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Monday, May 26, 2014

C4.5 poll: Who is your preferred Prime Minister?

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Three and a half months out from the election and we think its time for some creative thinking, so Coup 4.5 is today launching its own opinion poll.

The Fiji Sun has been running polls for the last three months and has concluded Frank Bainimarama will win – here then is an opportunity to get an alternative perspective.

So we start today with Who is Fiji’s Preferred Prime Minister?

SODELPA, NFP, PDP and FLP have all registered so will be included in our poll.

Bainimarama and Fiji First took their time registering and is still going through the motions, but where is the fun without them?

FLP is dragging things out in court so Mahendra Chaudhry is still officially the Party Leader, hence his inclusion.

In our poll, ladies go first.


Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5, you are quite mad. It isn't just the Fiji Sun which has Frank Bainimarama in a winning position. The Fiji Times Tebbutt poll has him in a landslide position as well. So what on earth are you thinking running a poll of your politically inbred, rabid anti government agitators? Of course, they are all going to choose SODELPA or some other losers. It should be quite clear to all of you by now that the election is all over bar the shouting. Fiji First will win, Frank will be the first genuinely elected PM in Fiji's history and all of you can stay in Sydney with Rajen or in Canberra with Suli and his other loser mates, Brij and Jone.

Anonymous said...

Qorvis, go sit on a tack! If the election is already over, as you say, it's only because it was a phony exercise to begin with.

Speaking of phony, nobody believes anything published in the Fiji Sun, not even you! C4.5 publishes more real news than does the Fiji Sun. And it should go without saying that many people are not going to openly state their true voting preferences when they're living under a dictatorship. By contrast, C4.5's poll places no one under compunction or duress. It may not be scientific, but it's a helluva lot more credible than a Fiji Sun poll!

Now, since you're so concerned that C4.5's readership will vote for the wrong candidate, why not organise your fellow regime sapotas to inundate the site with votes for the traitor of your choice? You did it before for the Vodafone popularity contest. May the best man or woman win!

Anonymous said...

I'd call this the Peoples Poll.

Anonymous said...

Hey idiot at 12.49 AM. It's the Fiji Times Tebbutt poll, not the Fiji Sun poll that we're talking about here. GET THIS. The polls carried by both papers have the same result!! So quit all this Qorvis bullshit and look at the FACTS. A Bainimarama landslide. And the end of Coup 4.5 and the rest of you losers. Go FIJI FIRST!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey wheres the previous blog page design,sa qai cava? Sa qai rere tale o Pita??? You guys scared now???

Anonymous said...

Hey, imbecilic traitor @ 4:34 AM, what are you so afraid of? A poll where we can answer without a gun trained at our heads?

And anyway, you ARE Qorvis. You don't fool anyone, fool.

Anonymous said...

Why does he walk around with his goon squad? Are they there to protect him or to intimidate the beobles? Or both? What is he afraid of? His own shadow?

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha. Red alert for all regime trolls to use as many computers as they can locate to vote on behalf of Bainimarama. Look for many of the votes to be submitted via computers belonging to the army and the ministries. Watch 'em wriggle and squirm!

Anonymous said...

This poll is rigged in favour of the opposition to Fiji First, obviously..

Fanny Kean said...

All the guys (or gays depending on how you view them) have no show against the woman. Biman is a fake.

Yes, we can said...

Anon@4.34am I rather like this Peoples Poll. Fiji Sun or Fiji Times, the point is both predictably show support for regime. If anything, People's Poll gives me hope the people of Fiji will do the right thing for themselves.

Anonymous said...

No rigging. This is clearly an online service that tallies votes as soon as they're entered.

Of course, C4.5's readership is self-selective. It's an opposition website that is also constantly monitored and attacked by regime supporters. So both pro- and anti-Bainimarama votes will be in abundance. It doesn't show how the unwired people of Fiji feel.

There's nothing to stop regime supporters from casting multiple votes from regime-controlled computers -- a known regime tactic. So, if anything, this poll's strongest bias will probably be in Bainimarama's favour, since he's best positioned to mobilise the resources for responding to it all out of proportion to his true popularity, or lack thereof.

In short, it's not a scientific poll. But for sure it's a lot more reliable than anything published in the Fiji Sun.

Karasini ni Tailevu said...

Anonymous 12:24am and 4:34am.
Why are you fear about the Poll in this Blog Site. If you are too dammed sure that the Fiji Sun and Fiji Times Poll are legitimate and correct, I do not see any reason why you worry about the outcome of the Poll Preferred PM in C:4.5.
Just make sure that Fiji First Leader will not get a HEART ATTACK when other parties circulate their MANIFESTOS in JUNE. Finally if Frank is a true leader and achampion of democracy in the World he should follow the law and set up a level playing field for all political parties and their candidates to campaign. Secondly, he should tell his AG to quit his position as Minister for Election because of his political affliation to Fiji First, Declare all his assets in Fiji and overseas, Explain why he contracted Nur Bano to work out the salaries of his Ministers instead of using the Government Treasury, Why FRCA is a toothless tiger to investigate, fraud and corruption against him and Khaiyum.
If Frank reveal and explain some of the issues raised above, then he can have a better chance to win the election, otherwise his Blue Bus will take him to Naboro to meet his kaivata George Speight.

Anonymous said...

Can MPC stop farting around and get off the bandwagon. Parties have three months to sort their s$&/ out and While I'm not in favour of FLP, the Chaudhrys are sending voters to Fiji a First.

Anonymous said...

i taukei will limuri Bainimarma as his sidekick Khayium has destroyed all the i taukei institution including the Methodist church.
Victory for SODELPA but rigging is on top of the agenda for Khayium to face treason charges.

Anonymous said...

Declare the salary and asset Bainimarma and Khayium before 2006 and after.
Why Nur Bano Ali ( Khayium's aunty is processing the salary)
This is corruption of the highest level in the history!
These two are the biggest thugs.

Anonymous said...

Declare the salary and asset Bainimarma and Khayium before 2006 and after.
Why Nur Bano Ali ( Khayium's aunty is processing the salary)
This is corruption of the highest level in the history!
These two are the biggest thugs.

Anonymous said...

When my friends told me that C.4.5 had ran a poll on preferred Prime Ministers, I stopped and said: 'let me guess, Biman Prasad is the preferred Prime Minister' and to which they all said a big Yes!
Kamal Iyer and Biman up to their old tricks. Come on guys....are you that desperate.
The real poll is between SDL, PDP FF and thats the truth. NFP no matter how many times you cook the polls....there will be no truths.

Anonymous said...

