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Thursday, June 26, 2014

USP academics hit a nerve

RAJ: Leading campaign against USP academics.
The drama over a press release by two University of South Pacific academics shows there is no escaping the dirty past of Fiji's newly-laundered military dictatorship.

It also proves that even if the ordinary citizen has been silenced by the ongoing intimidation, there are among our midst those who haven't been institutionalised.

Pat Craddock's and Matt Thompson's 11-paragraph statement has led to USP releasing one of its own, denouncing the pair and saying it has initiated an internal investigation.

The journalism academics issued a statement on Sunday saying they were appalled at how a local journalist was denied accreditation to the Pacific Islands Development Forum and how another was allegedly harassed by police, 'while the head of Fiji’s military has justified torturing Fijian citizens.'

Craddock: Question of ethics.
Fiji's Media Industry Development Authority chairman, Ashwin Raj, has predictably tried to downplay the significance of the statement, which has received wide coverage, describing Craddock and Thompson as 'self-selective moral entrepreneurs'.

Raj says "These reckless academics are trying to instill fear among ordinary and decent citizens of Fiji and it constitutes yet another feeble attempt to keep us in a perpetual state of crisis."

And yet the truth is just that: despite the efforts to reinvent Fiji, citizens are still living in a state of crisis and those upholding the regime's laws, like Raj, can't accept that not everyone has bought the propaganda that all is well and that the September 17 elections prove democracy is at long last making its glorious way here.

Mosese Tikoitoga on the other hand recognises the damage he's done with his 'admission' the RFMF beat and tortured citizens and in a subsequent interview with local media has moved to quell the story saying he was 'misquoted'.

He insists the military forces are apolitical and that what he told the Sydney Morning Herald and the Melbourne Age was that "I wouldn't deny that these things happen."

Tikoitoga also says it is 'mischievous of political parties or commentators to include the military in political discussions' and the story about the beatings and torturing has led to questions about the RFMF's 'integrity'.

He is right to be nervous - discerning citizens have for a long time questioned the role and the integrity of the RFMF, now more so than ever with the elections just around the corner.

Raj and Tikoitoga are both so far up the regime's inside
Thompson: Statement was personal opinion.
channels neither can ever concede that soldiers and officers alike have beaten and tortured and, yes, killed Fiji citizens.

They will also continue to be in denial that journalists in Fiji have been penalised or sacked for speaking out about irregularities, inconsistencies and unfairness. 

Have we forgotten that just last month Fiji TV journalist, Anish Chand, was dismissed after the illegal attorney general, Aiyaz Sayed Khaiyum, got wind he'd asked questions about the way the election was being covered?

Good on Craddock and Thompson for speaking out. As Craddock told Radio New Zealand International: "We felt as academics with expertise in journalism, teaching young journalists to be ethical and bold, we had to speak out about this. Just because there's an election coming up, it's not ethical for people to sort of shut up."


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Frank Only said...

Rodger 5.35pm...quite easily the most common sense contribution I have read all week. I no longer live in Fiji but if Fiji wants to move on from provincialism, and the continual blame game of targeting Indians as the source of their woes, then become fully franked... vote Frank for goodness sake. Its what your children deserve.

Frank the Muderer said...

Anon 5.35 pm.
Fijians have its unique culture and have survived the test for thousand of years and who the F... are you to tell us what to do.
You are one of the paid soldiers hired by this regime to perpetuate their corrupt and dirty work especially on the indigenous people of this country.

Too bad your wife MUST be one of those stupid women if that is true.

Frank is still under investigation for directing the killing of civilians and CRW soldiers.

Mate you re supporting a person who has not disclosed his salary of $1.7 and has not produced a Auditor General report for 7 years.

Birds of the same feathers flock together.

You must be one of those people benefiting from Frank's blood money.

You blood sucker!

Anonymous said...

Fijians are still I living in colonial days and acting like monkeys . I believe what that Rodger man said . 5 years ago 4 Fijian youths robbed my elderly uncle and left him disabled by brutally bashing him outside a shop to rob him . He had $35 with him at the time . The attacks on us Tongans n Samoans studying in fiji have remained since the the 70s and 80s we are told . We could have easily gone retribution n revenge and put those Fijian boys into hospital , but then again they would be no difference between us and those cannibals . If Tongans n Samoans were in power , you Fijians would still blame others . We get helped by Indians here a lot . They are nice people . Fijians need to wake up .


Anonymous said...

@ Taufusi
Too bad who invited you to come to Viti.

We did not present a Tabua for you to come to our land.
You are free to go back to India, Tonga and Samoa.
One thing I know...this is paradise and all people in this planet would like to visit my Viti.

The next step is to send all Jihad back to Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

More than 30 per cent of fijis top jobs are occupied at expatriate level . Your university needs foreign students . We Tongans have even helped Ratu ului - a known criminal !!! We should have returned him to frank .

You guys can never defeat Muslims brother - they are the ultimate warriors .... Fijians have no spine ... Attack innocent people and rob the elderly - that's the fiji way - cannibals


Anonymous said...

If it wasn't for us palagis .. You guys be frying your mothers arse to have for dinner tonite - cannibalism was eradicated by my Christian missionaries .


Anonymous said...

Again i am saying who invited you to Viti?

Please go back to where u come from we do not need you in Viti.

This is very plain and simple question.

Yes or No

Anonymous said...

We do not want to fry you guys but if you insist we will then.

