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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Bainimarama's nephew chased by US police

Man jailed in police chase is Fiji strongman's nephew

Sevanaia Lauakilagi Bainimarama

By Liz Zemba

Published: Thursday, May 1, 2014, 11:44 p.m. Updated 14 hours ago

The nephew of a feared South Pacific political strongman fled his island nation in search of a better life, eventually landing in the Marcellus shale-rich hills of Western Pennsylvania.

But his journey took an unexpected detour recently when he found himself behind bars in the Fayette County Prison, charged with attempting to kill two police officers.

Sevanaia Lauakilagi Bainimarama, 39, of Smithfield in Fayette County arrived in this country about 1998, long before his uncle, Josaia Voreqe “Frank” Bainimarama, 60, seized power in the Republic of Fiji during a violent military coup in 2006, a family member said.

Until recently, Bainimarama was working for natural gas drilling company Calfrac Well Services, earning a living far beyond what he could have ever imagined in his homeland, a family member said.

But on April 20, Bainimarama's American dream hit a snag.

A co-worker, Tom Chang, 48, another Fijian who lives in Smithfield with Bainimarama, loaned his Nissan Pathfinder to Bainimarama. 

Police said he sailed through a stop sign in Uniontown, then led two officers on a wild, 19-minute chase that ended shortly after 2 a.m., not far from the West Virginia border in Smithfield.

During the pursuit, Bainimarama, a veteran of the Fijian military, fired a gun at the officers, hit a deer, then tried to run them over on a dead-end street, police said. The officers shot him in both arms, court records show.

As he was being loaded into an ambulance, Bainimarama, already smelling of alcohol, asked police for a beer, reports show.


Chang said he was shocked to hear about the encounter, because his countryman is “a good-hearted guy.” 

“It's like something out of a movie,” Chang said on Thursday as he and another Fijian, who declined to comment, stood outside the Fayette County Prison in Uniontown, trying to determine how they could meet with Bainimarama.

“It's very unusual for him, because he's a very friendly guy,” Chang said. “He's always sharing stuff.”

Chang said the suspect, who is being held in the jail with bail set at $300,000, worked with him in the natural gas drilling industry as a fracking operator. Warden Brian Miller said the suspect goes by the name “Steve.”

Bainimarama's uncle has been condemned by watchdog groups for alleged human rights violations.

A family member who was contacted in Fiji confirmed the relationship but asked not to be identified for fear of reprisal.

Human rights have been trampled since the prime minister took control in Fiji, according to the nonprofit groups Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International. People who criticize the government are detained, and restrictions are placed on citizens' rights to free speech, association and assembly, they allege. 

Fiji is scheduled to hold its first democratic elections since the coup on Sept. 17, with the prime minister as a candidate. 

A spokesman with Immigrations and Customs Enforcement said it is keeping tabs on Sevanaia Bainimarama's case.

“ICE has not yet placed a detainer on Sevanaia L. Bainimarama,” said Vincent Picard. “The agency is monitoring Mr. Bainimarama's criminal case and will reassess as necessary. ICE is focused on effective, sensible immigration enforcement that focuses first on convicted criminals who pose a threat to public safety.”

Picard said he cannot comment on the status of Bainimarama's visa or the amount of time he has spent in this country without the suspect's authorization. 

A woman who answered the phone at the offices of Calfrac Well Services in Smithfield declined to comment.

District Attorney Jack Heneks declined to comment on Bainimarama's case. He said a typical sentence on an attempted homicide charge for a person with no record is five to six years in prison.

Police said additional charges likely will be filed when Bainimarama appears June 10 before District Judge Michael Metros of Uniontown for a preliminary hearing.

Chang said he visited the Uniontown police station to try to retrieve his wrecked Pathfinder. For now, it remains in police custody.



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Anonymous said...

Se bera ni dou lai march na marama, dou lako mada i vale-ni-kuro, dou lai vakarau katalau mai..kusa...!!! ke sa soli na veivakadonui mai vale mo dou march, dou ia sara. sa na waraki kemudou na gasau varasa. kena levu.

Emil King said...

I'm gratified to see so many comments already about the proposed march. Most are welcome.

I can share few details with you yet about the proposed march because a lot of prior planning and broad consultation will first be necessary. I can tell you that this will not be women-only march. Nor will we entertain the idea of using women and children as human shields. In fact, that was frankly one idea we did NOT welcome.