Will Felix Anthony rejoin FTUC after his defeat in the election?
He will rejoin FTUC as G.S. after the election.Rajeshwar Singh is only in post till election.
Felix tell the public how much money you made when you were with FNPF?
What you were paid as board member of FNPF?
How much money you made as the chairman of failed Momi Resort as you were the chairman.
How much you were paid as FTUC G.S.
These unionists are nothing but big time crooks only making money from poor members money while the members get nothing.
All these unionists must be removed from unions and replaced by new people then their corruption will be revealed.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama/Khayium has created history in Fiji by being the first, albeit self-imposed, Prime Minister to murder CRW soldiers, an unborn child, and create the country's:
highest ever levels of Unemployment,
highest levels of Poverty,
highest cost of living,
highest levels of corruption and nepotism
highest levels of crime and rape
highest levels of suicide,
highest levels of child deaths from malnutrition
the nations highest levels of foreign debt with each and very man, woman and child owing over $7,500 each!

Anonymous said...

Yet another good reason why Bainimarama cannot continue to be power. Through Khaiyum he will keep us all under their military boot. Get rid of the evil bastards:

My volunteer’s scholarship is terminated – Roshika Deo
The Tertiary Scholarship and Loan Scheme Board Chairman, Dixon Seeto said he will not comment on individual cases after aspiring politician, Roshika Deo’s claims that one of her volunteers had his scholarship terminated last week.
Deo claimed that the volunteer of Be The Change had his scholarship terminated by the Tertiary Scholarship Loan Board for “associating” himself “in political agendas”.
She said there are no stipulations in the scholarship arrangement that prevents a student from engaging in the political affairs of their country and nation building, especially in pursuit of making informed voting decisions.
Deo said her volunteer is a high achieving student who needs the scholarship to complete his undergraduate degree.
She urged Scholarships Board to reinstate the scholarship.
When Fijivillage questioned Chairman, Dixon Seeto, he stressed that they do not discuss information of any of the applicants in public because it is confidential.
However Roshika Deo said they want the decision reviewed as soon as possible.
Deo also stresses that her volunteer did not misuse any allowance given under the scholarship scheme.

FijiVillage.com - Fiji's home on the world wide web

Anonymous said...


Narendra Modi will be India's 14th prime minister, winning the largest democratic election of all time, and securing the largest mandate any Indian prime minister has won since 1984.

* Mr Modi is a Hindu nationalist. His political and cultural ideology stems from "Hindutva" — a hardline brand of Hindu nationalism — followed by his party, the BJP.

The BJP's election manifesto specified that India will welcome "persecuted Hindus," and vowed to build a temple on disputed grounds where a mosque was destroyed by right-wing Hindus. The BJP also plans to cut down beef exports as the cow is considered sacred to Hindus.

Anonymous said...

why haven't you got an option:


Anonymous said...

Modi will teach Muslims in India good lesson. Muslims have terrorised the country for too long.The same thing must happen in our country starting with Khyauim.
None of the 45 Ministers in Modi government are Muslims.All Hindus and Christians.
Lets get rid of the evil - Khayium.

Anonymous said...

A number of other things have risen or gotten worse since Bainimarama/ Kahyium took over. This includes:
over 1000% increase for Bainimarama and Khaiyum's salaries
over 150% increase for salaries of unqualified military officers in permanent secretary roles
the national debt has increased to Fiji's highest ever with every man, woman and child now owing over 7,000 in overseas debt
unemployment is at a record high
poverty is at a record high
cost of living has reached its highest point ever
corruption is at a record high
mismanagement and abuse of office is also at an all time high
crime has increased
theft of native lands has increased
nepotism - jobs to family members

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@12.04pm Nobody is 'cooking' the polls, least of all Kamal Iyer and Biman Prasad, who have no involvement in it. The poll has also only just started so the results have yet to be tallied. -C4.5 Editor.

Neutral Voter said...

Saw the poll results and I thought to myself, "LOL this poll" :)

Anonymous said...

who cares about the poll?
the fact is kepera is a typical racist and a chief who has been bludging on ordinary fijians.
rest are idiots and history.

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum and Bainimarama have stolen millions from the people of Fiji and they continue to do so through corrupt practices orchestrated through Khaiyum's corrupt aunty Nur Bano Ali and her husband. The Auditor General is not allowed to report on it to the people including the deal surrounding the sale of Rewa Dairy to CJ Patel, who also owns the Fiji Sun.

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu isn't a racist. Standing up for her people in her role as a traditional chief doesn't make her a racist. This is a baseless canard pushed by the same people who are so quick to overlook Bainimarama's racism, treason, murder, thuggery and corruption.

Anonymous said...

It's funny to see you Qorvis types going apoplectic over this poll. Better start rallying government employees to vote for your lad. Don't want a bad showing for him now, do you, especially since you've been claiming he's so far ahead in your phony polls!

Anonymous said...

You forgot Roshika in your poll.

Anonymous said...

LOl! Bainimarama @ 18%, that's more likely.

Well done C4.5 for this unbiased, unedited poll. Keeping it real, unlike fijispun or tebutt. This is true reflection on the ground here in Fiji.

Letter to Editor (27 May 2014). said...

Dear Sir,

The CEO of Consumer Council (Mrs Premila Kumar) very responsibly informed the public (Fiji TV, 26 May 2014) that consumers keep making serious complaints about the Ministry of Health due to:

* bad and insensitive attitudes of the staff,

* inefficiencies

* gross negligence

* with some patients even dying

* and with the Dental and Medical Councils not responding to consumer complaints, even when the complaints came via the Prime Minister’s Office.

Although Mrs Premila Kumar quite understandably praised Bainimarama for raising this health issue (just four months before the elections), sensible tax payers must be mulling over many questions:

(a) Why would Mrs Premila Kumar tell the country that she was working very closely with the Prime Minister’s Office on this health issue?

(b) if most problems in the country are being solved by the Prime Minister’s Office (as it seems from the media) does this indicate that all other Ministries are not doing their respective jobs, and should everybody (following Mrs Premila Kumar) make a beeline for the Prime Minister’s Office?

(c) if the Minister or Permanent Secretary of Health have not responded to Mrs Premila’s complaints after eight years, should they both do the honourable thing, and resign?

(d) why have the Dental and Medical Councils not addressed the complaints and should they all resign?

(e) given the numerous media statements by the impassive and impressive Permanent Secretary of Public Service (Mr. Parmesh Chand) about their many initiatives towards improving the efficiency of civil servants (such as retiring civil servants at age 55 and sending everyone for training to China), have all these efforts been a failure as far as the Ministry of Health is concerned, and should Mr Chand resign?

(f) given the seriousness of complaints from the CEO of Consumer Council, should Rear Admiral (retired) Bainimarama himself resign, given that his government has been in charge for eight years now (the lifetime of two normal governments), given that he has determined his own salary, and given that the buck should stop with him in more ways than one?

