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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Attack on Fiji human rights activist aired on Australian television

BUADROMO: Spoke about being abused.
One of the human rights activists, who was attacked by military officers on Christmas Eve in 2006,  has spoken about the abuse on Australian TV.

Virisila Buadromo told ABC's Q and A programme last night she was physically and emotionally abused by military officers and that some of those officers are today 'freely travelling through Australia'.

Buadromo didn't name the officers; neither did she make reference to Fiji's self-appointed prime minister, Frank Bainimarama, being accused of leading the attack.

Bloggers will remember Buadromo and three others (Jackie Koroi, Pita Wawavonovono and Imraz Aqbal) were taken to Nabua barracks and beaten and tortured, just weeks after Bainimarama's coup.

They were unable to name the offenders but Former 3FIR commander, Roko Ului Mara, singled Frank Bainimarama out as one of the key perpetrators, after he defected from the regime in 2011. 

Buadromo's revelations to Q and A followed a question from a member of the audience about Australia's decision to lift the sanctions, allowing military officers who've committed crimes against citizens to travel through the country, and even work there as diplomats.

The director of the Fiji Women's Rights Movement told the programme: "I was physically and emotionally abused by military officers on Christmas Eve in 2006 and those officers are still free and some of them are visiting Australia as diplomats."

Q and A host, Tony Jones, asked another panelist, Josh Frydenberg, Parliamentary Secretary to the Prime Minister, to comment, saying: "If it is true that among Fijian diplomats in this country are people that abused the woman sitting next to me, are you going to do anything about it?"

Frydenberg said he was sure the Minister for Foreign Affairs, Julie Bishop, would look into the matter. 

Buadromo was asked if she would name her attacker or wanted anything done. She replied: "I, I do but I prefer not to air it on television".

Virisila Buadromo also last night said she had tackled Bishop about lifting the sanctions too early but conceded it was a necessary move.

She went on to congratulate the Australian and New Zealand governments for investing in what she said were "two independent institutions in Fiji to ensure we have an independent election  - one is the Electoral Commission and Office of the Supervisor of Elections".

"These two independent institutions are ensuring we are on the road to democracy.

"They see a role for civil society despite the repressive decrees that have come in place.

"They are trying to work with civil society to ensure that the public are going to make informed decisions...to ensure that if they don't support this current govt ... that they show their protest at the  ballot and vote them out."

Both the Electoral Commission and the Office of the Supervisor of Elections have been criticised by Opposition parties for decisions involving the September poll, including the failure to uphold complaints against the regime-led party, Fiji First.

Link to Q and A discussion


Anonymous said...

Do not vote for FF because it does not stand for Fiji First:

FF actually stands for:
- Frank First
- Franks Fortune
- Fijians Funeral
- Frankkhaiyum First
- Frankkhaiyumshameems First
- Forget Fijians

The baikhiyumshameem govt has shown since the coup the type of government they will run if the are voted in. They have allowed nepotism, lowered education standard, created big holes in our pocket that our poor children will spend years to pay off, allowed torture of innocent victims, created fear among citizens, filled their pockets, created enemies with our good neighbours, murderous,etc, etc.........

We just have to really think twice to vote for them.....very dangerous people to run a govt.....

Blindside said...

It is despicable and utterly embarrassing to hear about what Ms.Virisila Buadromo, had to endure in her ordeal when she and her colleagues were forcibly taken by as hostile guests by the Fiji Military, I applaud the host of Q&A Tony Jones for asking that direct question to the Parliamentary Secretary Josh Frydenberg. For the Australian Government to voice any concerns now is a little to late. Human Rights and democracy were taken away in all of the Coups since 1987 and there was never a actions taken by any foreign government on these matters simply a lip service was provided and up to the last coup it was always a internal problem unless there interests were at risk ..i.e Helen Clarke and her investment

Tony Jones said...

finally we get to see what Mark "the man" manning looks like. pretty handsome smug fella if I may say so.

Manivusi said...

I have been hearing thatrural people especial;;y Taukeis in many villages speak favourably of Bhainimarama....pointing out work done on roads, school buildings, agr tools ets.

These present challenges to other Parties especially SODELPA to discuss the truths with rural Taukeis in villages....take your list of all the real actions of this party that niss out on Govt propaganda.....Fijian land security, high debts fom loans to pay for roads reaching alarming proportions, murders, tortures, lies, nepotism, criminality of the disciplined forces, reduction of FNPF pensions.....clear explanations be in written for hand-outs and distributed in all villages.

We have only a few weeks left before election and campaigns in rural areas must start and gain speed soon for message to bed in before election.

I have been campaigning in my district earnestly.....handouts would come in handy for volunteers like me.

Anonymous said...

It is a shame of how this woman was treated.

Anonymous said...

A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium.
Khayium the destroyer of i taukei.
Khayium the destroyer of Great Council of chiefs.
Khayium the destroyer of methodist church.
Khayium the destroyer our name Fijians.
Khayium must be tried for treason.

Foreign Affairs said...

Khaiyum has been appointed Ambassador to Abbottobad in Pakistan, and will assume office after Osama's belongings have been cleared out.He cannot present his credentials to the previous tenant due to technical difficulties.

Foreign Affairs said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Hey hey you talking about your future prime minister. Attorney General, the King of the ocean, The direct link to god and what else he chooses to be or undertake...He has his own personal country now and we are all his servants....praise to Dear prophet khaiyum ...the giver of injustice and the bringer of terrorism to Viti

Suomynona said...

The more whistle blowers coming out, the better as they've experienced what one must never go through.

Well done to this woman for speaking out just like the rest who went through this torment initiated by Frankie and his cronies.

Its going to take a miracle to boot him out of office

Anonymous said...

This illegal regime will be remembered not for the new roads and bridges but for the abuse and deaths of our citizens.
The regime will be remembered not for the clean up and road map, but for the lies about the military officers not benefiting from the coup.
It will be remembered not for the developments it boasts about, but the extraordinary debts that it had accummulated.
It will be remembered not for the establishment of the Land Bank, but weakening of land laws through the abolition of the GCC, the Senate, and the weakening of the ITLTB.
It will be remembered not for freedom of worship but the suspension of the Methodist Church in Fiji annual conference for about five years.
It will be remembered not for freedom of speech but the gagging of the media during its rule.
It will be remembered not for job creation, but reducing the retirement age for civil servants while giving its cronies years of one year conractual appointments.
It will be remembered not for moving our country forward, but taking us back 50 years to a time when we used to heavily depend on expatriates.
It will be remembered not for having confidence in our own workforce, but depending on ShriLankans, Malaysians, Indians, etc, to run our weak judiciary, our economy, our corporate bodies.
It will be remembered not for defending our sovereignity but selling resources to foreign investors like China, India, even Kiribati.
This regime will be remembered for all the wrong reasons, for the wrong reason they came and the only right place they will end, up awaits them.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't the Methodist church inciting raciaism and racists attacks...isnt the whole world doing business with china and india...you got me on the sri lankans what would they know about human rights and the malayasians they lost a passenger jet

KUA NI RERE said...

Its interesting that after these people were abused and tortured at Delainabua....the Director of Human Rights in Fiji DR SHAISTA Shameem said There was nothing wrong with it. She said the army was perfectly in its rights to do what it did.



Just shows that Shaista and her sister & certain other muslims were behind this coup.
AND OF COURSE THE STUPID DUMB FIJIAN arseholes who call themselves soldiers.

SAS said...

Ms Buadromo cant name PM Bai as her perpetrator because he wasnt there. We all came to know about PM's alleged presence from Ului Mara.In fact it was ului Mara and Pita Driti who were her perpertrators.She said so, quote "some are moving freely in and out of Aust".No one recognised the Army personelle that evening,it was dark, they were wearing jungle hats with netting over their head.Ului Mara is shifting the blame on PM Bai because he is still trying to be Commander.Qai rawa saraga i nakoro TuLui.Sa warai la!

Anonymous said...

