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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bainimarama's nephew chased by US police

Man jailed in police chase is Fiji strongman's nephew

Sevanaia Lauakilagi Bainimarama

By Liz Zemba

Published: Thursday, May 1, 2014, 11:44 p.m. Updated 14 hours ago

The nephew of a feared South Pacific political strongman fled his island nation in search of a better life, eventually landing in the Marcellus shale-rich hills of Western Pennsylvania.

But his journey took an unexpected detour recently when he found himself behind bars in the Fayette County Prison, charged with attempting to kill two police officers.

Sevanaia Lauakilagi Bainimarama, 39, of Smithfield in Fayette County arrived in this country about 1998, long before his uncle, Josaia Voreqe “Frank” Bainimarama, 60, seized power in the Republic of Fiji during a violent military coup in 2006, a family member said.

Until recently, Bainimarama was working for natural gas drilling company Calfrac Well Services, earning a living far beyond what he could have ever imagined in his homeland, a family member said.

But on April 20, Bainimarama's American dream hit a snag.

A co-worker, Tom Chang, 48, another Fijian who lives in Smithfield with Bainimarama, loaned his Nissan Pathfinder to Bainimarama. 

Police said he sailed through a stop sign in Uniontown, then led two officers on a wild, 19-minute chase that ended shortly after 2 a.m., not far from the West Virginia border in Smithfield.

During the pursuit, Bainimarama, a veteran of the Fijian military, fired a gun at the officers, hit a deer, then tried to run them over on a dead-end street, police said. The officers shot him in both arms, court records show.

As he was being loaded into an ambulance, Bainimarama, already smelling of alcohol, asked police for a beer, reports show.


Chang said he was shocked to hear about the encounter, because his countryman is “a good-hearted guy.” 

“It's like something out of a movie,” Chang said on Thursday as he and another Fijian, who declined to comment, stood outside the Fayette County Prison in Uniontown, trying to determine how they could meet with Bainimarama.

“It's very unusual for him, because he's a very friendly guy,” Chang said. “He's always sharing stuff.”

Chang said the suspect, who is being held in the jail with bail set at $300,000, worked with him in the natural gas drilling industry as a fracking operator. Warden Brian Miller said the suspect goes by the name “Steve.”

Bainimarama's uncle has been condemned by watchdog groups for alleged human rights violations.

A family member who was contacted in Fiji confirmed the relationship but asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal.

Human rights have been trampled since the prime minister took control in Fiji, according to the nonprofit groups Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. People who criticize the government are detained, and restrictions are placed on citizens' rights to free speech, association and assembly, they allege. 

Fiji is scheduled to hold its first democratic elections since the coup on Sept. 17, with the prime minister as a candidate. 

A spokesman with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement said it is keeping tabs on Sevanaia Bainimarama's case.

“ICE has not yet placed a detainer on Sevanaia L. Bainimarama,” said Vincent Picard. “The agency is monitoring Mr. Bainimarama's criminal case and will reassess as necessary. ICE is focused on effective, sensible immigration enforcement that focuses first on convicted criminals who pose a threat to public safety.”

Picard said he cannot comment on the status of Bainimarama's visa or the amount of time he has spent in this country without the suspect's authorization. 

A woman who answered the phone at the offices of Calfrac Well Services in Smithfield declined to comment.

District Attorney Jack Heneks declined to comment on Bainimarama's case. He said a typical sentence on an attempted homicide charge for a person with no record is five to six years in prison.

Police said additional charges likely will be filed when Bainimarama appears June 10 before District Judge Michael Metros of Uniontown for a preliminary hearing.

Chang said he visited the Uniontown police station to try to retrieve his wrecked Pathfinder. For now, it remains in police custody.



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Anonymous said...

Just another example of the inability of many Fijians to cope with modern day living, driving and alcohol.

In Fiji they are still teaching them how to cross roads safely, other countries should consider this before letting some of them in.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous From an i'taukei said...

Kerekere, kakase, lamusona and liumuri:

Why so many coups in Fiji? The answer lies in the national character of Fijians and its three major philosophical pillars: Kerekere, lamusona and liumuri. kerekere is the expectation of unearned income (handouts) without investing any effort. Bainimarama played to this aspect of Fiji’s national character. With little of no dignity the masses keenly lap up the crumps thrown by the rulers.

Closely related to the desire for unearned income is the deeply ingrained fear of authority and the general cowardice that is so evident both amongst the general population and their rulers. The legendary cassava patch sprint of Bainimarama is as impressive as runner done by Mara who had the chance to change the game as commander of Fiji’s largest military unit the 3FIR. In line with lamusona philosophy he decided to run to Tonga.

Lamusona is perhaps the strongest single characteristic of Fiji’s population, which is quite obviously not prepared to take even the smallest risk in return for some dignity or self-respect. The entire population has cowered down and hopes that somehow, someone from Australia or elsewhere will change things around. When Qarase had the chance to mobilise the population against military dictatorship, he begged Australia for intervention instead of taken up the fight.

The third pillar is liumuri or backstab. While the average Fijian does normally not have the opportunity for liumuri, the elites have. Those urban professionals who have lost their jobs and their influence under the Bainimarama regime want to get back at the ones that have taken away so much from them.

It is tempting to see race as the key to Fiji’s political instability. The large Indian community has remained culturally distinct from the ethnic i-Taukei community. Most institutions are either predominantly i-Taukei or predominantly Indian, creating a divide prone to widen in times of political and economic stress.

At the community and individual levels, Indo-Fijians and i-Taukei coexist harmoniously. There are historic tensions within the Indian community based on income levels that echo the religious, regional, and caste differences in their country of origin. The desire to backstab a competitor is as strong in the Indian community as amongst the i-Taukei.

Tensions within the indigenous Fijian community come not just from historical rivalry of clans and confederacies, but also from the stresses of a communal society that is adjusting to the pressures of a modern economy by trying to backstab competitors. It is clear that the socio-cultural fabric of our society provides the most attractive environment for military coups and dictatorship.

May 2, 2014 at 3:43 PM

Namosimalua said...

This is another indication of criminality in the Bainimarama family trait...part of the dictator's personality makeup. Bainimarama should never be allowed again to lead us as he has the natural tendency to corruption, violence, unaccountability and criminality.


Anonymous said...

Alcohol has a very negative effect on Fijians, who otherwise are pleasant, courteous and tolerant people. A friend explained me that genetics is partly an explanation why so many "native" or better put "non- mediteranean" races can't tolerate alcohol. Alcohol has been discovered by the Arabic and has spread mostly around the Mediteranean sea where Europeans have been exposed to it for thousands of years and have therefore developed a tolerance to it to a certain extend. We have to remember that Alcohol means in arabic "the ghost" because the behavior of those consuming it initially would have been frightening I suppose.

Today we live in a world where some people are less adapted than others to this substance and it is very sad that it creates so many problems for all societies. At this point, we have to take a collective decision: do we allow or not alcohol?

I think we should organize a march in Fiji to educate people about the dangers of alcohol. We can walk from USP to Sukuna park and gather near the Mc Donalds to meet the medias. Anyone interested to join?

Anonymous said...

I really don't give a rats arse about this guy, why the hell is it even posted here???

Anonymous said...

Prohibition sounds good, but it just doesn't work. I've lived in places where alcohol is haram (forbidden). The private parties end up becoming drunken revelries of alcoholic excess, largely in reaction. Also, Prohibition was a crashing failure in the United States, leading to the rise of gangsters like Al Capone.

So, no thanks. Between the Chinese and the regime, Fiji already has enough gangsters.

The Heckler said...

Anonymous 3:21 has a point -- since when has it been news for a Bainimarama to commit crime? That's an everyday occurrence.

Maybe the news here is that this Bainimarama is actually being held to account!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Francis Kean said...

Who said he's feared by people? He's a fucking coward who hides behind bociguards that are also cowards. He beats women and that's because he can't even fight the asshole.

The March said...

@Francis Kean

"Who said he's feared by people?"

well, I invite you to have a good look on this blog, two postings below I think. Men are thinking about sending their wife and kids to march...

Anonymous said...

The Prime Minister and Minister for Sugar Rear Admiral ( retired) Voreqe Bainimarama has NEVER pointed a gun towards another human being. Anyone is free to march after applying for the proper permits.

Anonymous said...

What sending kids and wives as human shield. WTF bunch of puftas this people trying to organise the march

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:35pm

No! No! No! You phrased the whole thing in a very dodgy way! The plan is to use kids and wives TO DETER violence. There wont be ANY VIOLENCE SO NO RISK AT ALL INVOLVED!!!!!!!!!

