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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Shameem sisters do a dash as Singh is cleared

LAST SISTER EXITS: Nazhat Shameem heading to Geneva as Fiji's representative.
So both of the Shameem sisters have now opted out of Fiji but no matter how far they go, they will always be tainted.

Nazhat Shameem is to take up a post with the United Nations in Geneva, two years after sister, Shaista, sought sanctuary in New Zealand.

Readers will recall both of the Shameem sisters have been implicated in Frank Bainimarama's 2006 coup and were part of the Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum inner circle.

Their departures, albeit both at different times, but before the September general elections suggests the playing field that has been Fiji no longer suits them.

Both sisters had it good here, although Shaista, got more of a public drubbing after switching sides, presenting herself as a supporter of justice, when she wanted out.

Her New Zealand LinkedIn profile currently declares she is 'Committed to Justice' and 'Noblese Oblige' - a French phrase meaning 'with wealth, power and prestige comes responsibility.'
SIS RAIDS DEBATE: John Key and Winston Peters
Her former High Court judge sister has been more coy about her dealings but was exposed by C4.5 in our March 25, 2012 story as calling herself 'Madam' and openly influencing key regime entities via her law firm.(http://www.coupfourandahalf.com/2012/03/client-list-shows-nazhat-shameem.html)

Because of her connections, Shaista Shameem was readily embraced by New Zealand, which supposedly still had sanctions Fiji at the time, and allowed to study at Waikato University. She went on to work as a lawyer in Auckland, where she remains.

Another Fijian residing in Auckland has clearly not been of 'wealth, power and prestige' but has managed to win his argument there is a case against the John Key government and the Security Intelligence Service after a raid on his Auckland shop, in 2012, over a claim he and others were involved in a plot to kill Bainimarama.

It emerged officially last year in Parliament that Mosese Tikoitoga had texted Rajesh Singh to boast of the SIS operation as it was happening, confirming there had been co-operation between the secret service and the Fiji military, despite denials from the New Zealand government. 

Singh says he has been sent a 12-page report by the Inspector General clearing him of any wrongdoing and paving the way for him to take Key and the SIS to court for defamation and compensation.


Anonymous said...

Wellington has been even more promiscuous with this regime than has Canberra. No consistency whatsoever. All over the map. Now they're both going along with the regime's election charade. Pathetic! Their contempt for Fiji's voters should be reciprocated by New Zealand's voters when they next go to the polls.

Anonymous said...

"Our color is PINK.

"We think that supporting any woman is the most acceptable way to go.

"May God bless all women and show them the way forward for our country."

By this reasoning, then, God bless the Shameem sisters., and supporting them is the most acceptable way to go.

Anonymous said...

Seems some people are reading the writing on the wall. Bai/ Kai's days are numbered and come September they will be out of the game. The good Madam of the whore house, Nazhat Shameem is making a beeline while the going is good. This is no different than Tarakinikini case.

Anonymous said...

A rather contradictory article here in that clearing someone of wrongdoing does not automatically mean that Singh HAS won a case against the NZ government.

Anonymous said...

Anon@4.32pm Article says report clears of him wrongdoing and paves way for him to sue - don't think it says he has won the case. cos that's my understanding. maybe re-read?

Anonymous said...

People say that the first sign of a sinking ship is when one sees the rats start swimming away from its hull.

Most of the time man depicts the behaviour of animals.

Aren't we seeing a line of swimmers heading away? The long arm of the law will finally catch up with anyone.
The 2013 illegal constitution is attempting to protect the coup conspirators, if that fails, at least these coup makers are away with their money guarded by the illegal fake Geneva ambassador to be.
PS Foreign Affairs needs and the nationalist minister [1987 Taukei Movement recruit] should tell the people why we need an ambassador in Geneva.
Anyway, life won't be enjoyable there, one it's cold and two, because most of which will be spent on running and looking behind.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:47 PM

"" Another Fijian residing in Auckland has clearly not been of 'wealth, power and prestige' but has managed to win his case against the John Key government and the Security Intelligence Service ""

Quote' managed to win?

Anonymous said...

Shaista is a particularly nasty piece of work. Putting her in charge of human rights was a bit like putting Himmler in charge of relocations.

The Shameem sisters were smart to get out whilst they still could. No telling when the Hibiscus Revolution will arrive, but once it's here, it will be too late for all who remain.

Anonymous said...

Singh should sue NZ/Fiji Govt and Media for defamation. Singh is King hahaha

mark manning said...

The ship is sinking and the rats are running:-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUV_YbmHk6Y

Anonymous said...

And they begin to do the runner before the elections.................ia katia.......now that your time is getting closer........hahahaha hihihihi.........we shall come over to wherever you are hiding and get you......we will expose you right to the end and you will all be locked up in Korovou.......hahahaha hihihihi.......now I will begin my smile as only a few months left.......it is really close to the judgement day.......dro dro marama.......o na tobo ........ Now democracy will prevail......all that honeymoon you enjoyed.....will come to a full stop.......we will get you back and all the money that you are running away with will be used to pay for legal fees.......uuuuuuuu.....it will be painful but that's what one gets for supporting and legalising the coup.......has to come to a full stop sorry...........full stop indeed.....

Anonymous said...

Singh is King.
Rajesh truth always prevails at the end. We know that you were an honest politicians in Fiji and did the right thing.
NZ government is nothing but comprises of people who are opportunist. How can John Key and Macully associate with an illegal regime?
Macully has always been seen rubbing shoulders with Kububola the illegal minister for foreign affairs who has always been involved in every coup in Fiji.
Shame on N.Z government for allowing thugs to enter Fiji.
One day these thugs will enter N.Z. and take John Key and Macully to task.

Anonymous said...

Nazhat, with her husband, Aslam Khan, the highly corrupt Vodafone Fiji CEO, will be running to Geneva with no blood on her hands, but lots of legal money in the bank accumulated from illegal contracts and deals she had with Fiji's military junta. This includes so called legal advice for the coup, writing up illegal decrees, drafting the illegal constitution and drafting judgements on cases, etc. There is much more this coup plotter has done to rob Fiji.

The appointment is made even worse knowing that she will be travelling at the Fiji taxpayers expense.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

"I do not earn $1.7 million and you will find out what my salary is after the registration of the proposed Fiji First."

Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama revealed this at the Rotuma Day Celebrations today adding that a political party that distributed a flyer highlighting this did so without fact or proof or evidence.

He said people will also know his salary once he declares his assets and liabilities to the Fijian Elections Office.

He said at the moment he cannot campaign until his proposed party is registered.

Fiji Village

Anonymous said...

Modi future india pm will fix khaiyum and his muslim clan with pakistani hahaha
Modi will end muslim taliban and idiots.
Narendra Modi for PM.
Khaiyum for Naboro

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

IF FFP loses this election will they be happy sitting in opposition and especially answering questions spanning 8 years running Fiji? But by now most of the evidence will have been destroyed. Why did they disband the Public Accounts Committee? While they haven’t presented the Audited Accounts for the last 7 years surely the Auditor General’s office is conducting the auditing in some form or the other. Given the news leakages from all corners of Fiji I am amazed nothing has been leaked from Auditors office so far! Is the Auditor General’s office operating or has been disbanded? I read in the blogs some time ago about FB’s credit card spending spree while overseas. Was there any truth in this or just another bull in blogs?

