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Monday, June 9, 2014

Fiji youth party wound up after 'confusion' over its status

Korovou: Demise of NYP not fully explained.
A second party looks to have been shafted for the September elections.

The National Youth Party (NYP), which has been campaigning for the election for more than a year, is now preparing to be wound down and to join forces with a new party, after confusion over its status.

NYP and its leader, Nayagodamu Korovou, have been on the radar for some time, as the biggest group representing youth, touting itself as a real contender.

On April 16, it reported to local media it had 5,000 signatures and would register on April 25.

Early last month, it again told media it would go to the polls alone and 'we can beat the other parties, including the proposed Fiji First.'

This week media stories cited the party was changing its name for 'legal' reasons with Korovou quoted as saying: "We can't use 'youth' name under the 2013 Constitution because of the segregation issue.

"But we have a level playing ground now after registering the proposed FUFP on May 23."

If using 'youth' was a breach, why has it taken so long for that to be established?

C4.5 understands the sudden change is due to the 'confusion' over whether NYP is a new party or a previously registered party, the same difficulty experienced by the original Fiji First aka Germit Heritage Party, whose name was claimed by Frank Bainimarama.

Sources say the National Youth Party applied for registration in 2009 and believed it was gazetted since its application was filed and objections were heard.

But they say the party was recently made aware its application lapsed as a result of the decision by Frank Bainimarama and Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum to abrogate the Constitution.

It's understood NYP is scheduled to be wound down today (Monday).

C4.5 also understands Korovou, who at one stage asked Bainimarama to lead their party, changed tack to try and adopt a political stance that reflected wider representation instead of just youth, hence the decision to hook up with Sri Lankan national, Jagath Karunaratne.
USP LETTER: Jone accused of 'associating in political agendas.'

Unlike Korovou, Anit Singh and the original Fiji First party intend to re-register, after being told by the Registrar of Political Parties, Mohammed Saneem, Bainimarama's party, Fiji 1st, is a variation and has therefor not stolen its name.

The Fiji United Freedom Party applied for registration on May 23 and is waiting to be formally registered.

Meanwhile a survey by the Citizens Constitutional Forum says youth are eager to participate in the upcoming general elections.

Scholarship reinstated: Roshika Deo and Tamani Jone.
Three hundred youth were polled by researcher Dr Patrick Vakaoti who says young people feel they have a responsibility to contribute but have yet to get their head around who is standing for what.

SODELPA Youth President, Pita Waqavonovono, says the "youth of Fiji are not stupid, they have seen their youth leaders tortured, blacklisted from consultative forums, put on travel bans and they remember the times when dissension was forced underground.

"Freedom cannot be bred overnight, you need to show a Free and Fair political and elections process that won’t just promote and favor the Fiji First agenda."

The Scholarship and Loans Board has meanwhile reinstated the scholarship of Tamani Jone, after blasting the USP Commerce student for being politically involved in the campaign of Independent candidate, Roshika Deo.

The Board now says the initial information it was given and the resulting recommendation from USP were 'incorrect.'


Anonymous said...

SLB reinstates USP student’s scholarship
17:15 Today

TSLB Chair – Dixon Seeto
Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Akosita Talei
The Tertiary Scholarship and Loans Board have reinstated the scholarship of Seruiraduvatu Tamanirarama after they reviewed his case.
Tamanirarama is a second-year Bachelor of Commerce student at the University of the South Pacific and his scholarship was terminated on the basis of some information given to the TSLB
In a statement this afternoon, the Board says there is a clear document trail on this case which led to their decision.
The investigations showed that the initial information and the resulting recommendation from the education institution were incorrect.
The Board says it expects all scholarship students to adhere to the conditions of their contract and follow their study program.
This means that they must attend all and instructional classes as required by the institution.
The Board says in no way does it restrict the activities of scholarship holders outside of their study program.

Anonymous said...

Jagath Karunaratne is not to be trusted. He always has hidden agendas. Just like he got married to the only daughter of Jagath from Sigatoka. He used some kid from USP to create a forum and and build up a membership of 30,000+ "ghost members" and than kicked him out. Tried to befriend Rajendra Chaudhry and join FLP. He also attempted to join SODELPA. When all was unsuccessful he hijacked National Youth Party. I am sure there may be others that he screwed over specially students from USP.

Anonymous said...

"" Meanwhile a survey by the Citizens Constitutional Forum reveals that youth are eager to participate in the upcoming general elections.""

Did it really need a survey to reveal this?

Motobitu said...

Party calls for transparence

Repeka Nasiko
Monday, June 09, 2014

THE FijiFirst party is focused on ensuring its campaign is set-up through a transparent process, says party secretary Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum.

While in Lautoka, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum said the party had been completing the groundwork before the official campaigning process began when party leader Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama returns from overseas."

What transparency is this Party harping on about when every Tom Dick and Harry knows how non-transparent this lot is. They stole the party name and Supervisor of elections disapproved objections on very non-sensical reasons obviously at the command of his boss EyeArse,

Confirmation of $million salaries for the two stooges leading the party is hardly transparent and they are paid via Noor Bano EyeArse's aunty..very corrupt indeed,

The continuing use of Govt resources for political campaigning, we all know is not accountable, non-transparent and downright corrupt, The more Bhai or EyeRse open their mouth to direct us on how to conduct our affairs the more we laugh and snigger at them for being hypocrites and liars,


THE ROT AT USP said...

@SLB reinstates USP student’s scholarship, this shameful episode is an example of the culture of persecution, bullying, intimidation and discrimination that has taken hold at the University of the South Pacific under the stewardship of VC Rajesh Chandra.

This self-seeking VC has sold out both students and staff to firther his own interests. he has destroyed the foundations of the local academic
based put in place by his predecessors who had more foresight than this sorry example of a VC.

Tui Viti said...

Ni bula na noda! Da sa vakarau kalawa yani kina dua na siga vou kei Viti ena veidigidigi sa roro tiko mai.E levu era dusia na Matanitu oqo ni sega ni savasava,vunivuni se makare ia, oqori nai vadi ni politiki.Da tarogi keda mada na cava soti sa cakava na Matanitu oqo ena 8 na yabaki veiliutaki koto kina.Au na sauma na taro oqori: 1. FREE EDUCATION - qo e oka kina o i kemuni na tu vaka nakoro ka sega na nomuni vurevure ni lavo sa sauma na matanitu na curucuru nei luvemu mai na primary -secondary school.2. FREE BUS FARE FOR STUDENTS AND THE ELDERLY- Na matanitu e sa sega ni tu vakawawa me sarasara me vaka o ira na liu,qo sa veisau sa dodoliga yani ka sauma na vodovodo nei luvemu sa nomui tavi ga mo vakarautaka na nona i sulu kei na vakasigalevu. Na vuna levu ni o ira na gone mai na yabaki 1-18yrs era wili tu me nona se taukeni mai na matanitu .3.COMPULSORY EDUCATION- esa gadrevi me torocake na vuli e Viti vakabibi veikeda na i-taukei baleta me da raica ka wilika na dina, me da kua ni lasutaki ka rawai na yaloda vakarawarawa me vaka e dau cakava o Butadroka ka se baci cakava koto o Tabaiwalu mai na Sodelpa. 4.IMPROVED ROAD CONDITIONS- NA matanitu qaqa vaka Roma se Roman Empire e vakavuna vakalevu na nona rawa ni veiqaravi vinaka vei ira na lewe ni vanua,makete taki na i voli,ka taqomaka vinaka na nona qele kei na i yau baleta ni ra taya e so na gaunisala rabailevu ka tuvaki vinaka. Me yaco mai nikua eso na gaunisala e ta oqoori e se vakayagataki tikoga oqo.5.DAM - e duri na i lati ni wai oqori me vukea na kena vakadrodroi na livaliva vei ira na wekada mai na colo kina yasayasa vaka Ra. Na otioti ni Dam e tara ena gauna ni Alliance Party oti oya sa qai mai duri tale oqo e dua,ka so tale sa tekivu tara tiko me vaka mai Taveuni.Sega ni vianakata walega na matanitu oqo mo ni vuli, ia , mo ni vuli vinaka me toro cake kina na bula vaka nakoro,matavuvale,lotu,vanua baleta ni sa ra tamata vuli na bose tiko ka sa dikevi kina na ca ni sauti na yaqona vakasivia.[ena qai tomani tale yani]

Anonymous said...

# 6. Kei na dinau levu e $7 na bilioni

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti, O qori nai tavi ga ni dua na matanitu me veiqaravi. E matalelevu ni sa yabaki ga ni veidigidigi qai buITA MAI OF kHAYUM KEI bHAI ESO NA KA ME DA mai bribetaki rawarawa tu kina na kai viti.

Koira sara ga ka soli tiko vei ira na free qo free ya. Era na qai sauma na dinau levu ka sa voleka ni bankrupt tu kina na matanitu qo.

Ke ko Tui Viti bau nanumi ira a nomu ena kena sa kau laivi na kaukauwa ni qele vei ira.

Ko Tui BOCI beka ga.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you @USP rot. VC Rajesh Chandra is forever boasting in the media about all the paper agreements and achievements. But he failed to stand up for a poor student with destitute mother. In fact, he participated in the student's persecution. This is the true measure of the small man and selfish person that he is.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more with you @USP rot. VC Rajesh Chandra is forever boasting in the media about all the paper agreements and achievements. But he failed to stand up for a poor student with destitute mother. In fact, he participated in the student's persecution. This is the true measure of the small man and selfish person that he is.