Sobo sa yacamu o SAS gauna qo vuka sara ki Iraq me da mada nomu tarausese ni o sota kei ira na Sunni Insurgs.....
Boi dada wale na moku siga keina kana loto caka tiko e Viti bula free under Bai na dau laba

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Virsilia, human rights is a Western colonial bourgeois concept, just as Shaista Shemeem said. My rights are inviolable, but YOUR rights are overrated.

What happened to you will happen to anyone else who opposes us. No one and nothing can stop Fiji First now.

Power tends to corrupt. Absolute power, though, is kinda neat.

This election is over. The Fiji Sun has already published the results more than once. Whether the numbers are accurate is immaterial. It's over. All that's left is the empty motion. But by all means vote, if you feel you must. Most of your votes will be counted for Fiji First, anyway.

I warned you before, we will rape you on Election Day. So bring some lube to the polling place. That will make it easier on everyone. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

Think again people....the person who tortured Virisila is not the issue here....the issue is that it was done when Bainikhaiyum and his cronies were in power....it was done when the Shameems were there....they were supposed to help her out but they didn't........it was done after the coup when Khaiyum and Bainicvuaka were running the government illegally....those are the major issues here....we should wake up and vote these cronies out......not only should we vote them out but bring these Khaiyums, Bainivuakas, Shaameems etc to court and let them serve their time in jail........and yes take their pension away from them and all the money they illegally got from the govt when they were in power.....even the consultancy fees paid illegally to the Shameems........let them learn a lesson so that they don't spoil our future again.....

Welcome democracy..........stop the Baikhaiyumshameems now......enough of their rot!!!!!!..... I am really fed up of them.....

Nadera Boi said...

@all hail Bainimarama..dua na tamani sese vinaka e tiko vei koko..cobo levu!!

To all the people out there who keeps blowing the Frank Bainamarama trumpet,you have got to be real thick or real dumb if you can not understand Franks spending. Many times have people said to me......"but Frank has done much more for the country than any other prime minister in the past'......,well let me tell you once again..... wake up and see where he is getting all the money from. Bai & kaiyum & his sapota's like All Hail Bainimarama said... is similar to a thief coming to your home and robbing you of all your valuables,and then selling it.... and giving it back to you as gifts.
Are you going to thank him and say what a good guy he is.

If he goes and borrows in your name and then gives you the money, (you are now in debt) are you going to thank him and say he is a great guy.

Wake up Fiji,wake up before it is too late!!!

Anonymous said...

Kua ni levu nomuni vosa doudou tiko eke na kai Viti, vabibi o kemuni na kai Ra. Sa evei na ma'e na ma'e? Khali bhat walega!
Sa na varau nomuni Prime Minister o Ratu Sir AIYAZ-KAPAIWAI-VANAYALIYALI-RABICI-CAKOBAU-KHAIYUM, ni sa rogoca?
Sa na vakaroti mo ni na lotu muselomani kece kina nai lala kai viti ravarava qo. Me on na sharia law e Viti. Ni qai vinakatia ba?
Kua ni mai levu waca na vamacala khali bhat ena c4.5 blog qoi!

Anonymous said...

anon 4.53pm
Kali butt taki mada na mumu ....sega ni vinakati eke na karasi power mudrau,,,,toso sara tiko .......

Letter to Mahen Chaudhry's bitch Asha Lakhan said...

Mahen chaudhry’s rakhel (concubine), the skirt journalist Asha Lakhan, continues to churn out FLP propaganda on behalf of her long-time lover boy.

In latest diatribe, Mahen states Bainimarama is the biggest beneficiary of the coup and most “discredited” politician.

Well, for your information Asha Ji, your chodwa mahen is not far behind:

Giving in-law Sachida senate position.

Giving mistress Asha Lakhan paid job with FLP.

Giving betwa Rajen job when in government.

Using state funds to renovate his house.

Using FLP brand and poor farmers to raise finds overseas.

Diverting around $2.5 million to private bank account. There is more money unaccounted for.

Lying that money was given to him – what did we elect the bastard for? Go around the world with begging bowl in hand to fill his pockets and make his family rich? what about others who suffered from coup?

Evading taxes.

Giving beti (daughter) $50k from ill-gotten gains but not a cent to the poor – champion of the poor my arse. Self-seeking greedy bastard more like it.

Buying beta Rajen house in Sydney.

Sabotaging multi-party government to facilitate Bainimarama coup.

Joining and supporting illegal regime on fat salary, hoping to cover up tax evasion – Mahen must be charged for treason one day.

Approving Bainimarama illegal $72k backpay.

Aunty Asha, your Mahenwa is no less discredited than Baini.

Do you understand concept of pot calling kettle black or are you dumb? Or do you think we are dumb?

Give it up bitch – you not fooling anyone.

Your stupid and hypocritical statements are nauseous.

Stop boasting mahen won the mandate of the people.

He won the mandate than fucked the very people who gave him the mandate.

He caused the 2000 coup by his incompetence and supported the 2006 coup out of greed.

Tell mahenwa he needs to understand that he can’t run FLP autocratically and arbitrarily before you lecture others.

Anonymous said...

To all Fijians & Indo-Fijians, NEVER EVER let a muslim rule this beloved country. Vote SODELPA or FLP/NFP/PDP only

Baldy Ghandi said...

What is interesting is that there exists in India a black African population called SIDDI who were taken by the British,them again, to work in farms but didnt return them to their countries,the British were ignorant,arrogant and greedy people then.Are they still greedy now?The SIDDI face similar problems to the Indians but dont have equal rights,they cant vote,work for the Indian Govt etc.tsk,tsk,food for thought?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Coup 4.5 said...

Anon who submitted 2 vile and sexual comments at 6.15pm, your comments have been removed and your IP and location at Fiji Post and Telecommunications noted.

Anonymous said...

Oiyauwe Bainivuaka.....sa na qai vo ga a jijimu ni ra as tekivu jaiva ki Palagi ko ira ka ra tokoni iko........uuuuu sa na maleka a pingi pongotakini iko ko ira a wawa tu mai valeniveivesu vakabibi ko Joji Siveji.......Ni sa na Oti a pingi pongotakini iko ko ira a kaivesu e ra na qai toki vei Khaiyum...............au sa na mate ka Sara ga a dredre......hahahahahahah!

Anonymous said...

Muslims have immensely benefited from the 2006 coup lead by the Khayium.
Muslims have raped democracy in our country like what is prevalent in most war torn countries where Muslims are present.
FF is a Muslim party supported by 95% Muslims.

Anonymous said...


Fiji has been vandalised and terrorised by gold seekers and fly by nighters in the FF and the very ones who have helped themselves to the government treasury and shut out the entire public from all its many many cunning "under the table" dealings and have become very rich;..all through the illegal take over of a democratic government!

I dont care who leads Fiji next! As long as it is not these current bunch of thieves who have locked away the Auditor General for the last 8 years!

Fellow Fijians, PLEASE, think long and hard! Together we can save Fiji by ridding bad evil leadership that we have been under for 8 long years!



Anonymous said...

Their is no freedom of speech. Only Muslims can do and say what is right.FBC is a good example.
We will not stop till the Muslims are removed from every government owned organisation.Muslims have got top jobs, got work without tenders, got various licences etc etc.

Anonymous said...

Virisila I salute you for your courage. Keep the fight till the tyrants are removed.

Anonymous said...

Khayium has illegally ruled for 8 years. This cannot be denied.
Why can't you give chance to others too.
Is it your corrupt dealings , nepotism , auditor general's report will reveal how you have corruptly earned money.
Time for i taukei to unite and remove this thug.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:50 PM

Just like everyone you are perfectly entitled under your democratic rights and the freedom of speech to state whatever you do not like.

In the same way that I can say I do not like your culture or religion as it is against MY moral values.

That's how grown ups do it, simple.

Cyclops Mahen Reddy said...

All Hail Bainimarama, you don't praise this evil man after his bociguards rammed your ass you moron, I simply curse them cos my anus was ripped.

