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Friday, May 16, 2014

Former USP professor details victimisation of staff

"USP senior management alleged my writings on the FNPF and other public policy issues were costing USP some $30 million of deliberately delayed payments owed by the Fiji Government."

By Professor Wadan Narsey

Creeping totalitarianism at USP: an open letter to USP Council and Member Governments

When individuals do not resist small steps taken by dictators to limit their freedom, the restrictions become stronger, until one day, totalitarianism becomes the norm for the whole group.

It is especially hard to counter this when the dictators are friends one has known for more than three decades, working together to build the same institution.

USP stakeholders need to inquire if this is happening at The University of the South Pacific, deeply undermining not just its ethics, transparency, accountability and good governance, but also undermining all the universal principles which have characterized great universities over the centuries (see link below to Masefield).

While many organisations, like the FNPF, include protection of “whistle-blowers” in order to tackle internal governance problems, we all know it is extremely difficult for vulnerable individuals to “blow the whistle” on those in positions of absolute authority.

USP management recently warned all staff that they:  “must never communicate directly with the members of the University’s Executive Committee or Council over any matter.  A breach of these requirements may amount to ... “gross misconduct” and may give rise to disciplinary action (including possibly, in serious cases, dismissal).” (my emphases).

I remind that USP is NOT a private company, “owned” by the Vice Chancellor, or Council Chairman, or even the Executive Committee of Council.    USP is a “public company” whose real governing body is the entire USP Council, acting on behalf of the tax-payers of the region.

Yet USP management has today virtually become the owner rather than the employees.  Moreover, the governing structure is such that USP Council may now be systematically denied information which could throw USP Management in bad light, especially if the USP Vice Chancellor and sometimes the Chair of Council have a vested interest in such matters.

While the University management claims that the staff can depend on internal processes, I testify that internal procedures can be breached and are breached by senior USP management with impunity, without Council being any wiser.  I give my own personal example.

Four years ago, a USP Committee chaired by the Vice Chancellor, discussing the renewal of my professorial contract, allowed two most senior members of the management to introduce totally extraneous, false and libellous allegations, not mentioned in my staff review form, but leading to protracted discussion by the Committee.  I was not given any opportunity to respond despite that being a basic rule of Staff Review.   These were serious breaches of USP staff review regulations, documented for me by a detailed transcript of the meeting, by one of the Committee members.

Despite his strongest recommendation for a normal contract renewal and a cash bonus because of my excellent performance and contribution to the Department, Faculty and University, my Faculty Dean was over-ruled by the rest of USP management, and I was not given the normal three year contract renewal.  Ironically, I had been awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Research not long before.

Upon appeal, and supported by many eminent regional and international referees, a Committee chaired by the Deputy Chair of Council, reversed the USP management decision, noting my “substantial contributions in teaching, research and publications of regional relevance” and that I “was an exemplary academic and a teacher of very high calibre”.

However, despite my formal request, USP management’s breaches of its own internal regulations were never addressed by the Vice Chancellor or the Chair of USP Council, nor was there any apology from the several senior managers who had maligned me with impunity under the cover of “confidentiality” that has now become the norm at USP.

Worse, the Human Resource minutes of that meeting did not record the unfounded allegations made against me and the protracted discussion that resulted.  Although I wrote repeatedly to the Executive Director of Human Resources (who coincidentally left USP soon after) and the Chair of USP Council, no action was taken, nor was USP Council made aware of the issue. 

The internal processes at USP failed to protect my legitimate interests. 

I was eventually pressured to withdraw my complaint to the Chair of Council, as a quid pro quo for giving the VC the honour to jointly  launch a publication (with the Head of the UNFPA who would not have come otherwise) of the proceedings of an important Regional Population and Development Conference of which I had been Chairman.

A year later, while I was on my sabbatical in Japan, I was summoned to Fiji without any explanation by USP management.   From a copy of email correspondence (of 29 May 2011) in my possession, the pressure apparently originated in discussions between the USP Vice Chancellor and two Bainimarama Government Ministers (publicly denied by both), and the Deputy Chair of USP Council.

USP senior management (with the three most senior managers leading the charge) alleged that my writings on the FNPF and other public policy issues were costing USP some $30 million of deliberately delayed payments owed by the Fiji Government.   After numerous unsubstantiated accusations and discussions lasting for two hours (of which I have a detailed transcript) they informed me that I should leave USP if I wished to continue my independent writings.

With no support forthcoming from any of my superiors, including my Faculty Dean, and facing a “damned if I do and damned if I don’t” situation, I eventually resigned, under legally confidential arrangements.

Did the Vice Chancellor or the Chair of Council ever tell the USP Council the full details of the forced resignation of one of USP’s longest serving and senior academic who had worked there since 1973, with one of the highest academic profiles in Fiji and the region?

[I won’t elaborate on the personal pain of being sent packing without even a cup of tea from USP management, in a shameful breach of staffing protocol].

Several other senior USP staff have had similar experiences, indicating that USP staff cannot depend on internal processes to address their perceived grievances, if the senior management is intent on penalizing them.

While USP Council Members may have a personal inclination to “leave it to management”,  they must take their governing responsibilities seriously if they are to fulfil their responsibilities to the tax-payers of the region and donors, who jointly finance the University.

USP Council must allow staff members to communicate their concerns to any of the full Council Members, without being threatened with dismissal or suspension, as happened recently to one very senior USP manager with interesting results.

USP Council must note that staff victimisation can be hidden and subtle.  USP management have the discretion to deny normal benefits (such as contract renewals on satisfactory performance, promotions, bonuses, conference or sabbatical leave) to those out of favour.

Most perniciously, USP management have been known to refuse to respond in a timely manner to genuine staff concerns,  often not responding to emails for months on end, callously indifferent to the resulting psychological trauma to staff members (there is one very prominent such case going on at the moment).   This must surely pose a grave risk to the good governance of any institution, let alone a public university.

USP Council should note that there are other instances of USP Management’s threatening behaviour and desire to exercise internal censorship.   USP staff were recently warned that all committee discussions at USP, including that of its highest academic body, the Senate, must be regarded as “confidential” and not divulged to anyone.  How ludicrous for internal democracy and the sharing of academic information at a University.

It is sad that many senior USP academics and section heads have succumbed to the dictum that “loyalty to the institution” (interpreted as loyalty to the individuals in management) is a necessary condition for their renewal of contracts, for academic perks and promotions.

Where good expatriate academics or managers have been appointed, they do not last long at USP.

USP Council should note that individual USP academics are fearful of victimization.  They are unable to challenge not just this totalitarian rule, but also the blatant and well-publicised instances of suppression of academic freedom and the much higher basic human rights for freedom of expression.  

It is sad that the USP Staff Association is a shadow of what it was in the seventies, eighties and nineties, and is today totally subservient to the USP management,  a symptom also of the extent of intellectual decay and the success of the totalitarian rule at USP.

All these negative developments (and there is more besides which unfortunately are anonymous postings on blogs) make a mockery of USP’s oft-repeated claims to be a beacon of ethics, transparency, accountability and good governance in the region.

USP today is a far cry from Poet Laureate John Masefield’s 1946 poem “A University, Splendid, Beautiful and Enduring”, that was my guide at USP for more than 35 years and an inspiration for my website:

I was recently pleased to find the same poem by Masefield used very creatively last year by the Chancellor of the American University of Pittsburgh, a genuinely great university.

Professor Wadan Narsey
(former Director of Planning and Development, and former Professor of Economics, at USP)


Anonymous said...

Well what else do you expect from a military government, you should have exercised caution and keep your head low. We're under attack are we not??

Anonymous said...

Where is procedural fairness and natural justice? It seems to have come down to just numbers on a ballot paper and disrespectful comments would lead to 10 years imprisonment or a $50,000 fine. All signs of institutional and structural decay.

Anonymous said...

Just a note to Mr. Narsey, It appears from all your writings (perhaps ranting’s too) that you are very focused on your point of view. Rarely (I have never seen it but I’m sure an academic of your calibre would) have you given any space in your writings to what you may perceive as an opposing view other than to completely dismiss it as corrupt practice.
Try being a little more thoughtful and imaginative towards views or processes that you don't agree with. A bit of objectivity would not only reduce your level of stress but also make you more relevant to those who don't hold the same militant demeanour as you do. At present your writings lead me to the conclusion that you must have an ulterior motive or some hidden ambitions which have not yet been made public.
I hope you take the above as positive criticism because we need dissenting views in any society or organisation, it provides balance and vastly increases the options that are available to the ultimate decision makers. Who knows with a little less belligerency and a little more balance, you may also end up being one of those decision makers.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

wadan has hit the nail on the head. Under Maharaja rajesh chandra- USP has gone down to the dogs. The USP council must have ball now to institute and independent inequiry- ausaid has turned a blind eye to the mismanagement not only in USP but also in SPC and other regional organisations. ask fekita from spc who also is vice chair of usp council- where her incompetent husband has got a job- a tongan mafia has taken over rajesh chandra- fekita, kisione, sane, new tongan vp who could not operate a power point- who could not get a job as lecturer in school of education- ask akanisi and akhila- they know. Ikbal Janif and rajesh chandra have made usp a high school- run by a principal and a headmaster

Anonymous said...

