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Monday, March 3, 2014

Khaiyum's accountant aunt to appear in court on old driving charge

HAND ON THE MONEY: Ali to defend driving charge.
The woman in cahoots with the regime over how much money the illegal government is being paid is due to appear in court this week to face a careless driving charge.
Nur Bano Ali was charged with the offence in 2011 but has avoided fronting until now.
The accountant aunt of the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, is scheduled to appear in the Suva Magistrates Court and pundits are already picking Fiji's failed legal system will go lightly on her.
Ali, Khaiyum and self-appointed prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, continue to refuse to open the books to show taxpayers how much they are paying themselves, despite saying last year they'd do it. 
The promise was made under mounting pressure for the regime to be transparent as it solicited international support for its September poll.
SURPRISE, SURPRISE: Bainimarama leading the 'polls'.
But five months out from the elections, Bainimarama has yet to declare his assets, reveal the name and the candidates for his party, or step down as commander in chief of the RFMF, though we note there is now talk of the handover happening this Wednesday.
Predictably the Fiji Sun already has the coup leader taking 79 per cent of the vote in what it says is the first of its opinion polls leading up to the election.
The same poll (conducted by CJP Pacific/Razor), not surprisingly shows zero support for Ro Teimumu Kepa, Mick Beddoes, SODEPLA and NFP but has voters giving a nod or two to the Fiji Labour Party and the Peoples Democratic Party.
Just as predictable has been the reply of the chairman of the Electoral Commission, Chenn Bunn Young, to political parties about the call for electronic copies of the National Voters Register to be made available.
Hiding behind 'legislation' Young has hold the parties: "I can't take it further..... If the political parties think I have a magic wand, I'm not in a position to do that."
The United Coalition for Fiji says the response is tantamount to declaring the Commission will operate as another department under the 'control of the Attorney General.'

The NFP says Young needs to revisit his stance saying the Commission is an independent body and must not rely on the Solicitor General's office for advice.
Sources have meanwhile revealed there have been two casualties over the 'stolen laptop,' despite Young's reassurances staff hadn't been dismissed: the IT manager who took the laptop home, Rejieli Losione, and the HR manager have both been sent on leave.


Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun is the regime mouth piece.
Otherwise no government advertisement.

i taukei will vote for SOPDELA.

We do not want Muslim rule in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji want to know the salary and asset for Bai/ Khayium.

They earn over $1.3 million in salary alone.

Anonymous said...

If Fiji does not have an interim government then the election will be rigged by Khayium.It has all been planned. Do not waste time and money for election.

Anonymous said...

I read today's Fiji Times the FPSA had it's election in Labasa.

Why cannot anyone stand against Rajeshwar Singh for the post of General Secretary. He is 70 years but loves the money.

Where are all I taukei members of FPSA?

Salary - $160,000, vehicle - discovery HC300,housing,allowance $2000 per month, per diemm etc etc.
We need a change at FPSA.

Anonymous said...



" Dua na drau na udolu na dola soli e Delailasakau,Waidina, Naitasiri...sivia e 1 na milioni na dola e soli e Sawani, Vuna, Naitasiri.....Sa ma vakarautake nai lavo ka qoi na matanitu me balete na kena tokitaki na koro.....QOI NI QIMA NANONA VISIKO WAVOKI O VOREQE BAINIMARAMA ni nadaku no na WALUVU.." .........

Bainimarama dished out $100,000 to Delailasakau and $1million+ to Sawani villages after he visited the two flooded villages...as if there is no tomorrow.
....although appears as kind gestures to flood victims but hang on he is playing politics and is campaigning for election on Govt funds just before he leaves PM Office.

Bainimarama dishes out money as if it is inexhaustible ..he is homing in on peoples' sorrow when they are most vulnerable to score political points with an eye on maximising votes in next election.

To people in Delailasakau and Sawani grab the aid but for the future of your people and other Fijian land owners and your control over your land and rights as the I Taukei...DO NOT AND NEVER VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA...REJECT HIM AT THE NEXT ELECTION.

KUA NI RERE said...

If anyone wants to know what an "EVIL WOMAN" looks like, there it is in the picture.

Dont let that smile decieve you. She is as evil as they come.
Nur Bano is a person that blatantly flaunts the law.
She knows very well that paying the PM & AG through her company is illegal and yet she continues to do it in defiance of the JUSTICE SYSTEM and ALL the people of Fiji.

How corrupt is FICAC?
How stupid are the Police?
How dumb are the Fijian soldiers?

Nur Bano, Nazhat Shameem, Shaista Shameem, these are some of the most evil women in Fiji.

I wonder what kind of homes these women were brought up in.

Very evil indeed.

STUPID FIJIAN soldiers must be asking themselves how long do they have to keep a straight face.
How long do they have to keep up the act.
How long do they have to keep listening to Bai saying that he stands for "Dina, Dodonu kei na Savasava" and yet everyday lie to them.

How long will you soldiers keep closing your eyes and keep stopping your ears to the TRUTH?

The longer you allow Bai and Kaiyum and Nur Bano to lie to you the worse it gets.

I bet she wont have any penalty at all, because Aiyaz will let her get away with it.

Ya ga sa i vakairaitaki ni veibeci e tu veirau nomuni i liuliu o Kaiyum.
Ni vakamuri rau tu ga baleta ni o ni sa rui malumalumu.
Maumau na cola dakai ni kitaka tiko.
Ni vana yani na tamata lawaki ca qori.

Anonymous said...

People need to attend the case and put the magistrate on defense. The more people that pack the courtroom the better. This was the Magistrate will know that his job is on line. If the judgement is not fair, people need to raise their voice and display their disgust right in the courtroom. Let them arrest you for contempt of court. The more scene that is created the better. It will show to the international community the real justice system in Fiji. I will be there, are you?

Anonymous said...

When will the people rise and clear up the rot.

Anonymous said...

All these ladies are Muslims.They will do anthing for money. Ask Sunil working for BDO.

Anonymous said...

Interesting what is going at FPSA!
Most unionists have made unions their permanent home. Give chance to others so all corrupt practice can be exposed at various unions.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they have Qarase's name on the poll when he's been disqualified under baiyum constitution.

Anonymous said...

The lawyers in Fiji have the Fiji Legal Services to lodge complain against the lawyers.
We should have one for the accountants too. Why we do not have it till today?
Nur Bano will have the most complain as she has been ripping her customers over the years charging huge fees.

Anonymous said...

Money Bai is dishing out is not his money but its the state money..he has no legal authority whatsoever to be giving out tax payers money..and by the way that woman Nur Bano Ali is always driving around time and at the same time speaking on her mobile phone which is against the law..what does she think??..Her family runs this country so she can do whatever she likes??I just saw her today driving past in that luxury brown car and at the same time speaking on her mobile..someone please call LTA..

Anonymous said...

Anon@7.39pm Good question. I suspect they putting Qarase up as a red herring, to,put voters of Sodelpa. The other option is they're dumb!

Anonymous said...

