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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Vice president of Bainimarama's party was convicted of theft

Bainimarama and old friends
Coup leader Frank Bainimarama has registered his political party but his pick of officials will lumber him with the same baggage that he's accused other parties of carrying.

Bainimarama's named two vice-presidents, one of whom is an 'old politician' and to top it off, someone who has been convicted of larceny as a servant and sentenced to three years jail.
Bainimarama and new friends

Bijai Prasad is a former member of the Fiji Labour Party and according to a 1984 Court of Appeal judgement was involved in the theft of $FD20,000 while working as a movement controller at Air Services Ltd in Namaka, in 1982.

The judgement (see link below) shows the money was split with a taxi driver who turned state witness after police found $10,000 buried just outside his house.

Criminal activity in the family ranks also caused a stench around Bainimarama this week with nephew, Sevanaia, being charged with attempted homicide in the United States (see previous story).

The story has been covered by C4.5, media in the United States and Australia and New Zealand, but not Fiji media.

Instead, some media teams have continued to defend their favoured coverage of the illegal leader with a Fiji Sun reporter telling a Media Freedom Day panel discussion at USP: "What we are as a newspaper, and we make no apologies for this, is broadly supportive of the Bainimarama government's policies. We believe these policies are building a better Fiji. We know these policies have strong, broad, public support."

Another questionable figure in Fiji First is the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, who has been named general secretary.

Readers will recall we revealed two weeks ago Khaiyum registered the domain name in 2009 and subsequently proceeded to drive the regime's campaign to manufacture decrees aimed at curtailing the chances of political parties, churches and NGOs in the September election.

The Peoples Democratic Party has meanwhile elected trade unionist, Felix Anthony, as its leader with Anthony taking a diplomatic tack.

"We are not going or wanting to go into government to take revenge for all the ills of the past," he said.  “We are looking forward and what we are looking at is moving the country forward. If someone’s done wrong or broken the law, we believe there should be an independent judiciary to take its own course, it’s not for the politicians to decide that."

In the case of another one who has 'done wrong', FLP is due to announce its new leader after Mahendra Chaudhry was last week sidelined following the conviction of three breaches of the Exchange Control Act. He is to pay a fine of $2m and to repatriate to Fiji the $1.5m given to him by supporters in India, which he stashed in Australia.

Question: Who paid the $5,0005 to register Fiji First - did it come out of Bainimaraa'ms pockets or Khaiyum's? Or taxpayers?

Pictures: Top - Bainimarama and his coup army. 
Bottom pic: His party officials, Jiko Luveni (president), Tui Macuata, Ratu Wiliame Katonivere and former Fiji Labour Party senator, Bijai Prasad (vice presidents), Sayed-Khaiyum (general secretary), and Vimlesh Kumar (treasurer.)


  1. What a wonderful team! Free and fair elections are coming our way. The election minister will make sure that his party does not have any unfair advantage over the others. I predict a landslide victory with more than 90% of the vote going to the new and dynamic politicians of FF.

  2. Hahahaha hahahaha.....really funny.........hahahahaha....no shameems?

  3. No Shameem will be appointed Chief Justice after Gates retires, which will be shortly after the elections.

    No Shameems are you kidding?

    Where there is corruption, manipulation and an absence of democracy and legal principles, there you will find at least one Shameem.


  4. Free and fair elections????

    The Permanent Secretary for Elstions is Aiyaz's little ass kissing cousin, Saneem.

    That says it all. This young fool has never seen democracy as an adult. He only knows military dictatorship...


    A great team? Lets see how long they last. If they are honest and true they will see how Aiyaz operates and either run or sell their soul.

    Any Itaukei who votes for this Muslim leader, Aiyaz will be a traitor to the ancestry.

    But, I guess a lot of "Fijians" would sell their ancestry for a price. Wake up.

  5. Muslim rule will continue for a very long time. Go Khayium go!
    i taukei have to taught a lesson for all their wrong doings against the Indians.
    You are born politician!

  6. Look at the smile on Aiyaz Khayium's photo. Sign of victory.

  7. Bainimarama and Khayium have made Fiji more corrupt than ever with:
    No Transparency
    Compromised judiciary
    Military acting outside the law
    Human rights Abuses
    Lowest Economic Growth Ever
    Lowest Private Investment Ever
    Media Restrictions.

