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Tuesday, April 29, 2014

From the barrel of a gun to voting by numbers - Fiji's grim reality

Appropriate for Fiji: picture doing the rounds on Facebook.
Grandiose ultimatums from Frank Bainimarama while election officials grapple with fonts and paper sizes for an election that is shaping up to be a nightmare for the ordinary voter.

Less than five months out from voting and the Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem, continues to release meagre information, showing the regime is either not ready for the big day or it is making decisions as it goes.

Alarmingly, the most crucial information will only be released to the political parties and their candidates - and voters - just weeks out from the actual voting day.

Fiji Village has today squirrelled out of Mohammed Saneem that his Office is still fiddling around with fonts and sizes for a ballot paper that can accommodate the numbers of 300 candidates.

Incredibly, as dictated by the Electoral Decree the ballot paper will not carry the names of candidates, or their parties or the party colours, just the number they are allocated in place of their name. 

In what the regime insists is a fair format, these numbers will start from 135 (why this one?) and be drawn from a barrel.
Photographs of candidates have been promised at booths but the onus is on voters to remember their man's number.

The final candidates list and their numbers will be made available on Monday August 25, 21 days out from the election day of Wednesday, September 17. 

Is this fair to candidates and voters? In most elections, candidates and their parties, have anything from six months to three years to campaign and build a support base with the electorate.

Yet, Fiji political parties will have just weeks to promote their numbers and voters will have just weeks to memorise the number of their candidate, a major undertaking for many people.

Bainimarama, who has used the opening of the secretariat of the Pacific Forum Development to flex his muscles by making a big deal about Fiji not rejoining the Pacific Islands Forum unless New Zealand and Australia quit, has been campaigning freely under F1 and the question is: what number is he likely to get and how random will it be?

Political parties have asked for at least their party colours to be included in the paper but no ruling has been made on this. Why not? Shouldn't this have already been decided?


Anonymous said...

that toilet paper by election office is clear sign of rigging.Fiji's old political parties are stupid playing to their tune. They have done program to make 80% result to baini chutia.In the end political parties will only scratch their head. I can see they arenot fighting hard to counter election office and others.

Just Situational Logic said...

Makes no sense, does it? This is from the same people who long complained that the last election, so many years ago, was too confusing for the average voter.

What are we to make of this? Obviously, the regime contrived it this way for the purpose of making it easier for it to rig the elections, but how?

Perhaps the basic idea behind organising the election in this odd way is to be able for the regime to more easily impugn the memory of those who will insist, after Bainimarama's phony "landslide victory", that they voted a different way, on the off chance any of the ballots comes to be audited. Why else the severe fine and punishment against anyone found to be carrying into the polling booth a list of numbers? That implies to me that the regime doesn't want any documentary evidence of how the voters voted or intended to vote. That would also explain the prohibition against exit polling.

Those are my suspicions. I'd be interested in hearing other thoughts.

Anonymous said...

The parties should unanimously announce their boycott of the election NOW.

Since F1 isn't registered yet, this announcement can be unanimous.

What's the point of conferring legitimacy on an election that is already so obviously rigged?

The parties should unanimously appeal for the UN or PIF to oversee the elections.

That's the sort of gesture that Bainimarama, and his new cohorts Abbott and Key, would not be able to ignore.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how SODELPA, the FLP, the NLF, the PDP, the unions, the lotu and the vanua are all taking this lying down!

Nobody is doing anything!

Won't somebody call for a march or demonstration?

Where are we to go?

Who are we to elect as leader, when no one shows any leadership?

Anonymous said...

The election will surely be rigged by Khayium.
All these are formalities and do not complain after the election.

Anonymous said...

The election ballot will resemble toilet paper . . . in more ways than one!

Anonymous said...

Governments that block the aspirations of their people,that steal or are corrupt,that oppress and torture or that deny freedom of expression and human rights should bear in mind that they will find it increasingly hard to escape the judgement of their own people, or where warranted, the reach of international law

Anonymous said...

If elections do take place, then a coup can be expected if Bainimarama loses the elections, or Khaiyum will "rig" the election results in their favour.

We are already seeing activities to support rigged and fraudulent elections - This includes:
No exit polling
the complex ballot
minimum time allowed for "other" political parties to campaign
no media freedom
no freedom of speech
the illegal constitution forced onto the people of Fiji
the illegal electoral decree
lies and broken promises
deliberate breaches of their own electoral decree
the corrupt and puppet electoral commission
no rule of law
military officer in senior government positions
the inexperienced, unqualified and puppet supervisor of elections

Anonymous said...

What do you mean WILL be rigged?

The rigging is already underway.

And it is dismaying that more isn't be said or done about it.

Anonymous said...

If you think the election is being rigged then move yourself and do something. You all are cowards in front of Khayium.
Khayium my man the next Prime Minister for Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Singh tightlipped on contesting elections
Publish date/time: 29/04/2014 [15:04]

The General Secretary of the Fiji Teachers Union, Agni Deo Singh has refused to make any comments on whether he will step down and contest the September 17th General Elections.

When asked, Singh said that he cannot say anything on this issue.

Under the Political Parties Decree, no elected or appointed official of a trade union can be a party member or party office holder.

Meanwhile, about 1,000 teachers from around the country are attending the Fiji Teachers Union Conference at Labasa Sangam College today.

Also present at the conference are unionists Danial Urai, Felix Anthony, Rajeshwar Singh and former parliamentarian Krishna Dutt.

Santa M. said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

FICTU should appeal to the other unions. The unions should appeal to the parties. The parties should appeal to the churches and civil society.

March, MARCH,


Fijiana said...

I wonder why the International Community is tight lipped? They should demand that a real honest and fair election be held. The community Leaders should display their disgust and demand the regime to step down and a Transitional Government appointed to run the government till the election. That would be fair to all parties concerned.

Anonymous said...

All unions and political parties should get together now and do things collectively.

Put your personal differences aside otherwise the illegal regime will without doubt win the election by whatever means.

Do not complain after the election.

Why no strike, trade ban , march etc etc.

Anonymous said...


Why would international community do anything when the Fijians are sitting quietly.Where are all the Fijians who marched the street of Suva in 2000!

Anonymous said...

The regime's UN Permrep Peter Thomson has already sought to potray the conduct of this election as having the UN seal of approval. Surely he shouldn't object if we now try him at his word by asking the UN to take control of the elections.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Somebody go tell Koi Yasayasa that Pacific Media is looking for him.

Anonymous said...

@JSL..there are plenty of tell tale signs that this will be a rigged election. No one in his right mind would take this regime seriously. It is all there for show to legitimatize their existence once and for all!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarma and Khayium are too strong to be removed. Take my words.

Anonymous said...

Fiji's dictator is desperate to win the elections and to stay in power or it will mean certain arrest and imprisonment for him and his group of corrupt, parasitic friends and family.
Therefore, his illegal and megalomaniac AG, Khaiyum, has been working the system through his corrupt judiciary, illegal decrees, puppet electoral Commission, and his unqualified and inexperienced Supervisor of Elections who has not voted before in any general elections, to rig the elections in the dictator's favour.

John Q. Public said...

As an American citizen of part-Fijian descent, I am outraged by the lack of concern demonstrated by my government, and indeed every government, toward the daylight mugging of Fijians now being perpetrated by the illegal, self-appointed despot Frank Bainimarama.