Well done Wadan Narsey. As a Laucala Campus academic staff, I can vouch you are absolutely correct. Everything you say is true. Rajesh Chandra operates like a mafia don. Esther Williams is like the mafia hitman. Rajesh Chandra breaches procedures at will. As his unpopularity grows, he introduces more draconian measures. Junior academic staff staff face a lot of bullying and intimidation. Best staff have left or forced out. Academic standards gone down the toilet.

I salute you for your bravery. Do bot worry about racial slurs. That's the work Rajesh Chandra's henchmen at USP and in the regime. We are fully behind you. USP is too precious to be destroyed by its incompetent, vain and bullying VC.

How failed USP Vice-Chancellor Rajesh Chandra slowly destroying USP said...

VC Rajesh Chandra acts like God's gift to USP. In reality he is a failure. He does not know how to prepare and present a case for extra funding from member governments.

So he does the easy thing: asks for reduction in budget and recover the sums from staff salaries, student facilities and fee increases. USP has paid a heavy price for its VC's lack of confidence: student facilities and staff working conditions have deteriorated over the years due to inadequate funding.

This has dealt a double blow to academic standards. Learning and teaching and research slowly going down the tube as the best staff flee. Only Rajesh's cronies like Esther Williams, Akanisi Kedrayate and Angela Jokhan remain. Their contribution to research is almost zero but people who rsearch like Wadan and Biman kicked out.

Esther, Akanisi and Angela who never reached any great heights as academics or academic managers are yes people, and riding the Rajesh Chandra gravy train.

Because of Rajesh Chandra stinginess and Lack of foresight, USP is faced with a perennial staff turnover problem. Huge amounts of time and money are wasted in staff recruitment, only to see them leave.

This is just one of the many failures of USP and its VC and president Rajesh Chandra.

Anonymous said...

Nepotism is at the highest at USP.
Can Rajeshwar Chandra tell publicly how did Jai Kumar husband of CEO Consumer Council Premilla Kumar got a job as director marketing at USP.
1. What is Jai Kumar's qualification if he has any!
2. The post was never advertised by USP.
3. Jai Kumar was sacked from his last job.
4. Did Premilla Kumar influence Rajesh Chandra to take Jai in his post.
5.Can someone highlight on this appointment.

Anonymous said...

To be honest we just hear far too much of the same from this critic of everything.

His continual whining based on his egotistical demeanour have simply become boring and have lost all value.

As already said, if his views were objective and balanced it would help give them some credibility.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for shining a light in the dark corners of USP Wadan. For too long we have been reading propaganda put out by Jai Karan in marketing and development office, who we now hear was appointed under dubious circumstances. No wonder all we see on website is about the greatness of maharajah Rajesh Chandra.

Anonymous said...

The Fiji Women's Crisis Centre says it is appalled by the welcome given to convicted sex offender Epeli Ratabacaca by the All Nations Christian Fellowship and its congregation.

Ratabacaca was convicted of sexually assaulting a woman who had approached him for counselling in 2011 and was sentenced to two years imprisonment in 2012.

"The fact that this convicted sex offender has been welcomed back with open arms into the church and is allowed to preach is appalling and shows an absolute lack of sensitivity towards the victim of his assault, as well as to all women who experience sexual assaults," said centre co-ordinator Shamima Ali.

"Ratabacaca has not expressed any remorse....................

Hopefully the young will take note of the above and realise that this example is what has to be tackled first in Fiji, the root cause of just about all problems. Sick parasitic males that you allow to continue their predatory behaviour unchallenged.

Anonymous said...

I am in a faculty under one dubious dean and close ally of VC. she has only some favourites, they get all the favours- some are known as bibs- this bib's bibya sharma- fellow hired his girl friend- he chaired the committee which appointed him- this issue was raised- nothing happen- another fellow here in faculty who is ausps secretary was caught calling a student for sexual favours- he was saved as well- this faculty is full of shit- vc ignores every misdeamnour there- just have a proper inquiry and you will find out. ausps under govinda and this secretary is sold- govinda got his promotion by selling ausps- he only good for his laughs like a monkey- USP has to find someone else as vc who can do some clean up here- thanks wadan

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wadan.
USP needs a new V.C.but this is not happen under the regime.
The regime must be removed.

Mere said...

Wadan, you've fought a good fight against moral midgits and eunuchs. It's clear that USP sacrificed you in order to comply with the Bainimarama regime's demands that you be silenced. In the process USP's management sacrificed academic freedom, the quality and reputation of USP as an institution, and their personal integrity, if not their mortal souls.

Pay little heed to this (im)poster urging you to be more "balanced" and less "belligerent". All who value academic freedom, freedom of inquiry and freedom of expression should be rallying to your side in support. Those who do not indict themselves. Some are regime sapotas who would have us assume that the truth must lie exactly halfway between any two opposing points of view. Thus, if one man says Hitler is an ogre and another says Hitler is a prince, they would have us believe the truth is exactly midway between. Don't be muzzled. Speak the truth just as you see it.

USP is a CROP agency. The other CROP agencies should be leading an inquiry into the serious allegations swirling around USP, particularly with respect to Rajesh Chandra's favouritism and leadership style. But then, they also should have supported USP in standing up for itself against the blatant bullying by Fiji's dictatorial regime. If the regime in Suva can withhold funding for USP in order to undermine its academic freedom, maybe it's time other Pacific governments withheld funding, too, until that freedom is restored.

Anonymous said...

The list of nonsense people at USP who are nothing otherwise is increasing daily. Whether it is weak academics who couldn't get promoted or jobs elsewhere now holding positions ( Angela, Akanisi, Sudesh, Esther, Bhibya, Arvind Patel, Govinda, ), or poor administrators such as Jai, Husmukh, Boila, Kitione, new deputy president , Heather,). All have one thing in common: hero worshipping the self proclaimed god of USP. This man has singlehandedly ruined USP, is so selfish and self centered that he deserted Uni Fiji, bullied Ganesh there, came and bullied every single intelligent academic at USP. Every single academic who challenged his decision, was publishing well, was smarter than him ( what can be expected from a geographer any way), was either silenced, sacked or bullied left right and centre. The Council is putty in his hand. His wife calls the VCs house White House and expects maintenance and house girls to tremor at her command. He screams at his staff. Either both and all those who suck up to this idiot think that he is irreplaceable or he has the regimes support or that he is the gods answer to what is excellent atUSP. Seems he doesn't know simple management skills. No wonder he was gifted " management skills for dummies" by a staff who was leaving.

Anonymous said...

Premilla talks alot as she will be the regime's candidate in the coming election. She is using the resources of the Council to get into limelight which is common for all regime cronies.She is nothing but a piece of dickhead. She needs to clean her backyard first.It is surprising the husband got a job at USP without an advertisement.
She should investigate this and advise the public how the husband got a job without an advertisement.
She should attend to the basics of consumer issue such as price of food price, inflation. The price of food has gone up by 60 % since 2006 and this needs to be addressed by Consumer Council.This is the issue which is most important facing the people.
Why she is not speaking on prices of food?
Can she provide comparison of prices since 2006!

Riders on the USP gravy train driven by VC Rajesh Chandra said...

1. Dr Esther Williams - should have retired but retained on fat salary under special post the VC created for her;

2. Jai Kumar - incompetent marketing and development manager hired by VC on big salary without post ever being advertised;

3. Dr Angela Jokhan - promoted associate professor after VC overturned recommendation of committee, which found she did not have enough quality publications;

4. Dr Akanisi Kedrayate - runs the worst performing faculty which churns out low grade graduates from school of law and school of education for many years. Rajesh Chandra has done nothing to improve the situation

5. Professor Sudesh Mishra - saved by VC from disciplinary action after he was drink and abusive at an wards night and gets constant approval for sabbatical just when semester begins

6. Dr Govind Lingam - staff union president. Not the brightest academic around; famous for writing low grade papers, but still promoted to associate professor for selling out union members.

Anonymous said...

another sucker like Premila is mahendra reddy- he is also campaigning using the commerce commission- this man is ask's boy- aiyaz gets him to do all sorts of silly things. He thinks he can use his position to get votes for baininmarama- these people have no principles left, they will sell their soul to be in limelight-

Anonymous said...

When do we march?

Anonymous said...

ikbal janif- no degree pro chancellor became one by devious means and manipulation by vc- he actually defied the fiji government- bole is useless- could not put his foot down- brij lal got his brother in rajesh's pocket-It is time usp council did something- have a bloody independent inquiry for gods sake

Anonymous said...

Agree but ikbal janif is known for his sucking up to any government- he did that all the time from 1987- he just loves to be a pompus little man seeking attention. on the surface he seems to be a honest guy- but actually he is a devious, conniving little man. he was right sacked by ganesh from fnu- he could not tolerate his nonsense but VC usp is using him now to his full advtange- ikbal clears him everytime there is a complain against usp vc- this man needs a kick- he has a taliban agenda as well

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 1:51 PM

Perhaps you first need to actually learn what the job of PK and the Consumer Council is.

