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Thursday, June 26, 2014

USP academics hit a nerve

RAJ: Leading campaign against USP academics.
The drama over a press release by two University of South Pacific academics shows there is no escaping the dirty past of Fiji's newly-laundered military dictatorship.

It also proves that even if the ordinary citizen has been silenced by the ongoing intimidation, there are among our midst those who haven't been institutionalised.

Pat Craddock's and Matt Thompson's 11-paragraph statement has led to USP releasing one of its own, denouncing the pair and saying it has initiated an internal investigation.

The journalism academics issued a statement on Sunday saying they were appalled at how a local journalist was denied accreditation to the Pacific Islands Development Forum and how another was allegedly harassed by police, 'while the head of Fiji’s military has justified torturing Fijian citizens.'

Craddock: Question of ethics.
Fiji's Media Industry Development Authority chairman, Ashwin Raj, has predictably tried to downplay the significance of the statement, which has received wide coverage, describing Craddock and Thompson as 'self-selective moral entrepreneurs'.

Raj says "These reckless academics are trying to instill fear among ordinary and decent citizens of Fiji and it constitutes yet another feeble attempt to keep us in a perpetual state of crisis."

And yet the truth is just that: despite the efforts to reinvent Fiji, citizens are still living in a state of crisis and those upholding the regime's laws, like Raj, can't accept that not everyone has bought the propaganda that all is well and that the September 17 elections prove democracy is at long last making its glorious way here.

Mosese Tikoitoga on the other hand recognises the damage he's done with his 'admission' the RFMF beat and tortured citizens and in a subsequent interview with local media has moved to quell the story saying he was 'misquoted'.

He insists the military forces are apolitical and that what he told the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age was that "I wouldn't deny that these things happen."

Tikoitoga also says it is 'mischievous of political parties or commentators to include the military in political discussions' and the story about the beatings and torturing has led to questions about the RFMF's 'integrity'.

He is right to be nervous - discerning citizens have for a long time questioned the role and the integrity of the RFMF, now more so than ever with the elections just around the corner.

Raj and Tikoitoga are both so far up the regime's inside
Thompson: Statement was personal opinion.
channels neither can ever concede that soldiers and officers alike have beaten and tortured and, yes, killed Fiji citizens.

They will also continue to be in denial that journalists in Fiji have been penalised or sacked for speaking out about irregularities, inconsistencies and unfairness. 

Have we forgotten that just last month Fiji TV journalist, Anish Chand, was dismissed after the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, got wind he'd asked questions about the way the election was being covered?

Good on Craddock and Thompson for speaking out. As Craddock told Radio New Zealand International: "We felt as academics with expertise in journalism, teaching young journalists to be ethical and bold, we had to speak out about this. Just because there's an election coming up, it's not ethical for people to sort of shut up."


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Anonymous said...

These two gentleman are expired products who live in dreamland. SODELPA and coup4.5 supporters are living in dreamland.What will you do C4.5 when same ppl talk ill about SODELPA, m sure you will not publish their article.

Anonymous said...

There is no doubt that Bai/Kaiyum have brought more corruption into fiji. But apart from fiji first, what option we have ...i dont see Sodelpa/flp doing any good. they will be kicked out by army.

Noqu Viti Lomani said...






Vutuki Beddoes said...


Na cava o sa bau cakava vei nomu Viti Lomani. E dua na ka se blog tiko ga ena website vutulaki qo.

Anonymous said...

When are Bainimara and Khaiyum declaring their assets and salary? when,when,when????????????

Two more carpetbaggers said...

There were enough people dealing with the issues raised by Pat Craddock and Matthew Thompson. There was no need for them to jump into the fray. They should focus on what they paid to do. Matthew has been here only for three months so he is still wet behind he ears when it comes to Fiji.

The two academics first duty and loyalty is to USP and USP journalism students who pay their salaries. This is nothing but self-aggrandisement and attention-seeking by two fly-by-nighters using Fiji to build their own international profile at the expense of USP and USP journalism students.

Once more students have been let down because all this ill-thought outburst will achieve is the two academics departure, leaving USP journalism in another fix. These two are surprisingly immature or maybe very smart. Pretending to fight for freedom while propelling themselves into the international limelight

What about USP journalism students' right to a proper education? What about ethical obligations to your students and employer? Why poke your nose into something that was already being raised by other parties when you knew full well what the consequences would be?

This more one thinks about this, the more one realises this stinks of a calculated move by two canny expatriates.

Welfare of students is secondary for Craddock and Thompson in the larger scheme of things and when it comes to riding the Fiji bandwagon to international fame.

After Marc Edge and Ian Weber, two more carpetbaggers in the well-worn guise of saviours causing financial loss to USP and hardship to students. USP must be sick of them.

If they do not apologise for their misleading comments, I say sack them.

Anonymous said...

In response to: Anonymous Two more carpetbaggers said...
They should be deported for violating their VISA condition. Fijians cant do same in other country if they are on work permit.

Anonymous said...

Kick the two donkeys out. Tell them go and speak their mind in their f'ing countries.

Anonymous said...

@ Noqu Viti Lomani.

Era sa kila vinaka sara tu ga na lewe ni mataivalu ni ra sa vakarorogo tiko vei ira era sega ni qarava na noda Kalou dina, na Tamada mai Lomalagi kei Jisu Karisito na noda i Vakabula. Era sa sega ni noda mataivalu, era sa nodra mataivalu ga na vaka i yau tu vakavuravura kei ira era kocova tu mera vakabobulataki keda na lewe ni vanua. E sa nodra kalou tu ko ira ga e tu vei ira na silini.

Ia era tiko e so e na mataivalu era vakadikeva ka vakasamataka tu vakalevu na leqa sa tu oqo ka ra tekivu raica tiko mai na dina.

O keda talega na lewe no Lotu Vakarisito e Viti, eda sega ni maroroya vinaka tiko na i vakaro Vakalou ka da a tuberi mai kina ka ra a valataka tu na noda qase kei ira na noda turaga kei ira na tubuda mai liu.

Qori e rua na vuna lelevu eda sa sota kaya tiko ga kina na lewe i Viti na leqa kei na dravudravua ka sa tekivu me dua na dausiga vakayago ka vakayalo levu e sa tara tiko mai na noda Vanua e na gauna oqo.

E volai tu e na i vola ni veigauna sa oti kei na veigauna oqo kei na veitabagauna sa bera mai ni kevaka eda tautauri matua ki na vosa tawamudu ni noda Kalou, eda na qai vakalougataki vaka vinaka.

O keda na i Taukei, era sa veiyalayalati oti na tubuda kei ira na noda veituturaga meda ciqomi Jisu Karisito, na Tui Ni Sautu. E a yaco na kena i valu ni Lotu ka dave kina na nodra dra e lewe levu vei ira ka ra a colata tu na i wau ni noda vanua lomani. O cei o keda meda mai vakaseva na nodra i naki.

Na ka duadua ga e dodonu meda cakava, meda qarava vakayalo ka vakaidina na noda Kalou dina.
Ko ira era vakavuna tiko na leqa kei na lutu sobu ni noda vanua era na qai rusa ga mai vata kei na nodra i yau vakavuravura kei na nodra i yaragi ni yalo butobuto kei na kocokoco.

Vakacava meda tekivu qaravi Kalou dina e na noda sa tekivu vakamuria vinaka madaga na i Vunau e Tini (Lako Yani:20).

Anonymous said...

Are these two assholes paid to teach or make political comments.

Anonymous said...

Pat Craddock can't even teach properly. hardly prepared for class. half the time we can't hear what he saying. I don't know why USP hire him.

Anonymous said...

Illegitimate and illegal regime supporters are out in force tonight trolling. They have just now realized that the two USP Journalism Staff have just aired more dirt about the evil doings of the Fiji Military and this unelected government.

Anonymous said...

Every last regme troll seems to be working overtime to try to discredit these two ethical journalism instructors for speaking out.

In any democracy, two professors' opinions would hardly be considered news, because everyone can speak their minds. But not so in Fiji. Here the regime supporters, aka fascists, would have them expelled.

The only ones with freedom of speech under this illegal regime are the supporters of treason. May you all go to Hell!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:22, maybe if you removed Frank's frank out of your ear, you'd hear more clearly.

Why are you even studying journalism if you don't support journalistic freedom?

Anonymous said...

Anon @ 4:16, to which two donkeys are you referring?

Ah, yes, now I see -- Raj and Tikoitoga!

Anonymous said...

Regime sapotas are traitors.

Treason is a capital offense. The customary penalty is death by hanging.

Personally, I think that's being too easy on them.

No statute of limitations on treason.

Anonymous said...

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

Annymous 3:22, why should C4.5 publish an article maligning SODELPA? If it's lies you want to read, go subscribe to the Fiji Sun!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 4:52, if you don't care, then why are you anonymous? Why not give us your name and address, too?

Anonymous said...

Is Vice Chancellor Rajesh Chandra's first duty and loyalty also to USP and the USP journalism students who pay his salary?

Anonymous said...

wonder why the palagis and indians are making noise while the natives are relaxing and drinking kava?

Mataika said...

We would rather have our University leading the country in debating issues we struggle with daily especially when the issues come under the expertise of the University staff or students…they have every right to publish their points of view no matter whether they are pro or anti Govt.

These two staff members are being threated and suppressed. What sort of University do we have. This is happening because we have a dictatorship and we do not have democracy,

The same illegal lot want to extend their rule after next election, to continue supressing us and our human rights, They are choking our University not to perform their true roles in developing future citizens to develop and exercise their critical thinking and courage to speak out in support of what they think is right and not necessarily in support of those in power.

