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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Media Authority stoush with ABC leads to workshop being cancelled

SEND UP: Illustration courtesy of Fiji satirist Shazzer for Freedom.

Sour relations between Fiji's Media Industry Development Authority and an ABC journalist has led to a training program being dropped.

The tension is due to a confrontation between MIDA chairman, Ashwin Raj, and MIDA director, Matai Akouala, and ABC journalist, Sean Dorney, at the Pacific Media Summit in Noumea.

Raj and Akauola are accused of criticizing Dorney over his coverage of what Akauola said at a plenary session. Witnesses say Raj called him “two faced” and a “scavenger” while Matai pointed his finger and said “you are not ever coming back to Fiji”.

Dorney is barred from Fiji. 

Ashwin Raj subsequently wrote to ABC International complaining about Dorney and demanding an apology. ABC hasn’t replied, but its affiliate, PACMAS, in partnership with the Commonwealth Broadcasting Association, has deferred a media training workshop planned for Suva next month.

The Digital Media Training was aimed at capacity building and development of media practitioners. 

A letter from project manager, Amy Richardson, to candidates reads in part: 

"For the reasons explained below PACMAS are not currently able to operate projects in Fiji.....

"The Media Industry Development Authority of Fiji recently wrote to the Managing Director of the Australian Broadcasting Corporation lodging a complaint about the conduct of one of its staff members during a recent conference in Noumea. 

"As a consequence of the allegations made by MIDA and the authority they carry in Fiji, its Chairman Ashwin Raj and CEO, Matai Akauola have suspended all collaboration with the ABC and PACMAS at this time. 

"PACMAS staff have been endeavouring to have MIDA separate it’s grievance with the ABC staff member from that of PACMAS but have not been successful so far."

The letter goes on to say organisers may bring forward the next phase of the workshop which is likely to take place in either Samoa or Tonga, possibly later this year.


watch dog said...

Bring back the good old media freedom. I like those days when media use to f.ck the government. We know these two like Bai are scared of being told the truth but for how long. Its our rights to Bring back media freedom to this nation.

Anonymous said...

Like I said before....you natives still need to be governed by the white man. You can take the native out of the bush...but you can never take the bush out of the native.

curry muncher said...

Like u cant take curry out of an Indian & u cant teach them to use spoon....lol

unhappy fnpf member said...

Fiji sugar production has only been only 1.7 million tonne consequtively in 2011, 2012. & 2013. Not meeting our target on 4.2 million tonne a year. Wheres Bai solution for 7 yrs.

mark manning said...

A sign of things to come post coup coup election September 2014?

Anonymous said...

U TECH Institute a fake higher education in Honson building -7th floor has got 90 students from India .They are mostly from rural Indian on the pretext of studying I.T.. They were told they could easily go to N.Z. and Australia from Fiji. India provides the best studies in I.T. as we all know but Immigration gave about 90 students permit. These students were told by Manoj Kumar an Indian national now after paying money to Immigration officers got his Fiji citizen without bringing one cent in the country.

This must be investigated that how he was given Fiji citizen despite several complains about him to the Immigration department.

Nemani Vuinwaqa the director of Immigration is fully aware as he and his staff in compliance have made thousand of dollars despite many complains from these poor students to his department.

The owner an Indian national Manoj Kumar who has now fled the country to Vanuatu after collecting thousand of dollars from poor Indians.

Now he is doing the same business in Vanuatu.

It is understood that us $8000 was paid as tuition fee for one year plus shared accommodation of us $2000 by each students.

The contract given to Immigration has all the details.

FIRCA has not been paid any tax on this money collected by Manoj and U Tech.

Manoj bought a land and build a house at 1 Udal Street, off Howell Road using the money from these students and a Pajero which he sold and took money to Vanuatu.

He was trying to sell the house and leave Fiji completely. Now about 15 Indian students are staying in the house thinking they will get a visa to N.Z or Australia.The institute is fake with few computers.

Nemani Vuniwaqa and his staff made good money and now is pretending and blaming the Fiji Higher Commission.

Complains were all made to the Indian Embassy which did not help the students from India.

Corruption at Immigration at the highest level!

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji must know the capabilities of their leaders by open T.V. debate every week rather than the bullshit that is aired in Khayium’s T.V. (FBC).

We need to have open discussion on the economy.

Won’t it be interesting for the people!

Anonymous said...

Questions will be censored if there's a debate, just like Fiji media where Frank is star.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's Media Industry Development Authority should be renamed Fiji's Media Authority Development because all it is doing is developing the regime's authority over the media for the purpose of intimidation, lies and censorhip. If it is so thin-skinned that it can't take sincere and constructive criticism from Sean Dorney, what chance it will ever stand up for press freedom in Fiji? None.

Anonymous said...

A disgraceful turn of events by MIDA but who is really is surprised when journalist turncoats like Matai A and Makereta K thrive on brown-nosing the illegal & treasonous regime?

As for Ashwin Raj he really brings no value to the sector and is a plant of Khaiyum's. No wonder he broke his arm -- here's hoping his "clumsiness" extends to his neck next.

Anonymous said...

Sean Dorney's bonafides as a journalist of exceptional standing is beyond question. By contrast Dr Ashwin Raj and other regime lackey's a phony media people who pretend to subscribe to media freedom when in fact they are agents of the fiji military dictatorship which has a solid record of media censorship and media bashing. That's what a dictatorship does - bashing!

Anonymous said...

for a dictatorship there is no such thing as "sincere and constructive criticism".
they believe in NO Criticism at all!

Graham Gates Prophet said...

A journalist who shades the truth,
A judge who bends the law,
A talatala who distorts God's words --
They are lower than whores
Because they prostitute the truth.

Prophet said...

I FUCKING HATE BAINIMARAMA. I gave my asshole (anus) so that I could get some favours from Bai's guys, but all I got was a fucking sore anus. I will not vote for Bainimarama. Period.

Anonymous said...

Please dont inflate an already inflated ego by calling him Dr Ashwin. He isnt. vinaka

Anonymous said...

Sean Dorney is a media man of international repute.
Ashwind Raj and Macai Akau allu are media men of shit repute.
There can only be a meeting of minds between media men of equal repute.

Hero Mentality said...

I do not know this Dr Ashwin Raj chap. Where did he appear from? I am not a supporter of the coup, but I must say Sean Dorney's reporting leaves a lot to be desired. It is the same old simple, cliched, narrative of democracy here and now.

At times Radio Australia's reporting has been quite provocative. It is reflective of their journalists arrogance, especially when dealing with developing Pacific Island countries. A superior, condescending, know-it-all attitude shines through.

But in fact the reporting is rather naive, repetitive, and unhelpful. These journalists like to boast how long they have been covering the pacific, but in reality they understand very little about the region.

They cannot fathom things beyond their structured formula for reporting news, and their one dimensional and single template for understanding of democracy and freedom of speech.

I wouldn't call sean Dorney a scavenger - just a simple journalist with a hero mentality who can't think outside the box he has been in for decades.

Anonymous said...

Does FBC belong to Raiz Khayium?
Veena Bhatnagar bitch with all make up only talks to illegal regime and have praises for the illegal regime 24/7 on the radio.
Why not Kepa, Chaudhry, Raman and others are not invited at FBC for talk back show.
Not even once these people have been given the opportunity to speak.
She should know that Chaudhry was democratically elected by Indians as their leader.
Veena Bhatnagar’s daughter eloped with a Muslim and for this reason she is always saying Salam on radio instead of Hindu greeting.

Anonymous said...

as an outsider Sean Dorney's coverage of Pacific issues has been heaps better than many local journalist who are often scared shitless to ask the hard questions.
that's what foreign journalist do and I would contend it is this that people like "Hero Mentality" 11.38 AM find unpalatable.
sean dorney has been doing a fine job as a Pacific correspondent.

Anonymous said...

Ashwin Raj the chairman of the Media Council must simply know that their is no freedom of speech not only in the media but for the people generally to speak.

