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Monday, June 23, 2014

Activist: RFMF can't silence youth who've been beaten and tortured

How convenient. Just as political parties get publicity over the naming of their candidates and their policies, the head of the RFMF is trotted out to remind everyone the army is ready to beat and torture citizens if they challenge the regime.

RFMF commander, Mosese Tikoitgoa, has reportedly told the Sydney Morning Herald the army will respect the result of the September 17 election but will not tolerate an elected government rewriting the regime's 2013 Constitution.

No justice: Victim Sakiusa Rabaka.
Clearly a threat to the Social Democratic Liberal Party (SODELPA), which has promised a judicial review of the regime's Constitution, Tikoitoga admits the army has beaten and tortured citizens and will step in to keep 'civil order' after September if it has to.

SODELPA says there is no basis for Tikoitoga's threats, with  youth president, Pita Waqavonovono, citing wide support for the review.

"In the communities I've visited, people are asking for the 2013 Constitution to be changed. They were not part of the process and within the document are mechanisms that entrench the rule of the gun or the coup culture." 

Tikoitoga's admission this week citizens have been beaten and tortured follows the airing on Australian television last week the story of Fiji human rights activist, Virisila Buadromo, being taken to the barracks in 2006, just after Bainimarama seized control in December. (see earlier C4.5 story).

He told the Sydney Morning Herald: “But a lot of these people were actually trying to instigate violence by creating anti-government movements or militant groups.

“They were talking on the radio and so on … If you let them continue to have a voice, you create a potentially dangerous environment. So it was the lesser of two devils.”

Waqavonovono was one of the four attacked that Christmas Eve with Virisila Buadromo and he says people owe it to themselves - and to those who've died at the hands of the regime - to keep speaking up, despite the threats.

"Sakiusa Rabaka's voice and the voice of many young people who were beaten and tortured at various military installations will not be silenced. 

"At this important period of our re-democratisation process, Tikoitonga's reminder to Bainimarama's opposition of the torture and abuses is a deliberate attempt to strike fear in the hearts of Fiji citizens."

Waqavonovono says the United Nations and foreign embassies also need to investigate Tikoitoga's claims the RFMF was merely keeping order.

"Since 2000, we the people, have asked for the explanations of the murder's of CRW Soldiers, especially those that had no part to play in the 2000 mutiny. 

"Former Fiji Police Commissioner Andrew Hughes had opened a investigation on fraud and murder on Frank Bainimarama and his close allies. 

"A arrest warrant was issued for Bainimarama. This was the reason for the Coup in 2006, hidden under the guise of ending corruption and so-called racist policies."

UFDF spokesperson and SODELPA nominee, Mick Beddoes, says it's time people stopped being intimidated.

"The only instability in Fiji back in 2006 was the military and any act of militancy was by the military itself. Their target was of course innocent civilians courageous enough to demonstrate for democracy."

Dictators: Bainimarama and Yudhoyono
SODELPA party leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa, has meanwhile expressed solidarity with the people of West Papua, following the visit of Indonesia's president,  Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono, to Suva. Kepa denounced the expensive pageant that was put on for the president saying her party would formalise its support for West Papua to break free from Indonesia's colonial rule in its upcoming manifesto.


SEMI MEO said...

We all do hope General Tikoitoga words were misconstrued by the oversea press.

Should SODELPA manage to just pip slight across the at the pools of 17 09 14, would they then invite FF Party for a "coalition" in zest for stability?..then slowly climatize the constitutional change in that power sharing mode? or tooth for tooth?

Just that right now the sum arithmetic does not favor the Retired Admiral.

..and my tauvu from Kiuva is loosing a lot of sleep and calling the General at delainabua in one of those sleepless night...may be.

Anonymous said...

So the lesser of the to evils is to beat and torture citizens? shame on tikoitoga, therfmf and foreign governments still in fiji, who are turning a blind eye to everything, including the beating and torture of citizens

Anonymous said...

somebody should torture tikoitoga as it is the lesser of the 2 evils.

Opening his mouth to the world will keep investors away even longer.

what illiterate logic. vinaka no school.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo with another preposterous idea -- a coalition government between SODELPA and Fiji First!

Fumes from the lavatory cleaning agents he uses must be getting to his brain.

Anonymous said...

Politicians thrive on promises and through manipulation of ideas. they normally repackage ideas and present them to innocent minds for persuasion.

SEMI MEO said...

@annon lavatory spy of June 23,2014 at 4:03PM.

uh..preposterous?...no!..practical and possible?..yes!

For the common good as precedents around world proved effective...like the opposition parties in Zimbabwe.

Of course, with decent compensations for lives lost and repealing of certain draconian elements of the constitution.

Come on!..we all know that at the end election day political wheeling and dealing begins..phew..IT IS POLITICS!!

Welcome to the real world and stop lurking in the "lavatory"..vinaka.

(apologize for typo in previous post..am not well versed with these miniature and hand held WP typing)

Anonymous said...

Bye bye Dr Matthew Thompson. You are going the way of Marc Edge out the back door. Who do you think you are coming to Fiji and speaking in this way. You have no idea about the threats that Fiji faced in 2000 and 2006. You have no idea how most Fijians support the military for taking a tough line against trouble makers. What gives you the right to speak out like this? You are employed to teach journalism at USP not get involved in politics. Prepare to get your white ass kicked.

Mahen Reddy said...

President and Vunivalu of Bau Ratu Epeli Nailatikau should support Commander Tikoitoga and stop SODELPA, FLP or any government from trying to Review our Constitution. Because Fiji is so prosperous and every one is happy with the prices of goods and services so lets keep it that way. Vote for Fiji First!

Tui Viti said...

Tikoitoga o iko o kila tiko ni sa cala jiko na i qaiqai qo.
Baleta ni ko gone i taukei, tiko nomu delaniyavu o cavu tu mai kina.
Na unifomu o tokara tiko qori e neimami na lewe ni vanua baleta o iko o sotia ni vanua o Viti.O sega ni sotia ni polotiki,musilimi se dau ni bisinisi.
O sotia ni noda vanua o Viti.
O sa guilecava tale na yavu ni nomu dara jiko na unifomu qori?
Taqomaka na Vanua o Viti kei kena kawa i taukei.Oqo na i naki ni unifomu qori.
O ira na qai muri mai e taqomaki ira na constitution koya o tukuna tiko qori me kua ni veisau.
Keimami tukuna tiko me veisau baleta ena vinaka kina o ira na qai muri mai da sa mai tu vata tu qoka.
Ko ira na muri mai me ra mai lewa ka cakava na constitution me baleti keda na kawai taukei? o cei o ira me ra mai lewa na noda qele me da bobula kina??
Na kena unifomu o tokara jiko qori taganae!.
Sega ni rawa ni ko vakalasuya ni sa cala tiko na mua sa toso tu kina na qaiqai qoka.
O sa vakadinadina taka na veimoku/mate dou vakayacora.
Oqo au kaya iko tagane!donu vinaka nomu vosa vakadodonu.
Taro;Na cava tale o siova tiko mai kina na polotiki? o vosa tiko mai ni keimami se saga tiko mada ga qo me ia na veidigidigi na kena sagai me dua na sala e veidokai eda liutaki kina na kawa tamata da sa tu qo e Viti.

Na cava tale o saga tiko mai kina na neimami galala koya a sa yali tu ena gauna kece qoka.

O Bai e nona i drodro duadua ga na bose levu vakaturaga sega tale ni dua na vanua ena bula kina.
O kemuni saka e vinaka mo ni sa luvata na nomuni sulu ka mo kua ni vakayagataki de maumau na vinaka o kitaka tu mai ena gauna ni nomu bula vakamataivalu.Kua ni vaka rogorogo ca taka na kemu irogorogo vakamataivalu.
Mo galu ena veika baleta na polotiki.
Ke dua na ka lako vei ira na veiliuliu ya dudua ka dua na kena tanoa veitalanoa.
Kua ni vakayagataka na pepa,TV,se cava tale .Baleta qo ena lako vaka ca vei ira na dau ni bisinisi.E ra na dro yawa sara ga kina na dau vakaduri bisinisi lelevu.
Kua tale ni rogo mai gusumu na 2013 constitution ni ko na taqomaka baleta ya e sega ni ka ni mataivalu ya e noda kece na lewe i Viti.
Sa jiko qo o Tudravu me na yadrava na kena cici na matanitu vou.
Tiko vakamalua ka drau veitalanoa kei Tudravu tekivu qo me yacova yani ni oti na veidigidigi.
O na sega ni rawa ni tarova na veisau.

Moce Ta
Tui Viti.

Anonymous said...

So true and precise what God says in his word. "Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaketh"

E da na tukuna ga na veika e tu e lomada..O Semi e turaga vinaka kau kilai koya vakavinaka ia e da sa mai coriti tu ena vevosaki verevera vakapolitiki.

I a vinaka Semi ni o dei koto ga ena nomu integrity.
Ni kalougata tiko ie.

Anonymous said...


Police Commissioner at that time was NOT Peter but was Andrew Hughes.

Appreciate your correcting this so we will not be labelled as not being factual in our reporting.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga should learn the role of the military in a democratic government, and not sound like the former army commander in 2006.
Tikoitoga should know that in great democracies of the world, the army boss, never utters a political statement, nor threatens the government with his public view of the political situation of the country.
When are we going to be educated on things to be done and not to be done?
With this kinds of threats, the COMPOL should seriously think of arresting him for his seditous comments.
If this had been an ordinary citizen, he would have been taken to the barracks during a night raid.

Arfana Nisha said...

Tikoitoga is a great man. He will be an excellent politician.

I should know I have slept with him. He is a better lover than Rajendra Chaudry and Khaiyum put together. Just don't tell my dumb husband.

Go Fiji First.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama, Khayum, Tikotikoitoga. Na constitution dou taqomaka Tiko qo dou na vaqara bula tale kina!!!
Vacava dou sa rere tale tiko!
Ratou na qai veikanakuita taki ga na Mosad!

Anonymous said...

Can someone provide evidence of a military coup where the dissidents were treated as royalty? Is coup 4.5 re-defining the meaning of a coup? 1987, 2000 and 2006 coups all had their share of beatings and killings so lets not take on a high moral ground on 2006 coup and technicolour all the other past coups.

Anonymous said...


In 87 even that "coup" word were totally foreign!!!on top of that we still in our pure traditional bond what ever comes our way is always accepted.
2000 the instigators of that 87 used a civilian as a frontman.
In here it roll out tobe in two fold.
2006 the instigators themselves tell the whole world that it's the Mataivalu were behind them all.
And the man himself going for cover up.

Anonymous said...

@anon 9:28pm
Too bad you justified his death,you just said that....pathetic!

why not kill all drug dealers...!!to prove you point...you need a check up at mental hospital,tye'll give you a simple question to answer at the end you'll know wether you got something up there or none at all.

Anonymous said...

i taukei decide it is SODELPA or FF.
Do not complain after the election.

