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Thursday, June 19, 2014

PDP promises to up Fiji's $2 mimimum wage

The Peoples Democratic Party has opened its national office
Office fanfare: PDP officials yesterday.
in Suva pledging to lift the minimum wage for workers if elected in September.

PDP leader Felix Anthony yesterday said the $2 hour minimum wage is a crime.

"No one can live with those wages and it is a step backwards for the country."

The party's new office is in Gordon Street and the opening was marked by cake and a rallying for support.

Anthony said PDP stands to ensure the rights and freedom of people are restored and the party would give back to the people of Fiji their dignity and respect.

"When we talk about rights, we also talk about indigenous rights, children's rights and people's rights."

He said the party would ensure a 'just minimum wage' was paid to all workers but didn't how say much more it would be.

The $2 minimum wage was criticised recently by PDP member and president of the Fiji Trade Union Congress, Daniel Urai, during a meeting with the International Labour Organisation director general, Guy Ryder.

Urai told Ryder the illegal government had last year imposed the minimum wage without consulting its social partners. 

"A pittance one American dollar an hour is the rate they have decided, hardly sufficient to provide a decent living wage. In comparison Pacific island neighbours like Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and the Cook Islands pay a more respectable minimum wage which was achieved through tripartite consultation.

“The low minimum wage is argued by the Regime to attract investors and bring about better economic growth. The reality is quite the opposite. 

"The low minimum wage only encourages employers who were paying more to reduce the rate of pay for their employees and argue that they are complying with minimum wage standards."

URAI: Speech to ILO.
The illegal Labour Minister, Jone Usamate (and Employers representative, Harvey Probert) was also at the Geneva meeting and had told Ryder Fiji was committed to the 'principles of decent and productive work.'

But Urai said the regime had not only forged ahead with the repressive Essential Industries Decree, but had extended the provisions to cover more workers, threatening also to include sugar and tourism workers.

He also told the ILO the inequities of the judicial system continued to be a fundamental problem.

"Everyone is equal under the law but this does not apply in Fiji where there is no confidence on the rule of law. Those who side with the Regime are protected by the non-application of the same law that would imprison others. Official complaints against the regime are quietly filed away by Police who deny receiving them with no action taken.

“Under the Political Parties decree, persons holding office in any Workers or Employers Organisation are banned from membership or office bearers in any political Party or any political activity including expressing support of a political Party. Heavy fines or imprisonment of up to five years or both is imposed on any Trade Union Leader or worker who breach the decree.

"On the other hand the Prime Minister and his Minister can become members of the PM’s political Party and openly campaign for the PM’s Party while they carry out their Ministerial duties. 

"They hold office in the PM’s political Party. They will hold on to their Ministerial portfolio and continue to receive their salary up to and after the date of election."

Urai said Fiji is at the crossroads with the upcoming elections.

"The regime openly mocks the people by appointing a young and inexperienced lawyer to be the Supervisor of elections reporting directly to the Attorney General who is also the Minister for elections.

"The electoral decree (Decree11,2014) provides immunity provisions for the elections office staff, from any criminal and civil proceedings. This means that if there were any directive given to rig the elections than those found involved cannot be brought to any court of law.

"Many are convinced that the election will not be free and fair for the regime defies all sense of fairness and decency."

An ILO contacts mission is expected to visit Fiji shortly after the September 17 elections.


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Anonymous said...

Anthony what now???????
Kiss ass you were there and u loss the plot what now....sucker???
I smell something !%((&^%$@^&_(%!!! in the house!

Anonymous said...

Imagine Frank on $2 per hour.
Mary wouldnt be able to wipe her own back side.

Anonymous said...

so the PM and AGs wages have moved back to the PSC just in time to declare before the elections.

Cunning pigs.

Anonymous said...





Suomynona said...

Talk about a major revamp for this new party and its new ideas.

Very interesting

Anonymous said...

Anon 12.53
So is your wife!!

Anonymous said...

The leader of the People’s Democratic Party, Felix Anthony stressed that no one can take the union out of him however there are no plans in place to reserve the National Secretary’s post for the Fiji Trades Union Congress for him.

Anthony resigned as FTUC National Secretary on May 2nd to contest the general elections.

Fiji Public Service Association General Secretary, Rajeshwar Singh is the current Acting National Secretary of FTUC.
Why a person has not been appointed to the FTUC position and whether plans are in place to reserve the post for Felix Anthony just in case the general election does not go his way.

Government must investigate this and the use of FTUC resources and premises for PDP activities.

mark manning said...

Pay me $2 an hour and I'll return the favour with 10 cents worth of work!
Pay me a decent wage and I'll be a productive, hard working, loyal and dedicated employee who will make "you" rich!

Slave Labour, I thought that was a thing of the past!

Anonymous said...

Bloggers is there any party so far bold enough and declare that they'll bring back that 60yr retirement age!!!!

It is an everyday living ISSUE..!!!!

I'm lost for words why it was not mentioned in speeches and views of all these political party issues.We suffer in silence.......

C'mon sense....eh!

Anonymous said...

Minimum wage has to be raised, but to do so the economic situation has to be improved, with debts expanding and the GDP no better than the Accession Islands new markets must be explored....good luck guys and hey Mark Manning slave labour exists its called the call centres in India.

Anonymous said...

Too many election promises, similar to what Biman Prasad said if they win, by 2030 Fiji will equal New Zealand, SODELPA, FLP and PDP will all bring back the GCC when they win.Promises,promises. We've heard it all.Once you go in there its moce qi sa la.

Anonymous said...

Gd luck to PDP. Clean up the mess created by commerce commission chairman mahen reddy on minimum wage. mahen reddy s a bogus professor. mahen reddy minimum wage ke ghar maar ke rakh dis.

mark manning said...

The people need to take back control and post elections, they should sue the people who have created all this misery, and the Government itself for not arresting Frank Bainimarama the day he threatened to overthrow Government!
It's called Sedition! but they left it too late and when the time came, they ran away and were to scared, the Fiji Police.
Mind you, Frank did have his band of boce Soldiers behind him at that time, but not the case anymore now he's no longer Commander of the RFMF.

@ anon 114 p.m.
I agree and many are owned by Indians, so let's promote higher wages and better working conditions, something Frank and Aiyaz' Regime have removed and eroded since 2006.

Anonymous said...

Mahen kawan see everything with one eye so the minimum wage should have been $4 per hour.
Has kawan resigned from FNU and Commerce Commission to contest the election on a level playing field.
Stop using the resources of FNU and Commerce Commission.
You will loose big time like Khayium as South Indians are voting for NFP.

Anonymous said...

At the moment one cannot sue government or any of it's related orgainsation.

Many court cases prior to 2006 has been dismissed because people could not take government or it's workers to court.

Many investors who had their court cases for damages against the government and it's workers have been dismissed.

No investment is safe under the illegal government.

The illegal government has made a decree to this effect just like immunity to Khayium.

Anonymous said...

Why Franics Kean is the P.S. when he was convicted for murder?
Why Franics Kean did not spend his full sentence in court?
Animal Farm where some are more equal than others!!!

Anonymous said...


Province chiefs renew their allegiance to SODELPA

FTimes 19 Jun
CHIEFS in the province of Bua have renewed their allegiance to SODELPA at a moving traditional ceremony in Bua Lomanikoro on Vanua Levu yesterday.

Marama Roko Tui Dreketi Ro Teimumu Kepa and her party received a full iTaukei welcome ceremony where representatives from the nine districts in the province awaited the party’s arrival.

The party’s spokeswoman Sainiana Radrodro said the chiefs had reaffirmed their support to the party leader Ro Teimumu and they were certain that SODELPA would really look into the interest of the iTaukei and other ethnic groups that have come to call Fiji their home.

Ro Teimumu thanked the chiefs for their support in the last election, which had been a major contributor to the then-Soqosoqo Duavata ni Lewenivanua’s victory.

Marama Roko Tui Dreketi told chiefs SODELPA was ready to continue from where SDL had left off and they were ready to serve the people of this nation.

She also told chiefs their continued support for the general election in September was vital and important to them.

Ro Teimumu said people needed to choose a government that safeguarded the rights and freedoms of individuals across all ethnic lines.

She added SODELPA would ensure all laws enacted in the country were fair and bound everyone irrespective of their race, status rank or religious affiliation.

Ro Teimumu also told chiefs that any government was duty bound to provide development for its people, saying this was derived from taxes that people paid to government.

Anonymous said...

Rajeshwar Singh is only in the acting role for Felix Anthony at FTUC. These two need to be investigated. Rajeshwar Singh and Felix collided when Felix was a board member for FNPF. Rajeshwar Singh ended up buying land at Momi Bay. These two have enjoyed overseas trip every second month carrying huge per diem while their members are struggling.

What about the chor Rajeshwar Singh of FPSA who is colluding with contractors of FPSA to make money. Every contractor working on the FPSA building for maintenance work is seen working at his home in Vuncakeca Road, Namadhi Heights or at several properties that he owns.

THE CCF office at Berry road was owned by him.

Extreme Construction – Manoj an Indian national and Rajeswar colluded and made money on several work that was taken by Manoj who has absconded to Vanuatu in fear of investigation. Manoj’s company record at FRCA and FNPF show that no local was employed. How then several work was given to Manoj by Rajeshwar SIngh at FPSA.
Rajeshwar and Manoj colluded and opened a business in the name of U Tech Institute at level 8 Honson Building to teach I.T. About 90 students were brought from India and US$5700 was charged to every student for tuition fees alone to teach simple courses like Certificate in Computing. This was a major scam where Rajeshwar Singh was a silent partner. The students were mostly from rural Indian who were fooled to come to Fiji.
The Indian students had complained to the Immigration and Higher Commission but nothing had happened. Even the Indian High Commission is aware but no help was given to the students to recover their money.

Now the same operation has moved to VANUATU where Rajeshwar Singh had visited last year.

Last year Rajesh colluded with Nagin from Sherani & Company ( FPSA) lawyer which a conflict of interest to buy a house together at Wilkinson Road, Dominion.The FPSA contractors and staff were used to do all the work at the house.