Please recognise that supporters and beneficiaries of the regime -- traitors and collaborators, really -- are out to divide, confuse, intimidate and distract us. That's one of the reasons why I'm enlisting the help of C4.5 in organising this march, to help us separate the sheep from the wolves.

I'm not going to dictate why we march, how we march, where we march, or even if we march. What I am going to do is to work with C4.5 and then with the various stakeholders to see what consensus we can achieve on these and other issues.

This will, and should, take time. A lot is at stake; we need to think this through before we commit, as it's important that we get this right.

This isn't just a matter of who we should invite to speak, where we should demonstrate, or what we should bring. This will require a more detailed plan of action.

I'll provide more details as they become available. Until then, I cannot fairly ask anyone to commit to this action. I do suggest, however, that those of you generally willing to join in a responsibly organised march signify so with your comments on this blogsite or directly by email to pacificinthemedia@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Everybody, this is WAY too ironic.

The "gentleman" at 8.35 AM seems to be very irritated about men intellectual deficiencies in Fiji.... so he tries to write as if we was a woman to exclude himself from all this!!!! But as he is a man, he can't resist to put the word "gun" below to insult women! Kaila!!!!!

And when the lady says so, the "gentleman" 's reply doesn't deny this very fact.

Look guys, if you don't have the balls to walk, or to wear a pink bula shirt, don't even write as if you were women. You are easy to track....at least avoid to use the words "gun", "bullet" and so on...;). Lialia!!

This post is about a certain Bainimarama who tried to KILL police officers in America so why don't you men stick to the topic instead of exposing your intellectual deficiencies and your lack of courage.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama's party is now known as FIJI FUCKED PARTY.

Likuwasa K said...

NZ Tops Aids Assist. to Sth Pacific.

NZ tops new Pacific aid gauge

11:01 Tue May 6 2014


New Zealand is outstripping other countries' aid efforts to the Pacific Islands, according to new index compiled by Australian academics.

The Alfred Deakin Research Institute-Sustineo Pacific Index was launched in Canberra on Tuesday.

It ranks and assesses 27 OECD countries on aid, trade, migration, finance, security, the creation and dissemination of new technologies and the promotion of environmental sustainability.

The authors say the index will be used for advocacy to get all rich countries to do more in the Pacific, and not just by increasing their aid. However, it does not measure the aid given by China - a major player in the Pacific - because of a lack of data.

New Zealand's index score is nearly twice that of second-ranked Australia - primarily because of its aid, migration and security efforts.

"It well and truly thumps all other countries in migration," the authors said.

Australia is the top ranked country in terms of trade and openness to imports. Denmark and Finland rank well in the index because of their commitment to global public goods.

South Korea ranked bottom because of its low score in aid, trade, migration and security.

The institutes's Professor Mark McGillivray says there is solid evidence poverty in the Pacific is increasing, but the paradox was that Pacific countries were among the highest recipients of development aid in the world, he said.

Sustineo managing director Andy Rowe says the index will now allow a "more informed and nuanced dialogue on the best ways to support our Pacific neighbours".

The top five donor countries in the Pacific region are: New Zealand, Australia, Denmark, Finland and Portugal.

The United Kingdom is eighth, France 10th, the US is 18th while Japan ranks toward the bottom (25), along with Switzerland (26) and South Korea (27).

Anonymous said...

The bigger irony is the fact that you pose as some sort of radical feminist, but you act as if all women are made from the same cookie-cutter.

You can't abide anyone's opinions but your own -- typical Nazi attitude. And lady, let me tell you, your opinions aren't just different -- they're downright wacky. Your cult of Nostradamus and nutty campaign for Roshika Deo are waaay over the top.

You even have the nerve to question my womanhood for suggesting that a pink gun might be more effective than a pink bula shirt in deposing a dictator. Seems you've never heard of two trailblazing women named Sarah Palin or Annie Oakley.

Cite me one historical example of someone's sartorial choice succeeding in overthrowing a dictator. In most instances it required armed resistance, by men AND women.

Anonymous said...

I don't know what got into Sevanaia Bainimarama. This is just very surprising to me. It's so out of character.

It's like he just snapped!

He seemed like such a nice, self-assuming guy. Always wore pink bula shirts and read Nostradamus.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.