FBC and Fiji Sun why their is no fair reporting?

If he is a professional he should do the right thing and resign.

People what free media and and not one by the dictator where only he speaks and is regarded as gospel.

Anonymous said...

ok so Sean Dorney has not been a good journalist for "developing Pacific island countries". good forbid we have to rely on local media people like ashwind raj and Matai akaulo and other mediocre local media people to keep us informed on what is happening in "developing Pacific island countries" - some of which are developing backwards!

Anonymous said...

Today illegal Prime Minister is on his tour to Komo Island.
Bai is full time campaigning for election using government resources and at the same time being paid by taxpayers.
Professor do think their will be a free and fair election under this circumstances?
Their should be a level playing field for all political parties then it is only considered free and fair election.
Wake up to the reality of abuse of taxpayers money by only a few who I do not need to name.

Anonymous said...


Then ALL those will need to, step into the danger zone of STANDING UP and saying so.


FASCISM 1-a) a political philosophy, movement, or regime that exalts nation and often race above the individual and that stands for a centralized autocratic government headed by a dictatorial leader, severe economic and social regimentation, and forcible suppression of opposition.
SOCIALISM 1-a) any of various economic and political theories advocating collective or governmental ownership and administration of the means of production and distribution of goods.

2-a) a system of society or group living in which there is no private property.

2-b-) a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state.

3-a) a stage of society in MARXIST theory transitional between CAPITALISM and COMMUNISM and distinguished by unequal distribution of goods and pay according to work done.
This is all hidden under the disguise of 'DEMOCRACY'. America is structured as a 'REPUBLIC' for these exact reasons.


REPUBLIC 1-a) a government having a chief of state who is not a monarch and who in modern times is usually a president,

2- b) a government in which supreme power resides in a body of citizens entitled to vote and is exercised by elected officers and representatives responsible to them and governing according to law.

I ask everyone, IS THIS YOUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT? The People of planet Earth have not done their duty by making sure we have the real FREEDOM offered by THE PEOPLE being in charge. Too few have done too little to secure the future of freedom by insisting on these principles. Those who have not/are not governing according to the true 'general welfare' of THE PEOPLE, need to be removed immediately.

Our Almighty Creator has said so.
Time to follow the highest authority and declare ourselves FREE!


Anonymous said...

The Media Council the chairman and CEO Matai have no ethnic. I wonder what they were taught about free media.

They should investigate the media as the media is not free and fair.

Anonymous said...

The Media Council the chairman and CEO Matai have no ethnic. I wonder what they were taught about free media.

They should investigate the media as the media is not free and fair.

Anonymous said...

The contractors who worked at FBC's renovation are the one's who renovated Raiz Sayeed Khayium house in Namadhi Heights.
All paid by FBC.

What did Raiz have before the coup.Nothing was in N.Z.without a job!

Anonymous said...

'ABC's Sean Dorney recognised for Pacific reporting' (Australia Network News 11 Oct 2012).
"The ABC's Pacific Correspondent Sean Dorney has won the Australian Council for International Development's inaugural Media Award in recognition of his reporting on development and social issues in PNG and the Pacific".
This kind of award is given on merit . unlike the ones bestowed in Fiji for sucking up to the regime.
I wonder when ashwind raj will get a media award from the Bainimarama regime for his media development work!

USP VC Rajesh Chandra and Dr Ashwin Raj regime's chief propagandists the regime's headquarters of propaganda. VC Rajesh Chandra and Dr Ashwin Raj are the regimes chief propagandists. said...

Dr Ashwin Raj is from USP. The VC of USP Rajesh Chandra is a coup supporter. The connection is very clear. At USP coup supporters like Dr Ashwin are rewarded. Coup opponents like Wadan Narsey and Marc Edge are deported!

USP VC Rajesh Chandra has turned USP into the regimes base for keeping the lid on academic and media freedom.

USP is the regime's headquarters of propaganda. VC Rajesh Chandra and Dr Ashwin Raj are the regimes chief propagandists.

Anonymous said...

Beginning to sound like USP is full of cockroaches or may be just cocksuckers. Sucking Bai & kaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Ashwin Raj has not completed his Doctorate from Canberra.

He was an assistant lecturer at USP before working with the sacked Deputy VC Kelly.

He has changed a lot from the Ashwin Raj I know from our student days at USP.

Power and recognition is always a major factor.

Headless leaders said...

There has been reasonable economic growth since 2010, but not enough. Even taking the optimistic estimates from 2010 to 2014, the average growth rate between 2006 and 2014 under the Bainimarama Regime will be a mere 1.1% per year (see graph). This is the worst record of any government since independence in 1970.Under Ratu Mara it was 3.5% per annum (over 17 years)
Under Rabuka it was 2.0% per annum (over 11 years);
Under Chaudhry it was 8.8% (over 1 year)
Under Qarase it was 2.3% per annum (over 5 years).
Over the last 8 years, Fiji’s record is also the worst amongst the Melanesian countries. This poor performance is hidden from the public view and mind because of the daily propaganda praising the Bainimarama Government in newspapers, radio, and television.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

What is the salary of Bai and Khayium – $1.2 million?
When will they declare their salary.
Khayium is hiding his money in Malaysia and Dubai. Aunty Nur Bano is the one who is doing all the formalities.

The Heckler said...

For those who couldn't tell, the accompanying illustration wasn't a genuine photo. It had been photoshopped.

Those aren't really Nazis in those uniforms.

I mean, those really ARE Nazis, but those aren't their uniforms.

Anonymous said...

No, Sean Dorney isn't a "scavenger", but I know a journalist who is. Wanna guess who? His first name is Graham.

A "hero mentality" is a good thing to have, especially amongst journalists. It's certainly far better than a coward's mentality or a traitor's.

Anonymous said...

The Director of Immigration Nemani Vuniwaqa and his staff Yogendra and another tall Indian man in compliance section are involved in the scam of Indian students coming to study at U Tech near MHCC.

Him and his staff have made thousand of dollars in this scam where Indian student have paid up to us $10,000 each to study IT at U Tech Institute for one year.

Anonymous said...

Aseri Radrodro for SODELPA. He should explain first his attempted murder of His first wife who is the daughter of Sitiveni Rabuka who is still affected by that assault to this day. Maybe he should explain his new wife's corruption charges which will see her in prison soon. Sainiana Waqanabete the car park girl. Well know media girl who went to the car park for some business with uncle Savenaca Draunidalo.

Anonymous said...

dat illustration is spot on. herr raj does look the part of the Gestapo that he has become by turning himself into a regime running dog!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Two little boys said...

Yet again, Dr Ashwin Raj and Matai Akoula have shown their lack of maturity. These two still have a lot of growing up to do. How come they are heading MIDA? Unfortunately Fiji's journalists will pay the price for their childishness.

Anonymous said...

Fiji will never have a free and fair election under the regime. The election will be rigged by Khayium.

Anonymous said...

All political parties get together and boycott the election.
The only way is to have interim government to conduct the election.

Anonymous said...

Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is calling the shots at USP. VC Rajesh Chandra is Aiyaz's boy. So is Ashwin Raj.

Anonymous said...

Matai Akauola was always a mediocre journalist who did not provoke or stretch the boundaries of professional and ethical journalism. At least he is consistent in his stance with the regime as he was with SVT, FLP, SDL back then. The journalists i really hate are the ones who provoked, distorted and stoked animosity of those in authority or power under the guise of media freedom to the point of unnecessarily agitating the governments like SVT, FLP and SDL. Most of these journalists are the lamusona and real despicable cowards failing to show the same tenacity with this regime. These are the jourtnalists who should have their a'holes rammed in public by the regime for all of us to see!! farkin macafarking cowards. This includes media people like Daryl Tarte and William Parkingson!!

Anonymous said...

Sean Dorney is a journalist par excellence
Ashwindy Raj and Matai Bokola are media laands of the regime

Anonymous said...

just because Ashwindy Raj is from USP it does not mean he is not a boor fala. there are many boor falas from USP including the VC Rajesh Chandra who are regime lackeys who have forgotten what academic freedom and free speech mean.
it is a disgrace that such people should be at this regional institution of higher learning.