Anonymous said...

If the claim is true: The Geneva office will be opening a bank account for dictators from Fiji, what would be the proof? ummm, lets think about that, ok: i) dodgy companies set up between 2006 and 2014; ii) income from sharing halve of Ministerial portfolio available during the 2006-2014 pre-election period; iii) possibly, missing project funds from donors. There are many question that builds from this, and one in particular is, why. The simple answer is greed, but again its a calculated approach to keep the money coming out the banks for generations. Aha, this is where it gets interesting, whose future, well its only for the selected few, like, ummm, VB, ASK, and the illegal appointed representative to Geneva. What does this mean altogether, one thing and one thing only. Its that all future leaders will have access to this account or facility and can make deposit from investors for an approval of any number of project. Who wins, only the elected few. What are way to legalise theft and corruption, the very thing that the coup was suppose to root out from Fiji politics. Can't fight that sweetness, ... vous savez?

Kemuni said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Funny to see Bai saying he can't campaign yet, because his party isn't registered. As if he hasn't been campaigning non-stop for the past five years!

It's also funny seeing Just Situational Logic's prediction about the regime already coming true just one day later..

Anonymous said...

Tony Abbott and John Key should be asked whether as prime ministers they consider themselves public officials. When they answer in the affirmative, then ask them whether it is not manifestly deceitful for the regime in Suva to claim that someone in the position of Prime Minister isn't a public officer.

Anonymous said...

people of Fiji are full of gandus

Anonymous said...

"I do not earn $1.7 million and you will find out what my salary is after the registration of the proposed Fiji First." - Bainimarama

I am surprised that Bainimarama reacted as he did. lol! It should have been a non-issue if it wasn't true.
The treating of Qarase as a non-issue has come back to haunt him!! hahahahaha!

Anonymous said...

"Prime Minister Voreqe Bainimarama revealed this at the Rotuma Day Celebrations today adding that a political party that distributed a flyer highlighting this did so without fact or proof or evidence."

This is the same guy that sacked the Chief Justice Fatiaki. I remember Rotuma celebrating the appointment of Fatiaki as CJ. What an irony!

Anonymous said...

"I do not earn $1.7 million and you will find out what my salary is after the registration of the proposed Fiji First." - Bainimarama

Bainimarama 's has done the honourable thing by revealing his salary!! haha. It is a shame that he keeps tripping over his own words

Anonymous said...

the most public office are those of the PM and all his ministers because they are elected by he public. But unfortunately in this case I am not sure as they were elected by the public.

Anonymous said...

She cant do the runner for long. Once the new Government comes into power recall this female of a dog and charge her!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama should keep Shameem from leaving, because he will need her to defend him in his treason case.

On the other hand, why are the Fiji government taxpayers paying for all the costs of sending, keeping, and protecting an illegal ambassador, whose going to guard the Fiji coup conspirators funds in the Swiss bank.

Why a Swiss illegal ambassador?
How many countries have UN ambassadors in Geneva?
At this particular time, what is the big thing happening in Geneva? No, not a thing, just financial transactions known only to a few eyes.
This is the way this arrogant illegal regime calls ' we are not accountable to the people, because the people did not put us in power' [2006].
The same regime is running after our votes now and signatures of support, while some of its inner circle members are now running for their lives.

Anonymous said...

Naz made the right call. Better to make a leisurely exit now than to wait and end up having to dash pell-mell through a cassava patch in abject terror.

UDREUDRE said...

I will comment when I see the final list of candidates being revealed by all political parties.

Anonymous said...

The Shameem sisters are not smart, just damn cunning!
Cunning to be friends of the court with the Qarase case.
Cunning to cook up the doctrine of necessity.
Cunning to give the President the extra ordinary power over and above the constitution.
Cunning to assist the removal of CJ Fatiaki
Cunning in assisting Illegal CJ Gates.
Cunning in not registering as lawyers under the illegal regime, yet becoming a regime's legal consultant, and conducting legal workshops for civil servants on the illegal 2013 constitution.
Now conning the same regime by being appointed as illegal ambassador to Geneva not to promote Fiji, but to protect some Swiss Bank accounts for coup makers, after using all their taxpaid knowledge and skills to defarud the country.
How sad!

Anonymous said...

Udreudre, you're confusing us with someone who cares.

We've seen your postings. They add nothing that hasn't already been said better by other regime trolls. Better you kept your comments to yourself

Anonymous said...

If there is anything that is said honestly by Bai is" "I do not earn $1.7 million." He is so right. He does not earn but steals $1.7 on annual basis.

Anonymous said...

Leave pay of 185k for 30 years.
Wy did he paid it back after france air bus trip
.where did he get the money ?france airbus paid him commission like the china company do.

Taliban said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Naz is part of inner circle planning all the changes in fiji since 2006 and isolating the indigenous from the economic and legal powers of the land.
We know these people and all their cunning plans and decrees to access land and other native resources (latest is decree on leasing of qoliqoli areas by foreigners - this will be issues by Minister of Lands).....
issue of licences to kai dias and kai jainas to extract sand, gravels etc ,,,,,,until nothing is left and environment destroyed ,,,,go around and see this happening ,,,,part of circle of bribery and corruption and robbery of native resources via bainimarama who is blinding people with bribery via taxpayers money.....THE BIGGGEST CON MAN EVER TO BE BORN IN FIJI

Anonymous said...

Noblese Oblige - very noble sentiment by Shaista but seemingly just a way for her to impress clients. She and her sister might fool people outside of Fiji eg New Zealand but pele here will never forget what they did to help Bainimarama get to where he is now.

Anonymous said...

Girmit Day and anniversary of first coup today. Sad Fiji has not resolved political issues and we are facing a sham election there can be no doubt Bainimarama is in it for power and glory.

Anonymous said...

Too many deleted comments. Sadly a lot of these comments are facts but the admin deemed them inappropriate. There was a comment about Rajesh posting anonymously and praising himself, deleted. WTF!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:48 AM

The only ones that have isolated themselves from the economic powers are the indigenous of Fiji.

The majority are fed up with your continual whining and selfish attitude in that all you want to do from society is take take take.

You want everything handed to you on a plate, you want roads, schools, hospitals, jetties, sewing machines and grants for building your churches but expect others to provide the money.

Like selfish kids with sweets you do not want to share, you do not have the money for your own sweets but you still want them.

If you had learnt, and you sure have had plenty of time to learn to, nothing in life is free.

YOU have put yourself where YOU are and it's YOUR people who have been responsible and also YOUR people who are trying to dig YOU out of the shit.

Stop blaming others, look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

The only Circus Being Created is by The Minister of Elections and the Party General Secretary. opps I forgot it one and same. hahahaha

Ballot paper for general elections will not change - Govt
Publish date/time: 14/05/2014 [13:07]

The government has made it clear that the ballot paper for the 2014 general elections will not be changed.

Attorney General and Minister for Elections, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has confirmed this to Fijivillage as he said this is one of the most uncomplicated ballot papers Fiji will ever use.

Speaking to us in a recent interview, Sayed-Khaiyum said the four political parties who want the candidates’ names, photos and party symbols on the ballot paper, are just creating a circus and not focusing on issues.