All Uni students and staff, we the citizens want you to go top gear from the front in public debate, discussions of public issues that need to be addressed.


Anonymous said...

Me manasa . This blog shutting in 30 days . After that , mr editor ... We will take you to the vale lai lai , and make you our b.... For the nite .

You and your gutter articles . Shit happens in this world . Fiji first , fiji 2nd and fiji 3rd . All the way to narere .

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha ... I like that dude ... All way to narere .

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 4:59 PM

"" Anonymous 4:52, if you don't care, then why are you anonymous? Why not give us your name and address, too? ""

Would that make the significance of my comment somehow different?

Interesting logic now lets apply your logic to your comment too. Oh !

Self Fulfilling Prohecy said...

Does anyone want proof that there is no media freedom in Fiji?

Does anyone want any proof that free speech does not exist in Fiji?

Does anyone need any further proof that the Military Dictatorship bullies and threatens media personnel?

Here it is. The reaction to Thompson and Craddock is proof in itself that USP is under the control of Khaiyum and anyone who dares mention media suppression gets this sort of treatment.

Mr Ashwin Raj, SUVA said...

I take offence to anyone who says I have been sucking Khaiyums balls.

Once again I have to correct the record.

The fact is I slipped over in front of him and his pants fell off and his balls ended up in my mouth. It was an accident. It was not intentional.

And anyone who says I am Khaiyum's bitch and I bend over for him, once again I feel the need to clarify the facts.

We were playing naked leap frog and the Attorney General slipped and accidentally penetrated me from behind. It was not planned. It was purely accidental.

Those people who criticise me should not publish a distortion of the truth.

Free Speech said...

Mr Thompson and Mr Craddock

Don't take any notice of the rovings of the professional blog trolls. Well done to both of you for placing your ethics and integrity above your own self-interest.

Feel free to comment on Fiji as much as you deem necessary. We need all the help we can get to expose these self serving dictators who are destroying our nation. The USP hierarchy have rendered themselves unemployable for the future, both here and abroad. Their integrity is non-existent. The very people who are responsible for ethical education are nothing more than regime lackeys.

Thanks again. Expose them further when you get home. I assume your contracts have been or will be terminated.

Anonymous said...

I used to think that dickhead was a joke but didnt realise there are in real life like the MIDA chairman

Anonymous said...

Fijians can not say anything to the media and the lecturers did what is called testing the media freedom and does not all the noise tell us that THERE IS NO MEDIA FREEDOM . At lease they went public and we here under anon names putting our thoughts ,if there was freedom we definitely would be using our names???????????????????on c45

Anonymous said...

News today that NEEL CHOROA SHARMA will be contesting the elections with his big brothers party, met a staff from ministry of health who laughingly said he will be lucky to even get family votes ,even his wife will not vote for him ,corrupt on all his dealings from purchase of laundry powder to medicines at govt pharmacy ,contracts on building ,equipment ,percentage in Rohits account in Australia and NZ

Anonymous said...

I like the donor list above as its close to 1.5 million ,please confirm this someone as I will stop my dealings with such companies and get my friends to do the same

Can USP investigate? said...

Can USP investigate why Ashwin Raj is holding two jobs and Paid double salary?
Can USP investigate why Ashwin Raj as MIDA chairperson is allowed to operate out of the VC’s office?
Can USP investigate why USP is using regional taxpayers funds to subsidise MIDA operations by way of paying for Ashwin Raj’s time spent doing MIDA work?
Can USP investigate murder-suicide of female USP student/husband and former journalism lecturer in love triangle?
Can USP investigate who covered up this scandal and why?
Can USP investigate how Jai Karan was appointed to marketing manager without post being advertised?
Can USP investigate how Angela Jokhan was appointed Associate Professor even though appointments committee rejected her application for lack of publications?
Can USP investigate how a drunken professor swore at fellow staff and a made a scene during an awards ceremony and no action whatsoever was taken?
Can USP investigate how a lucrative position was especially created for deputy vice-chancellor Esther Williams who should have retired by now?
Can USP investigate the conduct of its vice-chancellor Rajesh Chandra and and his deputy esther williams for their bullying, intimidating tactics?
Can USP investigate all the questionable and dubious promotions and appointments engineered by its vice-chancellor, Rajesh Chandra, from behind the scenes.
Can USP investigate all the policy breaches and breaches of the strategic plan by VC Rajesh Chandra?
Can USP investigate the steady erosion of the rights of staff members and their benefits engineered by its VC Rajesh Chandra?
Can USP investigate the decline in academic standards?
Can USP investigate the steadily deteriorating infrastructure due to lack of planning?
Can USP investigate the lack of resources for students?
Can USP investigate the top heavy, costly, unwieldily bureaucracy set up its current VC to make his life easier at great cost to USP?
Can USP investigate the legal bills incurred by USP due to poor decision-making by VC Rajesh Chandra and deputy esther williams?

mark manning said...

It's obvious that the Regime and its supporters are getting very nervous about election time. You only have to read the stupid comments which some propagandist clown keeps putting up on each Topic on this blog site and others, in support of Frank and Aiyaz. I'm pretty sure the Indians are beginning to get restless!

Anonymous said...

@ Mark Manning

The Indians should be restless. They will make or break Frank. I just hope they look past the vote buying and the rhetoric. This is a military dictatorship pure and simple. If they want more coups, for better or worse, they can vote FF.

As for the trolls, I laughed my head off. Talk about funny. It has to be funny cos they can't be serious.

Keep stirring the pot MM. I don't always agree with you or the way you say things, but I celebrate your freedom of speech.

Anonymous said...

How can Tikoitoga say that the Military is apolitical is beyond my comprehension!!!!
The Military, Civil servants and people who are SUPPOSED to be apolitical, are commenting left, right and center politically!!

Anonymous said...

Hear this Voceke, Qiliho and Tikoitoga: I was one of those ex-soldier who was picked up and humiliated by you bastards!!
I will take you fellows to task after SODELPA wins!I will take you bastards to Court!!

Anonymous said...

Anon June 26, 2014 at 3:54 PM

Sa vakaraitaki ga ni o tamata vuli vakavo ka rui vakaloloma dina na i tovo ni nomu rai.

E dau kena i vakarau ga ni tamata ululala ena dau vosa ca ga baleta na ka e tu e nona koro turaga na ca.

O mai suguraka tiko na veiliutaki ni dua e kilai tu ni a ota taka na veivakamatei mai na keba.

E dua e taura vakakaukauwa na matanitu keimami a digitaka na lewe ni vanu oqo ko viti.

E dua e kilai tu vakasiaglevu ni tamat lasulasu.

E dua e vakacakacakataki ira na luven, wekana kei na nona i tokani ia era sega tu ni qualify.

E dua e saumi tu ena $1.7 na millioni na dola.

E dua e tamata no school baleta ni sa vakanuinui tu ga vei Khaihum na nona dauni vakasala.

O iko e vinaka cake na manumanu na nomu vakasama baleta ni o tokona tiko na tamata dau laba, lasulasu, ka dokadoka na nona i tovo ni veiliutaki.

Sa ca gona qori ni o a tomiki ga mai nomu koro mo laki sotia vutulaki dau masia tiko vei Vore ni veikau.

Anonymous said...

Indian batman - the idiosyncrasies of Fijian politics has a natural aversion to alien intervention and commentary . Fijian politics should be royal right of passage for Fijians , Indians , rotumans , etc . At such a critical juncture of our political maze , we need fiji first to win and lead this country to be the largest economy of the world - that's right ... The largest economy ... I hear you ask why ?

This is how : arre Bhaiya ... Thoda Socho .... Dekho ... Bhaiya Aiyaz aur bade bhai frank Bahut acche acche Kaam kar rahe hai .... Aab aap log itna pareshan ho Gaye ? Kitna taraki ho rahi hai . Ab fiji mein itna progress ... Aur ka batai ... Ab hum jata .. Thoda Dhaal Bhaat khai ke sute ...

Anonymous said...

Looks like Rajesh Chandra is too close to the regime in Fiji. he should resign. USP's reputation is taking a beating in the region with all reports on Radio Australia and Radio New Zealand. People are losing confidence in he institution.

Anonymous said...

As the premier policy-making body in the Pacific, can the PIF please investigate the management of its fellow CROP agency USP? It is running itself into the dirt.

Anonymous said...

Taar mara taar mara taar na laga, teimumu ka gaand mara daag nah chuta

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:47, yes it WOULD change the significance of your comment. It would give it some. Right now it has none. It would show that, just as you say, you really don't care.

Anonymous said...

Last week ... In the junior irb championships .. Fiji kicked off the second half ( first time any team has ever done ) , the ball instead of going ahead actually ww to backwards by a huge margin- backwards - that's what Sodelpa will do to the fiji ... Take the country backwards .....

Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum, Attoney-General, Minister for Justice, Minister for Tourism, Minister for Aviation, Minister for Information, Minster for Elections, Etc., aka Grand Vizier said...

Mr. Ashwin Raj's statement at 6:45 PM is a concise and persuasive explanation of what really happened. Anyone who questions this version of events is deliberately being obtuse. I should know. In fact, my poor lingam still feels dharam from the incident.

Ganesh said...

Anonymous 10:50, Fiji NEEDS to go back -- back to democracy, back to the rule of law, back to respectability, back to our Constitution, back to the way the world should be. Your "short cut" through the jungle has already wasted eight years and set us back ten more. Only by retracing our steps since your treasonous band of thugs hijacked our government can we get out of the jungle and back on the democratic path. Only then can we make rapid and lasting progress.

Thomas Paine said...

He that would make his own liberty secure, must guard even his enemy from oppression; for if he violates this duty, he establishes a precedent that will reach to himself.

