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Monday, April 14, 2014

Bonuses for Fiji Airways staff but what of FNPF loan?

PFLIEGER: Led the borrowing spree.
Profit shares and bonuses for Fiji Airways management and staff but no mention of National Provident Fund pensioners being repaid.

Fiji Airways borrowed millions from FNPF to use as collateral for the purchase of three new Airbuses when it was still operating as Air Pacific.

The CEO who hatched the plan with the illegal attorney general, Dave Pflieger, has since fled these shores but his successor, Stefan Pichler, has revealed staff are in line for
PICHLER: Handing out the bonuses.
more than $1.25M in profit-share and bonuses.

Pichler says 67 in management will get $4,000 while 810 non-management employees will get $1,400 each.

Staff are also expected to be get  quarterly performances bonuses of $1,200. 
Workers employed by the subsidiary Pacific Sun (soon to be Fiji LINK) all qualify for the share payout.

Pichler says the profits are due to a 2.5 per cent increase in passengers and were approved by the Board last year.

David Pflieger and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum borrowed $200 million from FNPF to fund the purchase of the new planes at a cost of $1.8 billion but the Airbuses are owned by a company registered in Ireland as Waqavuka Financing Ltd, which leases the aircrafts to Fiji Airways.


  1. Yes that's the way, good to see Fiji Airways doing well.. Bravo..

  2. Just dont anyone ask to see the report of findings for the hard landing hoopla last month. Vacava that?

  3. what about nalin patle and co - are they getting bonus ?

  4. Ripped off by Dave PfligerApril 14, 2014 at 7:31 PM

    Board including Nalin Patel should be fired for purchasing Airbus. The plane has been nothing but problems causing immense delays and, massive hotel accommodation biils for the company. Fiji Airways should have stuck with their original plan to purchase Boeing made aircraft. The question that needs to be asked, "who in Air Pacific Executive and Government was paid under the table to facilitate the Airbus purchase. Truth has a funny way of eventually surfacing.

  5. Nothing wrong with the plane here.

    The main question is how they will pay off that outstanding loan in order to make the purchase.

  6. Get your facts right.FNPF loan paid in advance

  7. Great work Fiji Airways, it's the employees who have helped make those profits, they were promised a bonus if things went well and have got it.

    A great incentive for making people feel that they belong to a company.

    As for this rubbish about FNPF it was a loan at a fixed rate and the loan is being repaid as per the terms, as simple as that.

    FNPF is not entitled to a share of the profits in the same way as it is not responsible for a share of the losses.

  8. Waqavuka Holdings in Ireland -- isn't it remarkable how similar Gaelic sounds to Fijian!

    I wonder which leprechauns are guarding that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow?

    Would you suppose Frank O'Blarny might be one?

  9. the opinion polls show that FJ 1st is way ahead according to peoples choice.its clear now who will win the elections-Bai.

  10. Khayium paid millions in commission offshore for the purchase of the 3 planes.

  11. bullshit - nfpf never paid in advance. pensioners robbed blind

  12. Bainimarama and Kahyium who lied to the people since the May 2000 coup is now desperate to remain in power or it will mean prison for him and his corrupt bunch of greedy parasitic supporters that include Khaiyum and his father and brother and their families, Shameem sisters, Vodafone, CJ Patel, Tappoo, Solanki, Punjas, and the more than 30 unqualified military officers and civilians who have been appointed to senior government roles. There are others who linger in the shadows. They are all dependent on the dictator retaining power and control over Fiji and it’s resources so that they can continue to rob Fiji like CJ Patel and its illegal acquisition of Rewa Dairy.

    So Bainimarama and Khayium are trying desperately to fool the less educated of our people into thinking that he cares about them and to vote for him. Meanwhile, Bainimarama and his puppet master Khaiyum, have driven Fiji to its:
    highest levels of corruption
    highest unemployment
    highest poverty
    highest cost of living
    highest levels of crime, suicide and rape

    Be warned - the reality is that once Bainimarama and Khayium are elected [God forbid], by hook or by crook, a worse evil will be released over Fiji.

  13. A vote to Bainimarama is a vote to Khayium.
    Say NO to Muslim rule.

  14. Sorry C4.5 you are now totally loosing the war. Fiji Airways is doing well against all your predictions of doom and gloom. And of course Fiji first will win elections. You are greatly assisting Fiji First by showing the world how wrong you have been with all your posts.

