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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Key resignation from Bainimarama illegal government?

There is talk Fiji's chief justice, Anthony Gates, has resigned.

It appears judiciary staff are all over the news but we are of course seeking further information.

Can anyone confirm?

Meanwhile check out this email sent to C4.5:

Gates was three months short of receiving a judges pension when Frank carried out the coup.

he accepted to continue as judge on the understanding that his terms will be back dated so he can qualify for pension.

he has qualified for pension , sold his house and is now ready to leave before the elections is held.

the pension is the salary received during his term of judge for the rest of his life.

this was in the grape vine two years ago and is happening now."

Also this: 

"Gates has not resigned. There is a deal between AG and Chen Young. "You make us win the election and I will make you CJ."


"You are right in saying that he is a regime supporter, albeit passive in that he did not challenge the decree making powers of the AG and his attempts to deny the people's right to access the courts or question those attempts.  Had he shown he would uphold the rule of law, he would have had overwhelming support from the lawyers.  

"Shameem's influence on him must have been immense.  And I guess the meteoric rise of the Madam in recent times also confirms her total and unquestioned control of the regime and the people of Fiji as well.

"Judicial officers are immune from prosecution (for treason for instance) in the performance of their duties unless of course they break the law themselves, e.g, by being corrupt, etc.  So, irrespective of the immunity given by Khaiyum's Constitution, Gates is safe from prosecution.  There is no reason for him to run otherwise.

"So he might be leaving for personal reasons or being forced out.  He has been a regime favourite and well connected with Shameem, so I doubt he is being forced out. I would hazard a guess that he has accumulated enough cash to retire comfortably somewhere because I doubt he would be able to get a judicial position anywhere else in the world except in third rate countries and dictatorships like Fiji."


Anonymous said...

Anthony Gates has sold his house.

Anonymous said...

Tukuna vua me wawa jiko se bera ni oti na ka e cakava tu qo......sa kelia rawa tu na bulubulu nodra na tiko mai sa qai dro........!!!!!!!Ni sa cala ga vakalawa na matanitu e cici jiko qo e na cala tiko ga....!!!
Kua ni dro tiko sara tiko i keri ...!!!Sa e vei na ""doctrine of nessescity""when everything were cooked up!!!
Vesu Ovisa!!!

Anonymous said...

Can someone arrange for a farewell party for him at Nadi Airport.

Anonymous said...

Why is he running away.He has to stay and answer to the people for all his actions and following illegal decrees.The nationalist and i taukei will come for him.

Rai ki Beqa said...

A nodratou main boy sara ga na "qorvis"sa dara ucu i tuba qori,kamusu vakadua na na bottom plate!! lade ragone sa kasura na vale...hoooray!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Wat a joke......Air Terminal Services (fiji) ltd is becoming a joke. Word is one of the workers directors is now acting as manager.....WTF??....At least Jone Raqona had integrity when he was the director, turning down the opportunity to act as manager. Hare grow some balls. How can a Director as a Manager??....isnt there some integrity issues here?? Come on ATS workers wake up.

Anonymous said...

Not true. The usual Coup 4.5 gossip masquerading as news.

Anonymous said...

I can confirm that Anthony Gates resigned his integrity several years ago.

Anonymous said...

Not true. The old fop is still masquerading as a judge.

Anonymous said...

His house? Anthony Gates has sold his SOUL.

Anonymous said...

House sold beg packed following Nazhat. ship is sinking.
Khaiyum exist plan is dubai.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 6.35pm....Jone Raqona??? The guy left ATS while still owing $20,000 and was in Fiji a couple of weeks ago. Bailiff turns up at his home and his wife claims they are divorced....you got one thing right.....Wat a joke.....anyone from the ATS union is corrupt.

Boomerang said...

The Assistant Gen Secretary of the Fiji abour Party Maraiwai is now anxious about the revelation that he is under investigation by Fiji Sun reporters that he misused thousands of dollars paid to him by Mr Fisher of Buca Bay in relations to their Fisher Clan land which is more than a 100 acres that runs from the mountains to the white sandy beaches.When Mr Fisher questioned Maraiwai about the deeds for the land, Maraiwai punched and spat at Fisher at Savusavu Court.Mr Fisher is worried that Maraiwai might sell some land without his knowledge and agreement since Maraiwai was once heard boasting to have acces to more than 100 acres of freehold land.Truth could only be revealed if a Fiji Sun reporter or any media reporter interviews Mr Fisher who has all proof of documents in his possession.Maraiwai hinted that Chaudary was interested in buying some land that runs from the Mountains right down to the white sandy beaches of Buca Bay.Where would Chaudary get the money from? Yeah mate!! You have guessed it, yes,stashed away the Land Down Under.