Seven Deadly Sins

Wealth without work
Pleasure without conscience
Science without humanity
Knowledge without character
Politics without principle
Commerce without morality
Worship without sacrifice.”
― Mahatma Gandhi

Anonymous said...

7:53PM take a pic while she's at it next time.

Ratu mai Vale ni Po said...

@March Anonymous 3, 2014 at 8:46 PM

Se baci o iko tale ie.

You do not deserve to live amongst human society.
Your real place is lovo ni lase kei na vale ni po nei nomu tua vaka lima mai nomu koro.

E sa rui focus saraga na nomu mona lala oqori ena veika vakasisila.

O rau ruarua na turaga qori e tawa tiko na nodrau koro turag o iko e tawa na da mai valepo.

Sa rauti iko vinaka ya.

My friend Davis said...

Grubsheet is no longer operating.

Why is this?
This is the critical time for the regime and every outlet is needed.

Any news guys on my friend Davis?

Anonymous said...

Heard Graham was admitted to CWM for an anus infection, hence his grubshit out of action.

Anonymous said...

this women in business function is turning out to be just another elitist fuck fest with no sign of the hardworking village women selling at the market
the elitist WIB made up of kai dia and kai valagi women holding hands and drinking beer and wine while thousands of women languish in poverty eating from rubbish dump
very bad role models these drunk WIBs

Anonymous said...

Na party nei Vore is the party of the NO SCHOOL.

Only no school Kai Viti joins Vore's Party.

That is why he only visits villages and settlement for support.

E ven when he builds road ONLY rich Muslim will use the road and expoilt our resources.

E vacava au lasu beka?

Kai Viti will always remain as Kai Viti.

They are good in being spoon fed by big people and then easily forget them.

Vote SODELPA because all the three confederacies in Fiji are coming together in a more united force with a sole purpose of ousting this illegal and murderous regime.

Na matinitu oqo e a tauyavutaki ena lawaki, lasu, veivakamatei,veivakalolomataki kei na corruption.

E se yacova mai na siga ni kua e se sega ni vakaraitaki na Audit Report baleta ni sa vavaku saraga na butako ena matanitu oqo.

O Voreqe e kena i sai e siovia e $1 na milioni na dola/ E lailai na isau nei PM mai Australia se Canada.

O ira ga na tamata butobuto era tokona tiko na matanitu oqo.

A cava o ni na tukuna vei ira na luvemuni?

O ni na lasu tiko e matadra?

Your children will also follow your path.

Common guys do not vote for a Dictator.

Komai Viborete said...


mark manning said...

And Fijians still don't think the Indian Moslem is running the place!

Anonymous said...

Muslims are full control of illegal regime. They are behind the coup and this coup is termed Muslim Coup.

Anonymous said...

Why one i Taukei cannot stand against Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA as the election is this month.

What is wrong with i Taukei?

The takeover must start now from Indians.

Anonymous said...

Grubsheet out of action? How would you know?

Only surprise there is that it was IN action! I thought everyone quit reading that two years ago.

Ghost Who Walks said...

Hahaha. Love it. So I am accused of being Graham Davies. You idiots. I don't even know this kai valagi dropkick. No, I am the Ghost who Walks. The Man who Cannot Die. And I am here to haunt the tevoro who make up the SDL, otherwise known as SODELPA. I will track you all down, whether its Suli Daunitutu in Sydney, Jone Balaidrokadroka in Canberra or Tui Savu in Broome. I know where you all are and vengeance is upon you. I am going to mess with your heads all the way to the election. I hope you choose the old crone Teimumu Tit Fuck to lead you because you will all die at the ballot box with her. I am fed up with your rantings. You and all your loser kai vata. Savages who had your hands in the till until Voreqe jammed your fingers in it. You think one white man who has some insignificant blog is your enemy? No, it is one of your own who is fed up with your crap and the way you made yourselves rich at other peoples expenses. Suli is a fucking loser who needs someone to ghost write his letters. Jone is a freeloading academic on Brij Lal's tit. And Tui Savu is another fucking loser who had to leave Queensland because he is useless and now hangs out in the most isolated town in Australia. You can all suck on the slag Teimumu's saggy breast. Everyone else has been there so be my guest.SODELPA is finished unless you choose the mighty Rambo. He is the only true leader Fiji has ever had. The rest are fucking useless. So wake up and give him the job you fucking losers.

Anonymous said...

@ tevoro who wanks @ 1:29am..
so you believe more in a Muslim (Aiyaz not Bai) running the country rather than the natine Kaiviti controlling their future and their country... go and have orgies with all your illegal sapo...

Anonymous said...

The Ghost who walks needs to be sodomised by Guran.....to put sense into that empty head!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...



KUA NI RERE said...

@Ghost who walks
You think you are clever but you are actually an idiot.

I stand by what I wrote before, that you do not think before you write.

Rabuka has clearly showed us where he stands ever since 2006.
He even went to NZ on a Speaking Tour, saying how good the Regime was and is.
He is the Regimes chief supporter and Cheerleader

Of course he will deny it if you ask him
We are on to you.

Rabuka is Bainimarama's mole.
He is the Trojan horse.
The sooner SODELPA get rid of him the better for everyone.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.18am.

Au tarogi iko mada - O bau kila tu na vosa vakavavalagi se o ni sa ia tu ga na vosavosaca vakaviti?

Nomu vosavosa e sa tukuni iko sara tu ga - sega na vuli, lala na qavokavoka ka tamata ulukau! Boci!

Nanuma tiko, nai otioti talega ni yatu vosa o vola tiko e cake (Magani puaka o tukamu)e tukuna tiko na yasana vakaturaga o gole mai kina.

Kakua ni vakamaduataki ira na kai nomu ena nomu tamata veilecayaki, vuli vakavo!

KUA NI RERE said...

SODELPA should get rid of Rabuka completely from the party.
He will continuously be a thorn in the side for as long as he stays in there.
He will even undermine the party and form factions within the party.


Ghost Buster said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wawa e tukuni tiko vaka levu eke na "Vuli Vakavo" O ira gona na vuli vakavo sara billionaire tu qo ni vurara..O Bill Gates, Facebook, etc, so, ra tu qo i Viti sara millionare mai na tei dalo, yaqona etc..

Na tamata no school ni tukuna tiko, O Voreqe, e sa mai liutaki Viti tu qo..

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 10.44am - O ni dina sara! Ke dua na tamata vuli vakavo e bula tiko mai Amerika, e rawa dina ni millionaire "overnight" baleta e savasava tu na systems ni matanitu ka cecere tu na bula vakailavo ni matanitu e rawa kina ni ra bulia me bula veicurumaki tu mai kina na gaunisala rawarawa e so me muria e dua me millionare e na dua ga na gauna lekaleka. O koya o ya e dau tukuni tu kina nai vosavosa me baleti Amerika - "Land of Opportunities" se na "American Dreams" "From rags to riches." E rawa walega o ya ni savasava tu na systems ni matanitu.