Anonymous said...

@ Rodger

You should not blog when you are drunk. It makes you look more stupid than what you probably are.

Comparing Frank to Batman? You are on the good shit.

You are just a low life racist asshole and a coward. Stand up to Frank, Rodger. You can do it. You don't have to bend over for him. Try and be a man. Try. If you are frightened of him just say so. No Need to get all racist.

Anonymous said...

We are Kai lomas .. N have half white blood .. You kaivitis are the rascist ... Imagine in total there is less than 500k Fijians on the planet ( rest were boiled n eaten ) n yet you guys are rascist to all that live here in fiji . I'm sure you don't live here .. Probably overseas ( working in a factory or giving my white brother . -a b job to make ends meet .
Either way dude ... You kaivitis are the real rascists ....
The day all the other nationalities leave fiji ... You will eat each other ------- or better still try to make soup out of a f.. King pair of boots . Ha ha ha ha ... Too funny ... You cannibals have real taste

Anonymous said...

Ba ha ha ha ha .. Were Fijians cannibals ? No offence trish .. But is that true ? I found the other comment so funny - no offence to any Fijians

Anonymous said...

Karen , Fijians were never cannibals .. It's a myth .. But I think a couple of chiefs are each other .. N one tried to make soup Out of boots .. Ha ha ha ha .. Hilarious .... Sega ... Hey catchup tom @ coffee

K n

kemu said...

Waca....!!!namu....!!!! kanaloto...!!!

Anonymous said...


You obviously suffer from an inferiority complex amongst your own colour which could be why you went off to marry a woman from a segment of humnanity with waht you describe as endowed with a "lesser intelligent" segment of humanity?

Your infatuation with Frank wreaks of a patronising arrogance that exposes your superficial understanding of real issues.

I guess you are a descendent of a convict that has benefited from the British social engineering scheme of putting you with Aborigines so you can develop a feeling of superiority; feeling superior that we married a Fijian, are we Rodger?

Run off to Frank now....before you are exposed for a fraud!

Anonymous said...

Dua tale na veitalanoa o kauta jiko mai qo Rodger!!!raica o drau yaca vata kei koya vanavana mai USA?o koya sa leqa tu i cake!
kua ni vakaveitalia taka na veitalanoa baleta eda bau mai vuli vei ira na ulu vinaka era comments jiko ena blog qoka.
O iko seseraurau sa ciri sara ga vakayawa nomu tirivu.
Raica taura nomu daki masia tu mada...!!!vanavana yani i lalaga...!!

Anonymous said...

i taueki go and campaign for SODELPA otherwise taliban will take over Fiji.
A vote for Bainimamrma is a vote for
TALIBAN - kahyium.

Anonymous said...

Bainimarama as Batman?

Then who is Khaiyum? Robin, the Boy Wonder?

Anonymous said...

No, Bainimarama is not Batman. Batman is a champion of law and order. He doesn't overthrow Gotham City in order to avoid prison and to knock over the mint.

Rodger's Daddy said...

Haha Typical White Palagi Mr Rodger Sir. So in supporting Frank you've really hammered it home to all Fijians. But wait, in Frank's world everyone is a Fijian. Oh by the way don't insult the people from Ra by saying they give proverbial blow jobs to the Palagi. Let the buck stop with your wife man. Despite all their faults at least they have a culture, a unique identity. You're just a Palagi. A white man descendent from everywhere which makes you and your kind more of a bitch then others. Like mongrels.

Anonymous said...

aspiring politician Vili Satalas interview in todays Fiji Times says he is not well educated.Then how come he was selected to be a candidate when Pio Tikoduadua said they are gonna select young, educated and professional fijians.

Anonymous said...

Dr Esther Williams and Ashwin Raj provide even more proof that FIJI has NO academic freedom and NO freedom of speech under Frank Bainimarama's dictatorship!

The University of the South Pacific has issued an ultimatum to Patrick Craddock of the USP Journalism program to sign a statement that would effectively silence him from talking to the media.

Craddock alleges that Dr. Williams is frightened of upsetting the military government of Prime Minister Bainimarama. He quotes Dr. Williams saying during their only meeting
“All of us understand that we don’t live in a normal democratic government situation.”
“…whatever we put out in the news media we are very careful..”

Dr Williams's situation is not unique. It highlights a general sentiment across Fiji where most people are afraid of upsetting the criminal dictator bainimarama so they will do any say anything to appease him. if they dont appear to support the criminal dictator then they risk receiving a beating or some form of vengeance. So to survive the people lie to Bainimarama by telling him how wonderful he is and how much they love and support his corrupt leadership. MEanwhile, the people wait for the promised 2014 elections to show who they really support and want as their leader - and it is NOT Bainimarama and khaiyum.

Anonymous said...

Under Khaiyum’s illegal Land Use Decree the PM of the day has supreme power to do whatever he/she thinks is good for the economy or their pocket. They can ignore the needs and wishes of the landowners. They could even offer up land to investors and friends at very low or at no rent at all. There is nothing the landowners can legally do about it. They have no say in the matter unless they stand-up and act together against the junta. The Land use decree is out right land theft.

Anonymous said...

@ Roger.

I was raised up in the early 1950s in Vatukoula where the palagis were worshipped almost as gods. They wore shorts and shirts with shoes and socks almost-to-their-knees long. I so respected these palagi bosses at Vatukoula that I felt that any white person was intelligent, powerful, wealthy and had to be respected.

