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Monday, May 19, 2014

Calls for a second Fiji First official to quit - just over a week after Prasad was forced to resign

Fiji First: one resignation already
One official resigned in the first week after failing to disclose a criminal past and a second has alienated people after she warned women to dress responsibly to avoid 'arousing the opposite sex.'

Frank Bainimarama's Fiji First party is caught up in another controversy, less than three weeks after its official launch and huge bravura over 40,000 supporters and naming of key officials.

Bainimarama's running mate, Minister for Women, Dr Jiko Luveni, has caused an outcry after being quoted in the Fiji Sun as saying young girls and women have a right to choose wear what they want to, but they need to be responsible.

“We women have rights but we would not want to get into trouble by exposing ourselves and arousing the opposite sex.

“As long as we are responsible we would be able to help ourselves because situations can get out of control if we are
KEPA: Working with vanua
among a group of guys in isolated areas.”

Luveni, Fiji First's president, has been accused of harking back to the dark ages and condoning rapists with the Fiji Womens Rights Movement urging people to complain to Bainimarama for Luveni to resign.

The stalwart is Bainimarama's second high ranking official to muck up - just over a week ago vice president, Bijai Prasad, was forced to resign after he was exposed as being convicted of theft as a servant in 1984.

Luveni insists "I have never, nor has the Bainimarama government ever said that victims of rape are to be blamed. Rape is a despicable act and we must all condemn it," but people are unlikely to forget her slip up.

In a statement the executive director of the Fiji Womens Rights Movement, Virisila Buadromo, says Luveni’s comments "shamed" and "further violated" victimised women instead of denouncing rapists.

SODELPA senior Party Member, Dr. Mere Samisoni, has also waded in saying such utterances from a government Minister and a woman at that, is absurd and she is in effect making excuses for the behavior of men.

The uproar over Luveni's comments show Fiji First has a fight on its hands and citizens are willing to challenge.  

The woman to watch in the September elections, Ro Teimumu Kepa, meanwhile says her party is 'going around to the chiefs of the various vanua seeking the permission and blessings for the people from their vanua to campaign under a SODELPA ticket.'

SODELPA has just visited Bau and is to visit Verata and Naitasiri next week. 

A party official says the vanua has been very cooperative and there has been overwhelming support with villagers already asking to see party nominees.

SODELPA is due to start campaigning by the end of next month following the launch of its manifesto and announcement of its final candidates.


Kamlesh Kumar said...

SODELPA will easily win the forthcoming election. People are just fooling Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Luveni is trying very hard to impress people but she failed miserably of basic understanding of UN instruments which is a test that she failed miserably.

People this NOT a kind of leader we are looking for.

Not good enough and go enroll yourself at FNU.

These are traitors of the kai Viti.

She has sold her soul to Khaihum's master Plan.

Ni kakua sara ni digitaka na marama oqo.

Digitaki SODELPA ga kei na FLP/NFP.


Fiji FIJI Futulaki Party does not have the decency to even create their own name. Fiji First belongs to another party.

What a shame.

Now you will taste your own medicine the people of Fiji will not vote for this murderous regime.
A Party that is full of lies, corruption and con artist.

A party that is anti Christian and Anti Indian but Pro Muslim.

Go SODELPA lets bury them at Lovonilase.

Anonymous said...

The only way to win for Fiji F Party is to play its dirty game by the Khaihum Brothers.

Khaihum is the master mind and the real culprit.

He is also building his empire and very soon once it is clear that people are just fooling Bai and him he will then commit suicide.
Moce Jo

Simi said...

Calls for a third Fiji First candidate to resign. Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, as F1 General Secretary and Minister for Elections, is an obvious conflict of interest. He cannot possibly be relied upon to be impartial in administering the elections and therefore must resign as Minister of Elections. The elections do not meet minimal international standards under the current circumstances.

Simi said...

Calls for a fourth Fiji First candidate to resign. Frank Bainimarama pretends to be Fiji's Prime Minister. He also absurdly pretends that the Prime Minister is not a public official and is therefore excepted from meeting the same requirements imposed on other candidates. He claimed no member of the military would benefit personally from the coup, but now here he is. Like Khaiyum, he's committed innumerable acts of treason and should be arrested.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't any responsible parent in the world give their daughter similar guidance?

Those that are twisting this to mean something it did not really are clasping at straws.

We all know that what a woman wears should not put her at risk, but unfortunately it's a fact of life that it could do.

Uraia said...

Jiko Leweni had a colourful and repulsive adulterous reputation when she was Mr Yasa’s wife.and working as a dentist. A well known Fijian dentist (now overseas, in Australia)used to have endless affairs with her…he is a friend of mine who often tells me about their affairs. She now wants to teach women how to behave the fiendish tart,,,she is not a good role model to anybody…just ask Mr Mikaeli Yasa the former husband

Anonymous said...

It is NOT always good to bring the past so that you can justify your stand.

Jiko Luveni iS A PRODUCT OF A SOCIETY that turns a blind eye on rape victims because she always maintain her high moral ground but she actually does not understand the universal knowledge relating to Human Rights.

She is to proud to acknowledge the Women's Group achievement but only interested in the finish product.

Just shows her lack of knowledge and will have to swallow her pride.

You will not be elected by the women of this country.

Anonymous said...