Anonymous said...

Anon@12.25PM. What are you on boci? He's from an evil family so what he did is not surprising. Stop licking Bainimarama's wrinkly nuts.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:29 PM, you must be one of the prehistoric people known as men. Nostradamus predicted Roshika Deo would lead Fiji, but he just didn't refer to her by name, and he changed the name of Fiji to Syria, Judeau and Palestine. You'd have to be intellectually deficient not to see that he really meant Fiji.

The great barbarian empire of men decay,
Before the moon completes its cycle.


Anonymous said...

Australia US and NZ looking at lifting all bans after it was confirmed by Statisticians/Analysts the Fiji First Party will win by a landslide..

Moce Jo.

Anonymous said...

Why bother having an election, then, since the statisticians, analysts, Australia, NZ, the US and the Fiji Sun have all declared Bainimarama the winner?

I guess the Fijian voter doesn't have a say in the matter, eh?

Leads me to wonder why Bainimarama needed to postpone elections, censor the press, jail his political opponents, rubbish the constitution, ban the SDL, abolish the GCC, etc. if he was so popular?

Anonymous said...

This "NZ Tops So. Pacific Aid" story is totally skewed. More academics who don't know what they're talking about.

The article talks about a study regarding aid flows to the South Pacific, then treats the South Pacific as if it encompasses the entire Pacific region.

Japan gives much more aid than seems to be credited it by this study, not just through ODA but through JICA, the ADB, and NGOs like the Sasekawa Peace Foundation. Japan doesn't permit much immigration, to be sure, as it's a homogeneous society and wants to stay that way. So it can be faulted in that respect. Also, Japan doesn't spend much on Pacific defence. But, thinking back 60 years, have we really wanted it to?

Then there's the United States. The US gives more assistance to Pacific Island countries than does any other country in the world, and that's not even including its Pacific territories, its generous private charity, its lending, its Peace Corps or its large share of the UN budget. Its aid mostly goes to the North Pacific, though. And it's often overlooked in the statistics, because it isn't counted by the US as overseas development assistance. It's tied to treaty obligations, the Compacts of Free Association, so it's called simply "Compact monies."

It sounds like the study took absolutely none of this into account.

Migration? The CFA gives the Compact countries full immigration rights to the US. Their citizens don't even need visas. Quite a few Tongans and Fijians now live in the US as well.

Know many Fijians living in Finland?

Defence? Just who do you think spends more on defence in the Pacific -- Finland, Portugal, Denmark, New Zealand . . . or the United States?

Sounds like the usual case of Aussies seeing the world with their blinders on, producing yet another very shoddy study.

Please Jail Fiji Thieves said...

Fiji Airways and regime saying they';ve brought the FNPF loan down from $181.2m to $120m. Aisake Taito congratulating himself that they paid back some of the money oilei it doesn't make them any less of a thief.

Anonymous said...

Nostradamus lady, you keep mentioning "Syria, Judeau, and Palestine".

I've heard of Syria and Palestine. I know their location. But I've never heard of a place called "Judeau" before. Did Nostradamus just make his place up, or does it really exist?

It sounds like a cross between Judea and Juneau.

For those of us intellectually deficient types, please tell us where "Judeau" is located.

Anonymous said...

"I did not have to think twice - Tui Macuata"

Obviously the quote from a "butabutako". The title holder is not the rightful holder!

Anonymous said...

This Tui Macuata is incapable of thinking twice. He has only one thought a day, and even that makes his head hurt.

Choro ke party said...

Former Fiji Labour Party senator Bijai Prasad says his former party does not stand a chance in the forthcoming election. Prasad who held the position of FLP Nadi branch manager between 1999 and 2007 claims a significant number of supporters lost faith in the party since their leader's conviction over exchange control offences.

Speaking to FijiLive, Prasad who was personally approached to be one of the proposed FijiFirst party vice presidents and was part of the entourage to the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) today said supporters have grown increasingly "disenchanted with the party." "When we go in the streets and and into the farming communities , they have lost confidence in the party. This has affected their chances," he said.

