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Friday, June 13, 2014

SODELPA set to unveil candidates as Fiji First is accused of U.S. vote buying

The much-awaited list of candidates from SODELPA will be revealed tomorrow.
Thomson: With Bainimarama at US fundraiser

Fiji's biggest Opposition party, and the party most likely to hurt the regime-led Fiji First, will roll out its list in Suva, 11am local time at the Lower Civic Auditorium.

There is obviously a lot of interest in the list so provisions have been made for people to follow the announcement.

The live stream can be found via this link: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/sodelpa-candidates-announcement.

SODELPA's list of candidates comes two days after the official launch of the regime-led Fiji First party - amid more claims of breaches.

The Coalition for a United Fiji says Frank Bainimarama's party has been offering to sell Fiji passports for $US750 - and the right to vote in the September 17 election - in return for political donations.

It says says it has reliable information from both the United States and Hong Kong that Fijians have been shoulder tapped for donations.

UFDF says the donations were touted at the campaign meetings Bainimarama attended in California, where he was accompanied by Fiji ambassador Winston Thomson, and people paid $US550 for dinner and $10,000 was raised.

Coalition spokesperson, Mick Beddoes, says the sources of the information will be kept confidential.

But he says the 'good, honest law abiding citizens who are appalled at the level of manipulation and fraud being undertaken by some in authority and have knowledge or proof to email details and information to : dinasachaitruth@gmail.com.'

The Coalition says it will also be alerting the Supervisor of Elections and Electoral Commission to the passport allegations but given their 'past inaction' it is not expecting 'any serious due diligence or effort to establish the truth.'


  1. "" and people paid $US550 for dinner and $10,000 was raised.""

    I was told by reliable sources that FLP are only charging FJD$20 for a meal at their fund raising this weekend.

  2. We the people of Tailevu fully support Fiji First and 100% will vote for Fiji First. We should also make Bainimarama our Paramount Chief of Kubuna Confederacy and Vunivalu of Bau.

    1. Don't speak for all the tailevu people

    2. Lako ga lai 44 kei Bainimarama drau yavu no school

  3. O cei mai luvemu,chode!! Qarauna kua ni caqeta tiko na matani moto,de lauti iko na noqu sau, au se lomani iko tiko,ia na gauna au sa na cudru kina,ya ,lo and behold the sky will fall on your head.

    1. Lai dabeca ga na matanimoto tukuna tiko Qori viavia tui viti tu vei Sega nomu qele

  4. Thompson is a royal as ole.

  5. Good riddance Aslam KhanJune 13, 2014 at 10:01 PM

    After ruthlessly using dominant market position to fleece poor Fiji consumers through exorbitant rates, especially when Vodafone was a monopoly, Aslam Khan retires a rich man. Another elite exploiter of Fiji's poor. Good riddance.

  6. "" and people paid $US550 for dinner and $10,000 was raised.""

    Doing the math, and allowing USD50 in expenses per donor, this comes out to only about 20 donors in attendance at Bainimarama's dinner. Any California fundraiser for fighting heartworms in dogs would be able to attract more donors than that!

  7. Why people who have Fiji passport but leave overseas cannot contest the election. These people should be allowed to contest as they have Fiji passport and they are very good people who would like to contest the election.This will make the election if it will happen very interesting.

    1. Why the requirement of 2 years residence when the constitution was made in 2013?

    2.Why people who have lived overseas for many years but hold Fiji passport can vote but NOT allowed to contest.

    3. We can bring some very qualified and experienced people to contest in the forth coming election if it will happen.

    4.Why is this discrimination of two years residence requirement?

    This must be changed and everyone with Fiji passport should be allowed to contest.

  8. We can have people like John Swamy and all fly by night consultants contest the election as they have made lots of money in Fiji under the regime. John Swamy was paid $12,000 per month for writing the charter.In this way money will be brought back into the country.

  9. Winston Thompson the Leech and Coward. One of the worse Ambassador to have serve in the Washington DC and who have done absolutely nothing for Fiji and the Fijian Community in the US. Useless piece of old rag and should put be in prison to rot for promoting the coup culture. What are shame, compromising his principles for 30 pieces of silver. Luveni Kawaca! Judas!

  10. The office where FF opened it's office at Brown Street belongs to Muslims - Nur Bano and Ali - N Cap Hire.

    i taukei get united and be united like the Muslims.

