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Sunday, June 1, 2014

Baba: It's now or never


"This means that if there were to be any orders given to rig the elections, those Elections Office staff found to be involved, would not be brought to court. This ridiculous provision, in any way, will encourage those who may be thinking about such ideas to actually attempt them."

All elections are important but in our view, this is the most important of all elections since our independence in 1970.We say that because if we do not get this right, our chances of getting democracy back the way we have known it in the past, is remote. These are some of the reasons we should take into consideration as we approach this election.

First, in all the elections since 1972 which was the first general elections after independence, we all took for granted that the outcomes would be a democracy irrespective of which Party would win even though there were some issues raised about the method of representation, which were then raised and addressed democratically by the representatives of the people.

Second, this election is not being conducted independently by a Caretaker Administration as it has been the practice, following a long period of dictatorship. 

BULA SMILE: Indigenous Fijians under pressure as never before
At two times in our history we have had dictatorships following military coups; one by headed by Major General Rabuka and another by Commodore (now Rear Admiral) Voreqe Bainimarama, and both of these men had imposed their own Constitutions on the people which were to be followed in consequent elections. 

Under the Rabuka Military Constitution of 1990 the actual elections conducted under it was managed independently by a Caretaker Administration sworn in by the President, Ratu Sir Penaia Ganilau. 

The current Regime on the other hand, has not accepted the idea of a Caretaker Administration and that was one of the main reasons for the scrapping of the Yash Ghai’s Constitutional Draft, which provided specifically for this.

Third, the Electoral Decree (Decree 11, 2014) under the current Regime provides immunity provisions for the Election Commission, Supervisor for Election and members of staff of the Elections Office from any criminal and civil proceedings for any act or matter done or omitted which are carried out under the relevant provisions of this decree (section 3, Decree11, 2014) in relation to the general elections.

This means that if there were to be any orders given to rig the elections, those Elections Office staff found to be involved, would not be brought to court. This ridiculous provision, in any way, will encourage those who may be thinking about such ideas to actually attempt them.

There has never been such provision built into the electoral act in the past and the most recent Electoral Act (1998) which has guided many of our recent elections did not have such provisions. The general public is concerned as to what might be the idea behind having such provision in the first place? 

Fourth, all the elections in the past made use of public servants most of whom have been trained to undertake such tasks and they know the requirements in relation to the neutrality of their role as public servants. 

There is a definite difference between the public servants generally and the 14,000 people we understand are going to be hired afresh and trained in the skills required, let alone the development of appropriate neutrality required in the conduct of elections. 

Skills are easy to train but developing the right attitude of neutrality for example, takes years to develop. We hope the Electoral Commission and the Supervisor will take expert advice on this!

Fifth, no elections in Fiji has been conducted in one day and despite the advice of many senior people with considerable experience in fighting elections here, irrespective of their political parties and given also the joint objections by all political parties that comprise the UFDF, the Electoral Commission has decided to go ahead and hold elections in one day. 

This means that instead of using and deploying the same staff as a means of maintaining consistency and moving them around in one or two or at the most three days, we are using staff only once in one venue, which will not only be most expensive and inconsistent; it will stretch all arrangements including security of the elections itself, to possibly a dangerous point. 

Finally, at no time in history have the indigenous people of this country been so much under pressure than under the current Regime in the light of the unilateral actions taken against their Chiefs, land, qoliqoli, and resources. All these have been done despite their magnanimity, and open heartedness and ‘bula smile’ to all and everyone coming to Fiji. 

All other communities are intricately connected to their plight, and the national economy is built and reliant on their land and resources. That is the thread that binds us all as we share and comfort each other through the difficulties and adversities we have all shared during this 8 long years of dictatorship.

It is therefore in all our interests and in the interest of Fiji that we ask all supporters of democracy ,to get registered now and make sure we exercise our rights and vote on September 17.


Think about it! said...

Vote on September 17 for a better Fiji. Vote Fiji First!

Anonymous said...

vote sodelpa for freedom/democracy .

Anonymous said...

Who cares what Tupeni Baba thinks? This guy is a total fraud. I have no idea what he stands for and neither does he. His own political journey has been all about seeking power for power's sake. He starts out being in the Bavadra Labour Government and ends up in the SDL/SODELPA. From multiracial champion to indigenous supremacist. This guy is meant to be one of the most educated Fijians of his generation yet when it comes to politics, he doesn't know whether he's Arthur or Martha. Dump him and dump his husband stealing leader. They have no idea where to take Fiji. They just want the money, the fancy cars and all the other trappings of power. A bunch of hopeless rejects.

Anonymous said...

This Political yoyo wont get a single vote in the election.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

After Beddoes its now Tupeni Babas turn, ni oti qo o cei tale.

Anonymous said...

It's now or never,
come hold me tight
Kiss me my darling,
be mine tonight
Tomorrow will be too late,
it's now or never
My love won't wait.

