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Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Fiji election breaches should be denounced by Australia and New Zealand

Bainimarama accused of stealing SODELPA colours
Caught breaching its own decree, trying to steal another party's name, another's party colours - what next?

Predictably, the regime is turning a deaf ear to criticisms and blithely going ahead as though it's business as usual.

But a series of breaches have now exposed the regime's lack of transparency and ongoing unfair treatment of political parties and it should be investigated and eliminated from the election.

Australia and New Zealand and the international organisations who've supported the regime's elections plans all need to acknowledge the sham and put pressure on the Suva administration to right the wrongs, if they are to retain any credibility.

The breaches, committed by both Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, are major and can't be ignored.

There is irrefutable evidence Khaiyum registered himself the name Bainimarama is using for the elections, Fiji First, in November 2009, then re-registered it again in January this year.

Bainimarama has meanwhile been campaigning 'officially' for more than a fortnight, despite not having registered his party, and has been allowed to collect the required 5,000 signatures as he goes. 

Khaiyum's Political Parties Decree says no individual or organisation is allowed to campaign or act as a party until it has been registered.

Fiji police are supposedly investigating four complaints already laid against Bainimarama, including exerting influence on election officials and naming a candidate before he had even registered, but there has been no outcome, let alone comment.

Neither has the Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, voiced or noted any concern about the breaches or complaints.

That is to be expected. Saneem, the regime's former Permanent Secretary for Justice, was appointed Supervisor amid controversy by Khaiyum.

The United Front for a Democracy has challenged the  appointment saying Saneem wasn't recommended by New Zealand, Australia or 'private experts' as claimed by Khaiyum after Australian Laurie McGrath turned down the role.

UFDF, who asks what happened to the other 10 candidates who applied, says Saneem was too young to have even voted in 2006.

Fiji media are today reporting Bainimarama has delayed registering his party but is still travelling the country collecting votes and he and Dr Jiko Luveni are due to open a womens resource centre in Bua on Friday.

School principals have meanwhile been warned by the permanent secretary for the Public Service Commission, Parmesh Chand, not to engage in any political campaign or activity.

Chand says principals cannot be seen to be using their influence as it is prohibited by the Political Parties Decree, the very same decree that is being breached left right and centre by the regime.

Proposed party defers registration

07:10 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Apisalome Coka
The proposed Fiji First political party has deferred registering with the Elections Office.
The proposed party which was to have registered yesterday is still collecting more signatures.
FBC NEWS understands proposed party leader Voreqe Bainimarama will move to areas which he is yet to visit to gather signatures.
The proposed party is also awaiting signatures from the maritime zones.
Bainimarama will finalise the numbers then apply for registration with the Elections Office.
The Political Parties decree says a party must have at least 5000 members from all four divisions of Fiji – 2000 from the Central Division, 1750 members from the West, 1,000 from the North and 250 members from the Eastern Division.
- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19319/proposed-party-defers-registration#sthash.dR2DsJX8.dpuf


Anonymous said...

No surprise hre. This is the very farce Dakuwaqa warned us of two years ago, now playing out in front of our eyes. The 18th Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama in living colour.

Anonymous said...

Why can't Mohammed Saneem be as forceful in upholding the Political Parties Registration Decree as Ashwin Raj is in upholding the Media Decree?

Yeah, it's just a question of whose toast is being buttered.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is having trouble finding anyone to register in Fiji First. Guess there aren't as many traitors around as he thought. But he can't let that stop him from campaigning or from launching yet another coup, if "need be".

Anonymous said...

The big boys, USA, China, Aust etc etc dont give a rats ass about your taukei shit or your GCC mumbo jumbo. Whoever plays to their tune will win the election.

The Heckler said...

Yeah, the police are still investigating. They're still investigating Cain's alleged murder of Abel, too. Should have a warrant anyday now . . .

Ratu Boro Gaga said...

SDL was doing the same thing in the last election. Remember the Agriculture scam. Even Asenaca caucau totalled a Govt vehicle during her campaign. so nothing new here same old tactic, only difference is bai is doing it. If it was the other way around. there will never be a pipsqueak from you guys so sit back relax and enjoy the ride.

WTF said...

We are going to break every law that we ourselves Decreed.Why? Because we have the menpower and the firepower to do it!Thats WHY!Last time it was SDL and its supporters.last time we stood on the sidelines and watched the show,we heard all the degrading commnents made by SDL Supporters against Chiefs.e.g. that a commoner PM will drink the 1st Bilo and the GCC the second bilo,now its a big fuck all to you SDL and LQ sapotas.WE run the fucking show now,so fuck off b4 we tear you to pieces.We are even willing to kill every or any asshole that stands in our way and we have lost count.We dont give a rats piss.You can stand and be looking vakarerevaki but I look at you and know that i can rip your guts open with a sharp knife or stick my iron into your eye,throat or heart.it needs only be three inches in length to do the job for me.

Anonymous said...