  8. Mahen Chaudhry and Asha Lakhan sa levu na chodo banau.

  9. If Frank can enlist people to his Party who have criminal records, then so should the other Parties be able to!

  10. Fijians are not mad to vote for Khayium political party. A self centred Muslim who has put all his Muslims brothers and sisters in top position to act as his spy. The word Fijians belongs to the indigenous Fijians. Khayium has destroyed the methodist and GCC.
    Come the election and i taukei we will vote for SODELPA.

  11. Tui Macuata has said that he joined Fiji First because of late Tui Macuata Ratu Aisea Katonivere his brother. This is far from the truth. He has joined Fiji First because of Charan Jeet Singh who had several business dealings with late Ratu Tui Macuata. Charan Jeet Singh cleverly made millions of dollars using the late Tui Macuata whilst the late Tui Macuata Ratu Aisea Katonivere dead having nothing.
    We should not forgot that Khayium’s father is working for Charan Jeet Singh. So this is the link to the current Tui Macuata. Charan Jeet Singh is again using his money to get the current Tui Macuata to support Fiji First.

  12. These F F are morally bankrupt supporting treason, murder and theft.
    Its sad that FFirst sapotas are morally corrupt bought over by material things.
    Vakaloloma na bula

  13. Declare the asset and salary Bainimarma and Khayium had before 2006 and after!
    Why the salary is processed by aunty Nur Bano Ali?
    Is it that civil servants are incapable of processing salary!
    Is it about hiding the loot from the people.

  14. The Financial Controller of Tropik Wood Vimlesh Kumar is the treasurer!! He has been forced into this by his useless Chairman Faiz Khanwho has swindled Tropik Wood and Fiji Pine. Vimlesh Kumar has been slaved by this Faiz Khan and treats him like a toilet paper!! Vimlesh be a man and resign, save yourself before it's too late for you and your family!! Ratu Dawai ..Pine Landowners Secretary.

  15. Bainimarama thinks he has all his bases covered but party is not off to a good start. It's all downhill from here but unthinking and scared Fijians will probably vote them in.

  16. We should put these faces on a deck of cards, like the Americans did to Saddam's regime. And we should hunt them down with dogs.

  17. The question of where the source of "funds" for frankies Fiji Farce Party is a good one.

    Apart from that, four more members have joined the dynamic duo yet one of them has a dark side behind him just as those two goons themselves have which the article thoroughly explains to which the Fiji Snub just doesn't bother to report on due to the tight censorship and propaganda.

    Defeat for Frankie at the elections is sure to be justice for most people, as a few still support the dictator and are thinking, "so what, that means nothing because he delivered what we've been wanting for so long."

    And by justice, I mean a trip to Nabs...Naboro prison that is since Speight would appreciate the company.

  18. This election is already stolen. It's done. Put a fork in it.

    The reason why is not only the treason committed by the regime and its sapotas. The opposition was foolish. It played by the regime's rigged rules. It failed to unite. And it failed to march. The international community sees this and despairs. Unwilling to intervene on behalf of a people who will do nothing for themselves, they simply shrug their shoulders and walk away.

    Our "leaders", "friends", and new slavemasters have left us no option now but violence.

  19. Why do you people still put your hope in an election that is already stolen? How blind and deluded are you?!

  20. This is what happens when the lamusona itaukei's have guns to their head. They are in their cubby hole as opposed to 1987 and 2000
    Where are the big mouth itaukei who were screaming noqu kalou,noqu vanua. At least Ratu Vesikula had the guts to say it like it is!

  21. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  22. Blind and deluded, certainly not, you might be!!

    People in this country will vote for Bainimarama because he has done so much for the country then previous Administrations.

    It's no wonder people are predicting a landslide. He's candidate lineup is just too good, the alternative sucks big time.

    All the best to you Honorable Prime Minister Bainimarama.