The statement of Luveni shows clearly where Khaiyum's Fiji First is going: Towards a muslim dictatorship where modern views and christian values are outlawed and persecuted. It is very sad that indigenous Fijians such as Luveni, the RFMF thugs and others are following Khaiyum's mantra to eradicate Fijian culture and tradition, steal Fijian land and humiliate our most popular church. But why on earth are people still supporting this sleaze bag who has stolen tens of millions from the people of Fiji? Why don't we stand up and defend our dignity our land and our tradition? Why do we tolerate that Khaiyum persecutes our leaders and kicks us in the teeth on a daily basis. Why don't we say enough is enough and take our country back? We do have the power, we do have the numbers. We just need a little bit of courage and a leader whois willing to take up the fight. Perhaps Ro Teimumu is this leader. We should rally behind her and send the muslim mob where they belong. We don't need Boko Haram, Al Shabab, Al Queda and the like in our beloved country.

Anonymous said...

Kemuni na noda me kaku sara ni dua e digitaka na matanitu dau butako suguraki oqo.

E vica na wekada e labati ena loma ni veiliutaki nei Bainimarama?

E vica era vakacegui vakaca mai na nodra cakacaka baleta ni ra tukuna na dina?

E viva e vakasakei baleta ni ra tutkuna na dina vakataki Pita Waqawai.

E vica e ra mate saraga ena leqa ni bula vakailavo?
O cei e lasutaka ni ra na sega ni vakaitavi ena veilutaki na sotia?

O ni vinakata na dauni veiliutaki lasulasu?

O cei e vakalaiva e dua na MUSULIM me vkayaco lomana e noda vanua?

O cei vakadonuya na constitution ka sega ni taqomaka na noda qele na itaukei?

Oce i e bokoca laivi na Scholarship ni FAB qai veisautaka na TOPPERS scholarship ka lewe 14 walega na gone i taukei era rawata mai na 600 na levu ni scholarship.

O Bainimarama e meca ni Taukei kei ira na luvemuni, makubumuni kei na nomuni kawa.

Ni kakua sara ni digitaka na Fiji First ni Digitaka ga na SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Luveni is no doubt upholding a pillar of Islam..Cover up or get raped!

Anonymous said...

DONU VINAKA, ANONYMOUS 11:51 PM... O ira na tevoro ra tokoni Bainivuaka tiko era comment tiko ike era na milamila mai na nodra sona na veika dina o tukuna tiko mai ike.

Mera lai bulia madaga yani e dua nodra website vakataki ira mera lai kakase yani kina. Baleta ga nira ta sukulu, qavokavoka lala, fail vaka ono na kalasi dua. Era sega tiko ni rawa kina ni bulia nodra website. Kera bulia e dua me yacana na "Bainivuaka & Khaiyum 8 years of Corruption."

Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Keitou sa tu vakarau me keitou na ciqomi SODELPA ena macawa mai oqo. Keitou na gunuva na yaqona, ciqoma na nodratou tabua levu, rogoca ka vakadinata nodratou lasu, vosa vakamikamica vei ratou me voli kina na keitou tavako ia siga ni veidigidigi keitou toqa vei Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

She got a point. You just cant give the opposition any leverage on anything period. Example, you cant live your door unlock in Raiwaqa for the whole day and expect to come home and find everything is in order! Just common sense and not political correctness..

Anonymous said...

A person's dressing style should not be an issue when it comes to addressing our own social, moral and political crises....

Anonymous said...

There is nothing wrong in giving advise to our youngesters.There is nothing wrong in what she said.Everybody has a right to wear what they want.So how about wearing a a very short skirt and going to a village function.Now that won't be right,would it.
She has NOT TOLD anyone what to wear but just gave an advise.

Long Live FFP
Long Live Saviour Bainimarama

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Tuma said...

Wouldn't it be funny when some of those who signed up for/to the Fiji First Party now realize all their assets, financials e.t.c will have to be declared and made public/published. All 40K + members. Good opportunity for Creditors to chase up defaulters. Wouldn't be surprised to see resignations filing in once reality sets in.

Anonymous said...

Here are some of the "Chiefs" that are supporting Aiyaz Saiyad Khaiyum.

Are these men YOUR chiefs?

A vote for Fiji First is a vote in support of Muslim nepotism.


* Turaga Na Taukei Naua, Ratu Ponijese Lou

* Turaga Na Tui Vuda, Ratu Eparama Kitione Tavaiqia

* Turaga Tui Nawaka, Ratu Asaeli Driu Naevo

* Turaga Tui Sabeto, Ratu Tevita Susu Mataitoga

* Turaga Tui Nadi, Ratu Sailosi Ramoqe Dawai

* Turaga Tui Tavua, Ratu Salesi Baleimacuata

* Turaga Tui Navitilevu, Ratu Meli Bolobolo

* Turaga Na Tui Naviti, Ratu Kitione Vuluma

* Turaga Na Tui Vusu, Ratu Siriako N. Matabogi

* Turaga Na KaLevu, Ratu Kini Nanovo Vosalagi

* Turaga Na Tui Conua, Ratu Luke Veidovi

* Turaga Tui Davutukia, Ratu Emosi Buruavatu

* Turaga Na Vunivalu, Ratu Peni Mataitini Latianara

* Turaga Tui Nasikawa, Ratu Timoci Koilolo

* Taukei Vidilo, Ratu Wiliame Bouwalu Saumaimuri

* Turaga Na Tui Vitogo, Ratu Viliame Sovasova

* Turaga Na Tui Nalawa, Ratu Peni Niudamu

* Turaga Na Tui Lawa, Ratu Sevanaia Vatunitu Lalabalavu.

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess if these Powerful Chiefs from the West are supporting Bainimarama, then he must be doing something right!! All vote for Fiji First people. A proven candidate lineup and has the backing of the Chiefs!!

fed up said...

The new police commissioner should commence his job by arresting all the ministers and the chief justice for treason and overrthrow of a democratic government.