Anonymous said...

Can anyone explain the meaning of DEMOCRACY, who invented the idea, who was it intended for,where was it used originally and who(country) is it good for today.There is so much going on about this word that is having are stronghold on people.We know that the easiest answer one can think of is "a country of the people, by the people, for the people" but that does not answer my questions above.Help from anyone?

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
mark manning said...

@ anon 119 a.m.
I believe Greece had the 1st. Democratically elected Government.
It's purpose was to have The Government and its Ministers or Senators beholden to The People and The Military, subservient to the Government, and therefore, also subservient to The People.
Just google, "The origins of Democracy"! That should bring up a link or website for you to go to to research it for yourself, then you can copy and past it and put it here for all of us to read!

Anonymous said...

The Indians in Labasa are having the last laugh now. A paramount chief, racist and leader of a political party has come to their doorstep begging for votes. This something unimaginable a couple months ago. Butadroka will be rolling in his grave when he hears this, oh! the chief is from his yasana too.

Anonymous said...

I take offence to anyone who says I have been sucking Khaiyums balls.

Once again I have to correct the record.

The fact is I slipped over in front of him and his pants fell off and his balls ended up in my mouth. It was an accident. It was not intentional.

And anyone who says I am Khaiyum's bitch and I bend over for him, once again I feel the need to clarify the facts.

We were playing naked leap frog and the Attorney General slipped and accidentally penetrated me from behind. It was not planned. It was purely accidental.

Those people who criticise me should not publish a distortion of the truth.

Anonymous said...






Anonymous said...

These two morons are doing this to justify their soon to be sacking.

Anonymous said...

Noqu Viti Lomani

Where can you find Honest and god fearing leaders from all the political parties? Dredre my friend, politicians are all liars and crooks whether chief or commoner all the same.

Anonymous said...

at least they're not sucking..

Anonymous said...

The first prosecution witness in the trial of former Native Land Trust Board director and Vanua Development Corporation Chairman, Keni Dakuidreketi today confirmed some of the processes followed by the board relating to Vanua Development.

Prosecution Queens Counsel, Micheal Blanchflower asked NLTB board member, Ratu Tuakitau Cokanauto to explain what is meant by extinct mataqali funds.

Cokanauto said that extinct mataqali funds are held by the NLTB because there is no living person from the mataqali to receive the lease rental income.

He said this money is held by the board as extinct mataqali funds.

Blanchflower asked him to recall the minutes of the meeting that discussed issues relating to Vanua Development Corporation Limited.

Cokanauto replied that Vanua Development Corporation Limited was to look at the investment opportunities to create an income stream for the flow‑on benefits to the native land owners.

Blanchflower then highlighted that Chairman of the Vanua Development Corporation Limited was Keni Dakuidreleti and the directors were former General Manager of Native Land Trust Board Kalivati Bakani, Nalin Patel, Daniel Whippy and Isoa Kaloumaira.

Dakuidreketi is facing five counts of abuse of office.

It is alleged that Dakuidreketi between 31st March 2004 and 21st September 2004, while being employed as a member of NLTB and Chairman of Vanua Development Corporation, in abuse of the authority of his office, did an arbitrary act for the purpose of gain, by facilitating a loan of $2 million to be made by Vanua Development Corporation to Pacific Connex, which was pre-judicial to the NLTB and indigenous Fijians.

The second count relates to Dakuidreketi allegedly facilitating a loan of $900,000 to be made by Vanua Development Corporation to Pacific Connex between the 16th and the 29th of November 2004.

The third count said that Dakuidreketi between about 28th February 2005 to 28th April 2005 allegedly facilitated a government grant of $1 million disbursed to Vanua Development Corporation through the NLTB to be used as security for a loan to Pacific Connex Limited by Dominion Finance.

For the fourth count it is alleged that Dakuidreketi again between 27th April 2005 to 3rd July 2007 while being employed as a member of NLTB and Chairman of Vanua Development Corporation facilitated a government grant of $1 million disbursed to Vanua Development Corporation through the NLTB to be used as security for overdraft and loan facilities provided to Pacific Connex, by ANZ Bank.

It is also alleged that Dakuidreketi between 23rd September 2005 and 29th September 2005 facilitated a loan of $1 million to be made by the Vanua Development Corporation to Pacific Connex, which was prejudicial to the NLTB and the indigenous Fijians.

Vanua Development Corporation was set up as an investment arm of NLTB which included the involvement of Dakuidreketi while Pacific Connex was an IT company set up by Ballu Khan.

Dakuidreketi was a board member of Pacific Connex Limited.

Anonymous said...

Aswhin, no matter how much you express yourself with so many WORDS, you will not conceal what is actually happening out there, you are talking to the wall. YOU FALSE PRETENDER.

Anonymous said...

Bola na kai Viti mate na kaidia.

Anonymous said...

DEMOCRACY is a brainchild of the FRENCH REVOLUTION back then it was base from the HOLY BIBLE but as human development continues things were omitted and added all along but the idea remain to have a balance approach in our own development.
These FRENCH REVOLUTION were the descendants of scattered JEWS and later populated germany,russia, india,america[red indian],scotland,wales,ireland,england australia,NZ and now is here in FIJI.

Anonymous said...

anon 3.38am
you moron....its good SDL leader is talking to indians in Labasa becos that is the party of the landowners......
you are not even a landowner so you dont have what the labasa indians want......moron!
as for butadroka, others like him will rise soon as kai viti now only 5% of business and 2 % govt scholarship ........

Anonymous said...

Anon 9.16

Who told you that there is a party of the landowners. To my understanding there is no landowners party contesting the election.

Noqu Viti Lomani said...

Ki vei kemuni na Sotia kece e Viti.

Na topper scholarship e 2% e noda.
E sa fair tu beka veikemuni o ya?

Na noda qele e sega ni safe ena constitution oqo baleta ena vakatau saraga ena i wiliwili ni palimede. Ka sa kena ibalebale oya ni kevaka ga e lewe levu na vulagi ka ra sa vakadonuya me sa STATE land kece na noda qele esa na vaka kina.

Au sa kerei kemuni mo ni yalomatua sara ka moni kila ni da tarogi kece mai muri.

Anonymous said...

With due respect "the two USP journalism professors" have done "the right thing" as journalist and did a bit of commentary on our domestic political affairs.

As Citizens of the global village who believe in basic human rights, like many of us including you Sir/Madam all abhor threats to the basic freedom of speech and human right and decency.

They have done :the right thing", unlike many of us who do not have the balls to do the right thing publicly!

Anonymous said...

The regime trolls are really really scared! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahhahaahahahhah!!!!

USP Journalism Student said...

We just wish people brought here to teach would stick to teaching instead of involve in politics. There is too much instability in USP journalism. Only the students who pay fees suffer. During Marc Edge time when we have problems, journalism staff Nash Sorariba told students that Professor Sudesh Mishra threatened he will close down journalism programme and sack everybody. He said VC Rajesh Chandra will support his decision. We hope program is not close down as so many problems.

Anonymous said...

Fiji Sugar Corporation has stopped
importing sugar for local consumption
and says sugar on shelves of local
supermarkets should become cleaner.


KUA NI RERE said...

What Aswhwin Raj fails to understand is that if at any stage the Army took him up to Delainabua and tortured him, I bet that he would be begging these two journalists to write on his behalf.

JUST SHOWS THAT ASHWIN lacks the capacity to stand back and analyse the situation properly and like a lot of his own kind, VERY SHORT-SIGHTED INDEED.

Anonymous said...

USP Journalsm Student, obviously you need to spend more tme in school -- or go to a more respectable college -- because you don't seem to understand that one of the principal marks of good journalism is fearless devotion to the truth. In one word: integrity. Telling the truth, whether it's political or not, whether it's popular or not, letting the chips fall where they may, though the heavens should fall.

If you're not going to do that, you don't belong in the profession.

Anonymous said...

Why USP is frightened about the statement made by these two academics.People must be free to speak their mind.
Absolutely nothing is the wrong with what the two academics have said about freedom of speech.
This is what journalism is all about.

Anonymous said...

Don't listen to Anonymous 8:14, democracy began with the ancient Greeks. It found a new birth in the American Revolution. It showed its excesses in the French Revolution. It is totally absent in Fiji today, and don't expect it after the elections, either. There will be claims that the elections wete democratic, but they will be selfserving lies.

Anonymous said...

The two from USP should have checked their facts prior to opening their BIG mouth. They have a duty of diligence BUT they failed the people of this nation and those who heard their statements.

What right do they have to come here in Fiji and speak on our political matters without first obtaining facts?

Their work permits are for teaching only and they have no right to comment on our political matters. And if they had wanted to because it was linked to their field of expertise then they should have done some good background checking first BUT they didn’t.

It is a rule all over the world that professionals must do their duty of due diligence and not being reckless like these two idiots.

Here’s a message for you two: Refrain from speaking on matters you have not researched well on. Before opening your BIG mouth like Ratu She Shithead and spilling your venom do take time to think issues over like mature professionals! Fiji is a developing island nation and in developing island nations issues are discussed differently. Fiji’s history is very different from other countries and comparing our Fiji experience to others is like comparing oranges to mangoes!

Anonymous said...

Democracy in Fiji is relatively new thing according to history, its never existed in Fiji till 1970 to 1987, 87 is when it seized to exist,yes we think it existed but it was all puppet handcrafted set up governments who looked after there backers and friends.

The way I see it is by some miracle we vote Frank and Co out this is what would have done, we will replace homicidal thugs and replace them with fascists thieves, who will start raping the country financially and seeking to justify there own interests straight away.

