick, you will call him a liu muri like Frank...

You guys are totally unbelievable. And you may I ask are you a God Fearing Soldier of God and which God do you profess to believe in when you point your finger at others and their faith, rather than question your own standards and beliefs and worry about your own judgement day. The Muslim God and the Christian God are the same God. Christians and Muslims believe in the God of Abraham and Christians developed from Isaac whilst Muslims from Ismael.

Just relax if your gutless and cant do anything about getting rid of Frank and stop playing race or religious games like the rest of you gutless Bloggers.

Ha - Kai Fijian

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.54, Hindus and Chinese dont propagate. Muslims do. They are required by Quran to convert all countries a Muslim country. Any country which doesnt convert are non- believers and must be destroyed. Thats Muslim law.

Anonymous said...

@ 1:19pm...what a load of baloney...you obviously have been brainwashed by your christian beliefs to believe such rubbish. All you so called Christians in Fiji profess the same belief, those that are non christian is a non believer and like I said, as you point your finger you are pointing at yourself.

Do the simple things in life, Love thy neighbour and dont worry about your neighbour hating you.

Stop bringing this blog site your rubbish christian values that propogate your mental capacity.

Anonymous said...

Anon@2:27 PM;
He is not a high chief of Kiuva..drau vei tauri!

Anonymous said...

Fijians should go back to believing in their own Gods. Dakuwaqa & Degei any other gods. Those beliefs kept a balance within the culture and the ocean the sky and the land. there are so many religion nowadays, do you even stop to think that for example a Hindu believing in a Monkey GOD will just fall over and die because he does not believe in your GOD(Christianity). Do you ever wonder if all our Fijian ancestors through the cannibalism era are all going to hell??? I'm not saying we should go back to cannibalism, but see RELIGION in the 21st Century for what it truly is, a "BUSINESS". Go look at how your priest live their lives, eat the best food (most priest are obese from over indulging), wear nice clothes, drive nice cars, live in nice houses.
the only GOD you should believe in is the one that you find looking back at you in the mirror, he/she wont lie to you. He/she is the one that lives between your ears. you can label him whatever you want him/she to be.
i am my own religion,
i don't have to go to church to find GOD, he lives in me. I don't have to pray to thank GOD, my actions do that for me. i don't have to give money or a tenth of my wages to my GOD, i use my money to cloth, feed, share with people going through hardships and save any access for a rainy day.
You see my GOD has given me a brain, eyes,ears,arms and legs and all he wants from me is to be the best balanced human being that i can be.
i live by two rules:
- Always ensure that i am healthy , fit and strong to carry out my duties
- always treat people how i want to be treated.

wherever you are today, find the GOD within you, and learn to look after him/her as you would a king/queen because no one else will.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:27 PM

If only all others could think and act your way what a great place this world could be.

You have summed it all up so well but unfortunately until more become educated and understand that you do not have to bow down to some imaginary idol to be a good person things will not improve.

The pseudo religious showmen will fight their hardest to control the ones that provide for their easy parasitic existence.

Anonymous said...

The rape we're talking about was
the work of a bunch of Indian Boys
not Fijian.
This is why Khaiyum
brought in the decree to give everyone in Fiji one identity?
So the indians criminally insaned could blend in with the rest of the good people?
Rapes is a Hindu
cultural past-time, if you don't
belive me go to calcutta or New
Delphi, it's rampant throughout
the communities, it's
something they do to pass the time?
Why are there so many people
in the country?
These macafaka came to our country on a boats with 10 men to one woman.
This one woman became the concubine of 10 men, that's the reason why these
macafaka grew fast their numbers like a mongoose???
Only way to stop this insanity
is to sent every macafaka back to India?

Anonymous said...

Religion is no different to politics, being a matter of choice and differences in opinion and beliefs. The politicians are no different to the preachers and priests chanting their promises of hell and darnation and promises of a better future.

Anonymous said...

@ 2:27, you are your own religion, etc. Are you allowed to vote? Do you care if another uses a gun to deny you any say in the direction of your country? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

The proud rapists, thugs, torturers, atheists, treasonists, carpetbaggers, opportunists, Taliban, Triad members, murderers, arsonists, hypocrites, liars, cowards, trolls and controlled media will all support Bainimarama's party.