Anonymous said...

Is he traveling by plane or car to Nadi?
We need all information ASAP.
Please us only the code word.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Fashionista said...

Anthony Gates will appear as a bikini model in the Fiji Fashion Week

Anonymous said...

Speaking of resignations yet another raiwaqa bus is involved in a very serious road incident and to make things worse while carrying school kids. This incident yet again displays the complete incompetence of the lta. Frankly I wonder what it will take before someone in authority takes the safety of public transport users seriously. It is difficult to fathom how this has happened. Wouldn't a reasonable person expect that if no one else than at least raiwaqa buses would be under intense scrutiny. I am not going to waste my time listing the numerous incidents over the past few years involving this particular bus company except to remind your readers that at least 11 people have lost their life in the recent past. In any progressive society the people responsible for the safety of public transport users would not have a job. This government needs to assure the public that it takes road safety seriously and bainimarama needs to sack the minister responsible including the CEO of the lta immediately. Further the company MUST be grounded and independent investigation needs to be carried out starting from the fire in Sigatoka. This investigation needs to find out how it is that while we the traveling public get repeated reassurances, from the ministry, the lta, the fboa, and others that all is well, such incidents continue with monotonous regularity. We were nothing but lucky that while we have a tragedy in this incident, we do not have a catastrophe. Enough is enough. It is great to see the shiny blue bus that the pm uses, maybe he also needs to ensure once and for all that his fellow citizens deserve to also have safe and reliable buses. It is time to truely investigate the transport sector. How drivers are licensed how buses are approved for use by the public how standards are maintained, mr PM you may have great integrity however the system under you smells of corruption and cover ups. Enough is enough. Make this the last one even if that means that we never again see names like raiwaqa buses and Nassese buses grace our roads again. This needs to stop. The buck stops with you mr PM. And start tomorrow with a round of firings at the lta and the transport ministry

Anonymous said...

Game over..Gates is scooting for the gate. Shameem, Gates and whoever is next are too scared to face the wrath of the Fijian people. Dou vakamatei koya ni se bera ni dro!!

Anonymous said...

"Govt spends over $1B in improving health services in last 7 years"

Oh yeah! Another lie from the pit of hell!! Even my partially blind grandmother could tell the appalling state of the so called " major referral centre" - CWM hospital. Did the government really spend this much on "secondhand" equipments. After all that is what the health system have been living on for decades!!
What a shame for Eloni Tora to be lying between his teeth! He should know better!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:38 PM

I have to agree with you fully.

Disregarding politics it's time that every responsible citizen of Fiji call for drastic action to be taken with the LTA.

They have failed the people miserably and must be held accountable and the first move should be to get rid of the CEO.

This is not poor government or corruption it is simple blatant incompetence of the head of LTA.

There are too many lives being lost, too many injuries and children at risk simply because the LTA is useless and it's greatest failing stands at the head of it !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ahem, Open the gate for mr gates

Anonymous said...

Frank B, see them run when they think you are hitting a dead end. Don't worry, we will forgive you just won't let these pieces of shit like Nazhat, Gates, Aiyaz, Iqbal Janif, Bole, Kubuabola and the likes run away. They want to desert you. But they will get the brunt of all our frustrations. They propped you up for their own ulterior motives knowing very well you were fighting for your own survival. For once Fijians and Indians will get together forgive you and military but please give us a chance to jointly crucify the likes of Gates and his cohorts. They shall be roasted alive. Even MPC can be forgiven but not the shadowy these figures!!

Suomynona said...

Interesting news from around the grapevine

Anonymous said...

"Mr. PM, you may have great integrity" . . .Are you daft? Bainimarama has great integrity?!

Bainimarama has about as much integrity as the braking system on a Raiwaqa bus.

Anonymous said...

More updates of the ATS rot please and this fat slob of a dickhead raqona.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Anonymous 3:23 AM, dunno about that. But I am sure that you're the one spreading the rumour that Rajendra Chaudhry is spreading rumours about Gates' departure.