Sayed-Khaiyum said the Open List System will ensure that people know who they want to vote for.

The National Federation Party had earlier stated that they are planning to take the matter to court as they want the ballot paper changed.

NFP will make further comment this afternoon.

Under the new voting system, the current ballot paper will only have a list of candidate numbers.

There will be no party symbols or candidate's names on the current ballot paper.

This system also has only one constituency and that is Fiji.

People can vote for any person who is an official candidate.

As already highlighted, it is not race based and does not restrict people from voting only for candidates in certain areas.

The candidate names and numbers will be drawn by the Elections Office by the 25th of August.

Under the Electoral Decree, it is said that the numbering must start from 135.

The decree said that all the numbers will be put in a barrel and the Elections Office will draw candidate names with their numbers.

The candidate's names, their photos and numbers will be displayed at all polling stations when people go to cast their votes.

It has been confirmed in the Electoral Decree that people can either tick, cross or circle only one candidate's number on the current ballot paper.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Anonymous said...

anon 2pm
spoken like a true robber of native resources under guise of laws, decrees etc ....a truly selfish attitude of take take take.,,,,right keep on and the you'll see the fun soon d head

Anonymous said...

why is PM Bai only issuing licences left right and centre to non indigenous to extract native resources? why no law for compulsory partnership??? natives are being sidelined.
VOTE SODELPA as now only 2% of business are indigenous ,,,,most closed down due contracts ended by Bai the d head

Anonymous said...

anon 2pm
gravel, sand etc etc , minerals now taken large scale take take take,,,,environment destroyed
now you pay Bai to do decree to lease marine areas.....to take take take without regard for natives and their future.....
selfish selfish for capitalism get rich get rich etc etc ,,,,,keep on baiya keep on

Anonymous said...

What a joke.

Only 2% of businesses are indigenous !!!

Now that's really something to be ashamed of.

I suppose it's for the same reason that we see the Chinese owning and running corner shops, because they get off their ass and do it.

They then make profit from these corner shops, invest it and buy a BIGGER one.

It's the way the world works, get real.

Anonymous said...

how come foreigners are allowed to run small businesses ?? only in Fiji that's why Bai must be kicked out cos he is corrupted by foreigners like 3.32pm,,,,,

Anonymous said...

how come foreigners are allowed to run small businesses ?? only in Fiji that's why Bai must be kicked out cos he is corrupted by foreigners like 3.32pm,,,,,

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:01 PM

For the simple reason no one else takes up the challenge and initiative due to it requiring effort.

But the reality is that it's the indigenous who will be the customers.

Anonymous said...

At last the Administrators are much more civilised, they are removing blogs that contains words that would hold them liable for civil legal litigations and proceedings in the courts.

Tatti Fella said...

Isn't it sad how so many members of the regime have left to go abroad and then never returned to Fiji?

No, I suppose it isn't.

Reminds me of what that esteemed former contributor Dakuwaqa once wrote and is still true:

"Sada Reddy, you never write us any more. John Prasad, give our best to John Samy. Mahendra Chaudhry, ever hear from Lehk Ram Vayeshnoi? Roko Ului, we hardly knew ye. Daniel Goundar, whar have you gone thar? We could go on and on, but I think you get the point. It seems that the regime just can't hold on to its people.

"In normal countries, criminals go to prison; in Fiji, they go to Australia or New Zealand.

"To those who have left, you should be ashamed of what you've helped to foist upon the people of Fiji. My advice is to follow Tevita Mara's example by doing what you can to make amends and to assuage some of your guilt. To those remaining, I ask is it really worth it? After all, when it unravels, it's likely to unravel fast. And trust me, you do NOT want to be the last one caught holding the bag!"

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 4:30 PM, C4.5's administrators needn't remove blog postings for the reason you state. No country with freedom of speech holds open blogsites liable for the random postings of their readership.

Based on what I've seen on C4.5, comments are most often deleted when they consist mostly of vulgar epithets and/or race-baiting and have no redeeming social merit.

Anonymous said...

@tatti fella 4.33 May 14 , how cud u 4get Sahukhan Chorwa Paisa or Mack Patel Motibhai...illegal in Fiji - Legal in NZ/AUST

Anonymous said...

Anon 2.27. I have been saying this all along. Why does their have to be compulsory partnership with the land owner. It is wrong in simple economic terms because you have not invested a single cent and are only wanting partnership based on being born in a native Fijian body. Secondly extracting resources is not like trying to find a cure for AIDS. As per many contributions to this blog native Fijians are smart, wise, unselfish and superior to all and every one else in Fiji. Why don't you then exploit your own resources and become rich like us Indians who according to some of you are all rich and have gold streaming out of our asses. Can someone please tell me how landless migrants who have some to Fiji with almost nothing can become wealthy in 2 to 3 generations and people who have all the resources still wait for someone to walk in with a chq and use their land so that they can sit and eat the scraps that are paid and do nothing.

Suomynona said...

And some of the regime supporters that helped frankie continue to leave the country being probably afraid of joining him and AK-47 in Naboro should he lose the elections.

While on the other hand, Canberra and Wellington have given full support...no surprize there either.

Anonymous said...

What a joke people trying to take blogs to court but have no guts to take regime to task or to a criminal court. Get your priorities right people

Anonymous said...

anon 5.04pm
because extraction licences are issued by the state to only those with assets and capital,,,,,so its a vicious cycle with the system unfavourable to those without capital,,,,,,,,and now add the bribery the discriminatory status continues,,,,
solution is needed b4 its too late

Anonymous said...

anon 5.04
we all know who are the expert bribers

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 5:37 PM

No assets, unbelievable ! All we hear from you is WE OWN THE LAND, is that not an asset?

No Capital, but plenty of money to spend on grog, beer, churches and cultural commitments.

What a joke.

It all comes back to the fact that you are just too darned lazy, laid back and have not learnt that to get anything you have to work for it.

How does it feel to have no pride in yourself?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

"Fall from vehicle leaves man injured." Journalist lost all words with only hope that one will not be injured whilst falling off vehicle.

Anonymous said...

See the pattern?
"Man lost at sea swims ashore"
What happen to classical english word structure?

Anonymous said...

Deflection 101:

FBOA hits back at SCC.

You are both at fault. Busses are too old, design of Fiji roads is no different.

Anonymous said...

@7.06PM Ah that's Fijian English, just like they have US English, Australian English etc etc!!

Get a Life.

Anonymous said...

Please Mr Khayium as Minister of Election look into the appointment of Rajeshwar Singh as the General Secretary of FTUC.
How can Rajeshwar Singh hold two post. One as FPSA General Secretary and another as General Secretary of FTUC.
Now this has been well planned by Felix Anthony and FTUC. In case if Felix losses the election he will return as General Secretary of FTUC.
How effective is the decree on these unionists!
Rajeshwar Singh should hold only one post!
This warrants investigation.