The opposition party candidates aren't grass roots leaders, they are have been and people looking to be reinstalled to their former glory, in which they stole.

All candidates should be between 25 to 50, with relevant education and work experience with a history of helping the working class.

Anonymous said...

I have just seen USP Journalism Academics statement.There are some appalling exaggerations. The statement smacks of journalese. I thought journalists were prone to exaggeration, but it seems some journalism academics also suffer from the disease. This can be dangerous in country like Fiji. USP need to extract an apology and make sure there is no repeat of this behaviour. USP should not become a tool for academics to gain international attention for themselves and build a profile. This message need to go out strong and clear.

Anonymous said...

Na veitalanoa ni qele esa valataki tiko o Rajendra Chodory kei Sakiasi Ditoka. Rua na tamata macawa ka sega ni dua na da rau se rawata vei Viti. ditioka e kitaka wavoki tiko madaga na veikaba o watina ena Fiji Airways. o Rajendra eda kila ni tamata sega ki keda na Kai Viti ena gauna ka PM tu kina o tamana. Rau a vesu tu a palimedi kei tamana baleta nodrau via siosio taka na qele ni itaukei. Ditoka sa kua soti na lasu baleta na neitou qele mai Naitasiri. O na qai madua ni ratou na vosa ena tv kei na niusiveva o ratou na neitou qase ni vanua.

Anonymous said...

Annon 3.37 pm.

Na ulukau ga na bavulu.

Na ka e tiko ena yalomu ena kaburaka mai na gusumu...vakaloloma.

O mai tokana toka e dua na tamata dau laba, lasulasu, veibeci ka a lasu ena matai vit vaka vica vata.

Oqo beka e dua e dodonu me veiliutaki e noda vanua....Sega saraga ni manata.

E nona i lesilesi ga o Naboro.

O sega ni o madua na tokona na lawaki, cakacaka ni butobuto ni matanitu oqo?

E dodonu mo lesu tale mo laki kalasi dua talemada i nomu koro.

NadroKid said...

@Anonymous 3:37pm

O Naita Ditoka gona e sa levu sara na kena yaga e na noda vanua lomani qoka o Viti. O koya na sotia dina ka tu taka na dina ka qarava vakadodonu na nonai tavi.

E na gauna ni vuaviri ni 2006 e cakava vakadononu ga na nona itavi ka saga me taqomaka na Prime Minister era a digitaka na lewe ni Vanua mai na i tovo lolovira e ra via vakayacora na mataivalu.

E Vakavuna na nona vakacegui mai nai Mataivalu na nona sega ni via vakamuria nai vakaro e cala vaka lawa. E vaka i vei beka o kemuni? Au sega ni vakabauta ni o ni na rawata ya baleta e sa bibi ga vei iko na ilavo e sa vaqumi iko tu kina qori o Bainimarama kei Khaiyum. E dodonu mo vuli mai vei Naita Ditoka.

Anonymous said...


Dou tauri kemudou vakamalua qo na veitalanoa ga. vei iko anon 3.37 kakua ni o via vakacacana na wati ditoka baleta o sega ni kilai koya ka sega talega ni cakava tiko na ka o cauraka tiko mai ya. Me sa yala toka mada ga vei ditoka na nomu vakalelewa ka me kua ni tara na matavuvale. Sa dri yani

Anonymous said...

Have the two USP journalism professors received their termination notices yet for speaking out against intimidation by the military government?
Thank you Professor for speaking on behalf of the people who are silent by the thugs.

Anonymous said...

I was surprised to read that Jai Karan got the job as marketing manager without an advertisement.
I thought this is a regional university which preaches the principle of good governance and transparency.
Jai Karan has no formal qualification in marketing and is a con artists.
Someone should investigate this appointment!

Anonymous said...

Isa - moce Peceli.....too bad you were serving a traitor, murderer and criminal regime

Fiji’s Ambassador to the European Union and the Kingdom of Belgium, 46-year-old Peceli Vocea, passed away in Brussels yesterday.

In a statement, the Government said Ambassador Vocea was serving his second term in office as Fiji’s representative to the EU and Belgium, an appointment he has held since 2009.

He also served as a director on the boards of the Reserve Bank of Fiji, Fiji Revenue and Customs Authority and Fiji Islands Trade and Investment Board.

He is survived by his wife and five children.

Funeral arrangements are being finalized.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 5:10

kutu head ..wonder you would say the same if one anti baini/kai would have passed away?

Anonymous said...

anon 5.10

Hey asshole, Peceli was there as fijis ambassador to the EU. he was representing Fiji not bai or Kai.

Show some respect you bastard because what Peceli has achieved in his short life is something you can only dream about.

Anonymous said...

Details of the assets, income and liabilities of the Prime Minister, Voreqe Bainimarama and Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum will be known within the next few days as they have to declare their assets, income and liabilities by Monday 30th June. Bainimarama who is the leader of the FijiFirst and Sayed-Khaiyum who holds the General Secretary

Anonymous said...

These two were working in Fiji on Work Permits as lecturers at USP and not journalists.

One of the conditions of being given a work permit and residence in Fiji as with most countries is that you are not allowed to get involved in the politics of the country.

As academics you would have thought they would of had the brains to abide by this but instead decided to spout off about the political situation here.

They only have themselves to blame and are not a very good example of academic standards of non citizens that Fiji has allowed to work here.

This is not about freedom of speech, strangling the media or persecution of journalists, its about two people with over inflated egos who have stupidly broken the rules and been caught out.

KUA NI RERE said...

Peceli now has to go answer questions on the other side.

Unfortunately he now cant blame Bai or Kai and say "But God, they forced me to do it."


You soldiers can try and fool the Fijian people as much as you like but as God sees it EVERYONE OF YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTION.

Therefore if you know that what Bainimarama or Tikoitoga or Kaiyum are doing what is not right then GOD SAYS YOU HAVE TO BE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN ACTION.

What the 2 journalists did is what every Fijian should be doing; what every Indian should be doing and what every soldier should be doing.

Arse-wind Raj said...

How did arse-wind raj become MIDA chairperson? what are his qualifications (besides sucking to the regime)? He seems to be suffering from a bad case of verbal diarrhea.

Anonymous said...

To those simple fool bloggers above, making comments about the freedom of the press and regime brutality is hardly political. It is human rights.

Are you forgetting that Commander Dumb Arse got rid of politics when he ousted a democratically elected parliament.

I suppose if you saw your grandmother being beaten up you would simply look the other way. Once a coward always a coward. Stop blaming those who are brave.

Anonymous said...

Kua ni Rere
you are a complete nut and an idiot by the trash you spewing out.

Anonymous said...

Just who the f..... is this boci from MIDA. He sounds like someone who has had his bald skull massaged with a sand paper and his Cici with grinding paper. Our TV stations are filled with idiots trying to look smart of course all of them have taken their Que from Mr. know it all himself arse khaiyum ( hitler wannabi). I really don't care who gets into power as long as its not Frank and ASK. If i have to see ASK's pig like face for another 4 years i swear i will go nuts.

Attention seekers said...

Messrs Craddock and Thomson would have served Fiji better had they had the good sense to stick to their teaching jobs and leave politics to the politicians. But their inflated egos and hero complexes got the better of them. if USP is forced to to sack them, students go through another period of disruption and delay.

But students are secondary; mere pawns in the high stakes political game. Politics and glare of international limelight are more exciting, I suppose. Why miss the opportunity to get the attention of the media and the PM back home home, especially if deported.

imagine all the cameras waiting at the airport. Only best chance to make the national news headlines back home. These jokers are so transparent can see right through them.

Tumasi said...

anon 7:16pm
You really make my day ...!!lol...lol...lol..lol.
I just wan come n give u a high five and then smack it out!!!!lol..lol.

Anonymous said...

Now that Ramzan (Muslim fasting) month is on our door steps can Premila Kumar of consumer council give some instructions on how/what supermarkets can advertise.Jai Karan can assist her.Otherwise I will blame Premila for "deficiency of service" !!

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...


KUA NI RERE said...

@anonymous 6:54pm
First, you should qualify your statement. Otherwise everyone will think that you are just white-trash.

So which part of what I wrote was the "trashy" part?

Your posting is typical of regime trolls. You are all devoid of understanding ; Have no inclination toward logical thinking and have the brain capacity of a frog.

Anonymous said...

O au dua vei ira na kabati wati Sakiasi Ditoka tiko. Sa tu wale la me icegucegu na maliwa oya.

Anonymous said...

Deficiency of service is only applicable to Premilla. She should investigate how the husband Jai Karan got a job at USP without the post being advertised. She should investigate and and make public statement on this as many qualified and experienced people did not get a chance to even apply!
This is what you call nepotism and corruption.
No these corrupted people are exempted in the Animal Farm!
Isn't this deficiency of service from her.

Anonymous said...

Pat Craddock is right. Ashwin Raj is nothing but a big mouth.

Anonymous said...

There's a suspicion of a setup with this Craddock and Thompson saga

Anonymous said...

kua ni rere your whole statement stinks of trash and 2 words beginning with C and S.

Anonymous said...

no suspiscion - an obvious plan to parade egos - my ball is bigger than your ball. OMG

Bloody bald headed pig. shut your mouth and listen for once. thats why you have 2 ears and 1 mouth.

and a bold head to remind you that you're still not listening enough.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Kua Ni Rere, keep it up. You've obviously touched a nerve. These traitors deserve to hang.

Anonymous said...

O luvei Sakiasi Ditoka ko a contestant ena Hibiscus a Vutuki koya koya na Kaidia liuliu ni total events group qai nanuma okoya mena Miss Hibiscus kina. Qai bese na solia vua o liuliu ni total event group baleta ni vakatauva vua na tona.