King Khaiyum said...

We have already won the election. That is a fact. Divide and conquer that is how we did it.

We purchase a few simple chiefs. We bribe them. They have agreed to let me build mosques in their village. They say Christianity is not relevant any more and they want to convert.

It is not too late for other chiefs to get on board. First in best dressed. Come and join

Ratu Ponijese Lou

Ratu Eparama Kitione Tavaiqia

Ratu Asaeli Driu Naevo

Ratu Tevita Susu Mataitoga

Ratu Sailosi Ramoqe Dawai

Ratu Salesi Baleimacuata

Ratu Meli Bolobolo

Ratu Kitione Vuluma

Ratu Siriako N. Matabogi

Ratu Kini Nanovo Vosalagi

Ratu Luke Veidovi

Ratu Emosi Buruavatu

Ratu Peni Mataitini Latianara

Ratu Timoci Koilolo

Ratu Wiliame Bouwalu Saumaimuri

Ratu Viliame Sovasova

Ratu Peni Niudamu

Ratu Sevanaia Vatunitu Lalabalavu.

These are just some of the chiefs who have agreed to convert their village. Are you a villager from one of these chiefs? You should be very proud that these great men have seen that Islam is the way.

Go and thank these chiefs today. They may be in Church today only because the mosques project has not yet begun.

Ask them who they serve.

The answer is simple they serve King Khaiyum and the sons of Ishmael.

Victory is OURS. I could not have done it without these chiefs.

Anonymous said...

Its time for western chiefs to form a 4th confederacy.

Muslim Ass Kissers said...

So, if Saneem or one of his little goons gets caught rigging and fixing, then there will be immunity.

Never before has any "democracy' had such provisions under its electoral laws.

That means Khaiyum can give the orders to Saneem and co. and no one can be held responsible.

Why are the illegal regime so desperate as to make up their own rules? The SUN claims they have support so why go to such drastic and undemocratic lengths to secure victory.

The answer is simple. They know that if they win they will face people power. If they lose they face Naboro.

Pay attention little ass kissing trolls, like the ones above this comment. Your nasty little schemes will backfire.

Your Bend Over for Bai campaign will not succeed.

Your Kiss Khai's Konas campaign may come true. In Naboro.

If you want Khaiyum to rule over you then you are a fool or beneficiary. Take your money from Qorvis while you can. It won't be there for much longer.

Anonymous said...

Fucking useless this guy Baba. Full of shit. Dont know wether hes coming or going.

Insider said...

When someone resigns in a position such as the judiciary their resignation is not immediate.

Gates HAS resigned and so has Madigan. Their resignation letter tendered to the Attorney General sees them finishing at court closure in December 2014. Not immediate. That is never the case for such positions.

Gates has sold his properties. He will take a short break to SL to reinvest in property.

He has resigned. To suggest they have not because they are still there shows your ignorance of proper means of resignation in judicial positions.

No more politics of hate said...

Want to know why 80 per cent of Fijians ( if you believe the Fiji Sun/Razor poll) or 66 per cent of Fijians ( if you believe the Fiji Times/Tebbutt poll) support Bainimarama? Because of madman like this guy who is trying to whip up religious hatred by going on about a Muslim takeover of the Vanua. Everyone is sick of all this crap. It is holding Fiji back and everyone has enough of it. Young people like me want to move the country forward, to work together to build Fiji. As the PM says, it doesn't matter where you come from, who you are or what you believe, we are all Fijians. Very disappointing that Tupeni Baba is going on about some kind of threat to the indigenous way of life. What threat? You can't own the land that everyone else has to lease and be under any threat at all. It is scaremongering of the worse kind and just goes to show what a degenerate person Baba has become. All those university degrees and not an ounce of common sense or logic. He and this religious nutter can go on all they like but they are losers. They have no idea how to take Fiji forward and neither do most of the opposition figures like Mick Beddoes. The writing is on the wall for these people. Just look at the figures.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 11.35am..I care about what Tupeni Baba thinks rather than the blockhead from Nabua. It is ironic that you accuse so called "old" politicians of greed yet you turn your blind eye to our current numbskull "PM". Wake up dude! He is a liar and the Father if it. There is nothing he likes better than handing out benefits to be paid for by someone else - your children. His vote buying spree is laughable and appalling given that he has now resorted to the very process he destroyed by which we determined our leaders. I remember him saying he was not accountable to the people, what now? I remember him justifying his crime by referring to democracy as imperfect, what now? This is the trade mark of a fraudster. Tupeni did not carry a gun to parliament and rob this nation. He was elected by the people, and so the privileges he receives is within the law. All politicians, old and new earn the right to state privileges by being elected, not buy wilding guns in parliament. Bainimarama claims he knows the way forward for Fiji and this is what we received after 8 years of lying:
- abrogation of the constitution
- the militarization of the state
- removal of indigenous institutions
- High unemployment
- falling foreign investments
- Rising crime
- Forced early retirement
- Hidden salaries
- Lack of auditing of public accounts
- Brain drain
- Deteriorating health system
- Torture of citizens
- Nepotism
etc etc.
May be these also constitutes your vision for Fiji?
Tupeni is right, this is our only chance to rid of this "space occupying lesion" once and for all. His nose is getting longer day by day. Get my drift!