  15. Liars will be liarsApril 14, 2014 at 10:30 PM

    Anon@9.57pm Everyone knows the books at Fiji Airways were propped up by NFPF money and fudged to show a profit - just as they know Fiji First 'wins' because the country is under a military dictatorship. If Bainimarama and Khaiyum really have the heart of the people, let them get rid of all of the decrees etc etc etc and see whether they have the support they say they have.

  16. Waraka namaka...Ni wini ga qo na SODELPA oqo na vei vakasavasavua taki ena yaco.
    1. E na qai i Naboro o Bai kei kai.
    2. Qai muria yani o Gate kei Shamimi Sisters.
    3.Veisau na Constitution especially the Chapter 10.
    4.Suka tale na FNU me FIT kei na FSM baleta ni sega tiko ni comply i na Fiji High Education Commission.
    5.Veisau kece na PS kei ira kece na Ambassadors. Ena half era na heart attack because they can not find jobs else where because they are cronies of the current government,
    6.Veisau na FRU Board and Chair.
    7.FICAC to start investigate corruption and over paid ministers and PS.
    8. Seize properties gained during the 2006 coup.
    9.Stop all Chinese businesses in Fiji and seize all their assets.

  17. Underground campaign has already started in Vanua Levu.
    Points needed to be highlighted.

    1. Bhai and Khai;s constitution does not PROTECT NATIVE LAND. Look at Chapter 11 of the constitution. The only thing that it protects in BHAI AND KHAIS IMMUNITY IN CHAPTER 10.

    This point needs to be stressed and highlighted all the time to the villagers and land owners.

    2. The indigenous rights have been destroyed by Bai and Khai. This is a UN instrument but the No school Bhai does not understand this. The removal of the Bose Levu vakaturaga is the removal of our traditional culture, identity and inheritance. This need to be over emphasized.
    3. Secularization of the state is the opposite of what our elders and nation builders intention off a God fearing nation. The rise of Eastern religion of Anti Christ is now rampant in Fiji.

    E tolu ga na ka me vakamatatataki vei ira na noda ena caroba kina o Bainimarama kei ira na nona tisaepeli mataboko sega ni vuli.

  18. Wonderful corporate governance.
    Borrow $200,000,000 of someone else's retirement to pay $1,800,000,000 or 900%!
    At this rate, Fiji will be bankrupt by election time!
    Hang on, it already is bankrupt!

  19. Ratou veicai ga na Bose levu vaka turaga. Ratou dabe tu ga ka lewe tiko ni seneti, e volitaki ka kautani tiko na qele ni Taukei. Warwick Hotel, Denarau kei Natadola a veisau kina na qele ni Taukei se prime land ki na qele ka sega ni na rawata mai na ka me baleta na kawa itaukei ni mataka. Sa keimami sega ni ulukau sara va qori. Sa sega na GCC sa soli ena palimedi me maroroya na ka baleta na itaukei. Ke dua na veisau me vakadonua taumada e rua nai katolu ni palimedi qai Biu ena referendum. Na Boselevu vaka turaga sa sega tale ni gauna ni gunu home brew e ruku ni vuni maqo. Me ratou veivutusona saraga e ruku ni vuni soni.

  20. Too bad Fiji Airways Accounts are not publicly available-what is there to hide anyway?

    FNPF has been paid as Fiji Airways managed to get the Airbus planes to be fully financed by European Banks.

    Fiji Airways had to convince the British Govt for an export guarantee by showing that it could not get any finance from anywhere else - a sad strategy really. So good old Euro Zone supported its own export by financing & guaranteeing its finance. A myopic strategy really - but what other option did the zone have since it was still reeling from the unwinding effect of the GFC.

    I hope Fiji Airways cash flow looks strong since the payment for this $1 billion loan will be no easy feat. Unscheduled maintenance costs & other unnecessary costs surely will not help... What the company needs are inflows not the reverse.

  21. Nothing has changed since the days of Ramendra "Fucker" Narayan, previous deputy chief executive who was really using his position

  22. @ anon april 15 12am
    Baci dua tale na sotia ululala luvaiwale ya. You Fijian soldiers who post here are becoming the scum of the earth. Truly an embarrassment to Fijians. SOTIA NI VITI, NI VEITAURI KEI NOMUNI KOMADA OF VB, NI TONOKA NONAI CICI. FRANK'S FILLED YOU SKULLS WITH AG'S DA AND MI, SO NO WONDER YOU SPEAK SHIT. NI YAVU BAKU sona levu vakai voceke

  23. If Bainimarama is so far ahead in the polling, then why doesn't he call a snap election? Nothing to say he couldn't have the elections sooner than September.