The most high-profile scandal was in the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA), where more than FJ$18 million was used without proper authorization. As we saw earlier, agricultural development was a common target of affirmative action in the immediate post-independence period; but after the 1987 coups there was a shift towards developing an indigenous entrepreneurial class. One of the reasons for this change was the prominent support by the rural poor for the 2000 coup. Rural villagers turned up to parliament in their hundreds to publicly express their grievances and support the coup. There was a realization amongst those who drafted the 20YP that addressing rural poverty was critical in the long run for both national development and political stability.

The scam came to light after an audit by the auditor general and published in his report for the tear 2000. The report revealed that out of a total of FJ$18,344,696 used on affirmative action, FJ$2,093,599 was incurred in 2000 and FJ$11,059,129 in 2001; and there were outstanding payments totalling FJ$5,191,968. Of the outstanding payments, a total of FJ$1,421,141 of unpaid vouchers were held back due to lack of funds; FJ$676,072 worth of Local Purchase Orders (LPOs) had been issued but not paid; and there was a total FJ$3,094,755 of orders made without LPOs (Fiji Office of Auditor General 2002).

Most of the money was spent on farming implements and dalo (taro) suckers for planting. A total of FJ$3,094,754.75 worth of farming implements were purchased from Suncourt Hardware, a company owned by a prominent Indo-Fijian company, at inflated prices. As Table 6.8 shows, the prices of farming implements from Government Supplies, where implements for government use were normally sourced, were considerably cheaper than the Suncourt Hardware prices. This became a central issue in later police investigations and subsequent court cases which led to the conviction and imprisonment of some government officials and the Suncourt managing director.

Saddam Hussein said...

And the current Fiji commissioner of police is still deciding whether to issue a warrant for those responsible in killing Osama bin Laden. That's why he hasn't got the time to deal with decree breaches by Fiji First.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 7:13
What about the BIGGER scam of Bainimarama paying himself $1million a year salary via Nur Bano.

Blatantly disregarding the Ministry of Finance.

That is not even a scam but a total disregard and a total lack of respect for the people of Fiji.

Even people who commit adultery do it in the dark and hide, BUT THESE TWO ARSEHOLES HAVE NO SHAME.


How come FICAC turned a blind eye to this madness?
How come the Police turned their backs to the people of Fiji?

The Head of Police and Head of FICAC should hang their heads in shame.


No one should associate themselves with Bainimarama.


Suomynona said...

The decrees they put in place obviously protects them although Beddoes has gone to the police to report on frankie's numerous violations.

The shades of blue are quite different to that on his party bus by the looks of it here, overall no doubt that frankie has stolen the colour like the selfish tyrant that he is.

But SODELPA's got my vote anyways.

Anonymous said...

Corruption is authority plus monopoly minus transparency

Anonymous said...

The agriculture scam was a bit like Bainimarama's sewing machine scam, wasn't it? But the sewing machine scam is probably amongst the least of Bainimarama's transgressions, wouldn't you say? I mean, the accusations regarding Bainimarama's plunder of the state coffers alone already quite dwarf the ag scam, don't they? And that's saying nothing about his murders, tortures, treason, etc.

Give out all of the lollies you like. We'll take them all, since we paid for them. But just because we take your lollies, doesn't make us suckers, sucka!

Anonymous said...

Vosa tu dua na kana loto mai na coup - luveni sona levu no school

Anonymous said...

Fiji First is beginning to sound like another failed Riyaz Sayed Khaiyum dance production.

Time to send in the clowns (RFMF)!

Anonymous said...

Fiji First, then your wives. Next, your daughters!

Tomasi Waimakare said...

Na leqa levu vei keda eso na itaukei kei ira na veiliutaki ena Matanitu, Mataivalu, Lotu kei na Vanua, ena gauna era sa dau taura kina na uli ni veiliutaki, sa yali vakadua na nodra vakaveiwekanitaka na itutu era taura kei na Kalou era dau vakararavi kina ni bera ni ra cabeta yani na itutu ni veiliutaki. Sa yawa na caka dodonu kei cakacaka ena yalo savasava, mera qaravi kina na lewenivanua. Sa qai torocake ga ua ka toro cake na kolokolo. E dua na turaga e vola toka e cake WTF 7:07pm e dua na vosa ni veivala, ia, noqu tagane kakua soti ni yalokatakata. Au kerea mo taura vakamalua na yalomu, baleta na vanua mo drau vakayagataka kina na yalo oqori na buca ni valu, kua ni kauta mai ena buturara vakapolitiki. Na politiki e sega ni yaga kina na dakai, drau vakayagataka na nomudrau kila ka vakavuli. Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Aren't the coat of arms and colours used by Fiji First stolen from the same flag Frank proposed to rubbish?

Anonymous said...

vinaka @ Tomasi 10.35pm, sa warai ni ra cakava tiko na job ni mataivalu oya na peace keeping kei na defend the country with its interest, sa levu ga na veivakarerei kei na veivakalolomataki kivei keda na lewenivanua. Vakalusi lavo, era sa saumi tu ga me ra tereni,kana, moce kei na veilasami

AM I 6?? said...
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Anonymous said...