Anonymous said...

Kanwa Mahen has he resigned from FNU and Commerce Commission. Kanwa is using the resources in these two institution for his political mileage.

Anonymous said...

Where is that wannabee Davis fellow and his Australian sidekick widelegged Sharon Stone.... why were they not at the Q and A. It would be interesting to hear their views about coups and their master ASK

Anonymous said...

FBC took a loan of 20 million from FDB.That is a lot of money that was borrowed. The people need to how this money was spend and who were the contractors including the sub contractors.
This will open a can of worms that is filled with corruption and nepotism.

Anonymous said...

The analogy of Bainimarama as a a thief who robs your home is almost right. But a couple more points:

He was hired to be your security guard (RFMF Commander) but then robs you while you're home (Fiji).

He rapes your daughter (violates your civil and human rights) and abuses your wife (Fiji's institutions).

He doesn't leave (no elections, entrenches treasonous RFMF in civil service positions, stands for PM in fixed election) but instead sets himself up as new head of household (PM, cabinet ministries and President).

Having seized all of your property, he gives you a few dollars (roads and gumboots) and sends you out to Tappoos to bring back dinner (Chinese food or halal).

Anonymous said...

Why not stretch the analogy even further? The Indians were brought to your home(Fiji) to be gardeners and afterwards they worked on the home security guard(Military) and they took over your home and robbed it of all its assets and wealth and made themselves the king(BaiKai)of your house, while you fend for yourself outside of your own home!

Anonymous said...

Big deal if she was emotionally abused.MFs.How about those thousands were were physically ,emotionally and sexually abused during the rabuka and speight coups.Oh some of those are candidates for sodelpa.
Have any of you MFs given a thought or your views on those victims?

Anonymous said...

Yes, yes, the analogy is now better. But add this, too —

He's paying for the take-out food with your credit card (piling debt on Fiji).

He's giving some of the food to the neighbours (election lollies).

To make it all "legal", he engages a shyster attorney (Khaiyum).

On the attorney's advice, he forges your power of attorney (Peoples Charter, Ghai Commission, 2013 constitution).

He helps you change your name (Republic of Fiji, not Fiji Islands; iTaukei, not Fijian; proposed change of flag).

He gazettes it in a legal ad in the Fiji Sun (lying regime mouthpiece; government ads; phony polls).

Anonymous said...

free bus fares, free education, road upgrades etc, etc = vesu mona = smokescreen

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 10:08, you call it the Speight coup, but it was Bainimarama who masterminded it.

Anonymous said...

Some of the QUESTIONS they should have ANSWERED are:

How is the PRIME MINISTER paid?
Why are Ministers paid through the officers of the Attorney General’s AUNT NUR BANO ALI?
How much Government money goes to FBC, run by AG’s Brother, for GOVERNMENT ADVERTISING?
What is the size of the FBC loan and why is it GUARANTEED BY GOVERNMENT?
Why does the Government use Vodafone when Digicel regularly provide cheaper tenders
How much has the RFMF OVERSPENT ITS BUDGET whilst Bainimarama was the Commander?
How much money does Government give NAZHAT SHAMEEM for consultancy every year?
Which government projects have run OVER BUDGET?
Which Ministries OVERSPENT their budgets?
Which Ministries did not receive their full allocation of money due TO LACK OF GOVERNMENT FUNDS?
How was the money from the BAINIMARAMA CYCLONE FUND spent?
How much Government Money has Bainimarama used for his ELECTION CAMPAIGN?
To have fair elections the people of Fiji need to have this independent information to judge Bainimarama’s performance as illegal Prime Minister.

The fact he insists on HIDING THIS INFORMATION means only one thing. He has not been telling us the TRUTH about GOVERNMENT FINANCES and his own finances!

One down said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Col Sonamatua should be told to return all the money he was paid during his term as minister.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis, aka Rent-a-Mouth, you DO represent whales. Better diet.

You'd also better gargle, before some confuses your rent-a-mouth for a porta-john.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:34am.....bro you have just shot the bird...i agree what about the police officers and soldiers killed during that time...what goes around comes around..

Anonymous said...

anon 8.34am
u stupid arse,,,,,stop generallising!!
all those guilty of 2000 upheaval are still in jail or have been to court and punished.....
what about the murderers now running govt?
A murderer is a murdere d head stop your double standards!!!

Anonymous said...

"all those guilty of 2000 upheaval are still in jail or have been to court and punished....."

Not so, sadly.

Bainimarama is still very much on the loose.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:34am. The Coup was carried out by the Military CRW unit of which Bainimarama was the Head - End of story. As was the Coup in 2006 where more died/tortured/abused e.t.c e.t.c e.t.c Without the Military there would have been no coups.

Anonymous said...

A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium.
Khayium the destroyer of i taukei.
Khayium the destroyer of Great Council of chiefs.
Khayium the destroyer of methodist church.
Khayium the destroyer our name Fijians.
Khayium must be tried for treason.

Anonymous said...

@Baldy Ghandi, your comment on the Great Siddi people is completely false, I worked with the Siddis in New York and India(Gujrat) who were teaching me the very distinct music and poetry, firstly they were taken to India by the Portuguese and Arabs as slaves but they proved to be great warriors(similar warrior mentality as Fijians,they don't have the word fear in there vocabulary ),musicians and poets. In India they have the right to vote,they are allocated university positions in India and overseas,they have been allocated government jobs especially within the Police force,Military due to there fierce loyalty,discipline and the "NO FEAR"attitude, they have land rights to a place that they are not native to they have there own colorful culture that I have only ever seen in the south pacific prior to traveling to India, they have more rights in that country and state than any ordinary Indian citizen...They are at times racially vilified, which outraged me,But everyday living is normal which since 1987 has not been for any Indo Fijian.

Anonymous said...

last week I was in town ar Fle market when I heard the Alah Alah sound coming from some where close. Its the first time I heard and all I know was the one in Toorak. later I found out they have a new Mosque up Robertson road JW office before. The sign out side says. MUSLIM CONVERT OFFICE. Ni na vakarau convert kece na support take na FIJI FIRST. isa o Viti ivei o ira na Vuda.

Anonymous said...

FBC took a loan of 20 million from FDB.That is a lot of money that was borrowed. The people need to how this money was spend and who were the contractors including the sub contractors.
This will open a can of worms that is filled with corruption and nepotism.

Anonymous said...

New Muslim centre has been opened at Robertson Road.In Africa when ever a coup happened thousand of peoples were converted into Muslims.I have heard that many have converted into Muslims in Nausori.Today the root course of problem in Africa, Sudan, Somalia, Kenya, Syria, Egypt,Iraqi, Pakistan, Afghanistan, the list goes on including Fiji are the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

The one at Robertson Road is known as the MUSLIM CONVERT CENTER.

mark manning said...

Begin as you intend to continue, and given that a leopard never changes its spots, we can be assured that Frank Bainimarama will continue to use terror, torture and murder to get his ways, even against women.

Sadly, all the atrocities and Human Rights abuses against Fijians since December the 5th 2006, including women, have been done by Indigenous Fijians against, you guessed it, Indigenous Fijians!

Now I'm having to wonder, what hold does Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum have over Soldiers of the RFMF and under what and whose Authority, the Authority of a Regime and leadership already determined to have been "illegally" Appointed by a demented, frail old man, your President, according to The Court of Appeal Ruling of April the 9th. 2009.

If Frank is not elected or the people of Fiji don't accept the outcome of the Regime's electronic results in September, 3 months from now, will Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, the pretend Attorney General, have Frank Bainimarama, the pretend Prime Minister, declare a Military curfew and then appoint himself President of Fiji and therefore, Commander of the RFMF, and I'm talking about Aiyaz, not Frank appointing himself President of Fiji! This is a possible scenario, especially given that the G.C.C. is currently, not functioning, for now! As I've begun saying recently, "apathy ( an inability or unwillingness to involve ones self in action) won't determine the outcome of this 2006 coup d'etat, ignorance (the lacking of knowledge of the truth), will!