If men go for the walk, there might be trouble. We have to accept the fact that women and kids are a much better choice because the army and the police won't be able to do anything! Do you really think that the army will bring Joe Blow 7 years old to Queen Elizabeth Barrack? Nope.

Men can write the slogans at home and make the signs for kids to hold.

Anonymous said...

@5:58 it makes sense, but still a pufta plan. I suppose that pufta plan better than no plan....so go for it.

Anonymous said...

There are many criminal Fijians in Jail in the US. Why is this guys case up for discussion. What he did happens here everyday so its no big deal.

Do crime do time said...

Beg to differ this is a vet big deal. He is Bainimarama's nephew and has committed a crime in the United States, and will be facing charges. Stop being so parochial and protective of the treasonous pig Bainimarama. Let the truth be known, Bainimarama is a thug and his nephew is also a criminal. Both also look very similar, I see a very strong resemblance.

Anonymous said...

Little did Sevanaia Lauakilagi Bainimarama know while he's sitting in his cell locked away in the US, he is being made famous in Fiji through this blog..Good one.

Suomynona said...

What a way to shame a political strongman through a crime committed by a relative.

That sucks big time

The Philosopher said...

@6:56 why do you refer to Bainimarama as a "pig"? Isn't he a human being, just like you?

Anonymous said...

@5.58 You guys a pathatic.Man up and lead the march you bunch of PUFTAS.

Anonymous said...

@5.58 No risk my arse. All what men a good for is sit in front of the computer and watch porn.

Call it as it is said...

The Philosopher@ 8.17pm. He is human as you and I but has had his nose in the trough helping himself to taxpayers money so I consider him a pig. Anon@7.17pm. There is a big difference between fame and notoriety.

Anonymous said...

call it as it is

You have evidence that he is helping himself to taxpayers money? If you do show it, then I will believe you.

Anonymous said...

@8:21 pm
Ever heard about the Pacific way? Our number 1 concern is to avoid violence and give a bad name to Fiji. We don't want violence and men are violent, by nature. Let's show the world that we do things differently in Fiji, count yourself lucky not to be in Syria or Ukraine where MEN are doing all sorts of violent things.

We think that women and children would do a better job overall and I shall also say that only women should be allowed in parliament...and maybe puftas after all they are the best men around in many ways.

Anonymous said...

@8.21 PM what about you? are you man enough to come and lead the march? mmm I guess you Re sitting comfortably in NZ or AUS?

Anonymous said...

@ 'Call it as it is' 9:11 PM

Hopefully you can show us this evidence because it's what's needed to make a legitimate case against this government.

If you are not able to back up your statement it will say more about you that anyone else.

Anonymous said...

How sad but am not too surprised to hear Sevanaia in trouble as beneath the bright,sparky personality lurked a little dare-devil as I clearly recall (like some younger version of wicked Jack Nicholson) who seemed to fancy himself as some superhero who could break a few minor rules at will since they don't hurt anyone... e.g refusing to pay for a rock concert ticket and then jumping over the fence in defiance under the bright spotlight to piss security off and then dragging the hotel security on a wild goose chase all over the golf course.

What I also recall many years ago is a bright, chirpy, good-natured, hardworking young man. Describing him as a big-hearted Fijian who shared whatever little he had is spot on. He was also then a well-mannered young man which I thought was testament to his lovely, hardworking mother who raised him - Akanisi Koroitamana. She also happened to be one of the parliamentarians held hostage by Speight & co during the 2000 coup crisis. His stepdad is former CEO for CAAF, Isimeli Koroitamana.

His father of course is Meli Bainimarama, the minister for i-taukei affairs and older brother of Fiji's regime leader.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.47

His stepdad is Jone Koroitamana not Isimeli.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 9.47 one of his great great great grand uncle (mother side) was a great chef from the eastern division.

Anonymous said...

my bad, thanks for correctn @ 10.06pm

@ 10.25pm thanks though my mind boggles at counting the many "greats" this late night hour. You meant "chief" though and not "chef" right? Just checking.

Anonymous said...

The idea that women and children would lead the march is a red herring being pushed here by a regime troll seeking to discredit this march. There is no plan for women and children to lead the march.

Anonymous said...

Another Luvenisala bite the dust @ Seva Bainimarama

Anonymous said...

Sevanaia Bainimarama sitting in a US jail is such a waste of talent.

If this were Fiji, he'd now be Commander of the Navy, crime or no crime!

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.20

Luvenisala ga o iko kei tamamu magaitinamu.

Fuck C4.5 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ Anon 2.20 AM You are what you speak. Vakaloloma dina!!

Anonymous said...


Fiji First. said...

We have been able to identify locals on this blog who are swearing and spreading lies about this Govt.Those who are Civil Servants have been sacked on the spot and will never be able to claim their FNPF eligibilities as the funds now belong to Govt.We have identified the administrators of this blogsite and are monitoring their and their relatives activities.

THANK YOU said...

For those who think that 0 accountability comes with 0 corruption, you are an hopeless bunch of idiots.

As for the march, I have a proposition. Let's call it the "Thank You" march since "thank you" means "no thanks" in Fijian. I propose that we all bring signs with this ONE SIMPLE MESSAGE and in smaller print we "thank" all those who have ruined the future of our children:

- Thank you Sitiveni Rabuka
- Thank you the Methodist Church
- Thank you the Great Council of Chiefs
- Thank you Prime Minister and Minister for Sugar Rear Admiral (retired) Josefa Voreqe Bainimarama
- Thank you George Speight

Since we are talking about ruining the future of our children, who do you think should be holding those message? Yes, children and also women since they all suffered a lot from the coups. I also propose to open the march to young modern men who graduated from university and are unable to find a job...only 12000 students apparently.

The idea of having no prehistoric people...oups I mean men....pleases me very much. I doubt this suggestion comes from the regime trolls, they wouldnt refer at themselves as troll...let alone organize a march.

Oh...and for the food and all that stuff, maybe those we thank could support us?


Private I, RFMF said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mark manning said...

"A feared South Pacific strongman"!
That's laughable!
The cassava patch kid! (CPK)

mark manning said...

@ Fiji First 8.18 a.m.
You must be getting desperate then!
Do you know intimidation will only strengthen people's resolve to oppose the Regime and tapping into and monitoring other people's emails etc. is illegal!
Now go home and take your medication.

Anonymous said...

I dare say that people who say Fijians are cowards for not standing up to Frank don't actually know Fijians and Fijian society and history, even if they themselves are Fijians. They see some obviously visible characteristics and they think 1 + 1 = 2, but using their specs or barometer influenced by Western worldview, their evaluation of Fijians is going to be wide off the mark. It's not as straight forward as that, braca.
Too many complex issues are involved, which I can write more about here to explain, but let's enjoy this Sunday lotu mada, with the Scotland Sevens after church, then we can meet back here. Happy Sunday!

Anonymous said...


Religion and Rugby have always been more important than Fiji. A nation like that will always struggle to get anywhere.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:04am & 8:14am truth hurts and it's not personal, but be blessed and have a wonderful Sunday..

Anonymous said...

Fiji Bati lost cos Satan's 2nd name Fiji Sun was on the jersey

Anonymous said...

anon 5.04am
isa bau Siga Tabu kua na vosa ca,,,,,vakaloloma na bula

Anonymous said...

Fiji First, I'm a civil servant and a prolific contributor to this blog. I haven't been sacked. In fact, I've even been promoted.

I think you're spreading lies about this government. Why would blogging on a website warrant depriving employees of their pensions? And what about their due process?

Because you're spreading these lies, you'll understand then why I need to report you to the government. While I don't believe it will cost you your pension, you can be sure that appropriate disciplinary action will be taken.

Emil King said...

We have never considered having the march be led by women and children.

I, for one, categorically reject such an idea and will never entertain such a suggestion.

Anonymous said...


so you mean that there won't be a march at all because only women and children could make it happen.

I suppose that with the problems mentioned before (obesity, fungus problems between legs, poor general health, rugby games and church, lack of subsidies for the walk, problems with food, scorching sun, rain, cold, dengue outbreak) we can kiss goodbye this crazy idea...

As someone said before, you guys will just wait to see the results of the elections, and if Fiji First win, then you will consider a march "seriously". But all the problems before mentioned will remain.... Maybe you should just pray? yeah... sounds like the IQ is going down every week, must be the abuse of kava.

Agent Vinod. said...

Well there you have it ,the US, Aust and NZ refer to Bai as the Pacific Strongman,no wonder they have opened their borders to PM, the Military and operatives behind the shadows like me, to enter their country's.I will be paying a visit to Suli and his cohorts later, similar to a Dog Poisoning Campaign.A few twists on the arm by the Pacific Strongman scared our two neighbours [NZ and Aust] who now realise that we are a force to reckon with.After winning the elections, Fiji 1st will ensure that those who have fled Fiji will be brought back, to face criminal charges especially the group who burnt the constitution.