Anonymous said...

Only an arsewind-sucking coup apologist, Shaista Shameem-style pseudo-intellectual opportunist, or Graham Davis-style colonialist minded carpetbagging nincompoop would claim that Fiji doesn't deserve freedom of the press because it's a developing island nation and therefore some kind of exception.

Thomas Jefferson said...

The freedom of the press is one of the great bulwarks of liberty and can never be repressed but by a despotic government.

But by a DESPOTIC government!

Corazon Aquino said...

Freedom of expression — in particular freedom of the press — guarantees popular participation in the decisions and actions of government, and popular participation is the essence of our democracy.

Alexander Solzhenitsyn said...

Woe to that nation whose literature is cut short by the intrusion of force. This is not merely interference with freedom of the press but the sealing up of a nation's heart, the excision of its memory.

mark manning said...


KAIBITI said...

So we do have these great democracies in the world, America,UK, Australia, New Zealand, France to name a few.Just recently they have tried to take democracy to the following countries, Iraq, Egypt, Libya, Syria, Pakistan, Afghanistan ,Africa etc. Have they achieved anything out of it? Just body-bags of their own in their hundreds of thousands, and hundreds of thousands of the dead in all these countries,those unconfirmed numbers fleeing to other countries for their lives.What is happening in Iraq now?Al Qaeda is retaking all the cities that were liberated by "DEMOCRACY" And people back here in Fiji are jumping up and down for DEMOCRACY. How stupid and ironic. Think of the families of servicemen and women who are now without husbands, wives, fathers, mothers,sons and daughters just for the sake of DEMOCRACY!So much so for 'the government of the people, for the people by the people' just crap talk !Someone said its a "foreign flower" maybe true after all

Anonymous said...

mark manning go and watch Al Jazeera and see what Australia is all about in regards to being a white country. Clean up your ass first or backside or back yard before you want to come and talk on Fiji.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ KAIBITI 1:41 AM.

Your post is a stupid one.

Men and women from those democratic nations had given their lives because of their virtuous desire to bring freedom to the oppressed. Freedom is worth fighting for. They were not scared. They lived the lives of heroes and died as martyrs.

True Christians know that there is always the resurrection after death made possible by the atonement of Jesus Christ and that this life is a life to be lived in virtue, love and righteousness in order to be worthy of a glorious resurrection.

That is what drives them to fight; that freedom may come to the oppressed.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7:55 AM

But you also have to understand that 'freedom' does not have the same meaning for all.

Some would like freedom to allow them to have sex with children under 10 years old.


Some would say nobody should have the freedom to have sex with children under 10 years old.

An extreme example perhaps, but it applies to many facets of life in a society.

Anonymous said...

@ june 27 at 535pm.....that's his punishment for supporting an illegal regime.....maleka sara

Anonymous said...

@ Annon 8:08 am

Freedom of speech is a fundamental and recognised HUMAN RIGHT.

You are talking about anarchy and the absence of any law. I fail to see you point or the relevance of it in the context of this discussion.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:52 PM

Should you have read the comment I specifically referred to you would have certainly understood the relevance of things.

Anonymous said...

Under Bainimarma and Khayium rule for 8 years we have no freedom of speech.
These two must be brought before court when the time is right.
These two have committed the greatest crime TREASON.
No immunity clause in the illegal 2013 constitution can save them.

Anonymous said...

Craddock and Thompson are sensible people, furthermore they are qualified professionals who know what they are talking about. They should not be sacked. And any journalism worth their salt should be learning from them not muttering asinine comments about not being able to hear.

Anonymous said...

I have seen this Fiji movie before and there is no happy ending.

Anonymous said...

Anon June 28 @ 11.08

No one is disputing the fact that they are sensible and professional people. The point here is that they are on a work permit and are not Fiji citizens so they have no right to be making political statements.

Anonymous said...

@ anon 11:20 am

So you are the one to tell them what their rights are. No wonder you support a coup military dictatorship.

They have every right. Whether they are in breach of contract is another issue. The Khaiyum run USP will take the predictable action.

You are a coward who supports bullies. You do not determine the rights of others. People are free to say what they want. The consequences are another matter entirely.

Keep supporting suppression of free speech and have another lick on Khaiyums balls while you at it.

Anonymous said...

What "due diligence" did these two journalists allegedly fail to perform? Everything they said is TRUE.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Mr Thompson and Mr Craddock for highlighting the plight of ordinary Fijians who have been denied their freedom of speech since 2006.
Hope one day the local academics will have the balls to speak the truth about media freedom.The problem with local academics are they are only worried about their pockets.They do not have ethics and principles.
Now we have Muslim law like in war torn countries political torn Muslim countries - Syria, Egypt, Pakistan, Iraq etc.

Anonymous said...

you think that wen you go to USP, your views are always correct. think againg

Anonymous said...

I think they should go back to where the f... they came from. leave fijian politics to the fijians. go and talk about carbon tax and reduced health funds in your own country

Anonymous said...

They are many chinese who this illegal government has allowed in the country to do business are involved in all sorts of activities which they do not have consent. Why no has been deported so far?
These two academics have brought an important issue of no freedom of speech which is the TRUTH.
Their is a saying that truth is bitter!

Enosi said...

Yes,they are professional not only that they are spies....!sorry KAi/Bai they are everywhere here in Fiji not only Aut n NZ but the rest of the commonwealth countries peeping and transmitting your negative info back.....remember the reluctant of UN election observers, does that surprise everyone here!!!! Khaiyum felt cold blood on that,stop boosting about the UN involvement they know what you doing...!!!They are waiting for the election and they will come in after that..!!!
Learn from PNG you thief...!!!

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry Vocea too young.

Were you poison?
One of the best young fijimade product.
Bro RIP but i really suspect how soon this happen?


USP student said...

Pat Craddock should focus on his teaching and prepare better fro his calls. WE may be students but we not stupid. WE can tell when a lecturer is not prepared. I did not learn anything from his class. He is too old to teach. Why did USP hire him?

Anonymous said...

Pat Craddock you are best lecturer around in journalism.The negative statement is from people who are professionally jealousy.
Pat Craddock thank you for your bold and fair statement regarding media freedom.Rajesh Chandra is the one who should be fired because of him being political and supporting and dancing on the directive of illegal A.G.Kahyium.
USP does not belong to the taliban.

Anonymous said...

A visit by two Consumer Council staff in disguise to confirm that a J.P was asking for money to sign documents for money.
One requesting to have a copy of her passport certified and the other requesting to have a copy of her driver's licence certified.
Can the CEO Premilla do the same and send Consumer Council staff to ask the V.C. Rajesh if her husband's Jai Karan's post as Marketing Manager was advertised by USP.
Then she report it in the media like she did in this case.

Anonymous said...

12:32, I think YOU should go back to where YOU came from -- the Tanzanian bush.

Anonymous said...

What does it mean to suggest that these two journalists failed first to do their due diligence? In other words, they should have known in advance that this is a thuggish dictatorship where no one is allowed to speak the truth?

Another silly line of bullshit is that these two chaps said what they said in order to bask in the limelight of international celebrity whilst they're getting the old heave-ho from Frank. Honestly, the world knows and cares little about Fiji, which helps to explain why Frank has been suffered for so long. Outside of Fiji and a handful of Fijian expat communities, the world doesn't give a shit about Frank or Fiji. The only Fijian they can name is Vijay Singh. Two journalists getting expelled by a tinpot dictator for saying the obvious isn't much of a news item outside of Fiji, where EVERY day is a slow news day, under this regime.

And then there's the comment that these guys are actually spies. Right, they came to Fiji because we're so strategic — the dagger aimed at the heart of Samoa! No, I got it now — they came here to steal our high technology and industrial secrets . . . like the recipe for lamb curry parcels.

Drama Queens said...

Two drama queens using Fiji to gain their five minutes of fame. It was a very calculated move on the part of Pat Craddock and Matthew Thompson.

The regime is very predictable when it comes to criticism from expats. The two lecturer's knew exactly what would happen. Two obscure unknowns suddenly propelled to fame. They return home to heroes' welcome as freedom fighters, with camera bulbs flashing at the airports and what not.

The regime opponents will support these two's actions anyway. Pat and Matthew, you may have fooled some people, but not everyone. All you left behind in your wake is an inured and disrupted journalism school. Fiji has become a haven for carpetbaggers in all forms and sizes. We have sen the likes of you two before.

Malakai said...

A message to SODELPA, Labour Party, NFP and other anti Fiji First Party, the Fiji Times report below. It send out a wake up call to you all prospective election candidates to head your way out to rural villages in all Fiji to with hand outs in their own languages telling the people the truths about this current illegal Govt…clearly telling them the corruption, lies, unaccountability, nepotism, human rights suppression, stripping of Taukei’s control on their lands and cultures, attacks on religious beliefs and criminality.
Govt propaganda up to now have had impacts on understanding of rural people and these must be corrected. candidates for election cannot win if they stick around the comforts of urban areas…they must go out to all rural areas and thoroughly discuss their messages with the people.

On PM’s turf
Margaret Wise
Saturday, June 28, 2014
Nalaba District School students and their parents cross a river to get to school in Ra. Picture: BALJEET SINGH
IF you think Voreqe Bainimarama has been buried beneath the avalanche of rhetoric on the pay he is allegedly receiving or the poverty and unemployment rate in Fiji, think again.
The people in the province of Ra just love the


Anonymous said...


vanua cudruvi said...