As a full-blooded Fijian whose parents were poor villagers, I attended high school and earned a scholarship to an oversees university after matriculation. Standing at a street corner, waiting for a bus, one early morning just shortly after my arrival at the Australian city where I was to study, I picked up a newspaper and dropped a few coins into a bowl on the newspaper stand as payment for the newspaper. I had seen several passers-by do this; so I assumed that those coins in the bowl had to be newspaper money. (There were no newspaper machines in those days).

After a few minutes, while reading the newspaper, I noticed, which I hadn't noticed before, a man lying on a bench, whom I had assumed was also waiting for the bus, rise up, inch his way closer to the money bowl, furtively looking forth and back and then sideways, extend his arm and then helped himself to all the coins that were in the bowl. He stood up and walked calmly away.

I was flabbergasted, perhaps because I was only about eighteen years old, and inexperienced in life at that time, and also that, I did not realize that palagis would do such a thing because of my reverence for them. I eventually thought that perhaps, my poor parents in my village were so much better off than many other people all over the world.

I realized from then as well, that all men were equal and that what became of ourselves were the outcome of our own efforts when we live up to the opportunities presented to us.

Sa dri yani...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Does anybody think about US? said...

Notice than even Marc Edge has distanced himself from Pat Craddock and Matthew Thompson, saying they shouldn't have done what they did. These former journalists turned academics are all the same. In the meantime, what about us poor students? They are supposed to be teaching us not involving themselves in politics!!! Edge says Craddock is now going to be sacked from USP. How does that help us??? Fed up with everything. No point in even going to class. Selfish pricks.

Anonymous said...

The arrogance of these two self opinionated teachers is the cause of their downfall.

It does not matter what your political views are, when you are just a guest in a country you do not start making 'statements' rubbishing the government.

Unfortunately their unprofessional behaviour, when they should both know better, will achieve nothing other than impacting on the students education.

Anonymous said...

Coup 4.5 says "good on Craddock and Thompson for speaking out". Why? All it has done is created another stink at USP and damaged the teaching program. How sad it is to see one of the students say there is no point in going to class. No wonder our journalists in Fiji aren't as good as they should be. Their lecturers spend their whole lives playing politics when they should be in the classroom teaching.

Sosiceni said...

What is happening in Muslim countries and India against women and girls are horrific , uncivilised to the modern world and simply against all decent and humane considerations acceptable in this day and age

Pakistan girl burned alive for suitor snub


Anonymous said...

So MPChaudhry has paid his $2,000,000 fine. That's it for him. Now everyone in Fiji knows how rich this man is. Man of the people? Bullshit.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Loss of USP's Sovereignty said...

The USP Mafia caught on audio tape! Don Rajesh Chandra is no doubt lurking in the background, directing everything and making sure Aiyaz sayed-Khaiyum’s orders are carried out. This smacks of a grand coalition between USP and the regime. It confirms the politicisation of USP under Rajesh Chandra. The region has lost ownership of USP. Fiji is in full control. Regional ownership is tokenism. The USP Council should be ashamed for allowing this happen. They should all resign in disgrace.

La Familia said...

These two assholes have more guts than all of you motherfuckers blogging here day in day out. They said what they said and thats it, they didnt go to any blogsite to air their views like you bunch of cowards. Even though I dont support them, but I will give credit where its due.

Ubui Nona Yaca. said...

@ Rodger.

U'i 'Amamu...stop your condescending remarks... numb skull.

Anonymous said...

At least Chaudhry has paid his debt to society.

Frank has done far worse and owes far more.

Anonymous said...

La Familia, if we're cowards, then so are you. If you want to give Craddock and Thompson credit, then why not do so publically?

Anonymous said...

+1 Rodger - 5:35 PM

more then 75% of comments in here are by Fijians practicing Christianity ..they go to church every sunday in their best dress's, cry in Jesus name and next day critics Indians and Muslims .. they are too much into religion and believe that GOD supports them in whatever they do ..including putting others down ..First learn to become a true Christian, if cant, stop using "HIM" to defend your actions and the actions of others.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:39, the regime and USP's craven administration created the stink. C4.5 only teported it.

When the regime and USP's administration attack, rather than dfend, press freedom, then of course no one will want to go to USP's journalism classes.

Journalsm lecturers are quite within their rights to comment on the state of journalism in Fiji.It is USP's venal administration that should stay out of politics.

Mere said...

Anonymous 2:52, you say that we're "too much into religion", but it seems that your real criticism is that we're being hypocritical by not practicing our faith.

I think that's a fair criticism.

But please don't let the fact that our churches are full of hypocrites keep you from attending. There's always room for one more.

Anonymous said...

If you journalism students aren't going to help defend Fji's press freedoms, then you're part of the problem, not part of the solution. It's better for Fiji if you take up a different profession anyway.

The Heckler said...

Frank isn't Batman. He's more like that psychotic, unpredictable underworld boss, the Clown Prince of Crime himself, the Joker. Except that he hasn't learnt the Joker's first principle, which is never to rub another man's rhubarb.

The Heckler said...

Rodger, you state: "If I wasn't white - Fijians would loathe me n refuse to respect me . . ."

Quite true.

But even knowing that you ARE white, we loathe and refuse to respect you.

Anonymous said...