Far from being the inclusive, time-bound, and non-predetermined outcome of an open and transparent process of dialogue and negotiation, as called for explicitly by my government, what we're seeing instead is a one-sided mockery of the democratic process, where the legitimate political parties are handicapped in every conceivable fashion, while the as-yet-unregistered party of the dictator is allowed to run riot, even trammeling over the rules his illegal regime imposed unilaterally by decree.

It is unconscionable how, after years of blowing hot and cold with its sometimes principled and sometimes petty approach to the Fijian situation, Canberra is now signaling its readiness to throw Fijian democracy under the bus in order to appease Fiji's dictator for reasons of realpolitik. God forbid that my government violate US law and abandon all principle by following Canberra's cynical lead in this matter.

As the elections in Fiji are shaping up now, I don't see how the Obama Administration will possibly be able to certify to the US Congress that democracy has been restored to Fiji. What we are seeing, instead, bears every hallmark of a sham election in the offing, designed to perpetuate an ugly and unpopular despotism.

Anonymous said...

Whoever said that Baimagamu and Ayishithole are too strong to be removed must have been chewing too many mushrooms. It only takes one bullet each for the job to be done. This has gone on for far too long.

Anonymous said...

Why is Lt Col Amani Suliano openly campaigning with Bainimarama?
Can Tikoitoga pls explain why he is openly supporting FFirst hence lying to the nation and the soldiers????
Sa rauta mada na lasu.

Anonymous said...

@5.14 AM

Who gives a shit what the US thinks anyway?

We know too well what they did to Hawaii, is that the democracy you talking about???

Anonymous said...

What is "unacceptable"? Easy. Anything Coup 4.5 doesn't agree with.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First will win simply because the alternative is worse - Ro Temumu (useless), Biman Prasad (classroom economist) and mahen chaudhry (will be in jail by september). None of them have anything new or better to offer. mahen and Ro temumu had their chance. they blew it.

rajend naidu said...

With four coups in as many decades since independence Fiji has shown itself unable to handle the demands of a modern democratic society. It would seem that colonial rule had ended prematurely and independence had come too early.
But Fiji is not alone in this regard in the region.
We learn from the news (ABC News 30/4) that scores of Australian police officers are helping PNG police on the street beat.
And PNG is a proud independent nation.
I thought independent means standing on your own feet.
Now what kind of independence is that where some four decades after independence a country still needs its erstwhile colonial rulers to come and show them how to police?
The local political leadership that took over after independence have failed to provide the leadership required of them.
This is why they need the ex-colonials to come back to show them how to run things.
Independence does not mean just waving your national flag!
Rajend Naidu

just saying said...

Political parties have tied to wake up Australia and New Zealand but what the parties are saying is falling on very deaf ears!

Murray McCully insists "free and fair elections" will be held but it's in the face of doubt.

LOok at what Ro Teimumu Kepa has to say: "Both the New Zealand and Australian governments, as well as the Pacific community, should have no doubts about the opposition parties desire for free and fair elections to be held."

"If minister McCully believes it is important to New Zealand that the people of Fiji get the opportunity to elect their own government, then surely as one of the financial sponsors of the process, it should be equally important for New Zealand to be satisfied beyond reasonable doubt, that the process itself leading up to free and fair elections, is sound and credible.

"To state categorically that whatever the outcome New Zealand will accept it without first being absolutely certain the process is credible is a concern to SODELPA and her political colleagues."

This is from the Fiji Times.

The Big Boss. said...

Isa, all these assholes blogging against the Govt,ha!ha!You can swear till the cows come home but this Govt will move on.IT IS THE PM'S DESTINY TO BE THE NEXT LEADER AND PM.NO ONE,NO MAN,NO COUNTRY,NO WAR CAN STOP HIM,BECAUSE HIS SUPPOERTERS ARE MIGHTIER THAN HIS OPPONENTS.We are going to rig this election,use the National Coat of Arms,use the Govt Assets,use Civil Servants to campaign[with Fiji 1st only],we are going to break every law we Decreed because the law is meant for you assholes not us gang because WE ARE THE BOSS OF THIS COUNTRY.WE OWN IT.Just ask Mara and Driti that is what we do to those who even try to THINK of removing us gang.Sa qai matata oya!ha!ha!ha!

My 5 cents worth said...

Anon@11.10am We can thank the current illegal government and the past coup instigators for there being so few fresh political gurus and candidates.

THis country has not been unable to develop new leaders because of the effects of the coup, especially the last one.

Instead of the country having a chance to grow and nurture youth to be leaders, our growth has been strangled by decrees and military dictatorship.

Democracy, and therefore political leadership, does not flourish under such conditions

Anonymous said...

If Pres. Obama wants an easy military victory, he should just send the 82nd Airborne here to Shutter Island.

We will welcome the Americans as liberators.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Who gives a shit what the US thinks? Who gives a shit what the Kiwis think? And who gives a shit what Fijians think, either. You'll get the government we give you.

You've already voted for it. Some of you just don't know it yet.

Anonymous said...

The second thing we'll do is to hang all of the collaborators.

Legalise it. said...

Coup .5 quickly removed Laisa Digitaki's statement because of its legal implications.Now if 1-7 years later if she files a lawsuit against the PM, her statement on this blog will be used against her in court. She doesnt name the PM only naming Mara and Driti.PM's is allegedly included because of Mara's statement only; but that can be challenged also for the obvious reason.Lately word from within prison walls was that several prisoners confronted Driti and a brawl ensued only was stopped by prion officers.Driti is angry now and was visited by current and ex military supporters recently.The admin of this blog better start looking behind their back from now on. You should consult a lawyer b4 posting? especiaaly when it involves statements against people holding positions of power in any Govt.

Rachel Simmonsky said...

Boycotting, rigging, vote buying, etc, etc, all amounts to nothing...I say let the elections take place because its what right thinking people have been wanting all along.

Bai may have his weaknesses, but so did fifty other politicians of yester years, democratically elected or not (post 1987 & post 2000 politicians), what we should be happy about is that the current govt. has granted the conduct of elections, and that's a big statement to say the least of its noble intentions.

It seems that some people can't stop complaining about every tit bit of progress that the nation has achieved in the last 44 years since Fiji had become an independent nation. I for one am glad that this election will be the first non racial election that we've had since we gained that independence.

I mean no offence to the good work done by our political leaders of the past, I give credit to both sides of the house, it was indeed unfortunate that the nation has undergone four coups and four constitutional changes in its 44 year history, but that's just it, we will continue to experience changes and that it what life is all about, so please get with the flow and move on.

Looking to the past will not get us anywhere, things have happened and we can't change it, the only thing we can do is look to the future and improve from faults. I know that this may go against the beliefs of some on the important issue of the rule of law (to which I strongly subscribe and adhere), but what has happened has happened and we can never turn back the hand of the clock.

Many may critic on this comment, but hey, its life. Lets look forward to a really democratic Fiji, with no racial divide.

Anonymous said...

@ Legalise it, play your self or invite FB and AK for a three cuppa tea and cp45 for a fun party will be best.

rajend naidu said...

Since the Bainimarama military takeover and the creation of the perfect/utopian society in Fiji many miracles have reportedly been happening.
But none more miraculous then the case of the man who went to hospital for a relatively minor medical procedure; went into a coma; was declared dead and pronounced alive hours later (Fiji Times 1/5).
I thought such things would need to await Jesus' Second Coming.
But apparently not.
Bainimarama's coming to power has taken care of that.
This 'Back from the 'dead'" miracle has converted me into a Bainimarama believer!
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@ All Hail Bainimarama, you do give the people a government. They elect it. Your constitution is unlawful, so as the election and all parties operating under it.a rat will always bite its arse so as the dog licking it and a human whipping it. So do you think anybody care about you and your thoughts, not one bit. So SYS!