Anonymous said...



Khaiyum’s states that ownership of iTaukei land rights is not a problem as it is enshrined in the Bill of Rights.

Section 28 (Bill of Rights) is vague on processes on native land. Further he should note that native land can also be alienated under long -term leases.

In any case, what are the effects of placing native land protection under the Bill of Rights? What is the impact on the Native Lands Act, the Native Lands Trust Act and the NLC? What is the effect of the Land Bank Decree? Does it have adequate measures to safeguard and protect native landowner interests and later generations?

I also recall a decree issued by Mr Sayed-Khaiyum blocking all Deed of Cession claims.

What is the effect of this on legitimate landowner claims?

For example, the original Suva people moved to their current location to make way for public state use of their lands.

Today, these lands are being used for real estate purposes at market rates deviating from the original purpose. Who will correct this on-going injustice?

These questions need to be asked and addressed.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum seems to ignore the fact that section 185 of the 1997 Constitution no longer exists. Why was it removed? That section specifies that any changes to “entrenched legislation” thahis – Native Lands Act, Native Lands Trust Act, Fijians Affairs Act etc – must be approved by 9 of the 14 GCC (Bose Levu Vakaturaga) members of the Senate. The GCC members are nominated from the provinces and represent the native landowners of Fiji.

By removing Section 185, Mr Sayed-Khaiyum’s government has effectively rendered we, the native landowners, powerless over our own land.

This power, under the 2013 Constitution, now rests with the politicians in Parliament.

All these changes were made without the consent of we, the native landowners, and as such are totally unacceptable.

Worse, the changes were made by people we do not know or recognise. They were not made by the leaders we elected, nor were they made by our chiefs.

I urge all native landowners to read the changes carefully yourselves, analyse, discuss, share the knowledge and make a stand.

Mr Sayed-Khaiyum is not a native landowner, just another politician conducting just another political campaign.


Anonymous said...

@ Tui Viti..Sa rauta ga me ra bera levu tu ga nai taukei. Ka kecega me free. Free qo, free ya!. Liuliu vinaka ga o ira e ra solia free na ka. Na leqa Tui Viti, ni sega ni sauma o Bainimarama se o tamamu e dua na ka e solia free tiko na matanitu qo. E lako mai na nodra taga na dau saumi vakacavacava se public money!.Sa ca gona nio kana loto, ka o sega ni kana mai na buno ni yadremu. Na vei matanitu e liu era cakava kecega na veivakatotocaketaki, ia e ra monataki vinaka me kua ni sivia tu na dinau. O nanuma me na qai sauma o bumu na dinau. Kua ni mai vosa tiko vakaqaseqase nio masia tiko na ceke nei Bainimarama. Nomu i le e sega ni i le vou. Keimami sa kila kece tu nai lewei Viti ni ka kece o tukuna tiko e tarabu lawaki nei Bainimarama me volia kina na nodra digidigi na lewe Viti. Sa koya beka saka ya na noqu vosa ni veivakayaloqaqataki vei iko na Tui sonalevu!

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti
lako lai tomana i vale ni po nomu vesu mona

Anonymous said...

Sa rauta mada Tui Viti, keimami sa oca na rogoca na vakajikaji taki kei na lawaki

Tamai Tui Viti said...

Ni sa bula na noda. Sa voleka sara tiko mai na veidigidigi ka me da rai lesuva na ka e mai vakayacora o Bainimarama e na noda na bula nai taukei. E vinaka meda na tuvana na ka e mai cakava ka vakaleqa talega kina na nodra bula na dui kaikai e da sa mai wasea vata tiko na kalougata kei Viti. Qo ga e vica na ka au via vakananumi keda kina e na nona veiliutaki

1. Kaliraka na matanitu digitaki
2. Basuka ka bokoca na yavu ni vakavulewa
3. Solia e vuqa tutu lelevu vakamatanitu vei ira na sotia
4. Saumi koya kei na nona lasa o Khaiyum vakailoa
5. Tosoa vakasivia na kedrai sau na PS
6. Solia nai tutu lelevu e so vei iratou na nona lewe ni vale se wekana
7. Rulaki ira na turaga kei na marama bale ka kauta tani na GCC
8. Vakacakacakataki ira na Idia e na FHL kei na iTLTB ka dodonu me dabe ga kina nai taukei
9. Sogota na scholarship ni gonei taukei
10. Mai lasutaka na maroroi ni qele itaukei, baleta ni kila ni da sega nida na vaqaqa nai taukei ni da dau rawai rawarawa tu ga enai talanoa ucu maiduru
11. Lutu na nodra mai dola bisinisi mai vanua tani
12. Ra lako vakaiyauyau na tamata vuli vinaka i valagi ni sa torosobu tiko ga na vakatagedegede ni kedrai sau me vakatautauvatani kei ratou na matanitu dau butako qo.
13. Mai veisautaka na nona vosa ni vuaviri, ni na sega ni dua na lewe ni mataivalu e na veiliutaki vakamatanitu se me na taura na i tutu ni PM
14. Tubu vakalialia na dinau ni matanitu
15. Vakasaurarataki ira na lewe ni vanua e ra sega ni duavata kei na matanitu qo
16. Sogota na nodra dodonu na dau ripote kei ira na dau walesi
E vuqa tale na ka e na rawa ni da vakadeuca

Qo na Viti e solia vei keda o Bainimarama
Kua ni da lasutaki e na veivakatorocaketaki e mai cakava.
Nai lavo ni veivakatorocaketaki e ilavo ni matanitu ka e ilavo e dinautaki talega mai valagi me da rawa ni da mai waini kina.
Ni nanuma na wekada, ni da muria na gaunisala dodonu e na savasava ka kalougata na veivakatorocaketaki
Ni nanuma vinaka na noda ni BUTAKOCA na veiliutaki o Bainimarama
Na vuaviri kece ea mai yaco e mai vakaleqai keda tikoga na itaukei, e na sega talega ni duidui na kena qo
Na veivakatorocaketaki e mai sakitaka tiko o Bainimarama e vakaiyalayala ga ka ena sega ni kauta mai vei keda na bula galala kei na sautu.
Na lotu vakarisito e sega ni vakavulici keda meda tokona na gaunisala cala me rawa kina na lomada me vaka e cakava o Bainimarama, Rabuka kei Speight
Ni yalovinaka nai taukei meda sa vuli mai na cala ni veigauna sa oti, ka meda maroroya na noda vanua.
E dua ga na Viti! Kara mai tawana na noda qase me baleti keda. Me da kakua ni vakalusia na noda digidigi vua e dua na daubutako. Digitaka nai liuliu e sega ni vakairogorogo e na VUAVIRI. Digitaka na dina, savasava kei na dodonu.

Anonymous said...

tuiviti caiti tukamu

Anonymous said...

Sa dua na Tui Viti qiqo ka veilecayaki na Tui ka comment toka e cake. Na noda bula me na qanita na draki ni bula ena bulataka tiko. E sega ni dua na ka e FREE, e saumi kece. Ko nanuma e kau mai vei na I lavo ni veivakatorocaketaki ko vakaraitaka toka mai oqori? Na kena I sau sa vakaraitaki toka ena 7 na bilioni dinautaki. Ko iko, luvemu kei Ira na makubumu ko ni na sauma lesu ki na veivanua ka dinautaki mai kina. Ko Viti e malumalu sara na nona gaunisala ni saasaumi, sa kena I balebale oqori ni na tauri na nomu qele me saumi kina me vaka sa cakava tiko oqori na matanitu nei Bai. Yalo vinaka mo taro vei Ira na nomu tamata vulica na economics, ko iko e vaka ko bula tu ga mai freebies. Sa dua na Tui vutulaki o kemuni.

Kalavo Nei Tui Viti said...

O Bainimarama na tamata lasulasu, lawaki ca.
Na walu na yabaki ni nona veiliutaki, e sega ni veisautaka na noda bula na kawa itaukei e na butu rara ni bisinisi, teitei, kei na vuli. E da vakaisinitaki tu ga baleta ni da dau yalovinaka ke rawai rawarawa
Na opportunity e solia raraba e taketetaka ga na nodra torocake na dui kaikai e ra sa mai lewe ni vanua. Ni kua ni lialia na noda.


Vusi nei Tui Viti said...

Tui Viti.. Lako lai vakaqara tale e dua na matanitu e free kece kina naka.
Keimami sega ni via bula e na dinau.
Bau vulica ni sega ni dua na ka e na vuravura qo e free - e dua e na sauma na ka kece o tukuna kece tiko qori ni free

Keu solia me nomu na noqu vale, e sega ni kenai balebale ni a free mai vei au na vale. Au a sauma ni bera ni soli vei iko.
Baleta nio Tui kanaloto, au bese ni solia me nomu na vale lol!

All Hail Bainimarama said...

So, some faggot loses his scholarship, but it gets reinstated. Big F-in deal!

Stop making mountains out of molehills.

Anonymous said...

If CCF could do such a survey, why can't ot do a survey regarding voter preferences? Why can't it sponsor a debate between the candidates for the purpose of voter education?

Anonymous said...