Tui Viti. No.1 said...

Taumada au via vakavinavinaka vua na PM ena maqosa ni nona veiliutaki kei na vanua vou ka vinaka sa kauti keda tiko kina.AU VAKAVINAVINAKA TALEGA VEI COMMANDER TIKOITOGA ENA DEI KEI NA DODONU NI YALONA ENA QARAVI NI NONAI TAVI ENA VEIKA VINAKA E TU E MATADA NA I -TAUKEI.E lewe levu e saqata tiko na matanitu baleta ni ra se bula tu ena nodra Comfort Zone,ni yavalati na noda comfort zone e levu e ra rere ka nuiqawaqawa ia au via tukuna vei keda me da tokona mada na i lakolako oqo ni tu mai dakuna e levu na veika vinaka eda sega tu ni da tadra.Na kena vakayagataki kece na qele ni taukei ka ra susu namu tu e Viti taucoko.NA NODA QELE E NA NODA TIKOGA E MURIA GA EDUA NA SALA NA MATANITU OQO ME VUKEI KEDA KINA NAI TAUKEI,ME SA KUA NA SUSU NAMU TIKO ME RA VAKAYAGATAKI NA QELE ME RAWA MAI KINA NA I LAVO ME VUKEI KEDA.ENA SEGA NI DEDE ESA NA FREE TALEGA NA WAI KEI NA LIVALIVA.NI DA VAKAYAGATAKA VAKAVINAKA NA NODA QELE ENA VURE MAI NA MANA.Me da raici ira mada mai ISIRELI,e matanitu lailai,tu wavokiti koya na vanua dravu-i-siga ia e rawa i voli mai na vei ka e tea ena bilioni vaka bilioni na dola.E TAUTAUVATA NA JIOKARAVU NI NODA VANUA ME WILI KINA NAI YALAYALA NI WAITUI KEI NA JIOKARAVU KEI ISIRELI.NA DUIDUI NI O ISIRELI E VAKAYAGATAKA KECE VAKAVINAKA NA NONA QELE.E lewe levu era rulaki Noa ni gauna e tekivu tara waqa kina me yaco sara ni sa tara oti na waqa era rulaki koya tikoga,ia ni sa tau na uca,da kila kece nai tinitini ni talanoa dian oya.NA NOQUI TATAU VEI KEMUNI NA NODA,NI TOSO MAI,DA TARA VATA NA WAQA SA TARA TIKO OQO,DE NA QAI SEGA NA NOMU I VOTAVOTA NI TAU MAI NA UCA.NA TAMATA VUKU EDAU TARA NA NONA VALE E NA VATU SA KAKUA NA TARA VALE TIKO E DELA NI NUKU ME VAKA IRATOU NA SODELPA KEI NA SO TALE. SA DRI YANI!mE NA YACOVA NA GAUNA KA TARAVA,OQO GA O TUI VITI , NI TEI MOCE TOKA MADA!!

Anonymous said...

kivei Tui Viti o sega ni tukuna mai me matata o cei e kavetani ni waqa qori...?O iko mo talatala ni mataivalu jiko cala jiko o kemuni.

Anonymous said...

we will see how strong you are my half caste friend when we come for you in our own time and way

do not talk too much just because you got a big promotion with out and merit

we will see you soon

mark manning said...

Evil succeeds, when good men do nothing!
"Justice is indivisible, a threat to Justice anywhere, is a threat to Justice everywhere"!

mark manning said...

Forget the elections, just arrest Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and now the incompetent clown Commander of the RFMF.
But thank you for letting the Governments of Australia and New Zealand know for sure, what we at the Democracy Movement have been telling them all along, you can't trust the RFMF and there will be no Democracy under this Regime!
now, let's look for some children to beat the crap out of or even kill!

Anonymous said...

Bravo to the man from the Tax Office-Moala Nata. He told the faggot Attorney General to his face in a meeting at FRCA, that his relatives and family in Lakeba will not vote for Ay-arse and Voceke Bainimarama. The AG almost fainted. We need more people with balls like him - We cant say the same thing for his boss - Jitoko Tikolevu, who is stressed every night thinking of new ways to suck Attorney Generals' nuts and dick....

Anonymous said...

Anomymous 10.53pm

Tamata tagane qori - levu era tu qo ra soli muai muri tu ga vakalevu vei rau na i lala qo. Vakasisila dina ni da raica nai tovo ni cakacaka veisiga. E sa na yaco mai na gauna me sa ra na fiu kina a vakamumuri.

Anonymous said...

sa qai dua mada na constitution sa suguraki sara ga mai me da ciqo..!! sega Tikoitoga muria mada na lawa,e sega ni lawa o iko.Na lawa koya sa qai vakarau caka yani qo.
Na i lavo na milioni koya sa mai tawasei kedatou jiko qo.
Taura mada vakamalua vakasama mada.
vakasala taki Bai me ciqo na macala ni veidigidigi.
Kua tale ni qai cakava dua na ka e na rairai sakasaka baleta na noda digidigi e vu mai na veika sa da raica ka vakadinadina taka.
O kidava na yali nei Tui Macuata mai na bose kei na nona lutu mai na gole i Labasa nei Tui Cakau???

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Nata.
Okemuni o ni kai viti dina ka sega ni vaka o Tui Viti No. 1.
E tokona tiko e dua e na tamata ka taura vakakukuwa na matanitu era a digitaka na lewe ni vanua.

E dua e dau lasu, laba ka dau vakaramusu bai ni quwawa ena nona dau katukatu ni qara buka....NA VORE GA NA VICOCO.

Anonymous said...

Au kaya walega ni sa na oti na veidigidigi sa qai laurai na dina ni ka taucoko se vaevei?
Ia, ni tukuna tuko o Tikoitoga kei bai ni na sega ni rawa ni veisau na constitution sa qai dua na vakasama sa malumalumu sara ga.
Ke sa mani dua tale beka na i soqosoqo e wini e sa vakaraitaka na loma ni tamata yadudua ena nodra sega ni taleitaki na veiliutaki e tiko qo.
Me qai kuria ya me rau kaya ni na sega ni veisau sa dua na veivakatotogani sa cecere sara ga.
Tikoitoga na buli lawa e caka i palimedi sega i na keba ni mataivalu.
E cava jiko mada?

Anonymous said...

I therefore ask whichever govt that comes into power after september 2014 .......... if you wish to change the constitution do not hesitate to do so ............ the reason being why Tikoitoga is worried coz he doesnt want to end up in naboro................he is more worried about the immunity being intacted in the 2013 constitution may be worried that review of the constitution will take a turn against him............... be man tikoitoga ......if speight can go to prison for a coup why cant you and bai................ be a man

Anonymous said...

Au kaya na immunity levu ga me vakalesui mai na BLV.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

big deal if some MFing crminals were beaten.how come no one talks about the misplaced farmers.I say if the army beat up some criminals than it did a good job

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

It's interesting to note in this case how it is a gay (Waqavonovono) and an old woman (Ro Teimumu Kepa) who are the courageous ones, and it is a macho RFMF General (Tikoitoga) playing the coward.

Anonymous said...

The biggest criminals are in the army.

Maybe it's time THEY were beaten up.

Along with all other traitors.

Tui Viti. No.1 said...

[No offence intended to ASK] BUT IT HAS PROPERED,Fiji is blessed by God with immeasureable rainfall,rich and fertile soils,friendly neighbours [except ahem NZ and Aust]If we coud utilise all land that has been breeding mosquitoes we could reap the benefits in monetary terms.The Wetern Division and North are the prosperous Divisions in Fiji ;Question: Why? Because they have fully utilised their land for cane and other agricultural farming so if the Central and Eastern Divisions also 'put in' to be on the same level then we would reap the benefits,more jobs created,wealth for farmers and landowner and chiefs and for Fiji as a whole.FOR THE RECORD THERE WASNT NAY COUP IN 2006,THE PRESIDENT DISSOLVED PARLIAMENT AS IS WITHIN HIS POWERS.AMAN SINGH IS SAYING THAT GOVT MACHINERY HAS STOPPED AND NOT WORKING ,MY FRIEND THEY ARE ALL FUNCTIONING WELL AND PROPER,THE JUDICIARY,CABINET,FIRCA,PORTS, AIRPORTS ETC ALL FUNCTIONING FULL STEAM AHEAD.When Noah built his Ark people called him names and thought that he has lost his marbles, but we all know what happened when it began to rain.The PM and Govt is building An Ark for Fiji so lets put our hands together and help them before it begins raining.God Bless the Govt and its leaders,God bless Sodelpa and other parties and its leaders lets move towards a prosperous Fiji,together we can.

Anonymous said...

Those comments from the CO, cam only mean one thing. Frank still has the keys to the Armory. He may have relinquished command of the Armed Forces, but he is still holding on tightly to the Armory keys. That guy got skills, i tell ya. He is not as stupid as he looks.Frank, i gotta ask ya...are you planning on staging another coup if...I'm saying...if...you "LOSE" these elections? (wink, wink). Whoa....easy, easy...Frank. Im just asking. No need to get your panties all in a bind. Im juat asking. In the meantime, why is it taking so long for you to release your financial status? I know your "financial advisor", Bur Nano is pretty old and her eyesight may be failing and shit, or she might be so old school that she uses an abacus to do calculations and shit, but come on, dude....September is like...right around the corner. Its like next week. Get her a calculator or something. Frank, you know I dont blame you for what you're doing. They all did the same thing in one way or another. Ripping the country off and shit. It comes with power.....GREED. But, damn Frankie...you do it on a massive scale. Let me, let me ask you something, Frank. I think the main reason why you havent released your tax returns yet is because you dont want Mary to know how much you made last year. Am i right, Frank? Tell the truth, Frank. You cant tell the truth because..YOU CANT HANDLE THE TRUTH! Sorry, i got carried away again, Frank. Its that damn movie. Frank, who is really running things? Is it you or what'a his face? Because if you arent running things, then you should not be getting paid. You know..."an honest days pay for an honest days work". Im just saying.

Dr Phil said...

Should SODELPA manage to just pip slight across the at the pools of 17 09 14, ...

Semi Meo with his rantings due to his deteriorating mental ability. Semi stop making a fool of yourself and stick to knitting.

Anonymous said...

EyeArse and Bainimarama are simply moronic, in their reasoning and views. We deserve better leaders.

"Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum characteristically continues to give moronic, self-deluding answers to difficult questions. When asked about the well-publicised videos of police brutality seen across the world, he says: ‘You know, police brutality is not confined to Fiji. I’ve got a report at home about Aboriginal deaths in custody. Does that justify what happened in Fiji? Why compare yourself with the worst of another country?"