Anonymous said...

Journalist in Fiji are just reporting - just writing what is being said by others and mainly by this regime. They no longer investigate nor do they have the guts to ask any questions. Are they all waiting for this regime to fall and then all the hidden truths will be published? They should learn from Victor Lal (ok VL is away overseas so he doesn't have to face the regime's gauntlet). BUt how about Wadan? He is in Fiji and writes some real stuff backed with facts and figures (this can be debated but hardly anything from anyone)

Anonymous said...

FB should learn to or try and grasp the fact that there are better and smarter people in Fiji than ASK. He is too engrossed by the fancy words/english being used by ASK so he has resigned to the fact that ASK must the smartest guy he has known. NO FB there are some who want to help you but you have been blinded so much that you cant even see what has happened to the beautiful Fiji

Anonymous said...

So Frank please answer this question - what did Qarase do to you that you had to remove him and his government? or perhaps a question to Qarase - what did Frank do to you that you didn't like? and here we are in a mess

Anonymous said...

watch out Frank will form a party in April and then call a snap election catching everyone with their ants down. all these delays are deliberate.He just has to win this election and that will be the end of Fiji. Imagine they are doing all these illegitimately and what they will do under the name of legitimacy if they win?

Anonymous said...

Dr Ashwin Raj and Matai Akoula are not fit to head anything. Their decision making is appalling. Matai made a mess of PINA. As an academic Dr Raj appears to be very narrow minded. I pity his students, and USP. Their behaviour is damaging journalism in Fiji. The irony is that they are at the fore of an organisation supposed to develop the media. This is what happens when two incompetents are given leadership positions. To add insult to injury, tax payers are funding this farce. What a mess.

Who gives a rats said...

Who gives a rats what junta slurpers like arsewipe raj and his left nut think? good call to transfer the workshop to a country like Tonga or Samoa which are vermin free.

Anonymous said...

The guy Ajith Kodagoda is behind this. The Sri Lankan. He was responsible for bringing in the new CEO who is also Sri Lankan. He is one of the most corrupt assholes in Fiji at the moment, which is saying something. He sits on the boards of FNPF, ATH, HFC and FRCA and openly manipulates tender processes to favour CJ Patel subsidiaries. Anytime anyone tries to oppose him, he actively goes out to destroy their career. The guy is the biggest behind the scenes thief in Fiji. Everything bad happening with FNPF, FRCA, ATH, etc has his hands all over it. He applies the CJ Patel model of cutting cost at all organisations he joins, even if they are profitable organisations like FRCA. Micromanages the CEO/Managers, etc and basically all decisions at all these statutory bodies are made by him. The Fijian CEO's Tikolevu, Taito, etc are just the face's of the organisation. They don't have any real decision making powers. Everything is decided by him. He alienates staff at all these organisations and treats them like crap. Surrounds himself with either Sri Lankan senior managers (like the Legal Manager at FNPF) or weak Fijian/Indian managers who will not say anything against him. If anyone even shows a remote hint of independent thinking, he alienates and gets rid of them. The Govt won't remove him from these organisations because the CJ Patel owned Fiji Sun is their mouthpiece. So this absolute asshole is given free reign to go around and fuck up these companies in Fiji. Any review of the tenders for FNPF, FRCA, HFC, etc over the last few years will show just how much he manipulates the process to favour CJ Patel and/or its subsidiaries or companies that are linked with CJ Patel. The guy really is a cancer on Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Ask you all kaifijians to at least watch the Australian Parliamentary debate currently aired live to be judge yourselves to the type of questions fired at parlimentarians by journalists and the professionalism of those answering them.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

By all means boycott the elections. In that way, Bainimarama will not win 98 percent of the vote. He will win 100 percent.

Anonymous said...

Qarase: What did Frank do to me? He prevented me from enforcing our laws and then committed treason.

Bainimarama: What did Qarase do to me? He withheld from me absolute power and tried to hold me accountable.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen Premila Kumar's photo in the Fiji Times today?--can someone please donate a bathroom scale to Premila please ??-one day or one night Jai Karan might be crushed to death !!--his life is in danger!-VC Rajesh Chandra should be most concerned!

Anonymous said...

The opposition should demand that the UN supervise the elections, even if it might mean a delay of a few months, or otherwise boycott because this is already shaping up to be an unfair election. Just look at how this regime is controlling the media.

Anonymous said...

The people of Fiji must know the capabilities of their leaders by open T.V. debate every week rather than the bullshit that is aired in Khayium’s T.V. (FBC).

We need to have open discussion on the economy.

Won’t it be interesting for the people!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Premilla goes lunch hour to a house in Nasese for a massage! Guess whose house is it!

Kaiviti said...

@ Anon 1:15 a.m

Totally agree! The problem is we will hear a lot of.... ah and ummm... from the current, question for a question rather than an answer...

Anonymous said...

Au nanuma ga de tu ena SODELPA o Aseri Radrodro baleta na kani veiliutaki, au warai ni kila ni tou kitaka tiko na vakacuru polo ena veiqara ia na gauna e sauma kina vua o luvei Rabuka qai warai ni taura rawa. Aseri drau qai mai taura tale e dua na dau ciqo volo wavoki o Sainiana Waqanabete, drau qai curu tale ena dua na party ni vei dre mavolo. E kuvai drau mai vakaba???

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA kemudou a tamani qesa na lovo rau @ Aseri Radrodro & Sainiana Waqanabete.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

remember the recently held PINA media meet where the keynote speaker said pacific journalist needed to ask more hard questions?
why would he say that?
it's because shit journalist like the ones from fiji were not doing that.
and ashwindy raj and his MIDA mafia have the audacity to debunk foreign journalist like Sean dorney?
what rubbish!

Anonymous said...

Why dont you guys leave Premila's personal endeavors alone. Concentrate on her lack of ability to hold the high office of Consumer Council. She is a joke...

Anonymous said...

Fijian journos have brought shame to Fiji and and the noble profession of journalism.You may want to begin contemplating on plam 'B'once the regime implodes.

Fijiwala said...

Anonymous curry muncher

This may come to you as a surprise, India is where University system started from. India is where navigation started from. India is where medicine started from. India is where mathematics started from. I could go on and on with the list. Indians do not have to learn to eat with spoon. For it is fork that is used to eat with and not spoon, unless it is shoe soup.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:55 is right. The political parties need to protest the unfair nature of these elections RIGHT NOW. Don't wait until you're cheated in the elctions. Then it will just look like sour grapes. Keep it peaceful, but the time to protest is now. If the regime won't issue permits to political parties to peacefully assemble, then there are more grounds for a complaint to the UN.

Rot in journalism said...

Anon March 21 6:59 PM, you are right about journalists provoking and distorting things in the past. People Like Daryl Tarte of the Fiji Media Council looked the other way. People like William Parkinson, Russell Hunter, etc, talked a lot about lifting standards but did nothing really concrete.

As a USP journalism student in 2001, I remember they were busy criticising standards at USP and forever fighting with David Robie. They should have only looked at their own fucking backyard - it was filled with rubbish, this includes all media, Fiji TV, Fiji Times, Fiji Sun, FBC. There is only one way to describe the standards - shit. It was like that for years. it was like that for years.

At Fiji Times journalists were sleeping with prime ministers and writing scoops under Netani Rika and Russell Hunter's watch. These two arseholes were on an ego trip. Here they are today parading like media freedom heroes - after abusing ad destroying media freedom in Fiji through their bias and incompetence.

Fiji Media Council under Daryl Tarte was in shambles. It did not even have a functioning website. Media council simply was not fit to regulate media in Fiji. it was there to represent the media owners while pretending to be neutral. There was no representation for poorly paid journalists. Media owners interest prevailed. MIDA is the price media is paying for the many years of rot. The blame rests on people like Daryl Tarte, William Parkinson, Netani Rika and others who are whinging about media freedom now.