Anonymous said...

And you do little Uni boy?

A regime takes force by the gun and you think that is going forward.

No more politics of hate..

You have been brainwashed. Bai and Kai took politics of hate to a whole new level. Removal of basic human rights. The removal of the freedom of expression. The removal of the rule of law.

You call this going forward!

Hatred breeds hatred. That is the new Fiji under Bai. He has caused more division than any leader before him. It will not end well.

Anonymous said...

Baininamrama has committed treason with Khayium.
Declare your salary!
What assets both of you had before 2006 and after.
Do you have bank account in Hong Kong and Swiss?
Why the salary is processed by Nur Bano?
Is it to hide the salary?
Did Khayium sell his house at Berry Road which he bought in 2006 for $210,00 to Tappos for $850,000 in 2009?
Kahyium did this before he introduced the capital gains tax!
Do you own property at Naisoso?
Why did FNPF allow Khayium to buy the house at 59 Vuncakecea Road ? Was this house on tender by FNPF.
This was conflict of interest!
Why was Rewa diary sold to CJ Patel subsidiary company?
Rewa Diary was suppose to help the diary farmers.
Diary is important industry and the government should always assist the diary farmers.
Nur Bano was the consultant for Rewa Diary!
Was she paid $500,000! Why tender was not called for this project?
National debt now 7 billion.
Why FBC CEO is Khayium’s brother? nepotism!
Why 19 million was borrowed from FDB to finance FBC.
Where was all the equipment for FBC bought from?
Auditor’s report on FBC must be released to public on how and where was 19 million spend?
Did the sub contractor of FBC do work as Raiz Khayium’s house in Namadi Heights.
Why all government advertisement given to Fiji Sun – owned by C J Patel.
Unemployement rate is at the highest. 12,000 school leavers are without job.
Check this figures with the National Employment centre.
The total people unemployed is around 24,000.
Why minimum wages for workers is only $2 per hour while the illegal P.M. and illegal A.G earn over $1 million in salary?
Influx of chinese!
Chinese buying houses within the 10 k.m of the city and locals cannot even afford to buy houses.
Chinese taking over small businesses managed by locals.
Chinese are not bringing much money but doing cash business!
Why prime land next to Garden city sold to chinese? How much did the chinese pay?
Why tender was not called for this prime land?
Nepotism is highest with Muslims everywhere holding top position in government and statutory bodies to act as spy for Khayium.
Cost of living has gone up by 60% since 2006.
Why P.S getting salary of over $200,000 while civil servants are low paid?
Why prime land in Lautoka sold to Tappos?
Chinese doing all poor quality road and kickback given to Bainimamra and Khayium.
Why movie licence given to two individuals only who have no background in the film industry.Is it because Khayium gets commission from these two individuals when movies are made. These two have no experience or background to make movies. Just middle man!
Why Qarase and Chaudhry were systematically removed to contest election as these two are elected P.M. and biggest threat to Bai/ Khayium.
Diplomatic position to given to people whom they know rather then on merit!
8 years of robbery , nepotism and illegal rule is not enough by Bai/ khayium.These two are power hungry. Power is money for these two. They must be removed.
The people need a change as their is no accountability, transparency and good governance for the last 8 years!!!!

Anonymous said...

Chiefs Bainimarama was true you go and drink homebrew under the tree.Chiefs are their to unite the i taukei and not to divide.
Chiefs unite the i taukei.
This a typical Khayium strategy to divide the i taukei. Charan Jeet Singh has bribed the chief from the North to join as Vice President of FF.
Muslims are united and will vote for FF.

Anonymous said...

@No more politics of hate..

After 8 long years of lying, I will not believe the polls and the reasons are quiet obvious.Polls are not perfect. They are instruments to judge public opinion, and they can be wrong.
Until all the ballots are counted,we can then evaluate who the most accurate pollster was. Right now, we can only make statements about the polling.
But I echo Tupeni's concerns! The risk of rigging the election by this junta is at an all time high. Only the well schooled will make this observation. Bainimarama's track record is unmatched by the worst criminal in Naboro's prison. He removed an elected government and the law as if it was a normal day at work, so it would not be hard for him to extend his leadership by breaking electoral rules. Old habits die hard, no matter how much he attempts to camouflage himself. What a douchebag!

We are determined to pack him and feed him to the pigs!

WE WILL VOTE HIM OUT! There is no turning back!

Anonymous said...