The truth about the Chaudhrys said...

Rajen Chaudhry has "reported" all this before. It is false. But it is a fact that he is a rapist and his father, Mahen, is a killer, having served a jail sentence for a drunken hit and run in which a woman died in the late 1970s. It's all on the public record, unlike this concocted story about Anthony Gates. It's time to bury this immoral, crooked "dynasty" once and for all.

Anonymous said...

For all of their faults, the Chaudhrys have taken courageous stands against the illegal and despicable regime since April 2009. The more it tries to persecute them, the better the regime is making the Chaudhrys look.

Anonymous said...

Close all exit points..dont let the faggard runaway..He will have to face a real court of justice..close..close close all exit points please..

FIJI said...

The history will prove when the government is changed, that Fiji will issue 100's of Interpol warrants for arrests of all these scums and demand eradication.

if we are unsuccessful we will do what MOSSAD did in 70's to hunt down terrorists. There are individuals who are already compiling the list of these people who shamelessly have robbed our nation.

Frank Banimarama let this be known that now the highest of of circles are leaking information and justice will prevail whether you are dead or alive.

Anonymous said...

Chaudarys sleep with every party leaders to be in power.flp gave the birth of frank regime and openly supported the 2006coup.he should be tried for treason in court.how can this person fool poor indians and rip them off .

Nakaria Samu said...

Hurray!!! Hurray!!! the truths will come our and shout to heaven for all sundries to understand this illegal regime's lies, frauds, criminality and mismanagement...there is no rule of law in Fiji ..the learned gudge's action of quiting clearly demonstrates this...HE SHOULD BE THE ONE WHO KNOWS THE MACHINATION OF THIS ILLEGAL GOVT,

What judge will confortable judge in court case where this illegal Govt will be dragged into to answere for breaking the election rules????

FIJI FIRST candidate said...

Sa i evei na nomu tamata ravarava,kisi ni veilewai e biu matamu sa lewai oti tu yani,e cava o kidava ni sa vakarau veitenetenei yani na kisi mo balati ira na Unionist kei ira na influencial political figure i vale ni veivesu???
Kua ni soro cakava tiko baleta e a lasa tiko nomu cakava tiko.
Keitou vakasigalevu tiko kei Chan kei Shaneem rau sa veilecayaki tu qo.....Shaneem qai vosa sa nini na domona....sa levu ga na lets see what happen!!!a cava tale se vo,dou ia dou kitaka sara me yacova kena i yacoyaco.
Na vale ni veivesu ena cicivi iko mai baleta na tiki ni veva o vakavulewa tiko kina e tukuna tiko o iko talega i kea!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Injustice Gates knows that he will not escape the long arm of the law. Like all the coup makers their kneel is ringing.
Chief Justices normally are retired gracefully, but seldom resign, his predicessor was sacked by him, and now under unussual circumstances Gates is resigning.
Over the past seven years Fiji has witnessed questionable court decisions, and the sacking of more than three DPPs.
The sacking of magistrates, judges, and court registrars, prominent lawyers have left, and decrees implimented against the cause of justice.
Poor Gates watched it all without standing up for justice.
He should have resigned in December 2006, but chose to do it now, after assisting the whole illegal process to take place.
He should have upheld his High court decision in 2001 ( the Chandrika Case) in 2009, yet he advised the illegal regime that it is okay to attempt to abrogate the 1997 constitution. A case of one judge with two different decisions. Shame!!
We are seeing judges on the run, being chased by justice.

Anonymous said...

Gates will not be safe shopping at the markets in New Zealand. He will not be safe trolling for young men in Sri Lanka. He will not be safe anywhere. He can take a ratline to Argentina like Adolf Eichmann, but like the Mossad, we will hunt him down and eventually make him pay for his crimes.

Anonymous said...

When Shameem leaves the country you know shit is about to happen. Gates and Shameem must be reported to the international criminal courts for their support of an illegal regime. They have caused so much injustice in Fiji, it's "just" not funny. Now the rats are leaving the sinking ship. To hell with them! They need to stand trial as do every supporter of the illegal regime since it's beginning, including the entire FFMF!

Anonymous said...