Anonymous said...

This is another systematic ploy of rigging and corruption at the highest order

Anonymous said...

anyone has any news on whats the drama at police ?

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 11.40AM Why not send the 82nd Airbourne to West Papua and liberate the natives from the oppressive and murderous Indonesians.

Oh I forgot both US and Australia LAMU of Indonesia..

KUA NI RERE said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
KUA NI RERE said...

KUA NI RERE said...

@Rachael Simonski
I don't know what to make of your posting.
You are saying that people should move on ( which is good)... but MOVE ON to where?
MOVE ON to what?

You talking about The rule of law.


Bainimagaitinana makes up his own rules and breaks his own rules.
He said "Before any party contest an election, they must have 5000 registered members"" and HE DOES NOT EVEN HAVE THAT YET and he's already campaigning!



or ARE YOU JUST ANOTHER BLOCKHEAD SOLDIER blogging with idiot logic?

mark manning said...

Clearly, there are simply 2 players in Fiji!
1/ Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and his backers.
2/ Soldiers of the RFMF!
Fiji's future does not revolve around a fake election, it revolves around the RFMF's ability to act, fake election or no fake election.

In other words, now is the time to act!

Coup 4.5 said...

@Kua Ni Rere Your comment has been edited to remove the swearing - you can make your point without it. C4.5 Editor

All Hail Bainimagaitinamu said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
The Heckler said...

"We can't change the past."

"Time to move on."

"Get over it."

"Put it behind you."

"No use complaining."

"Go with the flow."

"Focus on the future."

Isn't that the advice they give to rape victims?

All Hail Bainimagaitinamu said...

Rajend Naidu,for goodness sake that's not a miracle but rather it's an indication of how inept the health officers are at that low-grade hospital. But hey we have always known that you're a Bainimagaitinana supporter all along. Shame on you. As for the impostor All Hail Bainimarama, your mother was to blame for your inadequacies since she dropped you at birth.

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 1:52
Fijian soldiers are taught to be BLOCKHEADS.

They are taught to just do it. Don't think.
The boss says Shoot! , you shoot.
He says Jump , you jump.
He says Crawl , you crawl.
He says Wipe my arse, you wipe it.




BECAUSE YOU ARE BLOCKHEADS.....you cant think for yourselves anymore.

So when Bainimarama makes a Law eg 5000 signatures you say "Yes Sir"
And when he himself breaks that Law, YOU DONT KNOW WHETHER THAT IS RIGHT OR WRONG.
Actually to you IT IS STILL RIGHT.


Anonymous said...

John Q. Public, there you go. As you can see from the comments that followed your good posting, you Americans seem to care more about Fiji than our own government does.

I hope your government will reflect that same concern.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

coup was not part of the constitution

The 4 coups were racially instigated! It is about time

the law is respected by the military who are also victims of the coup

Anonymous said...

Are they not willing victims though?

Anonymous said...

They were victims of indoctrination, I guess

Anonymous said...

Friends and fellow citizens. I am so glad that more of our people have realised the tragic truth. More have seen the light. This regime is very evil at its its core, blatantly selfish in its attitudes and actions and has absolutely no respect for law and order and our basic human rights. They have effectively redefined the true meaning of justice, the noble qualities of leadership and the essential difference of right and wrong, good and evil. They represent the most powerful and negative public force for evil and destruction we have ever experienced in Fiji and the South Pacific region.

Situation logic and many other observes have accurately assessed the situation we are in today. National elections is a most common and acceptable way of choosing our leaders. Once elected, the people become legitimate representatives of our people who carry our hopes , express our dreams and fight for our aspirations as communities and groups of people who respect one another and the rule of law.

The proposed election is simply an effective tool employed by this evil group of criminals to achieve their goals. Make no mistake, the election is already designed to fail us the majority of people of Fiji. However, why do the political parties continue to tag along like a bunch of zombies? Of course, w can do better than that. Please Fiji, the foreign governments will never come to help us unless we make the first bold move. As I and many others have suggested, let's refuse to be victims. Lets refuse to be the slaves. Let's march to Epeli, and tell him, ENOUGH OF THIS EVIL. ENOUGH OF THIS FRAUD. WE REFUSE TO OBEY THE DECREES. WE REFUSE TO ALLOW VOREQE AND HIS HOUNDS TO INTIMIDATE US AND TERRORISE US. WE THE PEOPLE WILL SUFFER NO MORE. WE DEMAND A FAR AND FREE ELECTION. wE DEMAND AN INTERIM GOVT TO TAKE US TO ELECTIONS.

If organised and organised well, and with the support of all our different communities, leaders and the international community, we have the opportunity to push the PAUSE BUTTON on this fraudulent process and really make progress towards true democracy and the restoration of our basic human rights, our national pride and our God given freedom to live in love with one another in spite of our differences.

Lets organise a petition, then march like Martin Luther King did hundreds of years ago. It will be our march of freedom to reclaim once more what Voreqe and a handful of criminals have robbed from us for more than 7 long years.

For the doubters, I will sign the petition. I will march with you. I will shout and declare to these criminals and to the whole world that we in Fiji have had enough. We will be fully free. We will be fully human once again. May God bless us as we negotiate our freedom amidst a complex and confusing climate. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:52 PM

"" For the doubters, I will sign the petition. I will march with you.""

But of course you will not get off your cowardly lazy ass and organise it.

paula raqeukai said...

@Anonymous 5:52 PM

An excellent proposed to test whether this illegal interim government is really genuine with the election to move the country forward to real democracy...I am 100% behind this peaceful march for freedom of the people from this illegal government...the demand should very simple and that is we want a genuine interim government to run the government before the election....this march should be peaceful....but first we MUST circulate a petition amongst all genuine supporters and if we have more than 30,000 willingly and ready to march then we should organize 3 marches - one in the central division, one in the west and one in the north...only then we can rightfully say that the people truly wants this cause of action....

Anonymous said...

Fiji First will win simply because the alternative is worse - Ro Temumu (useless), Biman Prasad (classroom economist) and mahen chaudhry (will be in jail by september). None of them have anything new or better to offer. mahen and Ro Temumu had their chance. they blew it.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:09 PM

And how many biscuit tin drummers did operation Jericho raise?

Anonymous said...

hey two government we already voted, and some hopeless idiot tookover it.. what else is left for us .. sa levu dina sara ga na oversmart i viti.. sa da vuku sa da lai kulina tale...

Anonymous said...

Sa ka vica mai ni march qo. Siga ni march sega ni dua e basika mai. sa na maji ga ena blogsite baleta sega ni laurai

Anonymous said...

Isa sa sega sara ga ni dua eda rawa ni vakasama taka me turaga nuitaki me liutaka na noda vanua, sa ra tamata corrupt kecega, na matanitu sa oti kei na matanitu qo, eda sa vakaloloma dina. Sa rauti keda ga na veiliutaki ni mataivalu,leqa ga ni mai curu tiko e loma o koya na kai Musulomani.

Emil King said...

I participated in Operation Jericho, and I'm very proud I'll be able to tell my grandkids that. Even without the mass participation it deserved, Jericho proved that the regime was powerless against Dakuwaqa's brilliant tactic, and it frightened the lamusona dictator into canceling his UN jaunt.

The petition should be arranged online by Coup 4.5, as we can trust it not to be a regime sock puppet.