The only western chiefs that support bainimarama r Tui nadi n taukei Naua of saunaka.....n even than it is only them n not their ppl. The list that was printed in the paper a couple of days ago on the western chiefs was because they signed the yellow form NOT to support. This is a fact......So FFP......we the western ppl will not support u cause u r the enemy of the I taukei.....this is evident on land issues....etc....FFP the only way u win is to rig the election...but than again our great God is watching n is still in control.......vina du valevu.....

Anonymous said...

There is a saying.....every dog has it's day.....this is the law of nature that only God can change......their day is coming very quickly.......

KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 11:35
YOU SAID "They just want the money, the fancy cars and all the other trappings of power"

If that is all that Tupeni Baba wants, then so be it.
But at least he is going about it through the right way.

Who doesn't like a fancy car or money?

Don't YOU want a fancy car & money?

Look at all the actors in Holywood...they all want that. the whole lot of them.
And they even want FAME ontop of that.... to be famous all over the world.

SO FOR YOU START SAYING THAT THIS IS ALL SODELPA WANTS.... just shows that you are talking through your arse again
and you don't even know or understand yourself.
You are like a little baby.

Just shows that ALL Bainimarama supporters like you and QORVIS are all screw-loose and a bunch of idiots.

I know you all. Whether you Fijian or American you are all lacking in grey matter.

Anyone who votes for Bainimarama or still supports him is a total idiot.

Polls don't lie. People do. said...

The opinion polls are not wrong. There is a margin of error of less than four per cent. Forget about the Fiji Sun poll. Let's just look at the Tebbutt poll for the Fiji Times, which has been used in all of the elections up until now and has proved to be accurate in the past. It found 66 per cent of people were going to vote for Bainimarama, only about 10 per cent less than the Fiji Sun poll. A clear winning margin whichever way you look at it. You can all be in denial for a whole lot of reasons but on these figures, Bainimarama will win in a landslide. How? Because if he gets such a huge personal vote, proportionally he gets the biggest number of seats in the Parliament. So unless something dramatic happens between now and election day, Fiji First wins by a huge margin. That's a fact and you can't get away from it. The rest is either wishful thinking or pretence.

Anonymous said...

Dr Baba is an opportunist and very academic , like Narsey.
Baba wanted to dominate the FLP and he was rightly shown the doors.
He is a loser and another nationalist.
He had been my lecturer in USP and almost all students agreed how he got his Phd. Well we know it was given to him as he was a taukie and therefore the Ini was very sympathetic with this.
He has no IQ . No wonder he is in Sodelpa because the party has got idiots with no brains!

Vutuki Beddoes said...

SODELPA must be desperate for candidates to choose this political turncoat.

Anonymous said...

@Polls don't lie. People do...

Yes, people do lie about who their support so polls are hardly a true reflection of reality
In the context of the current political climate and electoral process, past poll performance is not a reflection of future performance. Nothing dramatic will happen, we all know that Fiji First will be annihalated.
Bainimarama supposedly led this country for 8 long years in his uniform. I would have wished he wore nothing so that we can all witness his nakedness. Right now, he is a desperate man! He is a fraudster who now tries to win the votes within a democratic process he destroyed.
We will anniahalate him and his party of thugs.
It time to change our leader from a thug to a law abiding citizen!!

Anonymous said...

Judging by the hyperspastic reaction of the regime trolls here, Tupeni Baba scored some solid hits.

High Tea said...

Who would catch Saneem when he rigs the elections iaw his instructions from Khaiyum?

>FIRCA? FIRCA is a political tool for legally harassing regime opponents. It's never lifted a finger against the blatant corruption in this regime.

>The Fiji Police? The same guys who are supposedly investigating whether Bainimarama broke any campaigning rules under the regime's own election decree? The same ones who are supposedly investigating the case of torture seen around the world a year ago, perpetrated by regime goons identified by C4.5 within days of the incident?

>Australian and New Zealand election observers, whose governments are already winking at Bainimarama and finding nothing critical to say about the blatant rigging of this election by the regime? Are we to look for any intervention by these bystanders, who can't even muster a statement reminding the regime of their expectations for free and fair elections? They're the equivalent of a cop who stands by passively as a rape is perpetrated and then hands the victim a nappy to daub her tears.

It's all well and good to urge people to vote against this regime. Of course you should. But be under no illusion your votes will be counted. The regime will claim a landslide victory by Bainimarama, and the controlled media will parrot whatever the regime tells it to say.

In the absence of a large popular demonstration before the election, what is the world to think except that the opposition to Bainimarama is small and/or too cowardly to merit support?

That's why we need to march now, before the elections. After the elections will be much too late.

Anonymous said...

If you believe the Fiji Sun/Razor poll or the Fiji Times/Tebbutt poll, then the nutter is you.

Anonymous said...