Sobo Bai - sara dro na main support group sa qai vo ga o iko kei so na Boci lalai.
Qori gona na levu ni lialia sega ni kila nomu vakayagataki kei ira na mataivalu ena vakaloloma taki ni Kawa i Taukei.

Rajesh S. said...

Aiyarse should be prevented from fleeing the country. He is secretly planning an exit strategy and all means should be utilised to prevent this from happening. The pig should be detained at Naboro, and mix and mingle with the rest of the inmates.

Anonymous said...

Fiji: Problems in an Emerging Democracy

Dr David Neilson, Member of the Commission of Inquiry into the Fiji 2006 General Elections, commissioned by the Fiji Human Rights Commission, and a Senior Lecturer at the University of Waikato, says the inquiry calls into question the legitimacy of Fiji's deposed SDL government, arguing that attempts to embed a Western style democracy may be flawed.

The New Zealand Government has consistently opposed the 2006 military takeover in Fiji because it believes the overthrown SDL government was democratically elected. This view is shared generally by first world countries and by the Election Monitoring Observer Missions that gave the 2006 election their stamps of approval. And this view has been faithfully represented by the New Zealand media. Almost no attention has been paid, however, to the evidence raised by the Fiji Labour Party and others in Fiji that brings into question the validity of the 2006 election result.

The underlying philosophy and strategy of the first world to emerging democracies in the developing world is to validate elections, and to engage in disciplinary strategies against military governments that depose elected governments. Elections are validated whether or nor they were free and fair. Military governments are opposed, regardless of the situation or their intentions. The message given to military governments is that an election must be held as soon as possible, or there will be consequences.

While it could be argued that such a strategic vision will over time embed democracy, there are serious dangers and flaws in this approach. Validating any election may simply lead to a legitimacy crisis amongst an increasingly cynical citizenry. Such an approach also reflects a "First Worldism" which is unable to deal with the problems of a non-genuine election. After all, there is no purpose-built mechanism within the western system of democracy to deal with this issue and, in countries like New Zealand and Australia, the idea that electoral rolls could be manipulated or ballot boxes tampered with is almost unthinkable.

But what if the Fiji General Election in fact was rigged and that the existing regime is genuinely committed to the suspending of a flawed democratic process in order to restore the conditions of a genuine democratic process? Then, the whole first world neo-colonial paradigm comes under question. Simply offering negative discourse and sanctions against the military government may simply be de-stabilising and undermine the capacity of such a government to follow its agenda. A more constructive and practical approach to helping to create the conditions of a free election is implied instead.

On September 26, the Fiji Human Rights Commission released the Report of the Commission of Inquiry into the Fiji 2006 General Elections, which challenges the view that the Fiji General Elections of 2006 were democratic. The inquiry, based on public submissions presented in public places, under media glare, throughout the major islands of Fiji, identifies deficiencies and anomalies at every stage of the election process. Moreover, the evidence strongly indicates a pattern of bias that clearly disadvantaged Indian voters and the Fiji Labour Party, while clearly advantaging the SDL.

Strong indicative evidence is provided of not only technical deficiencies in the administration of the 2006 Fiji General Election but, more significantly, that there was bias in those deficiencies. In contrast to the inquiry, the Observer Missions, while identifying general technical deficiencies, did not look for, and therefore did not find, any pattern of bias.

Anonymous said...

Nearly all problems of non-registration and mis-registration were experienced by Indian voters. Also, problems tended to be concentrated in the main urban open constituencies where elections are won and lost in Fiji. The recurring experience amongst Indian voters in these constituencies in particular was of correct registration in the communal constituency and mis-registration in the open constituency. These two anomalies in particular suggest that problems were not randomly experienced and indicate a deliberate and intentional plan to influence the election outcome.

The inquiry revealed also that the education programme about voting provided incorrect information in Hindi to Indian voters, and correct information in Fijian to Fijian voters. The registration process was both inadequate and biased and submissions strongly indicate that campaigning involved deliberate and explicit vote-buying close to polling day by the SDL party in league with the broader state.

There was a massive over-printing of ballot-papers, and to this day, the elections office has not accounted for the ballot papers. Indeed, it has still not provided a final Elections Report. Evidence of rigging of the vote count was also presented, that ballot boxes were tampered with, and that unofficial vehicles and people were left in charge of ballot boxes before counting.