  23. Fiji Thieves Party is more appropriate.

  24. @11.25 PM
    I propose you to watch again - if you haven't already, the movie about Nelson Mandela. After spending decades in jail, his supporters from ANC got angry and asked him why they were not allowed to overthrow that shameful and violent apartheid. Nelson Mandela prevented South Africa to become another Congo, Nigeria, Sudan, etc...

    Before doing anything, always ask yourself what the most holy lord of your religion would do in such a scenario. In case you lack imagination, just wait a bit, I am pretty sure that some pink ladies well give you a clue any time soon...:p


  26. Kemuni na itaukei oqo na gauna mo ni sa tu ka raica na veika sa yaco. Me da kakua ni bilitaki ira na vulagi, se ko ira na mataivalu.Oqo na gauna mo ni taroga kina o kemuni sa taura oti na veiliutaki ena matanitu, politiki, vanua kei na lotu, na cava e vakavuna meda sa mai yacova na vanua eda sa tu kina edai. Au cakacaka ena matanitu ena dua na gauna balavu, au rawa ni tukuna ni kawa itaukei edua na kawa tamata dredre me vakavulici na YALOMATUA, YALOMALUA, VAKABAUTA NA CAKACAKA ENA YALODINA, YALODODONU,KEI NA YALO NI VAKABAUTA NI RAWA NI CAKAVA NA CAKACAKA MERA VUKEI KINA NA KAWA ITAUKEI MERA CAKACAKA TAKA NA NODRA IYAU BULA ME VUKEA NA NODRA VAKATOROCAKETAKI, MERA KUA NI DAU VAKARARAVI TIKOGA KINA MATANITU ME VAKANI IRA ENA ILAVO MAI NA IVAKACAVACAVA (TAX).
    Oqo talega na gauna meda sa waraka kina meda na taura vakatagane na macala ni veidigidigi ni yabaki oqo. Sa dei tikoga ni ratou veiliutaki na ilawalawa mai na Fiji First Party. Sa bau wadrega me ratou na qai druka (By Hook or By Crook). O Laisenia Qarase kei na SODELPA sa na daumaka meda lesu tale yani vakamalua vata kei ira na noda Turaga ni Vanua meda lai vakabulabulataka tale na cakacaka vata vakaisoqosoqo cokovata ni veivoli. Sa tasova na sucu Ratu Lai,ia, e rawa ni nawa tale na waqa ni itaukei kevaka eda vakayagataka na veika dredre e solia veikeda na matanitu nei Voreqe.
    Ni tudei na itaukei, ni veilomani, ni cakacaka vata o kemuni o ni vakabauta ni rawa ni dua na gauna eda na winitaka tale na buli lawa ena loma ni vale ni palimedi kei na veiliutaki ena so na tabana bibi ena loma ni matanitu.
    Mo ni kalougata na kawa itaukei.

  27. Bainimarama had Qarase sent to jail to break up SDL but spared Chaudhry, who should've been jailed, because he wants the Indian vote.

  28. This seems to be the right time to re-post this, given that Indian Fijians are now seemingly blaming Indigenous Fijians and suggesting that this coup is pay back and that Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is now running Fiji and its people.
    For those of you who have "not" seen this before!
    Here is a copy of a comment I made on the Fiji Times Online site in September 2007, 5 years 8 months ago!
    You will see 2 replies to my comment and I managed to copy and paste it, saving it to my computer, before being barred from the site.
    I don't know the identity of the person or people who replied, but I'm guessing their responses were an angry and emotional outburst at my suggesting "Asians " were behind the coup.
    What they didn't realise was, I didn't mean Indo-Fijians, I meant China, the Government, not the people.
    However, after reading comments here, on coupfourandahalf.com, it seems what was said in September 2007, was true and correct!