There will be no peace and harmony as long as people living here do not respect what rightfully belongs to the Fijian people. No matter what race you belong to, living in Fiji is a privilege afforded to you by the landowners. Respect that at all times, then and only then we can all live happily together and concentrate on what matters the most, your own families. Fact of the matter is we are all of different race and culture. Respect and understand that then all should be good.

Just Situational Logic said...

Polls don't lie. People do @ 2:36 PM, you accept the Fiji Sun and Tebbutt polls on their face. You say the polls don't lie.

Well, C4.5 just ran an open poll, using SurveyMonkey, probably the most widely used survey site on the Internet. Those of us who voted our preference for PM saw our votes immediately registered in the poll and the results re-tallied. With our anonymity assured by the Internet, we were able to cast our votes free of intimidation, fear or duress. The survey showed Bainimarama polled a distant third in the voting. If, as you say, polls don't lie, then you should also accept the SurveyMonkey results indicating Ro Teimumu should win the elections by a landslide.

Also, you say that the polls have a margin of error of less than four percent. But in your next statement, you say that the Tebbutt poll showed Bainimarama winning by 10 percent less a margin than the Fiji Sun poll. This is a glaring, inherent contradiction. How can you claim the polls have a margin of error of less than four percent, when the two polls you cite approvingly are discrepant from each other by 10 percent?

Also, how do you reconcile the Fiji Sun and Tebbutt poll results in Fiji's controlled media with the diametrically opposite results of the SurveyMonkey poll, tallied outside of the regime's control?

Anonymous said...

@1 June, 4:08pm

Good note.
True indeed.

Reality check please said...

Gee, delusion has really set in here 14 weeks from the election. The Coup 4.5 opinion poll is totally meaningless. It relies on people who read an anti-government website giving their preference. Never mind the "regime trolls" and what they say. There is reality and there is delusion. Both the Fiji Sun and Fiji Times polls are conducted on a scientific basis. They need to be accurate for them to have any credibility at all. Otherwise these two papers look stupid and the pollsters don't get paid. There is no big deal between the 66 per cent in the Fiji Times and the 76 per cent plus in the Fiji Sun. It's the incredible gap between those ratings for Bainimarama and the rest of the pack, who are stuck on single figures.Not one of them has got above 10 per cent, which means that the PM is six or seven times more popular than any other political leader, depending on which poll you prefer. So you should all start looking at the facts rather than sprouting all this BS. You just look deluded and pathetic, which I guess is what you are. Scream as much as you like but you are all in for a hell of a shock.

Anonymous said...

Jeepers, wats up with you people. Polls are polls. There is never an accurate poll. Conducted on a scientific basis my ass. I can go on my street and run a poll on who would win the election and it may not be in favour of the criminal currently running this country down nor could it be the aspiring parties. These polls being conducted cover only a small number of people {500 to 1000]> There are already 500K registered voters. And thats the "Reality Check".

Anonymous said...

Jeepers, what's up with you, idiot? Of course there are accurate polls. It's the methodology that's used and people make millions all over the world getting this kind of thing right. Another deluded fool.

Iqbal said...

The plan is working! kaiviti fighting against kaiviti....Kaiviti Chiefs selling their land and villages....such idiots...

I want to own a piece of Tailevu Province or Naitasiri and build more mosques and convert all to islam

High Tea said...

You're the deluded fool if you put ANY credence in polls conducted by Fijian newspapers since the regime's media crackdown in 2009. The polls were not scientific, and the pollsters are paid by the publishers who are reliant on the regime for advertising dollars and the ability even to continue in business. The percentage of Fijians who will oppose this vindictive regime publically is probably far less than those who will vote against it privately.

You regime trolls had just as much time as everyone else, and even more capability, to register your preference on the SurveyMonkey poll. A resounding Bainimarama victory on the SurveyMonkey poll would have seemed to very much validate the other polls and embarrassed C4.5. Yet you couldn't get Bainimarama past a distant third. There's a reality check for you. Opposition website or no, this is a very dismal showing for someone who claims the support of at least 80 percent of Fiji's electorate.

The farcical nature of this coming election could hardly be more obvious. When the regime claims Bainimarama won by an overwhelming margin, you trolls will of course crow about how the election results validated the polls, never once considering what the rest of us already know, which is that the polls you cite and the election are rigged by the same people and to the same end.

If the Bainimarama regime is so confident it enjoys the numbers, why did it postpone the elections for so many years? Why did it feel it had to jail its political opponents? Why did it have to deregister the SDL? Why did it have to force the other political parties to jump through so many hoops whilst giving itself immunity and countless advantages? Why doesn't it charter an internationally respected polling firm like Gallup or Harris or the Pew Charitable Trust to survey our sentiment? Why is it afraid to allow exit surveys on Election Day?

