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Friday, May 23, 2014

New party launched as sex offence allegations circle FLP official

The latest political party to register for the elections is being
President of new party: Jagath Karunaratne.
fronted by Jagath Karunaratne, the Sri Lankan accused of writing anti-Bainimarama graffiti on billboards.

Karunratne's sedition charges are still going through the courts so he is able to be a party official in his newly formed Fiji United Freedom Party (FUFP).

FUPF presented six thousand signatures this morning and has paid the $5,005 registration fees: the Supervisor of Elections now has 28 days to decide on the application.

Karunaratne's co-officials are vice-presidents Viliame Tamanaivalu Ratu Emosi Verebasaga, Pranita Krishnan as general, secretary and Peni Waqavonovono as treasurer.

Karunaratne has told Fiji Village the party's main focus is providing a platform for youth.

More complicated is the drama over the allegations circling the Fiji Labour Party assistant general secretary, Kini Marawai.  

Marawai has been accused of 'multiple sex offences' on primary school students and of serving time for the offences - FLP has also been accused of protecting him.

The allegations were detailed in an email and publicised on Facebook.


Marawai has responded to his accuser, Yash Maharaj, by denying the allegations and referring Maharaj to 'a contemporary' of his - Fiji Sun managing editor, Maika Bolatiki, citing the case Bolatiki v State (1997) FJHC 124; HAA0035D.1997S 3 September 1997 (see link below)

"Your concern as a Fiji citizen is acknowledged.
Kini Marawai
Yes, I was a secondary school teacher (not primary a primary school one  as you seem to suggest) before I went for further degree studies in Southampton and London, England.
I believe your allegations against me of sex offence(s) may have been misplaced or a case of mistaken identity or, may be,  just plain fishing expedition.
I am not a sex offender previously or ever. I am a very vocal a
Maika Bolatiki
nd strong advocate of women's right. A few articles of mine in the press and/or media, will attest to that.
Perhaps, it may help you if you ask a contemporary of mine who was a teacher during my time as a teacher. He is former primary school teacher, MAIKA BOLATIKI, the current chief political reporter of the Fiji Sun. Why don't you ask him? He may know better.

Attached here is a piece of case law that may assist you.

Link cited by FLP official Kini Marawai:


Fiji One News has meanwhile reported that First Party’s 40- thousand signatures may have 'broken a record of sorts' with the Fiji Sun producing 508 pages today - 476 of which carry the names and signatures of supporters.

The TV network says the paper's production department had to work double shifts to get the paper out.


KUA NI RERE said...

May be Marawai should sue Maharaj for Defamation.

That will put this matter to rest for good.
Otherwise Marawai will be forever trying to justify himself.
Just a suggestion.

Registered Voter said...

"Fiji One News has meanwhile reported that First Party’s 40- thousand signatures may have 'broken a record of sorts' with the Fiji Sun producing 508 pages today - 476 of which carry the names and signatures of supporters."

Wow! Beat that, you guys...lol. Some will come up with the lame old "taxpayer's money, ass-licker, etc..doh! Jealous much.

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The most shameful thing in the world is to deny your heritage, regardless of who you are. Indo-Fijian muslims too fancy themselves as Arabs. Take note. Do not degrade yourselves. Let no one be your master.


Anonymous said...

@ Wanna be Arabs 23/5/14 - 4.24pm
What has Arabs got anything to do with a new party being registered, you moron! Go comment elsewhere (lol) If, in your terms, "Indo-Fijian" muslims even slightly started "fancying" like Arabs, you'd be the first person to become a statistic. Suggest you get a grip on that cowardly self of yours. By the way, I descend from Tamil...I've seen monkeys there that look much like like your fore-fathers...waahahaha!! (except they don't eat missionaries ..lol)

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Nice to see a fresh, and innovative person registering at last. There just may yet be hope for Fiji after all. Tired of the old wankers that wont give it a rest and are all about "me, myself and I". Good Luck my brother.

Anonymous said...

Kini what you did before you joined Solicitor General's office as junior officer on Qroniasi Bale's recommendation?

Weren't you prosecuted by the same lady you in 1980s on sex charges.

How can you forget?

Anonymous said...


Fiji TImes:

People decide

Shayal Devi
Friday, May 23, 2014

THE future of a country must be determined by its people, says Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama.