Once we've reached a predetermined of electronic signatures (not pseudonyms) of pledged participants -- say 10,000 -- then we post a date certain for the march, one week out.

I will be glad to help organise the logistics of the march through Coup 4.5, although, for purposes of OpSec, I will need to withhold certain important tactical details until the eve of the march.

God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:52 PM, like you I am persuaded by Just Situational Logic and others that this is the time we must march. I agree with you and support the march.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Paula, Emil and friends. Excellent ideas. Let's do that and change the rules of the game. For more than 7 years, this bunch of morons and evil people have changed the rules of the game and dictated terms to us. They will remain our masters and we their victims if we continue to allow them to. Once we sign the petition, march as a nation, then they will know their time is up. They will not be dictating terms to us anymore.

Would Coup 4.5 please facilitate with Emil. Let's get started my fellow countrymen and put an end to this dictatorship. God is on our side. This small series of steps can have a tremendous impact in dislodging this evil regime and bringing them to justice. God bless our Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Watch this post, if its pulled off within 30 min or more, that its TRUE.

FB, AK and CP$>% is in a threesome duet, extracting ideas to work with and protect which ever comes first.

Anonymous said...

This is the time.

We march now, or the lights will go out in Fiji for a very long time.

Are we not men?

Do we not want to secure the blessings of liberty for our children and our children's children?

This is the time.

Anonymous said...

Rewa should lead. The unions should mobilise. The churches should all turn out.

We fear God more than we fear men.

Anonymous said...

So what's the big deal? Official campaigning should begin when the writ of election is issued. That writ will be issued in July I understand. Until then political parties can engage in campaigning still and without needing to reference ballot numbers.It is the same in Australia and Britain. Even when the ballot papers are finalized and the numbers published, it seems to me that those several weeks will be a lot of time still.

paula raqeukai said...

Okay the response for a peaceful march is positive as far as this blog is concern....I am ready to organize this peaceful march as long as NO past or current politicians tries to poke-in their nose in its organization, they can join but I will not allow them to lead ...it is not going to be a political rally but a peaceful one to demonstrate to the illegal government that we the concern law abiding citizens of this nation want's a peaceful transition to real democracy come the September general election....our demand is simple, we want a genuine interim government to lead the nation at least 2-3 months before the election....but first lets sign a petition first, can coupfourpointfive organize this or anyone else for that matter, I am prepare to distribute the petition and seek the necessary permits from the local government and the police...lets pencil in a date around the first week of June to have this peaceful march....may be just have a big march here in Suva, rather than the 3 centres at once.....please remember this should be a peaceful one to show our genuine desires for a free, fair and real democracy transition....peace may be with us all...God Bless Fiji...

RUM said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Thank you Paula, Emil and our many other friends. We are gaining momentum. I think Paula's suggestion is a prudent one.
1. It is a march by the people to publicly express our demand for change and a stop to this evil regime.
2. The politicians should join us, but they will not lead us. We are encouraging everyone to join us.
3. It is a peaceful march, like the famous freedom march by Dr Martin Luther King Jnr.
4. Emil and Coup 4.5 can handle the petition and signing. Paula will take care of the other formalities of the march and actual distribution.
5. Tentative date of march is June. Signing the petition to precede that. Security issues will be a major consideration.
6. Publicity and marketing issues to be considered also. Our public relations with local and international audiences, networking with mass media and selected key personnel and organisations.
7. We also need to win the support of our neighbour governments and island nations. We can work through embassies, reps, contact people, etc
8. I also suggest we encourage the active participation of key people and organisations; eg. churches, trade unions, NGOs, traditional leaders, religious leaders from all communities ( Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Chinese, etc)

Our destiny lies within our grasp. This can be a destiny-defining event for us my fellow countrymen. The world watches Fiji and asks; "When will the people of Fiji stand up to this tyranny? When will the people demand an end to their suffering? When will the people reclaim their rights, freedoms and their destiny?

Today my friends, I believe we have the seed of that great idea. It requires action to grow and bear fruit. It may not be easy, but the end is very clear. It is something we treasure, for us, for our nation, for our children, and all those that shall come after us.

I say to you, if this march represents that first step, to begin that process of restoring our freedoms, our rights and our rightful destiny, I want to take it. Let us do it my friends. Let us stand up and take back what is rightfully ours.

It is a march for freedom, the FIJI FREEDOM MARCH. GOD is on our side. History will remember us for this courageous and righteous declaration. God bless you all. God bless our wonderful land.

Anonymous said...


While I appreciate your blocking vulgar language, you could go further and block comments that promote racial intolerance.

These same voices of intolerance reflect those voices that supported the earlier raping of democracy in 1987 and 2000.

If you support the rule of law then surely you can also support blocking any views of racial intolerance that have in the past undermined the rule of law.

Let the debates in this blog be about more worthwhile issues, rather than appeals to base attitudes that have only worsened racial polarization.

Professor of Kamasutra Dr Mahendra Kumar said...

too much politics. time for a break. any news or sighting of Fiji's own Professor of Kamasutra, Mahendra Kumar, son-in-law of coup sycophant, Davendra Pathik. Dr KUmar was sacked after caught mounting a female in his vice-chancellor office. he has not been seen for a while. we wondering where he might be.

Anonymous said...

If past and current politicians will not be allowed to lead the march, then who will lead the march? Can we bring back Dakuwaqa? Can we resurrect Timoci Bavadra, Rt. Sikuna or ML King Jr? Will the marchers recognise the leadership of Mere the housegirl or Kavilesh the car salesman? Will the foreign embassies? Will there be a committee to decide for the rest of us which clerics, or lawyers, or academics will be allowed to lead us?

That's ridiculous! Of course, past and present politicians should help lead the march! All of them. The more the merrier. We want the leaders of every community that wants to see democracy restored to Fiji.

I'm sorry, Paula, but who are you to say that we should exclude from the leadership the people who between them secured over 90 percent of the vote in the last election? That just doesn't make sense.

And good luck with getting police permits, etc. This is a dictatorship we're up against, after all, and this is the same police who never lift a finger against the crims in power. We need to march with or without bloody permits.

I'm not saying that any one of the politicians should control the agenda or monopolise the microphone. But all should be encouraged to help mobilise and lead the march and to speak to the gathered protesters. Their egos can help to keep each other in check. More importantly, they can help control the temper of the demonstrators. They also have the stature to be recognised by foreign governments.

Also, the first week of June is too early. Part of Operation Jericho's success was its timing and the fact that it was scheduled so far in advance. That gave patriotic elements within the RFMF time to lay their plans for a counter-coup -- or at least it planted that fear in the mind of the coward-in-chief. The march shouldn't be scheduled to occur too soon. We're organising from scratch here. And not all Fijians are as wired in as C4.5's readership.

Finally, I fully support Emil King working with C4.5 to lead this march. I like his approach.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Anon 12.26. Very positive comments. I think what Paula was suggesting was that we must be careful that the involvement of our politicians ( political leaders) will not give the impression that this is not a march by a certain political party. The march is ours, the people of this nation. And our political leaders are also part of that. Of course I agree with you. We will need them to march with us, to speak and address us, and to help us organise and facilitate things for us. We will need their followers and their support and commitment to continue the journey after the march. As you rightly said, we must win the confidence and support of foreign leaders and governments. And I am sure we can generate more credibility and approval if the event is seen as a march by us, the PEOPLE OF FIJI rather than by one or two or five political parties. Imagine the impact we can have.