Master Plan said...

@Emil King

Who are you to say "We". This was the original plan and you only have to look at the older posts below to see it.

Women and kids on the "frontline" is not a nonsense if we have the guarantee that there wont be any violence. The cause is worth taking the tiny risk.

Anonymous said...

I do not mind who attends the March but we will not have time before August as we have to practice for our choir competition then.

Anonymous said...

FDFM USA branch head honcho Ratu Tevita Korodraua will come to fiji and lead the march. None of you guys has the balls to do it.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Thank you said...

@3.02pm You can troll as much as you want, but I am sure that's because you know that you will be POWERLESS if women and children walk in the street. The police and the army will be of no use! Come on women, let's show everybody who's got the power in the 21st century! Nostradamus predicted it would happen.

Peace & Love everybody

May the march happen soon!


Anonymous said...

Why use women and children. Bunch of cowards. Haven't got the balls to lead the march

Anonymous said...

Balls up their rear

Anonymous said...

weilei typical men. Levu ga na vosa

Thank you said...

@5.49PM That has been explained like 1000000 times before, just read the full page or have a look to the previous postings.

Look what happens in countries were "men have balls". Look at lovely Syria, look at Ukraine, look at Rwanda, upu name it.

After the Rwanda genocide, people were so disgussed by men that they elected more women than men in the parliament, actually the largest ratio of WOMEN in parliament in the world!!!!!

And where is the Pacific? Right there at the bottom of the list. Can we express the desire to have a Fiji without men at the top? Can we express our desire to put an end to that non sense of having men running our affairs? Look how miserable men are.

We don't want men for this march. Women and children. Period. If you want your "men's march", then why don't you do it on one of the islets on the reef of Ono-i-Lau at night tomorrow?

Fiji belongs to women and her children.


Nostradamus said...

Nostradamus: Prophecies For Women

Nostradamus prophesied what will probably become one of the most important third millennium issue for Humankind: The rise and empowerment of women who will heal the world with Love, Compassion, Cooperation and Harmony. The debilitating patriarchal world of aggression, destruction, rape and pillage will have to step aside and let them nurse humanity back to sanity. Women will rise in strength and power for they have been abused for just too long—just like Mother Earth.

"New law to occupy the new land
Towards Syria, Judeau and Palestine:
The great barbarian empire of men decay,
Before the moon completes its cycle."

Century 3:97
A new law will emerge in the new world of America,
At a time when Syria, Judeau and Palestine are significant:
The great barbarian empire of patriarchy that men have created will decay
During the time that the feminine spirit is completing its cycle.

They have correctly interpreted this verse, adding that "Throughout his verses Nostradamus frequently refers to "the new land" to mean America. This is an established interpretation, and in this case the "new law" which will arise there is related, in the last two lines, to two factors—the existence of a "barbarian" male empire, which is in decay, which is in turn is related to the Moon and its cycles—a common metaphorical association with woman. Put simply, the great virgin territories of the New World will be the source of a rising "lunar" consciousness as a time when the Judeo-Christian is at its peak." They believe that this brutal rule of patriarchy will start disintegrating before the female evolution is over. Syria, Judeau and Palestine refers to the three great religions rising from those lands—Islam, Judaism and Christianity—that have for centuries done the greatest damage to the spiritual development and emancipation of humankind, reducing their into religious retards totally dependent on doctrines and rituals for salvation. Of even greater damage has been the divinity of women, who for nearly two millenniums have been regarded as evil entities laden with latent lust, sperm receptors for a painful childbirth. The latter is regarded as a fitting punishment by a wrathful male god to all women because Eve discovered the deceitfulness and impotency of his death threat.

The prophecy that "the great barbarian empire of patriarchy that men have created will decay during the time that the feminine spirit is completing its cycle" is specifically taking place now. Ancient spiritual warriors of the Great Primordial Mother (both male and female) are taking birth on Earth in ever increasing numbers. They are the First Phalanx who will battle this great barbarian empire of patriarchy and destroy it with the Truth of the feminine Holy Spirit. The Divine has already drawn the line between His messengers on Earth spreading the Good News of Resurrection to all and the vast Armies of Armageddon arraigned against them, promising the Dark Paradise exclusively reserved for their branded herd.


Anonymous said...

@ Thank you. Your a coward. Use the youth advocates, gays, womens rights, NGO's etc. People like Pita Waqavonovono, Jese Sikivou, Jo Blow or who ever but just live us women and children out of it.

Anonymous said...

You just hold Nostradamus balls

Anonymous said...

@6.44 you are most probably a man troll... otherwise you are a woman who belongs to another epoch. Sa oti nomu gauna.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

As a male I would fully support seeing more women in parliament but they must get there on their own merit.

But until such time as we see a greater proportion of educated women within Fiji they will still remain a minority, unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

@7.07 . So you don't want women and children for the march, only men.? Fine.

That's why I suggested you to make your march in Ono-i-Lau.

We need 2 marches now.

Anonymous said...

@7.13 "they must get there on their own merit"

I remember being told by an expat (volunteer) last year that some indian women were surprised when she told them that their vote was secret. They really thought that their husband would know for who they voted! It may sound weird to you, but women are always discriminated against in patriarchal societies. The rules of the game are not fair and to "get there on their own merit" is not a fair statement. Everybody knows that a lot of women are forced to vote for whoever they are told to.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I don't know if I am more afraid of Rear Admiral BainiWomen or by women now... Nostradamus is frightening.

Anonymous said...

@7.28 PM mind your language in front of women!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:28 PM

The fact is that no one can force a woman how to vote, what she does in that booth is her decision.

If women are so weak that they can't make their own decisions perhaps they are not what we need when it come to running a country.

Voting is besides the point anyway, look at how many women are visible at present as prospective candidates for the election. It can only suggest the majority are not interested, dissapointing.

Anonymous said...

@7.59 I know, but the women I am talking about are from remote rural conservative societies. This example just tell us what the reality is! If a woman is not educated enough to know that, it means that she has been deprived totally of education. If a typical family, the girl would have to drop out of school so that the boy can get a degree. My point being that it is unfair to assume that women subjected to patriarchal religions and totally dominated are in the same position as men when it comes to politics. Do you really think it's just a coincidence or a lack of interest that there are so few women at the top?

No really men have a problem here, at least the 2/3 who beat their wives/partners on a more or less regular basis.

I can only hope that Nostradamus saw a bit of Fiji in his vision.

Anonymous said...

It is so obvious from the foul language used who are men and who are women... sounds like men give a lot of work to C4.5 censors...

"The great barbarian empire of men decay"

I love that one. Read this Voreqe?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:26 PM

I agree with some of what you say but the impression many men now get is that women expect to be put into positions due to them having been 'deprived'.

This does not solve anything unless they are capable of doing the job.

If you look around Fiji there are one hell of a lot of women who are not in the same position as the ones you talk of. So where are they on the political front?

Anyway, I say good luck to you.

Anonymous said...

What a shame. The host of the FBC show 4 The Record had a great chance to ask some tough questions of the Fiji Airways boss but instead the show turned to be a press release for the airline. So much for investigative journalism. Questions of financial performance were glossed over, competition was not discussed, and we all waited with bated breath on the host asking what caused the much debated hard landing but alas nothing. No questions if the investigation report would be made public was asked. Cant blame the ceo if the host doesn't ask the questions. What a piss poor show 4 The Record is.

Emil King said...

Master Plan, using women and children as human shields may have been YOUR idea, but it was never ours. Ever. And it never will be.

If you want to have more than one march, please be my guest. The more marches, the merrier.

At this point, our march is going forward. Women will help lead to lead it, but as full co-equals, not as human shields.

If parents want to bring their children, that will be their responsibility. But just remember that although we plan for this to be a nonviolent march, we are marching against a regime that seized power by force. It is not likely to relinquish that power without using force to maintain it. So the possibility of a violent reaction or infiltration by regime agents provocateur is very real.

Regime trolls often post on C4.5 pretending to be serious contributors. Do not be misled.

Rest assured that many of the concerns raised in this column about logistics have already been addressed. For reasons of operational security, I cannot detail them to you in advance in this forum. As a general rule of thumb, however, march participants should plan to come prepared with the food, drink, insect repellant, talcum powder, diapers, etc. necessary to meet their own needs.

If your idea of a march is being chauffered in air conditioned buses to McDonalds for ice cream and a nap in the shade whilst sending your children to confront the dictator's security forces, then let me be the first to disappoint you. I don't think you're going to find it in Ono-i-Lau either.