Rewai said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chandra usp vc about to resign. Like Nazat shaneem he too has been a strong supporter of the coup. He has killed academic freedom at usp. His Taliban mate Iqbal Jennif no degree guy and so called pro chancellor is a corrupt kahyum man. Both him and vc have conspired to save his misdeeds and the blind usp council has bought their bullshit. Usp is run by consultant.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chandra usp vc about to resign. Like Nazat shaneem he too has been a strong supporter of the coup. He has killed academic freedom at usp. His Taliban mate Iqbal Jennif no degree guy and so called pro chancellor is a corrupt kahyum man. Both him and vc have conspired to save his misdeeds and the blind usp council has bought their bullshit. Usp is run by consultant.

Anonymous said...

What about Jai Karan the Marketing director whose qualification is a big question mark!
Jai Karan should resign too.
What is Jai Karan's qualification?
How did get a job at USP?
Was this post advertised by USP?
Jai Karan was sacked in his last job.
What was the criteria for his selection?

Anonymous said...

Fiji TV sacking after regime call - PFF

Updated at 7:11 pm today

Tweet on Twitter Share on Facebook

The media group Pacific Freedom Forum says a senior reporter at Fiji TV was sacked following a phone call from the attorney-general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.

A journalist and publisher, Ricardo Morris, who is a former coordinator of PFF, says the veteran reporter Anish Chand had said at a meeting that the television company should source wider political views than ones that simply favour the government.
no caption


Mr Chand declined to comment on the matter, but Mr Morris says one of Mr Chand's own colleagues undoubtedly called the authorities and shortly afterwards his contract was terminated on May the 3rd - World Press Freedom Day.

"And it is understood that somebody at that meeting or who heard about that meeting then passed the message on and then a phone call was made from the attorney general to the management of Fiji TV and the rest, as they say, is history."

Ricardo Morris says he has just resigned his own position at PFF after feeling ongoing pressure from authorities.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 6.56pm

There is no freedom of speech in blog content that is filled with misinformation. That kind of speech is just simply libel, hate speech, or even sedition.

From the looks of this blog, it has a wide readership and whatever it says carries a lot of weight. That in itself should be cause for any reasonable Editor to control some of the rants on this Comments Board.

Good job Editor.

Taliban Hater said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

This illegal regime has been making decrees and the illegal 2013 constitution to favour the coup makers more;

1. Giving immunity to the coup makers, yet disallowing any claim for compensation by any of the victims of the 2006 coup.
2. They retire civil servants at 55 but not others like the Army Commander and his cronies.
3. Ministers positions are not public officers, but trade union positions are.Yet ministers are paid by public funds and unionists are paid by members.
4. No party can campaign before registration, but the FF party has been campaigning well before registration, and even when reported to the police for breaching the decree, no action taken to question the party leader or its president.
5. The regime can take people to court, but the people cannot do the same to the regime.
6. The courts only hears cases against citizens but not against the regime.
7. This regime can go back 20 years to charge people for abuse of office, but it cannot account to the nation details of the Auditors Report for the last 7 years.
8. All civil servants are paid from the Treasury, the illegal ministers are paid through a private accounting firm.
9. All civil servants receive one pay pack each, while the illegal ministers who do not see themselves as holding public officers, receive at least two, even up to 10 pay packs.
10. Elected PMs cannot stand for election, illegal PM qualifies to stand for election.

Some are more equal than others.

High Tea said...

Anonymous 11:55 PM, what blog content, mainstream media content or government press statement isn't occasionally full of misinformation, especially in a media environment controlled by a tyrannical regime?

In all instances, the editors have an obligation to try to correct the record. But blog editors can and should give freer rein to their contributors, as their blogsite does not necessarily endorse the views expressed by their readership, any more than a newspaper endorses the views expressed in its Letters to the Editor.

In fact, the policies of both should be virtually identical. Editors should allow as many views to be published as possible but firmly exercise editorial discretion with respect to those that contain foul, racist or otherwise offensive language. They should also feel free to step in occasionally to correct the record.

The best defence against libel is the truth. If what is printed is true, it isn't libel. If what is printed is false, it is best countered by the truth.

True hate speech should be removed. But what constitutes "hate speech" should not be over broadly defined. Speech such as that uttered by Timoci Vesikula and criticised by Ashwin Raj does not constitute hate speech.

Sedition, in law, is often defined as "overt conduct, such as speech and organisation, deemed by the legal authority to tend toward insurrection against the established order". In view of the fact that the legal authority in Fiji has been disestablished, and we are now being governed by an illegal authority, I don't see how true sedition can be legally possible under these circumstances.

Sedition is what Bainimarama and his fellow coup plotters committed in recruiting for and plotting the coup. The coup itself was an act of treason. The regime's continued rule without legal authority is ongoing treason. In law and democratic theory, therefore, speech and organisation against the illegal authority established by this treasonous regime are far from acts of sedition -- they are our patriotic duty.

Anonymous said...

You talk about USP; Jai Karan and VC, Rajesh Chandra. But how about the biggest liar, ass licker and government stooge in FRU - bitch Esther Williams. She has singlehandely destroyed FRU with her conniving ways giving wrong and poor advice to the wimp Chairman and Hong Kong water boy, CEO Berlin Kafoa. What a bloody joke, bunch of criminals (like their taskmasters) and, delaying the election in May, clearly a breach of the FRU Constitution which requires this to be held in April (Clause 28:28) The Unions should back SRU and vote them out. No more fence sitters please. Hope u guys enjoying your $40 million cheque.

Land Owner No Money said...

Whoever wins the election will not change the mindset of the Taukei. They are jut lazy and think that money will just pop out of the land while they are making love to their Bose Vakaturaga and other archaic tradition. The bottom line here is get up from your lazy ass and work hard to earn a decent living. No political party is gonna save you or bring you together. For once in your life taukei people believe in yourself.

Anonymous said...

Publisher Kishore Kumar

12 hrs

I was attending the rally for United Front for democratic Fiji where Mahendra Pal Chaudhry said that the current regime is illegal and that we should unite to go against them.

I stood up and asked Chaudhry when he knew it was illegal, then why did he serve as a finance minister for the current government from 2006-2008? The poor man could not answer my question.
Tupeni Baba said that we must unite and fight against this government. I asked him a man like him who has been in three political parties because of differences, how can he tell us to unite when he himself is not united. He said that is politics. I asked him that he betrayed his wife and married another women, is this breaking of unity also politics? He was angry.

Anonymous said...

Kishore, those are fair points you raised, although you did over-personalise things by talking about the man's wife.

That also doesn't change the fact that both were correct in stating that we need to unite against this criminal regime.

Anonymous said...

No you wrong, USP VC rajesh chandra would not resign- the man will cling to that job for as long as he can. he want to appoint his most trusted anjila jokhan as Deputy VC. That would complete the circus- with esther williams, seniloli, akanisi, one white woman in HR, junior accountant as finance director- off course his crony jai karan. Ikbal janif, the no degree pro chancellor is sucking up to vc- he is gnoring all his mess- unless there is an independent investigation of the corrution at USP-the once revered institution will go down the drain- wake up council- through out ikbal janif and then investigate

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaha! Aman Ravindra Singh was no one in the PDP and had no chance to become the general secretary of PDP. He used Felix to get rid of good and smart members of the party to clear the way for him to become GS. He had to stabbed so many good people in the back in PDP to rise up to where he is today. In the process he destroyed PDP and lost the respect of Fijian people by stabbing Adi Sivia. His good father who served Lautoka city must be turning in his grave to see the greed of his son who has no standing in the society. He has destroyed PDP and the goodwill of Fijian people who were part of PDP. Woner how Felix didnt get the sense of what Aman was trying to do. Too late. Sa mate na PDP! sa woti.