    Mark Manning of Sydney,Australia (38 minutes ago)
    It matters not what anyone thinks , this regime decided years ago just exactly what it had in mind and how it would achieve it's goals . Anyone who believes otherwise , is deluding themselves ! The processes this regime have put into place , are merely a smokescreen to hide their real intent . And one can only assume that that is total dominance over all facets of fijian society . Hasn't anyone in Fiji understood yet , that Fiji is being sold out to the asians from under your feet , by your own countrymen ?
    Indian of India (29 minutes ago)
    To Mar Manning of Sydney Australia-#34
    These silly Fijians do not know- ha!ha!ha!ha!ha! We are controlling their Military now. We will do it slowly until we destroy all the Fijian Institutions and the their land rights. The silly Fijians including the selfish Ganilau and Bai do not know and do not bother. GENOCIDE is the MISSION. It can achieved politically
    Crash Stock Exchange of United States (14 minutes ago)
    To India and Manning
    hahahaha...yeah lets start with crashing the South Pacific Exchange dominated by India and the banks! Maybe the Fijians can start thinking about the 6 billion deal now...hehehehe Take your pick!
    Fijians are lousy merchants anyway because their eyes have always been to big for their stomach(traditionally) thus the need to have a corporate body(GCC new look) to curb the crooks that take advantage of the Natadola projects etc. I say Code of conduct is necessary because no chief should be above the law neither are accountants!

  29. The recent events by Voreqe again shows that the proposed election is nothing but a carefully planned and meticulously engineered plot to “vote” the criminals into lawful and legitimate power. Khaiyum has finally showed his face. He is an evil and despicable human being masquerading as a lawmaker to destroy opposing parties and politicians by making illegal and immoral decrees. A VP of their party was a convicted person. The reported 40,000 plus people who signed up for them just proved what we have been talking about. They are trying to present the lie that the majority of Fiji supports Bainimarama and the election result which they have already decided will prove that beyond any doubt. It is an established element of a modus operandi employed by dictators and unscrupulous people blinded by their greed and thirst for power.

  30. The election result is already decided. It is no point for political parties to contest the election.
    The regime has to win at any costs.
    Now is the time for political parties to regroup and think the best strategy forward.I think an interim government is needed to conduct the election.
    A national referendum of the illegal 2013 constitution has to be taken.

  31. Oh, come on you silly regime haters!! Haha!! Your anger at losing the elections is boiling over, isn't it? Good! That's how it was planned (biatches). Waahahahaha!!! FF leading all the way, you sillies. Take your head out of the traditional pot it's currently dipped in. There's a world out there.

  32. Khaiyum's Fiji First is a real equal opportunity party. No matter what crimes you have committed, you are welcome to join as long as you are prepared to kiss Khaiyum's butt. Fiji will finally get the elected rulers it deserves.

  33. A FORMER Fiji national is in Canadian police custody for allegedly stabbing to death two women and injuring one in Penbrooke Drive, Calgary.


    The guy wasn't wearing a pink bula shirt.

  34. Political parties have again played into the hands of the regime by going along with the election. For that they have their own reasons, some of them self-serving.

  35. A FORMER Fiji national is in Canadian police custody for allegedly stabbing to death two women and injuring one in Penbrooke Drive, Calgary.

    In an interview yesterday, the Calgary Police Department confirmed it had launched an investigation — treating the matter as a homicide.

    It is alleged the man, believed to be in his 40s, killed his estranged wife, another woman believed to be the friend of the deceased and caused serious injuries to a third victim on Sunday evening.

    He previously lived in Nausori before migrating to Canada.

    "At approximately 6.30pm, on Sunday, police were called for reports of a stabbing at a home in the 6400 block of Penbrooke Drive Southeast," the police department said.

    "When officers arrived they found one woman already dead.

    "A second woman was transported to hospital, where she later died.

  36. Forty thousand is a lot but then it should be considering the time and the taxpayers money that's gone into Fiji First campaigining and the lollies he's dishing out.

    Now 200,000 would be saying something.

    Can the political parties please step up their campaign or abandon all pretence now of having any chance.

    Pack it up and go on holiday.

  37. Wow! a 30-year old conviction. Rabuka and Speight did even worse than this guy and more recent than this 30-year old story. Where then are the stories of the horrors by Rabuka and Speight? Anybody remember the sad stories in Muaniweni.

  38. This regime line-up should be treated as a wanted poster. Every one of those 40,000 signatures should be checked. If they really exist, they should be indicted for treason against Fiji.