You then may be able to address your concerns to the department and person responsible.

USP's puppet VC said...

USP is run by Aiyaz Khaiyum and his boy Ashwin Raj. Rajesh Chandra is a puppet VC.

Anonymous said...

Esther Williams is a clown like Chandra whose main concern is glory and power. They dont a rats arse about management and leadership. USP stinks like the Fiji Govt and must be fixed soon. Esther is now f ing up FRU with her staff lay offs. Jai Kumar was appointed by VC without Advert and Anjila Jokhan did not satisfy criteria for Dean and was given 1 year temp by VC then confirmed. This was the same route followed by Jai. Its all unethical, illegal and stinks. This is the truth because I was in those Committees.


Latest news, VC Rajesh Chandra has vetoed contract renewal of another senior staff, Adish Naidu, a well known architect and experienced USP senior staff.

Once you fall foul of maharajah Rahesh Chandra you are out, no matter how good or experienced you are. USP is run like is is the VC's company, hire, fire and promote who you like.

USP is groaning under such a high staff turnover but there is no respite. It is very costly exercise to replace experienced and qualified staff. But USP continues to shed staff like people change underwear. Rajesh Chandra has turned once fine institution into a laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

NFP Leader Biman Prasad also used temp appointments to get relatives into usp and them made them permanent.
They are all corrupt.

Anonymous said...

Too bad for Adish - a nice guy gets on well with all races and fair.....qualities which rajesh hates

Anonymous said...

"" A 44-year-old man who raped his 16-year-old stepdaughter on two separate occasions has been handed an 11-year prison sentence......""

Now just imagine if the USP women's gossip club actually spent their energy talking about things that actually matter in Fiji.

Perhaps it's because these self obsessed gossips are so busy bitching about others that they do not see what's happening to their daughters?

Anonymous said...

Probably need to appoint an Army Colonel into USP, replace the VC to clean up the corruption there! bwa ha ha ha..then you'll see the fun...

Nilesh said...

The story is the same at FNU...with dictator VC Ganesh Chand and his cronies and cockroaches dominating every College and Department. This includes the cyclops Mahen Reddy a bumsucker of Ganesh. I am a student at FNU and the place is a total mess and programmes and lecturers - the lowest qualities in the World. Fiji's worst university!

Anonymous said...

Biman Prasad was a great Dean. He never appointed any of his relatives. He will maaake a great NFP leader. shut you cronies of vc dont put shit on honest people

Anonymous said...

FNU is a place where you pay and get your certificate. No quality education.The qulaity of student coming out of every school from FNU is pathetic.Very easy to get certificate.
Shame on Ganesh the opportunists.

USP now offering PhD in masi polo said...

How dare people question USP marketing and development manager Jai Kumar's qualification! He holds a PhD in masi polo, as someone wrote.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Wadan, Biman, Susan Kelly, David, Tyagi, Kurma, Munish, many other professors, lectures, senior lectures, why did they leave. Rajesh is so jealous he can't stand anyone who in limelight, or smarter than him. That is why he didn't appoint Biman because he knew Biman would come to know all about his mismanagement and lies. Why did he ask Wadan to leave, because he was wetting his pants when the regime called him. Why did he ask Susan to leave, because he wanted to keep people like Sudesh around. Why did he ask top science academics to leave, because his right hand Angela seemed so dumb in front of them. Why did David leave, because he used to challenge Rajesh in SMT and senate. Well the round table is crumbling- start packing your bag Rajesh- your days are numbered. Count has begun

Coup 4.5 said...

C4.5 welcomes debate on this issue but reminds those commenting, especially those who have connections (and therefore information) to USP and FNU, to be accurate with their postings. There are obviously issues at both universities and Narsey's open letter has taken the discussion further, but if we are to influence any change and improvement we must be reasonable in our comments. C4.5 Editor.

Anonymous said...

Consumer Council should address the 60 % rise of food since 2006. This affects the consumers. Talk of real problem faced by the consumers.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"" Did the Vice Chancellor or the Chair of Council ever tell the USP Council the full details of the forced resignation of one of USP’s longest serving and senior academic who had worked there since 1973, with one of the highest academic profiles in Fiji and the region?""

It's all very well thinking YOU have one of the highest academic profiles in Fiji and the region but that was and is only YOUR view Narsey. There are many that disagree.

With an overinflated ego such as shown in this statement is there any wonder you are now where you are. Try to learn that not everything is about YOU and an academic background is not too much use when contained within such a blinkered egotistical mind.

Anonymous said...

Spot on Wadan, your plight is the trickle down effect of the coup! Those who wish you consider the opposing view are most likely blinded by the treasonous behaviour of this junta. That in itself should be an eye opener that only one view is the correct view - Bainimarama and his cohorts had broken the law!

Anonymous said...

Well put Wadan..now that the truth is out! I can see those USP mongooses dashing for the cassava patch!

Anonymous said...

Good on you Wadan for saying it just like you did! If you are good at something, say it. Some may say you are egoistical, but I
say you are honest to give an account of what you did not deserve. I would have expected your leaving as a result of non performance. But hey! they just can't take the heat!

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4.34pm
"Probably need to appoint an Army Colonel into USP, replace the VC to clean up the corruption there! bwa ha ha ha..then you'll see the fun..."

Can you please come up with a better solution ?
We don't need a duschbag from the camp as VC

Anonymous said...

Professor Wadan the quality of education has gone down at USP. No quality education.

Anonymous said...

Jai Kumar has a PHD in giving his wife to get a post!Look at her she now looks like a witch!

Anonymous said...

Feeble and pathetic attempts to shoot the messenger by the USP mafia headed by Don Rajesh Chandra and deputy Esther Williams. It won't work. Wadan is a very public figure. His record speaks for itself. Can't say the same about Maharajah Rajesh Chandra, shadowy figure who is passing edicts to stop staff from talking.

Anonymous said...

Some will not believe Wadan..you know who they are. The masses have taken note of what he has revealed from past to present. No doubt he was victimised.

Anonymous said...

Wadan was removed from USP for expressing his views. This is the Fiji we live in now. Some can speak and do whatever they want while others are to remain silence.
Highest level of nepotism,corruption and bad governance in the history of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

A number of other things have risen or gotten worse since Bainimarama, the dictator, took over. This includes:
over 1000% increase for Bainimarama and Khaiyum's salaries
over 150% increase for salaries of unqualified military officers in permanent secretary roles
the national debt has increased to Fiji's highest ever with every man, woman and child now owing over 7,000 in overseas debt
unemployment is at a record high
poverty is at a record high
cost of living has reached its highest point ever
corruption is at a record high
mismanagement and abuse of office is also at an all time high
crime has increased
theft of native lands has increased

Mahen Reddy said...

I should be appointed VC of USP because of my excellent record at both USP and FNU and Commerce Commission.

Anonymous said...

Why did Som Prakash leave USP ?
I want all details about Jai Karan-relative of Swani Maharaj.
VC Rajesh Chandra-shave your awful Taliban beard.
What was Premila Kumar's role in jai karan getting his job without qualifications?
Proff Wadan Narsey deserves a public apology from rajesh chandra and the usp council.

Anonymous said...

Sooner or later there will be a bomb blast...the taliban has entered paradise!!

Anonymous said...

Excerpt from Wiki:
"While still at EPOC, he (Siwatibau) was appointed Pro-Chancellor of the University of the South Pacific in 1998, and was promoted to Vice-Chancellor in 2001. The appointment generated some controversy, with some university staff having supported Rajesh Chandra for the post."

uhmmm!....so the real culprit is bearded Rajesh..it's all coming together!

The Heckler said...

USP -- a college where pebbles are polished but diamonds are dimmed.

Anonymous said...

Jai Kumar is cousin of Swani Maharaj from Lautoka who had recruited Premilla as the CEO of Consumer Council.Nepotism of the highest level.

Mereia said...

Truths will triumph at the end Prof Narsey!!!! Am shocked at how the USP MANAGEMENT TREATED YOU.

Right now we must all work together hard to ensure this illegal Govt loses the upcoming election. Sweeping away the attached leaches, parasites and misfits will then follow suit.

Anonymous said...

Professor Narsey keep up with your good work.
You must bring basic issues to the people despite the restricted media.
The people must remove Khayium and the entire thugs. This group must be exposed and removed from all public life.The regime with it's cronies have put the country back by 30 years while they are filling their pockets.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chandra usp vc about to resign. Like Nazat shaneem he too has been a strong supporter of the coup. He has killed academic freedom at usp. His Taliban mate Iqbal Jennif no degree guy and so called pro chancellor is a corrupt kahyum man. Both him and vc have conspired to save his misdeeds and the blind usp council has bought their bullshit. Usp is run by consultant.

Anonymous said...

this is the only University where no Deans are Professors. It is like the head of Pathology in hospital is headed by a nurse.