Anonymous said...

Nagin also did the transfer of land at Momi Bay for Rajeshwar Singh.

Rajeshwar Singh was paid $40,000 as commission when FPSA Credit Union bought the building opposite FPSA head office. He made this deal with Rohit of R. Hooker.

Rajeshwar Singh used Manoj to negotiate and buy a property for FPSA from one Lakhan at Martintar, Nadi where Manoj was the middle man. Rajeshwar made $20,000 as commission.

The Bainimarama government must really clean up the unions as some unionists have been with the unions for so long.

The constitution of the unions are designed in a way to keep them in power. It does not allow a normal member to contest the position.

Rajeshwar Singh is 71 years old and still hangs on to power.

The way is to investigate their dealings and charge them. Manoj should be taken and questioned.

The AG. Mr Khayium and Fiji Independent Against Corruption should investigate such unionists and charge them. Most of the unionists in Fiji have abused the members money and Rajeshwar Singh is one of them.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti
Boci ....sega madaga ni o kaciva rawa e dua na bose ni kai viti vaka sa caka qo mai Bua.....
sivia nomu vakacucu vei kaiyum
sa keimami duavata tiko mai qo na kai viti
drau sa qai vo kei voreqe drau na tini me fire taki kemudrau o hanuman na kalou maqe

Anonymous said...

Raising the minimum wage is a foolish and counterproductive act of government intervention in the workings of the free market. Why stop at two dollars? Why not raise it to four dollars, ten dollars, a hundred dollars? It all depends on how many underskilled workers you want to throw out of their jobs and how many businesses you want to close. That's what raising the minimum wage does. It benefits a few people who get raises and yet keep their jobs. But it harms everyone else by causing businesses to contract, marginal workers to lose their jobs, and prices to rise for most of our goods and services..

Anonymous said...

Why shouldn't the FTUC keep Anthony's job open for him? It's not violating any arbitrary decree, much less a real law.

Anonymous said...

@2.47pm, you say raising the minimum wage is foolish and should be left to free market.

USA, Australia and NZ are free market economies way more than Fiji is. Do they have a minimum wage? Or have they left it to free market?

Sounds like you were taught by bogus professor mahen reddy. Like you, he doesn't know the economy from his arse.

Anonymous said...

Who was it that said, "If you pay peanuts, you'll get monkeys"?

This minimum wage limit is pathetic. No wonder the people getting poorer, sicker and dying earlier. No wonder more and more people are living under the poverty line.

This illegal regime deserves to lose the elections.
They only built roads and bridges but did not improve the standard of living.

Ganesh said...

Anon @ 2:47 is quite right. Raising the minimum wage has exactly the consequences he stated.

Anon @ 3:09 sounds like he never studied economics. The US, Australia and NZ are not true free market economies. Their economies are simply freer than other countries with more controlled economies. They all have minimum wage laws, and their economies are no longer as strong and vibrant as they once were, as a result.

Raising the minimum wage is a cheap election lolly paid for primarily by displaced workers and businesses operating on low profit margins, and by the rest of us in the form of higher prices.

Casanova said...

Anon@1.00PM. Speaking of wives, did your wife tell you who screwed her last night? And many nights prior?

Anonymous said...

Whose prior ? Lol

Anonymous said...

@Dr Ganesh Chand, you don't have to study economics to know there is no such thing as a totally free economy. The US, Australia and NZ are among the most free.

Only an idiot economist would expect free market to work flawlessly and for everyone to get the full benefits. Only an idiot or a lobby for Gujerati businesses.

Aust, NZ US economies are no longer as strong and vibrant as they once were. And you blaming this on the minimum wage? If you did study economics, it hasn't done you too much good.

Fiji has never had a minimum wage and its economy has been shit and slow for most of its history, subsidised by aid and preferential sugar prices.

Aust, NZ and US economy and standards of living has always been better than Fiji, if you want to make such comparisons.

Ganesh, are you now lobbying for gujerati Businessmen?

Anonymous said...

Gujeratis have made millions and paid very low wages and for this reason they do not like Chaudhry.

It is high time these Guji's should be made to pay higher wages. These Guji's have bribed ministers for example Tappos bought Khayium's home for $850,000 when Khayium had paid for it $210,000.

In this way Tappos got land in Lautoka without any tender process. Then theey will borrow from FNPF.

Guji's have always made money and in return got all benefits from the government such as duty free etc.

CJ Patel is another good example which is making money from government and paying peanuts to workers.

Anonymous said...

Gujeratis have made millions and paid very low wages and for this reason they do not like Chaudhry.

It is high time these Guji's should be made to pay higher wages. These Guji's have bribed ministers for example Tappos bought Khayium's home for $850,000 when Khayium had paid for it $210,000.

In this way Tappos got land in Lautoka without any tender process. Then theey will borrow from FNPF.

Guji's have always made money and in return got all benefits from the government such as duty free etc.

CJ Patel is another good example which is making money from government and paying peanuts to workers.

mahen reddy professor hagas said...

Bogus professor mahen reddy minimum wage issue pe hug maar ke barbaad kar dis (mahen reddy shit all over minimum wage issue and destroyed it)

Namoro said...

Bainimarama in his usual normal characteristic undiplomatic way publically slammed Australia on lack of commitment to climate change, leaving aside the more serious transgressors like China, India, some South American countries, Russia, the USA and many others.

His guest from Indonesia has been trying hard to have the UNEDUCATED BHAINI to help him continue to impose his illegal occupation and crimes against humanity in West Papua to the anger of other Melanesian countries. He has been filling his pockets from Indonesia's bribes as well as from China, who has supplied most of the loans Bhai is using to bribe our population in Fiji on his election campaign .....our people will have to repay Bhai's stupid loans,,,Bhai does not criticise China as the biggest atmospheric polluter.


Austr the historically friendly country we have so much more common with, has developed with us via funding assistance, personnel assistance, education, technical assistance disaster assistance and in many other areas of our individual and national lives is a favourite target for his frothy and uncouth mouth which is fond of also swearing at priests.

His latest outburst in the face of Indonesian leader is calculated to bring publicity to his lunatic Pacific Island Development Commission international standing an invention to compete with the South Pacific Comm which Ratu Mara helped to start. This new nonsense is a child of Bhai's demented mind will be abolished after he loses the upcoming election this year. It is costing Fiji MILLIONS OF DOLLARS while thousands of our people are below poverty level and starving daily.


Fiji slams Aust inaction on climate change
16:10 Thu Jun 19 2014
Fijian leader Voreqe Bainimarama has accused the global community of abandoning Pacific island nations to "sink below the waves" instead of tackling climate change, singling out "selfish" Australia for criticism.


Ma bula re. said...

We just attend because we were told too.We just went for the free grog,cigarettes and meal.All were provided by Sodelpa. Our Chief told us to just go and listen,because there is lots of free grog,cigarettes.A TUKUNI VEI KEIMAMI ME KEIMAMI LAKI VAKAROROGO,NI NA LEVU NA YAQONA KEI NA TAVAKO ENA FREE SE SA VAKARAUTAKA TU O IRATOU NA SODELPA.KEIMAMI SA KILA TIKO NI NA OTI E 4-5 NA YABAKI ERATOU NA QAI BASIKA TALE. Na neimami toqa se tick ena lako vei Bainimarama.

Ma bula re. said...

We just attend because we were told too.We just went for the free grog,cigarettes and meal.All were provided by Sodelpa. Our Chief told us to just go and listen,because there is lots of free grog,cigarettes.A TUKUNI VEI KEIMAMI ME KEIMAMI LAKI VAKAROROGO,NI NA LEVU NA YAQONA KEI NA TAVAKO ENA FREE SE SA VAKARAUTAKA TU O IRATOU NA SODELPA.KEIMAMI SA KILA TIKO NI NA OTI E 4-5 NA YABAKI ERATOU NA QAI BASIKA TALE. Na neimami toqa se tick ena lako vei Bainimarama.

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha $2 minimum wage cruel joke on the poor. well done professor hagaas mahen reddy. you can take your $2 wage agreement and shove it where sun don't shine. Go save us if you ever get elected to parliament!

Anonymous said...

Ma Bula re. Kilai levu nomu lasu. O cei e vakabauta ni kaya vei iko nomu turaga mo dou lako mo dou laki gunu yaqona.

Rairai kilai kemudou na turaga qori ni o dou tamata olukau futulaki qai lawakawa vutusiga....sega ni mai vakabauti na vakasala mai na SODELPA....RAIRAI QORI NA VA VAKASALA MAI NA SODEMUPAPAKU Party nomudou na dau sova yaqona mei nomudou turaga

Anonymous said...

Ma Bula re. Kilai levu nomu lasu. O cei e vakabauta ni kaya vei iko nomu turaga mo dou lako mo dou laki gunu yaqona.

Rairai kilai kemudou na turaga qori ni o dou tamata olukau futulaki qai lawakawa vutusiga....sega ni mai vakabauti na vakasala mai na SODELPA....RAIRAI QORI NA VA VAKASALA MAI NA SODEMUPAPAKU Party nomudou na dau sova yaqona mei nomudou turaga

Anonymous said...

Krishna Dutt should go and join his family overseas as his age is catching on him. He prompted his family and friends teachers when he was in government.
Why cannot these thieves give chance to new people.

Anonymous said...

Ma Va Bura re, vinaka na veisautaka hahaha, sa dou rere tiko e, sa malo hehehe!

Anonymous said...

SODELPA promised people in the north that they will build a sugar mill in seaqaqa. Vinaka na yalayala sa sega ni dua e vakabauta.

Matua a raisi. said...


CBM for SODELPA said...





CBM for SODELPA said...





Ae eleasi said...

E maka ni tina, e bibi cake na veivakatorocaketaki!!!I Macuata kei Bua sa Fiji First makawa tu.Keimami oso ga yane me rogoca na vunau.E maka ni siata na yaloi keimami,ni keimami kila,oti e 4-5 na yabaki,basika tale o voco levu me mai vunau tale.