For those of you who were not aware of the assault against women at the Military base in Suva on Christmas Eve 2006, shame on you, because this has been discussed on many forums and social networks since it happened and you might then also be surprised to know that one of those ladies, when asked by Soldiers if any of them were pregnant, after saying yes, a female RFMF Indigenous Fijian Soldier, made them lay on the ground and stood on her lower back! There is no excuse to be ignorant of these and other matters anymore.
The questions remain now, how will this coup end, how will Frank and Aiyaz meet their end? Will there be bloodshed as in the 2000 coup or will Fijians respond civilly and within the Rule of Law?
One wonders at the outcome.

As for me being smug, well I must say that I did feel greatly relived that Tony asked the part of my question that was edited out and that finally, I was able to ask my own somewhat uncomfortable but necessary question, if only to enlighten the general public, both Fijian and non Fijian as to the realities of this coup and its leadership and just what they have been doing to their own people under the dead of night..
As Dr. Phil says, "you can't fix what you don't acknowledge" and now I'm wondering just how many other Human Rights atrocities the Regime is hiding.
Let's see if there are any Soldiers courageous enough to confront and arrest Frank, Aiyaz, Ben Naliva and others.
We know that Mara has already left the Country, but promised to face the Courts willingly for his own part in these abuses and that Pita Driti is serving time in prison. Perhaps now, it's Frank, Aiyaz and Ben's turn.

By the way, it wasn't me who asked Virisila about being tortured, it was the host of the Program, Tony Jones.

Don't forget to shut the borders in and out of Fiji to these thugs.

I've heard that Frank was facing the danger of being beaten up in the U.S. on his last visit there because of a an he had murdered in Fiji and that he almost was taken out by Serving Soldiers in Afghanistan as he walked to his plane to return to Fiji, but the soldiers decided to wait.
Clearly some are willing to remove him.

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa candidate list indicates it still remains by whatever name very much a Taukei party. Herein continues to remain Fiji's problem. It still lacks the desire or wisdom to be truelly multiracial. How sad.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning is a hate monger,he lives in a country where the indigenous people have been slaughtered by his people for 2.5 centuries maybe you should start by helping the people here to a better life and than move on to the pacific, In any university in Australia Mark Manning is looked as a court jester, A clown that makes you laugh but has no impact or input to the kings court.

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Mark Manning.
The problem is Aiyaz Khayium.

Anonymous said...

Mark is well-intentioned. And he's got the BASIC idea. At least he's not a coup apologist.

Let's leave it at that.

Anonymous said...


European Union Declines Invitation To Observe Fiji Elections
EU rules don’t allow participation in Multinational Observer Groups

SUVA, Fiji (Fijilive, June 16, 2014) – The European Union will not be part of the observers group for Fiji's 2014 Election. This is after they turned down an invitation from the Fijian Government as it would require them to be part of the Multinational Observer Group (MOG) which is against the established rules of EU's electoral observation. In an email to the FijiLive, Johnny Engell-Hansen, EU Deputy Head of Delegation, confirmed they had been invited to send one expert to be part of the MOG headed by Australia. "However, the established rules of EU electoral observation do not allow EU observers to be embedded in a multinational mission nor to operate under the leadership of any third party," he said. The EU says its Election Observation Missions must be completely independent and cannot work under the direction of anyone else, be it Australia or any other country or organisation. As a result, Engell-Hansen says the EU will rely on its own internal experts as well as take into account the MOG's evaluation to assess the credibility of Fiji's September 17 election. The EU has always maintained it will only resume its bilateral aid programme with Fiji on the basis of a credible, free and fair September 17 election.

mark manning said...

@ anon 209 p.m.
Interesting that you're too gutless to use your own identity.
It's not me who has committed Human Rights abuses against his own people, so shouldn't you be asking Frank why he hates his own people?
Slaughtered for 2.5 centuries! 1st. I've heard of that!
If my comments have no impact on the Regime and others and if I'm no threat, why has the Regime got me on their watch list?

I note in your comment that you are enjoying Australia's Democracy and not living under Frank's oppressive Regime in Fiji! That makes you a Hypocrite.

Tui Viti said...

Why is Mark Manning spreading lies about the PM? He then states that he is no threat to the Govt and questions why he is on the Dark Black list.Has this guy lost his marbles or missing mommy's mangoes.He often contradicts himself in one or two sentences which clearly indicate that he is either half intoxicated with liquor or high on cannabis.Now spreading false rumour that PM was almost shot in Afghan and almost beaten up in the USA.C'mon man be man enough to stop spreading lies.

Anonymous said...

I note with some satisfaction that the administrators of this blog are removing vile comments from the site. I do hope that this is also done to overly hate based blogs against any community. Having said that i do wish to point out a few things to the many Anti Muslim comments on this site. I am not a Muslim but i do think these comments and views are quite simplistic not unfair. Fiji Muslims are Indians first. Islam is not and i repeat not a race. It is a faith period. In my opinion Muslims in Fiji and i mean not the hand full who seem to be in ASK favor but the ordinary people are just like everyone else some support these loons and some don't. They are misguided as practitioners of this faith but in my opinion all religious people are. Religion by its very nature is blind belief and Muslims are no exception. The people behind this government are the elite of our society and they have no distinction in so far as race or faith is concerned. To give you an example. FF did a fund raising drive on Denarau a week or so ago. The rumor is that they raised 250k in 4 hrs.I have learnt one thing about Fiji and that is that their is no smoke without fire here. To raise that sought of money means the givers were well to do business people who are benefiting from this government. Now their aren't that many Muslim owned businesses in the west who can donate that sought of money. Their are a few bus companies and 1 or 2 contractors but not many. I know the names of the donators and most if not all are not Muslims. The regime supporters are the elites of these society and some illiterate fools and they do not come from any particular faiths or race. ASK has promoted his own friends and family into a few key positions and because he is Muslim they are also. I know of a Muslim business person who sent out a substantial donation to SODELPA today and i also know many others who simply hate this government. In short this government and FF is a party for individualistic self serving people.Please do not use race or faith as tools to vent your hate and frustrations. Fiji has enough problems as it is.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 3:13 PM.

While Australia and NZ may find this coming elections credible, the EU have already found it not credible.
Now, this is confusion and madness.

Anonymous said...

Mark Manning seems so concerned about Fiji -really! Maybe he should view the movie that has come out by John Pilger-"Utopia"! The Indigenous Aussies are dying every day from preventable diseases-yet they live in this great DEMOCRACY called Australia! No amount of lies form white australia will change the fact that a slow form of 'killing ' is going on ! Yes its for the land of the Indigenous Australian-don't believe me go ask them about the Howard Govt intervention "bullshit"! If only you would fight to get the black fallows some basic human Rights then maybe just maybe we can believe some of you concerns about Fiji-so far you need to get the crap out of your eye before trying to worry about Fijis crap! Ubless you think whats happening in Aussie land is so insignificant?

Anonymous said...

anon 3.49pm
vinaka ,,,,great comments!!!
Lets be sensible a lot of people driven by self interest support frank ,,,,,they are not driven by humility, justice and fair play.
Its up to us to make a choice.

Anonymous said...

Breaking News! ASK not to be on FF list . Frank will win easy thereafter. End of story.

USP plays key role in Fiji PM’s Summit on Green Growth Framework said...

The University of the South Pacific played a key role in the two-day Fiji Prime Minister’s Green Growth Framework Summit at the Novotel Convention Centre in Lami from June 12-13.

USP’s Director of the Pacific Centre for Environment and Sustainable Development (PACE-SD) Professor Elisabeth Holland was the consultant, while co-chairs for two of the Technical Working Groups (TWGs) were Dr. Peter Nuttal, a Research Associate and Dr. Anirudh Singh, an Associate Professor at the School of Engineering and Physics.

Dr Nuttal chaired the Freshwater Resources and Sanitation Management group while Dr. Singh chaired the Energy Security group.

Anonymous said...