This talk about native Fijians hating whites is a set up...native Fijians respect white people...read the books that white people have written about native Fijians...someone is trying to trump up a false image about native Fijians in order taint us as primitive and uncivilized...that somehow will make the white people side up with them and the party they are fighting for.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Williams has already accepted that it is not normal to say anything.

Anonymous said...

Say No to Muslim rule.
Say NO to FF.

Anonymous said...

Bua landowners of Bauxite mine have received $0.5 million dollars in lease money.This was an increase from $0.3 million last year.Vinaka PM Bai! Bua will vote Fiji First!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anon 4.15pm
spoken like a true masi volo

Anonymous said...

Apologies but Rodger, your comments about Fijians lacking in IQ is far fetched and represent that stereotypical racist attitude common with people from developed countries. About the two professors in USP, yes, they should have known better that USP IS NOW A CEMETERY as Professor Epeli Hau'ofa mentioned. However, I commend them for their courage. In addition, one can separate the real academics from the wannabes like Ashwin Raj in terms of the words they use. The two professors use simple words which can be understood by common readers while MIDA use big words to try and look smart in front of common readers. Can someone tell Ashwin Raj that he makes fun of himself when he uses big words.


Anonymous said...

We are grateful to bai n Aiyaz ... They assured us that we would receive money - never has been done before - Vinaka .. You have our votes -

Bua sector 7 residents

Anonymous said...

Bua sector 7
dou veivutu sa mataboko enai lavo

Anonymous said...


Ra Man said...

Roger - u can kiss my ass then i'll vote for Frank!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Hip Hip Hooray!!!!! We have Roshika Deo standing for homosexuals and lesbians and Viliame Satala for legalising marijuana. Viliame Satala known to openly smoke the drug in Lautoka and was banned whilst playing overseas for positive drug test. We truly going to the shit house with these two wannabe politicians.

Tamai Tui Viti 1 said...

@ Rodger

Whites and Indians are more adaptable, it seems.

I wouldnt necessarily call them superior because what they mainly do is study other cultures, pick the best of what they see there, or what can be useful to them, and adapt it to better themselves.
Admirable attitude, I have to say.True talk.
You hinted at what we should strive to do - learn as much as we can about the good from other cultures, adapt to them (or mold them to fit our sensibilities), and watch our efforts grow. Most Fijians just take to the materialistic/egocentric tendencies of the West - Flashy cars, clothes, bigmanism, "swagga," snootiness, arrogance (a.k.a. I'm smarter/more educated/richer/better/classier than you), blame-game talk, and so on. We forget that there's more to it than the enjoyment.

Anyways, the real measure of a society's greatness isn't what it creates, but how well it uses what is already created. Which is why I admire Asians more than any other group. Collectively the Fijians has a lot of growing up to do. Ultimately, WE (not the Indians, not Chinese, and certainly not divine intervention), WE, the people, have the power to decide whether we'll grow up fast or continue to stay dwarfed for centuries to come.

Collective insecurity is our biggest foe. We're not even cognisant of our potential.

Anonymous said...

Ganesh has filled FNU with lecturers from India while our people have no job.Most of these lecturers are having a nice time.The head of school in engineering is from South India. He is having a good time doing nothing.
Our people have been denied the opportunity.

Anonymous said...

Lecturer positions at a university are not part of a jobs programme, designed to create employment. These are supposed to be subject matter experts. Our universities should strive to hire the best available for what they can afford to pay, no matter what their nationality or ethnicity. I doubt that all of the best SMEs come from South India, but that is another matter altogether.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
vasili said...

Stadel, HR chief!
Sunday 29th June

Dear Heather –

"I will not be signing the letter sent to me as I do not accept that I have broken any codes, ethics or regulations except that I did not make it clear on the Media Release(MR) that it was my personal viewpoint. However- I have issued many MRs in my media work here, which dates back to the early 1990s, and not one MR has ever been questioned by the USP except this last one. Future media releases will be clearly identified as coming from myself.

I stand by my view that the original MR was accurate, balanced and a response to items that were already in the news arena.

Before giving an interview to any media I advise them that the views are my own. I have followed the procedure during my many years at the USP and working for other NGOs and media. You and Dr. Williams betrayed me. We had an informal conversation. That is on audio tape, yours and mine. There was no mention of further action. That night the USP issued a strong and inaccurate statement. Next morning we met and I was asked to write a draft for the basis of a new media statement. I received no comment on the draft and then received your letter, which I consider a threatening statement. I acknowledged that I signed that I read the code of ethics. I did not say I broke any.

I have issued a Media Release today. Ana will receive a copy. Pat ."

Anonymous said...

On no. Please do no say that Mr. Pichler has been bent to pressure by the funny family government over this hard landing. His words seem very much like crap that a regime lackey might regurgitate. More half truths spew forth. Us in the job know what happened. The pilot, and other older ones, struggled through his training with a number of fails. His training was shortcutted to make sure he eventually passed. This still going on. Under this pilots control the plane did hard landing. Organizational issues aside pilot error was a contributing if not direct cause. If the pilot was not in error as Mr Pichler states then why the need for disciplinary action ("pilot who was in command of the flight has escaped further disciplinary action"). Why wasn't pilot not fired? Is there truth that Mr Pichler wanted him gone? Now another pilot has been demoted with more to fly away. Organizational problems for sure sara. Like many fijian pilots now doing maybe Mr Picher should leave for something worth his measure. Heaven knows he is not getting respect where he is.

Anonymous said...