Consider also how the regime will see and react to our march. They will not see it as a political party event, because it is not. It is us the people of Fiji deciding and taking action to reclaim what rightfully belongs to us.

Your take on timing is excellent. We need to pay attention to that. Perfect timing, perfect strategy, perfect execution, perfect results. Thank you for your support and excellent ideas. Op Jericho was a beginning. This can be the next powerful step towards our goal. “Oh Jericho, how your walls tumbled when God’s people marched around you. And so may it be. Let us trust in the eternal power of God and the invincible liberating power of truth and march. The walls of tyranny, injustice and dictatorship must fall. So help us oh God” Vinaka

paula raqeukai said...

@anonymous 12.26pm

Okay that's fine with me, as I said earlier this march should be a genuine & peaceful one not a political rally....remember on the other side they're are watching us like a hawk ready to prey on innocent lives...I do not want that TO HAPPEN...If yourself, Emil King and C4.5 can lead and organize the march I will support it as we need to support each other for this worthy cause for the people of Fiji and the generations to come....lets keep it simple and professionally organize BUT MESSAGE TO BE LOUD AND CLEAR and that is we want a genuine interim government in place at least 2-3 months before election so that the election is fair, transparent, and take us to real democracy....vinakavakalevu...God Bless Fiji....

Anonymous said...

A march may not be the best option. Over 80% of the population is overweight. A sit-in somewhere would be a better idea.

Just a thought said...

Anon@3.27pm This may have been said in jest or tongue in cheek (is it???) but I think it's doable.

Marches might be too hard and too long but the sit-in might get people moving.

Anonymous said...

@3:45 No I was serious. This blog is not for jokers. We have to be realistic, most people are not fit for a march under the scorching sun of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@anon 5.16pm..Why are you so worried about the scorching sun. Aren't you bothered about the doom and gloom that Fiji will have to endure when this thugs worm their way into legitimacy. People can sit in front of a grog bowl for hours and yet you are worried about a day out in the sun. If you have a black ass then you were made to endure the scorching sun. Get your ass out there and march for the good of the country

Anonymous said...


Are the people organising this march, in Fiji? It will be worthless if we are planning this from overseas. People are tired of listening to empty plans!

Anonymous said...

Can someone else also organise all the buses to get us there are free.

Will there be food provided for us as well?

Anonymous said...

@5.50pm..Nothing is free, so you can stay home. We don't want to drag your fat ass along with us! We have enough weight on our hands

Anonymous said...

I think several people had already suggested some good ideas for us to consider as we continue to plan ahead.

1. A bank account to be set up where the public could donate funds to finance this movement. Let's be prepared thoroughly friends for any contingency.
2. Mass media for public relations, speeches and messages to be broadcast in real time.
3. Medical and first aid teams and other resources to be made available if needed.
4. Transport to include buses, trucks, taxis and vans, etc
5. Contacts and meetings with ambassadors and other governments, NGOs. etc
6. We need to think about spokespeople to communicate our cause to Fiji, the Pacific and the world.
7. Think ahead (fast forward) to interim administration, police and security issues, and finally an election. We need to think ahead and plan accordingly. Of course, this will be a genuine move by us the people of Fiji. Some leaders will emerge out of this event and those that follow. Lets allow freedom of expression and display a model of excellent citizenship, based on love and respect for one another and the rule of law.

Please let's discuss and agree on what we must do. There are issues we may not discuss here. There are issues we may never agree on. But that is the beauty of our freedom and the hallmark of the kind of democracy we want. Our friends and readers of Fiji Today are also thinking and talking about our plans for a national protest, march and a referendum. Thank God we are making a stand. In good time and by God's grace, we shall get there. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

The voting system that is being shoved down our throats is going to produce an election result that will lead the country potentially into another coup.

No candidates names, no party colours, no party signs, just numbers. We should be voting for people, not numbers, there will be a lot of confusion.
Five hundred voters for one polling station in a day, they must be joking!!, how much time will a voter take to vote under this confused, ill-informed voting procedure. In a 8 hour voting period one voter is expected to pass through the process in 1.04 minutes. That's not practical, voting may go well into the night for some polling stations.
One-day voting will be disastrous and the logistics cumbersome.
We waited for eight years to vote, why rush it for a day? Make it simple, accessible, measurable, reliable, with a favourable time frame.
There is a lot of copying going on of other election processes [from Indonesia] while we have had elections since 1972. We have had more elections than Indonesia since 1972.
We need names on our ballot papers, and we need party symbols and constituencies from which elected reps. could address the concerns of their voters.
Who would take up the concerns of the people of Ono-I-Lau, if 40 parliamentarians are from Navua/Suva/Nasinu/Nausori? and the rest from Vanua Levu?
Again what kind of constituency allowance the reps. would get? Certainly it will be open to much abuse.
It's time to vote this regime out!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

This is a good system.

In many democracies, such as Colombia and Georgia, the numbers appear on the ballots, not names.


As for the campaign length, it is a lie that campaigns have to last months...The blogger writes that "n most elections, candidates and their parties, have anything from six months to three years to campaign and build a support base with the electorate."


In Canada under the Elections Act, the minimum length of a campaign is 36 days, or 5 weeks. In Australia, federal election campaigns are traditionally approximately six weeks. In France, only 2 weeks.

"voters will have just weeks to memorise the number of their candidate, a major undertaking for many people."

Are you saying the people of Fiji are stupid?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:07 AM

Obviously you are just another of the dumb whinnying losers.

Apart from the pathetic example of mathematics it also appears you assumed there will be only one polling booth per polling station.

The sad thing is that idiots like you are actually allowed to vote.

How can anyone take anything seriously that you have written?

Anonymous said...

sodelpa dumped rabuka because he would have lost them fijian voters, just as SVT in 1999. rabuka is no longer the strong, anti-indian, nationalist he once was, so no longer welcomed by sodelpa. on the other hand, turncoats like tupeni baba have been welcomed with open arms.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:12 AM, actually "Idiots" like 8:07 AM are not allowed to vote. That's because idiots like you thought they knew better and so overthrew our government. As a result, we now have the most venal, lawless and incompetent government in Fiji's history. And idiots like you still defend it.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 11:34 AM

You do yourself no favours by demonstrating your ignorance.

No one but a dumb ass would assume that someone who has clearly shown how ridiculous and incorrect someone else's comment is would automatically assume that is defending the government.

Now lets see if you can actually think some sense before your rebuttal and say why I am wrong with the statement I made.

Anonymous said...


Obviously you are not carrying excess weight and you are not familiar with the fungus problem that tends to develop between thighs when an obese person walks for too long. Shame on you!

I suggest a sit-in near the McDonald's so that we can have refreshments and ice cream. The park has nice trees to protect us from the scorching sun.

And as anonymous 5.50 sId, it would be fair if free transportation was provided for those of us living in Nasinu or beyond. Can New Zealand subsidize the boat fares for those living in the islands?

sa sau levu n cost of living ena gauna qo!

vinaka vakalevu

From an i'taukei said...

Kerekere, kakase, lamusona and liumuri:

Why so many coups in Fiji? The answer lies in the national character of Fijians and its three major philosophical pillars: Kerekere, lamusona and liumuri. kerekere is the expectation of unearned income (handouts) without investing any effort. Bainimarama played to this aspect of Fiji’s national character. With little of no dignity the masses keenly lap up the crumps thrown by the rulers.