USP is always giving the dictator red carpet welcome. I wonder why.

rumourmonger said...

anon3.49pm is full of contradiction and hypocrisy. In the first instance, you suggest we not judge the Muslims, etc and then you make claims of self serving muslims contributing to FF. what these self serving Muslims do is their business, who are you to judge if they want to do that. Its their democratic right to do that or are you suddenly the gatekeeper? You say not to use race to vent our frustrations, so why highlight only Muslim contributors? How many Madraji, Gujerati contributors are there? Do you know or care? You talk of rumours of $250k being raised. Do you have proof? thats the problem with too many of us here, citing rumour as fact then distorting it to suit your views. Enough already

Anonymous said...

Anon 06:50pm the deletion of comments justifies its Virisila Buadromo? Kemudou, Democratic right ga i ra.

Anonymous said...

Do not ever vote for FFP for the lies it shared,
For killings it did on our people,
For the all the overspending that were not accounted for,
For all the bloated salaries of its ministers and CEOs,
For upholding the 1997 in 2007 and then abrogating it in 2009,
For the failed dalo export deal from Rotuma to Tuvalu,
For the lowest ever sugar production,
For the lowest economic growth rate,
For the highest inflation rate,
For the highest vote buying 2014 budget,
For all the wrong reasons to be leading the country through a coup,

Anonymous said...

Do not ever vote for FFP for the lies it shared,
For killings it did on our people,
For the all the overspending that were not accounted for,
For all the bloated salaries of its ministers and CEOs,
For upholding the 1997 in 2007 and then abrogating it in 2009,
For the failed dalo export deal from Rotuma to Tuvalu,
For the lowest ever sugar production,
For the lowest economic growth rate,
For the highest inflation rate,
For the highest vote buying 2014 budget,
For all the wrong reasons to be leading the country through a coup,

Anonymous said...

Sa tobo o Van Dammee.Me sa kau tale mada i na keba me lai so mada era vutuki koya.Sa dede beka ga

Anonymous said...

Io sa dede nodratou veivutu vakairatou mai na keba

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti, it isn't just Mark Manning.

We ALL miss your mommy's mangoes!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:01, if you're free to talk about Australia's aborigine policies, then why should Mark Manning stop talking about the Fijian regime's policies? How is your obsession with Australia's aborigines any different than Mark Manning's obsession with Fiji?

Anonymous said...

For you Muslim haters just for your information Arabs are predominantly Muslims and they are also decendants of Abraham who is also the father of the Jews. Remember there were two sons. Where does that leave the itaukei and the Hindus. They are Godly people too so stop trying to portray Hindus and itaukei as the more superior and holy than others race. Rairai ni yavu kawa ni boci rurua....hehehehe

Anonymous said...

Hindus are heathen, uncircumcised and idol worshippers. Itaukei is not far off as they were heathens, cannibals and devil worshippers. Stop criticising the Muslims and take a good look at yourselves first Hindus and itaukei.

Anonymous said...

It seems coupfourpointfive A.K.A. Virisila Buadromo is busy deleting post including her own comments in regards to her exposer. Where is the democracy bu? Your IP address is now being investigated like you threatened me with. Now who has gone for cover?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:49, you sound paranoid and immature, mate.

Many of us have had our comments deleted. Sometimes fairly or sometimes, in our view, unfairly. Get over it.

If you can't get over it, then stop reading C4.5.

Simple as that, really.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

ANON 4.38

Why dont you do that act first.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...


Ankara (AFP) - A Turkish court on Wednesday handed life sentences to two ageing generals behind a 1980 military takeover, the bloodiest in Turkey's coup-ridden history.

Kenan Evren, 96, and Tahsin Sahinkaya, 89, were found guilty of setting the stage for a military intervention, ousting the civilian government by force and committing acts against the forces of the state.

Prosecutors had demanded so-called aggravated life sentences for Evren, who became president after the coup, and Sahinkaya, the former air force commander -- which would have placed harsher conditions on their detention.

The ruling sparked cheers and applause from the public gallery inside the courtroom, who chanted: "This is just the beginning, the coup authors will pay the price".

The generals, who have now been stripped of their ranks, seized power on September 12, 1980 but were only brought to trial in 2012 after the ruling Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party introduced constitutional changes.

Evren and Sahinkaya, who are being treated at military hospitals in Ankara and Istanbul respectively, appeared via video screens for Wednesday's hearing.

The two have been unable to attend any hearings because of their poor health. They told the judge they had "nothing to add".

Their lawyer, Bulent Acar, denounced the charges.

"This court is not competent to judge the suspects," he said, adding with a hint of irony that the "suspects are being tried according to the constitution that was drafted during the incriminated period."

Although there have been amendments in the intervening years, the constitution introduced by the junta in 1982 is still in force, despite being criticised as "draconian" by subsequent critics.

It is not yet clear if the former generals -- who appeared feeble over the video link -- will actually serve their sentences in prison, and they may yet appeal the ruling.

In his first testimony in 2012, Evren had said he had no remorse over his actions and that it was "the right thing to do at that time".

"If I had to re-do it all again, I would do the same thing. The Turkish armed forces on 12 September 1980 accomplished their duty to the people."

Outside the Ankara court on Wednesday, a crowd of about 200 protesters held pictures of people who were executed or died in jail during the military rule that followed the coup. A large banner read: "We don't forgive we don't forget September 12".

- 'Never recovered' -

Turkey's once-powerful army, which considers itself the self-appointed guardian of the secular regime, has staged three coups since 1960 and forced out an Islamic government in 1997.

The 1980 coup was the bloodiest in Turkey's modern history, with 50 people executed while dozens died from torture. Some 600,000 were arrested and many others went missing.

"We can never repair the suffering caused by this coup but it's a start," said Nevzat Er, a teacher in his fifties who was tortured under the junta. "I lost my health and my job, I have never totally recovered from these things."

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spent the best part of his 11 years in power trying to curb the military's influence through a series of trials, one of which resulted in more than 300 military officers being put behind bars for alleged coup plots.

Anonymous said...

Rabuka, Bai and Khayium must be tried in a court one day when the time is right as the generals in Turkish then only the coup culture will stop.
George Speight is the only who has been send to jail for coup however these three remain at large.
Who will start this process?

Anonymous said...

Whilst the regime supporters remain sputtering out obscenities, as they do in the military, this story of former Turkish Army Commanders being sentenced to gaol for treason committed many decades ago even when they are in their late 90s currently should prick Bhai and Khai and their ilk into realizing that justice has no time limit and has very long arms spanning the whole length of the universe.

So, despite their whereabouts in this world, the long arm of the law will keep pursuing them.

They will be brought to justice through a fair and just system that they will wish they had not done what they did. They should know that there is no way that they can escape.


2014.06.17 (Iraq) - A dozen innocents at a packed market disassembled by Sunni bombers.

2014.06.17 (Nigeria) - A suicide bomber praises Allah before self-detonating at a World Cup viewing venue, killing two dozen fans.

2014.06.17 (Kenya) - Islamists burn down neighborhood, kill 15, abduct a dozen women.

2014.06.16 (Afghanistan) - Taliban roadside bombers send five members of the same family to Allah.

2014.06.16 (Kenya) - Over four dozen people watching a World Cup match are cut down by al-Shabaab after they are singled out as non-Muslims for failing a quiz on Islam.

2014.06.16 (Thailand) - Muslim terrorists rake a vehicle with gunfire, killing a 44-year-old Buddhist woman.

Anonymous said...

Fiji First is Muslim backed party. Never trust Muslims. i taukei and Hindus do not vote for Fiji First.
Muslims are the root cause of all problems in our beautiful country.The mastermind is Khayium.Khayium has put all his Muslim brothers in top post in every government and statutory bodies.
Time to stand up against the Muslims.

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning 1:23pm June 18
I thought i was the only one walking and hating myself while thinking of that particular scenario if happens i just don't know.....