@ anonymous 7:13pm.. Glad you brought up the finding of the Auditor General in 2000 Agricultural Scam and everything was exposed and perpetrators were jailed , but the Auditor General report from 2009 to 2013??????? ... mother of all the scam..... talking about $Billon... now compare....

Anonymous said...

There is no Agriculture scam, only unscrupulous bussiness people exploiting loopholes in the system in addition to incompetent Govt Officials who believe no one will appraise their work.

Tui Nakauvadra said...

Dua noqu taro. O cei o ni sa nanuma tiko mena liutaki keda ni oti qo e sega ni dua na duka e tu vua. E da sa kila kece ni tamata e lai taura na veiliutaki ni matanitu, na gauna ga yaco kina e kea guilecavi keda vakadua ka nanumi koya mada ga e liu. Qo se tekivu sara mai vei Ratu Mara.Ni digidigi vakavuku. Ni qarauni ira sara na dau ni politiki ka nona i le tiko mai na vanua kei na lotu

Anonymous said...

KUA NI RERE,,weas your proof ??..cummon clip it up for us to see and witness wat your'e talking about..
theas a saying goes like,,VOSA TU O DAAA VEI DAA thats you.dig in find proof and post..LHAUSHAMMU !!

Laione ni Veikau said...


Evei na vakadinadina. E tiko? Me vaka ga e dau tukuna dua na qase mai neitou, " Ka ga era mai kaya da kaya"

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Laione Ni Veikau
Setiseti boci ,,,,,sa yaco ga na butako cakacaka sa boidada kece kesu vaka ceke

Hail Treason said...

We will steal a Party's name,use the coat of arms of Fiji,Campaign without resigning,use Govt property and assets,We will break every law we Decreed.We will win the elections by hook or by crook if we lose then DUA TALE NA COUP!ITS UP TO US GANG,WE RUN THE SHOW WE ARE THE BOSS OF THIS COUNTRY AND WE OWN IT.IT BELONGS TO OUR FATHER ALSO [B4 U ASK]. SA QAI MATATA O YA!

Anonymous said...

So where is the Auditor General's report for 2006-2013???

What kind of government is this with no annual AG Reports??

Anonymous said...

Hail Treason
Vinaka vinaka toso toso tiko na boi da da ni noda vanua

Anonymous said...

anon 5.41am
proof tiko i nomu mo i muri

Anonymous said...

Marc Edge alert in any posting that praises Marc Edge.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

hopeless party i ever know... sodelpa... yavu con.. du lako mada lai tei tavioka.... style makawa du cakava tiko mai qori... no body believes in you people... sa ra na VORAKI GA NA NODA MARAMA BALE KEI NA NODA TURAGA na mai human shield taki tiko... tu mai muri ira kece sara ga na ka macawa.. dua sa baci via suka tiko ena pepa nikua tamata veilecayaki.. dua na gauna tukuna o koya vei keda ni o ira na wekada na idia sara na taura kece na noda qele,oti ga e vica na yabaki tukuna tale o koya i regret what i did ni bera mada ya nona pati lai join vata tu kei na nfp.. qo sa baci nodra tarabu tiko mai nio kaiyum sa mai lewai keda ,same old stories continues qi sa kerekere hara ga, sa rautia... sa matailelevu tu na ka kece ni cakava tiko.. ni lako mada ga i nomuni koro ni lai dabe tu mada kina vakadua..

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

I like Marc Edge, and I'm not him. In fact, I've never even seen the guy.

But I do note that only a few people seem obsessed with attacking Marc Edge, and they're either failed journalists or failed academics. In both cases they're toadies for Fiji's venal and repressive dictatorship.

Which category do you belng in, Toady?

Anonymous said...

I don't think Marc Edge spends much time trolling websites to post paeans to himself. I don't think he has a Graham Davis sized ego that compels him to do that. I think he's more secure then that.

Anonymous said...

where were you people when SDL was raping this nation...at least the current regime was there to stop them before this country became like the starving nations of Africa..maybe because you people were part of those who were trying to destroy the future of the country..

Anonymous said...

I was sacked from SODELPA: Rabuka
13:01 Today

Taken from/By:
Report by: Shanal Sivan
Former Prime Minister Sitiveni Rabuka says he did not quit from the Social Democratic Liberal Party, but was sacked.
Speaking to FBC News, Rabuka claims members of the Party objected to his application as a candidate, citing his coup of 1987.
I was dismissed from the party yesterday; in plain language I was sacked. I was just told that a group within the party objected to my membership and also to my selection as a candidate.
Rabuka says politician Mick Beddoes, who has applied for place in the party, wrote an opinion article sent to media organisations – objecting Rabuka and Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama’s participation in the 2014 general elections.
Mick Beddoes wrote an opinion on me and admiral Frank, painting us to the same brush saying why should we be standing for elections, so there have a lot of internal and now with Mick Beddoes jumping into the frey, I could gauge that i think my service was no longer required, in there anyway.
Meanwhile Beddoes told FBC NEWS, he has been interviewed for a position in the SODELPA, but has not received any concrete response, thus his opinion article is not affiliated with SODELPA.
SODELPA General Secretary Pio Tabaiwalu declined to comment on the issue.
- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19360/i-was-sacked-from-sodelpa-rabuka-#sthash.xGwzRHXX.dpuf

Anonymous said...

anon 1.28pm
Isa sa voleka na veidigidigi o sa rere tiko baleta na vakarau oti na job o tiko kina qori baleta ni ko tamata no school qai job vinaka baleta na coup - tamata kana loto qai sona levu vakai nomu boso vodo tiko qori na basi soli wale mai vei ira na dosi,,,,,,,,,tamata voli o iko kaisi

Anonymous said...