Lock up these usurpers of power and move towards election with a clean slate of candidates.

Go for it new COMPOL, go for these treasonists, usurpers, rapists of democracy. Send them to court and to prison, no one is above the law, when one steals, one faces the music.
Come on COMPOL send your officers to get these treasonists to await trial in prison.they have enjoyed more than enough freedom at the expense of ordinary citizens.
Arrest them, Arrest them, arrest them!!!!!
Arrest the number one public enemies.

Anonymous said...

@Tuma 9:32 AM

Where have you got this ridiculous idea from?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Too funny - Bainimarama says Fiji First intends to campaign with honesty, sincerity and love and affection! He had not been or done anything of these things so far it will do so now to win votes

Anonymous said...

To Frank and Aiyaz, please get rid of that idiot of a President we have in Rt Epeli. He is not doing your political cause any good with his useless junkets all over the world while the electorate is now asking hard economic questions about cost of living, taxes and etc. This useless drunk of an idiot needs to keep his worthless self in Govt House out of sight out of mind. His Excellency is no better piece of shit than his equally pathetic predecessor.

mark manning said...
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Anonymous said...

Did he tell these d heads to go drink homebrew under the mango tree??? watch as these chiefs do the usual thing ie Argee pichee liu muri

18 prominent chiefs support the Proposed Fiji First Party
Publish date/time: 20/05/2014 [08:09]

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18 prominent chiefs have shown their support to the Proposed Fiji First Party.

In a statement by the proposed leader of the proposed FijiFirst, Voreqe Bainimarama, he said apart from the more than 40 thousand signatures put forward for the registration application, there are many Fijians who continue to send in their names from all parts of Fiji.

Bainimarama said amongst these Fijians are some prominent chiefs whose names could not be included because the application with the Supervisor of Elections had already been lodged.

These chiefs include the Tui Vuda, Ratu Eparama Tavaiqia, the Tui Nawaka, Ratu Asaeli Naevo, Tui Sabeto Ratu Tevita Mataitoga, Tui Nadi Ratu Sailosi Dawai, the Acting Tui Tavua Ratu Salesi Baleimacuata, the Tui Navitilevu Ratu Meli Bolobolo, Tui Naviti Ratu Kitione Vuluma, Tui Vusu Ratu Siriako Matabogi, the Acting Ka Levu Ratu Kini Vosailagi, Tui Davutukia Ratu Emosi Buruavatu, the Taukei Naua Ratu Ponijese Lou, Tui Nasikawa Ratu Timoci Koilolo, the Tui Lawa Ratu Sevanaia Lalabalavu and Tui Vitogo Ratu Viliame Sovasova.

Fijivillage spoke to the Taukei Naua, Ratu Ponijiese Lou and the Acting Tui Tavua Ratu Salesi Baleimacuata.

Both said that they maintain their stand and give their full support to the leadership of the proposed party.

Ratu Ponijiese Lou said that he was the first person to sign up while Ratu Salesi Baleimacuata said the vanua of Tavualevu has agreed to back Voreqe Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

18 prominent chiefs support Bainimarama?..they have just became prominent close to the elections, don't be fooled by such reporting. Another propaganda by the " tatti" cleaners.

Anonymous said...

Yes @ Mark Manning..I noticed that

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Voting result can be changed by a micro chip
US scientists 'hack' India electronic voting machinesBy Julian Siddle

Science reporter, BBC News

Indian officials inspect an electronic voting machine (2009) India's voting machines are considered to be among the most tamperproof Continue reading the main story
Related Stories
How votes are counted in India
Indian election in numbers
Quick guide: Indian election

Scientists at a US university say they have developed a technique to hack into Indian electronic voting machines.

After connecting a home-made device to a machine, University of Michigan researchers were able to change results by sending text messages from a mobile.

Indian election officials say their machines are foolproof, and that it would be very difficult even to get hold of a machine to tamper with it.

India uses about 1.4m electronic voting machines in each general election.

'Dishonest totals'

A video posted on the internet by the researchers at the University of Michigan purportedly shows them connecting a home-made electronic device to one of the voting machines used in India.

Professor J Alex Halderman, who led the project, said the device allowed them to change the results on the machine by sending it messages from a mobile phone.

Continue reading the main story

Start Quote
It is not just the machine, but the overall administrative safeguards which we use that make it absolutely impossible for anybody to open the machine”
End Quote
Alok Shukla

Indian Election Commission

"We made an imitation display board that looks almost exactly like the real display in the machines," he told the BBC. "But underneath some of the components of the board, we hide a microprocessor and a Bluetooth radio."

"Our lookalike display board intercepts the vote totals that the machine is trying to display and replaces them with dishonest totals - basically whatever the bad guy wants to show up at the end of the election."

In addition, they added a small microprocessor which they say can change the votes stored in the machine between the election and the vote-counting session.

India's electronic voting machines are considered to be among the most tamperproof in the world.

There is no software to manipulate - records of candidates and votes cast are stored on purpose-built computer chips.

Paper and wax seals

India's Deputy Election Commissioner, Alok Shukla, said even getting hold of machines to tamper with would be very difficult.

"It is not just the machine, but the overall administrative safeguards which we use that make it absolutely impossible for anybody to open the machine," he told the BBC.

"Before the elections take place, the machine is set in the presence of the candidates and their representatives. These people are allowed to put their seal on the machine, and nobody can open the machine without breaking the seals."

The researchers said the paper and wax seals could be easily faked.

However, for their system to have any impact they would need to install their microchips on many voting machines, no easy task when 1,368,430 were used in the last general election in 2009

Poate Seniloli said...