The humble who are meek, thoughtful, concerned, moderate, pious, law-abiding, honest, hard-working, generous, and patriotic will continue to blog on behalf of democracy and the Consitution, and vote for the opposition.

Still hard to tell which group is larger.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

"First rape democracy and the rule of law" . . . Blah, blah, blah. You lot are so predictable. Any mention of rape and somehow it's the regime's fault, Bainimarama is raping the country, etc., etc.

You say it wasn't consensual sex, but I say the country was just begging for the Banana Man, and he gave it to you. Boy, did he give it to you good!

Now it's better that you just bite your pillow and not to whimper or cry any more. Relax and enjoy it. You know you secretly want it.

Who knows? With any luck, Bai will leave you a baby!

Anonymous said...

@AHB 3:45pm
You obviously talking from experience.

Kamlesh said...

@ AHB. No wonder I saw Mary buying new pillows last week.
Was that you biting Bai's pillows AGAIN?.
You should slow down man.
I heard they biting each others pillow in Delainabua.
I heard one soldier Ben Naliva he bites lots of pillow,
Worse than Sodom and Gomorah up there.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

@ 2:27, you are your own religion, etc. Are you allowed to vote? Do you care if another uses a gun to deny you any say in the direction of your country? Just curious.

March 14, 2014 at 3:15 PM

sadly i cant vote, io au wa sucu i CWM Suva!
should i find myself at the end of a barrel of a gun , i can assure you one thing i wont fall to my knees and pray that the gun disappears. Should a rapists find himself at end of a barrel of a gun from his/her victim I hope she pulls the trigger. i didn't say i was trying to be a perfect human being but just a balanced one.
if i was in a country that was being ruled by an oppressor/dictator , i would find like minded people and in time raise an army to fight for something i hold dear, FREEDOM!
by the way are you a Pastor or maybe your dad is one...just curious!

Anonymous said...

When they ( Regime) said they were gonna rape our women and children at the poling station..I am not supprise that they can rape a tourist too...not to mention the rape of the media,workers and human rights too!

Anonymous said...

The report is mostly fiction. The woman and her husband worked with a team of police for 2 days, before leaving to go home only 2 days ahead of their planned departure. They were very helpful with the investigation. Most of the stolen items have been recovered.

All three men have been captured. It was reported in the Fiji Times. The police should be commended on quick work. Two men were captured very quickly, the third was found a day later.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.27. I concur fully. I left all organized faith a long time ago and am much happier. I am not frightened of Gods vengeance because i do not see him as someone who will judge me. I studied all faiths resoundingly and found no truth in any. All men made belief systems mostly derived of old pagan religions put together to manipulate and scare for control. I believe in a universal creator who loves me no matter what and and live my life with one single rule. Treat others as you wish to be treated. All you need to do is read this blogs and realize how mentally corrupt religion can make people. It divides and creates hate and nothing else.

fiji fiction said...

anon@4.56pm not true - story only just starting to be covered by the fiji village.

Anonymous said...

Some people are like broken records, uttering the same garbage over and over again, irrespective of the subject. This blog site should be blocked off. It is promoting nothing but hate, racism and incitement. People are hiding behind "anonymous" cover and posting derogatory comments. If you are a Christian, I seriously hope you weigh your Christian values/virtues before posting negative comments.

Rishab Nair said...

7.56 farkoff if you don't like this page, we don't need your 1cent input here either.

Fark Frank I'm voting SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Now in Nausori many i TAUKEI have converted to Islam. This trend is a worrying. This is what happened in African countries.
Khayium is arranging for funds for the building mosque, feeding people etc. Recently a Muslim centre has been build at Robertson Road in Suva.

Anonymous said...

All decrees made in Fiji is similar to the law made in a Muslim country.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 5:33 PM, I was once very much like you. I looked on all religion as just another invidious distinction humanity needed to transcend if it was ever to know universal brotherhood. Since then, however, God has demonstrated His loving mercy to me, and I have come to have a personal relationship with Jesus. Now I know the purpose of life, which is to give glory to God.