Can someone please identify any aspiring politicians who have abandoned their families??? We have to know so that we dont vote these people who want to lead us but cannot even manage themselves.

Anonymous said...

is the "l"in sodelpa appropriate? they are rather conservative i think. or maybe the "l" standa for Lauan?

Paad Maro Gandhaye said...

The "Hero" of 1987 is now a total ZERO.

Osama bin Laden said...

Anon@3.32pm. Asshole I think you've just been released from Khaiyum's anus. Now that you're no longer stuck inside his anus, clear away the shit clouding your eyes and hope you will see that corruption has never been worse. Again, spit out the shit inside your mouth and ask, why?

Once you've done that boci, go jump in the Rewa river and hope you will not resurface. It's assholes like you that are giving this evil regime credibility.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


It seems that you have been inside someones anus before.

I pity you and wonder where along the way did your parents fail you.

Anonymous said...

4.30...ka makawa qori...cava tiko mada oiko.. sa oti makawa na mataqali veivosaki va qori..toso mai liu iko sa rui bera.. kua ni rerevaka na rere...

Anonymous said...

oile .....bloody cry babies..you cant face THE MAN ..you start crying to Aus n NZ ..bloody losers.

Moto Saisai said...

NZ and Australia dont give a fuck about what is going on. They are waiting for sept 17. Whatever useless shit is brought up by bedose or c4.5 is irrelevant. Sa bera kece.

Anonymous said...

Well. no one fell for my tricks,adapted thick skin i suppose.Got used to the idea that we are leading,we are in charge, we make the country go around, we are the boss of this country!


Whoever said Ashwin Raj has been sacked from USP is wrong. In fact he is very nicely ensconced here under the protective wings of our regime-loving VC Rajesh Chandra. Double standards are rife here. Ashwin is making political statements but does not lose his job while Lydia Tubuya was sacked. This is racism.

Anonymous said...

Former businessman Benjamin Padarath was sentenced by the Suva Magistrate Court this morning for swearing in public. Padarath has been bound over for a sum of $500, by the Court, ordered not to re-offend and maintain good behaviour. He was convicted of a count of using abusive language in a public place. Padarath earlier pleaded not guilty but was found guilty after the trial, with three witnesses. The court heard in 2010, Padarath swore at woman while she was waiting for her sister in a car at Victoria Parade Suva. The court also heard, Padarath lost his real estate business and because the shame of his offence had a big impact on his family

Duna Leka said...

Padarath is applying for a SODELPA ticket. Wish him well and may he become Minister of Finance in the new Parliament

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! A couple of us at USP decided to try to flush out Marc Edge. Qori. As soon as we mentioned this nobody, there is a whole lot of posts. He is the real troll on Coup 4.5. As we said. If anyone mentions Marc Edge you can be sure it IS Marc Edge. BEWARE!

Anonymous said...

I predict that Rabuka would have pulled more votes than Mick Beddoes would any day. It seems to me that Beddoes is vying for Deputy Leadership with SODELPA. If the party executives are half way intelligent, they will give the position to an Indo-Fijian.

Beddoes needs to retire and leave the politics to newer faces. He has always been a fence-sitter and an opportunist. SOLDEPA just keep a close eye on this Kailoma.

Anonymous said...

is it true that Levuka could become the constitutionnal capital of Fiji?

Anonymous said...

@ anon April 24, 2014 at 2:51am hahaha i cant stop laughing, u just nailed it on the head, one of the WANANAVU replied comments so far, vinaka ra BOYS!

Anonymous said...

Peter Foster. http://www.smh.com.au/business/conman-peter-foster-puppeteer-behind-sensaslim-scam-judge-says-20140408-36afg.html

"LV" met him in Brisbane the day he showed up on the front page of the local newspaper... Peter is still trying to come back to Fiji and supports Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Have you noticed how Bainimarama lost weight recently? This is the SensaSlim miracle! http://sensaslim.wordpress.com/sensaslim-solution-the-amazing-weight-loss-spray/

Becoming Marc Edge said...

So, by his own reasoning, the asshole at 7:57 PM must be Marc Edge, since he mentioned him. So must I. So must you, if you reply.

Make sense?

Anonymous said...

Any truth to the rumour Wadan Narsey is joining SODELPA? That would be great for both. Wadan deserves to be in the leadership.

Anonymous said...

Sa kua na rere...September Election sa voleka....We want democracy and a country that is led by individuals we vote for and not by uneducated dimwits who usurped democratically elected governments and are ruling with gangsters mentality! They are no different from Hitler...ni yavu mataboka...we want our freedom back! Sa kua na lialia na vakamuria tu e dua na dictator vakataki Voreqe!