..Would you care if Bainimarama uses public money for his campaign?
..If he paid himself a hefty salary of public money for robbing the country, would you vote for him?
..If he tortured you, for speaking out against him, would you vote for him?
..If he foul mouthed your Chief, would you vote for him?
..If he gave away a government position that you deserved to his military henchman or relative, would you vote for him?
..If he fails to disclose his salary which is your right as a tax payer, would you vote for him?
..If you are faced with an early retirement, would you vote for him?
.. If you've lost a large chunk of your superannuation, would you vote for him?
..If he targetted your religion, would you vote for him?
..He lied about any military personnel benefitting from the coup, would you still vote for him?

The list of question is non - exhaustive.
Add your own, and decide whether he is right for Fiji!.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Korovou's party wasn't registered. Fiji doesn't need yet another party. We need to unite behind one party to unseat Bainimarama. As things have shaped up, SODELPA is obviously the party behind which we must unite.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 8:08 PM

If the alternative was worse, would you vote for him?

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti, me sa veisautaki na yacamuni ki na Tui Macawa. Sa laurai vei kemuni na kanakana loto, vakavuvuli nei tamamu ko sa tosoa sara tiko vei ira beka na luvemu. Kauta laivi sara, kemami sega ni macawa vakataki kemuni. Na veika o ni tukuna toka mai oqori e I tavi kece ni veimatanitu ka sega ni FREE. Keimami sauma kece taxpayers. Ia na bilioni sa dinautaki me mai tomani kina na freebies, drau na sauma beka kei tamamuni? Sa vaka me sa curuma tu na nomuni dra tabu na kana loto, sa rauta mada Ratu na butuki keda sobu tiko na nomuni tamata. Me da bula tiko ena buno ni yadreda, but not through endless credits from somewhere. Yalo vinaka kauta laivi ki vale ni po na vakamacala boi dada oqori. Baci vei na Vanua o ni baci free grog toka kina oqori... se namu beer jiko? Oilei ko Tui Boci.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 8.08..
If the alternative has a defect worse than treason then I will surely vote for him!
That is the best starting point!

Sa Malo said...

@ 6.57PM Tamai Tui Viti vinaka vakalevu na cereka tiko na dina. Me cegai tiko yani e matadra na sapotas nei BaiAyarse na nodrau I valavala butobuto- WANANAVU!

Too Clever By Half said...

Mohammed Saneem really stepped in it this time. By ruling that Fiji First is different from Fiji 1, he inadvertently left the door open for the registration of a second party with a name very similar to the regime's party. Oops!

Anonymous said...

What defects are worse than those of a murderer, torturer, and traitor who is also a stupid and corrupt thug?

Anonymous said...

Nayagodamu Korovou should register his party as Fiji 1.

Anit Singh should re-register his party as Fiji First and campaign in a blue bus.

Under these circumstances, Bainimarama's party, Fiji 1st, can keep the name it stole.

The Heckler said...

Aha! At last I understand what may have happened with the Fiji Sun and Tebbutt polls. Asked their preferences for PM, the respondents thought they were voting for Anit Singh or Nayagodamu Korovou, not Frank Bainimarama!

Anonymous said...


mark manning said...

They could have used "youthful" or "Kava Party"!

Anonymous said...

..Bainimarama raised debt levels with his reckless spending, would you still vote for him?
..He surrounds himself with security detail unrivaled by any other PM, would you still vote for a coward?
..He rewards himself with a promotion after his retirement, would you vote for him if he is not making any sense?
..He congratulates the new Indian PM, leader of the largest democracy, would you still vote for him despite destroying democracy?
..if he shuts down your reporting, would you still vote for him?
..If he provides your sick children with deteriorating and ill equipped hospitals, would you still vote for him?
..Would you vote for him, if he leaves your children
enormous debt levels to pay for?
..He rewarded his killer brother-in-law with a top government job that should have been yours, would you still vote for him?
.. He called "old" politicians corrupt yet has some in his own team, would you vote for a liar?
..He re-writes the constitution and forges our consent, would you still vote for him?
..The coup was declared illegal in 2009, yet Bainimarama refused to yield, would you vote for someone who refuses to be corrected?

Vote against coups and the lies that follow

Tomasi Waimakare said...

Vinaka vakalevu Tui Viti.
Gonei sa dodonu mo kla na duidui ni mataqali matanitu e tu e vuravura.
Na matanitu e dau vakayagataka na kaukauwa ni dakai (Coup) e liutaka na Dictator, e warai ni muria na system ni Democracy curuma yani na veitabana vakamatanitu, kau yani kina cabinet qai salavata na veivakadonui ni CEO ni lavo. Io, o Voreqe vatakei Khaiyum rairai drau tiko talega i loma, e warai ni muria na gaunisala dodonu vakacakacaka vaka democracy.Sa rauta me kua ni vakaraitaki na itukutuku vakailavo ni ni Matanitu me dau dikeva, vakadeitaka na Auditor General. Se keimami waraka tiko la oqo Tui Viti. Sa vavei sa rawa ni drau tukuna vei rau me rau vakaraitaka mada oti meda qai veitalanoa. Na Matanitu oqo sa Matanitu la nei Ta. Na ka la o dou lewa sa donu la sa caka, sa veitalia na gaunisala vakacakacaka vakamatanitu o koya e laki vulici mai Laucala (USP). Ena qai yati ga mai na colo Tui Viti. Kevaka sa kaya o rau na nomu iliuliu ni sa rau donu ia, ena gauna mada oqo, ena itukutuku ni veigauna na Matanitu oqo, esa dua na matanitu rerere ni vakaritaka na nona itukutuku ni veiqaravi ena 8 na yabaki sa oti. Kaya vakaoqo o Arirau, Sa seva na idea sa kalamu na kuro. Sa seva na idea ni sa sogota na gusu ni dakai na $$$$$,

Anonymous said...

TUI VITI.. vakacava me vutuki iko mada ko Degei kei Dakuwaqa qai vakatinitini yani ko Moro

O Bainimarama e buatkoci keda tiko, o sa sega tiko ni vakila ni sa coba tu vei iko na vudi levu ya.

Suomynona said...

Since NYP is quite a poor party in regards to how the other parties are well funded, the lone independent herself roshika is being rammed left, right, and center by doubters and a whole lot of death threats and other similar deeds.

Politics doesn't get anymore interesting than this.

Anonymous said...

Vosa ga Tui Viti. Kua ni via kauwaitaki ira na yavu tamata sona lelevu era vosa tiko eke baleta nodra vosa ena tiko ga ena blog sa yaco sara tu ga e kea.

Mera tarogi mada se cava sara mada e sa bau cakava e nodra bula se matavuvale na Bose vaturaga ra tagica tiko qo me kau lesu mai.Ku

The GCC or the Great council of thieves has only one member left which is Sitiveni Rabuka who is a life member.

Anonymous said...

@ Tui Viti kei ira kece na sapota ulukau nei Bainisona "Striving for success without hard work is like trying to harvest where you haven't planted" - David Bly (politician).

Now see if you numbnuts can decipher and fathom that. If you can't, io dou laki vitauri dagger sara i na keba. Vicai na koro

Anonymous said...

Decalre your salary Khayium before and after 2006.
2006 Colonial was paying you $55,000.
After the coup the salary has gone to over $1 million.
Why the salary is done by your aunty Nur Bano?
You think civil servants are fool to vote for you!
The Permanent Secretary are paid over $200,000 while civil servants are paid peanuts in comparison!
All civil servants voting for other political parties and not for stolen party FF.
All assets for Khayium must be frozen and ceased after the election.

Anonymous said...

Korovou took the easy way out cos he supports Bainimarama. He should've fought the regime and do what Anit Singh and co are doing. Also, NYP was launched on basis of youth support - I would think youth feel a little bit confused and used.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti.....free....you mosquito....freak.

Anonymous said...

baleta beka ni blog o baci vakamakama ga qai mai boko..waqaca tale jiko yani.
Cava sa baci caka jiko qori....
Au rogoca ni ko sa dua tu vei ira na volunteer!!!Tu ga na Bai qai wawa tu na ka e viri mai vei iko o Bai kei Bhaiyum...lol Tui Viti vinaka na vakamakama....lol

Banned without trace said...

What happened to my posting VOTE FOR SODOM-ELPA? Removed but without the usual disclosure that it has been removed by a blog administrator. Well, well. Coup 4.5 is now manipulating public debate in precisely the same way that it accuses the regime of doing. It's called censorship. Shame on you.

Anonymous said...