(g) or is the real fundamental problem that the Ministry of Health budget has been severely constrained for the last eight years, the salaries of doctors and nurses have been totally inadequate, they have been over-worked, and the funds for medicines and equipment have been grossly inadequate, because of the Bainimarama Government’s other spending “priorities”?

(h) for instance, would the $230,000 of public funds, unnecessarily paid to Fiji Sun to print the 40,000 signatures for the registration application of Fiji First Party (when only 5,000 was required), have been better spent on medicines for the Ministry of Health?

(i) Or why was not a mere $10 million reallocated to Health in the last budget, out of the massive allocation of $1 billion (i.e. $1,000 millions) to FRA over the last two years?

Professor Wadan Narsey

Anonymous said...

I have never seen such a biased poll. Oh that's right I have. The Fiji Sun and Fiji Times.

When you raise the 8 long years of corruption and nepotism with Fiji First supporters they have no answers.

And the winner is........Qorvis.

Anonymous said...

People died from dengue fever and hospital services have been deteriorated in the last eight years but no-school Bainimarama now promising medical reforms.

Even more stupid are the doctors who have welcomed his electioneering.

Snap out of it, Fiji.

Doctors have come out in support of the planned medical reforms announced by Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama.
Their professional body, Fiji Medical Association, has welcomed PM’s plans to improve the country’s medical services and facilities.
Mr Bainimarama said medical services in Fiji were of a great concern.
“The public medical service delivery does not only relate to the ratio of doctors to patients but also the attitude of medical staff towards their clients who are both out and in-patients.”
He said his office was monitoring medical services and in the next few months there would be some major reforms and basic upgrades to medical facilities and services. The association president, Dr James Fong, (pictured) said they were ready to facilitate the changes in any way they could.
Dr Fong is also the head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology at the Colonial War Memorial Hospital.
“The impact of increasing urban drift and rising patient expectations have resulted in the introduction of new services,” Dr Fong said.
He said there was a greater appreciation for the need to spread out some of the more basic services. This is for better screening and management of early diseases and more efficient referral of advanced diseases. This, Dr Fong said, needed to be supported by reforms and upgrades that focused on essential areas.
“There is a need to improve the health system’s capacity to actively screen, follow up on screen positive persons, treat them in a timely manner and maintain appropriate follow-up management.”
He said it was also important to improve the health system’s capacity to plan, develop and implement health promotion initiatives.
“We need initiatives that will induce people to be more aware of their health needs, take measures to improve their health and to be more timely in seeking medical care.”

Anonymous said...

There will be a coup if FB does not win. Voters will be heading to the polls scared to death of making a wrong choice....god bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

Anonat 2.29pm Being proud of being indigenous and wanting best for indigenous does not mean you are racist!

Indigenous people all over the world are standing up for their land, fishing grounds, sustainability, customs and traditions, heritage etc etc.

Settlers like to see this as racism, just as pakeha have done and Aussies too and don't forget the Americans because they colonised the indigenous and raped and pillaged resources.

We all know that's what they did but they don't want to acknowledge wrongs.

Fijians and Indians can and will find their path but not under this regime, who is power playing for its own interest.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Go SODELPA GO. HINDUS should support SODELPA the only multiracial party. Let muslims support Fiji First.

Bring on change said...

Piss off those who don't want to use the poll. it's a breath of fresh air from the daily diet of crap we've been eating and shitting for the past eight years because we are all too gutless to stand up to a military dickstatorship.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Fiji can't win either way - it's fallen under the boot of the military and Khaiyum decrees and is too scared of another coup if FB doesn't win at the elections. The stooges in power have pharked this country but we will only have ourselves to blame if we let it go on.

Nanumi ira na kawa said...

Ki vei keda ga na i Taukei, na matanitu nei Bainimarama e a tauyavutaki ena lasu, butako i tutu, laba kei na cakacaka ni butobuto me vaka na vakacakacataki ira ga na luvena, tavalena, wekana e vakataki Peresitedi Marcos ga o koya e qai kau laivi vakaukauwa mai vei ira na lewe ni Vanua.

O Bainimarama e taura vakakaukauwa na matanitu eda a digitaka na lewe ni vanua ka qai via vakacacana vakadua na noda bula vaka i taukei kei na lotu.

E dodonu me a curu i Naboro.
Ni naunmi ira na luvemuni kei na makubumuni.

Ni digitaka ga na SODELPA

Anonymous said...

After 8 years of DICTATORSHIP and SODELPA is coming up with almost 20% choice of PM is something that really scared Baini and Khai.

Ops someone will have a heart attack soon because FEAR of the unknown.

Lets see what will be their next strategy.

Anonymous said...





Fijian Scribe said...

I'm glad to see alot of views being expressed and I'm not too sure if the arguments here will make any difference. It is just a matter of opinion of oneself. I read quite alot of information on the web including this one and do not judge; just to be informed - whether it be true or not, only God knows. This poll also brings out the negativity in individuals that visit the poll, especially with remarks made in relation to ethnicity or religion (I'm sure you were all not brought up this way). In my view, regardless of who has the upper-hand, if the candidate or party wishes to win in the election, work hard toward and with the people of Fiji. I see and hear alot of talk, but nothing to suggest the execution of the proposals being put forward - realistic ones. If the citizens truly believe in your abilities, then the votes will decide.

As it is, I've seen some good developments in the country! SODELPA would need to work hard and as I see it, the campaign strategy isn't a good one - too much backward thinking and very less of the forward thinking in capturing attention.

May the hard working party that wins the hearts of Fiji Citizens win.

God Bless.

Fijian Scribe.

Justice First said...

@Fijian Scribe

It is not that simple. I would rather have a backward group that is democratically elected than a despotic dictatorship who came to power through the barrel of the gun.

We don't know the state of the country's finances. We don't know how much foreign debt the illegal regime have accrued for our children. We don't even know what they are paying themselves.

A Ponzi scheme is where you take say $50,000 dollars from an investor. At the end of the year you give them back $20,000 and tell them it is interest (even though it is $20,000 out of the $50,000. They think they are getting a good deal until they get nothing more.

This illegal regime have used smoke and mirrors. They refuse to release the true state of Fiji's finances. Foreign investment is way down. Fiji could be in real deep trouble but we will not know until this illegal regime comes to an end.

You speak of "good developments". We don't know where the money came from. Frank and Aiyaz are buying key votes.

I believe that God would rather a poorly run democracy than a illegal coup where basic freedoms and the rule of law have been disregarded. Why? For a reason that was rejected by the courts.

How can you see a lot from the other parties when they have not been given a chance. If you trust in the Lord - pray that justice is done. The people have been fooled for too long.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fijian Scribe said...