Right on! said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

was there rot in journalism pre-Bainimarama coup? of course there was. there was media slant and media bias and the media monitoring council was waste time if not in the pocket of the powerful. But that is something that is not uncommon even in far more mature democracies with far greater regulatory mechanisms and public scrutiny.You see the powerful in society (the dominant elite in business and in politics) always hold sway and are able to influence things/outcomes in their favour, in their special interests.
The recent media inquiry in Britain provides a good illustration of this phenomenon.
I have no doubt journalist and media people in pre-coup Fiji were influenced in this manner by the powerful and even by their own political ideology and worldview.
But for anyone - especially from the media fraternity - to suggest that the situation of the media in Fiji has got better since the Bainimarama takeover is shameful.
Now the rot is like an open sewer!
The media pre-coup was bad (but tolerable).Post-coup it became rotten (and intolerable).
The media in Fiji now gives off a bad odour - like a fart produced by eating TOO MUCH na kai!!

Journalism ethics said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

veka is already spread thick on the face of the many journalists in Fiji who have abdicated their journalistic responsibility - TO THE PUBLIC and are conducting themselves as cheerleaders - FOR THE ILLEGAL RULERS.
Don't worry about foreign journalists . They are doing fine and will continue to do so after Fiji's bogus elections.

Anonymous said...

has the media become ethical now under the Bainimarama regime?

Veka journalism said...

Media was NEVER ethical. racist journalists abdicated their duty long before bainimarama arrived on the scene. Veka has stuck since that time. The stench has been there for a long while; we could smell it, even if some journalists are waking up to the smell only now because suddenly their side is not winning.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Rot in journalism, Stanley Simpson was spot on when he described Fiji Media Council as white mens' club.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis alert.

Anonymous said...

Who better than Graham Davis to decry the state of Fiji media ethics? He's the regime's pick for teaching on the subject.

"Professor" Davis teaching media ethics is a bit like Dr. Josef Mengele teaching medical ethics.

Still Too True said...

A nice piece by Dakuwaqa two years ago:

I'm not surprised to see the Fiji Times singled out for criticism on this pro-Bainimarama website. After all, the regime has been gunning to destroy or take over the FT for a long time. This is not because the Times has practised irresponsible journalism, as Aiyaz and others claim, but because it persisted in reporting factually on regime misdeeds.

'Media responsibility', as used by the regime and its supporters, is a euphemism for propagandising on behalf of the regime. If you're 'responsible', you print what the regime wants. If you're 'irresponsible', you print something that the regime doesn't want published, regardless of whether it is true.

It's sad to see what has happened to Fiji's most venerable publication, the Fiji Times, under regime pressure. The regime cut off all government advertising. It forced the Times to sack editor-in-chief Netani Rika. It forced the newspaper's sale. It imprisoned its new owner on phony charges, probably because he had the temerity to save the newspaper, and/or because he's a commercial rival of the Tappoos, prominent regime supporters.

That's to say nothing about the firebombing of the homes of Fiji Times employees. Too bad the regime never caught the culprits.

Times temporary publisher Dallas Swinstead hoped he could placate the regime by dumbing down the paper and avoiding political content. But all he achieved was a bland newspaper with a weak editorial staff. Well, I suppose the only alternative was shuttering its doors forever, but it's sad to see a former champion of press freedom fall to such a low estate. So much for freedom of the press in Fiji.

It's even more heartbreaking to see what became of the Fiji Sun after the regime took publisher Russell Hunter from his home and expelled him from Fiji in the middle of the night. The Sun has since become the regime's sycophantic parrot. No wonder it receives all government advertising and even gets paid to publish the fascistic regime supplement 'New Dawn'.

I've learnt from more than one source inside the Sun that the newspaper and the regime are closer than gums and teeth. The regime gives its news and interviews almost exclusively to the Sun, which tends to build circulation even among those opposed to the regime. Bainimarama sometimes calls Sun reporters to dictate stories without attribution. Aiyaz sometimes writes his own glowing tourism columns for publication under a Sun reporter's byline -- a violation, incidentally, of the Media Decree he himself authored and promulgated. Sun publisher Peter Lomas personally picks out what he considers the most flattering photos of Aiyaz and tries to include one in almost every edition. That's called 'responsible media' in today's Fiji.

Media do need to be more responsible. In most free countries, that is achieved through libel laws, peer review, and high standards of journalistic ethics.

In Fiji, those who want to follow events have little choice but to turn to blogs. Yes, blogs are notoriously poor sources of information, but they're more reliable than Fiji's newspapers. What does that tell you about the current health of Fiji's press?

Indeed, were this the first Easter Sunday, I would expect that only bloggers would have reported the Resurrrection. The Fiji Sun would have printed the guards' version of events exclusively, whilst the Fiji Times would merely have made passing mention of the earthquake.

Anonymous said...

so journalism standard in Fiji was shit. and it has become more shot now. That's the gist of it.

Anonymous said...

Yts, it was a pile of shit before, but now it is diarrhoea.

Anonymous said...

"Mengele on medical ethics" = great analogy!!

Anonymous said...

Joseph Raga, don't you just love talking about Vudi on you fb. Io eh gone makawa ga ni Nasese dau kana vudi wavoki I Nasova. Sa lai kitaka tale mai Aussie vata kei Nikhil kei Ragend.

Vekaveka said...

Shit or diarrhoea, they the same damn thing, and an apt analogy for Fiji journalism and journalism.

Anonymous said...

Your hate remarks on premila will not change the fact that she is doing good job. protecting i-taukei from vulchers.

you can pick on her weight, her fingers and her character for nothing. give us a break.
premila we are proud of you

Anonymous said...

Right. Need to protest regime's unfairness BEFORE the elections, not after.

Fijiwala said...

Premila has a lot to be desired. She is not qualified for the position. She has just enough knowledge about consumer protection to get herself into deep trouble. Remember "little knowledge is dangerous." If I was to interview her, she would NEVER be hired for the position.

Anonymous said...

@ journalism ethics...or graham davis? maybe u should look at yourself in the mirror first you dick! so what standards and ethics do you profess to uphold? You are just really exposing yourself to be the true cunt you are!grovel in qorvis' waste!

Anonymous said...

@ rot in journalism and right on, you sound like a couple of losers that did not make in the real journalistic world pre-coup 2006, but are now the beneficiaries of the present illegal regime and all its rot!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

what about the white man Graham davis and the white woman Sharon Smith John in the regime's media club?

Anonymous said...

Premilla got her job by Saweni Maharaj of Lautoka. He is the cousin of husband Jai Kumar who also hails from Lautoka.
Saweni MAHARAJ was the chairman of the Consumer Council when she was recruited. Maharaj is a big womaniser. He was fucking Premilla at Consumer Council board room as Jai is impotent.

So it is in their family blood to get job by such means. The husband got a job at USP without an advertisement as Rajesh - VC is fucking Premilla.

Jai was sacked for corruption.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

To Maika Bolatiki of Fiji Sun,
Your Fiji Sun Poll results published on Saturday 22nd March maybe correct but the truth is that, when election comes you will see that PM Bainimarama will lose it all. The people interviewed were scared to be identified if they say NO to you at that point in time. If you think that I am lying then do it again and the results will be the same, 99% to Bainimarama. And that will be the same to all villages. But come September general election it will be a sorry states of mind to all of you. We the people are no longer fools to be fooled by fools like you and your team. I was one that been interviewed with 4 others of my friends.

Anonymous said...

Premila kumar will be Fiji next prime minister!!!!!WATCH

E sa matata mai. said...