And then there is Rear-Admiral Bainimarama. Asked about NFP leader Biman Prasad’s invitation to him for a debate on important social and economic issues facing the nation, he dodges the issue completely and relapses into his old habits. ‘He’s an Indian, without me he wouldn’t even be sticking around.’ And here I was fooled into believing that everyone was a ‘Fijian’ these days.
Professor Lal


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hard drugs arent sold on the streets in Fiji, so the Top Cop is correct,however it is sold in the 4-5 star hotels to Tourists, Lawyers,Doctors and Local Businessmen many of whom are Graduates of Universities overseas where such hard drugs are part of social gatherings, as such this is a habit they adopted from yonder,yawn..

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, tut, tut!

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon June 23,2014 at 6:45PM. Gonei. Vinaka na vei vakasalataki tiko mai. Da kanaka la; ni o keda kece na volavola tiko e ke dau kenai vakarau me da dui kauta na veika da vola ka laki wili vei iratou na veitinani se veitamani ena vakayakavi ni bera na masu lotu vata vaka vuvale...teri macala, de so qo wili ga yani sa vuka mai nai qaqi ni roti, tube na kato me da mai dro...lol..lol..se va’e vei ie?

SEMI MEO said...

@Dokeda Vici..Dr Phil of June 24, 2014 at 8:26 AM.
Be real! Opinion polls are sometimes not the best indicator for responses to a question. You would not doubt agree with me that polls are controlled and in many cases premeditated to appease those who would later claim to have a fair idea of the masses pulse.

Look at our demography from ethic distribution and varied socio economic groupings coupled by urban drift and compounded by voter “discrepancies” of postal votes from the Diaspora, serviceman overseas, naturalized citizen voters like investors from China, Indian and extended families voter block etc

Oh..and do not forget that it is probably the first time ALL political parties have a true multiracial lineup of candidates respectively. Candidates who respectively commands their own loyal supporters, family, vanua and friends connections and would of course travel the not so easy road to the polling booth with them!

Has the Admiral guaranteed an easy road to be PM after voter count? Indication are he is loosing ground and loosing in fast. The reality is obviously his popularity has diminished..but...but...intel gurus around him like you are just too frightened to let him know the truth. Of course, they want to fuel deception that all is well in the Admiral sinking ship..are you one of his advisor Dokeda Vici?

I was going to do a bit arithmetic with you and weight in the formulas above...but...bu...you sound like you know the many ways to add, divide, subtract and cajole to count to 50.

Of course, I will return to knitting, in fact many of us have been for a very long time in one way or another assist knitting the virtues fabrics of our beloved society.

Coup 4.5 said...

Anon@6.47ppm Noted and changed - vinaka. C4.5 Editor

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

Ni Bula na noda..sa da na rawa ni vakadinadinataka na nodratou rere vakalevu na mataivalu e nai tuvatuva e ra sa virikotora na dau ni politiki e na kena vakaraici tale vakayalomatua na yavu ni vakavulewa. E da rawa ni da kaya ni yavalati na nodratou COMFORT ZONE.
Na vuni nona kodro tiko na koli mai na keba, baleta ni taqomaki tiko e na yavu ni vakavulewa na nodratou caka cala .Oya na vuna e ratou tiloma dredre tiko kina na nodratou weli.
E vakairairai tuga na nodratou tutaka na democracy, ia e loma e sega dina kina na kena dina.
Nodratou I lasulasu tiko ni taqomaki na qele ni taukei e na yavu ni vakavulewa ia e sega dina ni oya na dina. E so era tukuna tiko ni dodonu me vakayagataki na qele baleta ni sa susu namu. Ia moni kila na noda, ni ta rua tiko na vosa oya. Na matanitu nei Bainimarama e sa namuti keda vinaka na lewei VIti. Ni kua ni volitaka na nomuni bula vua e dua ea butakoca na nomuni matanitu. Kevaka e as butakoca an nomuni matanitu, e na rawa vua me butakoca talega me butakoca na nomuni qele.
E lasa vei au ni vosa cake mai nai liuliu vou ni mataivalu me baleta na yavu ni vakavulewa, ni sega ni dua kinda na nona baigani. Kevaka sa vaka tu oqo na viavialevu ni dua na tabana ni matanitu, vakaevei me vosa cake talega mai nai liuliu ni prisons, se iliuliu ni ovisa,se o ira nai liuliu ni lotu. Sa vinaka cake ga me da dui ta keda. Se vakaevei?
Oqo na vuna me da biuti koya laivi ena kava ni benu na maqe ni Kiuva kei ira na nonai lawalawa
Me da nanuma vinaka na maqe e na sega ni veisau na nonai tovo, veitalia na dede ni nona maliwai ira na tamata.
Ni digitaka na dina,dodonu kei na savasava!
Ni moce saka na noda.Noqu vakanuinui vinaka

Anonymous said...

Anon 8.56m,
The fight for West Papua had been there well before the illegal regime illegally came to power.
The struggle had been part of all the pacific countries move towards independence in the late 60s and 70s.
It seems that some of us in the pacific are in the dark of what is happening.
The Indonesian embassy in Fiji is well aware of our stance, but the country remains adamant.
This is the only regime in Fiji which has worked too close with that country while ignoring the plights of Wet Papuans

Anonymous said...

have the two USP journalism professors received their termination notices yet for speaking out against intimidation by the military government?

Anonymous said...

have the two USP journalism professors received their termination notices yet for speaking out against intimidation by the military government?

Anonymous said...

tui viti.....!tui viti.....!tui viti...!tui viti......!tui viti....!tui viti...!

I tamai tui viti no.1, au kacivi koya jiko koya e yali ga.....

Magai%#^&&*9u%&^....Baci lai briefing taki mai qori..!!

Magai*&^%$#$&.....qori e uniform ga yani report in yavoki tu ga veitalanoa luva tale na uniform vale......sa rauta me drava tiko o Viti!!!karaik!!

Anonymous said...

i taukei decide it is SODELPA or FF.
Do not complain after the election.

Anonymous said...

@ two USP journalism professors, I urge USP VC Rajesh Chandra to do the right thing and send them home immediately. It is clear that Pat Craddock and Matthew Thomson are playing politics. They were hired to teach, not destabilise USP by poking their noses in the political affairs of the country. They are new to Fiji. They have no idea what they are getting into.

Rajesh Chandra can you please act swiftly and terminate the employment of these two academics. They are clearly in contempt of their contracts.

KUA NI RERE said...

For all his education, Mr Tikoitoga does not seem to understand the meaning of the word DEMOCRACY



Tikoitoga's response just shows the level of his stupidity.


Sa laurai tu ga qo vei ira na sotia na levu ni ulukau levu na viavialevu kei na kocokoco.

Anonymous said...

Should SODELPA manage to just pip slight across the at the pools of 17 09 14, ...

Semi Maqe, the above rubbish was from your first posting. Would you like to decipher that if you can. Boci.

Anonymous said...

What a joke. The Supervisor of elections is an inexperienced little boy who showed as Registrar that he will do exactly what his cousin wants. Appointing Saneem was a massive mistake for Khaiyum. It was blatant nepotism and done for blatant control. Saneem has shown he is incapable of thinking for himself. That is why he got the job.

Anonymous said...

A widow once said of her late army officer husband, holding his medals, "A soldier is not a soldier, until he goes to war" if that is true, what should we call our bunch of idiots up at Delainabua together with their commander?

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon June 24,2014 at 12:22PM.

With due respect "the two USP journalism professors" have done "the right thing" as journalist and did a bit of commentary on our domestic political affairs.

As Citizens of the global village who believe in basic human rights, like many of us including you Sir/Madam all abhor threats to the basic freedom of speech and human right and decency.

They have done :the right thing", unlike many of us who do not have the balls to do the right thing publicly!

Oh..do not forget that read widely on Fiji and the Regions politics before they even applied for their present jobs...may be as far back in history to the Cakobau Coup pre-independence!

Also,General Tikoitoga is only responsible for all things that happen during his watch! Best person to ask is Amdiral Bainimarama, Ratu Mara, General Driti and General Aziz....

Now,Give the kid General Tikoitoga a chance to perform his duties truthfully as he now promises the world!

Anonymous said...

In Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum's spacious office overlooking Suva Harbour, I ask him about footage that surfaced last year of police beating and torturing two prisoners. The prime minister's right-hand man - and the author of hundreds of repressive decrees which will remain in force after the election - looks pained. "You know," he observes, "police brutality is not confined to Fiji. I've got a report at home about Aboriginal deaths in custody."

Ruthless, authoritarian, vindictive - these are some of the politer words used about the attorney-general, who performs the day-to-day business of governing while Bainimarama swans around the islands and hobnobs with new allies, including the Chinese. Editors dread a phone call from Sayed-Khaiyum, who is rarely seen without bodyguards in tow. "One holds his coat, another his bottle of water, another his files," claims one local.

For all their talk of transparency and accountability, he and Bainimarama - who cited rampant corruption as one reason for his coup - refuse to divulge their salaries. It's been years since an auditor-general's report was published, and when I ask Fijians whether the government heeds its own anti-graft message, they guffaw. Rumours of dodgy tenders, foreign bank accounts and luxury properties.It was, surely, on merit alone that the dictator's daughter got her plum Sports Council job and his brother-in-law was given a ministry to run after being jailed for manslaughter.

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

There is too much hype here..the bottom line is Tikotikoitoga is a stooge of Bainimarama, no one can dispute this.
Tikotikoitoga may seem smart on paper, in reality he is just as stupid as his former boss
Why can't people just wake up to this simple logic!

USP VC Rajesh Chandra's red carpet welcome for tyrants said...

USP Journalism academics have bravely spoken out against torture by Bainimarama regime. Unfortunately USP supports torture and deprivation of human rights, as evidenced by the USP VC Rajesh Chandra's staunch support for the regime.

USP is always laying out the red carpet for Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum. VC Rajesh Chandra spends a fair bit of USP funds organising traditional welcome for the two and even getting students to garland them. Rajesh Chandra and USP have played a key role in legitimising this regime. I won't be surprised if the two professors are sent packing for their outspokenness.

Anonymous said...

interesting that the people are singing one tune.

frank and aiyass will be very surprised when they discover that they werent able to buy the fijian people.

definitely no election or another coup after the election. no doubt about that.

the fiji people just wont be bought.

this govt will have to stay illegal as long as they live.

SEMI MEO said...

@Bothy of June 24, 2014 at 1:03 PM.

..take swing back to my reply at June 24, 2014 at 10:17!!

Kena ca gona qoka, ni da veitalanoa na tayabe ena dela ni qele, ra siosio mai na lili yavoki ena ba ki kau.

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

One of Tikotikoitoga's worse fear's is that he will someday day serve his time in Naboro should a review of the constitution occur. He does worry about the itaukei losing
rights to their land nor the rights of citizen to seek redress through the courts. He is at the forefront of saving his own skin should plans be made to wipe out the immunity clause.
This is what we get if we continue to have an army. Realitically, Fiji does not need an army, it is the thorn that has brought so much heartache to Fiji and it's people. It is totally useless!

Tamai Tui Viti said...