Anonymous said...

Modi have won India election .Khaiyum and muslim get ready to get kicked on ass

Anonymous said...


So the election bell has rung and political parties are running to people to cash votes. Some parties are registered and some not registered still allowed to campaign with tax payers dollars. No doubt parties will barrage people with their manifestos, past records, candidate’s perception and off course giving lollipops.
However to me this election will be unique and will go down into the history of Fiji. In my view this election is only about evil versus good, justice vs injustice, truth vs lies , ethics vs unethics, principle vs unprincipled , rule of law vs, jungle law, freedom vs captivity, tyrant vs liberator and finally 1997 constitution vs baikum constitution . This election is also about good governance and what we are leaving for youths, new born and more for next generation.
Many people including around world they are praising this circus or animal farm we can call, for road development, picnic spot creativity and killing of all the Fijian customs etc. However this coup has diluted or destroyed many institutions which were unprecedented in previous coup. Institutions such as Judiciary, Police, Universities, Schools. Again I ask people of Fiji what legacy are we leaving to the next generation. Roads and buildings will come and go (just see after the floods damaged roads) but the reputation of this institution will be hard to built over night.
What has Bainimarama and his junglee supporters done to its prestige? I asked every children, friends, parents whose next of kin are part of this circus, to see in their eyes and question them what have they done. Are we slowly installing like coup culture, culture of violence, raping of democracy, treason, thug, deception, torture, extortion and murders. Later it may become an extra curriculum in schools as that’s what this illegal junta is demonstrating.
Therefore by voting this Bainimarama circus we are endorsing all these poisons in the society. For records sake Bainimarama /Khaiyum has:
• Taken away our freedom of speech
• Taken away our right to live freely
• Taken away our land
• Given debt of $7.5b to pay
• Given flawed constitution
• Making insult and torture as norm for any uprising
• Corruption and nepotism
Bainimarama as person is a failed person, failed leader, failed military man hence will failed the nation .If ever there is a elected government , Bainimarama and his circus team all should be tried for treason .
If Bainimarama /Khaiyum are so confident that they have done good to Fiji why so much restriction in election, why not just fight under old system where chance of vote rigging is nil. But current system chance is very high and I have a clue what they up to.

Anonymous said...

Finally it is now with the people to decide what society they want to built, again VOTE FOR BAINIMARAMA IS VOTE FOR EVIL, CORRUPTION AND TORTURE. Please cast your vote carefully as you may get this only chance and if he comes in power there may be no more election until he dies a dog death. Only issue in this election will be Good vs Evil, rest issues are garbage’s.

Anonymous said...

Kahyium will rig the election in his favour and for this reason he will NEVER resign as illegal minister for election and several ministerial posts as he is earning over $1.3 million in salary hidden by his aunty Nur Bano.
Kahyium has been for very long has been manipulating the operation of USP and many orgainsation.
Get this guy out as he is the brain behind Bainimarma the idiot.

Anonymous said...

When Bainimarama took Fiji hostage in a military coup to escape from being arrested for treason, murder, corruption and a list of other crimes.

A number of other things have risen or gotten worse since Bainimarama, the dictator, took over. This includes:
over 1000% increase for Bainimarama and Khaiyum's salaries
over 150% increase for salaries of unqualified military officers in permanent secretary roles
the national debt has increased to Fiji's highest ever with every man, woman and child now owing over 7,000 in overseas debt
unemployment is at a record high
poverty is at a record high
cost of living has reached its highest point ever
corruption is at a record high
mismanagement and abuse of office is also at an all time high
crime has increased
theft of native lands has increased

Anonymous said...

Some contributors on this blog seem to be Anti everything. Day in day our we see posts which are anti this or that. I guess all of of you are not supporting the Frank regime. I don't blame you as neither do i.

How about we all desist from all this hate and finger pointing which is needless and concentrate on voting this mongrel and his group of merry man out of office.The effort will be better spent campaigning for the other parties then bullshitting here endlessly.

Shallow academics said...

Regarding Tupeni Baba’s infamous leaked email to fellow SDL members about politically laid back Fijians and grand Indian political design: yes, Fijian race is so laid back they marched in their thousands in 1987 and 2000 and helped overthrow two governments and burn part of Suva down and plan a mutiny and elect SDL by 80 percent of vote.

And Mahen Chaudhry and Jai Ram Reddy and NFP and FLP have been faking their enmity to mask a grand Indian design to take over Fiji. Yes, NFP deliberately lost all seats in elections to FLP because of a grand plan. Yeah right! what a brilliant analysis by Baba.

That’s why Indian birthrate has been lower then Fijians since the 1970s – because of a grand plan to takeover Fiji. If Mr Tupeni Baba is such a great reader of history, how come he left out this population fact from his analysis?

Mr Baba not only needs to revise his understanding of history, he has to take his head out of the history books and get a dose of reality also. he needs to stop looking at everything from the prism of race, hard as it may be for someone like him.

One wonders what he has leant from his academic training. No wonder he never rose to any great heights as an academic and remained mired in mediocrity. His thinking is quite shallow. Its people like him who keep repeating that Fijians are laid back that make the problem among his people worse and give them an inferiority complex, than blame others.

Anonymous said...

Wadan you are a bitch. you have problems with everything in the country. You have given nothing to this country except for you sour ass
criticism of everything.
About time you gobble up some sense and keep your mouth shut.

Anonymous said...

start this from today!!!!!!!VOTE for baini/kum is vote for Evil, Treason, Corruption.

Anonymous said...

Very very true, good mate makes wonderful slogan-Vote for baini/kayum vote for evil, treason ,corruption

Anonymous said...

@12.29 you are hurt haaaaaaa,you guys lost the election heeeeeeeee

Why USP let Wadan go said...

Wadan, you are by far the leading economist in the region with an impressive body of work. Unlike other academics who are elitist in nature, you are very close to the ground. You understand and highlight the ordinary people's problem. Your work has practical relevance. it informs and influences policy. You expose corruption, exploitation and unfairness. It is unbelievable that USP let you go. But thinking again USP is corrupt. It had no place for someone like you.

Anonymous said...

Another Muslim gets promoted in the civil service. The Reserve Bank as promoted a Muslim to become the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank. How come Muslims are holding top jobs in Fiji. A vote for Fiji First is a vote for Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Another Muslim gets promoted in the civil service. The Reserve Bank as promoted a Muslim to become the Deputy Governor of Reserve Bank. How come Muslims are holding top jobs in Fiji. A vote for Fiji First is a vote for Khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Wadan for bringing matters to the open.
This once proud institution of ours seems to have deep moral and ethical cracks right through its processes and procedures.
It all started way back when Rajesh re-entered USP after a brief stint at UoF, and when appointees like Iqbal Jannif and a few senior positions were filled through questionable procedures.
To top it off, when the military regime came into power with a senile Education Minister. Fiji's voice at the council level became weak and its steps no longer bold.
USP's voice towards society became soft and timid. Its governance was not what it was teacging its students. It took compromising positions rather than standing up for justice.
The few voices from USP like that of Warden's lacked support from colleagues and the institution. Students and staff associations are hardly heard by society, unlike in the 70's and 80's.
The rot of the regime is leaking down various institutions in this country, and institutions like USP which is expected to uphold what is just, its leadership is more worried about its security than serving the interests of its wider society through practising what it preaches.

Good luck Warden, through our genuine voice for justice and truth ' we shall overcome.'

" A lie will die" - Dr Martin Luther king Jnr., but the truth lives.

Ganesh said...

A vote against Bainimarama is indeed a vote against evil. But if the votes against Bainimarama are split amongst four different parties, Bainimarama can win with even a low plurality. We need to unite in order to defeat the regime electorally.

I've never supported SDL or SODELPA, but it's clear to me that SODELPA is the party to unite behind, just as Mick Beddoes and Pita Waqavonovono have. Ro Teimumu is a brave, kind and worthy candidate for Prime Minister.

I urge all parties to negotiate with SODELPA for the purpose of forming a unity ticket. That will make it harder for Bainimarama to claim a win by plurality. It will make it easier for us to mobilise against the regime when it steals the election. And it will make it easier to form a unity government after the Bainimarama Captivity finally ends and the process of reconstruction and reconciliation can finally get underway.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Adish Naidu another corrupt guy. He was over charging his clients when he operated his firm. Why he joined USP?
Naidu another guy making money with the contractors.So this is the easy way out for him.
Gets the plan and makes his money with contractors like Fortec Contstruction.
Fortec Construction does work for USP on recommendation of Khayium.
Fortex is the company making swimming pool at Khayium's residence at Vuncakecca.
Highest level of corruption!

Anonymous said...

Jai Kumar's recruitment must be investigated and he should be terminated without delay.
His post was not advertised and neither he has the qualification for the job as I work at the human resources of USP.
Another show off guy like the wife.

Anonymous said...