Keep the Polls going Nem, you have the support of the 80% of the people of Fiji that supports PM.Sara sega ni taleitaka na dina o vakaraitaka tiko sa mai vala kina e ke a dai,a tamani DAI vakaitamera.The Polls reflect the true image of the Nation.On the other hand they are telling you to stop,Isnt that a Dictatorial Attitude? the hyppocrites!!Every one was given the option of choosing the other candidates, why is this idiot and loser saying the opposite.SA QAI MATATA TIKO MAI NAI LAKOLAKO.TOSO VITI TOSO.O IRA NA RAI MURI ERA NA DURI MASIMA KA SEGA NI VAKATULEWA RAWA ENA NODRA BULA. O KEDA DA TOSO GA.E SA QAI MATATA MAI.

E sa matata mai. said...

Keep the Polls going Nem, you have the support of the 80% of the people of Fiji that supports PM.Sara sega ni taleitaka na dina o vakaraitaka tiko sa mai vala kina e ke a dai,a tamani DAI vakaitamera.The Polls reflect the true image of the Nation.On the other hand they are telling you to stop,Isnt that a Dictatorial Attitude? the hyppocrites!!Every one was given the option of choosing the other candidates, why is this idiot and loser saying the opposite.SA QAI MATATA TIKO MAI NAI LAKOLAKO.TOSO VITI TOSO.O IRA NA RAI MURI ERA NA DURI MASIMA KA SEGA NI VAKATULEWA RAWA ENA NODRA BULA. O KEDA DA TOSO GA.E SA QAI MATATA MAI.

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 10.01 The next PM will be Peter Clarence Foster''s man, that is, VB. Peter got secret assistance from LV to relocate secretly in the kingdom of Viti. The Australian Federal Police could, if they wanted to, track LV's arrival in Brisbane last year before the fat man appeared in the newspaper. I know it as I was on the same plane and it was confirmed by many many many observers.

Anonymous said...

Russia took Ukaraine .i wonder if india can do the same and take over fiji.

Anonymous said...

Russia took over only a small part of Ukraine that was important. the restof the country is ruined, the people are poor and have massive debts. A country will pnly invide if it makes sense, in this case Russia wont have to pay money to lease a military base anymore and get more space innthe black sea to operate from.

somwhat has Fiji to offer to India? not much I fear.... Asians are interested by western knowledge, reason and intelligence. Fiji is nit exactly the okace where one would have fancy discussions on science. It is the land of god after all.

Anonymous said...

@ E sa matata mai,
ESA MATATA VINAKA MAI NA TAMATA DAULABA KA LABATI IRATOU NA 5 CRW KA POISONITAKA TALEGA NA TALATALA QASE REV. TUIKILAKILA E SE TASERE VINAKA TU OQO KA SEGA NI RAWA EDUA ME VESUKA SE VEILEWAITAKI KOYA RAWA, ENA VUKU NI DAKAI E COLATA WAVOKI TIKO KEI IRA NA TAMATA LOLOVIRA VAKATAKI IKO. Na tamata daulaba lomaca lasulasu oqo na yacana ko Ratu Josaia Voreqe Bainimarama na noda Prime Minister. A criminal murderer and the Prime Minister of Fiji is on the loose. What you can do E SA MATATA MAI? I will vote for him if you tell me the best answer.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Davis and Smith-Johns are white.
That only goes to show that hyenas come in all stripes and colours.

Anonymous said...

I, too, was asked who I support. Of course I said JVB. I'm not stupid.

If asked to join his party, of course I will say yes. I'm not stupid.

When actually allowed to vote, of course I will vote for somebody else.

I'm not stupid.

bernard said...

you grubby turdmunchers are so busy fighting about something so petty, you're missing the reality of whats happening around you: Tony Abbot is now in discussion with pacific islands and yes Fiji is in it too. The discussion is around the smaller islands taking on the asylum boat people coming to australia and they get caight then sent to png. But png has filled its quota so these people will now be shipped to other countries like yours and they will be settled there instead. forget the fact that your current govt sucks and you want to vote them out. even the new lot will happily sell you out for the amount the aussies are offering.

say goodbye to your land and your resources... the boat people are coming

Noqu Viti Lomani said...

@E sa matata mai.















Maika Bolatiki said...

According to an independent analysis from professor Narsey.
This is the worst record of any government since independence in 1970.
Under Ratu Mara it was 3.5% per annum (over 17 years)
Under Rabuka it was 2.0% per annum (over 11 years);
Under Chaudhry it was 8.8% (over 1 year)
Under Qarase it was 2.3% per annum (over 5 years).
Over the last 8 years, Fiji’s record is also the worst amongst the Melanesian countries. This poor performance is hidden from the public view and mind because of the daily propaganda praising the Bainimarama Government in newspapers, radio, and television.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Anonymous March 23, 2014 at 4:07 PM

Is there anything good to talk about?

You actually have garbage and shits in your hearts and all over.

We had enough of your stupid talk about Premila.

She is doing a better work then you shit head.
Go and do something useful and make your name fame like Premila and if you can't just shut up.
You boci and baku wavivi.

Anonymous said...

prof.narsey did an analysis to ascertain this was the worst government Fiji has had since independence. I ascertained that from the rotten smell emanating from the regime - from its cheerleader media, its compromised judiciary, its politicised police, army and civil service.the rot is everywhere and the stink is everywhere.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
toilet training instructors needed, start immediately said...

@Fijiwala11.02am...so the kaidia invented navigation, medicine, universities ...so you claim. And what have they got to show for, from all this learning? India continues to remain to have the poorest people in the world. Yeah ok there's a few billionaires, etc but so what. Are there universities for corruption, deception, dishonesty, cunning, child marriages, caste systems and rape? Because they seem to excel at them. Millions of kaidia lack basic toilet training. For a start, maybe they need univertsities for that.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:16 PM

You must be Rajesh defending Premila.For your information I have name and fame and fortunately not like Premila. I am not defamed and carry filth like her. I did not sleep and spread my legs to be where I am. It is through hard work, honesty and being ethical is how got to where I am today.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:39 PM

If you consider the name and fame you have from selling yourself at Sukuna park every night enviable, good luck to you.

Obviously you have no need to spread your legs as you are so good with your filthy mouth loser.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.39pm has major grudge against Premila and is jealous of her success. May he/she was sacked by Premila? Or denied a promotion? Whateever it was it has made anon 6.39pm crazy and in need of mental asylum.

Fijiwala said...

This is an article from the New York Times. I am forwarding it, since it has a DIFFERENT PERSPECTIVE. While our newspapers and tv channels deplore India, here is a view from a foreigner...

Best wishes for our forthcoming Elections....


It is truly the greatest show on Earth, an ode to a diverse democratic ethos, where 700 million + of humanity vote, providing their small part in directing their ancient civilization into the future.

It is no less impressive when done in a neighborhood which includes de-stabilizing violent Pakistan, China, and Burma.

It';s challenges are immense, more so probably than anywhere else, particularly in development fending off terrorism -- but considering these challenges its neighbors, it is even more astounding that the most diverse nation on Earth, with hundreds of languages, all religions cultures, is not only surviving, but thriving.

The nation:
where Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism Sikhism were born, which is the second largest Muslim nation on Earth;
where Christianity has existed for 2000 years;
where the oldest Jewish synagogues Jewish communities have resided since the Romans burnt their 2nd temple;
where the Dalai Lama the Tibetan government in exile reside;
where the Zoroastrians from Persia have thrived since being thrown out of their ancient homeland;
where Armenians, Syrians many others have come to live;
where the Paris-based OECD said was the largest economy on Earth for 1500 of the last 2000 years, including the 2nd largest, only 200 years ago;
where 3 Muslim Presidents have been elected,
where a Sikh is Prime Minister the head of the ruling party a Catholic Italian woman,
where the past President was also a woman, succeeding a Muslim President who as a rocket scientist is a hero in the nation;
where a booming economy is lifting 40 million out of poverty each year is expected to have the majority of its population in the middle class already, equal to the entire US population, by 2025;
where its optimism vibrancy is manifested in its movies, arts, economic growth voting, despite all the incredible challenges hardships;

where all the great powers are vying for influence, as it itself finds its place in the world.

Where all of this is happening, is India and as greater than 1/10th of humanity gets ready to vote, it is an inspiration to the entire World.