Ni bula na noda, vakabibi vei Tui Viti kei Anon 4.22am

Au via vakayadra yani vei kemuni o ni tu e na koro. E vica na taro e vinaka me da taroga e na lomada ni se bera na veidigidigi e na Seviteba

..Kevaka e butakoca na matanitu o Bainimarama, e na donu beka me digitaki?
.. Kevaka e saumi koya tiko vakailoa ka sega ni vakaraitaka na dina vei ira na saumi vakacavacava, o na digitaki koya li?
..Kevaka e vakamavoataki ira era vakatututaka na nona veiliutaki, o na digitaki koya li?
..Ke solia nai tutu vakamatanitu vei ratou na wekana ka dodonu me nomu, o na digitaki koya li?
..Ke solia na i tutu lelevu vakamatanitu vei ira na sotia, ka dodonu me soli ve iko, o na digitaki koya li?
..Kevaka e binia tu na dinau me ra sauma o ira na luveda e na veigauna mai muri, o na digitaki koya li?
..E a sereki ka solia vei tavalena (Peter Kean) nai tutu vaka PS ni matanitu e a dodonu me nomu, o na digitaki koya li?
..Mai vakacacana vakalevu nai tuvaki ni veiqaravi e na tabana ni bula na nona vuaviri, o na digitaki koya kevaka e mate vakasakasaka e dua na nomu lewe ni matavuvale?
..Mai totogitaka na lotu Waisale e na nona tu taka na dina kei na dodonu ni kawai taukei, o na digitaki koya li?
..Ea rulaki ira na marama kei na turaga bale ni noda vanua e na gauna ni vuaviri, o na digitiaki koya li?
..E vakataberi ira na Idia e na FHL kei na iTLTB ka dodonu me dabe ga kina nai taukei, o na digitaki koya li?
..E a usumaka mai na nona lawa ni vakavulewa ni bera ni da solia na veivakadonui na lewe ni vanua, o na digitaki koya li?
..E taqomaki koya kei ira na nonai lawalawa e na lawa ni vakavulewa me rawa ni ra cakava ga naka e ra vinakata, ona digitaki koya li?
.. E a lewa na mataveilewai e na 2009 ni cala vakalawa na nona vuaviri, ia ea sega ni via rogoca, ona digitaka e dua e sega ni via vakadodonutaki?
.. E a tukuna e na dua na gauna sa oti ni sega na nona veivakabauti vei ira na lewe ni vanua, e dodonu beka me da vakadinati koya kevaka sa vaka tu oa na nona vakarau ni vakasama?


Na vuaviri e sega ni gaunisala ni veidigidigi. E sega ni kilai e na noda bula na kawai taukei na veikove i tutu e na gusu ni dakai.
Ni da qarava na kalou bula, e na sega nida na tokona na butako kei na lasu.
Ni yalovinaka na wekada, o Bainimarama e lako wavoki tiko me vaka e dua na olifa dau kata ka vakaisulu e na vutika ni sipi. Se dua tale na kenai voavosa " e lako voli me vaka na agilosi ni rarama me vakacalai ira e ra sa digitaki"

Ni moce na veiwekani! Qai tomani tale yani

High Tea said...

Three questions for you to ponder:

1) Does anyone believe for one moment that the student would have lost his scholarship due to his political activity had he been campaigning for Bainimarama?

2) Is not justice the chief end of government?

3) is the Bainimarama regime just?

Anonymous said...

Sobo - sa mavoa tale o Tui Vutu vosota Tui Viti aka raturala kisoko

Anonymous said...

news Alert!
Fijian shot dead in Fruitridge, Sacramento, US at noon today Mon 9th. A scholarship student to the US and a prominent track athlete.Also played rugby in the Sacto area.

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.46pm ..What has that got to do with politics?

Tamai Tui Viti said...

@ High Tea said...
Answers to your three questions

1) Does anyone believe for one moment that the student would have lost his scholarship due to his political activity had he been campaigning for Bainimarama?

NO, Bainimarama would not allow any of his stooges to be victimised.
Remember the tortured prisoners?

2) Is not justice the chief end of government?

YES, TRUE justice is the end of government, not one that is used to manipulate the masses

3) is the Bainimarama regime just?

A good starting point is to look back at his history
Justice must prevail no matter what the circumstance. Justice in the context of the Bainimarama regime is a moving target.

Anonymous said...

@Banned without trace.. did you press the "publish your comment" icon..Stop whining! Why don't you re-post it! Jeez!!

All Hail Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ All Hail Bainimarama at 4:01 PM

You probably were so focussed on trying to find the right swear word that you lost sight of what you wanted to write. So, through your own confusion you did not click the correct buttons. As a result of your mistakes you blame this website and then use profanity and obscenity at it. Thus, by some super human power, you were not permitted to post your foolishness.

Tui Viti said...

Na Coup ni 2006 e coup me tarovi kina na Coup se via Coup tiko e Viti.E da sega ni taleitaka kece na Coup,dina se lasu? Lasu!!Coup o Rabuka ena 1987 support taucoko na kai Viti vakavo ga o ratou na vica mai Western ka tokoni Bavadra.1. O cei vakavuna na 1987Coup-GCC, ka kenai liuliu o TuMa, matana taka or TuSiti.2. Coup na 2000 o cei vakavuna - GCC Tale, liutaka o TuNai.matana taka-TuJo se TuSpe.3. Coup na 2006 o cei vakavuna TuQara, matanataka TuBai na vuna ni sa sega ni muria o TuQa na veidinadinati taumada [Muanikau Accord] ni bera na veidigidigi.Na veidinadinati oya me ra vesu,vesu taucoko o ira na tokona,sapota,vakailavo taka,monataka,soli vakasala taka,qai cava,sega,vakacala kece vakadua o TuQa na veidinadinati oqori.Bale li vei cei? Dua na taro vinaka.Sa tagi na vanua,sa ra tagi na turaga kei na marama baleta ni sa sivia na lomakocokoco,viavialevu kei na veidabui vei iratou na lewena na matanitu ni SDL.Ni tekivu soko na nodratou waqa e maqosa ka mua vinaka i wai ia sega ni dede vakalailai sa voravora na wasawasa,sara takiveinodra na leweni waqa.o kavetani sa sasaga me kena ga kei na nona matavuvale na ika lelevu ka sa guilecavi ira na wawa tiko e vanua.IO SA KENAI RAIRAI BEKA OYA,SA MANI VAKATAUCA KINA NA NONA I TOTOGI O TUI VITI ME VUAVIRI NA QAQA MAI KIUVA,BAU,TAILEVU.E VUQA E BECA NA TURAGA OQO,IA,NAI VOLATABU E MATATA DEIVAKI TU KINA NI NA NODA KALOU E DAU VAKAYAGATAKA NA KA E BECI ME VAKADRUKA NA QAQA. E A VAKAYAGATAKA E DUA NA CAURAVOU DAU VAKATAWA SIPI NO GA,BECI MAI VEI IRATOU NA TUAKANA- ME VAQIQICA NA TUWAWA MAI SABETO KEI FILISITIA NA YACANA O KOLIACI.BANG CALIDI E DUA,SEGA TALE NI RUA E DUA GA ,ONE SHOT,ONE HIT,ONE KILL,BULLSEYE.IA QORI NA I YALOYALO E VAKARAITAKA KOTO NA QAQA MAI KIUVA OQO.E vica na qaqa e ra sa mai veirulaki voli, lako mada lei tea na kemu tapi,dalo kei na uvi qai mai vosa vei au me tautauvata na level ni nodaru veivosaki.Lai qaqa mada mai na nomu were ka sa susu namu tiko oqori e vale qai mai vosa tale eke vei au,kusa.KIVEI TAMAQU, THAITI IKO,SA SIVIA NA NOMU GUNU YAQONA SA VAKA MAI NA YAGO NI DUA NA TIVOLI TAVU NA KULIMU, SA KO GUILECA NA VAKANA PUAKA,TEI TAPI KEI NA WERE NA LOGA NI UVI.SA KO KABITA LO GA NA TANOA QARAUNA DE NA QAI KASERE E KESUMU NA TANOA OQORI NI KO MOCE ENA BOGI.

Anonymous said...

Sa laurai na vosa nei Tui Vutu na qaravi tevoro kai na nona laulau vutu vei Moro kei Degei sa segai ni kina na dina se lasu .....sa vaka e vosa tu e dua na Bete ni curuma tu nona sona o Moro

Anonymous said...

Vinaka Vinaka Tui Viti sa yaga tiko na "Free Life" ....sona vuce

Tui Viti said...

O Moro kei Degei? O qori o rau na qauri qase mai nomu koro. Sa dua na ka na nomu cavuta tiko mai na yacadrau na qauri oqori me da mai rerevaka se cava.E cava e rau dau vakarerevaki tiko mai nomu koro,ia talai rau mai vei au, me rau sotava na moto bitu gata ni vulolo e na bogi.E dau tukuna o Talatala Naka ni orau oqori na nodra qauri na qauri qase era dau qaravi.Sa bogi vica oqo au waraki rau na qauri oqori erau sega ni basika e noqu matadravu.Talai rau mai,mai,talai rau mai na qaqa mai nomudou qori me rau na raica na kunea!!Me rau tadra mada na 'Cagi batabata ni wasavulu' ni bera ni lai toni e boto ni sau loa vei 'Taukei qara ni sau na dra buno'

Anonymous said...

The people are waiting for Bainimarma and Kahyium to declare their salary and assets before 2006 and after.

Anonymous said...

Isa o Tui Vutu sa oca saraga na vakacucu vei kaiyum
maumau wale na vosa!!

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti
na cakaca o cakava tiko e vei bogi? masi dakai? bau cakava e so na ka yaga sa rauta mada na masivolo keina kana loto ukomu

High Tea said...

Don't be surprised to find that I-Pac Communications at Clarendon House has a direct-access wire, or pipe, in Vodafone's central data centre or in one of its local exchanges or switches.

With the help of the Chinese, the regime can probably intercept traffic on its way into the data centre, parsing conversations before deciding which to route to the regime operator.

To its credit, Vodafone is calling for all direct-access pipes to be disconnected, and for the laws that make them legal to be amended. All states should publish annual data on the number of warrants issued, the company argues.

Vodafone has already revealed that the regime has issued several hundreds of warrants to demand its information, and a single warrant can target hundreds of individuals and devices.