@ Justice First

Thank you for your comments. You sound very educated and with your structured thoughts. I do acknowledge that events have happened in the past - I am not turning a blind eye to that (it cannot be erased from memory) as I was finding it difficult to make my way home on that day! I also acknowledge the developments that have occurred and whether we were capable of funding it as a country - I do not know (possibly via China???) - I'm not sure. But I do stand in what I say as described as "developments". Not too sure if you have family, but my belief is that if my family is required to meet some sort of needs and my income does not cover it, I would get out of my way to meet those needs (as long as the "needs" are beneficial to my family). The debt that I take, I work extra hard to earn the much needed income to pay off these debts. If I were a PM and my country needed to grow, I would make every effort to ensure its growth, however, I must also take the extra hard work to fulfill the commitments, without compromising our future.

It is not that simple - but if you consider the "family" reference - it becomes clearer. We often complicate too many of our problems - I've seen quite a bit on the news and read in the dailies (Think outside the box).

If I were SODLEPA? I would credit the current government for the work they've done. We're trying to work as a united family (not as a divided one). The next steps are simple, be with the people - not just on media saying I'll do this, I'll do that. Be with them and understand. Be with the business community. Be with the youths....and I would do it not just for the sake of doing it to win votes but to genuinely be "there". I would want votes from voters who would think that the leader I picked is "there for me" not just because he/she promised me something - doesn't work in my books.

My prayers have always been said for our country - it is up to God how he wishes to direct the hearts of our parties and our voters.

My thanks.

Fijian Scribe.

Anonymous said...

Would have been great if all other parties join together just for this election. The numbers wont work for too many parties.

Anonymous said...

It is unfortunate the parties, especially NFP, felt fearful of losing support and didn't pursue standing under one banner. If they had, we would now be looking at celebrating a new government made up of Sodelpa, NFP, PDP and FLP and the end of this illegal dictatorship.

High Tea said...

It's getting late, but the different parties still can, and should, unite behind a common ticket to defeat Fiji First and to present a united front against the regime when it postpones/steals/disregards the elections. Clearly, that ticket should be led by Ro Teimumu. The other parties should negotiate places in the unity government with SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Fijian Scribe wrote..
"If I were a PM and my country needed to grow, I would make every effort to ensure its growth, however, I must also take the extra hard work to fulfill the commitments, without compromising our future."

Please define your "growth" in our Fiji situation where the PM is unelected, government service is a fuss, Health service is dead, many people are unemployed, shop items prices have risen 800% in the last 3years, only the favoured are employed, there is no accountability of Public money, the future already compromised with the debt level, the crimes are swept under the carpet, the voices of the people are strangled, justices is denied, education is a farce, corruption is rife, democracy is dead and dictatorship is thriving, etc etc etc
Your family reference will only work in a normal situation. We are not in a normal situation in Fiji.

May God's will be done here as it is in Heaven!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6:51, what do you mean SODELPA coming up with 20 percent of the vote cast in this poll? It's been trending all along with over 50 percent.

Anonymous said...

If you want to liken Fiji to a family situation, then imagine your nutty uncle has taken over the family farm. He's running it into the ground on the advice of a mongoose. He's pawning all of the tools and feed in order to pay for his Rugby Sevens travel. And he's taking out a mortgage against the farm in order to cover his legal fees in trying to evict the rightful owners.

Anonymous said...

Everyone should read Proff Wadan Narsey's article in Fiji Leaks on Premila Kumar--the idiotic CEO of Consumer Council.PK should stop blaming the doctors--blame this govt for lack of everything in hospitals.The doctors/nurses are doing their best.Premila should go for a health check up herself-weight problem--can lead to heart problem and diabetis and long finger nails.

Anonymous said...

well said justice first.....fijian scribe we understand what u are saying but can you or whoever supports these regime to answer to all the question raised by justice first???

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:24 am

You are supporting a person who took the elected government by force, murder innocent people (under his watch but also planned it himself) lie to the people of Fiji and the world, trying to destroy culture and land of the indigenous people of this country, etec and etc....

You do not have human heart but the dark heart of the devil himself.

Your real place is the Suva sewerage system.

Fijian Scribe said...

To all the anonymous replies, my thanks for your thoughts - I hear what you are saying and at first glance, you may disagree with my perspective - and that you are entitled to. "Growth" isn't about what you're referring to in isolation - you're missing the other growth components that are already in play - infrastructure, societal relationships, broadening opportunities....etc...etc. The problem is, too many people do not think broadly about our situation - just in isolation - and specifically who is in power. There are too many finger pointing. The point here is, we've got election coming up, the person/party that wins my vote in terms of "hard work" and "dedication to the individual and not the power" wins. There are other opportunities to revisit the wrongs that have been done - whether it be 5 years or 10 years.....remember patience is a virtue.

If the situation is on a thread, why cut it - let it rebuild itself for the benefit of everyone. Would I sacrifice this election for another coup - no way - my country is too fragile to go through another chapter - let's rebuild - like I said - patience is a virtue. Answers might not come now - but they will come!!!

Anonymous said...

Frank Bainimarama 17.5% ha!ha!ha!ha!This is a slap in the face of CJ Patel and that peedo Maika Bolatiki's, pro Frank, fijisunk polls.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Thank you c 4.5..This is real poll because anyone could put there choice anonymously without intimidation. My only concern is if you are tracking those who cheat by placing multiple votes. Please get this poll as accurate as possible. Let's get the true number of supporters from both political persuasions. That would be fair game and a reflection of true democracy.
The trolls are shaking. I can't believe the amount of trolls that suddenly appear out of no where when the call for choices is made! hahahahahaha! Go C4.5

Anonymous said...

@Fijian Scribe...Fiji cannot sustain growth with criminal elements in government. Criminals who are the law unto themselves. Please don't delude yourself with developments purported by this government. They have a form of government but are lacking in the true nature of their existence.
Fiji should grow on the basis of truth not on the lies of power hungry individuals, no matter how they display themselves as true leaders. Deception comes in all sorts of colours.
Think outside the box? yes, we should, but it ain't in the expense of destroying the law!

Anonymous said...

Fijian Scribe, I don't think we're missing the various development components at all. We're placing these within the context of unaccountable government and ballooning debt that seems targeted to projects for political reasons rather than on the basis of objective need. We need leaders who put the nation's welfare ahead of their own. Obviously someone who would overthrow the government just for the selfish purpose of evading the law is not such a leader.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

This poll doesn't mean anything. Your opinions don't mean anything. The elections don't mean anything. You'll get the government we give you. End of story.

True reflection said...

In my view,the poll so far is a true reflection of support for Fiji's leader. I speak with citizens of Fiji and tell you what? Take away our basic rights and we will not forget. Most people I talk with want the Regime mainly ASK and VB to declare their interest since 2006 and have an audit. Dictators fail to understand you cannot take horses to water and make them drink.