— V Mitchell, New York, NY

Anonymous said...

Anon @8:18

I want make my self clear, I am a female and I have never worked for Premila nor Premila is in my league. She is more like my house girl's standard. So let's leave it there.

Anonymous said...

Premila Kumar's favourite phrase is "deficiency of service".-knows nothing about the nuts and bolts of how a particular industry/business works.Hope Jai Karan has no cause to complaint about "deficiency of service" !!--can always complain to consumer council's PK!-day and night !!

Rajend's uncle said...

@fijiwala9.16pm...so the NY Times reporter is just as lousy as netani Rika then. Omitting important facts like India is the rape capital of the world, that caste prejudice continues and Bollywood is the biggest dance fest in the world, yet they call it acting. ha. And that India continues to be one of the most corrupt nations on earth, even more than Nigeria and thats quite a feat. And the toilet training market has the greatest market potential in India according to Caroma - the worlds biggest supplier of toilet bowls.

Anonymous said...

Guys the debate should have been focused on how to dismantle the lies propagated by Kaihum and Bai.

People are slowly tempted to believe in their lies.
For the indigenous people of this nation please note that your natural resource is not protected under Bai/Kai constitution.

Keep up with the debate so that the innocent citizens of Fiji can make goo choices.


Kai-india said...

Fijiwala change your name to Indiawala.

Fijiwala said...


Valeta Kai-India? Ou dua na gone Viti.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:22 PM

Whatever, your crusade against PK stinks of jealousy and immaturity and is so obviously the rantings of someone with a very low self esteem that lives a pathetic insignificant make believe existence.

Get a life.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Premilla and her husband have got their job only through whom you know! Nepotism stinks and she speaks as if she knows the whole world.

Both are really corrupt as the husband was terminated from his last job.

Time for Premilla and Jai to sell kava in Suva market in her stall Karan Kava! Your family have no credible business but sell kava for money only.

Learn to sell better products to the people.

She should investigate her brother for employing poor Indian ladies from Bureta settlement to pack kava, cassava from his backyard and never pay tax and FNP to these poor ladies.

No wonder she has fingers of a witch. Next time she should display her fingers in the T.V.

Anonymous said...

Anon@12.32am - You are obviously very jealous of Premila Kumar. Whatever way you want to twist it, you are a very jealous person. You say there is nothing to be jealous about yet your words portrays a very problem person who has so much to grind against Premila.

Stop bringing your personal shits to this blog for everyone to see cos no one wants to!

If you got zero contributions to make towards our political situation then PLEEEAASEE - "SHUT UP AND STOP WASTING SPACE!"

Go and scribble your hatred for PK on your toilet walls so only you can read it everyday and hope you soon realise that your mind and heart (as a person) are both in dire need of urgent help!

People like you will just die young of useless hatred and jealousy and all for nothing!

Anonymous said...

Regarding Premila, I don't understand or appreciate the guttersniping. I really couldn't give a rat's ass how ugly her fingers are. And why should I? On the other hand, I'd like to see her address the nepotism issue. Also, if she has any concern for her integrity and reputation, she will resign rather than work for this regime.

This regime stinks of death, and anyone who stays close to it does, too.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
rajend naidu said...

India is a great country; a great democracy even with all its inherent flaws and imperfections. It's accomplishments are phenomenal and its cultural heritage is humanity's heritage.
But this is not the only side of India. India like most other countries has a dark side - a very dark side. See for instance 'Stomach-churning film on child trafficking opens in India' (yahoo! news 23/3). This award winning film " Lakshmi"by Nagesh Kukunoor spotlights the problems of the brutal and dehumanising child trafficking trade in India.
It is good to be aware of the contrasting sides of India. India is after all "The Land of Contrast" I recall from my form 5 lessons.

Anonymous said...

once upon a time the USP had some solid teachers both local and expatriate and they were simple, humble people not intoxicated by power. Raymond Pillay from the Humanities, Sean Reagan from History/Politics, Warden Narsey/Desai from Economics, Ahmed Ali from History,Chris Griffins from Sociology are some who quickly to mind.
Now USP has some very shitty pseudo-intellectuals who strut about with the arrogance of power. They have spoiled the good name of the university.
what's worse is that some of them have become supporters and defenders of the Fijian dictatorship.
Shame on them.

rajend naidu said...

A media training program scheduled to be held in Fiji has been called off because MIDA, the Media Industry Development Authority there " have suspended all collaboration with the ABC and PACMAS at this time " (Fiji Times 23/3).
By doing that MIDA has succeeded in confirming itself as a media authority operating in a banana republic.
Rajend Naidu

poo poo king said...

@rajend..yes India is a land of contrasts.

Check this article from the Courier Mail, Qld...

The World Bank estimates the annual global cost of poor sanitation at $US260 billion ($286 billion), including loss of life, missed work, medical bills and other related factors. India alone accounts for $US54 billion — more than the entire GDP of Kenya or Costa Rica.

India is by far the worst culprit, with more than 640 million people defecating in the open and producing a stunning 73,155 tonnes of human waste each day — the equivalent weight of almost 10 Eiffel Towers or 1,800 humpback whales.

Pooping in public is so acceptable that many Indians will do it on sidewalks or in open fields. Gaze out the window of any Indian train and face a line of bare bottoms doing their business on the tracks.

India needs to set toilet training technical colleges quickly.

rajend naidu said...

We learn from the Fiji Times (23/3) that a media training propram to be held in Fiji next month has been left "in limbo" because the Media Industry Development Authority (MIDA) chairman Ashwin Raj and CEO Matai Akauola "have suspended all collaboration with the ABC and PACMAS at this time".
Is that a good decision? I mean for the media people who were to benefit from the training?
Is that the ideal way to go about developing the media industry in Fiji?
Who's interest does such a decision serve? Shouldn't the best interest of the media industry be the basis for decision taking?
Are some people being rather petty here by not approaching the issue with a greater sense of responsibility and maturity?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

I hope the World Bank study doesn't fail to comment on the Fijian style of defecating in public, which is to do it whilst sprinting through cassava and then to wipe your arse with the Constitution. Lots of human waste here!


Anon@9.07am, you are dead right. Recently standards at USP have rapidly gone down the tube. What do you expect with a spineless VC like Rajesh Chandra and a lying/conniving deputy VC like Esther Williams?

The decline in teaching standards is reflected in the decline in the quality of graduates. Many can't string a coherent sentence together. The worst graduates are from education, law and accounting. Rajesh Chandra has been unable to do anything to fix these areas.

Despite the gloss and spin the VC is putting on so-called achievements, USP is in steep decline. It faces a number of huge problems. Too many to list, but staff moral has never been as low as it is now.

The VC is more busy helping prop up regime than fix things at USP. USP is suppressing academic freedom. Its staff like Dr Ashwin Raj are involved in suppressing media freedom, with the VC's full blessing.

We staff are convinced that morally corrupt person like VC Rajesh Chandra is unfit for the job. Favouritism, nepotism, promotion and preferential treatment of cronies has become rife under Rajesh Chandra.

Whoever replaces Rajesh Chandra as VC will find a deep rot at USP. He or she has a massive clean-up waiting.

Anonymous said...

Why lament the loss of Media Industry Development Authority training?

After all, what role do you think MIDA has in the New Fiji? Do you really think MIDA is designed to develop Fiji's media? Seens to me it's really designed to muzzle and suppress it.

MIDA may have suspended all collaboration with ABC and PACMAS, but until it stops collaborating with the traitors in this regime, then its training isn't worth shit anyway.

Anonymous said...

wasn't that media training which was phucked by MIDA to be held by some Commonwealth Broadcasting mob?

Anonymous said...

@poo poo king
read under 'Gong farmer' in Wikipedia!!

Prophet said...

I hate Bainimarama and his circle of friends. I had an unforgettable experience with some of his friends where they ripped my anus, and now I have a huge anal problem. I will not vote for Bainimarama's party and I will be very careful with who I give my anus to from now on.