Anonymous said...

Thank you, Emil King. I'm glad to see the march is being planned by competent and mature adults instead of the cowardly ninnies who have been posting here of late.

Happy landing said...

Actually there wasnt any hard landing by the Fiji Airways but a technical glitch.I was a passenger on that Flight and there wasnt anything wrong with the landing,it was the perfect landing, you wouldnt notice if you were talking to another passenger.On my return flight there was a delay because an idiot packed contraband or banned substances in his suitcase which emmitted smoke,it was removed before the luggage was transported to the waiting Fiji Airways Palne.

The Heckler said...

I certainly plan to attend the march, even if marching means, er, actual walking.

Emil, please allow me to be one of the speakers. Best to pencil me in between Ronald MacDonald and Nostradamus.

Even if you don't, I'll still be there. If you want to know who I am, this is your chance to find me.

How will you recognise me? Easy! I'll be the heckler.

Anonymous said...

Hey if chow provided I will definitely march

Anonymous said...

Chow ga to Emil King hahaha

Anonymous said...

Chow will be provided.

You're bringing it!

Anonymous said...

aareh me no chow no march. Boy they give Mcdonald set saraqa

Anonymous said...

give you ga McDonalds vudi hahaha

Anonymous said...

Boy you spoil saraga set set me no march. Emil will you give me Mcdonald for chow if I march. But if you give his vudi then forget it. Me no march

Anonymous said...

You're just a regime troll anyway. So who needs ya?

Anonymous said...

Hey bro dont be like that. Us gang same gang. We democracy troll gang. You sa bau sona the way you say me regime troll.

Anonymous said...

Come try mada my black cork. You might say "I LIKE IT"

Anonymous said...

Emil set saraga if you just organise the Sumba march. I will come saraga to the march never mind no chow. Im gonna chalao one of the overseas based chikkas

Anonymous said...

All this talk of a march is just plain BS. No one has the guts to stage a march.Remember Voreqe has supporters too and if they stage a counter march, big leqa to C4.5 gang.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the blog administrator needs to get cracking again. Sad how uneducated and low-class the regime suppotas are. And to think, these are the people controlling our destiny!

Anonymous said...

Pretty damn clear that the person behind this planned march is none other then Rajendra Chaudary. Bro I suggest you come to Fiji and lead the march rather then sitting comfortably in Australia sucking dicks

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Fiji Sevens Team bites the dust again in Glasgow...whats the excuse now!!

Nostradamus predicted it said...

@5.15 AM You are absolutely right. And I shall say that "uneducated" means "men", everybody will agree with that right?

As for Emil, I do agree with you one most points, but I want to share a different view about the risk of violence. In order to do so, please allow me a little comparison with the Middle East.

The Arab Spring started when a young unemployed man was denied the right to sell food for a living. He was so desperate that he set himself on fire. The general population took pity on him and even elements from WITHIN the regime start shaking. I do insist on the word "within", we will come back to it later.

Neighbor Gaddafi understood very quickly the seriousness of the situation when he said that Tunisians should have waited a little bit more because elections were "on the corner". Sounds a little bit like Fiji no? Well, shockwave was so huge that even might Saudi Arabia had to increase overnight the pay checks of all civil servants by something like 10% if I recall correctly (that also reminds us of the 1% pay rise that Voreqe gave all civil servants after the coup....)

While the rest is history, I would like to ask our readers one simple question: why do you think that, overall, the Arab Spring failed in most countries? Look at Syria, look at Egypt, etc? Why? Because in Egypt, thd dictatorship was replace by a corrosive patriarchal muslim brotherhood. By Men. And what did Nostradamus said exactly about men? Who moved to Syria to fight? Men. Who are running dictatorzhips? Men. Men. Men. Remember this word, we will come back to it later.

So now let's come back to our little Fiji. Some cowards here have recently posted messages sounding like "you've got no balls to do this, you've got no balls to do that, what kind of men would send women and children on the "frontline" and so on. Well, I propose you the following reflexion: If a large group of women and children was to go for a massive march and a dumbass from the police or the military was to open fire on them, wouldn't that be just like that dude in Tunisia who set himself on fire? If anything happens to women or children, the regime will collapse FROM WITHIN. Our people have been placid so far in front of the violence made to men (those that were murdered and tortured) and to a certain extend to the violence made to women. I suspect, in this later case, it is because it was done behind closed doors, just like the traditional domestic violence. Men are cowards and cowards are probably most willing to forgive other cowards. But a march is in the OPEN daylight. Got it?

I know this may sound as a very unorthodox strategy, but so far we have failed. I suspect that your march will attract the sort of men that we have already seen before, and to put it simply, we have had enough of men.

It is my deep belief that a march with only women and children will be 100% safe and probably 100% ineffective in the first time. But be patient and put your trust in Nostradamus.

Nostradamus predicted it said...

2 days before the next Fiji day, that is on October the 8th, there will be another lunar eclipse. As you know, the moon is a metaphor for women used by Nostradamus. Lunar eclipse are somewhat rare, but this year is exceptional in that we have 2. This is the year where women will start to take everything in charge.

Let's not forget the lessons from the Middle East where men have replaced men, where violence and repression have replaced violence and repression. We don't want men anymore, no methodists, no catholics, no muslims, no hindus, no nothing. Enough. We have seen where that lead.

It is my strongest belief that Nostradamus foresaw this happening. I am therefore asking kindly to all men to stay quietly at home, drink some kava if you've got too much testosterone, and let your wives and children take everything in charge. It couldn't possibly get any worst than what we have had so far.

Following the march, I suggest a particular Nd origin, form of boycott for the elections that will support Nostradamus prediction. We all vote for the same single WOMAN candidate. If her name is not on the ballot, we add a square, write her name and tick it! I can only see Roshika Deo.

And btw, 2 more lunar eclipse next year in 2015. Better for men to get used to it.

Anonymous said...

And as a slogan, this could we ours:

"The great barbarian empire of men decay,
Before the moon completes its cycle."

Our next Fiji Day will be celebrated without me. in the parliament. NOT ONE.

ONLY IN FIJI, as we like tomsay!!!!!! Fiji the way the world should be!

We have had our rough times in Fiji, just like the rest of the world. But let's teach the world how we humans can solve our problems using our BRAINS. In a sense, we could prove our old adage true again. Only women can make it happen, let's accept it.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...





Fiji will become a Nostradamus-fearing nation instead of a God-fearing nation, and Fiji's moto will be changed:


Fear Nostradamus and honor women!

Can someone start priting t-shirts with Nostradamus prediction? we want to see them ALL OVER THE COUNTRY!!!!

The way the world should be said...

I can already see the world attention directed towards Fiji, all the journalists coming to analyse what's happening, the people of Israel and Palestine looking at us, the visitors coming to study US.

I dare say,mI can see the pope coming back to say: "Fiji the way the world should be."

Vote for a woman, NO MAN in parliament!!!!!!!

We all vote for a woman, I propose Roshika Deo. I am sure she will take only one small pay check!

Anonymous said...

@8.34 You know,mthis is exactlt what happened...more or less... in Rwanda after the genocide. Look on wikipedia about the ratio of women and men in parliament, they are #1 in the world. And Rwanda economic growth is one of the highest in Africa! Surprise surprise....

Anonymous said...

I remember reading one article in the Fiji Times about a group of itaukei and indian women in vanua levu coming together to start a cooperative and I said to my husband :"you know what, I think the real division in Fiji is between men and women. Indian women and itaukei women work well together. We never hear about indian and fijian men starting cooperatives?" Maybe the same thing would prove true in parliament? Actually, I am pretty sure it would work, at last!

The reality of indian and itaukei women is often the same.

Whats the point fighting Nostradamus? said...

"They have correctly interpreted this verse, adding that "Throughout his verses Nostradamus frequently refers to "the new land" to mean America. "

well, since Nostradamus predictions are often obscure and often have more than one meaning, maybe the "new land" is actually Fiji? Fiji was discovered after America by Europeans, since Nostradamus was French.

@8.34 am What a feeling it would be isn' it? Fiji on top of all world headlines FOR THE GOOD REASONS!!!!!!!!

Let's print our T-shirts!!!!

Anonymous said...

Now that we have a new motto, what about the flag since Bainimarama questionned it? Blue and PINK with a big heart on a white flower of peace! ha...ha. come to think about it, no country in the world has a HEART on it, most have sort of warriors symbols like stars and some even have guns!

Fiji the way the world should be.

Let's teach the world how to solve its problems. NO MAN IN PARLIAMENT! MEN in the kitchen! ha..ha

nation of love and compassion said...