  39. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog. The quick brown fox jumped over the lazy dog blah blah blah...........................
    What a load of nonsense as always coup 4.5. The greatest joker is Mark Manning. Asian take over of Fiji wow. Have you looked at your back yard lately dude. The Chinese are climbing all over it and your PM is groveling to the Chinese like a dog to his master. The fact is that this is the Asian century like it or not. Between India and China they have almost half the worlds population. It is simply inevitable to have them dominate the world.Oh and Mark look around you dude. Every thing from your underwear to your TV is either made in China or India.The sooner you get over your hatred of Asians the better for your blood pressure. Moce mada.

  40. Mataiasi RaluluMay 7, 2014 at 3:16 PM

    If the V. President was convicted for a crime then he is a criminal and should be barred from standing for election.

    Anyway he will provide fodder to opposition to add to their ammunition during election tussel.


  41. Trues up this revelation will keep the political parties challenging the so-called purity and hygiene of Bainimarama's party. Let us not forget this is the same guy who preached that politicians from previous governments 'old politicians' are tainted and will drag Fiji back instead of going forward.

  42. Is there a simple way to have a professional poll on people's intentions? Nobody believes the Fiji Sun crap because this is the kind of results only Saddam Hussein or Kim Il-Sun can get! The regime lacked of common sense when they ordered those numbers. As Hitler said, a lie has to be huge for the people to believe! Sodelpa can't be under 20% from what we can see around us... that's simply fiction!

  43. That's why this regime banned exit polling. It doesn't want exit polling to show a landslide victory for SODELPA when it is announcing a landslide win for Fiji First.

  44. All Fail BainimaramaMay 7, 2014 at 4:03 PM

    Who's going to check the signatures? Khaiyum's assholes.

    Who's going to prevent that happening? Khaiyum's assholes.

    Who's going to rig the election? Khaiyum's assholes.

    And who's the worst asshole of all? Bainimagaitinamu.

  45. Canberra, Wellington, Washington, Brussels . . . Don't pretend this election isn't a scam. We know it, you know it, everybody knows it.

    Do not press down upon the people of Fiji this crown of thorns. Do not abandon us. Do not pretend not to see what you see.

  46. C4.5 please publish latest wadan narsey article on Fiji’s Press Freedom Day: self-censorship continues” so we can comment.

  47. The strength of a democracy relies on the secrecy of the voting process. In the case of our little dictatorship, it becomes a weakness. There might be a solution to this problem: if we can spread the word about a system of "bula shirts colors" inspired from the pink bula shirts... each party has it's own color and those who are afraid to show their colors can use white.

    So if blue is for sodelpa, than wear a blue bula shirt when voting. Green for FLP And so on. Pink for the Feminists! So the voting wont be secret anymore and we will all be able to count! If you want a secret vote, wear white clothes. Statisticians will be able to break down numbers! Easy! Brave people, show your colors!

    Let's say that we have only 40.000 votes for FF (people wearing black bula shirts say) and other parties share only 400.000 votes. Out of these votes, half are "white" votes and the rest are distributed amongst the different parties. We can easily work out the "real" result!

  48. If guns are allowed in Fiji....these two idiots would have been killed already

  49. As I can see it:

    Rigged - If Bhaiyum wins by a "landslide" of votes (which is a most likely scenario obviously)

    Supposedly free and fair - If some other party wins.

    But yeah, the poll fixing is too prevalent with no surprize if Frankie and protege Ayarse wins since they'll continue on with their selfish interests.

    Elections are an unfortunate "set-up" since these decrees have protected them well.

    Mr. Beddoes, your police report better be worth it if it can lead to Bhaiyum's arrest.

  50. @5.59PM Rigged, seriously, you sound like a moron..

  51. we still wont forget easyly what those rebels ,did to some of our poor family in muaniweni,very,very sad stories.. thats why we will always praise the great job done by our military and not forgeting the former president, you people must realise that we are all human beings we will never forget you sir mr pm and rip to our former mr president.. to you sir mr pm,we hope that youll win the next general election, thank you and thank you very very much sir mr pm...

  52. Frank/Khaiyum why didnt you formed your political party in 2006 and fought election under legal 1997 constitution in free/fair election.
    All other election and constitution is illegal like your corrupt regime /party.