    He's already disqualified Qarase and Chaudhry. What is he afraid of? Ro Teimumu?

    Yes, if Bainimarama is so confident of election, why is he waiting?

    Is it possible that the polls published in the Fiji Sun are not to be believed, and Bainimarama is actually polling badly?

  24. But the food remains pathetic

  25. can someone read to Bai and Khai the United Nation Rights Of The Indeginious People which fiji has already signed to protect and uphold...

  26. can someone read to Bai and Khai the United Nation Rights Of The Indeginious People which fiji has already signed to protect and uphold...

  27. Y profit sharing in 9 months. The CEO knows if it is done after the 12 months..the current damages to one of the Airbus which is in millions would have decrease the share allocated..smart ass doesn't know we played all that game..

  28. anon 12am
    Baci vosa tu dua na sona levu dau tuki kosa mai nona koro qo sa viavia turaga me sa dabe sara tiko mai cake.
    Muria nomu laini boy sa vo ga e vica na vula mo lauvutu e Naboro.

  29. The profit has been shown in the books only when in reality Fiji Airways has not returned any cent for the borrowed money from FNPF amounting to $200 million.
    Nalini Patel another Guji just making money as chairman of Fiji Airways. Marichod Guji's they have raked money in Fiji for very long by bribery government of the day.

  30. Ramendra Narayan is the father in law of Parmesh Chand - PSC Secretary another man with no principles in life.
    Ramendra Narayan is now in N.Z. looking after Parmesh's four daughters while Parmesh and wife sucks in taxpayers money.

  31. Fiji First is a Muslim party masterminded by Khayium to keep him in power.
    Bianimarma is a nut knows nothing but money only.
    i Taukei vote for SODELPA.
    Hindus vote for FLP/ NFP.

  32. Fiji Airways is making money from Fijians who have migrated to Australia and other countries ,if they stop travelling to Fiji the airline will go broke . Also what the F with delays even before the mishap in Syd,all flights delayed virtually everyday like on 14th with out notice nadi Sydney flight instead of 1pm flew at 330pm ,no compensation to clients not even afternoon tea,instead lousy BUN on the plane,food sucks and you have to pay $10 to watch a damn movie on a 5cm screen ,

  33. Ve kemuni na noda i taukei.

    Na qele mai Natadola era tou a sa vakadonua oti na i taukei ni qele me veisau kei na qele e vinakati me develop taki.

    Oqo e sega ni ka vou e sa yaco oti ena vica na gauna.

    Na exchange oqo benefit ga kina nai taukei ni qele baleta bna qele oqo e seag tu vakayagataki ka sega madaga ni rawa ni tei kina na taviaoka.

    E a sa vakamacalataka oti o Qarase ka vkamatatataka na NLTB ia ese kauta tikoga mai o Bainimarama kei Khai.

    E sega ni dua na cala vakalawa e vauci kina me tautauvata na butako lelevu e da raica votu tu oqo e matada.

    Na i sau nei President Obama e US$66o,000.00 which is wquivalent to $1.3 million US. Oqori na sau nei Bhai kei Khai.

    This is a day light robbery.

    Bhai and Kahi did not realize the damage they have done by removing the FAB scholarship and introduce the Toppers which was intended to make the Kai Viti look stupid in front of all other ethnic group in the country.

    This kind of kind of information is already given to all Tertiary students through its Fijian students association. The students will inturn give this to their parents and relatives in the village. By September all Kaiviti will vote to SODELPA, ALL Kaidia will vote for FLP and NFP.

    This regime does not have BASE to secure their victory and they have tried to please very segment of the community which is a stupid move.

    Vakarau ga na vale ni veivesu ka sogoti o Nadi Airport me kakua ni dro o Khaihum, Gates, Turtle Island Owner, Wakaya Island Owner, Shamem siters, solders that took part in the CRW murder and all shady figures behind the 2006 coup.

    Tovat and Burebasaga and Kubuna have been mobilised ...ni sa na vakarau raica oqo na Fijian Politics at its best. The traditional link and veiwekani will now emerge as a trump card for SODELPA.

    Toso Viti Toso!

    Me ra vakamalumalumutaki kece sara na Noda Meca ka me na vanua lOtu Vakarisito tikoga o Viti.