Speaking at the opening of the Pacific Regional Seminar on the United Nations Special Committee on Decolonisation at the Sofitel Resort on Denarau,....


Anonymous said...

Support Fiji First,and you, too, can see your name in print in the Fiji Sun!

Also in an indictment for treason and arrest warrant.

Collaborators and traitors!

Anonymous said...

Anyone who needs to use Maika Bolatiki as a character witness is already in big trouble.

The Jury said...

Kini Marawai doesn't work as a junior lawyer under Qoroniyasi's recomendation you moron!, get your facts right. He was already a senior lawyer running his own Marawai Law Firm before Qoriniyasi became attorney general, you shit head!. He does'nt need to justify himself to you or anybody else you arsehole.

Anonymous said...

Talk about real political issues .
dont worry about sex offenders.time served.
biggest crime on earth is Treason.
frank hit womens during the coup.why he is not charged .

Dan Yaya, Suva said...

All potential politicians must be exposed and stripped naked of their past behaviour.

This will give the voters a wide choice to chose the BEST.

More conmans will be exposed while registering to stand for elections, any lies, half truths may even end up in greater prison sentences.

Good constitution - 2013

mark manning said...

Perhaps the paper was recycled from the People's Charter for Change!

Anonymous said...

Karunaratne is the real deal. But what's the good of his dividing the opposition with yet another political party when what we need to do is unite against the dictatorship?

Anonymous said...

Is this a case of mistaken identity? Is someone confusing Kini Marawai with Maika Bolatiki, a convicted sex offender and now traitorous editor of the Fiji Sun?

Anonymous said...

The i taukei should have guts like Karunarantne. i taukei only talk too much.This is a party with vision and my vote for Karumarantne.
He is from Sri Lanka but had the guts to take on the dictator.

Disunity is death said...

Yes, keep setting up more parties, you idiots. All the better to defeat you on Sept 17th. Splitting the opposition vote is the first priority of Fiji First. Toso yani.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for publishing the names. Saves us the trouble of putting together our own hit list of traitors.

Anonymous said...

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Manipusi said...

Fiji Brother and sister scammed millions in NZ and in US


Anonymous said...

So, as I read this, Maika Bolatiki is not only a traitor and a shill for the dictatorship, but he's a pervert and paedophile as well.

How far the Fiji Sun has fallen! And Fiji, too, given the low calibre of Fiji's opinionmakers.

Anonymous said...

Qori gona Maika Bolatiki na cakacaka ni gunu yaqona vakalialia kei na sara blue vakasigalevu uwalaki caijitamamu

Professor of Kamasutra Dr Mahendra Kumar forms Fiji Sex Party said...

Latest news is that Professor of Kamasutra Mahendra Kumar is forming new Fiji Sex Party. Dr Mahendra Kumar is the former VC of University of Fiji in Saweni. He was relieved when he was caught having sex with a woman in the VC office. Dr Mahendra Kumar was also famous for propositioning female students at USP. He used to stalk my fellow Samoan student. Fiji Sex Party stands for free sex. Dr Mahendra Kumar's father-in-law Davendra Pathik, is the party secretary.

Anonymous said...

Fiji being led to slaughter and people going along with it. Moment was gone long ago when we could have reclaimed freedom.

Anonymous said...

We can reclaim freedom at any time. All we need to do is to stand up in unison. That's easier said than done, though. The regime is successfully using fear, selfishness, false pride and apathy to keep us dvided.

Mataso said...

Fiji's Beastly Dictator - Bainimarama.

He is not fit to be next PM


Anonymous said...

Maika Bolatiki vakasisila.

Anonymous said...

didn't maraiwai go to jail for fraud for 12 months in 1975...he probably thought that was a forgotten case ....that plus this disbarring of his legal status..is this the the new leadership that the new fiji wants

Chaudhry's loyal kutta Vyas Deo Sharma party ticket said...

Mahen chaudhry's loyal kutta (dog) Vyas Deo Sharma has finally been given an FLP ticket to contest election.

This guy has been sucking up to mahen all these years in the hope of getting a ticket. He even used to mow chaudhry’s lawn and clean the compound. Fnally his blind loyalty and devotion has been rewarded by papa chaudhry.

Sharma has no qualification. On second thought, he does have some qualifications: he is not an independent thinker. He has no dignity and is totally dominated by mahen. Some people call him mahen ke bajaru (bitch). Some call him mahen ke perlar or goli (dick/testicle), and a jhaua (idiot) or puppet.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

All Political party leaders should have a meeting and unite and move the country forward.
Time to move forward and stop future coup .
army/police to be subject to the elected govt .
forgive all and move on guys .