On no. Please do no say that Mr. Pichler has been bent to pressure by the funny family government over this hard landing. His words seem very much like crap that a regime lackey might regurgitate. More half truths spew forth. Us in the job know what happened. The pilot, and other older ones, struggled through his training with a number of fails. His training was shortcutted to make sure he eventually passed. This still going on. Under this pilots control the plane did hard landing. Organizational issues aside pilot error was a contributing if not direct cause. If the pilot was not in error as Mr Pichler states then why the need for disciplinary action ("pilot who was in command of the flight has escaped further disciplinary action"). Why wasn't pilot not fired? Is there truth that Mr Pichler wanted him gone? Now another pilot has been demoted with more to fly away. Organizational problems for sure sara. Like many fijian pilots now doing maybe Mr Picher should leave for something worth his measure. Heaven knows he is not getting respect where he is.

Big Vudi said...

You are full of shit Rodger (could be Davis person). You and VB and the Regime Criminals need a massive vudi

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Suomynona said...

No matter how hard they try, more and more people will speak out against this illegal regime while waiting for the day that those two kingpins are locked away in naboro.

Anonymous said...

I fail to see how Craddock and Thompson acted as 'self-selective moral entrepreneurs', when all they did was object to justifications for the torture of ordinary citizens and how local journalists were denied accreditation to the Pacific Islands Development Forum or allegedly harassed by police. These are observations based on statements by Tikoitoga and the journalists involved, not a matter of individual opinion. And it's the regime that's most responsible for making a mountain out of what most legitimate governments would consider a molehill.

Anonymous said...

They came to teach not to get involved in politics.By opening their loud "know it all mouth", they have proven that they lack basic understanding of their positions. How can USP hire such irresponsible staffs? Pack their bags and send them back to the hell hole they came from. We are better off without such academics who teach less but take home more than they deserve.

Anonymous said...

BBC news report today Indonesia is one of the most corrupt nations on earth, ranking 114 out of 177. Investors warned to choose carefully and avoid the Indonesian justice system where corruption is rife. Regime loves Indo pres Mr.BooBoo BongBong!

Anonymous said...

We USP journalism students are angry at the lack of teaching that has been going on for some time. It is very slack and disorganised but these two have time for politics. Looks like Pat Craddock come here only for a few months to make trouble. Teaching is not priority. Even before this, many students not coming to class and doing assignment because teaching is slack, especially Pat Craddock who looks like he is on holiday. he needs to get his head out of his arse and do the work he is paid for. We have enough people who are challenging the government. Dr Akanisi and Dr Sudesh who is away overseas as usual need to look into this and investigation by talking to students about what is really happening because they have no clue what is going on. Only person who is doing work is irene.

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much Sir from me i salute you RIP Ach' Mr Petero Mataca.

Anonymous said...

Thompson and Craddock needs to shove their personal opinions up their arse and start doing the job that they got paid to do-teach. The two wannabees have done very less teaching and to save their arse have resorted to publicity stunt. Kick the bastards out of Fiji and get us teachers who can do the job rather than sit on their laurels and enjoy the hefty perks.

Anonymous said...

Can i just ask you Frankenstein' what the F......... you doing on this blog. Please go lick ass somewhere else. Frank and his ass wipe side kick ASK will ruin this country. As usual some idiots are just to pre occupied with the free school fees to see this. Reminds me how thief's throw a bone to the dog so that they can get into the house. Exactly whats happening in Fiji. Dog with a bone you Frank lovers.

Anonymous said...

Political situation is taking care of itself. People will have their say in September. There was no great need for Craddock and Thompson's outburst. It is sheer bullshit on their part to suggest ill-conceived comments will somehow help students in their education after having disrupted the journalism school. You can teach ethnics in the classroom without shouting from the rooftops. This was all a publicity stunt using democracy and freedom of speech as a front, all at the expense of the people who should matter the most – the students. What a farce.

KUA NI RERE said...



IF YOU VOTE FOR FRANK, there will be more POVERTY and more abandoned children.





Children left behind

Siteri Sauvakacolo
Tuesday, July 01, 2014

THE Social Welfare Ministry has recorded an increase in the number of abandoned children, which the ministry believes has resulted in the increased number of children at St Christopher's Home.

In an interview, the home sister-in-charge Sister Kalolaine Tuineau admitted that the number of children in their care had increased from 25 in May to 35 in June — the maximum being 50 for both girls and boys.

"The increase in the number of children going to St Christopher's Home is based on the increase in the number of children being abandoned by their parents and also the police have referred some of this to us," Minister for Social Welfare Dr Jiko Luveni said.

Chow said...

Bainimarama if Khaiyum tells you something about TFL do not hesitate to investigate and go right to the bottom of it.

He cooked and now cooking and will be cooking things up for your ears,please stop him from destroying what we hold on so dear.
Look beyond the ATH profit publicity in the media its a spicy food cooked for you this week!!

Watch out what is coming in the near future in regard to telecommunication in Fiji.

His hand is already with TFL now....!!

Khaiyum hands off from TFL you coward...!!!

OneFijian said...

Can C4.5 investigate the amendments to Stamp Duty Act 2013 please.What i gather is that this amendments are done to discourage young Fijians from owning a property in Fiji. I guess it is done to suit Chinese and elites.

Anonymous said...

thompson and craddock - you the men.

tell it like it is.

what was it tikoitoga? "i cant confirm nor deny"? haha. then what do you know you muslim ball licker.

what a sucker

OneFijian said...