Anonymous said...

good point- but more important is that anthony is acoup supporter. he took the whole FTUC to support frank and chaudhry- in fact the whole FLP went there. remember flp guys feeding soldier in nasinu. felix and dan urai in fnpf, telecom board! driving pajeros then. how much money did they make? was there corruption in awarding tenders in natadola? was there corruption in giving nirmal singg work by felix? FICAC should come out and explain felix role. Ths man now wants to be a leader? wants to introduce new politics? stabbed sivia qoro in the back? where is karam dund- Krishna datt??

Anonymous said...

no at least fnu managed by a intelligent vc. usp by incompetent and snake vc- with incompetent i-taukei and islanders- akanisi senior lecture-dean of some arts school. kesaia senior lectuer- business- boila some junior accountant- finance man- senior lecturer- jokhan- dean of science- jai karan who knows no marketing- is head marketing- robert- ex driver- commerceial director- husmuk lal- brij lals brother- ex clerk now some kind of director- we hear one samoan appointed deputy vc- who was a lecturer at samoa centre- what circus at usp?????

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

yes, agree they are all incompetent group of both i-taukei and indians- dont forget the incompetent no degree chair of council- ekbal janif-esther williams not even an academic- she is looking after fiji rugby now!!usp council is a bunch of ninkump poofs- they should investigate- they all know what is going on- brij lal- ps education fiji got his clerk brother to become a director of tvet-that is what vc chandra does pleases people in council by apponting their relatives, husbands, wives- tongan director of picpa husband of fekita - vice chairman of council- all stinks at usp

Anonymous said...

We have not forgotten that Chaudary, Felix and Dan Urai are part of the regime.
They had compromised their principles for a taste at the illegal leadership.
Chaudary ultimately wants leadership, he opted to join Voreqe's cabinet in 2007, than to join Qarase's multi-party government of 2006, for the likelihood of becoming the PM.
We will remeber them!
We will remeber them!
We will remember them!

Anonymous said...


Dainiteri said Bau chief Ratu Epenisa Cakobau accepted the SODELPA team as they were seeking the approval of the chiefs to have campaign meetings in the villages in the province of Tailevu.

He said Ratu Epenisa Cakobau told the delegation that the traditional links between Bau, the vanua of Kubuna and the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi and the vanua of Burebasaga will always remain.

But Dainiteri said the people of Tailevu have the freedom to choose whoever they want to vote for on Election Day.

About 70 people were present at the Ulunivuaka meeting house last night including Roko Tui Bau Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Ratu Epenisa Cakobau, Ratu Jope Seniloli and SODELPA President Ratu Silivenusi Waqausa who is also from Bau.

SODELPA media manager Sainiana Radrodro said this is a courtesy visit to seek the traditional approval to begin the political campaigns in the province.

The SODELPA team included Ro Teimumu Kepa, the President of the party Silivenusi Waqausa, General Secretary Pio Tabaiwalu and Tailevu representative Ratu Isoa Tikoca.

Anonymous said...

Former civil servant appears in court 16:04 Mon Dec 10, 2012Taken from/By: FBC NewsReport by: Mika LogaFormer Ministry of Works spokesperson, Sainiana Radrodro appeared in the Suva Magistrates Court this afternoon. Fresh charges were laid against Radrodro by the Fiji Independent Commission Against Corruption (FICAC). The charges refer to 11 counts of obtaining a financial advantage by deception contrary to section 318 of the Crimes Decree No 44 of 2009. It is alleged Radrodro used the name of the Minister for Works to receive money totalling $8260 over 11 separate occassions between May 2010 and June 2011. Magistrate Yohan Liyange has released Radrodro on strict bail conditions to re-appear in court on 10th - See more at: http://www.fbc.com.fj/fiji/6657/former-civil-servant-appears-in-court-#sthash.uyhxZ3OL.dpuf

Anonymous said...

Excellent contribution, as usual, High Tea.

Your part mentioning Letters to the Editor part got me thinking. Didn't Khaiyum prosecutethe Fiji Times for contempt, just because it published, without endorsement, what someone had written to the editor about the lack of independence in Fiji's judiciary? That's ridiculous, appalling and clearly designed to have a chilling effect on free speech.

It also reminds me of Ashwin Raj's comment that he wanted to examine the policies of the various newspapers with respect to how they determine which letters to the editor to publish. In a free society, that might seem a worthwhile study, to ensure that newspapers publish worthy letters, even if they do not conform to the editor's personal views. But in Fiji, who doubts but that the real reason for Ashwin Raj's review is to make sure that no letters get published that challenge the legitimacy of the illegal regime?

Anonymous said...

THE Fiji Independent Commission against Corruption has laid charges against Sainiana Waqainabete Radrodro.

Mrs Radrodro appeared before Magistrate Yohan Liyanage in the Suva Magistrates Court yesterday but the charges were not read out. Representing Mrs Radrodro was lawyer Seruwaia Nayacalevu, who applied for bail on the grounds that her client was not a flight risk and was employed by the United Nations Women.

The FICAC prosecutor told the court the accused had been served charges and also the first phase of disclosures.

Ms Nayacalevu confirmed receiving both documents and said they were not in a position to take a plea.

Ms Nayacalevu asked the court for more time so that her client could go through the disclosures before taking a plea.

Plea has been deferred and the case has been adjourned to January 10 for mention.

What Mrs Radrodro is charged with is still unknown as it was not disclosed in court.

Mrs Radrodro has been granted bail on the conditions that she:

* Provides $3000 as surety;

* She does not enter any premises of the Ministry of Works, Transport and Public Utilities;

* To surrender all travel documents; and

* Report to the Nabua Police Station every Friday from anytime between 6am to 6pm.

The court has also issued an order for stop departure which will be delivered to the Immigration Department.

Mrs Radrodro's father-in-law appeared as her surety before Mr Liyanage.

The court heard that her passport was still being held by the New Zealand High Commission where she had lodged for a transit visa to Samoa via New Zealand.

Mrs Radrodro's lawyer submitted two grounds on how the court could obtain her client's passport, saying that the court could issue a directive to the New Zealand High Commission to handover her client's passport or to wait until her client receives her passport and that she would hand it over to the court.

The court ordered that Mrs Radrodro produce her passport in court within a week and not to re-offend while on bail.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! Looks like that Vijay Narayan has set up a news template for wherever Sodelpa will visit, he will run this story. first it was Cuvu story and now it is Bau story. I have seen many arse lickers but Vijay Narayan takes the cake!

People of Tailevu have the freedom to choose who to vote for
Publish date/time: 15/05/2014 [13:02]

Print this page
Email this page
The chiefs and the people of the vanua of Kubuna will make their individual choices on who they will vote for in the September 17th general election.

This is the response from the chiefly herald of the Vunivalu of Bau Josua Dainiteri following the visit by the leader of the Social Democratic Liberal Party Ro Teimumu Kepa and senior officials of the party last night.