@Anon 1.08pm..The answer is in your question - IDIOTS!

Anonymous said...

Fiji will always need an army, otherwise who else will remove the next democratic racially equal elected government.

Waiting said...

Should SODELPA manage to just pip slight across the at the pools of 17 09 14, ...

Semi Meo, the question was clear to you. Can you explain what the above means? If you can't then you are clearly delusional and simply insane.

Anonymous said...

It is high time i taukei put their acts together otherwise taliban rule will continue.The problem today is the divided i taukei community.
United we stand divided we fall.
Khayium has really divided the i taukei so he will rule years to come.

Anonymous said...

None of this would have ever happened if the chiefs didn't take the vast share of the profits and then when time came to give to there people its was the Indians fault all the money was gone.

Anonymous said...

Why blame Indians.
The British used the divide and rule policy to rule for many years. Now Khayium will do the same and it is all evident today.
Be specific not Indians but Muslim.

Anonymous said...

Indians and Khayium are the same people..its Muslims and Hindus is the difference, I fear that Fijians just generalize the whole group

Anonymous said...

Why is Semi Meo back here again?

Ths is the same regime tool who told us for YEARS not to rock the regime's boat but instead wait for free and fair elections in 2014.

Does it now look as though the Khaiyum-organised elections will be free and fair?

Anyone who disagreed with him, he called a "nameless, faceless cyberbully," just because, unlike him, most of us are not publicity hounds. Semi had dreams of glory. He was going to return triumphantly to Fiji to debate the dictator and then, as folk hero, be swept into the PM office by popular acclamation.

Not bad for a Brisbane mall janitor.

But, one day along came someone who called himself "Nameless, Faceless Cyberbully," and he openly challenged Semi Meo. If the 2014 elections were free and fair, NFCB would never more blog on C4.5. But if the elections were NOT free and fair, then Semi Meo was to cease blogging on this website.

At once, Semi Meo was like a punctured hot air balloon, with much wiggling and wriggling, spluttering and blowing. Phew!

He tried like hell to avoid being held accountable for his words. As the Future Saviour of Fiji, he didn't want his vaulting political ambitions to be ransomed to Bainimarama's intentions. Never mind that that is exactly what he was doing to Fiji's future.

So, now that it's so clear that we should have simply acted, instead of following Semi Meo's advice by waiting and waiting for years for what we can now see clearly will be anything BUT a free and fair election, I ask again: why is Semi Meo back?

Anonymous said...


Students walk home

Salaseini Moceiwai
Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Inadequate bus services have forced these students to walk home from school. Picture SALASEINI MOCEIWAI+ Enlarge this image

Inadequate bus services have forced these students to walk home from school. Picture SALASEINI MOCEIWAI

WALKING home after school for about two hours is becoming a daily struggle for about 100 students in the Seaqaqa District in Macuata as a result of lack of transport.

The situation is worrying parents who claim their children sometimes reach home after 6pm.

The students from Vucitoka Settlement, Natua, Tadradave Forestry Station and Navesidrua Village have no choice but to walk.

Speaking on behalf of the parents at the recent Macuata Provincial Council meeting, district representative Sailosi Turaga said they had made requests to authorities responsible for a school bus or a rural service licensed vehicle to service the area at least in the afternoon.

"When the buses travelling from Labasa reach Seaqaqa, it's usually full and when this happens, students have no other choice but to walk," he said.

Anonymous said...

Mr. PM, where are my gumboots?

Anonymous said...

Why is Semi Meo back? Because he has no sense of shame.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

This is what you'll get when you vote for Fiji First Party.
No bus for kids.
The idiots paying themselves $1milllion a year.
No government audit.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Tikoitoga, better to have kept quiet about the Constitution rather than sound like an idiot.

Where are your legal advisors? Did you consult them or did you just decide to show off to the Aussie reporters?


Anonymous said...

Fiji First can slowly feel the heat as many many people are now opening their eyes and ears and mouth.
This is all about the beauty of democracy.
Democracy is like a light when the process begins to roll light shines forth to light up dark edges and thisis why Voreqe and his regime are being shaken. Any voices from women, children news through new paper or ucu mai duru are threat to people like Khaihum the author of hundreds of repressive decrees.

But the light will continue to shine despite people bark from the sides like Tikoitoga is doing at this time.

All these are animals because they only respond when their territories have been invaded by the democracy processes and practices.


Anonymous said...

What is Tikoitoga's qualification. He sounds like an idiot and of course he is physically unfit to ran 50 metres.

Charge USP VC Rajesh Chandra with aiding and abetting illegal regime said...

@USP VC Rajesh Chandra's red carpet welcome for tyrants. Rajesh Chandra is a spineless sycophant who shamelessly sucks up to the regime while colleagues like Prof Brij Lal have been speaking out and paying the price with deportation. Rajesh Chandra deported Wadan Narsey from USP. He is a criminal who should charged with aiding and abetting illegal regime.

Tomasi Waimakare said...

The Commander of the RFMF should not threat the people of Fiji or the Political Parties vying to contest the coming general election. Naita Tikoitoga au kerea mo maroroya na yalomu kakua ni vakarereya na lewe ni vanua ko Viti kei ira na isoqosoqo vakapolitiki e ra sa tuvakarau me ra vakatumata kina vale ni boselawa ena kena yavu ni vakavulewa vou. Ia, vei kemuni na lewe ni mataivalu, ni vakayagataka vakavinaka na itavi ko ni kacivi kina ka vakarorogo kina lewa ni nomuni iliuliu, au kerea ga mo ni yalomalua baleta kevaka e donu tiko na nomuni cakacaka e ra na kalougata na nomuni kawa. Na vuravura oqo e nona na Kalou ko Jiova, e dodonu ga "Me da Rerevaki Jiova, ka Doka, vakarorokotaka na Tui kei na Tamata kecega". E sega ni dua na kena ca kevaka e da veisorosorovi na kawa itaukei ni bera na veidigidigi, se oti na veidigidigi. Kevaka ko ni rerevaka tiko na "Immunity ena Yavu na Vakavulewa Vou" de ratou bokoca na isoqosoqo vakapolitiki vou ia, o keda na itaukei oqori e draunipepa ka iqi ni volavola walega, e ka bibi ga na DRA BULA (LIFE BLOOD NI NODA VEIWEKANI). Na veika sa yaco oti sa sivi oti na kena gauna, ia e dina beka ni tu kena mosi vei ira na wekada eso e nodra na isamu ni dawa. Ia oqo sa sega ni rawa nida vakalesui tale mai sa dodonu kina meda sa veisorosorovi na kawa itaukei, RFMF kei keimami na lewe ni vanua, ka toso vata kiliu, veilomani, veivukei ka caka dodonu kina na itavi sa kacivi iko kina na Kalou ko Jiova kei na Nomu Vanua mo qarava me ra bula vinaka ka bula marau kina na lewe ni vanua raraba. Sa dri yani

SEMI MEO said...

Anon..June 24,2014 at 3:58PM. General Tikoitoga obtained a Masters Decree in a premier Australian University.

We do not know about your cousin the admirable Admiral!!

SEMI MEO said...

Phew..am a bit embarrassed when a cyber chapter is dedicated to yours truly.

Nonetheless, let's focus on issues.

Even if a sane monkey swings back to my post many moons ago where I suggested that the only way to make a change into Government we prefer is via the national elections.

Now, if you keep swinging to the other branch of my post I never ever said the process, voter registration, software and associated electronic devices to verify and tally the votes shall be guaranteed by divine purity as some swinging up yonder alleges.Goodness, it is a human process littered with

I only then asked for Fijians in the Diaspora whom sworn allegiance to other sovereign to think about regaining Fiji Citizenship and rights to vote!! Seems many have, except for a few you decide to deny their relative back home the tick that would have made the difference.

I further ask that to enjoy the ride to the polling shed, enjoy other pleasantries by all parties, but the privacy of the both is their alone and their maker.

Unfortunately, some will still be swinging from the branches of nothingness while the rest of us herald in our day of redemption!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Fijians will be left swinging with nothing because we listened to idiots like Semi Meo herald the phony elections as a Day of Redemption.

Anonymous said...

It is common knowledge that their is no freedom of speech as people are intimidated by illegal government, police and military. .Ashwin Raj should investigate the lies spread by the regime on the state of the economy by regime’s mouth piece newspaper Fiji Sun. Raj is a puppet of Khayium and does what the master says. Such Indians have lost their moral values.
This is an illegal regime who have put themselves into power. The illegal 2013 constitution has been pushed on the people.
Atleast the people should be proud of these two academics to speak on behalf of the people of Fiji.
Our academics the likes of Rajesh Chandra, Ganesh Chand should learn from these academics moral values if they have any and speak the truth.
The people have NO FREEDOM OF SPEECH.
We are staying under dictatorship like any other political torn Muslim country like Egypt, Syria,Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan etc.
Thank you Patrick Craddock and Dr. Mathew Thompson for highlighting the plight of the Fijian people.

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, tut, tut!

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon June 24, 2014 at 5:04 PM...did I say the election day is THE day of redemption??...really??...well, in a scene it will, as being in the privacy of the booth is indeed an redemptive moment in time.!

Every one walking of that booth returns redeemed from 7 years on psychological slavery.

The collective psyche of all Fijians at sundown of 17 09 2014 would be the height of expectancy that old pages of Fiji's Coup era sets with the days sun.

In short, redemption is a process; for 18 09 2014 and the days , months and years that follows should be our best days of Fiji redemption!!!!!!

Aren't we allowed to change out cyber language for the better..or do we choose to rut along in cyber spew for ever more..

Let's take that step....TOGETHER!!

Anonymous said...

Re Bainimarama, GOT ROPE?

Anonymous said...

Semi Meo is the master of doubletalk, but neither version makes sense.

Anonymous said...

@ Semi Meo 4:24 PM

Tikoitoga has Master's Degree in idiocy.

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

Good one @Semi Meow..lol..Tikotikoitoga obtained his Masters "Decree" from a premier Australian University.
I applaud you for stating the obvious

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

The military is and must always be a neutral instrument of the state, no matter which party holds sway. It is an oath of office that it obeys civilian authority and to defend and support the constitution..That is not the case in Fiji and history is again repeating itself. My advice to Tikotikoitoga : "stay away from politics and stick with your guns"

Anonymous said...

Allah hu Akbar !!!! No army was born , nor one to come to defeat the almighty Allah , the brotherhood , and the almighty muslim brothers . Let me say this to you : come what may , we rule the world !!! You shove your Fijian brand of racism right up your cici ...... Boci ....

KUA NI RERE said...

Funny Semi Meo talking about the ""privacy of the booth"" during voting day.


If you remember Semi, Mr Saneem was wondering how he was going to fit 300 names into the ballot sheet.
We worked out that if each name was going to take 1cm of space in order to be legible.
Then the toilet paper, I mean Ballot Paper, sorry, will be at least 3 meters long

So if you have 6 booths then there will be 18 meters of toilet paper, I mean Ballot Paper getting all tangled up.