I am assured of salvation only because of Jesus' atonement for my sins. God is merciful, but He is also holy. How will you ever be restored to communion with Him but through the only atonement available?

Religion can divide and create hate, but it's not true that it does nothing else. It can also unite those divided and teach love to those who hate. In fact, division and hate have little to do with the Christianity I have personally come to experience, which is a relationship, not a religion.

I pray you come to know it also -- not in condescension but in love, for I was as you are. But if you never do, I pray for God's blessing on you yet.

Anonymous said...

anon 756pm.....then why u appearing as anon too...just like anon 953pm said if you don't like this blog f..k off...ask ur wife to tongue ur A if she can....

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.50. I never said that i do not believe in God. In fact i very much believe in God and have a closer relationship with hem then ever before. I just don't see him being exclusive to any faith or ritual.I do appreciate that religion does make some and i repeat some of mankind much better human beings on the whole however historically and very much in today's context it divides much more then it unites. I have a 15 year old daughter who has never been visited by her paternal grandparents simply because i married outside of the faith i was born into. She does not know them because her grandparents completely disowned us as a family because of religion. While i appreciate this is a unique situation to me personally i will maintain my assertion based on the world in the past and present that religion does more bad then good. I have also done almost 12 years research on all the faiths of the world and tried to find evidence and i don't mean the evidence by way of the holy books of the existence of God but real empirical evidence. What i found challenged everything i knew about my former faith and all the major faiths of the world. You sound like someone of sound logical mind. I urge you to do your own research before surrendering to any belief system completely. A suggestion start by researching "is their an afterlife" or "evidence of an afterlife". You will find much greater minds then yours and mine have been researching this since the 1880's. God is loving and kind and non judgmental. He is not exclusive to Christianity or Islam or Hinduism or any of the other lesser faiths. As the great Swami Vivekanand said all rivers lead to the sea. Religion is the same. Peace and love to you and yours. God Bless. thing

Anonymous said...

Rape reported in Canda


Canadian tourist raped while on holiday in Fiji
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File photo 2002: Fiji’s long, sandy beaches and protected lagoons draw many visitors to the islands. Irena F. Karafilly/Special to the Montreal Gazette

A Fiji police task force is investigating the rape of a Canadian tourist after three men armed with knives burst into the room where she was staying with her husband.1

The attack on the couple at Rakiraki on the north of the main island Viti Levu took place on Monday night, a police spokeswoman said.

“The couple were in their room when they were robbed and the woman was allegedly raped,” she said, according to news reports from the South Pacific tourist destination.

The spokeswoman said a police taskforce was immediately established and ordered to conduct a round-the-clock investigation, resulting in the arrest of two men on Wednesday.

She said the couple had returned to Canada but the police investigation was continuing.

The Pacific island nation, which has been run by a military-dominated government since a coup in 2006, is a popular spot for holidaymakers and generally considered safe.

Tourism is a mainstay of the economy, attracting about 650,000 visitors in 2012 – mostly from Australia and New Zealand – and generating about FJ$1.3 billion (C$886 million) in revenue, according to official data.

Provincial administrator Kelepi Kubunameca said cases like the recent rape of an international visitor at a resort in the area was not good for tourism development.

Kubunameca said the rape of the tourist was unfortunate and discussions would be held at provincial meetings to emphasize the need to look after guests holidaying in the country.
“We cannot have people committing such acts at a time when we are trying to improve the tourism industry,” he said. “This will not augur well for the image of Rakiraki.”
“This incident will be discussed thoroughly at a provincial meeting scheduled for the end of the month where all community leaders will be asked to impress upon their people the message of looking after guests in the country to protect the tourism industry.”

Police spokeswoman Ana Naisoro said some items that were stolen from the couple had been recovered.
“The special task force is continuing its investigations,” she said.

Anonymous said...