English speaker said...

the moderators of this blog should ban "Fijian" language contributions so everyone can read, digest and comment accordingly.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium.
Khayium the destroyer of i taukei.
Khayium the destroyer of Great Council of chiefs.
Khayium the destroyer of methodist church.
Khayium the destroyer our name Fijians.
Khayium must be tried for treason.

Anonymous said...

well said anon june 19 8.06 pm....talk in fijian got to the fijian blog.....no school....

Anonymous said...

skip on Mr Speaker

Anonymous said...

A vote for FFP is a vote for continued fear and political marginalisation. Vote for anyone else but FFP! And God bless Fiji!

Anonymous said...

@ the English speaker,

I disagree with you. Let the Taukei express themselves in their vernacular if they must. You cannot stop them from exercising their right to expression.

Maybe the editor can summarise the Taukei vernacular comments. What say editor?

Anonymous said...

8:06 and 8:20PM Actually this is a blog for the people from Fiji, who are suppose to know the Fijian language, culture and traditions.. Otherwise consider yourself a Vulagi and Foff.

Anonymous said...

Prominent Labasa businessman, Charan Jeet Singh has confirmed that he has applied to contest the general elections under the FijiFirst party.

He is now awaiting the party’s decision.

Meanwhile, Singh who officiated at the start of the crushing season at the Labasa mill as a Justice of Peace and Commissioner of Oaths yesterday said they are hopeful that the Labasa sugar mill will crush just under 700,000 tonnes of sugarcane which will produce 70,000 tonnes of sugar in this crushing season.

He said some people were earlier saying that farmers were moving away from sugarcane farms but they have seen that farmers are returning to the farms as there is an indication that there is an increase in production.

Singh said the sugar industry is here to stay and everybody needs to constantly strive to improve on the methods of cultivation and harvesting.

Anonymous said...

Another guy who will not the election. Lot of free chicken curry, grog and rum in his shed last time.He has been swearing at the people as they ate ,drank and enjoyed and voted for FLP.

Charan is riding high as Khayium's father works for him.Charan will again have a taste of his own medicine.

Party time boys at Charan's shed.

Anonymous said...

Charan Jeet used the name for Ratu Kotainvere and stole the land next to Labasa market and then later he build his hotel friendly north and took over the swimming pool keeping in mind his hotel.
Khayium's entire family were at the opening of his restaurant and night club in Labasa town.

Vualiku miau said...

A big plus for SODELPA today as thousands of supporters flocked to the Labasa Civic Centre. Pio Tabaiwalu's presentation was very specific as he actually highlighted the lies and misinformation that had been around through the strict media law enforced by the regime and by its decree to deny the Kai Viti what it really belongs to them.

People clapped and say IO as they now have been exposed to real democracy even civil servants were spying from the roadside expressing their affirmation to Ro Teimumu and Team.

Vinaka Niko and Pio and people as far as Wainunu, Natewa, Udu, Saqani converge at the Civi Centre today.

This is a very big threat to Bai and Kai because they know that their days are numbered.

Someone commented that even though this regime has maximized their visibility through roads and electricity in Vanua Levu BUT THIS IS A BORROWED MONEY WITH OUT DISCLOSED SOURCE AND REMEMBER IT IS CONTROL BY A DICTATOR AND A TALIBAN. THIS IS THE SAME TALIBAN THAT WAS RESPONSIBLE FOR THE DEATH OF TWO INDIANS AT NASESE IN 1987.

Sa qai matata tiko mai na mata ni meke.

Anonymous said...

J'adore les Fidji et tous les Fidjiens . Bai va win

Anonymous said...

Fiji first leading .... Will make a clean sweep ... Fiji will be back to democracy and life will be great . Loosen up dudes ...

master ulukau said...

idiot@8.39pm ...so why you comment in English?...don't know the fijian language?...Foff now..

Anonymous said...

I would love to say this in French but to the pussy cat swearing at our beautiful French culture ... N language ... Have u ever tried a French sausage ... . French sausages are long ... Fat and tasty !!!! Ha ha ha ha ... Gus sue et a ve fiji ... Fiji first will win .... And Germany will win World Cup ...

Anonymous said...

Empirical studies have long indicated that raises to the minimum wage usually result in higher unemployment. But politicians keep raising the minimum wage because it helps them get elected.

Anonymous said...

Vive Napoleon! Vivent les saucissons.

Anonymous said...

A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium.
Khayium the destroyer of i taukei.
Khayium the destroyer of Great Council of chiefs.
Khayium the destroyer of methodist church.
Khayium the destroyer our name Fijians.
Khayium must be tried for treason.

Anonymous said...

@11.37pm, $2hr is not a minimum wage. It is exploitation and slavery. No empirical studies have been done in Fiji anyway. It seems like dumb economists like Mahen Reddy are basing their decisions on overseas studies. They need to get off their arses and conduct some studies in Fiji. But study or no study, $2/hr is unacceptable.

Anonymous said...

3 pillars of identity
Avinesh Gopal
Thursday, June 19, 2014

THE disbanded Great Council of Chiefs must be reinstated and supported, says Social Democratic Liberal Party candidate Nirmal Singh.

Mr Singh says the GCC, the vanua and the church are the three pillars of identity for indigenous people.

"In fact, GCC is the core foundation of their culture and identity.

"It has immense authority and holds indigenous people together and provides cohesion and direction in times of need," he said.

"You take away the GCC, the indigenous people become rudderless and lose their sense of identity.

"I think like all other institutions, the GCC should change with time and keep pace with the demands of the future generations.

"You just cannot abolish an institution which is the root of indigenous identity," he said.

"Frankly, it is no longer an indigenous institution but a national institution."

Mr Singh also said the September election was not only about restoring democracy to the country but about empowering people from all walks of life.

He said the election was about ensuring women and youths were an integral part of Fiji's decision-making process, adding they must be part of taking Fiji into the future.

"This election is about freedom of expression, freedom of association and freedom to choose.

"It is about freedom of our media because it's the level of freedom of the media that determines the strength of our democracy.

"It's all about our liberty and God-given rights that are unalienable.

"It is incumbent upon all of us to allow free discussions, debate, dissent and freedom to choose whichever party the voter decides to vote.

"Let us all join hands and move forward as a united nation and let's do so with love and compassion.

Anonymous said...

If you're making no money at all, or less than $2/hr, then $2/hr might very well be acceptable. Then, by working, you gain skills. By becoming skilled, you become more valuable and can demand more wages. If denied a raise, you now have a skill to take to another employer. $2/hr is only unacceptable if you already have a higher-paying job or get enough money from the public dole.

Anonymous said...

Well done, Nirmal. SODELPA was the right move.

You're now hitting your stride. Vinaka.

mark manning said...

Of course, it doesn't matter how much one earns per hour if your taxes are too high, Government Services small to non-existent and the cost of living, sky high!

$2/hr said...

The media can destroyed and can also build a nation,this is how strong the media is in any country across the world.You play around with them they will come around to you in any which way,you like it or not!!!

Anonymous said...

The Social Democratic Liberal Party Leader, Ro Teimumu Kepa has told more than 100 people in a meeting at the Wailevu temple in Labasa that SODELPA will ensure that they have secure land lease agreements.

Speaking to the farmers in the area, Ro Teimumu and proposed party candidate, Nirmal Singh promised them that if SODELPA forms the next government, it will ensure that cane farmers receive their payments as soon as they deliver their cane to the sugar mills.

Ro Teimumu said that they plan to have a Reserve Fund to cater for farmers once the cane is delivered to the mill.

She also reveals that SODELPA plans to have another sugar mill in Seaqaqa which will reduce the transportation cost for the farmers. They have plans to open mills in other areas.

Ro Teimumu said there is a lot of land that is lying idle which will be utilised for farming.

The former Education Minister in the Qarase led government said that Fiji is sick and tired of coups in 1987, 2000 and 2006.

She said in order to move forward, people need to learn to forgive and reconcile with each other.

Meanwhile concerns were raised by some people attending the meeting that many politicians go and promise things in the Northern division before the elections however nothing happens in Vanua Levu after that.

Anonymous said...

Nirmal Singh should know that the GCC was formed by Sir Arthur Gordon. That was a way the British could get the chiefs together and keep their subjects in order.That time is long gone and its time to do away with that colonial relic.

The chiefs will still be chiefs with or without the GCC. The GCC is not even represented by all the chiefs in Fiji. Nirmal singh should talk on issues not on something irrelevant in this modern day and age.

Anonymous said...

The GCC was the forum where chiefs of different provinces could come together and find common ground to issues faced by the Fijian people. In the past there used to be a lot of fighting between the various villages e.t.c The GCC was where protocol and respect was forged amongst the different tribes if you may. Now that there is no more GCC, there is a possibility that issues amongst these villages and provinces will escalate influenced by outsiders and could result in the Fijian people turning against each other. People talk about this modern day and age but what has that got us to? Granted the GCC was not perfect but it does not mean it should be abolished all together. Very similarly the Coups. Just because you do not agree or like what the Government of day is doing, your resort to a Coup. There are options and avenues available for you to take your grievances and do something about it. Coups are usually the cowards way out. With the GCC the Fijian people collectively had a strong voice to protect their interests, culture, heritage and land. Independently, their voice will not be as strong and eventually will be easily influenced and susceptible to unscrupulous people with their own agendas. See the trend that is happening with Fiji and in particularly with the Fijian people since 2006. GCC is gone, Trade unions are weakened, villages have been individualized. These were institutions where collectively people had a stronger voice.

Anonymous said...

Hey, at 8:14 - The RFMF was formed by the British colonising power, so following your reasoning, it's best we do away with it, too.

Tui Viti said...