  34. Ni da raica nonai sulusulu o voreqe kei ira nonai lala no tovo era curu yani ke Viseisei, da raica votu e keya na lolovira ni tovo keina vakasama ni vuaka qo o Bainimarama.
    Nai murimuri ni tamata me da kua ni digitaka luveni kaisi butabutako dau laba.
    Me da taura na loli e solia mai ia digidigi kina SOLDELPA nodai soqosoqo na Kai Viti

  35. Na matanitu oqo e vakasucuma na i tovo ni viavialevu, dokadoka kei na qaciqacia.

    Ni sa raica sara tuga vaka sigalevu na i vakatagedegede ni veivosaki e lako tiko mai vei ira na nona i lawalawa.

    E sa vaklolovira taka saraga na noda bula ni tiko vata valaveiwekani.

    O ni na vinaka li me ra veilutaki na tamata yalo wai vaka oqo.

    No caka tiko madaga na lotu mai na QEB erau vei dredrevakai tokaga o Voreqe kei Mo Tikoitoga.

    Avakabauta ni na sega ni dua e wilika na Blog ooqo me sarava ka vakadodomuria o luvena se makubuna na mataqali i tovo vaka kaisi oqo.

    Ni kakua sara ni yalowai mo ni digitaki Voreqe kei na nona i lala bloody swine oqo.

    Me kalougata tiko na kawa i Taukei

  36. My predictions for near future:
    1. Indians will vote 30% Labour, 40% NFP, 30% FFirst;
    2. Kai Viti 80% Sodelpa, 20% FFist;
    3. United Front will form Coalition Govt;
    4. UF will take 2013 Constitution to Supreme Court with international judges to determine validity;
    5. 2013 Constitution will be declared illegal and invalid;
    6. Tikoitoga / Bai to incite army to coup but army will split and period of conflict in Fiji - tnen Bai etc will be arrested.
    7. Caretaker Govt then new elections under 1997 Constitution.


  37. Dharam Lingam, I'm backApril 15, 2014 at 12:03 PM

    Nostradamus, thanks for the prediction, and I must say a lot will come true.

    I may add that Khaiyum will try and flee the country leaving his wife and child behind. He will probably flee to India and hide in one of the many slums there.

    He will surface a few months later after being gang raped in the outskirts of Amrista.

  38. Fortune Cooker MasterApril 15, 2014 at 12:06 PM

    Nostradamus is right, but still dead.

  39. Hi Coupointfive,

    The article is disappointing, credit needs to be given where its due, to the staff of Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun.

    we are working very hard to turn our airline around and the bonus is recognition of our hard work.

    The FNPF loan is a commercial loan paid on a quarterly basis as per the FNPF release last year.

    The A330 is a fuel efficient aircraft and if you look at the QANTAS release few weeks ago with their huge losses, as part of their recovery plan, they will be replacing their B747 and wide body aircraft with A330s. So I guess we should thank Dave Pflieger with his visionary, we did our transition before QANTAS.

    Whilst QANTAS posted AUD$235m loss for their 6 months performance in Feb 14, we Fiji Airways posted a profit of $14.5m, so I think we should all be proud of our national airline's performance.

    We as Fijians need to support our national airline by flying Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun.


    Kua na mai threat tiko ena BLOG vosa qori mo a tukuna yani ena Pepa kevaka o Tagane,,Bera ni o vosa leuta mada mai na malamala ina Matamu me rawa ni serau na makare na nomu raiii..koya la ya.Toso qo sa na toso ga vinakata sesega,,KEDA CALA KECE

  41. Rajesh Singh, son of Mr. SinghApril 15, 2014 at 12:36 PM

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  42. Fiji Airway has frequently been saying through mainstream media and through their useless facebook site that they will change (read improve) the inflight service. On face value this may sound all warm and fuzzy but after four years nothing has changed. As long as no one comes up with a roti bomb i will still take my own food on board. That assumes if i find a seat on a competitor first.

    Pflieger is neither a visionary nor a manager of any sort. All his decisions were merely window dressing, a facade to inspire the everyday joe and all the while punishing from the inside the workers who toil to keep the airline flying. All he did was bring into the airline a culture of distrust, a take it or leave style of management, unprecedented number of expats in management without succession planning and finally three airgooses that are liabilities than anything else. Ask anyone in the airline how many smart and progressive managers were fired by Pflieger just because they didn't do what he said.