Anonymous said...

Parmesh Chand the opportunists have no principles. It is high time he and his wife should go and spend time with his four daughters in Auckland.

Daurairai said...

So SODELPA has decided to fire Rabuka and that is a big mistake. Rabuka is more popular among rural Fijians than Mick Bedoes.

Anonymous said...

rere tiko qori boci.....waraka namaka
luveni setani kua ni via lasu na dina mai na 2006 ena ceburaki na butako laba etc etc.....BOCI LUVEI SETANI

Anonymous said...

Anon April 25 @856 am

Vosavosa ga ni luvei setani o cakava tu qori, tamata ulu lala kawa ca.

Anonymous said...

Ops Ops malumu malumu!!!

Heep Heep Hooray!!

Fuck Beddoes said...

ANON APRIL 24 @10.40

Wadan Narsey can join sodelpa but he will lose. No one trusts this Guji guy.

Anonymous said...

Mick Beddoes opinion has earned him 1% in the opinion polls.ha!ha!ha!

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

anon 9.47
taura vakamalua - kua na cudru ni ko rogoca na dina...ie dou a butako matanitu butako job laba vakasake tamata etc etc
sobo sa rauta mada na namu tabetabe,,,,,,sa vakamadua mai

The Prophet. said...

The Movie Transcedence is a warning to citizens the world over about how foreign nations are polluting our environment with nano technology.Nano tech has created robots as minute as our DNA-Gene, and atom molecules like H2O-water that enables scientists to create water and other matter using nano technology.This is the reason why the Japanese Scientisits are conducting research in Whales because they feed on planktons.Nano Tech can produce man made planktons that are fed upon by Whales that would affect those who eat them.Whales are good subjects for scientific research because they 1. travel all over the Globe. 2. Are huge in size so are easier to track and monitor. The Movie has shown us what scientists can do.create matter or atomic molecules or DNA Gene that are the foundation or building blocks of animal or human species.It is a warnign as I have warned you before about the CHEMTRAILS.Chemtrails are the depositing of nano tech robots on our atmoshpehere by Airplanes.The indicator is that naturally burnt airplane fuel emmitted by airplane engine exhausts TAKE ONLY A FEW SECONDS TO DILUTE OR DISAPPEAR FROM THE AIR OR THE TRAILS BEHIND THE JETS TAKE ONLY A MINUTE TO BE DILUTED BUT CHEMTRAILS TAKE LONGER THAN 10-20MINUTES IN THE AIR,YOU WILL SEE JET TRAILS LINGERING IN THE AIR LONG AFTER THE JET HAS PASSED,WHY?
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Anonymous said...

Only a total idiot would believe a political poll done by the Fiji Sun.

Also, I'm certain Bainimarama would wither against Beddoes in a televised debate or real campaign.

If you don't agree, then why not put it to the test?

The Prophet. said...

The foreign elite nations then send their Scientists under the cover of the World Health Organisation[WHO] as Doctors to be attached to Hospitals and Medical Health Centers in the Pacific and the world over to actually monitor and collect data on the effect of Nano Tech on the people.These nano tech are minute robots that could be activated by remote controls or satelites to cause sickness on those who have ingested it the most.THIS IS THE REASON WHY THE JAPANESE SCIENTISTS ARE CONDUCTING RESEARCH ON WHALES [I AM NOT AN ADVOCATE OF THE WHALING INDUSTRY]THE JAPS ARE COLLECTING DATA FROM WHALES WHILST THE MILITARY INDUSTRIALIST FROM THE USA INCL CIA ARE COLLECTING DATA FROM HUMANS AS MENTIONED ABOVE.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me, or is The Prophet getting loonier with every posting?

I think his tin foil hat might be pulled down too tight.

Anonymous said...

Crazy prophet! He has finally emptied his can!

The Prophet. said...

Well, tell that to CIA Defector Edward Snowden,he is the source of my info.

Anonymous said...

The registration papers from Lau finally arrived for Fiji First party. Only 6 people registered for the party.

Anonymous said...

Sort of confirming the above post (I find it hard to believe since Jiko Luveni's extended family would definitely be two times that number and would most probably register for the party), here below is the version from Frank. The above information came from a credible source by the way.

Proposed Fiji First Party extends registration drive
Publish date/time: 25/04/2014 [12:57]

The proposed Fiji First Party has extended it's registration drive for another few weeks.

Proposed party leader Voreqe Bainimarama said the extension is due to many expressing their interest to sign up for the proposed party.

Prior to the extension, Bainimarama had said he intended to conclude his registration by this Tuesday.

Story by: Gwen Mc Goon

Anonymous said...

Sega ni macala na cava e caka tiko e loma ni basi sega ni rawa kina na registration ni soqosoqo ni lasu keina masi dakai......
Tobo tu na lasu keina butako ,,,,,,,,vakarau mai Naboro!!!

Anonymous said...

E sa lauti ratou tale tiko na sui ni kedratou. Ratou a vola ga na decree me vica na pasede mai na vei yasai Viti me na qai rawa kina ni register na party.