I love the idea for the flag! We keep one horizontal stripe of light blue for our beautiful sky and we have one horizontal stripe of pink at the bottom to represent the peace and order , love and compassion of women on which our country will now stand. And a big white heart on top.

Only country in the world with PINK and a HEART on its flag!

The great barbarian empire of men decay before the moon completes its cycle. Next eclipse before the next Fiji Day!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What about moving the United Nations in Fiji? Enough of America! :p


All Hail Bainimarama said...

Fiji is now to worship Nostradamus?

Men are no longer to have any role in the direction of society?

You amazons are deluded. Or is it that phase of the moon?

Sorry to rain on your female gabfest. But it's like I said, real men support Fiji First. Women and children support SODELPA.

Oh, by the way, is Roskiha Deo the only woman running? Isn't Ro Teimumu a woman any more?

Mahen 'the chorwa' chaudhry said...

Thank you Victor for the expose. Multiracialism was the foundation of Labour destroyed by Mahen Chaudhry for his personal and his family's political and pecuniary gain. First he turned FLP into Indian party, than into Chaudhry family party controlled by him and relatives like in-law Sachida and son Rajen, plus a few cronies. We all know how party name was used to enrich the family to the tune of millions in the name of poor farmers, thanks to Victor. Chaudhry's self-serving style of leadership has been really destructive. Pity he wasn't jailed.

Anonymous said...

@10.45 From now on, real men can keep quiet. You've been talking for waaaaaay too long. Thousand of years.

This strategy is a great pacific way to expose the absurdity of these elections and pass a message to everybody! Men - those who have common sense - will come back in due time, later, in minority hopefully.

I wouldnt mind Ro Teimumu, or someone else, but Roshika is young and is like fresh air in the picture. She represents the new generation. Anyway, All we need is to agree on ONE WOMAN and we tick her name. What a beautiful way to sabotage the elections! No fear, no blood.

Common sense and the national interest dictates that we do something extraordinary for the sake of Fiji. A march wont change anything anyway if its done the way some people want to do it here!

Women march + Sabotage of the elections in a clever way

Anonymous said...

All those not wearing a pink shirt know the idea is ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like one kooky woman who is into Nostradamus has suddenly discovered C4.5 and decided to nest here.

As if there weren't enough nut cases on this blog!

Anonymous said...

Misandry is the hatred, dislike, contempt for, or ingrained prejudice against men and/or boys.

The female counterpart of misandry is misogyny, the hatred or dislike of women.

Misandry can be manifested in numerous ways that have their parallel in misogyny including sexual discrimination, denigration of men, and violence against men.

Warren Farrell has written of how men are uniquely marginalised in what he calls their "disposability," the manner in which the most dangerous of societies' jobs throughout history, particularly soldiering, have been performed by men.

Frank Bainimarama is the prime example of a misogynist.

This Nostradamus gaggle of geese are a prime example of misandry.

Anonymous said...

Arent we supposed to talk about this MAN who got jailed in usa because HE tried to KILL some police officers?

I don't think that those few men trolls above understand that this is enough.

As for Ro Teimumu, she represents a party, and voting for her is voting for a party. If we want to make those elections look like ridiculous, let's do something ridiculous! Let's all vote for Roshika!

Men will come back later, but in the mean time probably that Roshika will run the country so well that actually it will become difficult for men to be elected.

The great barbarian empire of men decay.

Anonymous said...

Kaiyum is wearing pink shirts sometimes.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see that these women who think they're the solution to the world's problems want to lead the march.

That way, if the soldiers open fire, nobody will really feel too sorry about it.

Anonymous said...

You're not going to end the great barbarian empire of men decay by doing ridiculous things like throwing away your vote.

Anonymous said...

@12.43 ha.ha..ha sa dina. vakacava ena siga nikua?

Anonymous said...

@12.43 this is a PRIME example of the magnitude of our problem in Fiji! Both Indian AND pacific women ( with Rotuma being an exception because its a matriarchal society....no wonder that Rotumans are doctors , lawyers, you name it!) are suffering the worst kinds of abuse in the world, along side with arabic women!

You may remember, during that pre constitutional FARCE some time ago, when a team went all around Fiji to collect suggestions for our new constitution? the 3 "experts" reported that in Koro, men were trying to prevent women from talking!

Here online no one can do that, and it seems to have suddenly become disturbing for some of you! yes we are a group of young concerned women who want to see a major change in this country. We will succeed.

By the way, as for myself, I am not a Nostradamus "fan" but I reckon it is hilarious, isn' it?

But what is not hilarious is Bainimarama killing people in USA...or that new headline in the Fiji times today about incest.

Vote Roshika. It wont hurt you.

Anonymous said...

@12.45 Voting for Roshika is NOT throwing your vote! that will send an amazing message to the world!

In case you are not sure, why don't you ask her? Hey Roshika, voting for you, is it a waste of my vote?

By the way, doubt she is aware of this discussion, but that for sure would make her happy!

Anonymous said...

@12.43 "those women who think they are the solution to the world's problems"

We don't think we are the solution to the world's problems. We think that violence, rape, torture, incest, insults and murder are NOT the solution to the world's problems. We do really think so! You men have tried it for a very long time and it didn't work.

So we can say that women for sure won't threaten, intimidate or torture anyone. And we can also assume that, from experience in Rwanda, having a lot of women at the top wouldnt be a bad idea at all.

I like 12.55 PM "Vote Roshika, it wont hurt you." Nice slogan.

Roshika Deo said...

Sorry, but yes. A vote for me would be a wasted vote. You'd do better to vote for Nostradamus.

Anonymous said...

Nostradamus was a man, by the way.

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear women don't commit violence.

I guess 50 million abortions a year don't count.

Nostranonymous said...

First of all I want to say thank you to all the contributors recently, I almost died while laughing. Some were really hilarious.

As a young man (it seems that my race doesn't matter anymore....good) I can only say this:

1) We have been deceived by the past governments, some religious institutions and the Military.
2) We can all agree that the current regime is a farce. They have put Fiji into massive debt, and what a few things have they done with the money.
3) We can certainly agree that the regime has introduced some positive changes, but at the same time has been involved in crime.
4) We are afraid to vote for FLP or NFP because there will be a coup, we are afraid to vote for SODELPA because there will be a coup, we are afraid to vote for Bainimarama because we are already suffering enough.

We need a desperate change. If that means we all vote for Roshika, then why not? I just can't stop laughing and laughing is good for health.

Anonymous said...

Yes, and its not a coincidence that India and China are #1 because they don't like women too much apparently. Sounds like there is always a man involved anyhow in any case of abortion. Ask any rapist, he will tell you.

Anonymous said...

Nostranonymous, you're just a man, so what could YOU possibly know!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, there's always a man involved in every abortion. He's the father, and he often has no say in whether the mother kills his unborn child or not.

Anonymous said...

Vote Roshika. It won't hurt you.
Won't help you either.

Anonymous said...

I'm not disturbed that some women here are speakng out. I'm speaking out because the women here are disturbed.

Anonymous said...

Let's all vote for Mary Bainimarama! She doesn't belong to a party, either.

Anonymous said...

@1.36 what about you? are you a man? if yes, we shall see you soon marching in Suva...

rajend naidu said...

In the article 'When I met the Coup Leader who expelled Me' (Fiji Sun 3/5) former Indian envoy T P Sreenivasan tells us " As the High Commissioner of India to Fiji at that time, I was instructed not to recognise the military regime and to fight for the rights of the Fiji Indians".
I still remember vividly the bold fight Mr Sreenivasan fought at the time for the Fiji Indians.
And we must all be grateful for that.
But unlike Mr Sreenivasan's fight "under instruction" from India, my fight at that same time following the Rabuka military coup of 1987 was simply for the restoration of democracy and the rule of law and all that that implied and entailed for citizens rights and freedoms.
I did not fight for Fiji Indians.
There were bastard Fiji Indians then as there are bastard Fiji Indians now.
These bastard Fiji Indians have no qualms about screwing their own people and screwing others.
In good part they were responsible for the ethnic Fijian stereotyping of the Fiji Indians and some say even for providing Rabuka the pretext for his coup.
The fight in fiji today is the same : it's for the end of military dictatorship and the restoration of democracy.
Everything else flows from that.
Rajend Naidu

rajend naidu said...

Tara Chetty couldn't have put it more succinctly (FT 3/5).
It is indeed a shame when a mangrove area in Draunitiba Bay in Lami can be re-zoned as "heavy industry" in the name of development.
What kind of development is this?
Who is profiteering from such development?
Who has approved this development?
Was there any public consultation and public debate on it?
Is there any environmental impact study on it?
The citizens should come together and put a halt to this environmentally harmful development.
rajend naidu

Anonymous said...