E na vanua leqa tu ena bula vakai lavo me vakataki Viti ka wakiraki tu na kena veigaunisala e rawa ni sasaga kina e dua na lewe ni vanua ena nona sasagataka nona bula, ka veilecayaki tu na matanitu ena veiliutaki ca,sa kena i balebale kevaka o tamata vuli vakavo, sega vei iko na veidokai, vosavosa vakalialia me vakataki la e vosavosaca tiko mai ya, o sa na tu ga ena boto ni tuitui ka tawa mudu ka saravi ira tu ga na kena vo ni ra toso cake ena sasaga vakavuli.

Na vuli vakavo e Viti kei na vuli vakavo mai Amerika e duidui sara vakalevu vakamilioni!

Anonymous said...

Ghost who Wanks, is it true that you infected Graham Davis with some sort of virus?

Anonymous said...

kayuim moved the Parliament House to the old one........ He loves to change Fiji.....change, change, change

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has collected millions for his PM Flood Relief Fund. This fund has never been audited. It has no accountability whatsoever. Even the Chinese stopped donating to it, and we know how low their standards are.

Fiji has had flooding every year since the fund was established, but it's only now before the election that Bainimarama is releasing any money to stricken areas. Why do you suppose THAT is? The rest he keeps stashed away offshore for a different kind of "rainy day".

Anonymous said...

10.01AM sa rauta me leqa o Viti ena bavulu ni nomu vakanananu.

Anonymous said...

12.46 am O iko edua na tamata bavulu talega.Boci

Anonymous said...

I see how many people have guts to go to court and make their presence know to the magistrate in Nur's case. You all are LAMU SONA gutless people. I don't see one person say that they are man enough to join me. Go drawn yourselves in a in bawl of kava.

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah. We've got Davis' number alright. And Ghost Who Walks now smells even more like Davis with these tip-offs:

Despite correction, still persists in misspelling his name in vain attempt to mask his true identity.

In his lame effort to distance himself from Davis, the most damning description he can come up with is "kai valagi dropkick".

The term "Dropkick" is one of Davis' pet expressions. He typically uses it when he can't muster a more derogatory term. It's one of his verbal tics.

Thin-skinned. Tries to put on a brave face ("I love it") but in the next (stinky) breath reveals his true feelings "I'm fed up with your rantings".

Uses derogatory racist terms for Fijians ("slack black arses", "savages").

Close familiarity with Australian geography.

Preoccupation with Fijians living in Australia.

Admires authoritarian figures.

Poses as a Fijian, when it's convenient.

Thinks he's more clever than he is.

Quick to rebut -- only soon to retreat when he finds himself confronted with too many facts or intellectually outmatched.

His personal anxieties shine through his writing. His claim that Ro Teimumu "desperately needs her parliamentary salary" mirrors his own desperation and pathetic willingness to prostitute the truth in pursuit of his Qorvis salary.

He writes of saggy breasts, whilst undoubtedly lamenting his own prodigious man-boobs.

Sex trainer vs Fitness trainer said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Timoci said...

End of SODELPA spells "R O T E M U M U K E P A" People wake up and get on with the time. Those days of Nationalists are gone. This is 2014 time for forward thinking people. I give more credit to Rabuka that Kepa. At least he is moving with time.

Anonymous said...

Nur Bano was the one who termed i taukei as lazy people.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Sunil at BDO is giving good f to Nur Bano the bitch. This is part of his contract.

Go LA boy!

Anonymous said...

Rabuka will be the best leader for SOPLEDA.He can take care of Bai/ Khayium and others.
Give him a chance!

Professor of Kamasutra , Dr Mahendra Kumar said...

Hey, talking of sex trainers, any news or sighting of Fiji's own Professor of Kamasutra, Dr Mahendra Kumar, the disgraced son-law-of coup sycophant, Davendra, sacked from UniFiji for having sex in the office with a colleague.

Anonymous said...

Let Rabuka take care of Bai and Khai first.
THEN he can lead SODELPA!

The Heckler said...

@2 p.m., I think you might be right.

The Ghost Who Walks . . . The Man Who Cannot Die . . . is really The Bullshit Who Talks and The Journalist Who Cannot But Lie.

Anonymous said...

timoci anon 2.34
isa ra sona levu lako mada lai job sivia na namu tiko mai na keba masi dakai keina lasa ituba mateni ,,,,,,bula lolovira kaisi

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Rabuka has a lot to offer to SODELPA than Temumu Kepa. He has the experience and also with time and age , he now has a lot of wisdom. If he is the leader, SODELPA will have my vote, otherwise my vote goes to Frank.

Anonymous said...

Fijian Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has announced on State-owned radio FBC that the Land Forces Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga will be handed the Leadership of the Republic of Fiji Military Forces tomorrow.

Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga will be formally handed the duties of Commander tomorrow in a ceremony that will be televised live on both Fiji TV & FBC TV.

Source: MINFO

Anonymous said...

SODELPA, FLP and NFP going into elections as a coalition. Sa qai dua na party ni itaukei magaijinana duadua na SODELPA. Sa qai laurai ike ni sega ni party me baleta na gaga dre ni itaukei ia e party ga ni sagai ira vakai ira na dau ni politiki. Ni yavu caiti tamamuni kece na SODELPA.

Timoci said...

Tikoitoga is new RFMF Commander
Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has revealed on FBC’s Radio Fiji One that Land Force Commander Colonel Mosese Tikoitoga will be the new RFMF Commander.
Bainimarama stated in the talk-back show, Tikoitoga’s appointment has been endorsed by the President, Ratu Epeli Nailatikau.
Tikoitoga will take on the new role from tomorrow, when Bainimarama will make the official hand-over.
Bainimarama says the handover ceremony tomorrow is not to farewell him, but to welcome the new commander.

Anonymous said...

I am not FB fan but bit concerned where Coup 4.5 gets its rubbish from?

Just been announced that Tikoitoga is new head of RFMF and not Kean.

It makes one wonder if Coup 4.5 is a true pro democracy blog or just a mouth piece for anti Bainimarama movement.

Noqu Viti Lomani said...

An extract from Qarase.."Both Commodore Voreqe Bainimarama and Mr. Khaiyum appear confused about the entrenched legislation in the 1997 Constitution relating to native land. The entrenchment of the Native Land Trust Act means that any amendment of that Act would require a higher and more difficult Parliamentary votes for approval. This has protected native land from possible attempts to alienate such land".

The native land as i always point out to all bloggers that the Kai Viti has already lost their Land.
We can only get all entrenched legislation back if we all vote this government.

Kaihumi is a foreigner to this country and does not have the cultural understanding of the deep seated connection of culture. tradition and Chieftainship.

Kai Viti need to open your eyes.

Anonymous said...

Dimwitted Ghost, you obviously despise SDL and SODELPA, so why should SODELPA take advice from you on who to nominate as its leader?

If you think Rambo is so great, then why don't you get Bainimarama's party to nominate him? Let Bainimarama name him his successor as Commander.

Anonymous said...

Commander Tickletummy, let me be the first to congratulate you!

And if you don't use your power to arrest Bainimarama and restore constitutional government to Fiji, let me be the first to hang you!