  11. Khayium has ensured the land is not safe.Government can take the land and sub lease to anyone at anytime and anywhere.i taukei must unite before it is too late.
    Khayium made $2 million when he gave the prime land to chinese next to garden city. The money was paid in Hong Kong.
    Why this prime was put for tender??

  12. Has anyone noticed that we have not seen any disclosure of assets and income of Fiji First officials? I have the reason: Fiji First is not a party, according to Khaiyum and his Rear Admiral it is a “movement”. And the party decree that requires these disclosures does certainly not apply to a movement does it? Quite a smart fella our AG and minister for nearly everything that has to do with money.

  13. Artful dodger and codger Prof Satendra None-doneJune 13, 2014 at 11:41 PM

    Another 'consultant' was Prof Satendra None-done, formerly of Nadi, now residing in Canberra, thus named for his lack of productivity unless it was for his or his family's benefit.

    An artful dodger when it came to work. Made a tidy sum from UniFiji after retiring. Managed to get wifey a job there also. In total both pocketed a neat $100k p/a.

    Saten is so smooth he made it appear as if he and wifey were doing UniFiji and Fiji a big favour. But it was the other way around. UniFiji was doing the couple a big favour since Saten's wifey was unemployable in Australia, which the Nandan clan say is their true home.

    Fiji is only for post-retirement pickings, eh Saten. The rascal also made a tidy sum on the Ghai Committee, where he doubled as a mole for the regime. Artful dodger indeed!

    1- The destruction and burning of the Ghai constitution.
    2- One of the key things in this, the people’s constitution, was an interim government to take us to elections. The purpose was to stop the regime from abusing its position. Bainimarama was well aware of this abuse and this is why in December 2006 he said no member of his interim cabinet would stand for elections.
    3- Imposition of Bai Kai constitution with no real involvement of the people
    4- Independent Public Posts such as Supervisor of Elections appointed by Bai and Kai prior to the elections

  15. Why Khayuium wants to be be in power after 8 years of illegal rule.
    This shows the money is too good for him to leave politics.
    All his asset must be frozen and he should not be allowed to leave the country with aunty nur bano who have been sucking the taxpayers money.

  16. A vote to Fiji First is a vote to Khayium.
    Khayium the destroyer of i taukei.
    Khayium the destroyer of Great Council of chiefs.
    Khayium the destroyer of methodist church.
    Khayium the destroyer our name Fijians.

  17. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  18. It seems some people have really fear of the much awaited list of candidate for SODELPA.

  19. Illegal P.M.and illegal AG have made Fiji more corrupt than ever with:
    No Transparency
    Compromised judiciary
    Human rights Abuses
    Lowest Economic Growth Ever
    Lowest Private Investment Ever
    Media Restrictions.
    Poverty -40 % people live below poverty line.
    Cost of Food - 60 % increase since 2006.
    Economic growth - all time low 2%
    National debt - 7 billion.
    Illegal P.M. and illegal AG. salary - over $1 million.

  20. Eso na tamata dau veibeci sega ni vuli era mai vaka vu vosa tiko ena blog qo, nai tautau ni nodra vosa esa tukuna ga na ka e down load taki tu e nodra mona, na vosa vakalialia, edua ya e big arse wavoki tikoga, esa tukuni koya tikoga, edua ya e vakananumi Asenaca Caucau tikoga, gonei lomana mada na watimu, osa via lai vinakata tale tiko edua, se rairai beka o dau kucu yalewa se o viavia yalewa tiko, karua ga i koya e big arse wavoki tiko ya, drau lai check-taki mada i St Giles de sa leqa tiko beka na nomudrau koro turaga.

  21. Vakacava mada ke rau sota o Qarase kei Kunatuba, ecava ena tukuna o Qarase baleta ni a liumuritaki Kunatuba nona cakitaka ni a solia na veivakadonui me signtaka na purchase orders? Na voli 'votes'ya ko rawata kina nona matanitu ka biuti Kunatuba kina i Korovou. Vacava mada ke sota tiko kei ira na lewe ni bose vakaturaga ka a vakayagataki ira me ra vakadonuya na $20 milioni me ka ni voli 'shares' ena Fijian Holdings through Fiji Development bank.Vakadonui oti saraga,volitaka sara vei ira na class 'B' shares qai solia na loan veikoya kei ratou na nona vuvale me ratou loan free qai voli 'A' class share.Raica Qarase, sa kua soti mada na veivakalolomataki. Tukuni ga nio dauvunau, o vunauci cei tu, dukadukali tu mada ga na bula qai lai vunautaka tiko na Vosa ni Kalou.Na veivakalolomataki o cakava vei Kunatuba kei ira na turaga o sa biu tale kina i Korovou me sau ni valavala eda vakarautaka ga