I never thought that there would come this day when we Fijians come to loggerheads over the issue of how we dress up our daughters, sisters, mothers and so on. This USED to be a country where decency was paramount, where moral values head a place in society and respect was the word of the day. In so saying, every female out there has a right to choose what they intend to wear or how they would like to present themselves in public. They also deserve to be equally responsible for the consequences if they happen to end up in the wrong neighbourhood. The fact is that this is a cruel and merciless world that you live in, my dear ones. My piece of advice is that you choose carefully where you are going, whether what you are wearing suits the occasion, do you REALLY prefer being in the company of drunkards dressed that way...etc etc. There is nothing anybody can do to stop you from wearing what you want. Just be responsible please (and this should apply to men as well).

Poate Seniloli
Vakatora Apartments
Sukanaivalu Road

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama killed off the GCC - wouldn't be ironic to report that chiefs still supported him? Something smells fishy - yes, it is another lie from the propanganda machine!!

Anonymous said...

Some really irresponsible people think that girls wearing ultra shorts and mini skirts has no effect on real men...........
and irresponsible parents just relax..........

Anonymous said...

Tui Nawaka had released a earlier statement correcting a Fiji Sun report about 4 months ago that he supported Bai - he corrected that by saying he supported the development work of govt not politically,,,,

Anonymous said...

Prime Minister, Tuilaepa Sa’ilele Malielegaoi, has defended writing a letter of support for a man convicted of rape in New Zealand.

He has also questioned whether the conviction was “erroneous” given that the man he wrote in support of, Fatu Seti, could not speak “proper” English.

“There are some areas that the judges may not understand,” said the Prime Minister.

“So from what I see, there is a big possibility that a decision might be erroneous and that is why I wrote suggesting to deport him if found guilty.”

Tuilaepa also suggested that the truth does not always win during Court cases.

“In these arguments, if you are good at lying, you can get away with it.”

Mr. Seti fled New Zealand eight years ago when he was accused of raping a 19-year-old woman from Waiheke Island.

Extradited to face trial, he was sentenced by the Auckland District Court earlier this month to four years and seven months in prison.

The sentence was later increased to nearly six years.

Last week, Opposition leader, Palusalue Fa’apo II, attacked the letter of support from Tuilaepa.

He said it was “disgraceful” and inappropriate.

Palusalue said that no other country would see its leader writing letters of support for a sex offender.

He also criticized the Speaker, Laaulialemalietoa Leuatea Polataivao, and an unnamed police chief for writing character references for Mr. Seti.

But Tuilaepa was unrepentant.

In response, he turned to the Bible for justification. He said that Gospel teachings are to help anyone, even prisoners.

But whether a man is convicted of rape or murder, it is all the same, said Tuilaepa.

“My letter to the judges suggested that if they find him guilty, they can deport him back to Samoa,” he said “This is a common thing in New Zealand and America, that if they find a Samoan guilty they can deport them back to their country.” Tuilaepa suggested that the Opposition criticism represents a failure to live by the Gospel.

“I’m saddened by Palusalue because he is a deacon for his parish.”

He again referred to the Bible.

“One of the prisoners that was crucified with Jesus, Jesus told him that today we will be together. So if we follow what Palusalue says, then he’s saying that Jesus should say go to hell.

“This is not what we’re being taught…if the prisoner needs help, help him.” Tuilaepa also pointed out that Mr. Seti’s talent as a fire dancer has helped Samoa in terms of attracting tourists.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Khaiyum is not the brain in this regime the man who is making all
the moves is the pufta Anthony Gate-the Chief Justice. Khaiyum is
only his tool-remember the two
shameem sisters used to work for him in his law practise and when he became the Judge both sisters
continue to help him out and
they'd worked together in almost all his cases?
They both supported him
as Chief Justice when Bhai took
over the Government and he wrote
all the finding against the SDL government and vice-versa!
He's made sure that the two sisters are moved away from Arms
way before the result of the September election is known-Why?
cause something or someone could
trigger a civil uprising,and he
want his closest friends to be safe abroad when & if it happen?
Khaiyum & Bhainimarama are both idiots. I'm not suprise if they'd
be left to be holding an empty
bag after the election and Gates
won't be around to help them?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@ Poate Seniloli
Rape is an ugly word for an ugly action — one that too many women have been forced to grapple with.One of the phrases most commonly associated with rape culture is “victim-blaming.” Those guilty of victim-blaming like Luveni argue women need to prevent rape because men have animalistic urges they can’t be held responsible for.
Requiring women to protect themselves from men excuses men’s actions. If a woman gets raped and the response from everyone — family, friends, the media, strangers — is, “You should have been protecting yourself,” there is a problem.
The obvious question that comes to mind is: How do we stop rape from happening?
Like it or not, we live in a society pervaded by rape culture, despite the crime’s horrible nature. Rape culture is attitudes and practices that “normalize, excuse, tolerate, and even condone rape,”
The average gut reaction to someone saying your culture excuses or condones rape might be to push back and reject the notion. If you look close enough, you can see that though people might have good intentions, our supposed ideals about women, men and rape have contributed to a warped sense of who is to blame.
There are some sexual assault “risk reducers” — things women can do before going out at night as precautionary measures against being raped. but even if a woman does all the things that will protect them from assault, a woman could still be raped by a man who wants sex and won’t take no for an answer. Any “protective” measures a woman could take — dressing conservatively, avoiding alcohol, walking in well-lit areas, learning self-defense, carrying a weapon, etc. — don’t guarantee safety.
You wouldn’t ask someone who got robbed on the way home from work what he or she was wearing. You wouldn’t wonder if maybe the person had been “asking for it.” Just like robbery, rape is a crime in which one person exerts power over another. Yet rape victims constantly get asked victim-blaming questions, as though if they had not done something wrong, they wouldn’t be in this situation.
This is a fallacy. The only way to stop sexual assault is to make rapists stop raping. We can’t let misguided notions to set us back to once again claiming victims especially women are responsible for something out of their control.