E cava wilika vinaka mada na veika e tiko na report qori.
Sega ni kainaki me ra lai veisiko sara na veikoro.
Mo raica va qo kevaka o biuta vata na koro kece koya ra tukuni jiko qori-raica mada na kedra wiliwili taucoko qai cakacaka taki iko mai keya.
Kevaka era digitaki Bai kece ena mai maumau baleta na veidigidigi qo e [main thing] jiko na wiliwili.
Ra is the least populated area/province.
There need is priority to the next gov but their number will not help them to win back Bai.

Anonymous said...

In Ra people will vote for the man of the people - George Shiu Raj.
George is the son of Ra.

Anonymous said...

A vote to FF is a vote to Khayium. Khayium the destroyer of the GCC.
Khayium is the one who did not allow the Methodist Church to have their conference for 7 years while the Muslims were freely meeting in there mosque and doing all the network.

bolobolo said...

George Shiu Raj-Dau soli dre[money lender]nona cakacaka na vakavesuka na nodra title na kai Ra.Qo na title ni qele lelevu sara ga na ka vakaloloma na veika dau cakava jiko vei ira na kai Ra na tamata qo.
E vakayagataka na dra jiko vei koya kei na nona kalou[i lavo] me qitori ira kina na dau lai kere veivuke vua.
Tamata sa *)&^%#%*Y$$%..!!
Ni kakua ni lialia na kai Ra veitalia ni vodo tiko ena SODELPA kua ni tiki vei koya.

"ama'a macawa dravu na ama'a qori..!!! kua na tiki vei koya me dua ale na ama'a"

E na yaga iko ga vei koya ke lako i palimedi,wara ni dua na ka ena lu'u yani noda koro koya ena sagai koya iko ga kei nona bisinisi..!!!

Anonymous said...

National Federation Party leader Dr Biman Prasad has demanded an apology from the Prime Minister in relation to his comment allegedly made in the overseas media that Indo Fijians like Dr Prasad are staying in Fiji because of him.

Dr Prasad said the article was published in Fairfax media in Australia last Saturday and was also published in Sydney Morning Herald and the Age newspaper with Bainimarama saying that and I quote “Fiji can’t afford for me to lose this election because there will be no one to keep the revolution going” end quote.

Bainimarama could not be reached for comments.

USP student said...

USP journalism students are worried this might lead to closure of our USP journalism school. Last time professor Sudesh Mishra was threatening to close down the school and sack all the staff because of the bad publicity. Sudesh Mishra said the VC Rajesh Chandra support his decision.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Under Khaiyum’s illegal Land Use Decree the PM of the day has supreme power to do whatever he/she thinks is good for the economy or their pocket. They can ignore the needs and wishes of the landowners. They could even offer up land to investors and friends at very low or at no rent at all. There is nothing the landowners can legally do about it. They have no say in the matter unless they stand-up and act together against the junta. The Land use decree is out right land theft.

Chutiya Falla said...

Biman Prasad sala ungrateful chutiya. where were you when 2000 coup supporters terrorised people in Dreketi?

Do you know who saved us you ungrateful dog. The military save us while you were hiding under your bed. You only come when you need vote, not when we in trouble.

Here is one report to refresh your memory. After reading this go and apologise to Bainimarama and touch his feet. You are making all Indians look ungrateful. looks like you will do anything for votes, including open toilet doors!

"Dreketi was a valley of fear, where women and children spend their days hiding in dry riverbeds, where rice crops have been destroyed and where Fiji's authorities have abandoned the region's Indians to their fate.

"We live here in so much fear," said one farmer, "it's better if they kill us."

Rebels have destroyed paddies, setting fire to mounds of rice, having cut off the irrigation system on Monday, threatening the remaining crops.

Around 20 to 30 tonnes of rice are stored at the irrigation plant, and people believe it will be used to feed the rebels.

Rumours abound of continued kidnapping of men who are made to listen to an indigenous rights message before being released.

Families living in fear tell of men sweeping into the area, breaking into homes to take food and bursting into shops to clear them out.

One woman said that when she protested to raiders she would be left with nothing, she was told it did not matter.

"What are you doing here, go back to India," they told the 56-year-old.

"We are so scared, no one comes over to the shop these days," said one rice farmer who owns a roadside business.

By five o'clock people are holed up in their shuttered homes, living in hopelessness and frustration. Some nights people flee to the jungle and sleep under tarpaulins.

At one house, neighbouring women were gathered with their children after a series of attacks.

"We are so scared we cannot eat," said one woman.

Their worst fear, always, is what might happen to their young daughters, they said.

"They demand goods, every day they come around and take away goods," one shopkeeper said.

Suck it up said...

Give it a rest Chuttiya Fulla. Repeating some of this emotional diatribe to try to make Indians hate Itaukei and love Bainimarama will not work. Your Bainimarama has feet of clay and is a treasonous thief.

Anonymous said...

Chuttiya Fulla
Where was Bainimarama during 2000. Bai was very much part of the 2000 coup.Bai was the commander he could have done a lot but he never did anything for the Indians.
Bainimarma is again using intimidating techniques to get Indians to vote for FF.
Indians will never be hoodwinked. Indians have to work with i taukei to ensure that everyone leaves peacefully.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama was the chief architect and instigator of the 2000 coup. He is the principal cause of Fiji's woes for nearly 20 years now. Anyone who still supports him after what we now know and have seen is a traitor and idiot.

Anonymous said...

USP School of Journalism SHOULD be closed if it is only going to train sychophants instead of true investigative reporters and journalists ready to hold our crooked politicians to account.

Anonymous said...

Bai and Khayium are not the answer for Indians.These two are simply thugs.
Indians should vote for NFP, FLP and SODELPA so that they can co exist with the i taukei.
Now the approach of Bai / Khayium is that of dictatorship. It does not work like this to enforce everything on the people.
Now is the best time as a chief is leading SODELPA. NFP and FLP should work with SODELPA in the interest of i taukei and Indians.
This is the last chance for the Indians as what Jai Ram Reddy had planned to work with Rabuka.
So the best option for i taukei and Indians is to vote for NFP, FLP and SODELPA.

Anonymous said...

Under Khaiyum’s illegal Land Use Decree the PM of the day has supreme power to do whatever he/she thinks is good for the economy or their pocket. They can ignore the needs and wishes of the landowners. They could even offer up land to investors and friends at very low or at no rent at all. There is nothing the landowners can legally do about it. They have no say in the matter unless they stand-up and act together against the junta. The Land use decree is out right land theft.

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 7.56pm, the whole bloody USP is full of sycophants, from Rajesh Chandra, deputy esther williams, and the barking dog Ashwin Raj.
The whole of USP should close down, not just the journalism school. While we at it, lets also close down FNU. That too is full of coup supporters.

Anonymous said...

USP and FNU is no doubt full of coup supporters mostly Indians.
Now to make it more interesting FNU has many lecturers from India who are making good money and having a nice working holiday.
Now getting a degree from USP and FNU is so easy.
At FNU everyone must pass if he / she is enrolled.
FNU is dealing on quantity and not on quality.
USP quality has really come down.

Anonymous said...

The people are waiting for the challenge by Biman to illegal P.M. for an open debate @FBC. Lamusona Bai/ Khayium cannot take the challenge!
Where is media freedom!!

Anonymous said...

Drama Queens at 3:18 sounds like the biggest drama queen of all, Graham Davis.

Talk about someone who will grub for his five minutes of fame!

The regime is indeed very predictable when it comes to criticism from expats: it sends in Grubby Davis with his Qorvis mercenaries to do damage control, usually by twisting the truth beyond recognition, whilst using the state's police powers, its control of the press and its lackeys at USP and in the Ministry of Justice to punish the offending parties.

Again we see the regime trolls unable to make up their minds as to what lie to tell. Which are we supposed to believe, Grubby, that the two didn't do their "due diligence" or that they knew exactly what they were in for?

If you're concerned lest these two "obscure unknowns" (isn't that a redundancy?) be "suddenly propelled to fame", why not ignore them in the first place? That's what happens to most criticism in free societies. You're the one turning them into causes celebre through your unnecessary repression.

Do I detect a tinge of jealousy that they'll be returning home with enhanced reputations for professional integrity whillst you're stewing in exile in the malodorous notoriety of a hack who debased himself and his profession in service to a thug dictator?

Of course we support these gentlemen's actions! Why shouldn't we? They said and did nothing wrong. They performed a great service by reminding us once again how frightened this regme is of the truth.

It was Abraham Lincoln who said "you can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time. But you can't fool all of the people all of the time." I'm sure he had people like you in mind when he said this, not folks like Craddock and Thompson.

Thanks to you and the regime, USP's School of Journalism is more than injured and disrupted, it is an abomination to the profession, churning out sycophants and apologists instead of real journalists. Better it were closed than continue under such misadministration.

You got one thing right, though. Fiji has indeed become a haven for carpetbaggers in all forms and sizes. In fact, one of them wears your oversized shirt.

Anonymous said...

Where is the CCF? Why isn't it organising a candidates debate for the purpose of voters education? It can only be because the regime is too cowardly to allow it.

Anonymous said...

Regime soli sona soldiers are just bullies in their own country, cos the general populace does not have access to weapons. Meanwhile, things are starting to heat up in Baghdad, the bloody arseholes are planning to bail out. Vacava, tadola na muamuri ni sa vosalesu yani na gusu bona ya. Ni yavu sotia lamulamu.

Anonymous said...

E ra sa galu mai na masia tiko na matanitu lasuslasu nei Bhai.

E kila sara tuga o Bai mi issue ni Qele ena Caroba taki koya.

Na ulukau ga na ulukau.
Tukauna o Rt Mara vei Chaudary kakua ni tara na qele.

E sa riu levu na nona viavia vuku ia e a yaco ga na Fomu lima.


Anonymous said...