For your lies to have any credibility, they need to come from credible sources. You can't cite any. The reality is that the Fiji Sun and Fiji Times are under the control and the thumb of the regime, respectively. The delusion is that you'll be able to use them, together with the regime's statements and doctored election results, to thwart the political will of the Fijian nation indefinitely.

Anonymous said...

How many times do you have to be reminded, deluded Bai sapotas, that if Bai was really that popular, as you and the polls claim, why does he need those decrees to favour him? Armed with the polls, let him withdraw the decree, go into the elections, and then see.
He's gonna get such a thrashing he'll forget his wife's middle name.
No matter how scientific the polls may be, politics in Fiji will appear with a new dress come Sept.
Raica tiko, tamana.
Bula Ali!

Anonymous said...

@Reality check please...

The thugs muzzled the media over the last 8 years, so what you'll get is skewed poll results in favour of the gun wilding knuckleheads.
I will rely on my gut feeling rather then believe what's coming out of the Fijian media. The incredible gap between FF and the rest of the pack is in itself evidence of a skewed poll.

Anonymous said...

The trolls are desperate just like their dumbwit leader
Polls are speculative and are not reflective of reality especially in a country riddled with a coup culture. So
forget about the polls and wait for September.

We will vote this thug out and feed him to the pigs.
Believe the polls all you want. The Bradley Effect is well and truely alive in Fiji -tell pollsters they are likely to vote for FF while on election day they vote the other way

Fiji Labour Party supporter. said...

@ Jury or should I say Maraiwai!! You were disbarred from law practice because of unethical behaviour and fraudulent allegations against you in the manner you dealt with the more than 100 acres of freehold land belonging to the Fisher Clan at Buca Bay.They paid you thousands of dollars for your service but you didnt do a single thing apart from obtaining all doucments,including land titles and keeping them in your possession.You were overheard bragging about being in possession as being given Power of Attorney over more than 1oo acres of prime freehold land in Buca Bay.This received attention from Mahend Chaudary who showed interest in the land.Since once any person buys a piece of this land you have Multi Millionaires from the USA,Europe as your immediate neighbours.THey have properties on either side of the Fisher Clan land which they visit during Winter to enjoy the Fiji Sun and white sandy beaches.MR MARAIWAI IT IS ONLY RIGHT,DEMOCRATIC AND PROPER THAT YOU RESIGN FROM BEING ASSISTANT GENERAL SECRETARY OF THE FIJI LABOUR PARTY UNTIL YOU HAVE CLEARED YOURSELF FROM THE MESS YOU PUT YOURSELF INTO.RETURN ALL THE DOCUMENTS AND LANDTITLES AND STOP TRYING TO SELL THE LAND THAT BELONGS TO THE FISHER CLAN OF BUCA BAY.WE HAVE BEEN RELIABLY BEEN INFORMED THAT YOU ASSAULTED AND SPAT AT MR. FISHER OUTSIDE THE TAVEUNI M/COURT AND NOT SAVUSAVU AS PREVIOUSLY MENTIONED WHEN HE POLITELY ASKED YOU ABOUT THE OUTCOME OF THEIR REQUEST.WELL WORD IS THAT YOU ARE NOW SHOPPING FOR OTHER WOULD BE BUYERS AFTER MAHEND CHAUDARY HAVE BEEN FINED BY GOVT AND THAT MONEY IN AUST IS SEIZED BY THE AUST GOVT AS PROCEEDS OF CRIME.

Anonymous said...

Names of teenage girls on recent prostitution busts found that most of them are army wives and daughters.

Their clients are mainly gujerati businessmen who are funding Frank first party.

Anonymous said...

@ High Tea

a Gallup poll???? bwahahahaha!!!

Gallup was way off on Obama 2008 and 2012. That is how biased they are!

Another tripper was when you said "opposition web site or no..." WTF? Are you so deep in your rectum to not realize what utter crap you're selling?

BTW Isn't the whole purpose behind an opposition website is to portray an opposition narrative hence the opposition poll?

Get your head out of a** and come up with something else because your words betray how biased the Monkey poll is.

What is stop us then from calling the polls by the news dailies bull****? Nothing really. But the very biased nature of this Monkey poll does not make it any better than the other two polls. Got it?


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 6:51 PM

That's great news, it's good to hear the locals are doing well in business and making money out of those they complain run the country financially.

It's a pity they do not get more involved with the massage parlours, that's such easy money.

Said it before will say it again said...

Cant understand wht the fuss is all about. A poll is in an indication and the indications is clear - people in favour of democracy are voting for SODELPA, NFP, maybe Chaudhry and maybe Anthony Felix. Bainimarama is not a clear winner, let alone the winner - get it!

Anonymous said...

Everyone that is against what Tupeni Baba, just take time out to read and try to understand the point he's trying to make. Yes its true that he may be an opportunist, but can't everyone see that for once he is right?
To everyone that's supporting Bainimarama government, do you not want democracy? Don't you want to live in a free country where you are entitled to your opinions? Don't you want to have the ability to air freely your views?