Coup Lover said...

If indeed MT becomes the new Komada tomorow then I'll tske this opportunity to thank C4.5 and all detractors whose done great to expose Bai's first choice FKean. Fiji is saved from another coup.

Presidents Office Leak said...

well i think c4.5 did hit a button with franky after they reported his intention to appoint kean - now he appoints the womanizer LFC commander

But the appointment is only acting commander !

Fishy ???

Anonymous said...

Indeed. Thanks to the exposure and horror over the idea of Kean becoming commander we have been saved from a tyrant imposing yet again another illegal act on us.

Anonymous said...

thank you for keeping us informed and engaged

The real Graham Davis said...

There is something uniquely bizarre about being alerted to the fact that one's name is being touted on Coup 4.5 as the author of certain postings when one is currently absent from Fiji and totally out of the loop. It's especially so when someone starts analysing the choice of words of whoever the mysterious Ghost Who Walks might be and ascribes them to me on the extraordinary premise that I may have occasionally used those words in everyday conversation. Gosh, so do millions of other people but don't let me put a stop to your little guessing game. I find the whole thing highly amusing, especially the way some of you are scattering in all directions only to find an army of "Graham Davies's" under the bed. I've got to hand it to Ghost Who Walks. He or she is easily the most entertaining phenomenon in these columns for a long time. I don't know about the accuracy of some of what has been written but I certainly enjoy seeing the pigeons scattering in all directions trying to unmask him/her. Sorry, but it ain't me. The clue? I don't use the eff word, in print at least.

rajend naidu said...

we read in The Australian (4/3) that Fiji's military ruler Frank Bainimarama will become civilian tomorrow. Does this mean he will shed his dictatorial military mentality from tomorrow as well?

Anonymous said...

the real Graham Davis tells us "I don't know the accuracy of some of what has been written". That's so understandable. Half the time he does not know the accuracy of what he has written!!

People of Fiji said...

c4.5 has been doing a great job time and again and the sources for c4.5 have been risking their necks each day as they give them information.

based on this intelligence sometimes even the US intelligence has failed e.g Iraq on WMDs' etc so you C4.5 have been the savior and real news for people of Fiji.

Good on you and your team and you will get the highest medal of order of Fiji come democracy

voter said...

Fiji Military stinks forever regardless. Bring on Bai's resignation, bring on Tikoitoga and bring on the election. Cant wait. Bai still needs punishmen regardless.

Anonymous said...

There you have it, folks! Graham Davis' assurance that he isn't the Ghost.

And as we all know, whatever Graham says, you can take to the bank.


Anonymous said...

Graham Davis denies he's the idiot posting as The Ghost Who Talks or whatever. Davis' alibi is that he's currently outside of Fiji and completely out of the loop. But since when has Davis ever been in the loop anyway? And how does being outside of Fiji in anyway prevent him from posting to C4.5? The fact that Davis is commenting here manifests that he's still able to post to C4.5, even if he's not currently in Fiji.

Davis always claims that he was alerted to comments on C4.5 or that he just thought he would check into what the opposition was saying lately. He can't bring himself to admit that he's an avid reader of C4.5, if not a major contributor as the Ghost or others.

Sure, he may not use the eff-word in his own writing, but what's to say he doesn't in postings under psedonyms like the Ghost?

Davis says Ghost is easily the best entertainment he's seen on C4.5 in a long time, but hasn't Davis always been impressed with himself?

Davis seems to find it flattering that C4.5 readers think they see his hand behind many pro-regime postings. Does he ever stop clucking long enough to consider that perhaps the reason we do is because we thoroughly mistrust his integrity, don't believe the regime one wit, and just find it hard to believe that anyone else could be as arrogant and obtuse?

Singular or Plural? said...

Anon, it's Graham Davis's assurances. You have Graham Davis' assurances. It is singular, not plural.There's only one Graham Davis. Or is there?

Anonymous said...

When will the cases of Abortion that the courts are holding for Dr Neel Sharma surface ,maybe soon

Anonymous said...

Can I suggest that we stop feeding Davis's ego by not mentioning him anymore? Of course he loves the attention. Who wouldn't.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis is an opportunist like all other expats supporting this conniving illegal government.

Noqu Viti Lomani said...

To all the Kai Viti and traditional Land owners,
please read this extract form Rajendra regarding lies that have been perpetrated by Bainimarama and especially Khaihum.

"On matters on entrenched constitutional provisions for changes to native land, Aiyaz again is talking without getting his facts rights. The 2013 constitution has removed all entrenched provisions relating to native land. The only entrenched provision in the 2013 constitution is the immunity section for Frank Bainimarama and military officers and for perpetrators of all other coups (section 158). To add context to my argument, let me show readers what the 1997 and the 2013 constitutions say on native land. The 1997 Constitution, pursuant to section 185 (1) (c) provided for changes to NLTA. Any changes to NLTA would have had to be in accordance with section 185 (k) in that 9 of the 14 nominees of the GCC [as per section 64 (1) (a) of the 1997 Constitution] in the Senate would have had to support any amendment to the NLTA. Section 6 (b) of the 1997 Constitution further provided for native land to be preserved in accordance with Fijian custom whereas the 2013 constitution actually omits all reference to customary law".

WE must all vote against this government because of Kaihum have been lying to us regarding the protection of our land.

Veikemuni na Sotia please read this analysis and make up your mind.

Anonymous said...

Who's banging Nur Bano at the moment? Heard some time back that the new commander also received some favors from aunt Nur.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun thinks Fijians are that stupid to believe such an opinion poll...coming from the regime's mouthpiece, it is no surprise. May be the 79 % was Bai's family excluding Meli and Hosannah..lol!

Anonymous said...

The regime does its internal polling all the time. It has been doing so for years. After using such polling to identify pro-Bainimarma traitors, it's an easy matter for the regime to arrange to have selected people re-polled in order to show whatever results the regime wants. It's not a scientific poll with random sampling at all.

Anonymous said...

Anon, Graham Davis is not an expatriate. If you have met him you will realise that what makes him so influential and so dangerous is that he is a "Fijian". A white version of us who knows exactly which buttons to push, especially our sentimental side, and how to manipulate opinion and advance the Bai's cause. We can ridicule him all we like but he will always be a serious threat, bad breath and all.(who got that close? lol ) It doesn't help when Coup 4.5 is wrong about so many things. What happened to Francis Kean? I thought he was supposed to be head of the military? It's only a couple of posts ago and you have got egg all over your faces. Always picking the loser while the winners have it all over you. We desperately need to lift our game before it is too late and we wind up losing this thing.

Anonymous said...

Baimagasona was going to appoint Francis Kean BUT those wankers in Nabua didn't like the idea as Kean is unpopular. Therefore he chose Cekeitoga because he's favored by the majority.

By the way, Ghost Who Wanks knows this.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 has been right too many times to dismiss

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga the wiser choice, allows regime to carry on bulllshit that it is bringing democracy via elections. Bainimarama still the real power

Anonymous said...