Dainiteri said Bau chief Ratu Epenisa Cakobau accepted the SODELPA team as they were seeking the approval of the chiefs to have campaign meetings in the villages in the province of Tailevu.

He said Ratu Epenisa Cakobau told the delegation that the traditional links between Bau, the vanua of Kubuna and the Marama Roko Tui Dreketi and the vanua of Burebasaga will always remain.

But Dainiteri said the people of Tailevu have the freedom to choose whoever they want to vote for on Election Day.

About 70 people were present at the Ulunivuaka meeting house last night including Roko Tui Bau Ratu Joni Madraiwiwi, Ratu Epenisa Cakobau, Ratu Jope Seniloli and SODELPA President Ratu Silivenusi Waqausa who is also from Bau.

SODELPA media manager Sainiana Radrodro said this is a courtesy visit to seek the traditional approval to begin the political campaigns in the province.

The SODELPA team included Ro Teimumu Kepa, the President of the party Silivenusi Waqausa, General Secretary Pio Tabaiwalu and Tailevu representative Ratu Isoa Tikoca.

Anonymous said...

Overheard from one of the VITIFM reporters that they are fed up with Narayan. He is obsessed with Bainimarama's /Khaiyum's arse!

All Hail Bainimarama said...

The Indians are the incompetent ones, this is because they lick ass to get to where they are now. It's a fact.

Anonymous said...

Anon@may 15/2014@8:12am...Not sure
whats bitting your ASS about us
Itaukei? What happen to you, did
a Fijian smacked you in the Ass or
on you stupid head? Or did they
enforced the law by taking your
kettle,pigs,chicken, goats to pay
for your unpaid lease for the last
30 years?
Look buddy, get one thing straight, you were brought to Fiji to work in the sugar canes
Fijians don't want you here
it was the Kaivalagi that brought
you here, they're responsible for
your return to india and you, why
the fuck didn't you go back? The
land which you walk-on through out Fiji belongs to me and all my
Fijians brothers?
If you want to
live in paradise, you gotta pay for my land and keep me happy or
the alternative is to get out of Fiji? Look why should i work when
my land is doing that for me?For
you go ahead take your selekava go
and make some money for me? So you
go and sweat it out and don't forget to pay your lease including
all the payment arrears?Don't give
me an excuses to cancelled your
land lease again?

Anonymous said...

I'm not into Muslim-bashing or attacking/criticising people just because they're Muslim, but it is true that the regime has given plum positions to Muslims far out of their proportion to the general population.

Anonymous said...

Problems at USP are a product of pathetic leadership by regime stooge, VC Rajesh Chandra. He insists on being referred to as both VC and President of USP! Behind his back Rajesh Chandra is known as Maharajah with no clothes. Most people here at Laucala Campus know that Maharajah Rajesh Chandra is sitting on a house of cards that he built on the basis of cronyism and favouritism. During his term Rajesh Chandra has systematically destroyed staff moral, standard of teaching, and the quality graduates. This has been masked by marketing and development manager, Jai Kumar, who plasters the USP website and newsletter with pictures and doings of Maharajah Rajesh Chandra to show all is well. ForumSEc reject Jai Kumar, of course, was hired without this senior post being advertised. Rajesh Chandra breaches regulations at whim and pokes his nose in

rajend naidu said...

We read under 'Labour protests' (Fiji Times 15/5) that the Fiji Labour Party has registered a protest to the President calling on the Elections Minister and A-G Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to step down from his post immediately.
The same call has been made by others in the democratic opposition in Fiji. They say Mr Khaiyum's position as Elections Minister has become untenable because he has been appointed the secretary-general of the coup leader Frank Bainimarama's political party.
Mr Kkaiyum claims "the comments made by these people are not worth responding to" (FT 15/5).
Mr Khaiyum's response is typical of the way of the unelected, self-appointed rulers in a dictatorship : No need for any accountability to the people.
By contrast we see the former Australian PM Kevin Rudd required to appear before a royal commission to explain his position with regard to a bungled government program. Even cabinet confidentiality has been set aside to allow him to give a full and frank account of what happened.
This is democratic accountability at work. The people have a right to know what the government and government ministers do in their name.
We can't of course expect the same standard of democratic accountability from Mr Sayed Khaiyum.
He is not bound by the rules of democratic good governance.
He is part of the Fijian dictatorship.
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

@ Landowner No Money..Fijians are not lazy, they are generous unlike the "paisa" community. Communal living is a way of life where sharing and looking out for each other is the norm. This will someday evapourate in our modernized Fiji, so brace yourself and plan your next stop over. Get my drift!

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama is blaming every party for distributing flyers about his salary and yet turns a blind eye for forcefully assuming Qarase's and Mahen's salary. What a joke!

Anonymous said...

@ Landowner No Money..I agree with you that the itaukei always think that money will pop up out of land. I think they have it right. That is why more than 90% of land are leased. Isn't that money popping out of land. The itaukei's are just glad that the lease rates have gone up, to the horrow of those who are creating wealth

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum's conflict of interest is well and truely generating interest overseas no doubt.The credibility of this election is on the line.

Sayed-Khaiyum’s conflict of interest puts Fiji in election turmoil by: Rowan Callick |From: The Australian |May 12, 2014 12:00AM

FIJIAN Attorney-General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has refused to stand aside as Elections Minister despite coming under fire for retaining the portfolio while also becoming general secretary of the Fiji First party.

Fiji First is led by the leader of the 2006 coup, Frank Bainima­rama, who will seek to remain in power at the September 17 election.

Anonymous said...

USP had no money to pay for any new appointments. Even staff resources are being ignored. Regional visits are being cut. The VC goes around telling false stories about funds, money given as aid but in reality there is Mass-mismanagement. He has appointed so many inefficient admin staff surrounding him and none of them know what to do. Examples are Jai Karan, Boila, new deputy Vice President who can't even talk, deans who are terrible academics. New appointments are being shelved, promotions stopped. An academic institute is least doing what it was set up to do- serve the region and provide quality education. He thinks large number of students grow growth- 40% of these students should not be at USP since they do not meet minimum entry requirement but all is good since the dictator will change policies as it suits him. Wonder why he is pledged to destroying the university.

Taliban Fucker said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 10:45pm,
What were you expecting from such blogs? They are only here to inflame racial hatred, get us to name call each other so that some of them can benefit out of it.You are just a pawn for them to reach their ultimate goal of a divided Fiji. Wake up and realise the truth now before its too late

Just Situational Logic said...

The credibility of this election is on the line? You've got to be kidding me! What credibility? This election has no credibility. It has never had any credibility. Dakuwaqa and numerous other observers pointed this out years sgo.

That's fundamentally because this regime has no credibility. It had lost all credibility by January 2009. Any expression of credibility in this regime can be chalked up to deception -- either the self-deception of the gullible or the realpolitik pretense of politicians.

In the case of our friends in Canberra and Wellington, it is most assuredly the latter. In the absence of an organised and effective opposition movement in Fiji, they've now packed in their previous policies of principled -- and, at times, petty -- confrontasi, a policy that saw them squaring off not only against the illegal regime in Suva but against their own allies in Washington and other capitals. They've resigned themselves instead to tacitly and cynically conspiring with the thugs in Suva in sponsoring an election they fully know to be a charade.