Dear readers
Please do not blame ASk for all his action. the reason he is like this because when he was 5 years old, he was sodomized by his neighbour. No one helped him so now he is taking his revenge. Isa poor ASK, big arse falla

Burning Spear said...

Children have been abandoned by parents since Colonial Times. The St Christophers Home was built in the 1970's most of whom were Indians but lately after Independence Fijians joined in but traditionally Fijians have been abandoning their children long before the whites sat foot on our shores.Fijian men in ancient times would have 3-4 wives and they would just sleep with their wives and dont have any influence at all in their upbringing.Women were seen as bearer of children's only and not as wives.THE COUP OF 2000 WAS BY THE GEORGE SPEIGHT GROUP SUPPORTED SEVERAL HIGH CHIEFS AND A FEW MILITARY OFFICERS ONLY EXCLUDING PM BAINIMARAMA. THERE WAS NO COUP IN 2006, THE PRESIDENT, HIS EXCELLENCY THE RIGHT HONOURABLE,TAUKEI VUNISEI, RATU SIR JOSEFA ILOIILOVATU USED HIS POWERS UNDER THE CONSTITUTION TO DISSOLVE PARLIAMENT BECAUSE THEY WERENT SITTING AND INEFFECTIVE.IT WAS AN ACT OF LAW,THERE WAS 'CLEAR AND PRESENT' DANGER THAT CABINET WASNT FUNCTIONING SO THE PRESIDENT STEPPED IN AND PUT IN EFFECT 'BROKEN ARROW'.THE PRESIDENT AS COMMANDER IN-CHIEF OF THE FIJI MILITARY, USED THESE SAME POWERS TO EMPOWER THE COMMANDER OF THE FIJI MILITARY FORCES TO SUCCED AS PM AND ELECT A CARETAKER GOVT.It was Bainimarama's destiny to lead Fiji out of the DARK AGES into paradise,into a future where everyone has a fair share of Wealth, where the poor are cared for and children fathered by the misdeeds of Past Govt Ministers are providsed houses by this Govt.THIS GOVT HAS CLEARLY OUTLINED FROM THE BEGINING THAT IT DOESNT PASS THE BUCK.THE BUCK STOPS WITH THIS PRESENT GOVT.We have two sets of teeth amounting to more than 20 so if one tooth is corrupt to the core it needs to be removed to bring relief back.The past Govt was like an aching tooth that needs to be removed for the relief of the Nation.

Anonymous said...

if fijians speak out- they get victimised.
frank and the boys with guns cant do anything to them but send them back.
they know too well what the Australian military strikepower is like.
makes fiji military look like bunch of Georgie Pojis.

remember georgie poji? kissed the girls and made them cry. when the boys came out to play - georgie poji ran away.

Anonymous said...

you just cannot justify a coup enough - it is an illegal takeover.

so have the courts found - so it is.

to Naboro boys. going to jail boys.

OneFijian said...

Coup is Coup
illegal cannot be legal

All coup plotters should be in Jain starting from Rabuka to Bai.

Anonymous said...

commander in chief is senile.

former commander in chief was right near his grave. hello!!

what language are we talking?

Anonymous said...

Burning Spear.. too bad the courts dont agree with you.

so turn that burning spear around and do something with it to spare your boredom.
you sound like a bush lawyer

Anonymous said...

craddock and thompson - power to you.

de aslam khan

OneFijian said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Burnng Spear, what a totally bogus argument.

With this regime, every tooth is rotten -- every last stinking one!

Anonymous said...

Warden: "You have been convicted of treason and sentenced to death by hanging. In a few moments we shall carry out this lawful sentence. Before we do so, however, you are afforded this opportunity to make a final statement. Have you any last words?"

Tikoitoga: "I was misquoted."

Anonymous said...

I'd be surprised if these really ARE journalism students writing here to denounce Craddock and Thompson. More likely they are pathetic regime trolls trying to impersonate journalism students, probably led by that pathetic old has-been Graham Davis, trying to impersonate a journalist.

Anonymous said...

I agree. No journalism student would support media suppression.

And a lot of these comments have the style of GD. You can almost smell the alcohol coming through the monitor.

Been applying for jobs in Egypt, Graham?

O Nadi ko.. said...

@Burning Spear

Kumudou Tui Viti sa baci cava tale qo sa baci veisau mo sa Burning Spear....!!!!

Mo nanuma tiko na ka ko tukuna jiko mai se veika o cauraka jiko mai o sa veivakalialiai tale jiko.

E vaka o vakalialiai Bai tale jiko.Au kerea mo lomana ka raica se sarava mada nai qaiqai sa qai jiko qoka.

Oti na election,E sa na dabe na Opposition,E sa sega walega ni o Bai e rogo na domona e sa na curuma na vei processes kece vakalawa na veitalanoa.

Vakabibi na veika era sa cauraka kece tu qo o ira na vei party koya ni ra vinakata na veisau/review ni 2013 constituion qo na pinnacle ni vanua e sa lili toka kina o koya na gone o sa via cokai koya tale jiko qori ena nomu moto yameyame ni buka!!!

Oqori nai yaragi sara ga e sa vakarautaka tu qo o Tikoitoga,O koya sa drum up taki ratou jiko e vica na tokai cake qoka ,ia,sa koya la ya....Na burning spear koya via vakayagataka tiko qori o Tikoitoga baleta ni sega ni vinakata na kena veisau/review taki na 2013 constituion ni oti na veidigidigi.Na i sau ni kena soli vei koya nai tutu qori me na maroroi Bai o koya kena mani yaco me ra cikeva na lewe ni vanua me dua na veisau ni lawa.