  53. sa qai nanumi nai sasavu ni sa caka na veidigidigi, sara qai bau lai sikovi, style makawa ga ni vaqara wini sa baci caka tale tiko... sega ni dua na ka vou.. da nanuma de da sa vayalo mai qo sa qai sega sara.. ni na baci wini la qo da baci mai biu tu yani da vatu dua nai su tavioka sa tu dede i na makete.. sa da vakaloloma tamani vakaloloma...qo laurai tiko qo ni sa da mai vaka tiko ga meda i varau ni ka... rawa ga na lomadra ra qai...o cei du mai vakoisine...

  54. It is high time i Taukei get together and vote Khayium out.

  55. The Fiji Labour Party has called on Minister for Elections, the illegal Attorney General Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum to resign after his appointment as the general secretary of the proposed Fiji First party. Labour leader Mahendra Chaudhry said in a statement that Sayed-Khaiyum cannot continue to be the Minister for Elections after his appointment as it is a conflict of interest and abuse of office. “Failure to do so will tantamount to abuse of office.

  56. Khaiyum and Bainimarama have stolen millions from the people of Fiji and they continue to do so through corrupt practices orchestrated through Khaiyum's corrupt aunty Nur Bano Ali and her husband. The Auditor General is not allowed to report on it to the people including the deal surrounding the sale of Rewa Dairy to CJ Patel, who also owns the Fiji Sun.

  57. Quite so. Khaiyum as Minister for Elections is a clear conflict of interest. He must resign.

    Also, I love the idea of people wearing their party colours on election day. I doubt we can get enough people to do it.but if we could, great idea!

  58. Bainimarama, don't even THINK you will ever get my vote.

    You sent your goons in the middle of the night to arrest my chief, when her only "crime" was keeping Rewa's commitments to the lotu.

    Your Fiji Sun poll is a fraud, just like you.

    Burebusanga stands behind our paramount chief, not behind you, the paramount thief!

  59. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  60. It is really hard to understand that iTaukei give away their land. But it is definitely happening. Khaiyum and his family will laugh all the way to the bank – not the land bank mind you, the banks in Hong Kong, Dubai and other places where aunty Nur transfers the kick backs from the Chinese.

  61. Anon 10:28 PM, you speak of her like that in front of me, and I will bash the brain right out of your skull.

  62. Instead of people wearing their individual party colours on election day, what about the idea that everyone opposed to Fiji First wear white or some other agreed colour? We don't need to know which party people voted for, we just need to know they didn't vote for Fiji First.

  63. Anon @ 2.02 am

    The truth hurts uh!

  64. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. The so called Tui Macuata is a son of a con man, so no one know him as Tui macuata. And he just came out of prison, so Bainimarama likes con people because he is also a con man so let them suck each other's dick.

  66. Democracy is gauged by what the people want. Bainimarama has distorted this truth with his propaganda machine which has been driven by Qorvis, the ministry of Information, the numerous Twitter and Facebook groups actively promoting the so called good deeds of this illegal government. Yet I believe there is still opposition to the regime and somehow we must find an answer or a way out of this election.

  67. I see the comment has been removed by an administrator but is it really a hate crime to say Khaiyum is Muslim and has installed Muslim cronies in influential positions in the country?

  68. Muslims, what a joke. The leader of the Islamic assholes said Allah ordered him to kidnap these girls. Really?

  69. Something odd with FijiMay 8, 2014 at 12:57 PM

    Two major events that haven't been covered by Fiji media this week, Bijai Prasad's conviction and U.S. arrest of Bainimarama's nephew. Both stories would've received due coversge in any other country.

  70. Anon 6:17 AM, yeah the truth hurts. When my club smashes your brain, you will find that the truth hurts very much indeed!

  71. agree with anon 2.41pm... about mark Manning harping on about the Asian takeover of Fiji. Its happening in your own backyard. Been to any house auctions in Sydney lately, Mark? Only Asians bidding for them houses. First Chatswood, then Parammatta (heard about the 1000 apartment buildings being built there by Chinese developers?). Australia will be renamed as Asian-trailer (as in trailer parks). The poor man of Asia is the future of Australia if they ignore the reality of this Asian century. It will all start once the Chinese economy slows down and imports of coal, steel, etc from Oz dwindle. Oz manufacturers simply cannot compete. what will Australia do? Joe Hockey has seen the light, hence the debt tax and all these other measures to balance the budget. welcome your new masters, the Mandarins of Asia.