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:07 PM

The reality is that you are entitled to your opinions and have the ability to air your views freely in Fiji.

What you can not do is slander and libel others and that is something many do not understand.

Just Situational Logic said...

Anon @ 7:09 PM, C4.5 is an opposition website, but SurveyMonkey is not. We could even see our votes being tallied on a real-time chart. SurveyMonkey is based in Portland, Oregon, in the United States. It has over 15 million customers worldwide. It's not in C4.5's pocket.

What about YOUR poll? Are you going to tell us that the Fiji Sun is not in the REGIME'S pocket? Bwahaha!

Even though C4.5 is an opposition website, what was there to stop you and your fellow trolls lurking on this blogsite from casting your ballots for Bainimarama? In fact, I'm sure you did. But even though you account for one-quarter to one-third of all of the comments on this blogsite, yet you couldn't muster much more than one-sixth of the ballots cast.

Obviously High Tea wasn't suggesting that C4.5 might not be an opposition blogsite. His point was that even though it IS an opposition site, that still doesn't explain your supposedly popular candidate getting trounced by Ro Teimumu by a ratio of 3:1!

Btw, that didn't come as a shock to the rest of us. Why shouldn't a well-respected and dignified paramount chief who has acted courageously in support of our rights and democracy outpoll the cowardly no-school thug who took away our rights and democracy at gunpoint?

Your observation about Gallup only proves my point that even the best polling organisations can get it wrong. How much worse a newspaper that has become the mouthpiece for a dictator?


Anonymous said...

Anon 8:23, WTF? Which Fiji do YOU live in?

In the one WE live in, speaking your mind can get your house firebombed or win you an arse-raping at the barracks.

That's not slander. That's just the facts, Jack.

The Heckler said...

The goal of the Fiji Sun is to separate the wheat from the chaff . . .

and see that the chaff gets printed!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:36 PM

You are obviously one of the trash that this government is stomping on.

Great to hear that you feel persecuted, it's doing a great job for us.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon 9.24pm..One good reason why we will annihilate FF

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

The Parliament is one of the trash this government is stomping on.

The GCC is one of the trash this government is stomping on.

The Commonweath is one of the trash this government is stomping on.

The Constitution is one of the trash this government is stomping on.

The Vanua is one of the trash this government is stomping on.

The Church is one of the trash this government is stomping on.

The Flag is one of the trash this government is stomping on.

The Rule of Law is one of the trash this government is stomping on.

But this regime is doing a great job for the fascists, opportunists, Chinese, Taliban, carpetbaggers and traitors.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Admiral Baba and his ship of fools. This guy has been taking whatever boat he can for 30 years trying to be important. Not interested in anything he says and neither is anyone else. He is a total opportunist and has betrayed almost every principle he ever claimed to hold. This is the guy who said every civil servant in Fiji needs to speak Fijian if they want to keep their job. Can you imagine what Timoci Bavadra would have said about that? He would be turning in his grave if he was still alive and read this idiot rantings. Baba, Swamba. Throw him overboard.

Dan Urai said...

Baba,Tuisowau and Bavadra were the pillar and corner stone of the then FIJI LABOUR PARTY with Chaudary as its mongoose big mouthing everything and end up claim all and everything,but in fact it was done thru a clever lay out plan by the three itaukei.so,not bad till lately....!!!

Anonymous said...

Where were all of these complaints against Chaudhry back when he was collaborating with the traitors making up this regime? The attacks against him only built up in intensity after he joined the opposition and became a political threat the regime needed to neutralise.

Tupeni Baba, too, has made his share of mistakes in the past. But he's got it nearly right this time.

I'm interested to hear what Baba has to say. His regime critics? Not so much.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Can i ask c4.5 to translate this
truth in fijian and hindustani.Due to the past everyone is a victim of this evil coup. start from Rabuka to Voreqe.No race.No gender,No clour,NO
religion is free from this coup. Now is the time and chance to get rid of this government and its attitude towards us. Ask yourself,are you a victim of this evil act? Wiil your children be a victim in the future?. What about your family and relatives?.Do we want this evil attitude to continue in the future?.Remember,it can happen overnight for this evil to do it again.They don't care about their victim.Share this truth with your family and friends. Don't forget to pray for it. Thanks.

Someone who dog-styled Baba said...

LOL!!! Editor of C4.5 seems to Baba himself! He is removing comments left right and centre!! (watch it now...this comment will stay on for obvious reasons)

Anonymous said...

@Anon 4.03pm ..seems like you're fond of Baba... Leave him alone! Haven't you had enough from Big baba Bainimarama. I don't think C 4.5 would stoop so low and engage in name calling. Bring some quality discussion to the table, if you don't have any then piss off! Tough luck if you get deleted! Go somewhere else where your filthy attitude will be appreciated, probably at the next Fiji First Caucus meeting..oops!
what I meant was "carcass" meeting

mark manning said...