USP Indian Mafia said...

@USP's MORALLY CORRUPT VC RAJESH CHANDRA 11.27am, I agree. As an i'taukei USP employee, I have seen our people treated unfairly. Steve Ratuva is far better academically than Prof Biman Prasad, Angela Kokhan or Mahen Reddy of FNU if you look at the quality and substance of publications.

But Steve Ratuva was denied promotion as associate professor by the Indian clique at USP, head by Rajesh Chandra. Steve Ratuva is now making a name in Auckland University.

Dr Eci Nabalarua was unfairly pushed from her job while sycophants like Dr Akanisi Kedrayate and Angela Jokhan are maintained because they tow the Rajesh Chandra line.

Dr Akanisi is dean of Faculty of Arts, law and Education, the worst run faculty in USP with low standard graduates. Angela Jokhan is not qualified to be a associate professor but she is a Rajesh Chandra loyalist, which counts. T

Augustus Claudius Romanus said...

@gong farmer...interesting the Brits were farming poo in the 14th century when the Romans had pit latrines and proper flushing systems 1000 years before that when they conquered Briton. Looks like the Brits never learnt anything and transported their low level learning when they colonised India. Hence 640 million Indian continue to defacate in public. These would include thousands of distant relatives of Rajend naidu, rajesh of Auckland and the thousands of Kaidia in fiji

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
VC Rajesh Chanda crony resigns from USP said...

Prof Biman Prasad resigns from USP

Report by: Ritika Pratap
Professor Biman Prasad of the School of Economics at the University of the South Pacific has resigned.
This was confirmed to FBC News by the USP Vice Chancellor Professor Rajesh Chandra this morning.
Professor Chandra in accepting Professor Biman Prasad’s resignation, acknowledged his contribution to the University and wished him well and success in future endeavors.
Prasad’s resignation is effective from June 30.
The Vice Chancellor says USP will advertise his post as part of its normal recruitment procedure.
FBC News understands Biman Prasad is tipped to be the next leader of the National Federation Party.

Anonymous said...

so USP does have a "normal recruitment procedure" and advertising vacant or vacated post (as is the case with Prof Biman prasad's exit)is part of that procedure?
so in light of the controversy surrounding the recruitment of one Jai Karan can the USP VC confirm that the normal recruitment procedure was followed?

Procedures at USP? Hahaha said...

@Anon 5.41pm, VC Chandra likes to talk about
"procedure" when it suits him, and he dumps it when it doesn't, as in the case of jai Kumar, who has no qualifications for marketing and development manager, and Angel Jokhan, who lacks the qualifications to be an associate professor, but both were appointed. Rules and procedures do not apply to Rajesh Chandra and his cronies. Procedure my arse, nepotism and favouritism is Rajesh Chandra's style.

Anonymous said...

Find out how transparent were procedures when Rajesh appointed Head of PICPA Project? Who is he related to. What has happened to the millions of Aussie dollars that was given for this project.
Find out how transparent were procedures when Rajesh promoted Anjela . What had external reviewers said about her calibre and what Rajesh did after that.why did a senior SMT member resign due to this.
Find out what Rajesh did when allegations of a staff-student relationship was revealed. Find out what Rajesh did when a murder and suicide was committed as a result of this. Find out what Rajesh did to the HoS and the staff involved. Find out why a senior SMT Member resigned due to this.
Find out what Rajesh did when his own inefficiency surfaced where finance of USP was questioned. Find out why an expert finance director resigned and why Rajesh has incompetent person holding such senior a position.
Find out what procedure Rajesh used to appoint the new Deputy Vice President .
If you can find answers to these you will come to know how Rajesh has controlled and suffocated education. You will find out why so many have either resigned or asked to leave.Eci,Wadan,Birman,Steve,Susan,Munif,Michael , other top academics and the list is growing.

Anonymous said...

I said finis Rajesh chandra is a creep. He is the worst VC in USP's history . It is high time he is removedl,given a ceremonial hindu ritual dip in the USP swimming pool and then walked out through the main gate with the Solomon Island students playing their bamboo drums with flip flops.

USP falling apart said...

@Anony 10.24pm, Biman Prasad's resignation is sign of loss of confidence in VC Rajesh Chandra and USP by a very prominent and accomplished academic. It is another sign of something very wrong at USP and with the VC. If you look at number of resignations, there is no continuity at USP. Under Rajesh Chandra the place is falling apart.

Anonymous said...

After robbing and being on free ride now Biman is going to try with NFP. She how much can he rob them out of and end the chapter for NFP. The End for NFP.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Biman Prasad resigned because he's running for political office. It has nothing to do with a loss of confidence in Rajesh Chandra.

It's the perfect role for a third rate academic like Biman -- leading a washed up party that doesn't really stand for anything.

Good luck getting his job back after Bainimarama trounces him at the poll, loser!

Anonymous said...

Anon 11.05pm/11.14pm are jealous of Biman who was very prominent as a USP academic. He brought USP a lot respectability. Single handedly Biman has done more for USP profile than VC and some other jealous academics put together.

Because of Biman USP was always in media. Without him there is a big vacuum that will be hard to fill. Already USP is looking sounding hollow, like a fucked place full of jealously.

Anonymous said...

And don't forget he was given the 2012 Price for Research Leadership at USP. As someone put it in simple words Biman was the pulse of USP.in the region Biman was the face of USP. Obviously Rajesh couldn't digest that. A great loss for USP but gain for NFP and the country.


Rajesh Chandra is rubbish VC sucking life out of USP. Senior people leaving left, right and centre. USP is spending a fortune finding replacements. It is a sign that something is deeply wrong at USP. Sign of a poorly run university. Buck stops with spineless VC. USP's loss is certainly NFP's gain. Biman will breath life back in party.

Anonymous said...

Biman Prasad is gay. I know because I saw a guy riding him when Biman was a student at USP. This is a true story.

USP maharajah VC Rajesh Chandra said...

Regarding resignation of Prof Biman Prasad, USP Vice Chancellor Professor Rajesh Chandra
says "USP will advertise his post as part of its normal recruitment procedure". What a load of crap. We at USP know there is no procedure or due process at USP. Maharajah Rajesh Chandra overturns and circumvents procedure and due process whenever things do not go his way, to the point that all USP staff have lost total confidence in procedure and due process.

Anonymous said...

maharaja Rajesh Chandra doesn't follow procedure, the staff are demoralised , he is an arsehole VC .
So why haven't the USP staff and student body joined forces to demand he be fucked off?
why hasn't there been a demonstration on the Laucala Bay campus?
with placards reading 'VC fuck off!"

Anonymous said...

@qnony 11.53pm, there have been no protests at USP because maharaja Rajesh Chandra has bribed the Staff association president, Govind Lingam, with promotion to associate professor. he will soon be promoted to professor for loyalty to VC. This is the corrupt and nepotistic system Rajesh Chandra has built during his term.

The student body is quite slack here. They are too busy with drinking parties to care. Every week there is a dance function at the Vodafone arena. Yes, this is the pathetic state of USP today, where VC has muffled academic freedom on the orders of the regime.

There hasn't there been a demonstration on the streets of Fiji with placards reading 'Bainimarama fuck off!" So how can you expect same at USP with VC? Just as Bainimarama has slowly strangled the will of the people to rise up, so has the VC at USP. The VC expels anyone who does not toe the line. So people quietly getting on with life.

kaidia watch said...

based on the silly commotion going on at USP, one can easily see how the kaidia will screw up any organisation with their back stabbibg, back hands and cunning crap. Ditto for Fiji Football, the unions with Rajeshwar, the Teachers Union with Agni deo and even the pseudo religious Hindu groups with the printing boss, Maharaj. whats with the kaidia, injecting politics into everything. Comments, rajend naidu??

Kaiviti Watch said...