Vote Roshika. It won't hurt you.

Unless she's actually elected!

Anonymous said...

Notice how the insignificant little whiners and haters try to worm themselves back into the limelight but just can't match the latest input.

Anonymous said...

the problem with Roshika is if she wins she is only 1 sit.

what she going to do with that?

she should join a party. no man is an island and we we see all around the world how independents become a paycheck for themselves with no voice or rubber teeth if they do find a voice..

Anonymous said...

Nostradamus was a notorious wife-basher.

Anonymous said...

Roshika is not a small fish. She is a shark. But shark with rubber teeth if she stands by herself.

thats why Frank Bainimagana will form a party rather than stand on his own.

The Heckler said...

Whoever said women don't intimidate or insult or torture or commit violence . . .

obviously never met my ex-wife.

Anonymous said...

@2.31 How true.

I just want to express my gratitude to all men who are supporting women and justice. This apparently "crazy" misandry move by a group of women to become game changers in this dead-end political situation has obviously not pleased to the 66% of men who are used to beat up their wives once in a while, but it is true that there is a 33% of smart men who understand the strategy put forward. I am sure they would support Roshika.

As for Mary Bainimarama, no one would vote for her that's for sure! But cthose of you who have a brain understand what we are trying to accomplish here.

Fiji the way the world should be!

Anonymous said...

@2.34 PM

Yes, that's right BUT cdo you understand that WE PEOPLE do not recognize this constitution, this election, this coup? That the whole thing is a farce! So now try to imagine the reaction if soooooooooo many people vote for...Roshika only! What does that tell the clowns whomwill have been elected with 10 votes? Eh.

Let's make fun of this regime and of all those who have deceived us in the past. Let's laugh, we have cried for too long.

Fiji the way the world should be!

Anonymous said...

To those who think that voting for Roshika is a waste, please can you comment the following hypothetical election results:

Roshika Deo : 60% of all votes
Bainimarama : 15%
Sodelpa: 15%
Others: 10% vote

And now the seats:
Roshika : 1 seat

How will the general public and the international community react?
This election is a FARCE, so let's have a good laugh!

Fiji the way the world should be!

Anonymous said...

I have a suggestion for all those of you men who haven't got a brain and are posting rubbish stuff here.

Look at Roshika, She is a public figure, she doesn't hide herself, she is on Facebook, etc.

What about you? where are your "balls"? you write under pseudonymes on c4.5. You are no big deal.

Anonymous said...

Put back the Queen on our notes! or Roshika... :p

Anonymous said...

@3.06 I am not surprised. I know for a fact that Mahendra Chaudry told obscene things to a blond lady years ago, she told me.

In a sense, Fijian men and Indian. men are very similar. That's why we want this game changer now. Women+ clever and smart men = at least 70% of the total population. can we give those votes to Roshika?

Be a man and put your pink bula shirt!

I love Fiji. Fiji the way the world should be.

Anonymous said...

@12.43 PM

"Glad to see that these women who think they're the solution to the world's problems want to lead the march.

That way, if the soldiers open fire, nobody will really feel too sorry about it."

!!! Well, first of all, we don't want to "lead" the march. We want to BE the march. Men, you stay home. Soldiers will not open fire in DAY TIME on women and children. You know any man in this country who beats his wife in front of Nation? Nah.... Give us a break.

I am told that pjnk bula shirts are already backorder in many shops... No good news... Maybe all women are buying them for their husbands and especially those in the military.

Manukalou said...

There will be no marches allowed prior to the elections.If you ladies want to march, you can form a Marching Team and march during the Hibiscus Festival Float Procession this year.Ha!Ha!Ha!
You ladies will have to apply for a permit for your marching team from Chandu Umaria,the reason being; you will be carrying placards.Will Ms King be Marching Team Leader? She wont be allowed to use a loudhailer,she is loud enough as it is.

Anonymous said...

The rezoning of mangrove area in Draunitiba Bay to "heavy industry" is an example of Khaiyum and Bainimarama's 'clean up of corruption' and protection of native resources/environment in the new constitution. This is why we love being lectured to and pontificated by the 'great' and 'honourable' Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

@3.29 PM oh really? and in case we are denied our permit, what if we just wear our pink bula shirts everyday? Is that illegal? is there a decree against pink bula shirts? Actually, come to think about it, what about we just start wearing pink bula shirts everyday everywhere? Since some men seem to be very slow learner, it might not be a bad idea to remind them on a regular basis until September that a new era in Fiji history is about to begin. An era that no one saw coming until probably very very recently.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@3.29 Let's take it as it is. You are either a regime troll or one of those prehistoric men who have been involved in coups before, but for some reason the last one doesn't please you...

well, in any case, we don't care about you. get lost.

Anonymous said...

If you want to have a good laugh at this farce of an election, why not a write-in ballot campaign for The Heckler?

Imagine the message THAT would send the world!

Anonymous said...

@3.46 Ok everybody, do you think that our anonymous friend is a MAN or a woman? For sure, that person thinks that all Muslims are criminal. Do we want to have someone like that in our parliament? Yes or No.

Listen to your brain. Do the right thing. We need a game changer, and we will do it with the intelligence, softness, care, love and compassion that best describe women like Roshika.

if you are not willing, for any reason, to march eventually, then just put ob your pink bula shirt. You can do that in Savusavu, Nadi, Lautoka, Kadavu, Taveuni! No need to travel. Just show your colors.

Love Fiji. Put on your pink bula shirt.

Anonymous said...

You want to have your own march, women only, in support of Roshika Deo and Nostradamus? Go right ahead. Who's stopping you?

In the meanwhile, those of us "neanderthals" who want both men and women treated with equal respect and marching in support of free elections for Fiji will just go on planning our own event.

Vinaka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

If you really want our attention, don't wear pink bula shirts.

Just go topless.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like if Roshika is elected with 60% of the votes, she will have to find money to extend St-Giles hospital for all those brave men here... yaloqaqa, eh? Maybe we cut in the Military to get the money?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:31 PM

Unfortunately these days being 'god fearing' or saying that you are is meaningless.

You are no better than anyone else, the prisons are full of god fearing people. Not a very good example of a cult to follow.

Anonymous said...

mahen chaudhry who used to beat wife virmati over illicit affair with his rakhel (concubine) asha lakhan would make a god PM.

Anonymous said...

@4.28 pathetic.

and how many people mixed up with Rabuka, Speight, Bainimarama, and so on? And the 66% of men beating their wives is what you call models? For sure they managed our country wonderfully. Wananavu. Of course there are bad women too, but this is beyond our point. We want to send a big wake up call to our stone age men.

I think that from now on we women don't need to comment here anymore, let's create our own blog. A message has been obviously received by those we wanted to "discipline".

Anonymous said...

@4.47 PM Please women take over Coup 4.5 !!!! we have not had the privilege to listen to intelligent human beings recently...

I think we are all due for a serious brainstorming now about the best way forward for our country. How do we get rid of a military regime using love as our only weapon?

Mother's day coming soon. Would be a nice day for a march.

Anonymous said...

Someone is trying to confuse the general public, for all to vote for Roshika. And then what? Come on, people. Vote strategically. Your party should be telling you who (from your area you should vote for.)Don't put all your eggs into one basket

Anonymous said...

@5.31 PM Then you want to play by the rules of the regime, but I accept your point of view. There is a risk and people should first try to see if that pink revolution will go anywhere. Since we are still a few months from the election, we can always take the risk, but if we see there is nothing happening (march, bula shirts, whatever) then it means that we are week and we will deserve what we will get. I can't see any of the current political formation as a "safe choice" for Fiji so....whatever! Use your jugement.

Anonymous said...

I agree with 5.39. Bainimarama has set the rules. He will do anything to win. The Fiji Sun polls, the broken rules, everything is screwed. EVERYTHING. And now you guys want to play it "safe" by voting for whoever your usual political party will tell you? I thought the reason for marching was to oppose this farce of a bainimarama democracy....but you want to play it safe? So now, no march, no bula shirts, no nothing....we just vote as we are told by our party?

Well, you guys think about it. Do you really think a Bainimarama-election will be fair? If the answer is NO, and it should be, then ask yourself: can I really change the whole electoral process now...with a march? Maybe...we will see that soon, we might have one or 2...or 0 So here is my third question: if nobody walks, what's the best way to waste our vote to send a message to the international community that will be embarrassing for the regime...and a lot of other politicians? Think about it.

Anonymous said...

So see guys, our problem is simple.