Hahaha, some idiots will close their eyes to anything as long as the government is being attacked. Pat Craddock and Matthew Thompson have received more publicity in the last two days than their entire careers.

Amnesty international, the Guardian, and so forth. Everything has gone as they would have planned in deliberately provoking this reaction. Watch the two fading academics become even more famous when they are deported. I for one do not believe even for a minute this is about academic freedom. This has more to do with inflated egos, self-aggrandisement and riding the Fiji bandwagon to 5-minutes of fame. It is so fucking obvious.

Anonymous said...

It is better to get deported rather then to give it to the illegal regime and it's puppet- Rajesh Chandra.
It is a fact that their is no FREEDOM OF SPEECH in the country.

Anonymous said...

None of the political parties will be allowed to provide transport to voters to go out and vote at their polling stations on September 17th.

Solicitor General, Sharvada Sharma said this is not allowed under the Electoral Decree.

The decree states that it shall be unlawful for political parties, candidates and their representatives, either personally or through other persons, to give or offer to any citizen money, gifts, material goods of any value except for campaign material or services free of charge, to sell goods or services to persons at a preferential price, or to promise to provide any monetary fund, gift, material goods or services of any value for the purpose of gaining or influencing votes in an election.

Any person who contravenes this section of the Electoral Decree commits an offence and shall be liable upon conviction to a fine not exceeding $50,000 or to a term of imprisonment not exceeding 10 years, or to both.

In the past elections, it was a norm to see political parties picking up and taking people to vote at the polling stations.

The 2006 elections also had some+ politicians going around to people and handing out free groceries, pots, forks, spades and outboard engines.

Story by Vijay Naraya

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 9:45 PM

Quote "" None of the political parties will be allowed to provide transport to voters to go out and vote at their polling stations on September 17th. ""

I would suggest it's questionable if that statement is correct.

And, the polling stations are not the political parties !

But, more seriously is this guy suggesting that a voters decision as to who he votes for is going to be determined by who gives him a lift to the polling station?

That's rather a slur on the intelligence of the voting public I would suggest.

Fijis Civil Servants said...

The governmnet has been doing this even before the election using tax payers money to fund their campaign.
In fact they all was planned by Khaihum to make this election very difficult to the other parties but little did they know that the civil servants themselves are they greatest enemy.

The civil servants was the cause of Rabuka's demise.
The civil servants assisted the Labor Party to demolish the Alliance and this same civil servants have been working very hard behind Bhai's back to unseat him from power,

Hooray the civil servants and good job.

Do your work again as in the past.

Anonymous said...

Ki vei kemuni na noda i taukei.

O ni vinaka me liutkai keda tiko e dua e se veilewaitaki tiko ena vuku ni veivakamatei mai na keba.

O ni vinaka kata me liutaki keda e dua e via vakarusa na nodra bula ni rawa ka vakavuli na luveda kei ira na noda kawa.

Na toppers scholarship e vakatara tu o Bainimarama me noda ga e 7% ka nodra na vulagi e 93%.

Oqo beka na dina,dodonu kei na savasava e vunau taka tiko o Bainimarama?

O ni vinakata me dua e liutaki keda tiko e sega ni role model vei ira na n luveda baleta ni a taura vakaukuawa na matanitu ka ra a digitaka na lewe ni vanua?

O ni kakua sara ni digitaka e dua na tamata dau laba, lasulasu, butabutako ka dau veidabui.

NI digitaka na dODELPA baleta ni na taqomaka na noda, qele, i tovo kei ira na noda turaga.

Anonymous said...

SODELPA all the way.

SODELPA will win 90% of the iTaukei's vote.

Anonymous said...

Since only 7% of the toppers are given to the iTaukei that means there will be no kaiviti.
etc in the nest 15 to 20 years.

Vinaka Fiji Firs Party and vinaka to all the kaiviti lialia ululala oni support taki Khaihum tiko kei Bhai.

Where is Bole by the way?

Sa vakarau tekea tiko na vokete e CWM hospital

Anonymous said...

Bole could not even speak and is around 70 years. This man is a curse. He was involved in every coup like Inoke Kukubola. Inoke is globe trotting on taxpayers money and opening embassy everywhere without any returns.
What was the point to open consulate in Nepal, Maldives. This is all waste of tax payers money.

Anonymous said...

It is obvious that Khayium is making it very difficult for political parties to contest the election. This is typical taliban type of operation.
In a democracy everyone should be given the freedom to contest the election.
Why Khayium is putting so many restriction?
Can someone advise this thug that he has ruled for 8 years illegally.
Why he wants to be power for another 4 years?
Power and money seems to be the reason.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha. It is so fucking obvious that Graham Davis is behnd many of the attacks on Craddock and Thompson. He sounds like a jealous girl whispering against the belle of the ball.

Mahen Reddy said...

Ashin Raj is correct and we should all support FijiFirst! Today Fiji is so peaceful and food is very cheap for all. There is no more poverty. Thank you Bainimarama.

Idiot watch said...

Sorry, I may be missing something but how can "Grubby" Graham Davis be trying to get his "five minutes of fame" if he's in these columns anonymously? Some people here are really stupid.

Idiot watch said...

Sorry, I may be missing something but how can "Grubby" Graham Davis be trying to get his "five minutes of fame" if he's in these columns anonymously? Some people here are really stupid.

Anonymous said...

Craddock and Thompson. Sound like a couple of bumbling detectives. Hope the USP keeps them on. Guaranteed to keep the standard of journalism in Fiji low.

Anonymous said...

"Everything has gone as they would have planned in deliberately provoking this reaction."

Boci! Simply telling the truth now is "deliberately provoking a reaction?"

Anonymous said...

You ARE an idiot! Graham Davis is writing in the Fiji Sun for fame. No one said he was posting on C4.5 for fame.

Anonymous said...

Craddock and Thompson have simply told the TRUTH.

Anonymous said...

Graham Davis must understand that this is an illegal government. Fullstop.

Anonymous said...

Long live Craddock and Thompson.You have done what locals could not do it due to fear created by the illegal regime and it's puppet like Rajesh Chandra.
Their days are numbered.

Anonymous said...

The illegal Solicitor General Sharvdha Sharma's father is contesting the election under FF.Akhil Nand Sharma who is quietly campaigning while employed at USP.
Well he is exception and will not resign.

Anonymous said...

The government and usp should leave these two guys alone to say what they want and dont fall into the little trap they are setting.

These two are daring anyone to fire them because they know once that has being done they will be famous. just imagine the media hype in their country when they will be deported. this is all a setup and the powers that be must not fall for it.

Kamlesh Kumar said...

Guys wait for the election. It is now only 2/1.5 months left. Fiji First cannot win this election. The Fijian population is 63% and indian population is 37%. Fijians will vote for SODELPA and indians will mainly vote for Fiji First. SODELPA will rule this country in future. Bring back qoliqoli bill.

Anonymous said...

Note well that even the regime toadies admit that it's the regime that ginned up the "internal investigation" against Craddock and Thompson. It wasn't initated by USP.

Anonymous said...

"Everything has gone as they would have planned in deliberately provoking this reaction."

Isn't that the same thing they will say about SODELPA when Frank launches his next coup after losing the elections?

Just Situational Logic said...

Friends, don't kid yourselves. Bainimarama isn't going to lose the elections. He will lose the vote, but he won't lose the election. He's left nothing to chance. He wouldn't be holding the elections unless he already knew he was going to "win". The Fiji Sun will announce his "victory" within ten percentage points of its earlier polling as "proof" of the validity of both.

The elections will be stolen. That's why Khaiyum won't allow any independent verifiability of the vote, such as through exit polling or even allowing voters to carry notes into the election booth.

The Western powers will certify that the elections meet minimal international standards — emphasis on "minimal". They'll hold their noses but recognise Bainimarama's government, lift sanctions, and immediately go back to business-as-usual.

The Bainimarama Captivity will end, but not through elections.

The only way to prevent this scenario from unfolding just as I've described is by mounting large popular demonstrations in Australia to dissuade Abbott from following his intentions to certify the acceptability of the elections.

I don't see that happening, do you?

The opposition could have prevented this scenario by uniting behind a single ticket and preparing to take back in the streets, if necessary, that which was stolen from us. Alas, personal ambitions and stupidity once again trumped our national interests.

Anonymous said...

Facts from an Economist.

Cane production declined by 34% 2006 to 2011.
Tourism growth by 2.6 % in the last 4 years.

This is very very bad and that is one of the reasons food price including sugar is becoming expensive.

Only Asians are coming to invest and guess what?

Like they have done in the Solomons they will make those countries go bankrupt.

Well done Khai and Bhai.

Anonymous said...

USP should interview journalism students about teaching. Many students lost interest and not attending class or doing assignments. Journalism school is half dead.

Anonymous said...

@ Just Situational Logic

Too true. A Fiji Alliance could have been the way forward.

The Indo-Fijians have to ask themselves... Does Frank really care about Indo-Fijians or was he protecting himself from facing trial for treason?

If the opposition parties unite behind a single ticket they would win most of the votes. A cabinet of members with varied interests could unite Fiji for valid reasons, not out of self interest or self preservation.

"Alas, personal ambitions and stupidity once again trumped our national interests."

I agree. With stupidity (gullibility) being the operative word. If Indo-Fijians think Bai is for them, then they have been fooled. A vote for FF is a vote for military supremacy and coup culture. The outcome of any future coup might not be what the Indo-Fijian population would want. Military supremacy is a sure outcome that Indo Fijians will remain and always be, second class citizens.

This might be the last chance for a united Fiji. An alliance government could always allow regional forces to assist them in sending the military back to barracks.