Anonymous said...

The parties are putting out policies but is anyone really looking at the policies?

The overall gambit has to be: get into government first and that can only happen with the parties uniting.

It's not too late.

Anonymous said...

In the months leading up to the coup Bainimarama received regular military briefings of an impending coup.

He was fully aware of the threat to Government. He had also built up intelligence on the impending coup through a military intelligence unit. In addition, soldiers from a specialist unit called the Counter Revolutionary Warfare Unit (CRW), which had been created by Government, and members of the Third Fiji Infantry Battalion (3FIR), were gathering information on the coup and informing Bainimarama.

The sad fate of the CRW soldiers, who were either murdered by or incarcerated or otherwise silenced by Bainimarama, is also outlined in this document.

Despite all the information that Bainimarama had received regarding an impending coup, Bainimarama arranged to attend a conference in Norway in May 2000. This was a United Nations conference on Peacekeeping (the irony of the subject matter of this conference will rapidly become apparent).

Before he was due to leave for the conference, Bainimarama was informed by the Commanding Officer 3FIR, Lt Colonel Viliame Seruvakula, that the coup would be held on 19th May 2000. This warning was given one week before the coup. Bainimarama's response to this warning clearly shows his guilt in the matter of the coup. He said: "OK set you know what to do I have to attend this meeting it is very important for the RFMF."

Bainimarama clearly planned to be out of the country when the coup occurred so that he could avoid blame for it.

Nepotism at USP by VC Rajesh Chandra said...

Premilla’s husband Jai Karan got a job at USP without any advertisement at USP. This was a back door job by VC Rajesh Chandra for the husband who was not qualified but sacked from his last job. Premilla should investigate for his sacking.Nepotism of the highest level. Can she investigate this as a complain as the people who were qualified and experienced did not even get a chance to apply. Premilla should clear her backyard first and leave people who are doing good job despite the limited resources.. Her comments are only discouraging people to go that extra mile and provide better service!

Anonymous said...


whatever happened to balaggan said...

RPC and Kini Mariwai were both disbarred and whatever happened to the Balaggan story. Good time to retell it, we are in need of some humour with depressing thought of Fiji Opposition unbelievedly shortsighted and Fiji First/Bainimarama/Khaiyum rubbing their hands over more power.


FLP leader's lawyer son suspended
The son of the leader of the Fiji Labour Party could be getting a start in politics sooner rather than later after being suspended today from practising law for the next five years.

Rajendra Chaudhry and fellow Suva lawyer, Kini Maraiwai, were both suspended after being found guilty recently by the Independent Legal Services Commission of breaching protocol.

Chaudhry was found guilty of one count of professional misconduct and one count of unsatisfactory professional conduct: Maraiwai of two counts of unsatisfactory professional conduct and one count of professional misconduct.

Justice Paul Madigan ruled Chaudhry be suspended until March the 1st in 2017, that he also be publicly reprimanded and pay costs of $1,000.

Madigan also ruled Chaudhry only be recertified by the Chief Registrar after proving he has undertaken five hours of training in legal ethics by an acceptable institution or a tutor.

He has however allowed Chaudhry to practice until october the 26th but ordered he is not allowed to reappear in court, or accept any new instructions from existing or new clients.

Kini Maraiwai's four year suspension was immediate with immediate with Madigan also ordering he be publicly reprimanded and also pay costs $1,000.

Madigan also rueld that like Chaudhry, Maraiwai only be recertified by the Chief Registrar on of having undertaken five hours of training in legal ethics.

Both Chaudhry and Maraiwa's charges relate to the Indian national, Muskan Balaggan, who was convicted of drug smuggling and whom Chaudhry was accused of having sex with.

Sources say Rajendra Chaudhry is being groomed to take over from his father, Mahendra Chaudhry, who is alo facing charges relating to breaches of the Exchange Control Act.

Chaudhry Jnr was apparently annointed successor at a recent delegates meeting which FTUC national secretary Felix Anthony and supporters say voting was stitched up by the two Chaudhry's.

Following a statement denouncing FLP, Anthony and FTUC have since left FLP saying the party no longer represents workers and is caught up in a “quagmire of deceit, dishonesty and hypocrisy.”
Published by Coup fourpointfive at 4:40 PM
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Lady Kepa said...

This regime thinks they've got it all wrapped up, stopping people from even talking on the telephone two days before the voting, but I say damn them - the people will vote you out!

Anonymous said...




Dakuwaqa said...

"Whatever happened to Balaggan", you forgot to mention the most interesting part, which was how the regime's Attorney-General, who is supposed to be the chief law enforcement officer in the land, tried to suborn Balaggan's testimony. He actually tried to persuade her to perjure herself in order to falsely incriminate RPC. Reprehensible stuff!

Anonymous said...

This poll is a real embarrassment for Bainimarama and Qorvis. Even on an opposition website, if Bainimarama had anything like the overwhelming support he claims, he should be polling a lot better than this.

Of course, we all know Bainimarama doesn't enjoy that much support. If he did, he would have let us hold elections long before now.

This poll makes it harder to sell the lie of Bainimarama's popularity. This makes it harder for him to steal the elections and harder for Canberra and Wellington to pretend it isn't being stolen.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 12:03 PM

Not sure who this poll is an embarrassment to but no doubt it will make Felix Anthony wonder if he has made a smart move.

Anonymous said...

I doubt any of the leaders will get 50% or more which is why the United Front is important as SDL, Labour and NFP will form the next govt.
God Bless Fiji and lets get rid of the imposters and fraudsters now called the govt.

Anonymous said...

Yesterday I saw a comment which highlighted the way this poll is rigged and how a person can continue to vote as many times as he/she wishes. Today the comment isn't even here...great job, Editor...hehe!
Now I'm sure who will form the next Government :)

Poate Seniloli said...

Yes, the poll is definitely rigged. Anybody can sit at a PC and vote continuously for just one candidate, be it Ro Teimumu Kepa or Frank Bainimarama and increase that person's poll rating. There is no restriction whatsoever on how many votes a person can allocate to those listed. The results shown are wrong. Very sad that C4.5 is misleading people this way.

Poaste Seniloli
Vakatora Apartments
Sukanaivalu Road

High Tea said...

Poate, very sad that you don't even seem to know how to spell your own name. It's also sad that you make unfounded allegations.

With Survey Monkey, you cannot sit continuously at a PC and cast vote after vote. Survey Monkey allows only one vote cast per PC.

Sad that you would make such an allegation without first testing for yourself the veracity of your statement.

Besides that, if what you claimed were true, the regime would surely have Qorvis and its army of trolls working around the clock to cast votes for Bainimarama, just as it did with the Vodafone popularity contest two years ago.