The evidence base does not provide systematic quantitative proof regarding the extent to which bias and vote-rigging altered the election outcome. Nonetheless, it provides a strong prima facie case that the 2006 Fiji General Elections clearly fell short of what could be described as a ”free and fair election”. Further detailed analysis that pursues this case is likely to occur.

However, the report's major concern is to address the problems of the 2006 elections in practical and constructive ways so that a genuine election can indeed be held in Fiji as soon as possible. It makes a total of 32 recommendations including major recommendations focused on the need to substantially reform the process by which the electoral roll is constructed and maintained. It also strongly recommends that the elections office be resourced better and that there is an appropriate ethnic balance of personnel.

It advocates the introduction of electronic voting machines as a way to simplify vote-casting and vote - counting, addressing major security concerns, and replacing party political sheds with a single shed available for all, after voters have cast their votes.

The recommendations demonstrate that the minimum timeframe for the holding of a genuine election in Fiji is set by key technical requirements that will take about 18 to 24 months to complete. These technical requirements are completion of Census data-entry, the re-drawing of constituency boundaries, and the construction of a complete and accurate electoral roll.

The New Zealand government continues to take the view that the SDL was democratically elected in a free and fair election. Foreign Minister Winston Peters recently reiterated this view in a speech to the United Nations General Assembly in response to coup leader Commodore Frank Bainimarama.

The evidence presented in the Fiji Human Rights Commission report calls this view, and all the baggage that goes with it, into question.

Big BigTevoro said...

Levu ga nomuni vosa, dua ya sa lai via mossad sara. O ni na veitauri boci tiko ga ena C4.5 ya oti mai na veidigidigi.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama has been mislead by Khayium. Khayium is the culprit to all the mess we are in now.

Anonymous said...

Gates is the single biggest reason why judges in Fiji are now widely held in contempt, not in respect.

High Tea said...

Calling into question now the legitimacy of SDL's election victory in 2006 is a crock of bullshit.

Everyone knows that the Fiji Human Rights Commission under Shaista Shameem was an utter tool of the illegal regime. Its report doesn't call into question the results of the election, because it can't -- SDL's victory was too clear.

How legitimate was Bainimarama's election to PM? Oh, that's right -- he was never elected. He appointed himself PM at the point of a gun.

How many of the report's 32 recommendations for reform have been followed by the illegal regime? One?Two? Three, maybe?

Rest assured that the 2006 election will come to be seen as a model of fairness compared to the election farce coming this September.

if the existing regime were "genuinely committed to the suspending of a flawed democratic process in order to restore the conditions of a genuine democratic process", we would have seen it by now -- not just in its preparations for free and fair elections, but in its attitudes towards due process, accountability and basic human rights. For the Fiji Human Rights Commission even to raise the question shows it hasn't been adequately performing even its most basic mission of monitoring the regime's conduct regarding human rights.

Sheikh Sabir said...

A government founded on injustice never lasts.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Gates will see just how far "judicial immunity" will get him when he is standing before the Throne of Judgment.

Anonymous said...

Gates is still working as CJ and whoever gave C4.5 this story must have pulled it out of his rectum.

Anonymous said...

Or yours "Anonymous" @ 2:55pm

Anonymous said...

Yes Anonymous @ 2:55PM birds of a feather rectums together. Of all the place to go you went directly there. Hmmmm a body part of Gates perhaps.

Anonymous said...

Gates is a judicial monster. He is to justice what Caligula was to chastity.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if those sacked judges are prepared to come to Fiji to give evidence against Gates, Madigan and Saneem, after the elections.

If what they said is true Gates and Madigan will never be able to return to Fiji without being arrested and Saneem will rot in Naboro.

Abuses of process and abuses of power will attract some hefty jail time.

Saneem must be very scared that his partners in crime are jumping ship. He has nowhere to go.

If the AG goes down many will go with him.

Speights coup was violent but it did not last long. Bai's coup now spans a crime spree of 8 years. It is unlikely that any sentencing court will commute the death penalty.

Don't worry about the people of Fiji Frank. Be worried about what your creator has planned.

If you live by the sword you die by the sword.

Anonymous said...

Tell this puffta to go where he belongs.

Anonymous said...

@Fiji Problems in an Emerging Democracy

Parts of what you say is true. Parts.