Most military personnel in Fiji are honourable men and women. The likes of the Brigadier General are far from honourable. He has recently stated what his attitude to any government that does not include these coup engineers will be.

Military supremacy will be entrenched if FF wins the election. That would be against the interests of every Fijian regardless of cultural background.

When a Fijian of Indian descent says to me that Frank cares about them, I get worried. Frank cares for Frank. It is not in his character to care for anyone outside of his family and circle of friends. He is a brutal coward. Such people make for the most dangerous leaders. Fear is a bad driver. Cowards react out of fear. Fiji needs a brave hero. Not a paranoid dictator who shits his pants in the heat of the moment.

Fiji has one of the best recognised military in the world. They should never be disbanded. They have a vital role to play in the region and abroad. But Fiji needs a military who are beholden to a democratic and just government. Not a Military who can remove democracy for any reason, especially for what they claim is necessity but turns out to be a legal fiction based on self interest and self preservation.

Those who vote for FF, just remember, in years to come, that you did vote that way. Just remember you voted for people like the Brigadier General who will continue to lead behind the scenes. You might get some school fees and a bus pass but you will remain second class citizens under FF. That is the plain truth.

Anonymous said...

Where is the auditor general's report since 2006?
A vote to FF is a vote to taliban Khayium.

Anonymous said...

2;19. vinaka na vakabulia,no body want to hear from you, you dont like fiji first, wait for chaudary and all, they will lead you......you one big con man... what you think you the only who knows everything,qai sara vei tukamu.boci............

Anonymous said...

Who is this cartoon caricature at 219 pm ? ... Ha ha ha .. At least you have a sense of humor . Fiji first has done way more than school fees . Too many for me to even contemplate writing about . I've got to catch the warriors play after this . Getting back to fiji first and bainimarama . Sir , it's not about Indians ... Frank is for fiji and hence every single law passed attributable to the economy in fiji helps the people of fiji , not just Fijians , although the itaukei is heavily favoured ( as it should be ) . You see sir , I'm 65 years old , have tremendous experience in international relations but my forte and formal studies lies in economics . Frank and his policies have if yup like , a new zest and feel to it .. Something that your older politicians , unionists , Ratus aren't capable of . I'm darn sure that if gave a simple test to SoDElpa candidates they wouldn't even know what GDP was ? Yes frankly frank has assembled a team of intelligent people to move Fiji forward . Smart , new blood with a few usual suspects ( so what ) . Frank has tightened the screws where he needed to . Indegionous Fijians have for way to long depended on being " dependent ". A curse that they carry till this day . Indians carry that blame and the poor guys shouldn't , their just a bunch of hard working , smart individuals . It's not by chance and I repeat not by chance that India will be the 3rd largest economy in the world by 2025 . Give them a break , better so embrace them , learn from them , you eat their food ! , watch their movies , admire their tenacity , why not ask for their help . I can name 20 great Fijian Indians that will selflessly help progress the Fijian cause . Frank is not anti Fijian his just : pro fiji !!!!

And by the way your comment that the fiji army is one of the best recognised military army in the world . Buddy ,I will take that as a typo , Fijian soldiers are known to be good soldiers not great ... To be great you need to have fought battles ... Let alone a battle , I'm sure a truck load of Syrian rebels can handle the entire fiji army in less than a day . Great try though .

Lighten up guys - frank will win , and he will win through friends of fiji like me and the many people that I have influence over in that side of the pacific .


Rodger g

Anonymous said...

"Everything has gone as they would have planned in deliberately provoking this reaction."

Maybe that's what we should tell the world when we hang Bainimarama and Khaiyum for treason.

Anonymous said...

@ Rodger g

Assuming what you say is true as a best case scenario, the very fact that the 2013 Constitution has immunity provisions does not bode well for the future.

Just say your saviour, Frank, is the great man you say he is and his motivation for the coup was equality (that is pure walt Disney stuff) then a powerful nationalistic future government could destroy the Indo Fijians.

If you want to vote for Military Supremacy and Coup Culture then so be it. The Brig Gen has already stated that the Military will have the last say into constitutional amendment etc..

If you call that Democracy then you are fooling yourself.

Economically speaking, some good changes have been made. If you believe that more than compensates for the rest of the bullshit and the ongoing military supremacy, then you should be nowhere near politics yourself.

I would rather have a politician who understands what the rule of law actually is and the separation of powers doctrine than some businessman who knows what GDP is.

You certainly are scathing of the SODELPA candidates. That's right, you are a super intellectual economist. Good for you. What country are you hiding in?

As for India, yes it is a powerful developing economy. Why?You should know. Its called economies of scale. They can't control or feed their population.

If you want to turn Fiji into a mini India you might have some opposition.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:52 and 2:57, I don't like traitors, and that's exactly what you are.

For someone who claims age, you haven't much wisdom.

And for someone who claims diplomatic experience, your reasoning and analysis are pathetic.

Anonymous said...

By all means vote, but your vote won't be counted, just as JSL has said. We should have taken this to the streets years ago.

Anonymous said...

One thing I really enjoy about C4.5 is how every time Graham Davis posts to this website in an effort to spin public opinion, he ends up looking like an even bigger buffoon.

Anonymous said...

Anon 210 and Anon 2;57 pm.

Both must ask themselves how didi Bhai and Khai got into power?

It is through lies, deceit and cover up.

How can you support some one who took over the an elected government through the barrel of the gun.

When he got in illegally he than rope in a bomb maker as his own no. 1 adviser.

They then decided to work on their way through through using Khai's thesis to suppressing individual liberty and rights even to the point that FMF soldiers will have to do the dirty job for them like the murder of the CRW soldiers, murdering of civilians using the senile Iloilo to sign decrees and even using him to coup the elected government as they just need his signature and stamp.
Now you are telling the people of Fiji to vote Bhai because he has done a lot of good things to Fiji.

What good things ...free education?

Do you know it is just a ploy because it ONLY works for day schools and guess what?
who attends day schools?
The majority are Urban schools NOT rural schools because all big/prominent itaukei boarding schools are situtaed in rural Fiji like, QVS, RKS, ACS, Buca Levu, Bua Collge, Vunisea Secondary, Niusawa, Holy Cross to name few and waht about Naitasiri, Ra, Adi maopa, rtua mara Collge etc. Free eduaction is ONLY for a csrtain group fo people.

What about the Toppers ....eh only 14 Itaukei out of 600 scholarship ...are you out of your mind.

Is this progressing Fiji No SIR..No.

He is saying that their CONSTITUTION protects our land ...NO.
Till today Khaihum still can not respond to PIo Tabaiwalu's quiiry to provide what section of the constitution confirm where it says that our land will be protected.

If you can clarify to me and all the Kai Viti then I will vote for Fiji First. At the moment we are disseminating information about the inability of the constitution
deliberately designed by Shameem and gates and Khai to dismantle our way of life and culture etc.

Stop your lies because you are supporting a murderer, liar, killer, thief, corrupt person, and soemone who is now can not sleep at night because he is very fearful because the people of Fiji are now free to voice their freedom.

Mataiasi said...

2000 RFMF BoI Report

Frank Bainimarama wants the world, and certainly the people of Fiji, to believe that his record is not blood stained, that his motives are noble and that he is nothing but a selfless servant of the higher cause of a pure Fiji. But the actual record of what he said and did (or did not do) tells another story.


Anonymous said...

Mr at 328 pm
I'm not hiding . I live in fiji and Australia . I work at will and occasionally travel to fiji for work .

This is the way the cookie crumbles -

1 . You see I'm white oops Palagi with a Fijian wife . If I wasn't white - Fijians would loathe me n refuse to respect me given their infatuation with the white men - umm excuse the pun and the billion times that Fijians give the proverbial blow jobs to the Palagi . Ask any tourist on the double standards bestowed to non white tourists in fiji . If no white tourists came to your shores - buddy you'd be bitch for the night !

2 . Let me define economies of scale for you -
a proportionate saving in costs gained by an increased level of production.
"mergers may lead to economies of scale".
Fiji will never be an India - not in a billion years , not because they want to - SImply cannot be an Asian work horse - but that's not so bad ---- indian has poverty , infrastructure , corruption issues ( oh wait - that's what fiji was under qarase n Chaudhary )

3 . The fact remains having observed Fijians response so far - all I say that Fijians are all sour grapes - a bunch of lazy , grog swiping , church going , ( loot a store straight after church ) , rugby crazed , people . You have Frank today . You see Frank is kinda like - batman !!! Gotham city needs him , but all it's citizens don't necessarily endorse that , but they needs him , nonetheless .

4 . Fijians should learn from the Indians there . That is their greatest chance to grow . Come on folks ... 100 years on and the only thing that you care about is being at helm of the prime ministership !!!! Ratu Mara was the last great one you produced ( he was flawed but great ) frank , my friend ... Oh frank - he's outta this world - he's got balls , he's got vision , he is for equality ( itaukei is favoured ) but he understands that giving fijiAns handouts is counterproductive to the socio-economic development of the indigenous population .
5 . frank is the new age leader - he leads his people , he helps all , but most of all he has Fiji at heart .

6 . And oh yeah , I love Fijians , have I said that ? Let me explain - I love the Fijian way , their wonderful people , at best a little deficient on the intelligence quotient , nonetheless wonderful people , but for gods sake - they need to stop blaming Indians or Muslims fortheir problems - it's like saying that Suarez is blaming his biting incident on his italian counterpart ( bull, f... King shit ) .

Fiji first all the way . My wife's family is from Ra ( I'm assured their all behind frank ) now remember kaivitis - don't blames others - go to church , confess your sins - love your indian brothers , work hard and be better people , and please for f.. Sake .... Vote for frank

Cheers ,
Rodger .

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