  72. Anon @1.31 pm

    While you still trying to raise your club to smash my head, I would have doubled tapped you with my Glock 9mm, one in the heart and one in your brain.

  73. @anon3.26pm...what brain? he has none.

  74. Is it true that Bijai Prasad has stepped down as vice president of Fiji First because of exposure over his conviction>>?

  75. Vote for Bai, is Vote for Kai



  78. You're going to need a lot more than your Glock, punkass macafaka.

  79. vinaka, vinaka, vinaka....

  80. sa rauta vinaka me lutu o Rabuka, sega ni nanuma na kai viti(itaukei), vacava me form taka dua nona party and we see if someone can support him,sobo!!!!!

  81. anon 8.16 pm
    tamata kaisi o iko kei nomu boso.......vakaisi tu ga na curu yani ki viseisei ,,,raica ka vuli mai na veivakaturagataki ni SODELPA......
    rere tiko qori sa vakarau oto na kana loto boci

  82. Dear friends and good citizens. Let us not worry about what other people and governments think about us. They have expressed their position about the illegal takeover of government wayback in 2006. It is now seven long years and more. The criminals have revealed to us how selfish, arrogant, ruthless, murderous and absolutely despicable they are. We now have a long list of decisions, actions, crimes, decrees, documents, videos, court judgements, etc. These are more than sufficient to take them to prison and lock them there for as long as they live. So what else must they do to stir us to action? I am afraid that if we do not agree on a peaceful action to oust these criminals from power, then I am afraid we will have a violent uprising coming. Is that what we want? NO. But that will come if we do not engage in peaceful and national protests. That will happen if this regime does not stand aside and allow us the people to elect our leaders.

    Please do not get me wrong. I am asking us, the people, to act now. The election is a RUSE. They have rigged the election to win the election. Can’t you see. Where are the political parties? Can’t you see what is happening right before your eyes. How arrogant and deceitful are Vore and Khai to be organising an election in the manner they have done? They make the rules. They want us to play by their rules. But they can do anything, yes, ANYTHING, TO WIN. Imagine what they capable of doing after they win. Remember, they have absolute immunity.

    What have they done to win the election? The answers to this are many and people have already talked and written about it. The question is what else will they do? Think about it:
    1. Control the actual voting process on the day
    2. Manipulate the people
    3. Manipulate the votes
    4. Military coup?
    I believe Voreqe will think twice about the military option, because he does not have a united military behind his treasonous agenda. Let’s sign the PETITION that’S coming around. Let’s MARCH TO EPELI AND TELL HIM TO DO SOMETHING USEFUL FOR THE FIRST TIME. LET’S TELL VOREQE AND THE WORLD, ENOUGH.

    Please, no more of this useless talking about voting and elections. IT IS TIME FOR ACTION. Then, Aust, NZ, UK, USA and all our Pacific neighbours will know that we, the people of Fiji do not support Voreqe and Khaiyum. We want change. We want our freedom and rights. We want our country back. BUT WE MUST ACT NOW. PLEASE!

  83. C4.5 please don't forget Bainimarama's own shady past including the deaths of the CRW soldiers and the tortures of citizens at camp.

  84. Anonymous 9:39 AM, you make utter sense. So do High Tea, Situational Logic, Emil King and a few others. Now that it's abundantly clear the elections are a farce, now is the time to act. Let us resolve and commit to each other and Fiji as we sign the electronic petition that this time we will ACT!