Haha, great insight kai-india watch. But kaiviti politics and intrigue leaves Kai-india politics for dead. Kai-india politics is noisy, quarrelsome, in-your-face, confrontational, and obvious. kaiviti politics, on the other hand, is subtle, but deadly, played behind the scenes, along ever-changing allegiances and influences, rife with liumuri.

You get fucked over really good, but you don't even realise it until too late, if at all. Ask Rabuka about his experience with the chiefs and political elites. With indians, rabuka could see and knew the 'enemy'. With his fijian brethren, it was another matter! Rabuka would have been disposed straight away. Only his popularity with the Fijian masses saved him.

Fijians supposed to own all land resources, but an elite few have positioned themselves to reap the most benefits. Historically, there has been no protest about such a lopsided system! Most Fijians are happy in their minds knowing that they own the land and resources, even if they gain nothing from it. It would be hard for elites in any other country to sustain such an imbalance. thats how clever Fijian politics is.

Read about how fijian Holdings was commandeered by political elites to enrich themselves while giving impression it was benefiting the vanua. See how we get fucked over and still think its for own good? I repeat, Fijians are master of the political game. indians are no match. they getting politically less and less significant.

Anonymous said...

it is a truism that the Fijian elite have been screwing their own people - both in the traditional set up and in the modern context.
But Ratu Epeli Nailatikau is not part of the Fijian elite. this is why he has spoken out about how the elite have been doing it to the masses - until Bainimarama came to power through the power of the gun and put a stop to the screwing that has been going on.
Only Ratu Epeli Nailatikau believes what Ratu Epeli Nailatikau says!

Well done Professor Rajesh Chandra said...

Well done Professor Rajesh Chandra for Biman’s resignation. Now USP can employ a 'real proffesor' as Professor Biman was bullshit professor. he spend more time giving lectures on politics than on the subject he is suppose to teach. He use us junior lecturers to do his all his work and put his name on paper we used to write. Good riddance of a dishonest academic. USP will gain from Biman's resignation. Professor Wadan Narsey is what we call a true academic.

Anonymous said...

Rt. Epeli is not one of the political elite? Are you daft?

Bainimarama put a stop to the screwing? Are you that stupid?

"Only Ratu Epeli Nailatikau believes what Ratu Epeli Nailatikau says." You might well be right about that, if he's as oblivious as you are.

Anonymous said...

USP has been reduced to a glorified secondary school nothing else and Rajesh Chandra is the Head Master or Principal. HE is like Mahendra Chaudhary. He doesn't want any body smarter around him. No Dean at USP is a professor and not even the Deputy Vice Chancellor. How can you have this? the least a Dean has to be is a professor. Rajesh Chandra is going to ruin this USP and no one is listening to all the complaints and gestures people are making.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7.43 AM you are spot on with your analogy. USP VC Rajesh Chandra is indeed like a school principal, even worst like a headmaster. And Mahend Chaudhary was the same.
And guess who else is like that?
Yes, it's Franky the Cranky!
And of course his right golli Aiyaz sayed Khaiyum.
They all subscribe to the dictator's way which is 'my way or the high way'.
such leaders are a disgrace in today's world.

Anonymous said...

The bitch Dr Esther Williams has brought her corrupt ways learnt at USP to Fiji rugby union. The same backhand manoeuvring happening at USP that we read about is happening at FRU. The regime is pulling strings at FRU through Esther and other cronies, just like they pulling strings through a puppet USP VC Rajesh Chandra.

Anonymous said...

The pose Herr Raj adopts in that photo gives the impression of a thinking man - the type who think with their arsehole!

Anonymous said...

there is one kind of prostitute who is forced to do the streets because of abject poverty . it's her last resort to maintain herself or her family; to see her children through school and pay for health services.
then there is this other kind of prostitute : the Dr Esther William kind who is prepared to sell their integrity to a dictator only for their personal gain.
I have a lot more respect for the poverty-stricken street prostitute then the high class prostitution Dr esther williams and her kind are engaged in.

Arse-wind Raj said...

Arse-wind raj is a hinderance to media development. It was sheer stupidity on the regime's part to appoint them. But then, per haps that is the regime's intention: appoint someone who will wreck the news media.

Sean Dorney theatrics and ABC slackness said...

Sean Dorney got into a row with Ashwin, Makareta and Matai at PINA . If you are a journalist covering PINA, stick to that role. Do not get into arguments with PINA delegates. It shows Dorney's lack of professionalism. Or maybe he thinks he is a big shot from ABC and can get away with it. Especially when it comes to smaller pacific countries.

Clearly, Dorney is too emotionally involved with events in Fiji and in PINA. This is common knowledge. So why did ABC send him in the first place? No wonder the Abbot government is calling for a big shake-up at ABC. People like Dorney who have been there for too long are getting quite arrogant. They think they can dictate to sovereign nations how to run their media. The cheek of it. How would Dorney like it if I as a journalist told him how Australia should run its national media? As if having to put up with arrogant australian prime ministers wasn't enough, now we have to deal with pompous, self-absorbed journos.

If ABC had the common sense to not send a prejudiced and involved journalist such as Dorney to cover PINA and Fiji, the Fiji government would not have had to ban Dorney. ABC really needs to get its act together. Do not send us any more Dorney's please. We are tired of his theatrics. Dorney's reports on Fiji/PINA are full of opinion. We want facts, not opinion. Dorney can't deliver the facts. he is no longer credible to us. Please ABC, pretty please; we do not want to suffer Dorney any more.

Anonymous said...

Asshole @1.58PM. Judging from your rubbish comments above, you must be a Fiji Sun journalist spreading propaganda to justify media scrutiny in Fiji.

A word of advice, keep sucking Bai's balls as you're already good at it.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:58, why no mention of the prejudiced, arrogant, pompous, self-absorbed, Aussie ex-journo Graham Davis? Isn't it because you are he?

Stop trying to make this an issue about Fiji's sovereignty, when it's an issue of journalistic integrity and press freedom. After all, this regime ignored our sovereignty when it overthrew our legitimate government.

The Fijian people are sovereign, not a cabal of traitors operating out of the RFMF.

Anonymous said...

Matai Akoula is nothing but a leech, opportunist, drunkard, adulterer and a self serving PIG that he is!!
My wife and I are separated because of him when he was here in Lautoka!!
I have since moved on in life, BUT, I say this to you all to know that if he has no respect for the sanctity of marriage, then need I say more?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:00 PM

""Matai Akoula is nothing but a leech, opportunist, drunkard, adulterer and a self serving PIG that he is!!
My wife and I are separated because of him when he was here in Lautoka!!""

Ever considered that the reason may have been you?

Anonymous said...

F..k you!!

Anonymous said...

I hope Matai does not shaft YOUR wife!
Then maybe you can have a taste of what happened!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

with his one finger on his chin the MiDah chairman Raj looks like a poofter - an impotent arsehole bending to his political masters bidding then an independent media regulator which he claims to be.

Anonymous said...

Australian officials have detected a ping - an acoustic event - in their search for the missing MH370 plane. Hope they have not mistaken one of MiDa man Raj's ping!

rajend naidu said...

I would contend the reason for the MIDA chairperson's bombastic and arrogant public dressing down of the media wallahs in Fiji cannot be attributed to his "youthful and flamboyant exuberance" as Jioji Kotobalavu charitably attributes in his letter to the Fiji Times (7/4).
The real reason is that the man knows he is under the patronage of the Fiji military dictatorship so he too can ride roughshod over others.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@rajend naidu on MIDA chairperson: Ashwin Raj has no idea what he is doing. No understanding of protocol, procedure or legalities. It boggles the mind how this incompetent, unintelligent and naive person was appointed MIDA chairperson. If this is the standard of people employed by USP, I feel for the students. He has really brought down the image of USP with his show if immaturity. USP and MIDA should sack him. Lately MIDA and USP reputation have taken a battering. Ashwin Raj the clown is not helping matters at all. He is making USP and MIDA look clownish.

Anonymous said...

the last time I was close up to MIDA man Raj I heard an "acoustic event" pop out of him.
looks like a lot of farty people at USP