    Pichler started with a full head of steam but was quickly whipped back into the fold by the government to tow the government line. No wonder many of us that have left for pastures overseas are happy to see the back of the airline whilst under control of the current regime.

  43. anon 12.32
    Sa qai vinaka me vosaca taki iko tu e dua na dosi

  44. Sodelpa /Flp should cut vat /duty on all food items
    increase corperate business tax to 30% .
    why rich been give tax cut from 30 to 17% ?.
    small business and agriculture/dairy/polutary should be encouraged .
    we import 300million of dairy/polutary/others products that can be prodeuced in fiji .
    Why cant we use this money and help our own people start small bsuiness /farms .
    tax free money in farming.
    god bless

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  47. Rajesh is a better man than khaiyum and bainimarama .he didnt steel from taxpayers .
    he brought the truth on 2003 spg scam. you rock rajesh dont worry about this loosers bro.

  48. Good on Fiji WorkersApril 15, 2014 at 2:35 PM

    This article is very tame compared to the lashings C4.5 usually gives the regime and its initiatives.

    I don't think the article or C4.5 is against the workers at Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun, it's against the regime and the way Khaiyum used FNPF funds without transparency.

    Everything Khaiyum and Bainimarama have done have been behind closed doors and kept confidential because it's illegal.

    I agree, though, good on the workers for doing their part - now they get the bonuses. So why not open the Fiji Airways books for the public to see where and what the airline is at?

    Hi Coupointfive, The article is disappointing, credit needs to be given where its due, to the staff of Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun. we are working very hard to turn our airline around and the bonus is recognition of our hard work. The FNPF loan is a commercial loan paid on a quarterly basis as per the FNPF release last year. The A330 is a fuel efficient aircraft and if you look at the QANTAS release few weeks ago with their huge losses, as part of their recovery plan, they will be replacing their B747 and wide body aircraft with A330s. So I guess we should thank Dave Pflieger with his visionary, we did our transition before QANTAS. Whilst QANTAS posted AUD$235m loss for their 6 months performance in Feb 14, we Fiji Airways posted a profit of $14.5m, so I think we should all be proud of our national airline's performance. We as Fijians need to support our national airline by flying Fiji Airways and Pacific Sun. Vinaka

  49. @Anonymous Rajesh 1:43 PM

    "" Why cant we use this money and help our own people start small bsuiness /farms ""

    Rather why cant own own people get off their asses, come up with an idea for a business, come up with a business plan, borrow the money, take the risk and operate that business?

    Rather than the obvious you suggest loading taxes on those that have had the balls and taken the risks themselves. These are the ones that employ the majority.

  50. Editor,
    Dr Sue Wareham tells us in her letter to the Canberra Times (15/4) that in painting "a rosy picture of life in his country since the civil war ended in 2009 ("Schooled in diplomacy at sea", Forum, April 21,p.4) the Sri Lankan ambassador Thisara Samarasinghe is attempting to provide a "whitewashed version of Sri lanka's recent history".
    In his letter to the Fiji Times (14/4) Dr Christopher Griffin does the same kind of whitewashing in regard to Fiji's post coup reality.
    Thisara Samarasinghe is Sri Lanka's ambassador so it's job to do that kind of white washing.
    What is Dr Christopher Griffin's motive for defending the Fiji military dictatorship?
    Rajend Naidu


    THE strong performance by statutory financial institutions is creating an enabling environment that allows Government to fund its projects and programmes for 2014.

    Finance permanent secretary, Mr Filimoni Waqabaca said the recent announcement by two statutory bodies of earning more revenue for Government was an indication of the state of the Fijian economy.

    It is also a reflection of the optimism that is building up and there are strong signals that the steady economic growth will continue in the short to medium term.

    This comes as the Reserve Bank of Fiji transferred $39.9m to Government comprising of $31.9m as its profit and $8m representing the re-evaluation reserves account as per RBF Act.

    Right on the heels of this announcement, Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority revealed that it has surpassed its first quarter target by $39m and collected a total of $431.13m in income tax, Value Added Tax, custom duties and other taxes.

    These developments reflect the economic progress over the years as reflected by the consecutive years of positive economic growth and confidence in the country.

    This has also been recognised by multilateral institutions like the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Asian Development Bank.

    Mr Waqabaca said all this puts Government in a strong position to financially meet its own targets.

    “The Ministry for its part has had a very vigorous first quarter with more than $100 million paid to service both external and domestic loans,” he said.