Even with the survey operating according to the principle "one PC, one vote", Bainimarama enjoys a major advantage. After all, who controls more computers in Fiji than the regime, especially when you add its corporate supporters? This straw poll is politically much more significant than the Vodafone personality contest ever was, because these results so far seriously undermine the pro-regime poll results earlier claimed in the controlled media. Given how it has operated to date, then, we can only expect that the regime and Qorvis are now scrambling to cast votes on as many different computers as they can muster.

This suggests the likelihood that the poll results are actually skewed in favour of the regime. In other words, the number of pro-Bainimarama votes cast so far is likely inflated through the regime's casting of duplicate votes using different computers. That its numbers nonetheless remain so low is quite an embarrassment for the regime, any way you slice it.

Of course, many Fijians do not have Internet access and so cannot participate in the survey. And so respondent selection is a major problem with this as with other polls. But my own sampling of sentiment at the village level so far tracks pretty closely to C4.5's survey results.

The Heckler said...

If it's published in the Fiji Sun, it MUST be true,

In fact, thanks to the Fiji Sun's latest survey, we now know that most Fijians believe Joan of Arc was Noah's wife.

Dau Vunau said...

@ Fijian Scribe.

As Human beings we MUST give our 100% trust to politicians. These are just human beings with limited knowledge who will try to impress people to vote them in.

As voters we are the ones that will decide our fate as a nation. We need to have established principles in life grounded in our universal philosophy of freedom, just and equality and most importantly to acknowledge the founding fathers of this great society. The combined elements of virtues and common beliefs in God who because when our chiefs gave this land to Britain they also gave this land to God.

It is up to individual politicians whether they will honor the commitment and dedicated by our Chiefs and those hard working girmitiyas and part Europeans and other ethnic groups that have make their home in Fiji.

Ratu mentioned in of his interviews that at "the end of the matter it is between you and God not you and them".

We all make choices through the lenses we are wearing, irrespective of our cultural, religious, political, social differences.

I do hope that out of the different lenses that we have we MUST put our children at the centre of all our choices.

Do we need leaders that will perpetuate the coup culture teaching our children to break rules and laws?

Leaders who just support any body as long as their personal agendas are taken care of.

Leaders who have NOT proved themselves in their own fields of endeavor.



Dau Vunau said...

Correction we must NOT give 100% support to politicians

Anonymous said...

Poaste Seniloli
Vakatora Apartments
Sukanaivalu Road

So be it. Believe what you want and need to believe. Unlike the Regime's human rights thuggury, in here you can say what you like without fear

Anonymous said...

Felix Anthony's nightmare has just started. He has to explain his 2 kitchen saga. He is married to Yashwini from Ba and also had nikah with his PA and long time girlfren Shaheeda Khatoon who lives in NZ now. He also has to explain his role in FNPF making nearly $200K while being a member of board. He abused his office @ FTUC and had affair wid Jyotika and employed her husband to do financial accounting and play around with funds received from ILO and EU for Fijian projects.

Anonymous said...

High Tea, I agree with your earlier idea that the candidates with weak showings should negotiate now with SODELPA on the shape of a unity government. I suggest Biman Prasad for Finance Minister. Felix Anthony can be labour minister. Roshika can head the women's ministry. FLP can handle Agriculture or Civil Aviation. Bainimarama can be Minister for Injustice.

Anonymous said...

Poaste, it is true that you can say what you like here without fear of the regime, but does that give licence to say anything you like, no matter if it isn't true? The regime may not know our identities, but God surely does.

Anonymous said...

God seriously help us if either SODLEPA or Fiji First wins. 2 Extremes that will ruin this country.

We desperately need moderate parties to take over government and neither of these 2 fit the bill. SODLEPA is filled with broke ass former opportunists and well we all know what Fiji First is all about. The most sensible choice it seems is NFP. It remains to be seen though if they will embrace Multi racism whole hardheadedly if so they are my choice.

Poate Seniloli said...

In Reply to High Tea @ 1:53 pm, I am a human being and being one, I am bound to make typographical errors every so often.My sincere apologies if I caused you any mental distress as a result of my carelessness.

Secondly, "one PC one Vote" gfor a Survey Monkey poll does not apply. If what you state (that only one is allowed per PC) holds an ounce of truth, how do you suppose a person can vote if they are using a computer in an internet shop that someone has already used to cast one?

Nice afternoon to you.

Poate Seniloli
Vakatora Apartments
Sukanaivalu Road

Political parties spreading misinformation on cost said...

The Chairman of the Commerce Commission of Fiji believes there is lot of misinformation and mischief making by political parties during their election campaigns who are claiming that the cost of living in the country has risen significantly.

Commission Chairman, Doctor Mahendra Reddy said the parties are spreading false information to the voters which is unfortunate.

Meanwhile National Federation Party Leader, Doctor Biman Prasad said on Sunday that the burden of the rising cost of living has become too much.

He said the responsibility for this lies squarely on the government. Doctor Prasad claims milk is disappearing from the children’s breakfast menu as most families can no longer afford a balanced diet.

He said families juggle between whether to pay their electricity bills, or rent or buy adequate food or pay for school costs.

He claims in eight years this government has failed to address the rising cost of living.

The Commerce Commission Chairman said to deal with this they will put out more factual data for the public soon.

Anonymous said...

The problem with SODELPA is that they want to reinvent the wheel with all their backward thinking. Bringing back the GCC and changing the constitution is all they can come up with!! What a load of crap.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Fiji First Party is like the dog going back to its vomit, when Bainimarama was soliciting the chiefs support.
What a moron!

Anonymous said...

Anon 3:13 pm.
I am an indigenous person of this country and i would like to see the GCC back.

If GCC is not relevant to those modernised Kai Viti then they too are old enough to make their choice and they too can migrate to another country.

The GCC is an institution that has been a uniting force of all the different tribes in Fiji.

The GCC is symbolic representative of all the indigenous people of the country and must be protected because of its historical values, importance and leadership throughout history.

You need to learn the history of this country first before you earn history of other lands.

Coup 4.5 said...

Bloggers, ignore Poate Seniloli, supposedly of Vakatora Apartments (His IP address shows otherwise). Survey has been designed for people to vote once and results are being tallied by company who designed it. C4.5 Editor

Anonymous said...

@Political parties spreading misinformation, we should have clash of the heavyweight economists. Prof Biman Prasad should take on someone of his calibre. He should challenge Prof Mahend Reddy to a national debate instead of Bainimarama. Why is Biman challenging Bainimarama? He should challenge Mahen Reddy - profssor vs professor. Mahen Reddy our South Indian anna who will give Biman a good go. Unless Biman is afraid of Mahen Reddy.