Au via taura na gauna oqo meu vakaraitaka na noqu vakavinavinaka vei kemuni na noda ni tiko mai na Vualiku ena nomuni sa vakamuria tiko na noqu i vakaro kevi kemuni.TAKIRUA TALE NA NOQUI VAKARO OYA 'Mo ni gole yani vakalewelevu mo ni rogo vunau mai vei iratou na Sodelpa,ciqoma na nodratou tabua,yaqona wasei na tavako,me rarou qaravi ena i tovo vakaitaukei cecere duadua kei na i tovo ni veivaka menemenei da kila tani kina.KUA NI KAUWAI ENA LASU NA MAI VUNAU TAKI TIKO,KEI NA KENA KILAI DEIVAKI NI SEGA NI DUAVATA NA TURAGA NA TUAKAQU NA TURAGA TUI CAKAU ENA I LAKOLAKO OQORI NI SEGA NI VAKASAVUI VEI KOYA NAI TUKUTUKU NI LAKOLAKO OQORI.IA NA LEQA NA NODRATOU LEQA, O IRA GA NA TIKO E LABASA ERA A LAI VAKAROROGO I VUNAU WALEGA,SA MATATA TU VEI KEDA NI NA OTI E 5 NA YABAKI RATOU BASIKA TALE YANI.QORI NA POROKARAMU NI VEIDABUI E KAU TIKO,IA SA OTI MAI NA GAUNA OYA NI DA SA VULI.Au tokarua taka nai tukutuku vei keda kece na kai Viti,me da na katalau,vakasigalevu,vakayakavi,gunu yaqona kece,kecekece ena vakatunuloa ni Sodelpa,ia na noda digidigi me gole kece vei koya ni kia mai Kiuva Ratu Bai.sA KENA LEVU OYA NI TEI MOCE TOKA MADA NA KAI VITI KECE E VITI KEI ROTUMA.

Mahen Reddy said...

I will decide the minimum wage in Fiji - no one else! I am the only boss of Commerce Commission and I order you all to vote for Fiji First.

Ganesh Chand said...

Yes I totally agree with Mahen Reddy and I also order all 1800 staff of FNU and 30,000 students of FNU to vote for FIJI FIRST - that is Compulsory!

Ganesh said...

Anonymous 3:58, I'll answer you, point by point.

First of all, I am not Prof. Ganesh Chanda, so please don't put words in my mouth or make bland assumptions. My opinions are my own, so don't impute them to others.

Secondly, when you state "you don't have to study economics to know there is no such thing as a totally free economy -- the US, Australia and NZ are among the most free", you are only reinforcing the points I already made that "the US, Australia and NZ are not true free market economies. Their economies are simply freer than other countries with more controlled economies." It's true that one needn't be an economist to understand that although these are relatively free markets, that's not to say that they are absolutely free markets. But that doesn't negate my point that someone who would confuse the two has likely never studied economics.

Third, you seem to concede my point that the economies of Australia, NZ, and the US economies are no longer as strong and vibrant as they once were, but then you claim that I am blaming this on the minimum wage. Here you are, once again, putting words in my mouth. What I said is that these economies are weaker "as a result" of their minimum wage laws. N.B.: "A result", not "THE result". I never implied that such laws are the sole reason, or necessarily even a primary reason, for their decline.

Such laws are only one of many contributing factors. Other factors include: the end of Bretton Woods and the closing of gold convertibility, fractional reserve lending, loose monetary policy, dollar debasement, increasingly large budget deficits, wasteful and unnecessary wars, public vs. private wage and benefit disparities, bloated public sectors, "affordable home" programs and other subsidies that created the U.S. housing bubble, student loan programmes that turned kids into debt slaves and dramatically increased the cost of a college education, Wall Street bailouts, automation, demographics, etc.

Fourth, I am not comparing Fiji to Australia, NZ or the US. I am simply saying that we should learn from their mistakes. Promising to raise the minimum wage is election-time demagoguery. It's class war, pitting the lowest paid jobholders interests against those of their employers, against other, even more marginailsed jobseekers, and against the larger society. It is a political calculus—usually correct—that those whose wages could rise will vote in your favour, whilst those adversely affected won't personalise the issue to that extent.

Finally, I am not lobbying for Gujerati businessmen. Your supposition that I am shows you are a racist and intent on class warfare. I am lobbying on behalf of young people looking for their first job, parents seeking additional income, small businessmen looking to expand their operations, and people on fixed incomes who can't afford for prices to rise any further. I am lobbying for free market opportunity and full employment, as opposed to hamfisted government intervention, class warfare, and a permanent underclass.

Anonymous said...

Mahen kawan you will not even get votes from South Indians. You have colluded and made moneywith hardware companies mostly owned by Guji's. Hardware make about 200% mark up! Only big talk.
Food prices have gone up by 70% since 2006.
Stop using the resources of FNU and Commerce Commission.
I urge all lecturers and students at FNU to start abusing the resources of FNU like kawan Mahen.
Why Ganesh is not taking action!

Anonymous said...

Gujerati's have ripped the country. Why i taukei have not been given shares in companies like Motibhai and Tappos who enjoy millions by setting up duty free shop at the airport.
i taukei should be part of this profit sharing.
Gujerati's have got access to major tax benefits in manufacturing sector but the employees get peanuts in terms of wages.

ae! ae! said...

Sa bau gunu vinaka dina na yaqona ni Sodelpa qai free tale na tavako,ae! ae!Keimami sega ni kauwai vakalevu ena i vunau ni keimami sa taki veitaravi me na gauna eratou sana gole yani, sa rawa na neimami tasi.OTI KEIMAMI GOLE YANI I LABASA ME SAVA MADA NA YAKONA. E RATOU MAI VUNAUTAKA NA QELE KEI NA SO TALE NA CAVA,IA AU SEGA NI KAUWAI,BALETA NI SA TUKUNI VEI KEIMAMI O TURANI, ME KEIMAMI GOLE YANI VAKALEWELEVU BALETA NI FREE NA TAVAKO KEI NA YAKONA.

Anonymous said...

When Nirmal Singh joined sodelpa i thought he has gone crazy. Me thinks that his joining sodlepa is the best best thing that happened in the party and for Fiji. I am i-taukei and my vote goes to Mr. Singh. We will support best people for the job and not support a candidate because he is from our race. Mr Singh you have my vote! Vinaka

Anonymous said...

A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium.
Khayium the destroyer of i taukei.
Khayium the destroyer of Great Council of chiefs.
Khayium the destroyer of methodist church.
Khayium the destroyer our name Fijians.
Khayium must be tried for treason.

Voreqe Bainimarama said...

Anon@1.00PM. Speaking of wives, did your wife tell you who screwed her last night? And many nights prior?

Whose prior ? Lol

June 19, 2014 at 3:49 PM

Idiotic anonymouse 23.49PM. See what happens when you drop out of school in class 6?

Anonymous said...

The illegal P.M. and illegal A.G get salary of $1.7 million but an ordinary person gets $2 per hour.
These two are greatest thugs.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.04

The GCC supported the coups of 87 and 2000. They even made the leader of the 87 coup a GCC life member and chairman.

Anonymous said...

In Vanua Levu, there is only two choices for us Indians. Its either Charan Jit Singh or Nirmal Singh. Charan has done a lot for business and is seen our leader here but he will not be able to represent us in parliament and look after our interest. Nirmal is for all so its going to be Nirmal Singh for the Indians of Vanua Levu. What he did here on Wednesday night has changed the way we think and has touched our hearts with hope and joy.

Anonymous said...

As we are all Fijians now, how come some dont understand the fijian language???
Such people who dont understand the Fijian language should be deported because they have shown that they are foreigners!!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:09 AM

"" Why i taukei have not been given shares in companies like Motibhai and Tappos ""

Why is it that some of the i taukei believe they should be 'given' everything?

Do you not realise that you have to work hard to achieve success. Make your own success because you sure as hell are not going to share mine.

Anonymous said...


Ankara (AFP) - A Turkish court on Wednesday handed life sentences to two ageing generals behind a 1980 military takeover, the bloodiest in Turkey's coup-ridden history.

Kenan Evren, 96, and Tahsin Sahinkaya, 89, were found guilty of setting the stage for a military intervention, ousting the civilian government by force and committing acts against the forces of the state.

Prosecutors had demanded so-called aggravated life sentences for Evren, who became president after the coup, and Sahinkaya, the former air force commander -- which would have placed harsher conditions on their detention.

The ruling sparked cheers and applause from the public gallery inside the courtroom, who chanted: "This is just the beginning, the coup authors will pay the price".

The generals, who have now been stripped of their ranks, seized power on September 12, 1980 but were only brought to trial in 2012 after the ruling Islamic-rooted Justice and Development Party introduced constitutional changes.

Evren and Sahinkaya, who are being treated at military hospitals in Ankara and Istanbul respectively, appeared via video screens for Wednesday's hearing.

The two have been unable to attend any hearings because of their poor health. They told the judge they had "nothing to add".

Their lawyer, Bulent Acar, denounced the charges.

"This court is not competent to judge the suspects," he said, adding with a hint of irony that the "suspects are being tried according to the constitution that was drafted during the incriminated period."

Although there have been amendments in the intervening years, the constitution introduced by the junta in 1982 is still in force, despite being criticised as "draconian" by subsequent critics.

It is not yet clear if the former generals -- who appeared feeble over the video link -- will actually serve their sentences in prison, and they may yet appeal the ruling.

In his first testimony in 2012, Evren had said he had no remorse over his actions and that it was "the right thing to do at that time".

"If I had to re-do it all again, I would do the same thing. The Turkish armed forces on 12 September 1980 accomplished their duty to the people."

Outside the Ankara court on Wednesday, a crowd of about 200 protesters held pictures of people who were executed or died in jail during the military rule that followed the coup. A large banner read: "We don't forgive we don't forget September 12".

- 'Never recovered' -

Turkey's once-powerful army, which considers itself the self-appointed guardian of the secular regime, has staged three coups since 1960 and forced out an Islamic government in 1997.

The 1980 coup was the bloodiest in Turkey's modern history, with 50 people executed while dozens died from torture. Some 600,000 were arrested and many others went missing.

"We can never repair the suffering caused by this coup but it's a start," said Nevzat Er, a teacher in his fifties who was tortured under the junta. "I lost my health and my job, I have never totally recovered from these things."

Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spent the best part of his 11 years in power trying to curb the military's influence through a series of trials, one of which resulted in more than 300 military officers being put behind bars for alleged coup plots.