  22. Funny how people are jumping up and down and crying like small kids for the PM to confirm his salary especially SODELPA. What difference will it make? The PM has 10 other ministries apart from PM.$1.7 million as suggested is not even enough to pay him for all 10 ministries put together.But he is not that kind of person.He is only taking the PM's salary alone.Its lust what people think and these same people will do if they ever get to that post.Have these same people ever ask how much was RtMara getting, Rabuka, Chaudary, Qarase. Do you know that Rt Mara gets birthday presents from every ambassador,consul,high commissioners of every country with offices in Fiji in excess of $10,000USD every year from the day they set up office in Fiji?And that since he was PM. Qarase got over $30 millions for his 5 year term.Not too bad for a cool $6 million a year salary on top of his other 'dealings'We know Chaudary has got his millions stashed away in Australia but have you ever considered checking out on Qarase's,yeah right, that's another story.

  23. Ke rau na sota o Qarase kei Kunatuba e rau na veikacivi ga OB, old boys vataga.

  24. Hey tamata ca o iko 8.44am, ha ha ha, osobo, vinaka OB!!!

  25. Apples and PearsJune 14, 2014 at 9:16 AM

    Qarase is a racist crook. He can't even be mentioned with Bainimarama in the same breath.

  26. Bainimarma and Khayium should disclose their salary of over $1.2 million each.
    The people can compare how much other Prime Ministers in the world are getting.
    Why they hiding the salary by appointing Nur Bano to process their salary?
    40 % people live below the poverty line while these two who have committed treason earn over $12. million each.
    60 % price of food up since 2006.
    Forgot about the bribe these two get from the chinese.

  27. Why put posts in Fijian language ? I'm a Fijian ... No point .. Thiis is a blog for all to share and comment on issues . Commenting in Fijian and making rascist is a sure sign of stealth and coward ness . That's not the kaiviti way .
    Yes ratu Mara , qarase , Chaudhary . Jam ram reddy .. All corrupt . Qarase son just bought a house in sydney ... Fully paid in cash . He has several bank accounts in usa , austrlalia n New Zealand . He is allowed to ... But rest assured it's not hard earned dollars !!!!

  28. It did the maths too and thought the money raised suggested much less than 150 people which is what some reports said.

  29. Khaiyum is using his Muslim connections to haul in wealthy Arab States to attend the PIDF.This is a very intelligent and wise approach.Broadening the base to build on for the future.The future is to connect with Middle EAst,Arabian and oil rich countries,thAt is where the future lies for Fiji.We also need to bring in wealthy Asian nations to support PIDF.As for PIF it is doomed as a Dinosaur of the past,a non issue for the future.

  30. An Indian in the TLB board.Tikaram has join the TLB board.Sa mai lewe ni qele maroroi e dua na kai dia.Cava tale eda waraka tiko nai itaukei meda na vekaci tiko beka?

  31. Anonymous 8:39, nothing but lies, lies and more lies. If Bainimarama were only getting one salary, the regime would have disclosed it long, long ago. You may not care about the truth, but we do.

  32. Qarases son is a engineer plying his trade in Dubai....do you know how much the marine engineers are paid you dick head.....he worked his hard cash money and bought his properties not like Bai he is a thief like you


  34. Qarase never stole from the people of Fiji. He stays in a simple house at Moti Street.
    Khayium is the one who has stolen every dollar from the people of Fiji. He wants to win the election by any means so that he is not taken to court for treason.
    Khayium had nothing before the election. Now he owns properties and money staked in Hong Kong from the chinese.
    Khayium bought property at Vuncakecca and put a swimming pool FOC by Fortex Construction. His brother Raiz had nothing before 2006. He bought a house in Namadhi Heights and most of the work was done by contractors from FBC.
    Khayium must disclose his salary and assets before 2006 and after.
    We are ruled by Muslims and i taukei should accept it.

  35. i taukei are not fools to vote FF. We will be present in every meeting to show support.Limuri is the game.We will take the sewing machine, grass cutter, chain saw etc but when it comes to voting the story will be different.
    Remember the illegal government is ruling with the power of gun.This is how it is done in Muslim countries through out the world. The day the gun swings on another side the end for many.That day is very close before September.