Finally the blockhead doce has
come to term with his final destination?
Naboro,yes Tikoitoga
was the only left over he can turn
to for protection?
The question is
will Tikoitoga allow Bhai & Khaiyum to take down the country with them?
Will he allow them to
carry-on as they are or will he allow the election in September to
Ok Bhai why was it's so frieken hard
for you to choose Mosese? How come you did not go with AZIZ or
Let's hope that Mosese is smarter
than he looks,cause Bhai, you're
certainly are not??? Let's hope
this may be a new dawn and better
days for our people-the Fijians!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 1:15 AM, whatever do you mean? How is Graham Davis a "serious threat"? The only one I know who regards Graham as anything but a serious joke is Graham himself.

And what influence do you think he has? The only influence I see he has is with Bainimarama's people. They obviously think he's a useful tool.

And Graham Davis a Fijian? Apart from Graham himself, not too many others share that view. He has even less loyalty to Fiji than he does to Australia. It seems his only real loyalty is to his pocket book.

And what's this about Coup 4.5 being "wrong about so many things", citing Francis Kean? How do you know Kean wasn't Bainimarama's initial choice but bypassed in response to pressure, unless you're part of the regime inner circle?

Apart from Graham Davis, who else thinks Coup 4.5 now has egg on its face and is putting us in danger of "losing this thing"? We've already lost our government, our rights, our institutions and our constitution. Our land and the next elections are already being stolen from us. What else is left for us to lose?

And who exactly are "the winners"? Do you consider Bainimarama and his no-school thugs "winners"? Do you consider a discredited former hack journalist who is now the paid shill of a despot to be a "winner"? If you're Graham Davis, I suppose you do, but not many people I know would share that view.

Also, if you're rooting for regime members on the one hand, saying they're winners, why do you pretend to be an oppositionist on the other, saying "we" need to lift "our" game?

Finally, why are you posting so late at night? You're not in Fiji presently? You're out of the country and out of the loop? Graham Davis recently characterised himself that way.

It's remarkable how much you seem to share Graham Davis's worldview. It's remarkable how much you sound like Graham Davis.

Anonymous said...

Four names were considered for the top job since early this year and Kean was not in the list.

Ghost Who Walks said...

Anon@12.15PM. I have well placed sources and Kean was one of the names considered, and favoured by the pig Baimagasona. But sources close to the pig advised him against appointing Kean as it will be nepotism to do so.

I don't know who told you that crap but what I said here is the absolute truth. Magaitinamu.

Anonymous said...


Call to safeguard interests

Serafina Silaitoga
Wednesday, March 05, 2014

LANDOWNERS of the proposed bauxite mine site in Dreketi want the iTaukei Land Trust Board to handle their lease and not the Land Use Unit under the Lands Ministry.

This was made known at a meeting in Nabiti Village last week where landowners of mataqali Serau expressed their desire to have the TLTB handle their lease issues because they were familiar with its procedures.

Mataqali head Aporosa Tuiloma said his members wanted TLTB to look after their lease, while members supported their chief informing government officials that they preferred the TLTB.

Macuata provincial officer Josefa Rokonai said the matter would be discussed with government departments.

He said the landowners' plea would be taken into consideration to ensure they were happy with the conditions and agreement.

Mr Rokonai also pleaded with government officials at the meeting to look after the interests of the landowners.

He said it was important to hear the landowners out and work closely with them in addressing their queries relating to land use issues.

Ra Belo said...

@ Anonymous Turaganivalu,Coup 4.5 Administrator and the man whose Hobby is to be Lauvutued: It is now evident to the people of Fiji that you are the ones spreading the false doctrines and lies in this country.The new Commmander has been appointed,handing over completed.The Bible states that SATAN is the father of all liars now we know his children.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis has made a big about turn and is now against Frank. As Ive said before, when in Nadi he speaks out against Frank with the expats and local kai English business persons and leaves no stone standing when explicitly denouncing Frank and his stupidity. It has taken Graham Davis a while to realise you cannot make a deal with the devil but the same can be said with the number of people shaking their heads now with the way Frank is doing things. Having said that, it serves them right as they tried to right a wrong. Graham....keep talking when in Nadi/ Cardos and very soon, the dog that you patted will be biting you in the hand. You might want to flee to Australia now before its too late. Believe me, your name has been brought up with the Fiji Intelligence or should we call it, Fiji Stupid Service. Oh and the other guys Air Pacific etc that you have been lounging with....

Anonymous said...

Kai Fijian says - news feed;

Fiji coup leader to swap gun barrel for ballot box

March 5, 2014, 3:30 am

AFP Fiji coup leader to swap gun barrel for ballot box
Suva (Fiji) (AFP) - Fiji strongman Voreqe Bainimarama is set to resign as military chief of the coup-plagued South Pacific nation on Wednesday, clearing the way for him to contest long-awaited general elections in September.

Bainimarama, who used the army to seize power in 2006, will officially end a military career spanning almost four decades as he bids to win over voters in a country that struggles with poverty and deep racial divisions.

After years of simply silencing opponents by issuing decrees that limit freedom of speech and assembly, the 59-year-old said he was excited at the prospect of waging "a battle of ideas" for Fiji's future.

"Everything my government and I have worked for over the past seven years is coming to a climax with the general election," he told a function in the capital Suva last month.

"When the new parliament is chosen... our revolution will be largely complete. But our task of building a new and better Fiji will be only just beginning."

Bainimarama's bloodless coup in 2006 -- the fourth in Fiji since 1987 -- took place against a volatile backdrop stemming from tensions between indigenous Fijians and ethnic Indians descended from sugar plantation labourers shipped in by the British during the colonial era.

He took power vowing to root out corruption and introduce a one-person, one-vote system that would end racial inequalities in the nation of almost 900,000.

His authoritarian regime did bring stability, but in the process tore up the constitution, sacked the judiciary and tightened media censorship.

When he reneged on a pledge to hold elections in 2009, major allies Australia and New Zealand led a push to isolate Fiji diplomatically, resulting in suspension from the Commonwealth and the Pacific Islands Forum (PIF).

-- 'Time to restore ties' --

Victory in an election accepted as free and fair would give Bainimarama's government an international acceptance that has so far eluded it.


Anonymous said...

Kai Fijian continues;

Australia, the country's largest donor, is already looking at lifting sanctions and restoring defence ties after a PIF group recently visited the island nation and hailed "significant progress" towards restoring democracy.

"We believe it is time to rebuild political ties, including reviewing travel sanctions," Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told parliament in Canberra last week.

Despite her enthusiasm, Bishop said restoring democracy in Fiji remained challenging, citing the need for a free press and international observers to ensure the election is conducted properly.

In addition, Bainimarama has made it clear the military will still play "a vital role in law and order", even though it has been involved in all of Fiji's coups.

Jenny Hayward-Jones, a Pacific specialist at Sydney-based think-tank The Lowy Institute, said Australia had to be realistic and accept that thawing relations would not transform Bainimarama into a civil libertarian overnight.