Anonymous said...

I was wearing shorts in a drunkard neighbourhood and I did not get raped. Most men don't rape, so let's not generalize. Luveni should learn some simple psychology

Anonymous said...

Past elections taught us that a divided Fijian vote means FLP or NFP wins.

It seems to me that SODELPA has strong support in the central division around Tailevu, Rewa, and Naitasiri but has diluted support in the Western Division.

If the support by western chiefs for Fiji First is anything to go by, it looks like FFP will have strong support in the West where there are more seats compared to the eastern division. VB could very well win this election in the West and maybe pick up enough seats in the central division where the FLP vote and youth vote could go his way after Chaudhry's conviction.

Then again Fijian voters are a fickle bunch so perhaps the West is not really in the bag for FFP. Let's have a few months of SODELPA campaign events in the West and let's see whether FFP support there is strong.

The pieces in this puzzle are now slowly falling into place.

Anonymous said...

"Bainimarama congratulates newly elected Indian PM
Publish date/time: 19/05/2014 [12:09]

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama has sent a congratulatory message to the newly elected Prime Minister of the Republic of India, Narendra Modi"


Anonymous said...

18 chiefs....thats 18 votes!

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa says Fiji regime incurs bumper bill for taxpayer
Updated 5 minutes ago

Tweet on TwitterShare on Facebook

Fiji’s Sodelpa Party says it is a big concern that Fiji taxpayers will bear the cost of Monday’s bumper edition of the Fiji Sun.

The five hundred plus page paper contained the names, addresses and signatures of more than 40 thousand supporters of the regime-backed Fiji First Party which is applying for registration.

The rules require parties to have at least five thousand signed up members, and a member list is among the party details which need to be published in the media.

Sodelpa’s General Secretary, Pio Tabaiwalu, says when his party registered it pared down its list of supporters in order to keep publication costs down for the government.

“Why go overboard? It’s really going to cost taxpayers in the vicinity of over $200,000 to pay for the advertisement in the daily and that is of real concern to us. And paid to a newspaper that in fact is a propaganda mouthpiece of this regime and that’s another issue.”

Pio Tabaiwalu of Sodelpa.
Qo na yacana na desparado!!

Anonymous said...

HA HA HA. If you people think anyone is going to give a flying duck about this story, you are mad. One for the feminist idiots and no one else.

Anonymous said...

Bai disband the gcc .why the chiefs want to support bai?.money shame.

Anonymous said...

anon @ 1.17pm..Can't you see everyone has given a flying duck to this story!
It's called the power of the web

Anonymous said...

Frank is vote buying with promises. His fundraising has started as he has released millions of dollars of held payments to Vinod Patel and Manubhai. I guess a good percentage will go to his election coffers. Naboro awaits you Frank, be ready to join the ones you jailed.

Its true. said...

Dr Luveni is very right,you send a half naked female in a crowded are full of men and you watch where we will fix our eyes.Wanna know,I'll tell you,first the breast,second the crotch, then third the buttocks or bum.Then we will look at the face if the girl has a preety face then action from 1-3 repeats itself,At times I feel aroused or frankly speaking an erection jacking up like a carjack so I have to look away or sit down on a seat to allow cooling process to take effect.But she is true, We men are led by sight,wonder why men watch porn,after watching we mastubate to cool off or chill out as the Americans say.

Its true. said...

Dr Luveni is very right,you send a half naked female in a crowded area full of men and you watch where we will fix our eyes.Wanna know,I'll tell you,first the breast,second the crotch, then third the buttocks or bum.Then we will look at the face if the girl has a preety face then action from 1-3 repeats itself,At times I feel aroused or frankly speaking an erection jacking up like a carjack so I have to look away or sit down on a seat to allow cooling process to take effect.But she is true, We men are led by sight,wonder why men watch porn,after watching we mastubate to cool off or chill out as the Americans say.

NadroKid said...

E kia na lequ kerekere vua ko mutou taucoko na lequ viagwane yalevu mutu lai volai koto e na veva na lemutu tomakinia koto la matanitu o Bainimarama. Na matanitu okwe e tauyavutaki e na driva itutu kei na basu lawa.

Ke giritaki na itukutuku okwe me mutu tata vadodonu me vadodonutaki na giri me kodaki a tara oti so na veiyagwane na Tui Nawaka. Ia ke djinataki, qu kerevi ko mutou me mutu vakasamatakinia na lemutu itosotoso. Na yatoyato okwe na yatoyato balavu. Mutu tu takinia na djina qai nia na savasava.

Mutu kua ni rawai i na kwa va vuravura. Nai tutu, na rogo, nai yau e na devu ma. E na devu ma na kwa taucoko e solia koto na matanitu basulawa e drusa koto nikua. Mutu qaraunia ni mutu na qai mata va riva e na gauna e bala ke i were ni veivesu o Bainimarama.

Mutu tu takinia na djina qai nia na savasava me cola ke o Viji vata na veiduku ulu ni yataga yalevu qu la mai cavubalejidru koto na siga nikua. Mutu kalougata koto!

Anonymous said...










Anonymous said...