Closely related to the desire for unearned income is the deeply ingrained fear of authority and the general cowardice that is so evident both amongst the general population and their rulers. The legendary cassava patch sprint of Bainimarama is as impressive as runner done by Mara who had the chance to change the game as commander of Fiji’s largest military unit the 3FIR. In line with lamusona philosophy he decided to run to Tonga.

Lamusona is perhaps the strongest single characteristic of Fiji’s population, which is quite obviously not prepared to take even the smallest risk in return for some dignity or self-respect. The entire population has cowered down and hopes that somehow, someone from Australia or elsewhere will change things around. When Qarase had the chance to mobilise the population against military dictatorship, he begged Australia for intervention instead of taken up the fight.

The third pillar is liumuri or backstab. While the average Fijian does normally not have the opportunity for liumuri, the elites have. Those urban professionals who have lost their jobs and their influence under the Bainimarama regime want to get back at the ones that have taken away so much from them.

It is tempting to see race as the key to Fiji’s political instability. The large Indian community has remained culturally distinct from the ethnic i-Taukei community. Most institutions are either predominantly i-Taukei or predominantly Indian, creating a divide prone to widen in times of political and economic stress.

At the community and individual levels, Indo-Fijians and i-Taukei coexist harmoniously. There are historic tensions within the Indian community based on income levels that echo the religious, regional, and caste differences in their country of origin. The desire to backstab a competitor is as strong in the Indian community as amongst the i-Taukei.

Tensions within the indigenous Fijian community come not just from historical rivalry of clans and confederacies, but also from the stresses of a communal society that is adjusting to the pressures of a modern economy by trying to backstab competitors. It is clear that the socio-cultural fabric of our society provides the most attractive environment for military coups and dictatorship.

Anonymous said...

@1.31pm..Sa rauta na kana and let's do what we have to do. If we have to do something urgently, fungus se sona, let us get our ass moving before the elections. One meal AT HOME in the morning is enough for a whole days march. I suggest BYO lunches and refreshments. If you cant afford it, don't come!!..Sa rauta mada na kerekere. I beg you read Anon 3.43pm's thread - nailed it on the head

Anonymous said...

I don't think that a march or a sit-in would change much and anyway that would involve a lot of organization and logistic. We can't predict the weather (rain, heat, etc.) and it is obvious from the comments above that those who are not in good physical condition wouldn't come. I think that we should instead set up a blog where people could express their views.

Anonymous said...

Maybe we can wait for the election, in case SODELPA wins then there will be no need of a march? That way those who are overweight won't have to stress about it. It wouldn't make sense to end up killing more people in a march than what the regime has done!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.59pm..We do not need another blog to express our views. We're already on one! It's called CoupFourPointFive

Anonymous said...

Today I was reading the Fiji Times' Letters to the Editor and one gentleman said, very rightly, that women are the pillars of our society. It was an article about domestic violence.

from the above comments, I can see that people worry about 3 things: physical condition for a march, risk of violence from the military and food.

My proposition: we all have lunch at home, then, around 2 pm, we send our women and kids for the walk. Since the new decree on violence against women is in place, then it is less likely that the police and the army will attack women and kids. Those who are fit go for a walk, the rest for the sit-in near McDonalds. Then women come back home before 5 so that dinner can be ready on time.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.43pm
iko dua na tamata boci,,,,,,,,sega ni dua na betemu!!!
ur talking about 1% of the population and that includes you with those despicable qualities....

Anonymous said...

All this talk about a march
kerekere ni fei futu mada!

Anonymous said...

No wonder a march never becomes reality in fiji as the sissies organising it are worried about the sun and food.........now a d/ head says to send women and kids .....useless wankers!!

Anonymous said...

@5.21PM That's why someone suggested to create a blog to share our grievances!!!! ulukau!

Anonymous said...

There does seem to be a lack of recognising and understanding the sarcasm and humour here regarding a march.

Or is it me?

Anonymous said...

No, Anonymous 6:25 PM, it's not you.

Some of the sarcasm is quite amusing.

Those who are too fat to walk can ride in wheelchairs with umbrellas. We'll push you at the front of the parade.

We'll also bring some emergency talcum powder to ease the chafing between your legs.

You'll need to furnish your own adult nappies, however. We've only got one box, and we're saving it for Bainimarama for when he does another cassava dash.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:55 AM, it's quite easy to rebut your statement and show why you are wrong.

You are the dumb ass because you assume that you have clearly shown "how ridiculous and incorrect" 8:07's comment was, when it in fact was quite valid.

Your comment, on the other hand was not, because it begins with the erroneous supposition that people in Fiji can vote. We haven't been able to elect, and keep, an elected government for many, many years.

And the reason why is indeed people with a totalitarian mindset like yours, who think they're superior and that those with opinions that differ from their own are whiners and idiots who don't deserve to vote.

Note well that what I said in my original comment was that it is people "like" you who are responsible for Fiji's current deplorable situation and who continue to support the traitors in power. I never specifically said that you yourself were defending the government.

But if the shoe fits, wear it.

Anonymous said...

well, sarcasm or not, I think that the logistic problem has to be taken care of. nobody said anything about public convenience, the dengue outbreak (so many people in the same place is a recipe for a disaster as mosquitoes will bite any tim, dick and harry and transfer the mortal disease around) and even the simple fact that people may prefer to see the outcome of the elections first.

Anonymous said...

We know the outcome of the election, dummy.

Waiting to march until AFTER the elections are stolen makes little sense. More sensible to march in demand of a free and fair election.

If slathering some insect repellant on you is too much to ask in return for your freedom, then maybe it's best you stayed home. Be sure to lie to your grandchildren, though, to say you marched, because they might not be too sympathetic toward you otherwise.

Anonymous said...

@7.32 we can EASILY get Sukuna park sprayed before the sit-in, don't worry about it. McDonalds has probably the best public convenience, you can use them all you have to do is to buy something, it can be just a small sunday I think it's like 3$ or so.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:23 PM

"" You are the dumb ass because you assume that you have clearly shown "how ridiculous and incorrect" 8:07's comment was, when it in fact was quite valid. ""

8:07s comment ..............

Quote '500 voters in 8 hours = 1.04 minutes per voter.'

Now, if you had half a brain firstly you would note that 8:07 is assuming that there is only one polling booth per polling station. Then if you actually use that half a brain a bit harder you would realise the maths is incorrect.

So according to you 8:07s statement is quite valid.

I think not.

Anonymous said...

@7.46 I think YOU are the dummy. we wont lie to our children and grand children since the plan as i understand it from a comment previously is exactly to send THEM marching in the streets. No military or police will attack them. we have to be REALISTIC!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@7.51 desserts pricing at mc donalds available on their website: http://www.mcdonaldsfiji.com/desserts-menu
it's 3.25$ for a regular Sunday, but a soft serve cone is ONLY 1$ so technically you can use the public convenience for such a ridiculously small fare! everybody in Fiji can afford it, if you can't then just ask for a few spare coins here and there.

Emil King said...

Thank you for the many thoughts and contributions regarding the proposed march.

I've little doubt that some were proffered by regime trolls hoping to dampen enthusiasm for the march, but such is to be expected, and it simply shows the regime is already nervous.

I hadn't thought of the need to bring talcum powder and adult diapers (wink, wink), but I was looking to arrange for volunteer medical personnel to come prepared for such contingencies.

As I stated earlier, for purposes of OpSec, I will need to withhold certain important tactical details until the eve of the march. But suffice it to say that my plan already addresses many of the needs voiced here, sarcastically or not.