Rape of tourists happen all over the world. Does that mean the people in power are to blame?..I think some bloggers here are to childish in there thinking. The matter or reporting it to the media is based on investigation. Once investigation is done and facts verified than it is released to the media. Some people think that they should announce it for everyone to know without the facts being known. Isaaaaaa..eda sa vakaloloma dina.

Anonymous said...

Haji Khaiyum is insane like his mother .f doing bodoo .mullah in nadi and field 40.
Bai is been controlled by fin bodoo of khaiyum. ask body guard how khaiyum runs to mullah in field 40 to do the bodoo.

mark manning said...

Any rape is abhorrent, but in Fiji, no one is held accountable!
Those trying to dismiss it as happening anywhere, could be next, or their own wives or children, both boys and girls.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.41pm..Bainimarama raped the constitution, so he is the Father of rapists and should be blamed for any rape that occurs under his watch

Unknown said...

You indigenous magaitinamus can blame every thing else other than one of your own who has done this most our rages act.

Anonymous said...

Kick the Indian out and rape will
stop in Fiji.This bastard brought this Hindu culture with them to
our laidback innocent culture? So
the only way to stop this is to kick their ass off our vanua?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:08pm

Sounds like you have been brutally raped by some Indian !!

Time will heal your arse.

Anonymous said...

Dont know if you guys realise this but only 10% of rapes are reported.

85% of rapes are done by Kai Fijians.

40% of these rapes are done by elderly Kai Fijians and mostly in villages and squatter settlement. Interesting facts No.

What does this tell you.....

Anonymous said...

Oi Mark, who says no one is held accountable for rape in Fiji? where do you get stupid statements like that? How about the case in OZ of the killer of Daniel Morcombe. Raped numerous kids yet the prison parole board keep letting him off early. Oz the best place in the world for committing a crime. You generally get to serve less than half your sentence. Unless you are ethnic and non-white. Daniel's killer Brett would have gotten a 25 year sentence when he first raped a child almost 20 years ago. Whimpy Oz judiciary puts to waste all the hard work the Oz cops put in.

Anonymous said...

@ Daniela "HOLD MY" Yaya, one of my indigenous brothers must have really given you a grand good rooting for you to speak really bad about us like that...isa...

Anonymous said...

At last coverage of the rape. Good on Fiji Village for dogging it.

3 men in custody for alleged rape and robbery of tourist
Publish date/time: 17/03/2014 [17:04]

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Three men who allegedly raped a tourist in Rakiraki last week appeared in the Tavua Magistrates Court today.

Jale Fatiaki, Pita Natekuru and Ilaitia Nalawa charged with rape, aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery have been remanded in custody.

The three are between 21 and 32 years of age.

It is also alleged that the three robbed the couple who were in their room around 11pm last Monday.

The matter has been transferred to the Lautoka High Court where it will be called on the 1st of April.

Anonymous said...

0.4% decrease recorded in visitor arrivals
Publish date/time: 17/03/2014 [17:06]

Print this page
Email this page A 0.4 percent decrease has been recorded in the number of visitor arrivals for last year compared to 2012.

According to Fiji Bureau of Statistics, visitor arrivals last year totaled 657,706 while 660,590 tourists traveled to Fiji in 2012.

Australia continues to be the major source of visitors to Fiji accounting for 51.7 percent of total arrivals last year.

A total of 340,151 tourists from Australia visited Fiji last year.

New Zealand, the United States of America, Pacific Islands and Continental Europe were Fiji’s other top four visitor source markets.

Meanwhile, the July visitor arrivals of 67,836 was the highest last year followed by the months of August and September.

Story by: Dhanjay Deo

Anonymous said...

Look like all the media now doing the story!!!!

Three charged with rape and burglary
15:36 Today

Three men charged with rape appear in the Tavua Magistrates Court
Taken from/By: Photo supplied
Report by: Edwin Nand
Three men appeared in the Tavua Magistrates Court today charged with raping a 57-year-old Canadian woman.
Pita Nateru aged 20, Laitia Nalawa, 31 and 30 year old, Jale Fatiaki have been remanded in custody until the 1st of April when they will appear in the Lautoka High Court.
The men have also been charged with aggravated burglary and aggravated robbery.
It’s alleged the three attacked the woman while she and her partner were watching television at about 10.15pm on Monday.
They allegedly dragged the man outside of the villa in Rakiraki while threatening him with a cane knife.
They also allegedly robbed the couple.
The three men are currently remanded at the Natabua Corrections Centre in Lautoka.