"It is unlikely to induce Bainimarama to change his personality, keep the military out of politics, ease up on restrictions on the media and unions, and support enhanced human rights, at least in the short term," she said.

-- 'Half a democracy'? --

At home, observers say Bainimarama appears in a strong position to win the election. An opinion poll in the pro-government Fiji Sun this week put his support as preferred prime minister at 79 percent.

Citizens' Constitutional Forum president Akuila Yabaki said Bainimarama had the advantage of incumbency and had increased spending on roads, schools and bridges to shore up support.

"It's evident from listening to the chiefs of the provinces and the people in the rural areas that they will support the military government," he said.

"Some do not even want an election because they strongly feel that Bainimarama is doing a good job and should continue."

Yabaki also said Bainimarama appeared to enjoy support from the Indian community even though his background is Fijian, saying: "Indians feel more secure under this government."

Opposition figures such as Fiji Trades Union Congress national secretary Felix Anthony accuse Bainimarama of stacking the electoral system in his favour and using the courts to silence critics.

Anthony, who has been detained several times over his activities, said the international community should not move too swiftly to rehabilitate Bainimarama.

"Improving relations is positive, however... Australia needs to be a bit cautious and not settle on our behalf for half a democracy in this country," he told the Fiji Broadcasting Corporation

Business said...

did you know that Angeline Tikoitoga,the now commanders daughter has been sleeping around with businessmen for $200.00 - $500.00.

Just check her facebook account and see how man businessmen are her friend and this girl is just 18.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 2:12PM

Obviously due to your sad looks, poor hygiene and lack of friends you try to make up for it by being a total prat.

Anonymous said...

aye sa na qai vaka evei o keda...sa digitaki o Tikotikoga me CRFMF qo mai vakacacani tale vei kemuni na dau veivacacani...vacava mada mo ni sa varaitaki kemuni ga mai mo ni yalo vaka tagine mo ni sa mai cicivaa noda mataivalu kei na matanitu...sa rauta mada

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Why have elections at all when the people clearly adore the PM? He will win with 99 per cent of the vote.
We will see to that.

Anonymous said...

The whole military farewell at the military camp appeared more as a methodist church gathering, and a traditonal fijian ceremony, although all the attendees were in full military uniform.
The only military ceremony was the towing out.
We expect a full military parade, with brief farewell and welcome speech, and the two out, to be followed by a reception.
I even noticed holy communion being served at the methodist church service.
Traditonal Fijian ceremonies is being abused, and so is the church service, and so is most of the ceremonies at the function, which should be a basic fully fledged military ceremony.
What has happened to the decree on religion being a private and personal choice and is not to be publically demonstrated. I am sure that there were muslims, catholics, AOGs, CMFs, etc.etc at the gathering. What about theirs rights?
Well may be were are just going around in circles, just as we are going back to the old parliament building where the first coup took place, and probably to start all over again.
A military ceremony is nowdays a methodist church service, and Fijian traditional ceremony, a political agenda, a promise of a political party, taking control of democratically elected government, suspending the GCC, strangling the NLTB/TLTB, linking Fiji to communist countries, recking our education and health system, and the list goes on. One wonders as to what are these military officers' basic job descriptions, and whether they do what they are paid to do.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

All of you girls always complaining about the AG and Graham Davies and other strap hangers will be pleased to know that things will be run very differently after the elections. That's when you'll see the real clean-up.

Anonymous said...

Our basic job description is to make you do damn well whatever we tell you to.

Anonymous said...

Maybe there will be another military coup under Tikoitoga's command if he wants to ultimately be PM after some years under his military regime....without the peoples' endorsement through the ballot box.... of course.

Anonymous said...

au sa qai kila ni kua ni sa dua talega na mata turaga era tiko mai na keba ni sa caka na qaloqalovi tube kamunaga etc.
Nuitaka mo ni nanuma na kai viti komada vou me lesu tale o keda kina 1997 Constitution.
Da saga me da duavata me vinaka o Viti...ia me moku o kaiyum vesu o voreqe
Sa rauta talega na self praise keina self glorification sa caka tiko,,,,,,sa da oca mai

Tui Viti (2) said...

The Farewell befits that of a King,the Fijian Traditions, the Church Service all befitting a Victorias farewell to being the New PM of Fiji. All the Diplomats were there,including NZ and Aust.Sa qai matata mai na i tosotoso oqo.Da tokona na turaga ni Muani,Ravitakiadavu sa mai liutaka na Army/Navy/Police/Prisons/NFA.Da sa vakanamata sara yani kina nai lesilesi vou nei TuBai oya me PM.Tara rawa na bolabola,moku rawa na vuaka kei na pulumakau sa uro!

Tui Viti (2) said...

The Farewell befits that of a King,the Fijian Traditions, the Church Service all befitting a Victorias farewell to being the New PM of Fiji. All the Diplomats were there,including NZ and Aust.Sa qai matata mai na i tosotoso oqo.Da tokona na turaga ni Muani,Ravitakiadavu sa mai liutaka na Army/Navy/Police/Prisons/NFA.Da sa vakanamata sara yani kina nai lesilesi vou nei TuBai oya me PM.Tara rawa na bolabola,moku rawa na vuaka kei na pulumakau sa uro!

Anonymous said...

@ Tui Viti (2)..Se bera tiko mada ga ni yaco na veidigidigi, nomui vosavosa sa vaka sara ga e sa na veiliutaki o Bai. Me tara rawa ga na bolabola ka moku na kena vuaka kei na bulumakau uro ni sa mai vakarau me sova yani e na kava ni benu. E sega ni dua nai taukei e lialia me vakamuria na nona lasu. O Mosese e tautauvata ga kei koya, baleta ni se taura tikoga na nona kau

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3.42pm..Cool! If you tell us "damn" well to sodomize you, I am most happy to oblige

Anonymous said...

@ All Hail Bainimarama...In fact Fiji Sun adores Bainimarama, not the people. That is why we need an election. 99% of his family adore him. The missing 1 % is Meli

Anonymous said...

Good point @Anon 3.33pm..what else would you expect from an illegal government that is above the law?

That is why we need to kick him out and let him rot!

Anonymous said...

@ All Hail Bainimarama...Aiyaz and Graham cannot even clean up their rear. Graham is no where to be seen and Aiyaz is probably moaning the exit of Bainimarama. We will see who cleans up who. Silence is always golden!

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti (se Tui Namu)
Sa boi dada mai na vakayagataki ni neimami tax dollars mo ni rawaka kina na namu keina vaqarai tutu,,,,,,

Anonymous said...

@Coup Lover..Fiji is no out of the woods yet..

Anonymous said...

Anymore report from the military intel guy on future developments ?

Your last one was way off !!!

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga was the fallback position: Kean was always first choice.

Tui Viti (2) said...