Na buring spear koya e rivariva bi taka jiko qori o Bai de qai lauti koya tale ni oti na veidigidigi.O koya gona sa vakarau tu kina o Tikoitoga me release taka mai na burning spear vata ga qori me kua ga ni veisau/review taki na constitution.
Ena gauna qo leqa taka mada na veika ena yaco ni oti na veidigidigi.
Nanuma au sa solia yani qo na tamata ena ravi kina o Bai,o koya ena ravi vei Tikoitoga ka na ulubale ni mataivalu e tu taka na vanua/lotu/matanitu/stability/future prosperity/peace/family/one people one nation policy/security will be priority,ena viavia futuristic tu na ulubale me vesumona tu.

Qai nanuma ga me kua ni lauti iko tale na BS de sega ni tao....!!!!

USP criticised for its handling of journalism academics said...

Dateline Pacific, Tuesday 1 July 2014

The Fiji National Federation Party leader says he is appalled at how the USP has dealt with comments made by two of its journalism academics.

The Fiji National Federation Party leader and former University of the South Pacific academic, Biman Prasad, says he is appalled by how the university dealt with comments made by two of its journalism academics.

Pat Craddock and Matthew Thompson were admonished by the USP after speaking out about alleged government harassment of the media and justification of torture by the military.

Dr Prasad says the university should be promoting academic freedom and healthy debate on democracy, human rights and media freedom.

He told Mary Baines the USP is not a Fiji government institution, as claimed by the university, but is funded by 12 governments in the Pacific and a number of international donors.
BIMAN PRASAD: The USP is a regional organisation.

The academic freedom is fundamental to the work of academics, and I think these two academics in the journalism program at the University of the South Pacific were merely exercising their role as academics and commenting on a very, very important issue.

I am appalled at the way in which the government has reacted through MIDA and indeed how the University of the South Pacific has reacted to the work and the comment of these two academics.

MARY BAINES: During a meeting between Mr Craddock and the acting vice chancellor Esther Williams, Dr Williams said Fiji is not under a democratic government and the USP has to be very careful about what is put in the news media. What do you think about the USP administration kowtowing to the regime?

BP: For the university to take a position which puts these two academics into a difficult position in my view is uncalled for. I think the university should be a place to promote academic freedom, the ideals of democracy, human rights and freedom for our people. And it is unfortunate that Dr Esther Williams has equated the University of the South Pacific as a government institution. I think that is totally irresponsible for her to do that. It is not a government institution, it is a regional institution funded by 12 governments in the Pacific, including Fiji government which gives more but it is also funded by Australia and New Zealand and USP also gets funding from many other organisations. I am appalled at the comments by Dr Esther Williams. She should clarify that and retract her statement that the USP is a government institution. It is not a government institution.

MB: Australia donates about 28 million, New Zealand 7 million, Japan 5 million. Do you know how much funding is received from the Fiji government, because it seems as though a big whack of it is actually received from overseas?
BP: The Fiji government is the largest contributor when you look at all the governments that own the university. But the spirit of the organisation is that you know it’s a regional organisation, every member country has the same right to contribute and be concerned about the role of the university. And academic freedom is fundamental to the work of academics and it’s fundamental to the operation of an academic institution like the University of the South Pacific. University is a place where we should promote dissent, disagreement, debate. And of course academic freedom comes with a certain amount of responsibility, and in this case the two academics, I don’t think they were irresponsible, they were very responsible, they were merely talking about an important issue of media freedom and allowing media personnel to engage in that kind of environment without fear and favour.

Anonymous said...

If you're journalism students, then why not circulate a petition criticising Craddock and Thompson, especially since you can be sure the gesture would curry favour with the regime and its arselickers in the USP administration?

Anonymous said...

Biman, you're correct on all counts. Vinaka.

Anonymous said...

The government has gazetted an amendment to the State Proceedings Amendment Decree which has now repealed the protection earlier given to government ministers to make any statements and the media to publish anything relating to what the ministers have said.

The State Proceedings Amendment Decree which was gazetted in January 2012 stated that no court, tribunal or commission shall have the jurisdiction to accept, hear, determine or in any way entertain any challenge at law, to award any compensation or to grant any other remedy to any person or body in relation to any statements made by the Prime Minister or any Minister, whether in their official or personal capacity.

It was further stated that no court or commission should entertain any legal challenge relating to the broadcast or publication by any media organisation of any statement made by the Prime Minister and Ministers.

Attorney General, Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum confirmed that this decree is now out and the Prime Minister and the Ministers do not have this protection from last Friday.
The Public Order Amendment Decree was also gazetted last Friday which gives people the right to take a matter to court if they believe that authorities have not made the right decision in rejecting their permit to meet.

While highlighting this amendment, Sayed-Khaiyum stressed that there are no stoppages in party campaign meetings as all parties are freely holding campaign meetings around the country.

Anonymous said...