If the election process was as flawed as you say then where was this evidence at the 2009 appeal. The coup engineers (Gates , Shameem et al) had more than enough time to construct an argument like the one you advance. They did not.

No democracy is prefect. If you say the election was not democratic show us your evidence. Are you suggesting there is evidence that was previously unavailable? That would be very convenient for the coup criminals. Is any such potential evidence reliable when there has been an unethical and unjust regime in power long enough to cook any book. Aunty Nur could attest to that.

Are you suggesting the 2009 Court of Appeal did not know what they were doing? Are you doubting their ethics and legal skill?

Court clerk said...

Which idiot gave this newz to 4.5. Gates has another 4 years. He is on leave at his favorite destination

The Court Registrar said...

He sold his properties. He said he was going on a holiday to ensue he got out of the country. Don't hold your breath until he returns.

The court clerks are always the last to find out the truth.

King Khaiyum said...

Those rumours about Gates are not true. He sold his properties in Fiji because it is a good market at the moment. Yes he has a ticket to Sri Lanka but he is only going for a holiday.

Yes Madigan is retiring but no one should be concerned. I can buy three judges from Sri Lanka for the same price I pay him. I am not upset as we will save lots of money. But I saw the owner of the Bad Dog Café yesterday and he was crying. He was wondering how he was going to put his children through private school now that Pauly is leaving.

The Supervisor of Elections will take up the High Court judge position. He is so much better than a wooden puppet as I don’t get splinters when I shove my hand up his hole.

Court clerk said...

@King Khaiyum
you are an idiot. Chen Bunn Young will be next CJ

Anonymous said...

The end to the crooks is so so close......yes we will celebrate soon.....we will then laugh when theShameems, the Khaiyums, the Bainivuakas and the rest of them will march to jail after the elections and then celebrate when the Fiji economy will thrive again......Lets unite and support the race towards democracy.......hi ha!

Anonymous said...

And CJ PAtel via Sandip. Get ready to be sued for all the misinformation dished out to us over the last 7 years

Anonymous said...

Rats are running away from sinking ship. Sign that SODELPA will win the election easily.

Anonymous said...

ASK destroyed Bainimarama. Time for them to go to Naboro.

The Heckler said...

Looks like the question now comes down to this:

Did Anthony Gates resign, or did he re-sign?

Anonymous said...

Noqu vakasala vei Bainimarama yalovinaka sara nanuma na kawa I Taukei o ira era vakasala taki iko mo kawa boko taka na Bose levu Vakaturaga kei na constitution kei ira na advise taki iko sa tekivu mera Dro taki iko ...ke o rai vakayalomatua maroroya na Vanua Lotu kei na matanitu vaka uasivi va advise mai na military council.

Gates Should Be Tried said...

Anthony Gates can and should be tried for treason. There is the issue of whether judicial immunity is absolute, even in cases of treason. Also, does this immunity cover actions taken outside his jurisdiction, considering the times he improperly interfered with cases and the fact that he continued to serve a regime already ruled to be illegal? What about issues arising from unjust actions he took strictly in an administrative capacity? What about his status during the period in which Fiji's judiciary was illegally dissolved? On what basis was he still being paid a salary?

Even setting these questions aside, judicial immunity does not cover Gates' conduct and tenure as Fiji's "Acting President". His acceptance of this role from a usurpacious regime already ruled illegal by the Court of Appeal was itself an act of treason -- indeed, high treason. Appeal to his British and/or Australian citizenship cannot cover his actions -- potentially expatriating -- as an official of another nation (Fiji).

Aw shut up all of you said...

You guys need to all start taking your medication. Mark Manning should be able to arrange it. This stuff is so totally off the wall that I can hardly believe the stupidity of so many people in accepting it. Believe me, it's like clinging to the wreckage of a ship that has already sunk. Bainimarama and Khaiyum have already won. Now, ask yourself why. Simple.Because they are smart and the whole lot of you who inhabit these columns are as thick as pig shit. It won't be them who will be carted off to jail, as the most imaginative of you have said. It will be you if you ever set foot in Fiji again. So rot in exile and let the new Fiji begin.

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised Graham Davis doesn't know his pig shit, as often as he eats it. That might account for his breath.

Anonymous said...

I'm not convinced Gates should be tried for treason. He's a major architect of the Bainimarama Captivity. Why should he be given his day in court after denying so many people their own? It might be better to hang him on the spot, as a poetic act of revolutionary justice.