@anon sa sivia na Dengue baleta ni sega ni samaki na nomu yasani vale,sa sivia na gunu yaqona kei na vosa vaka vuku e bati ni tanoa,ia na sala ki na were e sa tubua ka sa susu kina na Dengue.E namuti vakacava na taxpayers ni oqori na nodai votavota kece iko,au,keda na tamata cakacaka,se dau ni bisinisi,da na saumi tax vua na matanitu e veiliutaki,se cava me sa kua,ke kua ia me qai kau mai vei na livaliva,wai,sewarage,repair vaka cava na wavu,paipo ni wai,paipo ni demu kei na veika tale eso.Ke o oca io qori na nodai votavota na tamata kece,eda na kana mai nabuno ni yadreda! se iko o oca beka na buno tiko na bukemu! NA VEIDIGIDGI SA RORO TIKO MAI OQO ENA QAQA KINA NA PM O BAI!AU SEGA NIU LOMATAROTARO SE NUIQAWAQAWA ENA TIKINA OYA!ESA VOLAI OTI TU KA SA BULI OTI TALEGA NA KENA SERE KA SA MATANA TAKI OTI.E SO ERA SA RAICA NA 'VISION' NI NONA VEILIUTAKI O TUBAI. O CEI TALE ME DA DIGIA NI SAI BAI DUADUA E GANITI KOYA NA MADIGI NI IRI BULI KEI NA NODA VAKANANANU NA I-TAUKEI.

Anonymous said...

I saw Nur BANO and Sunil of BDO checked in at Denarua Island.
Where is Zarin Ali?

Anonymous said...

Aziz was never a real contender, Teleni was a possibility, but Kean was definitely first pick. Tikoitoga will give the appearances of a free and fair election but in actual fact regime ethos is unchanged, the people will still be dictated to by Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3 42pm, you do not even understand what is meant by a job description. No wonder you are lost, in confusion.

Anonymous said...

The likes of the Facebook bully Alex Elbourne are becoming just as easy to pick out on this blog posting annonymously as Graham Davis

Anonymous said...


Ted Young said...

Feel sorry for Jale B. He would have become the new Commander if he was loyal to Bainimara.

Anonymous said...

At his farewell ceremony - the Fijians are forever looking out to perform a ceremony with full chow and all that with a church service thrown in for show - did the Emperor have on his Golden Garment?
And were all the adults applauding the Emperor's fine garment?

Anonymous said...

Na kai Kadavu e dau vaka irorogo ena vei gauna sa oti.
Ia e dau vakairogorogo talega e so na ka vakadomobula.

Only God knows the future and whatis in Mo's mind at this time.

MO this is your time tagane ...jei na yava jei na yava.....Nomu liga nomu laga ...koya dau kailavaka toka na qase o Ligiligi ena gauna dau qito kina na timi ni Kadavu ena gauna vinaka sa oti.

It is normal trend now for every Commander of FMF to create history for themselves and for the country.

Will history be created in days to come?

Anonymous said...

Jale B picked Aziz would be successor, he truly thought Bainimarama would live up to making RFMF more inclusive.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama resigns as military chief

19:01 Wed Mar 5 2014

by AAP

Frank Bainimarama's decision to stand down as Fiji's military commander ahead of long-awaited national elections has been welcomed by the New Zealand and Australian governments.

Commodore Bainimarama, who appointed himself prime minister after a military coup in 2006, resigned his military role on Wednesday so he can contest elections scheduled for September as a civilian.

"Separating the government and the military is an important step toward holding credible elections in Fiji later this year," Foreign Minister Murray McCully said in a statement.

"Today's announcement is an important milestone on that road."

He said New Zealand was providing assistance to the Fiji Elections Office and was ready to provide further support if needed.

Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop said Cdre Bainimarama's resignation was the "latest in a series of positive developments in Fiji's election preparations and its return to parliamentary democracy".

But Amnesty International said despite the military regime professing commitment to freedoms in the lead-up to the elections, it was rewarding "officers who perpetrate serious human rights violations with impunity".

Amnesty's executive director in New Zealand, Grant Bayldon, said Cdre Bainimarama's military resignation fell on the first anniversary of a video being released showing two men being tortured and sexually assaulted by security forces.

Amnesty called on Cdre Bainimarama to show leadership and ensure those responsible for torture were brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga - new commander, endorsed by the rubber stamp Prisident who is not the commander in chief: Fiji constitution 2013 said that. But PM is still commander in chief - so said the constitution of 2013. They made the veiqaravi vakavanua to a new chief. no wonder they eliminated the GCC so they are now holders of the chiefly titles in Fiji.
Okay, when is the next fiji sun poll.
lets see what khaiyum will say in the next couple of days when bai is no longer wearing his uniform.

Anonymous said...

C4.5 please stop misleading your readers in publishing non fictional, bullshit news of Francis Kean take over form bainimarama etc, etc as commander of rfmf.

Anonymous said...

How Muslims elites have used i few Taukei to make money and screw the i TAUKEI. Khayium the smart mastermind.
Khyium knows how to use i Taukei.
Shame on i Taukei can be sold for money.

Anonymous said...

Nur Bano made millions. She was paid $500,000 to do a study on restructure of Rewa Dairy. No tender was called. Sandeep CJ Patel then paid Nur to buy off Rewa Diary.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama Resigns as Military Chief
But Remains as Military Thief

Anonymous said...

@Tui Viti
Caiti tamamu. Lako sara lai cu vei nomu turaga o bainida me caiti iko.
Tamata ululala.

Anonymous said...

Interesting hearing Brij Old Fart Lal on radio taking about Baimagasona. According to old fart, Baimagasona is safe from any prosecution, arrest etc. because the immunity clause was inserted into the constitution, and this can not be challenged in any court of law.

Old Fart Lal forgot to mention that the legal constitution was abrogated by Baimagasona and this may happen again. I hope this will be the case as we want all those assholes that have been abusing power, benefitting from the illegal coup etc brought to justice.

Anonymous said...

We can all be forgiven for thinking Kean would get the top job, it is so typical of the decisions Bainimatama . Maybe he is serious about demo racy after all - no, really? That's a forking joke

Anonymous said...

@ Tikoitoga, isa vinaka kai noqu, Blessings to all Kai Kadavu...

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti
Luvenu ulukau - cava dau kauta taki kina na "entrenched legislation" ni kai viti???
Macawa nomu vosa ,,,,,,,sivia talega nomudou lasu keina vei bribe taki ena I lavo valevakoro gaunisala etc etc ,,,sega ni lavo nei tamamu caiti tamamu
iko dua na kai viti ulukau!!

Anonymous said...

@ Tuiviti

Tuiviti lai domica tu mada na boci nei Bainimagai ka vagolea vua na nomu me kubu tu.

DRAU 69 TU MADA !!!!

Magaitinamudrau vata.

Anonymous said...

We all know that Tikoitoga is number three in the military..sooo the question is: Why didn't he appoint one from the two above Tikoitoga?

Ghost who Wanks, perhaps you can answer the question.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti
Yacamu me Tui Sona!
Cava e soli ga kina e 80 na sokalasivi ni Toppers kina kai viti qa 720 vei ira na Idia?
Sa vakaloloma na gone ni viti?
Cava sa sega kina na bisinisi ni Kai Viti maina 2006 yacova mai qo?
Kena ca gona na vakamumuri vaka ulukau o cakava tu? BOI DADA

Na Sauca Oqo said...