Anonymous said...

Sadly , Fijians are only crying like pussies ... Simply because fiji is on the right path and the chiefly system on the sidelines ( where it should be , chiefs should be given respect and symbolic power , not the right to intervene whenever an indian farts or an ant moves ). . Fact is Fijians have been given everything for decades and mugs say that they still need assistance and support albeit to expect handouts , gifts , everything on a platter !!!! Yeah right . You , yourselves have sold your islands to Americans , and other foreigners at a pittance ... And now complain ... One ratu who came to a meeting Aiyaz help in sydney wanted his freehold land back , when Aiyaz enquired as to what happened his reply was " oh I sold it for way too less " . That sums it up , you Fijians need to wake up !!!! Stop blaming the Indians for your problems . You are a population that is very lucky ( look at what happened to aboriginals , red Indians , many other indigenous populations ) that are extremely unlucky .... You guys own 90 plus per cent of the land ... You can go to FDB . Fijian affairs n get a loan for nothing !!!!

Often in the midst of political correctness you Fijian are blinded by your own prejudices - in this case you just blame it on the immigrant Indians ...without their contribution lets face it it .. The country would be still in its barbaric flesh eating cannibalistic glory !!!!!!

Ashwin Raj, MIDA said...

I wish to correct those people who have accused me of sucking Aiyaz's balls.

The truth is I slipped over in front of him and his balls just happened to land in my mouth for a few minutes. It was not intentional it was purely an accident

Anonymous said...

I hear you anon 7.47pm. You have a valid point and many Taukei would agree with you, including me.

You miss the fundamental point about Taukei politics.

All we Fijians have in this world are our lands and our relations. That is the source of our spiritual and cultural wealth. It is also the source of our political beliefs. We will never claim these beliefs in other lands and we merely ask that non-Fijians in Fiji respect our right to political leadership in our own lands.

Unknown said...

2 days ago I released the results of a survey I conducted on the Fiji Sun and the Fiji Times over the past 3 and a half months from April 1 to June 18 2014. Only radio New Zealand Intl called up for a comment. No local media responded or asked for clarification or carried the results.

We covered 63% of both papers April issues, In May 74% of the Fiji Times and 81% of the Fiji Sun and In June 83% of the Fiji Sun and 89% of the Fiji Times for the 18 days.

The results were as follows:-

While the Fiji Times is generally more balanced in its reporting with 58% covering the Bainimarama regime over the total survey period, the Fiji Sun coverage of the regime has never dropped below 73%.

The Opposition received just 26% coverage from the Fiji Sun and 36% from the Fiji Times, while the Independent candidate received 1% coverage from the Fiji Sun and 6% coverage from the Fiji Times.

The full survey result will be on my website by tomorrow on http://www.mickbeddoes.com and anyone interested can look it up.

Media Bias is definitely happening and organizations like the Fiji Sun have been breaching the Media Industry Code of Ethics on a daily basis without anyone in authority taking them to task. The Media decree is being applied ‘selectively’ against anyone who publishes an opposing view to the regime, while leaving regime friendly Media outlets to spin all the lies they want.

I would like to call on all citizens of Fiji who want democracy to send a small but clear signal to the perpetrators of this abuse of our intelligence and ask that you demonstrate your anger in a real way and tell all your friends and relatives to boycott the Fiji Sun from now until the end of July.

Do not search their online edition, do not place any advertisements with them, do not buy any Fiji Sun for the next 37 days.

This is a small ‘individual’ protest that anyone can do and not be afraid of being found out by authorities. The collective impact on the paper will be ‘significant’ if we all boycott their paper for a month. Without a healthy circulation, the income will be affected.

Now is the time to demonstrate our displeasure at those who aid and abet the wrong doers, and usurpers of democracy so lets demonstrate to them in a personal but very real way. NO MORE SUN!

Mick Beddoes

Anonymous said...

In reply to the " I hear you " .fijian rights , customs ., land should never be taken away .... Could not agree more .... I think the worst thing to ever happen to fiji was mahend Chaudhary ... As soon as he got elected , he tried to touch the land issue . I don't see any credible indian that can be the Pm iifa fiji and help the Fijians . Is there any indian out there ... Yes there is ... But not just in fij ... Right now every politician is a rat . The day will come when my clique will be in power and I will ensure that Fijians get their worth , where harmony will exist between all races and fiji will again be " the way the world should be ..."

Anonymous said...

Mick the " the bullshit " Beddoes ... You along with all other politicians inhabiting the political landscape in fiji are mere thugs buddy . You are only there for your own mileage n gain . Don't make me spill your secrets ... N corrupt ways .. Retirement beckons for you alas we printeth thou wicked ways ... Stay away Micky mouse

Anonymous said...

The 2013 constitution will not only be amended , but replaced by the legal Fiji 1997 , which has not been abrogated according to the 2009 Appeals court decision.

The 1997 constitution is legally in force.
Let us vote out this regime, that has introduced an illegal government, an illegal constitution, and its illegal decrees.

No growth, more deaths, more unemployment, high inflation, high poverty rates. Where do we go from here.

Just vote them out!!33

mark manning said...

Ignorance and suspicion is what drives Fiji Politics, it seems. People keep blaming past Politicians, yet present absolutely no credible evidence, just gossip and conjecture. If they had evidence of corruption etc. against anyone, why wasn't it presented to the Fiji Police and Andrew Hughes in 2006 prior to Frank's High Treason?
It has become a very poor and pathetic excuse to implement coups, when the real motivation of a handful of arrogant, narcissistic losers who'd prefer to steal rather than work for their ill-gotten gains, is not honesty, but greed and a lust for power and notoriety. The rest are just hangers on with nothing better to do than make noise.

mark manning said...

Can anyone enlighten me and others as to The GCC's role in Fiji Politics and also clarify its role?
It seems many Fijians don't even know!
My understanding is, it has its role regarding each Village, Clan and Traditional and Cultural Ceremonies and responsibilities etc. and in regards to the Political landscape, The GCC Elects or Appoints The President and that it also has the Authority to dismiss a President, in certain circumstances, though I suspect that only happens at the behest of the Government of the day.
It's my understanding that the GCC has absolutely no direct role in Fiji's Political Arena, other than what I've just stated!

Anonymous said...

Where is Fiji First's list of assets, required by Election Decree No. 4? Where is its list of candidates? What is its platform? What are its views regarding treason?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@7.47pm ...Fijians have the right to determine their destiny in their country. Indians have been farting for too long over Fijian land so it is about time we have it back Thank you!. The Girmitiyas were brought in to labour under colonial rule therefore success was gained through colonial rule rather than through the Girmitiyas and their descendants. Fijians have given their choice land for development , their contribution to the success of a nation. Could we have lived without Indians? ,certainly so. Cannibalism became a thing of the past because of christianity, not hinduism. I am sorry! Sadly so, we are up in arms because we have been taken for a ride, by rogue politicians, and the military. There are some well meaning Indians who will not denounce Fijians for who they are and accept the differences in value systems and way of life.Might I say there if you can't handle the heat, then I beg you to find somehwere else to go..probably back to your motherland, where you can immerse yourself into a caste that will accept you as you are.
Ypur story about a Ratu requesting ASK on the return of his freehold land is laughable. You made that up, in an attempt to discredit Fijians. Mind you, your story is the pinnacle of Indo-fijian mentality - LIARS. Ratu's will never approach an Indian regarding their land. C'mon, we are not that stupid!
Be thankful of what you have been given, otherwise piss off and let others enjoy a piece of paradise!

Anonymous said...

Right on Mark Manning..you hit it again on target..@1.03am was rattled by it's sheer force.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning doesn't even know what the GCC role is and so on and is asking and yet he has been commenting on Fiji all this time. Go sort out the abo's mark. You might be more useful there rather than trying to comment you know nothing about.

Anonymous said...

THE POSTS ON THIS BLOG SHOW THAT THE OPPONENTS OF GOVT ARE FEARFUL OF THE FACT THAT IT IS GOING TO WIN THE ELECTION BY A LANDSLIDE OR TSUNAMI.SOME HAVE SNIPED AT PERSONAL ISSUES OF FIJI 1ST LEADERS,SPREAD LIES ABOUT THE ECONOMY LIKE WADAN NARSEY- NO PARTY,PRESENT FALSE DATA ABOUT MEDIA COVERAGE,SOME PROFESS TO BE EXPERTS ON I-TAUKEI HISTORY AND CULTURE,WHILST COMMENTING FROM OVERSEAS.The fact is that the Govt. has been serving and will continually serve the people of Fiji as usual,there is no economic meltdown or catastrophe,the Govt. prefers Fiji Sun because the The FJ Times is politically biased in matters about the Govt.This Govt. will persevere and continue as mandated by God.God chose PM Bai as the leader of this nation.No matter how much you guys say,extrapolate,opinioned,point,
swear,enlighten or chant against the Govt. we the more than 80% of the population of Fiji wish to say Fuck Off to you all,better luck next time.he!he!he!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. Why not take your rant to a pro-regime blog? Oh, that's right, no one reads the pro-regime blogs!

Anonymous said...

Hehehe. You try hard not to show it, but the fact that you felt the need to comment betrays your fearfulness about the elections. Well, let me put your mind at ease. Fiji First will easily steal the elections.

It's what happens after that that you need to worry about.

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't Mark Manning be allowed to comment on the GCC, even if he knows little about it? Ignorance never stopped Bainimarama from commenting on and even abolishing the institution!

Anonymous said...

Ro Teimumu, we agree: Indons out of West Papua. Normally I would say we should butt out, but it's high time Jakarta paid for supporting our captors and helping them to oppress us.

Please also repudiate the illegal debts incurred by the regime. The foreign lenders all knew this regime was unlawful, but they made the loans anyway. The regime had no right to saddle our nation with so much long-term debt just to try to buy our votes.

Finally, please recognise Taipei. Beijing has been as close to the regime as teeth and gums, to borrow their phrase. Beijing has been a major coup regime ennabler. It has exploited our situation to make criminal and economic inroads. There must be consequences to such perfidy.

Anonymous said...

God never chose Bainimarama to be the leader of this nation. Bainimarama chose himself.

Obviously, God ALLOWED Bainimarama to seize power. But that's a very different matter.

God also allowed the Great Flood, the destruction of the Temple, the Jewish diaspora, the Holocaust. That doesn't mean He endorsed these things. He allowed them, and in the process He refined His church.

I think He is even now trying to refine the people of Fiji. Revival in Fiji is a beautiful prospect. It can begin even under Bainimarama. But Fiji can never be wholly cleansed as long as it is under his unrighteous leadership.

SEMI MEO said...

@Anon June 25, 2014 at 8:23 AM.

I am no theologian but with all due respect your warp logic marred with contradictions, let alone bush theology should be refuted and rebuked!