    This was in the form of $66.4m for domestic and $36.3m for external loans that was due for servicing in the first quarter and constitutes to around 37 per cent of the total due cumulative to June, Mr Waqabaca said.

    He said bonds floated in the market have raised $101.2m which was 40 percent of the total that needs to be raised in 2014.

    Government borrowings are primarily channelled towards revamping the productive capacity of the Fijian economy in terms of infrastructure development mainly intended to unlock depressed regions to ensure economic development and inclusive growth.

    RBF Governor, Mr Barry Whiteside said, “The improved profit was achieved in a challenging global environment as the returns on foreign reserves, which are the principal source of income for the Bank, continued to be affected by very low interest rates in our major trading partner economies”.


  52. Editor,
    In his letter titled 'Foreign Policy' in the Fiji Times (14/4) Christopher Griffin accuses Australia and New Zealand of " seeing only what they wanted to see" in regards to the situation prevailing in Fiji under the Bainimarama government.
    He even accuses "especially The Australian" of "distorted reporting" through "pathological character assassination of Bainimarama and his A-G". [The two men who according to the democratic opposition in Fiji have been running the country through their diktats since the unlawful military takeover of 2006).
    The way Dr Griffin goes on one could easily be led to believe Bainimarama and his A-G have done no wrong and cannot be accused of or blamed for anything - like for example the human rights abuses and the denial of citizen's rights to democratic freedoms including that of free speech and free press under their watch].
    The Bainimarama military dictatorship - which is what it really is almost 8 years since the coup - has not produced any Auditor-General's report in that period.
    With his "objective" way of seeing things in Fiji I wonder if Dr Griffin has noticed that?
    Perhaps he prefers to gloss over such matters for reasons best known to him.
    I am sure Dr Griffin is familiar with the phenomenon called blame shifting.
    That is precisely what he is doing in his letter - defending the Bainimarama dictatorship and shifting blame onto others.
    It takes moral courage to put the blame where it rightly belongs.
    Dr Griffin does not demonstrate that courage.
    Rajend Naidu

  53. Rajesh stop telling us how to start small business when you yourself can't even run your dairy shop

  54. Emty vessels make a lot of noise.

    Oqo i ra saraga na sotia NO SCHOOL ka ra saumai mera blog tiko.

    Au kerea mo ni laki vaqara mai o ira e bau tawa na nodra koro turaga me ra mai blog.

    E so era kalasi 6, 8 and form 3 and 4.

    Sa vakamadua dina.

    E sega ni ira kece baleta o ira na tawa na nodra koro turga era na sega ni rawa ni vakayagataki mai vei Vore kei Khai.

  55. aahree what Heavy Landing Yarrr!!! Chief Pilot said "no big deal" it's only Airbus that is fussing

    Same Chieff Pilot who failed in France then in Australia with QANTAS......

    Everybody Wrong but FIJI AIRWAYS and Dave Fligger, my Hero!!!!

  56. @5.46PM

    Sa bau kila vinaka tu o iko na nomu Kai(Khaiyum)...Kaila...

  57. Captain will be back flying ASAP, friend of Chief Pilot and Manager Training. All 3 failed numerous times so can't do that to the friend


    Heavy Landing Airbus still not in service, don't worry FNPF can fund replacement aircraft.

  58. Probably relay msg to Stefan Pichler to put some Virgin Coconut Oil on his COU, might do him some wonders!!!!!

  59. @Anon 1043 PM.

    You nail it on the head. We need to spread the words to the grassroots people who do not have access to social media.

    They should not be blinded by this Regime's treacherous development in the rural areas as a way of getting votes.

  60. @ Anon Apr 15 12am.

    O iko Bainimarama sa dua na ka nomu sevaki ratou tiko na Bose Levu Vakaturaga. Qo beka baleta niko beitaki ratou ena nomu ciciva sobu na veitavioka mai Nabua.

    Au nanuma ga na Comdr dodonu me duri ka control taka na situation. Qo sega cici tale i liu o Comdr. Keimam dau veiwalitaka lo tu ga qo i Nakeba ena gauna qo....ha!ha!

  61. It's fair they get a share of the Bonus.

    The issue is what do the taxpayers get?

    Some are still struggling to make ends meet let alone cannot have access to their funds. Is this the sort of Govt you want in the future?

  62. @ 1232. Kua ni rai tiko ena doka ni ucumu.