The problem for all three conspirators is that the rest of the world is finally beginning to realise that the elections are a charade as well.

The press and the loyal opposition in Australia and New Zealand will increasingly reveal the election for the farce it is. Washington's policy of smart sanctions will likely remain unchanged because it is rooted in law, and no American ambassador of principle -- and Frankie Reed is such a one -- will be able to certify to the U.S. Secretary of State as to the democratic nature of so farcical an election. Other capitals will bend toward Suva only as much as they need to -- in Tarawa's case fully; in Brussels' perhaps not at all. The case Canberra and Wellington have made for leading the PIF's collective policy against Suva is being morally undermined through their own actions, and with it their stature throughout the Pacific.

In the end it's likely that Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum will need to appoint a puppet as Minister for Elections, loathe though he might be to give up the extra salary. This isn't because he needs to preserve the regime's credibility. It has none. This is rather to preserve the credibility of his de facto co-conspirators in Canberra and Wellington. That credibility is rapidly diminishing, and with it all hope for an election that won't be universally scoffed for the sham it is.

Anonymous said...

Many if not most Taliban comments I've read deserve to be deleted. It's one thing to criticise Muslims for supporting the regime. It's quite another to criticise Muslims for being Muslim.

And regime troll @ Anonymous 11:37 PM, your "logic" fails on multiple levels. If, as you contend, C4.5 intended to "incite racial hatred" (Muslims are not a race, oh by the way) and to get us to name call each other, then why is its editor deleting offensive comments? Also, why would a divided Fiji be the goal of Fiji's democratic opposition? Our goal is, in fact, a Fiji united in defence of the rule of law.

The principal beneficiaries of a divided Fiji are the illegal regime leaders. And they show that they understand this very well through the tactics they've adopted -- including the use of regime trolls to sow division on opposition blogsites like C4.5.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ Just Situation Logic May 15 at 11:53 PM.

Perhaps Canberra and Wellington have embraced a different meaning of "credibility" similar to that which Khaiyum and Bainimarama have adopted.

This illegal regime indeed has no credibility (the meaning of which, which is found in a proper dictionary), at all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you @ High Tea for you May 15 7:01 AM post.

It is not illegal to oust an illegal regime where even its kangaroo courts are illegal.

Anonymous said...

I'm a committed member of Fiji's democratic opposition. I'm also a born-again Christian. I don't recognise Jesus in the teachings of Islam. I recognise him even less in the hate-filled, potty-mouthed ravings of some of the posters above. I pray they repent of their evil ways while the Lord still can be found.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:24 AM

Fortunately for both Fiji and the rest of the world most people do not think like you.

It is people like yourself that fall into the category of what most sane people would class as vermin and a menace.

Anonymous said...

Another Taliban appointment:

Ariff Ali new Deputy Governor of RBF
Publish date/time: 15/05/2014 [17:07]

Ariff Ali will be the new Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of Fiji from the 27th of this month.

Ali’s appointment has been confirmed by the RBF as outgoing Deputy Governor, Inia Naiyaga retires on the 26th of this month.

Naiyaga has been with the RBF for almost 40 years and has the distinction of being the bank’s longest serving staff member.

Ariff Ali has 22 years of service with the bank, having joined the then Research Department in 1992.

Ali has held several positions at RBF.

He was appointed as Chief Manager Financial Markets Group in 2009 and became the Chief Manager Economics in April last year.

During the last two years, he has acted as Deputy Governor on a number of occasions.

In announcing his appointment, the Governor and Chairman of the RBF Board, Barry Whiteside said that the bank is pleased to have Ali take on this vital role as he brings with him a wealth of central banking experience.

Story by: Vijay Narayan

Fijiwala said...

Anon @ 2:53 PM

What a pathetic response. You sound like a lazy freeloader. Get a real job and earn your living. We are just as much Fijian as you are. The land belongs to US all Fijians. You are not a chosen child of no one. Get off your ass and get busy you little SOB.

Anonymous said...

Arif is the best choice. He should really be groomed to be next Governor because he is untainted and has been more of a professional central banker compared to the spineless Barry and Fili Waqabaca. Inia has served his time and needs to make way for new upcoming talent. Its time to reward steady and loyal talent from within RBF like Arif and not self-serving in-and-out ex-RBFers like Fili.

Anonymous said...

Rajesh Chandra usp vc about to resign. Like Nazat shaneem he too has been a strong supporter of the coup. He has killed academic freedom at usp. His Taliban mate Iqbal Jennif no degree guy and so called pro chancellor is a corrupt kahyum man. Both him and vc have conspired to save his misdeeds and the blind usp council has bought their bullshit. Usp is run by consultant.

Anonymous said...

Fijiwala@10.09am...Please get this
into your thick skull,you're not
You remain an Indian till
we the real Fijian says otherwise?
you can lick Bainimarama's ass as long & smelly as you like, and whatever he promised your kind are
all illegal.
When we,re back in our house after the September election everything illegal that
you Hero had fucked-up will definitely be cleaned-up and returned to normality!!!
My suggestion to you is leave my land
but first settle up your lease payment arrears before you leave.
However, if you want to stay,still
do the same thing, pay up your lease payment arrears?
We cannot allow people to live on our leased land if they can't pay their debts?
So shut you piehole and respect your only landlord or
move out?
MY people don't have o work cause our land is doing exactly as our ancestors had plan for use?So my
advise to you is go on get your
Selekava and get your ass to the field and make yourself useful and
make some money for your landlord?
So no talking back! Don't force me to use the whip!!!

Anonymous said...

Fiji Village:
"It will be a memorable experience for 20 Chinese couples who will be on an eight day tour of the country and will express their love for each other in style at a special ceremony at Port Denarau next Tuesday.

Event Coordinator A.J Yang said this is the first for Fiji to stage this ceremony and it will be a special moment for all lovers from China.

Yan who is based in China and operates Fiji China Economic and Culture Exchange Centre Limited, believes Fiji has great potential to attract thousands of Chinese travellers.

The event will be covered by the Chinese broadcast, print, and online media in an effort to showcase Fiji to a wider audience in mainland China."


The truth is, China is not interested!!

Anonymous said...

We are to look at Arif's appointment as RBF deputy on it's merits. If he is the next qualified person then so be it,though the conspiracy theorists may look at it otherwise

Anonymous said...

Anon 4.19

Remember this you idiot! If the Indians were not brought to fiji, this country will be still in the stone age.

Anonymous said...

Fiji still IS in the Stone Age, with Neanderthals in the government and troglodytes on this webpage.

I'm Fijian and voting SODELPA, not because I'm ethnic Fijin but because I want to unite to throw the regime out.

I don't know who Anon 4:19 PM is supporting. I don't see a Nazi Party candidate, although Fiji First's comes closest.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.33

Voting SODELPA will take Fiji back to the stone age in quick double time.

Anonymous said...

Fijiwala@8:32pm...really!what's your problem with stone age?A house build of stone definitely
last longer then one you build from shit?
Stone is strong & clean
shit-house is smelly and weak,it deteriorates when wet.
See, aint you lucky that your ancestors left behind them house build of shit?
Like i've said before, stop bitchin & complaining, take your
Selekava and get your ass to the
leased land?
Remember, you're gotta pay back your lease payment
arrears or i'd be forced to take more legal action to recover all
the arrears you owed to our leased- Mataqali land? No trick
buddy,i want all the payment arrears to be settled before i can
consider another 30 years lease?
This time you're going to have to
pay tripple the amount your Father was paying-yeah we're coming out from the stone age and
you will definitely pay for the right to be here in my land?