What I do fear is you now worship Bainimarama and ascribe to him all honour and power, even to the extent you twist the words of the good book to attempt justify his evil seditious act and other atrocities under his watch.

Take your theology to the whirlpool in kinoya.

Next time you wanna preach please show us who you are. As it is you’re no different to a Dr of theology who lectures in a local Seminary but denies there is a God.

but..but...take this as a "wound of a friend..or do you prefer "a praise of a fool"?

SEMI MEO said...

@ Mr Mick Beddoes of June 24, 2014 at 8:13 PM.

Ni bula vinaka saka.

With due respect, boycotting Fiji Sun may trigger sympathy from the central Government, Statutory organisations,Government Corporations and Bainimarama's Corporate friends to increase advertising with the Fiji Sun.

Aiyuz may also direct that all public electoral notices be only through his brother’s electronic media house and print media outlet be to the Fiji Sun. We lose! Bainimara/Aiyuz wins..

What we should be concentrating on are alternative media to reach the masses with liberating campaign messages. We win. Bainimara/Aiyuz loses!

Better still, all major political parties (other then FFP) contract a full page each every issue on the Sun...taking the fight to FFP’s domain! We win! Bainimara/Aiyuz loses!

Come 18 09 2014..We win! Bainimara/Aiyuz loses!

..either way..Fiji Sun and my mate Nemani Delaibatiki still wins!

Tui Viti no 1 said...

Mum's letter to his Son

Khaiyum why you in that room get out and organize your team for election..!!!.

You must be smiling knowing that Bai is finished from the Military and come September he will be a simple civilian.

Your networking has made those around you and relatives 1000% richer.

The way you dumped Bai indicate that its millions and millions in your pocket right now and those around you.

How you did that?

You gave itaukei a lesson that they hardly swallow that is your disrespectful behaviuor towards who they are!!

What you did will go down in their history book and the replica will be far worse than you imagine.

Now since you mention a Ratu[7:47pm 24/6] came over to you for assistance or whatever, now read and swallow this :there was also a Ratu who once said that "Na kai Idia vinaka ga na kai India sa mate"

Their Ratus word came alive the day you abolished their chiefly council.

Today now you reading this 99 n 4.5% itaukei will vote SODELPA for them to restored their heritage,their roots,their history,their culture,their identity and tradition.

Son its a disaster..!!

Your Mummy.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6.28 am.

God only allows things to happen but if you break the law of the land then one day you still have to REAP what you Sow.

Bhai knows very well that the long arm of the LAW always lurking behind him and he will have to face the consequences like Marcos, Hitler, Mussolini, Adi Amin, Gaddafi, Rabuka, etc.
The sad part though is that people like you who have benefited through this murderous and corrupted regime will be pushing Frank and if Frank loses the election you will be the first one to deny Frank.

Do not worry because this just what normally happens and it is nothing new.

But i must tell you that the Truth will always prevail and no body knows the future because God keeps it that way so that those that fear the Lord will be protected by him.

Anonymous said...

Bainimaram is NOT fit to be a leader of a new democratic Fiji.



Anonymous said...

Tappos have given Kia vehicle to Fiji First. The registration number is FJ FIRST.See the Guji's how they make money!
Well they bought Kahyium's house in Berry Road for $850,000 and in return got many concessions.Kahyium had bought the same property for $210,000 in 2005 and sold in 2008 for $850,000.Tappo's got prime land at churchill Park - Lautoka without any tender.This the tip of the iceberg.

Just a thought said...

You only have to go to Facebook to see the thugs, military or otherwise, keeping people in line with their veiled threats on your own page C4.5. If you look closely, a lot of the aggression is coming from males, both young and old. These bullies are rubbishing any criticism of this military government and any common person daring to say otherwise. If bainimarama and the international community think that is democracy, they are kidding themselves.

Suomynona said...

They would do anything to shut people up, but it still won't stop others from speaking out against frankie and his goons.

Well done whistleblowers, at least there are a few brave souls beyond the many who are silent and not afraid to endure whatever the regime throws at them.

Blindside said...

@Anon 7.47pm and 1.33am Sadly both of you seem to have missed the big picture 7.47pm first all Indians should respect the culture and traditions of the Fijians as the land is there spiritual partner.I made my first trip to India last year for work purposes upon exiting the airport looking around this chaotic place I said to the person next to me thank god I was born in Fiji.Indians have worked hard in Fiji upon every adversity that was in front of them, If we all can remember after the Independence university entrance was much easier for a Fijian Indigenous student and a Ethnic Fijian Indian student, The government jobs were generally favored towards the Indigenous population, even after the 87 and 2000 coups where they were tormented racially and violently the Indian population still prospered.Many Indians have been moving overseas since the 70's where again they have flourished 80% of the Fiji Indian population overseas and the children are very successful, living and doing great things , many have opened businesses, have great trade and white collar positions...but they will all agree to one thing and that is Home is Fiji.I don't believe the chiefly system should ever be abolished but I do believe it has no part to play in Modern politics or Economics, It has served its purpose and no longer relevant in urban life,it should always remain in rural society. I don't believe that a Ratu would have gone and asked for his land from an Indian but I can believe that he did sell his land well under the value.

Anon 1.33am(Wow you stayed up late, love the determination)Fiji did prosper under the British rule but not as well as it did on its own from the 70s till the late 90's.Britain wasn't doing Fiji any favors they were in it for their own gains there concern was never the Fijians or the Indians just their own profit margin.Yes Fiji would have lived without the Indians but there is no way the economy would have been driven as good without them. As a choice for Indians now to leave Fiji for any other country I think many are happy there right now and India is a place which just a distant memory.

Speaking for my self, I am of Indian heritage its does not make me an Indian I was born a Hindu I will die one too that does not stop me from going to a church or a mosque or a synagogue, as far as I am concern my motherland is Fiji I was born in Fiji so that makes me a Kai viti not a Kai inda and as far as religion goes I believe in Fiji all sides have being using religion differences to cause stereotyping and hatred....There is only one god and Men created religion.

Fiji is one nation one people..And yes Fiji was,is and always be the way the world should be.

Rear Admiral said...

Semi Meow has a Decree from Sukuna Park hahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

Anon 4047 pm

Your arrogance can not go by unchallenged.

I went India years ago and have witnessed the kind of life they have. To shit on streams and drains is a normal thing for them.

Now you have been brought up in paradise and trying to shit on us the first people of this nation.

What Rabuka started in 87 is not yet completed.

See...all young people are thinking of migrating overseas just because of people like u.

We need to learn to live together and try to root out our common enemy ...this Regime.

I would not be surprised if FLP and NFP will turn their back on SODELPA after the September election.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning aborigines are not lazy you bloody bogan. They are a cultured people with their own systems. Your people came to Australia uninvited and stole their country. Your people butchered, tortured, massacred and tried to annihilate an entire race just so that they could grab their lands. Your country was founded on thievery on a grand scale. On the blood of the original and rightful owners of the land. Aborigines are not greedy. Its just that you people are exceedingly greedy. Get that? take your bloody preaching to your own home and people because that is there it is needed most.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1.39 PM

I beg you pardon!
Where does Mark said this?

Look you are trying to divert the attention away from the real topic.
Frank was still being under investigated when he realized that his only escape route is to staged a coup.

Also the death of CRW soldiers in no uncertain terms can be justified by the court of law.

Baci tobo tale tu o koya na dauni masi polo nei Voreqe...luven i puaka!

Anonymous said...

You are on the bull’s eye there Mr Beddoes. Right thinking citizens support you whole heartedly. We should all use our courage to voice our wants, our needs and one of them is to reject these unelected thugs from power.

We should not cower down to Bainimarama’s bully and intimidation…we have had enough.

We want to stop EyeArse and his muslim brotherhood invasion of our country using Bhai as their Trojan horse.

Keep on strongly voicing the truth about what our country needs. God Bless you


Anonymous said...

Semi Meo, why are you back? You were not missed.

That's because your remarks seldom add anything, except confusion, perhaps.

Here you are, for example, criticising the poster at 8:23 AM for warped logic, bush theology, worshipping Bainimarama, etc. Did you even bother to read the posting at 8:23? How in the world did you reach the conclusion that the poster worshipped Bainimarama, when, in fact, he stated that Bainimarama was NOT chosen by God, and Fiji can never be clensed under Bainimarama's unrighteous leadership!?

Then next you try to undercut Mick Beddoes' call for a boycott of the Fiji Sun by offering the utterly asinine suggestion that the opposition parties should instead financially support the Sun by paying for daily, full-page advertisements.

Whenever anyone in the opposition tries to organise anything, depend on Semi Meo to throw cold water on the idea.

Some have said that you're a tool of the regime. I quite agree. The only question has been whether you're a witting tool or an unwitting tool. In the end, both sides compromised behind the consensus view that you're a HALFWITting tool.

Anonymous said...

Bai na wekaqu kua sara ni cala nomu nanuma tamana,o ira qo era na vatu ga ya.....
O ira mada ga era vakai wasewase tu na nodra bula.
O na raica o ira gujrat era tamata busines lelevu era dau veivakayagataki baleta ra tamata malumalumu ia era mona kaukauwa!!
O ira na musulomani era dau volekati keda sara io,o na sega vakadua ni kila na gauna e kelia kina na qara mo lutu kina ,o lutu o koya tale yani vei iko e cava sa rawa vukea??io ya o koya jiko ga.

O kemuni na wekaqu au via kaya sa maumau sara..!!
Au via varaitaka se bera jiko ni caka na veidigidigi au sa sega tiko ni taleitaka na veika sa caka tu vei kemuni na wekaqu.

Kila Bai na nomu luvata mai na Uniform ni mataivalu era sa vakavinavinaka kina ka ra dredre lo o ira na dau ni bisinisi qo o ira ga ni tiko vata jiko,o ira ga ra vakailavo taki kemuni tiko.

Ni sa oti mai na mataivalu era sa kila ena sega tale ni dua na gone ena rawa me coup taka tale na matanitu.

Ia, sa bera era sa vakayagataki kemuni vinaka sara ga.
O ira era veidigidigi se sega era na milionea tiko ga.E ra lewena e dua na party se sega era na milionea jiko ga.E veisau se sega ni veisau na constitution era na milionea tiko ga.

Sa kena i balebale qo na wekaqu ni maumau wale na walu na yabaki nomuni vakatotogani keimani tu mai ni ra tu mai dakumuni o ira na milionea ra tu qo i Viti.

Sa kemuni talaci beka na fiji first me vakasa vakaraitaki tiko mai vica na siga sa oti.

Ni ko na lutu se lutu na nomu party o ira na milionea era sa na toso sara ka kabi sara me vaka na moko ni kabi toka ena ceiling ni vale vua na party ena qaqa ka ra na vaka ilavo taka me vaka era kitaka vei kemuni.

Anonymous said...

By Joshika Rama Employment Court Judge

Unions should be banned from Fiji. Also and Judge or Magistrate with a criminal record even if it means stealing from fellow students at Law School should not be allowed in the legal proffession.