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning, you wrote on the June 18, 2014 at 3:16 PM that"Slaughtered for 2.5 centuries! 1st. I've heard of that!"you refuse to admit or believe that since 1788 to present day First nations people of Australia have been subjected to mass slaughter and racial vilified , How could you sit there and tell me that that's first you have heard about genocide,human rights abuses and up now death in custody cases against the Indigenous people of Australia, I have to say you are very much miss informed, when you have never been persecuted against you have never lived in a skin that is different to yours you have never been racially vilified against, you enjoy your freedom,you have never bled for Fiji you have never cried for Fiji you have never shared the warmth of the soil of Fiji, you are a mouth piece and lip service for anyone that wants to listen to you.

mark manning said...

This seems an appropriate time and place and forum to offer others who have been affected by Human Rights violations by Frank Bainimarama and his supporters, to contact me so we can gather the evidence necessary to expose the Regime for what it is and to have the perpetrators arrested and brought before the Courts, post elections.
Soon they will be exposed and won't be able to enter Countries who value Human Rights and practise The Rule of Law. Let's see who hurries home to Fiji and who becomes too frightened to leave Fiji!
@ anon 1235 p.m.
You need to stop whining and move on!

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning yet you still refuse to admit that your fight should begin at home.

mark manning said...

@ anon 120 p.m.
What makes you think I haven't already supported Aboriginal issues?
You seem to be an Authority of everything I stand for, so you must know the answer!
In reality, probably, you are a businessman who has benefited from the coup or you are a soldier who continues to collect envelopes stuffed with $5,000 or is that only a few who get that?
Though I suspect that you are about to lose everything come September and that's why you support Frank and Aiyaz.
You've backed the wrong horse in other words, or is that pig?

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning you might have made a few comments on Australian Indigenous Land Rights which was inline with Qoliqoli bill,but your concern was never noted by my friends at the National Indigenous Times and nor have they or ever heard of you. You seem to think you might be the great"WHITE"savoir,but you might be found wanting. As for me been a business man or a solider I am neither, just a humble but pro active worker and a student of history and also a lost son to Fiji, I have no business interest,Monetary or Political ties to Fiji except for memories and only thing I want there is Peace, a self governed democratic state and a country that is in racial harmony. You in the name of human rights have the aroma of spreading hate and creating racial and social unrest in a country that is still trying to find its identity and progress through turbulent times.Your credibility is very questionable and the question remains what have you got to gain from this? as I don't see you been in this fight for human rights but for self image.

Anonymous said...

I do think that there is one think you and I both have in common is that the right to freedom of speech must be upheld in all of the countries in the world,which is not to be found in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

No statutory limits for treason or murder.

And no more offers of amnesty to Bainimarama. September 2012 was his last chance.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

Islam is NOT a religion, it's a FUCKED UP sect run by criminals.

Anonymous said...

who designed pacific sun uniform,Khaiyums sis in law

Anonymous said...

Politicians who lack moral standards should never stand for elections.
ie Divorcees, Adulterates,Alcoholics, etc.
There are people out there who had proven facts that they can lead and take our country into a better future. People who have strong Christian belief.
Politicians should be screened well and their past checked and scrutinized properly before they are allowed to stand.
There are don't get me wrong some people on either side of our political arena and some who are being silenced politically.
Ke sega ia eda sa vakanaulu sobu tikoga vakamalua.

Me bula mai ko Viti ka me toro ga ki liu.
God bless my country.I still have hope in you my beloved Fiji.

Mai na Vualiku said...

Keimami matalau e Labasa ena nodratou presentation na SODELPA. E vutucoqa na Labasa Civic Centre ka rauta ni lewe rua na udolu vakacaca na tamata era vei ososoosoti yani mera laki tokona na SODELPA.

Vinaka Pio, Adi Liitia, Niko kei kemudou na i lawalawa mai Suva.


Horaay...au sa marau dina e na levu ni vei tokoni.

Keep na fire burning SODELPA and we will through Bahi and Khai to the tip of Udu point and let them make their way to Naicobocobo and then to HELL.

O viti me nona tikoga nai Taukei.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:29 PM

Why would anyone want to choose someone that supposedly has strong Christian values.

There's a good chance they could be as bigoted, hateful and racist as you.

You are a disgrace to Christianity and the reason you are now laughed at by so many in this world.

Anonymous said...

@ Ann 7.40
You may be right my brother, I totally agree with you.
But that doesn't mean that I am racist nor bigoted. My belief is that we are all equal in the eyes of our God. Maybe choosing this is one of the keys to our problem.
Now to personally attack me is unwarranted and totally lack wisdom.
There may be people of other ethnic backgrounds who have the right qualities and who tread well with their families and life ethics
I thank you my brother. I still love you and hope you feather well in life.
God bless Fiji.

Anonymous said...

So sad to see Muslims killing each other in the M.E.

@ 11.21a.m

Hve the 200 or so schoolgirls kidnapped by Boko ulukau vavaku Haram in Nigeria, found yet?

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama deserves worse than an aggravated life sentence.

Got rope?

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:27, just because someone has Christian values, you say there's a good chance he's bigoted, hateful and racist?

It's easy for us to discern who the REAL bigot is.

mark manning said...

@ anon 251 p.m.
At least our goals are similar, but our path to them, different.
Self image! I don't think so.

mark manning said...

There is more than one way to support Aboriginal issues, but I'm not answerable to you, you can't even use your real identity on this blog site!
Perhaps you are Graham Davis!
My views about Aborigines being hard done by, don't necessarily conform to populist views.
A lot of their problems stem from their unwillingness to live their lives honestly, preferring to trick the white man into thinking they are hard done by. But we'll leave that for another day.

Anonymous said...

I request the Editor remove the comment of "Peter the Great" due to its vile, vulgar, and explicitly racist content and lack of intellectual or socially redeeming content. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning...so it seems that you support one set of indigenous group and not the other,both fighting for the same course except one set have land but not utilizing it and the other who were kicked off there land and now going through civil procedures to claim it back...should you than not be supporting both courses and if you can't which you have proven by your comments..that would make you a agitator rather than a human rights activist.I'm not going to revert to name calling such as Graham Davies did upon you, I do strongly believe that the path you are walking is very obscured and that you are enticing racial and political violence.
Yes you are right you are not to me alone, but you are answerable to all of us when you were promoting violence,hatred and civil unrest, give us the real reasons to why this is your view.Would you not rather a peaceful reform, would you not rather racial harmony would you rather economic balance between the two populous races in Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Nirmal Singh can bullshit all he like, but the people in the north have seen his kind before. Talk sweet before election and when elected nowhere to be seen.

Anonymous said...

Mark manning really showing his true colours here. hard done by? You mean the white fella think they are hard done by so continue to oppress the black fellas, right? You say your wife is from the Torres Strait or Palm island, does she and her kind try and trick the white fella? maybe you tricked her into marrying you. Does she live her life honestly? Blinking bigot, you. Stick to clinical hypnosis, yeah more quackery.

Anonymous said...

All politicians talk sweetly before the election. What else would you expect?

Whether Nirmal is like the others can only be testd by electing him.

I frankly thought he was a regime tool when he was with the PDP. Perhaps I misjudged him. His move to SODELPA showed him to be a man of possible leadership calibre. I also like the political tutellage, in a sense, that he received whilst working at the U.S Embassy, even if it didn't end in the best circumstances. His commitment to American principles of tolerance, justice and democracy show through.
Erance, justice and democracy.

Lilly said...

Virisila, lot of injustice has been done and take my word, Shameem sisters has been behind all insult on you and your sister organisation sisters. Get them to face the law.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't doubt it. I'm pretty sure that Gruesomella and Cruella are also behind most of the insults against Imrana Jalal.

Good Luck said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Frizz watch said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mark manning said...

@ anon 113 p.m.
Self determination for Aborigines is a good goal and from what many in the Aboriginal Community are saying, a desired one I suspect. But as you say, personally, I'm not active in their Community these days. My brother however, has recently worked in the Tiwi Islands and two of my daughters, do intervention for families experiencing difficulties. There is no one solution, no one stop shop. Many things need to be done and on the Australian Governments' Intervention, implemented by John Howard, there has been some positive outcomes in regards to child Education. education I believe, is the key to any Socially dysfunctional Community, no matter their background, Social standing, financial situation or ethnicity.