Jiko Leweni had a colourful and repulsive adulterous reputation when she was Mr Yasa’s wife.and working as a dentist. A well known Fijian dentist (now overseas, in Australia)used to have endless affairs with her…he is a friend of mine who often tells me about their affairs. She now wants to teach women how to behave the fiendish tart,,,she is not a good role model to anybody…just ask Mr Mikaeli Yasa the former husband

Anonymous said...

Isa era sa rawa beka ni voli vakarawarawa na wekaqu na Turaga mai na yasayasa vakara. Sa oti beka na homebrew ka solia vei ira o Bai, sa rairai solia beka eso na dola me voli kina eo na kateni. Dou vakaukauwa na wekaqu mai na west. Dou vulica mada eso na lesoni.

Registered Voter said...

This blog has been running for so many years now...the government is still in power because the people want it to be. I think many people whinging on this site are secretly benefiting from the schemes of this government...and PLEASE don't deny it (LOL)!

Anonymous said...

Attul Patel son of Mulji Patel ex Nadi convicted of molestation of young girls in Auckland ...(He himself has a daughter of same age 13 yrs) ..He belongs to a family of all "nut crackers" with one being an Alcoholic , the other a Wife Basher , anothers brothers wifes family stole money of market venders in Lautoka ...BUT the best part is that he frequented theatres without paying entry fees ... What a jerk ass !

Anonymous said...

Registered voter, perhaps you're benefiting from this illegal government, by way of you licking Bai's ass LOL

Anonymous said...

Ki vei keda ga na i Tukei ni Vanua oqo ko Viti:

Ni kaukauwa ka qaqa mo ni kakua ni coriti ena lasu mai vei na i taukei ni lasu o Bainimarama.

E sega ni dua na nona power base o ya na vuna e sa soli loli tiko kina me rawa ni oni coriti ena nona lasu.

E dua na Musulimi e tu mai dakui Bainimarama o ya o Khaihumu.

Ni oni digitaki Bainimarama o ni sa digitaki Khaihum tiko kei na nona i lala dau laba.

Anonymous said...

Ki vei keda ga na i Tukei ni Vanua oqo ko Viti:

Ni kaukauwa ka qaqa mo ni kakua ni coriti ena lasu mai vei na i taukei ni lasu o Bainimarama.

E sega ni dua na nona power base o ya na vuna e sa soli loli tiko kina me rawa ni oni coriti ena nona lasu.

E dua na Musulimi e tu mai dakui Bainimarama o ya o Khaihumu.

Ni oni digitaki Bainimarama o ni sa digitaki Khaihum tiko kei na nona i lala dau laba.

Quit as a Chief said...

18 Prominent Fijian chiefs supporting Fiji First is a joke. Does Frank not know that we Fijians, wrote the book on how to liumuri, "age piche." They are saying yes now because you providing free, houses, education, new schools, bridges, roads, water, electricity, boats, sewing machines and more. More than they ever seen in their lives. However, they have not forgotten the sons and daughters from their provinces that your unjust decrees caused so much suffering, their chiefs who were humiliated and fathers and relatives who were terminated of their employment when you took power. They will not forget but will have their revenge at the ballot box, come 17 September. Then you will truly know what the chiefs mean by support i.e. supporting the other parties to oust you from power. Enjoy your stay at Naboro with your master, Khaiyum!

Anonymous said...

I will vote Khaiyum anyday, he's what we would term a Straight Shooter and a Sure Footer!!

Anonymous said...

@Its true 2:30 PM

No doubt looking at men has a far greater affect on you.

Anonymous said...

Annon 4:58 pm.

Your hero is destined to Naboro for treason.

A straight Shooter is only reserved for people with integrity NOT for a person who advised Bai to destroy or hurt the indigenous people of this country.

Your hero has made a lot of enemies and this SHALL never be forgotten by the First people of this nation.

He can run but he can not hide any more ...its like a time bomb.

Anonymous said...

They are not prominent Chiefs ...There are only few prominent Chiefs in Fiji and none of them on the list appear prominent to me.

By the way Chiefs are well known for their vere vakaBau style of leadership.
Chiefs are well known their liu muri.

Anonymous said...

chiefs ... chiefs ... chiefs ... too many chiefs ... not enough indians

Anonymous said...

oilei! these chiefs rule over people who know better. So let the chiefs support Frank but the people will vote Sodelpa or Labour or NFP any way

Anonymous said...

mark manning at 11:20 AM said

"Is it just me or has anyone else ever noticed that it's only ugly fat old menopausal woman who complain about other women exposing their flesh?"

It's just you Mark, for didn't you marry a similar turd? Enjoy your glass house.

KUA NI RERE said...

A few weeks ago in one day the Fiji Times reported 3 rapes in Fiji.

One was a 65 year old lady, as payment for lawn mowing by her husband
One was a 15 year old
and the other was a 10 year old.

So according to this dumb arsehole Jiko Luveni these women or these young girls asked for it.

Jiko Luveni is a dickhead and is typical of the moronic type of individuals that support Bainimarama.


because its full of farked up people with farked up logic.

Anonymous said...

a day dedicated for one of Fiji's greatest statesman, Ratu Sir Lala Sukuna, as a holiday was removed by this regime but did not remove Diwali or prophet Mohammed holidays.No country in the world has a holiday for 'sports'.

Anonymous said...

Ki vei kemuni kece sara na taukei ni vanua lomani oqo ko Viti.

O Bainimarama e sa kauta tani na Holiday nei Ratu Sukuna ka sosomitaka na Holiday ni MUsulim.

Ni kakua sara ni vote taka na Fiji F Up Party.


Anonymous said...