Given the regime's thuggery, absolute control, lack of accountability, paranoia and documented use of operators to monitor the content of emails sent from cyber cafes, I seriously doubt that only metadata is being collected.

This is not counter-espionage or counter-terrorism work being performed on behalf of the rgime. These are anti-democratic activities aimed by an unelected regime against patriotic Fijians seeking to exercise their civil rights and to restore our liberties.

Anonymous said...

The leader of the People’s Democratic Party, Felix Anthony stressed that no one can take the union out of him however there are no plans in place to reserve the National Secretary’s post for the Fiji Trades Union Congress for him.

Anthony resigned as FTUC National Secretary on May 2nd to contest the general elections.

Fiji Public Service Association General Secretary, Rajeshwar Singh is the current Acting National Secretary of FTUC.

Questions have been raised on why a person has not been appointed to the FTUC position and whether plans are in place to reserve the post for Felix Anthony just in case the general election does not go his way.

Acting Prime Minister, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum also questioned last week why some positions in trade unions vacated by such trade unionists have been filled in acting capacity and not permanently.

He asked whether this is being done because they have not really left, and want to still maintain control.

Anthony has rejected the suggestions.

...Please log in with a valid account to access attached audio content...

Felix Anthony also said the permanent appointment for the FTUC National Secretary’s post will be done in due course.

...Please log in with a valid account to access attached audio content...

Acting National Secretary of FTUC, Rajeshwar Singh has refused to comment on the matter.

Anonymous said...

What business is it of Khaiyum, acting PM or not, what FTUC decides to do with its National Secretary position or how it decides to handle any other internal union affair, for that matter?

Khaiyum should occupy himself with his own resignation, either as Minister for Elections or as General Secretary of Fiji 1st, as continuing in both is a clear conflict of interest and cannot but call into grave doubt the integrity of the elections.

He should also occupy himself with making a full disclosure of his assets, in Fiji and abroad, in accordance with the decree he himself authored. His Aunty Nor has had plenty of time to fabricate the record by now, so why the delay?

Anonymous said...

Rajeshwar Singh is only in the acting role for Felix Anthony at FTUC. These two need to be investigated. Rajeshwar Singh and Felix collided when Felix was a board member for FNPF. Rajeshwar Singh ended up buying land at Momi Bay. These two have enjoyed overseas trip every second month carrying huge per diem while their members are struggling.

What about the chor Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA who is colluding with contractors of FPSA to make money. Every contractor working on the FPSA building for maintenance work is seen working at his home in Vuncakeca Road, Namadhi Heights or at several properties that he owns..
Extreme Construction – Manoj an Indian national and Rajeswar colluded and made money on several work that was taken by Manoj who has absconded to Vanuatu in fear of investigation. Manoj’s company record at FRCA and FNPF show that no local was employed. How then several work was given to Manoj by Rajeshwar SIngh at FPSA.
Rajeshwar and Manoj colluded and opened a business in the name of U Tech Institute at level 8 Honson Building to teach I.T. About 90 students were brought from India and US$5700 was charged to every student for tuition fees alone to teach simple courses like Certificate in Computing. This was a major scam where Rajeshwar Singh was a silent partner. The students were mostly from rural Indian who were fooled to come to Fiji.
The Indian students had complained to the Immigration and Higher Commission but nothing had happened. Even the Indian High Commission is aware but no help was given to the students to recover their money.
Now the same operation has moved to VANUATU where Rajeshwar Singh had visited last year.
Last year Rajesh colluded with Nagin from Sherani & Company ( FPSA) lawyer which a conflict of interest to buy a house together at Wilkson Road, Dominion.The FPSA contractors and staff were used to do all the work at the house.
Nagin also did the transfer of land at Momi Bay for Rajeshwar Singh.
Rajeshwar Singh was paid $40,000 as commission when FPSA Credit Union bought the building opposite FPSA head office. He made this deal with Rohit of R. Hooker.

The Bainimarama government must really clean up the unions as some unionists have been with the unions for so long. The way is to investigate their dealings and charge them.
The AG. Mr Khayium and Fiji Independent Against Corruption should investigate such unionists and charge them. Most of the unionists in Fiji have abused the members money and Rajeshwar Singh is one of them.

Tamai Tui Viti said...

Ni bula vinaka tale na noda vakabibi vei Tui Viti na luvequ lomani
E vica ga na ka au via tuvana yani moni nanuma vinaka na noda ni da vakanamata tiko yani ena veidigidigi sa toso voleka tiko mai:

..matai..E sega ni rawa ni yalani na coup e na dua tale na coup me vaka e vakaraitaka tiko na noqu ulumatua o Tui Sonalevu, me vaka ni sega ni rawa ni vakadodonutaki e dua na cala e na dua tale na cala. Oa na vakasama e dau tau mai vei ira na daubutako me ra vakadonuya kina na nodra cala
.. Na coup e na 1987 ea vakayacora na mataivalu, ka ra sega nira cola dakai na turaga kei na marama bale ni noda vanua i palimedi. Qo na lasu e mai tukuna tiko o ira nai lala nei Bainimarama
..2000 ratou cola dakai i palimedi na CRW unit ni mataivalu, sega ni dua na marama se turaga bale e lako me laki kovea na matanitu
..2006 sa baci dua tale nai lakolako ni cola dakai ki palimedi. O cei tale? Mataivalu ga.
E sega kina ni da vakabekataka kina ni mataivalu ga e ratou vinakata tiko na veiliutaki, ka ratou soli ulubale tiko ni ratou vinakata me tu sautu nai taukei se me vaka na vuaviri nei Bainimarama, me sautu na vanua. Ni taroga mada se ena gauna cava sa yacovi Viti kina e dua na leqa levu, ka ganita kina me caka e dua na vuaviri?
Vakaraitaka tiko o Tui Sonalevu ni o koya na qaqa mai Kiuva ea vakatawa sipi voli ga ni bera ni vakaqiqici Koliaci. Vica ga na ka au via vakaraitaka e na tikina oa:
..Nai vakatawa ni sipi oya, ea sega ni liutaka e dua na mataivalu ni bera ni vakaqiqici Koliaci
..Nai vakatawa ni sipi, ea sega ni kovea nai tutu ni veiliutaki
..Nai vakatawa ni sipi ea sega ni saumi koya ena milioni ni qiqi oti o Koliaci
..Nai vakatawa ni sipi ea sega ni usuraki koya yani e nai tutu ni veiliutaki, ia ea lumuti koya na Kalou
.. Nai vakatawa ni sipi ea sega ni bokoca na lawa ni matanitu me rawa ni taqomaki koya kei ira na nona i lawalawa, baleta ni taqomaki koya ga na kalou
.. Nai vakatawa ni sipi ea sega ni rulaki ira na nona qase
..Nai vakatawa ni sipi, ea sega ni dinau vakalialia ni qiqi oti o Koliaci.
..Nai vakatawa ni sipi ea sega ni dau vakasaurarataki ira na lewe ni vanua
O ni na qai sema nai talanoa ni vakatawa ni sipi qaqa oa ka vakadeuca se rawa ni vakatatauvatani kei Bainimarama me vaka e vakaraitaka tiko na kesu vaceke o Tui Viti.
Na veitokoni e yaco e nai matai ni vuaviri e yaco ni ra lasutaki na kawa itaukei, vaka kina nai karua ni vuaviri. Koya qo na vuna ena sega tale ni dua nai taukei e na taqea rawa tale e dua na lasu ka lako mai vei ira na bavulu, daulaba mai na keba.
Ni qarauna na noda me da kakua ni rawai rawarawa e nai vadi duka nei Bainimarama. Meu tukuna mo ni rogoca ni o Bainimarama e sega ni VAKATAWA NI SIPI EA VAKAQIQICI KOLIACI, IA E OLIFA DAUKATA E VAKAISULU TU E NA VUTIKA NI SIPI!
Kivei Tui Viti, au via vakananumi iko yani e na ka au a vakatavuvulitaka vei iko mai vale. Au raica ni o sa lai lasama ka mocera tiko na qase ni Kiuva ka o sega ni raica ni sa dua tiko na watina lotu Musulimi. Vakacava mo raica e dua e rawa ni tutaka na dina, dodonu kei na savasava. Sega ni oa e na dei kina nomu bula vakawati? Au kerea mo se tei kakua mada ni laustaki keimami tiko e na nomu sa lai lasa tiko i tuba.
Nanuma tiko nio lesu mai, lesu tiko mai vata kei na nomui yaya. Kevaka e sega o na kau mera vakavutuki iko o ira na turaga ni Korea e na wavu

Ni moce mada na noda! Ni kalougata tiko ka meda masulaki Tui Viti me rawa ni yali tani vua na wai gaga nei Bainimarama
Me qai tomani tale yani

Tamai Tui Viti said...

Noqu vakamamasu vei iko Tui soresore levu. Nomu lasu sa rui matailelevu.
..Sega ni dua e tagi e na vuku ni vuaviri baleta na kocokoco. O cei e dau tagi baleta ni kocokoco? O bumu mai vei tinamu?
E mosi vei keimami nai itaukei na neimami sautu vakavanua ka vakakina vakamatanitu
Na leqa e tiko ni oni sa via liuliu kecega o kemuni na tokona tiko na vuaviri ka sa yaco kina mo ni raici ira levu kina na noda dauveiliutaki dina vakapolitiki.
Nai liuliu vakapolitiki e tu na nodra dodonu e nai sau kei na kena veika vinaka e sema kina, ka virikotori tu vakalawa. Na leqa tiko ni o ni via lai waisea talega na ka e baleti ira ga.
Vakacava mo ni marautaka ga na ka sa dui soli veikeda?
E tu ga na gainisala mo ni muria kevaka oni vinakata na veiliutaki, gole mai e na koro mai vakadewataka vei keimami na ka o rawa ni cakava me toso cake kina na bula. Sega nio tauri dakai, qai laki butakoca na matanitu!
Nanuma vinaka tiko nai vakasala qo. Kakua ni tokona tiko na basu lawa me vaka tiko e dua na tidoloko, rikarika sega ni kila na vanua e tau kina

Anonymous said...