I've already shared some preliminary ideas about my march proposal with C4.5 via gmail and am awaiting a response. In the meanwhile, I encourage all of you to continue thinking about and discussing the proposed march, whether that be at your homes, workplace, market or barracks.

Anonymous said...

@8.02 i don't go to mc donalds often, but each time i have to wait in long queues and only one , sometimes 2 , cashiers are opened. if you guys go ahead with the plan, please inform mc donalds management BEFOREHAND so they can boost the service at the counter.

Anonymous said...

It's suggested that Anonymous 7:53 may be a traitor, but what does HE say in response?

He defends his numeracy skills!

Tsk, tsk!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 7:55, you're even dumber than we thought.

No one ever said the plan was to send women and children into the street. That was someone's tongue-in-cheek suggestion.

Ever hear of sarcasm?

Anonymous said...

Don't worry, Ronald McDonald will be at the march. In fact, he's slated to be one of the marquee speakers.

Who knows, he might even give away coupons good for free ice cream!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:10 PM

Are you suggesting that numeracy skills are somehow attributed to a persons political allegiance?

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:31, that's a strange way to interpret my statement.

If anyone is suggesting that numeracy skills are linked to political allegiance, it is Anon 7:53. This is also implied in his original remark that the poster at 8:07 was an idiot undeserving of suffrage because of his "pathetic example of mathematics".

The point is that Anon 7:53 has been made out to be a traitor and a fool, but the best he can do in reply is only to point to his math skills. Talk about pathetic!

Anonymous said...

@8.14 well before saying that this one or that one is dumb, remember what Saddam Hussein did when the capital of Irak was about to be bombed? He put women and children on the line to prevent bombing by the US. Why couldnt we do the same thing - sort of - in Fiji? Send women and children on the frontline and see what happens. Then if everything works out fine some men can go to if they are fit. it's not always easy to know if comments are sarcastic or people are dumb.

Daurairai said...

Na veitalanoa ni maji qo sa vaka na veibolbolei ni rua na gang. Waraki tiko edua e me tekivuna sa sega sa na tini ga ena kakase.

Anonymous said...


In any case, I am sure you can use the convenience for free as no one will really check if you REALLY bought a 25c ketchup packet!!! And the service shall be good looking at the crew of the month (http://www.mcdonaldsfiji.com/crew-of-month)

So now I hope we are done with mc donalds!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

@9.10 sa dina. sa levu sara ga na kakase eke.

someone decides everything otherwise nothing happens.
1) march or sit-in?
2) food / bus fare included or not?
3) sponsorship from NZ/AUS or not?
4) agreement with McDonalds for the public convenience or not?
5) medical staff (fungus, whatever...) or not?

and everything else.

Anonymous said...

There is no big deal with the march. For your info, there is even a picture of a MARCH on Mc Donalds's Community page (http://www.mcdonaldsfiji.com/community) so please give us a break with the "logistic".

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:49 PM

I would suggest the fool is the one who is digging a big hole for himself. Careful you don't fall in.

Anonymous said...

Is Singh's curry house still in Suva as it may be cheaper

Anonymous said...

@9.34 yes it is. As someone said, you can BYO or have a cheap snack anywhere you want. If you are not on a budget and want to eat at a better place, you are free to do so, check tripadvisor. the thing is that Mc Donalds is just next door from sukuna park, and for those who have a fungus problem, it's just more CONVENIENT. it's not only the price you have to look at.

Anonymous said...

Only KFC is closed down. The same thing will happen to Mc Donalds if they are involved in this march so stay clear from there.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:41, if there's a big hole around here, it's YOU.

Rather than a poll test for math skills, maybe we should devise a test to weed out the arrogant, and deny THEM the vote.

That would eliminate the Fiji First vote.

I would have also said it would eliminate yours, but then, you're not going to be able to vote anyway, since you don't even live here.

Anonymous said...

Martin Luther King, Jr. didn't have to offer free chicken in order to find others to march with him.

Sounds like many Fijians aren't ready for freedom.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Marching Fijians -- sounds like an oxymoron to me.

Napping Fijians, yes. Groggy Fijians, definitely. But marching Fijians?

Excepting only a couple of unknown macafakas somewhere up my block, you lot couldn't even lift your slack arses up long enough to make one minute of noise during Operation Jericho. Now you say you're gonna march?!

Don't make me laugh. And anyway, it's a little late for that now, isn't it?

The Heckler said...

Anonymous 8:41, I tend to agree. If there's a hole her, it's in your head.

But that's beside the point.

Anonymous said...

@10.39 I know what you think, but let's be realistic. If we have ANY chance to get this thing going, it will be very much through the pillars of our society, like many have said before, even including the government spoke people! Yes, only women care about the future. And since we are talking about the future of our CHILDREN, then it makes a little bit of sense that they should join the march and fight for their rights (otherwise it's like teaching them to stay at home and "someone else" will fight for them...no more laziness please!) Apparently, the big focus is Mc Donald's here and interestingly, it is a restaurant for children. It all makes sense to me.

Anonymous said...

You guys who are planning to march, crawl, sit or whatever must remember that a similar march was held in 2000. It was supposed to be peaceful.

If criminal elements get a whiff of this proposed march they will take advantage of it and there will be another looting spree suva . It will also give an excuse to the government to delay election due to some action of domestic terrorists. I can see 2000 repeating itself if this march goes ahead.

Anonymous said...

Since this march is about the future of our children, we should put them in the front lines in case there will be violence?!!

How cowardly can you get?

Anonymous said...

The regime is looking for any excuse to delay elections. If it needs an excuse, it will invent one -- that's never stopped it before.

The elections are clearly rigged, so who cares at this point if they're delayed?

If this march turns violent, it wil be because of the actions of regime saboteurs. Depend upon it.

Anonymous said...

@9.42 NO!!! It's a STRATEGIC move. There wont be any violence if it's only children and women! People will find it "cute" and there wont be any risk of violence then!!!!! Only men are stupid enough to be violent and women of Fiji know a lot about it!

Anonymous said...

Me dua ga na ka me caka tiko. Sa kena levu. Ni moce.

Anonymous said...

@10.26 I can see the "logic", even though it's very twisted!!!! Well after 7 years of doing NOTHING , I guess that asking our women and kids to march is the most desperate measure ever considered by men (men with a small m)

Suomynona said...

As I'd always thought, rigged if frankie wins but free and fair if its some other party instead.

SODELPA without a doubt has my vote

Anonymous said...

The idea that women and children would lead the march is a red herring being pushed here by a regime troll seeking to discredit this march. There is no plan for women and children to lead the march.

Anonymous said...