Joshika Rama
Wife of Dr Rama

Anonymous said...

I will say one thing very very clearly. In 50 years from now Fiji will still be the same shit hole it has always been unless we dramatically change our thinking Yes the people are generally good and helpful and have a smile on their faces blah blah blah but i find 90% of the population plain dumb who are filled with prejudice and a very narrow vision of reality which is usually shaped by archaic culture and religious upbringing. While the rest of the world is talking about extending human life to 200 years exploring Mars, driver less cars etc we are still arguing about who's fucking Indian, Fijian or should we restore the GCC and every other trivial bullshit that matters not in our daily lives. We live in a world that is changing as quickly as we can imagine it and at the same time we are screwing our planet beyond redemption. At this rate their wont be a Fiji to fight over unless we do something about it. The only hope we have as a country is to Unite as one people find the right people to lead us and fix our trivial day to problems quickly so that we can deal with the bigger problems which threaten to annihilate us as a species on this planet. Frankly most of us more liberal folks are sick of the small minded crap being debated on this blog. I ask of you one question. Imagine yourself in an accident in need of blood. Will you care who's blood it is if it will save your life. Will it matter which race the blood will come from.
For most sane people the answer will be no it will not matter. If your answer is contrary to this you should be in a mental institution.Kapish.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Rama is a womaniser! He will dump this lawyer lady.

Anonymous said...

Illegal A.G.Khaiyum is ‘ruthless, authoritarian, and vindictive’ who actually runs the country day-to-day while Mr Bainimarama ‘swans around the islands and hobnobs with new allies.
This taliban is the root cause of all problem.

Anonymous said...

The comment by the Indonesian embassy in Suva that the West Papua's issue is an internal one, does not hold water.

Here is a society of indigenous peoples who have been refused to be granted their own freedom, to determine their own resources, and to govern themselves, not for a few years but for decades.
West Papua does not need Indonesia, but Indonesia holds on tight to West Papua.
Something different from the Fiji and Rotuma relations.
The Indonesian Ambassador should ask his president to grant freedom to West Papua, 40 years after Fiji was granted independence from its colonial power, and the rest of pacific states.
The UN Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples 2007, states clearly what is needed for communities like West Papua. This is a unique community of people with unique languages from its colonizer, different culture, different beliefs, different faith, they resemble more PNG features than Indonesia.
West Papua freedom fighters over the decades have faced all that one can think about in their struggle to free their people, and they need NGOS, civil societies in Fiji and a legal government to pursue their plight.
Let's fight on for West Papua, as it is not an internal matter, but an international concern towards the voice of our brothers/sisters which have been kept away for too long.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:05 PM


You have summed Fiji's situation up beautifully.

Vunivalu kei Viti said...

WE SHOULD CARE ABOUT WEST PAPUA BUT MORE CONCERNED ABOUT OUR OWN POOR WHO ARE LIVING IN THE MANGROVE SWAMPS.SOME BARELY MAKE TWO MEALS A DAY,MOSTLY DRINKING TEA WITH BISCUIT OR BREAD WITHOUT BUTTER. WE SHOULD THANK THE GOVT FOR DOING AWAY WITH SCHOOL FEES AND BUS FARES TO ENABLE THOSE KIDS WHO LIVE IN THE MANGROVE SWAMPS TO HAVE AN EDUCATION, TO FREE THEMSELVES FROM THE BONDAGE THEIR PARENTS BROUGHT THEM INTO.I THANK PM BAI AND THE GOVT FOR THIS.NO OTHER PARTY is concerned about our hapless people in society,the poor,the crippled,the mentally challenged. none of them have offered something for the poor like this Govt.The other parties are only hell bent on discussing issue already raised by this Govt. they havent got any of their own to offer to the people.WE NEED A GOVT THAT WILL BUILT HOUSES TO HOUSE THOSE IN THE MANGROVES.THERE ARE LOTS OF LAND AVAILABLE FOR THIS,PREFERBABLY THE HILLS TO BE USED FOR HOUSING AUTHORITY OR RENTAL BOARD TYPE COMPLEX WHILST THE VALLEYS ARE TO BE USED FOR FARMING.NO ONE SHOULD BE LIVING IN SQUATTER SHACKS,MANGROVE SWAMPS ETC.These people are humans and if we move now to afford them with houses we could reduce crime, drugs consumption,child hood pregnancies and other ills associated with Developing society.THIS GOVT IS OFFERING THE POOR FREE EDUCATION AND FREE TRANSPOT TO SCHOOL AND RETURN,GIVING THEM A CHANCE TO MAKE IT IN LIFE.WHAT HAVE YOU GOT TO OFFER THE POOR SODELPA,LABOUR,NFP?? Most of you are only cursing,whinying and crying over trivial matters that arent neccessities of life,our poor neighbours are more worried about having a steady 3 meals a day than other trivial matters whinged about here.WE WHO HAVE LAPTOPS AND COMPUTERS ,WE WHO COULD AFFORD FULL 24 HR INTERNET COVERAGE SHOULD THINK ABOUT WHAT THIS GOVT IS DOING ABOUT THE LESS FORTUNATE IN OUR SOCIETY.The GCC has been around since colonial times are they relevant now,were they performing well what good have they done for Fiji,i-Taukei and immigrants, or was it useless meetings,with lots of yaqona and a warm bed with a young lass waiting beneath the overs after the meeting,abuse of land leases to purchase alcohol and wealth for themselves and a few causing many villagers to receive nothing and live in poverty.Lets ask Coup .5 to conduct an opinion poll on how many villagers have benefitted from the land lease scheme of past? I CAN TELL YOU THAT IT ONLY BENEFITTED THE CHIEFS,THE TLTB STAFF, MINISTERS OF GOVT PLUS BUSINESSMEN.It made sure that ordinary i-taukei receive very little or no lease money to enslave them in shackles of poverty.Then when Election nears they will twist and turn all words in the land laws to make those ordinary villagers believe that their village will end up in the sea,Fiji will be sold to India,all land will be stolen and reverted to freehold a nd what not. Let get out,go out of our comfort zones and assist

Anonymous said...

Education and bus fare was only provided last year.The regime has been in power for 8 years.This is too long a period to take people out of the mangrove.The illegal P.M. and illegal A.G.are earning over $1.2 million in salary.

The regime is helping and making money with the businesses like Tappos, CJ Patel mostly Gujaratis.
The best P.M. was Mahen Chaudhry. His achievement speaks volume in the short time he was P.M. but he was not given the opportunity.
He was the only one who would have helped the poor.

Anonymous said...

ena maumau ga na vosa sa caka tiko sa da sarava mada ga na vanua eda sa qai tiko kina qo

Anonymous said...

i taukei and Hindus will not vote for FF.
i taukei are voting for SODELPA.
Hindus are voting for NFP and FLP.
Muslims voting for FF.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:45 PM

You say "" the regime has been in power for 8 years. This is too long a period to take people out of the mangrove ""

Perhaps what you meant is that 8 years is not long enough to take the mangrove out of the people.

Anonymous said...

@ Vunivalu kei Viti 6:33 PM

I applaud what you say and it's about time that those with the resources, money, land etc solve this problem and hopefully it will be one that any government tackles as a priority.

My question to you is why are so many of these people living in these conditions when they have land already ? I would suggest unfortunately that many, especially the unemployable choose to live like this close to the main urban areas in the hope of easy pickings.

There are of course many that do not have any land, can not find anyone to give or lease them land at a rate they could afford and these must be the priorities to help.

Anonymous said...

Why is cock eyed womaniser Mahend Reddy still part of commerce commission? The double standard practice of Baini/Aiarse continues? Rohit Kishore`was told to resign as he was fighting the election for FLP while cock eye Reddy and Big Arse Eci Nabalarua are given paid leave? Fiji has really gone to dogs

Anonymous said...

All arguments seem too divisive as some use the old politics of divide and rule while other use the elite approach using Capitalist sponsored approach for the sake of maintaining the status as used by the old alliance government.

When are we going to take the middle road ..get the best from all, mix and match as used by successful countries in the world.

Na i taukei esa dodonu talega me da rai vakayalomatuia ia me kakua ga ni kau tani veika e da taukena ka ni tiko kina na ka e da vakamareqeta.

Semi Meo -Na cava beka na nomunu rai.

Anonymous said...

Why Kanwan has not resigned from Commerce Commission and FNU.
Can Ganesh tell why he has not resigned from FNU?
Ganesh is in the forefront to tell i taukei to resign or he terminates them from FNU.


Sunni Muslims and people of African origin are the cause of all the world's current problems. The sunni's of ISIS in Iraq, The Boko Haram of Nigeria, the AG and Parai Minista, the Imrana jalal and Sakiusa Tuisolia, the Shameema Ali and Policeman, the Verysilly Buadromo and the son of Achmed the Bhamji...ALL OF THEM ARE SUNNI MUSLIMS IN COLLABORATION WITH PEOPLE OF AFRICAN ORIGIN......Blerry Swines !!!!

Anonymous said...

nara vakadua o Asenaca....

Anonymous said...

anon 9:36
Boko haram is going to break mohammed record. mohammed was abusing girls 9 years old, boko haram raping and abusing 3 year olds. new low for the taliban butusonas

Anonymous said...

kubu kapalagi vudi asenaca

Samu Sereki said...

Fiji Times reports illegal Govt's belated attempts to respond to widespread public anger towards it's suppression,tortures and murders of youths in Fiji and announces this cynical attempt to placate the damages it has done.


Samu Sereki said...

Reelated to above post

Empowering our youth

Fred Wesley

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It is good to see more attention focused on the youth of Fiji.
As the Minister for Youth Commander Viliame Naupoto said during the National Youth and Sport Conference in Suva yesterday, giving young people a place in decision-making builds a broader base for citizens' involvement and creates stronger and more inclusive communities.

Anonymous said...

This regime has set Fiji back several years. Without the coups Fiji's GDP would probably be double what it is now. Arbitrary rule and lack of due process have chased away all rational investors. Raising the minimum wage is an anti-youth measure, because it makes it harder for youth to join the economy with their first jobs and to gain the experience they need to find higher-paying employment. Restore democracy and stability to Fiji and watch the economy take off like a rocket. If we allow this illegal regime to continue through stolen elections, we should expect Fiji's sugar industry to die and the rest of our economy to crawl when it could be sprinting.

Anonymous said...

well Bai have no education or what so ever in regard to economy....he was train to go from strategy to strategy......

Anonymous said...

@9.46PM Why you want to belittle a revered former Minister like Asenaca and of course during her time of pain?? Something wrong with you?

Anonymous said...

If the info is true that her husband has died,this make it the death of her third husband,first husband died 10 yrs ago,second husband, a police officer died 6 years ago and now the death of her third husband,wow, The Black Widow? What benefits has she reaped from the deaths? FNPF,Bank Savings,Properties. What caused their death?poison or bedtime stories?