Iqbal Janiff has been a sucker -not since 1987--but since 1967--he was at Auck Uni then--was sucking up to Peter Stinson and all the alliance crowd.He failed all his units--too much partying and pampering from his rich father.He did not mix with any indian students at auck--was a pompous bafoon--still is--has an air about him.wonder what has happened to his mate peter stinson-son of Charlie Stinson .

Mere said...

Anonymous 3:44 PM, Wadan's departure was an act of dignity -- something you wouldn't understand.

No dignity in Bai's cassava dash, last time or next.

Even with the backing of an army, you're still too cowardly to sign your name, but not so with Wadan.

Why are you so frightened?

The Heckler said...

A unversity is what a college becomes
when it stops caring about its students and faculty.

Anonymous said...

professor Wadan Narsey keep writing till the thugs and Taliban are removed from all works of life in our country.
Rajesh and Iqbal should resign.
It is indeed of much great concern how powerful Muslims have become in our country.
They are now everyone acting as spy for illegal A.G. Khayium.
When will i taukei wake up to the reality of the Muslims.

Dina kei na Dodonu said...


The illegal Prime Minister of Fiji, Voreqe Bainimarama sent 2 of his soldiers to the Fiji National University yesterday morning, Monday the 31st of March and chased the President of the FTA/FNU out of his office for revealing to public the marginalization of Indigenous Fijians in the issuing of the Government's Toppers scholarship as revealed in the social medias on the weekend of the Hong Kong Sevens tournament.

In an interview outside FNU Samabula Campus yesterday, Mr Waqawai said that his report was based on facts and there was nothing sinister about it. He commented that FNU deals with the education of every Fiji Citizens and the Fijian Teachers Association is concerned with the education of Indigenous Fijian students hence the report is completely valid and is within our jurisdiction.

The soldiers had to escort Mr Waqawai out of the University compound where his termination letter was delivered to him by the Manager Human Resources FNU, Poasa Koroitamana.

Below is Mr Waqawai's release that prompted the action of Bainimarama and his staff from the PM's Office.

Update No. 1/2014: Toppers Scholarship

Ni bula saka.

Please, kindly allow me to share this information with you pertaining to the government’s Toppers Scholarship. This revelation was part of presentations at the Fiji Indigenous Business Council forum held last week, quoted in brief as follows: “Toppers scholarship for the top 600 students in Fiji only 14 went to the "real" Fijians and 586 went to the "fake" Fijians. In % terms: 2.33% to Indigenous Fijians and 97.67% to Indigenous Indians Prior to this it was 300 for Fijians and 300 for Indians.” Food for thought – with elections around the corner! Me da kakua ni rere, guce se madua e na kena tutaki saka tiko na dina, liga qaqa tiko e na qaravi tavi, ka kalougata saka tiko.

Vinaka saka vakalevu.
Pita Waqawai
Senior Lecturer President, FTA/FNU Branch Samabula

Anonymous said...

Sa da qarauna vinaka na noda cakacaka, dina ni sa mai va du qo na distribution ni Scholarship.
Na ka me a caka, mo dou a lai raica PM e na no vale ni volavola be baleta na issue qori.
Ke sa sega ni mani mai rogoci kemudou, dou vana sara yani!!

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.18

Era a lai sota kei PM ena Suvavou House ena dua na mataka ni siga tabu mani vakadonui kina nodrau kerekere e rua na gone mai neitou.

Anonymous said...


The Prophet. said...


Anonymous said...

Biman did not appoint any of his family members whilst he was the dean or at USP. VC had the guts to ask Esther to conduct an investigation and surprisingly there are more family and friends of Rajesh, Akanisi, Anjela, Esther and others from SMT than Biman's at USP. Poor Esther and VC had to bury the inquiry after that..

Anonymous said...

And its back to praising the poorest of CEOs of Fiji Airways David Pflieger by the Fiji Sun. Well of course David is deep bum chums with the illegal AG and the Sun is the illegal governments daily trashpaper.

Anonymous said...

The problem with Wadan Narsey is that he thinks he is always right and we are wrong. I think this slimy conniving Guji has a hidden Agenda so we better watch out.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 1.59pm... We should look at Wadan's views in the light of our current political climate - he has covered a wide range of issues relating to the junta which none of us would have seen. He gives credit where it's due but the summary of it all is this - this is an illegal government, so there is no other reason one can put forth to justify their existence

Anonymous said...

@ 1.59pm..Truth hurts! Go Wadan!

Anonymous said...

@11.27AM Totoka Vinaka na nomu vosa.
Vinaka vakalevu.

Anonymous said...

Iqbal is an opportunists.Talibans in full operation in Fiji.i taukei and Hindus get together and remove Muslims for one and all.

Anonymous said...

Biman appointed friends Dr Rohit Kishor and Pramod Achari at USP without advertising. Rohit Kishore was sacked for making false claims on his CV. Pramod Achari propositioning his female students for sex.

Anonymous said...

When Khaiyum registered his "own" Fiji First Party domain name and e-mail account Fiji was under his State of Public Emergency Regulations and no political acitivities of any kind or manner was allowed to any law-abiding citizens of Fiji. BUT KHAIYUM PUT HIMSELF ABOVE HIS OWN LAW on 11 November 2009 - We say RESIGN NOW and subject yourself to fine and two years imprisonment under your own PER which came into force at 1200 hours on 10 April 2009; the previous day, 9 April, Bainimarama knew of original Fiji First Party! That same day the Fiji Court of Appeal had declared the Bainimarama-Khaiyum government illegal in Qarase v Bainimarama case, resulting in the introduction of Khaiyum's PER!

Anonymous said...

Wadan Narsey Professor of Blogs University of Coup four and half.

Anonymous said...

When will Jai Karan resign as director marketing. Jai Karan should have principles and do the honorable thing to resign.
Otherwise he should be sacked.

Anonymous said...

Professor I look forward always to read your articles as it contains facts.
We are shocked to the know what is going at a regional university like
USP. Nepotism seems to the prevalent and warrants full investigation by regional countries.

The various government should take action and get Rajesh, Iqbal, Jai Karan and his cronies removed.
Samoa should take the lead role.

The quality of education has really gone down at USP.

PhD in masi polo Dr Jai Karan said...

PhD in masi polo (or brown nosing or arse licking ) Jai Karan will not resign from cushy USP marketing and development manager job for which he is not qualified. he lacks the qualifications for a similar job with such high pay so why would he resign and shoot himself in the leg. Jai Karan is one of the USP staff invited to USP maharajah Rajesh Chandra's table. he is one of those who was nepotistically appointed. he gets all the promotions and trips for massaging VC's ego.

High Tea said...

Anonymous @ 1:59 PM, don't all of us always think we're right, even though much of the time we're only operating on hunches -- all the more so because of the news blackout created by the regime's control of Fiji's mainstream media? But what Wadan mostly gives us are facts based on his personal experience and opinions supported by empirical-based evidence.

Unlike the paid shills of the regime, Wadan wouldn't knowingly publish something under his name that he knew to be untrue. He proved his integrity at the cost of his Fijian academic career. He writes about what he knows to be true. Most of his information comes from either confirmed open sources or his own personal experience.

Wadan is not the "slimy conniving Guji" you slur him to be. Wadan continues courageously to expose the facts regarding Fiji's continued rape by the illegal regime. I'd love to see him become a leader in SODELPA, to broaden its message and appeal.

The regime has hit bottom. On 31 March, its soldiers quite literally frogmarched the President of Fiji National University out of his office. His "crime": revealing the statistical breakdown by ethnicity of the Government's Toppers scholarship winners!

I know the regime has purported to give police powers to the RFMF, but a matter of this nature isn't a police matter in the first place, much less a proper matter for RFMF involvement.

It's now reached the point in Fiji where stating publically an important and verifiable fact constitutes a crime but only if it is the least unflattering to the regime. And make no mistake, the Topper's scholarship statistic is VERY unflattering to the regime.

That statistic wasn't reported in Fiji's mainstream media, by the way. It only surfaced through social media -- including blogsites like this one.

So, Wadan and other muckrakers, keep up the good work.

Is Wadan an egotist? I wouldn't say he's particularly humble, but perhaps that pride is what sustains him in his battle against the regime Goliath.

Like any of us, Wadan cannot always be right. But he has every reason to believe what he writes to be true. And it usually is, otherwise he wouldn't write it.

If that makes you always wrong, then I think you've got a much bigger problem than he has!

Anonymous said...

If Bai was such an evil dictator as most of you people purported him to be, Wadan wont be able to write anything at all.
He would have been dead a long time ago.


Anonymous said...

That fellow Aman Ravindra-Singh who was a law lecturer in the school of law at USP also resigned due to the politics from the VC, Dean Faculty of Arts and Head of law school. He was too good and spoke very frankly according to the law and was no nonsense. In the end he resigned since USP would not promote him nor will they recognise how outstanding he was, he was always pushed to the sidelines by the school of law. USP is so corrupt and there should be an investigation in the school of law.

Anonymous said...