Am glad there are no chiefs in my Province of Tailevu supporting Bainimarama. Neither from Naitasiri, Ra, Namosi, Rewa, Kadavu, or any from Vanua Levu mentioned except the Bua chief.

Anonymous said...

Tuma @9:32 Kua mada ni levu na vakils, qa dudu vai bumu...!!! Na kaya ga o Bainimarama, Fiji First, Bumu next...!!!

Anonymous said...

President junket trip ....

"What is the difference between the previous president and the current one?"
the previous one suffered from, senility - a brain disease. the current one, no disease - no brain.

High Tea said...

Eighteen chiefs support the Paramount Thief! Sounds rather impressive, until one pauses to consider the large number of chiefs in Fiji. Why, even Bainimarama now seems to see himself as Fiji's highest chief, a vanity the ni-Vanuatu played to when they named him "Chief Warwar". Thousand Sands Casinos exploited it too when they gave him an American indian headdress. In the meanwhile, the real chief in New York was repudiating the whole deal, and so now ask yourself where is the casino deal today?

Now ask yourself whether these chiefs really endorsed Bainimarama or just told him in general terms that they support some of his programmes.

Then ask yourself why it is that Bainimarama is making this statement and not the chiefs themselves.

Then ask how many of these "chiefs" are not real chiefs at all but only claimants to disputed chiefly titles, titles this regime has been attempting to usurp in the same way that the unelected government in China attempts to control the Tibetans' choice of the Panchen Lama.

Eighteen "chiefs" -- that's all they came with? Pathetic! There are probably more Fijian "chiefs" than that now in assisted living in a single neighbourhood of Sacramento, California!

Anonymous said...

The Holy Bible says that the woman Eve tempted the man Adam and afterwards they hid themselves.

Please women do not blame the men! If you did not temp him in the first place we would not be in this difficulties.

Only fools believing in Bai Khai said...

Registered Voter @ 10.31pm The illegal government is successful because it has imposed a military dictatorship on the people of Fiji and is using our hard earned taxpayers money to manufacture propaganda to make itself look good. Anyone with guns and resources behind it would of course 'succeed'. Everything at Bainimarama's disposal he has acquired by force, not with the people's support.

Anonymous said...

I am disgusted, I want to throw up when I see my beautiful country going to the dogs. Why can't we have a tiny bit of dignity, why can't we defend our tradition and culture that has bound us together for hundreds of years. Why can't we shout no to Khaiyum's plan to let the sun set on everything we have treasured for a very long time? Stand up people before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

FLP + NFP are history. Frank has all the indians and Western side chiefs licking his nuts.

Anonymous said...

Au tarogi kemuni mada na kai viti o ni sa ka ni kodrovaka tiko mai na democracy. Na noqu taro qo, "E VAKAYAGATAKI TIKO ENA I VAKARAU VAKA VITI NA DEMOCRACY". Dua na gauna lekaleka sa oti e a tukuna kina o Professor Asesela Ravuvu " DEMOCRACY IS A FOREIGN FLOWER".

Levu era lai kauta vakatani na vosa ne Jiko Luveni baleta na i sulusulu. Ena noda soqo vakavanua e rawa ni dua na goneyalewa e vakatarausese lekaleka tu ga yani.
Sega, ena kara laki ka tukuni vua me lai veisau. E vei e kea na democracy. Me tukuni ga vei Mere Samisoni ni levu na tovo vakaviti era se tu sara ga ena dark ages me vaka ya tukuna o koya ena nona via twist taka na vosa nei Jiko me rawa kina na nona political agenda.

Anonymous said...

Kevaka era sa voli na noda turaga, meda kakua ni wili kina na lewenivanua, deda na qai qai luvu vata kece ka na yali vakadua na i taukei ni vanua lomani ko Viti.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.30am..e rapetaki na yalewa ena garogaro ca ni tagane, sega ni baleta nai sulu era dara.
O a na vuna e vakatokai kina na vosa nei Luveni me " from the dark ages". Tukuna mada mai ke vaka na rape e caka tu e na koro e baleta nai sulusulu?
"Democracy is a foreign flower" but it is a beautiful flower. O a ya na vuna e ra kalougata kina na vei matanitu lelevu. Dina ni vou vei keda, ia e gauta mai na gagala ni digidigi, ka sega ni dodonu me yaco kina na veikove tutu e vaka e a mai cakava o Bainimarama, Rabuka, kei Speight.
Matai, o Luveni e a sega ni digitaki e na dua na election. Karua, o koya e marama dau "bausi"(:bausitaka na misini ni culacula mai jaina). Kei na katolu, e vakawati sotia, sa na macala ga ni na totaki ira na bavulu mai na keba. Kei na kava, dau vosa vakalialia me baleti ira na marama. Meu tinia, e tamata "no class"!

Anonymous said...

Totaka na dina, totaka na turaga kei na marama ni vanua e valataka na dina. Ke dua e vakadonuya na gusu ni dakai e sega ni rauti koya na veiliutaki.

Dakai = mate
Na dina = bula

mark manning said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Teimumu is broke, no money period. Rewa lease money not enough.

Anonymous said...

High Tea, is it ironic that Baimagana removed the GCC and now claimed to have the support of the chiefs?

Anonymous said...

Kepa working with Vanua? bullshitting the vanua like they did with the SDL.

High Tea said...

Ironic, indeed, and more than a little pathetic. He fears the chiefs, loathes the chiefs, but wants to be a chief -- even THE chief. But to borrow from Shaista Shameem, he has no sense of "noblesse oblige". He's a crude ruffian. Dress him up in uniforms, medals and titles all you want -- but you might as well be putting lipstick on a pig.

Anonymous said...