Prasad left the party voluntarily in 2007 following a disagreement with Chaudhry over leadership and over money that was being kept overseas. It was also about the $A1.5 million held by Chaudhry overseas, - money that the FLP leader was recently convicted and fined over for exchange control violations. "I was not sure then what the amount was, all I had asked that the money is brought across so we can create a trust to look after our supporters who need assistance like our displaced farmers whose leases had expired," Prasad said. "I knew people had donated when he went abroad. I knew it was a large amount of money because my relatives abroad said they had attended functions including dinners where large amounts of money were donated. So, I knew there was money abroad."

Prasad says his decision to step down also stemmed from comments he claims were made by Chaudhry when he followed up with his former leader about concerns raised by their members. "After the 2000 coup I would still pay visits to our supporters in rural areas and sometimes they would call me up for assistance or problems they may have.

He claimed he had folowed this up with the party and Chaudhry, but nothing was forthcoming. Prasad claims the party management tried to displace him as Nadi branch president. "So, I called a branch meeting to relinquish my position as party branch president because I thought the leader has lost track. But, members who were close to Chaudhry did not like that. "So, at the subsequent council meeting in Ba. I was told to leave." Prasad says he does not expect the Fiji Labour Party to win the election. “If people had listened to me, than the FLP would have a chance.”

In contrast, he says the FijiFirst given the work that the government has done so far will win. “People just have to look at the developments made by the government and can differentiate between the leadership. “The PM has done wonderfully well. He would not stop to ask people what they needed, but rather he’d see what was lacking in any sector and do it.”

He said under Bainimarama’s leadership, the country would be free of old politics and see more positive changes for Fijians and the country. "I've joined the party and I will bring bulk of my supporters to back the Prime Minister and we work hand in hand to remove poverty and bring about general improvement in the livelihood of our people." Chaudhry could not be reached for comments. -- FijiLive

Anonymous said...

Bijai prasad bai/kai VP is a chor .who stole20k money from ATS.jailed man .
Saneem should nt register them.

Anonymous said...

@3.10 Since you are obviously not into Nostradamus, you should know that it was common practice for Nostradamus to distort almost every words (his work is in old french) and to use coded language.

But can you tell me how in Middle Age "prehistoric" Europe he could have written this:

"The great barbarian empire of men decay
before the moon completes its cycle"

Fiji's election on September the 17th
Moon Eclipse on October the 8th.

Something will happen between those dates. It was predicted in 1555, alongside with the bombing of cities in the land of the "Raising Sun" that Nostradamus couldn't even possibly have known...

Don't be afraid of women rule, you will get used to it soon enough.

Pink rule. Love Fiji.

One day a movie will be made on the Pink "Coup" with Bainimarama going out of the parliament and crying in front of too much absurdity. There won't be guns and blood. Steven Spielberg will make a great movie about it and millions of tourists will flow to Fiji to witness our victory. That will bring a lot of money in by the way. Tourists come to Fiji because of us the people and our bula smile. Now they will also come to learn from our pink wisdom. Nostradamus predicted it, so why do you want to fight his prediction and your male decay has already been predicted?

Better for you to start praying Mary for a miracle.

Anonymous said...


They have correctly interpreted this verse, adding that "Throughout his verses Nostradamus frequently refers to "the new land" to mean America. This is an established interpretation, and in this case the "new law" which will arise there is related, in the last two lines, to two factors—the existence of a "barbarian" male empire, which is in decay, which is in turn is related to the Moon and its cycles—a common metaphorical association with woman. Put simply, the great virgin territories of the New World will be the source of a rising "lunar" consciousness as a time when the Judeo-Christian is at its peak." They believe that this brutal rule of patriarchy will start disintegrating before the female evolution is over. Syria, Judeau and Palestine refers to the three great religions rising from those lands—Islam, Judaism and Christianity—that have for centuries done the greatest damage to the spiritual development and emancipation of humankind, reducing their into religious retards totally dependent on doctrines and rituals for salvation.

You can use the word "retarded" to speak about men when they are jn position of power or holding guns, or Bainimarama is a synonym too. Some people say PM for Prehistoric Man, it's really up to you.

Anonymous said...

@12.43 PM WRONG. Nostradamus didn't refer to Fiji using Syria, Judeau and Palestine. This is a metaphor for the 3 monotheist religions that have done much damage worldwide.

Nostradamus refers to Bainimarama (bai ni marama means "fence for women" or "prison for women") within his metaphor "barbarian empire of men" and to women using the word "moon".

You have to be an expert like me to understand this coded language.