@Tui Viti
O sa vakavu dredre sara ga kei na nomu vakanananu.
Sa cudru o Ta.
Lesu i vale drau lai lose mada.
Vinaka na veivakalasai....lol

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:11 AM, are your bosses in the regime so afraid now that they want to go after Felix Anthony again? If anyone deserves to be investigated, it is Bainimarama and Khaiyum, the very people to whom you're appealing.

Daniel Urai said...

Felix Anthony you were on board with Bai/khai and you know you were the worst out of the three of you and you have that arrogant attitude,the way you talk when you destroyed our workers right and crippled the Union.....shame on you and FLP and now what PDP is to offer you sucker..!!!!

Anonymous said...

Tamai Tui Viti
Sobo lomana na luvemu.......kua ni rubelaki koya ....luvata ga na nona tarausese ka taubale taki koya vakanadaku vei Moro na tuwawa qaqa ni Beqa

Anonymous said...

If anything, Bainimarama would have cashed in on the involvement of Tamani Jone as an example of youth being proactive!

Anonymous said...

Felix Anthony is having his own personal agenda. He should have worked together rather then dividing the workers. He wants to become the leader. PDP will be completely wiped at the election.
When is FTUC calling for the election for General Secretary
vacated by Felix Anothony or is it really reserved for Felix Anthony.

Anonymous said...


...ni rogoca na lewe ni vanua...na nona lewa na Kalou esa yaco. E dina ni sega ni noda lewa na lewe ni vanua nona mai taura vakaukauwa ko Ratu Voreqe nai tutu ni vei liutaka ena noda vanua lomani ko Viti. Koya nai tuva tuva ni Kalou. Eda vakabauta nai volatabu. Eda vakabauta talega ni veika esa mai yaco, e nona lewa ga na Kalou. Na veika meda vakatataro kina, na cava beka e lomana na Kalou, me solia vei keda e dua na turaga e levu sara na ka vakaloloma e mai vakayacora vei keda na lewe ni vanua, vaka kina e levu sara na veika e nanumi ni kauta mai na vinaka kei na veivakatorecake taki. Meda vaka vinavinaka taka na Kalou, esa tuvana tu mai liu na vanua e mua taki keda jiko kina. Kevaka e nanuma na turaga PM Voreqe ni o koya e Kavitani, me vaka ga na vei timi ni qito, se kavitani ni waqa, ena yaco ga mai na kena gauna me veisau. Nida sa volekata jiko yani na gauna ni veidigidigi, na gauna oqo meda rai vua na Kalou, meda masulaka ni na solia na Kalou na vinaka kei na loloma. Ko Viti ena sega tale ni lesuva e dua na bula eda dau bula taka mai liu. Ena toso jikoga ki liu. Dou kalougata na lewe ni vanua.

Tamai Tui Viti said...

Tui Viti na luvequ..nanuma nio a sucu mai eya dodonu mo maqe baleta ni a lai lasama tiko na maqe ni Kiuva o Tinamu...
Tovolea mo lesu mai vei Ta mo bau mai vulica kina e so na i vakavuvuli vakatamata mo rawa ni manoa kina.
Na demu e se boi levu tu ga qo! Vosota niu na kerei iko mo na mai rakuta me bau so tu kina na cagi savasava e na nodatou matadravu!
E na qai tomani tale yani, e na wa livaliva ni veivosaki qo.
Au sa loloma tu yani vua na nomu lasa i tuba o "BAI NO CAI"

Anonymous said...

What everybody has overlooked with this topic is the letter.

"After much consideration"

So "much consideration" was undertaken by whom, a bunch of monkeys?

Tamai Tui Viti said...

@ Kalounidraki..
Au vakabauta nio sega ni vulica tiko na nomui volatabau
Na vuaviri e sega ni inaki vaKalou, Ocei e vakavulici iko e na lasu qo? Sa mamau dina na nodra gole mai na daukaulotu ni sa vatuqori na vakasama.
Na Kalou e Kalou ni Sautu kei na loloma. O sa guileceva ni tiko talega na vuni ca o Setani ka dau temaka na tamata me vakayacora nai tovo vakasisila me vaka e vakayacora o Bainimarama.
E kila tu na Kalou na veika e yaco, ia nai valavaka ni tamata e nona digidigi vakatabakidua.
Ea sega ni vosa vei Bainimarama na Kalou me taura vakakaukauwa na matanitu. Oya na nona i vadi ca ga me vaka sa yavalata kina na lomana na vunica
Nida sucu e nai valavala ca, e sega ni dua na ka e vinaka e na rawa ni vu mai vei keda, vakavo keda vakarautaka na noda digidigi e na ka e vinakata na Kalou. Na Kalou e sega ni Kalou ni butako
Keimami sa kila kece na lewei Viti nisa mai yaco na ka sa mai yaco, ia e na sega ni tarova na neimami kailavaka yani na veivakaisini nei Baimnimarama
O iko Kalounida..o vakaisini tale tu ga e na veika e rairai vinaka e vakayacora o Bainimarama. Meu vakaraitaka vei iko ni qo e cakacaka me vakaisina ka tovolea me buluta e matada na nona cala.
Na veika vinaka e vakayacora e vakayagitaki kina nai lavo dinautaki ka ra na sauma na nomu kawa. Na leqa e tiko nio free ride tale tikoga o iko.
E vaka vei au ni o mai vakayagataka cala nai volatabu mo vakawaicalataka kina na dina.
Meu taroga vei iko, na Sautu cava e kauta mai na vuaviri? Sa kenai ka va qo, e vica tale na vuaviri o se vinakata?
Kevaka e dua tale na vuaviri, ona vakatoka beka ni inaki ni Kalou se nonai vadi na vunica me vakacacana kina na bula sautu kei na veilomani.
Nio vosa, vakasamataka vinaka na ka o tukuna, drau sema kai Tui Viti!!

Tamai Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 10.08am.. Au sega ni vinakata me vakalusia na nona wai o Moro vua nai Tui Sonalevu qo. Sa rauti koya tiko mada ga na Maqe ni Kiuva.!!


What an insincere apology from The University of the South Pacific to Seruiraduvatu Tamanirarama.

All USP did was send out a nameless statement - what an insult!

As USP VC and member of the Tertiary Loans and Scholarships Board, VC Rajesh Chandra should come forward and apologise. He is partly accountable for this haphazard decision.

But in his typical cowardly manner, he sent out a USP statement with no name. Rajesh Chandra, do you have the decency to properly apologise to the student?

As USP VC, you are entrusted with looking after the interests of your students. You failed in this duty. Instead you persecuted you own student because h was poor and powerless, or so you thought.

You are a coward and a bully. You not a fit VC. You have failed your students. Do the honourable thing and resign Rajesh.

Anonymous said...

Sa yawa na qaravi tevoro me tukuna ni lewa ni Kalou na laba keina butako tutu keina matanitu......
Sobo sa levu saraga na kaukauwa nei Setani e viti mesa mai veiliutaki tu o luvena qai veitokoni tu mai o sona levu ko kalou ni draki dau vakacucu vei moro

Anonymous said...

Rajesh and his cronies at USP must resign.

Maqe said...

Kalounidraki kei Tui Viti - na nomudrau vekeseme sa rui veveke me vaka na nomudrau ceke, drau ulu sese vaka na maqe ni Kiuve

Anonymous said...

On a little different subject,there is a new trend in Fiji. When an I-Taukei has a sexual relationship with a minor he is correctly charged for rape. This is not the case for Indo-Fijians, they are charged for defilement, where the charges are far less serious than rape charge,

A Indo-Fijian school teacher and a member of Fiji football was charged for having sex with his 12 year student and got 4 years for defiling her. There are at least 6 cases since last year where Indo-Fijians have got away with charge of defilement when it should have been rape.

I come from Christian Indo-Family
and feel ashamed that these perverts are able to hide behind a lesser charge while I-Taukei have different set of rules and end up doing up to 15 years.

Anonymous said...

FORMER Fiji residents in America protested outside a community hall on Friday last week where Prime Minister Rear Admiral (Ret) Voreqe Bainimarama was being hosted to dinner.

The former residents held banners and placards which read "Free Fiji" and "Stop the Violence in Fiji".

But according to the organiser of the dinner, the protesters were misguided.

Local paper the Sanata Rosa Press Democrat quoted Ben Nawagauou who organised the dinner saying that Rear Admiral (Ret) Bainimarama was there to spend time with the people.

"Those people (protesters) don't know what they're talking about.

"They don't know anything about him."

When informed of the protest and asked for a comment yesterday, Minister for Foreign Affairs Ratu Inoke Kubuabola said he was not aware of the incident.

The minister said he had just arrived in Korea and was not aware of any protest in Finley, Santa Rosa in California.