Anonymous said...

Aw shut up @ 12:10, I'm in Fiji now. Come and get me!

Unless you're too busy booking your flight back to Australia.

mark manning said...

Gates needs to be brought before the Courts for High Treason too!

Anonymous said...

Eight years into this regime and its sapotas are still waiting for the "New Fiji" to begin?!

Anonymous said...

Gates had all the time in the world to go on leave when the going was good for Bhai, Khai, the Shameem sisters and Bhai's followers. Why are they leaving now, which is a very crucial for them???

Anonymous said...

No one should be immune from the law. No law should immune anyone for any civil or criminal action.
The illegal 2013 constitution is attempting to give immunity to people who have committed the most serious crimes yet is dragging ordinary citizens to court and to prison for allegations that happened over 20 years ago.
The 2013 constitution breeds corruption , favouritism and injustice. It is unfair and removes our basic rights to speak and organise.
Achitects of the 2013 like Gates, Nazhat, AZK, VB and the lot, framed everyone else in it but not themselves.
The document is not going to be used by the next government, it will live until September 2014.
Then we return to the legal constitution of 1997. We will return the. Senate, the GCC, the whole 1997 document.
The country was just in a mess for the last 7 years of military rule. It was all a coverup by self centered individuals like Gates, VB, Khaiyum, S sisters, Teleni, etc.

Anonymous said...

If Anthony Gates had committed the same thing he did in his country he would be serving a sentence for treason.
The problem is with our own people who have failed to raise to such foreigners.
These type of people are send to create instability.

Anonymous said...

We accepted SODELPAS big tabua and gulped down their sevusevu in no time, but we will not vote for them.They think that we are fools by bringing the Roko Tui Dreketi as Bait.No way Jose. That time is long gone. We still respect RTD in her capacity as chief, but not as a politician.

Anonymous said...

@Aw shut up!
Graham Davis is so hooked on Kai Viti sperm up his rectum it's clouded his better judgement. Who stays up past midnight trolling on this site insulting people who are only exercising their right to the freedom of expression that's been denied them for the past eight years? Get a life moron, you have the tattered hide to call yourself a journalist!

Anonymous said...

Gates too is a Kai Viti sperm addict! Run rabbit run!!

Anonymous said...

We accepted SODELPAS big tabua and gulped down their sevusevu in no time, but we will not vote for them.They think that we are fools by bringing the Roko Tui Dreketi as Bait.No way Jose. That time is long gone. We still respect RTD in her capacity as chief, but not as a politician.

May 30, 2014 at 10:27 AM

Typical asshole.

Anonymous said...

C 4.5 can print anything even if you tell them that Baimaramas dog gave birth to a horse. Ena oti mai na i talanoa sa caka tu ga qo na veilasutaki, noda qito na i taukei.

Anonymous said...

OMG...took 8 years for people to
notice who the real master-mind is
in the Regime`?
He can run as far as he want but we will hunt him down-from country to countries,
city to cities,street to streets,laneway to laneways
until we finally corner this bastard in an ally and see
the fear in his blue eyes
we blow out his brains &
snuffed out his life?
We seek him here & we seek him there,
we the Fijian 10 will find you anywhere?

Anonymous said...

THE National Employment Centre has so far registered an accumulative total of 83,000 unemployed people in the country.

Centre director Viliame Cagilaba said the figure was inclusive of the legal employment age from 15 years and above.

Mr Cagilaba said of the total of unemployed registrations they received, more than 5000 were from youths.

He said 12,000 graduates had also registered with the centre in search of job opportunities.

"We have identified from NEC that the problem has nothing to do with the lack of job opportunities," he said.

"The job opportunities are out there but we do not have suitable qualification that is needed from the employer.

"In this light we also feel that there is a need to revise our education system because it has been outdated."

He said Fiji's school curriculum needed to be tuned to bring out employees qualified to fit the demand from the labour market.

"There is no co-ordination between the supply and the demand in our labour market because the education system does not co-ordinate with the demand from the labour market.

"Most of our youths prefer to go for white collar jobs and they are never told that there are also opportunities in other labour markets.

"Most of our clients out of the 12,000 are school dropouts but government's free education initiative is expected to address this issue."