E ratou rawata na vo ni party ia qoka ratou sa qai sega ni ratou rawata na pasede ratou a vola e na nodratou decree.

Raujia so na giri. Mutu vavarau ga me mutu sita wa i were ni veivesu.

Vutuki Beddoes said...

Anon April 25 @1.42

Why is Voreqes registration drive bothering you. The guy is taking his time and is in no hurry cos he knows this election is already in the bag.

Anonymous said...

The Great Council of the Chiefs is a product of our colonial past and Fiji must now focus on a future in which all Fijians are represented on the same basis

The Source said...

problem of weight? leqa ni bibi?
TRY SENSASLIM! Peter Foster, LV and Bainimarama are using it!

Anonymous said...

Agree with Anon 11.48am

We should have a live televised debate for the major candidates.

Fiji TV and FBC anyone listening!!!

Esoteric said...

During World War 2 The German NAZIS were experimenting on captured humans.Most of the Scientists were arrested after the war and taken to the US where they were taken to work in secret labs.They are the architects of the Boeing Planes and kept experimenting with humans but were using military and prisoner this time.They still do today.Knowing the effects of Nuclear radiation they allowed warships within miles of atom and nuclear tests without any form of protection for the naval and army officers,some have been compensated recently e.g Christmas Island and Bikini Atoll Nuclear tests.Now they are using covert means by CHEMTRAILS, CONTAMINATED FOOD AND DRINKS EXPORTED AROUND THE GLOBE.

The Commerce Commission, Vonu beer and competition said...

Dear Sir,
Several years ago, I queried why the Commerce Commission had allowed Carlton Brewery (then virtually a beer monopoly in Fiji) to take over South Pacific Distillery, Fiji’s only rum producer, also benefiting from substantial duty protection at great cost to consumers.
Despite this takeover leading to a clear lessening of competition in Fiji’s alcohol consumption market, the Commerce Commission strangely made no objection.
Recently, a major soft drink multinational producer/retailer, also enjoying substantial market power (a favorite phrase of Dr Reddy, the Chairman of Commerce Commission), took over Carlton Brewery, thereby increasing its concentration of market power in the broader “drinks” market.
There was apparently no objection from the Commerce Commission although in the comparable media industry, owners of shares in television, radio stations and magazines, have been forced by decree (and at some loss) to choose between the sub-media and not have cross-media ownership.
Now it seems that the manufacturer of Fiji Beer has also taken over the manufacturer of Vonu Beer, eliminating even that tiny bit of competition in the domestic beer producers’ market.
Can the Commerce Commission publicly explain why this has been allowed, so that curious students and economics lecturers (if any still exist in Fiji) can better understand the subtle functions of the Commerce Commission?
We are still waiting for a response from the Chairman of CC to my questions (through these columns) on his failure to regulate the exorbitant retail prices set by mobile companies, and the equally exorbitant prices on the domestic routes set by the monopoly Fiji Airways (with the monopoly profits no doubt assisting considerably in the miraculous payment of dividends to its shareholders).
I would plead with Mrs. Premila Kumar (of Consumer Council) to desist from answering on Dr Reddy’s behalf, as she rashly attempted when voluminously evading my question on why the Consumer Council was not tackling some companies who were targeting children in their advertisements for chicken sales.

Professor Wadan Narsey

Anonymous said...

Dr Keith Scott, Peter Foster, LV and Bainimarama can save Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anti-muslim kanua Mahen Reddy is left cherry of Ganesh Chand. They mistreat staff at FNU.They should get the kick.

Just Situational Logic said...

The proposed Fiji First Party has extended it's registration drive for another few weeks because "so many are expressing their interest to sign up"?


Bainimarama said the same thing about the so-called Constituent Assembly, yet in the end he couldn't find enough suppotas to fill it.

If Fijians were flocking in droves to register in Fiji Fart, then the party would be registered by now, and the regime would be crowing -- CROWING -- about how popular it is, how quickly it obtained its signatures, how the Lauans love it, etc.

Extending the registration period wouldn't be necessary if the party has received the requisite number of signatures in order to register. There's nothing to say that voters cannot still register with a party after it's been registered as a party by the illegal regime. The party can register first and then continue to recruit new members without interruption. SODELPA, FLP, NLP and PDP are registered parties, and yet they continue to recruit new members. What's stopping Fiji Fart from doing the same thing, if it's not the fact that the party cannot find enough real suppotas?

The other parties didn't need to extend THEIR registration drives in order to register under the Political Parties Decree! And, anyway, do you suppose the regime ever would have granted an extension to them if they HAD applied for an extension?

Of course, you might have missed it, since neither Canberra nor Wellington ever raised a peep in protest, but this regime wrote its decree in such a way that it wouldn't have to meet the same deadline it imposed on the other parties. Not exactly fair now, was it? Not trying very hard to meet minimal international election standards that, wot?

You gotta give it to that Sayed-Khaiyum, though, eh? He showed remarkable foresight that time -- just as he showed it when he registered the party's domain name back five years ago and when he denied the name to Santa Mahara and his people. Remarkably prescient, that guy! Maybe he ca already tell us the upcoming election results, too.