  85. Wiliame, the so called Tui Macuata ALSO has a CRIMINAL record!!
    R ember the good and BAD Flagstaff days Willie?

  86. Wiliame, the so called Tui Macuata ALSO has a CRIMINAL record!!
    R ember the good and BAD Flagstaff days Willie?

  87. Kivei kemuni na noda na itaukei ko ni vosataki ira na moda turaga kei na marama bale vata kei na GCC. Oqo na draki ni bula mo namaka ni ko via curuma na politiki. Kevaka era digitaki ira eso na turaga kei na marama bale kei Viti me ra tu ena lewe no bose lawa koya na nodra dodonu (democratic rights). Kevaka e tukuna ko Rabuka ni vakayagata na nona itutu vakaivalu ko Ratu Mara koya na nona digidigi. Na veimatanitu eda digitaka na lewe nivanua vakatekivu mai na gauna ni Alliance era sa qarava talega eso na cakacaka vinaka ni veivakatorocaketaki me baleta na noda vanua. Ia, sa dodonu mo nkla ena gauna ni kua baleta ni da sa vuli ka lotu na kawa itaukei na cava na duidui ni matanitu vakaivalu kei na matanitu digitaka na lewe ni vanua, sa dodonu meda kila na cava na politiki kei na itavi mo qarava ena matanitu ni ko lewe ni palimedi, na cava na nomu itavi kevaka ko turaga se marama bale ni dua na vanua ka ra digitaki iko na lewe ni nomu vanua mo lewena na GCC. SA RORO MAI NA VEIDIGIDIGI LEVU, SA QAI LEVU TIKOGA NA VOSA VAKALIALIA ESO VEI KEDA NA ITAUKEI, ERA VOSA CA MAI NA ITO NEI BAI, VOSA CA YANI OIRA NAITO NEI RATULAI, AU KEREA VAKABIBI MEDA KUA NI VOLITAKA NA NODA DODONU O TURAGA SE SEGA ENA KAUKAUWA NI VEIVOLI EDAU CAKA NI SA VOLEKA NA GAUNA NI TIKI (ELECTION). NANUMA TIKO NI OTI NA VEI DIGIDIGI O IKO KO NA ITAUKEI TIKOGA, O NA KAI IDIA ENA KAI IDIA TIKOGA, ETC, OK DIGIDIGI VAKAYALOMATUA, KAKUA NI VAKUSAKUSA ENA KAMICA NI VOSA NODRA NA VIA LEWE NI BOSE LAWA, NANUMA TALEGA NA VEIKA VINAKA SA CAKAVA OTI NA VEIMATANITU DIGITAKA NA LEWE NI VANUA ENA VEIGAUNA SAOTI.KENA ITINITINI KILA NA KA DINA KA TOTAKA, KILA NA DUIDUI NI DEMOCRACY KEI NA DICTATOR. KILA NA KAUKAUWA NI LAVO, KAUKAUWA NI DAKAI KEI NA KAUKAUWA NI TAMATA E VAKAIYARAGI ENA IYARAGI KALOU. "YALO MALUA" MO TAUKENA NA VANUA,

  88. Editor,
    Rennie Hill of Tauranga,NZ (FT 10/5) might want to read Professor Warden Narsey's letter in the same issue of the Fiji Times before he goes ahead " to thank and salute Rear Admiral (Retired) Voreqe Bainimarama for guiding Fiji in the right direction".
    Professor Narsey's letter might help him see more clearly the direction in which the Rear Admiral and his principal direction planner the self-appointed Attorney- General and Minister for Elections and Many Other Things Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum is "guiding Fiji".
    I am of course assuming here that the New Zealander keeps an open mind and that he is not singing the praise of the Rear Admiral because of some vested interest.
    There are quite a number - of locals and foreigners - doing the latter because they are benefiting from the Rear Admiral's dictatorial regime.
    Rajend Naidu

  89. when one elected government truly democratic voted by the people of this nation was leading us, some people overthrow it,now one non elected government is running the government people still go against it,what else is left.. nothing new going on in this blog.. its history repeating itself..

  90. 10;52 the death of the CRW is just because of them, they want to overthrow a camp where people were trained to torture and to kill, must remember whatever goes around comes around... they just went in the camp shoot one innocent soldier and another one on the head, imagine if they never attack that camp... but you know what? thats where bad evil corrupt politicians comes in the picture,and they still trying to force their way back in.. but i want to tell any wrong move again all no mercy now...

  91. Ratu Mara stole millions, Chaudary did as well , Qarese did also and yet you letting Qarese run as a candidate for the top job


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