Anonymous said...

Free all political prisoners if frank want immunity.

Anonymous said...

Vyas Deo Sharma of Samabula will do anything for a party ticket, including clean the Chaudhry household's toilet. This imbecile has no qualifications to be in parliament (not that he will elected). This is the kind of people the FLP has surrounded himself with over the years, leading to the eventual decline of the party, regardless of the propaganda churned out by his girlfriend, pioneer of skirt journalism in Fiji Asha Lakhan.

Nikhi Singh Rajen Chaudhry's bitch said...

If Vyas Deo is Mahen Chaudhry's kutta (dog), than Nikhil Singh is Rajen Chaudhry's kutia (bitch). Nikhil is another Chaudhry family lapdog. The nepotistic manner in which the party has been run by $2million daku mahen chaudhry has killed the party. People like Nikhil are complicit in fooling voters with their misplaced loyalty. Only chutiyas (dopy people) will vote for FLP.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Is it true Dewan Chand of Quality Press will be a FFP candidate in Sept?--this Idiot is an arse licker-gets all the govt printing job.Dewan Chand has no quality--like his press fails to impress.

Anonymous said...

What ever happened to all of the bravado coming from the PDP? Remember? It was supposed to be the "new blood", the "party of youth", etc., etc. Without Nirmal Singh's hot air to pump it up, its balloon seems to be falling fast.

I'll wager that Karunaratne's party gets more votes than the PDP.

Anonymous said...

Guys, spare a moment of prayer for this kid in India. http://news.yahoo.com/boy-tied-bus-stop-highlights-struggle-disabled-indians-033223128.html

Anonymous said...

Dewan Maharaj has looted money from the Sanatan Dharm of Fiji and now absconded. All printing job for Sanatan Dharm was done by Quality Prints at much higher price than other printers!
No wonder he will die of kidney failure!
All Karma is coming to people like him!Money will not buy everything Dewan Maharaj!
God is great.

Anonymous said...

Re: PDP... statement could have done with a spell check but this came out from their President Linda Tabuya

People’s Democratic Party President, Lynda Tabuya says if elected, her focus in parliament will be women’s health issues. Tabuya was elected PDP President in March and has set her goals on empowering women. “More job creations which will not just help man but also women, even more home business, that they can be involved in to support the family and children, even very simple things for example, I’m looking an early childhood education programme in the communities, they can be run their church halls, and this can be done by young mothers, so that little children under five, we see running around in the communities, especially in the squatter settlements, they are not tended to and this is how accidents happen, by these little children, why not train these young mothers”.

Anonymous said...

All political be warned that the election has already been won by FF as the election will be rigged by Khayium.
Time for all political parties to get together and fight the regime.

Anonymous said...

Maika Bolatiki's brazenness in committing indecent assault is only matched by his shamelessness in committing treason in support of the illegal regime.

Dr. Rajesh said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

I'm keeping my copy of the Fiji Sun for future reference. RC Manubhai, please be sure to keep 40,000 lengths of stout rope handy.

Suomynona said...

Shame that Maika Bolatiki's Fiji Sun editorial is so overwhelming with propaganda that he doesn't have any guts to write about the dark truth of the dictators. Probably doesn't want to front the courts like the Fiji Times for supposed "contempt"

Anonymous said...

In Bolatiki's case, the motivation isn't fear. It's greed. He doesn't write in support of the regime because he fears its punishment if he doesn't. He writes in its support in search of material gain. He deserves to hang with other traitors.

Fisherman said...


Labour supporter said...

What Mr Maraiwai used his clients funds for services not rendered by him.Mr Fisher should be interviewed by the Fiji Sun for this.Holding the post of Assistant General Secretary of the Fiji Labour Party whilst being disbarred for fraudulent activities is not on.Mr Maraiwai do the honorable thing and resign from the Fiji Labour Party.

The Jury said...

You!, Labour supporter!, why don't you get the Fiji Sun, the T.V and the Fisherman and interview Mr Marawai.I think it will be best for all parties concerned to know the truth istead of you calling for his resignation from behind your mother's skirt. Come on go for it, I think Mr Marawai will answer to all your wild accusations and won't deny you for an interview.