The percieved double standards on tourists by Fijians is outweighed by the Fijians' hospitality which continue to attract tourists to Fiji shores and even foreigners who have opted to 'fall in love' with Fijians.
Fiji is Fiji and not India, as oranges to apples for a million years.
The sour grapes mentality reffered by you Rodger is part of any society or community and not unique to one, yes we are rugby crazy, and church goers, but not all rob shops, again shop robbers are everywhere even in communities where shops were first established.
Fijians have learnt a lot from Indians, you will be amazed at what the Indians have also learnt from Fijians, which makes them call Fiji their homeland and they identify themselves with specific communities and provinces.
Frank siezed power from the people through a military coup, that makes him a treasonist, and like all dictators deserves maximum sentence.
This country needs elected leaders who are law abiding and respect the rule of law where all are equal before it. Not appointing his own cronies, military personnel, family members, abusers of positions and yes men/women into key positions.
Rodger needs to understand more about Fiji, before comparing the country blindly with others and commenting on its leadership.

Anonymous said...

@ BS.

Your post is a lot of BS. Rt Iloilo was senile. He could not even remember the names of his wife and children. How could anyone expect him to make sane decisions.

The people of Vuda wanted their Chief to retire from his service as President so that he could be cared for in his chiefly village in a way that a chief should be cared for in his old age. Bainimarama and his cronies insulted the people of Vuda by not honouring the wishes of Tui Vuda's people and vanua.

Now you're lying to us, the people and vanua of Vit,i hoping that we will believe you. BS should hurl his BS into the rubbish can.

Nadera Boi said...

Here you go guys one the military coward and fb troller that swears at anyone in this chat room that don't support his OB the boci Bainimarama, Michael Delaieremodi the Tui Ni Boci & Ghandu levu mai Delainabua!!

Yep below is his FB page link: https://www.facebook.com/michael.delaieremodi?fref=ts

Boy ni Rewa said...

Racism is eliminated the moment I understand and accept the truth that we all belong to one race: human

Anonymous said...

If you're journalism students, you haven't learnt the first thing about the profession. Your job isn't to defend the government, much less an illegal regime imposed through treason. It's to inform the public and hold government accountable.

Anonymous said...

Boy ni Rewa
Spoken like a true kai valagi....tamata lialia sa rauta me leqa na kai viti
lesu mada i na koro boy

Anonymous said...

Ashwin Raj and Lekh Ram Vayehsnoi Sea Wall Saga!

A decade ago LRV and Aswhin Raj were very close partners in crime. Their love story was splashed in parliament by late David Pickering with such details of the pair engaging at Nasese sea wall exchanging bodily fluid. LRV was in love with Ashwin and the pair were caught making out at sea wall. Aswhin since then you have lost hair but I am sure LRV can inject some much needed vitamin if you in NZ next. vinaka puftus...

Anonymous said...

The Catholic Church in suva supports prostituition n drugs . The church next to rbf building gets it's donations from a brothel in suva . Mataca knew that n so do the current crop of priests who are there . I'm willing to provide that evidence . Imagine ww are a Christian country , n despite that I'm ashamed to say that this Catholic Church is aware n mired in getting young girls into prostitution . What a shame - fiji is a Christian country . The assets from this brother shpuld be seized - proceeds of crime .


Anonymous said...

Can I ask my Fijian brothers n sisters on this forum ? If fiji gets a democratically elected government , that has Fijian interests at heart ( itaukei ) ... Are u guys open to supporting an indo Fijian pm ? Or is it that you only want an indigenous pm ,? This is important as we are planning to contest the next elections and we want a fair party that represents n protects Fijian interests but also bring unity , forgiveness , and growth for Fiji but we also don't want to be in position where if an indo Fijian is Pm ... Then we want the people to support that . No point in voting for party n having a coup - it just takes the country back .

Vinaka vakalevu

Anonymous said...

3;39..dont try to talk smart,,traitor ga o tukamu ..you really dontn understand what really happened, so dont say anything beyond your own understanding and dont listen too much to coconut wireless cz most of you blogging here really do not know what really happened i can know it by reading your comments...

Anonymous said...

Will Fijians accept an indian Pm ? Simple question .. If u guys want democracy then a democracy is electing anyone that is suitable for the top job ....


Anonymous said...

i am a fijian,feel sorry for that tongan man, sorry so much my bro, sorry so much for what happened to your uncle, i was so touched when i read you comments so so sorry my bro, pliz if you want to come to Fiji,just come,this your country too, wether someone invite you or not just come.. we love you all here in Fiji...sa malo....

Samani Drani said...

To Roger 5.35 Pm
Whether you are while, yellow or black...your general attitudes, stereotypical opinions on Taukei and overall maniacal ranting have bored us to death. I wish you zip it then silently wallow in the putrid but cool septic tank of your home to cool you down. Please have a life. Cultivate positivity please.

Anonymous said...

baleta beka ni ratou raica iko tamata cici levu!!..hahaha

Anonymous said...

kua ni voda vakalialia ni o sega ni kila dua na ka baleta na i valu.Saga madaga mo volitaka na pinati taqa toka qori i dakumu..Vinaka!!

Anonymous said...

Political correctness or not - this anti muslim sentiment should stop - this group of Hindus and Fijians shpuld understand , Fijian Muslims are peace loving - you cannot and should not categorise all Muslims as bad if you are out of favour with 1 , I repeat one individual .

Before you start a sermon on love and care .... Take a look in the mirror - the image might not be a pretty one .

As a muslim born n bred in fiji - I'm proud of my religion , my upbringing and my tolerance of all .

As the earlier blogger commented " we respect all " but that should be mistaken for fear !!!

God has no religion - god is god and we are all created equal . Let it stay that way.

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