Na matanitu oqo e a kena i naki taumada ga me mai vakamalumalumutaka na vei ka e noda na i taukei. E tekivu sara ga mai na vei liutaki vaka vanua, lotu, vuli kei ka bau kina na kena sega ni taqomaki na qele kei na vei yau talei ena yavu ni vakavulewa.

Kakua sara ni dua vei keda na Kai Viti e digitaka na Matanitu dau laba, lasulasu, veibeci oqo.

Oqo na nodra matanitu ga na MUSULIMI kei ira na Kaiviti yalowai, ulukau, bavulu.sese raurau, macawa etc and etc.

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 8.02

Na cava o iko mo via mai lewa o cei keimami digitaka. Vosa ga ena vukumu cebo levu.

Anonymous said...

@Aman Ravindra-Singh USP law lecturer's resignation, sorry to hear he has left. I know him as an up and coming academic. The future of USP. But people like Dean Akanisi Kedrayate and VC
Rajesh Chandra not bothered about future of USP.

They only concerned about their own tenure while it lasts. So decision making is very short term and for their own immediate benefit. Unfortunately lot of favouritism at the school of law. Dr Akanisi Kedrayate has her favourites.

Some senior staff see Aman as a threat so he won't be promoted. FALE has been for years the worst run faculty under Akanisi Kedrayate. They have been producing low grade teacher and lawyers. VC Rajesh Chandra has been unable to improve anything despite all the hype. People like Aman who can help are sidelined.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 7.15pm..
Your comment reposted:
"If Bai was such an evil dictator as most of you people purported him to be, Wadan wont be able to write anything at all.
He would have been dead a long time ago. "

I wonder what is an evil dictator? I have never heard of an evil dictator. A dictator in the true meaning of the word is Evil!

Anonymous said...

@ 7.15pm Bai is unable to kill Wadan because the power of the word is powerful than the gun!

Suomynona said...

Well said Wadan,

I figured something wasn't right with the executives at USP.

It sure does make one wonder why they are not responding to complaints and concerns, even from Wadan himself on why he had to be called back from his sabbatical.

But no matter how often the illegal regime try to silence these whistle blowers, more will eventually come up.

The regime tries hard to cover up the truth but yet it still comes out by other means.

Its going to take a huge effort to vote out Voroceke and Ayarse

Anonymous said...

Look at what ex Nadi low life's are up to in NZ.
Should be deported back to Fiji - work for Baiarse and Nur Bano.

- Cinema molester led a secret
- Film gropers secret life

All details published on www.Stuff.co.nz and TVNZ News and now convicted. Details all in public domain.

Groperwala Auckland Accountant Attul Patel AKA, Attul Mulji Patel 46


Anonymous said...

@ Anon 8.10pm..Vakacava mo bau vakatudaliga e na ka e cauraki tiko yani veikemuni na itaukei o ni sa waini tu e na vosa kamikamica nei Bainimarama. Kevaka o ni rai lesuva na bula mai na matai ni coup. E ratou taura vakaukauwa na matanitu na mataivalu ena 1987,2000 kei na 2006. Na tamata sa beca ka basuraka na lawa ni Matanitu sa dodonu me totogitaki veitalia vakacava na nodra mai vakamikamicataka nai vakamacala ni nodra i valavala kaukauwa. Nai vakarau dina ni kena veisautaki na matanitu na elections. Ia eda sa rawa ni raica na veidabui e vakayacori vei ira kece na lewe ni vanua. Ke o Sotia, noqui tatau qo, vulica na muri lawa, ulu lala!

Anonymous said...

E dua saraga vei ira na Kaiviti yalowai, ulukau, bavulu.sese raurau, macawa etc and etc o Anon May 18, 2014 at 8:10 PM.

Gonei O Bai e no school sara la vakataki iko.

Vei keda nai Taukei da digitaki ga na SODELPA me raw ni curu o Vore e na nona bai o ya e Korovou Jail kei Anon 8:10PM.

Anonymous said...

To my fellow Fijians please accept lollies from this Regime BUT vote for SODELPA.

Voreqe's salary is $1.7 which more then the Australian PM.

Yet 40% live in poverty.

PS are paid $220, 000.00 while workers are paid $3.00 or less an hour.

Oqo e nodra matanitu ga na MUSULIMI kei na dau ni Biisinisi.

Anonymous said...

O Bai e lamu sona saraga na Debate vata kei Professor Biman baleta ga ni tamata ulu lala qai laki via PM sara.

Vakamadua ni dau vosa.

Sa bau vakayagataki koya vinka saraga o Khaihum baleta ni kila tu o Khai ni o Bhai e lal vinaka tu na nona koro turaga.

Anonymous said...

Thank you professor Narsey.

We are all supporting you.

Truth hurts because the regime is NOW desperate to win votes BUT very sorry lei marama SODELPA is now operating secretly everywhere using traditional connections and the latest is that the 14 provinces are now moving together for a clean sweep.

After the election USP will be cleaned up will all SMT will be sacked for non performance, FNU will be reverted back to old FIT, FSM will be reinstated again because Donors are no longer giving money like before and Vore and Khaihum and all their Masi polos will be thrown in jail and that bis why Madam Samimi is now on her way to Geneva.

Nur Banor will be the next to leave the country and the last will be Khaihum to Honkong or Sigapore to collect his money stacked here.

Anonymous said...

"The new Police Commissioner Bernadus Groenewald believes Fiji’s Police Force can be one of the best in the world through team work.

He made the comments after he was traditionally welcomed at the Fiji Police Academy Gymnasium."

Another crap from FijiVillage which is meant to appeal to the emotion! Fiji Police cannot and will not be the best in the world until it is rid of politics
Just like the army, it lacks credibilty and is totally defunct it its duties to protect the nation. Torture of citizens is the order of the day! Ask the "South African" what's become of the killing of 30 striking South African miners killed by police in 2012. Isn't this what SA is all about - brutality? My advice to the Polcom - go back to your country and stop fooling us!

Anonymous said...

Ni na caka na debate, me da rogoca sara nai sau ni taro ena solia na Prime Minister bavulu qo!

Sa da na kila tu ga na nona sau ni taro.."refer to Khaiyum"

Anonymous said...

Jai Karan and wife Premilla of Consumer Council both got job without merit and without an advertisement. Jai Karan is not qualified. He should resign or be sacked and the post advertised as they are many qualified and highly experienced people around.
The wife Premilla should do the same as she was appointed by Jai Karan's cousin Swani Maharaj a womaniser. He was having good time with Premilla at Consumer Council when Maharaj's wife came to know so he left Consumer Council as this was the condition of Swani Maharaj's wife!
Jai Karan and Premilla smell of nepotism!

Anonymous said...

Attil Patel Accountant from FLatBush convicted for child moleatation and enteing cinemas withour paying and lucking there for hours at end molesting young girls ..he has gils of same age ...his olsder borther Jiten Patel - Alcoholic , another brother ex Bank of Baroda Nadi had to do couese in Anti Violence and another brother is a bit screw loose whose wifes family stole money from innocent market venders in Lautoka ...Mulji the father was a nutcase also who was from Udiwai ...This is what Fiji Indians are doing in NZ ...and we get all carried away with hapennings in Fiji

Failure of leadership at USP said...

I have just read through Wadan Narsey's post. What he reveals is shocking. I thought allegations that USP was run like a mafia outfit were exaggerated. But it's true. VC Rajesh Chandra is acting like a third world country despot.

I am shocked to read how as chair of the committee he did not step in to stop the breach of procedure. What a failure of leadership. Rajesh Chandra can't even run a meeting in a proper and ethical manner. How will he run a university? The following passages in Wadan Narsey's write up are truly revealing and worrying of USP and its VC's character. Something needs to be done to stop the abuse of power:

“a USP Committee chaired by the Vice Chancellor, discussing the renewal of my professorial contract, allowed two most senior members of the management to introduce totally extraneous, false and libellous allegations, not mentioned in my staff review form, but leading to protracted discussion by the Committee.

I was not given any opportunity to respond despite that being a basic rule of Staff Review. These were serious breaches of USP staff review regulations, documented for me by a detailed transcript of the meeting, by one of the Committee members.

Despite his strongest recommendation for a normal contract renewal and a cash bonus because of my excellent performance and contribution to the Department, Faculty and University, my Faculty Dean was over-ruled by the rest of USP management, and I was not given the normal three year contract renewal. Ironically, I had been awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Research not long before.

Upon appeal, and supported by many eminent regional and international referees, a Committee chaired by the Deputy Chair of Council, reversed the USP management decision, noting my “substantial contributions in teaching, research and publications of regional relevance” and that I “was an exemplary academic and a teacher of very high calibre”.

However, despite my formal request, USP management’s breaches of its own internal regulations were never addressed by the Vice Chancellor or the Chair of USP Council.

Worse, the Human Resource minutes of that meeting did not record the unfounded allegations made against me and the protracted discussion that resulted.

The internal processes at USP failed to protect my legitimate interests.