Anonymous said...

Why doesn't Bainimarama debate? He's the one asking for our vote, not Mahend Reddy.

Anonymous said...

In January edition of Fiji Sun the last Saturday. They publish PM is leading the poll. When you read the whole story of that article it was a cut and paste of a labor MP poll in Australia.They forgot to delete the PM name from the last paragraph. And its not new for Fiji SUn. Last year they publish an article about the Tongan students who were drunk and taken to police station in Tonga. They even wrote on the same article about Mr Rabuka and Mr Bainimarama,s name. What do they have to do with this story. I was even told by an employee of the newspaper that the poll they did is all inside job in the office. By now since Fiji and Suva is a small place I would have been interviewed by them if millions of people they have already question on the poll.

Poate Seniloli said...

Dear Editor,

You have the absolute right to advise bloggers to ignore my comments.

Firstly, when you yourself make baseless claims about an IP address, you should know that an IP address gets generated by a network based device from where it is being operated from based on the subnet mask and more specifically the device's IPv4 settings. A person can also use a floating IP address to secure a device against malicious attack HENCE a person's address cannot be correctly determined simply from an IP address 100% of the time.

You further stated that "Survey has been designed for people to vote once..." therefore there is no restriction whatsoever to prevent anyone from voting twice for the same person.

Thirdly, to everyone claiming that this is blog is one place where they can air their views without fear of being targeted, I say that you are all lying (except for a few) otherwise you would not be commenting at Anonymous or with some other funny name.

I challenge you editor not to remove this post.

Thank you.

Poate Seniloli
Vakatora Aprtments
Sukanaivalu Road

Anonymous said...

Ooops another afternoon hero from Fiji!

Anonymous said...

Or should I say Vakatora Apartments lols.

And yes I'm Anonymous:)

High Tea said...

Dear Poate, so glad to hear you're human. C4.5’s capcha is supposed to prove we're not robots, but you can never be too careful. Yes, we all make typographical mistakes. It's just rather rare for us not to notice when we misspell our own name.

But rather than belabour the point, I'd prefer to thank you for your explanation, which does indeed spare me great mental distress. Now if I can only decide which socks to wear tonight!

Perhaps I can reciprocate by sparing you some mental distress as well. You see, One PC, One Vote does indeed apply in the case of this survey.

Why do you insist it doesn't, when you obviously don't know? This seems to be an ongoing pattern for you. To err is human, and to repent divine, but to persist is devilish.

How do I reconcile One PC, One Vote with your hypothetical situation of two posters wanting to vote from the same Internet shop PC? It's simple, really -- the survey will only register the vote of the first person posting from that computer.

I hope this answer alleviates your own mental distress and enables you to find your way back to Vakatora Apartments.

Have a happy evening!

Anonymous said...

Biman can debate both Mahen Reddy and Bainimarama together and still beat them both.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hmmm, isn't it curious that "Poate" can lecture us all about IP addresses and yet pretend not to understand how a simple online survey works? Also, how he misspells his own name and gives an address different from what his IP would seem to indicate?

What about the way he seems to insist on misreading and misinterpreting everything? For example, how is saying that a survey is designed for people to vote once in any way equivalent to saying that anyone can vote twice for the same person? What convoluted reasoning is that?

To top it off, he says we're liars to suggest that this blog is one place where people can express themselves without being targeted. He points to our use of anonymity as proof that we do fear being targeted. Does he really not understand that it is precisely because we can post anonymously on this site that people can express their views without being targeted by the regime?

"Poate" is either stupid, deliberately being obtuse, and/or he's a regime troll who probably works for the army at Berkeley Crescent.

Anonymous said...

Social Democratic Liberal Party General Secretary, Pio Tabaiwalu is blaming the media after Fijivillage questioned him on why SODELPA is raising issues about the health sector with just over three months to go for elections.

Tabaiwalu claimed that this is not just political campaigning by SODELPA now and they have released statements in the past few months that were not covered.

Fijivillage has not received any of the statements on the health sector from SODELPA until the statement released earlier this week.

SODELPA which is made up of the former SDL party that was in government from 2001 to 2006 now said many Ministry of Health facilities are in disgraceful conditions.

Tabaiwalu said outpatients are tired of long waits for attention and the colonial - style filing systems containing their medical records still remain.

He said while the government brags about taking Fiji into the era of the internet and computer technology, it has failed to invest in basic data systems to give faster and more efficient service to the people attending hospitals and health centres.

However Tabaiwalu has expressed concern that major reforms will be undertaken by the government so close to the election.

He said by convention caretaker administrations should not undertake major policy changes or major capital expenditure.

Tabaiwalu said SODELPA will improve health services if they are elected to form the next government.

When questioned on what SODELPA will do if they come into power, Tabaiwalu said they have to do a comprehensive study first and then decide on the areas of concern.

Oh dear, just who can we believe or trust?

Anonymous said...

This poll is surely rigged.

How can anyone be less popular than the esteemed Mr Chaudhry?

Anonymous said...

Even Chaudhry would be preferable to Fiji First as the Lesser Evil. Hell has its different levels, corresponding to degrees of treason. The lowest rings are reserved for FB and ASK.

Suomynona said...

No harm in warming up on this mock poll while waiting for D-Day in september.

But it does make me wonder why Chaudhry is still FLP leader when the election decree states that those with a criminal record cannot contest the elections.

Public demand said...

We need a public debate between FijiFirst candidate Professor Mahendra Redy and NFP leader Professor Biman Prasad. Such a debate will clarify the economic issues at stake. At the moment we getting too many contradicting statements from people who know nothing about the economy. Like Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum and Frank Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

careful he's worried now, maybe planning his re reinstatement to camp if he doesn't get inn..

Anonymous said...

public debate!! me duivosavosa ohh Bai...

Anonymous said...

A dismal showing by Fiji First. Is the Fiji Sun's poll part of a regime deception plan, or has Ro Teimumu just suddently surged in popularity?

Anonymous said...

a team is form to hunt this people down after the election so be a man to face the music and dance with it please!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

People's Democratic Party is going to cause the biggest upset in the September 2014 Elections!

Anonymous said...

Time for a change. FF has ruled for 8 years. We need new people!
Too long in power means corruption, nepotism.
New people can tell about the past government.
This will be interesting.
So bAI/ kahyium 8 years is enough for you two unless both of you are power hungry which means money!
Give vhance to others for a change.

Anonymous said...

The PDP, NFP, and FLP cannot win this election. They can only play spoilers by dividng up the vote so much that Frank wins by a plurality. Is that really what you idiots want?

SODELPA clearly has the best chance of winning. If Frank had its popularity, he might have allowed elections years ago.