Anonymous said...

Fiji is a cursed country with all the coup.The society is sick.
Fiji is no more safe to visit with many such incidents that go unreported by the media.

Tourists be careful if travelling to Fiji with military regime in power.

Now dengue is killing people in Fiji with government not giving a priority.

Anything can happen any time in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

I heard of another rape case of a tourist in Nadi which is yet to the reported by the media.

Anonymous said...

Fuck da yellow ribbon project we need a castration project. Harsher penalties needed for wanna be rapists and little kiddie fuckers. This is a very negative image for Fiji and is sad because this sort of thing towards tourists takes away job from us. A lot of Japanese that come to Fiji to learn English have been robbed. I think we just never really know how bad things are.

Fiji is pretty dangerous and animalistic.

Anonymous said...

anon@6:31pm... Your rape info is
very contradictory,the Canadian
woman age was not 57 but 54years
old! The people been interviewed
for the rape were Rajen Gopal 25
years old,Sam parasad 27 years old
and Ravi Govin 30 years old.All
partime employees of the Hotel the
Tourist were staying in.

Anonymous said...

Yes, i've warned you guys not to
be nice to these assoles, cause they'll screw their grandmother if
thats the only ass available in da house?
I say best thing for Fiji is to put every single one of them in a
boat(that's how they got here)and
shipped them all back to India?
The English did the right thing to
keep their identity separate from us Kai Viti Dina?
Now Khaiyum is trying his best
to destroy that by putting us all in the same pot-Fijians?
We'll guess what,
well shoved every decrees he passed right up his ass,
when SODELPA took control of
the Government in Septemember,2014?

Anonymous said...

dua ga me rapetaki iko... sa yaco ga na rape sa yaco.. iko va cava set chiko se cava ya gona sa da vinakati tiko kina me da vuli kece me rawa ni rarama noda vakasama sa toso tiko nai lakolako vodo mai ena fiji first mo kune kalou vinaka...ke o na bera ena soqovi iko na benu nodra na dau ni politiki gata makawa...sa dri yani...

Anonymous said...

Well this conversation certainly got a few passionate responses from people. I personally am not religious and am frankly, very disappointed by people who kill, mame, fight, terrorize or 'whatever' in the name of religion. My personal belief is that religion is a bit outdated now that our scientific knowledge of the world and all its wonders answers all the questions that our forefathers attributed to omnipotent beings. Less than a year ago I stayed at Starfish Blue with my wife, my 3 year old daughter and my one year old daughter. It was a beautiful holiday, in a beautiful setting with a some lovely locals working as the maids and pool cleaner etc. It seems a bit of a shame that three cane workers who got 'off their face' on drugs are all of a sudden indicative of all of Fiji? It was a terrible crime that could have happened anywhere and quite frankly, does happen everywhere and at with much greater frequency. Fiji on the whole and its peoples should not be tainted by this crime that was committed by three drug affected individuals.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 11:21 AM

Tourists often see a different side of Fiji than those who live there and whilst your specific example should not taint the whole country it was just one of many representing a very sick society.

The main daily paper now has basically one page synonymous with reporting rape cases every day.

Here's an example of the real Fiji from todays paper. The grass-roots of society are unable to control themselves and their perverted lust to a point where now the police maybe finally waking up to the fact that Fiji's religious, cultural and family values can no longer hide this epidemic.

"" SEXUAL-related offences committed on minors by their relatives are a grave concern, one which the Fiji Police Force is working to tackle.

And it has suggested that parents and guardians play an active role in supervising their children at all times.

While the police have yet to update their statistics on such offences, relationship-related offences committed on minors were becoming an issue.""

Let's hope that if Fiji ever manages to empower it's women more and especially if we see more women in government they are provided with crèches so they can keep their children safe from Fiji sick society.