But I digress.

Why is it that a ruling political "party" that (according to the Fiji Sun's polling) would supposedly receive the votes of nearly nine out ten eligible Fiji voters, now need extra time to register, unless it cannot scrape up enough registered voters to qualify as a party?

Gee, just on the basis of the number of regime trolls commenting in this website, I would have thought that the regime could at least scrape together enough members to register a party. Or do you suppose that all of those comments were actually posted by just a handful of people -- sort of like when Bainimarama suddenly surged to the top of Vodafone's popular personality poll, on the basis of a torrent of texts found to have been sent in from just two cellphones, both of which were located inside QEB?

And something else isn't right here. How could the regime be having this much trouble getting its party registered, when the Fiji Sun shows its candidate is one hundred times more popular than a party that did register under the deadline? Gosh, doesn't that kind of make it sound like Bainimarama is less popular than Nirmal Singh?

Hmmm, I wonder. You don't suppose that the Fiji Sun's polling might be way off? I mean way, WAY off? Or might it even be that the Fiji Sun is actually lying to us!? My goodness, didn't its people take any notes when they attended Graham Davis' lectures on journalistic ethics?

So, what happens next? What happens when a desperate dictator throws a party for himself, but nobody comes?

Stand by to find out!

Anonymous said...

Wow, devastating commentary by JSL! The regime needs to find some signatures soon.

Its spinmeisters will have trouble explaining it if it doesn't.

Anonymous said...

Fiji will more than likely NOT be having elections this year. If elections do take place, then a coup can be expected if Bainimarama loses the elections, or Khaiyum will “rig” the election results in their favour.

We are already seeing activities to support rigged and fraudulent elections – This includes:
No exit polling
the complex ballot
minimum time allowed for “other” political parties to campaign
no media freedom
no freedom of speech
the illegal constitution forced onto the people of Fiji
the illegal electoral decree
lies and broken promises
deliberate breaches of their own electoral decree
the corrupt and puppet electoral commission
no rule of law
military officer in senior government positions
the inexperienced, unqualified and puppet supervisor of elections

High Tea said...

Good point. And it goes back to something that Situational Logic also stated so well. Canberra, Wellington, Washington, Brussels, etc. all need the regime to at least seem to observe minimal international standards for elections in order for them to be able to declare, however disingenuously, that democracy is restored to Fiji. Emphasis on MINIMAL standards. These are not high expectations, given the likelihood Frank will rig the elections.

The problem is that the stitching on the fig-leaf is rapidly unraveling due to the regime's clumsy machinations. Every revelation is adding to the embarrassment and making it increasingly difficult for the major powers to pretend democratic elections are being observed here.

Given the litany of abuses, many of which Anon 2:18 hasn't even touched upon, how is British PM Cameron, on the advice of Sec Hague, supposed to face Parliament after criticising the Sri Lankan government and the Muslim Brotherhood but giving Bainimarama a free pass?

Similarly, how is Sec. Kerry, who no longer harbours personal political ambitions but is looking to his legacy, supposed to certify to Pres. Obama that democracy is restored to Fiji? And how is Pres. Obama supposed to give his own such certification to the U.S. Congress? The criticism he would deservingly face in Congress would come from incredulous fellow Democrats and Republicans alike.

If the regime continues on this tack, it might as well forget about having the elections at all, because the appearance of legitimacy it wants to achieve simply won't be there. And even the major powers will be too abashed to pretend it is.

In short, the regime does not presently meet even the most minimal international standards for elections, and the Emperor's new clothes are looking more threadbare with each passing day.

Anonymous said...

voreqe i am waiting here in naboro prison..i just want to be your 1st lover before this holigons get your ass..there is no other way out unless you commit suicide..com on voreqe which one you gonna chose?? U know damm well what happpens to all dictatoes like saddam etc..

Anonymous said...

@ Anon (9.52AM)

Keep on waiting, we'll send the 6 holigons from Rakiraki on Rape charge to make love to you!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji’s overall standard of living has declined sharply. In the UN Human Development Index (HDI) Fiji was raked 46 in 1995. Its ranking fell to 86 in 2008. The latest data in 2012 indicates it has slipped to 96 out of 187 countries behind Tonga which was ranked 95.

Fiji’s life expectancy had declined from 73 in 2000 to 69 in 2012, less than that for Tonga and Samoa at 73. But this is hardly indicative of the ground reality. According to statistics quoted in a WHO report (2011), Fiji people are dying young – shockingly only 16 % live beyond 50 and 8% past 60.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 12.16PM

As a neutral observer, one must recognize that the last 20 years have seen a massive deterioration of eating habits by the people of Fiji themselves, who turned their back on proper diet. Rice, 2 minutes noodle, excessive intakes of salt, etc.... Blaming a government for that is a little bit too much. When one is familiar with the careless attitude of local towards health and the impact of processed food, then one can only conclude that the same results would happen no matter which government is in place. Look at how many people have teeth in Fiji and that will tell you how much Coca Cola is drank here....OMG...it's Coca Cola games right now!!!!! what a shame.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:54 PM

But what is more significant is that this deterioration has primarily been with the i Taukei population.