Anonymous said...

Up the minimum wage rate? What the heck was FA doing all this time in the Union? Doing F.A it seems. He should have addressed this issue way back then, not now when elections are near. Typical political gimmick...no better than free bus fare etc.,

Anonymous said...

Na karua ni term ni SVT sa ratou bai vunau wavoki yani, dabe toka na turaga qo, ena nona mata ni vale sa ratou tadu yani na mata ni SVT, sa kidavaki ratou sara mai na turaga qo, "dou bula na turaga, cava beka dou mai cakava" qai rai yani i muri qai raici nodratou mata ni SVT, qai mai qolou yani va qo, "a kiaaa tikina o se bula, tu soti mai vei na lima na yabaki sa oti qo""

So noda mata digitaki e na va tu gona ya....

Anonymous said...

Felix don't waste your time.
Blurry lawaki ca o iko....!
O vosa raduradu tu na gauna o tiko kina kei Bai/Khaiyum gauna ga o lauvidi mai kina o tagi sara toka vaka na gone ka ko se tagi toka ga qoka ka mai vakayagataka na Union mo babamatua kina mo lesu tale i kea.


Don't use Union as your vehicle to parliament....They are human being and have feeling which is in store for your surprise!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's all very well repeatedly talking about a $2 minimum wage but how about telling us just how many people actually earn this.

Why is it that you can not get an unemployed unskilled youth to do casual gardening work, all tools provided, for less than $4 per hour?

Anonymous said...

FLP and NFP should make sure Nirmal Singh never comes back to North again otherwise they will be history. He has a magical spell on people. His grassroots approach by going down to the average people has won the respect and admiration of people here. Just on one visit he is the talk of Labasa town. Just imagine if he sweeps through Vanua Levu with his simplicity and genuineness.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that at times indo fijian in vitilevu look down on those from Labasa,and when talking about Labasa it's all of their kind in Vanua levu.Nirmal can be thru coz indo-fijian in Vanualevu are more closer and have a noble understanding of 'Vakarau Vakavavua'and the minute mechanism of i taukei ni qele.

Anonymous said...

Charan Jeet Singh is a thief.He took millions out of the country and build his empire in N.Z.

Why he has not been investigated of tax fraud and exchange control breach?

Charan took the land next to Labasa market which belonged to the Town Council and build his own supermarket. These were all his corrupt dealings when he was in the Council.

He is colluding with Khayium to make a fortune.

He bought the Grand Eastern hotel through the help of Khayium.

He will whitewashed in the election with the taliban.

Anonymous said...

That's right. Raising the minimum wage is every bit as much a political gimmick as free bus fare. And who really pays for it — the politicians? Not on your life! It's you and me, through higher taxes and higher prices for services and commodities.

Anonymous said...

Felix Anthony, Daniel Urai , Rajeshwar Singh, Agni Deo, Krishna Dutt have misused union funds. All these people should be kicked out from unions. They should forgot about getting in parliament.
Felix Anthony made millions when he was with FNPF.Felix should take full responsibility of members fund for the failed Momi project however he and Rajeshwar Singh bought land next to Momi Bay.
Nagin from Sherani did the transfer and all was FOC paid by FPSA.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 1.46

Everyone is a bloodsucker in one way or the other ask qarase.

Anonymous said...




Police quiz rape suspect

Friday, June 20, 2014

Update: 2:07PM THE man who allegedly raped a patient at a hospital up North is still being questioned by police.

Anonymous said...

The Pacific Island Development Forum is just another conflicting faction of the Pacific Island Forum formed out of frustration and bitterness.
A waste of government resources by this illegal regime who do not have our mandate to lead us. Fiji was intrumental in the formation of the PIF, with its prominent leaders in the 60s and 70s.
The PIF had grown over decades of cooperation and economic development. Bad politics by illegal regimes of melanesian countries had weakened its economic cooperation policies.
Bad and dirty politics of illegal regimes within the region had ruined the hopes of the PIFs vision and strategies. Bad politics of illegal regimes that are ' nonpacific way' .
Initiated by the illegal Fiji regime of promoting Fiji rather than promoting the pacific as in Fiji Airways rather than the Air Pacific name, the Fiji Link rather than the Pacific Sun, which are much more inward looking names than the broader pacific image.
The Pacific Island Development Forum claims championing regional cooperation while breaking away from a well structured regional body and trying to team up with countries from regions totally beyond our size, trading systems, currencies, political nature and religion.
With this illegal regime the USP established in 1968 as part of regional cooperation may begin or is already feeling financial threats as part of the inward looking policy of non-cooperation.
By the time we return as a member of the PIF we would have wasted so much resources, as a consequence of being led by a group of illegal power grabbers who made us wonder in the ocean where we had long before found dry land.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:34, preach it, brother! So sad, and so true!

Anonymous said...

Who gave the mandate to Charan Jeet Singh to officiate the crushing at Labasa mill?
We have better people in Labasa who have devoted their life in the sugar industry.
This guy must be thoroughly investigated by authorities for tax evasion and taking large sum of money to N.Z.

Anonymous said...

Tui Viti
Sobo o sega ni oca na masivolo.....toso toso mai na kai viti meda toso vata ena ruku ni SODELPA.....sa rauta mada maqe nei kaiyum

Anonymous said...

Great photo in today F Times ....full civic centre in Labasa for SODELPA....
Be very very afraid Bainikaiyum.....

True Fijian Chef said...

Fiji Airways revamps inflight service 13:05 Today

Taken from/By: FBC News
Report by: Rashika Kumar

Fiji Airways today launched its upgraded in-flight service including new economy and business class catering.

The airline has changed its economy class meal menu and added a Signature Dish inspired by Fiji-based Chef Lance Seeto.

The new Economy Class menu has been introduced immediately on all international flights for Fiji Airways and its subsidiary Fiji Link.

Managing Director Stefan Pichler at the launch admitted that passengers weren’t happy with the meals on the flights and the airline has taken these concerns on-board.

The airline has also hired Cover Story Limited, producers of Mai Life and Travel magazines, to publish an in-flight magazine called FijiTime.

Pichler says they want their passengers to have a full Fijian experience.

Come on Mr. Pichler. Why are you defending a decision that was made by your predecessor? It's no secret that the box meals were cheaper than a Mac D Happy Meal. You got served what you pay for.

Anyone that has flown KE or VA or NZ know of the quality of meals that comes from the ATS kitchen. Simply world class and these are meals prepared by Vueti, Niubalavu, Reddy, Naidu etc. No Lane BS cooking.

Do you mind telling us what dish Lance had a hand in. Nothing that was on display today could have been with Lance involvement. The meals on show today were world class. You of all people should know that meals served at 30k feet are not the same as that shown on TV. If you want your passengers to have a full Fijian experience, then use the true Fijian chefs.

Ask the PM about the food on KE and he will vouch for it.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA all the way in LABASA.
Khayium should be ready to face court for treason.

Anonymous said...

The signs of the sinking illegal ship, is showing.
The senior crews have jumped overboard, with more to leave, some have jumped ship.
The captain, the illegal rear admiral is desperate for survival.
He is scrambling for the road map, the charter, the oars, grabbing the microphone of every radio and TV station to spread his last lies to those who will not buy them.


Anonymous said...

Mrs Khaiyum got tender to design Fiji Link uniform and Nazia Ali got contract for inflight magazine. Nazia's brother got Deputy governor of Reserve Bank. No wonder Nazia and Pichler were falling over each other at parties and functions when drunk. I knew something was coming. Pichler guy loves women. Ask Fiji Airways staff. And Nazia has her ways of making to the top. Havent seen so much injustice and nepotism in my life time.

Premila Kumar: Environmentalist’s ‘dream come true’ said...

June 20, 2014 | Filed under: Fiji News | Posted by: newsroom
The Pacific Islands Development Forum is an environmentalist’s dream come true, says Consumer Council chief executive officer Premila Kumar.
Ms Kumar’s passion and background is environment, a major component of her Bachelors and Masters degrees. Ms Kumar is attending the second summit of the PIDF. It concludes today at Sheraton Fiji Resort in Denarau, Nadi.
She said that for many regional forums and countries, the dilemma was to choose between economy and environment. Now, concrete steps were being taken to highlight that environment could not be treated as a secondary issue.

Anonymous said...

Muslim rule.
Everywhere Muslims.
Wake up i taukei.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:29 PM

As some say and it could be true, Christianity is for the uneducated.

Anonymous said...

Muslims have made a fortune and their brotherhood is very strong.
Did you notice that NOT even a single Muslim is contesting election for NFP, SODELPA, FLP, PDP.
Muslims are united and will vote for FF.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 8:13 PM

Surely if their brotherhood as you say is so strong they would be trying to get into government to run things?

Do you ever consider what you think and write?

Anonymous said...

2006 coup was a Muslim coup so they still rule.
When the weather will change they better look for safe shelter!!

Anonymous said...

Premilla has only a school teacher. She does not have bachelors nor master's qualification.
She does not have any qualification in environmental.Anyway she thinks the whole world!
Some military boys---- must be --- her in Sheraton.

Anonymous said...

@ Ann 7.46pm
You said that Christianity is for the uneducated.
Maybe you can tell the forum on educated and high profile members of society who lack self control and had forgotten about family principles and life ethics and had indulged themselves into profane and unwarranted activities.
Fiji needs good leader NOW. Maybe uneducated but a person with dignity and professionalism and can clearly see the difference between right and wrong.
God bless Fiji for evermore.

Anonymous said...