SODELPA isn't the same as the SDL. It's a more broadly based party. Its tent is big enough to cover Pita Waqavonovono, Mick Beddoes, and Nirmal Singh.

It should be bigger still. The other parties should unite behind a common ticket led by SODELPA. That is the best, and perhaps the only, way to end Frank's tyranny.

Anonymous said...

The PDP, NFP, and FLP cannot win this election. They can only play spoilers by dividng up the vote so much that Frank wins by a plurality. Is that really what you idiots want?

SODELPA clearly has the best chance of winning. If Frank had its popularity, he might have allowed elections years ago.

SODELPA isn't the same as the SDL. It's a more broadly based party. Its tent is big enough to cover Pita Waqavonovono, Mick Beddoes, and Nirmal Singh.

It should be bigger still. The other parties should unite behind a common ticket led by SODELPA. That is the best, and perhaps the only, way to end Frank's tyranny.

Anonymous said...

anon@3:13pm...Listen up macafaka
if you don't like the GCC you can frieken stay away from our country
and don't come back?
Our plan is to bring back democracy,GCC,human rights,our
land rights etc,etc? Nothing you can do about that and macafaka you
can piss-off to any parts of the globe you want-just stay away from our land?

Chief Pounder said...

The GCC should never be allowed back.It's just a bunch of old leg-in-coffin stinking fart bags that go around looking smart in flip-flop and bow-tie "discussing" crap while having grog and handsome allowances at the expense of taxpayers.

Anonymous said...

Chief Pounder,
Before you were even born, the GCC was in existence, and it will be around even after you are gone. Your choice is to go elsewhere.
If you are going to be part of this country, then you just have to live with its social system.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.54 you sound like someone i know who lives in Nadi and uses Macafaka as his symbol. Here is the thing dude how about you go somewhere else in the globe and take your Chiefs and the GCC with you. I for one am sick of self riotous pricks like you imposing your will on all others who call this land home. Just because you came here first does not give you the right to tell all others to piss off. You should thank god everyday that it was the Indians who have stayed back and not the kaivalagi. Had they decided that this was a country they wanted you would have been shot like dogs and their would not be a i-taukei race today. Thank God that they did not see much use for coconuts and sand.
In NZ now if you have 10% Maori blood you are regarded as Maori. That is what would have happened to you too you too. So be a bit appreciative of others.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 12:54 PM .. your plan is to bring back human rights ..go and first bring back your sense ..swearing @ others and talking about human rights ...dick head ..full of kutu

Anonymous said...

The illegal AG wanted to weaken the Fijian institutions by suspending the. GCC and removing the Senate while weakening the provincial councils and Fijian companies.
He can try all his tricks but no single person can remove a system.
He is now seeing that the very system that he wants to weaken is the same one that he will need to get his FF party to win votes.

Chief Pounder said...

@ Anonymous May 30, 2014 at 4:39PM

GCC's very existence served no purpose than to roam around in "slippers" drinking free grog in expensive buildings and trying to act smart. I am always going to be part of this country (in your face) because without us, this country would have gone to the dogs. Why do you want a bunch of old fags make decisions when the country has a President, Prime Minister and other ministers? I'll tell you why: to keep people like you satisfied that your historical ties and traditions are intact. In fact you don't give two hoots about your tradition in the face of modern-day advancement. To keep you and your likes in check, did you ever realize that you travel from point A to Point B in motorized vehicles rather than on board "HMAS No Come Back" (GCC Official Transport, the Bilibili)? If not for us, you'd still be in grass skirts running around poking each other with sharpened sticks (and God knows what else). Remember who suffered when Rabuka implemented the Sunday Ban and business houses, taxis, buses and things we own and operate shut down? Yeah, YOU! You don't give me choices...rather you think of the few that you have and are struggling as a global minority to keep.

Chief Pounder said...

@ Anon 4:41PM

Agree with every word of yours. Had it not been for us, every single one of the 'viti crowd would be "ancient history" by now, comliments of the Kaivalgis. As for land matters, you give a 'viti 100 acres and it will turn to wasteland. You give an Indo-Fijian 1 acre and he will turn that into his gold mine. That's the real deal and some people will have to shove the truth up the other way to make it stick.

Anonymous said...

Reading the comments here, it's clear that Kai Viti and Kai Idia both have chauvinists who consider themselves God's gift to humanity. But put them together, and what do you get? The New Fiji, aka the Frank and Aiyaz Show.

Anonymous said...

@ Chief Pounder.(4:56PM & 5:07 PM)

That's why you need to vote for SODELPA in this coming elections....lol.

Ganesh said...

C4.5, now that the survey is closed, please publish the final poll results.

Anonymous said...

@Chiefpounder..The chiefs were here before your ancestors got here. The Chiefs were gracious to offer them the opportunity to make a life for themselves. I am sure none of them would wish to live as rejects back in their motherland (not on the soiled street of Calcutta). So slow down, we have given a lot to the advancement of this nation, after all it belongs to us. As if Fiji would not survive without Indians, c'mon dude! We are survivors and so were our ancestors who made the treachenous journey to settle here. The girmitiyas were conned into coming here by the British. We did not ask Indians to come here. But they chose to stay when the choice was offered for them return . Yes, the Indians did well by building a life for themselves and for the nation,but it should not be at the expense of depriving the owner. If you don't appreciate it, then the choice given to your ancestors is also offered to you. Don't act like a spoilt brat!

Ganesh said...

C4.5, now that the survey is closed, please publish the final poll results.

Anonymous said...

Pls allow me o share the truth about the support that FFP has from the western chiefs.....IT IS ALL A LIE......marjority of the chiefs knows wat this govt is doing to the I taukei.....land......education etc.....DO YOU REALLY THINK THE CHIEFS R GOIN TO SUPPORT FFP???????? NO WAY HOSE!!!!!!! I KNOW BECAUSE I HAVE SPOKEN TO MOST OF THEM.......there maybe one or two......but majority??? NO WAY.....THIS IS THE TRUTH.....SO FFP KISS MY BLACK ASS!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mark manning said...

It seems to me that the people who oppose the GCC are the very people who think they should run the show.
As the green apples said to the red apples after all the apples united to overthrow the pumpkins, who will rule now?
Simple, said the green apples, we will!
Perhaps it's just time that non-Indigenous Fijians accepted the status quo and that Indigenous Fijians have Traditional Land Ownership where non- indigenous don't.
The same would apply to me were I a Citizen living in Fiji.
An option might be for Indigenous Fijians to go to India and demand Land Ownership there. But I can't see Indians accepting those demands, can you?
But anyway, let's not pretend that those creating all the animosity really care about those Indo-Fijians who have next to nothing.

Anonymous said...

Let the indigenous keep their lands. Let all regime-owned properties be forfeited to the state and converted to crown land.