Organiser and head of a group calling themselves the Fiji Democratic Movement Vilisi Nadaku, yesterday said they had wanted to meet and discuss issues with Rear Admiral (Ret) Bainimarama.

Mr Nadaku said they were disappointed after being disallowed to talk to him.

"It was more like a private meeting but the Fijian community here had wanted to take the opportunity to iron out issues with the Prime Minister regarding the election process which is still vague to us," he said.

"We had also wanted to talk to him about the Election Decree and why the Auditor General's report has not been released for a long time now.

"We are really disappointed that they did not allow us to attend the event."

Attempts to get a response from the Prime Minister were unsuccessful as he is currently out of the country.

Anonymous said...

Yes, insincere apology. The apology never even stated why the scholarship was taken away in the first place. It also included a warning to Tamanirarama, suggesting that maybe he'd done something wrong or that the scholarship might be pulled again if he didn't watch out.

Anonymous said...

What the hell? Why did the Unitgy States embassy allow Bainimarama to travel freely in the USA? What happened to its smart sanctions? What happened to its policy against allowing regime leaders to travel to or through the USA except for humanitarian reasons or to attend the UN? It's now allowing Bainimarama to campaign in California, when he doesn't allow his opponents to campaign here?!!

Anonymous said...

Nur Bano has been forming companies and hiding money for Khayium locally and overseas.
This bitch should be investigated as she and her husband have been conning business people from overseas and locally.
Both of them are contact for Khayium. If any dealing with the regime then one has to go through BDO (Nur Bano) to get concessions etc.
A good example is of the casino and mahogany project. These are all handled via Nur Bano.

Anonymous said...

A shame this. The Americans used to have a fairly balanced and consistent policy. But now it sounds like the Americans are becoming just as arbitrary and spineless as the Aussies and Kiwis.

Fiji-born American said...

This corrupt, woman-bashing murderer and torturer is allowed to troll my state for votes?! Are you KIDDING ME? Our Secret Service is being used to keep this bum from having to answer to Fiji's democratic opposition? This is an outrage! How did he get a visa in the first place? What the hell is our ambassador thinking over there? My Congressman, Darrell Issa, will hear about this.

Anonymous said...

Kivei Tamai Tui Viti,,
Sa Varaitaki iko tu ga na nomu i vosavosa kei na mataqali tamata viavia levu,,sega vei iko na vei dokai,,Laurai vei iko ni o Tamata Macawa mai nomu Vanua ka o Tawa Cili sega na Betemu,vayagataka eso na vosa Matau ,,qori sa o cursetaka tiko nai Buli2 ni Kalou..sa sega ni vinakati na mataqali Bula va qorii,,sa vinakati na veisau kei na sautu mera Vulii vinaka nai Taukei ka yacova nai tutu lelevu ,,koya tale na mataqali vosa cakava tu qorii sa kautii keda tale i Muri,,vakasamataka mada ga na nomu vosa o tukuna tiko ni o bera ni ceburaki iko mai Vuravura me ra kila ni o tamata vacava..iko ga o varaitaka tiko mai na kemu roka vei keimami na wilika tiko na nomu post,,,sa rui Lolovi ra na nomu Rai ..

Anonymous said...

@ Tui Viti..Lauuthaaiiii

Anonymous said...

Yadra Tui Viti.
Sa mai vosataki wale o Ta ena vukumu.o sa raica tiko ya na levu ni nomu vosa tu vakasese.Sa oca o Ta na vosa sa lai tauca kina so na vosa sega ni dodonu mo rogoca.
Drau sa veitalanoa taka kei Ta na veidigidigi se sega?
E tautauvata tiko na ka drau gadreva me yaco ia,e duidui na kena i valavala drau vinakata me vakayacori kina.
Ko rui gone bese,o sa dua na gone i vako o iko...lol

Anonymous said...

Hey sa! sega ni sona vuce o Tui Viti..noda tui saraga qori sa tukuni tale ni vuce nona sona. Kusa dou kauti koya sara vei Bisun na draiva ni keria mai Manoca me laki tava nona bo.

Tamai Tui Viti said...

@ Anon 3.53am..Ni bula saka
Sa ka rogorogo vinaka vei au nio wilika tiko na noqu vakasama e na bula sa yacova tiko na noda vanua. O mai vakaraitaka tiko niu tamata macawa kau sega ni vakayagataka na vosa matau. Au via vakananumi iko e na i ru ea tukuna na Maqe ni Kiuva vei ira na turaga kei ira na marama bale ni noda vanua " me ra gunu home brew ena ruku ni vuni maqo" ka sala vata kei na nona i valavala kaukauwa e na nona kaliraka tani na GCC ka bokoca laivi. Na nona vosa eda a rogoca kece na lewe i Viti, ka kila kece o vuravura na nona vuaviri.
Rai mada i loma ni vale ni o se bera nio mai vakavulici au. De rairai o tinani maqe o iko. Kua ni mai via veivkavulici au nio se bera ni vosa vua na PM usuraki koya tiko mai qo. Drau pini!

Anonymous said...

Yadra Tui Viti
Totoka vakaoti na tovoi waicala on gunuti taka tiko qori.
Sa keimami kere veivosoti tiko yani na lewenivanua ena vosa veibeci sa tau tiko yani.
Sa keimami soqoni kamunaga tiko me laki caka yani e dua na matanigau oti ya qai sosomaki i mumu ...
Nuitaka ni sa donu saka ya vei kemuni
Sa malo sara vakalevu a vakadrakai.

Aiyarse Khaiyum said...

Fiji is fucked up by a fuck-head called fucking Baimagasika.

Anonymous said...

Sa Yadra Tamai Tui Viti.

Vinaka vakalevu na veivakavulici vei luvena. sa gone i vako dina.
O tui viti a dro beka mai nomudrau vale? qai lai kana benu ni vuaka mai Kiuva. Sa rauta me levu tiko nona dau vakabe gusu. Sa matau vua na kania na miramira ni kakana mai vei Tui Bainivuaka mai Kiuva, ya sa lai cudruvi kina me rau sota kei barasi ni vava nei Khaiyumu.

Tui Viti. kevaka o via raica na rarama kei na dina ni tutu ni bula e yacovi viti tu nikua. Rauta mada na kana benu kei na gunu waivuso ena ruku ni vuni maqo. Dua mada vei iko na tui qari mai Kaba, suluo ni lomaivuna, kei kuro kai mai Baulevu.
Qai tarava yani edua na veleti sui mai na Tebara Halal Meats ka volitaki rawarawa ena Mc Donalds e Suva. Vosota, gunu ti qai lai caka tale e Nakoro.
Drau moce na veitamani.
Qo ga o Momo.

Tui Viti said...

E so sa mai tukuna tiko ni na vuaviri e sega ni ka vakalou,Au Taro sa ko wilika nai volatabu mai na Vakatekivu kina Vakatakila? Au na vakaraitaka veiiko:1. Biblical Coups. Abshalom removing his Father David as King of Israel and slept with his fathers concubines.2.Samuel annointing David as King of Israel whilst Saul was still on the throne.3.Josaia anointed King of Israel when he was 8yrs old when Queen Jezebel was still on the throne.. and I could go on.Question: Why did God allowed the Coups to take place? Answer: THOSE RULING DISOBEYED GOD,THEY SINNED AGAINST GOD,THEY BECAME CORRUPTED phisycally and SPIRITUALLY.E.g. King David had an affair-lasa i tuba with General Uraia's wife and when she got pregnant He planed and managed to kill his General as a result God allowed Abshalom to coup King David,shall I go on? God even went on and punished King David by killing the illegitimate child.ESO E SAQATA TIKO NA MATANITU ENA NONA SA SAUMA NA I CURUCURU NI VULI KEI NA VODOVODO NODRA NA GONEVULI E VITI.Au kerea moni vakasama lesu kina gauna era a Papitaiso taki se Baptism na gone lalai oqo ni da a cavuta taucoko o keda na tiko e loma ni valenilotu na vosa oqo "KEIMAMI NA KITAKA VAKA KINA, NI SA VUKEI KEIMAMI NA KALOU" Eda a yalataka vua na Kalou e na loma ni nona vale ni di sa noda i tavi na veivuke ena nona tuberi cake na gone sa mai Papitaiso taki e na siga oya.E levu tale na i yalayala e da cavuta vata kaya.AU TAROGI KEMUNI TALE NA SAQATA NA POLICY NI MATANITU OQO ME BALETA NA FREE EDUCATION,O SE SAQATA TIKOGA NA NOMU I TAVI KO A YALATAKA ENA MATANA NA KALOU SE SEGAI? Au vakabauta ni da na tokona me tikici e dua na tikini siliva mai na kedai i sau me vukei kina o ira era sega ni rawaka vaka i lavo.

It's over said...

I don't visit Coup 4.5 often and now I know why. A whole bunch of i'Taukei losers having a discussion with themselves, a whole lot of foul mouthed arse holes and a big dose of religious extremism. You all look completely hopeless. No wonder Bainimarama is winning. You are behaving like losers. Therefore you will lose.

Anonymous said...

I don't think consumers in Fiji find any comfort in Aslam Khan's motherhood statements and hollow assurances.

Khan's statement say's '670 cases' when the report actually states '760 cases'. This in itself (a rushed response from the Top Dog himself), indicates his personal involvement (as any good leader should when the shit hits the fan) and desperate attempt to deflect attention away from their subservience to illegal and treasonous decrees.