  36. I object to the characterisation of the Ghai Constitution as "the People's Constitution". It was nothing of the kind. It was not put together by our elected representatives but by non-Fijians chosen by an illegal regime imposed on us by traitors. We never asked orr this constitution. Many chose not to participate in this illegal process. Many of the submissions of those who did were deliberately disregarded by Ghai's commission, in order to abet the criminality of the regime. His regime employers gave Ghai the bum rush to the airport, just as Dakawaqa predicted from the beginning. The regime then cherrypicked the provisions it wanted and discarded the rest, again just as Dakuwaqa predicted. Ghai's efforts in Fiji were disgraceful. This "constitutional expert" served as enabler for a regime whose goal was patently to subvert democratic processes. His approach violated the most basic tenets of constitutional government, beginning with obtaining the consent of the governed. His actions were illegal, naive and counterproductive. In fact, Ghai's "contribution" ultimately set back the timetable for Fijian democracy. It only compares favorably with the phony BKC, but that doesn't change the fact that it was phony, too.

  37. IN TODAYS FIJI SUN, PM RATING SOARS,IT IS NOW UNDISPUTED FACT THAT FIJI FIRST WILL WIN THE ELECTIONS BY A TSUNAMI OF A LANDSLIDE VICTORY.Io sa dola na neimami valenivolavola e liu e Brown St, Toorak.Keimami a tu e nakoro sa vakarogo taka yani o Turani ni sa ratou tadu mai na i vakalesilesi e liu ni Sodelpa,keimami veidredrevaki,oilei keimami sa oca na mai lasutaki,vesumonataki tiko,keimami sa mani duavata me keimami gole me laki vakarorogo, me baleta ni gole tiko ma na i lakolako vaka Marama Bale.E CIQOMI NA NODRATOU TABUA,NA YAQONA NI SEVUSEVU,KEIMAMI GUNU YAQONA,VAKAROROGO E NA VUNAU NI VESUMONA, KEIMAMI SOLIA NA NEIMAMI VAKARAU KEI NAI TOVO VAKAVANUA E MAQOSA,VAKATURAGA VE IRATOU.KEMAMI CIQOMI IRATOU.IA NI RATOU SA VAKANADAKU.KEIMAMI SA MAI TABAKAYANI NA VEIDREDREVAKI.Io vei kemuni kece na noda ni sa vakamuria tiko na ka esa caka tiko vei iratou na Sodelpa,da ciqomi iratou,ciqoma na nodratou i yau,gunuva na nodratou yaqona, ia ni ratou sa nadaku ga,sa yala talega i kea,keimami sega ni lialia na tiko e nakoro,dina beka ni keimami sega ni vuli vinaka,ia keimami kila ni na veisiko e caka tiko mai oqo,e na qai vakayacori tale ena veidigidigi ka tarava,ni oti beka e 4 na yabaki.

  38. If Fiji First is a "movement" . . .
    it is a bowel movement.

  39. What the Fiji Sun is undisputed . . . by the Fiji Sun. But that the Fiji Sun prints deliberate lies is beyond dispute.

  40. ASK deliberately wrote the BKC in such a way as to disqualify any overseas Fijians from returning to contest the elections.

  41. Everyone holding a Fiji passport can vote then why they cannot contest the election?
    John Swamy, John Prasad can contest the election as they have taken lot of money out of Fiji. Time for them to put money into the economy.

  42. @Anonymous 12.18, Qarase has a house in Vatuvia Rd Lami he bought from Colin and Carol Dunlop.One in Namadi,Tuisowaqa Place,One in Bayview heights for his son in Dubai and his businesses too many to list. These are only for his retirement while home. The overseas accounts are for his overseas trips only.And you only know about Moti street.The property in Sydney is only under the son's name but belongs to his dad,what a banker! need I say more?

  43. Qarase never stole from the people unlike Khayium who is hiding his salary of $1.7 million.Khayium was getting $50,000 with Colonial in 2006.

  44. @Anonymous 8:13 PM

    How can ASK be hiding a salary if every idiot on this blog keeps repeating the same thing?

    If you are all so sure it's hardly hidden is it.