Help clean your ow backyard Mark Manning said...

Thank you Mark Manning, but any fool can see it's the aborigines who really need people to speak up for them, especially from the oppressive white community.

The aborigines are in a far worse state than indigenous Fijians, who are in full control of their country through the army and government. Fijians are the real power in Fiji, even if they are contesting for the spoils among themselves, and this papered over by references to Indian domination by racist morons like you.

Army, chiefs, church, elites all contesting for power. Soon they will all reconcile and share the spoils. Truth is this government is doing more for Fijians because they know that is where the vote and the power is.

Fijians have not been marginalised like the aborigines. Fijians do not live like dogs in their own country like the aborigines. Fijians are quite capable of looking after themselves and their country.

If you really want to be of help, look in your own backyard mark. The aborigines really need a man of your talent to help free them.

But I suspect this is not really about freedom. it's about Mark's racism against a certain group in Fiji. If he was really concerned about indigenous rights, he would have been there up to his knees and elbows right among the aborigines. This bastard has no empathy with aborigines despite their mistreatment right in his backyard.

Instead, he tries to justify the exploitation by his own kind. which makes him a bloody hypocrite,

Anonymous said...

Thank you Mark.
We all agree with you.

This unelected government have been ruining the nation build by our elders.

The Abos at least have their voices heard and their institutions protected by government BUT Bhai and Khaihum and this murderous regime want to destroy our church, vanua and sell our resources to the Chinese.

Tiwi Island for Tiwi islanders said...

@1.23pm...you couldn't have put it better. Exactly my thoughts about this hypocrital "freedom fighter", mark manning. His stance as fighting for freedom of mankind does not extend to his "lazy and conniving" (his words) indigenous people of Oz. Mark what exactly is your interest or motive in targeting Fiji and all the things wrong with Fiji? How come you haven't picked on Iran, Somalia or Syria and their regimes? easy target eh, Fiji is. Like the other contributors have said, time and again, start with your own backyard. Lots to do there. Picking on Fiji does not increase your international stature one bit.

Anonymous said...

@3.55pm. You must be one of Voreqe's Masipolo front men paid by the Regime to spread misinformation and distort truth.

Mark has every bright to comment on Fiji because it is concern for Australians as well. People like Khaihum amd Bhai's children might one day end up in Oz land.What the regime is doing through its racist policy is trying to destroy our land, institution, culture and church and have gone a step forward to try to remove our Christian God during school assembly and prayers on important occasions.

For the sake of our stable future the Regime MUST not be voted in because it might spelt disaster in future.

SO Tiwi Island you must as well make your way to Tiwi Island when the First People of this nation comes to power through the Ballot Box.

Picking on Fiji allows people to make up their mind who to select vin Parliament. To all overseas contributors please continue to engage with us.

vinaka vakalevu sara Mr Manning.

WE all need to remove tyranny and replace it with leaders of our choice.

Me sa vakalailaitaki talega na kaukauwa ni mataivalu boci qo.

Coconut raider said...

dicko@4.23pm...your word .."Mark has every bright to comment on Fiji"...I rest my case. An idiot trying, or making a big attempt on commenting on something he knows little about. BTW , Tiwi Island is where Mark's wife comes from. Do you even understand what you are writing, twit. Syria, Iran, somalia also concern Oz, why isn't Mark focusing on them? Out of his and your depth I guess.
one attacks Mark and suddenly one is promoted to being a hired hand of Frank to spread misinformation. Wow amazing logic from a twit. If you are not with us, you must be against us... must be your simple logic.
You talk of the First People of Fiji having the rights to the land, etc so why you need a white monkey to speak on your behalf. Still learning to speak are you? Speak up boy. BTW, the first people in Fiji were of the Lapita culture. Yeah the army told to say that.

Carawai pani said...

@coconu raider,,,yes that is always an old argument when we the Kai Viti raise thios kind of issue normally the Vulagis always use this argument that we are all immigrants. If you use this kind of hollow argument in Pakistan they will kill you.

Why trying to to use that argument in Viti because we are friendly people but try to do that in Tonga they will roast you in broad day light.

There is something we called identity and you MUST go an learn what is all about and how it is derived from culture and tradition of a nation.

Go back to India or where ever you came from mate.

bagasau boy said...

@carawai pani...wow, hot under the collar are we? Yes we are all immigrants so why claim to be the First People? You are starting to confuse yourself, better stop now before you get your sapo in knots.

And no I am not from India, just an ordinary fella who use to live in Bagasau in Toorak, searching out and humiliating hate-filled twits like you and showing them up for what they are, ignorant twits, not knowing what they are fighting for. And allowing hate filled con artists like Mark Manning to speak on their behalf.
You call yourself friendly people so you insist I go somewhere else. Confused, stupid and ignorant. Its hard to see clearly when you let yourself become hate-filled, boy. Quick, untie the sapo now. Its squeezing the life out of you.

mark manning said...

No body has ever asked me to speak on their behalf.
my opinions are my own and I do care about what is happening in the rest of the world, but there's little to nothing I can do about other Countries and the Aborigines of Australia prefer to sort themselves out and that has to be respected.
Sharing with morons is like trying to be friends with Hitler or Frank!
Anyway, you guys, some of you, wouldn't be attacking me unless my contributions were making a difference to the cause!
Your so focused on supporting the Regime, you've forgotten how much your exposing yourselves when you confront me online.
My wife is not Aboriginal however and that's who know me personally, know where she is from.
I'm not deterred by your self sanctifying sermons and lectures or threats, so stop wasting your time.

Tiwi Island for Tiwi islanders said...

Mark, you reckon there's little you can do about the rest of the world, there's also little you can do about Fiji. Like the Aborigines, what makes you think the Fijians cannot sort things out themselves? Just exposed yourself as a patronising twit. You claim your wife is from Tiwi island, now you claim otherwise? Confused are you? maybe she is muslim but you won't admit it. as for threats, what threats? Stop flattering yourself boy. Stick to clinical hypocrisy, sorry hypnotherapy. More quackery.

Anonymous said...

If Mark Manning is an inconsequential nobody, then why such an obsession with rubbishing everything he writes?

Sounds like he's really gotten under SOMEone's skin!

mark manning said...

@ Tiwi twat 1001 p.m.
Please inform me where I stated my wife was from the Tiwi Islands and copy and paste it with that comments location, date and time!!
You are the twat, I said my brother worked there, but you're so fixated on doing Frank's dirty work, trying to discredit people who are vying for a return to Democracy for Fiji, that you have totally misrepresented yourself, again.
On the contrary, I've been told over the past 4 years that my contributions were prophetic, fraid you'll have to look that one up, and of great benefit!
I'd rather be a twit than a twat like you!
The end result, self determination, I've always said, will be up to Fijians, not me, not foreign governments. but Democracy is about human rights, not Fijian rights!
The last time I looked, Fijians were still Human!
Aborigines have always requested self determination, many Fijians had it and threw it away because they became greedy, lazy and ill informed. The Soldiers sold their arses to Frank and Frank sold his to Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum and his Moslem friends. The Indians will sell their arses to whoever is winning, like the Italians did in World War 11.

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning.

You're doing great matey. Forget about your critics and say what you want to say because you have a right to say them and they are true.

Many of us enjoy your contributions in this forum.

Clinically hypnotised said...

thats right mark boy, the fijians like the Aborigines will determine for themselves what happens, not white fellas like you trying to sway and poison people's minds with hate and fear. You reckon Fijians threw away their right to self determine, how exactly did they do that? Some army thugs like rabuka took over so the whole race is condemned? What exactly makes you an expert on Fijian politics? Clinical hypnotherapy? Because your brother worked in Tiwi Island or that your wife is from Palm or Thursday Island? Wow. Slow day at the quack clinic?

mark manning said...