And by the way Mr Khan, making the NSA the bigger bogeyman than Vodaphone Fiji is extremely lame. Vodaphone Fiji is related to the mother body Vodaphone UK and any fool knows that Vodaphone UK panders to the NSA - http://www.presstv.ir/detail/2014/06/09/366276/us-uk-set-up-spy-hubs-in-oman/

More importantly for Fiji where is the Consumer Council and their role in decrying privacy of consumers in Fiji? No? Too hard?

Anonymous said...

Why the disillusionment with the Americans? Didn't you already know that America no longer stands for anything? That's why Putin snatched Crimea and is threatening Ukraine with dismemberment. That's why China is seizing islands in the disputed Spratlys. That's why jihadists have now seized Mosul, Iraq's second largest city.

Never mind democracy. Washington just wants to be "in" with whoever is in Suva. With Canberra and Wellington both caving in to Bainimarama, why expect any different from Washington, just for the sake of a consistent policy grounded on principle?

Anonymous said...

So to sum Tui Viti's theory, All coups that have happened in this world have God's backing because those ruling have disobeyed God, sinned against God, become corrupted physically and spiritually. With that said, all the pain, suffering, torture, murder e.t.c resulting from these coups have God's blessing as well. Tui Viti, you're one screwed up individual.

Anonymous said...

It's Over at 11:25 AM, really? Is THAT why Bainimarama is winning?

And here, I thought it was because he controlled all of the military and all of the guns and all of the government and all of the courts and all of the media! I didn't realise it was all because of C4.5.

Anonymous said...

rust Premila Kumar CEO of Consumer Council to say NOTHING on Vodafone spying. Its more likely for Fiji to be hit with a snow storm than Premila to have a think cap.Premilla will not response as this the most important issue facing the consumers. She is more worried about small issues like poor electronic goods etc. She is a stupid and wants to be in the limelight.Time is getting on her since her family including the husband have got their jobs via NEPOTISM.

Anonymous said...

Trust Premila Kumar CEO of Consumer Council to say NOTHING on Vodafone spying. Its more likely for Fiji to be hit with a snow storm than Premila to have a think cap.Premilla will not response as this the most important issue facing the consumers. She is more worried about small issues like poor electronic goods etc. She is a stupid and wants to be in the limelight.Time is getting on her since her family including the husband have got their jobs via NEPOTISM.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti.

Mamada nomu comments. Curu ki na soqosoqo ni musulimi mo cu...ru sara yani. Yalowai. Boci.

Rui duidui sara nomu rai vei kemui vutu o Bai kei na events ni VolaTabu ni yawa sara na kenai naki kei na kenai balebale.

Anonymous said...

Ni tu mada ni vakaraici kemuni matua na i taukei ni mai veisa vosa tiko ka veivosa ca taki tiko ena blog qo.

Sa evei na nomuni vakarau ni veidokai ka da dau kilai tani kina. Ni mai vosa ca taki Bainimarama, o ira na Turaga kei na so na marama rogo ena noda vanua. E ra sa dredrevaki keda na vulagi ni da kaya tiko ni da tamata lotu, ia na veivosaki sa caka tu eke sa sega ni kilai kina na lotu ka sa laurai ga kina na butobuto.

All Hail Bainimarama said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
USP's phoney, insincere and indecent apology to Jone - an example of how the rat Rajesh Chandra operates said...

THE University of the South Pacific has apologised at the way one of its students' scholarship was terminated.

While Tamanirarama Jone's scholarship was reinstated earlier this week, USP has also expressed regret at the experience he went through, insisting it was in no way an attempt to "restrict attendance at any political event".

In a statement issued yesterday, USP explained what transpired some three weeks ago.

"A member of USP staff wrote to the student indicating that the student's intention not to attend a field trip, an integral component of his course, was not appropriate," the USP said in a statement.

"She had copied this correspondence to the Ministry of iTaukei Affairs because the student was on their scholarship.

"The intention of the USP staff was to alert the sponsor of the scholarship that its sponsored student had chosen not to take part in a field trip, based on Mr Tamanirarama's advice at that point in time.

"There was no intention on the part of the university to restrict attendance at any political event.

"Its intention was simply to ensure that an important assessed course was properly attended and TSLB was copied in to ensure that they are aware that the student is missing this field trip paid by Ministry of iTaukei Affairs, as the sponsor. The reference to political campaigning wrongly became an issue."

Anonymous said...

Reddy one eyed is now contesting for election under FF.Resign from your position at FNU and Commerce Commission.
You have abused your position at FNU and Commerce Commission.
The students of FNU will not vote for you.
Why take leave???

Maqe said...

Au vakabauta ena vinaka cake me lutu sobu na I sau ni (basic needs)food, water n shelter(building materials) mai na FREE EDUCATION cakitaka tiko mai o Tui Viti

The Lords Prophet . said...

Before He [Josiah]became King, Jezebel was reigning as Queen of Israel.In Biblical theology terms, the name 'Jezebel' is associated with womanising or adultery.THE REMOVED SDL GOVT AS`WE ALL KNOW HAD MOST OF ITS MINISTERS ENGAGED IN ACTS OF ADULTERY AND WOMANISING.As a result God was angered and had them removed from Govt. Could this be the exact mirror of what took place in Fiji 8years ago? Jezebel was leader of all Israel when she and her ministers were removed from Governing Israel.They were also engaged in adultery.Whom did God chose? He chose an 8yrs old male child to lead Israel.COULD THIS VERSE BE PROPHETIC IN FIJI.JOSAIA BAINIMARAMA'S GOVT. IS 8 YRS OLD BEFORE THE ELECTIONS.COULD HE BE CHOSEN BY GOD TO LEAD FIJI AS THE CHOSEN PM AFTER THE ELECTIONS?I BELIEVE HE IS THE CHOSEN ONE.WHEN HE WINS THE LECTIONS THEN THE BIBLE VERSE 2ND KINGS CHAPTER 22 VERSE 1 IS PROHETIC FOR OUR NATION....KING JOSIAH OF ISRAEL WAS 8YRS OLD WHEN CHOSEN BY GOD TO LEAD ISRAEL....JOSAIA BAINIMARAMA HAS LED THE NATION FOR 8YRS BEFORE BEING CHOSEN IN THE COMING ELECTIONS...BEHOLD!!!LET ALL WHO READ THIS SHARE IT AMONGST YOUR FRIENDS...

Anonymous said...

What party does this god represent as we have not seen him registered yet.

Tamai Tui Viti said...

Sa bula saka Tui Viti

Au qoroqoro e na calacala ni nomui talanoa vakaivolatabu kau sega ni kurabui baleta nio tisaipeli ga ni maqe ni kiuva. Au sega ni wilika se rogoca ni dua na parofita e vakarota vua na Kalou me lumuti Bainimarama.
Na ka ga au kila ni bucina ga e lomana me vuaviri. Au sega ni kila se rawa vakacava nio vakyagoyago vinakataka kina nomui talanoa ena nomu sema kina na Kalou ni da kila vinaka ni Vunica ga e kauta mai na vuaviri kei na butako itutu. Au sa druka dina vei iko Tui sonalevu. Sa rui sivia nomu boica tiko na wadumu ni maqe mai kiuva. Sa dri yani!

Anonymous said...

@ Tui Viti..drau veicai kei The Lord's prophet...sa rui levu na deception vakaivolatabu. Read the bible in context!

Anonymous said...

Prophet, after eight days, Israelite boys are to enter the temple to be circumcised. Bainimarama's regime has been in power eight years. Behold, could the eight days before circumcision not symbolise the eight years Bainimarama has held power in Fiji? Has God chosen this time to "circumcise" Bainimarama's reign of terror? Is this the time God has chosen to cut off this prick?

Cyclops-Mahen Reddy said...

Food prices and fuel prices are very low and affordable in Fiji.....so vote for Fiji First....that's the decision of Commerce Commission.

Rajesh said...

Cyclops Ass Mahen Reddy, get your face out of Khaiyum's black ass because you're full of shit.

The Heckler said...

Regime trolls don't get circumcised. You know why?

Because there's just no end to those pricks!

Anonymous said...

Another one bites the dust. If Jagath was so smart, he would have covered his arse with at least 8000 signatures. This is what happens with Rookie wannabe politician.

Anonymous said...

Bro stop bringing religion into this . I'm sure you some pu...y hiding behind a blog writing horrible things about Islam and I'm sure you are a rascist pig .. Living a worthless life . Rape is not unique to another culture , race , religion . Indian girls were raped in India just last month and hanged from a tree . Does that mean Hinduism is a bad religion ???? Ha , I'm sure if you had balls you would not dare say what you did in public or face to face . Religion is the cause of many wars !!!!! Stop this bullshit ... Otherwise we will give you " the cassava patch experience !!!!

Anonymous said...

Mangai chiinamu .... Saying blasphemous things about Allah .... Your brain is in your arse !!! Kubu kalavo

Anonymous said...

Anonymous@11.21 The reason why Aust, NZ & the U.S are allowing him to roam their countries is that he didn't give a rats ass when they leveled sanctions against him & his gov.t. He simply took his wares elsewhere-remember his 'look North Policy?'- well, it got them nervous-they (U.S & ANZ) need Fiji for strategic purposes- Regional security...right now they don't care about whether or not there's democracy here-it's all about serving their own interests first.