Na itaukei e tukuna tiko ni Tui Viti e rairai dua na tamata macawa, qai sega ni rawa ni nuitaki me Tui Viti. Na nona ivakaro sa tukuna sara tu ga na vovodea ni kila ka vakavuli, vakalotu, vakaitaukei. Kemuni Tui Viti, na dodonu ni nona lai vakarorogo e dua na tamata kina dua na ivunai vakapolitiki, se vakalotu se vakamatanitu me yavutaki ena vakaoti gauna me lai gunu yaqona, kana tavako, guni, se kana me vakaisini ira kina na lai vunau yani e sega ni dodonu me bula tiko vei keda ena gauna oqo. Tui Viti na gauna na ilavo (Time is money), kevaka e ra dau cakava tiko na nomuni tamata na ivakarau ni veidabui vaka koya ia, sa rauta me da sa leqa na kawa itaukei, baleta na Tui Viti sara ga e solia tiko nai vakasala cala. E vavei mo kaya la kakua ni gole kevaka ko ni sa kila na dina mai na ivunau kei na veika sa cakava na Matanitu Vakaivalu nei Bainimarama. Au kerea vei kemuni na itaukei, sa kua soti mada na ciqoma tu la vakaveitalia na ivunau o ni voli tu kina. Na matanitu oqo e dau tukuna tiko ni o koya ga e dau siro sobu yani. Ia, sa rauta me siro yani baleta ni o kya ga e draiva ni basi, tawana na waiwai, lewa na pasidia, lewa na vanua e kele kina, lewa na veika me tukuna, ia, na veimatanitu digitaka na lewe ni vanua, e warai dau ni caka kina na itovo oqori. (DICTATOR VS ELECTED GOVORNMENT BY THE PEOPLE FOR THE PEOPLE). Ni yalomatua na dauveidigitaki mata. Kevaka sa da vuli ia, meda kila tiko na fika kei na wasewasea na veika e lai vunautaki yani. Ni kila tiko na niusiveva sa warai ni lewa na ka me tabaka, eso na itukutuku ni kena vakayagataki na iyau ni matanitu, sa warai ni ra dikena na kna ivakailesilesi vakadaunifika, ia, sa nomu na vakatulewa. Moce Tui Viti, ia, me ra Kalougata na kawa taukei ko ira na nomuni tamata.

Anonymous said...

Christianity is for the meek, the poor in spirit. And we shall inherit the earth.

Anonymous said...

Kivei Tui Viti...
Nomu vakasala koya sa kana loto tiko kina na matanitu koya cici tiko qo.
Na ka dina ra cauraka tiko na gone i taukei ra sa cau ena vuku ni nomu vakasama kei na nomu vakanananu me baleta na matanitu.
O sa rui malumalumu sara vakavuli,lotu kei na i tovo se i valavala ni tamata e nuitaki.
O sa rui tamata macawa saraga .
Lesu vei Tamamu mo lai vulici ena bula e vaka i vakaraau.maqosa,me rawa ni o tamata nuitaki ni ko na rawa ni tu vakataki iko ena veigauna sa tu e matada.

Anonymous said...

Should the Fiji First Party wins election I will say, RIP to our Culture, RIP to our land, RIP to our chiefs, RIP to our religion, and RIP to our beloved Fiji. To Bainimarama and all iTaukei working under you, this is my prayer, "Father God please forgive them, for they know not what they're doing" God bless Fiji

Anonymous said...

E sa kena gauna ga me sa vakarairaitaki na dina ka mai vesuka koto ena loma ni 8 na yabaki o Voreqe.

E rauta e 1,000 na lewe ni vanua era
osota yani na Labasa Civic Centre me ra laki tokoni Ro Temumu kei na SODELPA.

E kila vinaka tiko o Gates, Shameme, Shaista kei ira na tokona tiko na veiliutaki butobuto nei Voreqe/Kaihumu ni na gauna e lesu kina na dodonu ni lewe ni vanua era na vaqara na dina na tamata.

Oqo e sa tekivu ka sa kena i rairai ni sa na dreve na sasaga nei Bhai/Khai.

O keimami na civil servants kece i Viti keimami na tokona e dua tani tale na party ia me kakau saraga na Fiji Fuck all Party nei Khaihum.

Anonymous said...

Group's open letter for political parties
Shayal Devi
Thursday, June 19, 2014

A GROUP working towards creating a better Fiji for members of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersex and Queer (LGBTIQ) community has issued an open letter to political parties and independent candidates.

The document was released by Rainbow Pride Foundation and outlines issues it deemed critical to members of the LGBTIQ community.

"The LGBTIQ community is a significant proportion of Fiji's voting population.

"We urge all political leaders to address these issues in their manifestos and campaigns in local and national elections as well as post-elections.

"We call on the affirmation of the close link between democracy, the rule of law and the full enjoyment of one's human rights.

"We call upon the State, political parties and candidates to adhere to the principles of democracy, including the separation of powers between the executive, the judiciary and the legislative."

According to Rainbow Pride Foundation, substantive equality needs to be promoted among members of the public.

"The rights of all LGBTIQ people should be protected, including sexual and reproductive health and rights, recognition of all rights linked to sexual orientation and gender identities and expressions, without fear or discrimination," the foundation said.

The letter also called for freedom from all forms of violence and this included torture and discrimination in particular.

One of the few things the illegal regime has accomplished that reprresents a real advance was its decriminalisation of homosexuality. Yet, it remains profoundly homophobic, like wider Fijian society, despite the prominent role of its flamboyant illegal Chief Justice and the latent homosexuality implicit in the RFMF's preoccupation with sodomising prisoners.. Presumably the regime's refusal to allow marches is more attributable to its fear of political protest and accountability than anything else.

This statement of the broad and legitimate concerns of the LGBTIQ community demonstrates political maturity and genuine interest in the rights and welfare of all Fijians. It seems to suggest that they understand that their larger interests would be better served with a government led by SODELPA or another opposition party.

Anonymous said...

I am told Nirmal grew up in the poor sugar cane farming community and struggled through life to make it to what he is today. He understands the plight of grassroots people and connects with them instantly. I think he is a very genuine guy who is trying his best to unite the people and wants best for our community. This man has become an instant hit with people of Fiji. jio mere beta! Jai ho!

Anonymous said...

Why the military commander is giving threat that the constitution cannot be reviewed. Sodelpa, FLP and NFP has made it very clear that they will review the constitution and seek it's legality.
The biggest problem is the military since 1987.
The military should be abolished as millions are spend on military
with no accountability.
This money could be used to make hospitals, schools and infrastructure.
Every year about over 120 million of taxpayers money is spend on the military.
It is only a handful in the military who are abusing their authority.
Khayium has really manipulated the military.

Anonymous said...

Jyoti from Fiji Sun should not tell lies like Fiji Sun. It has become habitual for Jyoti and Fiji Sun to tell lies after lies to the people. Premilla is not an environmentalists. Premilla has no formal qualification in environment. She does not have a bachelor's nor a master's qualification. She is only a big mouth and gets job by knowing people.She got her job at Consumer Council because of Swani Maharaj her husband's cousin from Lautoka a big time womaniser.
She only needs publicity.
Why she has not done anything for the consumers regarding the price of food items that has gone up almost 70% since 2006.
The price of electricity and water has gone up since 2006.
Why the cost of housing has increased for the people.
These are the real issues affecting the consumers.
Stop hoodwinking the consumers and get to basics.

Anonymous said...

FACT:If Fiji 1st wins then RIP SODELPA.
Many youths I questioned were not happy about the candidates in Sodelpa.They said that Sodelpa should have introduced new and young candidates,many who applied had Degrees from reputable Universities but were overlooked because as they said Sodelpa is still mainline SDL.They are carrying issues into parliament and it would not be long when they start forgetting their promises and begin lining their pockets and old habits begin kicking in e.g. visiting the Motel at Wainadoi,Navua with the young lass for a romp while the missus is home with the kids.

Anonymous said...

Ahem, right.

And who are the big youth candidates in Fiji First?

Dunno? I didn't think so.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

SODELPA is the party for women, children and fags.

Real men vote for Fiji First.

Sisili mai Wainadoi said...

@Anon 12.14. There is only one building located close to the sea at Wainadoi,Navua.Are you refering to that one? Hmmm..I have seen Govt Vehicles parked outside and was once informed that they are from the Ministry of Environment studying the mangrove and the new site for a Govt Dept.Whats funny is that we spent several hours in the sea,among the mangroves and digging for mushells - kaikoso but no one was outside studying.Just 2-3 hours later the big Govt pajeros with tinted windows would reverse then head back onto the Queens Highway.

Anonymous said...

Gratified to read this statement in the Fiji Times by SODELPA's Jesse Sikivou on the issue of crime in Fiji. Only SODELPA is honest and courageous enough to point out clearly the nexus between growing lawlessness and the coup culture and nepotism/ favoritism promoted by the regime.

Sikivou's statement:

A GOVERNMENT that removes an elected government by force, signals to the nation and its people that it is acceptable to commit a crime and to disregard law and order. That attitude has transcended all boundaries and communities in Fiji and it sends the wrong message to our young men and women.

Increased crime rate in Fiji is an indication of the blatant disregard for law and order which the coups brought about. It is also attributable to the loss of income as a result of businesses closing down, disintegration of Christian values and principles and inability to meet basic needs for families.

The national election in September 17 will bring back a government that is elected democratically by the people and is owned by the people who will reinforce democratic governance, human rights, and the rule of law. A SODELPA government will uphold and enforce the rule of law, good governance, transparency and social justice, ensure a credible and transparent election process is maintained, uphold and reinforce Christian principles and values and provide policies that prevent all corrupt practices and behaviour.

Anonymous said...

Check out SODELPA meeting pictures in Labasa.


Anonymous said...

Bainainmarma and Kahyium have committed the biggest crime treason. These two must be tried with Rabuka.
The problem is if these two are granted immunity then the coup culture will never finish in our country.
8 years of illegal rule and looting of taxpayers money is enough for them to be prosecuted.
Why the AUDITOR GENERAL'S REPORT has NOT been published from 2006.
NEPOTISM at the highest.

Anonymous said...

The army has said no party will rewrite the constitution period. Sa yala i kea sa vosa mai na i otioti ni lewa.

Anonymous said...

If anyone thinks that Bai is prepared to relinquish power if the elections do not go his way only need look at the Military's position regarding the constitution.

A rule for some... Frank can change it however he likes and if anyone else tries there will be military intervention.

A vote for Fiji First is a vote supporting a military coup. Expect more coups if FF win office then lose it down the track.