Indo Fijians need to begin asking themselves, do we want a few elite to own everything, to run everything and to benefit financially from everything they obtain through deception and corrupt practices.
I don't know, but do Indigenous Fijians need to start working hand in hand with like minded Indo Fijians of for the benefit of all Fijians?
Has this latest coup d'etat simply highlighted deep seated problems and will this be the last coup d'etat?

Anonymous said...

How many times do we have to go through this till you people come to your senses? This is not the last coup d'etat. The next coup is already underway. The September elections will be a coup against the people. They'll vote for SODELPA, but their votes will be counted for Fiji First. That will be followed by yet another coup, when Frank makes himself President, and then yet another coup, when he makes himself President for Life -- what Dakuwaqa called "the Eighteenth Brumaire of Frank Bainimarama". This is where we're headed so long as the Fijian people keep deluding themselves about this man's intentions.

Guest said...

Mark Manning,

Indo-fijians need not be lectured on what they should ask themselves. You should be asking yourself if you qualify to advise Indo-fijians on what they should think about. You are simply a cheapo anti-government C4.5 contributor. All this campaigning against the government will go down the drain when the current government wins the elections. Running polls on blogs serves no purpose other than to rile up people (or in simpler terms, fool your very own) into thinking the way you intend them to. When Fiji Sun ran polls, people said it's the govt mouth-piece and the results were to be expected. Then when Fiji Times did the same, the same people started pointing fingers at the Tebutt results. Simply put, every anti-govt campaigns around will die a quick death after the elections. These blogs are created to stir up emotions but the FACT is that all those who are so bravely saying things about govt do not have an ounce of gut left to publicly say that. This blog stinks of cowards covered in hate. Oh, and I only came here after being redirected from another blog page, a much healthier one. Better read this quickly though. This comment will be removed. And haters need not reply to this either. Am not coming back here to read your crappy comments.

Anonymous said...

12:06pm Can't take the heat. Run and hide. Just like your God Bainimarama will do after the elections. "stinks of cowards"??? Just saw one fly out the door down the casava patch just like the one that ran at 12:06pm.

Tavita said...

Tupeni is now a failed politician. Since he had parting of ways with ChoorDhry, he proven to be NOBODY. Tupeni go back to your village and retire. We don't want to see your fave in public. Vinaka

mark manning said...

@ guest 1206 p.m.
Well that's no loss, your not coming back here!
the elite I was referring to, was the Indo Fijian elite within the Indo Fijian Community within Fiji. I did say, I don't know!

"I don't know, but do Indigenous Fijians need to start working hand in hand with like minded Indo Fijians of for the benefit of all Fijians"?

It's interesting though, that many Regime supporters seem adamant at the election outcome, months in advance!

Suomynona said...

Baba said so himself:

Any chance of rigging and those responsible will evade justice and not be prosecuted as stated in Frankie's benefiting electoral decree since him and Ayarse are the only two cronies gaining alot from it.

Major changes ahead if SODELPA or any other party wins should the "stolen" polls proceed on 'fairly.'

I'm more interested in the outcome as it seals the deal on the truth behind the elections in spite of the doubters saying its rigged.

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt. I KNOW it's rigged.

I've known that since before ASK was made Minister of Elections, which only confirmed it.

I guess people like you won't know until it's already happened. But that will be much too late, then, won't it?

Anonymous said...

I don't doubt. I KNOW it's rigged.

I've known that since before ASK was made Minister of Elections, which only confirmed it.

I guess people like you won't know until it's already happened. But that will be much too late, then, won't it?

Anonymous said...

Guest @ 12:06, I positively loved your comment -- since it's your farewell. I'm glad you're never returning, since we already receive more than our quota of stupid comments from pansy-arsed regime ball-lickers.

Anonymous said...

@ Guest 12:06 PM.

Good riddance.

Even if this illegal government wins the upcoming elections, Coup 4.5 and other anti illegal regime blogsites will still be around. They will still be our voices against unfairness, injustice, nepotism and despotism etc...

You know why they will still be around? Because they will still be needed to bring to the attention of the world that people will know of the injustices that will be incurred upon Fijians, indigenous and migrants and their descendants.

The elections will still be illegal. If this regime wins, the elections will remain illegal. The status quo remains and we will still be left in a quagmire; more poverty, more debts and more losses.

However, if another party wins, the government of that party, must do its utmost to legitimize its standing as the government of the day and render an agreeable constitution legitimized and legalized and then start on an onward journey toward a proper government and better prosperity for the people.

This is the reform that every citizen of Fiji is looking forward to; one that is acceptable to all peoples of this beloved land not the "sunset clause" of Khaiyum which was endorsed by Bainimarama when he carried out the ousting of the Qarase legitimate and legal Government.