I was eventually pressured to withdraw my complaint to the Chair of Council, as a quid pro quo for giving the VC the honour to jointly launch a publication.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.53 Can you please explain to me what one individuals personal criminal activity has to do with his race. Better still how is it relevant to democracy and getting rid of Frank. This is not a personal vendetta blog nor does it have to do with anything in NZ. Please keep it relevant.

Anonymous said...

Vote for Baini/kuym is vote for Evil,

Anonymous said...

O so, e sega ni mai cebo levu o koya lol.Sa rauta me cudru,qai sauma lesu ena dua na blog post balavu.whowhee!
sa qai oti ga oqo na Siga Tabu ni Tina.

Jone said...

OOps, sorry o koya na Yalewa?,isa vosoti noqu weka ni rulaki iko tu e matadra na lewe levu,sa rauta bagi mo cudru.Happy Mothers day my Dear.

UDREUDRE said...

Wadan is telling us his side of the story. If I can hear the other sides sory then I will comment. Vinaka

UDREUDRE said...

Right now I wait with bated breath for the names of candidates to be released by political parties so I can choose who to vote for. I am not voting for the party this time around but for the person who has qualities, no lasaituba, drunkards or dinau please. Last election one old timer from my village said " Na support tu qo va na SDL ke tu kina dua na bulumakau e digitaki"

Anonymous said...

You should be clubbed and eaten by your namesake because he hated fence sitters - so make up you mind or suk kaiyum

Anonymous said...

@May 19, 2014 at 11:28 AM

Tovolea mo vakavulica na gusumu me bau vosataka mai e so na ka yaga....ulu lala vakataki nomu Komada o Bhai.

Anonymous said...

To put it in plain English; Fiji is fucked.

UDREUDRE said...

Anon 12.22

Can we talk like grown up people here. If someone has a different view from yours why swear at him. Sa va tu qo nai tovo ni kai viti sa sega ga ni dua na ka ena rawa.

Fanny Kean said...

POLICE have the authority to detain anyone they suspect to be suffering from mental health problems and are on the streets, says St Giles Hospital medical superintendent Dr Peni Biukoto.

Dr Biukoto said although police had powers to take someone suffering from mental health problems to the St Giles Hospital, officers should ensure the person in their custody was protected as well.

If this is the case then why haven't they arrested Baimagasona and Aiyarse?

Anonymous said...

Narendra Modi will be the next prime minister of India, but until Friday, he was banned from traveling to the US because of allegations related to a 2002 riot. It's a new complication for already-rocky US-India relations.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon May 19 2014,1231pm:Isa vosoti au noqu lewa,au sa vakasuka,na comment, o iko sega ni o cebo levu; o iko o cebo lailai ga.

Anonymous said...

Modi and his colleagues have warned Muslims and will fix Muslims in India.

rajend naidu said...

We read in the article Coup History 'Best Forgotten' (Fiji Sun 19/5) that according to the then Prime Minister and Fiji Labour Party leader Mahendra Pal Chaudhry Friday May 19,2000 the day of the civilian coup should be forgotten so that we can move forward.
It is a strange way for a country to move forward - by forgetting its past.
But what I would like to know is whether the Speight coup of 2000 was in fact a civilian coup?
We recall George Speight publicly stating after taking over and holding members of the elected government hostage that he was waiting for the key man to arrive at Parliament House where Speight and his marauding men had established their base.
In other words Speight was the front man holding the fort until the key man arrived to assume command.
Who was the key man?
Could he have been a military man?
We know a good number of military men were party to the Speight coup.
We know the guns for the coup came from the army camp.
What we don't know to date is who was the key man in the Speight coup?
It is therefore misleading to assume it was a "civilian coup".
The full truth about the Speight coup has not been revealed.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

Air NZ hijacker now flies with them

Published: 7:39AM Saturday May 17, 2014 Source: Fairfax

Air New Zealand planes - Source: ONE News

The man at the centre of Air New Zealand's first hijacking has been granted residency here - and regularly flies with the airline he once held up.

Amjad Ali hijacked an Air NZ 747 on the tarmac at Nadi Airport in Fiji on May 19, 1987, carrying six packets of dynamite.

He let the 105 passengers - mostly Japanese tourists en route from Tokyo to Auckland - off the plane, but held three crew hostage in the cockpit for six hours.

The hijacking ended when a flight engineer whacked him on the head with a bottle of duty-free whisky, and the pilot leapt on him to stop him lighting the six-second fuse on one of the packets of dynamite.

The incident happened just five days after Sitiveni Rabuka's military coup against Fiji's newly elected, and Indian-dominated, Labour government.

Ali, a Fijian Indian, demanded asylum in New Zealand, and the release of 27 Cabinet members, who were all being held in custody.

He was convicted only of taking explosives on a plane, and was given a suspended sentence. He later became a Fiji MP.

This week, 27 years after the hijacking, he confirmed to The Dominion Post that he was granted permanent residency in New Zealand in 2009.

He now spends his time between Fiji and Auckland, where the bulk of his family lives, and often flies between the two on Air New Zealand.

His wife had earlier received residency and his son was born here. "As for my criminal record, I declared it and left it to authorities."

Immigration NZ said it could not comment on individual cases for privacy reasons, but did supply a list of reasons why people could be denied a visa.

These included someone being jailed for five or more years, or 12 months or more in the past decade; people previously being removed, deported, or excluded from New Zealand or another country; known terrorists; or people the immigration minister believed could be a security risk.

The office of Jonathan Coleman, who was immigration minister when Ali was granted residency, said yesterday that the case did not come across his desk. It did not want to comment further.

Labour immigration spokesman Trevor Mallard said the hijacking probably should have ruled Ali out of getting residency.

Because of the controversial nature of the case, it should at least have been run past the minister, he said.

Wellington immigration lawyer John Petris said that people could get residency if they had minor convictions, such as drink-driving.

"I don't know the specifics [of this case] but, on the face of it, for someone with serious convictions it would be difficult."

Air New Zealand would not comment on flying a former hijacker on its planes, citing "privacy and security reasons".

"An individual's eligibility for carriage with the airline is based on factors such as compliance with aviation security regulatory requirements, Civil Aviation requirements and our conditions of carriage," it said in a statement.

Pilot Graeme Gleeson, one of the three men held hostage by Ali, said this week that, while he did not condone the hijacking, he was sympathetic to Ali. He caused no injuries to anyone, or damage to the plane.

"I could understand his motives. I could understand the Indian reaction to what was happening."

Anonymous said...

This low life should not have been allowed to stay in NZ. He should be sent back to India and let Modi deal with him.

Anonymous said...

Udreudre, you've heard Wadan's side of the story. Now you want to hear the other side. I'd like to hear it, too -- formally, not through anonymous postings designed to assassinate Wadan's character.

By the same token, shouldn't Wadan have been given the right of rebuttal to the allegations made about him in the USP committee?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Vote result can be easily rigged by a micro chip

Anonymous said...

Voting result can be changed by a micro chip
US scientists 'hack' India electronic voting machinesBy Julian Siddle

Science reporter, BBC News

Indian officials inspect an electronic voting machine (2009) India's voting machines are considered to be among the most tamperproof Continue reading the main story
Related Stories
How votes are counted in India
Indian election in numbers
Quick guide: Indian election

Scientists at a US university say they have developed a technique to hack into Indian electronic voting machines.

After connecting a home-made device to a machine, University of Michigan researchers were able to change results by sending text messages from a mobile.

Indian election officials say their machines are foolproof, and that it would be very difficult even to get hold of a machine to tamper with it.

India uses about 1.4m electronic voting machines in each general election.

'Dishonest totals'

A video posted on the internet by the researchers at the University of Michigan purportedly shows them connecting a home-made electronic device to one of the voting machines used in India.

Professor J Alex Halderman, who led the project, said the device allowed them to change the results on the machine by sending it messages from a mobile phone.

Continue reading the main story

Start Quote
It is not just the machine, but the overall administrative safeguards which we use that make it absolutely impossible for anybody to open the machine”
End Quote
Alok Shukla

Indian Election Commission

"We made an imitation display board that looks almost exactly like the real display in the machines," he told the BBC. "But underneath some of the components of the board, we hide a microprocessor and a Bluetooth radio."

"Our lookalike display board intercepts the vote totals that the machine is trying to display and replaces them with dishonest totals - basically whatever the bad guy wants to show up at the end of the election."

In addition, they added a small microprocessor which they say can change the votes stored in the machine between the election and the vote-counting session.

India's electronic voting machines are considered to be among the most tamperproof in the world.

There is no software to manipulate - records of candidates and votes cast are stored on purpose-built computer chips.

Paper and wax seals

India's Deputy Election Commissioner, Alok Shukla, said even getting hold of machines to tamper with would be very difficult.

"It is not just the machine, but the overall administrative safeguards which we use that make it absolutely impossible for anybody to open the machine," he told the BBC.

"Before the elections take place, the machine is set in the presence of the candidates and their representatives. These people are allowed to put their seal on the machine, and nobody can open the machine without breaking the seals."

The researchers said the paper and wax seals could be easily faked.