Anonymous said...

@6.41pm so the "BA"of Bainimarama and the "BA"of barbarian is actually an xtra coded information that wasn't spot so far... That makes sense. Bainimarama sounds like Barbarian (many times the letter "a")

Anonymous said...

"Cite me one historical example of someone's sartorial choice succeeding in overthrowing a dictator. In most instances it required armed resistance, by men AND women."

Egypt....mm ah no because the government was replaced by men and then they had violence..... wait a minute....mmm....Irak? oups no...wait there must be ONE at least.....Congo? nah. Nigeria? no....they are still fighting between christians men and muslim men are killing women there too...mmmmm Liberia? Mmm yeah it was following a genocide right?

Man, you are right. So we shall do the same in Fiji? Or do you think that in Fiji, something different could happen? Like a sort of miracle? Fiji would be the FIRST place to do such kind of unbelievable transition in peace, love and harmony? Fiji...the way the world should be?

Anonymous said...

Some men talk like this world belongs to them or woman never exist, hallo, Woman was created as a complement to man, as an integral part of man, and as a powerful and influential companion for man, on an equal footing with him. God used part of the male to form the female to show that they were actually the same created being, two halves of a whole. The female was not created as a separate being, second to the male. She was formed as part of the initial man, in order to be a “helpmate” for the male. Eve was brought into being to strengthen and powerfully help the male, but she was made from the same “stuff,” and she was every bit as perfect a creation as man and every bit as patterned after God’s image and likeness.
To real men out there lets join our wifes,sisters,daughters by wearing pink bula shirt, KUA NI RERE!

Nostranonymous said...

I am often deceived by religious statements & references or twisted interpretations of the holy books, like many we have seen on this blog. But what 7.38PM said is pure beauty! This is the kind of man we love! And by the way, pink bula shirts make men look beautiful and intelligent! Nice to see that we have people like you in Fiji! Vinaka :)

Nostradamus Expert said...

@7:10PM LMAO!!!!!! ha..ha..ha
And also Nostradamus always moved letters in words to make his predictions obscure. If you take the wors "Barbarian", you notice that the r, i AND n are found in Bainimarama as well, only the "M" is missing, you can find it in "man" thought...

so Barbarian man and Bainimarama both share all the same letters!!!!!! Amazing this Nostradamus!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

If you are short sighted like I am and you are not wearing your glasses, those 2 words look the same:


Anonymous said...

@8.30PM If only the US customs had read and interpreted Nostradamus book properly, these police officers wouldn't have had to shot nephew Bainimarama in both arms! too late now.

Pink Bula Shirt said...

P.S. Just in case there is a new decree from some barbarian men to block shops from selling pink bula shirt, just buy a purple or red one, and bleach it!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:10, as you've probably already surmised, "Judeau" does not exist, except in the mind of this Nostadamus "expert" who hates men and keeps misquoting, and misinterpreting, Nostradamus' quatrain referring to Judea.

Thank you for sparking 10 more postings from her, including one where she now pretends to be a man. (Now, THERE's an irony!) I mean that sincerely, as each posting reveals her as the nut job she is.

Anonymous said...

She's a royal nut job alright, but she's a passionate one, and I'm willing to try anything at this point. If she can produce a decent-sized pink rally by Mothers Day, then I'll support her. If she can't, then she should shut her pie-hole about this Nostradamus crap and get with the programme.

Anonymous said...

It looks like the Hibiscus Revolution will either be pink (the colour of the Nostradamus feminists), white (Emil's march - the colour of truth), or red (the colour of Bainimarama's blood). So, look for the Hibiscus to be pink until Mother's Day, white until the elections, and crimson until we've hanged Bainimarama and restored constitutional government to Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:45, Nostradamus' prediction referred to Judeau, not Judea.

This could be a prediction about Fiji and Ro Teimumu or Roshika Deo. More commentators, though, think it's about the US and Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton?

Personally, I think it's about the coming Empress of the World, Barbra Streisand.

Anonymous said...

Why didnt they just shoot his ass dead? Now we taxpayers gotta pay for his upkeep. Send the sumabitch back to where he came from. Who knows...big uncle might just have a new gig for him. Minister for Fric and Frac?

Anonymous said...

Right. Why does this woman's speculation centre on Roshika? As SODELPA's candidate, a paramount chief, and a principled, smart and courageous woman, Ro Teimumu stands a far better chance of bring elected.