    Fiji, the land of the dumb bloggers

  45. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  46. Fellow bloggers. ... Let's not be rascist ...we have come our long way ... My girls friends all are kiwis .. And they all love fiji !!! Fiji I love u

  47. As a non Fijian ( indigenous ) and non Fijian indian , I had the good fortune to live in fiji for ver 15 years of my life in the 70s and 80s . I have been back numerous times . I worked with lots of idle genius Fijians . I'm my opinion , qarase , although he denies being rascist his actions suggested otherwise . Let's move one . I think Fijians in general ( please don't construe this is criticism ) are envious of hard wok , prosperity , and the natural flair of business acumen that Indians bring . The Indians should not be punished for that . On the part of any goverment , there needs be a gigantic effort to set up a body that bridges that gap . Not just a body that exists , albeit a body that puts doctrines into action . Pick out Indians who really can help Fijians into understanding their way of life and drive this across the entire nation . Popular Fijian sporting personalities should take part in this drive to help Fijians in understanding that hard work pays dividends and mind you there are some Fijians who prescribe to this thought . To give Fijians everything on a platter is counter productive to their long term growth as a community . I don't think any such effort has been ever undertaken . Politicians , businessman , chiefs with self interests have only added to thus issue . I say this uttermost humility and respect for all . Tolerance is the answer . Without respect and racial tolerance Fijians will never accept Indians and embrace their presence . Indians on their part need to play a much greater role of mentoring and helping the Fijians to bridge the gap . They have to , and it won't be difficult to find a few good men !! . The land I've been assured belongs to the itaukei ... The current govt has entrenched that in the current constitution . This should remain . The world has seen that whenever racial tolerance fails .. Anarchy and war reign ... Ww don't want that in beautiful fiji .... Why can't we realise that the fact that Fijians , Indians , rout mans , Chinese , Tongans ... All the diversity is what makes fiji unique . I hope one day fiji will head in that direction . I somehow suspect that very few current and aspiring politicians aspire to that thought . God bless fiji .

  48. As a Muslim woman of Indian descent, I resent the anti-Muslim and anti-Indian remarks I sometimes read on this site. I understand that Muslim extremists have brought us bad repute. Racists are doing the same thing to iTaukei interests.

    I utterly deplore, condemn and oppose the actions of the Bainimarama regime, and so do many of my friends, fellow. Kaidia and co-religionists. Sayed-Khaiyum is especially loathesome and despicable. Just because he is a nominal Muslim, doesn't mean we support him any more than Christians support Hitler, who was, after all, a nominal Catholic.

    I wish SODELPA had more women, Kaidia and Muslims on the ticket. For that matter, I wish Fiji First did, also. But as a matter of conscience, I cannot support a party based on debt, deceit, double dealing, treason and thuggery. I will support the party most likely to rid us of this menace. And in this election, that can only be SODELPA.

  49. Okay....How Many Politicians In The Bainimarama Administration Are Cabinet Ministers??

  50. God blessed a United Fijian people ( all Fijians ) god bless fiji ... God also bless the haters on this blog ... I the current gift is bad ... They will be voted out ... One day ... But to fight for Fijian rights by denouncing Indians n Muslims will only add to Fijian woes . Love all you haters !!!
    All I know that right now fiji students don't pay a cent in fees !!!! New hospital being built in navua !!! Corporate tax the lowest it's ever been !!!!! Business community love it .... How can this be bad ??? Have u been to fiji and seen the development in the hotel industry ? Suva has a world class cinema now !!! They are new players in the building industry !!!! Villages can now build new homes as they can buy cheaper building materials !!!!
    If the govt is doing well !!!! Why fix something that ain't broken !!!! You guys are just rascist mothers !!! Look a black man is the most powerful man in the world !!!!! And guess what his name is " barrack Hussein Obama ... Yup he is a muslim at heart !!!! Let's all just hope that our country prospers aye ? Stop the bullshit itaukei shit !!!! It doesn't put food on your table or pay your bills !!!!

  51. @ anon above at 9:17 PM

    The list of the bad things does not outweigh the good things.

    A vote for FF is a vote to support the 2006 coup. If these treasonous dictators get away with it then others will follow in the future. They will hold power long enough to do a few good things and try to legitimise their coup.

    Do you support George Speight or Rabuka. Then why if you have even a small brain would you support Bainimarama. A coup is a coup is a coup.

    A vote for FF is a vote for coup culture. Simple.

  52. This coalition does mean business and very determined to remove Bhaiyum from power


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