However, for their system to have any impact they would need to install their microchips on many voting machines, no easy task when 1,368,430 were used in the last general election in 2009.

Anonymous said...

Shit this means that kaiyum and his indian programmers are already working on fixing the result via a micro chip!!!
Tobo tale tu o Van Damme

Anonymous said...

anon 3.39pm
,,,he he dua na ka na namu cakava tiko o ra boci,,,,,kena levu ni sebera ni lau caqe na luveni ose ni Melbourne Cup!!! he he

Vueti Viti said...

Every thing has been arranged ahead of time.

The Regime's Fiji Sun lead by its CEO, KhaihuM'S younger Brother was strategically placed at the helm of this news paper so that when time comes he will be put into good use.










Anonymous said...

The election will surely be rigged by Khayium.Political parties must get together now and boycott election. Complaining after the election is of of no use.
Khayium will never resign as the minister for election!

Anonymous said...

The Electoral Commission is not independent.
The Supervisor of Elections is a government crony and was not the most suitable applicant.
Foreign-funded NGOs should be able to carry out voter education.
Some information on the registered voter card can be misused by the authorities.
The political parties should be given a printout of registered voters
It is not a level playing field.
Opposition leaders knee-capped. Chaudhry and Qarase convictions politically motivated.
Bainimarama is breaking regulations - campaigning before registration, choice of party colour and emblem.
Unfair media coverage, especially by Fiji Sun and Fiji Broadcasting.
Media Industry Development Agency not independent and its chairman is unsuitable.
A-G is in charge of elections and in Fiji First: a conflict of interest.
Voting will take place in an atmosphere of fear. They will not be free, fair and transparent.
Voting must be overseen by independent observers. There are too many polling stations for observers to cover them all.
the Election Decree allows phone tapping.
Officials at polling stations could influence how people vote.
Voters will not be allowed to bring voting advice and reminder information into the polling station.
Voters may be body-searched if officials think they are breaking this requirement.
Many voters will not be able to remember the three digit number of the person they wish to vote for.
Voters are expected to vote in no more than two minutes.
All the decrees and regulations passed by government are invalid because they were not elected.

Anonymous said...

As mentioned by Vueti Viti that Khaihum has a very strong team of ADVISERS both locally and oversea and its a pity that Voreqe is not listening any more to his Military Advisers and other outside advisers.

He may worrying about his life at the end of his reign as truly NOW there is no escape route for him and all his legal advisors.

The Shamem sister are not all too convinced at this time for the victory as anything can happen anytime like;

Mo Tikoitoga can easilly changed his mindset and bite Voreqe and Company.

The possibility of the I taukei up rising when Fijian soldiers find out the truth.

Possibility of massive stop work by workers

An assassinated attempt since all guns were not retrieved in the last coup by CRW soldiers or from outside or within.
These are the scenarios that really makes the two sisters want to stay out for sometime.

Anonymous said...

E dua e gusugusu cebo tiko ena blog oqo.

O qo e vakaraitaki saraga ni tamata lolovira na veika e tugana tu ena nona mona.

E sa papaku saraga na levu ni demu o dau laki biuta i valeni po.

Bau tukuna mai e so na ka e yaga me veitalanoataki.

O iko o a sucu beka mai mo wili vaka e dua na manumanu.

Ke sega ni dua na ka yaga o via tukuna yalo vinaka sogota ga na gusumu.

Anonymous said...

The Philippines uses electronic voting machines.

A friend of mine was running for governor in a province there. He was promised the election if he paid 20 million pesos, with 5 million pesos before the election and the remaining 15 million pesos after taking office.

If this is what happens in a so-called democracy, then how much easier it is to rig an election in a dictatorship. Also, no Parliament stands in Fiji to audit any voting anomalies.

This election is already rigged, I tell you. We need to march now, not after the election.

Anonymous said...

What! Aman Ravindra-Singh resigned from USP? When did this happen?
Can someone fill me in with the details!!!

Anonymous said...

Jai Karan the unqualified got a job without an advertisement.This man has no shame and thinks people around him does not know how he got a job at USP.
What is his qualification??
Everyone knows how he got a job at USP!

Letter in USP Journalism newspaper Wansolwara said...

Dear Editor,
As a concerned USP student, I was wondering about the sudden resignation of the Deputy Vice Chancellor Susan Kelly.
The reasons behind her resignation were never made public and may have had a huge cost to it.
USP is a prominent university in the Pacific and if everything is done behind closed doors, one will start to wonder if we are safe, if our education is secure.
This all comes down to the term “transparency.”
If USP doesn’t want to lose its credibility and efforts that have been made about the vision of the school and what they are try to advocate to their students.
The school suffers as a whole especially since it affected the finances of USP and taxpayers.
Perhaps they need to take a refresher course in UU200, which is Ethics and Good Governance.

I hope the Vice Chancellor Rajesh Chandra practices what he preaches or does he speak empty words.

Regards, Felix Lesinaivalu.

Anonymous said...

Professor Rajesh Chandra even the students are losing faith in your integrity and leadership. They are lecturing you ti take UU200 course in Ethics and Good Governance. Both you and Esther Williams need to take the course because you have lost the plot.

Anonymous said...

@May 19,2014 7.49pm I am reffering to the CEBO sandals not the CEBO in fijian meaning.What is the size of your CEBO (sandal)? My Dear.Is it Large, Medium or XL?

Anonymous said...

Jai Karan have shame and resign as qualified people around USP are laughing at you.
Do the right thing and leave USP.
You smell of corruption and nepotism.
When the time to escape it will be very difficult!


Wadan Narsey article shows the shocking level of procedural breaches, victimisation, and unethical conduct at USP . IT starts with other than despotic VC Rajesh Chandra!

*USP Committee chaired by Vice Chancellor allowed extraneous, false, libellous allegations not mentioned in Wadan's staff review to be discussed at length by the Committee - DISGRACEFUL.

*Wadan given no opportunity to respond in breach of basic rule of Staff Review - DENIAL OF NATURAL JUSTICE.

*Dean's strong recommendation for Wadan contract renewal and cash bonus based on excellent performance over-ruled by committee - VICTIMISATION.

*This despite Wadan being awarded the Vice Chancellor’s Prize for Research - DOUBLE STANDARDS.

*Human Resource minutes of that meeting did not record the unfounded allegations made against me and the protracted discussion that resulted - UNDERHAND PRACTICE.

Independent Committee reversed USP management decision, noting Wadan's “substantial contributions in teaching, research and noted he “was an exemplary academic and a teacher of very high calibre” - JUSTICE.

How can a Vice-Chancellor allow such procedural beaches and denial of natural justice?

Rajesh Chandra you are nothing but a thug. You need to resign immediately. You set a poor example. You are a disgrace to the position of VC.

Anonymous said...

Aman Ravindra-Singh resigned from USP in late January. He told the VC and Dean to shove the job and he was not going to be part of the ever declining USP school of law. he was a threat to the senior lecturers who sat whole day reading news papers and surfing the net. You are sadly missed by your students. All the best SIR!

USP old farts Rajesh Chandra, Esther Williams and Iqbal Janif said...

There is no appreciation at USP for long serving staff like Biman and Wadan and young academics like Aman Ravindra-Singh as long as old farts like Rajesh Chandra, Iqbal Janif and Esther Williams are there.

Regime supporters Rajesh, Esther and Iqbal have always been concerned only about their own tenure. So decision making is for the short term to make them look good at the expense of long-term development.

No VC has alienated and seen to the dismissal of as many staff as Rajesh Chandra. USP has lost both highly experienced staff like Biman and Wadan, and upcoming staff like Aman Ravindra-Singh.

Rajesh Chandra and Esher Williams only use people for their own glorification and then discard them. Rajesh Chandra has destroyed staff morale and staff loyalty to USP. Rajesh Chandra is an abject failure as VC.

Anonymous said...

As a Faculty of Arts Law and Education member, I can confirm there is a lot of favouritism by the Dean Dr Akanisi Kedrayate. It's true that school of law is declining. school of education has also been in decline for many years.

VC Rajesh Chandra said FALE is worst run faculty. He is right. In fact, the whole of USP is very poorly run if you look past the gloss. VC Rajesh Chandra should stop passing the buck. The buck stops with him.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rajesh, Jai Karan start looking for a place to hide! We will come for you!The time is getting closer1

Anonymous said...

Rajesh and Janniif very similar ....a lot of pride, racists, looks down on others, sly , not open,,,,,
distant ,,,,,very superficial basically very cold...very pretentious

Anonymous said...

Aman Ravindra-Singh is now the General Secretary for the People's Democratic Party. All the best and we your students from USP support PDP all the way!!

PDP for Real Change!

Anonymous said...

Correction please. FNU is still better than Unifiji. Unifiji is a sorry existence that has gone through so many VC's. Dr Mahendra Kumar the sex addict almost molested the young students. Neend goli Dr Dulare was a joke and now Pundit Kamlesh Arya turned Registrar is the shadow VC. Unifiji is the university of sex scandals, lecturers who can't teach and government should close it down.