We are all aware that the Fiji Sun polls are the product of FICTION. If we were, in all honesty, trying to divide the cake amongst the political parties, my take is that Sodelpa can't possibly be under 20% and same thing for FLP. NFP might be at 10%. Fiji First would probably get 20%, we shall not forget that a lot of people are bought or take advantage of the regime...just look at letter writers in the paper! Anyway, my point is that we all know that the electoral process is already screwed.

SO, the BIG question: if we vote for Roshika, and our votes are thrown away, it wont be different from voting for Sodelpa or FLP and our votes will be "converted" in votes for Fiji First, so that the electoral result cN "match" the Fiji Sun poll. You get it? our vote will be LOST anyway.

if only a professional independent poll was available, then we could start thinking strategically. But right now, believe me, what you will vote is on the front page of the Fiji Sun every Saturday...

I think we are wasting our time. i just wonder how Bainimarama will do to change the result of the elections. That's what we need to figure out.

Anonymous said...

@6.21 sa dina.

why is there no Fiji Times poll? they are afraid to report "contradicting results" from Fiji Sun? How will we know that a vote for Sodelpa is REALLY a vote for Sodelpa? Or FLP, and so on? People are still afraid to talk, or if they do so it is because they think they are being spied on and they say Fiji First?

That's why we need a march to ask for transparency in the electoral process. Voting for Roshika? well I would consider it if I had the guarantee it would COUNT, but nothing is less certain...

Manu said...

Qori dou maji mai Raqeukai,qai sogota na gusuma e dua na sicini qai vinaka.

Mongoose said...

If the Govt is illegal as you guys call it ,wouldnt it make the election illegal also? So you are willing to take part in an illegal election to select a legal Govt.?You are all a bunch of confused idiots.That is why Fiji First is making a killing as according to the Fiji Sun Opinion Polls.A majority of the people of Fiji dont believe in legalities anymore they just want to move on with anyone offering them free education as such in other words; a Better Life!

Anonymous said...

Proposed FijiFirst applies for registration
18:22 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Shanal Sivan
An application for registration of the proposed FijiFirst has been lodged at the Supervisor of Elections Office in Suva this afternoon.
The proposed FijiFirst provided about 40,000 signatures in its application.
The application lists Voreqe Bainimarama as proposed leader of the party.
Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum is named as proposed General Secretary.
Other executives include Dr. Jiko Luveni and Tui Macuata Ratu Viliame Katonivere as two proposed Presidents.
Former FLP Senator Bijai Prasad is listed as Vice President along with Vimlesh Chand.
The proposed party was required to provide at least 5000 signatures from members from all four divisions.
They are 2000 from the Central Division, 1750 members from the Western Division, 1,000 members from the Northern Division and 250 members from the Eastern Division.
The Political Parties (Registration, Conduct, Funding and Disclosures) Decree 2013 states an application must be accompanied by a fee of $5,005.
The Supervisor of Elections will within 14 days after the application is lodged, publish in the Gazette and in the media, a notice of the application.
- See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/19656/proposed-fijifirst-applies-for-registration#sthash.B6qQpke4.dpuf

Anonymous said...

well well 40,000 signatures.

Anonymous said...

Fijians will limuri the illegal regime at voting.
Fijians will not forgot the regime rule for 7 years where the Great Council of Chiefs, Methodist church and other Fijian instution was abolished by Khayium.
We do not want Muslim rule in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

@6.39 We want to send a non violent message that the election is a farce. All we need to find is how to make sure that the results of the election will not be modified. We don't have too many non violent options you know!

As for free education, were is the money borrowed? What about the 12000 graduates looking for a job?

And how is it that everybody around me is talking against the regime?

40 000 votes? be careful with rounded numbers!!! Fiji's population is 1 million...

Anonymous said...

@6.39 can you tell us where exactly is that better life you are talking about? poverty is going down? Fiji dollar going up? Purchase power going up?

Have a look at 6.59pm as well, last sentence. Muslim civilization is dangerous, for sure, they gave us algebra and with algebra we can solve a lot of statistical problems like the likeliness that no one around me wants to vote for Fiji First, but they get 80% in the Fiji Sun.

Some men...

Anonymous said...

I think the reason why so many women suddenly invaded this blog is because someone suggested to send them on the frontline a few days ago...sounds like it wasn't a good idea.

Men have crossed the red line many times.

What are you guys doing for Mother's day this year?

Anonymous said...

Fiji First never informed the general public about where it would be conducting registrations,[apart from the general knowledge that PM would be in the Western or Northern etc]PM just showed up wherever he went in the market or town or citycenter and people turned up to register which is good, so far the opinion polls tells that between 75 - 85 percent of the people of Fiji support PM,his rating fluctuates between these numbers,some people are calling it a farce but after conducting the opinion polls for many months questioning 600 people all over the country,it is now evident that the opinion polls are actually a correct potrayal of the PM's suppport in Fiji's diaspora.PM collected 40,000 registrations,excluding me and my family,we support PM but werent able to register because of work commitment,even when I tried going in a taxi during lunch hour but missed registering, I will still vote for PM.Not Khaiyum I believe Ms Nazhat Shameem would make a better AG but for PM , Bai is my choice.PDP has made changes after surveying the opinion polls and it would be interesting to see how Felix Anthony fares against PM.Sodelpa I believe the way they treated Rabuka would lessen their support in the North.The RKSOB have shown their support to their OB Bai by inviting him to their soli.Bai is both an OB of RKS and MBHS.My prediction is that some people swearing on this blog against the PM are in for a big surprise come the elections results, when Fiji 1st will make a clean sweep!

Anonymous said...

@7.21 I thought the very same thing.... women and children as human shield? mmmm.

I think some group of women must be laughing right now because I think they managed to scare a few men here...

I loved the Nostradamus story ha...ha.... As for Roshika, she's got my vote anyway.

Yes, Fiji the way the world should be...good luck, you will need more than Nostradamus!

Anonymous said...

Fiji first party is muslims pigs party.
we dont need muslim taliban rule in fiji.
fijian voting fiji first party will mean betrayal to god,chiefs,vanua..
vote Sodelpa/Flp for democracy/freedom.

Mother of all doubts said...

anonymous 7.34 PM :"PM collected 40,000 registrations,excluding me and my family"

wow, so you mean it would have been 40 002? I see. Yes for sure the poll is realistic, I just can't see that around me, not in my multi ethnic circle of friends but of course we wont be surprised by the result of the election, it's gonna be like on the Fiji Sun!

That is only IF some sort of game changer was to happen... don't worry too much about men marching around though... but keep an eye on pink bula shirts, in case you see 400 002 of them around. Tourists will wonder what the heck all those Fijian people wearing pink bula shirts ha...ha...!!!!!

Anonymous said...

you see guys , Anonymous Brave man 7.37 PM is why Some of the Sodelpa people are frightening. The FLP is also, to a certain extend, a source of concern in case of victory. We will go back to 2000...

Are you man enough to vote for Roshika if you don't dare even to do your walk? Can we have this deal? No walk = ball less men = Roshika. Sounds fair to me.

Anonymous said...

Pink shirts? some people dont realise that the Illuminati also wears pink shirts during meetings.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7.37PM oh boo hoo hoo cry us the rest of Fiji a river please. If you can cry us the REWA river, even better!

Go PM!

Anonymous said...


Don't waste your time with the Prehistoric Man (PM), you need to vote for a Feminist Revolutionist like Roshika: http://www.twitter.com/Roshikadeo

just like many male commentators on this blog. you are showing the world what it is like to be a woman in Fiji in 2014. All the rubbish we have to put up with, it's so disgusting.

Just Situational Logic said...

At last someone echoes what I've been saying, which is that we need a reputable polling organisation to conduct an opinion poll of random Fijians who are likely to vote. The Fijians being polled would need to know they are under no duress, so that they will answer honestly.

Without such polling, it is easy for the regime to announce any kind of election results it wants. And we already know those results will come close to matching the lies published in the Fiji Sun.

What has happened to the Lowy Institute? They did a poll before that came nowhere near the Fiji Sun numbers, even though it didn't do enough to offset the duress factor. Jenny Hayward-Jones, where are you when we need you?

Dina Dodonu Savasava said...

The more than 50,000 registered supporters plus who have registered for Fiji First has scared the demons out of the other parties.Well,well.It has even led to a change in leadership for PDP.So much for scarecrows, it has even scared the anti-Govt bloggers on this blog-site. A,vacava? Sa qai rere tale o Pita?

Anonymous said...

If the election is rigged (and it IS), then how is voting for Roshika Deo going to send a message to the rest of the world? Even if Roshika won 60 percent of the vote, the regime would announce that it was only one percent.