    O ira na nomu kawa era na vakaloloma mai muri. Na uniform iko dara tiko qori ena luva ena dua na siga.

    Dina meda toso i liu ia me toso e na savasava. Meda kua ni vakasaurarataki.

  63. @Anonymous 7:46 PM

    "" The issue is what do the taxpayers get? ""

    Do you not realise that those that got the bonuses are also taxpayers.

    The difference between them and you is that they got that job because they could.

  64. CEO not interested in reason for aircraft!s heavy landing. Just profit.
    All talk about. Nationalising Airline, but more contract in FIJI AIRWAYS than ever before

  65. @ Anon 7:37pm

    Dua nai talatala ni mataivalu a tukuna mai Labasa ena lotu ni veitalatala vei Bhaiya ni o koya e tautauvata kei Tevita enai Vola Tabu. Qo beka edua nai talatala sega ni kila nonai Vola Tabu. Ena gauna ni valu, o Tevita na Tui e dau liu era qai muri koya nona mataivalu. O nodatou viavia PM tiko qo o Bhaiya e kena veibasai. Bera ga ni cabolo na gasau sa gutugutuwa e veitavioka qai mai dromodromo yani na botoni nona tarausese qai boica talega. Sa dua na ka vakamadua. Sa dri yani.

  66. @ Anon 8.15pm , i guess Anon 7.46pm probably should have stated FNPF members/pensioners instead of just taxpayers....anyway good job to Airways Staff n Management,great TEAM work, keep it up,enjoy ur bonuses with ur family and loved ones

  67. This CEO is here for a short time. Make money and leave Fiji. Fiji Airways is in great debt.

  68. The problem in our beautiful country is one man - KHAYIUM.
    Once he goes everything will be normal.
    He has created a Muslim empire.
    Frank is just a pawn in his game of chess.Khayium's removal is most important.
    Fiji First is Khayium's party as he was saying this in Sigatoka mosque.

  69. Voceke BocimaramaApril 15, 2014 at 9:35 PM

    Rajesh, stop posting anonymously and praising yoursel you moron. We know it's you because you hardly use capitals for proper nouns, and your comments are full of spelling mistakes hahaha. You're pathetic Rajesh.

  70. "The problem in our beautiful country is man - RAJESH.Once he goes to prison everything will be normal.He has created a porn empire.Rajendra is his porn buddy in his game of bhidai.Rajesh sentance is not important.Fiji First is the peoples party as he was saying this in around Fiji. ..."

  71. Expect to see a litany of press releases about budget surpluses, bonuses, and progress in this, that and the other thing. This regime and its toadies are just trying to blow sunshine up our arses in order to dupe us into voting for it.

    Only when this regime is finally swept into the dustbin of history will its enormous excesses, bloated budgets, multiple salaries, cost overruns, plunder, etc. be revealed and brought to account.

    This election will not do that. Once Bainimarama learns he cannot win the election, which is already rigged in his favour, he'll postpone it or, more likely, steal it. Even if he doesn't succeed at either, he can be sure to pull another coup.

    The only way to stop him is by direct action.

  72. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  73. Hmmm, let's see. A gang of armed goons has taken away our lawful and democratically elected government at gunpoint and installed a murderous pack of thieves snd traitors in its place. It's spent the past several years lying and cheating us at every turn whilst bleeding us dry in the process. It's made a mockery of Fiji and its institutions, especially the vanua and the lotu. It threatens torture, sodomy and murder, and is documented to inflict these on its prisoners. And we are ALL its prisoners. And yet, some bloggers here would rather have us focus on Rajesh's failed dairy store overseas. I wonder why?

    Can anyone spell r-e-g-i-m-e t-r-o-l-l ?


  75. Blue Bus Turns Heads In North:
    - follow the money and you see who is paying all this

    Bus-police bus painted blue
    Driver - some dick-head from somewhere
    Ferry fee - Free, cordial support of ferry services, thanks to a deal that will eventuate later
    Focus area for the visit - places where government support, such as the village relocated in Bua
    Other expenses:
    Media journalism/publication - paid by tax payers
    Accommodation and Meals - PM's office

  76. Vitalia ke ra gunuti tavioka nimamu kawa se ra taura nimamu qele na vulagi, o pm ga me safe.

    Tukuna o Khaiyum ni set tu na qele.