Anonymous said...


sa jini tale na witchcraft na ka qo...!!!

Anonymous said...

anon 4.05pm and Vunivalu
You are 2 of the dumbest arses ever to blog....
very superficial and blind
drau vicai

Anonymous said...

cock wireless reports
$500,000 Tappoos
$500,000 C.J.Patel
$50,000 R.C.MANUBHAI
$15,000 Suruj Vimal Sharma law
$25,000 C.D.P Courier
$100,000 Vinod Patel Bachu
$25,000 Himat Lodhia
$100,000 A Jan Feroz and Taj
Guess which political party got this contribution in CASH

University of the South Pacific said...

25 June, 2014

Response to Media
Recent comments by our senior academic staff aired on Radio Australia’s Pacific Beat programme and appearing in the media have been brought to the attention of the University and concerns expressed about their accuracy and propriety.
The University again wishes to make it clear that the views expressed by Dr. Matt Thompson and Mr. Patrick Craddock are their own.
The University of the South Pacific upholds the principle of academic freedom and the right of its members to comment responsibly and within their area of expertise on current affairs.
As outlined in the University’s Code of Professional Conduct for Academic Staff, in doing so, staff must observe the laws of the State and comply with University statutes and rules.
Given the concerns expressed about the accuracy and propriety of the comments made by Dr. Thompson and Mr. Craddock, and to protect the academic freedom of all staff (and thereby ensure collective adherence to the University’s Code of Professional Conduct for Academic Staff), the University has initiated an internal investigation, and will consider appropriate action.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Can USP investigate? said...

Can USP investigate why Ashwin Raj is holding two jobs and Paid double salary?
Can USP investigate why Ashwin Raj as MIDA chairperson is allowed to operate out of the VC’s office?
Can USP investigate why USP is using regional taxpayers funds to subsidise MIDA operations by way of paying for Ashwin Raj’s time spent doing MIDA work?
Can USP investigate murder-suicide of female USP student/husband and former journalism lecturer in love triangle?
Can USP investigate who covered up this scandal and why?
Can USP investigate how Jai Karan was appointed to marketing manager without post being advertised?
Can USP investigate how Angela Jokhan was appointed Associate Professor even though appointments committee rejected her application for lack of publications?
Can USP investigate how a drunken professor swore at fellow staff and a made a scene during an awards ceremony and no action whatsoever was taken?
Can USP investigate how a lucrative position was especially created for deputy vice-chancellor Esther Williams who should have retired by now?
Can USP investigate the conduct of its vice-chancellor Rajesh Chandra and and his deputy esther williams for their bullying, intimidating tactics?
Can USP investigate all the questionable and dubious promotions and appointments engineered by its vice-chancellor, Rajesh Chandra, from behind the scenes.
Can USP investigate all the policy breaches and breaches of the strategic plan by VC Rajesh Chandra?
Can USP investigate the steady erosion of the rights of staff members and their benefits engineered by its VC Rajesh Chandra?
Can USP investigate the decline in academic standards?
Can USP investigate the steadily deteriorating infrastructure due to lack of planning?
Can USP investigate the lack of resources for students?
Can USP investigate the top heavy, costly, unwieldily bureaucracy set up its current VC to make his life easier at great cost to USP?
Can USP investigate the legal bills incurred by USP due to poor decision-making by VC Rajesh Chandra and deputy esther williams?

Anonymous said...


Head master mentality said...

Wake up V C. you think you are the boss of a local university. Well what can be expected from a dictator and a head master anyway. You are so scared of the regime that you will preach something else and do another. You think you are still in uni Fiji or what. USP is a regional institute. Why are you allowing it to be controlled by Fiji. If you can read about academic freedom rather than sending your long bullshit inspiration emails and power points slides to all staff email. Stop pending to be a great leader. You are hopeless. And worst academic who has no idea what academic freedom means. Media freedom won’t get into your head so don’t even bother. Buy some diaper. Seems you are wetting your pants since you are so scared.

Anonymous said...

To protect the academic freedom of all staff, we will crush anyone who exercises it.

Anonymous said...

Can USP investigate the failure to clean up the mess at Human Resources through VC Rajesh Chandra's tenure?

Anonymous said...

Can USP also investigate the forced resignation of Marc Edge, Biman Prasad, Lynda Tabuya and Wadan Narsey?

Anonymous said...

Go ahead, assholes, and expell these two journalism professors just before the elections. Let the world see how repressive you still are, how frightened of the truth. Please do it soon, so they get back to their countries in time to be interviewed and build this into a much bigger news story. The world is watching.

Anonymous said...

Australian High Commission,

New Zealand High Commission,

PIF member countries,

Fellow CROP agencies,

How much longer will you turn a blind eye to the meddling of Fiji's illegal regime and the subversion of USP? This regime is destroying the reputation and quality of the region's premier university, but you do nothing?

Why isn't this being nvestigated and discussed at PIF Leaders Meetings? Why isn't the PIF doing more to counteract the regime's undue pressures on USP and to ensure academic freedom?

Anonymous said...

Former Army Commanders have NEVER ever publicly gave political comments, for the simple reason that they were well and truly apolitical.They were Officers and Gentlemen. They were the BASTIONS.
NOW, however, you see daily political comments by the Military, Police and whoever!!

just saying said...

The people need to remind this demi god they have a right to vote who they want and for what policies.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum has clarified that political parties alone cannot amend the Constitution.

He told the National Youth Conference yesterday that they will need three quarters of parliament support and also 75 percent of registered voters support to be able to make any changes.

This follows statements made by political parties that they will change the Constitution if they are voted to lead the country.

It has been said time and again by various political parties they will make amendments to the constitution if they are voted into the parliament.

“To change the constitution, for the first time we have in-co-operated that they need to come back to you. First three quarters of the parliament need to agree to change a particular section of the constitution but that does not change the constitution then they will come back to you and 75 percent or three quarters of all registered voters have to agree then that section can be change,” Sayed-Khaiyum.

Sayed-Khaiyum says this is clearly outlined in the 2013 Constitution.

“That of course would be a very strong provision that has been put in to ensure that we don’t have people changing the constitution willing nearly so there is need to be consistence and that is the provision that is in the Constitution.”

Sayed-Khaiyum adds there is simply no other way to amend the Constitution.

If you use illegal means to change the Constitution it simply means that it is illegal.

Anonymous said...

My advice is simply to ignore the ”2013 Constitution". It's illegal anyway. The 1997 Constitution is still the basic law of the land. That cannot be changed by acts of treason.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Aiyarse is running scared because he knows what we already knew...his puppy Baimagasona will go down he will go down with him. Aiyarse must be stopped from fleeing Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Come September 18 we will have no government as no Party will be able to gain enough votes to form government. So what happens then?

Anonymous said...

Khaiyum and Bainimarama and all those who who support them have used illegal means to change the 1997 constitution which still is the legal constitution of the land.
Even the previous President Rt. Iloilo had no authority to abrogate the 1997 constitution.

Anonymous said...

sodelpa party ni qase bona...macawa.......

Anonymous said...

What a joke!Wow how low can you go!So Jiko Luveni and her illegal Cabinet have approves to increase
pension to the elderly(over 70)not
this year 2014 but after the election in 2015! WOW FROM $30 A MONTH TO $50? But what if you lose
the election? Sure another way to
continuously try to manipulate the
mind of our citizens? WHAT A FRIEKEN JOKE!!!

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Anonymous said...

Fiji's legal constitution is the 1997 constitution.
Fiji's legal government is the SDL.
Fiji's legal Chief Justice is Justice Fatiaki
Fiji's legal public service was the one in place in November 2006.
Everything after that is illegal.
The June 2006 election confirmed the legality of our government apparatus and appointments.
A return to election is a return to the legal structure and of governance, and the declaration of all illegal activities that since 6th December 2006.

Vote for a non military government
Vote for the legal constitution
Vote for a legal justice system
Vote for an independent executive arm of government
Vote for true separation of power
Vote against dictatorship
Vote against media gagging
Vote against institutional corruption


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A true apolitical army commander does not at all give a public statement about the peoples' choice of an elected government.

Saying that the military is apolitical, and further saying that the military will not allow any elected government to amend any constitution, is a challenge to the peoples' democratic choice.

Can the army commander put his mouth where his responsibilities are?, and not follow his predicessor who is now a very confused man.

Army commander, please comment about border security against Tongan navy invasion, drug smuggling by yatchs, human trafficking, traditional fishing rights protection, and the whole securiy issues of our country.

No political comments please, no, no, no more!!!!
No thank you!!!

Anonymous said...




Kona Kia said...

Vote for better living
Vote for healthier living
Vote for more urban development
Vote for more free education
Vote for free bus fare for school children
Vote good health service
Vote for more land lease payments to landowners
Vote for more international relation
Vote for PDIF developments
Vote for UN mission
Vote for pay rise to come

Anonymous said...

Kona Kia, don't you really mean to say the following, instead?

Vote for a lower standard of living
Vote for higher suicide rates
Vote for more urban squatters
Vote for less academic freedom
Vote for higher infant mortality
Vote for inferior health service
Vote for the regime to have total control of all land
Vote for more relations with international pariahs but less with long-time allies
Vote for an end to UN peacekeeping missions
Vote to rubbish our flag
Vote to rubbish our church
Vote to rubbish our cultural traditions
Vote to rubbish our Constitution
Vote for corruption
Vote for nepotism
Vote for treason
Vote for debt
Vote for torture
Vote for murder
Vote for more empty promises

Anonymous said...

Vote for reality

Vote fiji first

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama needs to be tried for staging two coups - 2000 and 2006.

He needs to be charged for twice attempting to abrogate the same constitution - 2001 and 2009.

He needs to be charged twice for removing two Head of State - 2000 and 2009.

He needs to be charged twice for illegally assuming executive authority - 2000 and 2009.

There are in fact more charges awaiting him dating back to 2000 than his feeble attempt to seek immunity through another illegal constitution.

The so called immunity provision in the 2013 illegal constitution is an admission that his actions in 2000 and 2006 were illegal.

That's a lot of legal mess to sort out for someone wanting to further lead the country.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@Rodger 4:32 PM.

I hope your imam will forgive you for what you just said.

Vakatawa ka masu said...

Kerekere me da lotu vakayalo ka vakaidina, qo sa kena gauna me na yaco na ka kece qo, k eo seg ani kila na nomui Vola Tabu o na loma tarotaro tiko.... au kerekere me da veilomani baleta na Vola Tabu sa tukuna oti tu ni sa na sega tale ni dua na gauna vinaka, e kaya talega na Vola Tabu ni sa na batabata mai na loloma. Au kerekere na ka kece era vakayacoar tu qo na noda veiliutaki e caka me vakayacori ga kina na parofisai ni Kalou, na matanitu vinaka ga ka na sega ni dua e na vakacala oya na matanitu ni Kalou ka sa voleka ni na tadu mai.