The handover ceremony at Delainabua has shown the resurgence of the ugly face of RACISM at the heart and core of Fijian leadership. The three pillars described by Professor O.H.K Spate in the Three Legged Stool, the Vanua, Methodist Church (LOTU) and Matanitu were at the new height of recognition within the RFMF.

To all the so called "Fijians" there is no such thing as the separation of the church and state or the moving into secular state such as in Austarlia etc.

Viti is still the land of the Kai Viti and it will remain like this as long as RFMF reigns.

Mo will ensure that this tradition continues and make sure you dump Kaihum's constitution in the sea between Beqa and Kadavu.

Hooray Fiji for the kai Viti again and this was displayed at Delainabua by the Kai Viti.

Anonymous said...

Speaking in the iTaukei language, Lt-Col Gadai said the army was thankful to God for preserving his life during the 2000 mutiny when rebel soldiers stormed the Queen Elizabeth Barracks.

He said Commodore Bainimarama was chosen by God to lead the army and that he had been a good and capable leader.

Lt-Col Gadai also paid tribute to the Commodore's wife, Mary Kean-Bainimarama for her part in assisting Commodore Bainimarama.

He likened Commodore Bainimarama to the biblical king and hero of Israel David, saying he had triumphed over many odds and beaten many different Goliaths.

This Gadai must have been licking Bai's ass and balls too many times.

How can he say that God chose Bainimarama to lead? For fucks sake, Bainimagasona took over the legitimate government illegally!!! Some Fijians are simply fucked in their heads. It appears that Gadai's head in his pants/sulu is far more educated than the head above his shoulders.

The Prophet said...

I once thought like Gadai. But now I realise that Commodore Bainimarama is less like David and more like Absalom, and like Absalom, chosen by God to HANG.

KUA NI RERE said...

@Anonymous 11:57
I agree with you.
It would be like the German Jews saying that Hitler was chosen by God to lead their country......
....while they were on the train to Auschwitz.

How farked up is that!

Some Fijians take Bible verses out of context and end up with some perverse interpretation.
To compare Bainisona to David is like comparing a cockroach to a Lion.
It's a moronic attempt.

But I guess it reflects more on the slimy greaseball that uttered the words.

Bainisona is a lying corrupt lowlife and is worse than a cockroach!
He is NOT a David.

My apologies to real cockroaches.

RatuNaca said...

Anon @ March 6, 2014 at 11:57 AM…..for the life of me, I just couldn’t understand how Gadai can compare a Biblical King and Hero of Israel, David to a COMMON THUG & CRIMINAL with the blood of Innocent Civilians on his hands. Sa maumau na lotu era tukuna tiko because at the end of the day they were just singing songs of praises for vb because he was looking after their ‘welfare’. Those guys ‘volunteered’ to join the army ka a sega ni tuberi na kedra tabua mera lai sotia…….sa laurai ga e keya na levu ni lala ni qavokavoka kei na qaciqacia.

Anonymous said...

Luke 22: 3 - "Then Satan entered Judas...."

He entered Bai too.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Gadai compare Baimagasona to Prophet Mohhamed since Kaihum is pulling the strings?

Anonymous said...

Well, it's no more outlandish than mahen chaudhry being compared to Robin Hood, or Laisenia Qarase compared to Mandela.

Anonymous said...

Judas betrayed The TRUTH for money.

Bainisona betraying the Fijian people for money.

Anonymous said...

Now that VB is out of the camp, he should be arrested by the Acting COMPOL for treason. Act. COM Narayan should throw him to the court before he takes his exit.
From court to Naboro, where he can wait like a man with George.
George did only one coup in 2000, VB did two, one in 2006 and another in 2009 when he even abrogated the 1997 constitution.
George is waiting for VB in Naboro to help with the piggery project there.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 2:04pm....

yeah why dont you do something about it gutless chicken...why ask someone else to do it for you. same to all you spineless bloggers....I betcha someone will be asking Tikoitoga to coup Frank from this blog site or the other soldiers to do something but will you....no you want the food cooked first so you can eat it. Frank committed what he did and thats more than what anyone can say about the lot of your patheric bloggers....TRUEZ

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.32,
As head of the Police Force, COMPOL with the authority to arrest criminals who usurp power from the people, abusing his position as commander to turn against his peoples' government.
The COMPOL is the best person to perform the duty.
A coupmaker walking free? Make it happen Narayan, so that the 2006 and 2009 coups " be the coups to end all coups" as VB once said.
The people of Fiji need to demonstrate and pursue this course, so we get rid once and for all about this culture that has plagued us for almost three decades.

Anonymous said...

Dua tiko la na noqu kerekere vei kemudrau Tui Vuna [ Ro Macanawai ].
Drau ciqoma na ka sa solia 'qori o Voceke vei kemudou. Drau yalovinaka ga, drau kua na tavuki vua e na gauna ni veidigidigi.
Drau vakayagataki e keri na i vadi ni vanua o drau vasu kina!!
Sa dri yani Roko Tukuna.

Anonymous said...

anon 10.47pm
donu qori mudrau ,,,,,,,meda marautaki voceke keina veivuke ia kua ni digitaka na bokala o voceke baleta sa kauta tani na taqomaki ni noda qele (entrenched law on native land) ena yavu ni vakavulewa.

Anonymous said...

@ 4:13pm...another bloody coward..get your ass on the street and start the protest. Get arrested, bashed, shot and let the people realise that this Goliath can be defeated. When will you Kai Fijians learn to get off your sorry lazy asses and do something about this problem Goliath you have. How many people can Frank or his Military brutalize or kill. Not the whole country so its worth it isnt it. Die for your people so the future survives. Or are you guys just plain SHIT SCARED to do anything. Look at Ukraine, recent events in China. People rose up against the Government. In Fiji, people sit down, drink kava, speak shit, go home and start the same thing next day..Sa kua saraga

Anonymous said...

Ulukau - Fijians are not stupid like Ukraine,,,,,now they lost hundreds of lives, got invaded by Russia and more hatred within themselves .....thats because of bloodshed ,,,see Syria you fool.
Methodists and Kai Viti are following the peaceful path which is good for all..thats wisdom and maturity.
Just wait for elections and kick out Bai!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 3:22, don't count your chickens before they hatch. You say Fijians are not stupid like the Ukrainians, but just remember, the Ukrainians have their freedom. Do we?

Anonymous said...

I couldn't help but notice that after Graham Davis wrote in to C4.5 to claim he isn't The Ghost Who Walks, the Ghost remained uncharacteristically silent on the subject.

Is it that Graham's denial sufficed for the Ghost? Hmmmm. Are they really that sympatico? The Ghost is content to let Graham speak for him? Once Graham has spoken, the Ghost has nothing to add?

I agree that it is more likely the Ghost is Graham, and Graham is simply doing what Qorvis pays him to do -- lying again.