@ All Hail Bainimarama..Quiet true,Marching Fijians?
Nodra arse sara!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Emil and friends. Please continue planning on our march for freedom. We will await your instructions and updates as and when they come.
As for the regime trolls, there are basically two reactions. It is quite sad that there are people in our own communities, relatives, friends, colleagues, etc, who have either been bought or seduced by the dictator. They have been blinded by the goodies they have received and cannot or will not see the evil regime for what it really is. These are people we must pity and try and understand.
But there are those who are fully aware of the criminality and evilness of this regime. Yet, they support Voreqe and his band for whatever reason. They neither care about others who are suffering, nor care about our country. These are basically very selfish people, who only care about themselves. We can also see this attitude coming through in their statements. They use swear words and negative language to intimidate us. Even though they are regime supporters, they still hide behind their false identities. So they are not only selfish and evil, but appear to be cowards.
Many of us who write here have to conceal our identities for very good reasons. But during the march, we will speak, we will march, we will be there for Fiji and the world to see. Regime or no regime criminals, army or no army, we will be there. So you cowards who are swearing at innocent people on these sites, prepare yourselves on that day. Come to the march, We will give you the chance to show yourselves. We will give you the chance to speak out and tell us and the world why it is that you support the dictator. That is if you have the decency and the courage to speak up.
Emil and friends, our courage and strength comes not from holding guns and weapons. Ours come from a deep and abiding faith in god and the values and beliefs we treasure. Our courage comes from our love for our country and our fellow men. The word of God must be the basis of our righteous struggle. And one verse from His word inspires me. It says, “If God is for us, whom shall I fear?”
Voreqe and Khaiyum and all the people hiding behind the curtains, know that your time is up. We have had enough of your trickery, injustice, lies, deceit and dictatorship. We are marching, and we will reclaim our freedoms and our rights. Your end is near.
Finally, for the regime supporters on this site, please if you have nothing positive to say, then please do not speak at all. The more you speak, the more you show how shallow, crude and lost you are. We are talking about very important issues here. But many of you trolls will never be able to understand that. So I hope you will learn to listen more that you open your mouth. Wisdom listens. The fool speaks and he regrets it.

Emil King said...

Anonymous 4:13 AM, thank you for a powerful and poignant posting that speaks life.

I'm now discussing the modalities of the march with C4.5 in an open and frank exchange of views. We all want to do the right thing for Fiji.

I urge those who favour a march or other action to signify so in your comments. If discretion is required, why not write directly to pacificinthemedia@gmail.com to register your views?

I especially urge political and community leaders to write. Leadership isn't sitting back and waiting for people to approach you. Be proactive. Fiji needs you now more than ever.

God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Emil. I will certainly do that and encourage others to do so also. Acting now makes the difference between dreams and reality. I thank you and all our friends and citizens who have agreed to be a part of this worthy cause. May God bless Fiji as we trust Him to lead and empower us. Vinaka

paula raqeukai said...

@anonymous 4.13am, Emil King and concern people of Fiji

Fully support the proposed march as long as under age & over age people are excluded....underage are those that below 18 yrs old and the over age are those more than 75 yrs old...

All concern and law abiding citizens MUST take part in this proposed march...please refer to the news below of the latest corruption moved by the illegal government regarding its proposed party: http://fijilive.com/news/2014/05/pm-leader-ag-sec-as-fiji-first-registers/57498/

The march should be very simple, professionally organize and purpose/petition to the President and the rest of the world very clear - "interim government before the election to allow for free, fair, transparent and true democracy transit to general election"....I am ready to assist in this peaceful march for real freedom to the people of Fiji...let's work together to organize logistics for this proposed march and it MUST have a PERMIT to show our genuine concerns...contact email: pdraqeukai@live.com or mobile on 9068581....vinaka and God Bless Fiji...

Anonymous said...

I'm confused. Is Emil King organising the march, or is it Paula Raqeukai, or is it the Roshika Deo/Nostradamus fanatic?

I vote for Emil King.

Anonymous said...

Already looks like this is shaping up to be a case of too many chefs spoiling the broth.

It sounded to me like Emil was already doing a reasonably good job of working on this with Coup 4.5. Why, then, are these different women suddenly kibbitzing from the sidelines?

If they want a different event where only women march, they're all dressed in pink, and they're chanting Nostradamus, then why don't they organise that separately, and good luck to them?

And Paula's idea of demanding an interim administration is a sweet but totally unrealistic dream. This gang of thugs that seized our government is never going to let go. They have to be pushed out.

These women are muddying the water. We need women to help organise and lead this march, but please don't let them -- or any men, for that matter -- try to hijack this march when they obviously don't have a clue about what needs to be done.

In short, we need more marchers, fewer amateur directors.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First lineup revealed, looks like a one sided election victory with 40,000 signatures already in the bag!!!

Moce Jo.

paula raqeukai said...

@anonymous 11.54pm and 4.50am

Fully support Emil King and coup 4.5 to organize this march...I will support a peaceful march to show our concern to the oppressors....Vinaka and God Bless Fiji....

Anonymous said...

Dear friends. Voreqe has again shown that the proposed election is nothing but a carefully planned and engineered plot to “vote” the criminals into lawful and legitimate power. Aiyaz is an evil and despicable human being masquerading as a lawmaker to destroy opposing parties and politicians by making illegal and immoral decrees. A VP of their party was a convicted person. The reported 40,000 signatures proved what we have said. They are presenting the lie that the majority of Fiji supports Bai and the election result ( which they have already decided ) will prove that beyond any doubt. It is a common tactic by dictators to hold onto power.

Our march must go on. Ler's sign the petition. Voreqe has applied for party registration, and we expect them to declare their assets. It will be another blatant lie, but one more evidence that they are evil, and absolutely unworthy for parliament. Each action by them digs them a deeper hole from which they will not escape. They know this, but what else can they do to avoid the sure and coming judgement. “Whatever a person sows, that he shall also reap”. God.

People of Fiji. We must sign the petition. We must march together. We have a very evil and cunning enemy, the likes of which Fiji has never before seen. A new interim administration must take control. That is our only hope for a peaceful transition of government, from dictatorship to democracy. We must plan well. The execution is also important. Excellent planning is the key.The world is waiting for us to make our stand.

We have real enemies. It is difficult to see them for they are our relatives, co-workers, neighbours fellow citizens and leaders. They pose as friends and architects for a better future. But they are just selfish criminals who want more power and control to accumulate wealth and freedom from prosecution. They are a very small group and their number is fast dwindling. The enemy camp knows that the truth is their number one enemy. They have and will continue to suppress, distort and reinvent the truth to beguile, and enslave our people and keep them under their power and control. They know that their time is running out. The truth is getting around and more people are being informed. They also know that if this march goes ahead as planned, more of our people and the world will know the truth and more will find the courage to stand up, speak up and demand freedom and justice.

The regime knows that if this march goes ahead, their castle of lies will crumble. The enemy also knows that God is on our side and He has all the power and resources to destroy evil of any form and shape and size.God is our strength, He is our refuge, He is our stronghold. In Him we live and walk and fight. Our victory is already declared. All we must do is to publicly walk our belief and just stand by faith in Him. The enemy will feel God’s mighty power. The bystanders who sit on the fences will be shaken out of their fear and indifference. The walls will crumble, just like that day at Jericho. God will have the last say. We the people must believe that He is Lord and eternal sovereign. There is no other God but Him alone. He is our hope and strength. Our future must be rooted in Him, or it will not be a future at all. Let us therefore plan, and sign the petition and march and shout our hope and declaration to the world.


“If God is for us, whom shall I fear? If God is on our side, who can be against us?” The time to act is now. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

It is seems that people are already defeated by speculation of a one sided election.
I propose- ignore the doomsayers and vote. Let us beat the thugs at their game. Vote and render them no existant.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 3:13. I think you mean well my friend. But what is the purpose of voting when the result is already declared before the voting even begins? Bon't you think it is a waste of time and absolutely foolish?

We must march to stop the deceit and lies and tyranny. To be fooled once is very human. To be fooled twice by the same person is not to bad but understandable. But to ne fooled three or four times is absolutely inexcusable. In our case her in Fiji, we have been fooled and robbed, and deceived and lied to for more than 7 long years. Now what are we going to do about that? Shrug it off and say, OK, maybe this time, its gonna be ok? Please please be reasonable. Vinaka

Anonymous said...

March AND vote

. . . and polish your ula.