The Court of Appeal ruled that there was no "necessity". This government are illegal and they are usurpers. They have removed democracy from Fiji and no election will restore it.

The so called independent election supervisor is a Khaiyum puppet. That is a fact. Khaiyum shoves his arm up Saneem's arse and Saneem responds accordingly.

Time will see justice done but in may not be this year or next year. We need a strong honest military leader who will undo this horrible mess.

A caretaker government based on the election results minus any FF candidate is the only way forward.

Puppets go limp when the strings get cut.

Anonymous said...

The SODELPA leader was one of those people who were against the use of the name Fijian for all people in Fiji.

Now she is kissing the asses of the very people she was against, the indians. Her speech in Labasa to the cane farmers proves it.


I am surprised that SODELPA's toyboy WADAN NARSEY has not being selected by SODELPA.

Mr Speaker said...

Kerekere Fiji First kua ni vosavosa rua tiko.

Tukuna tiko ni freedom ena soli,dua tale na yasna tukuna ni constitution ena sega ni veisau....sa rui veilecayaki tiko na toso FF.

Vosa mada mai vakadodonu baleta ni sa na oti na veidigidigi ya sa solia na galala kivei keda kece me da lewa na noda yavu ni vakavulewa.

Na yavu ni vakavulewa 2013 e usuraki mai se suguraki mai ka sega ni rogoci kina na domo ni lewe ni vanua raraba.

Ke ko dou kaya ni na sega tale ni veisau,e cava na vuna,baleta ya sa sega kina na nomudou kaukauwa baleta sa na cici na matanitu e galala ka digitaki mai na lewe ni vanua.

Ke ra sa vinakata na veidigitaki me veisau taki eso na tikina sa na qai cava??

E sa na sega tale ga ni FF ga e tiko e palimedi sa viavia veiwasei vinaka toka na lewe ni palimedi ka sa na tiko na toa ni veisaqa.

Fiji First matata mai ena tikina oqo baleta e vaka oqo na noqu nanuma...Ke sa na dua tale na matanitu e cici ka veisau taka tale na yavu ni vakavulewa sa qai cava tu na kena macala..???

Ea vakarota na komada o Tikoitoga ni na sega ni dua ena veisautaka tale na yavu ni vakavulewa,ia,na noqu nanuma de yavu ni vakavulewa ena rogoci na domodra na dau veidigitaki.

Ia, ke sa mani ra digitaka me sa dua tani tale beka na i soqosoqo e veiliutaki sa na mai digitaki,sa na tu vei koya na dodonu me vakalutuka,sema,tosoya,kauta vou mai se veisau taka eso na tiki ni lawa sa koto.

Na vosa nei Tikoitoga e vosa tiko ni mataivalu,na mataivalu e vakarorogo kina matanitu koya e bulia ka lewa ka cakacaka taka na yavu ni vakavulewa ka sa i tavi ga ni mataivalu na kena yadravi na matanitu mai vei ira e taudaku ni yavu ni vakavulewa.

Na yavu ni vakavulewa e tiko ga vei iratou na Ovisa ka kaukauwa vakalawa me ratou yadrava ka maroroya ka taqomaka na matanitu sa digitaki mai na lewe ni vanua.

Sa rui veilecayaki tiko na veika e lutu tiko mai na yasana qori Fiji First ke rawa ni matata mada mai.

All Hail Bainimarama said...

The Fiji Times is running amok -- publishing Sikivou's statement and photos of the pro-SODELPA mob in Labasa!

It's time we shut down FT permanently.

Anonymous said...

Good for Jesse. How can we discuss crime in Fiji without pointing out the criminality of the regime?

Anonymous said...

To All Hail Bainimarama
The Fiji Sun is running amok--publishing Fiji First's statement and photo's of the pro-Fiji First mob all over FIJI!
It's time we shut down FS permanently.

The Heckler said...

The New York Times — all the news that's fit to print.

The Fiji Times — all the news it's allowed to print.

The Fiji Sun — all the "news" that's shit, it prints.

Anonymous said...

Wadan Nasey has never been a member of SODELPA.

Too bad, too.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Times doing good job by giving independent news.
This election is a test for i taukei.
Which party i taukei vote will win the election.
If they vote FF then MUSLIM RULE will continue.
Let i taukei decide their destiny.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Times doing good job by giving independent news.
This election is a test for i taukei.
Which party i taukei vote will win the election.
If they vote FF then MUSLIM RULE will continue.
Let i taukei decide their destiny.

Anonymous said...

Being opposed to calling all people Fijian doesn't mean you're opposed to all people.

Calling Kaidia Fijian but all Fijians iTaukei is pretty unfair and suspicious, though.

Mere said...

Ro Teimumu can be relied upon to do her duty. As host of the Methodist Cnference, she did her duty to defend the Methodists, even though she is a devout Catholc.

As a paramount chief, ishe is dong her duty to defend the vanua.

As PM, she will do her duty to defend all citizens of Fiji.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:09 is quite right.

We've known all along that the Fiji Sun polls are phony. We know, too, that SODELPA would handily win any free and fair election.

Those of us with any sense have also known that Frank will not relinquish power, no matter how the voting goes.

This is a crooked thug who seized power through treason and then held onto it through one crooked device after another. He will not scruple to steal the election.

And that's exactly what he plans to do.

Anonymous said...

Whatever anyone say the fact remains whichever way the i taukei will vote that party will win.
i taukei are about 60% voters so let
i taukei decide it is SODELPA or FF.
Do not complain after the election.

Simi said...

Of course the FS polls are phoney. But when FB steals the election his supporters will say it proves the polls were correct., when really both were lies.
If the FS polls are to be believed then how to account for the large turnouts at SODELPA meetings?
The regime trolls who stalk this site will claim everyone went here just for grog and cigarettes but that doesn't begin to explain the numbers. A party struggling in single digits doesn't pull this many supporters to its meetings.

Anonymous said...

PDP will make the biggest difference in the elections. A vote for PDP will mean breaking away from all the crooks and conmans
About time that a fresh party came into the picture.
God Bless PDP!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

When this illegal PM rule ends, it will end with his constitution.
The illegal 2013 constitution which had not passed through any parliament.
The 1997 comstitution had passed through our legal parliament, it had gone through 3 elections, and had seen the election of two parties to parliament, and one party on a back to back win.
The 1997 constitution had even gone through the then High Court in 2001, in the famous Chandrika case, when Bainimarama attempted to abrogate it then, which was presided by the same Justice Gates.
In 2009, Bainimarama and Gates colluded to supposedly abrogate the consitution after the Appeals court decision to return the country to a caretaker government.
A case of one judge with two different decisions.

We all come and go, when new people come in, there is highly likely that they change laws and decisions about the country.
That is why we have elected representatives.
The current illegal regime changed the laws during its time, the new government will also have the same benefit when it legally rules.
This regime never respected the peoples' choice in 2006, again the people will make the same choice in September.


Anonymous said...

Anon 5.32 PM,
In addition we had a credible Constitution Review Team that travelled the world and studied systems of governments, whose recommendations were presented to the Parliament select committee,before being presentaed to parliament.
Sir Paul Reeves' team recommendations were received amended and endoresed by parliament. It was not the best but had rooms for amendments within parliament. The legal body of the peoples' reps.
What path did the 2013 illegal constitution followed?
No consensous, no legal peoples' reps, etc. the process is forced and flawed. Look at what happened to the Ghai recommendations! Alledgedly burned! Perevented from prior circulation!

Anonymous said...

White-collar crimes up

Nasik Swami And Dawn Gibson
Saturday, June 21, 2014

WHITE-COLLAR crimes such as fraud are on the rise.

This was revealed by police spokesman Inspector Atunaisa Sokomuri yesterday in light of views of some political parties that crimes in the country were on the rise.

Insp Sokomuri said petty crimes such as pick-pocketing and minor robberies and assaults were also on the rise.

SOKOMURI , WHAT ABOUT THE TWO THIEVES STEALING $1million each every year, since 2006?





Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Sodelpa's chances in the election are as slippery as sweat on Daniel Urai's Bald Head[Fijian- Ulu Cou]



Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

soooo here's what i don't get.... I agree that the $2 minimum wage seems low BUT it's the first time Fiji has had a minimum wage so I am wondering why the trade unions (headed up by Felix Anthony and the rest of his PDP buddies) did nothing about it before.... Now an election comes around and they're promising this that and the other thing. Seems opportunistic at best, hypocritical at worst. That said PDP have some hard working genuinely passionate people and they driven by good values. Just hope they don't slip too far down the negativity track (ref. their twitter page @PDPFiji)

Ridhi said...
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Anonymous said...

you missed Premila and Nur

Anonymous said...

Ass and Bai and family have a open credit card at Tappoos and at professional nails ,connection of Tappoo Bobby Raniga and Ajay Snake Raniga and P meghji ,also Parshotams Lawyers all are from the same Guji Cast including Hari Punja in the background and Himmat Lundhia all are SONAR a guji cast , gold diggers

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:43 PM

But the vast majority look fantastic and have such class !

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

All manner of crime has been on the ruse for years, but the newspapers have been under-reporting it ever since outright censorship began in April 2009. This regime doesn't want you to know just how bad things really are.

Shady dealing at USP, can consumer council investigate please said...
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Ganesh said...

In normal times I might have supported the PDP. Tthese are not normal times. This is not the time for a Third Way. The PDP fundamentally misread the tenor of our times. What we want now more than aything is to rid ourselves of our captors. We don't need more parties at this juncture in our history. What we need is more unity, to depose the Banimarama-Khaiyum Party of Treason and Usurpation.

That's why I support SODELPA and urge all others to do the same. The PDP and others small parties should negotiate cabinet positions in a SODELPA government and then fall in line behind the leadership of the Gone Marama Bale.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@12;44am & 12:57am

Sa qai tini tale na c....!!!


wadana said...

Why FF delaying the publication of its manifesto?

Don’t they intend to see the manifesto of all the rival parties and counter them all?
Are they supposed to be first in everything?

Don’t the millionaire’s in FF making the mockery of this election taking Bainimarama out of the equation?