I suppose if we take the opposing views to Dr Jiko, then we should also not worry about our wallet hanging out of our pockets when we walk past suspicious looking people in a dark alley, or we should also not bother to lock out houses as we go to sleep at night because hey according to your way of thinking taking precautions in a vulnerable situation is not required, and anyone who warns you against taking these precautions is really blaming the victim and how dare that be done, that is barbarous thinking of old.
The level of debate sometimes defies logic. I guess when cheap political points are on offer, everyone including those vulnerable to rape are fair game.

Anonymous said...

it is unfijian to name who your supporters are ... what a joke. It is also unchristian to believe that one race has more rights than another, SODELPA is headed for oblivion along with FLP & NFP

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8:30 AM
Au kila ni o saga toka vakaukauwa mo "justitify" taki Bainimarama ena nona taura vakaukauwa na matanitu ka vakavuna nodra mate e vica na lewe ni vanua kei Luveni ena nona vosa tu vakalialia.

Au kerea mo laki vuli tale mada mo rawa ni o vakarabailevu taka na no mu kila ka.

Na gauna e sa toso ka sa veisau kina na rai ni tamata.

Ke o sega ni vuli o na mataboko tu ga ka na "very selective" se qiqo na ka o raica.

Baleta ga ni o sotia o sa na tovaki Bainimarama ga ia o sega ni raica rawa na i yaloyalo levu ni veika e sa vakacacana o Bainimarama beleta ni a muria ga mai e dua na gaunisala butobuto ena nona mai taura vakaukauwa na matanitu era a digitaka na leweni vanua.

E na dredre na wekaqu mo raica rawa na yasana au vakamacalataka yani oqo baleta saraga ni sega ni rawa ni accomodate taka na nomu koro turaga baleta e vinakati me na vakatawani ena vuli ka.

E vinaka ji na SCHOOL ka sega na TA SCHOOL vakataki Bainimarama kei Luveni.

O Luveni e kisi duatani baleta e sa digitaka saraga na veika e via raica baleta ni se vinaka ga me raica mera vakalolomataki tiko ga na TINADA, GADEDA ETC.

O koya e marama vuli ia baleta ni sa yaco mai na qaciqaciya sa tarova saraga na nona rawa ni raica na veika dina ia e sa na raica ga na yasaba ca kece ni nodra na marama kei na yalewa.

O Shamima Ali kei Virisila Buadromo e rau buta vinaka ena veika me baleti ira na marama ka rau sa recognised taki talega ena vei yasa i Vuaravura.

O Jiko Luveni e bausi Misini wavoki tokaga ena noda veikorokoro.

Sa dri yani.

Anonymous said...

Aman Ravindra Singh had to resign from USP because he became the GS of PDP and USP policies dont allow its staff to be on payroll and hold political party positions. He used his position in USP to recruit students to support PDP. Everyone knows in PDP how much backstabbing he did to reputable members of the party to climb to the position of GS. This greedy and ambitious man spilled blood in PDP for his own gain. Ask anyone in PDP how this man conspired to rise to the position. No ethics and no shame.

KUA NI RERE said...

I guess you are the sort of person that will be asking for Tourists to bathe in a BURKA rather than bikinis, because the locals might get tempted and rape them.

Anonymous said...

anon 11.52am
why did Bai & you non indigenous stop the Qoliqoli Bill which should have returned all minerals and foreshore, seas etc to the indigenous???
Now he is bribing them for a tick at elections....

Anonymous said...

No Aman Singh didnt not resign. He was fired for taking his male students behind the Sports City complex at night.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing about the Girmit Anniversary was that Indians wrote letters to the editor stating Fiji's development due to arrival of girmits but the indigenous did not say a thing to boast about their role.

Anonymous said...

The 'NABORO FIRST PARTY' should be the name of VB's party, because it should head to Naboro first for a clean-up campaign, before thinking of coming back to lead the government.

Dharam Lingam said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
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Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@ 5.20 and 5.24pm and @ Mark Manning: Both of your comments have been removed - please return to constructive debate at hand. - C4.5 Editor

Suomynona said...

No surprise that Luveni just condoned rape that she's received a huge tongue lashing from feminist and women's rights groups, apart from joining the Fiji Flunk Party.

She obviously knew better but then just delivered the wrong words in regards to rape (unless Fiji Stunk is looking for publicity as usual)

Defeat for frankie is sure automatic transfer to Naboro where he can join Speight and the rest of the other goons there who may need some company at least.

Anonymous said...

Women go topless in Yap, and yet rape is virtually nonexistent there.

Women are covered head to toe with burkhas in Muslim countries, lest the sight of a well-turned ankle arouse the Muslim men.

The problem isn't the dress; it's the culture.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:59 PM

It's not the culture in Fiji, it's just that they are slowly advancing from raping children to adults now but adults talk and they are starting to get found out.

Anonymous said...

Frank can lose the elections by a landslide. But if the regime-controlled media declare Frank the winner by a landslide, what then?

Anonymous said...

NGOs right across Fiji should be calling for the resignation of Tuveni.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sun gets $238,000 of taxpayers money for publishing thieving proposed Fiji First Party's 40,000 plus signatures!

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

So Fiji Sun is guilty of employing a sex offender..may be this time he is fondling Bai and Kai's "willies" hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

Sa ca gona ni via propagandist tiko ni junta qo o bolatiki. Dodonu mada ga me clean up taka mada na nona mona. Me checktaki talega on Raturala!

Masi said...

Jiko Luveniyali...was not Epi your ex-Marital conjugatal Affairs partner when you were married to Mikaele Yasa????? I think he was....you rotten buinigone!!!!!!!