It looks to me as if this is a lame one-woman letterwriting campaign to try to drum up support for Roshika.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 11:33 PM, I quite agree. She might be as mad as a hatter, but there might also be a method to her madness.

Ladies, wear pink and march on Mothers Day. If that gets us nowhere, join the rest of us in Emil King's March on Suva.

If that fails to change anything, then let's all converge on Tappoo's when the phony vote is tallied. Bring a torch and an ula.

Anonymous said...

@10.45 "including one where she pretends to be a man"?
which one?

For your information, we are a group of 9 ladies from different ethnic backgrounds who have had enough of the crap published recently, in particular the suggestion to use us as human shields, to shot us and what else.

as for nostradamus, you obviously haven't got our sense of humour. McDonald's and women shield is alright though...

we are working on a pink manifesto that we will propose as a referendum for the coming elections. We will ask Ro Teimumu to support it, and the concentration of our vote behind Roshika will be purely symbolic. Ro Teimumu, Roshika and other women they will select will manage the transition to our next government.

We shall precise the "parameters" of our action later today.

Anonymous said...

From reading today's Times it is unlikely that some of our Fijian men would have time to participate in a march because they are too busy practising their Neanderthal behaviour'

"" THREE men who raped two boys from their village were found guilty yesterday by the High Court in Suva.

Atama Verevou, 20, was found guilty of a count of unnatural offence and two of sexual assault.

Aisake Mata, 26, and Epineri Lata, 23, were found guilty of rape.

Verevou was convicted of raping the first complainant when he was seven years old and had later sexual encounters with him until 2012.

Mata and Lata were found guilty of raping the first complainant and the second complainant in 2012.

Voreqe Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wow, Roshika has nine votes! We'll see if they get reflected in the phony vote tally.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised to hear the Nostradamus stuff was supposed to be humourous. It wasn't.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 11:52 AM, why criticise others for the human shield idea, when that was a suggestion urged on us by one of you fans of Nostradamus?

They say it's a woman's prerogative to change her mind, but you're carrying that pretty far.

Anonymous said...

@2.51 who knows....it may have been humorous, but that doesn't mean it wont happen!!!! :)

This is definitely my favorite Nostradamus lecture!!!!


Looking forward to read these mysterious pink ladies' manifesto....

Fiji the way the world should be definitely!

Anonymous said...

@3.03 pm there are obviously a few unrelated female contributors here as well... which is not a bad thing...and humor and sarcasm has to be filtered!

Anonymous said...

@2.51 it is indeed a real nostradamus prophecie. Century 3:97

whether you find it funny or not is of little importance.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:24 PM, what happened to your nurturing feminine side?

You want us to take you seriously one moment, but the next you say you were joking.

You, or a fellow Roshika/Nostradamus feminist, have been the main voice calling for women and children to be used as human shirlds. Now you're repudiating the whole idea?

Was the human shield thing a joke? Or is the idea that you were joking just a joke? Or is everythng about you just one big JOKE!

Anonymous said...

Mere Marama and Melaia Dimuri on vocals.

Anonymous said...

Interesting indeed@Akanisi Koroitamana's son. That would make Savenaia, Jese of SODELPA's cousin. Small country dina o Fiji

The Heckler said...

Why is it that when we expose biases against other races we call it racism, and when it's biases against women we call it sexism, but when it's biases against men we call it humour?

Anonymous said...

@4.06 We are all jokers here. Bainimarama is a joke, Chaudry is a joke, men a jokes, feminists are jokers, anonymous writers are jokers. No one is really serious. Whatever.

Sovita said...

Na viavialevu kei na dokadoka e na sega ni dua na vanua e tini kina. Yaco ga kina vakaloloma na bula, kavoro na matavuvale, luvenisala na luveda levu na mate ca e tauvi ira. Isa ko Viti sa da vakaloloma e na veiliutaki ni rau na kawa tamata bokola oqo. Deport that motherfucker back to Kiuva or whereva his family from

Anonymous said...

Sorry Seva you are not in Fiji where you commit the crime you can escape the punishment like your Uncle Frank. You are given an opportunity to work for CalFrac and you screwed it up, now your ass will be locked up for at least 3 years and later deported to Fiji. In America you play with law you get it fool.

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