Is this FF party a ploy by the inner circle millionaire’s to end Bainimarama in a professional manner?

Did they intend to cut him off from military and now formed FF is a noble way to put him off from politics?

Realizing that business are not vibrant enough because of military rule first they fill their pockets, blind fold him, make decisions /decree to their advantages and now satisfied and it’s time for them to let Bainimarama go?

Looks like they're playing cat and mouse kids game.
I stand to be corrected Mr Speaker Sir!!!

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

@Those who are saying that they just went to the SODELPA Labasa campaign for grog and cigarettes.

At least you have gone to listen to the SODELPA supporters and you have learned about and witnessed their manifesto. You have done a good thing by making Bainimarama and Khaiyum afraid of the power that SODELPA.

All who were asking appropriate questions and those who wanted to know these politicians better were open minded people and their questions were answered. They came out of the meeting with the satisfactory feeling that they have learned more about why SODELPA and other political parties are opposing Bainimarama, Khaiyum and the FFP.

If you went there for just grog and cigarettes because your chiefs say so, then you must be very dumb people who listen to the stupidity of their dumb chiefs. These are the kinds of chiefs and people who bring no improvement and development in their lives except to await and expect handouts from government and other institutions. This is why Fiji is on the downward trend apart from all other island nations of the South Pacific who are progressing and developing better,

It would have been better if you had gone to your tavioka and dalo patches, yaqona farms and sugarcane plantations for the day because they are a healthier lifestyle to live than smoking cigarettes and drinking grog. Lifestyle diseases are on the rise drastically in Fiji anyway.

Mahen Reddy said...

I propose the following leadership so that Fiji remains prosperous and all Fijians live higher standards of living:

President and Vunivalu of Bau: Ratu Epeli Nailatikau

Prime Minister: Frank Bainimarama

Chief Justice: Nazhat Shameem

Attorney General & Chairman of Great Council of Chiefs - Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum

Minister of Finance: Dr. Nur Bano Ali

Minister of Education: Dr Ganesh Chand

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the promises of free education, bus fare, higher wages and gumboots. Now, why won't anyone promise that the results of this election will be honoured?

Anonymous said...

Mahen Reddy, Fiji cannot "remain" prosperous because for most of us it is neither prosperous now, nor has it been prosperous over the last seven years.

The idea of Khaiyum as Chairman of the GCC is an abomination. Besides, didn't your lot abolish the GCC?

The fastest way to a higher standard of living for Fijians is to rid us of this usurper regime, restore democracy, repudiate illegal debts, and welcome more foreign investment.

In other words, a prosperous Fiji begins where you END.

Anonymous said...

Since 2006:

1. The price of food go down. It has increased by 70 % since 2006.
2. The cost of electricity and water has gone up.
3. Corruption and nepotism has increased by 100%.
4. National debt has increased to billion.
5.Increase of salary for illegal P.M. and illegal A.G has increased by over $1 million.
6. Unemployment has increased to 83,000 as mentioned by the national centre.
7. People living below the poverty line is 40% with 10% on the fence.
8. The permanent secretary's salary has increased to over $200,000 per annum while the civil servants are on poverty line.

Professor mahen reddy sala chutiya said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Time for a change. 8 years of rule by FF is enough.When people are in position for too long CORRUPTION, NEPOTISM and BAD GOVERNANCE is the hallmark. This is very much evident in the current illegal government.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10.27 am,
How come they will be ministers? When they will be serving the piggery in Naboro?, and reading the doctrine of neccesity in their spare time together with extraordinary power of the president ( illegal president's power) wherever that document is.

Anonymous said...

Sodelpa and FLP will be the best option for the people as we are at crossroads in the political history of the country . This will offer a good multi racial approach. This will be in the best interest for the i taukei and Indians.
NFP leader Biman must now tell the people if it is true that FF and NFP plans to form a coalition. This must be made very clear to the people at the outset.
Senior Khayium has been meeting NFP since he was an ex – NFP to form a coalition with FF.
Biman clarify this proposed coalition

Julab Paad Ali said...
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Anonymous said...

Already the new FMF Commander is making political comments about the 2013 constitution, saying that the army would not allow any elected government to amend the 2013 constitution.
He like his former commander is again overstepping his role, and making political comments beyond his jurisdiction.
This was the same thing that Bainimarama was doing in 2006.
The army which is the custodian of our institutions is now the greatest threat to our highest body.
Whenever the military threatens its own country, there is always never ending chaos, are we seeing another political crisis in the making?
We are tied of all these military coups give us a break!

Julab Paad Ali said...
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Anonymous said...

Anon 2.25 pm

We can eat all of those infidel any time like we did years ago.
We want more MEAT this time.

Mai na Ceva kei Viti said...

The bottom line is providing people with social nd political platform so that people can make their own choices on the type pf government they want through the ballot box.

It is just common sense that people deserve the government of their choice.

E sega ni suguraki tiko mai na matanitu era vinaka ga na lewe vica.

Let democracy have its own way guided by honest and decent people NOT guided by murderers, corrupt and liars like Khaiuhm and Bhai.

The two deserve Korovou and those that support the illegal take over.

Anonymous said...

The most recent statement from Brigadier-General Mosese Tikoitoga is alarming in the extreme. He talks about the end of coup culture and in the same breath says the military will not allow any change to the illegal constitution.

This is classic double-speak and should be a warning to all of those FF/ Coup supporters.

If anyone other than FF win the election there will be military intervention (coup), if they attempt to restore the legal constitution. That is not democracy. That is a military dictatorship.

A vote for Fiji First is a vote to support coups and military supremacy. Those who have been fooled by this regime, especially Indo-Fijians, should think long and hard as to whether they want Coup Culture to continue.

If the answer is yes to Coup Culture and military supremacy, then vote Fiji First. If you want democracy and the rule of law, vote for anyone other than Fiji First.

Those who support FF are either profiting off them or are wilfully blind or stupid. I don't like to call people stupid but if they cannot see through this military dictatorship then, alas, they are stupid.

If anyone other than FF wins the election and they have support of the military, then democracy may be restored. Remember, a vote for FF gives any future military strong man the support and constitution to stage a coup.

Anonymous said...

Whatever anyone say the fact remains whichever way the i taukei will vote that party will win.
i taukei are about 60% voters so let
i taukei decide it is SODELPA or FF.
Do not complain after the election.

wadana said...

This FF party is an exit point for all regime inner circle and indirect beneficiaries and looks like the direct front liners exit by way of diplomacy and left behind a brave Fijian commander with his soldiers and his people lick their wound.

The General Secretary of FF and President and vice President are not so serious about what happening around them and at times we thought they're gaming.

Just a few lines from MAI LIFE Magazine i can assure that he is a pure nationalist but caught in a co-web of bad politics.

From the co-web of bad politics to the co-web of corrupt millionaire's who claimed to be controlling Fiji's economy.While he guard the vault these millionaire's help themselves.For now economy are struggling and it's time they let him go.

Bainimarama is already a prisoner!!!Within him there is guilt and sorrow but never will he tell the truth until the truth finds him.

They provoke him and lead him astray and now they cunningly bringing him back to the people while they watch from the sideline.

Anonymous said...

Tikoitoga should just stay in the barracks and lead his soldiers as a proper military commander would do. For him to step into the political field and brandish his weapons to say that the constitution should not be changed is an insult to the people of Fiji who should be the highest authority, under God, to create, make and change laws. Therefore, a properly elected parliament with an adequate majority should be able to make changes to the constitution as and when necessary to cater for the general needs of the citizenry. Or even initiate provisions to conduct a national referendum whenever the need arises.
Tikoitoga and his soldiers are paid for their services by the tax paying people and therefore they are accountable to the people who pay them and not to Bainimarama who is retired, nor to Khaiyum who has no mandate to make and change the laws at all.
So, Tikoitoga, just stay in the barracks and mind your soldiers and treat them well because if you do not, you will cause dissatisfaction amongst the ranks.
High ranking soldiers taking political sides have been the cause of coups which did not and have not brought in any prosperity.

Anonymous said...

My analysis on your proposal proposal:President and Vunivalu of Bau: Ratu Epeli Nailatikau. Will be sent back to Tonga because his Father is from Tonga.

Prime Minister: Frank Bainimarama-Is really fighting for his life because now he realised that the Kai Viiti is now closing in for a kill. His main concern is the loyalty of his soldiers which soon be tested in the ballot box.

Chief Justice: Nazhat Shameem-A very cleaver lady because she just move away before the defeat of the regime.

Attorney General & Chairman of Great Council of Chiefs - Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum-He will be hanged after being stoned under strict Muslim law by the people of Cuvu, Nadroga.

Minister of Finance: Dr. Nur Bano Ali-She has already planed her escape route to Geneva.

Minister of Education: Dr Ganesh Chand-He will be on the spotlight soon by impregnated a girl and currently adopt this child with Premila her wife.

Anonymous said...

Why i taukei going against i taukei?
We are heading for serious problem in the future.

Anonymous said...

Bula Si'a Siti Rabuka,You are not man enough to name those who were with you back in 1987.......Bula Bainimarama why are you two destroyed our nation.Bainimara name them all...it wll be less then a minute but it will save our country with all the ramifications.

Be a true Fijian soldier like SEFANAIA SUKANAIVLU.

You two hold the key to Fiji's peaceful multiracial future.

What is rightfully ours are taken by the vulagis.

There is hope it can be done!!

Anonymous said...

O keimami kece na kaiviti ka tu yani qo i Ositerelia keimami sa duavata me sa dua ga na neimami party. SODELPA!
Keimami vakavinavinaka ena nona mai veivakadeitaki tale na turaga Laisenia Qarase.
We can only be ruled by our own free will to choose! Not by taking away and imposing rules without our consent!
Ni yadra na wekada mai viti. Sa kau laivi e vuqa na ka me baleta na kawa Itaukei.
Na nomuni digidigi cala o ni na vakaloloma kina.
Turaga ni lomana na kawa I taukei!

Anonymous said...

Na volotiki sa mai yavalata na kawa i taukei....

Anonymous said...
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