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.21

You are one of those landless Fijians squatting around Suva pretending to be a land owner.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA leader and aspiring PM Teimumu Kepa should understand that she should also respect laws of a sovereign country.

Before opening her mouth on the rule of law, good governance etc she should first set an example by coming back to the USA and take her daughter Asenaca Kepa back to Fiji whom she brought here in 2009 and allowed her to overstay thus breaking the Immigration laws of the USA.


The sooner, the Chinese take over Fiji, the better...that way there will no longer be NATIVE Land AND ALL THE IDIOTS PRETENDING TO BE LANDOWNERS will be brought back to reality. Goodbye Arthur Gordon's land protection !!! This land belongs to the roving HOMO SAPIENS of EARTH as given to them by the lord JESUS CHRIST,and not to some specific people !!!



Mere said...

Anon @ 6:51 AM, how does someone "allow" someone to break US immigration law. How does that work? I know that US Congressional Democrats as well as Republicans wink at the enforcement of US immigration laws, but how is it that Ro Teimumu can violate them? Answer: she can't, and she doesn't.

I don't know the visa status of her daughter, and I doubt you do, either. But I'm sure the daughter is older than age 18, which makes her an independent adult under US law. Ro Teimumu isn't responsible for her conduct; neither can she compel her actions,

You want Ro Teimumu to return to the US? For what -- is she facing any charges? No, she is not, which only proves my point. She was in the US just last year -- why should she now have to break off her political campaign in order to visit the United States?

Maybe it's because nibblets like you are afraid she will turn you into succotash in the elections.

Anonymous said...

Mere @7.09 PM

She came with her daughter in 2009 on a visitors visa to collect money for Methodist conference from Rewan people living here.

Thats the reason why their visa was issued by the embassy. She as a responsible person should see to it that they return when what they came for was done with, she didnt and allowed her to overstay, work illegaly,getting paid under the table and not paying federal and state taxes( another offence) till today. She is the daughter of of maybe the next PM and and this does not look good on her. As an aspiring PM she must be above board as these type of things will be ammunition for her opponents.

I ask you one question, Would you come here with your daughter and allow her to overstay when you know that its against the Law.

My drift here is that she did not come alone, she came with her mother and they should have returned together.If she had came by herself then thats no problem.

I dont give a shit about your elections and who wins it as I am a US citizen.

Anonymous said...

Strange that you have a dislike to
this girl,what has she or her mother had done to you or against
Really,you said that you're
a USA Citizen, are you telling the truth?
Has this girls come out
and tell you that she was living in the USA illegally?
Did you checked her passport to make sure she was an overstayer?
Could it be
that she have a legit visa to stay
there than you?
Maybe we should report you to the immigration dept
and see where they'd tossed you out to?
She could be carrying a 3
years Visa to the USA-she's the Daughter of a Paramount Chief of
Fiji and with that alone she is
given & shown different protocol
than ordinary citizens?
She could be under the USA protection and may have the CIA keeping an eye out for her health etc?
Are you sure that you're staying there legally?
If i was you i'd be very careful
with what you're saying?
Cause those CIA are nesty people if you do something to screw-up their plan they'd get back at you
in no time? Look i know, i was one
of their wards for 5 years-the best time of my life?

Anonymous said...

ANON 3.09 AM

I did not say that I did not like the girl, perhaps you did not get my drift. You post is full of inaccuracies and no point in repling to it.

Anonymous said...

Fijiwala@anon@6:21am...Hey still talking back to
your landlord uh? Talkin about
landless Fijian, thats terrorrist
No Fijian has ever been known to
be landless in Fiji?
Indians on the
other hand are all landless and bad squatters on our Mataqali land?
In pre-Colonial Fiji the
white guys were able to steal some of our land with the strength
of their Guns.
Actually the Tuicakau as minister of Land in
Qarase SDL administration, he was
slowly trying to take back all these stolen lands including the
Unfortunately the coup
happen and now all have been put back on hold?
Look here buddy, use
your brain of which you have none,
why did Siteveni Rabuka pulled a
Military coup?
Why did George Speight pulled a Civil Coup?
you're absolutely right!
To kicked
right out off paradise!Yes, we cannot live together we require separation from each other and since we're two different people,we need to go our seperate ways.
So get on up
and go back to whence you came(India)and live us alone to exist
the way our ancestors had wanted us to live?
So while you're still
waiting for your Boat to come in
Please grab your Selekava and go and cleanup the sugar cane farm?
Try to get out of this modern tech
and sweat it out in the leased land?
Don't forget to pay-up your lease
including the arrears on the next
cane payments?
You just keep the lease money coming and i might change my mind
& give you another chance to pay-up and don't force me to take away
you cow,bull,pigs,Chickens,eggs,
yaqona, from your leased land to
pay for all your payments arrears?
May 19, 2014 at 4:22 AM

rajend naidu said...

Allen Lockington wants to know " Is it hard to ask?" what salary Frank Bainimarama and his ministers have been paying themselves since installing themselves in power some 8 years ago(Fiji Times 17/5).
No, the hard part is in getting an answer.
The Bainimarama mob do not consider themselves accountable to the people.
The people did not elect them into office. They appointed themselves.
The are part of a dictatorship.
As far as they are concerned the people do not have the right to know what kind of money they are picking up.
And the money is public money!
It is a strange way of providing better governance after overthrowing an elected government it had accused of bad governance, corruption, cronyism, nepotism, racism etc.
What kind of better governance is this?
Rajend Naidu

Anonymous said...

I don't know the circumstances by which Ro Teimumu's daughter is living in the United States, but neither do you.

If you have an issue with it, contact the USCIS or write your congressman.

She's a grown woman. If you really are an American, then you know that parents are no longer liable for the actions of their children once they reach age 18.

I think Ro Teimumu is a great lady, and I back her candidacy wholeheartedly.

Her opponent is a thug holding our entire nation to ransom. When you write your congressman, remind him of your nation's commitment to democratic governance and civilian authority, and then ask him to look into the activities of one Qorvis corporation.

Anonymous said...

Au sa kerea ga moni veilomani na tu qori mai Amerika. Sa lai rawa i keri na bula, sa dodonu moni sa international na i vakarau ni nomuni rai. E vaka vei au o ni sa localisation tikoga na tiko qori mai Amerika. Na kena vakaraitaki ga ni se lako tikoga na vei lomacataki. Sobo..

Anonymous said...

Fijiwala where the faka are you?
Got anymore complain about us
ITaukei? Don't make me wait please
go ahead & make my day?????

Regtime all for show said...

Not sure how much Shameem is getting for the Geneva post but Kubuabola has stepped out to defend her appointment saying position was advertised in local media.

Using government speak, Kubuabola says 'Mrs Khan' got the job because she had best credentials and Fiji has a lot of 'diplomacy and advocacy work' to do on an international level.

Never mind about doing it on a local level where it really counts, eh!