If we see 60 percent of the people wearing pink bula shirts everywhere, then that would be telling, but let's be realistic -- that isn't going to happen. Someone (Dakuwaqa?) suggested wearing black before Operation Jericho, but not many seemed to take him up on it.

Where did this sudden campaign for Roshika come from? I've nothing against Roshika, but the reasoning makes no sense. Who we vote for doesn't matter because the election is rigged.

High Tea said...

Far from being scared because F1 claims it has registered 50,000 voters, I wonder why it took so long. If Bainimarama enjoys anywhere near the level of support claimed in the Fiji Sun, why did it take longer for F1 to register than it did for even the PDP? The delay in getting sufficient signatures was an embarrassment for the regime and has already given the lie to the phony Fiji Sun polling.

Bainimarama should now have to resign as PM. The Political Parties Decree states: "Any public officer who wants to be a member or office bearer of a political party must resign before doing so." It's manifestly deceitful for the regime to claim that someone in the position of Prime Minister isn't a public officer. The same with the position of Attorney-General. This is part of the regime's rigging of the election.

Upon registration, F1 will now need to provide details of all assets and expenditure, including donations. It must disclose all sources of funding. No funding can come from companies, nor can they provide services such as transport and accommodation, free or discount advertising or goods and services of any kind.
It must declare all spending on its election campaign.

Bainimarama will need to declare all income and assets in Fiji and abroad on behalf of himself, his spouse and children and also list their liabilities. These declarations will need to be published in the Government Gazette.

The problem is that all of these declarations will only be audited by Aunty Nor's firm. This is part of the regime's rigging of the election.

F1 will be required by the Decree to "respond to the interests, concerns and needs of the citizens of Fiji." Does this mean, for example, participation in a public debate with the candidates of other parties? Wouldn't THAT respond to the interests, concerns and needs of the citizens of Fiji? We'll see, but it's unlikely to happen. Who's to say what it is to respond to the interests, concerns and needs of the citizens of Fiji? This is part of the regime's rigging of the election.

F1 is also required by the Decree to respect and uphold the democratic process; promote consensus building, patriotism and national unity; respect, uphold and promote democratic principles, human rights, human dignity, equity, social justice, non-discrimination, good governance, integrity, transparency and accountability. Isn't that what the regime has been promising all along? Why then do we see videos of torture by Fiji security forces? Why do we never see a Public Auditor's report? The regime will enforce this decree against others but never against itself. This is part of the regime's rigging of the election.

F1 is also enjoined not to engage in violence, bribery and corruption or advocate racial or religious hatred. Right-o! Nothing to stop the RFMF or regime trolls from doing these things, though, is there? This is part of the regime's rigging of the election.

Among the major provisions of the Amendment to the Political Parties Decree is a restriction against media organisations reporting on an organisation that is not registered under the Decree to be a political party. Why, then, have the Fiji Sun and other media organisations been allowed to report right along on F1?

You guessed it -- this is part of the regime's rigging of the election.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First would have got a lot more signatures if they had publicised their tour of the Central Division. The only publicity they did was for the West, where people were told where the Blue Bus was going to be and Bainimarama was mobbed like a rock star. Around Suva, Bainimarama just turned up somewhere unannounced and was still able to get 14,000 signatures. SODELPA got only 8,000 for the whole country so can we please stop all this rubbish about the election being rigged? Anyone in Fiji can see that ordinary people are carrying Bainimarama across the line without him having to do anything but turn up and shake their hands. That's because he finally gave them what they need, things like free education and basic hope for the future. The rest may as well give up.

Game Changer said...

@10.20PM I totally agree and that's exactly what some of these women have suggested before. 60% will become 1% ... BUT is there a way to prevent it? I mean if we have, at least in the most populated areas, a foreign observer (not Chinese or Indonesia for goodness sake!!!!) to see at least that the voting and counting is legitimate. If we can do that, I think we can manage to fight this dictatorship using PURE LOVE. Our only chance to discredit the elections without violence is to vote for a single woman, a new comer about that, because I can't think about anything more weird!

Our wish is that if Roshika gets 60%, we will have sent a message to Bainimarama and other politicians: toso mada! move away, let's Roshika pick up a panel of women tomrun this country for the next 4 years and bring Fiji back to sanity. Roshika, without a doubt, would ask Ro Teimumu to join, she would probably go to Koro and ask some of these women who were NOT meant to talk to participate in the building of this nation.

I am sure that when Martin Luther King never thought that a black president would be elected only a few decades after his speech. if we don't dream, if we don't have courage, then we get what we've got.

Mother's day coming soon, you people have a few days to start thinking about the exceptional gift that you can give this year for your MOTHERS.

Fiji the way the world should be!

Anonymous said...


I have said before how EASY it is, in any non-free nation, to fool people. Take for example those letter writers who have change allegiances in order to get publish! People who are going towards Bainimarama are uneducated and they would trade a pack of 2 minutes noodles for a vote.

As for your wonderful borrowed and unsustainable loans, let me tell you one think why you are soooooo popular. Go to the book shop at USP. You will notice, they now sell....soccer shoes!!! yes, soccer shoes. A lady studying at USP, from a poor background, told me that the government gives waaaaaay too much money the students and the book shop realized it! Sol now they bring in stuff like soccer shoes (ah this is what happens when you give money to MEN, you know by the way that men are not as good as women at school right?) not only shoes are popular, phones and recharge cards!!!! If a poor lady says the government gives way too much money, what does that tell you?

Your money is borrowed at high interest rates.
The money is used for soccer shoes by men and they don't buy books but "share" them which means that they are not very serious.
Foreign professors told me the same thing about students: half of them would fail overseas, and one quarter would get a C, almost no A!
So we end up with incompetent graduate as well!
And of course, with 12 000 students looking for a job (did they give you their signatures?) and a country that will have to pay their soccer shoes debt, everything is fine!

Women manage money better than men, it's a fact. Let's get rid of men, simply. We are that desperate now. Why are you men so reluctant to admit that you failed our nation?

Mr Rabuka, I know you must read this blog sometimes. What about a pi k bula shirt?

Anonymous said...

Listen guys, I am talking to those who have got a brain and are loving husbands, brothers and sons, not the one writing racist and sexist crap under pseudos on this blog. You have a historical opportunity to help us change this country. You don't want to walk, it's fine...just wear your pink bula shirt every now and then. IT WONT HURT YOU and a swear that Roshika will not assault you at any time. I wonder if the guys writing for the regime can do this promise to us, in the NEWSPAPER, that anyone wearing a pink bula shirt wont be threatened, assaulted, and so on. Once the fear has gone, let's see who's getting more support!!!! What kind of women would oppose our move anyway? Those that have been brainwashed maybe, and Mary Bainimarama and the likes for obvious reasons, but I think we can say we have about 50% of the votes with confidence...and maybe an xtra 20% from courageous men but apparently there are not too many around so far!!!! Prove us wrong for Mother's day!

Anonymous said...

And notice how WE WOMEN never use childish words to call our illegitimate brothers and fathers in this regime! Bainimarama, that's his name. And when Roshika will win, she will say" Mr. Bainimarama, would you mind now to walk putside of the parliament, just like Rabuka said. " It will be very polite and the difference is that no army personnel will be there to "execute" the order. Mr Bainimarama will do it on his own freewill, and probably relocate in another country and live peacefully as Rabuka did eventually... We, women, will move the country forward.

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of man-bashing, sexist nonsense!

Lady, I don't know who you think you are, but you've got a lot of nerve coming onto this website with your diarrheoa blogging of 10-20 emails a day, floating this RIDICULOUS idea of everybody voting for Roshika Deo, wearing pink, and praying to Nostradamus!

Who appointed you the spokesperson for all women? Nostradamus? You don't speak for me.

And your non-stop slurs against men that generalise them as unthinking, childish, racist, sexist, incompetent, unnecessary, etc. are all just too, too bizarre.

Your panaceas are not answers. You're not going to be able to get everyone to wear pink, and that's not going to frighten Bainimarama out of office.

Issue everyone a pink gun. Then we'll talk.

Until then, you concentrate on the issue of Mothers Day. The rest of us will focus on the problem of the elections.

Anonymous said...

@8:35am "You don't speak for me" means that you suggest that you are a woman.
"Issue everyone a pi k gun" proves that you are a man.

the fact that you are anonymous means that you have no balls.

Anonymous said...

And the fact that you expect all women to think like you shows: a) you have a totalitarian mindset and b) you don't know all women.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@8.59 No i don't "expect" that. I am dreaming.

When we have small dreams, we have a small country.

Anonymous said...

The latest from the Elections Office is that the Supervisor of Elections has denied the registration of PM's party name of Fiji First. They have registered it under a new name though. From henceforth, it shall be officially known as FIJI FARTS.

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