@ clinically hypnotised 319 p.m.
I think you should change your I.D. to clinically dead, brain dead that is!
You didn't copy and paste your last accusation against me and again you are making a false statement. But that is typical of Frank and Co. unable to debate logically or honestly, just making it up as you go along. The problem with that strategy is, you end up believing your own poo!
Please google "TWAT", because that is what you are, a big smelly one. Please tell me I'm not making a difference again, especially given Aiyaz's recent break in to the La society's Offices to remove incriminating files against Frank and his thugs. Do they not realise we already have copies, most uploaded electronically, some directly to the Hague.

Anonymous said...

@Mark Manning firstly thank you for trying to answer one of my questions about the first nations people of Australia,I must say thou your choice of words are very colorful upon describing the matter of First Nations People of Australia "Dysfunctional Community"

Yet you remain to answer the question to why you are enticing violence and racial hatred.The reason that I ask that again is that you do owe the people of this site and the people and friends of Fiji how they will benefit from racial and social injustice and violence.You still haven't answered to why a peaceful solution and a state in racial harmony is the best step forward.

I see your feeling towards Indians and People of the Islamic faith is very harsh...can you explain to all these people to why that is,because I believe a person can't fight for others until they have fought then selves within to be able to see a clear goal, In your case why don't you justify what it is these people have done to you for you spread hate upon these people.

You said that your and my goals are the same but the path is very different, You are 100% right your path to this goal is through creating fear, violence and racial intolerance mine on the other hand is through peace,understanding and racial and economical harmony.

Also I must say if you had copies of all this paperwork you would have made it viral online by now.

P.S. I'm sorry I missed you in Brisbane on Saturday. I had a choice go see Boney M who sing political verses or go see Qarase who is looking for sympathy and of course financial aid , you might have guessed I picked the first one.

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:23, what is this fixation you have on Mark Manning?

Maybe you want hs Bony M.

Anonymous said...

Anon 3.13 you must have already had some that's why you are suggesting it to anon 1.23 .....all i know is that whoever wins I'm still poor

white watch said...

mark insists on poking his nose in Fiji's affairs because it makes him feel valuable to himself.Big fish in small pond syndrome. You Fijians who think he is doing it for you, think again. he is simply grandstanding, Delusions of grandeur on a megascale. He would make rajend naidu of sydney very proud. He has shown himself to be a racist, calling Fijians lazy and unable to self determine yet some of you out there are simply flattered a white monkey is willing to speak on your behalf. Wow, maybe his hypnosis is working on you.

mark manning said...

@ white watch 933 PM
Thanks for calling me a monkey, it takes one to know one. Delusions of grandeur, I think you are confusing me with your Moslem Indian buddy, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
I don't need to bother myself with Fiji to feel big, perhaps it's you who should hold that Title.
I'd like to know your contributions and your motivation here, given you don't even have the guts to use your own identity.
Maybe you are Graham Davis, who knows, only the moderator of this site. Again, if you are going to make statements about what your little brain thinks I've said and continually misrepresent me, please at least back it up with some copy and paste to substantiate your fake claims here!
You are the only one being fooled here, by yourself it seems.
As for Hypnotherapy, you are the one who has been hypnotised into supporting a demented of fool and his boy, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum.
But please feel free to continue attacking me, outside of Fiji at least, with some exceptions, it is a free Country! Though not for much longer if frank doesn't accept complete annihilation at the next election.
Now go to bed and don't forget your medication and chanting!
"Frank is my Master, I will obey"!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 9:33, why shouldn't our boy Mark Manning get to pose as an expert on Fijian Muslims? After all, you pose as an expert on Australian aborigines!

free peter greste with every pack of cornflakes said...

mark Twit... where have I ever said I support Frank and AIYAZ. by the same token, pls cut and paste to substantiate your claim. Just because I am against meddling twits like you immediately makes me a coup supporter. Wow, amazing logic. Is it because you are a tower of justice? You have continued to show your racist views of Aborigines, Fijians, Indians and in the past, Chinese. So who's freedom exactly are you fighting for? Tiwi Islanders? I reiterate - delusions of grandeur at work here. How about focusing on Egypt now and get one of your fellow countryman peter greste free.Or you worried the Muslims in Maroubra might pay you a visit?

Blindside said...

Wow Mark vs the world... so far his giving as good as his getting...I certainly am enjoying the tit fir tat on here

Spain 2 - Australia 0 hip hip hooray said...

mark boy, there is little difference between the aborigines of Australia and Fijians. Both have oppressive regimes working against them. yet you reckon the Aborigines are able to work things out for themselves? The white people have stacked things so high against them,stolen their land, not allowed them to hunt and gather in their ancestral lands, then turn around and call them lazy? Lets face it, you are a bloody bigot with "freedom" for Fijians as your pet project. Certainly deluded with one's own importance. Nothing you do or say has any effect on Fiji's situation. The elections are not happening because Mark called for it. I recall you calling Frank a "boce"(sic). Whats that, a new form of hypnosis? Stick to what you know white boy. Then you also commented on the GCC. What do you know about the GCC? I hold zero support for the army, Frank and co but I despise white meddling twits trying to patronise us.

Anonymous said...

Fiji first , fiji is for all . Fiji first . The honourable Frank has helped me and my villagers . We will all vote for him .
Let's be Frank - no school fees in fiji - never been done before .

Let's be frank - corporate taxes the lowest in the world .

Let's be frank - companies that invest in fiji and create jobs get tax concessions .

Let's be frank - corruption in Lta, tax office , revenue n customs , all out the door .

Let's be frank - our indian brothers are treated with equality .

Let's be frank - Fijians are too complacent in their own land . Get up , work , farm the land , god won't come down and hand you the riches . God gave us Indians from India , and that's why our country has prospered so much .

Let's be frank - frank and his boys are cool . Sometimes in winning a battle , a few punches below the belt won't hurt . Where else in the world , but fiji


Anonymous said...

now they want to complain, they known very well that the military is running the nation, and they still want to go for protest.. whatever happened to them in the camp is just because of them.. it shows their spirit, bunch of vakilakilas and too much show off, vadinadina viavia... sivia na va fancy..rau sota sara tu kei na dua na bara.. why you want to complain..today you should be still there in the army camp running as hard as you can..

Anonymous said...

Dekho Bhaiya ... Duniya mein kuch asaan nah in hai . Politics , zindagi , sub bahoot nischit hai . Humaar bhai Aiyaz aur bade bhai frank ek accha Kaam kaar rahe hai . To aab unko vote do , aur Kursi pe chada do .

Tum log ... Aur Saab Anti fiji first wale tumhare liye ek shoob Khabar hai ...... Jao aur Apna gaad marwa ke Lund me bhait Jao - jai hind

Signed ,
Indian batman ( curry shtyle )

Anonymous said...

isa sa yaga na butako keina kana loto ra sona vuce

Anonymous said...

Kua na viavia veidusi tiko iko drau veicai Bainimarama ni veicai kai wainibuka

Anonymous said...

june17 76;46....... dua ga pigipogitaki tukamu

Anonymous said...

Anonyopus 3:04, let's be frank. You're not only a liar but a traitor who deserves to hang.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Reformation

more impact in the village chiefly system
more spiritual in the methodist church of fiji

Sa dua na veisau vinaka ena bula vakavanua, kaukauwa ka maucokona, na bula ni tiko enai valavala vakaturaga.

Na tubu levu ena Lotu Wesele e Viti kei Rotuma,

Da vakavinavinaka na veisau e mai yaco, au vakabauta na sa donu tiko na toso qo.

Anonymous said...

@Kua Ni Rere

You forgot about your nurse working 12 hours for 8 hours pay

Anonymous said...

strange that during my previous two visits to NY i have spotted members of so called NGO's prancing around on taxpayers money making absolute nuis' of themselves.....whilst back in FJ the regime is using its 'landbank' as collat' with the Chinese to supplement its failing economy.....wake up!