  77. so Sodelpa officials were visited by Tui Cakau who mooted the idea to have Rambo as DEPUTY to gain support from North.A supporter of Rambo used to sing the song 'Duri mai daru mai vude mada'TM.Well as i have stated earlier that arms and ammo will come to FJ via Aust and US.We should thank the Aust. police but if it were not for Abbot the police intelligence would have turned a blind eye.The cold war is overs and relations between us gang and them have thawed,so the infomers tipped the coppers.The arms were inspected,selected and bought last year.Some gangs provincial soli was used to purchase and pay for fare,ACCOMO,expenses of those who went to Aust and USA for the mission.Well my friend RaBelo will not worry about those captured arrms poisoning the reef and sea water,since they would be transported over the sea by yachts.

  78. @Anon 10.53PM

    Na wati Joana Masirewa e vaqarai iko tiko.. Biuta mai na yacamu mo kilai..ke sega,osa tamata SONALEVU ga kei na nomu vosa...

  79. @ anon 8:15

    The difference between them and you is they deserve it through hard work as for you through your "tabetabe" to the Regime.

  80. Bainimarama and Khaiyum are piloting Fiji Airways Flight 370 way off of its flight path and straight out into the ocean. All hands will be lost if we, the passengers, remain passively in our seats.

    Don't just sit there. Let's roll!

  81. Well, the Fiji Airways staff will be rewarded after making a profit.
    I ask Arsemukh Patel [FEA CEO]- "what about your staff, you Guji??"
    But then I guess, because of your "me, me and me" mentality, you have decided not to reward your poor staff accordingly!!
    No wonder they are leaving in droves!!
    YOU are a greedy and self-centered b.....d!!

  82. Io man! Obviously Arsemuckh Patel is, I am reliably told running FEA like Kasabias where he was an ordinary salesman!!
    I really, really pity the FEA staff.

  83. I work for the FEA, and I tell you he is just worried about his KPI so that he gets a tamani size bonus. It is MORE than ten times of what the Fiji Airways management team will receive. How about that?? Talk about greed!!
    And do you know what we get - $300 to $400-00 if we are lucky.
    We the workers are slaving it out whilst the bastard is busy visiting his mistress in Ba and gallivanting overseas at ANY opportunity. Meanwhile, NOTHING is happening at FEA in as so far as other and renewable energy projects are concerned.

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  85. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  86. @ 1.20am & 4.48am

    Na Sonalevu ena Sonalevu tiko ga.

  87. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  88. @anonymous April 15 1053pm. Joanna Masirewa got her bonus...and lives a good life that makes her the envy of a lot of people.

  89. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  90. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  91. I was told that expat pilots receive more pay than locals flying the same aeroplane. This causes resentment and frustration thus many locals leave and seek employment in the Middle East. If this is true Dtefan of Fiji Airways needs to address this anomaly. It is morally wrong and illegal. I guess anything goes under this illegal regime. Vakaloloma na Kai Viti.

  92. Anon @ 7.44

    Most Local pilots who were captain on Boeing Aircraft have left the company or are being trained to assume command on the A330. The expat pilots were already qualified to fly A330s and they were brought in to fill the void. Once our local pilots are qualified on A330S then the phasing out process starts. As the CEO has already said that in two years time he wants a full local crew.

  93. @anon 1.20am@4.48am,whoever you are you definitely a chicken to speak about the things &people that dont concern you,when did this become a personal attack,the only comment on this blog that sounds personal,try enlighten your energy to improve your life...(style)..childish and insecurity...

  94. Sa yawa o Joana Masirewa. Vinaka lewa vakaukauwa me wase mai na millions in Australia mai vei Chaudry.

  95. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  96. Joana Masirewa is public domain now for she is involved with a political figure. She should have thought that before she did.

  97. Joana Masirewa Chaudry ??? Maybe they are brothers and sisters with Mahendra Pal Chaudry and were just catching up??? Jus saying, it could be brother finds long lost sister.

  98. You go Joana Masirewa, don't worry about the low life's and just continue your high climbing. Let's go Bau Landing.

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  100. this joana masirewa shit is clogging up this blog. who wants to give a shit about what any person does in their private lives?

    to the person(s) doing this take your shit elsewhere.we don't give fark. looks like your mother or sister or wife got rooted by MPC or you are some sorry ass who got rammed by MPS himself.

    Beka qo sa maro na sona ko iko ko Mahen ko iko, beka qo iko sa jealous joana or whoever the fark she is. caitibumu drau vicai chaudary

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  102. Anon @ 2.28

    Small minds talk of people. Sa dri yani.

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