Mr Cagilaba said when considering the issue of unemployment one needed to be specific because most people in rural areas had their own forms of self-employment.

Anonymous said...

Big Big Tevoro
Big Big Cebo Levu ,,,,,,sa vakarau oti na gauna ni kana loto se vakacava boci?

Mad Dogs and Englishmen said...

@ anon 12:27 PM

You are right. Gates has tried to cover his tracks but he has still left a trail. There WILL be sufficient evidence to convict him.

Remember, this man is not stupid. He will either not return or leave just before the elections. His judicial friends in Sri Lanka will ensure that any attempt at extradition will fail.

NZ and Australia may be a different story. They will assess the extradition on its merits. If there is a case to answer they will assist. He will be safe forever in Sri Lanka.

His rise in the judicial ranks was meteoric as he engineered it. He keeps his enemies closer than his friends.

This man was acting President at one stage. From a dithering judicial officer who sits on his judgments for ever and a day to president. Not bad for a third world lurkie.

It is one thing when a Fijian attempts to destroy Fiji. It is another matter entirely when an outsider has wreaked so much damage.

His judgment was always flawed. He knew the Court of Appeal would find against him. He removed anyone who he perceived as a threat. He surrounded himself with Sri Lankan yes men. Anyone with an iota of integrity was forced to leave.

He will not be forgotten in a hurry. Nor will his underling Madigan. A judge who knows what his decision will be as soon as Gates tells him.

Remember too, the AG has allowed and encouraged him to destroy the rule of law. The AG must be brought to account at some stage. I have spoken to many who knew him here and abroad in a professional capacity. They all describe him as being mentally ill. A mad dog if you will.

Perhaps Mad Dogs and Englishmen should not go out in the midday sun.

September cannot come quickly enough. Regardless of the result the regime will be finished.

Anonymous said...

Their guilty consciences, like maggots, will eat at their brains and hearts until the moment they die in mortality and even as they live in the after-life in their spirits. Their wickedness will be forever remembered until that dreadful day at the judgement bar of God. They will live but with no comfort and peace within themselves.

"Wickedness never was happiness".

Anonymous said...

Why people like Gates, Madigan, Sri Lankans return to there country. No one gives them a shit in there country.

Anonymous said...

I cannot judge. But it seems to me that Gates isn't leaving for New Zealand.

And I don't think he's headed for Sri Lanka, either.

I think he's going to Hell.

Kelevi Rokovatu said...

The level of corruption by the corrupt and unaccountable Dictators in Africa (see below)is very similar to how our local Dictator Bainimarama sucks the resources out of taxpayers in Fiji for his own and family's benefits and how his cronies are milking Fiji to invest locally and overseas for their own benefits, bugger the Fiji citizens.

Out of Africa: The great money migration

Almost $2 trillion has left Africa illicitly since 1970, thwarting poverty reduction and economic growth


mark manning said...

The wind of change is in the air, or is that just the smell coming from Aiyaz' shitting his pants in abject fear of what's coming his way?

One has to wonder just what it is that is triggering the premature departure of the Architects of Frank and Aiyaz coup d'etat!

Anonymous said...

Why Bai/ Khayium want to rule. People need a change. 8 years of rule is enough. Is it they are indispensable or is it that power means money?
Is it they do not want others to open a can of worm?

ReTarD said...

Roko Tui Dreketi

When someone resigns in a position of this stature their resignation is not immediate. It can sometimes take months to find a replacement.

Gates HAS resigned and so has Madigan. Their resignation letter tendered to the Attorney General sees them finishing at court closure in December 2014.

Gates has sold his properties. He has resigned. He will take a short break to SL to reinvest in property.

He has resigned. To suggest they have not because they are still there shows your ignorance of proper means of resignation in judicial positions.

RTD, whoever you are, you will look like an even bigger fool when you are kissing these men goodbye at years end.

Anonymous said...


If they have resigned then so be it.Whats so important about their resignation. You guys think that the resignation of these two guys would make Bai weak, absolutely not Mr retard .

Abdel Fattah EL Sisi has just won a landslide victory in Egypt and its gonna happen here Mr Retard.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA will gravel the tarsealed road when they win.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The POOFTERS Gates and Maddigan are going to Sri Lanka to formalise their matrimonial vows to each other.
They have already done all the necessary arrangements!!