Unfortunately, when the uneducated are able to get access to such things as more TV, videos, cheaper alcohol and junk food they will naturally take the easy route and preparing proper meals becomes something they no longer have time for.

It has little to do with poverty but more a lack of responsibility.

Anonymous said...

High Tea,

I agree with your analysis but for all our collective benefit, it is better to "roll" with the Machiavellian thinking in Govt and to have elections. It's either that or no elections at all in which case Fiji will be sent into deeper isolation and there will be greater risks of instability.

To go the way of elections though will mean lesser risk of stability albeit while offering this regime some legitimacy (assuming it does win the election).

Bottom line is it is better for all of us to have elections, the alternative leaves of all of us, including this Regime losers in the long run!

Anonymous said...

^ I meant instability not stability.

Anonymous said...


Referring to your Apr 25 8:26 PM.

I am one of the regime "advocates" who troll on this thread. However, I will not vote for the Fiji First Party and have not even registered as as a supporter of the party. There are many of us. We are probably why Bainimarama has deferred registering the party. This is so because of lack of support.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff from both JSL and High Tra.

Keep it coming!

Just Situational Logic said...

Anonymous @4:49 PM, thank you for your posting.

Having read and re-read it with interest, I remain somewhat confused. Perhaps you can clear up my confusion.

You acknowledge that you are a "regime advocate" but say you are unregistered and will not be voting for Bainimarama. You say there are many like yourself.

The allusion to "many" implies significant support for Bainimarama, and yet you conclude by saying that he suffers from a lack of support, which seems rather contradictory to me.

Perhaps you could clarify matters by explaining why you and the others to whom you allude will not be voting for Bainimarama, even though you are regime advocates.

Is it because: a) you do not live in Fiji; b) you're not Fijian citizens; c) you fear being identified as supporters of treasonists; d) you're otherwise ineligible to vote; e) some combination of these reasons; or f) some other reason?

Thank you for your candor and willingness to dialogue.

High Tea said...

Instability is the only way to overthrow a government. A revolution is not a dinner party.

Bainimarama's is an illegal, illegitimate regime. Restoring Fiji's legitimate government is our patriotic duty.

Were the upcoming elections to be held in a free and fair manner, then it would of course make sense to let the people elect our government, even if it meant electing Bainimarama.

But every indication to date betrays the regime's intent to rig the elections. And what else were we to expect from a regime led by thugs of low character? It's also evident that Canberra and the others are willing to play along with the charade.

Bainimarama stealing the government through electoral fraud is little different than his stealing it through naked force. Our duty will remain the same but be infinitely harder to achieve.

So, with all due respect, it is utter folly for us to wait. For those who love Fiji, the time to act is now.


SODELPA said...

High Tea April 27 @ 3.42

Seriously!! You want to destabilize the government, Then why dont you do something about it rather than posting your stupid idea in this asshole of a blogsite.
Bainimarama will win the election and you and this blogsite will shut down and tow the line, eh comprende.

Anonymous said...

High Tea is right. It only makes sense to wait for the elections if they are going to be free and fair. Anyone with any sense knew years ago that they'd be fixed instead, and the regime's actions since then has only confirmed that expectation. So why wait further, when the usurper has already rigged the elections?

If it seems hard to act now, how much more after the regime has announced that Bainimarama has "won" election by "a landslide"?

If we act now, we might not be able to force the regime to play fair, but it will be harder for the international community to ignore our plight and to play along with Bainimarama's cynical plan.

Anonymous said...

The September election is a well disguised election and an evil scam to create false hopes for a new beginning to a better future. Unless we change the rules, it will remain so. The critical question is what are we going to do about it and when? Both the what and when of our responses as good Fiji citizens will determine Fiji's quality of life and history in the next one or two decades.

Anonymous said...

What: Emil King's March on Suva.

When: To Be Determined.

Anonymous said...

It's now evident that Anonymous @ 4:49 PM wasn't interested in dialogue at all. It looks like the regime troll had no answer at all when JSL showed the contradictions in his statement. This is a strong indication that the troll was lying.

Anonymous said...

i dont know why the sodelpa party is using our chiefs as their human shield, why they cant stand alone and go for it, politics and chiefly status are totally two different thing altogether, if anything goes wrong and our chiefs will be affected, you people better watch out.. your names already publish in the paper,we all know now by names we gonna follow you until we catch each and everyone of you, you did it to our chiefs the last, but we are not going to tolerate it.. better be careful a lot.. as i already said politics is politics.. dont joint together with our chiefly status...and we warn you again stop it..otherwise you gonna know who that chiefs really belong to.. if you dont believe what we are saying here just dont believe it coz what you people doing is just history repeating itself... nothing new at all... again for your reminder watch out....

Anonymous said...

To anon 7.14pm Mar 15
Duh! So why is Frank using the Tui Macuata for his political purposes? Are you saying our chiefs cant think for themselves?
Must be your own chief so speak for your own chief, Sir.